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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Lopez, Aaron, 1731-1782
Title: Aaron Lopez Papers
Dates:1752-1994, 1846, 1852, 1953
Abstract: Aaron Lopez (1731-1782) was a Jew of the Converso (converted) community of Portugal. In order to freely practice Judaism, he and his family left Portugal and relocated to British North America settling in Newport, Rhode Island and later, Massachusetts. He began a successful mercantile business and eventually became a key supplier of the American revolutionary forces. The collection contains numerous shipping records along with correspondence and accounts with merchants, mercantile families and firms including Henry Lloyd of Boston, Henry Cruger of Bristol, George Hayley of London, William Stead of Sheffield and New Bedford whaler Joseph Rotch. The collection contains manifests, mercantile accounts, notations, correspondence and inventories of estates for several of the children of Aaron Lopez.
Languages: The collection is in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and some Hebrew/Yiddish.
Quantity: 7 linear feet (14 manuscript boxes)
Accession number: P-11
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located in AJHS New York, NY
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Biographical Note
Portrait of Aaron Lopez, pastel, undated

Aaron Lopez Portrait, undated

Aaron Lopez (1731-1782)

Duarte (Aaron) Lopez was born in Portugal in 1731 to well-to-do parents who were part of the Converso community. Raised to practice Judaism only in secret, while maintaining outward conformity with Catholicism to all appearances, Lopez reached maturity, married and had a baby daughter before deciding to leave Portugal for a new, openly Jewish life in British North America, where he joined his older brother Moses. Moses Lopez, who had himself left Portugal in his teens, had come of age in New York City before establishing himself in Newport, Rhode Island, in the early 1740s.

The passage of Aaron Lopez to British America was unique in its directness. Most of the escaping Portuguese conversos made their way first to London, where they were supported for a brief period by Congregation Shaar HaShamaaim (also known as the Spanish and Portuguese Jews Synagogue) at Bevis Marks in return for their open redemption as Jews.

Following his arrival in Newport, Duarte quickly redeemed himself and his family as Jews, assuming the name of Aaron, and with the help of his brother Moses set himself up in business. One of his earliest ventures involved participation in the consortium established by a number of Newport merchants for the manufacture of spermaceti candles. By 1760, his efforts to engage in the wholesale commodities trade had also proved successful. His business activities grew widely over the next 15 years to include whaling and a few ventures in the slave trade, as well as the export of Newport manufactures such as furniture, axes, plank and board, flour, barrel staves and salt fish.

In 1761 Lopez, along with fellow Jew Isaac Elizer, sought naturalization in Rhode Island under the Act of 13 George II, ch. 7, which authorized the naturalization of Jews as well as dissenting Protestant groups as citizens of the crown within the North American colonies after seven years' residence. However, the two were refused by the colony's courts as well as by the legislature. Lopez, after seeking the advice of renowned Boston lawyer Samuel Fitch, set up residence in Swansey, Massachusetts, and was finally naturalized at Taunton in October 1762. Elizer was naturalized in New York a year later.

In Newport, Aaron began to establish ties with gentiles of his station, including among them Ezra Stiles, the Congregational minister of the town. Stiles, who had a great scholarly interest in Jewish scripture, came to know members of Newport's Jewish community during his residence in Newport. Following the death of his wife Abigail in 1762, Aaron also established broader ties within Newport's Jewish community by re-marrying the daughter of his business partner, Jacob Rodriguez Rivera.

With the outbreak of the Revolutionary War in 1776, Lopez began to suffer a dramatic downturn in his business, along with most colonial merchants. As the British took Savannah in 1778, Lopez evacuated his family to Leicester, Massachusetts, where he set up a retail shop and a modest commodities trade via overland routes through Salem, Boston and Providence. Over the course of the next four years, he became a key supplier to the American forces, providing such necessities as flour and leather breeches.

In 1782, while on the way to Newport with his family, Aaron Lopez accidentally drowned in Scott's pond in Smithfield, Rhode Island, while watering his horse. He left behind his grieving wife Sarah, devoted father-in-law and business partner Jacob Rodriguez Rivera, and 15 surviving children. Ezra Stiles, now President of Yale University, composed the following epitaph for him:


1725José Lopez, son of Diego José Lopez and his first wife, comes under suspicion of the Holy Office and flees Portugal. In London, José is redeemed as a Jew, changing his name to Moses.
1731Duarte Lopez born in Lisbon to Diego José Lopez and his second wife.
1750Duarte marries Anna, the daughter of his half-sister Elizabeth.
1752Duarte arrives in Newport, Rhode Island, with wife Anna, infant daughter Catherine and younger brother Gabriel. Duarte and Gabriel are circumcised by Benjamin Gomez of New York. Duarte, Anna and Catherine become Aaron, Abigail and Sarah Lopez and Gabriel becomes David Lopez.
1754 Aaron forms a business partnership with Jacob Rodriguez Rivera.
1761Aaron and Isaac Elizer are refused naturalization by the Rhode Island legislature and courts.
1762Aaron is naturalized at Taunton, Massachusetts.
Abigail dies at Newport.
1763Aaron re-marries Sarah, daughter of Jacob Rodriguez Rivera.
1766Aaron sends his ship America to Lisbon, under command of Jeremiah Osborne, to rescue his older half-brother Miguel with his wife and three teenage sons.
1767Miguel Lopez and his sons Duarte, José and João are circumcised at Tiverton, and take the names Abraham, Moses, Samuel and Jacob, respectively.
Aaron's elder brother Moses dies at age 51 of apoplexy.
Aaron's eldest daughter Sally, marries Abraham Pereira Mendes of Kingston, Jamaica.
1778Aaron moves the extended family to Leicester Massachusetts after Newport falls to the British. The family sets up shop at Leicester by overland routes.
1782Aaron drowns in Scott's Pond at Smithfield, Rhode Island, near Providence, in full view of his family.
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Scope and Content Note

The Papers of Aaron Lopez encompass the breadth of his mercantile activities in Rhode Island and throughout New England during the period preceding the Revolutionary War. The collection comprises a large proportion of the extant Lopez papers, second only to that housed by the Newport Historical Society in Newport. The Aaron Lopez collection comprises accounts and correspondence with local merchants in Newport as well as important mercantile firms and families located elsewhere in British North America and abroad; local artisans, traders, and workmen; and Newport mariners such as Nathaniel Hathaway, Benjamin Allen, Jeremiah Osborne, John Peters, Benjamin Wright and others. The correspondence includes the important merchants Henry Lloyd of Boston, Henry Cruger of Bristol, George Hayley of London, William Stead of Sheffield and New Bedford whaler Joseph Rotch. In short, the Lopez papers reflect the diversity or communal life, social interaction and mercantile activity both within the Jewish community and throughout British North America prior to 1783.

The collection is valuable to researchers interested in general mercantile activities in colonial America, in 18th century whaling activities, in colonial shipping practices, in the marketing of English textiles, and in colonial artisan and manufacturing activities. The collection contains shipping records, mercantile accounts, notations, correspondence and inventories of estates for several of the children of Aaron Lopez. The vast majority of the items are in English, although some correspondents wrote to Lopez in Portuguese, Spanish and French. Additionally, only a few items contain notations in Hebrew or Yiddish (generally not made by Lopez).

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Researchers should note that the collection has recently been reorganized. Previously, the Lopez papers were kept in strict chronological order. In order to restore, to the extent possible, the original order in which the records were kept by their creator, the collection is now divided into four series.

We believe that this new organizational scheme restores the context within which these records were originally created and used, and therefore will facilitate use of the collection by researchers.

The four series of the Lopez Collection are:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

However, researchers are advised that much of the paper in the collection is in extremely poor condition due to prior damage by water and mold, and must be handled carefully. The Society reserves the right to restrict the use, including photocopying, of fragile items in the collection for the purpose of preventing further damage. Researchers should also note that many items, while not fragile, may be difficult to decipher due to stains from prior water damage, foxing, mold, mildew and faded inks.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011.

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Purchase, in part, and individual gifts, in part, by Samuel Oppenheim (1915), Lee Max Friedman (1936), and The Sang Foundation (1979).

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Microfilm and Digitization Note

Box 10, Folders 12 and 17 were digitized in 2017 as part of the Digitization-on-Demand program and were made available in their entirety.

The collection is on 31 microfilm reels.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:
Identification of item, date (if known); Aaron Lopez Papers; P-11; box number; folder number; American Jewish Historical Society, New York, NY.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Shipping Records, undated, 1752-1794

The predominant language of the series is English.
Boxes 1-5.

From notations found within the collection in the hand of Aaron Lopez, it was evident that he kept together all of the receipts for each voyage of a particular vessel, and the intention has been to recreate that scheme of arrangement. Thus, the records within this series are grouped by ship and by captain rather than chronologically; we believe that this arrangement most closely corresponds to the manner in which Lopez himself kept his shipping records. Due to the large number of different ships with similar names, the documents have been arranged first by type of ship (brigantine, schooner, ship, sloop, snow), and then alphabetically by name. Thus, records for the Brigantine Charlotte have been filed separately from those of the Sloop Charlotte and the Schooner Charlotte. In some cases, such as those of the Brigantine Charlotte and the Sloop Industry, there were so many records for the ship that it became necessary to create separate folders for each captain who served as the ship's master.

Box 5, Folder 31 has miscellaneous records regarding various ships and voyages from 1752-1794.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of various shipping records and manifests pertaining to the activities of Aaron Lopez in the import/export trade.

A) Brigantines

11Abigail1773, 1774request_box

Master: Hathaway
Destination: Surinam, 1773
North Carolina and Surinam, 1774


Master: All
Destination: Africa, 1766


Master: All
Destination: Jamaica, 1767


Master: English
Destination: Quebec, 1771
North Carolina and Lisbon, 1771-1772


Master: Dordin
Destination: Amsterdam, 1765-1766


Master: Mackey
Destination: Jamaica, 1770


Master: Bowers
Destination: Bristol, 1765-1766


Master: Brown
Destination: Dominica and Grenada, 1766-1767


Master: Newdigate
Destination: Jamaica and Honduras, 1767, 1768-1769
Bristol and Cork, 1769


Master: Wright
Destination: South Carolina, 1770

111Charlotte1771 (2), 1772request_box

Master: Hataway
Destination: Surinam, 1771 (2), 1772


Master: Shearman
Destination: Gaspee and Jamaica, 1772
Dominica, 1772
Hispaniola and Jamaica, 1772-1773

113Charlotte1773, 1774request_box

Master: Bourke
Destination: Curaçao, 1773
Gibraltar, 1773
Hispaniola, 1774


Master: Reply
Destination: North Carolina, 1775


Master: Haydon
Destination: Surinam, 1776


Master: Potter
Destination: Jamaica, 1768

117 Diana1770request_box

Master: Hathaway
Destination: London, 1770


Master: Buckley
Destination: Jamaica and London, 1771


Master: Unknown
Destination: Unknown, 1776


Master: Pinnegar
Destination: Jamaica, 1760
Africa, 1761


Master: Unknown
Destination: Unknown, undated


Master: Briggs
Destination: Unknown, 1769


Master: Dean
Destination: Surinam, 1770


Master: Peters
Destination: Tenerife, 1768

25Industry1767, 1769request_box

Master: Peters
Destination: Jamaica, 1767, 1769


Master: Peters
Destination: Quebec, 1769
Hispaniola, 1769


Master: Wright
Destination: Unknown, 1769


Master: Lothrop
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1772

29Little Hart1766-1767request_box

Master: Unknown
Destination: Jamaica, 1766-1767


Master: Russell
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1775


Master: Clarke
Destination: Honduras and London, 1772-1773

212Neptune1772 (2)request_box

Master: Bourke
Destination: Hispaniola, 1772 (2)


Master: Allen
Destination: Newfoundland, 1773

214Royal Charlotte1772, 1775request_box

Master: Hyer
Destination: Jamaica, 1772

Master: Forrester
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1775


Master: Briggs
Destination: Africa and West Indies, 1766


Master: Hathaway
Destination: Surinam, 1769


Master: Ladd
Destination: London, 1763


Master: Wheeler
Destination: North Carolina, 1769
Quebec, 1769
Nantucket, 1769

219Venusundated, 1769request_box

Master: Story
Destination: Lisbon, undated
Quebec, 1769
Nantucket, 1769


B) Ships

31Affrica1772, 1773-1775request_box

Master: Briggs
Destination: Africa, 1772
Unknown, 1773-1775


Master: Pope
Destination: Bristol, 1765


Master: Osborne
Destination: Bristol, 1765-1766


Master: Peters
Destination: New York and Bristol, 1767

35America1767, 1768request_box

Master: Wright
Destination: Jamaica, 1767, 1768


Master: Wright
Destination: unknown, 1773-1774


Master: Marsom
Destination: Jamaica, 1775


Master: Hannars
Destination: London, 1768-1769


Master: Bourke
Destination: Hispaniola, 1772


Master: Briggs
Destination: St. Eustace, Barbados and Hispaniola, 1772-1773


Master: Unknown
Destination: Unknown, 1775


Master: Unknown
Destination: Unknown, 1765


Master: Unknown
Destination: Unknown, 1764


Master: Eldred
Destination: Jamaica, 1768-1769


Master: Heffernan
Destination: Jamaica and London, 1771


Master: Davenant
Destination: London, 1772


Master: Peters
Destination: Jamaica and London, 1773


Master: Wiswall
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1775


Master: Bissell
Destination: Jamaica and London, 1774-1775


Master: Wright
Destination: Unknown, 1773-1774


Master: Tomlinson
Destination: Jamaica and London, 1774

322New York1771request_box

Master: Jones
Destination: Bristol, 1771


Master: Peters
Destination: Jamaica and London, 1772

324Peter & Ann1774request_box

Master: Blundell
Destination: South Carolina, 1774


Master: Lindsey
Destination: London, 1764


Master: Osborne
Destination: Bristol and New York, 1767-1768


Master: Osborne
Destination: Bristol, 1768


Master: Frost
Destination: New York, 1768


C) Sloops


Master: Bremer
Destination: Philadelphia, 1765


Master: Allen
Destination: Jamaica, 1770
Jamaica and London, 1771-1772


Master: Hathaway
Destination: Surinam, 1774


Master: C. Corey
Destination: New Bedford, 1769


Master: Hull
Destination: New York, 1769

46Charlestown1767, 1769request_box

Master: Durfee
Destination: South Carolina, 1767, 1769


Master: Story
Destination: Hispaniola, 1770
Tenerife, 1769-1770


Master: Bardin
Destination: Jamaica, 1772

49Dolphin1764, 1769request_box

Master: James
Destination: North Carolina, 1764
Whaling Voyage, 1769

410Draper 1771request_box

Master: Gills
Destination: New York, 1771


Master: Nye
Destination: Whaling Voyages, 1765-1770

Master: Penney
New Bedford, 1770
North Carolina, 1771


Master: Brown
Destination: Hispaniola, 1769


Master: Harrison
Destination: Maryland, 1768


Master: Farrint
Destination: Unknown, 1773

Master: Munro
Destination: Charles Town, South Carolina, 1774


Master: Greene
Destination: Jamaica, 1771
North Carolina and Jamaica, 1772

Master: Earnshey
North Carolina, 1773

Master: W. Corey
Destination: North Carolina, 1774


Master: Allen
Destination: Jamaica, 1770

417Hopeundated, 1769, 1775request_box

Master: Grinnell
Destination: Jamaica, undated

Master: Rider
Destination: Unknown, 1769

Master: Unknown
Destination: New Bedford, 1775


Master: Clark
Destination: Unknown, 1763-1764

419Industry 1764request_box

Master: All
Destination: London, 1764


Master: Hyer
Destination: Jamaica, 1766


Master: Hyer
Destination: Jamaica, 1767


Master: Heffernan
Destination: North Carolina and Jamaica, 1769


Master: Reply
Destination: North Carolina, 1769


Master: Reply
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1769


Master: Shearman
Destination: North Carolina, 1771


Master: Reply
Destination: North Carolina, 1770-1771
Whaling Voyage, 1771


Master: White
Destination: Boston and London, 1769


Master: Strange
Destination: Jamaica, 1774


Master: Reply
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1767


Master: Reply
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1768


Master: Unknown
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1769

Master: Unknown
Destination: North Carolina, 1770

Master: Unknown
Destination: Quebec, 1770

Master: Greene
Destination: Hispaniola and Jamaica, 1771


Master: Farrint
Destination: Hispaniola, 1770


Master: Cooke
Destination: Quebec, 1769


Master: Hannars
Destination: North Carolina and Hispaniola, 1769-1770


Master: Unknown
Destination: Unknown, 1766-1767

436Reliance1766, 1769request_box

Master: Howland
Destination: New Bedford, 1766

Master: Mayhew
Destination: Unknown, 1769


Master: Fanning
Destination: North Carolina, 1764


Master: L. Sisson
Destination: Jamaica, 1773


Master: Allen
Destination: Hispaniola, 1776


Master: Greene
Destination: New York, 1770


Master: Clouston
Destination: North Carolina, 1770


Master: Pinnegar
Destination: Africa, 1764


Master: Bradfield
Destination: Jamaica, 1766


Master: Waldron
Destination: Georgia, 1768
West Indies, 1768


Master: Unknown
Destination: Africa, 1768-1769


Master: Brown
Destination: Georgia, 1769

56Three Friends1776request_box

Master: B. Sisson
Destination: South Carolina, 1776

57Three Salleys1764request_box

Master: All
Destination: Unknown, 1764

58Three Salleys1764request_box

Master: Burroughs
Destination: North Carolina, 1764

59Three Salleys1765request_box

Master: Peters
Destination: Cork, 1765

510Two Brothers1772-1774request_box

Master: Daggett
Destination: Unknown, 1772-1774


Master: Butler
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1766


D) Schooners


Master: Unknown
Destination: Unknown, 1775


Master: Wyatts
Destination: Unknown, 1769


Master: Allen
Destination: Whaling Voyage, 1767


Master: J. Mayhew
Destination: St. Christophers, 1767-1768

516Eleanor1768, 1769request_box

Master: J. Mayhew
Destination: Hispaniola, 1768, 1769


Master: Reply
Destination: North Carolina, 1770


Master: Greene
Destination: North Carolina and Jamaica, 1773-1774

519Hopestill 1770request_box

Master: Batty
Destination: North Carolina, 1770


Master: Shearman
Destination: Gaspee, 1772


Master: Newdigate
Destination: Jamaica, 1768

522Ranger1767, 1768request_box

Master: Bardine
Destination: Jamaica, 1767, 1768


Master: Unknown
Destination: Unknown, 1772


Master: Kelley
Destination: North Carolina and Falkland Islands, 1775-1776
S. Aborn, Long Island and New Haven, 1776

525Susannah and Sarah 1767request_box

Master: Pyner
Destination: Jamaica, 1767

526Two Brothers1771request_box

Master: Brown
Destination: Gaspee, 1771


E) Snows

527Flora1774, 1775request_box

Master: Forrester
Destination: Newfoundland, 1774
London, 1775


Master: Davenant
Destination: London, 1774


Master: Peters
Destination: London, 1770-1771


Master: Pyner
Destination: London, 1770-1771
Newfoundland and London, 1771


F) Miscellaneous

531Ships and Voyages1752-1794request_box

Various masters and destinations

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Series II: Mercantile Accounts, undated, 1753-1794

The predominant language of the series is English, with some Spanish and French.
Boxes 6-13.

Primarily arranged by name of port with mercantile accounts in alphabetical order by merchant. Rhode Island ports are: Newport (Boxes 6-9), East Greenwich, Kingston, Providence and Warren (Box 10, Folders 30-44). Massachusetts ports are: Boston, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Salem, Swansey and Worcester (Box 10, Folders 1-29). Box 11 contains other American ports including: New York, Philadelphia and Poughkeepsie; and Foreign ports including: Amsterdam, Bristol, Charles Town, Curaçao, Halifax, London, Madeira, St. Eustace, St. Nicholas Mole and Sheffield (all filed in alphabetical order). Boxes 12 and 13 contain records of accounts rendered and settled, orders, and invoices, and are grouped together by type of accounting record in chronological order.

Scope and Content:

The series contains accounts transmitted by Lopez or his correspondent for services performed, goods shipped and sold, bills of exchange, labor, etc., which are not associated with any one ship or voyage. Many of the individuals with whom Lopez traded were associated with the shipping trades, and are also well represented in Series I as well as in this series. Series II also includes mercantile records of Joseph Lopez, who carried on his father's trading activities after Aaron's death in 1782.

A) Newport, Rhode Island, A-D

61James & Anthony Aborn, Newport1766-1773request_box
62Capt. Samuel Aborn, Newport1767-1776request_box
63Capt. Benjamin Allen, Newport1765-1777request_box
64Samuel Allen, Newport 1767-1787request_box
65 Gideon Almy, Newport1770-1775 request_box
6 6Job Almy, Newport1763-1787request_box
67Capt. Joshua Amy, Newport 1755-1774request_box
68 John Andrews, Newport 1766-1775request_box
69Nathan Angell and Job Smith, Newport 1768-1769request_box
610Elisha Anthony, Newport1763-1774 request_box
6 11Stephen Ayrault, Newport1769-1770request_box
612Peleg Barker, Newport 1764-1773request_box
613 Jacob Barney, jun., Newport 1760-1774request_box
614Richard Beale, Newportundatedrequest_box
615Joseph Belcher, Newport 1755-1773request_box
616 Woodman Billings, Newport 1769-1775request_box
617Nathaniel Bird, Newport1767-1772 request_box
6 18Matthew Borden, Newport1763-1764request_box
619John Bours, Newport 1765-1772request_box
620 Samuel Bours, Newport 1765-1767request_box
621John Bowen, Newport1763-1767request_box
622Samuel Brenton, Newport 1763-1774request_box
623 Capt. Nathaniel Briggs, Newport1767-1775request_box
624Francis Brinley, Newport1763-1781 request_box
6 25Augustus Brown, Newport1766-1770request_box
626Clarke Brown, Newport 1766-1775request_box
627 Capt. George Brown, Newport 1769-1770request_box
628William Brown, Newport1765-1774 request_box
6 29Lewis Buliod, Newport1765-1774request_box
630Joseph Burrill, Newport 1769-1778request_box
631 Samuel and William Burroughs, Newport1755-1773request_box
632Richard Bush, Newport1763-1775request_box
633Silas Casey, Newport 1761-1774request_box
634 William Chaloner, Newport, Newburyport1768-1778request_box
635James Chambers, Newport1764-1772 request_box
6 36Christopher Champlin, Newport1764-1774request_box
637Jabez Champlin, Newport 1762-1764request_box
638 John Channing, Newport 1760-1772request_box
639Seth Chapin, Newport1770-1774request_box
640Thomas Child, Newport 1773-1774request_box
641 Nathaniel Clark, Newport 1763-1773request_box
642James Clarke, Newport1772-1774request_box
643Capt. Seth Clarke, Newport1762-1764request_box
644Walter Clarke, Newport 1768-1770request_box
645 Billings Coggeshall, Newport 1773-1774request_box
646Nathaniel and William Coggeshall, Newport1762-1774request_box
647Peter Cooke, Newport1756-1774request_box
648Silas Cooke, Newport1756-1787request_box
649Gregory Cozzens, Newport1765-1770request_box
650Joseph Crandall, jun., Newport1767-1772request_box
651Thomas Cranston, Newport1763-1774request_box
652William Crocker, Newport1765-1770request_box
653James Cummings, Newport1767-1772request_box
654Capt. Henry Davenant, Newport1773-1774 request_box
6 55Samuel Davenport, Newport1767-1775request_box
656Stephen Deblois, Newport 1760-1773request_box
657 Jonathan Devall, Newport 1769-1770request_box
658John Dockray, Newport1765-1766request_box
659Daniel Donham, Newport 1754-1787request_box
660 Benjamin Doubleday, Newport 1762-1772request_box
661Capt. James Duncan, Newport1765-1776 request_box
6 62Ebenezer Dunton, Newport1762-1774request_box
663Capt. Joseph Durfee, Newport1761-1775request_box

B) Newport, Rhode Island, E-K

71Capt. Thomas Earnshey, Newport1772-1774 request_box
7 2James Easton, Newport1764-1774request_box
73Jonathan Easton, Newport 1762-1767request_box
74 Isaac Elizer, Newport 1760-1773request_box
75Bailey Evens, Newport1772-1774request_box
76William Finch, Newport 1756-1772request_box
77 Preserved Fish, Newport 1755-1770request_box
78Henry Collins Flagg, Newport1762-1769 request_box
7 9Samuel Fowler, Newport1755-1775request_box
710Miller Frost, Newport 1764-1770request_box
711 Capt. William Gandal, Newport 1767request_box
712William Gardner, [Newport]1766-1774request_box
713Peter Gaynor, Newport 1757-1775request_box
714 Thomas George, Newport 1761-1772request_box
715Elisha Gibbs, Newport1771-1775request_box
716George Gibbs, Newport 1762-1772request_box
717 Lewis Ginnedo, Newport 1764-1772request_box
718William Goddard, Newport1763-1775 request_box
7 19Caleb Godfrey, Newport1760-1766request_box
720Samuel Goldthwait, Newport1765-1775request_box
721Thomas Green, Newport 1765-1774request_box
722 John Greene and Co., Newport 1763-1774request_box
723Nathanael Greene, Newport1763-1782 request_box
7 24Samuel Greene, Newport1766-1772request_box
725William Gyles, Newport 1766-1775request_box
726 John Hadwen, Newport1765-1775 request_box
7 27Joseph Hammond, jun., Newport1764-1772request_box
728Charles Handy, Newport 1765-1775request_box
729 Moses and Samuel Hart, Newport 1760-1773request_box
730Naphtali Hart and Co., Newport1760-1764 request_box
7 31Nathan Hart, Newport1763-1772request_box
732Capt. Nathaniel Hathaway, Newport1768-1774request_box
733Thomas G. Hazard, Newport 1764-1774request_box
734 Samuel Henshaw, Newport 1759-1770request_box
735Jeremiah Hill, Newport1765-1774 request_box
7 36Giles Hosier, Newport1757-1774request_box
737John and Benjamin Howard, Newport1765-1774request_box
738John Hubbard, Newport 1768-1769request_box
739 Henry Hunter, Newport 1765-1775request_box
740Capt. John Hyer, Newport1768-1772 request_box
7 41Jonathan Ingell and Elkanah Richmond, Newport1767-1770 request_box
7 42Joshua Ingraham, Newport1769-1774request_box
743George Irish, Newport 1767-1772request_box
744 John Jenkins, Newport 1760-1764request_box
745John Jepson, Newport1758-1759request_box
746John Johnson and Co., Newport1766-1773request_box
747Edward Keeney, Newport 1765-1770request_box

C) Newport, Rhode Island, L-R

81Capt. William Ladd, Newport1763-1774 request_box
8 2Elisha Lawton, Newport1762-1767request_box
83Moses Levy, Newport 1760-1765request_box
84 Moses Lopez, Newport1755-1764 request_box
8 5James Lucena, Newport1759-1767request_box
86Samuel Lyndon, Newport 1764-1772request_box
87 Uriel Lyon, Newport1761-1764 request_box
8 8Evan and Francis Malbone, Newport1754-1774request_box
89Godfrey & John Malbone, Newport1756-1764request_box
810Gould Marsh, Newport1772-1774request_box
811Jonathan Marsh, jun., Newport1755-1773request_box
812Benjamin Mason, Newport 1756-1774request_box
813 Capt. John Mawdsley, Newport 1764-1774request_box
814Nathan Miller, Newport1767-1775 request_box
8 15James Millward, Newport1763-1774request_box
816Samuel Moses, Newport 1764-1769request_box
817 Nathaniel Mumford, Newport 1766-1778request_box
818Paul Mumford, Newport1769-1770request_box
819Robert Mumford, Newport 1761-1766request_box
820 William Mumford, Newport 1760-1772request_box
821Capt. John Newdigate, Newport1766-1773 request_box
8 22John Newton, Newport1768-1774request_box
823Samuel Nightengale, jun., Newport1765-1767request_box
824James Nixon, jun., Newport1758-1767request_box
825Capt. Jeremiah Osborne, Newport1765-1772request_box
826Jonathan Otis, Newport 1766-1769request_box
827 Henry and John Overing, Newport1761-1774request_box
828Benjamin Parmenter, Newport1767-1775 request_box
829Simon Pease, jun., Newport1763-1774request_box
830Caleb Peckham, Newport1762-1766request_box
831George Hazard Peckham, Newport1766-1773request_box
832Isaac Peckham, Newport1761-1765request_box
833Philip Peckham, Newport1766-1773 request_box
8 34Capt. John Peters, Newport1767-1774request_box
835Clother Pierce, jun., Newport1755-1771request_box
836Joseph Pike, Newport 1764-1774request_box
837 Capt. William Pinnegar, Newport1760-1769request_box
838John Pitman, Newport1754-1774request_box
839Isaac Polock, Newport 1755-1763request_box
840 Issachar Polock, Newport 1760-1767request_box
841Jacob Polock, Newport1769-1770request_box
842Myer Polock, Newport 1761-1772request_box
843 Capt. James Potter, Newport 1761-1767request_box
844Thomas Potter, jun., Newport1766-1767 request_box
8 45William Potter, Newport1764-1775request_box
846John Price, Newport 1773-1783request_box
847 Jacob Richardson, Newport 1760-1787request_box
848Thomas Richardson, Newport1760-1774 request_box
8 49William Richardson, Newport1760-1774request_box
850Jacob Rodriguez Rivera, Newport1754-1794request_box
851James Rogers, Newport 1763-1772request_box
852 John Rogers, Newport1771-1774 request_box
8 53Jonathan Rogers, Newport1764-1770request_box
854George Rome, Newport 1762-1764request_box
855 Joseph and William Russell, Newport1766-1774request_box

D) Newport, Rhode Island, S-Z

9 1Elisha Sanford, Newport1767-1774request_box
92Abraham Sarzedas, Newport 1760-1774request_box
93 Joshua Saunders, Newport 1755-1766request_box
94Israel Seaman, Newport1770request_box
95Sylvanus Shaw, Newport 1773-1775request_box
96 Benjamin Shearman, Newport 1764-1774request_box
97Capt. Ebenezer Shearman, Newport1772-1774 request_box
9 8Capt. Seymour Sherwood, Newport1769-1773request_box
99Robert Shouen, Newport 1767-1772request_box
910 Edward Simmons, Newport 1765-1768request_box
911Gideon Sisson, Newport1755-1773 request_box
9 12Capt. Lavis Sisson, Newport1774-1776 request_box
9 13John Slocum, Newport1764-1772request_box
914Joseph Southwick, Newport 1766-1774request_box
915 Solomon Southwick, Newport 1773-1787request_box
916Henry Sowle, Newport1766-1771request_box
917Charles Spooner, Newport 1765-1767request_box
918 Samuel Spooner, Newport 1763-1765request_box
919Joab Stafford, Newport1767request_box
920William Stall, Newport 1773-1775request_box
921 Thomas G. Stelle, Newport 1764-1775request_box
922John Stevens, Newport1755-1770request_box
923William Stevens, Newport 1762-1767request_box
924 Capt. Zebediah Story, Newport 1772-1776request_box
925Capt. John Strange, Newport1763-1774 request_box
9 26George Taber, Newport1774-1782request_box
927Constant Tabor, Newport 1767-1774request_box
928 Caleb Tappan, Newport 1769-1770request_box
929William Tayer, Newport1767-1775 request_box
9 30Richard Thomas, Newport1763-1769request_box
931John Thurston, Newport 1761-1774request_box
932 Estate of Joseph Thurston, Newport1769-1775request_box
933Peleg Thurston and Sons, Newport1761-1770 request_box
9 34William Tilley, Newport1771-1775request_box
935Jonathan Tillinghast, Newport1769-1771request_box
936Nicholas and Daniel Tillinghast, Newport1764-1775request_box
937Thomas Tillinghast, Newport1766-1769request_box
938Israel Tisdale, Newport 1765-1767request_box
939John Toppham, Newport1755-1767request_box
940Samuel and John Treby, Newport1757-1774request_box
941Eleazar Trevett, Newport1765-1771request_box
942Capt. Peregrine van Emburgh, Newport1767-1774request_box
943Thomas Vernon, Newport 1754-1774request_box
944 Capt. Peter Vredenburgh, Newport1769-1775request_box
945Henry Wall, Newport1760-1770request_box
946John and Gideon Wanton, Newport1763-1766request_box
947Joseph and William Wanton, Newport1761-1769request_box
948Joseph Wanton, jun., Newport1756-1763request_box
949Oliver Ring Warner, Newport1765-1770request_box
950Capt. John Warren, Newport1764-1772request_box
951Peter Weaver and Benjamin Davis, Newport1764-1767request_box
952Samuel Whitehorne, Newport1766-1768request_box
953Benjamin Wickham, Newport 1761-1767request_box
954 Thomas Wickham, jun., Newport 1763-1769request_box
955Philip Wilkinson and Daniel Ayrault, Newport1755-1768request_box
956Benjamin and Anthony Willbour, Newport 1764-1774request_box
957Jonathan Willson, Newport1755-1774 request_box
9 58Richard Woodman, Newport1768-1770request_box
959Capt. Benjamin Wright, Newport1765-1774request_box
960John Wyatt, Newport 1770-1773request_box
961 Capt. Lemuel Wyatt, Newport 1763-1767request_box
962Standfast Wyatt, Newport1766-1786 request_box
9 63Yeates and Cahoone, Newport1762-1774request_box

E) Massachusetts Ports

101Charles Ward Apthorp and Co., Boston 1760-1761request_box
102André Carante, Boston1779request_box
103Gilbert DeBlois, Boston 1760-1763request_box
104 Lewis DeBlois, Boston 1760-1767request_box
105Benjamin Goldthwait, Boston1778 request_box
10 6Hastings and Lopez, Boston1781-1783request_box
107Thomas Lee, Boston 1767-1778request_box
108 Henry Lloyd, Boston1760-1767 request_box
10 9Otis and Andrews, Boston1767-1778request_box
1010Daniel Dennison Rogers, Boston1779request_box
1011Nathan Spear, jun., Boston1778request_box
1012Nathaniel Wheatley, Boston1767-1770
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1013John White, jun., Boston 1778request_box
1014 Charles Church and Co., Dartmouth1763-1771request_box
1015 William Davis, Dartmouth 1762-1771request_box
1016 Joseph Rotch and Co., New Bedford1760-1773request_box
1017 Rotch and Jarvis, New Bedford 1777-1778
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1018 Cleveland and Flagg, Salem 1778request_box
1019Jonathan Hastings, jun., [Salem]1778request_box
1020M. Lafitte, Salem1778request_box
1021Jonathan Lambert, Salem1778request_box
1022 Capt. Joseph Lee, Salem1778 request_box
1023 Jonathan Peele, Salem1778 request_box
10 24W. Pickman and Co., Salem1778request_box
1025Tucker and Foster, Salem 1778request_box
1026 Benjamin Bowers, Swansey 1763-1772request_box
1027 Henry Bowers, Swansey 1762-1774request_box
1028 Elijah Stephens, Swansey 1761-1763request_box
1029 John Nazro, Worcester 1781-1783request_box

F) Rhode Island Ports (other than Newport)

1030John Reynolds, East Greenwich1769-1772request_box
1031Rowland Robinson, Kingston1773-1774request_box
1032Joseph Brown and Nicholas Power, Providence1769-1787request_box
1033Nicholas Brown and Co., Providence1767-1775request_box
1034Jacobs and Lopez, Providence1779-1782request_box
1035Tillinghast and Holyroyd, Providence1772-1782request_box
1036Caleb Carr, Warren 1762-1764request_box
1037 Robert Carr, Warren1763-1773 request_box
10 38John Child, Warren1767-1778request_box
1039Caleb and Cromwell Childs, Warren1763-1773request_box
1040Sylvester Childs, Warren 1767-1775request_box
1041 Ebenezer Cole, Warren 1764-1773request_box
1042 Martin Luther, Warren 1763-1774request_box
1043 Samuel Luther, Warren 1762-1763request_box
1044 Caleb Turner, Warren1771-1774 request_box

G) Other American and Foreign Ports

111Daniel Crommelein and Sons, Amsterdam 1773-1783request_box
112John Turner and Son, Amsterdam1760-1771 request_box
11 3Henry Cruger, Bristol1765-1773request_box
114Isaac Da Costa, Charles Town1764-1765request_box
115Lane Bensons and Vaughn, Cork1766 request_box
11 6David Haim Dovale, Curaçao1773request_box
117Godfrey Laycock, Halifax 1761-1769request_box
118Hayley and Hopkins-Accounts current & interest, London1768-1774request_box
119Hayley and Hopkins-Account sales and freight, London1769-1774request_box
1110Hayley and Hopkins-Insurance, London1770-1774request_box
1111Hayley and Hopkins-Invoices for merchandise, London1769-1773request_box
1112George Hayley, London1767-1768request_box
1113William Stead, London 1763-1770request_box
1114 Ximenes and Lousada, London 1769request_box
1115Joseph Gardoqui and Sons, Madeira1780-1782request_box
1116Capt. Joseph Reply, New Bern1764-1775request_box
1117Samuel Broome and Co., New York1769-1770request_box
1118John Harris Cruger, New York1767-1770request_box
1119Capt. Joshua de St. Croix, New York1764-1775request_box
1120Walter and Samuel Franklin, New York1760-1765request_box
1121Isaac Guion, New York 1770request_box
1122 Uriah Hendricks, New York 1760-1774request_box
1123 John Hull, New York1769-1770 request_box
11 24James Jauncey, New York1760request_box
1125Capt. Robert Lawton, New York1755-1772request_box
1126Hayman Levy, New York 1760-1779request_box
1127 Daniel Ludlow, New York 1772-1773request_box
1128 Gabriel Ludlow, New York 1760-1769request_box
1129 Mercer and Ramsey, New York 1760request_box
1130Stephen Rapalye, New York1770-1775request_box
1131Abraham Remsen, New York 1765-1767request_box
1132 Charles Hinckley, Norwich 1768-1769request_box
1133 Jabez Perkins, Norwich 1773-1775request_box
1134 Capt. Joseph Anthony, Philadelphia1763-1774request_box
1135 Capt. William Grinnell, Philadelphia1769-1774request_box
1136 Capt. Valentine Wightman, Philadelphia1769request_box
1137 Woodham and Young, Philadelphia1761request_box
1138 Cornelius TerBush, Poughkeepsie1782request_box
1139 Samson Mears, St. Eustace 1769-1774request_box
1140 Manuel Rodrigues, St. Nicholas Moleundatedrequest_box
1141 Broadbent and Bland, Sheffield 1762-1767request_box

H) Miscellaneous Figures and General Accounts

121 Accounts for Ships' Cargos, Newportundatedrequest_box
122Accounts for Ships' Outfits, Newport undatedrequest_box
123Shop Goods Inventory, Newportundated request_box
12 4Accounts for Spermaceti, oil & head matter, Newport1756-1768 request_box
12 5Oil house and spermaceti refinery, Newport1754-1770request_box
126Accounts for Laborers, Newport1763-1773request_box
127Household Accounts, Newport1757-1787request_box
128Accounts for Sugar, Molasses and Rum, Newport1755-1778request_box
129Accounts for Flour and Bread, Newport1765-1782request_box
1210Accounts for Wood, Board, Staves and Plank, Newport1760-1774request_box
1211Accounts for Freight, Trucking and Cartage, Newport1755-1782request_box
1212Accounts-Bills of Exchange1755-1782request_box
1213Miscellaneous unidentified figuresundatedrequest_box
1214Miscellaneous invoices 1760-1769request_box
1215 Miscellaneous invoices 1770-1778request_box
1216 Miscellaneous invoices 1779-1780request_box
1217 Miscellaneous orders1755-1769 request_box
12 18 Miscellaneous orders1770-1787request_box
131Miscellaneous bills 1753-1768request_box
132 Miscellaneous bills1769 request_box
13 3Miscellaneous bills1770-1787request_box
134Unidentified and damaged accountsundatedrequest_box
135Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1753-1763request_box
136Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1764-1766request_box
137Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1767request_box
138Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1768-1769request_box
139Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1770request_box
1310Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1771-1772request_box
1311Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1773request_box
1312Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1774request_box
1313Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1774request_box
1314Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1775-1781request_box
1315Miscellaneous accounts rendered and settled1782-1787request_box
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Series III: Correspondence, 1752-1783, 1953

The predominant language in this series is English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Box 14, Folders 1-38.

The original correspondence files have been arranged by correspondent in chronological sequence; the typescripts have been arranged strictly by chronology.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of general correspondence in both holograph and typescript format. The original manuscript correspondence comprises 66 items (some of which have been microfilmed); the remaining files are typescripts of holographic Lopez correspondence found in the Newport Historical Society and other repositories.

141Hayley and Hopkins (London)1766-1772request_box
142Henry Lloyd (Boston) 1767request_box
143Abraham Pereira Mendes (Jamaica)1767-1768 request_box
14 4Abraham Lopez (Jamaica)1770-1771request_box
145James Lucena (Savannah, Georgia)1771-1772request_box
146Joshua Hart (Charlestown, South Carolina) 1772request_box
147Silas Cooke (Middletown, Rhode Island)1776request_box
148Moses de Daniel Gomez (Philadelphia)1780request_box
149David Lopez, jun. (Boston & Providence)1782-1783request_box
1410Miscellaneous holograph correspondence1758-1783request_box
1411Typescript correspondence 1752request_box
1412 Typescript correspondence1753 request_box
14 13Typescript correspondence1754request_box
1414Typescript correspondence 1756request_box
1415 Typescript correspondence1757 request_box
14 16Typescript correspondence1759request_box
1417Typescript correspondence 1760request_box
1418 Typescript correspondence1761 request_box
14 19Typescript correspondence1762request_box
1420Typescript correspondence 1763request_box
1421 Typescript correspondence1764 request_box
14 22Typescript correspondence1765request_box
1423Typescript correspondence 1767request_box
1424 Typescript correspondence1768 request_box
14 25Typescript correspondence1769request_box
1426Typescript correspondence 1770request_box
1427 Typescript correspondence1771 request_box
14 28Typescript correspondence1772request_box
1429Typescript correspondence 1773request_box
1430 Typescript correspondence1774 request_box
14 31Typescript correspondence1775request_box
1432Typescript correspondence 1776request_box
1433 Typescript correspondence1777 request_box
14 34Typescript correspondence1779request_box
1435Typescript correspondence 1780request_box
1436 Typescript correspondence1781 request_box
14 37Typescript correspondence1782request_box
1438Newspaper article about Lopez, The Jewish Advocate, "Aaron Lopez-Newport, 1777"January 15, 1953request_box
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Series IV: Photostats from other Repositories (Naturalization Papers and Shipping Records and Manifests) and Estate Inventories for Joshua Lopez and Juliet Lopez Levy, 1762-1764, 1766, 1771, 1772, 1846, 1852

The predominant language in this series is English.
Box 14, Folders 39-41.

Arranged by individual Lopez family member.

Scope and Content:

Consists of photostats (donated by Boston attorney and collector Lee Max Friedman) pertaining to the various efforts of Aaron Lopez to obtain naturalization as a British citizen in Rhode Island and Massachusetts between 1760 and 1762. Among the Photostats are ship records and manifests for the Ship Cleopatra; Master, Nathaniel Briggs; Destination, Barbados and St. Nicholas Mole, 1772 (see also Box 3, Folder 10); the Sloop Industry; Master, John Hyer; Destination, Jamaica, 1766 (see also Box 4, Folder 20); and the Sloop Swansey; Master, Francis Bradfield; Destination, Kingston in Jamaica, 1766 (see also Box 5, Folder 2). The folder also includes an Aaron Lopez account with Yeates and Cahoone, unknown city of residence, 1771. [NB: The originals of these records can be found in the Suffolk Files collection of the Massachusetts State Archives and in the collection of the Rhode Island State Archives]. In addition, this Series contains Inventories of Estates for two of the children of Aaron Lopez, Joshua and Juliet.

1439[Aaron Lopez] Naturalization Papers [Shipping Records and Manifests] (photostats from other repositories)1762-1764, 1766, 1771, 1772request_box
1440Joshua Lopez (Inventory of Estate)1846request_box
1441Juliet Lopez Levy (Inventory of Estate)1852request_box
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Separated Oversized Material, 1760-1787

1(OS1) 1 Brigantine Abigail (separated from Box 1, Folder 1)request_box
1(OS1) 2 Brigantine Anne (separated from Box 1, Folder 4)request_box
1(OS1) 3 Brigantine Charlotte (separated from Box 1, Folder 9)request_box
1(OS1) 4 Brigantine Charlotte (separated from Box 1, Folder 10)request_box
1(OS1) 5 Brigantine Charlotte (separated from Box 1, Folder 11)request_box
1(OS1) 6 Brigantine Diana (separated from Box 1, Folder 17)request_box
1(OS1) 7 Brigantine Diana (separated from Box 1, Folder 18)request_box
1(OS1) 8 Brigantine Greyhound (separated from Box 1, Folder 20)request_box
1(OS1) 9 Brigantine Hannah (separated from Box 2, Folder 1)request_box
1(OS1) 10 Brigantine Industry (separated from Box 2, Folder 4)request_box
1(OS1) 11 Brigantine Industry (separated from Box 2, Folder 5)request_box
1(OS1) 12 Brigantine Industry (separated from Box 2, Folder 6)request_box
1(OS1) 13 Brigantine Industry (separated from Box 2, Folder 7)request_box
1(OS1) 14 Brigantine Levianthan (separated from Box 2, Folder 8)request_box
1(OS1) 15 Brigantine Little Hart (separated from Box 2, Folder 9)request_box
1(OS1) 16 Brigantine Minerva (separated from Box 2, Folder 11)request_box
1(OS1) 17 Brigantine Neptune (separated from Box 2, Folder 12)request_box
1(OS1) 18 Brigantine Neptune (separated from Box 2, Folder 13)request_box
1(OS1) 19 Brigantine Royal Charlotte (separated from Box 2, Folder 14)request_box
1(OS1) 20 Brigantine Sally (separated from Box 2, Folder 11)request_box
1(OS1) 21 Brigantine Sally (separated from Box 2, Folder 18)request_box
1(OS1) 22 Brigantine Venus (separated from Box 2, Folder 19)request_box
2(OS1) 1 Ship America (separated from Box 3, Folder 2)request_box
2(OS1) 2 Ship America (separated from Box 3, Folder 3)request_box
2(OS1) 3 Ship Ann (separated from Box 3, Folder 6)request_box
2(OS1) 4 Ship Clarissa (separated from Box 3, Folder 7)request_box
2(OS1) 5 Ship Cleopatra (separated from Box 3, Folder 9)request_box
2(OS1) 6 Ship Cleopatra (separated from Box 3, Folder 10)request_box
2(OS1) 7 Ship Jacob (separated from Box 3, Folder 14)request_box
2(OS1) 8 Ship Jacob (separated from Box 3, Folder 16)request_box
2(OS1) 9 Ship Jacob (separated from Box 3, Folder 18)request_box
2(OS1) 10 Ship Nancy (separated from Box 3, Folder 20)request_box
2(OS1) 11 Ship Nancy (separated from Box 3, Folder 21)request_box
2(OS1) 12 Ship Ocean (separated from Box 3, Folder 23)request_box
2(OS1) 13 Ship Peter and Ann (separated from Box 3, Folder 24)request_box
2(OS1) 14 Ship Pitt (separated from Box 3, Folder 26)request_box
2(OS1) 15 Ship Pitt (separated from Box 3, Folder 28)request_box
2(OS1) 16 Sloop Abigail (separated from Box 4, Folder 2)request_box
2(OS1) 17 Sloop Charlotte (separated from Box 4, Folder 7)request_box
2(OS1) 18 Sloop Endeavor (separated from Box 4, Folder 11)request_box
2(OS1) 19 Sloop Florida (separated from Box 4, Folder 13)request_box
2(OS1) 20 Sloop George (separated from Box 4, Folder 15)request_box
2(OS1) 21 Sloop Industry (separated from Box 4, Folder 18)request_box
2(OS1) 22 Sloop Industry (separated from Box 4, Folder 20)request_box
2(OS1) 23 Sloop Industry (separated from Box 4, Folder 23)request_box
2(OS1) 24 Sloop Industry (separated from Box 4, Folder 25)request_box
2(OS1) 25 Sloop Mary (separated from Box 4, Folder 29)request_box
2(OS1) 26 Sloop Mary (separated from Box 4, Folder 30)request_box
2(OS1) 27 Sloop Mary (separated from Box 4, Folder 31)request_box
2(OS1) 28 Sloop Priscilla (separated from Box 4, Folder 34)request_box
2(OS1) 29 Sloop Sally (separated from Box 4, Folder 38)request_box
3(OS1) 1 Sloop Spry (separated from Box 5, Folder 1)request_box
3(OS1) 2 Sloop Swansea (separated from Box 5, Folder 2)request_box
3(OS1) 3 Sloop Three Friends (separated from Box 5, Folder 6)request_box
3(OS1) 4 Sloop Three Sallys (separated from Box 5, Folder 8)request_box
3(OS1) 5 Sloop Three Sallys (separated from Box 5, Folder 9)request_box
3(OS1) 6 Schooner Acteon (separated from Box 5, Folder 11)request_box
3(OS1) 7 Schooner Eleanor (separated from Box 5, Folder 14)request_box
3(OS1) 8 Schooner Eleanor (separated from Box 5, Folder 15)request_box
3(OS1) 9 Schooner Eleanor (separated from Box 5, Folder 16)request_box
3(OS1) 10 Schooner Eleanor (separated from Box 5, Folder 17)request_box
3(OS1) 11 Schooner Ranger (separated from Box 5, Folder 22)request_box
3(OS1) 12 Schooner Sally (separated from Box 5, Folder 24)request_box
3(OS1) 13 Schooner Susannah and Sarah (separated from Box 5, Folder 25)request_box
3(OS1) 14 Schooner Two Brothers (separated from Box 5, Folder 26)request_box
4(OS1) 1 Accounts with Captain Benjamin Allen (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 3)request_box
4(OS1) 2 Accounts with Samuel Adam (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 4) 1767-1787 request_box
4(OS1) 3 Accounts with Job Almy (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 6)request_box
4(OS1) 4 Accounts with John Andrews (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 8)request_box
4(OS1) 5 Accounts with Elisha Anthony [Later d/b/a Elisha Anthony and Cahoohe (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 10) 1769-1774 request_box
4(OS1) 6 Accounts with Peleg Barker (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 12) 1764-1773 request_box
4(OS1) 7 Accounts with Jacob Barney, Jr. (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 13)request_box
4(OS1) 8 Accounts with Joseph Belcher (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 15)request_box
4(OS1) 9 Accounts with John Bours (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 19)request_box
4(OS1) 10 Accounts with Samuel Brenton (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 22)request_box
4(OS1) 11 Accounts with Capt. Nathaniel Briggs (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 23)request_box
4(OS1) 12 Accounts with Francis Brinley (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 24)request_box
4(OS1) 13 Accounts with William Brown (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 28)request_box
4(OS1) 14 Accounts with Christopher Champlin (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 36)request_box
4(OS1) 15 Accounts with John Channing (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 38)request_box
4(OS1) 16 Accounts with Capt. Seth Clarke (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 43)request_box
4(OS1) 17 Accounts with Billings Coggeshall (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 45)request_box
4(OS1) 18 Accounts with Peter Cooke (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 47)request_box
4(OS1) 19 Accounts with Silas Cooke (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 48)request_box
4(OS1) 20 Accounts with Joseph Crandell, Jr. (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 50)request_box
4(OS1) 21 Accounts with Thomas Cranston (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 51) 1763-1774 request_box
4(OS1) 22 Accounts with Samuel Davenport (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 55) 1767-1775 request_box
4(OS1) 23 Accounts with Jonathan Devall (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 57) 1769-1770 request_box
4(OS1) 24 Accounts with Capt. Joseph Durfee (Newport) (separated from Box 6, Folder 63)request_box
5(OS1) 1 Accounts with Issac Elizer (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 4) 1760-1773 request_box
5(OS1) 2 Accounts with Bailey Evins (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 5) 1772-1774 request_box
5(OS1) 3 Accounts with Preserved Fish (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 7)request_box
5(OS1) 4 Accounts with Samuel Fowler (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 9)request_box
5(OS1) 5 Accounts with Miller Frost (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 10)request_box
5(OS1) 6 Accounts with William Gardner (separated from Box 7, Folder 12)request_box
5(OS1) 7 Accounts with Thomas George (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 14)request_box
5(OS1) 8 Accounts with George Gibbs (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 16) 1762-1772 request_box
5(OS1) 9 Accounts with William Gyles (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 25) 1766-1775 request_box
5(OS1) 10 Accounts with John Hadwen (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 26)request_box
5(OS1) 11 Accounts Joseph Hammond, Jr. (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 27) 1764-1772 request_box
5(OS1) 12 Accounts with Charles Handy (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 28) 1765-1775 request_box
5(OS1) 13 Accounts with Capt. Nathaniel Hathaway (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 32)request_box
5(OS1) 14 Accounts with Gilles Hosher (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 36)request_box
5(OS1) 15 Accounts with Henry Hunter (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 39)request_box
5(OS1) 16 Accounts with George Irish (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 43) 1767-1772 request_box
5(OS1) 17 Accounts with John Jenkins (Newport) (separated from Box 7, Folder 44)request_box
6(OS1) 1 Accounts with Samuel Lyndon (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 6) 1764-1772 request_box
6(OS1) 2 Accounts with Evan and Francis Malbone (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 8)request_box
6(OS1) 3 Accounts with Benjamin Mason (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 12)request_box
6(OS1) 4 Accounts with James Millward (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 15) 1763-1774 request_box
6(OS1) 5 Accounts with Paul Mumford (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 18)request_box
6(OS1) 6 Accounts with Capt. John Newdigate (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 21)request_box
6(OS1) 7 Accounts with Capt. Jerimiah Osborne (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 25)request_box
6(OS1) 8 Accounts with Henry and John Overing (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 27)request_box
6(OS1) 9 Accounts with Capt. John Peters (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 34)request_box
6(OS1) 10 Accounts with Thomas Potter, Jr. (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 44)request_box
6(OS1) 11 Accounts with John Price (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 46)request_box
6(OS1) 12 Accounts with Thomas Richardson (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 48)request_box
6(OS1) 13 Accounts with Jacob Rodriquez Rivera (Newport) (separated from Box 8, Folder 50)request_box
7(OS1) 1 Accounts with Benjamin Sherman (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 6)request_box
7(OS1) 2 Accounts with Ebenezer Sherman (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 7)request_box
7(OS1) 3 Accounts with Gideon Sisson (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 11)request_box
7(OS1) 4 Accounts with Henry Sowle (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 16) 1766-1771 request_box
7(OS1) 5 Accounts with Samuel Spooner (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 18) 1763-1765 request_box
7(OS1) 6 Accounts with Joab Stafford (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 19) 1767 request_box
7(OS1) 7 Accounts with Thomas G. Stelle (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 21)request_box
7(OS1) 8 Accounts with Capt. Zebediah Story (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 24)request_box
7(OS1) 9 Accounts with Constant Tabor (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 27)request_box
7(OS1) 10 Accounts with William Tayer (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 29) 1767-1775 request_box
7(OS1) 11 Estate of Joseph Thurston - Accounts (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 32)request_box
7(OS1) 12 Peleg Thurston and Sons (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 33)request_box
7(OS1) 13 Accounts with Jonathan Tillinghast (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 35) 1769-1771 request_box
7(OS1) 14 Accounts with Nicholas and Daniel Tillinghast (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 36)request_box
7(OS1) 15 Accounts with Israel Tisdale (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 38) 1765-1767 request_box
7(OS1) 16 Accounts with Capt. Pergrine van Emburgh (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 42) 1767-1774 request_box
7(OS1) 17 Accounts with Joseph and William Wanton (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 47)request_box
7(OS1) 18 Accounts with Capt. John Warren (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 50)request_box
7(OS1) 19 Accounts with Peter Weaver and Benjamin Davis (separated from Box 9, Folder 51)request_box
7(OS1) 20 Accounts with Thomas Wickham, Jr. (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 54)request_box
7(OS1) 21 Accounts with Bejamin and Anthony Willbour (Newport) (separated from Box 9, Folder 56) 1764-1774 request_box
7(OS1) 22 Accounts with Capt. Benjamin Wright (Newport and Jamaica) (separated from Box 9, Folder 59)request_box
8(OS1) 1 Accounts with Charles Ward Apthorp and Company (Newport) (separated from Box 10, Folder 1)request_box
8(OS1) 2 Accounts with Lewis De Blois (Boston) (separated from Box 10, Folder 4)request_box
8(OS1) 3 Accounts with Hastings and Lopez (Boston) (separated from Box 10, Folder 6) July 1781-May 1783 request_box
8(OS1) 4 Accounts with Thomas Lee (Boston) (separated from Box 10, Folder 7)request_box
8(OS1) 5 Accounts with Joseph Rotch and Co. (Bedford-in-Dartmouth and Nantucket) (separated from Box 10, Folder 16)request_box
8(OS1) 6 Accounts with Jarvis and Rotch (Bedford-in-Dartmouth) (separated from Box 10, Folder 17)request_box
8(OS1) 7 Accounts with Jonathan Hastings, Jr. [Salem] (separated from Box 10, Folder 19) 1778 request_box
8(OS1) 8 Accounts with Jonathan Lambert (Salem) (separated from Box 10, Folder 21) 1778 request_box
8(OS1) 9 Accounts with Capt. Joseph Lee (Salem) (separated from Box 10, Folder 22) 1778 request_box
8(OS1) 10 Accounts with Tucker and Foster (Salem) (separated from Box 10, Folder 25) 1778 request_box
8(OS1) 11 Accounts with John Nazro (Worchester) (separated from Box 10, Folder 29)request_box
8(OS1) 12 Accounts with John Reynolds (E. Greenwich) (separated from Box 10, Folder 30) 1769-1772 request_box
8(OS1) 13 Accounts with Joseph Brown and Nicholas Power (Providence) (separated from Box 10, Folder 32)request_box
8(OS1) 14 Accounts with Nicholas Brown and Company (Providence) (separated from Box 10, Folder 33)request_box
8(OS1) 15 Accounts with Jacob and Lopez (Providence) (separated from Box 10, Folder 34) 1779-September 1782 request_box
8(OS1) 16 Accounts with Tillinghast and Holyrod (Providence) (separated from Box 10, Folder 35)request_box
8(OS1) 17 Accounts with Robert Carr (Warren and Newport) (separated from Box 10, Folder 37) 1763-1773 request_box
8(OS1) 18 Accounts with John Child (Warren) (separated from Box 10, Folder 38) 1767-1778 request_box
8(OS1) 19 Accounts with Caleb and Cromwell Childs (Warren) (separated from Box 10, Folder 39)request_box
8(OS1) 20 Accounts with Sylvester Childs (Warren) (separated from Box 10, Folder 40) 1767-1775 request_box
8(OS1) 21 Accounts with Martin Luther (Warren) (separated from Box 10, Folder 42) 1763-1774 request_box
9(OS1) 22 Accounts with Daniel Crommelin and Sons (Amsterdam) (separated from Box 11, Folder 1)request_box
9(OS1) 2 Accounts with John Turner and Sons (Amsterdam) (separated from Box 11, Folder 2)request_box
9(OS1) 3 Accounts with Henry Crueger (Bristol) (separated from Box 11, Folder 3)request_box
9(OS1) 4 Accounts with Lane, Bensons and Vaughn (Cork) (separated from Box 11, Folder 4) 1766 request_box
9(OS1) 5 Accounts with David Haim Dovale (Curaçao) (separated from Box 11, Folder 6)request_box
9(OS1) 6 Accounts with Godfrey Laycock (Halifax) (separated from Box 11, Folder 7)request_box
9(OS1) 7 Accounts with Hayley and Hopkins (London) - Account Sales and Freight (separated from Box 11, Folder 9) 1769-1774 request_box
9(OS1) 8 Accounts with Hayley and Hopkins (London) - Invoices for London Merchandise Shipped (separated from Box 11, Folder 11) 1769-1773 request_box
9(OS1) 9 Accounts with Hayley and Hopkins (London) - Accounts Current and Interest Accounts (separated from Box 11, Folder 12)request_box
9(OS1) 10 Accounts with William Stead (London) (separated from Box 11, Folder 13)request_box
9(OS1) 11 Accounts with Ximenes and Lousada (London) (separated from Box 11, Folder 14) 1769 request_box
9(OS1) 12 Accounts with Capt. Joseph Reply (Newport and New Bern, North Carolina) (separated from Box 11, Folder 16)request_box
9(OS1) 13 Accounts with Samuel Broome and Company (New York) (separated from Box 11, Folder 17) 1769-1770 request_box
9(OS1) 14 Accounts with John Harris Cruger (New York) (separated from Box 11, Folder 18)request_box
9(OS1) 15 Accounts with Capt. Robert Lawton (New York) (separated from Box 11, Folder 25)request_box
9(OS1) 16 Accounts with Hayman Levy (New York) (separated from Box 11, Folder 26)request_box
9(OS1) 17 Accounts with Gabriel Ludlow (New York) (separated from Box 11, Folder 28)request_box
9(OS1) 18 Accounts with Stephen Rapalje (New York) (separated from Box 11, Folder 30)request_box
9(OS1) 19 Accounts with Broadbent and Bland (Sheffield, England) - Accounts (separated from Box 11, Folder 41) 1762-1767 request_box
10(OS1) 1 Miscellaneous Accounts - Ships Cargoes (separated from Box 12, Folder 1)request_box
10(OS1) 2 Miscellaneous Accounts - Ships' Outfits (separated from Box 12, Folder 2)request_box
10(OS1) 3 Miscellaneous Accounts - Shop Goods Inventory (separated from Box 12, Folder 3)request_box
10(OS1) 5 Spermaceti Refinery and Oil House Accounts (separated from Box 12, Folder 5)request_box
10(OS1) 6 Miscellaneous Accounts - Laborers (separated from Box 12, Folder 6)request_box
10(OS1) 14 Miscellaneous Invoices (separated from Box 12, Folder 14) 1760-1769 request_box
10(OS1) 15 Miscellaneous Invoices (separated from Box 12, Folder 15) 1770-1778 request_box
10(OS1) 1 Miscellaneous, Indecipherable and Damaged Accounts (separated from Box 13, Folder 1)request_box
10(OS1) 5 Miscellaneous Accounts Rendered and Settled (separated from Box 13, Folder 5)request_box
10(OS1) 8 Miscellaneous Accounts Rendered and Settled (separated from Box 13, Folder 8)request_box
10(OS1) 9 Miscellaneous Accounts Rendered and Settled (separated from Box 13, Folder 9) 1770 request_box
10(OS1) 10 Miscellaneous Accounts Rendered and Settled (separated from Box 13, Folder 10) 1771-1772 request_box
10(OS1) 11 Miscellaneous Accounts Rendered and Settled (separated from Box 13, Folder 11) 1773 request_box
10(OS1) 12 Miscellaneous Accounts Rendered and Settled (separated from Box 13, Folder 12) 1774 request_box
10(OS1) 13 Miscellaneous Accounts Rendered and Settled (separated from Box 13, Folder 13) 1774 request_box
10(OS1) 15 Miscellaneous Accounts Rendered and Settled (separated from Box 13, Folder 15) 1787-1787 request_box
10(OS1) 1 Correspondence with Hayley and Hopkins (London) (separated from Box 14, Folder 1) 1766-1772 request_box
10(OS1) 3 Correspondence with Abraham Pereira Mendes (separated from Box 14, Folder 3) 1767-1768 request_box
10(OS1) 5 Correspondence with James Lucena (Savannah, GA) (separated from Box 14, Folder 5) 1771-1772 request_box
10(OS1) 9 Correspondence with David Lopez, Jr. (Boston and Providence) (separated from Box 14, Folder 9) 1782-1783 request_box
10(OS1) 10 Miscellaneous Original Correspondence (separated from Box 14, Folder 10) 1758-1783 request_box
1(OS2) 1 Brigantine Charlotte (separated from Box 1, Folder 12) 1772-1773 request_box
1(OS2) 1 Brigantine Charlotte (separated from Box 1, Folder 12) 1773-1774 request_box
1(OS2) 1 Brigantine Sally (separated from Box 2, Folder 15) 1766 request_box
1(OS2) 1 Ship America (separated from Box 3, Folder 5) 1767-1768 request_box
1(OS2) 1 Ship Jacob (separated from Box 3, Folder 17) 1773 request_box
1(OS2) 1 Snow Joseph (separated from Box 5, Folder 30) 1770 request_box
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