Guide to the Papers of Leopold Zunz (1794-1886) and Adelheid Zunz (1802-1874), 1815-1959
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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Zunz, Leopold, 1794-1886
Title: Leopold and Adelheid Zunz Collection
Abstract: Leopold Zunz (1794-1886) was one of the founders of the Wissenschaft des Judentums. The bulk of this collection consists of his and his wife Adelheid's correspondence. Also included is an extensive collection of visiting cards he received as well as a few images and articles about him.
Languages: The collection is in German.
Quantity: 1 linear foot
Identification: AR 3648
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Born in Detmold on August 10, 1794, Leopold Zunz was educated at the Samson'sche Freischule in Wolfenbüttel, and the universities of Berlin and Halle. In 1819, he was a founding member of the Verein fuer Cultur und Wissenschaft der Juden in Berlin, in which prominent intellectual figures like Eduard Gans, Heinrich Heine, M. I. Jost and Immanuel Wohlwill gathered. From this club, the so-called Wissenschaft des Judentums emerged, mainly based on two early works of Zunz, the programmatic article "Etwas über rabbinische Litteratur" (1818) and the major ground-breaking study on Jewish sermons, Die gottesdienstlichen Vortraege der Juden, historisch entwickelt (1832). After receiving his doctorate in 1821, he worked as a preacher and teacher and became the editor of the journal Zeitschrift für die Wissenschaft des Judenthums. In 1822, he married Adelheid Bermann (1802-1874). In later years, he retreated more and more from his public duties and dedicated his life to the study of Jewish literature. He died in Berlin on March 17, 1886.

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Scope and Contents

The collection contains items related to Leopold and Adelheid Zunz, such as articles about them, portraits, and correspondence. Also included are a handwritten catalog of Leopold Zunz's library and over 800 visiting cards; more than 270 of which contain original autographs.

The bulk of the collection consists of Leopold and Adelheid Zunz's correspondence with friends and relatives, including Philipp Ehrenberg, Samuel Meyer Ehrenberg, Salomon von Hönigsberg, and Meier Isler. Also included are letters from Adelheid Zunz, often with postcripts by her husband, Leopold Zunz, to Julie Ehrenberg (née Fischel).

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The collection is divided into three series:

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Access and Use

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Related Material

Correspondence from Samuel Meyer and Philipp Ehrenberg to Leopold Zunz can be found in the Samuel Meyer Ehrenberg Collection (AR 4035) in the LBI Archives. This collection contains 297 letters written between 1815 and 1855. Julie Ehrenberg's letters to Adelheid Zunz are also available in the LBI Archives in the Julie Fischel Ehrenberg Collection (AR 4245). There are 231 letters and one telegram written between 1844 and 1878. A significant portion of the correspondence between the Ehrenberg and Zunz families was published in Nahum Glatzer's books Leopold Zunz, Jude - Deutscher - Europäer; ein jüdisches Gelehrtenschicksal des 19. Jahrhunderts in Briefen an Freunde (Tuebingen: J.C.B. Mohr, 1964) and Leopold and Adelheid Zunz, an account in letters 1815-1885 (London: Published for the Institute by the East and West Library, 1958).

An extensive collection of original materials related to Leopold Zunz is available in the archives of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The inventory of this collection was published in the Bulletin of the Leo Baeck Institute (Vol. 7, 1959). Paper and microfilm copies of some of the items from the Zunz Archives in Jerusalem are available in the LBI Archives (AR 2370).

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The collection is on three reels of microfilm (MF 1053):

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Other Finding Aid

Several older finding aids, which contain item-level inventories, are included in this collection. They can be found in Series I and also at the beginning of the subseries they describe.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Personal, 1817-1959

This series is in German and English.
Seven folders


Scope and Content:

This series contains items related to Leopold and Adelheid Zunz, such as articles, images, and photocopies of documents. The highlight of this series is a handwritten notebook, in which Leopold Zunz listed his personal library (Bücherkatalog). Also included is an inventory of the list of the Zunz collection at the Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums in Berlin, compiled by Franz Biermann in 1939. The articles include a short note on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Leopold Zunz's death and an article about Adelheid Zunz published in the Blätter des Jüdischen Frauenbundes. In addition there a photographs of lithographs and etchings portraying Leopold Zunz as well as photocopies of autographs and a copy of a document related to the establishment of the Zunz-Stiftung in 1866. There is also a letter from Luitpold Wallach discussing Leopold Zunz's psydonym L.L. Hellwitz.

11Articles 1906, 1936, 1959
12Autographs (Copies) 1817, 1846, 1848
13Bücherkatalog undated
14Hellwitz 1957
15Inventories undated, 1939, 1970, 1976
16Portraits undated
17Zunz-Stiftung 1866
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Series II: Calling Cards, undated

This series is in German.
Eleven folders


Scope and Content:

This series holds over 800 calling cards that were left with Leopold Zunz. Over 270 of these have autographs. People whose calling cards can be found in this series include Leopold Auerbach, Philipp Ehrenberg, Abraham Geiger, and Moritz Steinschneider.

18Inventory undated
19A through B undated
110C through E undated
111F through G undated
112H through I undated
113J through Le undated
114Li through M undated
115N through P undated
116R through S undated
117T through V undated
118W through Z, unidentified undated
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Series III: Correspondence, 1815-1884

This series is in German, English, and Italian.
Seventy-five folders

This series is arranged in four subseries.

Scope and Content:

This is the largest series of the collection. It contains correspondence of Leopold Zunz and his wife, Adelheid (nee Berman). Letters from friends and relatives addressed to Leopold and Adelheid Zunz can be found in Subseries 1. Subseries 2 holds letters that Leopold and Adelheid Zunz wrote to each other. Correspondence from Leopold Zunz to Philipp Ehrenberg, Samuel Meyer Ehrenberg, Salomon von Hönigsberg, and Meyer Isler are in Subseries 3. Subseries 4 contains letters from Adelheid Zunz to Julie Ehrenberg (née Fischel).

Subseries 1: To Leopold and Adelheid Zunz, 1816-1884

This subseries is in German, English, and Italian.
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains 264 letters by forty-six senders (relatives, acquaintances and lifelong friends) to Leopold and Adelheid Zunz. Some letters are invitations or announcements (birth, marriage, death); others are correspondences lasting through many years and discussing a variety of topics. The largest collection are 100 letters by Soliman von Hönigsberg and his wife Dorothea. Hoenigsberg belonged with Georg Feigl and S. Hock to a group of friends from Prague. Numerous letters are written by friends from England, among them William Evans Fletcher, Anna M. Goldsmid, Adolph and Amelia Heimann, Mary Maugham, and William Yates. Some friends are from Italy: Pietor Perreau, Leonardo Vallardi, and Elia Valtey.

119Inventory 1970
120Asher, Anna undated
121Assing, Ludmilla undated, 1843-1844
122Becker, Mathilde 1884
123Bermann, Henriette 1836, 1883
124Brandenstein 1872
125Daehn, E. 1842
126Dukes, Leopold 1850
127Eardley, Culling 1857
128Ehrenberg, Philipp undated
129Feigl, Georg undated, 1838-1840, 1844
130Fletcher, William Evans undated 1844, 1846
131Frankenheim, M. L. 1838, 1850
132Freudenthal, S. B. 1880
133Friedeberg, Heinrich and Bernhardine 1851, 1854
134Friedeberg, Wilhelm 1866
135Goldbaum, Anna 1877, 1883
136Goldsmid, Anna M. undated, 1855
137Halevi, Naphtali 1884
138Haller, Josephine undated
139Heimann, Adolph and Amelia 1835, 1846-1849
140Henrichs, W. undated
141Kock, S. undated, 1836-1857
142Koenigsberg, Soliman and Dorothea 1836-1876
143Isaacs, Abraham Samuel 1879
144Lehmann, Joseph and Therese undated, 1827
145Levy, Friederike 1863-1865
146Levy, Johanna 1879
147Levy, Robert 1863, 1867
148Luedde, Familie 1816-1838
149Lumbrosa, G. undated, 1867
150Mankiewicz, Franziska undated
151Maugham, Mary undated, 1840-1854
152Mossberg, Friederike 1881
153Neumann, Salomon 1875
154Perreau, Pierre 1863
155Rubo, Julius 1818, 1820, 1849
156Schlesinger, M. H. 1822
157Schwebs, Anna von 1863-1876
158Schweitzer, Julie 1867
159Seidlitz, Woldemar 1878-1884
160Steinschneider, Moritz 1857, 1860
161Unverdorben, C. 1853-1857
162Vallardi, Leonardo 1865
163Valtey, Elia 1867
164Waltz, Fritz and Julie 1854-1855
165Yates, William 1855-1856
166Various undated, 1850, 1876, 1885-1886

Subseries 2: Between Leopold and Adelheid Zunz, 1819-1852

This subseries is in German.
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains letters Leopold and Adelheid Zunz exchanged between 1815 and 1881. Thirty-five letters were written by Adelheid; Leopold wrote forty-one letters. The first eleven letters in this subseries were written before their marriage in 1822.

167Inventory 1970
168Leopold and Adelheid Zunz 1819
169Leopold and Adelheid Zunz 1821
170Leopold and Adelheid Zunz 1827
171Leopold and Adelheid Zunz 1835
172Leopold and Adelheid Zunz 1836
173Leopold and Adelheid Zunz 1842
174Leopold and Adelheid Zunz 1847
175Leopold and Adelheid Zunz 1852

Subseries 3: By Leopold Zunz, 1815-1871

This subseries is in German.
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains letters written by Leopold Zunz. However, many letters contain additional notes written by his wife. Section A holds 128 letters written to Samuel Meyer Ehrenberg (1773-1853) and his son Philipp Ehrenberg (1811-1882). Both served as director of the Samson'sche Freischule in Wolfenbüttel. Forty-four letters to Meier Isler (1807-1888), a nephew of Samuel Meyer Ehrenberg, who was a librarian in Hamburg, can be found in Section B. Two additional letters can be found in Section C: one from Leopold and Adelheid Zunz to Louis and Amalie Rosenzweig (1873), and one from Leopold Zunz to Dr. Jolowicz in Königsberg (1864).

A) Samuel Meyer and Philipp Ehrenberg

176Inventory 1970
177Samuel Meyer and Philipp Ehrenberg 1815-1819
178Samuel Meyer and Philipp Ehrenberg 1820-1829
179Samuel Meyer and Philipp Ehrenberg 1830-1839
180Samuel Meyer and Philipp Ehrenberg 1840-1849
181Samuel Meyer and Philipp Ehrenberg 1850-1853

B) Meier Isler

182Inventory 1970
183Meier Isler 1830-1838
184Meier Isler 1840-1881

C) Various

185Various 1864, 1873

Subseries 4: By Adelheid Zunz, 1844-1873

This subseries is in German.
Scope and Content:

This subseries holds 176 letters written by Adelheid Zunz to Julie Ehrenberg (née Fischel), wife of Philipp Ehrenberg. Many letters contain addenda by Leopold Zunz.

Both Adelheid and Leopold Zunz were friends with D.G. Fischel and his family; Julie was one of his daughters. Adelheid and Julie became close friends after they had first met in Prague in the fall of 1844, even though Adelheid was twenty-five years older than Julie, who was sixteen at the time.

It was Leopold Zunz who established contact between Julie Fischel and Philipp Ehrenberg. The couple married in August 1847.

The first letters date from 1844, shortly after Adelheid's and Julie's first meeting, and the last letter was written eights months before Adelheid Zunz's death. Most of the letters were written in Berlin, but Adelheid Zunz also wrote from Wolfenbüttel, Dresden and Pyrmont.

186Inventory 1976
187Adelheid Zunz 1844-1846
188Adelheid Zunz 1846-1849
189Adelheid Zunz 1850-1854
190Adelheid Zunz 1855-1859
191Adelheid Zunz 1860-1864
192Adelheid Zunz 1865-1869
193Adelheid Zunz 1870-1873
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