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Descriptive Summary

Creator: North American Jewish Students Appeal
Title: North American Jewish Students Appeal Records
Dates:undated, 1962, 1964-1996
Dates:(Bulk 1971-1995)
Abstract: The records of the North American Jewish Students Appeal (NAJSA or APPEAL) contains documents on two levels of concern: those documents dealing with the NAJSA as a student-run organization promoting Jewish identity among college-aged youth; and those documents dealing with the APPEAL as a fundraising organization for several well-known student constituent organizations. The Constituents were: the Jewish Student Press Service, Lights in Action, the North American Jewish Students Network, the Progressive Zionist Caucus, Response: A Contemporary Jewish Review, Yavneh Religious Students Organization, and Yugntruf Youth for Yiddish. Documents include correspondence, financial records, minutes, press releases, information on grants awarded to student organizations for programming and publishing, student journals and newspapers, photographs, and ephemera.
Languages: The collection is in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
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Historical Note
Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry Run for Freedom Event at Columbia University (Box 112, Folder 5)

Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry Run for Freedom Event at Columbia University (Box 112, Folder 5)

The events leading up to the formation of the North American Jewish Students Appeal (NAJSA or APPEAL) began in May 1969 when the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) sponsored a conference in Brewster, NY. The conference, attended by a collection of students, young adults and student activists, focused on issues concerning the state of Judaism among American youth, organization of the students into a viable movement, and from the student's viewpoint, how to conduct effective and meaningful communications between them and the older generation of the Federations. Out of this conference arose the North American Jewish Students NETWORK, a communications, information and resource arm of the WUJS. As an umbrella service providing information on strategies and tactics through NETWORK, Jewish students and young adults were able to coordinate and plan for organized disruptions at the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Fund's (CJFWF) General Assembly (GA) in Boston from November 12-18, 1969, coinciding with the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the American Federation movement.1

The students, not originally scheduled to speak at any sessions, were exceptionally vocal at the Boston assembly, staging sit-ins and protests and disrupting the normal functions of the yearly gathering. The students were empowered by two factors in staging their disruptions at the Assembly. The Black Power Movement, which some of the students had been involved with, had introduced "the concept that strong ethnic identification was not only good, but necessary," and the 1967 War in the Middle East caused young and old Jews to "express openly their Jewish identity." The students also viewed themselves as up against an "entrenched Federation system" that was slow to act and that Synagogue-associated youth groups such as Hillel were ill-equipped, financially or with the manpower, to address a vocal and somewhat radicalized activist generation of Jewish youth who felt both 'turned-off' to their Jewish identity and 'tuned-out' by established youth groups.

The vocal students were allotted time to speak at a Luncheon session of the GA, choosing as their representative Rabbi Hillel Levine. Levine was a Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Social Relations at Harvard and a Graduate of the Rabbinical College at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTS). Rabbi Levine began by stating that:

Rabbi Levine then offered a definition of the students - how they viewed themselves in the community of American Jews:

Gordon Zacks, the 1969 Chairman of the United Jewish Appeal's (UJA) Young Leadership Cabinet (YLC) and former Chair of the CJFWF Leadership Development Committee, addressed the delegates in a regularly scheduled meeting of the Luncheon Session of the Assembly. Zacks, in a forum entitled "Young Leadership Looks at the Future of the Jewish Community" urged the Assembly to pass a resolution calling for the creation of a body with a six-prong plan addressing certain issues facing the Jewish community within a 12-month period. This body, proposed as the "Foundation for Jewish Identity", would undertake, develop and provide seed money to harvest "the best Jewish brainpower in support of those kinds of activities which will produce a multiplier effect on creative Jewish living and identity." One of the six specific areas in which Mr. Zacks urged plan development was in presenting a "bold new activities-oriented approach to reach and involve university students."4 (Zacks and Neil Norry (the Special Promotions Chairperson of the national UJA office), working on the Federation side, became two of the prime initiators and backers of the APPEAL, providing moral, organizational and financial support to NETWORK in establishing the groundwork for the APPEAL.)

After the General Assembly, the students were unorganized and unincorporated, had no budget, or central strategy for receiving or allocating funds they might receive from the Federations. The student leaders met at a December 1969 UJA meeting, but were unable to press their efforts to raise funds from the Federations until some semblance of organization occurred. In June of 1971, NETWORK, using its connections through the WUJS, organized meetings with the leaders of the six original Constituents to discuss their varying financial crises and how to organize and present a united fundraising plan to the CJFWF. Those initial Constituents, the Jewish Student Press Service (organized 1970), Response (organized 1967), NETWORK (1969), the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry (1964), Yavneh (1965) and Yugntruf: Youth for Yiddish (1965) banded together to form the North American Jewish Students Appeal.5

The thrust of this work was primarily fundraising and allocating to the Constituent organizations, of which, over time, there were eight not including a few small 'satellite' Constituents. NETWORK and YAVNEH eventually left the APPEAL, with the Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC, organized 1987) and Lights in Action (LIA, organized 1992) taking their places. In addition to the allocating of funds and fundraising for the Constituent organizations, the APPEAL administered under its own name a Beneficiary Grants program. The grants, ranging from $50 to $500, were awarded primarily to campus student organizations requiring funding for campus programming or publications promoting Jewish identity and news among students.

The structure of the APPEAL included an Executive Director and executive assistant, with occasional field workers and interns. The Executive Director ran the everyday operations of the APPEAL, including allocations distribution, compiling Constituent presentations, writing grants, fundraising, and advertising the APPEAL. The Executive Directors of the APPEAL included Robert Goldman, Edward (Avi) Lyons, Mark Mishan, Steven Cohen, Susan Dessel, Roberta Shiffman and Brenda Gervetz.

The advisors of the APPEAL consisted of a Board of Trustees and a Governing Board. Friends of the Students, or Friends, were named for those people who donated money but had no say in the workings of the APPEAL. Rabbis and congregations were regularly called upon for donations and spiritual support.

Trustees acted as an advisory board to the APPEAL, and lobbied their local and national Federations to fund the APPEAL. As an advisory board, Trustees had no say in the internal workings of the Constituents, or the APPEAL allocation formula. Money received from the Federations was divided between the Constituents and the Beneficiary Grants program according to an allocation formula decided by the Constituents and Governing Board. Trustees acted as a buffer between the Federations and the NAJSA students and were arbiters of any internal disputes between the NAJSA and Constituents. The collective Trustee membership consisted of community members and delegates from the Governing Board, who were primarily students at the time of their Trusteeship. These students served as both Trustees and Governing Board members, though once they left the Governing Board for reasons of graduation or resignation they had the option of remaining Trustees.

The majority of the Trustees were older men and women who had worked within the Jewish community for many years, and knew the finer points of approaching the Federations. The APPEAL strove to develop and maintain ties with at least one vocal, well-placed Trustee that held the ear of local Federations. The Trustees were particularly useful during each Federation's allocation evaluation time, based on the fiscal year. After the NAJSA submitted their allocation applications to a Federation, the local Trustee would follow-up, making phone calls, visiting or conducting presentations to the Federation as possible or advisable. The Trustees were vital in initiating new Federations into giving to the APPEAL, encouraging Federations to increase an already confirmed allocation or maintaining an allocation over time.

The Trustees did not hold regularly scheduled meetings. Meetings of the Trustees were attempted during quarterly CJF sessions, but attendance was relatively poor as Trustees were more willing to travel to the larger General Assembly conferences than quarterly meetings. Trustees also donated to the APPEAL with their own Tzedakah, or charitable contribution. Current Trustees recruited new Trustees, with Trustees Michael and Natalie Pelavin and Steven Schwarz being the most active in this regard. Gordon Zacks encouraged the actor Theodore Bikel (The African Queen, My Fair Lady, The Defiant Ones, Victory at Entebbe) to become a Trustee. Trustee Chairpersons included Zacks, Michael Pelavin, Jacqueline Levine, Steven Schwarz, Alan H. Molod, Suzanne Perelman, Magda Leuchter-Shenberg, and Gerald Flanzbaum.

The Governing Board consisted of seven constituent delegates, and six at-large delegates. The Constituents selected delegates and previous Board members, Trustees, and Constituents nominated at-large delegates. At-large delegates were students under the age of 30 years at the time of election and served one-year terms; staff from the APPEAL could be appointed as non-voting delegates. The Governing Board met during the school year from September to June on a monthly basis to review each Constituent's programming and prepare for Spring budgeting and the Fall allocation formula vote. The Governing Board reviewed Beneficiary Grants proposals, recommending or denying funding for each grant proposed. The Governing Board elected a President and an Executive Committee, which included the President, Executive Director and three Board members. In addition to the Executive Committee, the Board elected a Steering, Allocations and Internal Review Committees.

In the structure of the Federation system, the APPEAL presented budget materials and financial reports, along with Constituent presentations, to the Large City Budgeting Conference (LCBC), an independent division of the CJFWF representing the larger, local Federations according to population size. The CJFWF based Federation divisions on local population sizes by large, intermediate and small budgeting councils representing local cities and towns. The LCBC would then certify to the Federations, a recommended target budget to be allocated from the local Federations to the APPEAL. The CJFWF/LCBC issued a 'Budget Digest,' containing the combined report of the CJFWF and the APPEAL, including a description of the activities of the APPEAL and Constituents, a brief history and scope of the organization, along with a report on the APPEAL's financial standing, based on financial documentation presented by the APPEAL. For instance, based on the APPEAL's presentation, its financial documentation and plans for the following fiscal year, the LCBC would certify the APPEAL's allocation from Federation funds at $120,000. (The APPEAL also received certification from the Intermediate and Small Cities Budgeting Conferences.) After certification, the Federations viewed the APPEAL as a legitimate allocation entity. Based on the local Federation budget, an allocation was then made to the APPEAL, spread throughout the fiscal year or in one lump sum. The APPEAL attended the annual GA, mingling with Federation representatives on the national and local levels, attending forums on student-related issues and to present their budgets for certification. The GA was held in a variety of host cities designated by the number of the annual event. The CJFWF later became the Council of Jewish Federations (CJF) and then merged with the United Israel Appeal (UIA) and the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) to form the United Jewish Communities (UJC).

The APPEAL was active on several CJF committees, including the College Youth and Faculty Committee, the Leadership Development Committee, the Task Force on Services to Jewish University Students, and the Women's Committee on Russian Women. The NAJSA served on the United Jewish Appeal's Student Advisory Committee and the Young Leadership Cabinet. During the 1970s, the APPEAL attempted to merge with the Joint Cultural Appeal (JCA), a fundraising entity for several organizations including the American Jewish Historical Society, Histadruth Ivrith of America, the Leo Baeck Institute, the National Foundation for Jewish Culture and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

The APPEAL disbanded in June 1995 due to the shrinking of Federation funds, the changing structure of the CJF and tensions between the APPEAL and Hillel. As money disappeared from the Federations, the trickle down effect made it difficult for the Federations to justify funding two National student organizations.

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Constituent Historical Note

The Constituents of the APPEAL were expected to meet certain financial and obligatory commitments in order to remain part of the APPEAL allocation process. The criteria for becoming an NAJSA Constituent rested on whether the organization was a national and independent group that had no parent foundation funding or policy-making body overseeing the organization. All policy had to set by a student or young adult governing board.

The relationship between the Constituents and the APPEAL was sometimes rocky, as personalities and priorities clashed. On the whole, however, the relationship worked well, with the APPEAL alleviating some of the financial worries of the Constituents, and the Constituents serving as an advertising vehicle for the APPEAL. The Constituents sent monthly activity, quarterly and yearly audit reports to the APPEAL who in turn submitted activity and financial presentations to the LCBC and local Federations. The reports and audits arriving from the Constituents were sporadic at times. In cases where the quarterlies were not received by the end of the months of September, January, April and July, allocations were held until receipt; in cases of audits arriving after the August 15 deadline of each year, a withholding penalty was imposed of 1% of the group's allocation. Any total withheld was then divided and allocated to other Constituents. Penalties and allocation withholding was not used often by the APPEAL. However, when it was absolutely necessary, the APPEAL did employ these methods to enforce compliance. In 1978, after repeated attempts to obtain financial reports from YAVNEH on a timely basis, the tensions between the two groups escalated to such a degree that YAVNEH withdrew from the APPEAL. Two years later, the group had reorganized itself and attempted to rejoin the APPEAL.

Constituents were unable to solicit funds directly from any individual Federation. This method insured that the Federations were not bombarded by a multitude of requests while securing some continuity in the APPEAL's approach. NETWORK requested endowment funds from the Federations, thereby violating the by-law and leading to NETWORK's temporary withdrawal plus a 1% penalty fee imposed on NETWORK until it fell into 'compliance.' During this period, the tensions between the APPEAL and NETWORK led to the complete withdrawal of NETWORK from the NAJSA in 1985.

Constituents received monthly Governing Board minutes and correspondence from the APPEAL. The Constituents were not mandated to send their board minutes and correspondence to the APPEAL. The APPEAL did not interfere with or dictate the affairs of the Constituents unless it came to matters of the appropriate spending of money by the Constituents. In one incident between the APPEAL and JSPS in the early 1990s, the APPEAL believed that JSPS was mismanaging its funds and initiated a review of JSPS' finances. Though the editor of JSPS' New Voices resigned from JSPS because of supposed improprieties, the records are unclear as to whether JSPS actually mismanaged funds.

Allocations received from the Federations to the NAJSA for distribution to the Constituents were issued on the basis of allocation formulas. The Constituents were reviewed and critiqued based on the previous academic year's activities and projection of activities for the new academic year. Included in this critique and review was Constituent participation in the life and function of the APPEAL, and a budgetary review. After each Constituent presented their yearly review to the Governing Board, Board members cast secret ballots, noting each Constituent's allocation percentage. Monetary percentages were averaged by the Executive Committee and presented to the Governing Board for a final vote.

The Constituents were encouraged to submit grant proposals to the APPEAL. At Constituent conferences, conventions or seminars, APPEAL presentations were made to participants, consisting of a history of the APPEAL, description of the Constituent groups, a summary of the financial status of the Appeal and how participants could help promote or join the NAJSA as a Governing Board delegate. Participants to any of the Constituent events were encouraged to send a letter to their local Federation concerning any events attended. Trustees of the NAJSA received Constituent mailings, and Constituents provided the NAJSA office with promotional materials for fundraising purposes. In the case of JSPS, any publishing venture supported by JSPS was required to send copies of their publications to the NAJSA.

The NAJSA's philosophy was that the APPEAL was not a 'bank', but part of the Constituent process, or a communal family, each with their own responsibilities, but functioning together with a shared sense of purpose. Frequent and clear communication, consideration and sensitivity were highly valued under the APPEAL umbrella. Though this philosophy did not always pan out, for the most part, the relations between the NAJSA and the Constituents worked well, and the APPEAL always worked tirelessly on behalf of its Constituent organizations.

Constituent Brief Histories

Information for this section is taken from yearly presentation materials written by the APPEAL and its Constituents for review by the Federations. Allocation presentations may be found in Series III: Constituents, Subseries 1: General Records.

Bayit Project

The Bayit (house or home) Project, was a collection of communal houses for campus activists in Israel and North America, sponsored in part, though unaffiliated with, the Progressive Zionist Caucus. The project was established in 1982, with headquarters located in Los Angeles serving as a central office for 'disseminating programmatic resources and financial support' to the individual houses under the program. The APPEAL provided funding for programmatic events sponsored by the project and not for the upkeep or maintenance of properties. The first allocation presented to the Project from the NAJSA was advanced to them, as the Governing Board had not decided their official allocation amount at the time of joining the APPEAL. When the project became a Constituent in November 1987, there were 23 houses or batim established in eight states. By 1993, additional houses were established in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva, Israel, UC Berkeley in California and the University of Pittsburgh. Students living in the bayits performed weekly community and Jewish student outreach activities and service projects. The program produced the newsletters Kidma and the Bayit Bulletin. The Bayit Project was affiliated with the Bayit Foundation and Project Orchim ("hospitality").

Lights in Action (LIA)

Lights in Action developed out of Columbia University by Ze'ev Maghen in 1991, after students protesting against an anti-Semitic speech spurred him to write an article in promotion of Judaism. Among the co-founders of LIA were students from other colleges, such as Dasee Berkowitz and Sasha Levin from Bernard College and Rivky Shuchatovitz from Stern College, Yeshiva University. LIA was dedicated to promoting Jewish identity and Zionist commitment among college-aged Jews. The name derives from a theme ("hundreds of lights going into action") developed for a celebration of Jewish identity in December 1991 at Washington Square Park in New York City. From this celebration, LIA created and distributed mailings on Jewish/Zionist identity, developed Sabbath programming (Shabbat Leumit) based on the WUJS model of worldwide Shabbat, and distributed colorful, well-produced posters, calendars and Shabbat cards that stressed the positive experiences of Jewish culture and worship. Well-organized and enthusiastic, LIA distributed and developed materials to over 175 campuses across the US and Canada, developing seminars in conjunction with Hillel and the Aleph Society, and becoming a delegate member of the World Union of Jewish Students. The American Jewish Historical Society holds the currently unprocessed Records of Lights in Action, 1991-2001

Jewish Student Press Service (JSPS)

The Jewish Student Press Service was organized in 1970 and continues to serve the American Jewish student community. The Service was established by NETWORK to act as a clearinghouse for Jewish student and young adult publications for worldwide distribution with technical and editorial services provided. JSPS became independent of NETWORK in February 1971, thereby meeting the criteria of the APPEAL for membership.

JSPS staff consisted of an editor/administrator who managed the everyday organization of the JSPS offices. The managing editor also edited a monthly packet of feature articles and eventually New Voices , which began publication in 1991. Other staff included a part-time secretary, two field workers and an Israel bureau editor. JSPS sponsored conferences including the National Editors Conference, New York, West Coast and Israel Editors Conferences and in partnership with the World Zionist Organization, the Do the Right Thing Journalism Conference. JSPS co-sponsored several symposiums with RESPONSE, including a conference on "Multiculturalism, Jews and the Campus" in 1991.

North American Jewish Students Network (NETWORK)

NETWORK provided the impetus for the birth of the APPEAL and was considered the most 'sellable' of the NAJSA groups. NETWORK was student-created, student-run and involved all the politically, religiously and geographically disparate elements of the Jewish student community. In May 1969, the World Union of Jewish Students, a London-based organization, gathered 150 Jewish student leaders together in Brewster, NY to discuss issues concerning Jewish youth in the U.S. and Canada. The two main issues the Brewster conference focused on were the resurgence of interest in issues of Judaism in young people after the end of the Six Day War and strategies for organizing a Jewish student movement. A result of that meeting was the formation of NETWORK as a communications link and resource center to disseminate a wide range of information to concerned Jewish young people across the broad spectrum of North American Judaism.

NETWORK formed a central communications link between diverse groups of Jewish youth while also linking U.S. and Canadian students. Advice and help in developing student programming was disseminated through a resource center, linking students and student groups to speakers, films, educational resources, program ideas and institutional contacts. NETWORK provided encouragement for student-initiated and directed projects while stimulating "Jewish activists to reach out to other unaffiliated, uninvolved Jewish students." Finally, NETWORK served as a common forum for Jewish students, a place where the gamut of Jewish student movements from counter-culture radicals to Chassidics could talk about and act on priorities of concern as well as reach out to inactive young Jews.

NETWORK published a newspaper and The Guide to Jewish Student Groups, a compendium of Jewish student groups throughout North America. NETWORK sponsored annual conventions including a yearly conference, the New York Jewish Leaders Conference, Pan American Jewish Students Conference and the Israel Task Force. NETWORK sponsored an Israel Awareness Week (held in November), created a Yom Kippur War Israel News Hotline, held forums and conferences on Jewish women, pioneered the New Jewish Media Project, which sponsored Jewish film festivals and published a catalog of Jewish film and television; sponsored the Chavurots communal Jewish housing program, and helped to create the Jewish Arts and Crafts Community, a collective of Jewish artists and formed the Jewish Student Press Service. NETWORK also initiated the APPEAL by gathering the six original constituents under one fundraising arm.6

While NETWORK was the forerunner of NAJSA's Constituents, the relationship eventually was strained to the point of breaking. NETWORK withdrew from the APPEAL in 1978, rejoined a few years later, and withdrew again in March 1985. The first withdrawal was instigated when the American Zionist Youth Foundation (AZYF) prompted a takeover of NETWORK, thereby invalidating NAJSA's by-laws that all Constituents were to remain free from parent organizations. The second withdrawal began in Fall 1981 when NETWORK approached the Federations on their own for funding. NETWORK stated the funds were for endowments and claimed that the NAJSA failed to secure appropriate funding from the Federations. NETWORK decided afterward to abide by the APPEAL By-laws, but strain between the two organizations increased and NETWORK withdrew permanently in March 1985.

Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC)

The Progressive Zionist Caucus joined the APPEAL shortly after NETWORK departed, becoming an official Constituent on February 12, 1987. Founded in 1982, the PZC was the only Jewish campus organization that specifically supported the efforts of the Israeli peace movement. According to NAJSA presentation reports, PZC, "Because of its alternative Zionist approach…appeals to politically sensitive students whose concerns are not always addressed by other Jewish campus groups... PZC provides these students with a Zionist framework to support Israel which examines certain policies of the Israeli government while working for social and political change."7

PZC chapters were located on 50 North American campuses and published the La'Inyan (To The Point) annual journal and Makor, sourcebooks providing synopses on progressive Zionist ideology and offering suggestions to progressive Zionist campus activists. The Caucus sponsored diverse campus events including speakers, films, seminars, Seders, and Arab-Jewish dialogue groups. Prominent peace activists and politicians from North America and Israel regularly spoke on campuses through PZC. PZC also sponsored seminars on Aliyah ("going up" or moving to Israel) and leadership, participated in the Spitzer Forums on Public Policy, Hillel's National Leadership Conference and in General Assemblies.

Response: A Contemporary Jewish Review (RESPONSE)

RESPONSE termed itself a 'Contemporary Jewish Review' due to its publication of articles written by student thinkers as a 'vehicle for serious political and social commentary,' providing a forum for young writers, essayists, literary critics, artists, poets and short story writers. Begun in 1967 at Columbia University by undergraduate students, RESPONSE originally began as a quarterly, but due to monetary constraints, eventually published three journals per year, one of which appeared as a double issue. RESPONSE was an editorially independent student publication, using volunteer writers and editors. The Editorial Board of RESPONSE met on a monthly basis to discuss manuscripts while a part-time, paid sales manager conducted the administrative work of the journal. RESPONSE relied almost exclusively on the monies supplied to it by the NAJSA and subscribers. The journal distributed 1000 free copies to campuses, and approximately 2000 subscribers included libraries, synagogues and private subscribers worldwide.

Issues of Response covered a wide range of topics, sometimes based on a theme. Issues focused on new fiction by American Jews, intermarriage, family life, and feminist topics; the political links of homosexuals and Jews, books reviews, the Holocaust, and the relationship of anti-Semitism to anti-Zionism. Issue #58 was devoted to symposium documents from the joint JSPS/RESPONSE symposium on "Multiculturalism, Jews and the Campus."

Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry (SSSJ)

Organized in 1964 and operated by Executive Director Jacob Birnbaum and National Coordinator Glenn Richter, the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry was at the forefront of organizations pressuring the Soviet Union to allow Jewish 'refuseniks' to immigrate to Israel. (The term 'refusenik' was applied to those Soviet Jews who wanted to emigrate from the Soviet Union to Israel. The Soviet government continuously refused, delayed, or denied their requests, hence the term.) SSSJ's purpose was "to aid Russian Jews by publicizing their plight, helping them learn of their Jewish heritage, aiding their efforts to emigrate, and keeping the Jews of North America informed and conscious of the ever-changing condition of the Soviet Jewish situation." SSSJ served a dual purpose: educating the public on the plight of Soviet Jews and calling to action those people, in particular the Jewish Diaspora in North America but other religious and political affiliations as well, to lobby world governments and persuade the Soviet Union to alter its policy towards its Jews. On the whole, SSSJ was a prime mover and shaker in this regard.

SSSJ utilized a system of grassroots activism and field workers to mobilize both its non-student donor base and its high school and college campus student chapters. SSSJ began a 'twinning' program, connecting American and Russian Jews in pen pal situations.8 As part of the twinning program American students visited their Soviet counterparts, while the "Project Eyewitness" program offered American visitors the opportunity of taping interviews with the young Russians for viewing outside of the Soviet Union. SSSJ organized hundreds of demonstrations, as well as organized marathons, bike- and walk-a-thons, mailed background materials and translations to Congress and the press, and promoted numerous innovative programs highlighting different aspects of Jewish captivity in the Soviet Union. The group also testified before Congress concerning the lack of emigration for Romanian Jews to Israel. SSSJ initiated yearly separate lobby trips to Congress for college and high school students.

As the Soviet Union fell and Russia re-emerged, rules on Jewish emigration were relaxed and the focus of SSSJ moved from political action to the successful absorption of Russian Jews into Israeli society. Student volunteers assisted in language tutoring and setting up new households, among other projects. SSSJ eventually left the APPEAL as its mandate changed, leaving behind a large gap in the APPEAL constituency that the APPEAL found difficult to replace.9

Yavneh: Religious Students Association (YAVNEH)

YAVNEH, the National Religious Students Association, was organized in 1960 'to ensure continuation of traditional Jewish life and education on campuses.' Participants in YAVNEH advocated for religious freedoms and rights, including kosher campus kitchens and test schedule coordination with Jewish holidays. YAVNEH had a staff of an executive director and secretary, and were governed by an Advisory Board and National Executive Board. With its prime focus being the religious Jewish student body, YAVNEH was the most conservative Constituent of the APPEAL. Some of its activities included an annual national convention, professional and leadership seminars, conferences, Shabbat programming, Zionist-related work, and Holocaust, Israel and Western Europe tours. Chapters were established at various campuses, each holding their own activities in addition to the nationally organized events conducted by the central office. YAVNEH also published the Kol Yavneh newspaper, but did not join the publication under the auspices of the JSPS. Tensions concerning fiscal matters arose between YAVNEH and the APPEAL, prompting YAVNEH to withdraw in January 1978. Discussions of YAVNEH rejoining the APPEAL surfaced from time to time, but never materialized.

Yugntruf: Youth for Yiddish (YUGNTRUF)

The goal of YUNGTRUF ("call to youth"), organized in 1964, was promoting the Yiddish language as a "living, vibrant part of the life of Jewish students and young adults." Transcending differences in political and religious spheres, the organization's single, committed goal was the preservation and perpetuation of Yiddish as part of the culture of the Jewish community. The New York central office coordinated activities throughout North America while YUNGTRUF members in major U.S. cities, and 25 countries, led Yiddish cultural groups. Whenever possible, fieldworkers were hired to travel around North America organizing activities such as songfests, literary discussion groups, creative writing sessions and outings. A spring annual conference was held for members and summer country study retreats (Viddish-vokhs) were conducted in the Berkshire Mountains for total Yiddish immersion. YUGNTRUF regularly participated in world Yiddish conferences and the World Council for Yiddish.

Student "graduates" of YUGNTRUF conducted accredited and informal Yiddish courses on campuses, and in 1981, a Yiddish nursery school was established. YUGNTRUF sold "Yiddish" T-shirts, buttons ("Speak Yiddish With Me"), a collection of songs written and performed by young people entitled "Vaserl," and The Yiddish Source Finder, a guide of Yiddish activities, resources and textbooks. Also published was an extensive directory of Yiddish courses throughout the world entitled Yiddish in the Classroom: An International Directory. YUNGTRUF sponsored creative workshops in Yiddish, and in 1988 published a collection of works in Yiddish entitled Vidervuks ("Regrowth"): A New Generation of Yiddish Writers.

The journal Yugntruf: A Yiddish Student Quarterly, with its fiction and non-fiction articles and edited by young adults and students, had a circulation of over 2000. Article topics varied from creative writing to works on Israel-Diaspora relations, the Holocaust, Yiddish theatre, Soviet Jewry, Jewish identity, and a section for beginning students of Yiddish. One column (Afn Ekran, "On the screen"), begun in 1987 and developing out of Spring conference discussions, focused on computers and programs written in or compatible with the Yiddish language, including software reviews, and suggested vocabulary for technological and computer science terms in Yiddish. YUNGTRUF also compiled and published "Political Terminology" lists, with words in English, Yiddish and transliterated Yiddish for words such as 'abortion', 'grass-roots', 'homeless' and 'House of Representatives.'

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Scope and Content Note

The collection documents the working proceedings of the North American Jewish Students Appeal, including the organization's work in the area of promoting Jewish identity among college youth as well as NAJSA's work on behalf of its eight primary and smaller, satellite Constituents. The collection covers the period of NAJSA's existence, from 1971 to 1996, though a few materials derive from the 1960s, mostly concerning RESPONSE, SSSJ, YAVNEH and YUNGTRUF and the founding history of NAJSA. However, the material for these four Constituents and the founding history of the NAJSA is sketchy within the collection prior to 1971. The collection can be grouped into several categories: 1) correspondence and records dealing directly with the NAJSA and its Trustees, Board, and national Jewish organizations and the interaction between the NAJSA and its Constituents; 2) financial, activity, fundraising, and promotional records of the Constituents; 3) financial and fundraising records regarding the NAJSA, including national and local Federations, constructing budgets and allocating funds to Constituents; 4) beneficiary grants awarded by the NAJSA and their impact on Jewish-related programming and publishing on the University student level; and 5) ephemera, magazines, and journals from the Constituents, beneficiaries and national Jewish organizations.

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The series is arranged according to the original filing system of the records of the NAJSA, though in some cases, series have been artificially constructed by rearranging yearly records into more coherent categories, particularly in the case of organizational financial records, Constituent, and Beneficiary Grant files. Publications, ephemera, posters, photographs, and video and audio tape series have been created from the original series by pulling certain publications, printed matter, posters, and ephemera (buttons, t-shirts, etc.) from folders for preservation purposes and to highlight these items in conjunction with the Jewish student movement. Each series contains arrangement notes relevant to the particular series below.

The collection is organized into ten series as follows:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Executive Director of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Newton Centre, MA and New York, NY.

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Related Material

The North American Jewish Students Appeal Records is one individual collection within the Counter Culture collections located at the American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS). Other counter culture collections at AJHS include the Arthur Ocean Waskow Papers (P-152), Leonard Fein Papers (P-582), Shira Eve Epstein Papers (P-776), Riv-Ellen Prell Papers (P-795), Ruth Abusch-Magder Papers (P-841), Virginia Levitt Snitow Papers (P-876), Goldie Milgram Papers (P-876), Jack Jacobs Papers (P-1020), Gerald Serotta Papers (P-1023), Jack Nusan Porter Papers (P-1024), Arthur J. Lelyveld Papers (P-1030), Jews for Urban Justice (Washington, D.C.) Records (I-159), Jewish Peace Fellowship Records (I-189), Jewish Student Press Service Records (I-248), Breira Records (I-250), American Jewish Alternatives to Zionism (New York, New York) Records (I-326), Jewish Labor Committee Records (I-377), New Jewish Agenda Records (I-393), Vermont Chapter of the New Jewish Agenda Records (I-449), Jewish Counter Culture Collection (I-504), Trees and Life for Vietnam Records (I-542), Lights in Action Records (I-560), Brit Tzedek v'Shalom/Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace Records (I-587), and portions of the Jewish Student Organizations Collection (I-61).

Other collections related include I-59, CJF Oral Histories, Charles Zibbel; I-69, Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds; I-181, National Conference on Soviet Jewry; and I-237, New England Struggle for Soviet Jewry (located in Newton Centre, MA).

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The Records of the North American Jewish Students Appeal were donated to the American Jewish Historical Society by Brenda Gervertz, Executive Director of the organization from 1989-1995. Additional materials from various collections were added to expand partial runs of periodicals in the original collection.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:
Identification of item, date (if known); North American Jewish Students Appeal Records; I-338 and I-338A; box number; folder number; American Jewish Historical Society, New York, NY.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Board of Trustees, Governing Board, Friends and Rabbis, undated, 1971-1995

Boxes 1-15.

Arranged in four subseries: Subseries 1: Board of Trustees, Subseries 2: Governing Board, Subseries 3: Friends, Subseries 4: Rabbis.

Scope and Content:

Series I documents correspondence, memos, and minutes of the APPEAL, as well as the APPEAL's solicitation campaigns regarding Trustees, Friends and Rabbis. Series I documents the inner workings of the APPEAL, including advice solicited from its Trustees, the interaction of the Governing Board and Trustees and the workings of the Governing Board. The monetary and spiritual support received from the wider Jewish community towards the basic ideals of the APPEAL's social and political agenda is reflected in the subseries concerning Friends and Rabbis. The series is documented in four parts, as follows.

Subseries 1: Board of Trustees, undated, 1971-1995

Boxes 1-9 (Folders 1-6).

Arranged into two informal subcategories, General Records and Trustee Correspondence and Member Lists, alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

This subseries is informally divided into General Records (Box 1) and Trustee Correspondence and Member Lists (Boxes 2-9, Folders 1-6). General Records include memos, reception arrangements for Chairpersons Alan Molod and Madga Leuchter-Shenberg, minutes, Trustee solicitation materials, a development plan from 1993, and responses from Trustees concerning attendance at the final meeting of the NAJSA from April 1995. Trustee Correspondence and Member Lists includes two folders (Box 2, Folders 1-2) of Trustee membership lists and correspondence from Trustees. Correspondence is divided into correspondence by infrequent Board correspondents (A-Z, Box 2, Folders 3-7), and those Trustees who maintained a closer working relationship with the organization. Correspondence with former Executive Directors Susan Dessel and Edward Lyons and all former Chairpersons of the APPEAL are included. Minutes relating to Trustee meetings are incomplete, covering only the years between 1974-1978 and 1983-1985. Actions and ideas relating to the Trustees may be obtained from a combination of records: correspondence and memos found in this Subseries, notes and memos of meetings with individual Trustees at General Assemblies (Series V, Subseries 2), Trustee group and individual meetings held at LCBC quarterly board meetings ( Series V, Subseries 3), correspondence laced throughout individual Federation correspondence in U.S. cities and Canada (Series V, Subseries 5) and from Governing Board minutes regarding discussions of Trustee advice.

General Records, 1971-1994

11Correspondence and Memo Drafts 1988-1994request_box
12Development Plan, 2nd Draft November 15, 1993 request_box
1 3Leuchter (Shenberg) Madga Fund Reception 1994request_box
14Meeting Responses April 1995 request_box
15Memos undated,1970s request_box
1 6Memos undated, 1970srequest_box
17Memos 1980s-1990srequest_box
18Minutes1974-1978, 1983-1985request_box
19Molod, Alan H. Reception Arrangements 1987request_box
110Trustee Involvement Campaign 1988request_box
111Trustee Solicitation Correspondenceundated, 1975-1990request_box

Trustee Correspondence and Member Lists, 1971-1994

2 1Trustee Member Listsundated, 1971-1988request_box
22Trustee Member Lists 1989-1994request_box
23Correspondence A-Eundated, 1975-1991 request_box
2 4 Correspondence F-Kundated, 1971-1994request_box
25Correspondence J-N undated, 1972-1991request_box
26Correspondence O-R undated, 1972-1989request_box
27Correspondence S-Z undated, 1972-1981request_box
28Abromovitz, Yossi Correspondence and Article1991-1995request_box
31Alperin, Melvin G. Correspondence1983-1995request_box
32Benjamin, Jerry Correspondence1974-1995request_box
33Bikel, Theodore Correspondence1971-1986request_box
34Cohen, Steven Correspondence1976-1991request_box
35Dessel, Susan Correspondence1974-1994request_box
36Eisen, Arnold (Dr.) Correspondence1991-1994request_box
37Eisen, Julius Correspondence1981-1994request_box
38Everett, Henry and Edith Correspondence1972-1991request_box
39Feuerstein, Moses Correspondence1972-1983request_box
310Field, Irwin Correspondence1972-1995request_box
311Flanzbaum, Gerald A. Correspondence1987request_box
312Flanzbaum, Gerald A. 1988-1995 request_box
3 13Glick, Carl Correspondence1971-1983request_box
314Goldberg, Paul Correspondence1981-1995 request_box
4 1Golden, Arnold Correspondence1983-1994request_box
42Goldenberg, William Correspondence1978-1994request_box
43Goldman, Robert Correspondence1971-1972, 1974-1979, 1981, 1983, 1986-1988, 1992request_box
44Groner, Oscar (Rabbi) Correspondence 1975-1986request_box
45Grossman, Susan Correspondence1978-1994 request_box
4 6Heppner, Lynne Correspondence1974-1979request_box
47Hertzberg, Arthur (Rabbi) Correspondence1973-1994request_box
48Hoenlein, Malcolm Correspondence1975-1995request_box
49Hollander, Sandford Correspondence1972-1995request_box
410Hornblass, Albie Correspondence1975-1994request_box
411Horwitz, S. Harold (Hal) (Dr.) Correspondence1981-1995request_box
51Horwitz, Henry Correspondence1973-1979request_box
52Hott, Jackie (Dr.) Correspondence1991request_box
53Hurwitz, Joseph D. Correspondence1984-1995request_box
54Hurwitz, Marc Correspondence1993-1995request_box
55Jackier, Larry Correspondence1983-1994request_box
56Kameny, Nat Correspondence 1972-1979request_box
57 Kameny, Nat Correspondence 1980-1994request_box
58Karp, Eliot Correspondence1988-1991 request_box
5 9Klotz, Bobi Correspondence1980-1994request_box
510Kramer, Stephen Correspondence1989-1992request_box
511Kramer, Stephen Correspondence1992-1993request_box
512Kramer, Stephen Correspondence1994-1995request_box
513Kurlander, Stuart S. Correspondence1990-1991request_box
514Lender, Helaine and Marvin Correspondence1975-1992request_box
515Leuchter (Shenberg), Magda Correspondenceundated, 1971, 1975, 1981, 1987-1988request_box
61Leuchter (Shenberg), Magda Correspondence 1989request_box
62Leuchter (Shenberg), Magda Correspondence1989request_box
63Leuchter (Shenberg), Magda Correspondence1990-1994request_box
64Levin, Barry J Correspondence1989-1995request_box
65Levin, Bud Correspondence 1975-1992request_box
66 Levin, Lloyd Correspondence 1988-1995request_box
67Levin, Jacqueline Correspondence1972-1994 request_box
6 8Levy, Carol Correspondence1990-1994request_box
69Levy, Robert Correspondence1974-1994request_box
71Lipstadt, Deborah Correspondence1981-1994request_box
72Lyon, Avram (Avi or Edward) Correspondence1973, 1975-1992request_box
73Minkoff, Andi Correspondence1981-1989request_box
74Molod, Alan H. Correspondence1980-1983request_box
75Molod, Alan H. Correspondence1984request_box
76Molod, Alan H. Correspondence1985-1986request_box
77Molod, Alan H. Correspondence1987-1988request_box
78Molod, Alan H. Correspondence1989-1995request_box
79Norich, Sam Correspondence 1974-1994request_box
710 Norry, Lewis Correspondence 1988-1995request_box
711Norry, Neil and Sharon Correspondence undated, 1972-1988request_box
81Parelman, Suzanne Correspondence1976-1982 request_box
8 2Parelman, Suzanne Correspondence1983-1995request_box
83Pelavin, Michael Correspondence1973-1995request_box
84Pelavin, Natalie Correspondenc1974-1995request_box
85Rosenberg, David Correspondence1972-1981request_box
86Rubenstein, Michael Correspondence1992-1994request_box
87Ruskay, John Correspondence1991-1994request_box
88Schrayer, Robert Correspondence1975-1994request_box
89Schwarz, Steven Correspondence1974-1994request_box
810Seal, Mark Correspondence1990-1994request_box
Shenberg-Leuchter, Magda (See Leuchter (Shenberg))request_box
811Shenker, Arden Correspondence1974-1994request_box
91Sherman, Joel Correspondence1975-1994request_box
92Solender, Sandford and Ethel Correspondenceundated, 1986-1987, 1991 request_box
93Tobin, Gary Correspondence undated, 1988-1993request_box
94Weintraub, Simkha (Rabbi) 1990-1991request_box
95 Wiener, Barbara Correspondence 1976-1994request_box
96Zacks, Gordon Correspondence1972-1994 request_box

Subseries 2: Governing Board (GB), 1971-1973, 1975-1995

Boxes 9 (Folder 7-11) - Box 14 (Folders 1-3).

Arranged into three informal subcategories, Governing Board Committees and Memos; Governing Board and Constituent Delegate Lists and Correspondence; Governing Board Minutes including Miscellaneous Documents and Grants Proposals. Governing Board Committee memos, Delegate lists and correspondence are arranged in alphabetical order. Minutes are arranged according to calendar year while miscellaneous documents and grants proposals are arranged by program year, July-June.

Scope and Content:

The first area, Committees and Memos (Box 9, Folders 7-11 and Box 10, Folders 1-3) documents memos and minutes from four Governing Board Committees: the Allocations, Executive, Internal Review and Steering Committees. General memos to the overall Governing Board are included as is Governing Board meeting documentation concerning NETWORK. Although the committees were initiated under the mandate of the NAJSA's By-Laws, special committees met irregularly, or informally at regularly held Governing Board meetings. Box 10, Folder 2 relates to a 1981 Governing Board special meeting held to determine how to handle NETWORK's non-compliance with the By-Laws of the APPEAL in dealing with the solicitation of funds by a Constituent directly from a funding source. For further information on the non-compliance motion and issues regarding it, please see Series III: Constituents, Subseries 3: NETWORK, Box 42, Folders 10-12 and Box 43, Folder 1.

The second portion of this subseries (Boxes 10-11, Folders 1-8) houses Delegates Lists and Correspondence, including data sheets on members, member lists, general correspondence to the Board, and correspondence and materials from specific Board members. Also included is correspondence from Governing Board members Jacob Birnbaum and Glenn Richter of SSSJ, and from Sandy Edry, JSPS Editor.

The third portion of this subseries (Box 11, Folders 9-20 to Box 14, Folders 1-3) houses Minutes and supporting documents from Governing Board meetings. Please note that minutes from 1974 were not found within the collection. From 1971-1985, no supporting documents from G.B. meetings were kept within Minutes files. Beginning approximately 1986, this policy changed, and three-ring binders were used to house minutes, miscellaneous documents regarding minutes, and beneficiary grants proposals together in separate sections of a binder. For this reason, the materials have been separated by minutes by calendar year, while miscellaneous documents and grants proposals for minutes have been housed separately by program year (July-June). For additional information regarding the Beneficiary Grants proposals and programs, please see Series IV: Subseries 1 and 2.

Governing Board Committees and Memos, undated, 1971-1995

97Allocations Committee Reports1973 request_box
9 8Executive Committee Member Lists, Memos and Minutes1972-1975, 1977-1985, 1988request_box
99Internal Review Committee1982, 1989 request_box
9 10 Memosundated, 1971-1984request_box
911Memosundated, 1985-1987request_box
101Memosundated, 1988-1995request_box
102NETWORK Non-Compliance Motion Meeting Correspondence and Documents1981 request_box
10 3Steering Committee Memos and Minutes1973-1975request_box

Governing Board and Constituent Delegates Lists and Correspondence, undated, 1976-1995

104Correspondence, A-Zundated, 1976-1994 request_box
10 5Data Sheets, A-Zundated, 1991-1993request_box
106Member Listsundatedrequest_box
107Member Lists1981-1983, 1986-1994request_box
108 Berkowitz, Beth Data Sheet and Recommendation 1994request_box
109Berkowitz, Dasee Recommendation1994 request_box
10 10Birnbaum, Jacob (Rabbi) Correspondence1990request_box
1011Braun, Carolyn (Rabbi) Correspondence and Data Fileundated, 1983-1990 request_box
10 12Braun, David Correspondence and Data File1990-1991request_box
111Dickter, Adam Correspondence and Data File1990-1991request_box
112Edry, Sandy Lawrence Correspondence and Data File1990-1993request_box
113Graff, Bennett Correspondence and Data File1988-1992request_box
114Kamil, Seth Correspondence and Data File1991-1993request_box
115Martin, Beth Correspondence and Data File1989-1991request_box
116Richter, Glenn Correspondence1981-1990request_box
117Rubin, Cindy Correspondence1983-1991request_box
118Whiteman, Adam Correspondence1987-1988request_box

Governing Board Minutes, 1971-1973, 1975-1995

119 Minutes1971request_box
1111 Minutes1973request_box
1113 Minutes1976request_box
1115 Minutes1978request_box
1117 Minutes1980request_box
1119 Minutes1982request_box
1211 Minutes1994request_box

Minutes, Misc. Documents, 1986-1995

131 Minutes, Misc. DocumentsPY 1986-1987 request_box
13 2Minutes, Misc. DocumentsPY 1988-1989 request_box
13 3Minutes, Misc. DocumentsPY 1990-1991request_box
134Minutes, Misc. Documents PY 1991-1992request_box
135Minutes, Misc. Documents PY 1992-1993request_box
136Minutes, Misc. Documents PY 1993-1994request_box
137Minutes, Misc. Documents PY [1994]-1995request_box

Minutes, Grant Proposals, 1987-1994

138 Minutes, Grant ProposalsPY 1987-1989 request_box
13 9Minutes, Grant ProposalsPY 1988-1989 request_box
13 10Minutes, Grant ProposalsPY 1989-1990request_box
1311Minutes, Grant Proposals PY 1990-1991request_box
141Minutes, Grant Proposals PY 1991-1992request_box
142Minutes, Grant Proposals PY 1992-1993request_box
143Minutes, Grant Proposals PY 1993-1994request_box

Subseries 3: Friends, undated, 1971-1992

Box 14, Folders 4-10 and Box 15, Folders 1-7.

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

Friends of the APPEAL were primarily those persons who did not actively participate as a Trustee or Governing Board member would, but those who financially supported the APPEAL either through large grants over a period of time, or smaller, personal donations. Included in this section is correspondence from Edgar Bronfman, who supported the NAJSA with two grants in the 1970s, as well as Moses Hornstein, a longtime supporter of the APPEAL. As the majority of Friends were solicited from newspaper ads, direct mailings or through the Trustees and Governing Board members of NAJSA, thank you letters to Friends regarding their donation have mostly been discarded. The thank you acknowledgements kept within the collection (Box 15, Folders 1-6) are a sample of form letters sent over the years. Letters of a more personal nature from Friends to the APPEAL remain in the collection. Folders regarding Friends are arranged in alphabetical order.

144Bronfman, Edgar Correspondence1975-1978 request_box
146Hornstein, Moses Correspondence1973-1985 request_box
14 7Klutznick, Philip Correspondence1976-1978 request_box
14 8Leuchter (Shenberg), Magda Friends Listsundated, 1990-1992 request_box
14 9Lippoff, Norman Correspondence1975-1985request_box
1410Solicitation Sample Correspondence1970s-1990srequest_box
151Thank You Letters, Representative Samples1971-1975request_box
152Thank You Letters, Representative Samples1976-1979request_box
153Thank You Letters, Representative Samples1980-1984request_box
154Thank You Letters, Representative Samples1985-1989request_box
155Thank You Letters, Representative Samples1990-1991request_box
156Thank You Letters, Representative Samples1992-1994request_box
157Trustee Solicitation of Friends Memos and Lists1976, 1992-1994request_box

Subseries 4: Rabbis, undated, 1971-1991

Box 15, Folders 8-9 and Box 16, Folders 1-3.

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

Rabbis were an essential part of the spiritual life of the APPEAL, and were also regularly solicited for donations from their congregations. This subseries primarily contains a snapshot of the interaction of the APPEAL and various Rabbis though mailing lists, solicitations and a representative sample of thank you letters sent from the APPEAL to Rabbis. For related material on the early involvement of rabbis, see Box 20, Folder 16 for the Rabbi Irving Greenberg Parlor Benefit held in 1973 for the APPEAL.

158Mailing Listsundated, 1971-1972, 1974 request_box
15 9Mailing Listsundated, [1991?]request_box
161Solicitation Sample Correspondence[1971-1972], 1973request_box
162Thank You Letters, Representative Samples1971-1975request_box
163Thank You Letters, Representative Samples1989-1991request_box
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Series II: Organizational Records, undated, 1971-1996

Boxes 16 (Folders 4-17) - Box 33.

Organizational records of the NAJSA are divided into two subseries: general and financial records.

Scope and Content:

The Organizational Records subseries was created by combining three original file organization schemes: boxes labeled "NAJSA," boxes called "National Organization," and miscellaneous files labeled "General Misc. Files" and "Old Records." Both "NAJSA" and "National Organizational" records were filed by program year, but are now arranged in alphabetical order. As the majority of materials seem to fit together, or overlapped, it was decided to combine the three into one General Records category. Records pertaining to Constituents were moved to Series III: Constituents and Financial Records were combined and moved to Subseries 2, Financial Records. Five boxes of Chronological Files (copies of outgoing office mail), 1983-1995 were discarded after confirming that outgoing copies or originals were included in the appropriate files.

All in all, the Organizational Records of the collection document the everyday workings and contacts of the NAJSA beyond their Constituents, Trustees and Governing Board. In addition, records in this series contain materials on the everyday, mundane works of maintaining office space, creating campus campaign drives and direct mail campaigns and coordinating internships. Advice on furthering Jewish identity on campus was frequently asked of the APPEAL, and it is through files in the Organizational Records series that one can witness NAJSA's impact on college campuses, which is more evident in the Beneficiary Grants records, and in the wider Jewish community in regards to Jewish student life.

Subseries 1: General Records, 1970-1996

Boxes 16 (Folders 4-17) - Box 27.

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

The General Records subseries focuses on the inner workings of the organization, such as the NAJSA's Constitution and By-Laws, campus campaign drives, direct mail campaigns, rental and telephone leases and bills, and promotional materials for the NAJSA. The subseries documents the organization's contact with the wider Jewish community such as the American Jewish Congress, American Zionist Youth Foundation, B'nai B'rith/Hillel (filed under Hillel), the Jewish Association for College Youth, the National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council, the World Jewish Congress and the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS). (WUJS applied for constituent status to the APPEAL in 1989, see Box 37, Folder 10.) NAJSA became involved with several conferences, some sponsored by their Constituents (particularly NETWORK, RESPONSE and JSPS), as well as the Spitzer Forum on Public Policy from 1990-1994. Other conference materials include an Intermarriage Symposium in 1990, the "Visions and Voices" Interfaith Marriage Symposium in 1993, Hillel conferences, and conferences focused on women and leadership. Of note also is Box 24, Folder 2 concerning the organization Breira, of which the APPEAL and NETWORK participated in discussions sponsored by Breira concerning issues of U.S. Jewish dissent on Israeli policies toward Arabs. (See also Box 108, Folder 14 for the pamphlet Breira: Counsel for Justice by Rael Jean Issac.) Information regarding Direct Marketing Campaigns may be found in this subseries, Box 19, Folders 6-9 and Box 20, Folders 1-2. The folders contain draft correspondence to established Friends and potential donors, while the contributions records from marketing campaigns (1983-1989) is located in Subseries 2: Financial Records in Box 28, Folder 11. In 1991, NAJSA contracted with Heartland Marketing Corporation to embark on a new, more organized campaign drive. Information regarding the Heartland campaign can also be found in Subseries 2: Financial Records, Box 30, Folder 3.

164ABC to Jewish Activism Manual - Lara Becker Correspondence1990request_box
165Adelphi University Rental Correspondence and Leases1987-1989request_box
166Adelphi University Rental Correspondence and Leases1990-1995request_box
167Administrative Assistant List of Responsibilitiesundated, 1979request_box
168Alliance for Judaism and Social Justice (AJSJ) Statement of Purpose1994 request_box
16 9American Association for Ethiopian Jews 1984, 1992request_box
1610 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Correspondence and Memos1987-1993request_box
1611American Jewish Committee (AJC) Correspondence1971-1972, 1990request_box
1612American Jewish Committee (AJC) National Conference on Jewish Population Growth Minutes and Correspondence1982-1983request_box
1613American Jewish Congress Correspondence1975-1977, 1980, 1990request_box
1614American Jewish Congress National Commission on Youth Minutes and Correspondence 1971-1974request_box
1615 American Jewish Yearbook Entry Correspondence 1975-1978, 1980-1986request_box
1616American Zionist Movement (AZM) "Israel and Zionism in the Mind of American Jews" Conference Correspondence and Program1994request_box
1617American Zionist Youth Foundation (AZYF) Student Affairs Correspondence 1977-1978request_box
171American Zionist Youth Foundation (AZYF) University Student Division Correspondence and Memos1978-1988request_box
172American Zionist Youth Foundation University Student Department (USD/AZYF) Correspondence, Memos and Updates1990-1993request_box
173American Zionist Youth Foundation University Student Department (USD/AZYF) Flyers, Brochures, Press Releases and Articles1990-1993request_box
174American Zionist Youth Foundation University Student Department (USD/AZYF) Guides and Addresses 1992-1993request_box
175 Annual Register of Grant Support Correspondence 1984-1985, 1990, 1993request_box
176Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith Correspondence1974-1975request_box
177Anti-Semitism/Anti-Zionism on Campus Clippingsundated, 1988-1989request_box
178Association of Jewish Community Organization Personnel (AJCOP) Correspondence and Memos1987-1990request_box
179Board of Jewish Education Correspondence 1976-1978, 1991request_box
1710 Brandeis University Professional Advisory Committee of the Horstein Program in Jewish Communal Service Correspondence1987, 1990-1991request_box
1711 Brochure Mock-Ups[1971-1974] request_box
17 12Brochure Mock-Ups and Correspondenceundated, 1989request_box
1713By-Lawsundated, [1975]request_box
1714 Campus Campaign Drives Correspondence and List of Chairmen1972-1973request_box
1715Campus Campaign Drives Correspondence1974request_box
1716Campus Campaign Drives Correspondence and Fundraising Guide1975-1976 request_box
17 17Campus Campaign Drives Donation Correspondence1979-1983 request_box
17 18Campus National Committee of Small Cities Questionnaire ResponsesMarch 1976request_box
1719 Canada Dept. of Finance and General Consulate Correspondence1971request_box
1720Canadian Unions of Jewish Students (Menachem Kellner) Correspondence1971-1972 request_box
18 1Center for Learning and Leadership (CLAL) Correspondence, Proposals, Reports and Notes undated, 1988-1993request_box
182Certificate of Incorporation and Correspondenceundated, 1971-1972 request_box
18 3Central Conference of American Rabbis Correspondence1973 request_box
18 4 Clippingsundated, 1971-1972, 1976-1977, 1985-1986, 1989, 1992-1994request_box
185Commission for the Absorption of Soviet Émigrés Correspondence 1977request_box
186Commission of American Jewish Life Correspondence1977request_box
187Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education (CAJE) Program Brochure, Flyers, and Poster (Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, August 11-15)1985 request_box
Conference of Jewish Communal Service (CJCS) Correspondence, Memos and Programs (See Box 23, Folder 9-11: Jewish Communal Service Association (JCSA))1988-1994request_box
188Conference on Jewish Women (Second Annual) Proposal[1974]request_box
189Constitutionundated, 1979-1984request_box
1811 Correspondence, A-Hundated, 1971-1993request_box
1812 Correspondence, I-O1971-1994 request_box
19 1 Correspondence, P-Z1971-1993request_box
192Correspondence - Faxes Received1990-1991request_box
193Correspondence - Faxes Sent1990-1991request_box
194Council on Jewish Manpower Associations1976-1977request_box
195Dialogue/Dor Hemshech Correspondence1975-1977request_box
19 6Direct Mail Campaign1983-1984request_box
197Direct Mail Campaign 1985request_box
198Direct Mail Campaign1986-1987request_box
199Direct Mail Campaign 1989request_box
201Direct Mail Campaign-Oram Group Proposal and Correspondence 1984request_box
202Direct Mail Resources and Drafts[1984] request_box
20 3Draft Proposal Regarding the APPEALundated, [1971], [1975] request_box
20 4Encyclopedia of Associations Entries1978, 1989request_box
205E.R.S. Printing Drafts and Receipts1977-1985request_box
206Federal Proposed Projects (NEH) Request for Information1980request_box
207Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York Correspondence and Course Listings1972, 1974-1976request_box
208Field Work Activities File - Howard Creed 1987request_box
209 Flame, The (Or Chadash/New Light) Correspondence, Notes and Flyers[1982]request_box
2010Flyers and Handoutsundated, 1970s-1990srequest_box
2011Forms and Letter Samples undatedrequest_box
2012 Friends of Jewish Students NewsletterFall 1971, June 1972 request_box
2013Friends of Jewish Students Newsletter Drafts and Correspondenceundated, 1971, 1984request_box
2014Gevertz, Brenda "Choosing a College Jewishly" Article, Correspondence and Resume 1990-1991request_box
2015Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry Correspondence1975-1976 request_box
20 16Greenberg, Irving (Rabbi) Benefit for NAJSA Correspondence, Lists and Invitations 1973request_box
211Haber (William) Award Nominationundated, [1988]request_box
212Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Advisory Board Correspondence, Article and Reportsundated, 1971, 1974, 1983, 1986,request_box
213Hillel Annual Conference of Hillel Professionals Conference Packet and Program1989, 1992request_box
214Hillel Annual Conference of Hillel Professionals Conference Packet1993 request_box
21 5Hillel Annual Conference of Hillel Professionals Conference Packet [1994?]request_box
216Hillel Correspondence and Memos1974-1979 request_box
21 7Hillel Correspondence and Memos1980-1989request_box
218Hillel Correspondence and Memosundated, 1990-1995request_box
219Hillel Leaders Assembly Memos, Program and Resource1991request_box
2110Hillel Leaders Assembly Memos, Course Descriptions and Schedule1993 request_box
21 11Hillel National Jewish Student Issues Conference Programs and Flyers1987-1989request_box
221Hillel Partner Agency Meeting Agenda and NotesMay 23, 1994request_box
222Hillel Rabbis Contributions Correspondence and Campaign Planning Document1972-1973request_box
223Hillel-University of Michigan 16th Annual Conference on the Holocaust Program and Clipping 1995request_box
224Histadrut - General Federation of Labour in Israel, International Department, Diaspora Section1971, 1985request_box
225Iken, Ronald S., "American Jewish Community is Democratic, and If Not, It Shouldn't Be" Graduate Paper January 27, 1978request_box
226In Process Materials File 1994request_box
227Institute for Non-Profit Management Correspondence1980-1981request_box
228Inter-Generational Jewish Activists Meeting 1991request_box
229Intermarriage Symposium Correspondence and Reports1990request_box
2210Intermarriage Symposium Proceedings and Publication1990request_box
2211Internships Applications and Evaluations1992request_box
2212Internships Applications and Evaluations1993request_box
2213Internships Applications and Evaluations1994request_box
2214Israeli and American Jewish Contact Lists[1974]request_box
2215Israel Campus Activities Committee (CAC) Memos, Correspondence, Meeting Summaries and Articles 1988request_box
2216 Israel Campus Activities Committee (CAC) Memos, Correspondence, Meeting Summaries and Articles1989 request_box
23 1Israel Campus Activities Committee (CAC) Memos, Correspondence, Meeting Summaries and Articles1990-1991request_box
232Israeli Consulate (N.Y.) Correspondence, Press Releases, Election Guide, Memos 1974, 1976-1977, 1991-1993request_box
233Israeli Consulate (N.Y.) Office of Academic Affairs Project Materials and Correspondence1991-1993request_box
234Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Background Articles1980srequest_box
235Jewish Association for College Youth (JACY) Correspondence and Memos1971-1977 request_box
23 6Jewish Association for College Youth (JACY) Memos, Correspondence, Subsidy Applications and Pamphlets1978-1986request_box
237Jewish Association for College Youth (JACY) Memos1988-1989request_box
238Jewish Association for College Youth (JACY) Mayer Fellowship Intern Agenda, Memos and Report 1994request_box
239(Conference of) Jewish Communal Service Association (JCSA) Annual Meeting and Correspondenceundated, 1976, 1988-1989 request_box
23 10(Conference of) Jewish Communal Service Association (JCSA) Annual Meeting and Correspondenceundated, 1990-1992request_box
2311(Conference of) Jewish Communal Service Association (JCSA) Social Work Students Proposal1987request_box
2312 Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of New York Media Guidelines and Correspondenceundated, 1990-1991 request_box
23 13Jewish Funders Network Conference Materials1993-1995 request_box
23 14Jewish Telegraphic Agency Correspondence and Bulletins 1971-1972, 1978, 1983-1984, 1992request_box
241 Jewish Theological Seminary of America Correspondence 1979, 1981request_box
242Jewish Week/Breira Controversy Correspondence, Clippings and Publication1977request_box
243Jewish Welfare Board (JWB) Office Space Correspondence1975-1987request_box
244Jewish Welfare Board (JWB) Sample Allocation Packet[1975]request_box
245(American Jewish) Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)1990-1992request_box
246Lecturers and Program Leaders Correspondence and Informationundated, 1992 request_box
24 7Lilith Correspondence and Clippings1976, 1985request_box
248MCI Telephone Billing Correspondence1985request_box
249Mission Statement undatedrequest_box
2410 National Conference on Jewish Women and Men (Network) Agenda, Report, Grant Applications1974request_box
2411National Conference on Soviet Jewry Program and Materials1976-1977 request_box
2412National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (NJCRAC) Meetings Background Information Memoranda 1991-1992request_box
2413 National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (NJCRAC) Meetings Background Information Memoranda 1993-1994request_box
2414 National Jewish Conference Center Planning Correspondence, Minutes, Proposals and Notes1974-1975 request_box
24 15National Organizations Miscellaneous Brochures, Pamphlets and Newsletters[1991-1993]request_box
2416 National Yiddish Book Exchange Prospectus, Catalog and Newsletter[1985]request_box
251 New York Board of Rabbis (First Annual) Israel Opportunities and Aliyah Conference Cooperating Agency Planning and Program Materials1985-1986request_box
252New York NETWORK (American Jewish Committee Women's Forum) Announcements and Minutes1983-1986request_box
253New York Telephone and Constituent Payment Correspondence and Bills 1974request_box
254North American Chavuroth and Assorted Simchas (N.A.C.H.A.S) Conference Planning Correspondence1974request_box
255Office Equipment, Computer, Postal and Telephone Agreements and Correspondenceundated, 1981-1994request_box
256 Office Equipment, Misc. Agreements and Correspondenceundated, 1980s-1990srequest_box
257Office Inventory (APPEAL, NETWORK, JSPS) 1976request_box
258Office Space Correspondence1976request_box
259Operations Procedures and Structure Descriptionundated, 1978request_box
2510Options Publishing Co. Newsletter Correction1980request_box
2511Pan-American Jewish Students' Conference (WUJS) Correspondence and Report 1973-1975request_box
2512Partispayan, Willen and Zina (Soviet Jewry Family) Correspondence1977-1980 request_box
25 13Postmaster General Certification and Correspondence1978-1979 request_box
2514Press Releases undated, 1976, 1979-1986, 1990request_box
2515Project Dorot Elderly Program Correspondence and Grant Application1976-1977, 1984request_box
261 Promotional and Publicity Materialsundated, [1970s-1990s]request_box
262Prospective New York Donors Correspondence 1977request_box
263Public Interest/Public Relations (PIPR) Workshop1982request_box
264Radius Institute for Not-for-Profit Management (Columbia University) Seminar Announcements and Memos 1980-1983request_box
265 Raleigh Lithograph Company Correspondence, Bills and Mock-upsundated, 1976, 1980-1981request_box
26 6Reinberg, Evgeny and Sophia (Soviet Jewry Family) Correspondence 1976-1977request_box
267Rules of Orderundatedrequest_box
268 Small Cities Executive Institute Conference and Presentation Materials (Tamarack Lodge, Greenfield Park, NY, August 17-24)1975request_box
269 Speaking Engagements Correspondence1973 request_box
26 10Spitzer Forum on Public Policy (B'Nai B'Rith/Hillel Foundations) Correspondence, Notes, and Program Guide (Washington, DC, October 28-30)1990 request_box
26 11Spitzer Forum on Public Policy (B'Nai B'Rith/Hillel Foundations) Correspondence and Program (Washington, DC, October 20-22)1991 request_box
2612Spitzer Forum on Public Policy (B'Nai B'Rith/Hillel Foundations) Correspondence, Workshop Information and Program (Los Angeles, CA, January 24-26)1993 request_box
26 13Spitzer Forum on Public Policy (B'Nai B'Rith/Hillel Foundations) Correspondence, Workshop Information and Program (Philadelphia, PA, February 6-8)1994request_box
2614 Stationary Samples, NAJSA, Constituents and Organizationsundatedrequest_box
2615 Stock Donations1971 request_box
26 16Supportive Community Facts for Funding: NCJCS Inter-Disciplinary Session on Jewish Education Report[1972]request_box
271Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC) College Education Department Correspondence and Flyers 1993request_box
272United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Department of College Outreach/KOACH Correspondence and Outreach Guides 1992-1994request_box
273Varet, Elizabeth "Visions and Voices" Conference Correspondence 1992-1995request_box
274 V.I.P. In the Jewish World Encyclopedia Entry 1981-1982request_box
275"Visions and Voices" Interfaith Marriage Symposium Arrangements and Correspondenceundated, 1993-1994request_box
276 "Visions and Voices" Interfaith Marriage Symposium Registrations and Evaluationundated, 1993request_box
1117 (OS) "Visions and Voices" Interfaith Marriage Symposium Visual Aids and Questionnaireundated, [1993] request_box
277Washington 1: National Jewish Student Conference On Public Policy Issues Program (Washington, DC, October 13-17)1982request_box
278West Side Cluster Salary Reimbursement Memos1979-1980request_box
279Williams and Co. Rental Disputes Correspondence1975-1977request_box
2710 Wisconsin, State of; Dept. of Regulation and Licensing Charitable Organizations Correspondence and Memos1980 request_box
27 11"Women and Leadership: A Conference of the Task Force on the Jewish Woman Commission on Synagogue Relations" Workshop Materials1987 request_box
27 12World Jewish Congress (WJC) Correspondence1975-1976request_box
2713World Jewish Congress (WJC) Conference on Soviet Jewry (Brussels, Belgium) Correspondence, Memos and Newsletter1976request_box
2714World Jewish Congress (WJC) Youth Commission Correspondence, Minutes, Memos, and Reports1976-1977request_box
2715 World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) Correspondence 1971-1974request_box
2716 World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) Correspondence 1975-1978request_box
2717 World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) Correspondence 1979-1984, 1990-1991request_box
2718World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) Institute (Arad, Israel)-Clive Lessen Correspondence and Program1992request_box
2719World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) Summer Seminar in Israel Information, Correspondence, Brochure and Application1992-1993request_box
2720World Zionist Organization (WZO) Correspondence1974, 1992, 1994 request_box
27 21Yom Kippur War Information PacketOctober 1973request_box

Subseries 2: Financial Records, 1971-1995

Boxes 29-34. (Box 33 contains restricted materials. Box 34 is OS 2.)

Arrangement is in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

The NAJSA acted primarily as an umbrella fundraising arm for its Constituents. Therefore, a large portion of the collection in several series is devoted to financial matters. The most concentrated of these records can be found in Subseries 2: Financial Records, which document the overall financial transactions of the NAJSA including allocations received from Federations, income, deposit and expenditures records, financial statements of the APPEAL (Constituent statements may be found in Series III), accountants correspondence, tax returns (the 1975 return was not found in the collection), Trustee and Friend contributions and employee records (restricted material). In accordance with records management procedures, certain unnecessary information regarding financial records have been discarded. Among these records are: cancelled checks and check stub registers, deposit slips, payroll registers, petty cash receipts, banking statements and bills for messengers; office supplies, computer equipment, and telephone bills. (Telephone bills regarding disputes between NAJSA and their Constituents have been retained.) Cancelled checks regarding tax payments (federal, quarterly and payroll) have been retained. Related financial records may be found in Series III: Constituents and Series V: Federations (Subseries 1: Council for Jewish Federations, Subseries 3: Large City Budgeting Conference and Subseries 5: U.S. Cities and Canada). Documentation relating to fundraising conducted by the NAJSA to garner grants from national foundations may be found in Series VI: Fundraising.

281Allocations Received Record - Federations 1971-1979request_box
282Allocations Received Record - Federations 1979-1992request_box
283Allocations Received Record - Federations 1989-1995request_box
284Allocations Received History-Intermediate Cities (Jewish Population of 5,000-40,000)1973-1976request_box
285Allocations Request History1971-1973request_box
286Allocations to Constituents and Beneficiary Grantsundated, 1974-1976, 1982-1984, 1988request_box
287Bank Correspondence1970s-1990srequest_box
288Budgets and Proposed Budgets1971-1982request_box
289Cash Income Records 1978-1986request_box
2810 Deposit Records1991-1994 request_box
2811Direct Mail Campaign Contributions Record1985-1989request_box
2812Expenditures Record 1991-1994request_box
291 "Fair Share" Constituent Guidelines1988request_box
292Financial Statements1972-1976request_box
293Financial Statements 1977-1980request_box
294 Financial Statements1981-1985 request_box
29 5Financial Statements1986-1988request_box
296Financial Statements 1988-1994request_box
301 Foundation and Grant Awards Record1990-1992request_box
302Friends and Rabbis Contributions Record 1971-1994request_box
303Heartland Marketing Donation Campaign Record1991-1992request_box
304Internal Revenue Correspondence1972-1994 request_box
30 5Insurance Policies1989-1995request_box
306Insurance Policy Correspondence1987-1994request_box
307Kramer Fund Campaign 1990-1991request_box
308 Kramer Fund Campaign1994-1995 request_box
30 9Loan Contracts and Correspondence1971-1972request_box
3010New York State Department of Charitable Organization Annual Reports and Correspondence1972-1991request_box
311New York State Department of Law Correspondence1977-1989request_box
312New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Correspondence 1973-1991request_box
313 Quarterly Comparative Figures 1975-1985request_box
314Schwinger, Simons and Co., Accountants Correspondenceundated, 1971-1978request_box
315 Sobel and Co. Accountants Correspondence 1978-1984request_box
316Sobel and Co. Accountants Correspondence 1985-1989request_box
317Sobel and Co. Accountants Correspondence 1990-1995request_box
321State Insurance Fund Payments and Correspondence1971-1987request_box
322State Insurance Fund Payments and Correspondence1988-1995request_box
323Tax Returns1971-1974, 1976-1987 request_box
32 4Tax Returns 1988-1993request_box
325 Trustees Contributions Record 1971-1993request_box
326Workmen's Circle Correspondence and Policies1975-1980request_box
331Employee Documentation RESTRICTED1985, 1989request_box
332Employee Unemployment Insurance Claims RESTRICTED1976-1979 request_box
33 3Fox, Robin Work File RESTRICTED1992-1993request_box
334Gevertz, Brenda Work File RESTRICTED1986request_box
335Gibson, Darlene Work File RESTRICTED1976-1979request_box
336Keenan, Catherine Work File RESTRICTED1990-1991request_box
337Mishan, Marc Work File RESTRICTED1972request_box
338Ovadia, Seth Work File RESTRICTED1993request_box
339Valentino, Evelyn Work File RESTRICTED1979-1987request_box
3310Wage and Withholding Tax Returns RESTRICTED1977-1994request_box
33 (59)11 (38)University of Illinois D'Varim Publishing Grant (From Series IV, Box 59 Folder 38) RESTRICTED 1992-1993request_box
34 OS 21 Constituent Allocation Ledgerundated, 1979-1987, 1989-1990request_box
34 OS 22Expenditures Ledger1971-1982, 1987-1992request_box
34 OS 23Federation Allocation Ledgerundated, 1977-1990request_box
34 OS 24Income Ledger1971-1982, 1987-1992request_box
34 OS 25 Tax Payments - Cancelled Checks1972-1993request_box
34 OS 26 Trustee and Friends Contributions Ledger1978-1990request_box
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Series III: Constituent Files, undated, 1962, 1964-1995 (bulk 1971-1995)

Boxes 35-51.

Arranged in eight series, one general records series, and seven subsequent series by Constituent in alphabetical order. Records for Constituents Lights in Action and the Bayit Project may be found in the General Records series.

Scope and Content:

The subseries regarding Constituents follow the same general pattern, with materials specifically associated with the Constituent included. The pattern contains files on Constituent activities, allocations received, clippings, correspondence, financial statements, memos addressed to the specific Constituent, quarterly reports, and constitutions, by-laws and/or articles of incorporation. The series was created by pulling the yearly records of the Constituents from the general records, which were originally (but inconsistently) filed by program year, depending on who served as Executive Director in a given period. Since the Constituents stood on their own as separate entities under the NAJSA, it was decided to pull all files and documents regarding the Constituents from the original pattern of the collection and file them together. In rearranging the documents in this way, each Constituent could be regarded on its own merit and researched accordingly. However, the materials included for the Constituents do not act as a primary collection. Each of the following Constituent subseries serves as a snapshot of each Constituent, not as a complete record. For related collections within the American Jewish Historical Society regarding certain Constituents, please see Related Materials.

Originally Constituent files consisted of certain materials filed under 'Activities,' 'Maps,' and 'Updates.' These files served the purpose of informing the APPEAL of each Constituent's activities for any given period for inclusion in reports written to national and local federations, plus various other fundraising devices. 'Activities' folders sent by the Constituent outlined specific activities of the Constituent. 'Updates' were listed activities by month and very similar in nature to 'Activities' reports. 'Maps' of the United States and Canada were handed in by each Constituent showing where activities were held or outreach conducted in the form of mailings or events throughout North America. Due to the overlapping nature of these items, they have been collectively filed under 'Activities,' by decade. Also, this section is inconsistent as 'Maps' were only used during the latter years of the 1970s and the Constituents were inconsistent in recording and sending reports to the APPEAL regarding activities conducted.

Subseries 1: General Records, undated, 1968, 1970-1995

Box 35-37 (Folders 1-11).

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

The General Records of the Constituents contains materials concerning the Constituents as a group, including their combined allocation presentations to the NAJSA for the Federations, group memos, allocation 'fair share' formulas and funds distribution votes; miscellaneous budget and financial records, biographies and a joint symposium held by JSPS and RESPONSE in 1991. One folder is dedicated to a dispute between JSPS and NETWORK (Box 36, Folder 14). Two additional Constituents are also included in the General Records, the Progressive Zionist Caucus' Bayit Project, and Lights in Action (LIA). Other material includes applications from organizations wishing to become Constituents of the APPEAL, including the National Jewish Law Students Network, the World Union of Jewish Students, North American Division, and Yavneh Olami, a program devoted to a world network of Jewish religious students. Finally, Box 36, Folder 9 "Coalition and Hillel Meeting, 1995," provides documentation on a meeting between a delegation of Constituent Governing Board members and Hillel to determine the future direction of the funding of the two groups by Federations.

351Activities-All Constituentsundated, [1981], 1985request_box
353Allocation Distribution Votes1980-1986request_box
354Allocation "Fair Share" Formulas[1973], [1986], [1988-1989]request_box
355Allocation Form Templates1980srequest_box
356Allocation Presentations with Quarterly Reports1972-1973request_box
357Allocation Presentations 1989request_box
358Allocation Presentations1990request_box
359Allocation Presentations 1991request_box
3510 Allocation Presentations1992 request_box
35 11Allocation Presentations1993request_box
3512Allocation Presentations 1994request_box
3513 Allocation Review Procedures [1980], 1990-1994request_box
3514 Bayit Project Allocations, Budget and Internal Revenue Correspondence1985-1989request_box
361Bayit Project Articles of Incorporation and By-Lawsundated, 1983, 1985 request_box
362Bayit Project "Bayit-You'll Like It!' Conference1985request_box
363Bayit Project Brochures and Mailingsundated, [1984, 1990]request_box
364Bayit Project Clippings undated, 1985, 1987request_box
365Bayit Project Correspondence1980, 1985, 1987-1989request_box
366Bayit Project Information and Operations Manualundated, 1984-1985, 1988 request_box
367Bayit Project Notes and Articles, Miscelleneousundated, [1985]request_box
368Budgets-Proposed 1974-1975request_box
369 Coalition and Hillel Meeting 1995request_box
3610 Constituent Biographies1971-[1974]request_box
3611Constituent Information, Federation Reports1973-1974request_box
3612Constituent Information 1993-1995request_box
3613 Financial Records1970-1972 request_box
36 14JSPS/NETWORK Dispute Correspondence1989request_box
3615Lights in Action (LIA) Allocations1993-1995request_box
3616Lights in Action (LIA) Clipping1994request_box
3617Lights in Action (LIA) Correspondence1992-1995request_box
3618Lights in Action (LIA) Flyers and Mailingsundated, 1993, [1994-1995] request_box
371Lights in Action (LIA) Israel Sourcebook and Haggadahundated, 1994 request_box
372Memos-All Constituents undated, 1972-1977request_box
373Memos-All Constituents undated, 1978-1984request_box
374Memos-All Constituents undated, 1985-1992request_box
375"Multiculturalism, Jews, and the Campus," JSPS/RESPONSE Symposium1991 request_box
37 6National Jewish Law Students Network (Jordan Horvath) Constituent Application and Correspondence1985-1986request_box
377News Update1979request_box
378Pending Constituent Status Organizations 1968, 1971-1972request_box
379Student Contactsundated, [1993-1994] request_box
37 10World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) North America Constituent Documentation1989request_box
3711 Yavneh Olami (World Organization of Religious Students and B'nei Yeshivot) Correspondence and Flyersundated, 1989-1990request_box

Subseries 2: Jewish Students Press Service (JSPS), undated, 1971-1995

Box 37 (Folder 12) - 40.

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

In addition to following the general pattern of Constituent records, information on JSPS' national and New York editor's conferences, plus additional information on JSPS and RESPONSE's multiculturalism symposium may be found in Subseries 2. During the early 1990s, a dispute between JSPS and the NAJSA led to accusations of monetary mismanagement on the part of both groups. Documentation of this dispute may be found in Box 38, Folder 13 and Box 39, Folder 1. Other material includes funding proposals, a reorganization draft, and a pledge proposal from a private donor. Correspondence concerning the creation of JSPS' current publication, New Voices, which began in 1991, can be found in Box 38, Folder 12. Editions of the newspaper may be found in Series VII: Publications and Printed Matter, Subseries 1: Constituents, Newspaper Format, New Voices.

3712 Activitiesundated, 1974-1982 request_box
38 1Activities1983-1987, 1993request_box
385Allocation Requests1990request_box
386Annual Report1973-1975request_box
387Berman (Herbert) Pledge Proposal1994 request_box
38 8Budget1972request_box
389Clippingsundated, 1971, 1972, 1978, 1981, 1987, [1992?]request_box
3810Correspondence 1971-1978request_box
3811 Correspondence1988-1990 request_box
38 12 Correspondence1991-1995request_box
3813Deposit Investigation-Allocations and Subscriptions1991-1993 request_box
39 1Deposit Investigation-Bank Statements and Checks1991-1994 request_box
39 2Editors and Publications List1990request_box
393Financial Statements 1975-1977request_box
394 Financial Statements1978-1979 request_box
39 5Financial Statements1980-1983request_box
396Financial Statements 1984-1987request_box
397 Flyersundated, [1974], 1993 request_box
39 8Funding Proposals1990, 1993request_box
399Funding Proposals 1994-1995request_box
3910 Internal Revenue Service Correspondence1972request_box
3911 Memos1976-1982request_box
403MinutesJune 3-5, 1973; April 24, 1977request_box
404Multiculturalism, Jews and The Campus: A Symposium1991request_box
405National Editor's Conference1976-1977, 1981-1982, 1984, 1988, 1990 request_box
40 6New York Area Editor's Conference1976request_box
407Overdue Rent Correspondence1990-1991request_box
408Press Releases undated, 1978, 1982, 1983request_box
409Press Releases-Other Organizationsundated, 1993request_box
4010Reorganization Draft Reports[1987]request_box
4011Student Editors Seminar, Israel1976, 1981request_box
4012Quarterly Reports 1970srequest_box
4013 Quarterly Reports1980s request_box

Subseries 3: North American Jewish Students' Network (NETWORK), undated, 1971-1986, 1989

Box 41 - Box 43 (Folders 1-9).

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

In addition to the pattern of materials found in this subseries, there are documents concerning the New Jewish Media Project (also a grant beneficiary), materials on regional conferences and conventions by NETWORK, a pamphlet entitled "What is NETWORK?", containing a brief history of the group, and materials concerning non-compliance violations and grievance issues between the NAJSA and NETWORK. After a series of incidents that violated NAJSA By-Laws, NETWORK withdrew from the APPEAL in 1985. Information concerning this dispute and its subsequent resolution are located in Box 42, Folders 10-12 and Box 43, Folder 1.

411Accountant Statements1979-1980request_box
415Alternatives in Jewish Education Conference 1976request_box
416Annual Reports1973-1975request_box
417Brochures and Flyers undated, 1981, 1985request_box
418By-Laws, Certificate of Incorporation, Constitution and Resolutions1970s-1980s request_box
41 9Clippings 1970s-1980srequest_box
4110Conventions1972, 1975, 1977-1979, 1981, 1983request_box
421Correspondence n.d, 1971-1979request_box
422Correspondence 1982-1986, 1989request_box
423Financial Statements 1975-1982request_box
424 Funding Proposal1971-1972 request_box
42 5Internal Revenue Correspondence1971request_box
426Memosundated, 1971, 1976-1980request_box
428MinutesNovember 29, 1970 and January 13-14, 1973request_box
42 9 New Jewish Media Proposal[1975]request_box
4210Non-Compliance Motion Documents1979-1982request_box
4211Non-Compliance Motion Financial Penalty Documents1984-1985request_box
4212Non-Compliance Motion Memoranda of Agreement1978-1979request_box
431Non-Compliance Motion Monies Owed to NAJSA Correspondence and Notes1979-1982 request_box
432Overdue Rent and Floor Plan Correspondence and Memos1980-1981request_box
433Press Kit1983request_box
434Press Releasesundated, 1978, 1984 request_box
435Program Proposals 1974-1976, 1981request_box
436Regional Conferences and Leadership Development Seminars1973-1976, 1980-1981 request_box
43 7Quarterly Reports1970srequest_box
438Quarterly Reports 1980-1982request_box
439 "What is Network?: The History and Activities of the North American Jewish Students' Network"[1975] request_box

Subseries 4: Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC), undated, 1986-1995

Box 43 (Folders 10-12) - Box 45 (Folders 1-4).

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

The records regarding the Progressive Zionist Caucus follow the pattern of materials found in this Series. Additional materials include PZC Governing Board (known as Mazkirut) minutes and agendas, grant proposals, and PZC's constituent application and review materials.

4312 Allocations1987-1995 request_box
44 1Allocation Requests1990request_box
442Atlanta/Georgia Regional Coordinator Correspondenceundated, 1994request_box
443Board (Mazkirut) Agendas and Minutesundated, 1988, 1991, 1993-1994request_box
445By-Laws, Certificate of Incorporation and Constitutionundated, 1981-1989request_box
446 Clippingsundated, 1986-1988, 1990-1994 request_box
44 7Constituent Status Membership Reviewundated, 1986-1987, 1990 request_box
44 8 Correspondence1980srequest_box
449Correspondence undated, 1990srequest_box
4410Director Applications 1992request_box
4411 Flyersundated, 1980s-1990s request_box
44 12Foundation Proposalsundated, 1989-1990request_box
451Grant Proposals and Correspondenceundated, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991-1992request_box
452Internal Revenue Service Correspondence 1993request_box
453Program Reports for LCBC Narratives and Grants1990-1991 request_box
45 4Quarterly ReportJanuary-March 1987request_box

Subseries 5: Response: A Contemporary Jewish Review (Jewish Educational Services, Inc.) (RESPONSE), undated, 1970-1995

Box 45 (Folders 5-11) - Box 46 (Folders 1-15).

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

The materials in this subseries closely follow the pattern of materials found within this Series. Other than the standard materials, there is one file of correspondence that outlines the financial crisis of the organization (an on-going battle) located in Box 46, Folder 5. The collection contains only one copy of the publication Response: A Contemporary Jewish Review in Box 99, Folder 12. However, the American Jewish Historical Society houses a collecton of the journals.

455Activities1975-1976, 1979request_box
456Activitiesundated, [1982-1984], 1988 request_box
45 7Allocations 1970srequest_box
458 Allocations1980srequest_box
4510 Allocation Presentations1990, 1993-1994request_box
4511 By-Laws and Incorporation 1970, 1978, 1987-1989request_box
461By-Laws and Incorporation1990request_box
462By-Laws and Incorporation 1991request_box
463Correspondenceundated, 1971-1974 request_box
464Correspondence undated, 1983-1991request_box
465Financial Situation Correspondence1971-1972request_box
466Financial Statements 1971, 1974-1979request_box
467Financial Statements 1980-1985, 1987request_box
468Internal Revenue Service Correspondence1991, 1994request_box
469LCBC Budgets and Partial Narrative1987, 1990request_box
4610Memosundated, 1976-1991request_box
4611 Minutes1970-1972 request_box
46 12NAJSA Advertisement[1975-1976]request_box
4613Program Proposals 1992-1995request_box
4614 Quarterly Reports1975-1979 request_box
46 15Quarterly Reports1980srequest_box

Subseries 6: Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry (with the Center for Russian Jewry) (SSSJ), undated, 1967, 1971-1991

Box 46 (Folder 16) - Box 49 (Folders 1-3).

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

The Constituent records regarding SSSJ contain several areas of note besides the records that follow the pattern of the Series. The Flyers and Mailings (Box 48, Folders 1-3) along with the SSSJ's Press Releases (Box 48, Folders 8-12) give detail to the overall activities of this group more fully than the other Constituents in Series III. In addition, the subseries contains testimony by Jacob Birnbaum, a Founder of SSSJ, appearing before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means concerning Jewish immigration policy in Romania. Also of note are issues of SSSJ's publication The New Heroes, Books I-III, a printed collection of photographs of individuals and families attempting to immigrate from the Soviet Union; the October-November 1978 issue of Freedom!, and a small collection of the Soviet Jewry Action Newsletter. SSSJ was the most vocal and respected of the APPEAL Constituents, and the materials reflect the dynamism behind SSSJ's actions on behalf of Soviet Jewry. Ephemera and posters from this subseries may be found in Series VIII, Subseries 1: Ephemera and Subseries 2: Posters, and correspondence from Susan Dessel to two pen-pal families sponsored from SSSJ, the Partispayan Family (Box 25, Folder 12) and the Reinberg Family (Box 26, Folder 8).

4616 Activities1967, 1971-1978 request_box
47 1Activities 1978-1985request_box
472 Activities1986-1990 request_box
47 3Allocations 1970srequest_box
474 Allocations1980srequest_box
475Banking Documents 1991request_box
476Birnbaum, Jacob U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means Statement Re: Romanian Immigration PolicyJune 15, 1978request_box
477Brochures and Postcardsundated, [1970s] request_box
47 8Budgets and Proposed Budgets1970srequest_box
479Clippingsundated, 1970-1979request_box
4710 Clippingsundated, 1980-1990 request_box
47 11 Correspondence1971-1979request_box
4712Correspondence 1980-1985request_box
4713 Correspondence1986-1991 request_box
47 14Financial Reports1971-1976request_box
4715Financial Reports 1977-1979request_box
4716 Financial Statements1979-1985 request_box
47 17Financial Statements1986-1987request_box
4718Freedom!October-November, 1978 request_box
48 1Flyers and Mailingsundated, [1970s] request_box
48 2Flyers and Mailingsundated, [1980s]request_box
483Flyers and Mailings undated, [1990s]request_box
484Internal Revenue Service Correspondence1967request_box
485Materials and Services Available Listundated, [1971-1973]request_box
487 "New Heroes, The," Books I- III1974, 1976request_box
488 Press Releasesundated, 1975-1979request_box
489Press Releases1981-1984, 1986request_box
4810Press Releases 1987request_box
4811 Press Releases1988 request_box
48 12Press Releases1989-1991request_box
4813Press Release Narratives undated, [1978, 1984, 1987-1989]request_box
4814Program Reports 1972, 1990-1991request_box
4815Quarterly Reports 1973-1979request_box
491 Quarterly Reports1980s request_box
49 2Soviet Jewry Action NewsletterJune 1971; Rosh Hashanah 1976; April 27, 1976, 1977request_box

Subseries 7: Yavneh Religious Students Organization (YAVNEH), undated, 1962, 1964, 1971-1981

Box 49, Folders 4-23.

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

YAVNEH withdrew from the APPEAL in January 1978 due to financial difficulties and a somewhat stormy relationship with the APPEAL. The material within this subseries documents some of YAVNEH's activities, but mostly provides information regarding its relationship with the NAJSA. The subseries also includes the program from YAVNEH's 17th annual convention in 1976, and a publication entitled "The Purim Peace" (Box 49, Folders 18 and 21, respectively). One copy of YAVNEH's publication of Dispatch and several copies of Kol Yavneh: The Official Publication of Yavneh can be found in Box 99, Folder 13.

494Activitiesundated, 1973-1977request_box
497Articles of Incorporation 1962request_box
498Brochuresundated, 1979-1981request_box
499Budgets and Proposed Budgets1970srequest_box
4910Correspondence undated, 1971-1979request_box
4911Executive Board 1971-1974, 1979-1980request_box
4912Financial Reports 1973-1980request_box
4913 Flyersundated, 1979-1980 request_box
49 14Governing Board Minutes (NAJSA) Regarding YavnehSeptember 14, 1976, 1977, 1979request_box
4915 Internal Revenue Correspondence1964request_box
4916 Memos1976-1981request_box
4918 National Labor Day Convention, 17th Annual, Program September 2-6, 1976request_box
4919Newsletters1972, 1976request_box
4920 Press Releasesundated, 1979 request_box
49 21"Purim Peace, The"[1979-1980]request_box
4922Quarterly Reports1975-1980request_box
4923Tear Sheet1979request_box

Subseries 8: Yugntruf: Youth for Yiddish (YUGNTRUF), undated, 1965-1966, 1971-1995

Box 50-51.

Arranged by alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

Yugntruf: Youth for Yiddish, was the second oldest (after SSSJ) established Constituent organization of the NAJSA. Founded in 1965, the organization's aim was to promote and present the Yiddish language, literature, and culture to Yiddish speakers and those learning the language. YUGNTRUF published (and continues to publish) a journal by the same name, filled with new literature on the cultural and political works of Yiddishkeits. This subseries documents YUGNTRUF's relationship with the NAJSA and contains some specialized work on the part of YUGNTRUF's promotion of Yiddish, including one issue of the Bilingual Family Newsletter, flyers and mailings in English and Yiddish, and several Yiddish/English Political Terminology Vocabulary Guides (Box 51, Folder 12). The remainder of the files in this Subseries follows the general pattern of records found in the Series. In addition, the collection holds a good quantity of YUGNTRUF journals, located in Series VII: Publications and Printed Matter, Subseries 1: NAJSA and Constituents, Box 100.

50 1Activitiesundated, 1971-1979request_box
507Allocations Review1990-1994request_box
508 Bilingual Family Newsletter, Special Issue on Yiddish1985request_box
509Board of Directors and Campus Representatives1971, 1972request_box
5010Brochuresundated, 1986request_box
5011 Budgets1971-1972request_box
5012By-Laws, Constitution and Incorporation1965, 1966, 1973request_box
5013Clippingsundated, 1976, 1979-1993request_box
5014Conferences on Yiddish 1973, 1977, 1980-1981, 1983-1986, 1991request_box
5015Correspondence 1971-1973, 1976-1978request_box
5016Correspondence undated, 1982, 1985-1990request_box
5017Correspondence 1991-1993request_box
511 Financial Statements1973-1979 request_box
51 2Financial Statements1980srequest_box
513Flyers and Mailings undated, 1973-1990request_box
514Internal Revenue Service Correspondence 1968request_box
515Memos undated, 1974-1989request_box
516Narrativesundated, 1987, [1990]request_box
517Newsletters1975, 1977-1978, 1980-1989 request_box
51 8Press Releases1972, 1975, 1984, 1986request_box
519Program Proposals undated, 1984request_box
5110 Quarterly Reports1970s request_box
51 11Quarterly Reports1980srequest_box
5112Yiddish/English Political Terminology Vocabulary Guidesundated, 1992, 1994 request_box
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Series IV: Beneficiary Grants, undated, 1971-1995

Boxes 52-61 (Folders 1-24).

The Beneficiary Grants series is divided into two subseries, General Records (Box 52, Folders 1-7) and Grants Made by Program Year (Box 52-61).

Scope and Content:

Overall, the series documents one of the founding cornerstones of the NAJSA: promoting Jewish identity on college campuses by providing fledging Jewish-centered publications and organizations publishing and programming grants to help provide for a rebirth of Jewish identity among American college-aged Jews. The NAJSA stressed the need to fund 'grass-roots' projects that would not necessarily be sanctioned by the larger student sponsored organizations such as Hillel.

Subseries 1: General Records, undated, 1971-1995

Box 52, Folders 1-7.

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

This subseries primarily documents miscellaneous correspondence and proposals regarding NAJSA's grants program. Also included are lists of grants made by year (1987-1995), development proposals for extending the grants program, and a press release announcing the first Bikurim (First Fruits) Award honoring outstanding beneficiary grant programs. In addition, there is a folder concerning the "Minhagim," or oral tradition of guidelines and policies involved in Beneficiary Grants made through the APPEAL, and a document (incomplete) compiled by several members of the Governing Board on planning a Holocaust remembrance event on campus.

521Correspondence, Misc. 1979-1985, 1990-1991request_box
522Development Proposal and Bikurim Award Press Releaseundatedrequest_box
523Forms and College Recipients Listundated, [1987-1995]request_box
524Fundraising Sample Packet[1991] request_box
52 5"Minhagim" (Oral Tradition) Guidelines and Policies for Beneficiary Grantsundated, [1993-1994?]request_box
526 Miscellaneous Proposals undated, 1987-1993request_box
527"Planning a Holocaust Remembrance Week" Documentundatedrequest_box

Subseries 2: Grants Made by Program Year, 1971-1995

Boxes 52 (Folders 8-24) - 61 (Folder 1-24).

The subseries is informally arranged in alphabetical order according to the Program Year based on the school calendar year of September-June.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 documents each beneficiary grant award made by the NAJSA over a 24-year period, beginning in 1971 with the awarding of two grants to 1995, when 22 grants provided extra publishing and programming funds to student groups. Contents of each file may include the following: initial application or correspondence, program flyers and mailings, materials printed for the event including programs, literature, and evaluations of the program by the beneficiary.

For publishing grants, each beneficiary was required to send journals and newspapers to the NAJSA (or JSPS, a co-sponsor of several of the college papers and journals, who would then forward copies to the APPEAL). These journals, newspapers, and some oversized newsletters may be found in Series VII: Publications and Printed Matter, Subseries 2: Beneficiaries (By Format). In addition, Series VIII, Subseries 2: Posters (Box 111, Folders 6 and 7) highlight the promotional materials of several events, including posters and oversized newspaper advertisements. Series X: Audio and Video Tapes contains one VHS recording of Dr. Leon Bass, an African-American serviceman who, in 1945, was one of the first U.S. servicemen at the Buchenwald concentration camp. Dr. Bass gave a series of lectures at various universities on his experiences in 1994 and 1995. The video records his comments at a University of Michigan Holocaust Remembrance Celebration event in 1994. Box 53, Folder 21 documents a grant given to the New Jewish Media Project, which sprang out of NETWORK programming. The NJMP was created to act as a clearinghouse for film and television programming based on Jewish themes. (See also Box 42, Folder 9, Box 52, Folder 14, Box 96, Folder 11, and Box 111, Folder 7 for more information.).

Overall, the programs and publications documented in this subseries gives an overview to the types of programming that evolved over the years in regards to campus activity directed at the Jewish student body. Beneficiary grants were provided to a wide range of groups along the myriad voices, left, right and centrist of Jewish student life. Shabbat and Passover program development, conventions on multiculturism and racism, Israel cultural programming, arts festivals, seminars and film series were among the programs funded through the NAJSA. In the final year of the APPEAL, grant money was awarded to a Stanford University program entitled: Members of the Tribe: A Weekend for Jewish Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual College Student and Young Adults. The strength of the Beneficiary Grants program, however, lay in the help NAJSA offered to new and established campus and non-campus (Lilith) journals and newspapers. This part of the subseries offers an insightful voice over the span of 24 years concerning Jewish-oriented student events on the American campus.

Program Year1971-1972

528Hampshire College Encounter with Holocaust Course Development Proposal1972request_box
529Havuret Shalom Programming Grant1971-1972request_box

Program Year1972-1973

5210Kol Hai Programming Grant Correspondence1973request_box
5211Radical Zionist Alliance (PZA) Convention Grant Proposal and Constituent Status Proposal1972-1973request_box

Program Year1973-1974

5212American Zionist Youth Foundation (AZYF) N.A.C.H.A.S. Convention Matching Grant1974request_box
5213Jewish Arts and Crafts Conference Public Relations Grant1974request_box
5214New Jewish Media Project Grant Proposal 1973-1974request_box
5215Pending Proposals1973-1974request_box

Program Year1974-1975

5216DIRSHU College Outreach Programming Grant undated, 1975request_box
5217 Jewish Arts Quarterly Publication Grant 1974-1976request_box
5218 Lilith Publishing Grant Proposal 1974-1975request_box
5219 Recipients List1974-1975 request_box
5220 T'Chiya Volunteer Program Grant1974-1975request_box

Program Year1975-1976

5221 Carleton College Minnesota Union of Jewish Students Conference Grant1975-1976request_box
5222Cornell-Ithaca Friends of Israel Programming Grant1975request_box
5223Davka Publishing Grant1972; 1975-1976request_box
5224Denied Proposals 1975-1976request_box
531 DIRSHU College Outreach Publications Grant 1976request_box
532Habitat International Student Competition Planning for Urban Cooperation (Amos Gitai) Funding Grant 1976request_box
533 Jewish New York Publishing Grant 1975-1976request_box
534 Kent State University Ha-Kol Publishing Grant 1975-1976request_box
535New Ohio Union of Jewish Students (NOUJS) Educational Packet Project Grant1975-1976request_box
536Recipients List 1975-1976request_box
537 Search: A Contemporary Journal of Jewish Affairs for the College Student Publishing Grant1976request_box
538Socialist-Zionist Conference Funding Grant 1976request_box
539Southwest Students Conference Chai L'Chaim Travel Subsidies Grant undated, 1975request_box
5310 University of Massachusetts Zamir Broadcasting Grant 1975request_box
5311 Washington University-Seattle Israel Awareness Week Programming Grant1975- 1976request_box

Program Year1976-1977

5312 ADELANTRE!: The Judezmo Society Sephardic Literary Art Magazine Publishing Grant 1976-1977request_box
5313 Brooklyn College Three Families Documentary Film Project Grant1976-1977request_box
5314California State University-Northridge Total Communication Havurah TTY Telephone Purchase Grant 1976-1977request_box
5315 Davka Publishing Grant 1976-1977request_box
5316 Denied Proposals1976-1977 request_box
53 17Jewish Free University (Philadelphia, PA) Lehrhaus Seminar Series Grant1977request_box
5318 Kosher Kitchen (Washington, DC) Cultural Programming 1976-1977request_box
5319 Rutgers University Jewish Review Publishing Grant1976-1977request_box
5320Michigan State University Ha'Am Publishing Grant 1976request_box
5321New Jewish Media Project Funding Grant and Catalog1976-1977request_box
5322Washington University (St. Louis, MS) Hamakor Publishing Grant 1977request_box
5323 Bay Area Jewish Women's Collective Programming Grant 1977-1978request_box
5324Denied Proposals 1977-1978request_box
5325 Harvard Jewish Law Students Association Programming 1977-1978request_box
5326 Pending Proposals1977-1978 request_box
53 27State University College of Technology-Utica "Shalom" Programming Grant1977-1978request_box

Program Year1978-1979

5328 California Jewish Student Association Committee Publishing Grant1978-1979request_box
5329Denied Proposals 1978-1979request_box
5330 Harvard Business School Jewish Student's Association Programming Grant1978-1979request_box
5331Harvard Jewish Law Students Association Programming1979request_box
5332Indiana University Israel Bazaar Programming Grant1978-1979request_box
5333Joys of Judaism Israel Summer Retreat Funding Grant1978-1979request_box
5334Pending Proposals 1978-1979request_box
5335 Pennsylvania State University Emek Sameah Publishing1978-1979 request_box
53 36Recipients List1978-1979request_box
5337State University of New York-Albany The Spirit Publishing Grant 1978-1979request_box
5338 T'Chiya Volunteer Program in Israel's Development Camps Funding Grant1978request_box
5339Tufts University HaKol Publishing Grant 1978-1979request_box
5340 University of California-Berkeley Ha'Etgar Publishing 1978-1979request_box
5341 University of California-Berkeley Jewish Radical Publishing Grant1978-1979request_box
5342 University of Massachusetts Zamir Broadcasting Grant 1978-1979request_box

Program Year1979-1980

541Book Peddler: The Newsletter of the National Yiddish Book Exchange Publishing Grant1980 request_box
542 Brandeis University Focus Publishing Grant1979-1980request_box
543City College of New York Hillel Children of Survivors Group Programming Grant 1979-1980request_box
544Denied Proposals1979-1980request_box
545 Genesis 2 (Boston, MA) Advertising Grant 1979-1980request_box
546Hebrew Theological College Jewish Information Center Funding Grant 1979-1980request_box
547 Hillel Eastern Winter Institute (HEWI) Programming Grant1979request_box
548 T'Chiya Volunteer Program Grant1980request_box
549University of Florida Challenge Publishing Grant1979-1980request_box

Program Year1980-1981

5410 Americans for Progressive Israel-Hashomer Hatzair Israel Summer Seminar Programming and Film Grants1981 request_box
54 11Brandeis University Focus Publishing Grant1980request_box
5412 Denied Proposals1980-1981 request_box
54 13 Genesis 2 (Boston, MA) Advertising Grant1980-1981; 1982request_box
5414 International Committee for the Yeliastratovs Rally Funding Grant1980-1981request_box
5415International Committee to Free the Peritsky Family Project Grant1980 request_box
54 16Recipients List1980-1981request_box
5417Student Coalition for Soviet Jewry Funding Grant1980-1981request_box
5418University of Florida Jewish Student Union (JSU) Israeli Cultural Festival Grant1980-1981request_box
5419 York University (Ontario, CA) Images Publishing Grant 1980-1981request_box

Program Year1981-1982

5420 Denied Proposals1981-1982 request_box
54 21Indiana University Israel Bazaar Programming Grant1982 request_box
54 22Pennsylvania State University Yachad Chapter Programming Grant 1981-1982request_box
5423 Shmate Journal of Progressive Jewish Thought Publishing Grant1982 request_box
54 24Student Coalition for Soviet Jewry Funding Grant1982 request_box

Program Year1982-1983

5425 Columbia University Perspectives Publishing Grant 1982-1983request_box
5426 Denied Proposals1982-1983 request_box
54 27Hashomer Hatzair Archives Funding Grant1982-1983request_box
5428 Philadelphia Prism, The Publishing Grant undated, 1983request_box
5429Shofar: The Five College Jewish Newspaper Publishing 1982-1983request_box
5430 State University of New York-Oneonta The Pillar Publishing Grant1982request_box
5431 University of California-Berkeley Israel Education Day Funding Grant1983request_box
5432University of Massachusetts Zamir Broadcasting Grant1982-1983 request_box
54 33University of Minnesota Jewish Student Press Publishing 1982-1983request_box
5434 University of South Florida Israel Action Committee Israeli Programs Fair Grant1983request_box
5435University of Vermont Jewish Action Committee Programming Grant1982-1983 request_box
54 36Yale University A Jewish Journal at Yale Publishing 1982-1983request_box

Program Year1983-1984

551Americans for Progressive Israel Anielewicz Circle Programming Grant1983request_box
552 Denied Proposals1983-1984 request_box
55 3Kansas City Jewish Students Coalition Programming Grant1983-1984 request_box
55 4Rutgers University Perspectives Publishing Grant1984 request_box
555State University of New York-Stony Brook The Shining Star Publishing Grant 1984request_box
556University of Kansas Lawrence Student Organization Retreat Grant 1984request_box
557University of Rochester Kesher-The Connection Publishing Grant1983-1984 request_box
55 8Waterloo (CA) Jewish Students Association "An Evening on Ethiopian Jewry" Programming Grant 1984request_box

Program Year1984-1985

559Denied Proposals1984-1985request_box
5510Queens College Ha-Or Publishing Grant 1984request_box
5511Tulane University Israel Action Committee Soviet Jewry Lobby Conference Grant 1985request_box
5512 University of Judaism Israel Education Day Programming 1985request_box
5513Women's Rabbinical Students Conference Grant1985request_box

Program Year1985-1986

5514 Boston University Freedom Music: A Tribute to Black South Africans and Soviet Jews Performance Grant 1986request_box
5515 Brandeis University Focus Publishing Grant1985-1986request_box
5516Philadelphia SSSJ Transportation Grant1986request_box
5517 Shofar: The Five College Jewish Newspaper Publishing1986request_box
5518Tulane University Israel Awareness Programming Grant1986request_box
5519University of California-Santa Cruz Leviathan Publishing 1986request_box
5520 University of Massachusetts Israel Independence Day David Broza Concert Grant1986request_box
5521University of Michigan Union of Students for Israel Terrorism in the Middle East Seminar Grant 1986request_box

Program Year1986-1987

5522 Columbia University Students for Israel Wallid Walla Lecture Grant1986-1987request_box
5523Denied Proposals 1986-1987request_box
5524 Florida International University Jewish Awareness 1986-1987request_box
5525 Kenyon College Hillel Passover Seder1987request_box
5526 National Jewish Law Students Review Journal Publishing Grant1986-1987 request_box
55 27Rollins College A Guide to Jewish Orlando Publication Grant CorrespondenceJanuary 6, 1987request_box
5528Shofar: The Five College Jewish Newspaper Publishing Grant1986-1987request_box
5529University of Massachusetts Jewish Arts Festival Programming Grant 1986-1987request_box
5530 University of Miami Hurrikan Publishing Grant1987 request_box
55 31University of Michigan Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC) Programming Grant1987request_box
5532 University of Michigan SSSJ Solidarity Day Program 1987request_box

Program Year, 1987-1988

5533Denied Proposals 1987-1988request_box
5534 Harvard-Radcliffe Reisman Center for Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel 40th Anniversary Celebration for Israel1988 request_box
55 35Georgia Israel Public Affairs Committee (GIPAC) Israel Week Programming Grant 1987-1988request_box
5536 Israel at Forty (Philadelphia) Conference Grant 1988request_box
5537 Jewish Campus Activity Board (Philadelphia, PA) Kibbutz Week Programming Grant1988request_box
561 National Jewish Law Review Publishing Grant 1987-1988request_box
562Pennsylvania State Friends of Israel Yachad News Publishing Grant1988request_box
563Recipients List 1987-1988request_box
564 Rochester Institute of Technology Travel to Soviet Union Subsidy Grant1988request_box
565State University of New York-Buffalo Ari Publishing Grant1988request_box
566Tufts University From the Ideology of Zionism to the Reality of Israel at Forty Symposium Grant1988request_box
567University of Florida Jewish Student News Publishing Grant1987-1988request_box
568University of Wisconsin-Madison Genesis Advertising Grant 1987-1988request_box
569University of Wisconsin-Madison Racism Hotline and Julius Lest Lecture Grants1988request_box
5610Yale University Urim v'Tumin Publishing Grant1987-1988request_box

Program Year1988-1989

5611 Brandeis Footsteps Grant CorrespondenceNov. 18, 1988request_box
5612Brooklyn College Hatikvah Publishing Grant 1988request_box
5613Columbia University Students for Israel "The Politics of Modern Israel: Beyond the Myth" Conference Grant1988-1989request_box
5614Denied Proposals 1988-1989request_box
5615 Fairfield University Arney and the Rabbi Radio Program 1989request_box
5616 Ithaca College Northeast Region Conference for Jewish Students Funding Grant1989request_box
5617 McGill University (Toronto, CA) Network Against Racism and Bigotry Anti-Discrimination Brochure Publishing 1989request_box
5618 Recipients List1988-1989request_box
5619Tufts University Oppressed Jewry Committee Postcard Campaign Grant1989 request_box
56 20Tufts University Woody Allen Film Series and Exhibition Funding Grant1989request_box
5621 University of Illinois-IllinIPAC Camp David Accords 10th Anniversary Commemoration Programming Grant1989 request_box
56 22University of Massachusetts Shofar Publishing Grant 1988-1989request_box
5623 University of Michigan Prospect Publishing Grant 1988-1989request_box
5624 University of Pennsylvania Jewish Quarterly Publishing Grant 1988request_box
5625 University of Wisconsin-Madison B'nai B'rith/Hillel Foundations Various Programming Grants1988-1989request_box

Program Year1989-1990

5626 Beloit College Chevrah Pessakh Seder Programming Grant 1990request_box
5627 Brown University Brown Middle East Journal Publishing Grant1989-1990 request_box
56 28Columbia University Perspectives Publishing Grant 1989-1990request_box
5629 Columbia University Promote Peace Week and Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC) Programming Grant1990request_box
5630Harvard-Radcliffe Chai Week Programming Grant1990request_box
5631Harvard-Radcliffe Mosaic Publishing Grant undated, 1990request_box
5632 Israel Task Force Intercollegiate Association The Israel Experience Programming Grant 1989-1990request_box
5633 Johns Hopkins Israel Festival Programming Grant 1990request_box
5634 Knox College (Illinois) Two People-One Future Middle East Conflict Programming Grant1989-1990request_box
5635 Lilith Campus Outreach Program Grant1989-1990request_box
5636Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chai Week Programming Grant1989-1990 request_box
56 37NETWORK Campus Caravan and NetSouth Conference Grant1989-1990 request_box
56 38Recipient List and Application Flyer1989-1990request_box
5639State University of New York-Stony Brook Chai Week Programming Grant1990 request_box
56 40Student Coalition for Soviet Jewry (SCSJ) Handbook Publication Grant1990request_box
5641 University of Arizona Jewish Students Solidarity Day Programming Grant1989request_box
5642University of California-Berkeley Bayit Shabbat Programming Grant 1989request_box
5643 University of California-Berkeley Kol-Ha Student Publishing Grant1989-1990request_box
571University of California-Berkeley Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC) Tsa'ad/Hutwa Arab/Jewish Theatre Group Performance Grant1990request_box
572University of California-Santa Barbara Israel Awareness Committee Israel Fair Programming Grant1990request_box
573 University of Cincinnati Programming and The News Record Grant1989 request_box
57 4University of Florida Jewish Student News Publishing 1989-1990request_box
575 University of Michigan Prospect Advertising Grant1990 request_box
57 6University of Minnesota A Shayna Maidel Theatre Production Grant 1989request_box
577University of Minnesota Israel Action Committee Yom Ha'atzmaut Programming Grant1990request_box
578University of Pennsylvania Insight Outreach Chai Week Programming Grant1990request_box
579 University of Pennsylvania Yugntruf Yiddish Leyenkraz National Conference Travel Subsidies Grant1989 request_box
57 10University of Wisconsin Genesis Publishing Grant[1989]request_box
5711 University of Wisconsin-Madison Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC) Erel Margalit Honorarium Grant1989 request_box
57 12University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Campus Organization for Israel (COFI) Middle East Peace Process Seminar1989-1990request_box
5713Wesleyan Hamakkor Publishing Grant [1990]request_box
5714Yale University Chai Week Questions of Judaism Programming Grant1989-1990request_box

Program Year1990-1991

5715 Baltimore Campuses Jewish Students Association Israel Week Programming Grant1991request_box
5716Beloit College Haggadah Replacement Grant1990-1991request_box
5717Brown University Mahberet Publishing Grant 1990-1991request_box
5718 Columbia University Perspectives Publishing Grant 1990request_box
5719Denied Proposals1990-1991request_box
5720 Do the Write Thing National Symposium on Jewish Issues for Campus Media (General Assembly, 1991) Conference Fee Grant1991 request_box
57 21Georgia Israel Network of University Students (GIPAC) Building Jewish Identity Workshop Grant1991request_box
5722 Hamagshimim Florida Zionist Students Conference Programming Grant1991request_box
5723Macalester College (MN) Hebrew House/Israel Action Committee Israel Day Programming Grant1990-1991request_box
5724 McGill University Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC) Compromising for Peace: Dilemmas Surrounding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Seminar Grant1991 request_box
57 25Monterey Institute of International Studies Middle Easter Exchange Club The Israel Experience Film undated, 1991request_box
5726 Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC) Shuli Eshel Film and College Tour Grant1991request_box
5727Project Chai, Various Campuses Planning and Programming Grants1990-1991 request_box
57 28Recipients List1990-1991request_box
5729Rider College and Trenton State College Programming1991request_box
5730San Francisco State University Blacks and Jews Staged Reading Grant 1991request_box
5731 San Francisco State University Israeli Science and Technology Fair Programming Grant1991request_box
5732 State University of New York-Buffalo Jewish Student Union 5th Annual Semi-Formal Funding Grant1991 request_box
57 33Syracuse University Blue and White Campaign to Support Israel Emergency Funding Grant 1991request_box
5734 University of British Columbia-Vancouver Israel Awareness Week Programming GrantJanuary 25, 1991 request_box
57 35University of California-Berkeley Ha'Doresh Publishing 1990-1991request_box
5736 University of California-Berkeley Kol Ha Student Publishing Grant1991request_box
5737 University of California-Santa Cruz Progressive Students Union Speakers Honorarium GrantJan. 29, 1991 request_box
57 38University of California-Santa Cruz Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC) Conference Student Subsidies Grant1991request_box
5739University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne D'Varim Publishing Grant 1990-1991request_box
581 University of Maryland-College Park Yom Ha'Shoah Vigil 1990-1991request_box
582 University of Michigan Jewish Peace Fellowship Speaker Honorarium Grantundated, 1990request_box
583University of Oregon Israel Week Programming Grant1990request_box
584University of San Diego TAGAR Zionist Student Activist Movement Conference Programming Grant 1991request_box
585University of South Carolina Southeast Regional Conference Spring Retreat Programming Grant1991request_box
586University of Texas Russian Olim Housing Studio Project Funding Grant1991 request_box
58 7University of Wisconsin-Madison TAGAR Zionist Student Activist Movement Why Israel? and Israel Independence Day Grant 1991request_box
588University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Campus Organization for Israel (COFI) Yom Ha'atzmaut Programming Grant1991request_box
589Washington, DC Campuses Israel Task Force John Rothmann Honorarium Grant1991 request_box
58 10Washington University-St.Louis Hillel Sarah's Song Theatre Production Grant1991request_box
5811Wesleyan University Hamakkor Publishing Grant 1990-1991request_box

Program Year1991-1992

5812 Brandeis University Hirhurum Publishing Grant1992 request_box
58 13Brown University/Rhode Island School of Design Broadway Bound Production Grant1991request_box
5814 California State University-Long Beach From Ashes to Rebirth Programming Grant 1991-1992request_box
5815California State University-Northridge Round Robin Volleyball Tournament Grant1991request_box
5816 Columbia University Lights in Action Start-up Funding undated, 1992request_box
5817 Columbia University Perspectives Publishing Grant 1991-1992request_box
5818 Cornell University Am Echad Shabbaton and Kristallnacht Programming Grant1991-1992request_box
5819Denied Proposals 1991-1992request_box
5820 Denver-Area Campuses Freedom Week for Ethiopian Jewry Grant Proposalundated, 1991-1992request_box
5821Genesis and the Big Bang, Dr. Gerald Schroeder Lecture Tour Grants1991-1992request_box
5822Jewish Student Services of Metrowest (NJ) Yom Ha'Shoah Campus Tree Planting Program Grant1992request_box
5823 McGill and Concordia Universities (CA) Kavana Publishing Grant 1991-1992request_box
5824 Ohio State University Hillel Winter Midwest Conference Programming Grant1992request_box
5825Ohio State University The Guardian-Ha-Shomer Publishing Grant 1992request_box
5826 Polytechnic Institute of New York Jewish Student Union Russian Jewish Programming Grant1991-1992request_box
5827Princeton University A New World Order? Elie Wiesel Lecture Student Reception Grant1991-1992request_box
5828Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (PA) Talmedi Chaverim Publishing Grant1991-1992request_box
5829Recipients List and Program Evaluations1991-1992request_box
5830San Francisco State University Progressive Jewish Student Union Panel Presentation Grant 1991-1992request_box
5831 Simon Fraser University Israel Week Honorarium Grant 1992request_box
5832 State University of New York-Albany The Spirit-Ha Ruach Publishing Grant1991-1992request_box
5833 University of California-Davis Jewish Culture Week Programming Grant1991-1992request_box
5834University of California-Santa Cruz Women's Tour for Peace Funding Grant1991-1992request_box
5835University of Delaware Hebrew Bayit Programming Grant1991request_box
5836 University of Florida Jewish Student Union Council Jewish Radio Hour Broadcasting Grant1992request_box
5837University of Illinois D'Varim Publishing Grant 1991-1992request_box
591University of Illinois Pro-Israel Education Council Israel in a Nutshell Seminar Grant1991request_box
592University of Maryland Jewish Leadership Training Seminar Grant undated, 1991-1992request_box
593University of Maryland Promoting Peace in the Middle East Region (PRIMER) Resource Guide Publishing Grant1992request_box
594University of Michigan Celebration of Jewish Arts David Grossman and Debbie Friedman Concerts Funding Grant 1991-1992request_box
595 University of Rochester Yom Ha'Shoah Programming Grant 1992request_box
596University of Texas Jewish Film Festival Funding Grant1991-1992request_box
597University of Virginia Hillel Professor James E. Young Lecture and Seminar Funding Grant1991-1992request_box
598University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee TAGAR Chapter Israel Programs Fair and Masada Press Publishing Grant1991-1992 request_box
59 9William Patterson College (NJ) Jewish Students Association Community Model Seder Grant 1991-1992request_box
5910 Yale University Friends of Israel Deadly Current Film and Discussion Programming Grant1991-1992request_box
5911York University Israel Youth Concert Funding Grant1992request_box

Program Year1992-1993

5912 Alliance for Judaism and Social Justice New York City Regional Conference Funding Grant1993request_box
5913American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Philadelphia Area Conference Transportation Grant [1993]request_box
5914 Brandeis University Hirhurum Publishing Grant and the Giving-Doing-Caring (C-D-C) Network Funding Grant1992-1993request_box
5915Brooklyn Law School Weekly Study Discussing Group Programming Grant1993 request_box
59 16Brown University Kol Ishah Women's Group Women's Shabbaton Funding Grant1993request_box
5917 Columbia University Avodnah Dance Company Breezes from Andalusia: Dance, Spain, and the Jews Production Grant1992-1993request_box
5918Denied Proposals 1992-1993request_box
5919 Duke University Israel Public Affairs Committee Solomon Perel Lecture and Europa, Europa Film Honorarium1993request_box
5920Elon College (NC) Holocaust Seminar and Letters from Leodakia Performance Grant1992-1993request_box
5921Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sukkah Project Building Grant1992-1993 request_box
59 22McGill University Undergraduate Journal of Jewish Studies Publishing Grant1993, 1995request_box
5923Memphis State University Israeli Independence Day Celebration and Fair Funding Grant1993request_box
5924 Middlebury College and Williams College Weekend at Williams Conference on Jewish Identity Funding Grant1992request_box
5925Muehlenberg College (PA) Passover Seder Funding Grant1993request_box
5926Polytechnic Institute of New York Jewish Student Russian Jewry Programming Grant 1993request_box
5927 Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC) Visions for Peace: An Arab-Jewish Dialogue Campus Tour Funding Grant1992-1993request_box
5928Recipients List and Program Evaluations1992-1993request_box
5929Stanford University and Ryerson Polytechnic Deadly Currents Screening and Simcha Jacobovici Lecture Grant1992-1993request_box
5930State University of New York-Albany The Spirit-Ha'Ruach Publishing Grant 1993request_box
5931 State University of New York-Binghamton Jewish Cooking: Our Tradition Programming Grant 1992-1993request_box
5932 State University of New York-Stony Brook Shelanu Publishing Grant 1993request_box
5933Texas A & M Fish Camp Orientation for Jewish Students Funding Grant1992request_box
5934 University of Arizona Kol Koreh-The JournaI Publishing Start-Up Grant 1992-1993request_box
5935 University of California-Davis Jewish Cultural Week Programming Grant1993request_box
5936University of California-Long Beach Israel Awareness Week John Rothmann Lecture Honorarium Grant1993request_box
5937 University of California-Los Angeles Israel Action Committee "Piece of Peace Israel/Egypt Peace Agreement Commemoration" Funding Grant1993request_box
33 (59)11 (38)RESTRICTED MATERIALS University of Illinois D'Varim Publishing Grant RESTRICTED MATERIALS 1992-1993request_box
5939 University of Massachusetts Zamir Radio Show Broadcasting Grant1992-1993request_box
5940University of Michigan Annual Conference on the Holocaust Solomon Perel Honorarium Grant1993request_box
5941 University of Michigan Israel Michigan Affairs Committee (IMAC) Transportation Grant1993request_box
5942University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill The Jewish Tarheel Publishing Grant1992-1993request_box
601University of Orgeon Yavneh Publishing Grant 1992request_box
602University of Texas-Austin Film Festival and Kosher Meals on Campus Grants1982, 1992-1993request_box
603University of Virginia Jewish Life at Mr. Jefferson's University: An Historical Exhibit Grant1993request_box
604University of Wisconsin-Madison Jonathon Kessler Middle East Lecture and Invisible Thread Photography Exhibit Funding Grant 1992-1993request_box
605Yale University Shabbaton Retreat Funding Grant1992-1993request_box
606Yale University Urim v'Tumim Publishing Grant1992-1993request_box

Program Year1993-1994

607Baltimore Inter-Campus Yom Ha'atzmaut Extravaganza Programming Grant1994request_box
608 Boston University Israeli Independence Day Celebration Funding Grant1993-1994request_box
609Bowdoin College If Not Now, When?: Jewish Ethics in the 21st Century Second Annual Conference of Jewish Students Funding Grant1993-1994request_box
6010 Brooklyn College A.B. Yeshoshua's Possessions Hebrew-Language Theatre Production Funding Grant1994request_box
6011 Bryn Mawr/Haverford Holocaust Memorial Week Programming Grant1994request_box
6012California State-Long Beach Lag B'omer Film Festival and Concert Programming Grant1994request_box
6013 Denied Proposals1993-1994 request_box
60 14Emory University Israel Activities Week Programming1993-1994 request_box
60 15Georgia Tech University/Atlanta Young Jewish Adult Agency (YAD) Holocaust Remembrance Week Programming1994request_box
6016Hillel Council of Greater Boston A New Generation of Jewish Women: Weaving Our Tapestry Conference Programming Grant1994 request_box
60 17Inter-Campus Council, Baltimore Area, Chocolate Seder Funding Grant 1994request_box
6018 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Learning and Leadership (CLAL) Shabbaton Funding Grant1993-1994request_box
6020McGill University Undergraduate Jewish Studies Journal Publishing Grant1994request_box
6021Northwestern University Yom HaShoah Name Reading Grant1994request_box
6022Recipients List 1993-1994request_box
6023 Southern Illinois University Aviva Kemperer The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg Lecture and Film Clip Viewing Program Grant1994request_box
6024Stanford University Shared Creativity: Visions of Community Inter-City Outreach Programming Grant1994request_box
6025 State University of New York-Albany Rabbi Avi Weiss Holocaust Commemoration Lecture Program Grantundated, 1994request_box
6026State University of New York-Binghamton Middle East Cafes Inter-Community Dialogue Programming Grantundated, 1994request_box
6027University of California-Davis Koleinu Publishing Grant 1993-1994request_box
6028 University of California-Santa Barbara Holocaust Remembrance Week Funding Grant1994request_box
6029 University of Miami TAGAR Mid-Year Zionist Conference Funding Grant1993-1994request_box
60 30University of Michigan Holocaust Remembrance, Dr. Leon Bass Lecture Program1994request_box
6031University of Michigan Israel Michigan Public Affairs Committee (IMPAC) AIPAC Conference Attendance Grant1994request_box
6032 University of Michigan Progressive Zionist Caucus (PZC) Yossi Melman Meet the Press Lecture Grant 1994request_box
6033 University of Minnesota U.S. Holocaust Museum Travel Funding Grant1994request_box
6034University of Oregon Yavneh Publishing Grant 1994request_box
6035 University of Texas-Austin Jewish Film Festival Programming Grant1994request_box
6036University of Toronto Images Publishing Grant 1994request_box
6037 University of Western Ontario Solomon Perel/Europa, Europa Lecture and Screening Grant1994 request_box
6038 University of Wisconsin Israel Independence Weekend Programming Grant1994request_box
6039Vassar College Ba'asham-Noisemaker Publishing Grant1994request_box
6040Washington University (St. Louis) Elie Wiesel's Trial of God Production Grant1994request_box
6041 Wesleyan Havurah Prayerbook Publication Grant 1994request_box
6042Wheaton College Making Our Own Space: A Women's Shabbaton Programming Grant1993-1994request_box
6043Yale University Faith and Art: A Festival of Religious Expression Programming Grant1994request_box
6044Yale University Magevet Spring Concert Funding Grant1994request_box
6045Yale University Model Israel Knesset Funding Grant1994request_box

Program Year1994-1995

611Atlanta Jewish Young Adult Agency (YAD) Chaim Potok Lecture, Who Am I? Shabbaton and Claudia Stevens Performance Grants1994-1995request_box
612Binghamton University A Jewish Woman's Dialogue: Commonalities and Differences Forum Funding Grant1995request_box
61 3Bradley University Holocaust Memorial Day with Dr. Leon Bass Lecture Funding Grant and Poster1994request_box
614Columbia University First Annual Yiddishkeit Festival A Shtetl Wedding Performance Grant1994-1995request_box
615Columbia University Perspectives Tikkun Olam Issue Publishing Grant undated, 1995request_box
616 Columbia University Raphael Society Jewish Medical Ethics Forum Funding Grant1995request_box
617Cornell University Passover Freedom Seder Intercultural Programming Grant 1995request_box
618Denied Proposals1994-1995request_box
619Long Island University Jewish Russian Heritage Club Hebrew Lessons Grant1995 request_box
61 10Princeton University Multicultural Seder Funding Grant1995 request_box
61 11Recipients List1994-1995request_box
61 12Stanford University Members of the Tribe: A Weekend for Jewish Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual College Student and Young Adults Funding Grant 1995request_box
6113State University of New York-Albany Reform University at Albany Chavurah (RUACH!) Programming Grant 1994request_box
6114 State University of New York-Albany RZA/BETAR/TAGAR Michael Eglash/Aliyah Lecture Grant1995request_box
6115Tufts University Conference on Ethnicity and Feminism Funding Grant1995 request_box
61 16University of California-Berkeley and Mills College Miriam's Daughters Publishing Grant1994-1995request_box
6117University of California-Berkeley The Jewish Renaissance: Revitalizing Our Community Seminar Grant1994request_box
6118 University of Michigan Annual Conference on the Holocaust and Hillel's First Alternative Spring Break 1995request_box
6119 University of Oregon Eco-Ruach Retreat Funding Grant 1994request_box
6120 University of South Florida Israeli Dance Workshop Funding Grant1995request_box
6121 University of Texas-Austin Jewish Film Festival Funding1995request_box
6122University of Wisconsin Israel Independence Day Celebration and Art Spiegelman Lecture Funding Grant 1995request_box
6123 Washington University (St. Louis) Bio-Medical Ethics Shabbaton Programming Grantundated, 1995request_box
6124Yale University Model Israeli Knesset Funding Grant1995request_box
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Series V: Federations, undated, 1971-1995

Boxes 61 (Folders 25-30) - Box 94.

Arranged in five subseries: Subseries 1: Council of Jewish Federations (CJF), Suberies 2: General Assembly (GA), Subseries 3: Large City Budgeting Conference (LCBC), Subseries 4: United Jewish Appeal (UJA), and Subseries 5: U.S. Cities and Canada.

Scope and Content:

Series V contains material reflecting the relationship between the APPEAL and the Federations at national and local levels. This includes the formulation of budgeting strategies and presentations, CJF memos and correspondence, Trustee quarterly board meetings, APPEAL-CJF committee planning, General Assembly conference materials, and correspondence between the APPEAL and local, donating Federations. Materials include documents on the budget certification process, audit guidelines, budget digests, task force and committee documentation, financial reviews of the NAJSA, and LCBC minutes and memos. The Series is divided into five Subseries as follows.

Subseries 1: Council of Jewish Federations (CJF), undated, 1971-1995

Box 61 (Folders 25-30) - 64 (Folders 1-3).

The Subseries is arranged in alphabetical.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 documents contact on the national level with the CJF, including general updates, announcements and regulations from the CJF, plus correspondence between the CJF and the APPEAL. Box 61, Folders 27-30 contain correspondence that traces the development of the NAJSA and its relationship with WUJS and NETWORK, though the relationship between the two latter organizations is discussed in more detail. General files and correspondence in Box 62, Folders 3-9 also contain correspondence, but the overall nature (particularly in regards to the years of 1989-1994) of the files focuses less on correspondence than printed documentation from the CJF.

Other documents include Budget Digest drafts and correspondence regarding those drafts. NAJSA was represented on several committees sponsored by the CJF including the College Youth and Faculty Programs Committee, Leadership Development Committee, Task Force on Services to Jewish University Students and the Women's Committee on Russian Women. Of particular note is the documentation on the Women's Committee on Russian Women, in which Susan Dessel served as Chair from 1978-1979. Ms. Dessel and several committee members traveled to the Soviet Union, meeting with refuseniks as well as attending protests in Moscow. Her observations on the condition of Soviet Jewish women is included, as well as a confidential memo to Glenn Richter of SSSJ concerning a planned protest in Moscow on June 1, 1978. Press releases from SSSJ concerning the actions of Soviet Jewish women refuseniks are included. Box 63, Folders 2-12, holds documentation regarding the APPEAL's participation in CJF quarterly Board meetings regarding planning for the above-mentioned committees and task forces as well Trustee meetings from 1987 and 1989.

In 1990, the National Funding Council (NFC), an UJC-sponsored council similar in structure to the LCBC, began reviewing and certifying the APPEAL's budgetary process. Box 63, Folders 1 and 2 contains NAJSA budgets, Constituent Reviews, planning and preparation documents regarding the NFC

6125Budget Digest Drafts and Correspondence1974-1980request_box
6126 College Youth and Faculty Programs Committee 1975-1976request_box
6127 College Youth and Faculty Programs Committee 1979-1980, 1982, 1988request_box
6128General Files and Correspondence1971-1972request_box
6129General Files and Correspondence1973request_box
6130General Files and Correspondence1974request_box
621General Files and Correspondence1975request_box
622General Files and Correspondence1976request_box
623General Files and Correspondence1977-1978request_box
624General Files and Correspondence1980-1981request_box
625General Files and Correspondence1982-1983request_box
626General Files and Correspondence1984-1985request_box
627General Files and Correspondence1986request_box
628General Files and Correspondence1987-1989request_box
629General Files and Correspondence1990-1995request_box
6210Leadership Development Committee Workshop Materials "Leadership and the Decision-Making Process: A Core Study Approach"[1976]request_box
631National Funding Council (NFC) Budget and Constituent Reviewsundated, 1990-1993 request_box
63 2National Funding Council (NFC) Planning and Preparation 1993-1995request_box
633Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting 1976request_box
634Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting1977request_box
635Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting1978-1979request_box
636Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting1983request_box
637Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting and Trustee Meeting1987request_box
638Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting1988request_box
639Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting and Trustee Meeting1989request_box
6310Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting1990request_box
6311Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting1991-1992request_box
6312Quarterly Board/Committee Planning Meeting1993request_box
6313Task Force on Services to Jewish University Students1991-1993request_box
641Task Force on Services to Jewish University Students1993request_box
642Task Force on Services to Jewish University Students1993-1994request_box
643Women's Committee on Russian Women1978-1979request_box

Subseries 2: General Assembly (GA), 1972-1994

Box 64 (Folders 4-11) - Box 66 (Folders 1-5).

The Subseries is arranged in chronological order.

Scope and Content:

The documents of the General Assembly subseries represent the NAJSA's participation in the annually held event of the CJF. The subseries primarily contains materials regarding the conferences such as agendas, programs, speeches, schedules, and travel and hotel arrangements. Although these types of documents are the predominant materials, correspondence and memos concerning the General Assembly meetings (throughout the specified year) are included, along with some handwritten notes of meetings attended. Photographs of the APPEAL's participation in the 1987 General Assembly may be found in Series IX: Photographs, Box 112, Folder 16.

644Conference Materials (41st Annual, Toronto, Canada, November 8-12) 1972request_box
645Arrangements and Conference Materials (42nd Annual, New Orleans, LA, November 8-11)1973request_box
646Committee on College Youth and Faculty Programs Speeches and Correspondence (43rd Annual, Chicago, IL, November 12-17)1974request_box
647Correspondence, Conference Materials, Arrangements and Itineraries (44th Annual, Miami, FL, November 19-23) (1 of 2)1975 request_box
648Committee and Conference Planning Drafts (2 of 2)1975request_box
649Correspondence, Conference Materials and Itineraries (45th Annual, Philadelphia, PA, November 9-14) 1976request_box
6410 Correspondence and Conference Materials (46th Annual, Dallas, TX, November 9-13)1977request_box
6411Correspondence and Conference Materials (48th Annual, San Francisco, CA, November 8-12, 1979) 1978-1979request_box
651 Correspondence and Memos (49th Annual, Detroit, MI, November 12-16, 1980)1979-1980request_box
652Accommodation Arrangements and Brochure (50th Annual, St. Louis, MO, November 10-15)1981request_box
653Conference Materials, Student Handbook, Schedule, Ephemera and Alphabetical Listing of Presidents and Executive Directors (51st Annual, Los Angeles, CA, November 10-15)[1982]request_box
654Conference Materials and Correspondence (52nd Annual, Atlanta, GA, November 15-20)1983request_box
655College Services Committee and General Assembly Conference Materials (Washington, DC, May 1984 and 53rd Annual, Toronto, CA, November 12-16)1984request_box
656Conference Materials (54th Annual, Washington, DC, November 12-17)1985 request_box
657Arrangements and Federation Listings (55rd Annual, Chicago, IL, November 12-16)1986request_box
658Conference Materials, Memos and Arrangements (56th Annual, Miami, FL, November 18-22)1987request_box
659Conference Materials, Correspondence, Memos and Arrangements (57th Annual, New Orleans, LA, November 16-19)1988request_box
6510Conference Materials, Correspondence, Memos, Arrangements and Evaluations (58th Annual, Cincinnati, OH, November 14-19)1989request_box
6511Conference Materials, Evaluations, Arrangements and Notes (59th Annual, San Francisco, CA, November 13-18)1990request_box
661Correspondence and Memos (59th Annual, San Francisco, CA, November 13-18)1990 request_box
66 2Conference Materials, Correspondence and Memos (60th Annual, Baltimore, MD, November 19-24)1991request_box
663Conference Materials, Correspondence and Memos (61st Annual, New York, NY, November 10-15)1992request_box
664Conference Materials, Correspondence, Memos, Arrangements and Notes (62nd Annual, Montreal, CA, November 16-21)1993request_box
665Conference Materials, Correspondence and Memos (63rd Annual, Denver, CO, November 15-21)1994request_box

Subseries 3: Large City Budgeting Conference (LCBC), undated, 1971-1995

Box 66 (Folders 6-11) - Box 70 (Folders 1-4).

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

The Large City Budgeting Council subseries represents the NAJSA's formulation of budgets, budgeting guidelines, and the budgeting process as presented and approved by the LCBC at the General Assembly. The bulk of the materials in this subseries consist of financial documentation, budget formulation, correspondence, memos and meeting agendas (Box 66, Folder 9-11 to Box 69, Folders 1-4). NAJSA Budget Digests prepared by the LCBC for distribution to Federations may be found in Box 69, Folder 5 for the years 1975-1995. Box 69, Folder 7 contains an LCBC committee review of the APPEAL to determine the justification of a budgetary increase for the APPEAL. Other items of interest include the APPEAL's 'descriptive narratives,' primarily an overview of the activities, history and needs of the APPEAL and their constituents presented to the LCBC (Box 70, Folder 1) each year as part of the budget process. In 1993, the LCBC was abolished and restructured under the National Funding Council (NFC). See Box 63, Folders 1 and 2 for information regarding the APPEAL's attempt to obtain funding status from the NFC. The attempt failed and ultimately was one of the contributing factors of the dismantling of the APPEAL as Federation allocation funds shrank overall.

666APPEAL Audits1970s, 1980srequest_box
667Audit Guidelines 1971, 1976request_box
668 Beneficiary Agenciesundated, 1989request_box
669Budget Certification Process1975-1976request_box
6610Budget Certification Process (1of 2)1976-1977request_box
6611Budget Certification Process (2 of 2)1976-1977request_box
671Budget Certification Process1977-1978request_box
672Budget Certification Process1978-1979request_box
673Budget Certification Process1979-1980request_box
674Budget Certification Process1980-1981request_box
675Budget Certification Process1981-1982request_box
676Budget Certification Process1983-1984request_box
681Budget Certification Process1984-1985request_box
682Budget Certification Process1985-1986request_box
683Budget Certification Process1986-1987request_box
684Budget Certification Process (1 of 2)1987-1988request_box
685Budget Certification Process (2 of 2)1987-1988request_box
686Budget Certification Process1989-1990request_box
691Budget Certification Process1990-1991request_box
692Budget Certification Process1991-1992request_box
693Budget Certification Process (1 of 2)1992-1993request_box
694Budget Certification Process (2 of 2)1992-1993request_box
695Budget Digests 1975-1992request_box
696 Budget Review Series-Other Agencies1976-1977request_box
697Committee Review of the NAJSA1981-1983 request_box
70 1Descriptive Narratives1977-1995request_box
702"Fair Share" Allocation Hearings Worksheets1977-1980request_box
703Joint Cultural Appeal LCBC Budgets1972-1974, 1976-1977request_box
704Minutes of the LCBC and Conference Description1970s, 1980srequest_box

Subseries 4: United Jewish Appeal (UJA), 1971-1980, 1988, 1990-1994

Box 70 (Folders 5-11) - Box 71 (Folders 1-6).

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

The UJA, as part of the Federation distribution process, appears in this series. Primarily the subseries consists of correspondence regarding the NAJSA and the Young Leadership Cabinet (YLC) of the UJA, including some early letters between YLC members and NAJSA trustees in the pursuit of acquiring Federation recognition and funding (Box 70, Folder 10). The Young Leadership Cabinet, along with B'nai B'rith Hillel, held some responsibility in formulating a somewhat united front on matters of the Jewish community response to college age youth and campus programming. As a slightly more radical and somewhat more flexible organization, the NAJSA conflicted with or over lapped on, campus programming concerns between the UJA and Hillel. This conflict brought some tension between the NAJSA and the YLC, which is reflected in correspondence from 1976 (Box 70, Folder 6 and 5). Correspondence between Ms. Dessel and UJA Executive Vice Chairman Irving Bernstein, includes a lively letter exchange regarding an article written by Dessel, Michael Pelavin and Steven Schwartz regarding their view of the UJA, among other correspondence between Dessel and Bernstein. Additional Hillel materials can be found in Series II: Subseries 1, Organizational Records, Box 21, Folders 3-11 and Box 22, Folders 1-3.

705Brochures and Conference Programs1975, [1990-1994]request_box
706Correspondence1972, 1974-1975request_box
707Correspondence 1976-1980, 1988request_box
708Correspondence and Memos 1990-1994request_box
709 Student Advisory Board Member Lists and Memo 1977-1978request_box
7010 United Jewish Students Appeal Correspondence 1971-1973request_box
7011 University Programs Campaign Manual1993request_box
711Young Leadership Cabinet Correspondence 1971-1972request_box
712Young Leadership Cabinet Correspondence 1973-1974request_box
713Young Leadership Cabinet Correspondence 1974-1978, 1980, 1991request_box
714Young Leadership Cabinet Directories 1971-1973request_box
715Young Leadership Cabinet Directories 1974-1975request_box
716Young Leadership Cabinet Graduate Mailing 1978request_box

Subseries 5: United States Cities and Canada, undated, 1971-1995

Box 71 (Folders 7-11) - Box 94 (Folders 1-8).

Original folders within this subseries filed materials from the Federations individually by community. For the purpose of archiving the collection, communities were combined into folders for long-term storage. If more than two communities appear within a given folder, a hyphen separates each initial community. If only two cities appear within folders, the word 'and' is used. For example, Bergen County, NJ - Boise, ID indicates that one or more cities or towns are alphabetically located between Bergen and Boise within that folder. Ann Arbor, MI and Asheville, NC, denotes that only these cities are included within the folder. In cases where more than two communities appear as the folder title, the locations are written on the front of the folder. Box 71, Folders 7-9, containing Federation documentation and memos, are arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

The final piece of the Federation puzzle structure lays in the relationship between the NAJSA and the Federations located in communities based upon population size (classified as large, intermediate, and small) and the Canadian local Federation system (primarily Montreal and Toronto). Subseries 5 documents the working relationship between the Federations, and the NAJSA (and its Trustees) in making, maintaining and keeping lines of communication open between the APPEAL and the Federations. In addition, the process of funds allocation from the Federations to the APPEAL is contained within this subseries. (See also Series II, Subseries 2: Financial Records for compiled lists of funds allocated from each of the Federations to the APPEAL by year.)

The files within this subseries generally follow the same pattern. A ledger sheet is present for each city or town recording the Federation's annual allocation and when it was received. The remainder of the materials within the files contain correspondence, memos, solicitation materials, APPEAL narratives, check stubs and Federation information. Letters to NAJSA Trustees asking for help in appealing to their local Federation are also included within the files.

717Guidelines and Due Dates1994request_box
718Form Letter Samples undatedrequest_box
719Memos1975-1976, 1979-1981request_box
7110Akron, OH and Albany, NY 1971-1995request_box
7111 Albuquerque, NM and Alexandria, LA1971-1995request_box
721Allentown and Altoona, PA1971-1995 request_box
72 2Ann Arbor, MI and Asheville, NC1971-1995request_box
723Atlanta, GA1971-1990request_box
724Atlanta, GA1991-1995request_box
725Atlantic County, NJ 1972-1995request_box
726 Augusta, GA - Avenel, NJ 1972-1995request_box
731Baltimore, MD1971-1995request_box
732Bangor, ME - Belleville, IL1972-1985request_box
733Bangor, ME - Belleville, IL1986-1995request_box
734Bergen County, NJ - Boise, ID1971-1979request_box
735Bergen County, NJ - Boise, ID1980-1987request_box
736Bergen County, NJ - Boise, ID1988-1995request_box
741Boston, MA1971 - 1982request_box
742Boston, MA1983 - 1995request_box
743Brevard County, FL - Bridgewater (Somerset County), NJ1972-1995request_box
744Brockton, MA - Butler, PA 1971-1980request_box
745 Brockton, MA - Butler, PA 1981-1995request_box
746Canadian Federations1976-1977, 1989-1991, 1994request_box
747Canton, OH - Cedar Rapids, IA1972-1995request_box
751Central Florida - Champaign-Urbana, IL1986-1995request_box
752Central Florida - Champaign-Urbana, IL1986-1995request_box
753Chapel Hill, NC - Charleston, WV1972-1995request_box
754Charlotte, NC - Cherry Hill (Camden County), NJ1972-1981request_box
755Charlotte, NC - Cherry Hill (Camden County), NJ1982-1995request_box
756Chicago, IL1972-1978request_box
757Chicago, IL1980-1995request_box
758Cincinnati, OH and Clearwater, FL1971-1979request_box
761Cincinnati, OH and Clearwater, FL1980-1995request_box
762Cleveland, OH1971-1977request_box
763Cleveland, OH1978-1985request_box
764Cleveland, OH1986-1990request_box
765Cleveland, OH1991-1995request_box
766Clifton-Passaic, NJ - Columbus, GA1971-1995request_box
771Columbus, OH1971-1985request_box
772Columbus, OH1986-1995request_box
773Corpus Christi, TX - Cumberland County, NJ1972-1995request_box
774Dallas, TX1971-1979request_box
775Dallas, TX1980-1987request_box
776Dallas, TX1988-1995request_box
777Danbury, CT and Davenport, IA1972-1995 request_box
77 8Dayton, OH and Deal Park, NJ1971-1995request_box
781Decatur, IL and Delaware (Wilmington, DE)1972-1995request_box
782Denver, CO1971-1995request_box
783Des Moines, IA1971-1995request_box
784Detroit, MI1971-1984request_box
785Detroit, MI1985-1995request_box
786Duluth, MN and Dutchess County (Poughkeepsie), NY1972-1995request_box
787East St. Louis (Southern Illinois), IL - Elgin, IL1972-1995request_box
791Elmira, NY and El Paso, TX 1971-1995request_box
792 Englewood, NJ and Erie, PA 1971-1995request_box
793Essexville (Bay City) MI - Fall River, MA 1972-1995request_box
794Flint, MI1972-1995request_box
795Fitchburg, MA and Florence, AL1977-1987request_box
796Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1972-1995request_box
797 Fort Wayne, IN1972-1995 request_box
79 8Fort Worth, TX1972-1994request_box
801Framingham, MA and Galveston, TX1972-1995request_box
80 2Garden Grove (Orange County), CA - Glens Falls, NY1972-1987 request_box
803Grand Rapids, MI and Green Bay, WI1972-1995request_box
804Greensboro, TN and Greenwich, CT1972-1995request_box
805Harrisburg, PA 1971-1994request_box
806 Hartford, CT1971-1988 request_box
80 7Hartford, CT 1988-1995request_box
808 Haverhill, MA - Highland (Northwest Indiana), IN 1974-1995request_box
811 Hollywood (South Broward), FL - Honolulu, HI 1971-1983request_box
812 Hollywood (South Broward), FL - Honolulu, HI 1984-1995request_box
813 Houston, TX1971-1982 request_box
81 4Houston, TX 1983-1995request_box
815 Hudson, NY and Huntington, WV 1972-1987request_box
816Indianapolis, IN1971-1994request_box
817Jackson, MS and Jacksonville, FL1972-1995request_box
818Jersey City, NJ - Joliet, IL1971-1995request_box
821Kalamazoo, MI and Kansas City, KS1971-1995request_box
822Kenosha, WI - Knoxville, TN1972-1995request_box
823Lafayette, IN and Lakewood, NJ1972-1995request_box
824Lancaster, PA - Las Vegas, NV1971-1995request_box
825Lawrence, MA - Leominster, MA1972-1995request_box
826Levittown, PA - Lexington, KY1972-1995request_box
827Lima, OH - Little Rock, AR 1972-1995request_box
828 Long Beach, CA1971-1995 request_box
83 1Los Angeles, CA1971-1975request_box
832Los Angeles, CA 1976-1979request_box
833 Los Angeles, CA1980-1985 request_box
83 4Los Angeles, CA1986-1986request_box
835Los Angeles, CA 1990-1995request_box
836 Louisville, KY1971-1995 request_box
84 1Madison, WI - Marblehead, MA1971-1995request_box
842Memphis, TN - Merrimack Valley, MA1971-1995request_box
843Metro West, NJ 1971-1979request_box
844 Metro West, NJ1980-1987 request_box
84 5Metro West, NJ1988-1995request_box
846Miami, FL1971-1984request_box
847Miami, FL1985-1995request_box
851Michigan City, IN - Middlesex (Edison) County, NJ1972-1995request_box
852Milwaukee, WI1971-1984request_box
853Milwaukee, WI1985-1995request_box
854Minneapolis, MN 1970-1995request_box
855 Mobile, AL and Monmouth (Deal) County, NJ1971-1995request_box
856Monroe, LA - Muncie, IN1972-1995 request_box
85 7Nashville, TN 1971-1995request_box
861 New Bedford (North Dartmouth), MA - New Castle, PA 1971-1987request_box
862 New Haven, CT and New London, CT1971-1995request_box
863New Orleans, LA1971-1994request_box
864New York, NY1975-1994request_box
865Newburgh, NY and Newport News, VA1971-1995 request_box
86 6Niagara Falls, NY - Norristown, PA1972-1995request_box
867North Dartmouth, MA and North Jersey (Wayne), NJ1981-1995request_box
868Northwestern NY and Norwalk, CT1971-1995request_box
871Oakland, CA1971-1995request_box
872Oklahoma City, OK1971-1995request_box
873Omaha, NE1971-1995request_box
Orange County (See Garden Grove, CA)request_box
87 4Orlando, FL and Ormond Beach (Volusia and Flagler Counties), FL 1976-1995request_box
875Palm Beach, FL and Palm Springs, CA 1975-1995request_box
876Passaic, NJ - Perth Amboy, NJ1972-1995 request_box
87 7Philadelphia, PA1971-1980request_box
881Philadelphia, PA 1981-1987request_box
882 Philadelphia, PA1988-1995 request_box
88 3Phoenix, AZ 1971-1995request_box
884 Pinellas (Clearwater) County, FL and Pittsburgh, PA 1971-1982request_box
885 Pinellas (Clearwater) County, FL and Pittsburgh, PA 1983-1995request_box
886 Pittsfield (Berkshires), MA and Port Chester, NY 1972-1995request_box
891 Portland, ME1972-1995 request_box
89 2Portland, OR 1971-1995request_box
893 Portsmouth, VA - Princeton, NJ 1972-1987, 1992-1995request_box
894Providence, RI1971-1985request_box
895Providence, RI 1986-1995request_box
896 Quad Cities (Rock Island), IL 1972-1982request_box
897Racine, WI - Reading, PA1971-1995 request_box
89 8Richmond, VA 1971-1995request_box
901 Roanoke, VA and Rochester, NY 1971-1980request_box
902Roanoke, VA and Rochester, NY1981-1995 request_box
90 3Rockford, IL and Rockland City, NY1972-1995request_box
904Sacramento, CA and Saginaw, MI1972-1995request_box
905Saint Joseph, MO and Saint Louis, MO1971-1979request_box
906Saint Joseph, MO and Saint Louis, MO1980-1995request_box
907Saint Paul, MN and St. Petersburg, FL1971-1995request_box
911Salt Lake City, UT and San Antonio, TX1971-1995request_box
912San Bernardino, CA and San Diego, CA1971-1995request_box
913San Francisco, CA 1971-1979request_box
914 San Francisco, CA1980-1986 request_box
91 5San Francisco, CA1987-1995request_box
916San Jose, CA and Santa Barbara, CA1971-1995request_box
917Sarasota, Fl and Savannah, GA1971-1995request_box
921Scranton, PA1971-1995request_box
922Seattle, WA - Sharon, PA1971-1995 request_box
92 3Sheboygan, WI and Shreveport, LA1972-1995request_box
924Sioux City, IA and Sioux Fall, SD1971-1995request_box
925Somerset County, NJ and South Bend, IN1972-1995request_box
926Spokane, WA1975-1987request_box
927Springfield, IL and Springfield, MA 1971-1995request_box
928Stamford, CA1971-1995request_box
929Steubenville, OH and Stockton, CA1972-1995request_box
931Syracuse, NY1971-1995request_box
932Tampa, FL and Tidewater (Norfolk), VA 1972-1995request_box
933Toledo, OH and Topeka, KS1971-1994 request_box
93 4Trenton, NJ and Tucson, AZ1971-1995request_box
935Tulsa, OK and Tyler, TX 1971-1995request_box
936 Ventura, CA - Vineland, NJ 1972-1987request_box
937Uniontown, PA and Utica, NY1971-1995 request_box
93 8Waco, TX - Warren, OH1972-1995request_box
939Washington, DC 1971-1979request_box
941 Washington, DC1980-1989 request_box
94 2Washington, DC1990-1995request_box
943Waterbury, CT - Wayne, NJ 1971-1995request_box
945 West Palm Beach, FL and Westport, CT1975-1995request_box
946Wheeling, WV and Wichita, KS1972-1994 request_box
94 7Wilkes-Barre, PA - Worchester, MA1971-1995request_box
948York, PA and Youngstown, OH1972-1995request_box
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Series VI: Fundraising, undated, 1972-[1996]

Box 95-98.

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains grant applications, fundraising materials and foundation resource documents. Overall, the subseries documents the NAJSA's contact with foundation and grant entities on behalf of itself and Constituents. Depending on the need of each Constituent as well as new programs that the APPEAL wanted to initiate (or for extra funding impact over a given time frame), the APPEAL applied to Jewish-oriented family and corporate foundations for funds or matching grants. For instance, the APPEAL applied to the Avi Chai Foundation and the Mazer Foundation to extend its beneficiary grants program. The Mazer Foundation was applied to for an extension of the Beneficiary Grants program with a specific aim - the Tikkun (or Tikun) Olam (Repairing the World) Fund. The fund's aim was to give start-up grants to student groups for the purpose of initiating social action projects such as soup kitchens, AIDS prevention programs, peace initiatives, etc. (See Box 97, Folders 46 and Box 98, Folder 5 for more information.) Other grants were used specifically for Constituent purposes, such as a Gimprinch Family grant to fund an SSSJ fieldworker (Box 96, Folders 5-6) and the Fruchtbaum Foundation Grant to support YUGNTRUF (Box 95, Folder 13).

Documentation includes completed applications, correspondence, memos and faxes. There are also folders dedicated to issues of fundraising including articles, resources, and bingo license inquiries, plus information on foundation resources and draft solicitation correspondence.

95 1Atran Foundation Grant Proposal and Correspondenceundated, 1992request_box
952Avi Chai Foundation Correspondence and Grant Proposal1991-1992request_box
953Avi Chai Foundation Correspondence and Grant Proposal1993-1994request_box
954B'nai B'rith/Hillel Foundation-JACY Grant Proposal and Intern Payment Correspondence1990, 1994request_box
955Braman (Norman) Foundation Holocaust-Related Education on Campus Grant Proposal1994request_box
956California Foundations Grant Request CorrespondenceJuly-August 1978 request_box
957Cummings (Nathan) Foundation Correspondence and Grant Proposalundated, 1991-1992request_box
958Foundation and Funding Sources Correspondence, Misc.December 13, 1973, 1984-1991request_box
959Foundation Information and National Fund for Jewish Students Draft Proposal 1972-1973, [1974-1975]request_box
9510 Foundation Rejection Correspondence1972-1973request_box
9511 Foundation Resources Data Cardsundatedrequest_box
9512 Foundations Information and Draft Letters of Appeal 1972request_box
9513 Fruchtbaum (Mayer and Tzippe) Foundation for Jewish Culture/Leah F. Cantor Foundation Grant Application 1984request_box
9514Fund for Jewish Education (UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of N.Y) Grant Applications1980, 1985request_box
9515Fund for Jewish Education (UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of N.Y) Grant Applications 1992-1994request_box
961 Fundraising - Articles, Resources, and Samples undated, 1975-1979request_box
962Fundraising - Bingo License Inquiry1979request_box
963Fundraising - Correspondence and Notesundated, 1975-1979request_box
964Fundraising - Tzedekah Collectives Correspondenceundated, 1975-1987 request_box
965Gimprinch Family Foundation Correspondence1977-1978request_box
966Gimprinch Family Foundation Correspondence1979-1981request_box
967Gimprinch Family Foundation APPEAL Online Grant Proposal1994 request_box
96 8Government Grant Information Request to Senator J. Javits and Representatives Abzug and Buckley of New York Correspondence1974