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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Stiefel, Ernst, 1907-1997
Title: Ernst C. Stiefel Collection
Dates:bulk 1944-1994
Abstract: This collection documents the work of the lawyer and researcher Ernst C. Stiefel, especially the research pertaining to his book . Included here are articles and offprints, correspondence, notes, and copies of archival records from several institutions. Although the major focus of the collection is on Stiefel's research on German Jewish refugee jurists, other topics found here include National Socialism, post-war Germany, and various legal topics.
Languages: The collection is primarily in English and German.
Quantity: 13 linear feet
Identification: AR 5230 / MF 744
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Ernst C. Stiefel was born in 1907, in Mannheim, Germany. The son of Karl Stiefel, a religion teacher, he had two siblings, his brother Rudy and sister Luise. Ernst Stiefel studied law in Heidelberg and Berlin, and was admitted to practice law in Germany in 1933, two weeks before Jewish lawyers were disbarred. He emigrated to Strasbourg, France, and worked for a French insurance company while studying for his French license to practice law, which he received in 1934. In 1938, Stiefel went to England, where he was admitted as a barrister to the High Court in London. Ernst Stiefel emigrated to the United States in 1939.

In spite of his law degrees, Stiefel found it difficult upon his arrival in the United States to procure work in the legal field, and worked as a dishwasher and a chaffeur before becoming a clerk in a law office in 1940. During World War II Ernst Stiefel worked in the Office of Economic Warfare, where he analyzed insurance company records to identify potential German industrial targets. In 1943 Stiefel was drafted into the army, and served in the Office of Strategic Services, later working for the U.S. military government in Germany. His work there helped found the system of restitution and reparation for Jewish victims of the Holocaust. He became an American citizen in 1944.

Ernst Stiefel returned to the United States in 1947, and was admitted as an attorney to the Southern District of New York. At first he worked with the legal firm Cleary & Gottlieb, and from 1971 onward with the firm of the Coudert Brothers. Beginning in the 1950s, he began advising business enterprises interested in investing in Europe. Since his legal work often focused on German-American concerns, he maintained an office in Düsseldorf. In 1995 the German government decorated him for his contributions to German law and German-American understanding.

In addition to his legal work, Ernst Stiefel was active in academia and research. He wrote several books and articles on legal issues, and taught comparative law and related topics at the New York Law School for twenty years. Stiefel also endowed the school with a professorship in comparative law as well as restoring a reading room on its campus. Another area of his research was the work of Jewish lawyers who fled Nazi Germany; he co-authored the book Deutsche Juristen im amerikanischen Exil (1933-1950), which documents the activities of these individuals.

Ernst C. Stiefel died in 1997 while in Baden-Baden, Germany.

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Scope and Content Note

The Ernst C. Stiefel Collection documents the work of this lawyer and researcher, particularly his work on the book Deutsche Juristen im amerikanischen Exil (1933-1950). Although a large portion of this collection is made up of research materials, particularly copies of archival records, articles, and offprints, the collection also holds some notes and correspondence, as well as drafts of potential chapters. The two largest areas of the collection are Series II, which focuses on the production of the book, and Series III, which contains research materials.

The bulk of the records in this collection describe the situation and work of German Jewish jurists who left Nazi Germany and settled in the United States. Material concerning this topic will largely be found in Subseries 1 of Series II, in the form of correspondence with other researchers on the fates of these individuals, as well as in Subseries 2, which holds extensive biographical articles on various refugee jurists. A smaller amount of articles on this topic will also be found in the accumulated research material in Series IV.

Documents relating to post-war Germany are also located in several places in this collection. Many of the archival records found in Subseries 2 of Series II discuss the situation in Germany after the war. Published material on this topic will additionally be found in Series IV, along with articles on the Nuremberg Trials. Material on National Socialism and the Holocaust in general are also located in Series IV.

Series I contains a small amount biographical articles on Ernst C. Stiefel. Series III holds documents deriving from lectures given by Stiefel, and include planning correspondence, publicity, and lecture texts.

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This collection is arranged in four series in the following manner:

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Related Material

A biography of Ernst Stiefel by Otto Sandrock is available in the LBI Library. In addition, the library holds the following two works by Ernst Stiefel, co-authored with Frank Mecklenburg:

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Custodial History

The collection was donated by Ernst Stiefel, with additional donations arriving at a later date.

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This collection is available on 33 reels of microfilm (MF 744).

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Processing Information

The collection was found with many labeled folders and some unlabeled. During processing, most folder titles were retained, and some very large folders were broken down topically or by type of material. Excessive amounts of duplicate articles were removed from the collection.

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Container List

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Series I: Personal, 1983-2001

This series is in English and German.
Three folders.


Scope and Content:

This small series holds a few items related to the life of Ernst Stiefel. It includes several copies of biographical articles and obituaries of the lawyer's life, as well some documents concerning his father, Karl Stiefel.

11Biographical Articles1983-2001
12Books Dedicated to Ernst Stiefel1958, 1984-1994
13Karl Stiefel1938-1968
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Series II: German Lawyers in American Exile, 1913-2001

6 linear feet.

This series contains three subseries, arranged as follows:

Scope and Content:

Series II contains documents deriving from the creation of Ernst Stiefel's book Deutsche Juristen im amerikanischen Exil (1933-1950). Found here are such materials as correspondence, including research correspondence as well as correspondence with publishers, and research files used in the compilation of the book. Research files include secondary materials, for instance offprints and published articles, as well as copies of documents found in several German and American archives.

Subseries 1: Production and Publication of Book , 1983-1990

This subseries is in English and German.
0.66 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 is comprised of papers derived directly from the creation of Ernst Stiefel's book, Deutsche Juristen im amerikanischen Exil (1933-1950). It contains correspondence, notes, and drafts of parts of this book.

A large amount of the correspondence concerns research gathered by both Stiefel and his co-author, Frank Mecklenburg, for the book. This includes responses to an announcement in the Aufbau newspaper soliciting information on the subject of German Jewish émigré jurists. Correspondence with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft(a German organization that provided grant funding for the book) is with various individuals associated with the organization discussing research as well as correspondence making mention of the actual grant itself, and the progress of the project. Correspondence with individuals also discusses research on the émigrés. A small part of this subseries consists of correspondence with publishers, both in general and centering on the concluding chapter of the work.

The notes and drafts found in this subseries largely consist of bibliographies, lists of potential émigrés who might be included in the book, and handwritten notes used in research. Drafts of the chapter on refugee jurists in the Office of Strategic Services are also located here.

A) Correspondence

14Aufbau Announcement - Responses1988-1989
15Hans-Gerhard Cheim1987-1989
16Concluding Chapter1990
113Cover Letter - Responses1985-1989
114Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - Research Proposalundated, 1984
115Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - Research Proposal1985-1990
116Horst Göppinger1983-1992
118Marcus Lutter1987-1988
119Marcus Lutter and Michael Hoeflich - Bonn Symposium1990
121Publishers - Search for Publishers1989-1990
123Research - Émigré Lawyers in the Office of Strategic Services1989

B) Notes and Drafts

124Bibliographiesundated, 1986
125Computer File Inventories1989
126Influences - Lists and Bibliographiesundated, 1969
127Materials for Revisions1986-1989
128Notes - German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.1988
129Notes - LBI Faculty Seminar1989
130Notes - Refugee Scholarsundated, 1988
131Notes - Text Excerptsundated, 1988
132Notes - Theories and Methodsundated, 1984-1986
133Notes on Revisions and Conclusionundated
134OSS Chapter Revisions1984-1990

Subseries 2: Research Files, 1913-1994

This subseries is in German and English.
5 linear feet.

The research files in this subseries are arranged in the following manner:

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 is one of the largest areas of the collection, and contains copious amounts of articles and offprints as well as copies of source material from archives and research notes used in the production of the book Deutsche Juristen im amerikanischen Exil. These research materials have been organized into materials pertaining specifically to refugee jurists and scholars and materials relating to post-war Germany.

Folders holding research material on refugee jurists has been divided by the two types of material found in this part of the collection: general files pertaining to refugee jurists as a whole and those concerning specific individual jurists, arranged alphabetically. Users should note that there are two sets of biographical files on jurists, following the original order observed in the collection. Some folders among the general folders also hold biographical material. Among the general files are several pertaining to aid organizations; these provide information on the work performed by aid organizations in assisting legal professionals during and following World War II as well as discussion of the aid cases of various specific lawyers.

Material relevant to post-war Germany is mainly comprised of copies of records held in three archives: the Institut für Zeitgeschichte (Munich), Landesarchiv Berlin, and the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (Washington, D.C.). These documents are copies of records of the American occupation government in Germany, namely the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and the Office of Military Government, United States (OMGUS). Much of this material may have been compiled by Stiefel for use in his chapter on the work of German Jewish lawyers in the OSS and Research and Analysis branches of the occupation government. In addition to the archival records, there is also a collection of articles and offprints related to this subject.

A) Refugee Jurists and Scholars

a) General Research Files

135Aid Organizations1938-1987
136Aid Organizations - American Committee for the Guidance of Professional Personnel1938-1940
137Aid Organizations - Emergency Relief Committee (Notgemeinschaft)1948-1972
138Aid Organizations - Emergency Relief Committee (Notgemeinschaft) - List of Displaced German Refugees in America1937-1972
139American Association of Former European Jurists - Lists1945
140American Council for Emigres in the Professions - Biographiesundated, 1934-1941
141Association of Free Germans1942-1948
22Aufbau Almanac1941
23Biographies and Autobiographies1960-1983
24Biographies and Autobiographies - Lists of Namesundated
25Biographies and Autobiographies - Karl Loewenstein - Chapters 1-8undated
26Biographies and Autobiographies - Karl Loewenstein - Chapters 9-16undated
27Correspondence of Displaced and Oppressed Foreign Scholars1938-1946
28Emigration of Political Scientists - Alfons Sollner1987-1988
29Emigration of Scholars and Lawyers1984-1989
210Emigration of Scientists - Klaus Fischer1987-1989
211Émigré Jurists1933-1989
212Émigré Lawyers1932-1987
213Exile Politicians1956-1983
214German Emigration - Bibliography1965-1966
215German Refugees in America1937-1976
216John H. Herz1945-1978
218Karl Jaspers1983
219Jurists - Biographies - Strauss'schen Handbuch Entries - A-Lundated
31Jurists - Biographies - Strauss'schen Handbuch Entries - M-Zundated
32Lists and Biographical Entries1951-1988
33Literature on Emigration1941-1985
34Officials - Hugo Knoepfmacherundated
35Professors - Biographies1956-1986
36Refugee Jurists - Individual Experiencesundated, 1979
37Refugee Scholars1955-1987
38Refugee Scholars - Academic and Intellectual Emigrants1946-1985
39Magdelena Schoch1942-1980
310Statistics - Jurists Who Took Exams in Germanyundated

b) Biographical Files

i) Biographical Files - A-Z

311Aundated, 1984
321K - Kellermann, Henry1984-1987
322K - Kronstein, Heinrich1967-1989
329R - Rabel, Ernst1945-1989

ii) Biographical Files - Individuals

45Bendix, Reinhard1968-1985
46Dichmann, Wilhelm (William Dickman)1943, 1984
47Ehrenzweig, Albert A.1977-1986
48Ehrlich, Eugen1913-1953
49Ehrmann, Henry W.1945-1971
410von Elbe, Joachim1983-1986
411Fraenkel, Ernst1938-1973
412Frank, Hans1982-1988
413Fried, John H.E.1948-1953
414Hamburger, Ernst1944-1980
415Hamburger, Max1930-1970
416Hayum, Simon1939
417Kantorowicz, Hermann N.1962-1984
418Kellermann, Henry J.1984-1987
419Kelsen, Hans1947-1969
420Kempner Robert M.W.1971-1986
421Kirchheimer, Ottoundated
422Kisch, Guido1975
423Kronstein, Heinrich1967-1987
424Lenhoff, Arthur1966
425Littauer, Rudolf M.1985-1987
426Löwenstein, Karl1942-1982
427Morgenthau, Hans J.1987
428Nadelmann, Kurt H.1955, 1972
429Neumann, Franz L.1953-1985
430Nussbaum, Arthur1957-1981
431Oppenheimer, Fritz E.1949-1968
432Rheinstein, Max1954-1978
433Riesenfeld, Stefan1983
434Schlesinger, Rudolf B.1975
435Simon, Hermann E.1942-1945

B) Post-War Germany

a) OSS and OMGUS Records

i) OMGUS (Office of the Military Government, United States) Legal Division Records (from Institut für Zeitgeschichte)

436Denazification Policy1945-1946
437Denazification Policy - List of Papers1945-1946
438Denazification Reports1948
439Division Historical Notes1944
440Division History - Plan, History, and Reports1945-1947
441Federal Economic Administration Reports1945
442Functions - Library and Review and Liason Branch1947-1948
51German Courts1947-1949
52German Question and Polish Boundaries - Memorandum1947
53Legal Briefs1946
54Legal Opinions - Table of Contents1945
55List of Recordsundated
56Memoranda1945 October
510Memoranda - Charles Fahy1950
511Operational Plans1944
515Organization and Establishment1944-1945
516Organization and Operations - Charts and Reports1948-1949
517Personnel - Biographies and Recruitment Memoranda1945
518Personnel - Correspondence1947
519Personnel - Correspondence1948
520Territorial Reorganization1946
521Weekly Progress Reports1946-1948
522Weekly Activity Reports1949
523Weekly Progress and Activity Reports1946-1948
524Workload and Personnel - Reports, Notes, and Lists1946-1949

ii) Other OMGUS (Office of the Military Government, United States) Records (from Landesarchiv Berlin)

525Military Government Courts in Berlinundated, 1947-1948

iii) OSS (Office of Strategic Services) Records (from United States National Archives and Records Administration)

526Civil Affairs Guides1944-1945
527Civil Affairs Guides Schedules1944
528Division Review Committee Meetings - Civil Affairs Guides1944-1945
529Foreign Nationality Branch1943-1945
530General Informationundated
531German Outposts1945
532Research and Analysis Branch - History - Chapters I-IVundated
533Research and Analysis Branch - History - Chapters IX-Xundated
534Research and Analysis Branch - History - Chapter XIundated
535Research and Analysis Branch - History - OSS in European Theater of Operation1944

b) Articles

536Civil Affairs Training Program (CATP)1944, 1937
538Jewish Organizations
539Löwenstein, Karl - Office DiaryAugust 1945-August 1946
61Military Government in Germany1946-1987
62Military Government in Germany - Civil Affairs Guides1944
63Military Intelligence in Post-War Germany1944-1989
64Occupation Planning Policy1950-1986
65Post-War Germany1947-1986
66Post-War Germany - Economyundated, 1986
67Post-War Germany and Emigration of Jews1943-1982
68Re-education of Germans1947-1987
69Max Rheinstein Papers1944-1989
610Schmitt, Carl1950
611Die Stimme des anderen Deutschland1948?
612West German Reconstruction1982

Subseries 3: Other Material, 1943-2001

This subseries is in English and German.
0.33 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 holds documents that appear unrelated to other areas of this series, but which were physically included with the other files, and have been kept in this series to preserve original order. Several of these folders contain material on German Jews in general; one pertains to French Jews. Folders on comparative law hold documents similar to those found in Series IV.

613Alltagsgeschichte der deutschen Juden 1918-1945 by Trude Maurer2000
614Association for Jewish Studies Conference - Program1997
615Association for Jewish Studies Conference - Program1998
616Comparative Law1943-1985
617Comparative Law - Conflicts between US and Germanyundated, 1984
618Martin Buber Forum Articles1990-2001
619Religious Practices, Mentalities and Community - Chapter IIIundated
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Series III: Lectures, 1980-1995

This series is in German and English.
1 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

Series III: Lectures holds documents pertaining to Ernst Stiefel's lectures given in various locations. This series contains correspondence concerning the planning and announcements of the lectures, publicity and planning materials, lecture texts, and notes.

The majority of topics of Ernst Stiefel's lectures concern German Jewish émigré lawyers to the United States. Some lectures focused on this theme in general; another topic often encountered in this series is the influence such individuals had on American law.

71Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies (New York) - Correspondence1984-1985
72Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies (New York) - Lecture Texts1983-1984
73Bundeskartellamt (Berlin) - Lecture Text1983
74Comparative Law - Announcements and Programs1980-1989
75Comparative Law - Lecture Texts1986-1987
77German Embassy, Tel Aviv - Correspondence1982-1985
78German Embassy, Tel Aviv - Correspondence1994-1995
79German Embassy, Tel Aviv - Lecture Texts1983
710German Embassy, Tel Aviv - Notes and Articles1967-1985
711German Embassy, Tel Aviv - Participants1983
712German Embassy, Tel Aviv - Posters1983
713Industrie- und Handelskammer Nordschwarzwald (Wildbad) - Correspondence1984
714Industrie- und Handelskammer Nordschwarzwald (Wildbad) - Lecture Texts1984
715Industrie- und Handelskammer Nordschwarzwald (Wildbad) - Notes and Articles1983-1985, 1988
716Industrie- und Handelskammer Nordschwarzwald (Wildbad) - Participants1984
717Leo Baeck Institute (New York)1994
718Leo Baeck Institute (New York) - Lecture Text1994
719Other Lectures1983-1994
720Press Conference1993
721Universität Bonn - Announcements and Invitations1983
722Universität Bonn - Correspondence A-M1983-1985, 1988
723Universität Bonn - Correspondence O-W1982-1988
724Universität Bonn - Correspondence - Unidentified1983-1984
725Universität Bonn - Lecture Texts1983
726Universität Bonn - Notes and Articles1983-1985
727Universität Bonn - Symposium - Announcements and Programs1990-1991
728Universität Bonn - Symposium - Correspondence1991
729Universität Bonn - Symposium - Lecture Texts1991
730Universität Bonn - Symposium - Notes and Articles1990-1991
731Universität Bonn - Symposium - Participants1990-1991
732Universität Bonn - Symposium - Receipts1991
733Universität Heidelberg1986, 1993-1996
734Universität Heidelberg - Correspondence1994-1996
735Universität Konstanz1985
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Series IV: General Research Files, 1933-1997

This series is in German and English.
6 linear feet.

Research files are arranged topically, in the following areas:

Scope and Content:

Series IV contains numerous offprints and articles from both scholarly and popular periodicals on a variety of subjects, often including notes and markings made by Stiefel, as well as handwritten notes. The topics include historical areas such as German-Jewish refugee lawyers, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, and the Nuremberg Trials. Specific legal subjects found here consist of the field of comparative and international law as well as litigation reform, estate and inheritance law, labor law, and the process of collecting evidence and performing discovery in legal cases.

Material on historically-related topics include biographies of German-Jewish lawyers, legal articles on the Nuremberg Trials, and articles concerning the experiences of Jews in Nazi Germany. Material on émigré jurists focuses on jurists in general, as well as judges or lawyers in particular. Included among the folders relating to the Nuremberg Trials are some articles on the occupation of Germany by American forces.

Among the documents focusing on legal research, the most well-represented topic is comparative law, especially centering on differences between the practice of law in Germany and the United States. The numerous legal writings in this area discuss such topics as the importance of lawyers' familiarity with foreign laws, comparisons of the legal system in several European countries, the future of comparative law, foreign opinions of American law and lawyers, and the effects of American law on law in other countries. Some articles on discovery and international tax laws will also be found here. Publications dealing with international labor law largely deal with co-determination and relations between labor groups. Reform and problems of the American legal system are also mentioned here. Another area of the writings here is the growth of litigation and punitive damages in the United States.

1) Comparative Law and Related Topics

81Advantages of Civil Law1974-1996
82Advantages of Civil Law - Newspaper Clippings1993-1996
83Advantages of Civil Law - Offprints and Articles1980-1996
84Advantages of Civil Law - Offprints and Articles - by James Maxeiner1990-1992
85Advantages of Civil Law - Siemens Lecture - Notes and Articles
86Advantages of Civil Law - Correspondence1988-1994
87Comparative Law - Correspondence1988-1994
88Comparative Law - English Common and Civil Law1944-1996
89Comparative Law - Notes and Article Excerptsundated, 1968-1993
810Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - Authors A-E1955-1996
811Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - Authors F-K1956-1996
812Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - Authors L-P1988
813Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - Authors R-Z
814Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - Authors Unidentifiedundated
815Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - by Basil S. Markesinis1983-1995
816Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - by Mathias Reimann1988-1996
817Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - by Ernst C. Stiefel1937-1976
818Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - by Wolfgang Wiegand1988-1991
819Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - by Reinhard Zimmermann1991-1995
820Comparative Law - Offprints and Articles - Tables of Contents1971-1993
821Comparative Law - Substantive1954-1996
91Cultural Differences and Misunderstandings1969-1993
92German-American Misunderstandingsundated, 1983-1993
93German Legal Procedures - Advantages1981-1991
94German Legal Procedures - American Dimension1994
95German Legal Procedures - Notes and Article Excerptsundated, 1979-1985
96German Legal Procedures - Offprints and Articles - Authors A-H1973-1994
97German Legal Procedures - Offprints and Articles - Authors J-M1970-1995
98German Legal Procedures - Offprints and Articles - Authors P-Z1972-1996
99German Legal Procedures - Offprints and Articles - by Ernst C. Stiefelundated, 1959, 1991
910German Legal Procedures - Offprints and Articles - by Rolf Stürner1944-1996
911Legal Education - Offprints - Authors A-K
913Legal Education - Offprints - Authors M-Z1947-1994
914Power of Judges1981-1982
916Social Security and Social Conditionsundated, 1978

2) Discovery and Evidence

918Discoveryundated, 1984-1995
919Discovery - Abuse1979-1982
101Discovery - Parties and Depositions1937, 1970-1993
102Discovery - Role of Judges1982-1986
103Discovery Abroad - Conflicts and Privileges1974-1988
105Extraterritorial Discovery1953-1987
106Extraterritorial Discovery - Aerospatiale1988
107Extraterritorial Discovery - Hague Conference1965-1984

3) Émigré Jurists

109Austrian Émigré Jurists1984
1010Biographical Information - Professors1935-1987
1011Biographical Information - Professors - Hugo Sinzheimer1940-1942
1012Biographical Information - Professors - Berthold Werner1933-1959
1013Exile Research1942-1993
1014Exile Research - Newspaper Clippings1965-1994
1015German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Correspondence1982-1989
1016German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Judges1986-1991
1017German Jewish Émigré Jurists - Lectures1983-1984, 1991
1018German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Notes and Excerpts1939-1992
1019German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Offprints and Articles - American Journal of Comparative Law1993
1020German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Offprints and Articles - Authors A-H1979-1989
1021German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Offprints and Articles - Authors J-P1953-1991
1022German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Offprints and Articles - Authors R-V1955-1978
111German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Offprints and Articles - by Arnold Brecht1967
112German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Offprints and Articles - by Ernst Stiefelundated, 1933
113German-Jewish Émigré Jurists - Offprints and Articles - Newspaper Clippingsundated, 1984
114German-Jewish Lawyers - Articles1938-1995
115German-Jewish Lawyers - Correspondence and Notes1984-1997
116German-Jewish Lawyers in Mannheim1961-1985
117Max Hachenberg1950-1989
119Home - Newspaper Clippings1966-1995
1110Jacob Picard1963-1983

4) Estate, Inheritance, and Gift Tax Laws

1111Estate Planning1972-1992
1112Estate Planning - Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act (TAMRA)1989-1991
1113Estate Taxation and Planning - Overviews and Examples1968-1992
1114International Inheritance Tax Laws - Correspondence and Notes1982-1989
1115U.S. -German Double Taxation Treaty (Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen)1961-1987
1116Tax Laws and Aliens1957-1990

5) International Labor Law

1118Co-determination - Industrial Democracy1977-1984
1119Co-determination - International Comparisons1951-1986
1120Co-determination - Supervisory Boards1977-1980
1121Co-determination in Europe1976-1982
1122Co-determination in Germany1967-1978
1123Co-determination in Germany - History1952-1981
1124Co-determination in Germany - Laws1954-1976
1125Co-determination in Germany - Reports1970-1975
1126Co-determination in the United States1971-1982
1127Multinational Corporations1966-1984
1128Other Labor Law Topics1979-1980
1129Vredeling Proposal1982-1985

6) National Socialism and the Holocaust

121Christians and Jews - Personal Experiences1987
122Friedrich Jacobi Letters1945-1995
123French Jewsundated, 1942
124German Jews1950-1996
125German Jews in Mannheimundated, 1961-1996
126National Socialism - Overcoming the Past1943-1998
127National Socialism - Overcoming the Past - Newspaper Clippings1984-1986
128National Socialism and the Holocaust1988-1995
129National Socialism and the Holocaust - Magazine and Journal Articles1979-1997
1210National Socialism and the Holocaust - Newspaper Clippings - English1978-1997
1211National Socialism and the Holocaust - Newspaper Clippings - German1979-1997
1212Nazi Germany and the Lawundated, 1986

7) Nuremberg Trials and War Crimes

1213Nuremberg Trials - Newspaper Clippings1983-1994
1214Nuremberg Trials - Offprints and Articles1953-1994
1215Nuremberg Trials - Offprints and Articles - By Matthew Lippmann1951-1956
1216Nuremberg Trials - Offprints and Articles - By Telford Taylor
1217Nuremberg Trials - Offprints and Articles - Excerpts1959-1984
1218Nuremberg Trials - Symposiums - Ernst C. Stiefel Symposium1995-1996
1219Nuremberg Trials - Symposiums and Conferences - Notes and Articles
1220Nuremberg Trials - Symposiums and Conferences - Publicity and Programs1995-1996
1221Occupation of Germany - Articles and Book Exerptsundated, 1973-1985
1222Occupation of Germany - Articles and Book Excerpts - by Thilo Vogelsang1973, 1986
1223War Crimes1976-1993
1224War Crimes and the International Court - Magazine and Journal Articles1965-1997
1225War Crimes and the International Court - Newspaper Clippings1995

8) Tort Reform and the Litigation Society

131Cost and Inefficiency of the U.S. Legal Systemundated, 1984
132Court Access1977-1995
133Court Access and the Adversary System1982-1991
135Insurance Industry1990-1992
136Lawsuit Reform1993-1997
137Legal Growth1974-1984
138Litigation Society - General1959-1987
139Litigation Society and the Adversary System - Notes and Excerpts1975-1993
1310Litigation Society and the Adversary System - Offprints and Articles1956, 1988-1994
1311Punitive Damages1980-1996
1312Punitive Damages - Newspaper Clippings1987-1991
1313Recognition and Enforcement of Judgements and Liability Awards1979-1991
1314Social Security1977-1978
1315Tort Reform and the Litigation Explosion1981-1992
1316Tort Reform and the Litigation Explosion - Newspaper Clippings1987-1994
1317Tort Reform and the Litigation Explosion - Notes and Excerpts1981-1992

9) Other Topics

1318Festschriften1966, 1981-1995
1319Festschriften - Gratulationen zum 90. Geburtstag von Robert M.W. Kempner1989
1320Humor in the Law1982-1991
1322Juries and the Jury System1982-1995
1323Language and Style1960-1993
1324Legal Cases1958, 1990
1325Style and Verbosity1987-1995
1326Translations - General1966-1987
1327Translations - Legal1958-1984
1328Truth and Facts1984-1993
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