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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Bernstein, Herman, 1876-1935
Title: Herman Bernstein Papers
Abstract: This collection contains the papers of the journalist, author, translator, and diplomat Herman Bernstein. It documents his work on behalf of Eastern European and Russian Jews and holds correspondence, memos, writings and translations by Herman Bernstein, writings by others, contracts, clippings, printed matter, and photographs.
Languages: The collection is in English, Yiddish, Russian, German, Polish, and French.
Quantity: 32.75 linear feet
Accession number: RG 713
Repository: YIVO Archives
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Biographical Note

Herman Bernstein, journalist, author, translator, diplomat, and advocate for the rights of the Jews of Eastern Europe, was born in Neustadt-Schwerwindt on the Russo-German border on September 21, 1876. He was the son of David and Marie (Elsohn) Bernstein. In 1893 Bernstein emigrated to the United States where he completed his education. He was married to Sophie Friedman on December 31, 1901.

Bernstein’s journalistic career began in 1900 when his first stories were published. He was a contributor to the New York Evening Post, The Nation, The Independent and Ainslee’s Magazine. He was a founder and editor of The Day (1914-1916) and an editor of The Jewish Tribune (1924-1926; 1930), and an editor of the Jewish Daily Bulletin (1933-1934). As a special correspondent to the New York Times, Bernstein traveled to Europe in 1908, 1909, 1911 and 1912. On these visits he interviewed many prominent individuals of the day and his dispatches and articles were widely read in the U.S. Bernstein also went to Europe in 1915 to study the conditions of Jews in the war zones. He went to Russia in 1917 to report on the Revolution for the New York Herald, which also sent him to Japan and Siberia with the American Expeditionary Forces. His work for the Herald extended to his coverage of the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. In the 1920s Bernstein wrote for the New York American and the Brooklyn Eagle, often reporting from Europe and writing frequently about Russia. One of Bernstein’s journalistic coups was his publication of the so-called “Willie-Nicky” correspondence between Wilhelm II and Nicholas II, which he discovered in Russia in 1917. These secret telegrams between the Kaiser and the Tsar during the years 1904-1907 revealed, according to Bernstein, how “Both talked for peace and plotted against it.” The telegrams were first published in the Herald.

Many of Bernstein’s interviews, including those with Henri Bergson, Hall Caine, Albert Einstein, Havelock Ellis, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Max Nordau, Auguste Rodin, Romain Rolland, Theodore Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, Leo Tolstoy, Chaim Weizmann, Count Sergius Witte, Woodrow Wilson, and Israel Zangwill, were later published in three volumes: Celebrities of Our Time (1924), With Master Minds, and The Road to Peace (1926).

Bernstein’s literary work included translations of short stories and plays by Gorky, Tolstoy, Andreyev, Lothar, Urvantzov, Schnitzler, Asch, Chekov, and Turgenev. Bernstein’s own writings include a book of verse, The Flight of Time (1899), a book of short stories, In the Gates of Israel (1902), and a novel, Contrite Hearts (1905). He also wrote his own plays including The Mandarin and The Right to Kill which were presented on Broadway.

Bernstein was also known for his efforts to expose anti-Semitism in the United States and elsewhere. He won a retraction from Henry Ford after suing him for libel for anti-Semitic statements Ford had published in the Dearborn Independent. In 1921 Bernstein’s book, The History of a Lie, exposed the fraudulent origins of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” His 1935 work The Truth about the Protocols of Zion was released to combat a renewed interest in the Protocols coinciding with the rise of anti-Semitism in pre-war Europe. Throughout his career Bernstein researched and wrote about the conditions of Jews in Europe, reporting on pogroms in Poland and Russia, and the effects of the Revolution on Russia’s Jews. Bernstein worked with organizations such as ORT, the Central Relief Committee, the American Jewish Relief Committee, and the Joint Distribution Committee to improve conditions for Jews in Europe. He also served as secretary of the American Jewish Committee, as an officer of the Zionist Organization of America, and as a member of various committees of HIAS. Politically he advocated for liberal immigration policies and was a member of the Democratic National Committee and worked to elect Woodrow Wilson in 1912. Bernstein also supported the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine and wrote about the politics of the Middle East and the settlement of Palestine.

Bernstein met Herbert Hoover at the Paris Peace Conference and supported his bid for the presidency in 1928. In 1930 Hoover appointed Bernstein as the United States minister to Albania, a position he held until 1933. During this appointment, he worked on negotiation and extradition treaties between the U.S. and Albania, and received an award from King Zog for his service to Albania, the Grand Cordon of the Order of Skanderberg.

Herman Bernstein died in Sheffield, Massachusetts on August 31, 1935. He was survived by his wife Sophie and three daughters, Violet Bernstein Willheim, Hilda Bernstein Gitlin, and Dorothy Bernstein Nash, as well as a son, David.

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Scope and Content Note

The Herman Bernstein Papers (ca. 1899-1935) include correspondence, memos, writings and translations by Herman Bernstein, writings by others, contracts, clippings, printed matter, ephemera, and photographs. This collection documents the life and career of Herman Bernstein and touches on many of his pursuits, including journalism, philanthropy, diplomacy, theater, and advocacy for Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe. In his work Bernstein was in contact with many prominent statesmen, literary figures, philanthropists, and leaders of the Jewish community in the United States.

The Bernstein papers are arranged physically into seven series, six of which are chronological, with the remaining series consisting of addenda. The first five series are made up largely of correspondence and some personal papers from the time period represented in each series. Each series contains at least four subseries: correspondence from individuals; correspondence from organizations; personal, and subjects. Series IV, however, has only three subseries. Series II has an additional two categories: The Day, the newspaper which Herman Bernstein edited, and subjects. Series III has a fifth subseries concerning the Ford Libel Suit as well as a sixth on subjects. Series V contains a subseries concerning Albania in addition to the four other subseries. The last series, Series VI: Mostly Undated, is comprised largely of manuscripts of writings and translations by Herman Bernstein and others. Series VI also contains newspaper clippings, undated personal documents, photographs, and plays.

Bernstein’s journalistic work is represented by his writings, his interviews, and by organizational files for various papers which published his work or where he served as editor. Among the publications represented are The American Hebrew, The Day, The Jewish Tribune, The New York Herald, and The New York Times. Correspondence includes information on editorial policy, letters from readers, and financial arrangements. Also included are copies of Bernstein’s articles and interviews which may include manuscript, typescript, and printed copies. Many of the interviews do not include transcripts, but only Bernstein’s narrative of the interview. Several files of dispatches from Russia, many of which may be found in Series VI, Subseries 7, include his writings on Lenin, Andreyev, Kerensky, the Tsarina Alexandra (wife of Nicholas II), and the changes wrought by the Revolution. Most of the articles and dispatches are undated, and their date and place of publication are not noted. Some of the articles that can be found in the clippings files (Series VI, Subseries 15), which are arranged alphabetically, include the actual newsprint copies of Bernstein’s articles. His work appeared in many New York and U.S. papers in addition to those listed above. Bernstein also corresponded regularly with publishers and magazines regarding the publication of his writings and translations. These include The Century Magazine, the Associated Press, Harper & Bros., Alfred A. Knopf, Macmillan, and The Independent.

The collection includes a significant amount of material relating to Bernstein’s theatrical work. In addition to writing his own plays and translating works from Russian and German, a large amount of which are located in Series VI, Subseries 17, Bernstein often served as the agent for playwrights whose works he translated. He corresponded regularly with playwrights, actors, agents, theater companies, publishers, and producers. Among the noted playwrights represented (by correspondence and scripts) are Leonid Andreyev, Georg Erastov, Ossip Dymow, Nicolas Evreinoff, Rudolf Lothar, Luigi Pirandello (1 letter), Arthur Schnitzler, George Bernard Shaw (1 note), and Leo Urvantzov. Other correspondents relevant to his theatrical work include Nina Caraciollo, Feodor Chaliapin, Morris Gest, Jacob Gordin, Bertha Kalich, Alla Nazimova, Max Rabinoff, and Maurice Schwartz. Organizations represented include: Brady and Wiman, the Theatre Guild, Radiant Productions, and the Yiddish Art Theatre. The collection also includes programs, reviews, and some photographs of theatrical productions and personalities.

Bernstein’s involvement in the American Jewish community is documented by his work with organizations such as the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Relief Committee, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), the Jewish National Fund, Joint Distribution Committee, ORT (Obschestvo Rasprostraneniia Truda sredi Evreev, the Society for Spreading Work Among Jews), and the Zionist Organization of America. In his work with these organizations Bernstein corresponded with prominent political, philanthropic and communal society leaders including Cyrus Adler, Joseph Barondess, Bernard Baruch, Jacob Billikopf, Josephus Daniels, Adolph Lewishohn, Louis Marshall, Jacob Schiff, Nathan Straus, and Stephen Wise. Correspondence with these organizations and individuals is located chronologically in Series I through V. Some organizational papers include minutes and reports.

Materials relating to Bernstein’s tenure as the Minister to Albania are located in Series V, Subseries 6, and include official letters and invitations, general correspondence and correspondence with other legations, reports, clippings, press releases, and writings including King Zog’s story as told to Herman Bernstein. Photographs from Bernstein's time in Albania will be found in Series VI: Subseries 16.

The scope of Bernstein’s many pursuits is reflected in his correspondence. Other prominent correspondents are Shalom Aleichem, Auguste Rodin, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and William G. McAdoo.

Family papers include correspondence, photographs and miscellaneous materials. The earliest letters in the collection are letters from Herman Bernstein (in Russian and English) to Sophie Friedman, written in 1896 and located in Series I. The collection also includes letters from Bernstein’s children, and from his brother, Harry Bernstein.

This collection holds photographs, which will be found in Subseries 16 of Series VI, that portray Bernstein's work and travels, including photos related to his theatrical work, such as production photos and photos of performers. Of particular interest to researchers may be photos acquired during Bernstien's tenure as ambassador to Albania. These include photos of King Zog and other government officials, of offical functions, and of an archeological excavation in the city of Butrinto. The collection also contains personal photos, including portraits and family images. Photos of American and French soldiers from World War I will also be found in this subseries, as well as images of Bernstein's trip to Siberia under the auspices of the American Expeditionary Forces.

Users of this collection should be aware that there this collection has an index. Information on this index may be found here.

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The best way to access the collection is with the detailed index available at YIVO's reference desk in the reading room at the Center for Jewish History. Please also see the description of the index.

The physical arrangement of the papers corresponds to the following six groupings:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers by appointment with a YIVO archivist.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Chief Archivist, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Other Finding Aid

Because the collection is not organized into traditional series, the best way to access the collection is through the index, which is available at YIVO's reference desk in the reading room of the Center for Jewish History. The index lists names of individuals and organizations, titles, and subjects. A description of the organization of this index follows.

The index is organized into the following seven sections:

I. Individuals (1899-1935):

The index provides correspondence files for individuals which include incoming and outgoing correspondence, memos, clippings, occasional information about the correspondent, and a few photographs. It also leads to other material in the collection by that individual including writings, or interviews. Not all names listed in the index refer to incoming correspondence.

II. Organizations (1899-1935):

Files for organizations contain correspondence, minutes and agendas, addresses by Bernstein and others, clippings, financial papers, contracts, printed matter, and a few photographs.

III. Subjects:

The index to subjects is quite comprehensive. Subject headings reflect many of the major themes in the collection. These entries refer to actual subject files, but also to subject specific materials throughout the collection. Subjects include countries (Albania, Palestine, Poland, Russia), events (the libel suit of Herman Bernstein versus Henry Ford, the Ford Peace Expedition, the Paris Peace Conference), and the Nathan Straus milk pasteurization project.

IV. Writings by Herman Bernstein:

Writings by Bernstein include addresses, articles, book reviews, interviews, plays, poetry, short stories, and translations. Most works are listed by title. Writings include holograph manuscripts, typescripts, clippings and other printed versions of some works.

V. Writings by Others:

These are mainly typescript manuscripts for articles, short stories, plays, and books. Some of the plays are published versions. These works are in English, Russian, German, and Yiddish. It includes plays that were translated by Bernstein, and perhaps plays that he was considering for translation. It is not known how Bernstein obtained the articles or if they were published in any of the publications he edited or elsewhere.

Among the authors represented are Boris Almasoff, Leonid Andreyev, Vladimir Bourtzeff, Victor Chernoff, Ossip Dymow, Nicholas Evreinoff, Maxim Gorky, Rebecca Kohut, Melchior Lengyel, Rudolph Lothar, and Arthur Schnitzler. The collection also includes writings that are not identified by author and/or title. A series of folders containing a history of the Joint Distribution Committee was probably written by Herman Bernstein, although no author is identified.

VI. Personal Papers:

Personal papers include family correspondence, biographical information, ephemera, records of tributes and testimonials, personal finances and business papers, and theatrical contracts. Note: Some family correspondence is filed under the names of individual family members.

VII. Miscellaneous Papers:

Files include clippings, photographs, unidentified correspondence, theatre playbills, and programs.

The clippings are arranged first by language (English, Russian, Yiddish, German) and then chronologically. Articles include work by Bernstein, articles about him, reviews of his books, and some articles by others on subjects relevant to Bernstein’s work. Theatre clippings are filed separately.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); YIVO Archives; Herman Bernstein Papers; RG 713; box number; folder number.

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Acquisition Note

The Herman Bernstein Papers were donated to YIVO by David Bernstein, Adele Bernstein, and Ann Weissman.

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Container List


Series I, 1896-1917

This series is mostly in English, Russian, and Yiddish.
2 linear feet (1 ft. 8 in.; 4 5" boxes)

This series is divided into four subseries: Individuals; Personal; Subjects; and Organizations.

Scope and Content:

This series is composed mainly of correspondence dating from 1896 through 1917. Correspondence is between Herman Bernstein and various individuals and organizations. In addition, Series I also contains material on specific subjects as well as notes for his articles.

Subseries 1: Individuals, 1899-1912


Alphabetical by last name of individual.

Scope and Content:

Well-known individuals with whom Herman Bernstein corresponded during the time period 1896-1917 include artists, politicians, and businessmen, among others. Correspondents in this subseries include: Andrew Carnegie, Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain), Louis Marshall, Auguste Rodin, Sholem Aleichem, Leo Tolstoy, Israel Zangwill, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson.

11 A
Adler, Felix (1905-1912); Alexander, Louis (1906); Antin, Mary; Aram, Kurt (1912)
12Adler, Cyrus1908-1911
13Andreyev, Leonid1900
14Ash, S.1910
Barondess, Joseph (1907-1911); Bain, George (1911-1912); Bartsch, Hans (1909-1912)
Beck, Helen; Ben, Yaakov (1911); Becker, Max (1912); Belasco, David (1912); Berman, Harvey (1906); Benheimer, C. (1903); Bernstein, Heary (1911-1912); Bero, Stanley (1899); Bex, Ahmed Robinson (1909)
17Bergson, H.1912
18Bernstein, David and Harry1903-1904
19Bernstein, Jacob1902-1908
110Bi – Bo
Biala, Sara (1910); Bienstock, J.W. (1910); Blongard, S. (1908); Birnbaum, Dr. (1908); Boehm, David (1912); Bourzeff, V.L. (1910)
111Boshko, Victoria1903-1912
Brady, W.A. (1907-1909); Brandeis, Louis (1912); Breslauer, Bernhard (1911); Biesel, Augustus (1911); Brisbane, Mr. (1906); Brown, Robert (1911)
113Brinton, Christian1905
114Bryan, William Jennings1908-1913
115Bruce-Joy, Albert1911-1912
Caftin, Charles (1910); Cain, Hall (1911); Carnegie, Andrew (1911)
Clemens, S.L. (1906); Cooper, M.T. (1912)
Daly, A. (1912); Dana, Henry; Davidson, Dave (1910); Davis, Allan (1910); De-Sheimb, A. (1911); De-Tessan, Francois (1912); Dewitt, R. (1911); Dillingham, Charles (1910); Drankoff, A.O. (1911); Dukas, Mr. (1909)
119Daniels, Josephus1912
Ellis, H. (1912); Elson, Joseph (1909); Engeldrum, J.J. (1910); Erber, Joe (1906)
121Edelhertz, Bernard1911-1913
122Elkus, Abram1912
123Erastov, Georg1907-1910
Fackimer, Henry (1905); Figdor, Karl (1911); Fink, Ernest A. (1905); Fourman, Max (1911); Freeman, G. (1911); Friedman, Philip (1906-1911); Frohman, Daniel (1908-1911)
125Fiske, Harrison G.1905-1906
126Fishberg, Maurice1906-1912
Gilder, Joseph B. (1904); Goldfogle, Henry; Golding, Samuel (1910); Goldknopf, A. (1912); Goldkin, R.B.; Goldthwaithe, Vere (1908); Gollomb, Joseph; Gordon, Alex (1908); Gordin, Jacob (1907); Gordon, Rosa (1911); Gottlieb, Richard (1902); Gottsdanker, Theo (1910); Greenberg, Jacob (1910); Grisby, E.; Goldofsky, O.B. (1908)
128Goldofsky, O.B.1908-1912
Hale, Chandler; Hassler, Isaac (1908); Hewitt, R. (1911); Hexermanns (1912); Himowich, A. (1910); Hollander, Boer E.; Hourwich, Isaac A. (1908-1911); Horn, Liesel (1911); Hunter, Robert (1907); Hurwitz, G. (1911)
130Halbe, Max1908-1911
131Hirschbein, Peretz1912
132Hopp, Julius1912
Jacoves, Louis J. (1909-1912); Janow, O.D.; Jonas, D.M. (1910); Joseph, Samuel (1910); Johnson, Owen (1906); Judelson, I. (1904)
133AJaschunski, Joseph1908-1909
Katzman, Eva; Kaufman, Julius (1909); Kessler’s Lyric Theatre (1910-1911); Kivelson, H. (1911); Klein, John (1907-1908); Kobrin, Leon (1911); Komisarzhevsky, Vera; Kupperman, Lou (1910); Kushelevsky, S.K. (1911)
135Kalich, Bertha1910
136Kauffman, Lenore D.1903-1905
137Keane, D.1908-1909
238 L
Laczytaw, Al (1900); Leavitt, Ezekiel (1907); Lederer, George W. (1910); Lemchem, Israel (1911); Leon, Maurice (1907); Levin, Louis H. (1904); Lewton, Mrs. Nina (1910); Lichtenauer, Mortimer (1910); Lichtenstein, M. (1905); Lippmann, Emil (1905); Lipsky, Louis (1907); Gouldon, Alfred M. (1912) (Representative to Mme Malvina Lobel)
239Langen, Albert1909
240Limedorfer, Eugene1905-1917
241Lopukhin, A.A.1907
Maaskoff, M. (1909); Mailby, William (1910); Mandel, Jacob (1903); Mann, Louis (1908); Mandel, S.I. (1907-1908); Marbury, Elizabeth (1907); McCann, Mrs. Rose L. (1911); Medalia, A. (1914); Michael, Maurice (1911); Miller, Henry (1907); Miller, L.; Miller, M.M. (1909); Moskowitz, Henry (1908); Motzkin, Leo (1911)
243Marshall, Louis1911-1912
244McAdoo, W.G.1912
245Melnik, [Joseph]1912
246Mentschikoff, L.1911
247Morss, G.H.1904-1911
Naumberg, H.D. (1912); Nelson, Mrs. R.M. (1907); Nelson, Wolf (1909); Nozzomin, Eugene (1908)
249Nazimova, Alla1907-1910
250Nordau, Max1909-1912
Obinsky, M.; Ochs (1911); Okunzoff, Ivan; Oland, Warner
252Orloff, Nicholas1908
Page, Vivian (1910); Patterson, P. (1911); Pollack, Simon D. (1911); Pomeranz, Herman; Postnikov, S. (1912)
254Persitz, J.1911
255Pinski, David1908-1910
Rabinoff, Max (1912); Retzbach, Arthur (1911); Robinson, Allan (1912); Robsenstamm, S.S. (1911); Rosensweig, Charles (1904); Rosenthal, Elias (1908); Rovinsky, A.; Rikkel, K.L. (1905); Ryss, P. (1912)
257Reynolds, Paul R.1905
258Rockhill, William1911-1912
259Rodin, Auguste1911-1912
259ARoosevelt, Theodore1905-1911
Sapir, Joseph; Scherman, Harry (1908-1910); Schildkraut, Rudolf (1910); Schneiderman, Harry (1912); Schwartz, K.; Seff, Jos (1911); Semeniouk, Mr. I. (1911)
Sheftel, N. (1912); Shippin, Kathleen (1908); Slobodkin, S. (1912); Solis Cohen, Emily (1911); Stedman, Laura (1900); Stein, Philip (1909); Stern, Horace (1902); Struck, Herman; Strunsky, Rose (1909)
262Schiff, Jacob1909-1912
263Sholem Aleichem1906
264Shaw, G.B.1911
265Spachner, Leopold1910
266Stam, F.A.H.1912
267Straus, Nathan & Oscar1910-1911
268Sulzberger, Cyrus1905-1912
269Empty Folder
Tepeuollo, Feinerman (1906); Topelerd, Solomon; Tutwiler, Julia (1910); Tyler, George (1912)
271Taft, William H.1910
272Tolstoy, Leo1907-1910
Unger, Gladys (1909); Van Dyke, Henry (1902); Van Warlich, Georgia (1911)
Warfield, David (1910); Wallerstein, David; Watchorn, Robert (1907); Weinberg, M. (1909); Weissman, Anna; Whitefield, Harry (1912); Williams, Talcott (1912); Wolfe, Archibald (1909); Wolfson, F.N. (1910)
375Wald, Lillian1909
376Wilson, Woodrow1911
377Witte, Sophia1905-1908
378Witte, Sergius1905-1911
379Zangwill, Israel1902-1911
380Zhitlowsky, Chaim1911-1912

Subseries 2: Personal, 1896-1919

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains personal documents, including correspondence between Herman and Sophie Bernstein as well as those concerned with Bernstein's writings, including drafts of articles and in index of his published works.

380AArticles by Herman Bernstein1912
381AIndex of Articles, Stories, etc. Published in Newspapers1900-1919
382Bernstein, Sophie1896-1912

Subseries 3: Subjects, 1903-1912

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains material on issues which Bernstein worked to resolve. The folder titled Passport Problem refers to the difficulties American Jews faced when trying to enter Russia even while holding American passports.

384Notes and Outlines1906-1912
385Testimony Regarding Pogroms In Kiev1903
386Session of Duma1907
387Passport Problem1911-1912

Subseries 4: Organizations, 1897-1912


Alphabetical by name of organization.

Scope and Content:

This subseries holds correspondence with numerous organizations during 1896-1917. The majority of correspondence here is from various journals, newspapers, and other publications, as well as from publishing companies, including The New York Times, The Sun, The New York Herald, and the American Publishers Association. Other organizations represented here include political organizations such as the Democratic National Committee. In addition, Bernstein also exchanged correspondence with various Jewish organizations, among them the American Jewish Committee, the Baron de Hirsch Fund, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

Adler Theatre Company (1910); Alliance Review (1902); Henry Altemus Company Publishers (1902); American Committee of the Russian S.R. Party (1911); The American Magazine (1906); The American Monthly Jewish Review (1910); D. Appelton & Company (1911); The Arena (1897); The Associated Sunday Magazines (1907)
489Ainslee’s Magazine1900-1902
490American Academy of Dramatic Arts1904-1912
491The American Hebrew1906-1912
492American Jewish Committee1908-1911
493American Publishers Association1905
Baker & Taylor Company (1907); Publishing House of A.S. Barnes & Co. (1903); Joseph Barondess Banquet Committee (1912); Berliner Börsen-Courier (1912); Broadway Magazine (1907)
495Baron De Hirsch Fund – Baron De Hirsch Agricultural School1909-1911
The Century Players (1904); The Churchman (1904); The Critic (1901-1903); The Current Literature Publishing Co. (1901-1911)
497Century Co., Century Magazine1910-1911
499Commercial Advertisor1902
Deutsches Theater in Berlin
4101Democratic National Committee1912
4102Dodd, Mead & Co.1907-1909
4103Doubleday, Page & Co.1900-1907
Epokha Journal (1908); The Era (1902); Everybody’s Magazine (1907); The Evening Post (1901-1906)
Federation of American Zionists (1906-1912); Federation of Jewish Organizations (1911-1912); Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly (1901-1903); The Free Age Press (1910)
Joseph M. Gaites Knickerbocker Theatre (1911); The Gorham Press (1911); Guggenheim Exploration Co. (1911)
Hamburg Amerika Line (1911); Harper & Brothers (1900); Hebrew Publishing Co. (1909); Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (1908-1912)
The Incorporated Stage Society (1909-1911); The International Library
4109 The Independent1903-1912
4110The International Quarterly1903-1905
The Jewish Agricultural & Industrial Aid Society (1905); Jewish Community (1912); The Jewish Chronicle (1911-1912); The Jewish Comment (1902); Jewish Colonization Association (1909); Jewish Daily News/ Gazette (1909); The Jewish Encyclopedia (1903-1912); The Jewish Exponent (1909); The Joseph Preparatory School (1906); The Jewish Press Bureau (1907); Jewish Socialist Labor Federation (1909); Jewish Theological Seminary of America (1906); John Lane Co. (1906); The Jones Brother’s (1899)
4112Jewish Publication Society of America1901-1910
Kohler’s Rubinverlag Munchen (1910); The Ladies' Home Journal (1905); Le Monde Illustré (1910); Liebler & Co. (1905-1911); The Literary Digest (1907); John W. Luce & Company (1907); The F.M. Lupton Publishing Co.
4114Library of Congress1900-1911
4115Lipzin Theatre1910-1911
4116Little, Brown, & Company1906-1907
4117Lothrop Publishing Company1902-1904
A.N. Marquis & Co. (1907); Men & Women (1902); Mikveh Israel Association (1911); The Moods Publishing Co. (1910-1911); Moscow Art Theater (1909); The Frank A. Munsey Co. (1908)
4119The Macmillan Co.1901-1912
4120McClure’s Magazine1904-1908
4121 N
The Nation (1907); The National Economic League (1911); The National Jewish Hospital for Comsumptives (1906); The New Theatre (1910); The New York American (1911); The New York Herald (1905)
4122The New York Times1908-1912
Odessa News
1909, 1912
4124J.S. Ogilvie Publishing Co.1904-1911
4125The Outlook Co.1902-1910
4126 P
The Playwrights League Inc.
The Reform Advocate (1906); Political Relief Society for the Victims of the Russian Revolution (1911); Paul R. Reynolds (1905); R.H. Russell Publisher (1903); Russian American Echo (1910); Russian Embassy (1912); Russian Socialist Publishing Association (1911)
St. George’s Memorial House; The Saturday Evening Post (1908); Charles Scribner’s Sons (1901); The Scroll (1899); The Smart Set (1905); Society for the Advancement of Hebrew Learning (1907); Society of Jewish Art
4129Shubert Theatrical Co.1910-1911
4130 The Sun1912
J.F. Taylor & Company (1902-1907); Thomashefsky’s People Theatre (1911); Tom Watson’s Magazine (1905)
United Hebrew Charities (1908-1909); United States Civil Service Commission (1907-1908); The Universal Book Agency (1910)
Wacheit (1910); Weber & Fields Music Hall (1903); A. Wessels Co. (1905-1908); Leo Wise & Co. (1908); The World (1907-1908)
4134 Y-Z
Young’s Magazine (1906); Dos Yiddish Folk; The Zion Press Association (1912)
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Series II, 1913-1916

This series is mostly in English, Yiddish, and Russian.
2.5 linear feet (2 ft. 1 in.; 5 5" boxes)

Series II is divided into five subseries: Individuals; Personal; Organizations; The Day; and Subjects.

Scope and Content:

This series holds documents, mainly correspondence, from 1913 through 1916. In addition to correspondence, the series holds articles by Herman Bernstein as well as notes and personal documents.

Subseries 1: Individuals, 1912-1919


Alphabetical by last name of individual.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains correspondence between Herman Bernstein and various individuals during the time period 1913-1916. Well-known individuals represented here include: Louis Brandeis, Henry Ford, Governor Martin H. Glynn, Louis Marshall, Max Nordau, John [D.] Rockefeller, Governor William Sulzer, Sholem Aleichem, Woodrow Wilson, Stephen S. Wise, and Israel Zangwill.

5135 A
Adler, Frances (1915); Ames, Winthrop (1915); Arnstein, Mark (1915); Astor, Mrs. Vincent (1916); Atwood, George L.
5136Adler, Cyrus1913-1915
5137Alexander, Moses1914-1915
5138Aidline, M.1916
5139Andreyev, Leonid and Anna1915
Baldwin, Roger Sherman (1916); Bartsch, Hans (1913-1915); Baruch, Simon (1915); Belasco, David (1914); Ben Ami, J. (1915); Burnett, John L.; Beranger, Clara; Beggson, Prof. Henry (1913-1914); Berkowitz, I.D.
5141Barondess, Joseph1914-1916
5142Beniakoff, J.H.1915
5143Behar, Nissim1914-1915
5144Bernstein, Sophie, Hilda, and Dorothy1915
5145Bero, Stanley1914
Bingham, StilImam H. (1916); Blinn, Holbrook (1914); Bonzano, Monseignor (1916); Bookstein, A. (1914); Brandes, George (1914); Brinton, Christian (1915); Bruere, Henry (1914); Brylion, Mr. I. (1916)
5147Brandeis, Louis D.1914-1916
5148Brisbane, Arthur1913-1916
5149Brounoff, Platon1913-1916
5150Bryan, William J.1914-1916
Clark, Champ (1913); Cohn, Felix; Cooper, M.T. (1915); Cutler, Colonel Harry (1915)
Damoff, Bella (1915); Davenport, Butler (1915); Delbruck, Professor Hans (1915); Deutschmann, Selig (1913)
5153Daniels, Josephus1912-1916
5154De Casseres, B.n.d.
5155Dymow, Ossip1914-1916
Ebbin, William; Edison, Thomas Alva (1914); Einsohn, Solon J. (1915); Erastov, Georg (1913)
5157Edelhertz, Bernard1913-1916
5158Elkus, Abram 1913-1916
5159 F
Feraru, Leon (1915); Fischel, Henry (1913-1915); Franklin, Frank M. (1914); Freeman, Gustave (1916); Friedenwald, Harry (1914); Friedlaender, Israel (1915); Friedman, Sam (1915); Frohman, Charles (1914)
5160Fink, Reuben 1914-1915
5161Ford, Henry1916
Gabrilowitch, Ossip (1915); Gabriel, Gilbert (1916); Gallup, Charles; Gant, Lucy (1914); Cardinal, Gasparri (1916); Gaynor, William J. (1913)
5163 Gi-Ge
Ginsberg, Moses; Glazer, Friedrick; Glickstein, T.; Glynn, Governor Martin H.
5164 Go-Gu
Goldberg, Abraham (1915); Goldfogle, Honorary Henry (1914-1915); Golding, Samuel (1915); Goremykin, Premier (1915); Greenstone, Julius H. (1915); Gries, Rabbi Moses (1915); Guard, William (1914)
5165Gerard, James 1915-1916
5166Gottheil, Professor Richard1914-1915
5167Grossman, Vladimir1915-1916
Hammond, H.C. (1913); Harden, Maximilian Esq. (1915); Helprin, Benjamin (1915); Hornstein, Mr. S. (1915); Hunt, Mrs. Mary; Hyman, Julius (1914-1915)
6169Halpern, J.1915
6170Hermalin, D.M.1915
6171Hertz, Rabbi J.H.1914-1915
6172Hirschbein, Peretz 1914-1919
6173Hopp, Julius1914-1919
6174 I
Imchanitzky, Michael
6175 J
Jaches, Leopold (1915); Jacoves, Louis J.; Johnston, Mr. J.W.; Judelsohnm Montefiore (1914); Jusserand, Jean (1915)
Kaplan, Mordecai M.; Kaplan, Paul S. (1915); Kalansky, S. (1915); Karpilov, Miriam (1916);
6 177 Ke-Ku
Kennady, Paul (1915); Kennan, George (1918); Kirstein, Louis (1916); Klatzkin, Dr. Jacob (1915); Kupperman, Sophie (1915)
6178Kallen, H.M.1915
6179Kohler, K.1914
Lansing, Robert (1915-1916); Landau, S.E. (1915)
Leavitt, Ezekiel (1913); Leavitt, Joel; Lehman, Herbert (1915); Levi, Rabbi Harry (1915); Levin, Charles D. (1915); Levitsky, Mischa (1916); Lewisohn, Adolph
Lipsett, Mr. E.K. (1916); Lubarsky, S.; Luttinger, Paul (1915)
6183London, Meyer 1916
6184Loeb, Jacques1913-1915
Mack, Jullian W. (1915); Malone, Honorary Dudley (1914); Mark, Anna J. (1916)
6186Magnes, Judah L. 1914-1915
6187Marshall, Louis1913-1916
6188McAdoo, W.G. 1913-1916
Melander, Hemming (1915); Miller, Louis E.; Miller, Mrs. Nathan (1916)
6190Melnik, Joseph 1913-1916
6191Meyerowitz, Arthur1914-1915
6192 Milhollhand, John E.1914
6193Mitchel, John Purroy 1914-1916
Motta, Giuseppe; More, Paul E. (1914); Mowschowitz, Mr. N. (1915-1916)
6195Morgenthau, Henry 1914-1915
6196 N
Newburger, Harry W.
6197 Nordau, Max1914-1916
Oppenheimer, Franz
Page, Walter H. (1914-1915); Pendray, William G. (1914); Pfeffer, Mr. J. (1915); Pinchot, Gifford (1916); Poyntz, Juliet
6200 R
Redfield, William (1913-1915); Reed, John (1916); Relkin, Edwina (1914-1915); Rockefeller, John (1915); Rosalsky, Otto (1914); Rosenwald, Julius (1915)
6201Roosevelt, Theodore1915
6202Ruppin, Arthur1915
Sembrich, Marcella (1914); Scherman, Harry (1915); Schlesinger, Alexander (1913); Schulman, Rabbi Samuel (1915); Seidel, H. (1916); Seidman, J.A.; Seligman, Isaac N. (1914); Seman, Philip L. (1914-1915); Semel, Bernard (1915)
Simonsen, D. (1916); Simson, Max (1916); Singer, Isidore (1913-1916); Smith, T.R.
Solis-Cohen, Solomon (1914); Solomon, Charles (1916); Spitz, Leon (1914); Sproeliule, Katherine; Straus, Percy S. (1914-1915); Suraboff, A. (1915); Sulzberger, Meyer (1915); Sulzer, William
6206Sanders, Leon 1914-1916
6207Saulsbury, Willard1913-1917
6208Schiff, Jacob1913-1916
6209Schwimmer, S. 1914-1915
6210Shapiro, David1915
6211Sholem Aleichem1915-1916
6212Smirnow, Louis 1916
6213Straus, I.1915
6214Straus, Nathan 1914-1915
6215Straus, Oscar1914-1915
6216Sulzer, William1913-1915
6217Szold, Henrietta 1914-1915
7218 T 1914-1920
7219 V1915
7221Wald, Lillian 1914-1915
7222Wanger, Walterca. 1915
7223Warburg, Felix1914-1916
7224Whitman, Charles 1914-1915
7225Wilson, Woodrow 1912-1914
7226Wilson, Woodrow1915-1917
7227Witte, Sergius1912-1914
7228Wise, Stephen S.1912-1916
7229Wolf, Simon1914-1918
7230Woods, Arthur1914-1916
7232Zangwill, Israel1911-1915
7233Unidentified 1908-1915

Subseries 2: Personal, 1911-1924

Scope and Content:

Personal items found in this subseries include articles by Herman Bernstein, as well as texts of speeches and addresses given by him. Material concerning a dinner reception given in his honor may also be found here.

7234Articles, etc. by Herman Bernsteinca. 1915-1918
7235Lectures and Addresses by Herman Bernsteinca. 1916-1924
7236Personal Materialsca. 1911-1916
7237Dinner Reception for Herman Bernstein1913

Subseries 3: Organizations, 1913-1916


Alphabetical by name of organization.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 holds correspondence between Herman Bernstein and organizations from 1913-1916. Prominent among the correspondence in this subseries is the material concerning the publication The Day, which Bernstein helped to found. In addition to correspondence, information on the paper's establishment, payrolls, and financial affairs will also be found here. Researchers should be aware that Subseries 4 of this series also contains correspondence relating to this publication. As in the previous series, much of the organizational correspondence found here is between Bernstein and various publications. Prominent Jewish organizations featured here include the American Jewish Committee, HIAS, and the Jewish Emancipation Committee. Several folders in this subseries contain letters between Bernstein and several government representatives, including the Austro-Hungarian and British Embassies, the Consul General of Turkey, and the U.S. State Department.

8238 Ac-Am
The Academy of Political Science (1915); Das Actionscomite der Zionistischen Organisation (1914); The American Citizen (1913); American Jewish Chronicle (1916); American Jewish Relief Committee for Sufferers From The War; The American Leader (1915); The American Magazine (1913); American Play Company (1916)
8239American Hebrew1913
8240American Jewish Committee1913
Anarchist Red Cross Federation (1915); Anti-Capital Punishment Society of America (1914-1915); Appelton & Co. (1916); The Associated Press (1915); The Associated Sunday Magazines (1913)
8242Army and Navy Young Men's Hebrew Assocication 1915
8243Austro-Hungarian Consulate and Embassy1915
Beth Israel Hospital (1914-1916); Independent Order B'nai Brith (1916); The Bohemian American Democratic Club
8245British Embassy and British Foreign Office1915-1916
8246 C
Collier's (1915); The Commission for Relief in Belgium (1916); Current History
8247 D
Daily Newspaper Film Syndicate (1915); Democratic National Committee (1916); The Denver Jewish News (1916); Doubleday Page & Company Publishers (1913); E.P. Dutton & Co. (1916)
8248 Day, The – Materials Related to Establishment 1914-1915
8249Day, The – Miscellaneous Materials & Correspondence1914-1916
8250Day, The – Financial Affairs1915
8251Day, The – Payrolls, Etc.1914-1915
8252 Day, The– Philadelphia Office1915
8253Day, The – Letters to Colleges1914
8254Day, The – Letters of Congratulation 1914
8255Day, The – Letters of Congratulation1914
8256Day, The – Letters of Reference1914-1916
8257Day, The – Letters From Readers1914-1916
8257ADay, The – Letters to Newspapers1914-1915
8258 Day, The – Record of Copies Distributed1914-1915
8258ADay, The – Letters to Cabinet Members To Subseries 41914
East Side Forum (1915); Esperanto Print Shop
8260Federation of American Zionists1914-1915
8261German Consulate Embassy - Foreign Office1914-1916
8262 H
Harper & Brothers (1916); Harper's Weekly (1915); Hebrew Orphan Asylum of East New York
8263HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)1914
8264 I
The Independent (1913-1916); The Independent Jewish Publishing Co. (1916); The International News Co. (1915)
Jewish Agricultural & Industrial Aid Society (1916); Jewish Chronicle (1914-1915); The Jewish Commission of New York (1914-1915); Jewish Daily News (1914); The Jewish Exponent (1915); The Jewish Immigration Bulletin (1913); The Jewish Nation; The Jewish National Fund; The Jewish Tribune; The Judeans (1914-1917); The Jewish World (1915)
8266Jewish Emancipation Committee1914-1915
8267Jewish Publication Society1913-1916
8268 Jewish Times1914-1915
Klaw & Erlanger (1915): Knopf, Alfred A. (1916)
8270 L
Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co. (1916); L'avenir (1917); Library of Congress (1915); The Liebler Co. (1914)
9271Macmillan Co. 1914-1915
9272Menorah Journal, Menorah Society1915
9273 Metropolitan Magazine1915-1916
9274Montefiore Home 1914-1916
National Conference on Community Centers & Related Problems (1916); The National Economic League (1915); National Liberal Immigration League (1913); Navy League of the United States (1913)
The Neighborhood Playhouse (1915); Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation (1916); The New York Herald (1916); The New York Times (1913-1915); The New York Tribune (1915-1916)
9277New York American1915-1916
9278New York City Fire Commission1914-1915
J.S. Ogilvie Publishing Co.
9279 P
People's Relief Committee for the Jewish War Sufferers (1916); Free Poland (1915); G.P. Puntam's Sons (1913); Prometei Publishing Co. (1915)
9280 Puck1916
9281 R1914-1915
9282Rockefeller Foundation 1915
9283 S1913-1915
9284 The Sun1913-1916
9285 T
(including Ottoman Consul General, Consul name is Djelal Bey)
9286 U1914-1916
9287United Hebrew Charities 1914-1916
9288U.S. State Department1913-1916
9289 Vanity Fair1914-1915
War Refugees Information Bureau (1916); The Warheit (1913); Votes for Women (1915)
9291 Y
Yiddish Literary Publishing Co. (1915); Young Judea (1914-1916)
9292 Z
Zeifert Jubilee Committee (1916); Zionist Association of Greater New York (1916); University Zionist Society (1916)

Subseries 4: The Day, 1914-1916

Scope and Content:

This subseries holds further correspondence between Herman Bernstein and the publication The Day.

9293Day, The – Letter to Army Commanders1915
9294 Day, The – Letter on Jewish Congress1915
9295 Day, The – Letters “Save New York”1916
9296Day, The – Burnett Immigration Bill1914-1916
9297Day, The – Post-War Jewish Problem Subseries 3: folders concerning The Day1916

Subseries 5: Subjects, 1913-1915

Scope and Content:

Subseries 5 holds material on issues Bernstein supported. As in Series I, there is information on Russia's refusal to accept Jews with American passports, and information on crimes against Jews in Poland and Russia. In addition, material concerning several of Bernstein's speaking engagements will also be found here.

9298Ford Peace Expedition1915
9299Polish Atrocities1915
9300Leo Frank Case1915
9301Russian Passport Problem1913
9302Speaking Engagements Correspondence – Including: Friends of Zion Society, Society of the Brooklyn Jewish Institute, Board of Education, East Side Neighborhood Association1914-1915
9302ARussian Materials/ Russian Atrocities1915-1919
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Series III, 1917-1924

This series is mostly in English, Russian, Yiddish, and German.
3 linear feet (2 ft. 6 in.; 6 5" boxes)

This series is separated into five subseries: Individuals; Organizations; Personal; Ford Libel Suit; and Subjects.

Scope and Content:

This series is made up mainly of correspondence dating from 1917 through 1924. Subseries 3, 4, and 5 contain other types of documents in addition to correspondence, including: articles, addresses, interviews, and notes by him, as well as material on his speaking engagements and a dinner reception given for him.

Subseries 1: Individuals, 1914-1925


Alphabetical by last name.

Scope and Content:

Correspondence from individuals during this time period includes such eminent persons as Edward Benes, Louis Brandeis, Henry Ford, Herbert Hoover, Louis Marshall, Max Nordau, Tsar Nicholas II, Theodore Roosevelt, Chaim Weizmann, Woodrow Wilson, and Stephen S. Wise.

10303Adler, Cyrus1923
10303AAndreyev, Anna1922
10304Andreyev, Leonid1918-1919
Baker, Newton (1924); Barondess, Joseph (1924); Baruch, Bernard (1921)
Ben-Ami, Joseph (1921); Benes, Edward (1924); Bernstein, Eduard (1922); Bernstein, Freeman (1917); Boro, Stanley (1924); Billikopk, Jacob (1919); Bourtseff, Vladimir (1918); Brown, Charles (1921)
Bramson, Leon (1924); Breshkovsky, Catherine; Brounoff, Platon (1923)
10308Bergson, H.1919-1924
10309Brandes, Georg1924
10310Brandeis, Louis D.1924
10311 C
Earl Carrol Theatre (1923); Carter, Oscar M. (1924); Caz, David (1924); Cohen, John S. (1924)
10312Cecil, Lord Robert 1919-1924
10313 D
Davis, John N. (1924); Day, S. Don (1921); Delbrueck, Haas (1924); Dymow, Ossip (1924)
10314Daniels, Josephus1917-1918
10 315 E
Elkus, Abraham (1917-1923); Ellis, Havelock (1924); Epstein, M. (1921)
10316 F
Farmer, Virginia (1924); Finkelstein, Maurice (1924); Fishberg, Maurice (1924); Prince Faisal; Frankfurter, Felix (1919); Frackman, David (1924)
10317Ford, Henry1921-1923
10318 G
Gerard, James (1917); Glazer, Benjamin (1923); Goldstein, Jonah J. (1921); Grimball, Elizabeth (1924); Grossbard, Sol (1919)
10319Gorny, Sergius 1922-1924
10320 H
Halperine, Kaminsky (1919); Harde, Maximillian Esq. (1924); Harding, Warren (1921); Hayes, Cardinal; Hearst, W.R.; Hughes, Charles (1924)
10321Hessen, Joseph1922
10322Hoover, Herbert1920-1924
10323House, Edward M.1922-1924
10 324 J
Jabotinsky (1922); Jochelson, Waldemar (1922); Jones, Macy E.
10325 K
Kuhn, Loeb & Co. (1924); Kaun, Alexander (1921); Krasnovs, Altman (1918)
10326 L
Lamport, S. (1924); Lander, L. (1919); Leblang, Joe (1923); Levin, Shmarya (1921)
10327Lehman, Herbert Irving 1923-1924
10328Lewisohn, Adolph Sam1923-1924
10 329 Ma1922-1924
10330 Me-My
Melnik, J.; Miller, J. Nathan; Mason, Elizabeth (1923); Miller, Nathan (1924); Mitchell, John; Morris, Ivan (1916); Mosessohn, M. (1924); Moskowitz, (1924)
10331Manson, Philip 1922-1925
11332Marshall, Louis1919-1924
11333McAdoo, William G. 1917-1924
11334Michaelson, L.B.1921-1923
11334A Morgenthau, Henry1921
11335 N
Nichols, Miss Anne (1923-1924); Nordau, Max (1920)
11335ANicholas II1917-1918
Oberoutcheff, C. (1919); Orlik, Emil
Patridge, Mrs. Fredrik (1924); Pilichowski, L.; Polarski, G. (1922); Poliakoff, Solomon (1919); Pool, David de Sola (1923); Popkin, Louis (1922)
Rathend, Walther (1921); Reinhardt, Max (1923); Rosenthal, Leonid
11339Rabinoff, Max 1923
11340Rogers, Jason 1924
11341Roosevelt, Theodore1918
11342Rosenberg, James 1924
Schatzky, B.E. (1917); Schereschewsky, M. (1917); Schildkraut, J. (1923); Schneiderman, Harry (1924); Seligman, Harry (1924); Shapiro, Nathan D. (1923); Shaw, G.B. (1924)
11344 Si-Su
Silberstein, M. (1923); Sirovich, William (1924); Smith, Alfred E. (1923); Snegoff, Leonid (1922); Stanislavsky, K. (1923); Straus, Oscar S. (1922); Strindberg, Frieda (1923)
11345Schiff, Jacob H. 1917-1923
11346Schnitzler, Arthur1922
11347Schwartz, Maurice1922-1924
11348Singer, Isidor1922-1924
11349Sterling, Ada 1924
11350Straus, Nathan1918-1924
11 351 T
Teitel, Jacob (1924); Tootle, Harry King; Trotzky, Leon (1918)
Untermyer, Samuel (1923); Urban, Joseph
11353Urvantzov, Leo 1922-1923
11354 V
Van Namee, George R. (1919); Van Guard, Albert (1924)
Weil, Rabbi Julien (1924); White, Andrew D. (1917); Williams, Jefferson (1924); Williams, T. (1918); Wiener, Captain Clarence (1918)
11356Warburg, Felix 1918-1924
11357Weizmann, Chaim1921
11358Wilson, Woodrow1914-1917
11359Wingardh, Freddy 1921
11360Wise, Stephen S.1923-1924
11361 Y-Z
Yagokin, Vladmir (1919); Zelenko, S.

Subseries 2: Organizations, 1915-1924


Alphabetical by name of organization.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 contains correspondence between Herman Bernstein and various organizations. Much of the correspondence in this series is with publications or publishers, including extensive correspondence with the New York Herald, the Jewish Tribune, and Hearst Newspapers, as well as with The Day. Other organizational correspondence found here include political and Jewish organizations, such as the Democratic National Committee, HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), the Palestine Foundation Fund, the Socialist Revolution Party, and the Zionist Organization of America. More information concerning the Zionist Organization of America will also be found in Subseries 5: Subjects.

12362 A
American Association of Foreign Language Newspapers (1924); America's Good Will Union; The American Hebrew (1918); American Peace Award (1923); American Play Co., Inc. (1922); Americanism Protective League (1924); Art Film (1922)
12363American Jewish Committee1919-1921
12364American Jewish Congress1922
12365American Jewish Relief Committee1919
12366 B
Bartsch, Hans (1923); Boni & Liveright (1922); Brentano's (1923)
The Century (1924); Cherry Lane Production; Conference of Jewish National Organization; The Council of Jewish Women (1921); Current History (1924); Current Opinion (1919)
12368Central Relief Committee1917-1918
12369Czechoslovakian Legion 1924
Delegation Des Judischen Nationalrates Fur Ostgalizien (1921); Decla Bioscop A.G.
12371The Day1924
12372Democratic National Committee1924
12 373 E
English Zionist Federation (1919); Felix Blich Erben (1922); Esthonian Legation (1924)
Famous Players - Lasky Corporation (1924); Federal Council of the Churches of Christ In America (1921-1924); Federal Feature Syndicate (1924); Federation of Ukranian Jews (1919); Fayette Avery McKenzie (1921); The Foreign Press Service (1922-1923); Fulton Theatre (1924)
The Guardian; Harper & Brothers (1918); The Hebrew Standard; Hotel Hungaria (1921); Hutchinson & Co. (1924)
12376Haint Publishing Company 1921
12377HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)1919-1921
12378Hearst Newspapers1921-1922
12379Hearst's International1921-1923
12380 I
International Press Cutting Bureau (1924); The Independent (1922); International Book Review (1924); International Jewish Press Bureau (1924)
12381 J
The Jewish Agricultural Society, Inc. (1924); Jewish Daily Forward; The Jewish Magazine; A National Review; The Jewish Philharmonic Society of New York; Jewish Correspondence Bureau (1922); The Jewish Times, Limited (1919); Jewish Welfare Board (1918)
12382Jewish Tribune1923-1924
12383Joint Distribution Committee1918-1924
12384 K
Edward L. Klein Co. (1924); Alfred A. Knopf [Co.](1917-1924)
12385 L
Library of Congress (1923); I. Ladyschnikov (1922); The Literary Digest (1922)
12386 M
The Macmillan Company (1922); McClures Magazine (1922); The Menorah Journal (1917); Metropolitan (1917)
12387 N
National Arts Club (1917); The National Security League (1919); The Newspaper Enterprise Association (1917); The New York Times (1921-1924)
12388New York Herald1917
12389New York Herald1918
12390New York Herald1919
Organization of Jewish R.R.Workers In Warsaw (1919); ORT - Union of Societies for the Promotion of Trades and Agriculture Among the Jews (1915-1921); Our World (1922)
Planned Publicity Service (1923); Plymouth Theatre (1922); Provisional Executive Committee (1917); Publicity & Authors’ Center (1923)
13393Palestine Foundation Fund1922-1924
Russian Supply Committee (1917); Russian Zemstovs; Verlag Russische Kunst; The Saturday Review (1924); Standard International Agency (1922); AB Svensk Film Industry (1921)
13395ASocialist Revolution Party1921
The Talmud Society (1922); Township of Tel Aviv (1922); The Town Hall (1924); Transit Film Co. (1921); The Theatre Guild Inc. (1922)
United Press Associations (1919); Universal Press Service, Inc. (1922); U.S. Department of State (1918-1921)
Wiking Film (1922); The Woman Patriot (1922); The World (1917)
13399Zionist Organization of America1922-1924

Subseries 3: Personal, 1915-1930

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3: Personal is comprised of various materials of a personal nature, including family materials and personal documents. There are also articles, addresses, interviews, and press releases by Herman Bernstein, as well as a dinner reception celebrating his 25 years as a journalist and writer.

13400Personal Materials1922-1923
13400AFamily Correspondence 1922-1924
13401Speaking Engagements: Including speaking to: Joseph G. Schiff Center, Young Men's Hebrew Association, Jewish War Relief Fund, Hebrew Veterans of The Wars of the Republic1917-1924
13402Dinner Reception for Herman Bernstein - 25 Years Tribute as a Journalist and a Writer1924
13403Articles by Herman Bernstein1915-1922
13404Addresses by Herman Bernstein1924-1928
13405Interviews by Herman Bernstein1920
13406 Statements and Press Releases1916-1927
13407Notes and Outlines n.d.
13408The History of A Lie1921
13409Celebrities of Our Time1924-1930
14410News Dispatches Day (not related to Ford)n.d.
14411News Dispatches Herald (not related to Ford)n.d.
14411AUnidentified 1918-1923

Subseries 4: Ford Libel Suit, 1920-1929

Scope and Content:

This subseries focuses on Herman Bernstein’s libel lawsuit against Henry Ford. Prominent in this subseries are copies of court documents and published newspaper articles about the case.

The first two folders contain mainly correspondence and court documents. The first of these folders includes such documents as correspondence with Louis Marshall and Samuel Untermeyer, Bernstein’s lawyer, especially concerning attempts to serve papers to Henry Ford in the state of New York. It also holds letters sent to Herman Bernstein by individuals who supported Ford’s position in the case. Both folders also contain copies of court depositions. Folder 413A has several documents which deal with the aftermath of the lawsuit, including a court decision given by Judge Hand, articles about Ford’s anti-Semitic remarks in the Dearborn Independent, an article concerning Ford’s apology, and a published copy of his retraction. This folder also contains a letter by Bernstein thanking Henry Ford for retracting his anti-Semitic remarks, and a document by Bernstein discussing the effects of Ford’s writing about him.

The last three folders in this subseries are copies of publications related to the lawsuit. Copies of the Dearborn Independent will be found in folder 415, while clippings about the lawsuit are located in the other two folders. Clippings in folder 414 focus on articles and clippings on the progress of the lawsuit while folder 416 contains clippings concerning Henry Ford’s retraction of the anti-Semitic articles he published. Newspaper clippings come from newspapers all over the United States, although a large number are New York publications.

14413Libel Suit vs. Henry Ford1922-1923
14413ALibel Suit vs. Henry Ford1925-1929
14414Libel Suit vs. Henry Ford1922-1923
14415Libel Suit vs. Henry Ford1920-1921
14416Libel Suit vs. Henry Ford1927-1928

Subseries 5: Subjects, n.d., 1918-1920

Scope and Content:

Of the subjects covered in Subseries 5, the Zionist Organization of America is the most represented here. There is also information on the Paris Peace Conference that ended World War I. Material on Poland includes press releases and other documents concerning the treatment of Jews during World War I. The folder entitled Russian Materials includes a report on the situation concerning occupied Odessa.

15417Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America) - (Delaware, Georgia, Indiana)n.d.
15418Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America) - (Illinois)1920
15419Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America) - (Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota) n.d.
15420Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America) - (Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina)n.d.
15421Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America) - (New Jersey)n.d.
15422Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America) - (Ohio)n.d.
15423Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America) - (Tennesse, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin)n.d.
15423AParis Peace Conference 1919
15424Paris Peace Conference1919
15425 Poland1919
15425ARussian Materials1919
15426Japan 1918
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Series IV, 1920-1930

This series is mostly in English, Russian, Yiddish, and German.
4.5 linear feet (3 ft. 3 in.; 9 5" boxes)

Series IV is divided into three subseries: Individuals; Organizations; and Personal.

Scope and Content:

The first two subseries in Series IV are comprised of correspondence from 1920 through 1930. Subseries 3 contains such items as articles and invitations to dinners, as well as family correspondence.

Subseries 1: Individuals, 1920-1929


Alphabetical by last name.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 holds correspondence between Bernstein and individuals. Well-known individuals with whom he exchanged letters during this time period include Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Herbert Hoover, Louis Marshall, Stephen S. Wise. This subseries also contains extensive correspondence with Nathan Straus as well as with Rudolf Lothar.

16427 A
Adler, Cyrus (1925-1926); Alexander, Milton (1927); Viscount, Allenby; Arkatov, A. (1926); Auranio, Celia (1928)
16428Balfour, Lord 1925-1927
16429Barondess, Joseph1925-1929
16430Bartsch, Hans1925-1928
Beilis, Mendel (1920-1928); Ben-Ami, Jacob (1925); Ben, Zevie; Berger, Ludwig (1929); Berkowitz, Tamara (1927); Bero, Stanley (1925)
16432Bialik, Chaim Nachman 1927
16433Bilikoff, Jacob1926-1929
Bloch, Chaim (1930); Bloch, David (1928); Bloch, Joshua (1926); Blum, Gustav (1925-1928)
Bookstaver, Joseph (1927-1930); Bressler, David (1929); Brown, Sargent Edward (1927); Bryant, Charles (1926-1929)
16436 Bu
Bucharoff, Simon (1930); Burg, M.; Burrell, Jonas (1928); Butler, Nicholas (1926-1929)
Callies, Charlotte; Caracciolo, Nina (1925-1926); Chernoff, V.M. (1929)
Daniels, Joseph (1926-1928); Davidson, David (1928); Deltaas, Jacob (1926-1927); DE Mackiels, Robert (1929); Dickinson, G.H. (1925); Discount, George (1926); Dix, Henry (1925)
Dolgorovky, Stephanie (1926); Dowling, Victor J. (1926); Drankoff, Alexander (1927); Dykaar, Moses (1927-1929)
16440 E
Eastman, Nat (1926-1928); Edelhertz, Bernard (1925-1928); Edison, Thomas (1928); Elkus, Abram (1927-1929); Engelman, Morris (1926); Engels, P.J. (1926)
16441Einstein, Albert1929
16442Einstein, Albert - Jubilee Committee1929
16443Evreinoff, Nicolas1926
Filene, Edward (1926); Fishberg, M. (1928); Fisher, Rabbi Mitchell (1928)
16445Ford, Henry1926-1929
Garfunkel, Morris (1925); Gerard, James (1926); Gest, Morris (1925); Glagolen, B.S. (1925-1926); Glaser, Benjamin; Glicenstein, Emanuel (1927-1929)
Goldberg, A. (1927); Goldstein, Rabbi Israel (1928); Goldbaum, Allen (1925); Gordin, A. (1926); Gordon, Dorothy (1928); Gordon, H.L.
Graves, General William (1924); Greenhut, Joseph (1926); Grossman, Elias (1926); Grossman, V.; Guinsburg, Col. H. (1926)
16449Goldstein, Jonah 1926-1927
16450Golinkin, M.1927-1929
16451Gorny, J. 1925
16452Gottwald, Fritz1927-1928
Halperin, Dorothy (1927); Hapgood, Norman (1927); Hattman, Judge Gustave; Hill, Samiel (1926); Holmes, John Haynes (1927)
17454Hoover, Herbert1924-1928
17455House, Edward 1926
17456 I-J
Ignatoff, David; Jabotinsky, Vladimir (1926-1927); Juhn, Erich
17457 K
Kalich, Madame (1929); Kaufman, Mrs. (1928); Karl, Ernst (1926); Kohut, Dr. (1923-1929); Kraft, Irma (1925); Kramer, Samuel (1929)
17458Kaun, Alexander1925
17459Kogan, Alexander1926
17460 La
Lamport, S.C. (1925); Lande, Irving (1926); Lord, Thomas & Logan (1928); Lasslow, Arthur (1926)
Leblang, Joe (1926); Leckie, Katherine (1925); Leftwich, Joseph (1926-1927); Le Galliene, Eva (1928); Lehman, Herbert H. (1925-1928); Lehman, Irving (1926); Lehman, Rae (1928); Lemon, Courtenay (1925); Levine, Isaac (1926); Levitan, Sol (1926-1928); Lewitt, Joel (1926)
17462 Li-Ly
Lewinson, Mr. (1928); Lipsky, Louis (1926); Littell, Robert (1928); Loeb, Sophie Irene (1928)
17463Lawren, Joseph 1923-1928
17464Leigh, Julian1926-1930
17465Levenson, Boris1926
17466Lewisohn, Adolph Sam1925-1928
17467Lhevinne, Isadore1925-1926
17468Lothar, Rudolf1922-1927
17469Lothar, Rudolf1928
17470Lothar, Rudolf1929
17471 Ma
Magnes, David (1926); Mack, Julian (1926); Maisel, Max (1925); Mandel, Rabbi Moshe; Mauner, Jane (1926); Marek, Andre (1926); Margolis, Rabbi M.S. (1926); Margolin, Arnold (1926); Markham, Edwin (1929-1930); Marshall, James (1928-1930)
McAdoo, William (1925-1927); McLean, Henry C. (1925-1926); McKauer, Walter (1929); Melamed, Irwin M. (1927); Mengelberg, William (1926); Metzger, Otto (1926); Meyers, Emil (1926); Milch, Jacob (1929); Milton, Robert (1927); Morgenthau, Henry (1926-1928); Moritzen, Oliver (1924); Morris, Ira Nelson (1926); Moskowitz, Mrs. H. (1925); Mueller, Martin
17473Macgowan, Kenneth 1925-1929
17474Manson, Philip1923-1929
17475Marshall, Louis1926
18476Michaelson, L.B.1926-1929
18477Mosessohn, N. and Mosessohn, Moses D.1926
18478 N
Nagle, H. (1926); Nicholas, H. (1926); Nordau, Max (1926)
18479Nazimova, Alla1926
Ochs, Adolph S.; Olvany, Judge (1925); Osherowitch, M. (1925); Ottinger, Albert (1928); Oursler, Fulton (1926)
18481Oberoutcheff, C.M. 1927
18482 P
Panken, Jacob (1927); Parvin, Joseph (1925-1927); Pelman, William J. (1926); Payson & Clarke (1927); Plumer, Lord; Podrushnik, J. (1928); Pollack, Channing (1928)
18483Pauker, Edmond 1927-1929
18484Pilchowski, L.1928-1929
18485Poliakoff, Solomon1925-1928
18486Pool, David de Sola 1924-1929
18487 Ra-Re
Rabbinowitz, Alexander; Rathbone, Basil (1925); Reichlin, Henry (1929); Reiss, Lionel S.; Relkin, E. (1926)
Rhoade, Max (1928); Rolland, Romain; Rongy, A.J. (1927); Rosalsky, Otto A. (1926); Rosengard, Rabbi Bernard (1927)
18489Rabinoff, Max1924-1929
18490Rabinowitz, Ezekiel1925-1929
18491Richter, I.S. 1926-1928
18492Rosenberg, James N.1926-1929
18493Rosenwald, Julius1927-1928
18494Ross, Betty (1926) and Ross, Sidney (1925-1927)1925-1927
18495 Sa
Sackler, Harry (1928); Samach, Samuel (1928); Samoiloff, Lazar (1928); Samsonov, E.; Sapiro, Aaron (1927); Sayler, O. (1925-1929)
18496Savage, Leon1925-1929
Scheffauer, Herman George (1925); Schiff, Mortimer L. (1928); Schaeersohn, A.M. (1929); Schwager, Charles (1929)
18498Schacht, Hjalmar 1925
18499Schiffer, Henry1926-1929
18500 Schneiderman, H.1928
18501Schnitzler, Arthur 1928
18502 Se-Sh
Slewyn, Edgar (1928); Semel, Bernard (1926); Shatzky, B.; Sheean, Vincent (1929)
18503Silverman, Mrs. A.1926-1928
18504Singer, Isidor1927-1929
19505 Sk-Sm
Skuirsky, B.E. (1927-1929); Sliosberg, H. (1925); Slosson, Edwin (1927); Slutzky, S. (1926)
19506Smit, Ingrid 1924-1926
19507 So-Sp
Somlyo, Maria (1928); Sommer, Leon (1929); Spier, Paul (1927); Spitz, Rabbi Leon (1927)
19508Snegoff, Leonid1928-1929
Starr, Fredrick; Stern, Louis (1927); Sternberg, Hope (1927); Stoppelman, Joop (1927); Strunsky, Manya (1925-1926)
19510Strauss, Nathan (1925-1926); Straus, Percy (1927-1929); Strauss, Lewis L. (1925-1929)1925-1929
19511Straus, Nathan1925
19512Straus, Nathan1926
19513Straus, Nathan1926
19514Straus, Nathan1926
19515Straus, Nathan 1927
19516Straus, Nathan1927
19517Straus, Nathan1928
19518Straus, Nathan 1928
19519Straus, Nathan1928
19520Straus, Nathan1929
19521Straus, Manny 1925-1928
19522Straus, Oscar1925
19523Surgutcheff, J. 1928
19524 T
Taylor, Amas; Tellegen, Diane; Tillman, Mr. (1927); Todoroff, K. (1927); Trigago, John (1928); Turner, Caroline (1925)
19525Tepper, Joseph 1925-1927
19526 U
Ullmann, Mary (1927); Untermyer, Samuel (1926); Urvantzoff, Lew (1925-1929)
Van Dyke, Henry (1926); Van Hogestraten, Wilhelm (1926); Vernevil, Louis (1928); Villard, Oswald Garrison; Vostokoff, Rev. Vladimir (1927)
19 528Wa-We
Wagner, Charles (1928); Walker, C.E.; Webster, Elizabeth (1926); Weinberg, Jacob; Weiss, Rabbi Max (1926); Wisenfrend, Muni (1928); Wendst, Charles (1926); Westarf, E. (1925)
19529 Wi
Willy, Luis (1929); Winburn, Jesse (1925-1927); Winkler, Paul (1928); Winslow, Thyra Samter (1925-1926)
19530Warburg, Felix 1925-1928
19531Wingardh, Fred1925-1930
19532Wise, Stephen S.1925-1933
Yezierska, Anzia (1925); Young, Owen D. (1925-1926)
19534Z 1926

Subseries 2: Organizations, 1920-1930


Alphabetical by organization.

Scope and Content:

As in the organizational correspondence in previous series, much of the correspondence in this subseries is between Herman Bernstein and publishers or publications, such as The New York Times, the Jewish Daily Bulletin, and several folders of correspondence with the Jewish Tribune. Correspondence with various government agencies includes Czechoslovak, French, and Polish government offices and the U.S. Departments of Labor and State. A large amount of the correspondence here is with Jewish organizations and agencies; the most prominent represented here are the American Jewish Committee, American ORT, and the Zionist Organization of America.

20535 A
Amalthea Verlag (1925); The American Dramatists (1927); American Educational Press (1928); The American Hebrew (1925); The American Foundation (1925); The American Peace Society (1928); American White Star Brotherhood (1924); American Zion Commonwealth Inc. (1926); Archive Russe (1929); Author’s League of America (1927); Avukah-American Student Zionist Federation (1929)
20536American Jewish Committee1925-1927
20537American Jewish Committee1928-1929
20538American Jewish Congress 1925-1928
20539American Play Company1924-1928
20540 B
Bezalel Exhibitor; Ed Bote & G. Bock (1928); Brentano's; The Brooklyn Jewish Chronicle; The Brooklyn Jewish Center (1926)
20540ABne - Binyamin 1926-1928
20541Brady & Wiman Productions Corporation1926-1928
Central Yeshivah (1929); Chanin's Theatre (1926); Covic, Friedi, Incorporated Publishers (1934); Current History (1925)
20542AColumbus Research Association1926
20543Cosmos Newspaper Syndicate1926-1927
20544Czechoslovak Offices and Officials1926-1927
Daughters of Jacob (1926-1927); The Day (1926-1929); George H. Doran Company (1927-1928); The Drama Guildhouse (1929); Drei Masken Verlag (1929); The Dvir Company (1927-1928)
The Eagle Publishing Company (1925-1929); Emergency Foreign Policy Conference (1925); Emmerich Lecture Bureau, Inc. (1925)
20547 F
Federation of Polish in America (1928); Felix Bloch Erben (1927-1931); Film Arts Guild (1927); Forty-Ninth Street Theatre (1928); Fox Film Corporation (1927); Frank Maurice, Inc. Publishers (1926-1927)
20548Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America1926-1928
20549Federation of Jewish Philanthropic Agencies1926-1927
20550French Government Offices and Officials 1925-1926
20551Fund For The Relief of Men of Letters and Scientists1925-1930
20552 G
Gan Chaim Corporation (1928); German Embassy (1925); The Golden Book (1925); Gooding College (1928); Goron Paris Films (1925-1926); Gottheil Medal Award (1928)
20553Georg Marton Verlag1928
20554 Ha
Habimah (1927); Hadassah Medical Organization (1925); Hadoar Banquet Committee (1925); Hakoah Soccer Team (1926); Harper & Brothers (1926)
20555 He-Hu
Hearst Newspapers (1926); Hebrew Free Loan Society (1925); Hebrew National Orphan Home (1927); The Hebrew Publishing Company; Hebrew Secondary School (1925); Hebrew Sheltering & Immigrant Aid Society of America (1926); Hebrew Teacher's Union (1929); The Herzl Club (1927); Hillel Foundation (1928); The Hunterberg League (1927)
20556Hebrew University 1925-1927
20557Herzliah Hebrew Academy1925-1927
20558 I
The Independent Theatres Clearing House (1926); International Jewish Press Bureau (1928); International Ladies Garment Worker's Union (1928-1930); Inter-Racial Press of America, Inc. (1924-1926); Israel Orphan Asylum (1929)
20559Israel's Messenger1926-1928
20560 J
Jaffe Art Film Corporation (1926); Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation (1929-1930); The Jewish Agricultural Society, Inc. (1926); Jewish Big Brothers; The Jewish Chronicle (1926); The Jewish Club (1929); Jewish Communal Directory (1929); Jewish Court of Arbitration (1929); Jewish Maternity Hospital New Building Fund (1926); The Jewish Morning Journal (1926); Jewish National & University Library (1926); Jewish National Worker’s Alliance (1929); Jewish Palestine Exploration Society (1924); The Jewish World (1926); The Judeans (1925-1929); Judea Industrial Corporation (1926)
20561Jewish Agency For Palestine1929
20562 Jewish Daily Bulletin-Jewish Telegraphic Agency1925-1926
20563Jewish Education Association, Jewish Forum1925-1928
21564Jewish National Fund1925-1929
21565Jewish Tribune1925-1928
21566 Jewish Tribune1926
21567 Jewish Tribune1925-1926
21568Joint Distribution Committee1925-1928
21569No folder
21570 K
Kehilath Israel Talmud Torah Campaign Fund (1928); Kennedy & Livingston, Inc.; Alfred A. Knopf (1926)
The Lamp (1926); League For American Citizenship (1926); The League of Zionists Revisionists of America (1926); The Lenox Hill Players, Inc. (1928); Lewis & Gordon (1926); Liberty (1926-1929); Library of Congress (1928); Lithvanian Jewish Relief Fund (1929); Little Brown & Company (1924)
The MacMillan Company (1925-1929); Madison Square Garden Broadcast Corporation (1926); MacFadden Publications (1925); McClure's Magazine (1925-1928); Intercollegiate Menorah Association (1925-1927); Menorah (1927); Metro Goldwyn Pictures (1925); The Mimers (1925-1926)
The Nation (1929); The National Council of Jewish Women (1926); National Farm School Conference (1926); National Golden Rule Committee (1926); National Labor Committee (1928); National (1927); National Press Club (1926)
Das Neue Ullstein Magazin (1925); The New Palestine (1928); New York Evening Post (1928-1929); New York Zionist Region (1928); Non Zionist Conference (1928); The Note Book (1927); Novoye Russkoye Slovo (1924)
21575New York Times1925-1926
21 576 O
Oesterneld & Company (1928); J.S. Ogilive Publishing Company (1926); The Thousand Mizrachi League (1925)
21577American ORT1925-1926
21578American ORT1928-1929
21579ORT-Reconstruction Fund1925-1929
21579AORT-Overseas Offices 1925
Palestine Consumers League In America (1928); Palestine Economic Corporation (1925-1927); Palestine Foundation Fund (1924); The Palestine Weekly (1927); Palestine Zionist Executive (1927); Payson & Clarke Limited (1927); The Philadelphia Jewish Times (1926); Provincetown Playhouse
21581Palestine Chamber of Commerce1925-1929
21582Peck Advertising Agency 1927
21583Pinker, James B. & Son1925-1930
21584Planned Publicity Service1924-1928
21585Polish Government Offices and Officials1925-1928
Rabbinical Assembly of Greater New York; Radiant Productions (1929-1930); Relief Society for Socialist Prisoners and Exiles In Soviet Russia (1926-1928); Russian Refugee Relief Society of America (1920); Financial Report of the Russian Zemstovs and Towns
22587Republican National Committee1928
22588 S
Saturday Evening Post (1929); Die Schmiede (1928); American Committee of the Schwartzbord Defence (1926); Seed of Abraham (1927); Seven Arts Feature Syndicate (1924); Joseph E. Shea & Company Inc. (1929); Sam & Lee Shubert Inc. (1926-1929); Slobodka Yeshivah in Hebron (1926); Smart See (1922); Society For Jewish Culture (1926); Source Research Council (1928-1929); Stephany & Company (1926); The Stratford & Company (1925-1929)
22589Talmudic Library - Kitzur Hatalmud1926-1928
22591Theatre Guild1925-1929
22592 U
U.S. Department of Labor (1926-1927); U.S. Department of State; United Synagogue Enrollment (1926)
22593United Jewish Campaign1926-1929
22594United Palestine Appeal1925-1929
22 595V
Vanity Fair (1929); Verlag Ullstein (1928); The Viking Press (1928); Volga Rossu (1926-1927)
C.C. Wilkewing & Son (1928); The Williams Press (1925); World Organization of Jewish War Invalids; (1928); World Union For Preserving The Health of Jews; Wundham's Theatre (1928)
Yiddish Home University (1927-1928); Yehosah Publication Society (1925)
22598Yiddish Art Theatre 1925-1928
22599Yeshivah College Building Fund1925-1928
The Zionist (1926); Zionist Information Bureau (1927); Zionist Labor Party (1926); Zionist Council of Greater New York (1926)
22601Zionist Organization Central Office1925-1929
22602Zionist Organization of America1925-1927
22603Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America)1928
22604Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America)1929
22605Z.O.A. (Zionist Organization of America) - Committee Reports & Meeting Minutes1928-1929

Subseries 3: Personal, 1925-1930

Scope and Content:

The Personal Subseries contains various types of documents. There is some correspondence here, including general family correspondence as well as correspondence concerning Herman Bernstein's trip to Europe. Besides these, there are also two folders of letters recommending Herman Bernstein to President Herbert Hoover. Other than correspondence, this subseries also features material focusing on congratulatory events, such as Bernstein's fiftieth birthday and two folders focusing on a testimonial dinner given in his honor in 1927. Herman Bernstein's professional work is also represented here in the form of articles and information on his speaking engagements.

23606Personal Materials1925-1929
23607Tribute to Herman Bernstein on Fiftieth Birthday1927
23608Testimonial Dinner in Honor of Herman Bernstein 1927
23609Testimonial Dinner in Honor of Herman Bernstein 1927
23610Notes and Outlinesn.d.
23611Speaking Engagements1925-1929
23612Letters Recommending H. Bernstein to Herbert Hoover1929
23612ALetters Recommending H. Bernstein to Herbert Hoover1930
23613Family Correspondence 1925-1929
24617Articles by Herman Bernstein1928
24618The Road to Peace1925-1926
24619Correspondence - Trip to Europe1926-1927
24621Biography of Prominent American Jews - Includes: Franklin Adams, Cyrus Adler, Carl Alberg, Meyer Bloomfield, Solomon Bloomgarde, Fraz Boas, Lowell Brentano, David Brown, Morris Fishbein1925-1929
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Series V, 1930-1935

This series is mostly in English, French, Russian, Yiddish, Albanian, German, and Arabic.
3.5 linear feet (3 ft. 9 in.; 7 5" boxes)

Series V has six subseries: Individuals; Organizations; Personal 1; Subjects; Personal 2; and Albania.

Scope and Content:

Much of the material available in this series is correspondence. Documents in this series date from 1930-1935. In addition to correspondence, there are also such items as personal documents, material on tributes and receptions given for Herman Bernstein, and articles and addresses given by him. The last subseries holds material concerning Herman Bernstein's tenure as Minister to Albania.

Subseries 1: Individuals, 1929-1935


Alphabetical by last name.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 is comprised of correspondence with individuals from the time period of this series. Famous individuals who corresponded with Bernstein in this subseries include Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Prominent in size in this subseries is Leon Savage.

Ackerman, Carl (1931-1933); Adler, Cyrus (1931-1935)
Bartsch, Hans (1935); Baruch, Bernard (1935); Bettelheim, Samuel (1930)
25625Barcata, Fabian 1931
25626Bero, Stanley 1930-1934
25627Brown, David A.1933
25 628 C
Cardozo, Benjamin (1932); Carreras, Guido (1932); Cohen, Abraham
25629Cohen, Zvi1934
Daniels, Josephus (1933-1935); DeKay, John; Deutsch, Bernard (1934)
25631Davidson, Louis B. 1933-1935
Elkus, Abram (1930); Engels, Peter (1934)
25633Einstein, Albert1933-1935
25634Evreinoff, N.1932
Forrester, Sylvia (1935); Fram, Rabbi Leon (1930); Freedman, Harold (1935)
25636Farwell, Mildred 1932-1935
25637Fishberg, M.1930-1934
25638Ford, Henry1930-1935
Garfunkel, Morris (1931); Ginsberg, Helen (1934); Goldberg, Abraham (1934); Goldstein, Israel (1934); Goldstein, Joseph; Grossman, Elias (1932)
25640Goldstein, Jonah 1931-1934
25641Gourary, Samarius1930
25642Gordon, H.L.1931-1932
25643Gottwald, Fritz 1929-1931
25644Graves, William1930-1931
25645Gringorten, Jacob H.1932-1934
Heller, Chaim (1934); Hey, Hans (1930); Holmes, John (1935); Houston, Herbert
25647Hoover, Herbert1930-1934
25648House, Edward1930-1934
Jabotinsky, V.; Johnson, Elmer (1933); Jung, Rabbi Lev (1934)
25650 K
Kahn, Otto (1930); Kalich, Bertha (1934); Karpilove, Miriam (1934); Keena, L.J. (1934); Kogan, A. (1933)
25651Kohut, G.A. & Rebekah1930-1934
25652 La-Le
Lamport, Samuel (1934); Lande, Louis (1933); Lansker, Albert (1933); Lebedeff, V. (1930); Ledner, Bruce (1934); Leighton, C.W. (1930-1934); Levitan, Solomon (1930-1934)
Lieberman, Elias (1934); Lieberman, William (1934); Litman, Alexander (1935)
25654Lothar, Rudolph 1930-1933
26655 Ma
Malkin, I.R. (1934); Manner, Jane; Margolin, Arnold (1930); Margoshes, Joseph (1932); Masliansky, Rev. H.; Matthias, Leo (1931-1932); Matz, Sidney (1930); Matz, Israel (1930)
26655AMasaryk, Thomas 1932-1934
26656 Mc-Mi
Mclnik, J.; Michaelson, Lewis (1933); Miller, Geo. A. (1934); Minkin, Rabbi Jacob (1934)
Morgenthau, Heary (1930-1934); Morrison, Isidore (1931); Moskowitz, Henry (1934)
26658 N-O
Nash, Abraham; Notovitch, N.
26659 P
Pauker, Edmond (1930); Pease, Frank (1934); Perry, Armstrong (1933); Petchkovsky, J. (1935); Pool, D. De Sola (1934); Popkin, Louis (1931); Posner, Louis S. (1931); Povolozky, Jacques (1931); Pratt, Ruth (1931-1934)
Radziwill, Princess; Revnes, Maurice (1930); Richards, Bernard (1932); Robinson, William (1932); Rokeach, Israel (1930); Rongy, A.J. (1931); Rosenbach, Abraham (1931-1935); Rosenwald, Julius (1931)
26661Rabinoff, Max 1930-1935
26662Rabinowitz, E.1930-1934
26663 Reisen-Kisiel, S.1934
26664Rhoade, Max1930-1933
26665Richter, I.S.1930
26666Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano)1933-1935
26667Ross, Betty1933
26668 Sa-Sh
Sack, Alexander (1934); Schacht, Hjalmar (1933); Schnapper, M.B. (1934); Schneersohn, I.; Schneiderman, Harry (1931-1934); Schulman, Samuel (1931); Schwager, Charles (1930); Sherko, Michael; Shernan, Carl (1934); Sherover, Max (1935)
Silver, Abba H. (1934); Strassman, Morris (1932); Sliosberg, Henri (1935); Stepawkowsky, W.J. (1935); Stern, David J. (1934); Stevens, Robley D. (1934)
26670Savage, Leon1930-1932
26671Savage, Leon1933-1935
26672 Schereshewsky, A.1934
26673Schiffer, Henry 1930-1934
26674Schildkraut, Joseph1935
26675Singer, Isidor1930-1934
26676Smit, Ingrid1930-1935
26677Snegoff, Leonid 1930-1935
26678Somlyo, Maria 1932-1935
26679Steinberg, J.1931-1932
26680Straus, Nathan 1930
26681Strauss, Lewis1930-1931
26682Szyk, Arthur 1931-1934
26683 T1934
26684 U1933-1934
26684A V1933-1934
26685 W1931-1935

Subseries 2: Organizations, 1925-1935


Alphabetical by organization name.

Scope and Content:

Organizational correspondence in this series is from the early 1930s. As in previous series, a large portion of the correspondence here is from publishing companies and publications, such as the Jewish Daily Bulletin, the American Hebrew, the Jewish Tribune, and the Macmillan Company. However, Herman Bernstein's political activism is also well represented here, as well as his work with Jewish institutions. He kept in contact with organizations such as the Republican National Committee, the Jewish Agency, the Jewish Club, the Joint Distribution Committee, ORT, and the Zionist Organization of America. His work as minister to Albania can also be seen here with his correspondence with the Albania American Institute and the Albanian Vocational School.

American Jewish Congress (1933); Areada Verlag (1932-1933); Associated Music Publishers (1935); Associated Press (1931-1932)
27687Academic Diplomatique Internationale1931-1934
27688Albania American Institute1930-1932
27689Albanian Vocational School1930-1934
27690 The American Hebrew1930-1934
27691American Jewish Committee (1930-1935) and Adler, Cyrus (1930-1935)1930-1935
27692 B
B'nai Brith Magazine (1930); Bne-Binyamin (1930); Brith Abraham (1934); Broadview (1935); Carl Byoir & Associates (1935)
27693Brady & Wiman - Century Play Company1930-1934
Collier's (1925); Cosmos Broadcasting Company (1931); Covici Friede Incorporated (1934-1935)
27695 D
The Day (1930-1935); E.P. Dutton & Company (1934)
27696 E
Encyclopedia Britannica
Farrar & Rinehart (1932); Federation (1930-1934); University of Florida (1932); Foreign Affairs (1931); Foreign Policy Association (1931); The Forum (1931); Fromenson, Popkin & Associates (1932)
27698Federation of Polish Jews in America1934-1935
27699 G-H-I
Gallery (1933); Samuel Goldwyn Inc. (1935); The Hechalutz Organization of America (1934); Hedenu (1934); Herald Owl Alumni Club (1930); High Commission For Refugees (1934-1935); Israel Zion Hospital (1932)
27700 J
Jewish Agricultural Society (1932); Jewish Daily Post (1935); Jewish Education Association (1934-1935); Jewish Literary Service (1934); Jewish National Fund (1930-1934); The Jewish Voice (1935); The Judeans (1930-1935); Jugoslavia Delegation (1933)
27701Jewish Agency1930-1934
27702The Jewish Club1930-1934
27703 Jewish Daily Bulletin1933-1934
27704Jewish Telegraphic Agency1930-1933
27705The Jewish Tribune1930
27706Joint Distribution Committee1930-1935
Kennedy & Livingston, Inc. (1930); Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (1933)
League of All Jewish Institutions (1931); Liberty (1934-1935)
28708ALeague for Labor Palestine1934
Richard J. Madden Play Company (1935); Maggs Brothers (1935); The McCall Company (1934); McIntosh & Otis, Inc.; Nutter, McClennen & Fish (1930); The Menorah Journal (1934-1935); Menorah Society of N.Y.U. (1934); Metro Goldwyn Mayer (1934)
28710MacMillan Company1930
28711Maimonides Octocentennial1934-1935
National League for American Citizenship (1932); National Conference of Jews & Christians (1934); The New Palestine Magazine (1930); New York American (1933); New York Repertory (1932); New York Times (1933-1935); Newsweek (1934); Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League (1934); North American Newspaper Alliance (1934)
28713Near East Foundation 1930-1935
28714 O
Oxford University Press
28716 P
The Palestine Lighthouse (1931); Palestine Bilder Korrespondenz; Planned Publicity Players (1931); Portal Playhouse Players (1931); Pro Palestine Federation of America (1930-1934)
28717Pfeffer, Max Verlag1929-1932
28 718 R
Reynal & Hitchcock, Inc. (1934); The Rockefeller Foundation (1930-1932); The Romance of A People
28719Republican National Committee1932
28720 Russische Tagezeitung1931-1932
The Saturday Review (1930); Scripps Howard Newspapers (1934); Simon & Schuster (1934)
28722Seven Arts Feature Syndicate1930-1933
Talmudic Library Publication Society (1933); The Theatre Guild (1931); This Week (1934)
28 724 U-V
United Jewish Appeal; United States Assembly (1934); Universal Pictures Corporation (1932)
28725 W-Y
The Winchell Thomas Company (1934); OZE - World Union For Preserving The Health of Jews (1934); Yiddish Art Theater (1930-1935)
28726Zionist Organization of America1930-1935

Subseries 3: Personal 1, 1930-1935

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 contains personal documents from the time period of this series. Included in the Personal folder of this subseries are such items as a passport and information on Herman Bernstein's financial affairs. Material focusing on laudatory events for Bernstein will also be found here, including congratulations on his appointment as minister to Albania, a dinner in honor of the fortieth anniversary of his arrival in the United States, and a reception in his honor. As in previous series, there is also material concerning his articles, addresses, speaking engagements, and notes. Furthermore, this series also contains condolence letters to Herman Bernstein's wife Sophie after his death. Additional personal documents may be found in Subseries 5: Personal 2.

29727Personal - Includes: Passport, Letters, Notes Regarding Payment of Loans, Bills1930-1932
29728Congratulations on Appointment as Minister to Albania1930
29729Tributes to Herman Bernstein on 40th Anniversary of Arrival in America1934
29730Dinner Reception in Honor of Herman Bernstein1930
29731Speaking Engagements 1930-1934
29732Press Releases1934
29733Notes and Outlinesn.d.
29733AArticles and Addresses by Herman Bernstein1932
29734Letters of Condolence to Sophie Bernstein1935

Subseries 4: Subjects, 1930-1935

Scope and Content:

Subseries 4 contains material on books written by Herman Bernstein.

29735 Can We Abolish War1935
29736“The Book of Peace”1934
29736A“The Book of Peace”1934
30737The Truth About “The Protocol[s of Zion”]1935
30737A[The] Truth About “The Protocols [of Zion”]n.d., 1920
30738Present & Future 1934
30739Unemployment Survey1933
30740Haym Solomon Project1934
30741Von Der Geldern, Peire28

Subseries 5: Personal 2, 1930-1933


Mostly alphabetical by name.

Scope and Content:

This subseries holds correspondence with Herman Bernstein, mainly with various family members including his wife Sophie, his son David, and his daughters Hilde, Dorothy, and Violet as well as with their husbands. There is also information on the wedding of Herman Bernstein's daughter Violet. Further personal material may be found in Subseries 3: Personal 1.

30742Bernstein, David1931-1933
30743Bernstein, Harry & Flora1930-1933
30744Bernstein, Sophie 1931-1933
30745Gitlin, Murray & Hilda1930-1933
30746Nash, Dorothy & Akos1930-1933
30747Willheim, Violet & Arpad1931
30748 Unidentifiedn.d.
30749Violet Bernstein's Wedding1932

Subseries 6: Albania, 1930-1935

Scope and Content:

This subseries focuses on Herman Bernstein's term as minister to Albania from February 1930 to September 1933. It primarily contains correspondence with government officials, both American and Albanian. A large amount of correspondence is between Bernstein and Mehmet Konitza, the Albanian Minister to Washington, D.C.. Documents located here consist of official letters, invitations, general correspondence, correspondence with other government representatives, reports, clippings, press releases, and Herman Bernstein’s writings.

General correspondence found here contains details of such topics as the building of the legation, Bernstein’s resignation, and some information on his negotiation work on the naturalization treaty. Folder 758 also contains documents concerning routine consular issues, such as difficulties acquiring visas or pleas for assistance, and the case of an individual using a forged visa. The material here also contains information on social events, including many invitation cards and responses to receptions and a Tirana social registry which lists important dignitaries in Tirana at the time. Letters from visitors to Albania may also be found here, among them requests for information and thank-you letters after visits. Folder 759 contains correspondence with, and information about the work of, C. Telford Erickson, a proponent of improved education in Albania.

Writings found here include an article on King Zog (Ahmed Zogu) written by Bernstein. The folder titled “Albania - Miscellaneous Materials” has various interesting documents pertaining to the history of Albania. It includes a detailed description by Herman Bernstein of services at the monastery of St. John Vladimir at Elbasan on that saint’s feast day with the Archbishop of Albania, excerpts from judicial decisions which concerned Jewish individuals in the town of Elbasan, and articles concerning Italian interests in Albania. Researchers studying Herman Bernstein's service as ambassador to Albania may also be attracted to photographs of this time period, which will be found in Subseries 16 of Series VI.

31750Albanian Government Offices and Officials1931-1934
31751Albania - Social Functions1931-1933
31752Letters to Herman Bernstein from Visitors to Albania1930-1933
31753Albania - First Anniversary Letters1931
31754Albania - U.S. State Department1930-1935
31755Albania Foreign Legations in Tirana1931-1933
31756U.S. Legation in Tirana 1930-1934
31757Albania - U.S. Ambassadors and Consuls1931-1933
31758Albania - Correspondence1930-1933
31 759Albania - Correspondence1930-1934
31760Albania - Miscellaneous Materials1930-1935
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Series VI: Mostly Undated, , 1898-1935

This series is mostly in English, Russian, German, Yiddish, Polish, and French.
15.25 linear feet (15 ft. 5.5 in.; 36 5" boxes; 1 3" OS box; 1 2.5" box)

Series VI is divided into seventeen subseries: Articles by Herman Bernstein; Interviews by Herman Bernstein; Short Stories, Plays and Poems by Herman Bernstein; Statements and Addresses by Herman Bernstein; The Truth about “The Protocols of Zion”; Books by Herman Bernstein; Dispatches - Russia; Translations by Herman Bernstein; Articles by Others; Books by Others; Notes and Outlines by Herman Bernstein; Subjects; Personal; Fragments; Clippings; Photos; and Plays.

Scope and Content:

Many of the documents in this series are undated. Series VI holds various types of documents, and does not include correspondence. Most of the papers located here are the writings of Herman Bernstein, and include articles, interviews, books, translations, and clippings of his published articles. This series also contains writings by other authors, including plays.

Subseries 1: Articles by Herman Bernstein, n.d., 1920?, 1922

Scope and Content:

Most of the articles written by Herman Bernstein located here concern Jewish topics, especially Jews in eastern Europe and Russia, although several articles also discuss life in Israel. Several also focus on the Russian royal family, and a few discuss famous American personalities.

32761Articles by Herman Bernstein
Includes: “American Jews Most Vital Problems Today,” “Some Recent Plays of Jewish Interest,” “The Dignity of Labor in Palestine, “ The Living Land of Israel Today,” “The Jewish People and The Bolshevik Regime,” “Anti-Semitism in Russia, Germany, and Elsewhere”
32762Articles by Herman Bernstein
Includes: “Maxim Gorky,” “Grand Duchess Anastasia – Living or Dead”
32763Articles by Herman Bernstein
Includes: “The Last Days of Admiral Kolchak”
32764Articles by Herman Bernstein
Includes “The Love Letters of The Czarina to the Czar Nicholar II”
32765Articles by Herman Bernstein
Includes “Russia” and “The Russian Riddle”
32766Articles by Herman Bernstein
Includes “The Pogroms in Poland,” “ Poland,” “The Tragedy of Israel in Poland,” and “ The Jews of Warsaw Under German Rule”
33767Articles by Herman Bernstein
Includes “ Chaliapine,” “Anton Chekov’s Love Letters,” “ Columbus The Man Who Found America,” and “Herbert Hoover”
33768Articles by Herman Bernstein
Includes “Quo Vadis?,” “The Plight of France Today,” “Europe Today,” and “An Adventure in Finland”
33769Articles by Herman Bernstein
Includes “ Aristocracy and Democracy in Art,” “One Victim of The War,” and “Twenty Years Later”
33770Articles by Herman Bernsteinn.d.
33771Articles by Herman Bernsteinn.d.
33772Articles by Herman Bernsteinn.d., 1920?
33772AArticles by Herman Bernsteinn.d.
33773Columns for Jewish Daily Bulletinn.d.
33774Book Reviews by Herman Bernstein
Includes “Lenin, Orator, Writer, and Dictator”
n.d., 1922

Subseries 2: Interviews by Herman Bernstein, n.d, 1918, 1922


Alphabetical by last name of interviewed person.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 holds drafts of interviews written by Herman Bernstein. These include manuscript, typescript, and printed copies. Many of the interviews consist only of Bernstein's written narrative of the interview, and do not include a transcript of the conversation.

34775Interviews by Herman Bernstein – A-E
Includes: “Interview with Eduard Benes,” “An Interview With The Hungarian Prime Minister,” “Hall Caine”
34776Interviews by Herman Bernstein – F-M
Includes: “Interview With Henry Ford,” “What Shall The Jews of America Do,” “Bolshevism - Interview With Leo Kamenoff Soviet Ambassador in Rome”
n.d., 1922
34777Interviews by Herman Bernstein N-Y
Includes: “The Coming of the Worlds - Interview With Romain Rolland,” “What of Palestine Today – Interview With M. Ussishkin”
n.d., 1918

Subseries 3: Short Stories, Plays, and Poems by Herman Bernstein, n.d



Scope and Content:

This subseries holds undated drafts of Herman Bernstein's writings.

34778Short Stories by Herman Bernstein – A-J
Includes “The Anarchist,” “ Children of Israel,” “ The Firebrand”
34779Short Stories by Herman Bernstein – L-Tn.d.
34780Plays by Herman Bernsteinn.d.
34781Poems by Herman Bernsteinn.d.

Subseries 4: Statements and Addresses by Herman Bernstein, n.d

Scope and Content:

Subseries 4 is comprised of undated statements and addresses made by Herman Bernstein at various events.

34782Statements and Press Releasesn.d.
34782AAddresses by Herman Bernsteinn.d.
34783Addresses by Herman Bernsteinn.d.

Subseries 5: The Truth about “The Protocols of Zion”, n.d, 1921, 1933



Scope and Content:

This subseries contains material used by Bernstein in the production of his work The Truth about "The Protocols of Zion." It includes manuscript versions of the work as well as copies of source materials.

35784“Dialogues in Hell” – Manuscript Materialsn.d.
35785“Dialogues in Hell” – Manuscript Materialsn.d.
35786“Dialogues in Hell” – Manuscript Materialsn.d.
35787“Dialogues in Hell” – Manuscript Materialsn.d.
36788Protocols – Manuscript Materialsn.d.
36789 Protocols – Source Materialsn.d., 1921
36790Protocols – Source Materialsn.d., 1921, 1933

Subseries 6: Books by Herman Bernstein, n.d., 1919



Scope and Content:

This series holds manuscripts of two books written by Herman Bernstein.

36791Contrite Hearts – By Herman Bernsteinn.d.
36792“The Man Who Found America”n.d.

Subseries 7: Dispatches - Russia, n.d., 1919

Scope and Content:

This series holds undated news dispatches from Russia, and include writings by Bernstein on Lenin, Leonid Andreyev, Kerensky, the Tsarina Alexandra, and the changes wrought by the Russian Revolution. Dates and publications of the dispatches are not included in the dispatches.

37793News Dispatches – Russian.d.
37794News Dispatches – Russian.d.
37795News Dispatches – Russian.d.
37796News Dispatches – Russian.d., 1919
37797News Dispatches – Russian.d.

Subseries 8: Translations by Herman Bernstein, n.d

Scope and Content:

Subseries 8 is comprised of translations by Herman Bernstein of various articles and stories, mainly by Russian authors.

38798Translations, Articles, Essays
Includes: “Eight Days” - Alexander Kerensky, “In Defense of Countess Tolstoy ” - Maxim Gorky
38799Satan's Diary – Andreyev, L.n.d.
38800Letters of the Tsarinan.d.
38801Short Stories – Andreyev, Leonidn.d.
38802Short Stories – A–P
Includes Stories by Shalom Asch, Leonid Andreyev, Anton Chekov, Maxim Gorky, Ivan Turgenev
38803Short Stories – S-V
Includes Stories by Arthur Schnitzler, Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Turgenev

Subseries 9: Articles by Others, n.d., 1915-1929



Scope and Content:

Subseries 9 is comprised of often undated articles not written by Herman Bernstein. A large amount of the articles located here were written by unidentified authors.

39804Articles – A-Bn.d.
39805Articles – Bourtzeff, Vladimirn.d., 1919
39806Articles – Cn.d., 1924, 1929
39807Articles – Dn.d.
39808Articles – G
Gorky, Maxim
39809Articles – Grossman, Vladimirn.d.
39810Articles – H
Hecht, Alexander; Hessen, I.V.
39811Articles – J-K
Joshunski, J., Kobyakov, Sergey
39812Articles – L-M
Masaryk, Tomás Garrigue
39813Articles – N-On.d.
39814Articles – P
Pavel, A.; Parkes, Kineton; Pilauak, Boris
n.d., 1921
40814ARadic, Stefann.d.
40815Articles – S
Stepun, Fedor
n.d., 1915
40816Articles – T-W
Trotsky, Leo
40817Articles – Zenzimov, Vladimirn.d., 1918
40818Articles – Authors Unidentifiedn.d.
40819Articles – Authors Unidentifiedn.d., 1916-1920
41820Articles – Authors Unidentifiedn.d.
41821Articles – Authors Unidentifiedn.d.
41822Articles – Authors Unidentifiedn.d.
41823Articles – Authors Unidentifiedn.d.
41824Articles – Authors Unidentified – In Russiann.d.
41825Articles – Authors Unidentified – Miscellaneous Subjectsn.d., 1915

Subseries 10: Books by Others, n.d., 1925

Scope and Content:

Subseries 10 holds manuscripts of books by various authors. Several of the authors are Russian, such as Leonid Andreyev. Several folders contain manuscripts of unidentified books. A large part of this subseries is made up of a manuscript of a history of the American Joint Distribution Comittee. Additionally, there are several folders of short stories and poetry.

42826Almasoff, Boris – “Rasputin and Russia” (typescript)n.d.
42826AAndreyev, L. - “Sashka Zhegulyev” (typescript, signed)n.d.
42827Kohut, Rebekah (or Rebecca)n.d.
42828Sokolov, N.n.d.
42829Geschenktes Blut1925
42830Books Unidentifiedn.d.
43831Books Unidentifiedn.d.
43832Books Unidentifiedn.d.
43833Manuscript For A History of the American Joint Distribution Committeen.d.
43833Manuscript For A History of the American Joint Distribution Committeen.d.
43834Manuscript For A History of the American Joint Distribution Committeen.d.
43835Manuscript For A History of the American Joint Distribution Committeen.d.
43835AManuscript For A History of the American Joint Distribution Committeen.d.
44837The First Lawn.d.
44839Short Stories – (An Anthology of Russian Short Stories): Includes: Babel, Isaac; Hessen, I.; Trenev, K[onstantin]; Ivanov, V.; Tolstoy, Alex[ei]n.d.
44840Short Storiesn.d.
44841Short Storiesn.d.

Subseries 11: Notes and Outlines by Herman Bernstein, n.d

Scope and Content:

Subseries 11 contains Bernstein's notes for writings, including his memoir.

44843Notes and Outlines (all by Herman Bernstein): Includes: “I Witness” – Memoirs by Herman Bernsteinn.d.
44844Notes and Outlinesn.d.
44845Notes and Outlinesn.d.
44846Notes and Outlinesn.d.
44848Lists of Namesn.d.

Subseries 12: Subjects, n.d., 1906-1925

Scope and Content:

Subseries 12: Subjects holds information on diverse topics. Subjects include pogroms in Russia and Poland, as well as material on two government committees: the Save the Homeland Committee and another concerning testimony before a Senate committee.

46849Testimony Before Senate Committee1919
46850Advertising & Publicity Materials1923-1925
46851Pogroms in Russia & Poland1918-1919
46852Bialystok Pogrom1906
46853Save The Homeland Committee1921
46854Trial of Admiral Kolchak1920

Subseries 13: Personal, n.d., 1902-1939

Scope and Content:

Much of Subseries 13: Personal is comprised of correspondence, much of it undated correspondence, some by unidentified individuals. In addition to correspondence, there is also one folder of theatrical contracts.

46857Biographical Materials1902-1939
46858Undated Correspondence – Individualsn.d.
46859Undated Correspondence – Individualsn.d.
46860Undated Correspondence – Individualsn.d.
46861Undated Family Correspondencen.d.
46862Unidentified Correspondencen.d.
46863Theatrical Contracts1923-1934

Subseries 14: Fragments, n.d

48871Fragments – Russiann.d.
48872Fragments – Playsn.d.

Subseries 15: Clippings, n.d., 1898-1935


Arranged by language or topic of clippings. Chronological within language or topic.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of clippings collected by Herman Bernstein. Several folders hold clippings concerning the theater; others are in foreign languages, including Yiddish, Russian, and German. Clippings include newsprint copies of Herman Bernstein's articles from various U.S. and New York newspapers.

48875Clippings, Translation from Russian by Herman Bernstein of “Seven Who Were Hanged”1909
51903Clippings – Theater1910-1916
51904Clippings – Theater1922-1923
51905Clippings – Theater1925-1926
51906Clippings – Theater1927
51907Clippings – Theater1928
51908Clippings – Theater1929
51909Clippings – Theater1930-1935
52910Clippings – Yiddish1908-1915
52910AClippings – Yiddish1919-1923
52911Clippings – Yiddish1924
52912Clippings – Yiddish1925
52913Clippings – Yiddish1927
52914Clippings – Yiddish1928
52915Clippings – Yiddish1929
52916Clippings – Yiddish1930
52917Clippings – Yiddish1931-1933
52918Clippings – Yiddish1934-1935
52919Clippings – Yiddishn.d.
52920Clippings - Foreign1930-1931
53921Clippings - Russian1902-1910
53922Clippings - Russian1912-1916
53923Clippings - Russian1917
53924Clippings - Russian1918-1920
53925Clippings - Russian1921
53926Clippings - Russian1922-1925
53927Clippings - Russian1926-1935
53928Clippings - Russiann.d.
53929Clippings - German1905-1916
53930Clippings - German1921-1927
53931Clippings - German1928-1934

Subseries 16: Photos, n.d., 1928

Scope and Content:

The photographs include family photographs, portraits, and a variety of images documenting Bernstein’s travels and work. The index includes a list of photographs, but most of the photographs are not indexed and many are unidentified.

Among the photographs of individuals in the collection are images of Leonid Andreyev, Henri Bergson, Hall Caine, F. Chaliapin, J. Dinezohn, Albert Einstein, Havelock Ellis, Peter Engels, Bertha Kalich, Adolph Lewisohn, Solomon Levitan, Josef Rosenblatt, Maurice Schwartz, Nathan Straus, Leo Tolstoy, and Chaim Weizmann.

The photographs of Bernstein’s service in Albania, located in the folder titled “Miscellaneous Subjects,” include photographs of King Zog, Albanian dignitaries, official functions, and an Italian archaeological excavation at Butrinto.

The collection also contains over 70 photographs of American and French troops in France during 1918-1919, also to be found in the “Miscellaneous Subjects” folder. Bernstein’s trip to Siberia with the American Expeditionary Forces (AEFS) is documented by official AEFS photographs and by photographs from unidentified sources. These images included pictures of American soldiers, Bolshevik prisoners, Lake Baikal, White army officers including General Gaida, and the leader of the AEFS, and General William S. Graves. There are several pictures (both interior and exterior) of the house at Ekaterinburg [Yekaterinburg] where the Romanovs were imprisoned and executed.

Theatrical photos include production photographs, movie stills, and performers.

54932Herman Bernsteinn.d.
54933Herman Bernstein with Family Membersn.d.
54934Herman Bernstein with Othersn.d.
54935Mrs. Bernstein and Childrenn.d.
54936Individuals (Identified)n.d.
54937Individuals and Groups (Unidentified)n.d.
54938Miscellaneous Subjectsn.d.
54A938ATheater Performances and Scenery Photosn.d.
55939War Photos (Oversized) (1918-1920); Strauss Book – Commemorating 80th Birthday of Nathan Straus (Non-Photographic)1918-1928

Subseries 17: Plays, n.d


By language.

Scope and Content:

Herman Bernstein translated many plays, and works in English, Yiddish, German, Russian, Polish, and French can be found here. In addition to translations, some of Bernstein's own plays may be found here as well as plays which he adapted, occasionally with other authors.

A) English

56940Andreyev, L.n.d.
56941Andreyev, L. – “Days of Our Life”n.d.
56942Andreyev, L. – Gaudeamus, Katerinan.d.
56943Andreyev, L. – King Hungern.d.
56944Andreyev, L. – The Ocean, “ Thou Shalt Not Kill,” The Waltz of the Dogsn.d.
56945Berger, Ludwig – “The Virgin Queen;” Bergman, Hjalmar – “The Nobel Prize”n.d.
57946Bernstein, Herman (Plays adapted by Herman Bernstein) - “ The Battle of Women,” “The Call,” Contrite Heartsn.d.
57947Bernstein, Herman (Plays adapted by Herman Bernstein) - The Cricket on The Hearth, “The First Storm,” The Seven Who Were Hanged, “ Youth”n.d.
57948Birinski, Leo - “The Wicked Saint,” “The Holy Devil”n.d.
57949Davis, Gustav - “Saving Sinners” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein) & Domet, as is “Joseph Trumpeldorn.d.
57950Dymow, Ossip - “The American Citizen” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein); Engel, Alexander: “Money”n.d.
57951Evreinoff, Nicholas - Love Under The Microscopic, (Adapted by Herman Bernstein) The Main Thing, The Radio Kiss (Translated by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
57952Evreinoff, Nicholas - The Ship of Saints (Adapted by Herman Bernstein) The Wings of the Souln.d.
58953Fodor, Ladislaus - Miss Church Mouse (Adapted by Herman Bernstein); Frank, Bruno: “A Comedy of Pearls” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
58954Frank, Baul - “Ghetto Girl,” “The Lady In White”n.d.
58955Frank, Paul - “The League of Men,” “The Silver Mine,” “Stepmama” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
58956Gordin, Jacob - The Unknownn.d.
58957Gottwald, Fritz - Fair Exchange, “The Popular Tune” and “Salto Mortale” (All Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
58958Halbe, Max - Youthn.d.
58959Hopp, Julius - “Thaddeus”n.d.
58960Ivanov, V. - “The Armored Train” (Act I only, English version by Herman Bernstein and I.S. Richter)n.d.
58961Jizhmoz, Max - “Beethoven”n.d.
59962Kaiser, Georg - “Double Oliver” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein); “The Phantom Lover” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59963Knudsen, Paul - “The Four Devils” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59964Lengyel, Melchor - “The Postmistress" (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59965Lothar, Rudolph - “The Beautiful Melasine” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59966Lothar, Rudolph - “The Command to Love,” “The Command to Steal” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59967Lother, Rudolph - “Experience” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein), “The Golden Partridge,” “Hollywood Love”n.d.
59968Lothar, Rudolph - “Love Among The Chickens” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein), “The Love Cure,” “Magic Fire”n.d.
59969Lothar, Rudolph L. - “The Masked Woman,” “The Night of Three Women” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59970Lothar, Rudolph - “The White Vest,” “The Young Truth” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59971Moissi, Alexander - The Prisoner (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59972Poliakoff, S.L. - “Don Juan’s Last Love” (Translated by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59973Scheglov, Dmitry - “The First Law” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59974Schlessinger, P. - “The Game” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59975Seff, E. - “Erica”n.d.
59976Sloboda, Carl - “The Bomb” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59977Surgutchev, Ilya - “Women” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein), “Kings of Fashion” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
59978Surgutchev, Ilya - “The Cat Goes Fishing”n.d.
59979Sumbatov, A. - “The Great Betrayal” (Translated by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
61980Tolstoy, Alexei - “The Darling” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
61981Turgenev, Ivan - “Donna Dolores” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
61982Urvantzoff, L. - “Vera” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein), “The Right to Kill,” “Roads of Destiny”n.d.
61983Verneuil, Louis - “Carousel” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein) “The Wife In-Law,” ”Councellor [sic] Bolbec and Her Husband”n.d.
61984Yushkevitch, S. - “A Poor Man’s Dream” (Adapted by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
61985Unidentified - “The Credentials,” “The Man Who Laughs”n.d.
61986Unidentified - “The Story of One Night”n.d.

B) German

62987Avertschenko, Arkadyn.d.
62988Barclay, James; Bennett, E.A.; Berger, Ludwign.d.
62989Bergman, Hjalmarn.d.
62990Berstl, Julius; Borghieri, C.; Borutzky, H.n.d.
62991Brigg, Robert H.n.d.
62992Brody, A.; Bruckner, F.; Csokor, F.n.d.
63993Domet, Asis; Dregely, Gabrieln.d.
63994Engle, A.; Etlinger, K.n.d.
63995Foldes, E.; Furth, Otton.d.
63996Frank, Pauln.d.
63997Gobsch, Hanns; Goldman, W.n.d.
63998Gottwald, Fritzn.d.
64999Hevesi, A.; Iro, M.; Joachimson, F.n.d.
641000Kaiser, Georgn.d.
641001Kistemaekers, H.; Klabund; Knudsen, P.n.d.
641002Kosorotow, A.J.; Kranz, H.B.n.d.
641003Lambert, F.; Langhoff, W.n.d.
641004Lengyel, M.n.d.
641005Lenz, Leo; Lichtenberg, W.n.d.
651006Lothar, Rudolphn.d.
651007Lothar, Rudolphn.d.
651008Lothar, Rudolphn.d.
651009Lothar, Rudolphn.d.
651010Lothar, Rudolphn.d.
651011Meckauer, W.; Menzel, G.; Michaelis, S.n.d.
651012Noeren, H.n.d.
661013Schnitzler, A.; Sling; Sloboda, C.n.d.
661014Sonderup, A.; Stark, Ludivign.d.
661015Svoboda, F.X.; Urvantzov, Leo; Weiss, R.E.; Wellenkamp, B.n.d.
661016Plays in German – Unidentifiedn.d.

C) Yiddish

661017Plays in Yiddishn.d.

D) French

671018Plays in French: Evreinoff, N.; Norman, D.n.d.
671019Play in Frenchn.d.

E) Polish

671020Play in Polishn.d.

F) Russian

671021Plays in Russian: Averchenko, A.; Andreyev, L.n.d.
671021APlays in Russian: Dymow, O.n.d.
671022Plays in Russian: Evreinoff, N.n.d.
671023Plays in Russian: Erastov, G.; Kugel, A.R.; Mysheyev, N.; Poliakoff, S.n.d.
681024Plays in Russian: Schlegov, D.; Sumbatov, A.I.; Surgutchev, Ilyan.d.
681025Plays in Russian: Urvantzoff, Leo; Vernevil, P.n.d.
681026Plays in Russian: Yushny, Y.; Zuderman, Hermann.d.
681027Andreyev, Leonid: “Sashka The Bandit” (Translated by Herman Bernstein)n.d.
681028Evreinoff, Anna: “The Scarlet Fever”n.d.
681029Theater Playbills and Programsn.d.
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Series VII: Addenda, 1915-1956

Addenda is mostly in English and Russian.
2 linear feet (1 ft. 8 in.; 3 5" boxes; 2 2.5" boxes)
Scope and Content:

Addenda is comprised of items added to the collection after it was first arranged. It includes correspondence, plays, legal records, and clippings. Folders labeled "Interrogations" include transcripts of legal records pertaining to the the Henry Ford trial. Some of the clippings concern Russia and the “Willy-Nicky” correspondence between Wilhelm II and Nicholas II. Several folders contain documents related to the Bernstein family, including correspondence between Herman and Sophie Bernstein and a school paper by Violet Bernstein.

Supplementary Listings, n.d., 1915-1935

691030Assorted Correspondence1915-1923
691031Materials on Henry Fordn.d.
691032Lothar, Rudolph: Correspondence1926-1934
691033Miscellaneous Correspondence1935
691034Henry Ford’s WWI Peace Expedition1915
691035Reports by American Army Staff1919
691036Manuscripts by Herman Bernsteinn.d.
691037Letters From Celebrities-Typescripts1915-1929
691038Russian Letters to Herman Bernstein and Letters From Celebritiesn.d.
691039Plays – Adaptationsn.d.

Addendum, n.d., 1910-1956

70 (1 of 4)1Interrogations B (Augustin Laurent Boudet)1926
70 (1 of 4)2Interrogations G (Grigori Viacheslavovich Glinka)1926
70 (1 of 4)3Interrogations K (Igor Alexandrovich Krivoshein, Eugene Konstantinovich Klimovitch)1926
70 (1 of 4)4Interrogations L (Alexander Sergeevich Loukomsky, A. Lepelletier)1926
70 (1 of 4)5Interrogations M (Exakoustodian Makharoblidze)1926
70 (1 of 4)6Interrogations O (Vladimir Grigorievich Orlov)1926
70 (1 of 4)7Interrogations S (Paul Shatilof)1926
70 (1 of 4)8Interrogations V (Father Vladimir Vostokov)1926
70 (1 of 4)9Interrogations W (Baron Peter Wrangel)1926
70 (1 of 4)10Interrogations Y (Nicolai Patrovich Yakimov)1926
71 (2 of 4)1Clippings by Bernstein – Russia (various newspapers)1910-1914
71 (2 of 4)2Clippings by Bernstein – “Willy-Nicky” and Miscellaneous ( New York Herald)1917
71 (2 of 4)3Clippings by Bernstein – Russia (Various Newspapers)1917-1918
71 (2 of 4)4Clippings by Bernstein (Brooklyn Eagle)1925
71 (2 of 4)5Yeshiva University: Einstein Reception Committee1935
71 (2 of 4)6Three Days in the Village by Tolstoy, Translated by Bernsteinn.d.
71 (2 of 4)7New York Herald – Bernstein Dispatches from Paris1917
71 (2 of 4)8Printed Address by Nathan Straus Opening the American Jewish Congress (Multiple Copies) (21 May 1922); “Peace Not War” by Henry Ford (Reprint from Detroit Free Press); Letter from Herman Bernstein to William Gaynor (24 June 1913); Printed Proposal for The Jewish Magazine; The National Conference on Community Centers and Related Problems - Pamphlet (1916)1913-1922
72 (3 of 4)1Miscellaneous Correspondence, Herman and Sophie Bernstein1909-1928
72 (3 of 4)2Miscellaneous Correspondence, Herman and Sophie Bernstein1934-1941
72 (3 of 4)3Notes and Writings by Bernsteinn.d.
72 (3 of 4)4Writings by Othersn.d.
72 (3 of 4)5Clippings1923-1936
72 (3 of 4)6Miscellaneous Papersn.d.
73 (4 of 4)1Correspondence1936-1956
73 (4 of 4)2Miscellaneous Papersn.d.
73 (4 of 4)3Draft of Bernstein Inventoryn.d.

David Bernstein Papers, n.d., 1912-1934

7411 Letter to David Bernstein1934
7421 Letter (1912) and 1 Telegram (1928) to Herman Bernstein1912, 1928
7435 Photos of Herman Bernstein (Alone and with Others)n.d.
744Violet Bernstein’s School Paper – “Textile Notes”1927
745Leather Slipcase Initialed “HB”n.d.
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