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Descriptive Summary

Creator:Herland, Leo
Dates:bulk 1924-1960
Abstract: This collection describes the work and life of the physiognomist and writer Leo Herland. The papers found here emphasize his written work, and the largest portion of the collection is made up of manuscripts of his compositions. The collection also holds personal and professional correspondence, published articles, some personal documents, diaries, clippings, and a few photographs.
Languages: The collection is in German and English.
Quantity: 9.5 linear feet + 1 index card box
Identification: AR 25177 / MF 741
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Leo Herland was a psychologist whose main area of expertise was the study of physiognomy - the study and interpretation of the face. He was born in Vienna, Austria in 1888. From August 1916 through March 1920 Leo Herland served in the military. In 1912 he married Melanie nee Sgalitzer, who was fourteen years older than him, and also from Vienna. In 1919 their daughter Lotte was born.

By 1935 Leo Herland had completed his studies at the Universität Wien. During the late 1920s and early 1930s he was active in the socialist movement in Vienna, and his writings were published in publications such as Freundschaft , Die Gemeinwirtschaft, and Arbeiter-Zeitung. In 1938 Leo Herland's book on physiognomy, Gesicht und Charakter, was published by Rascher Verlag. That same year he and his wife left Vienna. They first arrived in England in August, where their daughter Lotte was living, before continuing on to the United States a month later. Leo Herland spent much of his time in the 1940s and 1950s writing, and signed a contract with Frederick Ungar Publishing in 1952 for the publication of an English-German Dictionary of Mathematical Sciences. In 1953, Melanie Herland died. Gesicht und Charakter was published again in 1956 and 1975. A second edition of the dictionary was published in 1965. Leo Herland died in New York in 1969.

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Scope and Content Note

The Leo Herland Collection largely documents Leo Herland's writing and professional career, with some materials on his personal life. The largest amount of information is on his writing career.

Items concerning Leo Herland's personal life will mainly be found in Series I. These items include documents such as immigration and travel papers and forms, his military service papers, identification papers and cards, educational and financial papers, ration books, a few unidentified photographs, and some papers from vacations or trips the family took. This series also contains diaries and scrapbooks. Other papers relating to Leo Herland's personal life include the correspondence he maintained with family members and friends, which will be found in Series III: Correspondence. A small amount of papers of his immediate family members are located in Series II: Other Family Members' Papers.

Professional and writing materials make up the remainder of the collection. Located among the correspondence are a few folders with professional organizations such as the American Psychological Association as well as with publishers Herland worked with. Series IV, however, makes up the bulk of the collection. This series holds all of Leo Herland's writings, most of which are unpublished. Perhaps most noteworthy of the manuscripts found here are Herland's physiognomic character analyses, a few of which are of well-known individuals. Included here are also many unpublished manuscripts of fictional works, most of which appear to be a part of a longer work. Herland's published articles and reviews of his book Gesicht und Character are located in the last subseries of this series. Many of the collected clippings found in Series V: Collected Materials, may also have been used or been intended for use by Leo Herland in his character analyses.

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This series is arranged in five series:

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Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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This collection is available on nine reels of microfilm.

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Container List


Series I: Personal,  1906-1971

This series is in German and English.
0.75 linear foot.

This series has two subseries: Documents and Diaries and Scrapbooks.

Scope and Content:

Series I is comprised of personal documents, diaries and scrapbooks. The first subseries focuses on personal documents, and includes official as well as educational papers and those concerning Herland's military service in World War I. In addition, immigration and financial papers are in Subseries 1. Diaries, found in Subseries 2, provide information on Leo Herland's daily life. Scrapbooks hold invitations and tickets of events Herland attended, especially meetings of the Zentralstelle für das Bildungswesen der Sozialdemokratischen Arbeiterpartei.

Subseries 1: Documents, 1906-1971

This series is in German and English.
0.5 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

This subseries holds Leo Herland's personal documents. Many of the items found here are official government-issued papers, such as driver's licenses, identification cards and papers, and immigration forms. Documents pertaining to school performance will also be found here among the educational papers. Items having to do with Leo Herland's service in World War I are in this subseries, as well as documents pertaining to World War II. Among these types of documents are ration cards for cigarettes and groceries with instructions on their use and a non-enemy declaration with its supporting documents. Among the immigration papers are also several documents on the Herlands' Cunard trip to the United States, including prices, a menu, and a ship newsletter. The folder " Vacations and Trips" provides material from the Herland family's vacations; most of these documents are from resorts located in the Hudson Valley or the Catskill Mountains.

11Addresses and Business Cardsundated
13Driver's Licenses1950-1961
14Educational Documents - K. k. Technische Hochschule in Wien1906-1908
15Educational Documents - Universität zu Wien1930-1935
16Expense Listsundated
17Financial Documents1917-1971
18Financial Documents - Bank for Savings1960-1968
19Financial Documents - Creditansalt-Bankverein1956-1967
110Financial Papers - Angestelltenversicherungsanstalt1935-1955
111Health Documents1950-1965
112Identification Documents and Cardsundated, 1919-1945
113Identification Documents - Religious1909-1930
114Immigration and Travel Documentsundated, 1938, 1939
115Immigration and Travel Documents - Cunard White Star1938-1939
116Immigration and Travel Documents - Non-Enemy Declaration1942-1943
117Leo Herland Estate1969
118Military Documents1919-1920
119Photographsundated, 1939
120Programsundated, 1923
121Ration Books and Cardsundated, 1922-1943
122Receiptsundated, 1949
123Restitution - Österreichischer Hilfsfond1953-1969
124School Report Cards for Jakob Aberbach1934-1945
125U.S. Postal Service Documentsundated, 1944
126Vacations and Tripsundated, 1948-1956

Subseries 2: Diaries and Scrapbooks, 1924-1966

Subseries 2 is in German and English.
0.25 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

The series consists of several handmade diaries and scrapbooks of Leo Herland. Most of the diaries are constructed of papers stapled together, with dates labeled by hand; a few are small composition books. The scrapbooks are comprised of small notebooks with items pasted to their pages.

Most of the diaries located in this subseries contain such material as notes on a day's activities, brief notes on correspondence, listing of hours that Leo Herland slept, and some notes on conversations. One folder consists of several small notebooks that seem to be dream diaries. These diaries contain entries written in the first person, with descriptions of events that occurred. Although some of these entries are brief, the majority consist of short paragraphs. The scrapbooks found in this subseries hold numerous invitations to events as well as ticket stubs and other mementos. Most of the items found in these scrapbooks are invitation cards to various lectures of the Zentralstelle für das Bildungswesen der Sozialdemokratischen Arbeiterpartei.

127Dream Diaries1924-1926
129Diaries1950-1954, 1966
130Scrapbooks1928 September-1930 June
131Scrapbooks1930 July-1934 February
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Series II: Other Family Members' Papers, 1890-2000

This series is in English and German.
0.25 linear foot.

Series II has three subseries: Jack Herland, Lotte Herland, and Melanie Herland.

Scope and Content:

Series II contains papers of Leo Herland's wife Melanie, his daughter Lotte, and her husband Jack. Documents found here include official documents, correspondence, as well as other items. Lotte Herland's papers includes a notebook listing books she read and films she saw in the 1930s. Among Melanie Herland's papers are several which commend her for 40 years of employment at the Albert Hahn Röhrenwalzwerk.

Subseries 1: Jack Herland, 1946-2000

This subseries is in English.
5 folders.


Scope and Content:

This subseries contains documents of Jack Herland. Documents found here include correspondence with friends and businesses, a few financial papers, and some material on the sale of his artwork. Veterans Administration paperwork largely concerns a claim filed.

133Correspondence – Roswick Family Members1996
135Professional Documents1946, 1971
136Veterans Administration1946

Subseries 2: Lotte Herland, 1931-1963

Subseries 2 is in German and English.
4 folders.


Scope and Content:

Documents found in this subseries include several documents of Lotte Herland. Among the identification documents are a school identification card as well as a baptismal certificate. Most notable among the items in this subseries is a notebook listing books and films. Notes on books include the author and the date Lotte Herland finished reading the book; notes on films list major actors or actresses and the month and year the film was seen.

137Correspondenceundated, 1940-1963
138Correspondence – Ferncliff Cemetery1953
139Identification Documents1931-1939
140Notebook – Bücher und Filme1932-1937

Subseries 3: Melanie (Lili) Herland, 1890-1939, 1951

This subseries is in German and English.
3 folders.


Scope and Content:

Melanie Herland's papers consist of official documentation, such as identification cards and several immigration documents. Professional documents include recognition of Melanie Herland's forty years of service with the Albert Hahn Röhrenwalzwerk in 1935.

141Identification Documents1890-1930
142Immigration Documents1939, 1951
143Professional Documents – Albert Hahn Röhrenwalzwerk1918-1935
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Series III: Correspondence, 1923-1969

This series is in German and English.
2 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Series III holds Leo Herland's correspondence. For the most part, it is comprised of correspondence sent to Leo Herland, although much of the correspondence from family members contains letters both to and from Herland. Most of the correspondence is personal in nature, from friends and family members, but there is also some professional and business correspondence. Included in this series are a number of folders of what appear to be drafts of correspondence, both professional and to family members. Some of these drafts are illegible.

There is only a small amount of professional correspondence to be found in this series. Correspondence with the American Psychological Association provides information on the certification of psychologists in New York State. There is also correspondence exchanged with the Frederick Ungar and Rascher Verlags. Rascher Verlag was involved in the publication of Gesicht und Charakter, and correspondence with this firm discusses publication rights, demand for the work, and payments. Correspondence with the Frederick Ungar publishing firm discussed a bilingual mathematical text. Herland appeared to have maintained a friendship with Frederick Ungar and his family, so correspondence with the Ungar family, much of which consisted of greeting cards, is located separately from the business correspondence.

Most of Series III is comprised of personal correspondence with family and friends. The largest amount of family correspondence is from Leo Herland's daughter Lotte and her husband Jack, who sent an extensive amount of postcards to Leo Herland from vacations spent in the Midwest, New England, Pennsyvania, and Canada. Other correspondence from immediate family members include greeting cards exchanged between Leo, Melanie, Lotte, and Jack Herland. Other Herland family members featured here include Friedrich Herland, Leo Herland's brother, who remained in Europe; letters exchanged with him have been stamped by censors. There is a large amount of letters exchanged between Leo Herland and his niece Annie Goldmann. Correspondence with S. Mabel Warner, Janet Blunt, and Feilding family members discuss the postwar situation in England. The Lentino Family were family friends with whom there is a great deal of correspondence; these letters largely describe family events and issues, including the musical education of Joseph Lentino. Leo Herland's letters with his friend Otto Wirnschimmel cover more than a century and often mention daily life in Austria, in addition to the usual discussion of family events.

144American Psychological Association1960-1963
145Angell, Elyriaundated
146Baumgarten, Frieda1949-1964
147Blum, Fred1956
148Blunt, Janet H.1940-1950
149Bombach, Frieda1943-1954
150Brown, Gretaundated, 1962
151Citizens for Local Democracy1969
152Cohn, Ann (Herland)1954-1965
153Coler, Rosi1955-1960
154Cremer, Gertrude Schulhof1957
155Death of Melanie Herland - Condolences1953
156Death of Melanie Herland - Riverside Memorial Chapel1953
157Drafts of Letters1924
158Drafts of Letters1925
159Drafts of Letters1938
160Drafts of Letters1939
161Drafts of Letters1940, 1952
21Drafts of Letters - for Lotte Herland's Job Searchundated, 1938-1939
22Fairhurst, Millicent1962-1964
23Feilding Family1942-1955
24Feitler, Ernest1962
25Fessler, Mrs.1965
27Fruchtman, Gertrude1948
28Gardner Family1958-1962
29Goldmann, Annie - from Leo Herland1923 April-July
210Goldmann, Annie - from Leo Herland1923 August-December
211Goldmann, Annie - from Leo Herland1924 January-June
212Goldmann, Annie - from Leo Herland1924 July-August
213Goldmann, Annie - from Leo Herland1925
214Goldmann, Annie - to Leo Herland1923-1924
215Goldsmith, Irving J.1962
216Grinstein, Alexander1959
217Grossbard, Robert and Margot1952-1964
218Gumpendorfer Realschule1954
219Heim, Dora1940-1958
220Herland, Adrian and Lorna1955-1965
221Herland, Alexander and Coca1955-1965
222Herland Family - Other Family Membersundated
223Herland, Friedrich and Charlotte (Lotte)1945-1964
224Herland, Friedrich and Charlotte (Lotte) - Postcards and Greeting Cards1951-1961
225Herland, Lotte1939
226Herland, Jack and Lotte1943
227Herland, Jack and Lotteundated, 1945-1966
228Herland, Jack and Lotte - Greeting Cards for Leo Herlandundated, 1948-1965
229Herland, Jack and Lotte - Greeting Cards for Leo and Melanie (Lili) Herlandundated
230Herland, Jack and Lotte - Greeting Cards for Melanie (Lili) Herlandundated, 1947
231Herland, Jack and Lotte - Postcards1948-1967
232Herland, Katherineundated, 1949
233Herland, Melanie (Lili)1929-1967
234Herland, Melanie (Lili) - Greeting Cards for Leo Herlandundated, 1943-1950
235Herland, Melanie (Lili) - Greeting Cards from Leo and Lotte Herlandundated
236Herland, Melanie (Lili) - Greeting Cards from Leo Herlandundated, 1947
237Herland, Robert and Bertha1960-1964
238Hillpern, Edmund and Else1952-1957
239Hyman, Charles1957-1958
240Kant, Hedyundated
241Kempny, Hedy1951-1957
242Kempny, Hedy - Postcards and Greeting Cards1948-1964
243Korn, Fannie Mayer1950-1951
244Lentino Family1939-1952
31Lentino Family1953-1965
32Lentino Family - Greeting Cardsundated, 1948-1963
33Lentino Family - Greeting Cards - Christmas Cardsundated, 1942-1964
34Lentino Family - Photocopies of Lentino Family Documents1939
35Lentino Family - Postcards1948-1960
36Levy, Ernst and Meta1959-1962
37Linda, Isobel1950
38Mayer, Robert1945-1946
39McDonald, Carolundated, 1963
310Merzbach, Thekla1959-1960
311Motz, Hans1887-1889, 1954
312Motz Family Membersundated, 1950-1964
313Motz Family Members - Postcards and Greeting Cardsundated, 1951-1962
314Nagel, Louise1950-1958
315National Geographic Society1950
316Others - Greeting Cardsundated, 1954-1966
317Others - Postcardsundated, 1956-1961
318Paalen, Bellaundated
319Publishing - Frederick Ungar Publishing Co.1939-1959
320Publishing - Rascher Verlag1952-1967
321Purdy Familyundated, 1963
322Rasch, Walterundated, 1967
323Reisz, Francis1956-1958
324Royer, Edgar1942
325Selden, Ruth1953-1957
326Selden, Ruth - Greeting Cardsundated, 1948-1963
327Selden, Ruth - Postcards1949-1967
328Sgalitzer, Helene1939
329Stahl Family1948, 1962
330Ungar, Frederick and Hansiundated, 1948-1952
331Unidentified or Illegible1939-1967
332Universität Wienundated
333Unused Postcardsundated
334Vojiesek, Maria (Mizzi)1940-1963
335Vollhofer, Robert and Lucy (Luzia Herland)1947-1964
336Warner, S. Mabel1948-1964
337Wells, Muriel1963
338Wirnschimmel, Otto1948-1953
339Wirnschimmel, Otto1954-1963
340Wirnschimmel, Otto - Postcards and Greeting Cardsundated, 1950-1963
341Zeilendorf, Ida1940
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Series IV: Writing, 1918-1961

This series is in German and English.
5.5 linear feet

Arranged in five subseries: Fiction, Nonfiction, Notes, Other Versions of Manuscripts, and Published Works.

Scope and Content:

This series contains writings by Leo Herland and related documents. Much of this series is made up of manuscripts, both fictional and non-fictional. In addition, this series holds notes for manuscripts and information on Herland's published works.

Manuscripts are located within three subseries of this series. Subseries 1 and 3 contain fictional manuscripts. Most of these are in Subseries 1, and many of the fictional works appear to be part of a larger work. Works featured in Subseries 3: Other Versions of Manuscripts include those manuscripts which were found separate from the majority of the fictional manuscripts and which seem to differ greatly from the versions found in Subseries 1. Subseries 3 also holds the many unidentified manuscripts; these manuscripts are either untitled or have illegible titles. Subseries 2 is comprised of non-fiction works. These works focus on psychology and physiognomy; Herland's physiognomic case studies of individuals will be found here. Other topics in Subseries 2: Non-fiction are politics, including essays on socialism and socialist economic practices and World War II.

Herland's published articles and material on his book Gesicht und Charakter will be found in Subseries 5. The articles were published in several socialist journals and a few newspapers.

Subseries 1: Fiction, undated

This subseries is in German.
3.25 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

This subseries is comprised of drafts of manuscripts of Leo Herland's fictional works, both typed and handwritten. Many of these manuscripts appear to be part of a larger work, since most feature characters of the same name and some of these have notations indicating chapter numbers. Die entfesselten Titanen and a play written about the Nazi leadership do not seem to belong to the larger work, however. What seem to be alternate versions of the drafts found in this subseries are located in Subseries 4 of this series.

342Der Astralmensch (Chapter 5) - Handwrittenundated
343Der Astralmensch (Chapter 5) - Typedundated
344Der Astralmensch (Chapter 5) - Typedundated
345Der Astralmensch (Chapter 5) - Typedundated
346Auf dem Dorfe (Book I, Chapter 1)undated
347Die Auswandererundated
41Der Briefwechsel (Chapter 10) - Handwrittenundated
42Der Briefwechsel (Chapter 10) - Typedundated
43Der Briefwechsel (Chapter 10) - Typedundated
44Die Detektive (Book II, Chapter 1) - Handwrittenundated
45Die Detektive (Book II, Chapter 1) - Typedundated
46Die Detektive (Book II, Chapter 1) - Typedundated
47Die drei Gefährlichenundated
48Die entfesselten Titanen - Fragmentsundated
49Die entfesselten Titanen - Handwrittenundated
410Die entfesselten Titanen - Typedundated
411Die entfesselten Titanen - Typedundated
412Die entfesselten Titanen - Typedundated
413Die entfesselten Titanen - Typed - pages 1-150undated
51Die entfesselten Titanen - Typed - pages 151-315undated
53Henny (Chapter 7)undated
54Henny (Chapter 7)undated
55Henny (Chapter 7)undated
56Die Herrschaft der Esoteriker (Book I, Chapter 12)- Handwritten - pages 1-126undated
57Die Herrschaft der Esoteriker (Book 1, Chapter 12) - Handwritten - pages 1-205undated
58Die Herrschaft der Esoteriker (Book I, Chapter 12) - Notes and Additions - Handwrittenundated
59Die Herrschaft der Esoteriker (Book I, Chapter 12) - Typed - pages 1-127undated
510Die Herrschaft der Esoteriker (Book I, Chapter 12) - Typed - pages 1-151undated
511Die Herrschaft der Esoteriker (Book I, Chapter 12) - Typed - pages 1-151undated
512Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, Himmler, Rosenberg, Ribbentrop (Play) undated
513Die Imago (Chapter 9) - Handwritten - pages 1-153undated
514Die Imago (Chapter 9) - Typedundated
515Die Imago (Chapter 9) - Typedundated
516Die Imago (Chapter 9) - Typedundated
517Die Lehranalyse - Handwritten - pages 1-98undated
518Die Lehranalyse - Typedundated
519Die Lehranalyse - Typedundated
61Das Maskenfest (Book II, Chapter 6) - Handwrittenundated
62Naomi - Handwritten - Fragmentsundated
63Naomi - Typedundated
64Naomi - Typedundated
65Naomi - Typedundated
66Naomi - Typedundated
67Die Reifeprüfung - Handwrittenundated
68Die Reifeprüfung - Typedundated
69Die spezielle Behandlung (Chapter 11) - Handwrittenundated
610Die spezielle Behandlung (Chapter 11) - Typedundated
611Die spezielle Behandlung (Chapter 11) - Typedundated
612Der Traumundated
613Die Venusabordnungundated
614Das Verhör (Book II, Chapter 2) - Handwritten - pages 1-51 undated
615Das Verhör (Book II, Chapter 2) - Handwritten - pages 1-236 undated
616Das Verhör (Book II, Chapter 2) - Typedundated
617Zwei Wiener (Book I, Chapter 3) - Handwrittenundated
618Zwei Wiener (Book I, Chapter 3) - Typedundated

Subseries 2: Non-fiction, 1922-1940

Subseries 2 is in German and English.
0.75 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 holds Leo Herland's non-fiction writings. Prominent among these are the drafts of material that were labeled as being part of Gesicht und Charakter, Herland's book. This subseries also contains essays on various topics including socialist economics, World War II, and Soviet Russia, as well as a longer unpublished work, "Das Weltbild der geeinten Menschheit."

The most notable topic found among Herland's non-fiction writings is that of physiognomy, the determination of the psychology of an individual based on his or her facial features or expressions. Many essays found here, including those in Gesicht und Charakter, focus on this subject. Among these are many character analyses of subjects, some of which are famous persons, including Joseph Stalin, Arturo Toscanini, and Al Capone, whose analyses he may have based on newspaper clippings or published pictures of the individuals. The newspaper clippings found in Series V, which often depict faces of well-known individuals, may have been used for this purpose.

619Character Analysesuundated, 1939-1940
620Dialogue on Corporate Securitiesundated
621Essays - Business - Handwrittenundated
622Essays - Business - Typedundated
623Essays - Handwritten Notesundated
624Essays - Human Developmentundated
625Essays - Nature and Scienceundated
71Essays - Politicsundated
72Essays - Psychoanalysis - Notes1922, 1938
73Essays - Psychologyundated
74Essays - Religionundated
75Gesicht und Charakter - Additions and Changesundated
76Gesicht und Charakter - Essays - Child Psychologyundated
77Gesicht und Charakter - Essays - Physiognomyundated
78Gesicht und Charakter - Essays - Physiognomy - Character Analyses undated
79Gesicht und Charakter - Essays - Psychology and Psychoanalysis undated
710Gesicht und Charakter - Notes and Fragments - Handwritten undated
711Gesicht und Charakter - Notes and Fragments - Typedundated
712Gesicht und Charakter - Pictures of Facesundated
713Gesicht und Charakter - Research Materialundated
714Handwriting Analysis1942
715Nils J. Herland: Character Analysis after his Portraitundated
716Oskar Kokoschkaundated
717Otto Ehrlichundated
718Pietaet und Unsterblichkeitundated
719Philosophisch-Politischer Traktatundated
720Soviet Russia and Democracyundated
721Das Weltbild der geeinten Menschheit - Handwrittenundated
722Das Weltbild der geeinten Menschheit - Typedundated

Subseries 3: Notes, undated

This subseries is in German.
1 index card box + 0.25 linear foot.
Scope and Content:

The notes found in this subseries consist mainly of notes on paper cut to index card size. Almost all of these types of notes contain numbers written in each corner, and several groups of notes are labeled with the name of one of Herland's unpublished fictional works. In addition, this subseries holds a folder of notes whose use is unknown.

10Index Card boxundated
723Die Venusabordnung – Note cardsundated
724Unidentified notesundated

Subseries 4: Other Versions of Manuscripts, 1918-1926, 1942-1961

This series is in German.
0.75 linear foot.

Divided into Identified and Unidentified manuscripts.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 4 holds unidentified manuscripts and manuscripts of fictional works. All of the manuscripts in this subseries are handwritten on brittle paper, and unlike the manuscripts located in Subseries 1 and 2, most of these are dated.

Although several manuscripts in this subseries are titled similarly to manuscripts found in Subseries 1: Fiction, they are much longer than the handwritten manuscripts of the same name in Subseries 1, in some cases by several hundred pages. In addition, these manuscripts were found grouped together with the unidentified manuscripts.

The unidentified manuscripts in this subseries are largely illegible. A few have illegible titles. Many of these manuscripts have page numbers, and these manuscripts have been kept together.

A) Identified

725Die Imago (pages 1-444)1956-1957
726Die Lehranalyse (pages 1-646)1953-1954
727Naomi (pages 1-647)1953-1954
728Die spezielle Verhandlung (pages 1-523)1951-1959
729Die spezielle Verhandlung – Notebooksundated
81Die spezielle Verhandlung – Notebooks1918-1924
82Die spezielle Verhandlung – Notebooks1925 January-September
83Die spezielle Verhandlung – Notebooks1925 September-1926 February
84Die spezielle Verhandlung – Notebooks1926 February-November
85Die spezielle Verhandlung – Notebooks1926 November-1934
86Das Verhör II (pages 1-77)1958-1961

B) Unidentified

88Unidentified (pages 497-524)undated
89Unidentified (pages 1-248)1942-1943
810Unidentified (pages 253-496)1943-1944
811Unidentified (pages 1-165)1944-1957
812Unidentified (pages 1-364)1946-1948
813Unidentified (pages 1-480)1948-1950
814Unidentified (pages 1-292)1951-1953
815Unidentified (pages 296-480)1953-1961
816Unidentified (pages 11-198)1955
817Unidentified Essaysundated

Subseries 5: Published Works, 1928-1930, 1956-1960

This subseries is in German.
0.75 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

This subseries contains copies of several of Leo Herland's published articles, as well as some material pertaining to his book, Gesicht und Charakter. Most of Herland's articles that were published in journals in the late 1920s and early 1930s discuss topics in socialism or psychology. His newspaper articles feature similar topics as well as some that relate to psychology. Examples of Herland's published articles include "Was wir vom Kapitalismus adoptieren und adaptieren," published in Freundschaft; "Der Ausdruck in der neuen Kunst," in Kunst und Volk; "Die Weltanschauung der Sozialismus" in Tribüne; and "Die Tiere in Uns" from Arbeiter-Zeitung.

818Gesicht und Charakter – Book Jacketsundated
819Gesicht und Charakter – Reviews1956-1960
820Published Articles – Journals – Freundschaft1930
821Published Articles – Journals – Die Gemeinwirtschaft1930
822Published Articles – Journals – Kunst und Volk1928-1929
823Published Articles – Journals – Tribüne1930
824Published Articles – Newspapers1929-1930
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Series V: Collected Materials, 1918-1969

This series is in German and English.
0.75 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

Series V is comprised of items that appear to have been collected by Leo Herland. It includes a few pieces of artwork and books, many clippings, offprints that were dedicated to him by other authors, and a few other publications.

Many of the clippings in this series depict individuals; many are only clippings of photographs of well-known individuals' faces, including royalty, leaders and politicians, scientists, and authors. It is possible that Herland intended to perform physiognomic character analyses of these individuals. Most of the clippings on Warsaw focus on the Warsaw ghetto. One of the offprints found in this collection concerns chess and was written by a relative of Leo Herland, Sigmund Herland.

825Book - Philosophie der Gegenwart by August Messer1918
826Book – The Pictorial Life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt "Protector of World Freedom"1945
827Clippingsundated, 1937-1944
828Clippings – Artworkundated, 1943-1954
829Clippings - Books1947-1956
830Clippings – Employment1943, 1999
831Clippings – History and Politicsundated, 1940-1954, 1981
832Clippings – Individualsundated, 1940-1952
91Clippings – Individuals – Authorsundated, 1930-1952
92Clippings – Individuals – Military Leaders1940-1943
93Clippings – Individuals – Performersundated, 1940-1944
94Clippings – Individuals – Politiciansundated, 1940-1948
95Clippings – Individuals – Religious and Social Leadersundated, 1940-1959
96Clippings – Individuals – Scientistsundated, 1940-1942
97Clippings – Individuals – Psychologists and Psychoanalystsundated, 1945-1952
98Clippings – Individuals – Royalty and Nobilityundated, 1940-1941
99Clippings – Science1941-1955
910Clippings – Unidentified Topics1923, 1947-1955, 1969
911Clippings – Warsawundated, 1944-1953
912Journals – Socialist Education1930-1931
913Offprints – Dedicated to Leo Herland1938-1940
914Offprints – Dedicated to Leo Herland – Rudolf Ekstein1939-1961
915Offprints – Problèmes Choisis: Revista Romana de Şah by Sigmund Herland1948
916Publication - Ősterreichische Donaukraftwerke1949
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