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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Kligsberg, Moses
Title: Moses Kligsberg Papers
Abstract: The collection consists of the general, personal and professional correspondence of Moses Kligsberg, manuscripts for published and unpublished works, project proposals and outlines, research materials, printed matter and other records relating to Moses Kligsberg's involvement with the Bund and with Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe, to his functions at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, and to his scholarly interests. Included are Moses Kligsberg's manuscripts on the subjects of Jewish sociology, psychology, youth, and political matters. The collection contains a great deal of YIVO administrative and publicity materials, among others editorial records of theYedies fun yivo (YIVO News) and YIVO radio programs; materials on the Bund; records of the United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution. Besides the personal documents and both personal and organizational correspondence, the collection also includes original musical compositions, acetate recordings, magnetic reels, and photographs.
Languages: The collection is mostly in Yiddish andEnglish.Correspondence with family and some friends is in Polish. Some documents are also in French, German, Swedish,Russian, and Japanese.
Quantity: 21 linear feet
Accession number: RG 719
Repository: YIVO Archives
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Biographical Note

Moses David Kligsberg (1901-1975) was born in Warsaw, Poland to a family of rabbinic lineage. His father, Icek Matys Kligsberg, was a full-time scholar and his mother, Gitla (née Rygal), managed a store. Moses Kligsberg attendedkheyder until the age of ten, at the same time studying secular subjects privately. He later attended a Polish state school, from which he graduated just before the First World War. He attended evening courses at the Warsaw Business School for one year, after which he enrolled in a Jewish vocational school. There Moses Kligsberg studied electrical engineering, graduating in 1920. His interest then switched to the humanities, and in 1922 he enrolled in the Philosophy Department at the Free University of Warsaw, which he attended for two years but never graduated.

In 1917 Moses Kligsberg joined the Yugnt Bund Tsukunft, the young people's organization of the Jewish Labor Bund. He was a member of the Central Committee of the Tsukunft and secretary of its Warsaw branch. From 1921 to 1923 he worked as a librarian at the Groser Bibliotek in Warsaw. Thereafter he taught natural science, mathematics and general studies to youth workers in night schools run by the unions. From 1930 until the outbreak of the Second World War, Moses Kligsberg was Secretary of the Gezelshaft tsu Farshpreytn Bildung tsvishn Yidishe Arbeter (Organization for Educating Jewish Workers), and ran their night school. At the same time he was involved in numerous cultural and educational projects for the Tsukunft.

Throughout this time, Moses Kligsberg was engaged in a systematic and intensive program of self-education. He had stopped attending university classes after two years, partly for financial reasons and partly because he preferred independent study. He studied mostly philosophy, sociology, and psychology.

In 1926 Moses Kligsberg became a regular contributor to the journal Yugnt veker (Young Worker) in Warsaw, for which he wrote various popular science articles on sociological, psychological, historical and economic themes for the next fifteen years. He also contributed to the Polish monthly journal Nasza valka (Our Struggle), mostly in the form of reviews of scholarly books and occasionally also longer articles. In 1938 Moses Kligsberg became the editor of the journal Naye kultur (New Culture), to which he was also a contributor. He also published articles in the Warsaw journals Undzer tsayt (Our Time) andForoys (Forward).

In 1938 Moses Kligsberg's monograph Yugnt psikhologye un sotsialistishe dertsiung (Youth Psychology and Socialist Education) was published by the Kultur Lige. Thus began Moses Kligsberg's specialization in 'yugnt forshung' (youth research). In 1939 he sent the manuscript of his unpublished article "Di psikhologye fun shpil un estetishn genus" to YIVO in Vilna, and was then invited by Max Weinreich to participate in the YIVO aspirant (YIVO research fellow). With the outbreak of the second World War Moses Kligsberg found refuge in as-yet unoccupied Vilna as a YIVO aspirant. There he began a project of analyzing the collection of youth autobiographies under the title "Perzenlekhe tsiln un gezelshaftlekhe idealn bay der yidisher yugnt in poyln". In 1940, when the Soviet army occupied Vilna, Moses Kligsberg sent his collected notes and materials to the newly-established YIVO in New York.

Moses Kligsberg was granted a special visa and came to New York via Kobe (Japan) in April, 1941. He joined the YIVO staff as Max Weinreich's assistant in charge of research projects. In that capacity, after the war Moses Kligsberg corresponded with East European Jewish refugees around the world, asking them to collect materials for YIVO again. As secretary of the contest committee, he organized and administered three YIVO essay contests: 1) Autobiographies of Immigrants (1942); 2) The Experience of Jewish soldiers in World War II (1946); and 3) Supplementary Contest among participants in the autobiographies contest (1953). He was the project manager for the Yiddish language publication of Herman Kruk's Vilna Ghetto diary and oversaw several other YIVO publication projects. He was also a consultant to the Max Weinreich Center for Advanced Jewish Studies.

For over thirty years Moses Kligsberg was in charge of all publicity work for YIVO. In 1950 he was appointed editor of the Yedies fun yivo (YIVO News), which position he retained until the end of his days. He wrote the Yiddish version of the Yedies, which was originally translated to English by Shlomo Noble, and later was translated and written by others.

In the late 1940s and 1950s, Moses Kligsberg was an active member of the I.L. Cahan Folklore Club at YIVO, and was on the editorial committee for their journal Yidisher folklor. From 1963 on, Kligsberg also coordinated, produced and wrote scripts for the YIVO radio program on WEVD broadcast station.

Though lacking in formal degrees, Moses Kligsberg had scholarly ambitions and considered himself a sociologist. It was his lifelong ambition to write a sociological analysis of Jewish youth in Poland based on the Vilna YIVO autobiographies which came out of the contest that took place before World War II. The book never came to be, but Kligsberg wrote and published numerous articles related to the autobiographies and/or Jewish youth inYIVO Bleter / The YIVO Annual, and other journals. Notably, his 100-page article "Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes" (The Jewish Youth Movement in Poland between the Two World Wars), appeared in Studies on Polish Jewry 1919-1939 in 1974.

Since his arrival in the United States, Moses Kligsberg was an active member of the American branch of the Jewish Labor Bund. He was secretary of the Foreign Delegation of the Tsukunft, and as such maintained correspondence with Bund and Tsukunft leaders around the world, many of whom were also his personal friends from Poland. Moses Kligsberg helped organize and coordinate Bund youth groups and activities in New York, including a branch of SKIF, the children's movement of the Bund. He was an editor, together with Alexander Erlich and Sholem Hertz, of Yugnt veker, the magazine published by the Bund in the United States. Moses Kligsberg was also a founder and driving spirit of Camp Hemshekh, the Catskills (New York) summer camp run by the Bund from 1959-1978.

Moses Kligsberg also played a central administrative role in the United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution (aka Katsetler Farband), a membership organization for Holocaust survivors in North America and Mexico.

Moses Kligsberg's personal life was marked by sorrow. In 1938 he married Mala Bergman in Warsaw. They had one daughter, Guta, born in 1939. When Moses Kligsberg went to Vilna later that year, he was forced to leave his family behind. He corresponded with his wife Mala until 1942. Moses Kligsberg made several attempts through U.S. and Canadian authorities to bring his wife and daughter to the United States, but was continually denied. They remained in the Warsaw Ghetto and eventually perished in the Holocaust.

Moses Kligsberg never remarried. He settled in the Bronx in the Amalgamated Houses, the home to a large community of Polish Bundists, Holocaust survivors and refugees. He maintained close contact and correspondence with many friends and acquaintances in New York and around the world, and was dedicated to helping war refugees. He was much beloved by young people and maintained devoted friendships with many of his friends' children, students at YIVO, and campers and counselors from Camp Hemshekh.

Unknown to most people during his lifetime was Moses Kligsberg's dedicated pursuit of his musical passion. From 1943 to 1954 he was enrolled at Teachers College of Columbia University, where he studied music history, composition and orchestration, as well as violin and piano. He also took private music lessons. For several summers he participated in the summer Composers' Conference at Bennington College, Vermont, where he presented and made recordings of several original compositions. Like many 'Tsukunftists' of his generation, Kligsberg loved the outdoors and was an avid mountain climber, often taking hiking trips through the northeast United States and Europe.

Moses Kligsberg died in New York on June 25, 1975 after a prolonged illness.

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Scope and Content Note

The Papers of Moses Kligsberg (1937-1974) are arranged in fifteen series that include correspondence with individuals and organizations, personal papers, his writings, projects, and research materials, as well as YIVO correspondence, its administrative materials, programs and projects, and publicity materials. Records of the Jewish Labor Bund and the United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution are also part of the collection.

The collection reflects the diverse projects that Moses Kligsberg worked on at YIVO, in his personal research and writings, and within the Bundist and survivors' community after World War II. Approximately one third of the collection is made up of materials related to these projects. There is a wealth of material (manuscripts, articles and writings by others, research notes) related to Moses Kligsberg's major scholarly interests, among which Jewish youth movements, Jewish immigrants, the Bund and the Jewish labor movement, and the use of autobiographical materials in sociological research were the most prominent ones.

There are manuscripts (some with corrections and edits) for virtually all of Moses Kligsberg's important articles, including "Child and Adolescent Behavior Under Stress" and "Di yidishe yugnt bavegung tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes" [The Jewish youth movement between the Two World Wars]. There are also several copies of the research report and proposal that Moses Kligsberg worked on as a YIVOAspirant (research fellow) in Vilna in 1940, for which he was invited to New York to continue to work. Many of the manuscripts in the collection are based on analyses of the YIVO autobiographies contests, and there are various notes, some correspondence and a few primary source materials about the contests. Some of Moses Kligsberg's correspondence with individuals also pertains to his personal research and writing projects.

Also of interest are manuscripts for two books projects on which Moses Kligsberg worked in an editorial capacity: Meyer Kushner's memoir about the Cloakmakers' union, and Ber I. Rozen's posthumously published collection of portraits of the Polish Jewish community in the interwar years.

Included in the collection are the papers of the United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution (Series XII), a membership organization for Holocaust survivors for which Moses Kligsberg played a significant administrative role. The papers include over 80 membership questionnaires that include information on time spent in concentration and labor camps and the fate of respondents' families. Also of interest is correspondence from the Axis Victims League and the organization's by-laws.

Moses Kligsberg's active involvement in and deep convictions about the Jewish Labor Bund are in evidence throughout the collection, in particular in Series XII, Series IV, and in the personal correspondence. The bulk of these materials are in Series XII. As secretary of the Foreign Delegation of the Yugnt Bund 'Tsukunft', Moses Kligsberg's papers include correspondence with Bundist leaders across the United States and throughout the world, largely about reestablishing post-war Bund organizations and building an active Jewish labor movement. There is a substantial correspondence in Series XII from three New York leaders: Emanuel Nowogrodsky, Shlomo Mendelson, and Emanuel Patt. Also of interest are the texts of various resolutions, speeches and articles on behalf of the Bund, on topics including Palestine, Zionism, and the future of socialism. There are ample materials relating to activities of the Bundist youth groups Tsukunft and SKIF in New York and elsewhere, including Subseries 4, which relates to the summer camp Hemshekh. Series IV includes writings by Moses Kligsberg about the Bund and its members and activities before World War II.

A more personal side of the post-war Bund can be seen in Moses Kligsberg's correspondence (Series I) with friends and colleagues from the Polish Bund and especially from the Tsukunft – mostly from Warsaw, and now scattered throughout the world, including Shanghai, France, Canada, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Australia, and Israel. Much of this correspondence is personal in nature, and deals with emigration, establishing new homes and families, and assisting refugees (often the writers themselves). However, there is also frequent discussion of socialist ideals, the future of the Bund, and reminiscences of activities past. The correspondence is notable for the blending of personal and "movement" themes, and paints a picture of an active, committed network of friends and activists rebuilding after the war. The bulk of the correspondence consists of correspondence to and from Moses Kligsberg himself. However, where letters from principle correspondents of Moses Kligsberg were addressed to other YIVO staff members, these were also included in this series and filed together with other correspondence from that individual.

Approximately half of the collection consists of materials related to Moses Kligsberg's thirty-five year association with YIVO, and includes administrative, publicity, and project materials. Because Moses Kligsberg was involved with so many diverse projects and administrative tasks at YIVO, the collection reflects the broad range of YIVO activities during the 1940s-1970s - from public programs, scholarly conferences, and educational courses to research projects and publications, archival and library collecting, and a radio program. The correspondence with individuals also reflects YIVO's active role in the Jewish community, in particular with war refugees and immigrants to the United States.

The administrative materials include internal correspondence and memos, correspondence with individuals and organizations, notes and reports from Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings. There is correspondence and reports of activities from several YIVO outposts, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Melbourne, Australia.

The rest of the YIVO materials relate to programs and projects of the organization. There are programs, publicity materials and abstracts from annual academic conferences, colloquia, and exhibitions, as well as syllabi and course listings for educational programs. Of interest are the materials relating to the 1948 UCLA Summer Session in which Max Weinreich taught two courses, and out of which the I.L. Cahan Folklore Club was born. There are also manuscripts and other materials relating to YIVO publications, notably an early draft of Pinchas Schwartz's introduction to the Kruk diary. Although Moses Kligsberg did work on the Yiddish publication of the Kruk diary, no other materials from the diary were found in the collection. There is a small amount of material about various YIVO essay contests, including instructions and announcements for the 1942 autobiographies contest. Also of interest are the materials relating to YIVO's hour-long weekly radio program on the WEVD broadcast station. Included are scripts, press releases, and correspondence about the program.

The collection includes notes, memos, correspondence, articles, and other materials used by Moses Kligsberg in editing the quarterly newsletterYedies fun yivo (YIVO News), newspaper clippings, and photographs.

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The collection is divided into fifteen topical series.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers by appointment with a YIVO archivist.

Subseries 7: Proposals - Grants of Series IX: YIVO Programs and Projects is closed to researchers.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information users should contact:

Chief Archivist, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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Related Material

There are several collections in YIVO's custody that are related to the Papers of Moses Kligsberg, most prominently:

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Separated Material

The acetate discs were separated and housed in the YIVO Sound Archives.

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Custodial History

The collection consists of materials bequeathed to YIVO by Moses Kligsberg, which were removed from his home and office at YIVO after his death in 1975.

Some additional records of the United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution were received from Rakhmiel Bryks.

Sheet music for original compositions by Moses Kligsberg was received from Chana Mlotek in 2003.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); YIVO Archives, Moses Kligsberg, RG 719, folder number.

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Processing Information

Personal names are spelled as they appear in materials found in the collection, or have been romanized from Yiddish with transliteration according to the YIVO standard. The names of the institutions were verified in the Library of Congress Authorities where applicable.

Chana Mlotek and Fruma Mohrer proofread, verified, and corrected the final version of this finding aid.

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Container List


Series I: Correspondence with Individuals, 1941-1974

The series is mostly in Yiddish. Some documents are inPolish and English.
3.1 linear feet

Alphabetical by the names of individual correspondents.

Scope and Content:

This series contains correspondence with writers, scholars, labor activists, community leaders, YIVO staff members and associates, refugees and Holocaust survivors, friends, and family members. The correspondence is in its character both personal and professional. The bulk of the materials are addressed to Moses Kligsberg, but there are also a number of letters addressed to YIVO staff members (generally Max Weinreich or Mark Uveeler), which are included here where there is already significant correspondence from that person to Moses Kligsberg. There are also numerous carbon copies of letters from Kligsberg, filed under addressee name.

Principle personal correspondents include many of Moses Kligsberg's friends from Warsaw, mostly Bundists and members of Yugnt Bund 'Tsukunft', but living elsewhere after World War II. Much of this correspondence deals with refugees and survivors reestablishing their lives after the war, emigration, and locating and assisting others. There is also much discussion among these correspondents of Bundist and socialist ideals, world politics, and the future of the Bundist movement, in particular letters by Lucjan Blit, Borukh Gelbron, Albert Litewka, Yosl Mlotek, Emanuel Patt. The materials represent a vivid picture of the Polish Bund immediately after (and to some extent, during) World War II, in particular the youth movements of the Bund. Notable are the intense, committed relationships and friendships between 'Tsukunftists' and their drive to rebuild the movement throughout the world. There are also a substantial number of letters from individuals not named above regarding wartime experiences, emigration, and resettlement.

The series also includes letters from Moses Kligsberg's wife Mala Kligsberg, dating from 1941-1942 and sent from the Warsaw Ghetto, letters from Moses Kligsberg's nephew Bernard Kligsberg, sent from Polish and German DP camps after the war. These letters are written in Polish. There is also correspondence from Abraham Griner and Berl Zakon, two cousins of Moses Kligsberg living in Israel.

Professional correspondents include: Scholar and historian Joshua Fishman, Yiddish linguist Mordkhe Schaechter; N.B. Minkoff, editor of the magazineTsukunft, Melekh Ravitch, director of the Jewish Public Library of Montreal, Arkadius Kahan, scholar and Bundist; and Gordon Allport, psychologist and scholar. The collection includes correspondence with several YIVO zamlers (collectors), including Abraham Ain, Mordecai Bernstein, and David Botwinik. There is also substantial correspondence with individuals whom Moses Kligsberg advised on their autobiographical manuscripts for publication, including Abraham Biales, Simon Solomon, and Abraham Unger.

The greatest amount of correspondence dates from 1946-1952, the years immediately following the end of World War II. There is a lesser amount of correspondence (though significant in content) from 1941-1945. The later 1950s and 1960s are also well represented, with fewer materials from the 1970s. About half of the letters come from within North America. About one third come from Europe, and the rest from South America, Australia, and Asia (Shanghai, China ).

A) Individuals

11 A Correspondence
  • Ain, Eliah (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Aleksandrowicz, Ignacy (Geneva, N.Y.)
12Abramowicz, Gutman (Brooklyn, N.Y.)1951
  3 items 
13Ain, Abraham (New York, N.Y.)1949-1959
  38 items 
14Ain, Sarah (Glen Cove, N.Y.)1959
  3 items 
15Aleksandrowicz, M. (Andrews, N.C.)1941-1943
  8 items 
16Allport, Gordon (Cambridge, Mass.)1964-1965
  13 items 
17Antonovsky (Los Angeles, Calif.; Jerusalem, Israel)1955, 1971
  2 items 
18Arendt, Hannah (New York, N.Y.)1948
  1 item 
19Atlasberg, Reyzl (aka Ruta Lerner) (Munich, Germany)1946-1947
  3 items 
110 B Correspondence1941-1952
  • Babits, Chaim
  • Banet, Chaja (Norrköping, Sweden)
  • Bartman, Marcel (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Belzycki, A. (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Berkovich, Shloyme (Onsted, Mich.)
  • Bitler, Roza (Haifa, Israel)
  • Borukh, Yekhiel (New York, N.Y.)
  • Borovski, M. Z. (Danbury, Conn.)
  • Burns, Alice E. (New York, N.Y.)
13 items
111Ben-Ami, Jacob (New York, N.Y.)1969
112Bergner, Yosl and Audrey (Israel; Canada)1950-1952
  17 items 
113Bernstein, Mordecai (Matvei) (Stuttgart, Germany; Łódż, Poland; Buenos Aires, Argentina)1946-1965
  11 items  
114Bernstein, Z. (Montreal, Quebec; Chicago, Ill.)1945-1946
  3 items 
115Biales, Abraham (Cleveland, Ohio)1948-1954
  12 items  
116Bielicka, Luba and Siama (Otwock, Poland; Paris, France)1945-1946
  8 items 
117Bistrowitch, Mascha1951, 1963
  2 items 
118Blit, Lucjan and Barbara (Vilnius, Lithuania; London, England)1941-1947
119Blit, Lucjan and Barbara (Vilnius, Lithuania; London, England)1948-1949
120Blit, Lucjan and Barbara (Vilnius, Lithuania; London, England)1950-1960
121Blit, Roman (New York, N.Y.)1942, 1944
  In Polish  2 items 
122Bornsztejn, Henryk (Melbourne, Australia)1951
  1 item 
123Botwinik, David (Montreal, Quebec; Rome, Italy)1947-1959
  44 items 
124Bryks, Rakhmiel (Stockholm, Sweden; New York, N.Y.)1947, 1952
  3 items 
125Bursztein, S. (Melbourne, Australia)undated
126Buznicki, Jacobo Uszer (Cuba)1941-1947
  22 items 
127Celemensky, Jacob (Paris, France; Belgium)1946
  6 items  
128Chekmalis, S. (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.)1952
129Cukierman, David (Montevideo, Uruguay)1949-1950
  3 items 
130Cukierman, Leon (Noyekh) (Montevideo, Uruguay). Asociación Cultural "I.L. Peretz"1965-1966
  3 items 
131 D Correspondence1944, 1957, 1972
  • Daniel, (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Dembinskii, I.M. (Shebekino district, USSR)
132Dawidowicz, Lucy (N.Y., Minn., N.H.)1942-1954?
  4 items  
133Dawidowicz, Shimon (New York, N.Y.)1942-1956
  7 items 
134Dijour, I. (Germany)1946
  2 items  
135Dimov, Osip (New York, N.Y.)undated
  1 item 
136Dollard, John (New Haven, Conn.)1942
  1 item  
137Dresner, Samuel (Springfield, Mass.)1954, 1962
  10 items  
238E Correspondenceundated, 1947, 1955
  • Edelman, Itzik (Bronx, N.Y.)
  • Edelman, Marek
  • Edelsheim, Willie (Bronx, N.Y.)
  • Eliasberg, Vladimir (N.Y.)
  • Evan, William (N.Y.)
5 items
239Elenbogen, Chaim (Stockholm, Sweden)1947, 1952
  4 items 
240Elkin, Mendl (New York; Israel)1952
  3 items  
241Epstein, Gershon (Paris, France)1949-1951
  5 items 
242Erlich, Alexander (Olek) (New York, N.Y.; Cambridge, Mass.)undated, 1942-1952
  16 items 
243Erlich, Izaak (DP camp in Poland; Israel)1948-1949
   6 items 
244Erlich, Miriam (New York, N.Y.; Cambridge, Mass.)undated, 1948-1952
  6 items 
245Erlich, R. (Shoshke) (New York, N.Y.; Cambridge, Mass.)1941-1965
  24 items  
246Erlich, Victor (Vika) (Montreal, Quebec)1942-1965
  6 items 
247F Correspondence1941-1954, 1973
  • Federman, S. (N.J.)
  • Feldzayer, A. (Scotland)
  • Finerman (Cuba)
  • Fishman (Jerusalem, Israel)
  • Fogel, O. (N.Y.)
  • Frankel, Benjamin (N.Y.)
  • Fridman, M. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Frimer, P.
10 items
248Fainer, Josef (DP Camp, Germany)1947
   7 items  
249Fajgenbaum, Abraham (Montreal, Quebec)1951-1955
  8 items  
250Fajner, Aaron (Warsaw, Poland; Sweden; Toronto, Canada)1946-1949
  11 items 
251Fajner, Fanye (Toronto, Canada)1941
  2 items 
252Fishman, Joshua (Shikl) (New York, N.Y.; Philadelphia, Pa.)1951-1972
  35 items 
253Fishman, Moyshe, Getsl, Yentl, and Reyzl (Montreal, Quebec)undated, 1961, 1964
  3 items 
254Forzspan, J. (Yankl) (DP Camp, Germany; Montreal, Quebec)1948-1949
  7 items  
255Friede, Esther (Toronto, Canada)1964-1972
  9 items 
256Friede, Harvie (Toronto, Canada)1970-1972
  4 items 
257Friedman, M. (Mayarek) (Montreal, Quebec)1953
  3 items  
258Frimer, P. (Washington, DC)1947-1958
  8 items  
259Frukhtman, Esther and Frukhtman-Lerk, Herbst (Paris, France; Los Angeles, Calif.)1947-1948, 1961
  3 items  
260Frydman, Szajko (US Army camps, U.S.)1943-1945
  7 items  
261Fuks, L. (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)1947
  4 items 
362 G Correspondence1942-1972
  • Garfinkiel, J. (Feldafing, Germany)
  • Gelpar, Hershl
  • Gershner, Emanuel (Bronx, N.Y.)
  • Gilinsky, Luba (Los Angeles, Calif.)
  • Gininger, H.; Gleiberman, M. (Md.)
  • Gleiberman, M. (Philadelphia, Pa.)
  • Glicksman, I. (Paris, France)
  • Gliksman, Jerzy (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Goldberg, Borukh (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
  • Goldberg, Herman (Łódż, Poland)
  • Gonshor, I. (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Goldofsky, Morris
  • Gorvaser, Hersh (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Gottlieb, Malke (New York, N.Y.; Rhinebeck, N.Y.)
  • Gutrald, I. (N.Y.)
  • Guttmann, Josef (Boston, Mass.)
27 items
363Gelbron, Borukh M. (Shanghai, China; Melbourne, Australia)1941-1949
  11 items 
364Glanz-Leyeles, Aaron1958
  1 item 
365Glicksman, William (Wolf) (Perth Amboy, N.J.; Philadelphia, Pa.)1948-1953, 1963
  17 items 
366Goldstein, Bernard (New York, N.Y.)1945
367Griner, Abraham (Israel)1951-1966
  36 items 
368Grosfater (Gross), Janek. (Paris, France)1947
  2 items 
369Guterman, Perec (Paris, France) Personal.1955
  2 items 
370Gutgold, Joseph1943-1961
  6 items 
371H Correspondence1946-1958
  • Hersh, Libman (Paris, France)
  • Hochberg S. (Los Angeles, Calif.)
  • Hochman, Josef (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Hofer, M. (Windsor, Ont.)
  • Hollander, H. (St. Louis, Mo.)
  • Horowitz, Mayer (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
  • Howe, Irving (N.Y.)
9 items
372Honikman, Peretz and Clara (Paris, France)1942-1948
   8 items 
373Horowitz, Saul (N.Y.)1951-1957
374Israel, Zajd (U.S. Armed Forces)1944
   4 items 
375Jakubowich, Leah (Buenos Aires, Argentina)1946-1952
  42 items 
376Jaszunska, Leyke (Leah) (Warsaw, Poland; London, England)1946-1947
  5 items  
377 K Correspondence1947-1962
  • Karczewska, Ewa (Slubice, Poland)
  • Kartsch, Ben (Stuttgart, Germany; Philadelphia, Pa.)
  • Katz, Aleph (New York, N.Y.)
  • Kirszencweij, P.
  • Kornan, Judko (Djamboul (Aoulié-Ata), Kazakhstan)
  • Kleinman, L. (Miami Beach, Fla.)
  • Klepfisz, Rose (N.Y.)
  • Kolwasser, H.
  • Kornblitt, Mietek
  • Kostelanicz, A. (N.Y.)
  • Krukovich, Chaim
  • Kupferberg, David (Tel Aviv, Israel; Rome, Italy; Melbourne, Australia)
  • Meyer Kushner (Bronx, N.Y.)
15 items
378Kahan, Arkadius (Avram) (New Brunswick, N.J.; Chicago, Ill.)1950-1960, 1973
  24 items 
379Kaplan, Mordecai (New York, N.Y.)1950
  2 items 
380Kazdan, Chaim (Los Angeles, Calif.; Philadelphia, Pa.)1941-1943, 1970-1974
  24 items 
381Kisilinski (Grynswajg), Adek (Feldafing, Germany)1947
  3 items 
382Klaezko, H. (Kliatshko) (Brussels, Belgium)1947
  2 items 
383Kligsberg, Bernard (DP Camps, Poland, Germany)1946-1947, 1971-1972
  46 items 
384Kligsberg, Mala (Warsaw Ghetto)1941-1942
  3 items  
485Komaiko, S.B. (Chicago, Ill.)1948-1949
  4 items 
486Kopel, I. (Florence, Italy)1951-1952
  4 items 
487Krysztal, P. (Paris, France; Melbourne, Australia)1949-1951
  18 items 
488Kuper, Ana (later Berman) (Montreal, Quebec)1961-1970
  18 items 
489Kupfersztejn, Hersh (Łódż, Poland)1946
   2 items  
490 L Correspondence1949-1968
  • Laskier, Yankl (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Lederman, Sylvia (Rego Park, N.Y.)
  • Legman, Leopold (Poughkeepsie, N.Y.)
  • Lehad, (Haifa, Israel)
  • Lenginski, L. (Toronto, Canada)
  • Levine, Albert J. (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
  • Lew, J. (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Liwszyc, Wolf (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Litman, Rukhl
  • Luehring, Frederick (Philadelphia; Pa.)
  • Luksenburg, P. (Trollbacken, Sweden)
15 items
491Laikin, B.M. (Detroit, Mich.)1955-1956
  5 items 
492Lederhandler, Abram (Feldafing DP Camp, Germany; Montreal, Quebec)1948, 1955-1967
  14 items 
493Lehrer, Leibush (Bronx, N.Y.; Rhinebeck, N.Y.)1941-1943, 1955-1967
  15 items 
494Leivick, H.1951?
  1 item  
495Lerman, Khayele (Feldafing DP Camp, Germany)1948-1949
  2 items  
496Lermer, Arthur and George (Montreal, Quebec; Cambridge, Mass.)1959-1961
  10 items 
497Leson, J. (Oakland, Calif.)undated, 1942, 1943
  8 items 
498Lifszyc, J. (Yoshke) (U.S. armed forces; New York, N.Y.; London, England)1943-1948
  28 items 
499Litewka, Albert (Los Angeles, Calif.)1951-1964
  22 items 
4100Litewka, Joel (Yoylke) and Leyke (Los Angeles, Calif.; Bronx, N.Y.)1942-1973
  70 items 
4101Litewka, Leyke (Los Angeles, Calif.; New York, N.Y.)1945-1957
  8 items 
4102Litwin, Riwcia (Częstochowa, Poland)undated
4103Lokiec, Moyshe (Mitchell) (London, England; Shetland, Scotland; New York, N.Y.)1944-1950
   26 items  
5104 M Correspondence1941-1952
  • Maisel, Max (New York, N.Y.)
  • Mark, Riva
  • Mendelsohn, M. (New York, N.Y.)
  • Merlin, M.J. (Atlanta, Ga.)
  • Milgrom, I. (Greenwich, Conn.)
  • Milgrom, R. (Babylon, N.Y.)
  • Miller, Haim (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Mokotow, H. (Paris, France)
  • Morgenstern, Yisroel (Brussels, Belgium)
  • Morycz, Stefa (Warsaw, Poland)
12 items
5105Mark, Yudl (New York, N.Y.)1947-1948

Correspondence with Max Weinreich

9 items
5106Marmor, Kalman (New York, N.Y.; Los Angeles, Calif.)1947-1952
  9 items 
5107Meed, Vladka (Rhinebeck, N.Y.)1946-1955
  18 items 
5108Melamdowicz, I. (Yitzkhok) (Chicago, Ill.)1941-1945
  19 items 
5109Mendelsund, Henekh and Shifka (New York, N.Y.)1945-1951
  6 items  
5110Mestel, Jacob (New York, N.Y.)1948
  1 item 
5111Minkoff, N.B. (New York, N.Y.)1943-1948
  12 items 
5112Mlotek, Avram (Shanghai, China)1945-1946
  3 items 
5113Mlotek, Chana (neé Gordon) (Hopewell Junction, N.Y.; New York, N.Y.; Los Angeles, Calif.)1948-1952
  17 items 
5114Mlotek, Joseph (Yosl) (Calgary, Alta.; Shanghai, China)1945-1947
  23 items  
5115Mlotek, Joseph (Yosl) (Calgary, Alta.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Rhinebeck, N.Y.)1948-1955
  56 items 
5116Musnik, Yosef (Paris, France)1945
  2 items 
5117Nevadovska, Rosa (Bronx, N.Y.)1942-1953
  10 items  
5118Nirenburg, J. (Brussels, Belgium)1945
  2 items 
5119Nutkiewicz, Sergei and Betty (Toronto, Ont.)1941-1955
  23 items 
5120O Correspondence1942-1954
  • Ofman, Ezzo (Rome, Italy)
  • Oler, Leon (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Ollenhauer, Erich (London, England)
  • Oshry, S.M. (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
7 items
5121 P Correspondence1945-1954
  • Palevsky, S. (Landsberg am Lech, Germany)
  • Pargman, Charles (Bronx, N.Y.)
  • Perlstein (Lublin, Poland)
  • Pressman, Israel (Dairyland, N.Y.)
  • Praw, G. (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Proshke , S.
7 items
5122Patt, Brucha, Rebecca, and Avram ( Bronx, N.Y.; Cold Spring, N.Y.; Columbia, S.C.)1944-1953
  20 items 
5123Patt, Emanuel (Cold Spring, N.Y.; Columbia, S.C.; France; Germany)1941-1955
  65 items 
5124Patt, Emanuel (Kobe, Japan; Shanghai, China; Warsaw, Poland; New York, N.Y.)1941, 1942, 1947

Letters to Emanuel Patt from members of the Yugnt Bund delegation. Packet of letters sent to Emanuel Patt by Moses Kligsberg includes letters from members of Yugn Bund 'Tsukunft' in Kobe, Japan and Shanghai, China.

30 items
6125Perel, Shmuel (I. Tsuknodel) (Warsaw, Poland; Stockholm, Sweden; Neglinge, Sweden; Bronx, N.Y.)1945-1952
  56 items  
6126Perkal, Shlomo Feivel (Montreal, Quebec; Shanghai, China)1945-1949
  15 items 
6127R Correspondence1941-1953
  • Ratner, Józef (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Ribal, I.
  • Rotstein, Rifka (North Woodstock, N.H.)
  • Rozenberg, M. (Toronto, Ont.)
  • Rozenbes, Usher (Shanghai, China)
  • N. Rubinstein (Bronx, N.Y.)
6 items
6128Rak, Meyer (Łódż, Poland; Djamboul (Aoulié-Ata), Kazakhstan; Stockholm, Sweden)1944-1949
  27 items  
6129Ravitch, Melekh (Montreal, Quebec) - Jewish Public Library of Montreal1949-1972
  12 items 
6130Reinhartz, Henye (Rosenfarb) (Montreal, Quebec; Paris, France)1950-1952
  17 items  
6131Roback, A.A. (Cambridge, Mass.)1942-1946, 1957
  7 items  
6132Rojtman, Claudine (Paris, France)1967-1972
  22 items 
6133Rojtman, Marion (Manya) (neé Herszbojn) (Paris, France)1943-1958
  45 items 
6134Rosenfarb, Chava (Brussels, Belgium; Montreal, Quebec)1947-1962
  19 items 
6135Rosenfeld, Abe, Evelyn (Chava), and Jack (Yankl) (Montreal, Quebec)1961-1972
  5 items  
6136Rosenfeld, Rose (Royze) (Montreal, Quebec)1949-1962
  10 items 
6137Rosenfeld, Samuel (Shmilke) (Montreal, Quebec)undated, 1949
  7 items 
6138Rosenfeld, Sara (Montreal, Quebec)1948-1969
  23 items 
6139Rosenstein, Rivka (Brussels, Belgium; Bronx, N.Y.; Asbury Park, N.J.; Los Angeles, Calif.)1949-1951
  6 items 
6140Rotenberg, Jose (Mexico City, Mexico)1949, 1968, 1973-1974
  7 items 
6141Rubin, Ruth (New York, N.Y.)1971
  1 item 
6142Russ, Yosl (Jude?) and Dorke (Paris, France; Bouqueron, France; Pedro Betancourt, Cuba; Jovellanos,Cuba; Philadelpha, Pa.)1946-1949, 1961-1962
  34 items 
6143Ryba, Rafal (Paris, France)1950-1961, 1968
  9 items 
7144 S Correspondence1943-1970
  • Sandin, Max (Miami Beach, Fla.)
  • Scheinfeld, S. (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
  • Schildkret, Lucy (New York, N.Y.)
  • Schonhaut, Chinke (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
  • Schulner, Cori
  • Semser, R. (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Shelner, D.
  • Sherer, ?
  • Shulvass, Moses A. (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Silberberg, Pearl (Calgary, Alta.)
  • Sonabend, N. (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Sorgenstein, Sam (Madison, Wis.)
  • Sperling, Clara (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Steinberg, I.N. (New York, N.Y.)
  • Stellman, Isidor (DP Camp Munchen, Germany)
  • Szpetman, Sz. (London, England)
  • Szpichler, Icchak (Haifa, Palestine (Israel))
23 items
7145Schaechter, Mordkhe (Bronx, N.Y.; Mexico City, Mexico; Fort Bragg Military Reservation, N.C.)1952-1963
  8 items 
7146Schwartz, Pinchos (Chicago, Ill.; New York, N.Y.)1941-1949, 1957
  25 items  
7147Shapiro, Yehuda (New York, N.Y.)1969
  3 items  
7148Shmeruk, H. (Jerusalem, Israel)1948, 1951-1956
  6 items 
7149Shub, Rafal (Toronto, Ont.)1948-1951
  5 items 
7150Simchovitch, S. (Paris, France; Ottawa, Ont.; Montreal, Quebec)1949, 1950, 1955
  8 items  
7151Solomon, Simon (Bronx, N.Y.)1953-1955
   25 items 
7152Spiegel, Chayke and Yekhiel (Neglinge, Sweden; Montreal, Quebec)1946-1949, 1961, 1967
  18 items 
7153Spigelman, David (Poland)undated
  1 item 
7154Steingart, Tsirl (Cherbourg, France; Montreal, Quebec; Paris, France)1947-1955
  16 items 
7155Sutzkever, Abraham1956
  2 items 
7156Schwartz, Itzik (Bacău, Romania)1949
  5 items 
7157Szafran, Natan (Montreal, Quebec)1945
  7 items 
7158Szajkowski, Zosa (Shayke) (Camp Pickett, Va.; New York, N.Y.; Paris, France)1943, 1947, 1952
   8 items 
7159 T Correspondence1946-1966
  • Talush, I. (Bronx, N.Y.)
  • Taprach, Sh. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Tenenbaum, J. (Paris, France)
3 items
7160Tcherikower, Rivka (New York, N.Y.; N.J.; Tel Aviv, Israel)1947-1955
  10 items 
7161Tenenbaum, Abraham (Barcelona, Spain)1946-1947
  3 items 
7162Trunk, J. J. (New York, N.Y.)1950
  1 item 
7163Unger, Abraham (Miami Beach, Fla.)1950-1958
  32 items  
7164Uveeler, Mark (New York, N.Y.)1947
  2 items  
7165Vitkovska, L.1947?
  1 item  
7166Vozniak, Pinye (Manguito, Cuba)1944-1949
  7 items 
7167 W Correspondence1946-1958?
  • Weinstein, Moyshe and Bashe
  • Wajs, Wolf (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Wald, B. (Nuremberg, Germany)
  • Weiss, S. (Bronx, N.Y.)
5 items
7168Waldman, Moyshe (Paris, France)1968
  1 item  
7169Weinreich, Max (New York, N.Y.)1946-1966
  17 items 
7170Weinreich, Uriel and Bina (New York, N.Y.)1948-1969
  8 items 
7171Yagodzinski, E. (Montreal, Quebec)1952-1954
  16 items 
7172Yasni, Wolf (Ramat Gan, Israel)1954
  1 item  
7173 Z Correspondence1946-1964
  • Zuckerman, Abram (Milan, Italy)
  • Zygielbaum, A. (Los Angeles, Calif.)
  • Zylberszein, Avram (Warsaw, Poland)
  • Zylberberg, Mikhl (London, England)
6 items
7174Zakon, Berl (Ramat Gan, Israel)1946-1972
  31 items 
7175Zaltzman, Menukhe and Menachem (Liberty, N.Y.)1960-1962
  13 items 
7176Zeitlin, A. (New York, N.Y.)1962
  2 items 
7177Zeligman-Wolff, Albert (Meerssen, the Netherlands)1946
  3 items  
7178Zelmanowicz, Chaim (Motl) (Bronx, N.Y.; Camp Lee, Va.)1941-1943
  5 items  
7179Zemser, Reyzl (New York, N.Y.)1947
  3 items 
7180Zygelboim, Arthur Shmuel (London, England)1942
  1 item 
7181Zygielman, C. (Brussels, Belgium; New York, N.Y.)1946-1953
  12 items 

B) Unidentified

8182Correspondence - Germanundated
  2 items 
8183Correspondence - Polish and Russianundated, 1941-1947
  20 items 
8184Correspondence- Yiddishundated, 1942-1973
  53 items 
8185Polandundated, 1941-1951
  5 items  
8186Shanghai, Chinaundated, 1945
  2 items 
8187United States1942-1968
  5 items 
8188Loose Pagesundated, 1944
   8 items  
8189Cards and invitations1953-1969
8190Cards and invitations1942-1970
8191Cards and invitations1947-1970
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Series II: Correspondence with Organizations, 1942-1973

The series is mostly in Yiddish and English, some letters are in French, German, and Swedish.
0.5 linear feet

Arrangement is alphabetical by the institution name.

Scope and Content:

Correspondence with organizations, associations, publications, schools and universities, libraries, relief agencies, labor and socialist organizations, Jewish organizations is held in Series II. The materials in this series fall mainly into three broad categories: 1) materials related to YIVO, 2) materials related to the Bund, the labor movement, and Jewish relief efforts, 3) materials related to Moses Kligsberg's research and writing projects. Notable are eight folders of materials from the Jewish Labor Committee, including correspondence from Jacob Pat, Executive Secretary and Lazar Epstein, Director of the Khaver Hilf Fund about aid to individual refugees, especially Bundists. The series also includes letters from the Central Yiddish Culture Organization (CYCO), in which Moses Kligsberg served on the Youth Commission. Also significant are eight folders of materials from the Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring in New York, Toronto, Paris and other cities in the U.S. including correspondence, announcements of events, and branch activities. There is also a folder of letters from YIVO to Moses Kligsberg regarding employee benefits, salaries, and Moses Kligsberg's participation on various panels. The bulk of the correspondence dates from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s.

8192 Adelante / Foroys (Mexico City, Mexico) -1949

Monthly magazineEdicion de la sociedad pro cultura y ayuda

65 items
8193American Friends of the Alliance Israelite Universelle (New York, N.Y.) - Raising funds to restore library1948
8194American Journal of Psychoanalysis (New York, N.Y.)1963
8195Asociación Cultural "I.L. Peretz" (Montevideo, Uruguay) - Shloyme Mendelson Library1965
8196Association of Social Psychology (Washington, D.C.)1964
8197Bialystok Jewish Historical Association (New York, N.Y.)1950
8198Bialystoker Home for the Aged (New York, N.Y.)1954
8199Casa Editrice Israel (Florence, Italy)1951
8200Central Yiddish Culture Organization (New York, N.Y.) - Invitations to events and meetings1942-1944
8201Centre d'Etudes de l'Histoire des Juifs Polonais (Paris, France) - Requesting photos of Vilna YIVO for album "1000 years of Polish Jewry"1951
8202Cercle Culturel Emmanuel Ringelblum en Belgique (Brussels, Belgium) - "Friends of YIVO" section1966
8203College of Jewish Studies (Chicago, Ill.) - Leaf Library1951
8204Columbia University. History Dept.1951-1972
  • Request for loan of YIVO materials
  • Letters from Salo Baron thanking YIVO for books
  • Yiddish studies
  • Invitation to Uriel Weinreich's lecture
8205 Commentary (New York, N.Y.)1948, 1962

Letters about Moses Kligsberg's article "The Golden Land"

8206Committee of Outraged Parents (New York, N.Y.) - Andrea Dworkin case1965
8207Committee for the Yiddish Schools (New York, N.Y.)1949, 1957
8208Committee to Perpetuate the Memory of H. Erlich and V. Alter (New York, N.Y.)undated
8209Congress for Jewish Culture (New York, N.Y.)1959, 1973
  • Notice from Committee for the Rights of Yiddish
  • Birthday celebration for Aaron Zeitlin
8210 Der tog [The Day] (New York, N.Y.)1946-1949
9211Federation of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) - Requesting a Yiddish dictionary1966
9212First Hebrew Congregation (Oakland, Calif.)undated
9213Forverts ( Forward) (New York, N.Y.) - Borrowing YIVO photos1951-1953
9214Free Jewish Club (New York, N.Y.)1949
9215Friends of YIVO (Shanghai, China)1946
9216Haganah (New York, N.Y.) - Invitation to benefit evening1948
9217Harvard University. Library - Rules for Contest "My Life in Germany Before and After January 30, 1933"1940
9218Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of America, HIAS (New York. N.Y.)undated
9219HWWA-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung-Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)1951
9220Ikuf (Association), (New York, N.Y.)undated
9221Initiative Group for Commemorating the Destruction of the Jewish Child during the Holocaust Period (New York, N.Y.) - Project proposal and invitation to related conference1955
9222Institute for Jewish Research (YIVO) (New York, N.Y.)1942-1970
9223Israelistische Kultusvereiningung (Stuttgart, Germany)1950
9224Jewish Community Center of Houston (Houston, Tex.)1973
9225Jewish Educational Association (Portland, Or.)1951
9226Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia, Pa.) - Borrowing YIVO photos1962
9227Jewish Historical Documentation (Vienna, Austria)1951
9228Jewish Labor Committee (Montreal, Quebec)1963
9229Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.), (New York, N.Y.) - Invitations to events and meetings1942-1949
9230Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.) (New York, N.Y.) - Correspondence1942-1952
9231Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.) (New York, N.Y.) - Help for individuals, materials for SKIF1946-1950
9232Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.) (New York, N.Y.)1947-1954
  • Help for individual refugees
  • Death of Jacob Raskin
  • Donation of Jacob Raskin's papers to YIVO
9233Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.) (New York, N.Y.) - Khaver Hilf Fund - Aid and packages sent overseas1946-1954
9234Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.) (New York, N.Y.) - Pamphlet about sending clothing to Jewish refugees in Europeundated
9235Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.) (New York, N.Y.) - Reports of plenary meetings and special commissions1942-1943
9236Jewish National and University Library (Bet ha-sefarim ha-le'umi veha-universita'i bi-Yerushalayim) (Jerusalem, Israel)1957
9237Jewish National Workers' Alliance (U.S.) (New York, N.Y.)1950
9238Jewish Public Library (Toronto, Ont.)1954
9239Jewish Publication Society of America (Philadelphia, Pa.) - Membership1953
9240Jewish Section Socialist Party USA (New York, N.Y.)1942
9241Jewish Socialist Verband of America (New York, N.Y.)1942
9242Jewish Teachers' Seminary and People's University (New York, N.Y.)1955
9243Jewish Telegraphic Agency (Melbourne, Australia) - Documents from town of Lovich? (Łowicz, Poland)1965
9244J.L. Kaluschiner Book Committee (Brooklyn, N.Y.)1948
9245Journal of Humanistic Psychology (Palo Alto, Calif.)1964
9246Komitia Lumiaki Romani [International Gypsy Committee] (Austin, Tex.) - Pamphlet on Gypsy nationalism1973
9247Kultúra Külkereskedelmi Vállalat [Kultura. Hungarian Trading Company for Books and Newspaper] (Budapest, Hungary)undated
9248Language and Culture Atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry, Columbia University (New York, N.Y.)1965
9249Medem Club (New York, N.Y.)1942
9250Menorah Journal (New York, N.Y.)1948
9251Modern Language Association of America (New York, N.Y.)1947
9252Morris Raphael Cohen Student Memorial Fund, City College (New York, N.Y.)undated
9253National Desertion Bureau (New York, N.Y.)1954
9254National Jewish Music Council (New York, N.Y.)1973
9255New York Public Library (New York, N.Y.)1950
9256ORT (New York, N.Y.; France; Italy)1946, 1947, 1960
9257Palestine Telegram Service (Copenhagen, Denmark) - Newsletter1958
9258Parcel Gift Service (New York, N.Y.)undated
9259Pioneer Woman (New York, N.Y.)1953
9260 Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire (Brussels, Belgium)1949
9261Second Avenue Theater (New York, N.Y.) - Invitation from Abraham Cahan to a benefit performance1949
9262 Shofar (Washington, D.C.)1952
9263Sholem Aleichem Folk Institut (Chicago, Ill.)1952
9264Sholem Aleichem Folkshul 5 (New York, N.Y.)1945
9265Social Casework (New York, N.Y.)1963
9266Socialist Courier (New York, N.Y. )1942-1948
9267Socialist Youth Club (New York, N.Y.)1948
9268Sociedad Pro Cultura y Ayuda (Mexico City, Mexico)1947
9269Student Committee for Yiddish (Brooklyn, N.Y.)1973
9270Union of Palestine Journalists (Tel Aviv, Palestine; Basel, Switzerland)1946
9271World Union OSE Geneva, Switzerland) - Moses Kligsberg's visit1947
9272Undzer tsayt (New York, N.Y.)undated, 1944
9273University of California, Berkeley - International Data Library1964
9274 Undzer Schtime / Notre Voix (Paris, France)1949, 1972
9275Wecker (New York, N.Y.)1942
9276Who's Who in World Jewry(New York, N.Y.)1954
9277Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring - New York City Branches1947-1955
9278Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring - US branches (Boston, Miami, Detroit)1950-1973
9279Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring. Branch 313 (Bronx, N.Y.)1944-1948
9280Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring. Bundisher Branch 670 (Toronto, Ont.)1943-1945
9281Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring. Cercle Amical - Medem Bibliothéque (Paris, France)1950
9282Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring. English-Speaking Division (New York, N.Y.) - Branch activities, including May Day celebration and Warsaw Ghetto memorialundated, 1942-1945
9283Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring. General Office (New York, N.Y.)1942-1948, 1953-1957
  • Announcements of events
  • Landsmanshaft questionnaire
  • Abraham Unger's book
9284Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring. Tsukunft Branch 1055 (New York, N.Y.)undated
9285World Jewish Congress. American Section - Chaim Pozner Correspondence1943, 1953
9286World Jewish Congress. Swedish Sectionundated
9287World Over (New York, N.Y.)1953
9288World Socialist Union of Jewish Workers-Po'alei Zion (New York, N.Y.) - Brochure about Yad Vashem1948
9289Worms (Germany). Amt für Wiedergutmachung und Betreuung der Opfer des Faschismus im Stadt- und Landkreis Wormsundated
9290Yeshiva University. Graduate School of Education (New York, N.Y.)1965
9291Young People's Socialist League (New York, N.Y.) - Letters inviting Bund members to take part in joint activities with YPSL and Moses Kligsberg's response on behalf of Tsukunft Youth1942-1949
9292Youth Committee Against Racial Bigotry (New York, N.Y.)undated
9293Yugntruf (Organization : New York, N.Y.)1970
9294Zukunft (New York, N.Y.)undated, 1944-1946
9295Związek Socjalistów Polskich (U.S.) [Polish Socialist Alliance in America] (New York, N.Y.)1941
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Series III: Personal Papers of Moses Kligsberg, 1939-1974

The series is mostly in Yiddish, English,Polish, Russian, and Japanese.
0.8 linear feet

Arranged by topic.

Scope and Content:

Series III comprises material that belonged to Moses Kligsberg. It consists of personal documents, including his passports and correspondence with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, some of his financial and medical records, several membership cards, and his address books.Subseries 6 consists of materials from the Patt family. Emanuel Patt and his wife, Brucha Patt were close friends of Moses Kligsberg from Warsaw and settled in New York later.

The series also documents the musical interest of Moses Kligsberg. It holds several of his own compositions, recording of his music, as well as music of other composers. The music is recorded on the acetates.

Material testifying to the academic efforts of Moses Kligsberg falls also into this series. Subseries 5 includes notes from classes, papers, and other assignments from his year as a YIVO Aspirant (research fellow) in New York.

Subseries 1: Immigration, Naturalization, and Visas, 1939-after1965

The series is mostly inYiddish, English, Polish, and Japanese.
0.2 linear feet

Alphabetical by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries includes Polish passports and other identity documents of Moses Kligsberg, as well as correspondence with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding Moses Kligsberg's status in the United States. It also includes affidavits and recommendations for others to come to the United States, and inquiries about the whereabouts of Moses Kligsberg family members and friends.

10296Affidavits and recommendations

Including recommendations for Josef Lifszyc, Mojzesz and Roza Grynbaum; Boruch Mojsze Gelbron, David Botwinik

10297Autobiographical statementafter 1965
10298Identity documents1939-1947


  • Birth certificate (in Russian)
  • Polish military registration (1939)
  • Polish identity card issued by Warsaw municipality (1947)
  • Passport of the Polish Republic
  • registration document from Polish consulate in the United States
  • US selective service cards
10299Immigration and Naturalization documents1941-1950


  • Extensions of permission to stay in the United States
  • Correspondence with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • Verification of Moses Kligsberg's marriage (in Polish and with notarized translation)
  • Documents of the Polish office of Civil Registry attesting to Kligsberg's good moral standing
  • Immigration forms and affidavits from sponsors
  • National Refugee Service - Correspondence
10300Inquiries about friends and family, including Esther Kligsberg, Maurice Hirzman, Bernard Kligsberg1945-1947
10301Kobe, Japan1941

Documents from Moses Kligsberg's three month stay in Kobe. Includes shipping receipts, Japanese phrase book, permit for stay in Japan

10302Pozner, Chaim (Jewish Agency for Palestine; Geneva, Switzerland)1941-1943

Correspondence regarding maintaining contact with Moses Kligsberg's wife and Chaim Pozner's brother. Includes receipts for monthly assistance shipments sent by Moses Kligsberg through Chaim Pozner

10303Visas and travel documents1947

Includes certificates of vaccination, baggage receipt, Italian visas


Subseries 2: Personal Papers, 1941-1974

The series is mostly inEnglish.
0.2 linear feet

Alphabetical by the folder title.

Scope and Content:

This subseries includes documents and correspondence about Moses Kligsberg's finances, housing, and medical issues, miscellaneous receipts for donations and care package shipments, membership cards and invitations to organizational events. It also includes a collection of more than ten address books.

10304Address booksundated

Includes address book with notes from Moses Kligsberg's trip to Rome

10305Banking and personal finance1945-1967

Includes bank book, loan statement, tax documents and correspondence, social security document, bank receipts

10306Delegate cards and invitations to organizational events1940s-1960s
  • Congress for Jewish Culture
  • Jewish Labor Committee
  • World Conference of the Bund
  • YIVO Conference
10307Donations and Contributions

Receipts from Bund, Central Yiddish Culture Organization, Undzer Tsayt, Holy Yeshivah and Talmud Torah Emeth (Jerusalem, Israel), Relief Committee of the General Workers' Union of Poland, Jewish Labor Committee, YIVO

10308Education class - Exams book from college classundated
10309English classes - Student identification cards, notes from teachers1941-1942
10310Housing - Leases and correspondence about apartments1955-1972
10311Medical documents - Letters from doctors and prescriptions1941-1948
Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring, Social Democratic Federation USA
undated, 1944-1953
10313Receipts for freelance work paidundated, 1943
10314Receipts for shipments and care packages - Correspondence about shipments1941-1974
10315Miscellaneous - Receipts, library catalog cards; letter requesting postponement of jury duty1942-1963

Subseries 3: Musical Education and Sheet Music, undated, 1948, 1953

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 includes sheet music of original compositions by Moses Kligsberg, donated by Chana Mlotek, as well as correspondence and other materials relating to Moses Kligsberg's many years of studying music at Columbia Teachers College, Bennington Composers' Conference, and elsewhere. Of interest is a letter from Moses Kligsberg to Maestro Leopold Stokowski requesting permission to send his score for Stokowski's review. The sheet music is mostly undated but likely from the late 1940s - middle 1950s, the years when Moses Kligsberg was most actively studying music.

A. Sheet music - Original compositions by Moses Kligsberg

11316"Children's Tale"1948
11317"Duet for Viola and Clarinet"1953
11318"Little Piano Suite"undated
11319"A marsh"undated
11320"A marsh far Zalmelen, fun Moyshen" (A march for Zalmen, from Moyshe)undated
11321"Prelude (for Chana)"undated
11323Untitled: Allegro Scherzo and Allegro Moderatoundated

B. Correspondence

11324Bennington Composers' Conference (Bennington, Vt.)1953-54.
11325Columbia University. Teachers College1943-1950
11326Columbia University. Teachers College - Bursar's receipts and receipts for other payments1943-1952
11327Columbia University. Teachers College - Practice room cards and other identification cards1943-1947
11328Columbia University. Teachers College - Transcripts and grade reports.1943-1953
11329Composers and music professors1943-1973


  • Catherine Johnson (New York College of Music)
  • George Finckel (Bennington College, Bennington, Vt.)
  • George Grossman
  • Leopold Stokowski
  • Phyllis Luckman
  • California Cello Club
  • Anthony J. Loudis (University of Delaware)
  • Peter Mauzey
  • Bertram Turetzky
  • Julius Hartt (Musical Foundation of the University of Hartford)
  • Arthur Kreutz (University of Mississippi)
  • Unidentified violin instructor
11330Concert programs and invitations1947, 1956, 1970
11331Music schools1943
11332Receipts and correspondence re: recordings and tapes1955-1956

Subseries 4: Acetates and Recorded Compositions by Moses Kligsberg, 1951-1956


Alphabetical by the folder title.

Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of one box of recorded acetate disks of musical compositions by Moses Kligsberg, performed by others. The acetate disks were removed to the YIVO Sound Archives (SA).

SAClarinet Quintet, Movements I & II. Wallace Shapiro, clarinet. Bennington Composers' Conference1955
SAClarinet Quintet, Movements III & IV andDuo for Viola and Clarinetundated
SAClarinet Quintet, Movement V. Wallace Shapiro, clarinet. Bennington Composers' Conference1955
SADuo for Clarinet and Viola. Wallace Shapiro, clarinet; Melvin Berger, viola. Bennington Composers' Conference1956
SAHasidic nigunim , a Passover song, and a folksong performed by Yakov Gorelik - Three green soundscriber disks recorded at YIVOMay 10, 1951
SAHuswifery. Performed by Earl Rogers, tenor. Bennington Composers' Conference1956
SALittle Suite for Four Violins. Bennington Composers' Conference1954
SALittle Suite for Four Violins. Bennington Composers' Conference (2nd copy)1954
SAHenry Brant, On the Nature of Thingsundated
Folder TitleDate
SAUnidentified compositionundated

Subseries 5: Aspirantur (Research Training Division) at YIVO, 1941-1942

Subseries is mostly inYiddish.

Alphabetical by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 5 includes materials from Moses Kligsberg's year as aYIVO Aspirant (research fellow) in New York . Mostly notes from classes, papers, and other assignments.

11333Aspirant thesis proposal for socio-psychological research about the Jewish community in the United States - Based on the American autobiographies contestundated
11334Catalog for 1942-1943 academic year1942-1943
11335Correspondence and registration materials1941-1942
11336Notes and assignments from Hebrew classundated
11337Notes and papers1941-1942
11338Notes from class with Raphael Mahler1942
11339Notes from class with Abram Menes1942
11340Notes from classes1941-1942

Subseries 6: Patt Family Materials, 1956-1963

The subseries is inYiddish and English.

Alphabetical by the folder title.

Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of materials from the Patt family, close friends of Moses Kligsberg from Warsaw who settled in New York. Emanuel Patt was a family physician, writer, educator, Bundist and community leader. Emanuel Patt was an innovator in creating secular Yiddish texts and observances for important Jewish holidays and rituals. He and his wife, Brucha Patt, hosted an annual secular Yiddish Passover seder in their home in the Amalgamated neighborhood of the Bronx, N.Y. His son, Avram Patt, had a secular Yiddish bar mitzvah.

11341Avram Patt's bar mitzvah speech (Bronx, N.Y.)1963
11342Haggadot from Emanuel Patt's secular Yiddish seder (Bronx, N.Y.)1956
11343Haggadot from Emanuel Patt's secular Yiddish seder (Bronx, N.Y.)1958
11344Haggadot from Emanuel Patt's secular Yiddish seder (Bronx, N.Y.)1959
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Series IV: Writings by Moses Kligsberg, 1939-1972

The series is mostly in Yiddish, few texts are in English.
1.6 linear feet

Arrangement is alphabetical by title.

Scope and Content:

Manuscripts, typed copies and drafts of articles, papers, and other writings by Moses Kligsberg. Major themes represented in Kligsberg's writings include: Jewish youth and youth movements in Poland before World War II, Jewish youth in America, Jewish immigrants in America, the Bund and the Jewish labor movement, the use of autobiographical materials in sociological studies, Yiddish culture and American Jewry, the YIVO autobiographies contests. The researchers can find numerous early drafts of articles written by Moses Kligsberg. Some versions have his editorial remarks.

The materials and notes for Moses Kligsberg's article on Chaim S. Kazdan "Ch. S. Kazdan: a mentsh, a feldz – Tsu zayne 90 yor" [Ch. S. Kazdan: A Man, a Rock – In honor of his 90th Birthday] can be also found in Series V, Subseries 2: Materials for article on Chaim Kazdan.

The collection also includes drafts of some of Kligsberg's other published articles, many of which are based on Kligsberg's extensive analyses of materials from the YIVO American autobiographies contests. There are also various articles and manuscripts relating to the history and personalities in the Jewish Labor Bund during the interwar period, including several personal profiles of people whom Kligsberg knew well, among them Emanuel Patt, Gabriel Fryshdorf, Leah Jacubowich.

Of interest is a lengthy, untitled manuscript in Kligsberg's hand, written in first person. It contains 33 titled sections and seems to be a memoir about a Bundist activist in Warsaw during the 1930s. There are sections about strikes and protests, underground activities, getting arrested, individuals active in Warsaw during that period, and personal reminiscences about life in the city. It is unclear if this is Kligsberg's own memoir or copied from someone else.

The bulk of the materials in this series are in Yiddish, some of which also include English translations.

12345"Amerikaner yidishe zelner vegn zikh un vegn yidn" [American Jewish soldiers on themselves and Jews].undated

Draft with corrections. Typed, 11 pp.

12346"Arbeter, burzhuazye, un di itstike milkhome" [Workers, Bourgeoisie, and the Current War]undated

Typed, 6 pp.

12347"Arbets yomim toyvim fun der nayer tsayt" [Work Holidays of the New Era]undated

Typed manuscript, 32 pp. and 5 pp.

12348"Di batsiungen tvishn doyres bay amerikaner yidn" [The relationships between the generations among American Jews]undated

Based on the American autobiographies. Typed, 7 pp.

12349"Child and Adolescent Behavior Under Stress"1965?

Manuscript, early draft, 44 pp.

12350"Child and Adolescent Behavior Under Stress"1965?

Typed draft, 40 pp.

12351"Child and Adolescent Behavior Under Stress"1965 May

Typed draft, 32 pp. with edits. Includes Table of contents

12352"Child and Adolescent Behavior Under Stress"1965?

Typed draft, 32 pp. with edits. Includes General Outline with edits, 5 pp.

12353"Child and Adolescent Behavior Under Stress"1965

Title pages and bibliography, 5 pp.

12354"A duner fun heln himl: mapole B. Shefners onfal oyf di yidishe shuln un kempn" [A Thunder from the Clear Sky: Response to B. Shefner's attack on Yiddish schools and camps]undated

Typed, 10 pp. Includes photocopy of first six pages.

12355"Familye problemen" [Family Problems]. Probably for "Childhood Under Stress"undated

Typed, 12 pp.

12356"Gabriel Fryshdorf"undated

Typed, 4 pp.

12357"Iberlebungen fun mizrakh eyropeyishe yidishe kinder in der tsveyter velt milkhome" [Experiences of Eastern European Jewish Children during World War II]undated

Typed draft with corrections, 12 pp.

12358"Ideology and Psychiatry"undated

Typed, 37 pp. and loose pages

12359"Ideology and Psychiatry"undated

Typed, 44 pp.

12360"Ideology and Psychiatry"undated

Typed, 64 pp.

12361"Ideology and Psychiatry"1962

Revised version, with letter to Norman Podhoretz of Commentary. Typed, 37 pp.

12362"Der iker iz: pozitiv arbets program" [The Main Thing Is: A Positive Work Program]undated

Typed, 5 pp. and photocopy of original manuscript, 9 pp.

12363"Jewish Immigrants in Business: a Sociological Study"1962

Untitled draft, in Yiddish, originally intended for book edited by Rabbi Samuel Dresner. Typed, 42 pp.

12364"Jewish Immigrants in Business: a Sociological Study"1954?

Untitled draft, in Yiddish. Typed, 42 pp, with footnotes on index cards

12365"Jewish Immigrants in Business: a Sociological Study"1954?

Untitled draft with corrections, typed, 36 pp.

12366"Jewish Immigrants in Business: Some Characteristic Features"1954

Draft of translation submitted to Rabbi Dresner. Typed, 47 pp.

12367"Khayim Shloyme Kazdan: a mentsh, a feldz - Tsu zayne 90 yor" [Chaim S. Kazdan: A Man, A Rock - In honor of his 90th Birthday] forKultur un lebn. May-June 19731973

Typed, 6 pp., with manuscript, 10 pp.

12368"Konspekt fun der opteylung 'Yidishe yugnt bavegungen in poyln' fun der oysgabe'Yidn in poyln'" [Abstract for the section 'Jewish youth movements in Poland' for the publication 'Jews in Poland' [Studies on Polish Jewry]].undated
12369"Di kooperative bavegung bay yidn in mizrakh eyrope tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes" [The Co-operative Movement Among Jews in Eastern Europe between the Two World Wars]undated

Notes for a lecture. Typed, 1 p. and manuscript, 1 p.

12370"Leah Jacubovich"1952

Elegy. Typed, 2 pp.

12371"Leyb Iglevitsh"undated

Elegy. Typed, 2 pp.

12372"Der marksism un di arbeter-bavegung" [Marxism and the Labor Movement]1943

Paper in honor of the 60th yortsayt and 125th birthday of Karl Marx. Typed, 14 pp.

12373"Di metodishe problemen fun forshn perzenlekhe dokumentn" [The Methodological Problems of Using Personal Documents for Research]undated

Typed with handwritten inserts and corrections, 76 pp.

12374"Monye der zukher" [Monye the Seeker]1971

Elegy for Dr. Emanuel Patt. Typed, 8 pp. Manuscript, 2 pp. and notes for gravestone inscription

13375"Perzenlekhe tsiln un gezelshaftlekhe idealn bay der yidisher yugnt in poyln" [Personal goals and communal ideals of the Jewish youth in Poland]1939-1940

Moses Kligsberg's first report about the YIVO autobiographies contest, written during his year asaspirant in Vilna. Typed, 8 pp.

13376"Problemen fun der yidisher visnshaft in amerike" [Problems of Jewish research in America]undated

Remarks on YIVO's 25th anniversary. Typed, 12 pp.

13377"Proyekt fun a rezolutsye vegn yidisher kultur un yidishe yugnt in amerike farn velt tsuzamenfor fun kultur kongres, nyu york, detsember 1969" [Project for a resolution about Yiddish culture and Jewish youth in America for the World Conference of the Congress for Jewish Culture, December 1969]1969

2 copies. Typed, 3 pp.

13378"Di psikhologye fun shpil un fun estetishn genus" [The psychology of play and of esthetic pleasure].undated

Typed, 199 pp.

13379"Sotsyal psikhologishe problemen arum dem Yivo konkurs af oytobiografies" [Socio-psychological problems of the YIVO autobiographies contest]undated

Typed, 18 pp.

13380"Di svive fun yidishn yugntlekhn in poyln (di yidishe familye)" [The Environment for Jewish Youth in Poland (The Jewish family)] - Pages 1-40undated

Chapter 3 of a larger, unidentified work. Manuscripts, 139 pp.

13381Di svive fun yidishn yugntlekhn in poyln (di yidishe familye)" [The Environment for Jewish Youth in Poland (The Jewish family)] - Pages 41-69
13382Di svive fun yidishn yugntlekhn in poyln (di yidishe familye)" [The Environment for Jewish Youth in Poland (The Jewish family)] - Pages 70-104undated
13383Di svive fun yidishn yugntlekhn in poyln (di yidishe familye)" [The Environment for Jewish Youth in Poland (The Jewish family)] - Pages 105-139undated
13384Di svive fun yidishn yugntlekhn in poyln (di yidishe familye)" [The Environment for Jewish Youth in Poland (The Jewish family)]undated

Two other unidentified manuscripts about related topics. 8 pp. and 38 pp.

13385"Triumf fun yidish: Di ershte velt konferents far yidish forshung un ir batayt" [The Triumph of Yiddish: The First World Conference for Yiddish Research and its Significance]undated

Typed, 8 pp.

13386"Tsum ershtn yortsayt fun Shloyme Mendelson: A por verter tsu der kharakteristik fun zayn perzenlekhkayt" [On the first anniversary of the death of Shlomo Mendelson: A few words about the characteristics of his personality]undated

Typed, 4 pp.

13387"Di tsvey dimensyes fun virklekhkayt in traditsyoneln veltbanem fun mizrekh eyropeyishn yidntum" [The two dimensions of reality in the traditional world outlook of Eastern European Jewry]undated

Typed, 17 pp.

14388"Di umvegn fun der yidisher propagande" [The Detours of Jewish Propaganda]undated

Typed, 13 pp. and typed original with corrections, 13 pp.

14389"Vegn heylike un umheylike nemen" [On holy and profane names]undated

Typed, 3 pp.

14390"Vos zenen un vos kenen zayn di sotsyale visnshaftn" [What is and what can be social science research]undated

Typed, 54 pp.

14391"A Working Hypothesis about the Origin of the Perception of Consonances and Dissonances"undated

Manuscript, 8 pp.

14392"Yiddish and the Intellectuals"undated

Draft of article championing Yiddishism among American Jewish intellectuals as non-conformism in the face of haskala and Zionist prohibitions against using it. Typed with corrections, 32 pp.

14393"Di yidishe perzenlekhkayt in likht fun oytobiografyes" [The Jewish personality revealed by autobiographies]undated

Typed, 15 pp.

14394"Di yidishe yugnt un di yidish kultur in amerike" [Jewish Youth and Yiddish Culture in America]undated, 1943

Manuscript in notebook, 21 pp. Includes an article about liquidation of the Komintern, 7 pp.

14395"Di yidishe yugnt un di yidish kultur in amerike" [Jewish Youth and Yiddish Culture in America]1943?

Based on the American autobiographies. Typed, 10 pp.

14396"Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes - a sotsyologishe shtudye" [The Jewish youth movement in Poland between the World Wars - a sociological study] - Introduction and Part Iundated

Manuscript, 12 pp.

14397"Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes - a sotsyologishe shtudye" [The Jewish youth movement in Poland between the World Wars - a sociological study] - Part IIundated

Manuscript, 37 pp.

14398"Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes - a sotsyologishe shtudye" [The Jewish youth movement in Poland between the World Wars - a sociological study] - Introduction, Parts I and IIundated, 1972

Typed, 64 pp. Includes related correspondence with Joshua Fishman

14399"Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes - a sotsyologishe shtudye" [The Jewish youth movement in Poland between the World Wars - a sociological study] - Introduction, Parts I and IIundated, 1972

Typed, 64 pp. Includes photocopies of related correspondence with Joshua Fishman

14400"Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes - a sotsyologishe shtudye" [The Jewish youth movement in Poland between the World Wars - a sociological study] - Part IIIundated

Typed, 52 pp.

14401"Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes - a sotsyologishe shtudye" [The Jewish youth movement in Poland between the World Wars - a sociological study]undated

Manuscript sections, 14 pp. and 50 pp.

14402"Der YIVO nokhn khurbn" [YIVO After the Holocaust]undated

Typed manuscript with edits, 20 pp.

14403"Yugnt un sotsyalizm in der itstiker epokhe" [Youth and Socialism in the Present Era]undated

Typed, 9 pp.

14404"Zayn kholem" [Its Dream]undated

Satirical poem about archives. Manuscript, 2 pp.

14405"A zeltn bukh vegn a zeltener institutsye" [A unique book about a unique institution]1971

Review of Medem Sanitorye bukh, edited by Chaim Kazdan et al.

15406Untitled manuscript in Moses Kligsberg's handundated

Probably a memoir about a Bundist activist in 1930s Warsaw. Unclear if this is Kligsberg's own memoir or copied from someone else. 33 sections, 100 pp.

15407Untitled. Critique of article about the Bund by Dr. Morgentalerundated

Moses Kligsberg's stance that the cultural heritage of Yiddish(ism) is part of the spiritual personality of contemporary American Jews. Typed, 14 pp.

15408Untitled article about the work of William I. Thomas and Florian Znanieckiundated

Typed, 27 pp.

15409Untitled manuscript about the work of William I. Thomas and Florian Znanieckiundated

Manuscript, 19 pp. and notes on John Dollard's Criteria for the Life History, typed, 3 pp.

15410Untitled articleundated

On published autobiographies by "ordinary people" being authentic Jewish literature. Typed, 13 pp.

15411Untitled article about Zionismundated

Typed, 2 pp.

15412Untitled manuscript about American Jewish youth after the Holocaustundated
  15 pp. 
15413Untitled manuscript about school memories in pre-war Poland and teacher Julian Wielikovskiundated
  8 pp. 
15414Untitled manuscript about social research on Jewish culture in Americaundated
  40 pp. 
15415Untitled manuscript sections from book about Jewish labor movement. Five short sectionsundated
15416Untitled collection of 15 manuscripts about Jewish youth in Polandundated

These are probably sections for a book. Some pieces are written in first person. Titles of sections include: "Shloyme Mendelson" (Typed and manuscript); "Avremele Shenker"; "Mile 51"; "Der morgnshtern" [The Morning star]; "Tsukunft shturem" [Tsukunft Storm]

15417Unidentified manuscripts and documents - Loose pagesundated
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Series V: Projects of Moses Kligsberg, 1940-1973

The series is mostly inYiddish, some documents are inPolish and English.
1.2 linear feet

Arranged by topic

Scope and Content:

Project proposals, grant applications, outlines, research plans, progress reports and other related materials for Moses Kligsberg's personal and YIVO projects. Many of the materials relate to Moses Kligsberg'syugnt forshung (research on youth). Of note are drafts and final versions of a grant proposal for Moses Kligsberg's article "Childhood and Adolescent Behavior Under Stress", based on materials from the YIVO autobiographies contests and published as a pamphlet by YIVO in 1965. Many of the proposals and outlines are for projects which later became published works by Moses Kligsberg.

The series contains materials Moses Kligsberg used for his article on Chaim Kazdan. Separate subseries hold materials for two published memoirs; one byMeyer Kushner and the other by Ber I. Rozen. Moses Kligsberg appears to have worked on them in an editorial capacity. The Kushner materials consist of manuscripts – some with corrections – and loose pages. The Rozen materials consist of typed and handwritten manuscripts, including a memoir about life in Shanghai.

Subseries 1: Project Proposals and Outlines, 1940-1972


Arranged alphabetically by the folder title.

Scope and Content:

Project proposals, grant applications, outlines, research plans, progress reports and other related materials for Moses Kligsberg's personal and YIVO projects. Many of the materials relate to Moses Kligsberg'syugnt forshung (research on youth). Of note are drafts and final versions of a grant proposal for Moses Kligsberg's article "Childhood and Adolescent Behavior Under Stress", based on materials from the YIVO autobiographies contests and published as a pamphlet by YIVO in 1965. Many of the proposals and outlines are for projects which later became published works by Moses Kligsberg.

16418Autobiographies proposal, Vilna1940

Copies of 4 letters from Moses Kligsberg to Max Weinreich about Moses Kligsberg's planned research project about the YIVO autobiographies

16419"Childhood and adolescent behavior under stress" - Grant application1965?

Study based on the YIVO autobiographies. Manuscript, 28 pp.

16420"Childhood and adolescent behavior under stress" - Grant application1965

Typed, 26 pp. 3 copies, with edits and remarks by Max Weinreich and Uriel Weinreich

16421"Childhood and adolescent behavior under stress" - Correspondence and edits by Alexander Erlich1965
16422"Childhood and adolescent behavior under stress" - Materials for grant application and progress reports1964
16423"Childhood and adolescent behavior under stress" - Outlines and other materials for grant application and progress reports1964-1965?
16424"Far vos bin ikh avek fun der alter heym un vos hob ikh dergreykht in der nayer heym" [Why I left the old country and what I have accomplished in the new home"] - Project proposal and letter1941
16425"Perzenlekhe tsiln un gezelshaftlekhe idealn bay der yidisher yugnt in poyln" [Personal Goals and Social Ideals of Jewish Youth in Poland] - Original proposal and first progress report1940
16426"Perzenlekhe tsiln un gezelshaftlekhe idealn bay der yidisher yugnt in poyln" [Personal Goals and Social Ideals of Jewish Youth in Poland]1940

Progress report, letters to Max Weinreich and project outlines

16427"Perzenlekhe tsiln un gezelshaftlekhe idealn bay der yidisher yugnt in poyln" [Personal Goals and Social Ideals of Jewish Youth in Poland] - Draft of project proposal and manuscriptundated
  24 pp. 
16428"Perzenlekhe tsiln un gezelshaftlekhe idealn bay der yidisher yugnt in poyln" [Personal Goals and Social Ideals of Jewish Youth in Poland]1941

Letter to YIVO and proposal for book expanding on Moses Kligsberg's work as an Aspirant (research fellow) in Vilna, based on the Vilna autobiographies contest. Typed, 5 pp., with handwritten manuscripts of original letter and proposal, and Moses Kligsberg's biographical information. 3 pp.

16429"Proyekt fun a forshung vegn der sheyres hapleyte in di fareynikte shtatn un kanade" [Research project about Holocaust survivors in the U.S. and Canada]undated

Typed, 2 pp.

16430"Proyekt fun rezolutsye vegn yidisher kultur un yidisher yugnt in amerike" [Plan for a resolution about Jewish culture and Jewish youth in America]undated

Manuscript, 3 pp.

16431A. Roback research projectsundated

Letter from A. Roback and three reports by Moses Kligsberg:

  • "National Way of Life and National Symbolism"
  • "Are Jews Really Smarter than Other People?"
  • "The Middle Class in the New World"
16432"The small Jewish merchants and artisans in the United States as reflected in their own life-stories" - Project outlineundated

Typed, 2 pp.

16433"Temes vegn sotsyal kultureln lebn fun yidn in poyln (un mizrakh eyrope)" [Some topics on East European Jewry, their social life and culture] - Projectundated
16434"Tsushtand fun der yidisher yugnt in eyrope bizn oysbrukh fun der milkhome" [The State of Jewish Youth in Europe Before the Outbreak of the War] and "Hilf far krigs gelitene kinder" [Help for War-Suffering Children] - Project outline by Emanuel Pattundated
16435"Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln in gerem fun kamf far kiyem fun poylishn yidntum, 1919-1939" [The Jewish youth movement in Poland in the frame of the fight for survival of Polish Jewry] - Tentative outline for articleundated

Typed, 4 pp. with handwritten outline

16436"Di yidishe yugnt bavegung in poyln tsvishn beyde velt milkhomes - a sotsyologishe shtudye" [The Jewish youth movement in Poland between the World Wars – a sociological study].1970, 1972

Published in Studies on Polish Jewry, 1919-1939, YIVO, 1974, pp. 137-228 - Contract and correspondence for its earlier version "Jewish Youth Organizations and their Participation in the Jewish Struggle for Existence"


Subseries 2: Materials for Moses Kligsberg Article on Chaim Kazdan, 1937-1973


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains materials for an article by Moses Kligsberg on the educator and Bundist, Chaim Kazdan

16437Articles about Chaim Kazdanundated, 1947-1973

Includes a bibliography of Chaim Kazdan's writing, and Moses Kligsberg's review of Medem Sanitorye bukh [Medem Sanitorium Book], edited by Chaim Kazdan

16438Articles by Chaim Kazdan1937-1973
16439Birthday greetings for Chaim S. Kazdan from individuals1973
16440Bibliography of Chaim S. Kazdan and other materialsundated
16441Kligsberg, Moses, "Khayim Shloyme Kazdan: A mentsh - a feldz" [Chaim-Shlomo Kazdan: A man - a rock]. Kultur un lebn (May-June, 1973)1973

Article written in honor of Kazdan's 90th birthday

16442Letters to Chaim S. Kazdan from Genye Manger1959-1968
16443Notes from Chaim Kazdan to Moses Kligsbergundated

Subseries 3: Meyer Kushner's BookZikhroynes fun mayn lebn, 1960

Scope and Content:

Typed and manuscript sections of book Zikhroynes fun mayn lebn [Memories of My Life] by Meyer Kushner, about Local 9 of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU) and the Cloakmakers' Union. This manuscript was published by ILGWU asLebn un kamf fun a klokmakher [The Life and Struggles of a Cloak Maker] in 1960. Moses Kligsberg appears to have been an editor of the book, since many of the manuscripts sections have corrections in his hand.

17444Title page, dedication, and afterword1960
17445Pages 1-201960
17446Pages 1-691960
17447Pages 70-1051960
17448Pages 106-1661960
17449Pages 180-2151960
17450Pages 216-2331960
17451Pages 234-2501960
17452Pages 235-2751960
17453Miscellaneous manuscript sections1960
17454Miscellaneous short sections1960
17455Manuscript and typed pages1960
17456Miscellaneous typed early sections1960
17457Miscellaneous typed middle sections1960
17458Miscellaneous typed later sections1960
17459Miscellaneous typed and manuscript sections with no corrections1960
17460Unnumbered section1960
17461Miscellaneous loose pages1960
17462Galleys and photos1960

Subseries 4: Ber I. Rozen's BookPortretn, undated, 1941-1955

Scope and Content:

Moses Kligsberg seems to have been involved in getting a book of Ber I. Rozen's writings published posthumously, Portretn. There are several letters from Moses Kligsberg to an Argentine publisher about this subject. Another notable document is a 1941 copy of In veg, a Yiddish journal published by Jewish refugees in Shanghai, including Ber I. Rozen, Yosl Mlotek.

18463Portretn [Portraits] - Typed manuscripts1955

Included are clippings and letter from Moses Kligsberg to Argentine publisher Mark Turkov about Rozen's book

18464Typed and handwritten manuscripts1946
18465Typed and handwritten manuscripts, clippingsundated
18466Typed manuscriptsundated
18467Typed and handwritten manuscriptsundated
18468Kumt morgn [Come Morning ]undated

Memoir about life in Shanghai and other typed manuscripts

18469Typed manuscripts from Shanghaiundated
18470Handwritten manuscripts from Shanghaiundated
18471Handwritten manuscripts1941-1944
18472Typed manuscripts from Australia1947
18473Notes and correspondence about Ber I. Rozen's bookundated, 1955
18474"Ber I. Rozen: Er aleyn un vegn im aleyn" [Ber I. Rozen: Himself and Regarding Him]undated

Introductory essay for book, probably by Pinchas Schwartz. 3 copies, typed, 32 pp.

18475Ber I. Rozen - Articles1952-1955

Included are clippings and magazine obituaries for Bar I. Rozen

18476In veg [On Way] (Shanghai, China)1941

Yiddish literary journal with article by Ber I. Rozen

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Series VI: Research Materials of Moses Kligsberg, undated, 1940-1972

The series is mostly inYiddish, in English, Polish, and Russian.
0.8 linear feet

Arranged by topic.

Scope and Content:

Unsorted research materials, probably used by Kligsberg for his own writings and research projects as well as for YIVO-related projects. This series consists of photocopies and excerpts from articles, charts and graphs, handwritten notes, typed or handwritten outlines, andnotes on index cards or in notebooks. The materials are largely unsorted. Includes materials about Jewish youth, Polish Jews, Polish nationalism and economic history, the labor movement, using autobiographical sources in research, and diverse other topics. Also included are variousbibliographic lists on a broad range of topics.

Subseries 1: Articles on Youth, undated

19477Harthorne, Edward T, "The Collection of Life History Documents"undated

Typed manuscript., 15 pp., and Moses Kligsberg's translations of selected sections of Edward T. Harthorne's text

19478Khalutsim (Pioneers) materialsundated
19479Khalutsim (Pioneers) training - Photocopies of pages from books about khalutsimundated
19480Notes about youthundated
19481Notes - Youth movement articleundated
19482Notes - New materials for Chapter 3: Family Relations
19483Quotes from autobiographies for youth movement articleundated
19484Statistical charts about the youth autobiographies
19485Yugnt veker [Youth Call] - Notes and photocopied articlesundated, 1929, 1935
19486Youth materials and manuscripts. Notes for a section called Shpil un shul svive [Play and school environment]undated

Subseries 2: Bibliographies, undated, 1951

19487"Addenda to the Bibliography of the Writings of Elias Tcherikower"1951

Published by YIVO, 7 pp.

19488Bibliography of YIVO publications about the Holocaustundated
19489Friedman, Philip. List of publications from 1945-1950undated

Typed, 5 pp.

19490"Geshikhte" [History] - Pages 237-260undated
19491Jews in Eastern Europe - List of books and articles published between 1920-1939undated

Typed, 4 pp.

19492"Lernbikher fun matematik af yidish" [Math Textbooks in Yiddish]undated
  3 pp. 
19493Memorial books (Seforim zikorim or yisker bikher) from 1943-1972, arranged and edited by David Bassundated

In Hebrew, 42 pp. Photocopy of published article


Subseries 3: Unsorted Material, undated, 1970

19494Bialostotski, Zalmen and Mendelson, Shloyme - Notesundated
19495Co-op Movement in Poland - Notes and statistics
19496"Ekonomishe antviklung fun yidn in amerike" [The economic development of Jews in America]undated
19497Estimated Yiddish Mother Tongue Speakers1970

Typed, 14 pp. Includes tables and charts from unnamed sources

19498German list of Jewish periodicalsundated

Typed, 3 pp.

19499Ginsburg-Marek Collection - Report based on remarks by A. Landauundated

Handwritten, 10 pp.

19500Jewish communal education - Outlineundated

Typed, 1 p.

19501Jewish Workers' Lives - Outline of citationsundated

Typed, 2 pp.

19502Jews and Blacks - Notes and photocopiesundated
19503Jews in Poland - Photocopies from various publicationsundated, 1970
19504Jews in the United States - Photocopies1971
19505Kultur lige (publishing house) in the 1920s - Notes, statisticsundated
  3 pp. 
19506Labor movement in Poland - Notes from various sourcesundated
19507Polish nationalismundated

Notes in Polish and Yiddish. Included are also excerpts from Pilsudski, Zheromsky, Slovatzki and others. Also a list of "racial proverbs" in English

19508Psychological terminologyundated

Typed, 4 pp.

In Yiddish 

Includes some quotations and some bibliographic materials

19510Shatzky, Jacob: The Jews of Poland - Photocopies
19511 Shtetl materials - Notecards and photocopies from books and articles in Yiddish and Polishundated
19512Social stratification of Jews in Russia - Outlineundated

Typed, 2 pp.

20513State archive of Braunschweig, Germany - List of materials1950
  2 pp. 
20514Statistical material - Economy and employment in pre-war Poland - Photocopiesundated
20515Statistical material - Population and employment in pre-war Polandundated

Photocopies of articles and tables from Yidishe ekonomik [Jewish Economics] and other sources

20516Statistical materials from Polish publicationsundated
20517Vilna - Notes and citationsundated
20518Wirth, Louis: The Ghetto, University of Illinois Press, 1928 - Notes and photocopied pagesundated
20519Unidentified author. Poem in Russian,undated

Poem dedicated to the author's distant ancestor reb Yosef of Dubno. 2 copies

20520Notes from articles about using autobiographical sources - John Dollard, H.G. Wells, and others - Notebookundated
20522Notes and listsundated
20523Notes and outlinesundated
20524Notes and outlinesundated

Subseries 4: Notes and Notebooks, undated

20525Khalutsim (Pioneers) in Israelundated
20526Research notes and additions to articlesundated
20527Youth workundated

Included also are quotes from other authors

21Notes on index cardsundated
22Notes on index cardsundated
23Notes on index cardsundated
24Notes on index cardsundated
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Series VII: YIVO Correspondence with Individuals, 1942-1974

The series is mostly inYiddish, English, Polish, and Russian.
0.8 linear feet

Arranged chronologically by year.

Scope and Content:

This series includes correspondence to and from Moses Kligsberg, Max Weinreich, Shlomo Noble, Mark Uveeler, Leibush Lehrer, Rivka Tcherikower, Mendl Elkin, Dina Abramowicz, and other YIVO staff members about YIVO business. Topics include donations of materials to YIVO, books published or acquired by YIVO, the situation of refugees in Europe, and various YIVO projects and administrative affairs. The 1946 folder includes several letters to Max Weinreich from refugees still in Europe.

25529YIVO Correspondence1942
25530YIVO Correspondence1943
25531YIVO Correspondence1944

Includes items about the Museum of the Homes of the Past

25532YIVO Correspondence1945
25533YIVO Correspondence1946

Includes several long letters to Max Weinreich from refugees still in Europe

25534YIVO Correspondence1947
25535YIVO Correspondence1948
25536YIVO Correspondence1949
25537YIVO Correspondence1950
25538YIVO Correspondence1951
25539YIVO Correspondence1952
25540YIVO Correspondence1953
25541YIVO Correspondence1954

Includes YIVO letters from 1928 sent in 1954 by I.L. Goldstein

25542YIVO Correspondence1955
25543YIVO Correspondence1956
26544YIVO Correspondence1957
26545YIVO Correspondence1958
26546YIVO Correspondence1959
26547YIVO Correspondence1960
26548YIVO Correspondence1961
26549YIVO Correspondence1962
26550YIVO Correspondence1963
26551YIVO Correspondence1964
26552YIVO Correspondence1965
26553YIVO Correspondence1966
26554YIVO Correspondence1967
26555YIVO Correspondence1968
26556YIVO Correspondence1969
26557YIVO Correspondence1970
26558YIVO Correspondence1971
26559YIVO Correspondence1972
26560YIVO Correspondence1973
26561YIVO Correspondence1974
26562YIVO Correspondenceundated
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Series VIII: YIVO Administration, 1941-1974

The series is in Yiddish and English.
1.2 linear feet

Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Series VIII contains administrative records of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research offices. It includes internal memoranda, circulars, press releases, but also minutes and annual reports of the various committees. Documents relating to the administrative routine of YIVO, donations to botharchives and library can also be found here. Besides documenting the activities of the New York headquarters it also contains materials fromYIVO branches abroad.

Correspondence of the leading figures of the YIVO offices and YIVO staff members about YIVO business is also part of this series.

Subseries 1: Internal Memoranda and Correspondence, 1941-1973


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 consists of internal memoranda, notes and correspondence between YIVO staff members about YIVO business, projects and activities. Principal staff members represented herein include Max Weinreich, Mark Uveeler, Leybush Lehrer, Mendl Elkin, Dina Abramowicz, Ezekiel Lifschitz, Shmuel Lapin, and Moses Kligsberg. Also included are form letters to YIVO members about events and projects.

27563Memoranda and Correspondence1941
27564Memoranda and Correspondence1942
27565Memoranda and Correspondence1944
27566Memoranda and Correspondence1946
27567Memoranda and Correspondence1947

Includes packet of letters written to Moses Kligsberg by YIVO staff members during his trip to Europe. Letters from Mark Uveeler, Miriam Zalcman, Raymond Gabiner, Henye Berkovich, Chana Mlotek. Sheet music and lyrics for Rivka Tcherikower are also included

27568Memoranda and Correspondence1948
27569Memoranda and Correspondence1950
27570Memoranda and Correspondence1951
27571Memoranda and Correspondence1952
27572Memoranda and Correspondence1953
27573Memoranda and Correspondence1954
27574Memoranda and Correspondence1955
27575Memoranda and Correspondence1956
27576Memoranda and Correspondence1957
27577Memoranda and Correspondence1958
27578Memoranda and Correspondence1959
27579Memoranda and Correspondence1960
27580Memoranda and Correspondence1963
27581Memoranda and Correspondence1964
27582Memoranda and Correspondence1965
27583Memoranda and Correspondence1966
27584Memoranda and Correspondence1967
27585Memoranda and Correspondence1968
27586Memoranda and Correspondence1970
27587Memoranda and Correspondence1972
27588Memoranda and Correspondence1973
27589Memoranda and Correspondenceundated

Subseries 2: Administrative Files, 1941-1972

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 consists of administrative materials, many of which relate to the activities and functions of the YIVO Board of Directors (Direktorn rat) and the Executive Committee (Farvaltung). Included are meeting, commission and budget reports, lists and outlines, and an annual report (1941), as well as library and archives reports and lists of important or new holdings. There is a 1946 list of YIVO organizations around the world, with contact names. Of note is a folder of materials related to the death of Research Director Max Weinreich in 1969, including press releases and obituary articles by Shlomo Noble, Lucy Dawidowicz, and Roman Jakobson.

A) General

27590Ab. Cahan Fund Materials1964
27591YIVO Annual of Jewish Social Scienceundated

Review of Volume 8 of theYIVO Annual of Jewish Social Science by Abraham Burstein

27592Annual Report - Printed brochure1941
  8 pp. 
27593Banquetsundated, 1969-1970

Invitations, seating list, opening remarks; also a press release for banquet in Boston

27594Board of Directors (Direktorn rat) - Report of meetings, speech at meeting, author unknownundated, 1951, 1961
27595Budgets - Income and expenditures report1950, 1952, 1954
27596Executive Committee (Farvaltung) -1943-1944

Included are agenda for meetings, correspondence between committee members, and minutes of meetings

27597Fiscal and budgetary listsundated
27599List of YIVO organizations abroad1946
27600Materials on YIVO in the United Statesundated
27601Meeting notesundated
27602Notecards with outline of YIVO chronological historyundated
27603Reports about the work of zamlers1950

Included are memoranda to Mark Uveeler aboutzamlers and other topics

27604Reports from the Special Commission - YIVO goalsundated
27605Weinreich, Max - Obituaries1969

Included are press releases, memorial meetings, biographical materials, and obituaries by:

  • Roman Jakobson
  • Shloyme Noble, given at YIVO Conference, 1969
  • Lucy S. Dawidowicz: "Max Weinreich: The Scholarship of Yiddish,"American Jewish Year Book (1969)
27606Yidisher folklor - Correspondence with the editors1954-1958
27607YIVO Academic Council - List of membersundated
27608YIVO and the American Jewish Community - Fund-raising reportmid-1950s
27609Youth Book - Printing receipts and budget lists1945-1946
27610Unsorted materialsundated

B) YIVO Archives and Library

27611"Duplicate Collections in YIVO Through August 1, 1962"1962

Typed, 4 pp. and manuscript, 15 pp.

27612Library Reports - Annual report about YIVO library activities and acquisitions1953, 1961, 1972
27613Lists of archival collections1950's
27614List of noteworthy items in the YIVO Archives and Libraryundated

Typed, 11 pp.

27615Lists of YIVO publicationsundated

Subseries 3: YIVO Outposts, 1952-1972


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 includes correspondence, clippings, brochures, programs, and flyers from YIVO offices and organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Cities represented are Chicago, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Miami.

28616Chicago - Correspondence with M. Shafran; programs from events; report from the Chicago YIVO Conference1954
28617Copenhagen - Correspondence with S. Beilin1952-1954
28618Los Angeles - Correspondence with Joseph Tilles1950-1972
28619Melbourne - Flyer1953
28620Miami - Flyer1972

Subseries 4: Other Administrative Materials, undated, 1950-1974

28621Addresses of people from the Folklore Seminarundated
28622Addresses - Unsortedundated, 1950
28623Addresses and phone messages - Unsortedundated
28624Calendar (day book) notes1961, 1962, 1964
28625Correspondence from YIVO - Returned to sender1949-1950

Moses Kligsberg's notes from Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and other YIVO staff meetings

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Series IX: YIVO Programs and Projects, 1942-1974

The series is mostly inYiddish, with some documents inEnglish and Polish .
1.4 linear feet

Arranged by topic.

Scope and Content:

Programs, conferences, colloquia, exhibitions and related publicity material, as well as syllabi are part of Series IX. It contains material on the 1948 UCLA Summer Session, after which course the I.L. Cahan Folklore Club was initiated and othercourses related to fostering Yiddish language and culture.

Some materials relate to YIVO publication activities, administration ofYIVO autobiographies essay contests. The actual autobiographies can be found in the YIVO collection Autobiographies, American - Jewish (RG 102). The series also contains several projects andgrant proposals, including collaboration of YIVO and Yad Vashem on cataloging documents pertaining to the Holocaust and Eastern European Jewry in 1955-1956. The scripts, press releases, and correspondence and other materials relating to YIVO's hour-long weekly radio program on the WEVD broadcast station can also be of interest to the researchers.


Subseries 7: Proposals - Grants is closed to researchers.

Subseries 1: Conferences, 1942-1974


Arranged chronologically by year.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 consists of programs, correspondence, and publicity materials from YIVO's annual scholarly conferences. Also included are a number of abstracts for papers given at various conferences, and texts for a few speeches. Notable are the speeches and introductory remarks for the 40th anniversary conference in 1966.

30626Programs of the YIVO Annual Conferences1942, 1943, 1949, 1952, 1954
3062729th Annual Conference - Program and publicity1955
3062830th Annual Conference - Program and publicity1956
3062932th Annual Conference - Publicity, correspondence, abstracts of papers, and press contact list1957
3063032th Annual Conference - Program, abstracts of papers, correspondence, and publicity1958
30631Annual Conference - Publicity material1959-1960
3063238th Annual Conference - Program, abstracts of papers, correspondence, and publicity1964
3063339th Annual Conference - Publicity1965
3063440th Annual Conference - Program, speeches, publicity1966
3063543th Annual Conference - Publicity1969
3063644th Annual Conference - Publicity1970
3063745th Annual Conference - Abstracts of papers and1971
3063846th Annual Conference - Abstract of papers and1972
3063947th Annual Conference - Publicity and press lists1973
3064048th Annual Conference - Abstracts of papers and publicity1974
30641Various abstractsundated

Subseries 2: Colloquia, Public Programs, and Exhibitions, 1958-1974


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 consists of materials related to various YIVO colloquia, topical conferences, and exhibitions between 1958 and 1974. Included are programs, publicity materials, and abstracts. Of particular interest are the materials from the 1967 "Colloquium of the German-imposed Jewish ‘Representations' (Judenrat) Before and During WWII". These include copies of seven papers given at the conference. Also notable are materials from the Conference on Yiddish Studies and the Research Conference on Jewish Participation in Movements Devoted to the Cause of Social Progress that took place in 1958, 1964 respectively.

31642American Historical Association Meeting - Program of YIVO session1972
31643Colloquium on the German-Imposed Jewish "Representations" (Judenrat) before and during WWII - Papers and Program
  • Adler, H.G., "The 'Autonomous' Jewish Administration of Terezín (Theresienstadt)"
  • Blumental, N., "Der yudenrat un di yidishe politsey" [The Judenrat and the Jewish Police]
  • Eck, N., "Der yudenrat: etlekhe tokhike festshtelungen" [The Judenrat: Several Essential Statements]
  • Esh, S., "The Origin of the Reichsvereiningung Der Juden in Deutschland and its Activities"
  • Presser, J., "The Jewish Council in Holland"
  • Robinson, J., "Vu haltn mir mit forshn di problem yudnratn: a barikht" [Where Do We Stand With Researching the Problem of the Yudenratn: A Report]
  • Szajkowski, Z., "Di algemeyne unye fun yidn in frankraykh" [The General Union of Jews in France]
  • Author unknown, Untitled lecture
31644Colloquium on the German-Imposed Jewish "Representations" (Judenrat) before and during World War II - Press releases1967
31645Conference on Yiddish Dialectology - Report on Atlas Coverage of Alsace1965
31646Conference on Yiddish Studies - Program1958
31647Conference on Yiddish Studies - Program and other materials1974
31648Leadership Conference on Yiddish in American Jewish Life - Program1968
31649Modern Language Association Annual Meeting - Notes for YIVO presentationsundated
31650Research Conference on Jewish Participation in Movements Devoted to the Cause of Social Progress - Programs, abstracts, presentation of songs and poems1964
31651"Yidn in eyrope: 1939-1946" [Jews in Europe] - Exhibition programundated
31652"The Yiddish Language: It's History and Study"- Exhibition programundated
31653Youth and Student Sessions -Flyers1972-74

Subseries 3: Educational Programs and Courses, 1948-1974


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 consists of course catalogs, course descriptions, syllabi, flyers, and correspondence related to YIVO's educational programs. There are materials from the Max Weinreich Center for Advanced Jewish Studies and the Uriel Weinreich Summer Program at Columbia University, as well as other courses. Of note are materials from the 1948 UCLA Summer Session, at which Max Weinreich taught two courses – on Yiddish linguistics and Jewish popular & folk literature. YIVO created 12 scholarships for graduate students to attend the program, and among these were Joshua Fishman, Chana Mlotek (neé Eleanor Gordon), Yosl Mlotek, Bina Weinreich (neé Beatrice Silverman), Uriel Weinreich, and Gabriel Weinreich. The materials include reading lists, course outlines and administrative items. There are also songsheets, correspondence, announcements and memos from YIVO's I.L. Cahan Folklore Club, which was formed by graduates of the UCLA Summer Session and which edited and published the journalYidisher folklor (Jewish Folklore).

31654Courses - Flyers1971-1972
31655Courses - Various Outlines and Course Materialsundated, 1953
31656I.L. Cahan Folklore Club - Correspondence and Memos1947-1958, 1966
31657I.L. Cahan Folklore Club - Songsheets1948-1950
31658Jewish Teachers' Seminar - Notes for a report after the seminarundated
31659Max Weinreich Center for Advanced Jewish Studiesundated, 1970-1974

Correspondence between Columbia and YIVO, fliers, syllabi

31660Nathan Chanin Cultural Foundation of the Workmen's Circle - Flyers1966-1972
31661Psychological Genres of Modern Yiddish Prose taught by David Roskies1973
31662UCLA Summer Session1948

Included are student list, song sheets, course outlines, reading lists, library information, application forms, lending library sign-out logs, and postcard invitation to graduation ceremony

31663Uriel Weinreich Summer Program in Yiddish Language - Correspondence, Fliers, Syllabus1970-1971
31664Yiddish Orthography taught by Mordkhe Schaechter1965

Lesson plan, typed, 11 pp.

31665YIVO Center for Advanced Jewish Studies1970-1971

Text for catalog for the fall and spring sessions

31666Other Yiddish Educational Programs1969-1974

Correspondence from universities and Jewish organizations


Series 4: Essay Contests, 1942-1971


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 4 consists of announcements and instructions for YIVO essay contests, including the 1942 American autobiographies contest, as well as for the "Tsugob" (Supplemental) autobiographies contest in 1953. There are announcements for annual essay contests for graduate students, and there is also a set of instructions for a contest about life under the Nazis.

32667Autobiography Contest - Announcements1942
32668Life Under the Nazis - Instructions for essay contestundated
32669Tsugob kontest [Supplemental Contest]1953

Announcement of supplemental autobiography contest, correspondence and list of prize winners

32670YIVO Essay Contests - Announcements of contests for college and graduate students1949-1952, 1969-1971

Series 5: Manuscripts and Publications, undated, 1950s-1960s


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 5 consists of manuscripts, proofs and other materials for various YIVO publications, including autobiographies by Solomon Simon and Abraham Unger, the journal Yidisher folklor (Jewish Folklore), and Studies on Polish Jewry. It also includes an early manuscript of Pinchas Schwartz's biographical introduction to Herman Kruk's diary (Yiddish version).

32671Schwartz, Pinchas: "Hersh/Herman Kruk: Zayn lebn un zayn tetikayt in vilner geto, 19 may 1897-19 september 1944" [Hersh/Herman Kruk: His life and activities in the Vilna Ghetto]undated

Manuscript included in Togbukh fun vilner geto [Diary of the Vilna Ghetto], published in 1961

32672Solomon, Simon (neé Velvl Mints): "Fertsik yor in der yidisher arbeter bavegung, 1891-1931" [Forty years in the Jewish Labor Movement]undated

Manuscript, published by YIVO in 1952

32673Solomon, Simon (neé Velvl Mints): "Fertsik yor in der yidisher arbeter bavegung, 1891-1931" [Forty years in the Jewish Labor Movement] - Sections of manuscript with correctionsundated
32674Solomon, Simon (neé Velvl Mints): "Fertsik yor in der yidisher arbeter bavegung, 1891-1931" [Forty years in the Jewish Labor Movement] - Galley proofsundated
32675Studies on Polish Jewry, 1919-1939 - Project announcement and preliminary list of contributorsundated, 1965
32676Stutchkoff, Nahum: Der oytser fun der Yidisher shprakh [ Thesaurus of the Yiddish Language] - Excerpts of reviews1950
32677Unger, Abraham, "Mayn heymshtot Strikov: geshikhte fun a lebn in der alter heym un in amerike" [My hometown Strykow: The history of a life in the old country and in America] - Manuscriptundated, 1956
32678Yidisher folklor [Jewish Folklore] - Correspondence.1954-1956
32679Yidisher folklor [Jewish Folklore]undated

Poems, stories, sayings, jokes, music sent in by readers

32680Yidisher folklor [Jewish Folklore] - Variousundated

Subseries 6: Projects, undated, 1944-1966


Arranged alphabetically by folder title. Folders with unsorted materials have been kept together in the original arrangement in which they were found.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 6 consists of proposals, outlines, reports, correspondence, notes, publicity and other items relating to YIVO-sponsored projects – research, archival, library, publishing, oral history projects and contests. Highlights include materials for the Yad Vashem Project, a cooperative project between YIVO and Yad Vashem to establish a bibliographic catalog for Holocaust-related literature and documents. Other items of note include various questionnaire projects (e.g. for Jewish immigrants to America after 1945, for Jewish organizations giving aid to Holocaust survivors, for Jewish immigrants to Israel) and materials about the Muzey fun der Alter Heym [Museum of the Homes of the Past].

32681Barikht fun der arbet farn proyekt 'Amerikaner yidishe geshikhte balpe' [Report on the work for the project 'American Jewish oral history']1964

3 copies, typed, 2 pp.

32682Clearinghouse and Index to Jewish Subjects in American Humanistic and Social Research1964

Announcements, blank questionnaires, correspondence

32683Clearinghouse and Index to Jewish Subjects in American Humanistic and Social Research1964

Responses to questionnaire about dissertations and research studies

32684Dos farmegn, institutsyes un durkhgefirte visnshaftlekhe proyektn fun YIVO in Vilna, 1925-1939 [The Holdings, Institutions, and Research Projects of the Vilna YIVO, 1925-1939]undated

Listing of library and archival collections, source materials for research, instructions and methods for collectors, Aspirantur program in the name of Dr. Tsemakh Shabad. Typed, 8 pp.

32685Fregboygn (Questionnaire) - Summer camp for childrenundated

Typed, 3 pp.

32686Fregboygn vegn di iberlebungen beys der milkhome 1939-1945 [Questionnaire about wartime experiences 1939-1945)]undated

Interviewing instructions for collectors of testimonies - Draft and final copy

32687"Jews in Poland: An Illustrated Catalog of Photographs of Jews in Poland from the End of the 19th Century Until the Eve of the Second World War" - Project descriptionundated
32688Klasifikatsye fun dialekt-materialn [Classification of Dialect-Materials]undated

Typed, 5 pp.

32689Muzey fun der Alter Heym [Museum of the Homes of the Past]1944

Notes, outlines, correspondence, and publicity

32690Muzey fun yidish afn nomen fun Uriel Weinreich [Museum of Yiddish in the name of Uriel Weinreich] - Proposalundated
33691Outline for the preparation and description of a catalog of photographs "The Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union"undated

Project outline, typed, 2 pp.

33692Oyftuen un arbetn in gang 1965-1966 [Plans and projects during 1965-1966]1965-1966
33693Passover Questionnaire - Correspondence1949
33694Passover Questionnaire1949

Notes, reports, requests from the public

33695Plan fun barikht fun yivo: Tsvantsik yor arbet vegn khurbn [Plan for a report about 20 years of work on the Holocaust]undated

Included is a list of guest speakers for unnamed event

33696Projects "A" and "B"undated

Typed, 16 pp.

  • Project A: Anonymous questionnaire for European Jews who emigrated to Israel about life before and during World War II and afterwards in Israel
  • Project B: "Details that Should Appear in an Autobiography" - List of questions for writers of autobiographies
33697Proyekt fun ankete tsvishn yidishe imigrantn vos zaynen gekumen nokhn 9tn may 1945 [Project for a Questionnaire for Jewish Immigrants who came to America after May 9, 1945undated

Typed, 5 pp.

33698Proyekt fun register fun bateylikte in varshever geto oyfshtand [Project for a Register of People who Took Part in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising]undated
33699Proyket vegn grindn bam YIVO a 1) museum fun yidishn shtetl un an 2) arkhiv fun landsmanshaftn in amerike [Project for founding a "Museum of the Jewish Shtetl" and an "Archive of Landsmanshaftn in America"]undated

Typed, 1 p.

33700Proyekt vegn der propagande arbet far der yidish katedre [Publicity Project for the Chair in Yiddish] - Meeting notes1952
33701Questionnaire for Jewish organizations giving aid to Holocaust survivorsundated
33702Terminologisher arbet [Terminology Project]undated

Memorandum from Mordkhe Schaechter

33703A vort tsu di onfirndike kerpershaftn fun di fundatsyes un tsu di fraynt fun der yidisher visnshaft [A Word to the Leading Bodies of Foundations and To the Friends of Jewish Research]1962?

Project proposals and budgets. Typed, 24 pp.

33704YIVO - Yad Vashem Project1955, 1956

Inventory of material processed at YIVO for the contemplated bibliography and project report for the catalog about the Holocaust and European Jewry

33705YIVO - Yad Vashem Project1956

Report to President of Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany - Nahum Goldmann

33706YIVO - Yad Vashem Project1957

Reports from Jacob Robinson and Lists of Holocaust collections in the YIVO archive

33707Yesoymim farzorgung in poyln nokh der ershter velt-milkhome [Care of Orphans and Child Welfare in Poland after World War I]1971

Correspondence and comments about reworking Nina Bar-Yishay's article

33708Zaml arbet proyektn [Collecting Projects]undated

Notes and sample letters from Max Weinreich on collecting

33709Project descriptions and outlinesundated

Also includes:

  • Project of organizations for the World Autobiographies Contest
  • Research on the transformation of shtetl Sislowich
  • General plan for YIVO's work in Europe after the war
  • Announcement of materials about Jewish history in America
  • Work program for 'Friends of YIVO'
33710Unsorted Memos and Reports


  • Questionnaire about Jewish organizations
  • Publicity materials for YIVO projects
  • Memos about projects, 1973-74
  • NEH grant application for the Max Weinreich Center for Advanced Jewish Studies
  • Unsorted memos and correspondence
33711Unsorted Projects
undated, 1953, 1957

Included are:

  • Research study and questionnaire about attitudes of American Jews towards Judaism
  • Chronology of the Warsaw ghetto uprising
  • Instructions for foreign zamlers (collectors)
  • Research project about Holocaust
33712Unsorted Reports - YIVO Archives and Libraryundated

Subseries 7: Proposals - Grants, 1963-1974


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 7 includes grant proposals for YIVO-sponsored research projects, including from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.


This subseries is closed to researchers.

33713Department of Health, Education and Welfare Grant for Moses Kligsberg's project "Analysis of a Collection of Personal Documents" - Correspondence and grant application1963
33714Department of Health, Education and Welfare Grant for Moses Kligsberg's project "Child and Adolescent Behavior Under Stress" - Grant award1964
33715National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) - Proposal for Support of the Max Weinreich Center1971
33716National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) - Proposal for Support of the Max Weinreich Center1974
33717National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) - Other Proposals for YIVO research projects1972
33718New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) Grant Application for Catalogue of Photographs of Polish Jewry1973

Subseries 8: YIVO Radio Program on WEVD, 1963-1974


Arranged chronologically by year.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 8 consists of materials from YIVO's radio program on station WEVD in New York City. Included are program scripts, press releases, program listings, correspondence, and newspaper clippings about the program.

34719YIVO Radio Program Scripts1957
34720YIVO Radio Program Scripts1963
34721YIVO Radio Program Scripts1964
34722YIVO Radio Program Scripts1964
34723YIVO Radio Program Scripts1965
34724YIVO Radio Program Scripts1965
34725YIVO Radio Program Scripts1965
34726YIVO Radio Program Scripts1966
34727YIVO Radio Program Scripts1966
34728YIVO Radio Program Scripts1967
35729YIVO Radio Program Scripts1968
35730YIVO Radio Program Scripts1969
35731YIVO Radio Program Scripts1970
35732YIVO Radio Program Scripts1971
35733YIVO Radio Program Scripts1972
35734YIVO Radio Program Scripts1973
35735YIVO Radio Program Scripts1974
35736YIVO Radio Program Scripts - Undated1965-1966
35737YIVO Radio Program Scripts - Undated1967-1969
35738YIVO Radio Program Scripts - Undated1970-1974
36739Radio script about Warsaw Ghettoundated
36740Press Releases for Radio Program1965-1966
36741Press Releases for Radio Program1966-67
36742Press Releases for Radio Program1967-69
36743Press Releases for Radio Program1970-74
36744YIVO Radio Program Clippings1963-64,1973
36745YIVO Radio Program Clippings1965
36746YIVO Radio Program Clippings1966
36747YIVO Radio Program Clippings1967-1969
36748YIVO Radio Program Correspondence - Listeners1963-1966
36749YIVO Radio Program Correspondence - Internal and WEVD1965-1966
36750YIVO Radio Program Listings1967-68
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Series X: YIVO Publicity Materials and Newspaper Clippings, 1950-1973

The series is in Yiddish and English.
0.8 linear feet

The material relating to the Yedies fun yivo (YIVO News) is arranged generally by year, except for items which were found in folders labeled according to issue number; these have been kept together and arranged by issue number, therefore there is some content overlap between the materials arranged chronologically and by issue. Newspaper clippings are arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

Notes, outlines, memoranda from YIVO staff, correspondence, articles, and other materials for the Yedies fun yivo (YIVO News), edited by Moses Kligsberg.Other publicity materials in the series include numerous press releases for YIVO events, publications, exhibitions, and educational programs, as well as correspondence with press and press contact lists. There are also some brochure and fund-raising items. Notable are materials for a 1959 brochure about YIVO together with the finished brochure), including a copy of a 1939 YIVO brochure published in Vilna.

Thenewspaper clippings found in this series cover YIVO activities both in Yiddish and English-language press.

1) Yedies fun yivo (YIVO News), 1950-1974

36751Yedies material1950-1955
36752Yedies material1957
36753Yedies material1958
36754Yedies material1963-1965
36755Yedies material1966
36756Yedies material1967-1968
36757Yedies material1969
36758Yedies material1970
36759Yedies material1971
36760Yedies material1972
36761Yedies material1973
36762Yedies material1974
36763Yedies material-Undated materials1970s
37764Yedies material- Undated notesundated
37765Yedies - Photos1970s
37766Yedies - Receipts1970-1974
37767Yedies Issue 791961
37768Yedies Issue 851962
37769Yedies Issue 881963
37770Yedies Issue 951965
37771Yedies Issue 991966
37772Yedies Issue 1091969
37773Yedies Issues 110 and 1111969
37774Yedies Issue 1131970
37775Yedies Issue 1161970
37776Yedies Issue 1171970
37777Yedies Issue 1181971
37778Yedies Issue 1251972
37779Yedies Issue 1291972

2) Newspaper Clippings, 1951-1974

3878025th YIVO Conference1951 Jan. 13-1951 Jan. 20
3878125th YIVO Conference1951 Jan. 21-1951 Jan. 28
3878225th YIVO Conference1951 Feb.
3878325th YIVO Conference - Preparations1950 Nov.-Dec.
3878425th YIVO Conference - Preparations1951 Jan.
38788General1951 Jan.-Feb.
38789General1951 Mar.-May
38790General1951 Jun.-Aug.
39791General1951 Sept.-Nov.
397921951 Dec.
39793General1952 Jan.
39794General1952 Feb.-Mar.
39795General1952 Apr.-May
39796General1952 Jun.-Jul.
39797General1952 Aug.-Oct.
39798General1952 Nov.
39799General1952 Dec.
39800General1953 Jan.
40801General1953 Feb.-Mar.
40802General1953 Apr.-May
40803General1953 Jun.-Jul.
40804General1953 Aug.
40805General1953 Sept.
40806General1953 Oct.
40807General1953 Nov.-Doc.
40808General1954 Jan.
40809General1954 Feb.
40810General1954 Mar.
40811General1954 Apr.
41812General1954 May
41813General1954 Jun.-Jul.
41814General1954 Aug.-Sept.
41815General1954 Oct.-Dec.
41819General1965 Jan.-May
41820General1965 Jun.
41821General1965 Jul.
41822General1965 Aug.
41823General1965 Sept.-Oct.
41824General1965 Nov.
41825General1965 Dec.
42826General1966 Jan.
42827General1966 Feb.-Mar.
42828General1966 Apr.
42829General1966 May
42830General1966 Jun.
42831General1966 Jul.-Sept.
42832General1966 Oct.-Nov.
42836List of Clippings 1940-19511951
42837Morris Rosenfeld Exhibit1962
42838Reviewsundated, 1947-1953, 1965
42839Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Exhibit1964
42840YIVO Activities1951
42841YIVO Personalities1951

3) Other Publicity Materials, 1938, 1951-1973

43842Periodicals and Clippings mentioning YIVO or YIVO publications1958-1971


  • Clearinghouse - Hillel professional bulletin
  • World Jewry
  • Kultur un dertsiyung [Workmen's Circle], 1963
  • other publications from Germany, Argentina, Romania, the United States
43843Plans for publicity - Notesundated
43844Press contact listsundated
43845Press contact lists - Internationalundated
43846Press Correspondence1951-1954
43851Publicity - Undated1960s?
43852Publicity - Undatedundated
43853Publicity - Undatedundated
43854YIVO - Fund-raising materialsundated, 1972, 1973
43855 Der YIVO: Vos er iz un vos es iz zayn role in yidishn lebn [YIVO: What It Is and What Is Its Role in Jewish Life]1956
43856 Der YIVO nokh draytsn yor arbet [YIVO After Thirteen Years of Work] and Brochure materials1938, 1959?
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Series XI: Jewish Labor Bund (Yidisher Arbeter Bund), 1941-1974

The series is mostly inYiddish. Some documents are inEnglish.
1.2 linear feet

Arranged alphabetically by subseries title.

Scope and Content:

Moses Kligsberg was Secretary of the Oyslandisher Delegatsye fun Yugnt Bund Tsukunft in Poyln (Foreign Delegation of the YouthYouth Bund-Bund 'Tsukunft' in Poland), headquartered in New York. The series includes correspondence, meeting notes, resolutions, speeches, announcements, publications and reports relating to the activities of the Jewish Labor Bund in North, Central and South America, Europe, Israel and Australia after World War II, particularly in the immediate post-war period.

Part of this series also documents the activities the Bund organized on behalf of the children. It contains materials related to the Bund-run camp Hemskekh,SKIF (Sotsyalistisher Kinder Farband), andYugnt Bund 'Tsukunft'.

Subseries 1: Bund – International Activities, 1947-1962


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 consists mainly of correspondence from leaders of Bundist organizations outside the United States about Bund activities and community development. Includes correspondence from Melbourne, Montreal, Toronto, Paris, and Tel Aviv. Also of note are materials from the First World Conference of the Bund which Moses Kligsberg attended in Brussels, 1947, including his notes, conference agenda, and a typed report by P. Lemansky about the future of the Bund.

448571st World Conference of Bundist Organizations and Groups (Brussels, Belgium) -1947

Typed, 9 pp.

  • Delegate card
  • Conference agenda
  • Moses Kligsberg's notes
  • Report by P. Lemansky "Undzer veg in der nayer tkufe" [Our Path in the New Era]
44858Australia (Melbourne) - Correspondence from M. Gelbron1948-1949
44859Canada (Montreal) - Correspondence from A. Lerman and L. Lehrer1959
44860Canada (Toronto) - Correspondence from A. Reinhartz1961
44861France (Paris) - Correspondence from Rafal Ryba1949-1962
44862France - Report of activities from 1953-19551955
  59 pp. 
44863Israel (Tel Aviv) - Correspondence1948

Subseries 2: Bund – New York Activities, 1941-1973


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 consists of materials relating to the activities of the New York chapter of the Bund, which became after the war the central organizing body of the Bund. Correspondence to members, internal correspondence, meeting notes, flyers. Of interest is correspondence from three Bundist leaders in New York: Emanuel Nowogrodsky, Secretary of the American Representation of the Bund in Poland, and later, Secretary of the World Coordinating Committee of Bundist Organizations; Shloyme Mendelson, member of the Coordinating Committee; and Emanuel Patt, member of the Coordinating Committee and one of the leaders of the Foreign Delegation of the Tsukunft.

448645th World Conference of the Bund (New York, N.Y.)1972
  • Guest list
  • Table chart
  • Conference agenda
44865Archives of the Jewish Labor Movement - Correspondence to members1971
44866Bund Club in New York - Correspondence1942
44867Bund Organization in New York - Letters to members, flyers and announcements1947-1973
44868Committee on Youth - Children's Bulletin and correspondence1961
44869Coordinating Committee of the Bund's and Affiliated Jewish Socialist Organizations in Various Countries - Correspondence to members1972
44870May Day Flyer - New York.1971
44871Mendelson, Shloyme - Correspondence1945-1947
44872Nowogrodsky, Emanuel - Correspondence1941-1955
44873Patt, Emanuel - Correspondence to the Foreign Delegationundated
44874Public Events1943-1960
44875Youth Commission - Correspondenceundated, 1948, 1955
44876Youth Commission and Youth Club - Meeting notesundated, 1954, 1955
44877Various - Correspondence and notesundated

Subseries 3: Bund – Resolutions, Speeches, Articles, undated, 1943-1967


Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 consists of the texts of various resolutions, speeches and articles given or written on behalf of the Bund. Many of these deal with issues facing the Bund after World War II, including the Bund's definition of socialism, the future of the organization, the situation of Jews throughout the world, and the Bund's stance on Zionism. There is a text about Zionism written by Moses Kligsberg for the General Conference of the Bund in 1948. Also of interest is a 1943 speech given by Lucjan Blit, Bundist leader in Britain, at the Conference of Representatives of Socialist Parties in London. Dated materials are from 1943-1948, and undated materials seem to be generally from this period as well.

A) Articles, Resolutions, Statements

44878Blit, Lucjan - Speech delivered at Conference of Representatives of Socialist Parties in London1943
44879Bund resolutionsundated, 1948
44880Executive Board of Coordinating Committee: Tezn vegn 50 yor 'Bund' [Theses about 50 years of the Bund]undated

2 copies. Typed, 3 pp.

44881Executive Board of Coordinating Committee: Tezn vegn 50 yor 'Bund'undated

3 copies. Typed, 3 pp.

44882Foreign Delegation of Youth Bund 'Tsukunft' in Poland:Farn koved fun a gefalenem anti-fashistishn kemfer [In honor of a fallen anti-Fascist fighter]1943

Typed, 3 pp.

44883Kligsberg, Moses: Resolutsye vegn palestiner problem [Resolution about the Palestine problem]1948 Sept.

General Conference of Bund, with letter to Commission of the Bund Organization

44884Materials on the death of Victor Erlich and Henryk Alterundated
44885Yedies vegn algemeyner yidishn arbeter bund in poyln [News of the General Jewish Workers' Bund in Poland] - Newsletters1943-1946

B) Unidentified Authors

44886Di bundishe yugnt bay der arbet [Bundist youth at work]undated
  Typed copy, 5 pp. 
44887Bund's mission after World War II - Outlineundated
  Typed, 3 pp. 
44888Natsyonal shteyger-lebn un natsyonaler simbolizm: tezn [National way of life and national symbolism: theses]undated
  Typed, 1 page 
44889Statement about Zionismundated
  Typed, 2 pp. 
44890Tezn: 1000 yor yidish lebn in poyln - Di role fun bund in yidish lebn [Theses: 1000 years of Jewish life in Poland - the role of the Bund in Jewish Life]undated
  Typed, 2 pp. 
44891Tezn tsum referat vegn yugnt-arbet [Theses for a lecture on youth-work]undated
  Typed,1 page 
44892Vos iz undzer sotsyalizm? [What is our socialism?]undated
  Typed, 4 pp. 
44893Zibetsik yor 'Bund' [70 Years of the Bund] - Script for a staged reading1967?

Typed, 50 pp.


Subseries 4: Camp Hemshekh, undated, 1959-1974


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 4 includes applications, letters to parents, camper questionnaires, brochures, flyers, publicity materials, correspondence, staff contracts and meeting notes relating to Camp Hemshekh, the Bund-run summer camp operated in upstate New York from 1959-1978. Also includes songsheets, Yiddish language materials, programs from camp shows and events, and a copy of the camp newspaper. There is also a folder of correspondence between Moses Kligsberg and various campers and counselors.

45895Camp Material1959

Applications, letters, camper questionnaires

45896Camp Materialundated, 1960-1965
45897Camp Material1960
45898Camp Material1961
45899Camp Material1962
45900Camp Material1963
45901Camp Material1966
45902Camp Material1967
45903Camp Material1968
45904Camp Material1969
45905Camp Material1970
45906Camp Material1971
45907Camp Material1972
45908Camp Material1973
45909Camp Material1974
45910Camp materialsundated

Included are the Program Committee notes, publicity materials, planning materials, and seasonal reports

45911Camp performances and eventsundated
45912Correspondence - Parentsundated
45913Correspondence - Campers and counselors1961-1974
45914Discussion Club and College Yiddish Clubundated
45915"Hemshekh As Beginning" - essay by camper Elliot Bernsteinundated
45916 Hemshekh Vokh (Hemshekh Week) - Camp newspaperundated
45918Lists of campersundated
45919Medical refund insurance formsundated
45920Songbooks and songsheetsundated
45921Yiddish language materialsundated

Subseries 5: SKIF (Sotsyalistisher Kinder Farband), 1946-1974


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 5 consists of materials relating to the SKIF (Sotsyalistisher Kinder Farband), the children's organization of the Bund. Items include correspondence, cards, flyers, summer camp materials, and address lists of members. Most of the materials are from New York, with a few each from Australia, France, Israel and Norway.

46922Australia (Melbourne)1950, 1955-1956
46923France (Paris)1946-1960
46925Norway (Oslo)1955
46926Jewish Socialist Youth Club in New York - Correspondence and membership lists1948-1953
46927Jewish Socialist Youth Club in New York - Project and activitiesundated
46928Jewish Youth Club "Hemshekh" (Continuity), New York -1962, 1970-1974

Included are statement of principles, correspondence, and flyers


Two issues of magazine published by SKIF in New York

46930Scouts - Rulesundated
46931SKIF Group in New York - Letters to members1955
46932SKIF New York - Circulars for members and event flyers1972-1973.
46933Yiddish-Speaking Children's Club Van Cortlandt Park (Bronx, N.Y.) - Correspondence1959
46934Youth Club and SKIF - Membership list and addressesundated

Subseries 6: Yugnt Bund 'Tsukunft' (Youth Bund 'Tsukunft'), 1942-1954


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 6 includes correspondence, announcements, notes and reports of post-war activities of the Yugnt Bund 'Tsukunft' (Youth Bund 'Tsukunft'), the young people's organization of the Bund. Much of the material is generated by the New York Executive Office. There are also materials (mostly correspondence) from Tsukunft organizations outside the United States, including Argentina, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Mexico, Poland and Uruguay. Most of the correspondence deals with local or international activities, goals, and progress reports of the Tsukunft.

A) New York Oysfir Byuro (Executive Office)

46937Drafts of lettersundated
46938Letters and notices to members1942-1948
46939Meeting notesundated
46940Statements and announcementsundated

B) International Contacts

46941Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Correspondence from Moyshe Fridman1948
46942Australia (Melbourne) - Correspondence1949

Correspondence between Henye Rosenfarb, Shaye Tigel, Peretz Zilberberg, and New York Tsukunft office

46944Belgium - Report of activities and delegate card for1947
46945Canada (Montreal) - Correspondence from Henye Rosenfarb, Yagodzinski and others1951-1954
46946Canada (Toronto) - Speech by Dina Orzhek about 80 years of Tsukunftundated
46947England (London) - Correspondence with Nelly Blit and P. Zilberberg.1947-1948
46948France - Union des Socialistes Juifs1948-1949

Correspondence from P. Krystal and others

46949France - Union des Socialistes Juifsundated 1948

Reports of activities and conference

46950Mexico - Juventud Socialista Israelita1947-1948

Correspondence from Elias Levintal, Carlos Kristal, and S. Yezher

46951Poland (Łódż)1946-1947

Correspondence from A. Kahan and H. Kempinski

46952Poland (Warsaw)1945

Letter to Lucjan Blit from group of Tsukunft members

46953Uruguay (Montevideo)1948

Correspondence from David Cukierman


Subseries 7: Various, undated, 1967?


Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 7 includes unsorted materials related to the Bund, notably, a list of Bundists in the Feldafing DP camp (Germany), and a list of addresses of refugees and survivors.

46954Addresses of refugees and survivorsundated
46955Bundist Oath (Di shvue) - Translationundated
46956Chutzpah West - Newsletter of the Jewish Youth Bund's Los Angeles chapterundated
46957List of Bund members in Feldafing DP campundated
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Series XII: United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution/Farband fun Gevezene Yidishe Katsetler un Partizaner, 1946-1957

The series is in Yiddish, English, and German.
0.8 linear feet

Arranged alphabetically by folder title

Scope and Content:

The United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution, also known as the Katsetler Farband, was a non-political Jewish membership organization for Holocaust survivors in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Associated with the labor movement, it offered financial assistance for settling in the Americas, legal and medical aid, educational, cultural and social programs. It also provided aid to refugees in DP camps, and help with emigration. Established in the late 1940s, the United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution became involved in international negotiations for restitution (Wiedergutmachung) from the German government, and became a clearing house for individuals and organizations requesting information and applications for restitution monies. Moses Kligsberg played a central role in the organization, probably as Executive Secretary. Other leadership over the years included Moyshe Greenbaum; Arthur Nunberg; A. Brover; J. Celemenski.

Of particular interest are the more than 80 membership questionnaires (deklaratsyes), which catalog where people and their families came from and where they spent the war years (concentration camps, labor camps, in partisan organizations, etc). Also important is a folder of correspondence from the Axis Victims League (of which United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution was a member) that includes copies of letters from the United States Department of State and the Ambassador of France, as well as a draft (in German) of a proposal sent by the Axis Victims League to the Berlin Magistrate asking him to introduce a General Claims Law.

There are over 50 letters from individuals requesting information about restitution, and about 50 additional letters on topics such as financial aid, events, and membership. The circulars and announcements of events give a sense of the role of the organization in the social lives of new-comers to the United States. Organizational correspondence includes: Jewish Labor Committee, Canadian Jewish Congress, United Service for New Americans, New York Association for New Americans. Also noteworthy are the several drafts of the organizational by-laws.

1) General

47958Addresses of membersundated
47959Bayerisches Gesetz- u. Verordnungsblatt - Gesetz zur Wiedergutmachung [restitution] nationalsozialistischen Unrechts (Entschädigungsgesetz)1949
47960Budgets and invoices1946-1950
47962Forms and applications1949-1950
47963Invitation to the first meeting1946
47964Letterhead and stationeryundated
47965Meeting notesundated, 1949-1950
47966Membership cards (mostly returned to sender)1950
47967Membership questionnaires (deklaratsyes)undated

2) Circulars and announcements about restitution (vidergutmakhung)

48968Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1948
47969Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1949
47970Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1950
48971Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1951
48972Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1952
48973Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1953
48974Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1954
48975Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1955
48976Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1956
48977Circulars, announcements, and correspondence1957
48978Circulars, announcements, and correspondenceundated
48979Circulars, announcements, and correspondence

3) Correspondence

48980Correspondence with individuals - Assorted topics1949-1950, 1960
48981Correspondence with individuals - Requests for information on restitution1949-1950
48982Correspondence with organizations1949-1950
48983Correspondence from the Axis Victims' League1950
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Series XIII: Photographs, undated, 1941-1970

0.4 linear feet

Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

The collection contains several photographs, negatives and some prints. The images depicts among others, Moses Kligsberg's wife, Mala, and their daughter Guta, and other residents of the Warsaw Ghetto; some of Moses Kligsberg's principal collaborators from YIVO, including Vladka Meed, Joseph (Yosl) Mlotek, Emanuel Patt, and others. The series also holds photos from various trips, Moses Kligsberg undertook, many of these images are unidentified.

The prints and negatives correspond to the photographs, they usually depict unidentified landscapes.

49984Bergner, Yosl with Audrey Bergner, Moses Kligsberg, Brucha and Rebecca Patt, Joseph (Yosl) and Chana Mlotek, and Rose Klepfiszlate 1940s
49985Bund - Third World Conferenceundated
49986Buznicky family (Pedro Betancourt, Cuba)circa 1946
49987Cederbaum, Anszel and wife1940s
49988Fishman, Menakhem-Mendl (Monek) with Moses Kligsberg1953
49989Gonshor, Khantshe and husband, with Irlicht and other friends (Montreal, Canada)1947
49990Gordon, Leo, with Hershl Himmelfarb, Moses Kligsberg, Rose Klepfisz, Sholem Hertz and othersundated
49991Jacubovich, Leah (Argentina)1945-1947
49992Kligsberg family1940s

Assorted photos of Mala and Guta Kligsberg from the Warsaw Ghetto (one photo with Tobche Davidowicz), Beniek (Bernard) Kligsberg and other unidentified family members

49993Kligsberg, Mosesundated
49994Kligsberg, Moses - At a banquet with Chaim (Motl) Zelmanowicz and others (Montreal, Canada)undated
49995Kligsberg, Moses - Hiking tripundated
49996Kligsberg, Moses - Photos of a trip to Europe with six friends
49997Kongowski, Yankielundated
49998Lerner, Reyzl and Saul (Munich, Germany)1947
49999Lifszyc, Yoshkeundated
491000Lokiec, Alice (New York, N.Y.)1951
491001Meed, Ben and Vladkaundated
491002Mlotek, Ruthundated
491003Joseph (Yosl) Mlotek with H. Dawidowicz (Shanghai, China)1946
491004Zalmen and Chana Mlotek with Moses Kligsberg (New York, N.Y.)circa 1951
491005Patt, Emanuel, with Sholem Hertz, Y. Gutgold, M. Aleksandrowicz, Pinchas Schwartz, Leon Oler, Moses Kligsberg, Joel Litewka, and two others (Montreal, Canada)?undated
491006Patt, Emanuel, with Brucha and Rebecca Patt, Ben and Vladka Meed, Joseph (Yosl) and Chana Mlotek, Harry Zegas, Reyzl Zemser (Klinger), Joel and Leyke Litewka, and Moses Kligsberg (Rockaway, N.Y.)mid-1940s
491007Rak, Meyer, Gita, and Ida (Sweden)1946
491008Rojtman, Claudine (Paris, France)undated, 1949
491009Rosenfeld, Jack (Neglinge, Sweden)1946
491010SKIF Paris - Performances and activitiesundated
491011Szajkowski, Zosa (Shayke), with Lucy Dawidowicz, Rivka Tcherikower, Elias Tcherikower, and unknown personundated
491012Warsaw Ghetto ruins with three peopleundated
491013Weinreich, Uriel1961
491014Wolf, Isaacundated
491015YIVO staff membersundated

Included are photos of Rivka Tcherikower, Zosa (Szayke) Szajkowski, Elias Tcherikower, Moses Kligsberg, Nathan Goldberg, Uriel Weinreich, and others

491016YIVO staff members, including Moses Kligsberg, Hannah Fryshdorf, Yadja Zeltman with Khone Shmeruk at YIVO's Fifth Avenue address1970
491017Yugnt Bund 'Tsukunft'1941

Tsukunft members at the funeral of Khaye Nes and Vladimir (?), Mount Carmel Cemetery (Queens, New York)

491018Unidentified cards with photosundated
491019Unidentified family portraitundated
491020Unidentified groupundated
491021Unidentified photos of individualsundated
491022Unidentified portraits of 2 boys, Bronx, N.Y.undated
491023Unidentified portrait of four peopleundated
491024Unidentified travel photosundated
491025Album of photos from European tripundated

Unlabeled, mostly scenery

491026Synagogues and Jewish Sites in Polandbefore 1939
501028Negatives - Europeundated
501029Negatives and prints - boatundated
501030Negatives and prints - Europeundated
501031Negatives and prints - Europe, ruinsundated
501032Negatives - Europeundated
501033Negatives - European cityundated
501034Negatives - European cityundated
501035Negatives - European cityundated
501036Negatives - European city?undated
501037Negatives and prints - Europe, Moses Kligsberg and friends, parade/demonstrationundated
501038Negatives and prints - ferry, N.Y. harborundated
501039Negatives and prints - landscapeundated
501040Negatives and prints - landscapeundated
501041Negatives - ocean/waterundated
501042Negatives and prints - oceanundated
501043Negatives and prints - Unidentified landscapeundated
501044Negatives and print strips - landscapeundated
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Series XIV: Writings - Other Authors, 1932-1970

The series is in Yiddish, English. Some documents also in French andRussian.
1.2 linear feet,

Arranged alphabetically by name of the author.

Scope and Content:

Essays, articles and manuscripts by scholars, historians and individuals. Although there are several published works, the majority are unpublished manuscripts. Major themes represented in scholarly articles include: Jewish social research, sociological and psychological studies; youth movements, labor movements, Yidishkeyt, Yiddish literature and linguistics, Eastern European Jews during World War II.

The collection includes about 20 personal manuscripts by individuals. About half of these are memoirs submitted to YIVO by Holocaust survivors or immigrants to the United States, perhaps as part of YIVO's various autobiography contests or other oral history projects. Among these are: Abraham Biales, Eliah Ain, Benjamin Frenkel, Benjamin Rabinowitz, Elimelekh Rak, Esther Schechter, Rosa Shenfeld, Ephroim Stein, B. Ephraim Sweet.

There also seems to have been a project that involved interviewing refugees in DP camps about their wartime experiences, and the collection contains about 10 manuscripts sent from DP camps in Italy and Germany. These include: Jacob Leib, Meyer Eichbrener, Itskhak Eichenholza, Sara Jacubowska, Hania Mekler, Majer Mermelstein, Paul Landau, Itskhak Mundsztuk, A.K. Raoul, Benjamin Weissman (Feltz), Zov Verba.

Among the anonymous manuscripts is an untitled novel of over 200 pages. There are a number of anonymous manuscripts about young Bundists and their activities.

511045Abbott, Lloyd and Hadda, Janet: "Project Proposal: An Explicit Description of the Contextualization of Codes in our Neighborhood"1970

Typed copy, 34 pp.

511046Ain, Eliah: "Di leder industrie in grodner gubernye" [The leather industry in the Grodno province]1955

Included is correspondence between Eliah Ain and Shlomo Noble, 14 pp.

511047Alexandrov, H. "Forsht ayer shtetl!" [Research Your Shtetl]1928

Pamphlet, photocopied, 16 pp. Published by the Institute for Bielorussian Culture, Minsk

511048Antonovsky, Aaron. "Aspektn fun nyu heyvener yidn: a sotsyologishe studye" [Aspects of New Haven Jews: A sociological study]undated

Typed, 51 pp.

511049Artusky, I. "Vuhin geyt di yerushalayimer yugnt?" [Where are Jerusalem's youth headed?]undated

Manuscript by leader of the Bund in Israel, 9 pp.

511050Bornstein, Yudl. "Rede in nomen fun Arbeter ring bam 22stn yortog fun varshever geto oyfshtand" [Speech on Behalf of the Workmen's Circle for the 22nd Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising]1965?

Two copies. Typed, 4 pp.

511051Bornstein, Yudl. Remarks at the book party for the release of "Groysn yidishn verterbukh" [Great Yiddish Dictionary].undated

With remarks by Yudl Bornstein about new YIVO building. Typed, 3 pp.

511052Bertelsen, Aage. October '431954, 1963

Translated from Danish by Milly Lindholm and Willy Agtby. The folder also contains photocopies of texts about Jews escaping Denmark during Nazi invasion and selected chapters of Rescue in Denmark (1963) by Harold Flender

511053Biales, Abraham. Autobiography.undated, 1949

Two manuscripts, 71 pp. and 97 pp.

511054Davidson, Helen H., Greenberg, Judith W., and Gerver, Joan M. Characteristics of successful school achievers from a severely deprived environment1962.

Abstract, 3 pp.

511055Eichenbrener, Meyer. Memoir of wartime experiences1946

Sent from DP camp in Torino, Italy. Manuscript, 5 pp.

511056Eichenholza, Itzkhak. "Mayne krigs zikhroynes" (My wartime memories)1946

Sent from Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Manuscript and letter, 7 pp.

511057Fishman, Joshua1972-1973

Folder of assorted articles by and about Joshua Fishman. Included are:

  • "Historical Dimensions in the Sociology of Language", Georgetown University Monograph Series on Languages and Linguistics (1972) No. 25
  • "Lib hobn un tsuzogn: Vos darfn 'mekhtike fraynd' fun yidish ton un fodern in shaykhes mit yidish af der yisroeldiker radio un televizye?"Letste nayes ( June 10, 1973)
511058Feier, Oscar. Philosophical letter to his family1962

Mimeograph copy, typed, 2 pp.

511059Fodor, Renee, "Psikhologishe observatsyes iber der yidisher familye beys der daytsher okupatsye in poyln" [Psychological observations on the Jewish family during the German occupation in Poland]undated

Typed, 2 pp.

511060Frenkel, Benjamin. "Shvartse teg in lodzher geto" (Dark days in the Łódż Ghetto)undated

Manuscript, 10 pp.

511061Fuchs, Jerome. "A Sociological Analysis of a Zionist Youth Movement: Bnei Akiva of North America"1960

Doctoral thesis, typed, 183 pp.

511062Goldhagen, Erich. "Some Aspects of the History of the Yevsektsia"undated

Typed, 3 pp.

511063Goldin, Morris. Untitled manuscript for "Pinkas Lomzhe" (Lomza yizkor bukh)undated
   32 pp.  
511064Goldstein, Bernard. Autobiographyundated

Materials for publication of his autobiography, including table of contents, loose pages, corrections for volume 2

511065Guterman, F. "Eliyohu Hanovi in dem hoyz fun a kranker almone" [Elijah the Prophet in the House of An Ailing Widow]1965

Manuscript, 3 pp. Also included are "A yerushalayimer shnayder" [A Jerusalem Tailor], 3 pp. and letter from author

511066Hadda, Janet. Untitled, typed manuscript about the grotesque in the poetry of Moshe Leib Halpernundated

Typed, 4 pp.

511067Hershkowitz, Abe. "Fifty Years Since the Outbreak of the History-making Tailors' General Strikeundated

Photocopy, typed, 6 pp.

511068Jakubowska, Sara. "Vos hot pasirt mit Khayimken ven er iz geven in geto" [What happened to Khayim when he was in the Ghetto]1946

Letter and memoir about life in the Minsk Ghetto and with the partisans in Belarus. Sent from DP camp in Italy, 23 pp.

511069Kugelmass, Jack. "The Attitudes of the Jewish Anarchists Towards 'Yidishkeit'"undated

Typed, 37 pp.

511070Landau, Paul. Memoir about wartime experiences1946

Sent from DP camp in Italy, 8 pp.

511071Leib, Jacob. Memoir1946

Jacob Leib's experiences in the ghetto and concentration camps. Sent from UNRRA Camp in Italy, 5 pp.

511072Lew, Henryk. Untitled article about Jewish death customsundated

Printed article, glued into a notebook, 26 pp.

521073Lichten, Joseph L. "Attitudes of Ethnic Groups in the United States Toward American Jewry"1955

Typed, 15 pp.

521074Lowenstein, Steven M. "Ashkenazic Jewish Migrations and the Yiddish Language"undated

YIVO Conference paper, plus 1-page abstract of same paper. Typed, 14 pp.

521075Ludye, H. L. "Der matsev fun fundamentaler yidisher sotsyaler forshung in di fareynikter shtatn" [The State of Fundamental Jewish Social Research in the United States].1948

Typed, 7 pp. In same folder is Max Weinreich, "Yidishe sotsyale forshung, ir matsev un ir oyskuk" [The State and Outlook for Jewish Social Research]. Typed, 5 pp., 1948

521076Mekler, Hania. Poems1946

Poems in Polish and in transliterated/Germanized Yiddish about the Holocaust, 5 pp.

521077Mermelstein, Majer. Memoir1946

Sent from a DP camp in Italy, 6 pp.

521078Miron, Dan. "The Discovery of Mendele Moykher Sforim and the Beginnings of Modern Yiddish Literature"1971

Paper presented at the Annual YIVO Banquet. Typed, 20 pp.

521079Miron, Dan. "Sholem Aleykhem: Person, Persona, Presence"1972

The Uriel Weinreich Memorial Lecture, delivered at Columbia University. Typed, 47 pp.

521080Mirsky, M. "A vort tsu der tog ordnung: bamerkungen vegn der proletarisher kultur tetikayt" [A Word on the Agenda: Notes On Proletarian Cultural Activities]. Literarishe tribune No. 53 (1932)1932
  2 pp.  
521081Mlotek, Chana. "Etnografye un folkor" [Ethnography and Folklore]undated

Typed lecture, 7 pp.

521082Mlotek, Joseph. "Tableau Commemorating the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto"undated

Typed, 8 pp.

521083Mowshowitch, David. "Der english-yidisher kibuts un zayn politishe organizatsye" [The Anglo-Jewish community and its political organization]1957

Two copies, one with corrections. Typed, 53 pp.

521084Mowshowitch, David. "The Anglo-Jewish Community and Its Political Organization"1957

English version, with bibliography. Typed, 44 pp.

521085Mundsztuk, Itskhak. Memoir1947
  6 pp.  
521086Pilch, Judah. "Jewish Education"undated

Abstract, typed, 1 p.

521087Rabinowitz, Benjamin. Autobiographical memoir about life in the union movementundated, 1964

Handwritten, 10 pp. With letter from his daughter.

521088Rak, Elimelekh. "Khelm un Vladove: Fun mayne gezelshaftlekhe rayzes in poyln" [Chelm and Władowa: From my communal journeys in Poland]undated

Chapter 17 from a longer text. Typed, 6 pp. and original poem, 1 p.

521089Raoul, A.K. (Samuel Zoberman). "Remember"1946

In French., 14 pp.

521090Rovner, Louis. "Hirsh Glik: Lider un poemes"undated

Part II of a manuscript, 71 pp.

521091Schaechter, Mordkhe. "Der terminologisher arbetkrayz bam yivo" [The terminology work group at YIVO]1972

Typed, 4 pp.

521092Schenfeld, Rosa. Addendum to autobiographies "tsugob" [supplement] contest.1956

Typed, 7 pp.

521093Sadan, Dov. "Vort fun Profesor Dov Sadan af der prese konferents fun YIVO" [A Word from Professor Dov Sadan at the YIVO Press Conference]1969, Oct. 30

Typed, 5 pp.

521094Shector, Esther. Autobiography1952

Included are letter and autobiographical manuscript for YIVO contest, 15 pp.

521095Stankiewicz, Edward. "Max Weinreich: History of the Yiddish Language - A Contribution to Linguistics"1973

Paper given at YIVO Annual Banquet. Typed, 28 pp.; one page of introductory remarks in Yiddish is also included

521096Stankiewicz, Edward. "Dr. Max Weinreich's History of the Yiddish Language - A Contribution to Linguistics"1974

Condensed version, 7 pp. In pamphlet published by YIVO. Also included is Noble, Shlomo. "A Morphology of Ashkenazic Culture," condensed version , 4 pp. Pamphlet contains Yiddish and English versions of both papers

521097Stein, Ephroym (Frank). Autobiography1952

Memoir, 29 pp., letter and three poems

521098Sukhanina, A. Untitled manuscripts1953-1954

Text about about Naum Kausan, Jewish Russian patriot killed by Bolsheviks Also included are correspondence and photograph. In Russian. 18 pp., 11 pp., 7 pp.

521099Sutzkever, Abraham. "Friling" [Spring]1943

Copy of poem written in Vilna ghetto

521100Sweet, B. Ephraim. "Erinerungen fun der ershter velt milkhome" [Memoirs of the First World War]1963

Handwritten, 19 pp.

521101Taub, Yeshiah. "Der nusekh fun a yidisher shtub amol in der alter heym [The appearance of a Jewish home in the old country]undated
521102Trunk, Yeshiah. "Der varshever geto oyfshtand - in perspektiv fun 30 yor" [The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - A 30 Year Perspective]1973?

Typed, 22 pp.

521103Trunk, Yehiel Yeshaia. Storiesundated
521104Verba, Zov (Vladimir). "Vegn undzer yidishnvazvod" [About our Jewish Platoon]1947
  4 pp. 
521105Warshaviak, D. "Di ershte velt konferents far yidish forshung" [The First World Conference on Yiddish Research].undated

Typed, 6 pp.

521106Weinreich, Bina Silverman. "Problemen un avoydes bam forshn yidishe retenishn" [Problems and Tasks of Researching Yiddish Riddles]undated

Outline for a lecture. Typed, 26 pp.

521107Weinreich, Max. "Geshikhte fun yidish" (History of Yiddish). Transcription of a lecture. Typed, 22 pp.undated
521108Weinreich, Max. "Yidishe sotsyale forshung, ir matsev un ir oyskuk" [The State and Outlook for Jewish Social Research]1948

Comments on article by H.L. Ludye. Typed, 5 pp.

521109Weissman, Benjamin [Feltz]. Memoir1949 or 1950

Memoir in two notebooks, about DP camps. Handwritten, 71 pp.

521110Yasser, Joseph. "Di musikalishe yerushe fun tanakh: a kritishe opshatsung fun Shloyme Rozofskis forsharbet vegn trop" [The musical legacy of the Tanakh: a critical evaluation of Shloyme Rosowsky's research on cantillation]undated

Typed, 21 pp. Also includes list of translations for musical terms, 9 pp.

531111Author unknown. "Albert Bernshtok"undated

Profile of a martyr of the youth movement. Typed, 2 pp.

531112Author unknown. "Dovid" [David]undated

Excerpt from a longer work. Two different copies, typed, 14 pp. and 22 pp.

531113Author unknown. "Robert Pinkerton"undated

Section from a longer manuscript with statistics about Polish towns. pp. 21-39

531114Author unknown. "Der shaykhes tsvishn emantsipatsye un kiem ha ume: A rede af der 31ster yerlekher konferents fun YIVO" [The Relationship Between Emancipation and Survival of the Nation: A Speech for the 31st Annual YIVO Conference]1957

Text could be written by ? Kolen. Typed, 37 pp.

531115Author unknown. "Sheva" [Sheva]undated

Two excerpts from a longer work. Typed, 21 pp. and 12 pp.

531116Author unknown. "Di shtat rat valn in Lodz in 1936" [The City Council Elections in Łódż in 1936]undated

Excerpt from a longer work, 7 pp.

531117Author unknown. "Tobtshe Davidovich"undated

Manuscript about a young Bundist, 4 pp.

531118Author unknown. "Yankele Mendelson"undated

Incomplete, 6 pp.

531119Author unknown (Yosh). Yankele Mendelsonundated

Fragment of an obituary, 2 pp.

531120Author unknown. "Yiddish as an Object of Linguistic Study"undated

Linguistics lecture. Text might have been written by Max Weinreich. Incomplete, typed, 12 pp. Also included a 1-page incomplete lecture probably by the same author

531121Author unknown. "Yulian Vielekovski"undated

Typed, 2 pp.

531122Author unknown. Untitled manuscript of a novelundated

Separated pages 1-130

531123Author unknown. Untitled manuscript of a novel, Part IIundated

Continuation of folder 1122, pp. 131-212

531124Author unknown. Untitled manuscript of a novelundated
   70 pp. 
531125Author unknown, Untitled manuscriptundated

manuscript about Bundist youth, 18 pp.

531126Author unknown. Fragmentundated

Incomplete manuscript about democratic socialism, 11 pp.

531127Author unknown. Untitled fragment of a Chelm storyundated
  5 pp.  
531128Author unknown. Untitled manuscriptundated

Manuscript in English, citations from a longer work, 29 pp.

531129Author unknown. 4 satirical poems about YIVOundated, 1942
  4 pp. 
531130Author unknown. Two untitled manuscriptsundated
  4 pp. and 7 pp. 
531131Author unknown. Autobiographical fragmentundated
  10 pp. 
531132Author unknown. Autobiographical fragmentundated

Document marked "aroysgenumen" [cut], 5 pp.

531133Author unknown. Autobiographical fragmentundated

Translated to English. Typed, 6 pp.

531134Author unknowns. A short story about deaf peopleundated

Six different versions (by different authors)

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Series XV: Ephemera, undated, 1962

The series is in Yiddish,English, and German.

Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

This series contains two documents. One is a fragment of a hand-written document in German and the other a translation of a brochure "How the New York Labor Law Protects You" by Moses Kligsberg.

531135Document in German - Photocopyundated
531136"How the New York Labor Law Protects You"1962

Brochure from New York State Department of Labor with Moses Kligsberg's translation into Yiddish

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Series XVI: Sound Recordings, undated, 1951-1967

This series is inYiddish, English, and Hebrew.
0.8 linear feet

Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

The character of this series is rather mixed. It contains interviews, some recordings seem to be part of oral history projects. One of the recordings could be a lecture Chana Mlotek gave on Michl Gordon. However, there is only little data available to better assess the background and conditions under which the recordings were created.

The music part of the collection includes some examples of possibly religious chants in Hebrew, couple of Yiddish folk songs, and also Christmas carols. Three sound reels with unidentified classical music that sound like chamber music.

The speed of recording also differs from recording to recording and where possible is is noted in the brackets.

1) Interviews, oral history, and oral performances

541137Hollander, Louis (1 7/8)undated
541138Informal conversationundated
541139Jewish language instructionundated
541140Margalin, Schlomo – On the workers' movement1967
541141Milman (7 ½)undated
541142Mlotek, Chana – On Michl Gordon1951
541143Sacks, Ben – Badkhonesundated
541144Shatan, Morris (3 3/4)undated
551145Starkman, Moisheundated
551146Unidentified child reading Englishundated

2. Music

551147Christmas carols1964
551148Noble, Shlomo: "A fun Hoshano Rabo" and Erlich, Shoshke: "Undzer Rebenyu"undated
551149Schaefer – Religious songsundated
551150Unidentified classical musicundated
551151Unidentified classical musicundated
551152Unidentified classical music - Movement V-VIIIundated
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