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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Stone, Elihu David, (1889-1952)
Title: Elihu Stone papers
Dates:undated, 1913-1962
Abstract: Materials pertaining to Stone's Zionist activities include organizational speeches and essays prepared by Stone; materials relating to the Palestine Resolution introduced by Stone into the Massachusetts Legislature and materials relating to the Lodge-Fish Resolution, including a partial account of Stone's role in the passing of the resolution as well as correspondence with Henry Cabot Lodge; correspondence from Stone's tenure as President of the New England Zionist Region; correspondence in his association with the World Zionist Organization, the Zionist Organization of America, the Jewish National Fund, and Keren Heyesod. The collection also includes speeches and writings of Louis Lipsky and speeches given by Henry Cabot Lodge, Colonel Josiah Wedgewood, Congressman John C. McCormack, Governor Frank G. Allen, and an address given by an unidentified Knesset member (probably Abba Eban) before the Mass. Legislature (1949).
Materials pertaining to Stone's political activities include the following: election campaign materials; correspondence written in support of other candidates; resolutions sponsored by Stone as a state representative; correspondence written as a state representative and as Assistant U.S. District Attorney.
Languages: The collection is in English, German, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
Quantity: 4.25 linear feet (8 manuscript boxes, 1 one-half manuscript box), 1 oversized folder
Identification: *P-555
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located at AJHS, Newton Centre, MA.
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Biographical Note

Elihu David Stone (EDS) was born in Meretz, Lithuania on July 18, 1888.1 He arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in 1906 and attended Roxbury High School while working as an instructor in a Hebrew religious school. He continued this work while attending Boston University Law School, and also worked as a reporter for the Boston Journal. He received his LL.B. in 1915 and established a law office in Boston. In 1918 he was appointed to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where he completed two terms, serving on the Committee on Legal Affairs, the Judiciary Committee, and as Chair of the Committee on Elections. In 1920 he was on a Special Committee to revise and consolidate the laws of Massachusetts, and he served as Assistant U.S. District Attorney for Massachusetts from 1922 to 1934. In this capacity, he was responsible for the prosecution of cases violating the National Prohibition Act and the narcotic laws. Following his retirement from office, he continued his private law practice.

EDS was active in the Zionist movement, and, in 1919, was responsible for the passage of a resolution in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, urging American Delegates to the Paris Peace Conference to support the establishment of a Jewish commonwealth in Palestine.2 He was largely responsible for the passage of the Palestine Resolution by the Massachusetts Legislation on March 29, 1922, which in turn led to the Joint Resolution passed by the U.S. Congress later that year, favoring the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. EDS was one of the American members of the Administrative Committee for the Jewish Agency of Palestine, a member of the Actions Committee of the World Zionist Organization, and vice-president and life member of the Zionist Organization of America, which he had helped re-organize in 1918. He was a founder of the New England Zionist Region, served as its president for 13 years, and was declared an honorary president for life of the organization. He was also national vice-chairman and New England chairman of the United Palestine Appeal, and a director of the Jewish National Fund.

EDS was active in community affairs and served as president of Congregation Mishkan Tefila for over 10 years. In 1938, he was awarded a distinguished service award as a result of his efforts on behalf of the people of Lithuania. He married Esther Israel in 1917 and had two sons, Theodore Mordecai and Judah Meir. He died in 1952.

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Scope and Content Note

The Elihu David Stone papers reflect EDS's active involvement in the Zionist movement as well as documenting his political career and professional activities. Autographed letters from many prominent politicians, such as Calvin Coolidge and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, are included. Relatively little personal material is included, though the collection does contain some photographs of EDS with his wife and infant son and some letters to friends and family. The material also provides a look at the development of the Zionist movement in Massachusetts. The papers are organized into seven series: Zionism; Political; Professional Affairs; Addresses, Essays, and Speeches; Correspondence; Personal; and Photographs, with some overlap existing between the first six series. The bulk of the material falls between 1922 and 1948. Some material in Hebrew, Yiddish, and German is included.

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The collection has been arranged into seven series as follows:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Executive Director of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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Related Material

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The collection was donated to AJHS by Mrs. Carol Stone in 1983, with additional material donated by Lois Stone in 1987.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Zionism, undated, 1917-1962, (bulk 1922-1949)

The series is in English, Hebrew and Yiddish.
0.8 linear feet. Box 1 to Box 2 (Folder 13).

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series documents EDS's activities in support of Zionism. Included are essays written by EDS and speeches delivered by him. Also included is material concerning the resolution introduced into the Massachusetts State Legislature by EDS in 1919, regarding the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and material on Senator Henry Cabot Lodge's Palestine Resolution. Material on EDS's involvement with several Zionist organizations, such as the Jewish National Fund, the New England Zionist Region, the World Zionist Congress, and the Zionist Organization of America can also be found here. In addition, speeches by other individuals, such as Henry Cabot Lodge and Congressman John McCormack is also located here. Material types include correspondence, essays, speeches, invitations and announcements, and banquet programs.

1 1 Anti-Nazism 1931-1949 request_box
1 2 Assorted 1929-1947 request_box
1 3 Correspondence: Internationalizing Jerusalem 1949 request_box
1 4 Correspondence: Miscellaneous 1917-1952 request_box
1 5 Essays undated, 1934, 1947 request_box
1 6 Invitations to Speak 1919-1950 request_box
1 7 Jewish Immigration to Palestine 1930-1938 request_box
1 8 Legislation 1919-1920, 1939 request_box
1 9 Legislation: Address by Knesset Member 1949 request_box
1 10 Legislation: House Resolutions 418 and 419 1944 request_box
1 11 Legislation: Lodge Palestine Resolution 1920 request_box
1 12 Legislation: Lodge Palestine Resolution 1922 request_box
1 13 Legislation: Mass. Palestine Legislation 1939 request_box
1 14 Opening of Hebrew University 1925 request_box
1 15 Organizational: Conventions-Delegate Certification/Identification 1941 request_box
1 16 Organizational: Dissident Groups within American Zionist Community undated, 1929 request_box
1 17 Organizational: Jewish Agency for Palestine undated, 1949 request_box
1 18 Organizational: Jewish National Farm School (correspondence) 1917 request_box
1 19 Organizational: Jewish National Fund 1941 request_box
1 20 Organizational: Jewish National Fund (correspondence) 1926-1949 request_box
1 21 Organizational: Keren Hayesod (correspondence) 1923-1945 request_box
1 22 Organizational: New England Zionist Region 1940-1962 request_box
1 23 Organizational: New England Zionist Region (correspondence) 1925-1928 request_box
1 24 Organizational: New England Zionist Region (resolutions, programs) 1924-1948 request_box
1 25 Organizational: Speeches (1 of 2) 1922-1939 request_box
1 26 Organizational: Speeches (2 of 2) 1922-1939 request_box
2 1 Organizational: United Palestine Appeal 1926-1947 request_box
2 2 Organizational: World Zionist Congress (Zurich) 1925-1937 request_box
2 3 Organizational: Zionist Organization 1923-1951 request_box
2 4 Organizational: Zionist Organization (correspondence) 1927-1947 request_box
2 5 Organizational: Zionist Organization of America undated, 1932-1943 request_box
2 6 Organizational: Zionist Organization of America (correspondence) 1918-1950 request_box
2 7 Speeches undated, 1932-1947 request_box
2 8 Speeches: Frank G. Allen 1923, 1926 request_box
2 9 Speeches: Louis Lipsky 1928-1937 request_box
2 10 Speeches: Henry Cabot Lodge undated, 1952 request_box
2 11 Speeches: John C. McCormack undated, 1941-1950 request_box
2 12 Speeches: Col. Josiah Wedgewood 1941 request_box
2 13 Speeches: Chaim Weizmann 1933 request_box
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Series II: Politics, undated, 1914-1949, (bulk 1922-1936)

The series is in English.
0.5 linear feet. Box 2 (Folder 14) to Box 3 (Folder 14).

Chronological and alphabetical.

Scope and Content:

This series documents EDS's political activities. Located here is material on his bids for political office, including letters of endorsement by various public figures. Also included is material on the political positions (State Representative and Assistant U.S. District Attorney) which EDS in fact held. This includes correspondence with his constituents and with other politicians, as well as legislation introduced or sponsored by him, such as a resolution in favor of Lithuanian independence. In addition, speeches delivered by EDS in his capacity as Assistant U.S. District Attorney, including speeches given in support of other candidates for political office, can be found here. Related material can be found in the Professional Affairs series. Material types include speeches, correspondence, banquet programs, and legislation.

2 14 Announcements: Meetings, Public Rallies, Testimonial Dinners 1920-1926 request_box
2 15 Assorted Activities 1918-1926 request_box
2 16 Bids for Office: Advocate General and State Representative 1914, 1918 request_box
2 17 Bids for Office: State Senator 1920 request_box
2 18 Bids for Office: Commissioner of Immigration 1921 request_box
2 19 Bids for Office: Mass. Superior Court 1930, 1935 request_box
2 20 Bids for Office: Republican Nomination: State Attorney General 1936 request_box
2 21 Bids for Office: Republican Nomination: State Attorney General (correspondence) 1936 request_box
3 1 Correspondence 1918-1946 request_box
3 2 Correspondence and Circulars re: Offices Sought 1918-1949 request_box
3 3 Correspondence Recommending EDS for Seat on Dorchester District Court 1927-1928 request_box
3 4 Positions Held: State Representative (correspondence) 1918-1919 request_box
3 5 Positions Held: State Representative (correspondence) 1919-1920 request_box
3 6 Positions Held: State Representative (legislation) 1919-1920 request_box
3 7 Positions Held: State Representative (resolutions sponsored) 1919-1920 request_box
3 8 Positions Held: Assistant U.S. District Attorney (correspondence recommending EDS for position) 1921 request_box
3 9 Positions Held: Assistant U.S. District Attorney (correspondence) 1921-1933 request_box
3 10 Positions Held: Assistant U.S. District Attorney (Reappointment of EDS: correspondence) 1933 request_box
3 11 Positions Held: Assistant U.S. District Attorney (speeches) 1926-1940 request_box
3 12 Positions Held: Master in Chancery 1932 request_box
3 13 Speeches: Election Campaigning undated, 1940 request_box
3 14 Support for Other Candidates 1916-1942 request_box
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Series III: Professional Affairs, undated, 1917-1952, (bulk 1922-1949)

The series is in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
0.5 linear feet. Box 3 (Folder 15) to Box 4 (Folder 12).

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series documents EDS's activities in the legal profession and his involvement with various Jewish organizations. Included are legal briefs for several cases (the majority of which concern Prohibition or narcotics) from EDS's tenure as Assistant District Attorney. Some material on anti-Semitism can be found here, including material on the treatment of Jews in Poland in 1918. Also located here is material on the Gan Chaim Corporation, which was created with the intention of purchasing land in Palestine, converting the land into orange groves and selling them to settlers. In 1933 Gan Chaim had become the second largest citrus plantation in Palestine. (EDS served as secretary to the president of the corporation.) Also included are several resolutions in support of the right of Jews to a national homeland, including one adopted by the city of Worcester, and a 1934 letter from the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights, encouraging a boycott of German goods and services. Material types include correspondence, essays, speeches, and business cards.

3 15 American Jewish Affairs: American Jewish Congress 1927-1952request_box
3 16 American Jewish Affairs: Charity 1917-1919 request_box
3 17 American Jewish Affairs: Correspondence 1925 request_box
3 18 American Jewish Affairs: Correspondence with Jewish Communities 1929-1951 request_box
3 19 American Jewish Affairs: Correspondence with Jewish Congregations 1926 request_box
3 20 American Jewish Affairs: Jewish-Christian Relations 1940 request_box
3 21 Anti-Semitism 1918 request_box
3 22 Anti-Semitism: Nordic Theory and Johnson Immigration Bill: Jewish Community Reactions 1923-1924 request_box
3 23 Anti-Semitism: Protesting Persecution of Jews in Poland 1918-1919 request_box
3 24 Anti-Semitism: Response to Henry Ford's Anti- Semitic Campaign 1920 request_box
3 25 Business Cards undated request_box
3 26 Correspondence 1917-1951 request_box
3 27 Gan Chaim Corporation of New York undated, 1927, 1933 request_box
3 28 Hebrew Ladies' Home for Aged 1937 request_box
3 29 Israel/Palestine: A.J. Sabath letter re: England's Alleged Arming of Arab Nations against Israel 1950 request_box
3 30 Israel/Palestine: Remarks Celebrating the Opening of Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus 1925 request_box
3 31 Judah Touro Club of Dorchester: Constitution undated request_box
3 32 Judea Industrial Corporation and Life Insurance Co. 1929-1931 request_box
3 33 Legal Briefs undated request_box
3 34 Legal Work 1926-1930 request_box
4 1 Legal Work 1930-1932 request_box
4 2 Local Jewish Community Affairs undated, 1926 request_box
4 3 Local Jewish Community Affairs: Invitations to Speak 1933 request_box
4 4 Local Jewish Community Affairs: Reaction to Hitler and Nazism undated request_box
4 5 Local Jewish Community Affairs: Sabbath Bill undated request_box
4 6 U.S./Israel Relations: Aid to Israel undated, 1951-1952 request_box
4 7 U.S./Israel Relations: Israel Aid Act 1951 request_box
4 8 U.S./Israel Relations: Resolution Recognizing Right of Jews to Establish National Homeland 1920, 1939, 1951 request_box
4 9 World Jewish Affairs: Anti-Nazi Boycott 1934 request_box
4 10 World Jewish Affairs: Essays, Speeches undated, 1933, 1939 request_box
4 11 World Jewish Affairs: In Defense of Rabbi Baruch Korff undated request_box
4 12 World Jewish Affairs: Jewish Immigration to U.S. 1919, 1926 request_box
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Series IV: Speeches, Essays and Addresses, undated, 1918-1951

The series is in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
0.1 linear feet. Box 4 (Folders 13 to 22).

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

Speeches and essays on a variety of topics can be found here. Included are an essay urging the abolishment of the death penalty, and additional essays focusing on the Sacco-Vanzetti case, Jewish education and ancient Hebrew poetry. Also located here are several speeches addressing the persecution of Jews in Germany and Poland and a 4th of July address in which EDS likens the goals of the American Revolution to those of Zionism. Material consists primarily of essays and speeches, with some announcements and flyers also included.

4 13 Addresses: Religious Themes, including EDS's Bar Mitzvah Address undated request_box
4 14 Announcements of Addresses and Speeches 1918-1930 request_box
4 15 Announcements of Addresses and Speeches undated, 1932-1951 request_box
4 16 Essays: Death Penalty 1919? request_box
4 17 Essays: Jewish Themes undated request_box
4 18 Essays: Sacco-Vanzetti Case 1920 request_box
4 19 Speeches: Anti-Semitism and Persecution of Jews in Germany undated, 1933 request_box
4 20 Speeches: Nazism undated, 1919 request_box
4 21 Speeches: Patriotism, including Fourth of July Address Comparing Ideals of American Revolution with those of Zionism undated request_box
4 22 Speeches/Essays undated request_box
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Series V: Correspondence, undated, 1917-1951, (bulk 1922-1948)

The series is in English, German, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
0.5 linear feet. Box 4 (Folder 23) to Box 5 (Folder 21).

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

EDS's correspondence with a variety of individuals can be found here. The Aid to Individuals folder includes letters of reference written by EDS on behalf of acquaintances seeking employment, as well as letters from people seeking help in a variety of areas. (Included is a letter assisting help in gaining re-admittance to Tufts Dental School, a letter from parents hoping to get their son released from the Army, and individuals seeking help with immigration authorities. Among these is a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, who had emigrated with his family from Russia.) Also included here is EDS's correspondence with a number of politicians and members of Jewish organizations. Of particular note are letters from Calvin Coolidge as Governor of Massachusetts and President of the United States, and correspondence with Louis Lipsky, president of the Zionist Organization of America, Congressman John McCormack, and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge. Some letters in Hebrew and Yiddish are included in this series.

4 23 Aid to Individuals 1917-1947 request_box
4 24 Individual Correspondence: Allen, Frank G. 1920-1929 request_box
4 25 Individual Correspondence: Brandeis, Louis D. 1931-1934 request_box
4 26 Individual Correspondence: Brin, Alexander undated, 1926, 1935 request_box
4 27 Individual Correspondence: Butler, William M. 1926 request_box
4 28 Individual Correspondence: Coolidge, Calvin 1919-1923 request_box
4 29 Individual Correspondence: Cox, Channing H. 1917-1924 request_box
4 30 Individual Correspondence: Curley, James M. 1935 request_box
4 31 Individual Correspondence: Evarts, Benjamin F. 1928-1940 request_box
4 32 Individual Correspondence: Finkelstein, Louis 1950 request_box
4 33 Individual Correspondence: Fisher, Mendel 1936 request_box
4 34 Individual Correspondence: Friedlander, Israel 1947 request_box
4 35 Individual Correspondence: Fuller, Alvan T. 1922-1928 request_box
4 36 Individual Correspondence: Gallivan, James A. 1921 request_box
4 37 Individual Correspondence: Goldstein, Israel 1921 request_box
4 38 Individual Correspondence: Herter, Christian 1944 request_box
4 39 Individual Correspondence: Kellogg, Frank B. 1927 request_box
4 40 Individual Correspondence: Levine, Harry 1946 request_box
4 41 Individual Correspondence: Lewis, William M. 1937 request_box
4 42 Individual Correspondence: Lewisohn, Ludwig 1935 request_box
5 1 Individual Correspondence: Lipsky, Louis undated, 1927-1950 request_box
5 2 Individual Correspondence: Lodge, Henry Cabot 1921-1924 request_box
5 3 Individual Correspondence: Lodge, Henry Cabot, Jr. 1936-1951 request_box
5 4 Individual Correspondence: Martin, Joseph 1928 - 1951 request_box
5 5 Individual Correspondence: McCormack, John undated, 1933-1951 request_box
5 6 Individual Correspondence: McDonald, James G. 1934 request_box
5 7 Individual Correspondence: Morgenthau, Henry, Jr. 1949 request_box
5 8 Individual Correspondence: Roosevelt, Franklin D. undated request_box
5 9 Individual Correspondence: Roosevelt, Franklin D., Jr. 1951 request_box
5 10 Individual Correspondence: Rothenberg, Morris 1931-1946 request_box
5 11 Individual Correspondence: Saltonstall, Leverett 1942-1948 request_box
5 12 Individual Correspondence: Silver, Abba Hillel 1944-1950 request_box
5 13 Individual Correspondence: Truman, Harry 1946 request_box
5 14 Individual Correspondence: Vanderbilt, William 1938 request_box
5 15 Individual Correspondence: Weisgal, Myer 1928 request_box
5 16 Individual Correspondence: Weizmann, Chaim 1937-1942 request_box
5 17 Individual Correspondence: Wise, Stephen S. undated, 1925-1937 request_box
5 18 Letters to the Editor, Editorials undated, 1922-1949 request_box
5 19 Yiddish Letters undated, 1922-1929 request_box
5 20 Yiddish/Hebrew Letters undated, 1932-1939 request_box
5 21 Yiddish Letters undated, 1940-1949 request_box
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Series VI: Personal, undated, 1913-1952

The series is in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
0.25 linear foot. Box 5 (Folder 22) to Box 6.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

Included here is some biographical and autobiographical information on EDS, as well as programs for several dinners and banquets at which he spoke. EDS's personal correspondence can also be found here, as can the sheet music for a song entitled "My Homeland," with lyrics by EDS. Also included here is material on a banquet in honor of EDS's services to Lithuania, on which occasion the Consul-General of Lithuania presented EDS with the decoration of Gediminas Grand Duke of Lithuania, III (Commander) degree, which had been awarded by the president of Lithuania. (EDS's involvement with the Federation of American Jews of Lithuanian Descent and the Meretz Free Loan and Relief Associations is also documented here.) Also of note is material pertaining to EDS's attempt to gain an audience with the Pope in 1927. Material on several tributes to EDS can also be found here. Of note is the material on a 1935 tribute to EDS's 25 years of service to Zionism. (Congratulatory telegrams and letters from various individuals and organizations are included here.) Some material is in Hebrew and Yiddish. Material consists mainly of correspondence, with some invitations and banquet programs also included.

5 22 Address Book undated request_box
5 23 Assorted Material (banquet programs) 1925-1950 request_box
5 24 Autobiographical Material 1928-1941 request_box
5 25 Biographical Information undated request_box
5 26 Club, Institution, and Organization Memberships 1917-1935 request_box
5 27 Correspondence 1913-1920 request_box
5 28 Correspondence 1922-1929 request_box
5 29 Correspondence 1932-1939 request_box
5 30 Correspondence 1941-1947 request_box
5 31 Correspondence (Hebrew Encyclopedia) 1949 request_box
5 32 Correspondence in Defense of Judge Lowell 1933 request_box
6 1 Correspondence (Invitations to Events) 1919, 1926 request_box
6 2 Correspondence (Newspapers) 1918-1919 request_box
6 3 Correspondence (Responses to Invitations) 1917-1928 request_box
6 4 Correspondence (Revival of Hebrew Language) undated request_box
6 5 Family Affairs (Includes copy of EDS's son Theodore's citation for meritorious military Service during World War II, and letters of Introduction written by EDS for his son Judah Meir for the latter's 1950 trip to Israel1945-1950request_box
6 6 Federation of Jews of Lithuanian Descent 1919-1929 request_box
6 7 Judea Insurance Co. 1928 request_box
6 8 "Louis D. Brandeis-A Chapter Closed," by George R. Farnum 1939 request_box
6 9 Meretz Free Loan Association 1919 request_box
6 10 Meretz Relief Association 1917-1928 request_box
6 11 "My Homeland" (Lyrics by EDS) 1925 request_box
6 12 Press Clippings 1932-1952 request_box
6 13 Seeking Audience with Pope 1927 request_box
6 14 "Short Economic Outline of Lithuania" 1938 request_box
6 15 Tributes undated, 1926-1952 request_box
6 16 Tributes: Banquet for EDS in Honor of his Actions on Behalf of Lithuania 1938 request_box
6 17 Tributes: Celebrating EDS's 25 Years on Behalf of Zionism 1938 request_box
6 18 Tributes: Lithuanian Award: Correspondence 1938 request_box
6 19 Tributes: to Judge Zottoli, Rabbi Goldberg, Judge Morris Rothenburg and Alexander Brin; Address in Honor of Theodor Herzl, Chaim Nadman Bialick, and Dr. Schmarya Levin 1925-1935 request_box
6 20 Wedding Invitation for Marriage of EDS to Esther Israel 1917 request_box
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Series VII: Photographs, undated, 1905-1950

The series is in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
1.5 linear feet. Boxes 7-9.

Alphabetical and chronological.

Scope and Content:

Located here are a wide variety of photographs, the majority of which are unlabelled. Several group shots, and photographs of banquets and meetings are included. Among the images which can be identified are the 1927 New England Palestine Commission; a meeting of the Mattapan-Dorchester-Roxbury Zionist District; EDS with his wife and infant son in 1919; EDS and his wife on the steps of the palace of Frederick the Great, in 1931; EDS with soldiers and civilians in Panama in 1944; Massachusetts governor Channing H. Cox; and the 1927 Maine Zionist Convention. Some photographs have captions in Hebrew and Yiddish. The photographs in boxes 8 and 9 are restricted due to their fragility. (The photographs are rolled.)

7 1 Purim, Tel Aviv, Hotel Herzlia 1927 request_box
7 2 Photographs undated, 1927 request_box
7 3 Photographs undated, 1905, 1919-1920 request_box
7 4 Photographs undated, 1910, 1927 request_box
7 5 Photographs undated, 1931, 1947, 1950 request_box
7 6 Photographs undated, 1931, 1944, 1946, 1948 request_box
7 7 Photographs undated, 1925, 1927 request_box
8 RESTRICTEDrequest_box
9 RESTRICTEDrequest_box
OS21Photographs/Portraits of Dewey David Stone1957request_box
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