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Machine-readable finding aid was created by Donna Gallers as MS Word file in October 2002. Electronic finding aid was converted to EAD 2002 by Dianne Ritchey Oummia in January 2004. Description is in English.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Mestel, Jacob , 1884-1958
Title: Jacob Mestel Papers
Abstract: The collection of Jacob Mestel consists of the general, professional and personal correspondence of Jacob Mestel, manuscripts of plays by other authors, manuscripts of poetry, essays and plays by Jacob Mestel, translations of plays into Yiddish, production material, clippings, theater programs, personal documents, and theater photographs.
Languages: The collection is in Yiddish, English, German, and Polish.
Quantity: 14.6 linear feet
Accession number: RG 280
Repository: YIVO Archives
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Biographical Note

Jacob Mestel was born in Złoczów (then Galicia; now Zolochiv, Ukraine) on February 25, 1884. He attended kheyder (religious day school) and from age fourteen, the Teachers' Seminary in Lemberg (then Galicia; now L'viv, Ukraine). For a time he worked as a teacher and studied philosophy at the University of Lemberg. He later moved to Vienna and graduated from a military academy. In 1910, Mestel traveled with the Vienna Yiddish theater performing throughout Austria, Galicia, and in Germany.

During World War I, Jacob Mestel served as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army. He was wounded several times, awarded medals, and attained the rank of First Lieutenant. Upon his return to Vienna in 1918, Mestel studied directing and dramaturgy at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (Akademie für Musik und Darstellende Kunst) in Vienna. He helped organize Der Fraye Yidishe Folksbine (Freie Jüdische Volksbühne – The Free Jewish People's Theater) and the first Yiddish drama school in Vienna.

After the Habsburg Empire disintegrated in 1918, Jacob Mestel was forced to leave the Austrian Republic and emigrated to the United States in 1920. He was hired as an actor and director by the Philadelphia Arch Street Theater. Beginning in 1923, he acted and directed in Maurice Schwartz's Yiddish Art Theater and Jacob Ben-Ami's Folks Teater (People's Theater). He toured Europe, North America, and South America with these troupes.

In 1925, Jacob Mestel became the director of the Frayhayt Dramatishe Studio (Freedom Dramatic Studio), which later became the drama school of the Artef (Arbeter Teater Farband – Workers' Theater Association). For a few years, he devoted himself strictly to this institution.

Throughout the 1930s, Jacob Mestel continued to work with Maurice Schwartz and Jacob Ben-Ami, as well as with other theater companies, including the experimental Nit Gedayget! (Don't Worry!) in New York. He also acted, directed and adapted for Yiddish film and radio. Jacob Mestel acted on television (The Goldbergs, 1952-1954) and on the English-language stage in Arnold Shulman's Hole in the Head (1957).

Jacob Mestel began his writing career in 1903 by publishing critical essays in Varhayt. Beginning in 1906 he published poems in the Lemberg togblat, Yidishe folkskalendar, and other European publications. In the United States, Jacob Mestel wrote theater criticism for New York Yiddish daily newspapers and was an editor of the Yidishe kultur (New York).

Jacob Mestel attained a measure of success as a poet and has been included in several poetry anthologies. His books of poems include Farkholemte shoen (Dreamy Hours), Lemberg, 1909; A libes lid (A Love Song), Cracow (Kraków, Poland), 1911; Vita khayzed, Cracow, 1913; Dimyoynes (Imaginings), Vienna, 1921; and Soldatn un payatsn lider (Soldier and Clown Poems), Warsaw, 1928. He stopped writing poetry in the 1920s.

Jacob Mestel's prose works include: Milkhome notitsn fun a yidishn ofitsir (War Notes of a Jewish Military Officer), 2 vols., Warsaw, 1924, 1927; Lukretsyas toyt (Lucretia's Death), Warsaw, 1936; Undzer teater (Our Theater), YKUF, New York, 1943; 70 yor teater repertuar (70 Years of Theater Repertoire), YKUF, New York, 1954; Literatur un teater (Literature and Theater), YKUF, New York, 1962.

As a historian of Yiddish theater, Jacob Mestel contributed to YIVO bleter (YIVO Pages) and Arkhiv tsu der geshikhte fun yidishn teater in amerike (Archive of the History of Yiddish Theater in America), both published in Vilna. Most notably, Jacob Mestel was co-editor with Zalmen Zylberzweig of the first three volumes of the Leksikon fun yidishn teater (Lexicon of the Yiddish Theater), New York, 1931, Warsaw, 1934. He also translated many important American and European theatrical works into Yiddish, among them Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman.

Jacob Mestel was married to Sarah Kindman-Mestel (1901-1974), an actress and poet, whose collection of personal and professional materials is included in this collection.

Jacob Mestel died in New York in 1958.

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Scope and Content Note

The Jacob Mestel Papers (1910-1958) are arranged in nine series, including correspondence, collected plays, Jacob Mestel's writings and translations, production and director's materials, miscellaneous theater materials, clippings, personal materials, Sarah Kindman-Mestel's papers, and photographs.

The papers reflect the diversified nature of Jacob Mestel's life in the theater as actor, director, stage manager, instructor, writer, translator, adapter and historian/researcher. The bulk of the materials date from the 1930s and 1940s and focus on Yiddish theater in New York. Of particular interest are the materials of the Artef Studio, the drama school of the Artef (Arbeter Teater Farband – Workers' Theater Association), which Jacob Mestel directed and helped found (folders 323-335). Virtually none of the materials, except for a few documents and translations, cover Mestel's early theater career in Vienna and Eastern Europe.

Because Mestel was involved in so many aspects of the Yiddish theater and because he collected such a quantity of theater materials, his papers offer an insight into the history and daily workings of the Yiddish theater, especially in New York. Noteworthy are Mestel's writings about theater (folders 236-268) and the series of theatrical production materials and director's notes (folders 323-350).

The papers contain Jacob Mestel's extensive collection of over 100 Yiddish play scripts in Series II. Most are plays originally written in Yiddish, although a few are translations into Yiddish from other languages. Many of the scripts contain director's notes. In addition, Series IV, which holds production and director's materials, contains notes on scripts found in Series II. Also in the papers is Jacob Mestel's collection of 301 photographs of Yiddish theater performances and personalities, mostly from New York in the 1930s-1950s (Series IX, also indexed in YIVO's Stagepix database).

Jacob Mestel's commitment to the Yiddish culture and art is manifest in the correspondence, which includes Kalman Marmor and Nachman Meisel, as well as theater personalities Jacob Ben-Ami and Osip Dimov of the United States and Osvei (Yeshue) Liubomirskii of Moscow, the Soviet Union. Jacob Mestel's organizational correspondents include many theater and Yiddish cultural groups around the world, including the Proletarisher Teater Kolektiv (Proletarian Theater Collective) in Montevideo (Uruguay), the Dramatishe Klub (Drama Club) in Złoczów (then Poland, now Zlochiv, Ukraine) and Di post (The Post) in Cracow (Kraków, Poland).

Because Jacob Mestel maintained regular contact with the European Jewish artistic community throughout his life, his later correspondence also provides a glimpse of activities and thinking about the arts in the Yiddish theater world after World War II. Of particular interest is Jacob Mestel's lengthy correspondence with director Michael Weichert of Warsaw (Poland), which includes some materials on Michael Weichert's arrest and imprisonment (later reversed) on the grounds of Nazi collaboration.

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The papers are arranged in nine series according to type of document, except for the personal materials of Jacob Mestel and the papers of Sarah Kindman-Mestel, which include a mixture of types. Within most series, the materials are arranged alphabetically according to the Yiddish alphabet.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers by appointment with a YIVO archivist.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information users should contact:

Chief Archivist, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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Other Finding Aids

There are two other finding aids which were created after the collection was processed in 1982, and in 1983 respectively; one is in English, the other one in Yiddish.

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Custodial History

The papers of Jacob Mestel were donated to YIVO by Jacob Mestel and his wife Sarah Kindman-Mestel. In 1952 Jacob Mestel gave YIVO materials consisting of correspondence and manuscripts. In 1967, Sarah Kindman-Mestel donated the remaining materials.

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Preferred Citation

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Processing Information

This finding aid was processed by Solomon Rabinowitz and Itzik Gottesman in 1982 with the assistance of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

In 2002 the finding aid was revised by Donna Gallers. The romanized spelling of Yiddish names has been corrected according to original documents found in the collection. The romanized spellings of the proper names were cross-checked with the YIVO Names Authority File, Library of Congress, and Encyclopedia Judaica. Other Yiddish names for which there was no reference for romanization have been transliterated according to the YIVO standard published in Modern English-Yiddish Yiddish-English Dictionary by Uriel Weinreich in 1968. Yiddish titles of plays have also been transliterated according to the YIVO transliteration standard. Alternative spelling appears in the brackets.

Chana Mlotek and Fruma Mohrer proofread, verified, and corrected the final version of this finding aid.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Series I: Correspondence, 1932-1957

The bulk of the series is in Yiddish, with a substantial number of letters inEnglish. There are a few letters in German, and Polish.
3.6 linear feet (folders 1-131)

The correspondence is divided into four parts: A) Personal and general correspondence with individuals (folders 1-64); B) Correspondence with organizations (folders 65-78); C) Correspondence of Sarah Kindman-Mestel (folders 79-108); and D) Family Correspondence (folders 109-131). The first three sections are arranged alphabetically according to the Yiddish alphabet. The family correspondence is arranged chronologically and by family member. The original Yiddish finding aid from 1983 reflects this arrangement. This English finding aid, also arranged alphabetically, lists the romanized transliterations of Yiddish names.

Scope and Content:

Personal and professional correspondence between Jacob Mestel and individuals or organizations in the United States, South America, Canada and Europe. Prominent individual correspondents include Jacob Ben-Ami, Jacob Botoshansky, Osip Dimov, Osvei (Yeshua) Liubomirskii, Kalman Marmor, Nachman Meisel, Melech Ravitch, Dov Sadan, Moyshe Zigler, and Zalmen Zilberzweig. Notable is a 26-year correspondence with Michael Weichert, including letters from the post-war period regarding Michael Weichert's imprisonment and accusations of his collaboration with the Nazis. The correspondence of Sarah Kindman-Mestel will also be found here, including her correspondence with individuals, among them Michael Weichert, as well as correspondence with YKUF leyenkrayzn (reading groups). Included among the organizational correspondents are: The Hebrew Actor's Union, YKUF, YIVO, Dramatic Club in Złoczów. Family correspondence of the Mestels is also located here, and is comprised of letters between Jacob and Sarah in addition to correspondence between them and their parents, siblings, or other family members.

A) Personal and General Correspondence with Individuals

11א (A, Id, O, U) Correspondence1937-1952
12Unger, Menashe 1944-1955
13Alkon, Joshua1946-1947
14ב (Ba-Bi) Correspondence1935-1956
15ב (Bl-Br) Correspondence1933-1956
16Botoshansky, Jacob1934-1940
17Backall, Moshe 1951-1955
17aGoldfaden, Abraham: Ni be ni me ni kukeriku - Manuscript1884
18Buchwald, Natan1943-1946
19Ben-Ami, Jacob 1939-1954
110Berger, Abraham 1944-1955
111Bercovich, L.1955, 1958
112Bronstein, Ezekiel [Brownstone]1954-1957
113 ג (G) Correspondence1932-1953
114Goldstraj, Juan, Letter with Manuscript 1951-1952
115Guiser, M.D.1936-1952
116Gershman, I.1943-1953
117ד (D) Correspondence1938-1955
118Dimov, Osip1938-1939
119ה (H) Correspondence1939-1956
120Hirshbein, Peretz1937
221וו, ו (V, W) Correspondence1940-1953
222Weichert, Michael1932, 1935-1938
223Weichert, Michael1946-1948
224Weichert, Michael1950-1958
225Weichert, Michael1946

Materials regarding the accusation again Michael Weichert that he collaborated with the Nazis

226Weinper, Zishe1946-1953
227Vipmans, Volf 1936, 1941-1942
228 ז (Z) Correspondence1935-1957
229Zigler, Moyshe1938-1950
230Zigler, Moyshe1951-1953
231Zigler, Moyshe1954-1958
232Zilberzweig, Zalmen 1933-1944
233Zilberzweig, Zalmen1945-1958
234Zhitinsky, L.1941-1957
235 ט (T) Correspondence1922, 1935-1953
236Toronto Yiddish Folk Choir1944-1950

Included are letters from Max Burstyn

236aTeitelbaum, Abraham1935-1947
237Turkow, Zygmunt1941-1949
338י (I, J, Y) Correspondence1939, 1943, 1955-1956
339כ (Kh/Ch) Correspondence1938, 1952-1955
340ל (L) Correspondence1932, 1936-1957
341Liubomirskii, Ovsei (Yeshue), Moscow 1945-1948
342מ (M) Correspondence1929, 1934-1958
343Margolin, Avreml 1949-1954
344Meisel, Nachman1938-1958
345Minkoff, N.B.1935-1950
346Marmor, Kalman 1945-1951, 1954
347 נ (N) Correspondence1938, 1941-1949
348ס (S) Correspondence1912, 1938-1949, 1956
349ע (E) Correspondence1938-1952
450פ (P) Correspondence1923, 1935-1954
451Posner, Ralph 1943, 1952-1954
452פֿ (F) Correspondence1937-1953
453Feffer, Itsik (unsigned)undated
454צ (Ts/Z) Correspondence1938, 1955
455Zucker, Nehemiah1934-1946
456ק (Ca/Ka) Correspondence1936-1937, 1943-1958
457 ק (Cu/Ku-Cr/Kr) Correspondence1921-1922, 1941-1956
458 ר (R) Correspondence1935-1957
459Ravitch, Melech1940-1954
460Ressler, Benjamin 1935-1946
461ש (Sha/Scha-Shu/Schu) Correspondence1931, 1939, 1946-1958
462 ש (Sht-Shr) Correspondence1926, 1934-1954
463Shtok (Sadan), Dov1948
464Stern, Sholem1944-1958
464aUnidentified writers 1930-1954

B) Correspondence with Organizations

565א (A, I, O, U) Correspondence1929, 1943-1955
  • Af der vakh
  • Oyfs nay
  • Eynikayt
  • Institut far Yidisher Bildung (School of Jewish Studies)
  • Internatsyonaler Arbeter Ordn (International Workers' Order)
  • Algemeyner entsiklopedie (Yiddish Encyclopedia)
  • Ambidjan (Ambijan, American Birobidjan Committee)
  • American Jewish Literary Association
  • American Federation for Aid to Polish Jews
  • American Russian Institute
  • American Committee of Jewish Writers and Scientists
  • Artef (Arbeiter Theater Association)
566Yiddisher Kultur Farband (YKUF)1944, 1947-1950
567Yiddisher Kultur Farband (YKUF)1951-1952, 1954-1948
568Yiddisher Kultur Farband (YKUF) (Argentina; Montreal, Canada)1946-1953
569Argentiner Yidish Folks Teater "Ipt"1937-1957
570 ז ,וו ,ו ,ה ,ד ,ג ,ב (B, G, D/J, H, Z) Correspondence1936, 1943-1955
  • Beverly Fairfax Jewish Community Center
  • Bessarabian Federation of American Jews
  • Bronx Workers' Center
  • Pinchas Gingold Memorial Foundation
  • Groyser verterbukh fun der yidisher shprakh (Yiddish Dictionary Committee)
  • Jewish Community Council (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Jewish Council for Russian War Relief
  • New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y.). Dramatic Workshop
  • Haynt (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Histadrut
  • Hamilton Jewish Choral Group (Ontario, Canada)
  • Rubin Saltzman 60th Anniversary Committee
  • Związek Autorów i Kompozytorów Scenicznych, ZAiKS (Union of Theater Writers and Composers) (Warsaw, Poland)
571י (Y, U) Correspondence1925-1957
  • United Committee of Jewish Societies (Landsmanshaft Federation)
  • Yidishe Arbeter Universitet (Jewish Workers' University)
  • Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
  • Yidisher Artistn Fareyn in Poyln
  • Yidishe Brazilier Bibliotek (Biblioteca Iraelita Brasileira)
  • Yidishe Brazilier Folks Universitet
  • Yidisher Brazilier Kultur Institut (Instituto Israelita Brasileiro de Cultura e Educacao)
  • Yidisher Brazilier Kultur Farband (Instituto Cultural Israelita-brasileiro)
  • Yidisher Dikhter Klub fun Amerike (Jewish Poets' Club of America)
  • Yidisher Dertsiung Byuoro fun Amerike (Service Bureau of Jewish Education of America)
  • Yidisher Dramatisher Klub "S. Anski" (Złoczów, Poland, now Zlochiv, Ukraine)
  • Jewish Dramatic Club of Winnipeg (Canada)
  • Dos yidishe vort ( La Palabra israelita) (Santiago, Chile)
  • Yidisher Teater Ansambl (Yiddish Theatre Ensemble)
  • Yidishe Teater Gezelshaft
  • Yidisher Muzik Farband (Jewish Music Alliance)
  • Yidisher Melukhe Teater (Bucharest, Romania)
  • Yidish Natsyonal Farband (Jewish National Workers' Alliance)
  • Yidish Poylish Fareyn (Sociedad Israelita de Polonia) (Rosario, Bolivia)
  • Yidisher PEN Klub (New York Yiddish P.E.N. Club)
  • Yidisher Filharmonisher Folks Khor (Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus)
  • Yidishe Folks Shul (Escuela Popular Israelita) (Sarmiento, Argentina)
  • Yidisher Folks Tsenter in Kuba (Centro Popular Hebreo de Cuba)
  • (Yidishe) Kultur Gezelshaft (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Yidisher Kultur Tsenter (Santos, Brazil)
  • Yidishe Shul in Meksike (Colegio Israelita de Mexico)
  • Yidisher Shrayber Fareyn H.D. Nomberg (Sociedad de Escritores Israelitas), Argentina
572Hebrew Actors' Union (New York, N.Y.)1935-1958
573YIVO Institute for Jewish Research1943-1958
574מ ,ל (L, M) Correspondence1942-1954
  • Landslayt Fareyn fun Varshe
  • "Landsmanshaftn" Argentina
  • Los Angeles Sanatorium
  • Louis Lamed Foundation (Detroit, Mich.)
  • Literarishe heftn
  • Library of Congress
  • Morgn frayhayt (Morning Freiheit) (New York, N.Y.)
575נ-צ (N-Ts) Correspondence1938-1939, 1943-1955
  • New American Theater
  • New Star Films
  • National Jewish Welfare Board
  • Neumann and Company (Prague, Czechoslovakia)
  • New Life Magazine
  • Actors' Equity Association
  • Tsentral Komitet fun Yidn in Poyln
576פ (P) Correspondence1936-1938, 1953-1957
  • Di post (Kraków, Poland)
  • Parizer tsaytung (Paris, France)
  • Poylish Yidisher Farband in Argentine (Union Israelita Residente de Polonia)
  • Proletarisher Teater Kolektiv (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • Di prese ( La Prensa israelita) (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
577פֿ (F) Correspondence1937-1941, 1947, 1954
  • Folksbiene Theater (New York, N.Y.)
  • Fareyn fun Yidishe Shrayber in Montreal (Jewish Writers' Association)
  • Vereinigte Bühnenvertriebe (Berlin, Germany)
  • Fareynikter Yidisher Folks Ordn (United Jewish People's Order)
  • Fareynikter Komitet Varshever Geto Oyfshtand (United Committee to Commemorate the Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)
  • Federal Theater Project (WPA)
  • Federatsie far Poylishe Yidn (American Federation for Aid to Polish Jews)
  • Farband fun Galitsyaner Yidn (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Fraynd fun Yidishn Kunst Teater (Friends of the Yiddish Art Theater)
  • Komitet fun Progresiver Yidisher Dertsiung (Committee for Progressive Jewish Education)
  • Fraynd fun Progresivn Yisroel (Americans for Progressive Israel)
  • Freie Arbeiter Stimme (Free Voice of Labor)
578ק (C, K) Correspondence1946, 1948, 1956
  • Kaganowski Jubilee Committee (Paris, France)
  • Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe
  • Kultur Hoyz (Santos, Brazil)
  • Kultur Hoyz I.L. Peretz (Centro Cultural Escuela Laica Israelita I.L. Peretz) (Villa Lynch, Cuba)
  • Kultur Hoyz Sholem Aleichem (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Kultur Konferents fun di Yidishe Yeshuvim in Eyrope (Conférence Européenne de la Culture Juive) (Paris, France)

C) Correspondence of Sarah Kindman-Mestel

679א (A, Id, O) Correspondence1933-1960
680ב (B) Correspondence1932-1961
681Berkovich, Leah1958-1960
682 ג (G) Correspondence1945-1949, 1954-1957
683ד (D) Correspondenceundated, 1950
684ה (H) Correspondence1932, 1940, 1947-1959
685וו, ו (U, V, W) Correspondence1929, 1932, 1947-1954
686Weichert, Michael1958-1966
687 ז (Z) Correspondence1930, 1945, 1953-1959
688 ט (T) Correspondence1948, 1959
689י (I, J, Y) Correspondence1943-1958
690כ (Kh/Ch) Correspondence1928, 1949
691ל (L) Correspondence1941-1959
692YKUF leyenkrayzn (reading groups)1947-1948, 1951, 1957
693מ (M) Correspondence1935-1962
694נ (N) Correspondence1941-1947, 1959
795ס (S) Correspondence1943, 1945, 1957, 1961
796Solow, Annie (Khane) 1950-1962
797Serdatski, Yenta1953-1961
798ע (E) Correspondenceundated, 1951
799 פ (P) Correspondence1940-1962
7100פֿ (F) Correspondence1947, 1954
7101צ (Ts) Correspondence1950-1951
7102ק (C/K) Correspondence1926-1958
7103Kliger, Kehos 1942, 1945, 1951-1953
7104 ר (R) Correspondence1932, 1942-1951, 1957-1958
7105Rivin, J. (Yehoshua) 1960-1962
7106 ש (Sh) Correspondence1942-1961
7107Stein, Ben1951-1959
7108Unidentified Correspondents1951, 1957-1959

D) Family Correspondence

Correspondence of Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel

8109Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1929-1930, 1931
8110Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1932
8111Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1933
8112Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1935
8113Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1936
8114Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1937-1938
8115Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1940-1941
8116Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1942-1943
8117Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1944-1945
8118Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1946
8119Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1947, 1949
8120Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1950-1951, 1952-1953
8121Jacob Mestel to Sarah Kindman-Mestel1957

Correspondence of Sarah Kindman-Mestel to Jacob Mestel

9122Sarah Kindman-Mestel to Jacob Mestel1942-1949
9123Sarah Kindman-Mestel to Jacob Mestel1942-1949
9124Sarah Kindman-Mestel to Jacob Mestel1942-1949
9125Sarah Kindman-Mestel to Jacob Mestel1942-1949
9126Sarah Kindman-Mestel to Jacob Mestel1942-1949
9127Sarah Kindman-Mestel to Jacob Mestel's parentsundated
9128Sarah Kindman-Mestel to Jacob Mestel's brother1938-1945, 1948
9129Letters from Jacob Mestel's cousins1929, 1941, 1950-1958
9130Letters from Sarah Kindman-Mestel's mother1930, 1942-1951

Included are letters from Sarah Kindman-Mestel to her mother, and a letter from Sarah Kindman-Mestel's sister

9131Letters from Sarah Kindman-Mestel's other relatives1939-1958
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Series II: Collected Plays, 1930s-1950s

This series is in Yiddish, English, and German.
2.4 linear feet (folders 132-235)

Yiddish alphabetical order by author. This folder list reflects the romanization of the original Yiddish finding aid and is thus not consistent with English alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

Manuscripts, typed originals, copies, and mimeographed copies of plays and television scripts collected by Jacob Mestel. These are mostly Yiddish plays that he was involved with but did not write. Some are adapted by him. Some are translations not done by Jacob Mestel. Most of the plays are in Yiddish, with a few in English and German. Most of the manuscripts and copies are undated.

10132Eybels, V.I., Eyner fun di vikhtikste (One of the Most Important). Play in 3 acts1935

Translated by G.R. Don. Editorial Commission of the Jewish Workers' Clubs of the USA, New York. Includes Jacob Mestel's directing notes and corrections.

Mimeographed, 13 pp.
10133Alkon, Joshua, Dokter – ratevet! (Doctor – Save Me!). Comedy in 2 acts undated
  Typed copy, 109 pp. 
10134Arge, A. and Sita, P., Zayt ruik (Remain Calm). A vaudeville in one actundated
  Typed copy, 16 pp. 
10135Bikels, Tsvi, Der goyel (The Savior). Tragedy in 3 acts1932
  Typed copy, 64 pp. 
10136Blum, M., Der goylem (The Golem)undated

Satire based on the legend, adapted by B. Blik

Typed copy, 13 pp.
10137Blankfort, Michael, Blum, M., Farblendete heldn (Deluded Heroes). One actundated
  Typed copy, 13 pp. 
10138Berg, Gertrude, The Goldbergs1952

Television scripts (in English) of programs in which Jacob Mestel performed

Mimeographed copies of 3 different scripts, 14 pp., 11 pp., 15 pp.
10139Berg, Gertrude, The Goldbergs 1953

Television scripts (in English) of programs in which Jacob Mestel performed

40 pp.
10140Berg, Gertrude, The Goldbergs1954

Television scripts (in English) of programs in which Jacob Mestel performed

26 pp.
10141Bergelson, David, In yidishn gerikht (In The Jewish Court)undated

Adapted by Jacob Mestel

Typed copy, 10 pp. with supplemental manuscript, 18 pp.
10142Bergelson, David, In yidishn gerikht (In The Jewish Court) - Second versionundated
  Typed copy with notes and corrections by Jacob Mestel, 30 pp. 
10143Bergelson, David, Baym telefon (At the Telephone)undated
  Typed copy, 17 pp. 
10144Bergelson, David, Loy omus ki ekhye (Never Say Die)undated

Play in three acts, adapted by Yankev Rotboym

Typed copy, 142 pp.
10145Brecht, Berthold, 'Der shpyon' oder 'Der meser' ('The Spy' or 'The Knife')undated

Translated by Martin Birnbaum

Handwritten manuscript with director's notes by Jacob Mestel, 19 pp.
11146Gottesfeld, Khone, Amerikaner khasidim (American Hasidim). Comedy in three actsundated
  Typed copy, includes 3 unidentified pages, 90 pp. 
11147Gottesfeld, Khone, Mekhutonim (In-laws). Comedy in three actsundated
  Typed copy, 122 pp. 
11148Gottesfeld, Khone, Farzorgt di bonim (Take Care of the Sons)undated
  Manuscript, 10 pp. 
11149Goldfaden, Abraham, Goldfaden spektakl (Goldfaden Spectacle)undated

Text and music by Abraham Goldfaden; montage by Jacob Mestel; music arranged by Emil Gartner

Two typed copies, each 17 pp.
11150Goldfaden, Abraham, Goldfaden spektakl (Goldfaden Spectacle) undated

This version by Moyshe Shifres; notes by Jacob Mestel

Typed, 43 pp.
11151Goldfaden, Abraham, Goldfaden revi (Goldfaden Revue)undated

Put together by Chaver-Paver (Gershon Einbinder) and B. Fenster

Typed, two versions 13 pp. and 14 pp.
11152Gershman, M. [Gersman], Polkovnik Hirshl (Colonel Hirshl). Adapted by M. Blum. One act play undated
  Typed copy, 6 pp. 
11153Dobrushin, Yekheskel, Koptsenzon un hungerman (Koptsenson and Hungerman)undated

Based on text by Abraham Goldfaden, this variation as performed by the Moscow Jewish State Theater

Typed, 24 pp.
11154Dorman, Felix and Engel, Alex, Der zegl (The Sail)undated

Comedic pageant, translated from German. Notebook includes manuscript with notes for In di hoykhe fentster (Among High Society) by Zalmen Lordo, a play in 4 acts

Notebook, manuscript, 120 pp.
11155Dimov, Osip, Der ist sayd profesor (The East Side Professor). Drama in seven scenesundated
  Typed copy, 85 pp. 
11156Dimov, Osip and Boyrn, Yosef, Mirele Efros undated
  Film script. Original typed manuscript with direction and costume notes in English, 162 pp. 
11157Dimov, Osip, Sweepstakes. One act comedyundated
  Typed copy, 34 pp. 
12158Holdes, Oyzer, Lilian Berger. Comedy in four actsundated
  Typed, 83 pp. 
12159Hirshbein, Peretz, Grine felder (Green Fields)undated

Idyll in one act, adapted by Jacob Mestel

Typed copy, 13 pp.
12160Hernberg, Izak, Der Seelenspiegel (Mirror of the Soul)undated

Family drama in four acts, in German

Typed copy, 42 pp.
12161Walters, William [Wilhelm], Zayn alibay (His Alibi). Translator unknown1917
  Notebook, manuscript, 77 pp. 
12162Wolf, Friedrich, Mother's Day. Play in English translated by S.N. Brainin.1935
  Typed copy, 64 pp. 
12163Zech, Paul, Das trunkene schiff (The Drunken Ship)undated

Dramatic ballad for stage and radio, in German. Includes English synopsis and director's materials, typed, 41 pp. and 22 pp.

Typed, 46 pp.
12164Tunkel, Joseph [Der Tunkeler], Brilyantn (Jewels)undated

Comedy in one act. Includes director's notes

Typed, 9 pp.
12165Tunkel, Joseph [Der Tunkeler], Der redakter (The Editor)undated

Dramatization by J. Blank

Typed, 2 pp.
12166Yevreyinov, N.I., Der redakter (The Editor)undated

Dramatization by J. Blank

Typed, 2 pp.
12167 Chaver-Paver [Gershon Einbinder], Di shif fun tsadikim (The Ship of Saints). undated

Translation by Perlman. Also included is " Der goldener barg" (The Golden Mountain). Typed with notes, 12 pp.

Typed copy with director's notes, 116 pp.
12168Chaver-Paver [Gershon Einbinder], Der shklaf (The Slave). One actundated
  Typed copy with notes and program, 15 pp. 
12169Chanukoff, Leon, A Scabundated

Story dramatized by Louis Stillman

Typed with notes, 14 pp.
12170Khasmal, Sher un ayzn (Shears and Iron)undated

Adapted by Jacob Mestel

Typed copy, 12 pp., plus two mimeographed copies
12171Langer, František, Perifer – Untervelt (Periphery – The Underworld). undated
  Manuscript in three notebooks, including notes, 169 pp. and typed role script, 6 pp. 
12172Langer, František, Perifer – Untervelt (Periphery – The Underworld)undated
  Typed original, 67 pp. 
12173Langer, František, Perifer – Untervelt (Periphery – The Underworld)undated

Revised version in ten scenes

Two typed copies, 37 pp.
12174Langer, František, Peripheryundated

Play in English, from the Czech television production adapted by Charles Cooper and Jacob Mestel

Typed copy, 42 pp.
13175Leivick, H., Bankrot (Bankrupt)undated, 1957

Directed by Jacob Mestel

Typed copy with notes, 88 pp.
13176Leivick, H., Der nes in geto (The Miracle in the Ghetto)undated

Play in three acts

Typed copy, 126 pp.; included are three role scripts and notes
13177Leivick, H., Der poet iz gevorn blind (The Poet Became Blind)undated

Play based on the life of labor poet Morris Rosenfeld

Typed copy, 28 pp.; role script for Boris; and manuscript in the handwriting of Jacob Ben-Ami
13178Liptzin, Samuel, Tanken (Tanks)undated
  Galley proofs 
13179Lifschitz, Samuel, Boarders1935
  Mimeographed copy, with director's notes by Jacob Mestel, 17 pp. Jewish Workers' Club (YAC), No. 92. 
13180Lifschitz, Samuel, Shlangen (Snakes)1934
  Mimeographed copy, 10 pp. Jewish Workers' Club (YAC) 
13181Levit, Morris, A groyser sukses (A Great Success). Comedy in four actsundated
  Manuscript, 54 pp. and letter from author to Sarah Kindman 
13182McCall, Frank and Almut, Eksponent ershter grad (First Class Exponent)1935

Translated by David Knap

Mimeographed copy, 9 pp. Jewish Workers' Club (YAC)
13183Maltz, Albert, Soldat Hiks (Soldier Hicks)1936

Translated by Sam Smolowitz

Mimeographed copy, 19 pp.
13184Masenzon, Yigal, In di zamdn fun negev (In the Sands of the Negev)1948

Three acts, five scenes. Translated by Shimon Vintselberg and Jacob Mestel

Typed original, 91 pp.
13185Masenzon, Yigal, In di zamdn fun negev (In the Sands of the Negev)1948

Second copy

13186Miller, Baruch, Idealizm (Idealism)undated
  Mimeographed copy with director's notes 
13187Miller, Baruch, In nomen fun gezets (In The Name of the Law)1934
  Mimeographed copy with director's notes, 9 pp. (Jewish Workers' Club, YAC) 
13188Miller, Baruch, Gevorn a komunist (Became A Communist)1934
  Mimeographed copy with corrections by Jacob Mestel, including a 3-page fragment. (Jewish Workers' Club,YAC) 
13189Miller, Baruch, Gots farzorger (God's Provider)1935
  Mimeographed copy, 11 pp. 
13190Miller, Baruch, A tayer kind (A Cherished Child)1933
  Mimeographed copy, 6 pp. (Jewish Workers' Club,YAC) 
13191Miller, L., Shtil lebn (Still Life)undated
  Typed copy, 9 pp. 
13192Nadir, Moshe, Oyf yener velt (In The World To Come)undated
  Typed, 6 pp. and second copy 
13193Nadir, Moshe, Benyomin Kikhot (Benjamin Quixote). .undated

Adapted from texts by Mendele

Typed, 47 pp., including director's notes and cut materials, 8 pp.
13194Nadir, Moshe, Benyomin Kikhot (Benjamin Quixote)undated
  Mimeographed copy with notes, 15 pp., inluding 5 papes of musical notes and songs by Ben Yomen 
13195Nadir, Moshe, Meshiakh in amerike (Messiah in America)undated
  Typed copy with notes by Jacob Mestel, 36 pp. 
13196Nadir, Moshe, Der nayer Eliyahu Hanovi (The New Prophet Elijah)undated

A Passover play, typed, with notes by Jacob Mestel

13197Nadir, Moshe, Dos shpil on a nomen (The Play Without A Name).undated
  Typed copy, 7 pp. 
14198Slovès, Henri [Chaim], Homens mapole (Hamen's Downfall)undated
  Mimeographed copy, 47 pp. 
14199Elboym, B., Gerangl (Struggle)undated

Play in three acts

Typed, 47 pp.
14200Pinsky, David, Shloyme Malkhoundated
  Typed copy, with stage directions by Jacob Mestel, 10 pp. 
14201Feinberg, L.I., 1917undated
  Typed, 5 pp., second copy 
14202Feldman, M., Yemakh – shmoy – vezikhroy (May His Name and Remembrance Be Erased)undated

Scenes and vignettes adapted from poems by Itsik Feffer; stage direction by Jacob Mestel

Typed, 7 pp. and 4 pp.
14203Feldman, M., Undzer shvue (Our Oath)undated

Revision of previous play

Typed and glued into a notebook
14204Fenster, B., Yankev Sheyferundated

Adapted by Jacob Mestel

Typed, 6 pp., second copy
14205Feffer, Itsik, Shotns fun varshever geto (Shadows from the Warsaw Ghetto)1945

Poem adapted for the stage by Jacob Mestel and retitled Di naye hagode (The New Haggadah). Manuscript, notes on printed text of Feffer's book, director's notes

14206Feffer, Itsik, Shotns fun varshever geto (Shadows from the Warsaw Ghetto)1945

Poem adapted for the stage by Jacob Mestel and retitled Di naye hagode (The New Haggadah). Manuscript, notes on printed text of Feffer's book, director's notes

Manuscript and typed copy, revised, 25 pp.
14207Feffer, Itsik, Shotns fun varshever geto (Shadows from the Warsaw Ghetto)undated

Poem adapted for the stage by Jacob Mestel and retitled Di naye hagode (The New Haggadah)

Typed version with director's notes, 16 pp.
14208Feffer, Itsik, Shotns fun varshever geto (Shadows from the Warsaw Ghetto)undated

Poem adapted for the stage by Jacob Mestel and retitled Di naye hagode (The New Haggadah)

Typed version, 10 pp.
14209Feffer, Itsik, Shotns fun varshever geto (Shadows from the Warsaw Ghetto)undated

Poem adapted for the stage by Jacob Mestel and retitled Di naye hagode (The New Haggadah)

Mimeographed version; 2 copies; and several pages for actors
14210Friedman, Bezalel, Amol iz geven… un s'iz gevorn andersh (Once Upon A Time… but It Has Changed)undated

Adapted by Jacob Mestel

Typed, 9 pp.
14211Friedman, Bezalel, Fun nekhtn biz birobidzhan (From Yesterday to Birobidjan)undated

Adapted by Jacob Mestel

Typed, 12 pp. and a director's copy with notes
14212Friedman, Bezalel, No pasaron (No pasarán).undated
  Two copies, 13 pp. 
14213Priestley, J.B., Di shtot fun morgn (The City of Tomorrow)undated

Translated and abridged by Natan Buchwald

Typed, 18 pp.
14214Peretz, I.L., In polish af der keyt (Chained in the Synagogue's Anteroom)undated

Dramatic poem in one act, adapted for the stage by Jacob Ben-Ami

Typed copy, 13 pp.
14215Peretz, I.L., In polish af der keyt (Chained in the Synagogue's Anteroom)undated
  Director's copies with notes by Jacob Mestel 
15216Kobrin, Leon, Zayn maysterverk: Yisroels hofenung (His Masterpiece: Israel's Hope). Drama in three actsundated
15217Kobrin, Leon, Tsurik tsu zayn folk (Back To His People). Adapted by Jacob Mestelundated
  Typed copy, 36 pp., second copy 
15218Caldwell, Erskine, Natsi bestyes (Nazi Beasts)undated
  Typed copy, 7 pp. 
15219Kurtz, Aaron Samuel, Automatundated
  Typed copy, with director's notes, 10 pp. 
15220Kushnirov, Aaron, Der urteyl kumt (The Sentence Is On Its Way)undated

Directed by Jacob Mestel

Typed, with director's notes and corrections, 24 pp.
15221Rachlin, Ben, Dawnundated
  Play in English.  Typed, 4 pp. 
15222Shapiro, Jack, In a nayes fabrikl (In A News Factory)1935
  Mimeographed copy, with director's notes, 8 pp. (Jewish Workers' Clubs, YAC) 
15223Shinyak, K.I., Dervakhung (Awakening)1934
  Mimeographed copy, 3 pp. 
15224Shinyak, K.I., Kultur a la Hitler (Culture a la Hitler).1933
  Mimeographed copy, 3 pp. 
15225Sholem Aleichem, A khasene af elis ayland (A Wedding at Ellis Island)undated

One act comedy based on Motl Peysi dem khazns (Motl Peysi the Cantor's Son), adapted by Chaver-Paver (Gershon Einbinder). Typed director's copy, 28 pp. and Motl Peysi dem khazns (Motl Peysi the Cantor's Son). Adapted by Chaver-Paver (Gershon Einbinder). Typed, 20 pp.

15226Sholem Aleichem, Hodlundated

Adapted by B. Fenster

Typed, 13 pp.; second copy
15227Sholem Aleichem, Vakhlakhlakesundated
  Typed 7 pp., two copies 
15228Sholem Aleichem, Kasrilevke restoranen (Kasrilevke Restaurants)undated

Dramatized by Z. Zilberzweig

Typed manuscript, 5 pp. and a second version, 7 pp.
15229Unknown Author, Ot iz der yid ayerer (Here Is Your Jew)1934

Anti-Nazi play

Typed, 17 pp.
15230Unknown Authors, Madam Gold and A kleyn shtetldiker khasene (A Provincial Wedding)undated
  Fragment, typed copy, 13 pp. and typed, 5 p. 
15231Unknown Authors, Teater af der provints (Theater in the Provinces)undated
  Typed, 4 pp. 
15232Unknown Authors, A muster fun a nit gelungenem brentsh miting (A Sample of an Unsuccessful Branch Meeting) and A gelungener miting (A Successful Meeting)undated
  Typed, with director's notes, 9 pp. and typed, 7 pp. 
15233Unknown Authors, Miners and Tempo, tempoundated
  Manuscript, 5 pp. and fragment 
15234Unknown Authors, Perish Judah and Banen (Trains).undated
  Play in English. Mimeographed copy, 5 pp. and manuscript, 3 pp. 
15235Unknown Authors, Untitled playsundated
  Untitled play, manuscript, 25 pp.; Fragments of an untitled play, manuscript, 21 pp.; Untitled play, manuscript, 8 pp.; Anti-Nazi, pro-Birobidjan scene. Typed, 3 pp. 
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Series III: Writings and Translations, 1915-1942

This series is in Yiddish, English, and German.
1.8 linear feet (folders 236-286)

Series III is separated into five parts: A) Poetry; B) Plays; C) Essays and Articles; D) Poetry Translations; and E) Play Translations. Most materials are arranged alphabetically according to the Yiddish alphabet.

Scope and Content:

Published and unpublished collections of poetry by Jacob Mestel. Plays by Jacob Mestel, including original dramas, musicals, and dramatizations of literary works by other authors. Essays, speeches and articles by Jacob Mestel, mostly about Yiddish theater or theatrical personalities. Includes several notebooks with Jacob Mestel's notes and thoughts about theater, plays and productions. Translations into Yiddish by Jacob Mestel include poetry from a variety of other languages, as well as plays, mostly from English and German. Among the plays translated are The Blossoming Peach Tree and Golden Boy by Clifford Odets and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. Most of the manuscripts are undated.

A) Poetry

16236Soldatn un payatsn (Soldiers and Clowns)1928

Poetry book, 217 pp., Farlag Bzhoshe, Warsaw

16237Lider (Poems)undated

Given to the Morgn frayhayt in 1960 by Sarah Kindman-Mestel

Typed manuscript, 6 pp.

B) Plays

16238Yiftakh's tokhter (Jephthah's Daughter)1918

Notebook also contains manuscript dramatization of Rabindranath Tagore's Der gertner (The Gardener), 11 pp.

Manuscript in a notebook, 78 pp.
16239Der shabes goy (The Sabbath Gentile)1938

Notebook also includes music and stage directions for Der shtumer (The Mute) and Der dorfsyung (The Village Lad), both by Leon Kobrin

Manuscript in a notebook, 20 pp.
16240Frade fort kyn kanade (Frade Travels to Canada)undated

Montage, typed, 47 pp., plus incomplete second copy

16241Frade fort kyn kanade (Frade Travels to Canada)undated

Early version

Scattered pages, typed; and version with corrections
16242A bisl plezhur (A Little Pleasure)undated

Musical farce

Typed, 84 pp.

C) Essays and Articles

17243Di debatn fun undzer teater (Debates of Our Theater), Der galitsyaner Bismark (The Galician Bismark), and Di kultur fun shoyshpiler (The Culture of Actors)1920s

Three essays written by Jacob Mestel in the 1920s and rewritten at a later date by Sarah Kindman-Mestel.
Di debatn fun undzer teater. Typed and handwritten manuscript, 3 pp.; Der galitsyaner Bismark. Typed manuscript, 2 pp., plus handwritten manuscript, 3 pp.; Di kultur fun shoyshpiler. Manuscript., 3 pp.

17244Yom kipur in feld (Yom Kippur in the Field) and Tsvishn poylish litvishe yidn (Between Polish-Lithuanian Jews)undated

Two essays from Jacob Mestel's book Milkhome notitsn fun a yidishn ofitsir (War Notes of a Jewish Military Officer)

Typed, 2 pp. and 6 pp.
17245Yankev Adler, der nesher hagodl (Jacob Adler, The Great Eagle)undated

Included are also: Tsu Yankev Adler (To Jacob Adler). Typed, 1 p.; Der aktyor Yulius Adler, a ben shivim (The Actor Julius Adler, 70 years old). Typed, 2 pp.

Typed, 7 pp.
17246Dina Halpernundated
   Typed, 2 pp. 
17247Di bine drame (The Stage Drama)undated

Also contains Konspekt vegn yidish teater (Outline 'On Yiddish Theater'). 6 pp.

Typed, 31 pp.
17248Teater kritik (Theater Criticism)undated
  Typed, 11 pp. 
17249Propagande in teater (Propaganda in Theater) and Teater literatur af yidish (Theater Literature In Yiddish)undated
  Typed, 10 pp. and typed, 11 pp. 
17250Di naye star kombinatsies, a groyser derfolg (The New Star Combinations. A Great Success)undated
  Typed, 2 pp. 
17251Fuftsik yor moskver yidisher melukhe teater (Fifty Years of the Moscow Yiddish State Theater)undated
  Typed, 8 pp. 
17252Natan Buchvald: teater (Natan Buchwald: Theater)undated
  Typed, 6 pp. 
17253Tsum 10tn yortsayt nokh Perets Hirshbeyn (On the Tenth Anniversary of the Death of Peretz Hirshbein)undated
  Typed, 9 pp. 
17254Etlekhe shtrikhn fun Z. Vaynper (Several Characteristics of Z. Weinper)undated
  Typed and manuscript, 6 pp. 
17255An anglo yidishe tsaytshrift in london (An Anglo-Jewish Periodical in London)undated
  Typed, 5 pp. 
17256Osip Dimov iz alt gevorn 80 yor (Osip Dimov Has Turned Eighty)undated

Additional text by Sarah Kindman-Mestel, typed and manuscript

Manuscript, 20 pp. and two typed versions
17257Vos iz khanike? (What Is Hanukah?)undated
  Manuscript, 10 pp. 
17258Speechesundated, 1943
  • Speech about Yiddish Theater. Typed, 5 pp.
  • Speech about the Montreal Jewish People's Choir, 5 pp.
17259Seven radio speechesundated

Contains synopses of following works:

  • Mirage (Fata Morgana) by Ernst Veyde. Typed, 1 p.
  • Der lebediker mes (The Living Corpse) by Leo Tolstoy. Typed, 1 p.
  • Der garde ofitsir (The Guardsman) by Franz Molnar. Typed, 1 p.
  • Shimshon un Delile (Samson and Delilah) by Lange. Typed, 1 p.
17261Outline for a play about Heinrich Heineundated
  Manuscript, 17 pp. and typed copy, 12 pp.  
17262Der veg tsu yisroel (The Path to Israel).undated
  A handwritten outline, 4 pp. and a typed copy, 2 pp. 
17263Tsu der Yankev Gordin bibliografie (Addition to the Jacob Gordin Bibliography in the Lexicon of the Yiddish Theater)undated

A typed list, 11 pp., plus a table of contents to a book about Jacob Gordin, typed, 3 pp.
17264Notes and memoirs, fragmentary pagesundated
17265Notes on theaterundated

Material in this folder continued in Box 18

A notebook and loose pages
17266Topics for articles and lectures on theaterundated

Bundle of notes arranged by Sarah Kindman-Mestel

17267Leksikon fun yidishn teater (Lexicon of the Yiddish Theater)undated
17268Manuscript in Polish, by Jacob Mestel.undated
18265Notes on theaterundated

Continuation of Folder 265

18265aLectures and notes for lecture on theater - Addendumundated
18265bLectures and notes for lecture on theater - Addendumundated
18265cLectures on theater - Addendumundated

D) Poetry Translations

19269Gedikhte oys fremde shprakhn (Poetry From Other Languages)before 1914
  Notebook with two sections: Jewish motifs, 40 pp. and general themes, 32 pp. 
  Notebook, manuscript 
  Notebook, manuscript, including 8 loose pages 
  18 pp., plus 2 loose pages 

E) Play Translations

19273Volbehr, Lu, Drosselbart undated
  Manuscript, 10 pp. 
19274Odets, Clifford, Der bliendiker mandlboym (The Blossoming Peach Tree)undated
  Typed, 131 pp. 
19275Odets, Clifford, A goldener bokher (Golden Boy)undated
  Typed, 104 pp. 
19276Wolfson, Victor, Der biterer shtrom (The Bitter Stream)undated

Based on the novel Fantamoro by Ignatis Silana

Typed, 135 pp.
19277Miller, Arthur, Der toyt fun a seylsman ( Death of a Salesman). undated
  Typed, 201 pp., several pages missing 
19278Miller, Arthur, Der toyt fun a seylsman (Death of a Salesman) undated
  Second copy, entitled Der toyt fun a rayznder, 123 pp. 
19279Levi, Melvin, Der gold odler (Gold Eagle Guy)undated
  Typed, 126 pp. 
19280Krutshkovski, Leon, Di familye Zonenbrukh (The Zonenbrukh Family)undated

Translated from German

20281Regan, Sylvia, Der morgn shtern (The Morning Star)undated
  Typed, 88 pp., with notes 
20282 Kingsley, Sidney. Detective Storyundated
  Typed copy, 143 pp. 
20283Sherwood, Robert A. Abe Lincoln In Illinoisundated
  Typed copy with notes, 140 pp. 
20284Zweig, Arnold, Dem sotns shlikhes (Satan's Errand)undated
  Manuscript, 94 pp. 
20285Zweig, Arnold, Dem sotns shlikhes (Satan's Errand)undated

Revised copy for the Federal Theater Project, WPA. Translated as The Calling of Samaels, 60 pp.

20286Zweig, Stefan, Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 1915-1918

Includes lists of plays

Manuscript in notebook, 23 pp.
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Series IV: Production and Director's Materials, undated, 1940-1958

This series is in Yiddish.
1.2 linear feet (folders 287-322)

Alphabetical by Yiddish title of the play.

Scope and Content:

This series includes scripts with Jacob Mestel's stage direction notes, prop and set design notes, and role scripts for individual parts. Many scripts refer to plays mentioned in Series II. Most of the materials in this series are undated.

21287Der oytser (The Treasure), by David Pinskyundated
  Stage script, manuscript not in Jacob Mestel's handwriting, 22 pp. 
21288Der oytser (The Treasure), by David Pinskyundated
  Role scripts, typed 
21289Der oytser (The Treasure), by David Pinskyundated
  Role scripts, manuscript 
21290Der oytser (The Treasure), by David Pinsky. undated
  Role scripts, transliterated, manuscript 
21291Der oytser (The Treasure), by David Pinskyundated
  Role scripts, typed copies with cues 
21292Abraham Lincoln by Khaykovski 1941
  Manuscript, notebook, 16 pp. 
21293Abraham Lincoln by Khaykovski1941
  Role scripts, typed and manuscript, plus one notebook manuscript 
21294Oyf di zamdn in negev (In the Sands of the Negev), by Yigal Masenzonundated
  Stage designs, props and directions for English language production (in English) and a Yiddish clipping from the newspaper Der tog about the play 
21295Oyf di zamdn in negev (In the Sands of the Negev), by Yigal Masenzonundated
  Yiddish role scripts, typed, with cues 
21296Der ashmeday (Asmodeus), by Leonid Andreyevundated

Translated by M. Katz, New York, 1909

Printed play with director's notes and corrections, 130 pp.
22297Bam toyer (At The Gate)undated

Based on Beynish Shteyman's plays Bam toyer, Meshiakh ben Yoysef and Dos royte kind

Manuscript, notebook, director's copy, stage designs and directions, 45 pp.
22298Beser nisht geborn vern (Better Not To Be Born), by David Pinskyundated

Consists of pages 157-218 of Pinsky's book Dramen (Dramas), NY, 1918

Manuscript with notes, directions and corrections by Jacob Mestel
22299Goldfaden spektakl (Goldfaden Spectacle)undated

Montage by Jacob Mestel

Stage scenario. Two notebooks, manuscript
22300Goldfaden revi (Goldfaden Revue)undated

Montage put together by Jacob Mestel and Moyshe Shifrin

Stage text, director's copy, manuscript and typed, 13 pp.
22301Goldfaden revi (Goldfaden Revue)undated
  Role scripts, program notes, manuscript 
22302Goldfaden revi (Goldfaden Revue) undated
  Mimeographed songs in English transliteration, 7 pp. 
22303Goldfaden revi (Goldfaden Revue). Music for piano (from Shulamis and Di kishefmakhern (The Witch), manuscript. undated
22304A khasene af elis ayland (A Wedding on Ellis Island)undated

Adapted by Chaver-Paver (Gershon Einbinder) from Sholem Aleichem's Motl Peysi dem khazns (Motl Peysi the Cantor's Son)

Role scripts, stage directions, director's notes
22305Di takse (The Meat Tax) undated

Adapted by Jacob Metsel from Mendele

Manuscript stage directions, typed director's copy, 51 pp.
22306Tur program (Tour Program)undated
  Stage directions, manuscript 
22307Yid Zis (Jud Suss), based on the novel by L. Feuchtwangerundated

Stage scenario by Jacob Mestel

Manuscript, notebook, 14 pp.
23308Der nes in geto (The Miracle in the Ghetto), by H. Leivickundated

Radio play, includes an introduction and radio interview

Role scripts in Yiddish, stage directions in English
23309Frade fort in kanade (Frade Travels to Canada)undated

Montage by Jacob Mestel

Scenario, manuscript, 2 notebooks
23310Frade fort in kanade (Frade Travels to Canada)undated
  Director's text 
23311Frade fort in kanade (Frade Travels to Canada) - Second versionundated
23312Frade fort in kanade (Frade Travels to Canada) - Songs for the choirundated
  Transliterated into English 
23313Frade fort in Kanade (Frade Travels to Canada) - Props and costume notesundated
23314Der farkishefter nign (The Enchanted Melody), by I. Kalmanovitchundated
  Scenario, manuscript, notebook, 40 pp. 
23315Der farkishefter nign (The Enchanted Melody), by I. Kalmanovitch - Director's notesundated
23316Der farkishefter nign (The Enchanted Melody), by I. Kalmanovitchundated
   Role script, two versions, typed 
23317Frayhayt yubiley (Freedom Celebration). By Adolf Wolf (Itche Goldberg)1940

Performed in Carnegie Hall

Working script in Yiddish, typed; director's notes in English, typed, 7 pp.
23318Frayhayt yubiley (Freedom Celebration, here called "Frayhayt spektakl")undated
  Three script copies, mimeographed; stage directions in English; and transliterated songs for choir 
23319Kleyner yid: Borukh (The Unimportant Jew: Borukh), by Jacob Mestel (?)undated
  Notebook manuscript, 20 pp. 
23320Kristi strit, ist brodvey, yunyon skver (Christie Street, East Broadway, Union Square)undated

Scenes from the Frayhayt editorial offices

Working script, manuscript. 12 pp., typed 9 pp.
23321Romants af di pipl (Romance of the People) - Director's copyundated
  Notebook, manuscript, 36 pp. 
23322Role scriptsundated

Various role scripts from theatrical roles that Jacob Mestel played:

  • On a heym (Yakov Alkhonen, Filip Weiss)
  • Der dibuk (The second batlen)
  • Hershele Ostropolyer (The first little Jewish man)
  • Yosele Solovey (Isaac Shadkhen)
  • Yoshe Kalb (Reb Meyerl, Mekhele)
  • Sukses (Dr. Hirik)
  • Unknown play (Pritshet)
  • A farvorfn vinkl (Tudrim)
  • Shaylak un zayn tokhter (Stefano)
  • Forshteyer fun hoyf, 1st act (birgermayster)
  • A khasene in shtetl, 1st act
  • Foter un zun, 1st act (Frumet, Orish)
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Series V: Miscellaneous Theater Materials,  1934-1945

This series is in Yiddish and English.
0.4 linear feet (folders 323-350)

Most materials are arranged alphabetically according to the Yiddish alphabet.

Scope and Content:

This series includes primarily materials from Jacob Mestel's years as director and instructor of the Artef Studio in the 1920s and 1930s in New York. Materials include course notes and outlines for classes in dramatics, makeup, diction, directing, and other topics. Folder 323 contains an article about Artef clipped from an unnamed English-language theater magazine (1934). Also included in this series are various theater programs and announcements, mostly from New York theaters, with a few programs from Canada and South America.

24323Artef materialsundated, 1934-1937

Includes circulars, clippings and announcements. Noteworthy is a 1934 article about Artef in an English-language theater magazine

24324Artef Studio1935-1936

Student rosters

24325Artef Studio1936-1937

Student rosters in Yiddish and English

24326Artef Studio1944

Notes for courses on diction and recitation by Jacob Mestel

Typed, 19 pp.
24327Artef Studioundated

Notes for recitation

Typed, 25 pp.
24328Artef Studioundated

Notes for diction, introduction by Jacob Mestel

Typed, 30 pp.
24329Artef Studioundated

Notes for makeup by Jacob Mestel

Typed, 19 pp., two copies
24330Artef Studioundated

Notes for dramatics by Jacob Mestel

Manuscript, two notebooks, 28 pp.
24331Artef Studio1937

Notes for dramatics

Notebook, manuscript, 16 pp.
24332Artef Studioundated

Notes for dramatics

Typed, 6 pp., manuscript, 8 pp.
24333Artef Studioundated

Notes on the basic principles of the Stanislavski system

Manuscript, 2 pp.
24334Artef Studio1934

Outline for directing class. Jacob Mestel, instructor

Mimeographed, 6 pp.
24335Artef Studioundated

Miscellaneous materials, including music manuscript

24336Theater projects undated
  • Plan to organize a people's theater
  • Resolutions of the theater panel
  • Outline on Yiddish theater by Jacob Mestel
  • Three memoranda on the WPA Jewish theater project
Mimeographed, 8 pp.
24337Leksikon fun yidishn teater (Lexicon of the Yiddish Theater) - Financial reports and materials for the third volume1943-1945
24338National concert tour, under the sponsorship of the Jewish Fraternal People's Orderundated
  Time plan and receipts 
24339Theaters in New York and Connecticut - Theater programsundated
24340South American theater - Theater programsundated
24341Yidish Folks Teater (Jewish People's Theater) - Theater programsundated
24342Yidisher Kunst Teater (Yiddish Art Theater), New York - Theater programsundated
24343Neighborhood Playhouse, New York - Theater programsundated
24344English language theaters - Theater programsundated
24345Carnegie Hall - Theater programsundated
24346Canadian Yiddish theaters - Theater programsundated
24347Theater flyers and cardsundated
24348Lists of Yiddish actorsundated
24349Lists of theater articles by Jacob Mestelundated

Manuscript by Sarah Kindman-Mestel

24350Lists of plays in Jacob Mestel's possessionundated
  Manuscript and typed 
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Series VI: Clippings, undated, 1920-1957

This series is in Yiddish. Some documents are in Portuguese.
2.4 linear feet (folders 351-430)

This series is organized into four parts: A) Notebooks , B) Writings, C) About Jacob Mestel, D) Theater, and E) Reviews of Specific Theater Performances.

The original Yiddish finding aid (1983) arranged clippings about Mestel's writings alphabetically by title of publication, according to the Yiddish alphabet. This English finding aid reflects this arrangement and lists the romanized transliterations of Yiddish titles.

Scope and Content:

Series VI: Clippings holds newspaper and journal clippings about Jacob Mestel and his work. It includes clippings concerning Jacob Mestel's writings, biographical clippings about him, clippings about the theater, and about specific theater performances. In addition, it holds two notebooks filled with clippings of Jacob Mestel's writings and articles about him.

A) Notebooks

25351Newspaper clippings1909-1917

Notebook with glued-in of Jacob Mestel's writings printed in newspapers and journals, including: Lemberger togblat, Yidisher folkskalendar, Yunge klangen (New York, N.Y.), Beys yisroel. Clippings include poems, essays and articles published under Mestel's own name as well as under the pen name Y.M. Kamilo. 99 pp.

25352Newspaper clippings1906-1910

Includes poems and essays by Jacob Mestel as well as articles about him as a poet

Notebook with glued-in clippings from newspapers and journals, 74 pp.

B) Writings

25353O Reflexo (São Paolo, Brazil) No. 10, December 1949, p. 101949

Jewish journal published in Portuguese

25354Af der vakh (Israel) October 3, 1955, p. 61955
25355Undzer vort1945-1947
25356Undzer fraynd July 18, 1939.1939
25357Eynikayt September-October 19461946
25358Der aktyor (Buenos Aires, Argentina)undated
25359Haynt (Buenos Aires, Argentina)1948-1949
25360Vokhnblat (Toronto, Canada)1944
25361Der veg (Buenos Aires, Argentina)1947-1948
25362Togblat No. 63undated
25363Lemberger togblatundated
25364Yidishe prese (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)1931
26365Yidishe kulturundated
26366Yidisher rekord1920
26367Los angeles yidisher buletinundated
26368Literarishe bleter (Warsaw, Poland) Nos. 1, 3, 35, 50, 71, 1341925-1936
26369Morgn zhurnal [MISSING FROM FOLDER]1944
26370Morgn frayhayt1925-1953
26371Nyu yorker vokhnblat1935
26372Nay lebn1941-1942
26373Naye tsaytn (Vienna, Austria)1924
26374 Nayer morgnundated
26375 Di prese (Buenos Aires, Argentina)1937-1957
26376 Der forverts1920-1925
26377 Di federundated
26378 Frayvelt (Buenos Aires, Argentina)1949
26380 Keneder odler (Montreal, Canada) undated
26381Der shpigl (Buenos Aires, Argentina)1936
26382Various clippingsundated

C) About Jacob Mestel

27383Biographical materials1923-1953
27384Jubilee materials1954
27385Undzer teater - Reviews1943-1944
27386Ot geyt a mentsh- Review translated from German by Jacob Mestelundated
27387Dimyoynes - Reviews1923
27388Vita khayved - Reviewsundated
27389Lukretsyas toyt - Reviews1936-1942
27390Milkhome notitsn fun a yidishn ofitsir - Reviews1925-1938
27391Soldatn un payatsn - Reviews1931
27392Reviews in the South American press1931-1936
27393Various clippingsundated

D) Theater

28394Argentina - Articles about Jacob Mestel's performances1931-1942
28395Artef - Scrapbookundated, 1937
28396Yidisher Teater Ansemble1957
28397Yidish Ordn Trupe1953
28398Yiddish Filmsundated, 1933-1949
28399Yiddish Art Theaterundated, 1929-1930
28400Leksikon fun yidishn teater1931-1935
28401Performances in English-language theater and filmsundated, 1953-1957
28402Canada - Performances
29403Buenos Aires and South America - Performances1931-1934
29404Buenos Aires and South America - Performances1930s
29405Buenos Aires and South America - Performances1930s
29406Buenos Aires and South America - Performances1930s

E) Reviews of Specific Theater Performances

30407Der oytser (The Treasure), David Pinsky1936
30408Der urteyl (The Judgement), Sophia Levitina1934
30409Der opgenarter khosn (The Fooled Bridegroom), Osip Dimov1932
30410Ba tate mames tish (At Mom and Dad's Table), Nachum Stutchkov1938
30411Di goldgrebers (The Gold Diggers), Sholem Aleichemundated
30412Goldfaden spektakl (Goldfaden Spectacle)1944
30413Gerekhtikayt (Justice), John Galsworthy1927
30414Detektiv stori (Detective Story), Sidney Kingsley1952
30415Vakh oyf un zing (Wake Up and Sing), Clifford Odets1939
30416Khaver Nakhman (Friend Nakhman), I.J. Singer1939
30417Zekhtsik toyznt giboyrim (Sixty Thousand Heroes), Benjamin Ressler1935
30418Yosele Solovey (Joseph the Nightingale), Sholem Aleichem1949
30419Di kishefmakhern fun kastilye (The Witch of Castilia), Sholem Asch1930
30420Der luftmentsh (Unemployed), S. Yushkovitsh1925
30421Dos lebn geyt on (Life Goes On), H. Kalmanovitch1940
30422Der man mitn portfel (The Man with the Portfolio), Alexei Fiako1931
30423Mekhutonim (In-Laws), Chana Gottesfeld1935
30424Nes fun geto (The Miracle in the Ghetto), H. Leivick1944
30425Dem tsadiks nesie (The Rabbi's Journey), H. Seckler1926
30426Parnose (A Living), Chana Gottesfeld1935
30427Di familye Zolenbrik (The Family Zolenbrik), Leon Krichcovski1950
30428Der farkishefter nign (The Enchanted Melody), H. Kalmanovitch1951
30429Kol Yisroel (The Voice of Israel), A. Gitner1948
30430Shap (Shop), H. Leivick1926
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Series VII: Personal Materials, 1910-1958

This series is in Yiddish and English.
0.3 linear feet (folders 431-447)
Scope and Content:

Personal documents, membership cards, greeting cards, financial papers, condolences.

31431Correspondenceundated, 1911, 1916, 1955

Includes postcards; notebook; and typed biography of Jacob Mestel for Who's Who in World Jewry

31432Correspondence and military documents1914-1918
31433Identity documents and other official papers1919-1920
31434Documents - Austria1924
31435Documents - United States1930, 1938, 1944-1955
31436Documents - Employment1924-1957
31437Documents - Enemployment1946-1953
31438Works Progress Administration (WPA)1938-1939

Application for employment with the WPA and documents relating to WPA projects

31439Production and performance contracts1924-1954
  • Yiddish Art Theatre to perform in Vienna, 1924
  • Jacob Mestel directs Toronto Jewish Folk Choir, 1948
  • Jacob Mestel's television appearances on The Goldbergs, 1952
  • Actors' Equity Association contract for Sands in the Negev
31440Membership cards1910-1950

Includes receipts from hotel, clothing store; and also a certificate of investment in Jewish National Fund (Vienna, Austria)

31442Travel documents1931, 1936, 1941-1944

Passports, official permissions to travel, ship papers for trips to Argentina and Canada

31443Greeting cards1950s
31444Get well cards1956-1957
31445Telegrams and greetings for theatrical openings1938-1957
31446Greeting letters and telegrams1954

Jacob Mestel's 70th birthday and 50 years of theatrical activity

31447Obituaries for Jacob Mestel and condolence letters1958
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Series VIII: The Papers of Sarah Kindman-Mestel, 1932-1957

Most of this series is in Yiddish.
0.1 linear feet (folders 448-449a)
Scope and Content:

This series includes Sarah Kindman-Mestel's personal and professional documents, manuscripts and writings, theater programs and articles about Jacob Mestel. Sarah Kindman-Mestel's personal documents include professionally-related items as membership cards and contracts. Among her writings are poems, essays, and translations.

31448Membership cards, contracts1932-1952
31449Manuscripts and writingsundated
  Poems, essays, translations; handwritten and typed 
31449aTheatre programs and articles about Jacob Mestelundated, 1943, 1957

Contains list of Jacob Mestel's correspondence prepared by Sarah Kindman-Mestel

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Series IX: Photographs, 1920s-1950s

This Series is in Yiddish.
1.6 linear feet (folders 450-540)

Each photograph has been assigned a sub-series number, from #1-#301, shown here in parantheses. The original 1982 finding aid included photos #1-#226, and the rest of the photos were added to the catalog.

The series is arranged by category as follows: A) Prominent actors in scenes from plays (#1-#116); B) Troupes and ensembles (#117-#141); C) Scenes from performances (#142-#198); D) Miscellaneous group photos and unidentified scenes (#199-#226); E) Portraits of actors, playwrights, and other theater figures (#227-#279); F) Additional photos of actors in scenes from plays (#280-#301).

This series is also indexed in YIVO's Stagepix database.

Scope and Content:

Includes 301 photographs collected by Jacob Mestel, with his Yiddish language descriptions on the back of each photograph, usually undated. Most of the photos are of the New York Yiddish theater in the 1930s-1950s, though there are a few photos which may date from the 1920s. Few photographs include Jacob Mestel. The bulk of the photos feature actors and ensembles performing scenes from plays. Folder 523 contains over 40 portraits or 'headshots' of actors and other theater figures, including playwrights Jacob Gordin and Abraham Goldfaden.

A) Photographs of Actors in Performances

32450Moyshe Oysherundated
  • in unidentified performances (#1-4)
  • in the film Dem khazns zandl (The Cantor's Son) (#5)
32451Alexander Olshenetsky and Bella Meisel (#6)undated
32452Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison in Yoshke fort avek (Yoshke Is Leaving) (#7)undated
32453Pesach (Paul) Burstein (#8-9)undated
32454Leon Blank and Betty Frank in Mayn meydele (My Little Girl) (#10)undated
32455Yehuda Bleich and Max Rosenthal (#11)undated
32456Nathan Goldberg (#12)undated
  • with Lucy Finkel (#13)
  • with Lucy Finkel, Rose Goldberg (#14)
  • with Rose Goldberg, David Rogow, M. Bloch (#15)
32457Rose Goldberg in Mirele Efros (#16)undated
32458Jenny Goldstein (#17-21)undated

with Max Gabel (#22)

32459J. Gladstone (Izak) in Bond Baker's Troubadours (advertisement) (#23)undated
32460Max Gabelundated
  • in Der goylem (The Golem) (#24)
  • in Mamon der gelt got (Mamon The Money God) (#25)
  • in Der kenig (The King) (#26)
  • Max Gabel (#27)
32461Lucy Gehrmanundated
  • in Tsipke (#28)
  • in Di shtifmame (The Stepmother) (#29)
32462Chayele Grober (#30)undated
32463George Jesselundated
  • with Shirley Booth in War Song (#31)
  • with Shirley Booth in War Song (#32)
  • with Tom McClay in War Song (#33)
  • with Clara Lingener in War Song (#34)
  • with Mayor Mackey of Philadelphia pose with American flags (#35)
32464Jennie Valliere in Di tentserin (The Dancer) (#36)undated
32465Lilian Lux (#37-38)undated
32466Aaron Lebedeffundated
  • with Itzchok Feld in A khasene af der istsayd (A Wedding on the Lower East Side) (#39-41)
  • with Leon Blank in Dem tatns zandele (The Father's Son) (#42)
  • in Mendl in Yapan (#43)
  • with various actors (#44-51)
32467Aaron Lebedeff and Molly Picon (#52-53)undated
32468Mikhel Mikhaleskoundated
  • in Zayn letster tants (His Last Dance) (#54)
  • with Bella Meisel (#55)
  • with various actors (#56-57)
32469Mikhel Mikhaleskoundated
  • in Ikh vil a kind (I Want A Child) (#58-59)
  • with Bella Meisel and other performers (#60-62)
32470Jacob Mestelundated, 1953
  • in A hoyz af grend strit (A House On Grand Street) (#63)
  • with Jacob Ben-Ami and Berta Gerstein in Yegor Bulitshev (#63a)
32471Julius Nathansonundated
  • in Der kleyner mazik (The Little Brat) (#64)
  • with Goldie Eisman (#65)
32472Sholom Secunda (#66-68)undated
32473Muni Serebrov (#69-70)undated
32474Menashe Skulnickundated
  • in Fishl der gerotener (Fishl the Talented) (#71-73)
  • in unidentified roles (#74-76)
  • with Mikhel Mikhalesko (#77)
  • with others (#78-83)
32475Molly Piconundated
  • in Dos fidele (The Little Fiddle) (#84)
  • in Emese libe (True Love) (#85)
  • Molly Picon (#86-87)
  • in Dos tsirk meydl (The Circus Girl) (#88-89)
  • in Tsigaynerin (Gypsy Woman) (#90)
  • in Khoristkes (Chorus Girls) (#91)
  • Molly Picon (#92-93)
32476Molly Picon and Muni Serebrov in Dos radio meydl (Radio Girl) (#94)undated
32477Fayvil Finkel (#95)undated
32478Itzchok Feld (#96)undated
  • with Dina Halpern in Lebn zol amerike (Long Live America) (#97)
  • with Henrietta Jacobson (#98)
32479Betty Frank (#99)undated
32480Miriam Kressyn (#100)undated
32481Samuel Rosenstein (#102)undated
32482Jack Rechtzeit in Goldene glikn (Golden Fortunes) (#103)undated
32483Maurice Schwartzundated, 1930
  • in Uncle Moses(#104)
  • in Esterke(#105)
  • in Blondzhende shtern (Vagabond Stars) (#106)
  • in Dr. Hertsl (#107)
  • in Shaylak (#108-112)
  • in unidentified play (#113)
  • with Mirele Gruber (#114)
  • in Di mishpokhe Karnovski (The Family Carnovsky) (#115)
32484Sadie Sheyngold in Di kabaretn tentser (The Cabaret Dancer) (#116)undated

B) Photographs of Theatre Troupes

32485Gabel's Public Theater1929-1930, 1952
  • Gabel's Public Theater - Season 1929-1930 (#117)
  • Yidishe Lilipyutn Teater (Yiddish Midget Theater), Haifa, Palestine
  • Includes explanatory letter from R. Brownstein (1952) (#118-119)
  • Lyric Theater Group, includes Max Wilner, Annie Lieben, Misha Fishman, Chana Hollander, Isidore Hollander (#120)
32486Second Avenue Theater Troupe in Tsigayner meydl (Gypsy Girl) (#121)undated
32487Folksbiene Theater, NY:undated
  • Yosl der fidler (Joel The Fiddler) on a postcard (#122)
  • Active members, including David Licht and Chairman D. Levin (#123)
  • Kampf farn negev (The Battle for Negev) (1953) (#124)
  • Khasene in fernvald (Wedding in Fernwald) (#125)
  • Khasene in fernvald with Morris Adler (#126)
  • Khasene in fernvald with Morris Adler and Shimon Luks (#127)
  • Khasene in fernvald with Morris Adler and Chaim Zayner (#128)
  • Khasene in fernvald with Chaim Zayner (#129)
  • Khasene in fernvald with B. Fayvlovitch and others (#130)
  • Khasene in fernvald with Rini Spector (#131-132)
32488Frayhayt Dramatishe Studio (Frayhayt Dramatic Studio) (#133)undated
32489Aktyorn Kolektiv (Actors' Collective) (Bucharest, Romania) undated

Cast of Goldfadens kholem (Goldfaden's Dream), with composer Haim Schwartzman, director Iso Schapira, director Franz Auerbach and Israel Bercovici (#134)

32490Bukarester Yidisher Teater (Bucharest Jewish Theater) (Bucharest, Romania)undated

Includes actors Moishe Zigler and Sevilla Pastor (#135-141)


C) Photographs of Theatrical Performances

33491Di untervelt (The Underworld) with Nathan Goldberg, Rose Goldberg, Julius Michaelson (Mayklson) (#142)undated
33492Urteyl (The Judgement)undated
  • Jacob Ben-Ami and Berta Gerstein (#143)
  • Berta Gerstein and S. Bodin (#144)
  • Berta Gerstein and others (#145)
  • Red Army group (#146)
33493Goldele dem beykers (Golde the Baker's) with Bella Meisel and troupe (#147)undated
33494The Diary of Anne Frankundated
  • Joseph Schildkraut (#148)
  • Joseph Schildkraut and Susan Strassberg (#149)
  • Susan Strassberg (#150)
33495 Death of A Salesman with Arthur Kennedy and others (#151-152)undated
33496Dray neytorins (Three Seamstresses) by I.L. Peretz with Luba Kadison, Nadya Neroslawska, Rose Zhelazo (#153)undated
33497Dray kales (Three Brides) with Leon Blank and others (#154)undated
33498Ver iz shuldik (Who Is Guilty)undated
  • Pesach Burstein and others (#155-156)
  • The Hopkinson Theater Troupe (#157)
33499Der zeygermakher fun pariz (The Watchmaker from Paris) by Shalom Schwarzbardundated
  • Performance in Łodż with Alexander Granach and others (#158-159)
  • Alexander Granach and Henreich (#160)
33500 Bay tate mames tish (At The Parents' Table) (#161)undated
33501Yoshe Kalb with Boris Weiner and Uri Kagan (#162)undated
33502Yoshke muzikant (Yoshke the Musician) by Osip Dimov1924-1930

Vilna Troupe with Luba Kadison, Joseph Buloff, Leah Nemi (#163)

33503Der yidisher general (The Jewish General) - Group photo (#164)undated
33504Di yidishe shikse (The Jewish Gentile Girl)undated

Group photo with Vera Rosanka and Yisroel Rozenberg (#165)

33505Di kale fun sofolk strit (The Bride from Suffolk Street)undated
  • Rose Goldberg (#166)
  • Henrietta Jacobson (#167)
  • Rosa Halpern and Bella Segal (#168)
  • Moyshe Ber Solomon (#169)
  • Yetta Tsverling (#170)
  • Jacob Jacobs (#171)
  • Abraham Teitelbaum and Rose Goldberg (#172)
33506Khelemer khakhomim (The Wise Men of Chelm) by Aaron Zeitlin. Yiddish Art Theater (#173)undated
33507Der nes fun geto (The Miracle in the Warsaw Ghetto) by H. Leivickundated

with Jacob Ben-Ami (#174)

33508Farlangt a khosn (Desires A Husband) by Samuel Kahnundated
  • Nathan Goldberg and Lucy Finkel (#181)
  • Peter Graf and Mildred Block (#182)
  • Peter Graf and group (#183)
  • Pesach Burstein and group (#184)
  • Peter Graf, Pesach Burstein and group (#185)
  • Nathan Goldberg, Peter Graf and group (#186)
  • Group scenes (#187-188)
33509Tsvey hertser (Two Hearts) by Chaim Tauberundated
  • Rosa Valenshteyn and Micky Marks (#189)
  • Chaim Tauber and Hershl Bernardi (#190)
  • Rosa Valenshteyn, Chaim Tauber and others (#191)
  • Finale (#192)
33510Tsvey Shvester (Two Sisters) by Leon Kobrin

with Boris Tomashevsky, Bessie Tomashevsky, Leon Kobrin, Bina Abramovitch and others (#193)

33511Der kamf far a mamen (The Struggle for a Mother)undated
  • Jenny Goldstein and others (#194-195)
  • Penny Labritsky, Yoysef Teyngold and others (#196)
33512Der tilim yid (Salvation) by Sholem Aschundated
  • Isidore Keshir, Gustav Shakht, and a dog (#197)
  • Isidore Keshir, Leon Fuchs, Chana Apel, Mark Schweid (#198)

D) Miscellaneous Photos

33513Artef "tuer" (activists),1926

Including Natan Buchwald, Jacob Mestel, Moyshe Nadir (#199)

33514Group photosundated
  • Nathan Goldberg, Jacob Jacobson, Samuel Goldenburg, Louis Freiman, Isidore Lash (#200)
  • Nathan Goldberg, Samuel Goldenburg, Jacob Jacobson (#201)
  • Ilya Trilling, Louis Freiman, Louis Markovitch (#202)
  • Sholom Secunda, Louis Freiman (#203)
  • Menashe Skulnick, Lili Liliana, Miriam Kressyn, Yetta Tsverling (#204)
  • Louis Freiman, Lilian Lux (#205)
33515Unidentified scenesundated
  • Includes Florence Weiss, Boris Rosenthal (#206)
  • Florence Weiss, Moyshe Feder (#207)
  • Samuel Steinberg, Nellie Casman, Florence Weiss (#208)
  • Louis Weiss, Florence Weiss, Henrietta Jacobson (#209)
33516Unidentified scenesundated
  • Includes Max Wilner and Eti Libin (#210)
  • Jenny Goldstein (#211)
  • Irving Grossman (#212)
  • Dave Lugritsky (#213)
  • Jacob Jacobson, Yetta Tsverling (#214)
33517Unidentified scenes with Molly Picon, Lucy Levine, Mikhel Mikhalesko, and chorus line (#215-217)undated
33518Unidentified sceneundated
  • Includes Wolf Barzel and Sholem Tanen (#218)
  • The Vilna Troupe in revue Yidl mitn fidl (Yidl with the Fiddle). Includes Sholem Tanen, Leyb Kadison, Moyshe Feffer, Boris Weiner, Noyekh Nakhbush (#219)
33519Unidentified scenes and actors (#220-221)undated
33520Advertisement for an unidentified Yiddish film, with comedy team Smith & Dale and George Sidney (#222)undated
33521Interiors of the Public Theater, NY (#223-226)undated

E) Portraits of Actors, Playwrights, and Other Theater Figures

34522Molly Piconundated
  • in Yidl mitn fidl (Yidl With His Fiddle) (1936) (#227)
  • Molly Picon (tinted) (#228)
34 523Portraits of actors, playwrights and other theater personalitiesundated
  • Samuel Rotafdel (Roxy) (#233)
  • Michael Saks (#234)
  • Morris Simonoff (#229)
  • Sholem Shmulowitz (#230)
  • Joseph Shengold (#231)
  • Jacob Hochstein (#232)
  • Edwin Relkin, producer and manager of the Yiddish Art Theater (#235)
  • Haim-Mayer Segalescu and his unidentified bride (#236)
  • Zaydel Helman (#239)
  • Jacob Mestel, 1916-1944 including one in uniform of the Austro-Hungarian army (#241-246)
  • Sore Skulnik (#247)
  • M.B. Samuylow (#248)
  • Elias Rothstein (#249)
  • Sally Weisenfreund (#250)
  • Charles Nathanson (#251)
  • Max Rosenthal (#252)
  • Jacob Kalich and Molly Picon (husband and wife) (#253)
  • Solomon Krause (#254)
  • Joseph Kessler (#255)
  • Lucy Levine (#256)
  • Samuel Steinberg (#257)
  • Wolf Shumsky (#258)
  • Boris Rosenthal (#259)
  • David Belasco (#260)
  • Louis Goldberg (#261)
  • Sam Goldberg (#262)
  • David Baratz (#263)
  • Joseph Buloff (#264)
  • Misha Gehrman (#265)
  • Itsikl Goldenberg (#266)
  • Leon Blank (#267)
  • Max Bulman (#268)
  • Lucy Finkel (#269)
  • Abraham Goldfaden, playwright (#270)
  • Yekhiel Goldshmit (#271)
  • Jacob Goldstein (#272)
  • Wolf Goldfaden (#273)
  • Jacob Gordin, playwright (#274)
  • Misha Fishzon (#275)
  • Alexander Granach (#276-279)

F) Additional Photos of Actors in Scenes from Plays

34524Abraham Teitelbaum in Di kale fun sofolk strit(#280)undated
34525Jacob Ben-Ami, Jacob Mestel and Abraham Teitelbaum in scenes from the film Der vanderer yid (The Wandering Jew) [missing] (#281-282)1933
34526Jacob Mestel in the Yiddish film Uncle Moses (#283)1930
34527Lazar Freed in Yoshe Kalb (#284); Maurice Schwartz in Yoshe Kalb (#285)1932-1933
34528Maurice Schwartz in Shaylak (#286)1920-1921
34529Maurice Schwartz and other performers in Shabse tsvi (Shabbetai Zvi) (#287-290)1923
34530Maurice Schwartz in Kidush hashem (#291)
34531Maurice Schwartz in Shver tsu zayn a yid (Hard To Be A Jew) (#292)1953
34532Maurice Schwartz in Khelemer khakhomim (The Wise Men of Chelm) (#293)1933-1934
34533Maurice Schwartz in Di brider ashkenazi (The Brothers Ashkenazi). Reproduction of a pencil portrait by A. Bilis. (#294)1937
34534Jacob Mestel in Der tayster (The Purse) (#295)1931
34535Jacob Mestel in Jud Suss (Jew Suss) (#296)1929-1930
34536Ludwig Satz, Edmund Zayenda, Ola Lilith in Ven di zun geyt oyf (When the Sun Rises) (#297)undated
34537Maurice Schwartz, Samuel Goldenburg, Jacob Ben-Ami in Ver is ver (Who is Who) (#298)1938-1939
34539Cast portrait of the cast of Der tilim yid (Salvation), Yiddish Art Theater (#299)1939
34538Morris Feder, Rose Zhelazo (#300)undated
34540Maurice Schwartz (#301)undated
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