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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Stone, Dewey D. (1900-1977)
Title: Dewey D. Stone papers
Dates:undated, 1916-1984 (bulk 1941-1982)
Abstract: Contains papers and photos including correspondence and other materials relating to work as Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Palestine (and Israel), as National Chairman of the United Jewish Appeal, as a leading campaigner for Israel Bonds, and as co-founder of and Chairman of the Board of the Weizmann Institute of Science; 2 texts of radio broadcasts made in 1948 informing America about the Israeli war for independence and the new Israeli republic; a list of military equipment supplied by Mr. Stone to Israel in 1948; letters and biographical material relating both to pressure applied by Mr. Stone and others on Pres. Truman to recognize and support the new Jewish state and to Mr. Stone's financial support of Truman's campaign and the Democratic Party in 1948; materials on associations with Boston University (including the dedication of the Dewey D. and Harry K. Stone Science Building), and the Truman Library; tributes and awards; biographical material; memorials; miscellaneous speeches, presentations, and essays; miscellaneous press clippings; and various photographs. Among the correspondents are: Chaim Weizmann, Vera Weizmann, Abba Eban, David Ben Gurion, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, the Rothschilds, Hubert Humphrey, Adlai E. Stevenson II, Teddy Kollek, Golda Meir, Richard Cardinal Cushing, Jacob Fine, Henry Ford II, Solomon Goldman, John M. McCormack, Meyer Weisgal, and Stephen S. Wise.
This collection also contains a number of items relating to Dr. Chaim Weizmann's career as a statesman and as the first President of the State of Israel. Also consists of Ann Stone's personal correspondence including letters for medical assistance with Lord Marcus J. Sieff of London.
Languages: The collection is in English, French, German, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
Quantity: 2.75 linear feet (5 manuscript boxes, 1 half manuscript box, 1 OS1 folder, 1 OS2 folder)
Identification: P-529 and P-529A
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located at AJHS, Newton Centre, MA.
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Biographical Note

Dewey David Stone (DDS) was born in Brockton, Massachusetts on August 31st, 1900. He served as a Sergeant Major in World War I, graduated from Boston University in 1920 and married Anne Abrams, also of Brockton, in 1923.

He played a role in U.S. politics, providing funds which aided Harry Truman in securing the 1944 Vice Presidential nomination and raising money for Truman's 1948 presidential campaign. DDS also assisted John F. Kennedy in his 1952 senatorial campaign by providing him the opportunity to address Massachusetts Jewish leaders. (Kennedy had had difficulty procuring invitations from Jewish organizations, due to his father's previous endorsement of Adolf Hitler.) DDS also served as an advisor to Kennedy during his presidential campaign.

DDS was a leading figure in the American Zionist movement. He was one of the founding members of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science; this Committee raised funds for the development and expansion of the Daniel Sieff Research Institute, receiving funds from individual donors and from the Zionist Organization of America, B'nai B'rith, Hadassah, the Canadian Zionist Organization, and the United Palestine Appeal of Canada. DDS served as Chairman of the Committee's board from its inception in 1944 until 1971. He also served as Chair of the Weizmann Institute's Board of Governors.

In 1946, DDS headed the U.S. operation to acquire boats to bring survivors of the Holocaust into Palestine and during the 1947-1948 United Nations debates, he played a major role in securing votes for the UN Partition Resolution. After the Resolution was passed, he helped Dr. Chaim Weizmann secure President Truman's recognition of Israel.

DDS was active in many Jewish organizations, serving as National Chair of the United Jewish Appeal from 1955 to 1963, of the United Israel Appeal from 1960 to 1968, and of the Jewish Agency from 1960 to 1968. He received many awards and honors, several of which are highlighted in the following chronology. He died in 1977.

Chronology of the Life of Dewey David Stone

1900DDS born
1920Graduates Boston University College of Business Administration
1923Marries Anne Abrams
1944American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science founded.
1948Boston University science building named in honor of DDS and his brother Harry
1949Formal dedication of the Weizmann Institute
1950Receives honorary degree from Boston University
1952Certificate of merit award from Jewish War Veterans
1958Honorary degree from Stonehill College
1960Receives honorary fellowship from Weizmann Institute
1966New administration building of Weizmann Institute dedicated as "Anne and Dewey D. Stone Administration Building"
1969Named associate founder of Boston University
1970School in Kiryat Hayovel, Israel named in honor of DDS, in honor of his 70th birthday.
1977Death of DDS
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Scope and Content Note

This collection documents the life of Dewey Stone (DDS). His involvement with the State of Israel and with Chaim Weizmann and the Weizmann Institute is heavily documented, as are his many philanthropic activities and his connection with a great many notable public figures and politicians. A small amount of correspondence received by DDS's wife Anne is included in the collection. The collection is organized into seven series, as follows: Correspondence, Weizmann Institute, Philanthropy, Israel, Personal, Anne Stone, and Photographs. Some material in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish is included.

The addendum contains additional information pertaining to Dewey D. Stone's activities, including his involvement with the Jewish Agency for Israel, the Zionist Congress, the Weizmann Institute, and United Jewish Appeal. There is also a speech given by Stone's nephew, Theodore Teplow, at the Dewey David Stone School in Jerusalem, and various medals, awards, and photographs. The addendum also includes various news clippings and articles about Stone and his relationship with Israel.

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The collection has been arranged into seven series as follows:

The addendum is arranged into five series as follows:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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The collection was donated to AJHS by Anne Stone in 1985, with additional material donated by the estate of Anne Stone in 1991.

Addendum materials were donated by Theodore H. Teplow in September 1997.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Part 1, Series I: Correspondence, undated, 1941-1978 , (bulk 1952-1975)

The series is in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and German.
Box 1 (Folders 1-34).

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of DDS's correspondence with various notable individuals. The John F. Kennedy material includes invitations and tickets to Kennedy's Inauguration and Inaugural Gala, as well as a program for the Inauguration. Much of the correspondence concerns DDS's involvement with the Weizmann Institute. Also included are get well letters he received in 1962, after suffering a mild heart attack. (Some letters to his wife Anne are also included here.)

1 1 Boston Public Library 1953-1954 request_box
1 2-3 Get Well Letters 1962 request_box
1 4 Harry Truman Library 1953-1954 request_box
1 5 Individual Correspondence/Konrad Adenauer 1960 request_box
1 6 Individual Correspondence/David Ben Gurion 1956, 1961, 1964 request_box
1 7 Individual Correspondence/Abba Eban 1952-1975 request_box
1 8 Individual Correspondence/Jacob Fine 1971 request_box
1 9 Individual Correspondence/Henry Ford II 1950 request_box
1 10 Individual Correspondence/Solomon Goldman 1941 request_box
1 11 Individual Correspondence/Hubert H. Humphrey 1966, 1970 request_box
1 12 Individual Correspondence/Lyndon Johnson 1969, 1972 request_box
1 13 Individual Correspondence/Edward M. Kennedy 1967-1975 request_box
1 14 Individual Correspondence/John F. Kennedy 1954-1963 request_box
1 15 Individual Correspondence/Theodore Kollek 1957-1970 request_box
1 16 Individual Correspondence/John W. McCormack undated, 1976 request_box
1 17 Individual Correspondence/Golda Meir 1971, 1978 request_box
1 18 Individual Correspondence/Edmund S. Muskie 1964 request_box
1 19 Individual Correspondence/Richard M. Nixon 1959, 1969 request_box
1 20 Individual Correspondence/Roosevelt, Eleanor 1956 request_box
1 21 Individual Correspondence/Lord Rothschild 1960, 1965, 1968 request_box
1 22 Individual Correspondence/Albert B. Sabin 1970-1972 request_box
1 23 Individual Correspondence/Marcus J. Sieff 1956-1975 request_box
1 24 Individual Correspondence/Adlai E. Stevenson 1952, 1959, 1963 request_box
1 25 Individual Correspondence/Harry S. Truman 1959, 1964 request_box
1 26 Individual Correspondence/Meyer Weisgal 1953-1975 request_box
1 27 Individual Correspondence/Chaim Weizmann 1947-1962 request_box
1 28 Individual Correspondence/Vera Weizmann 1942-1962 request_box
1 29 Individual Correspondence/Stephen Wise 1940-1948 request_box
1 30 Kennedy Library 1964-1965 request_box
1 31 Personal 1958-1975 request_box
1 32 Stone Papers in the Zionist Archive 1972 request_box
1 33 Six Day War 1967 request_box
1 34 U.S. Affairs 1951 request_box
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Part 1, Series II: Weizmann Institute, undated, 1918-1984 , (bulk 1941-1982)

The series is in English and French.
Box 1, Folder 35 -- Box 2, Folder 7.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series documents DDS's involvement with the Weizmann Institute. The Institute developed from the Daniel Sieff Research Institute, which was founded in 1934. In 1944, the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science was founded, with the goal of expanding the Sieff Institute into a leading research center.1 In 1946, the cornerstone was laid for the Institute's first building, and in 1949, the Institute was formally dedicated as the Weizmann Institute of Science. DDS was the first Chair of the Board of Governors of the Institute and of the Board of Directors of the American Committee: he served in these positions until 1971. Background material on the Institute can be found in the Informational Booklets folder and in the Special Events folders, which include a program for Founders' Dinner held by the American Committee in 1945, as well as programs for later Weizmann Annual Dinners. Also included are the 1967 By-Laws of the Institute's American Committee. Memorial material for Chaim Weizmann can also be found here, while additional correspondence with Weizmann can be found in Series I.

1 "50 Years of Scientific Research Excellence at the Weizmann Institute of Science: A Photographic Retrospective," 1984, P-529, Dewey D. Stone Collection, American Jewish Historical Society.

1 35 American Committee/By-Laws 1967 request_box
1 36 Chairman of the Board/Retirement 1971 request_box
1 37 Correspondence (1 of 3) 1941-1982 request_box
21Correspondence (2 of 3)1941-1982request_box
22Correspondence (3 of 3)1941-1982request_box
23Informational Bookletsundated, 1964-1984request_box
24Reports, Minutes1959-1973request_box
25Special Events (1 of 2)1949-1972request_box
26Special Events (2 of 2)1949-1972request_box
27Chaim Weizmann: Addresses, Correspondence, Clippings, Tributes1918-1978request_box
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Part 1, Series III: Philanthropy, undated, 1946-1983 , (bulk 1948-1974)

This series is in English.
Box 3, Folders 1-5.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series concerns DDS's charitable and philanthropic activities. Of particular note is the list of military equipment sent to Israel in 1948 with DDS's assistance. Also included here is material on the Stone Charitable Foundation, which made contributions to a wide variety of organizations, ranging from Noemi Aid for Jewish Children to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. An anniversary book for the Zionist House of Boston is also located here. DDS was one of the founders of this organization, which aided people in Israel and also offered assistance to Israeli students in Massachusetts, by establishing an Israel Student Service program, to provide medical, educational, and cultural aid to students and their families. This series also includes material on the contributions DDS and his brother Harry made to Boston University, and on the Stone Administration Building at the Weizmann Institute. (Some related photographs can be found in the Photograph series.)

31Aid to Israel: Aid to Israel Bill1951request_box
32Aid to Israel: Athletics1951, 1960, 1969request_box
33Aid to Israel: including List of Military Equipment Sent to Israel with Help of DDS1948request_box
34Aid to Israel: Israel's Indebtedness after 1948 War1953request_box
35Cardinal Cushing General Hospital1965, 1974request_box
36DDS and Harry K. Stone: Boston University Science Building1948request_box
37DDS and Harry K. Stone Made Associate Founders of Boston University1968request_box
38Inauguration of DDS Public School1970request_box
39Israel Bonds1951-1952request_box
310Jewish Agency for Palestine/Jewish Agency for Israelundated, 1946-1961request_box
311Stone Administration Building1965-1966request_box
312Stone Charitable Foundation1973-1983request_box
31310th Anniversary of Founding of Zionist House1956request_box
314United Jewish Appeal1948-1961, 1974request_box
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Part 1, Series IV: Israel, undated, 1945-1977 , (bulk 1948-1976)

This series is in English.
Box 3, Folder 15 -- Box 4, Folder 3.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

Material documenting DDS's support of the State of Israel can be found here. Included here is material on President Truman's decision to support the State of Israel in 1948, and DDS's role in that decision. Several speeches and essays are located here, including an essay titled "As I remember Chaim Weizmann." Also of note is a transcript of a 1948 interview of DDS, entitled "Israel is Reborn" and conducted by a Brockton High School senior.

315DDS and President Truman: Applying Pressure to Recognize and Support the State of Israelundated, 1949-1977request_box
316Israeli Affairs1951, 1954, 1963request_box
317Press Clippings and Coinundated, 1945-1967request_box
41Radiobroadcasts: Informing American Public about 1948 Israeli War for Independence and New Israeli Republic1948request_box
42Speeches, Presentations, and Essays1949-1976request_box
43Zionist Activities1948-1970request_box
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Part 1, Series V: Personal, 1916-1982 , (bulk 1970-1978)

This series is in English.
Box 4, Folder 4 -- Box 5, Folder 1 and 1 Oversized Folder.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series contains personal material related to DDS's life. Included here are letters written to Anne Stone following DDS's death, as well as material on memorials and other tributes. Information on the joint tribute to DDS and Harry Levine on the occasion of their 70th and 75th birthdays can also be found here. Of particular note is the memorial edition of the program for President Kennedy's inauguration. Other materials of note include the June 1916 issue of Brockton High School's newsletter, Brocktonia. (This issue commemorates the class of 1916, of which DDS was the treasurer.) The newsletter can be found in the Biographical Materials folder.

44Biographical Material1916-1975request_box
45Death of DDS1977request_box
46Jerusalem (poem) 1939request_box
47Memorials and Tributes 1978request_box
48Official Inaugural Program: John F. Kennedy Memorial Edition1963request_box
49-1070th Birthday Tribute1970, 1980request_box
51Tributes and Awards1949-1982request_box
OS11Newspaper Article about Stone/Brockton Enterprise/Brocton MA (Oversized)1948request_box
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Part 1, Series VI: Anne Stone, undated, 1947-1981 , (bulk 1977-1981)

This series is in English.
Box 5, Folders 2-3.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series consists letters received by Anne Stone, and also includes her correspondence with Lord Marcus J. Sieff.

52Personalundated, 1947-1981request_box
53Lord Marcus J. Sieff1977-1981request_box
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Part 1, Series VII: Photographs, undated, 1939, 1942, 1947-1978 , (bulk 1949-1970)

Boxes 5, Folder 4 -- Box 6, Folder 22 and 1 Oversized Folder.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

Located here are a wide variety of photographs, including images of DDS with notable individuals, including Secretary of State George C. Marshall, Israel Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, David Ben Gurion, Abba Eban, and many others. Several of the photographs have been labeled with captions by Anne Stone, and some are autographed. Many photographs of Chaim Weizmann can be found here, including photos of Weizmann with DDS and Anne Stone in 1949, on the occasion of his first visit to the U.S. as President of Israel. The 1949 dedication of the Weizmann Institute is also represented; included here is a photograph of Lady Rebecca Sieff, whose family had provided funds for the Daniel Sieff Research Institute, the precursor of the Weizmann Institute. Also of note are the photographs of the 1966 dedication of the Weizmann's Institute's Stone Administration Building, and photographs of the annual Weizmann dinners. One photograph is rolled and restricted.

5 4-16 Photographs 1939, 1942-1956 request_box
6 1-22 Photographs undated, 1952-1978 request_box
OS21Photographic Portraits of D. D. Stone (Oversized)1957request_box
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Part 2, Series I: Israel, 1957, 1997

Box 1, Folders 1-2.

Arranged alphabetically by folder name.

Scope and Content:

This series contains the speech given by Theodore Teplow, Dewey D. Stone's nephew, at the Dewey David Stone School in Jerusalem, and a copy of the United Jewish Appeal Study Mission Report in 1957. Stone is featured on three pages of the report.

1 1 Dewey David Stone School, Jerusalem/Speech, Theodore Teplow 1997 request_box
1 2 United Jewish Appeal Study Mission/Report 1957 request_box
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Part 2, Series II: Personal, undated, 1935-1968 (with gaps)

Box 1, Folders 3-12.

Arranged alphabetically by folder name.

Scope and Content:

This series contains medals bestowed upon Stone for his service to Israel, the United States, and United Jewish Appeal. Also included is a personal copy of President Lyndon B. Johnson's Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968 with correspondence, White House invitations to a dinner with President Shazar of Israel and the inaugurations of Presidents Truman and Johnson, a copy of Stone's birth certificate, and a history of Stone, written by Gottlieb Hammer.

1 3 Birth Certificate Copy and Brockton High School 25th Reunion 1935, 1941 request_box
1 4 History: “Dewey David Stone- An Appreciation” by Gottlieb Hammer undated request_box
1 5 Inaugural Invitations/Truman and Johnson 1949, 1965 request_box
1 6-7 Medals, Awards and Coins/Originals undated, 1951-1967 request_box
1 8 Medals, Awards and Coins/Photocopies undated, 1951-1967 request_box
1 9 Non-Proliferation Treaty, President Johnson/Personal Copy and Correspondence 1968 request_box
1 10 Political Contributions 1956 request_box
1 11 White House Dinner Invitation, Program/Honoring Israeli President Shazar 1966 request_box
1 12 Zionist Congress, Basle/Delegate’s Ticket and Notes 1946 request_box
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Part 2, Series III: Philanthropy, undated, 1965

Box 1, Folders 13-16.

Arranged alphabetically by folder name.

Scope and Content:

This series concerns the Jewish Agency for Israel, including informational brochures, loan agreements, news clippings and press releases.

1 13 Jewish Agency for Israel/Brochures undated request_box
1 14 Jewish Agency for Israel/Loan Agreements 1965 request_box
1 15 Jewish Agency for Israel/News Clippings 1965 request_box
1 16 Jewish Agency for Israel/Press Releases 1965 request_box
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Part 2, Series IV: Photographs, 1949, 1965

Box 1, Folders 17-18 and Box 5 of original collection.

Arranged alphabetically by folder name.

Scope and Content:

This series contains an oversized, rolled photograph of the luncheon of the Democratic National Finance Committee of Washington, D.C. in 1949, and photographs of the Jewish Agency for Israel's meeting and dinner in 1965. The photograph of the Democratic National Finance Committee is extremely fragile and is stored in box 5 of the original collection.

1 17 Jewish Agency for Israel/Photographs 1965 request_box
1 18 Luncheon- Democratic National Finance Committee, Washington, D.C. 1949 request_box
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Part 2, Series V: Weizmann Institute, 1960-1987

Box 1, Folder 19.

1 folder.

Scope and Content:

This series contains articles and press releases by and about Dewey D. Stone.

1 19 Articles by and about Dewey D. Stone and Press Releases 1960-1967 request_box
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