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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Joy Zacharia Appelbaum
Title: Papers of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum
Dates:undated, 1888—2012
Dates:(bulk 1974-2004)
Abstract: The collection documents the work and correspondence of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum and reflects various aspects of her life, personal research and writings in the field of Sephardic Jewish culture and society, mainly as they made their way here in the United States. Collection consists in large part of a large array of newspaper and magazine articles describing Sephardic life in various areas of the world, and especially in the United States. An extensive portion of the collection examines the various customs and traditions found among the Sephardim, including customs for the Jewish Holidays (and especially Passover). The collection also includes a significant quantity of information about the American Sephardi Federation, focusing a great deal on its conventions and activities in the late 1980s to early 1990s. There is also a sizable amount of information about the Sephardic communities in the Ottoman regions of Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans, with a considerable amount of material that focuses on the Quincentennial celebrations held to commemorate the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.
Languages: The collection is in English, Ladino, Judeo-Arabic and Turkish.
Quantity: 9.5 linear feet. (19 manuscript boxes)
Identification: ASF AR 55
Repository: American Sephardi Federation at the Center for Jewish History
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Biographical Note

Joy Zacharia was born Dec. 4, 1937, in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY, the daughter of Morris Isaac Zacharia (of Castoria, Greece) and Clara Telias (whose parents came from Tuscany and Izmir). Her paternal grandfather, Rabbi Isaac Menahem Zacharia, was Haham Bashi of Greek Macedonia with headquarters in Castoria. His wife, the Rubisa, was Estamou Mevorah Zacharia. Her maternal grandparents were Isaac Telias, of Izmir, Turkey and Anna Ouriel Telias of Tuscany, Italy. Anna’s grandfather, a member of the Pappo Family, was Chargé d'Affaires at the Austrian Consulate in Constantinople, where she was raised.

Joy attended Abraham Lincoln H.S. after her family moved to Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, from 1951 to 1955. Then, from 1955 to 1958, she earned a BA with Honors in Spanish at Brandeis University. While there she wrote a thesis entitled: A Study of the Castoriali (Ladino) Dialect, a grammar, dictionary and cultural dissertation that is cited in David Bunis' Sephardic Studies: a research bibliography (1981). From Brandeis, Joy went on to New York University, where she earned a dual MA in Spanish and Education during the years 1958-1959. In 1958 she was married, and she subsequently bore two children: David Appelbaum and Cara Kagan.

Following college, Joy became a prolific writer and editor, writing extensively about Jews in general and Sephardim in particular. In 1977, she published The History of the Jews of Teaneck (New Jersey). Then, in 1991 she wrote a dissertation entitled Growing up in a Polyglot Sephardic Home for the "Second International Sephardic Studies Conference of SUNY Binghamton and later published under the title From Iberia to Diaspora: Studies in Sephardic History and Culture (Brill, 1999). Between these two works, Joy wrote numerous articles for a wide variety of Jewish-American newspapers, including The Jewish Week, The Jewish Standard, The Cleveland Jewish News, and the Sephardic Home News. At the same time, she was employed for 18 years as a Secondary School teacher of Romance Languages (Spanish, French, and Italian) in the New York City and Bergen County, NJ public schools. Joy was Treasurer of the Teaneck Jewish Community Council (1983-1987) and was an active participant in its Holocaust programs. She also was employed for a time as the Executive Director of the International Sephardic Education Foundation (ISEF), funding scholarships for Sephardim studying in Israel, as well as serving for several years (1988-1991) as the Director of Public Relations for the Brooklyn based Sephardic Home for the Aged. Finally, she participated actively in the American Sephardi Federation, and was one of the founding members of the American Association of Jewish friends of Turkey.

In 2010 Joy was invited by the Lower East Side Tenement Museum to deliver a series of lectures to the docents and administrators connected with its Confino apartment. The Confinos came from Castoria, Greece, and her lectures dealt with Castoriali customs and Ladino dialect. (Coincidentally, one of the Confino women was godmother to her father, Morris I. Zacharia.)

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Scope and Content Note

The papers of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum are arranged in five series and include brochures, booklets, clippings, correspondence, notes, photographs, printed matter, reports, speeches, writings, memoirs, and materials which Joy Zacharia Appelbaum compiled over a thirty-six year period from 1975 to 2011.

The collection is composed largely of published materials (i.e., articles from magazines and newspapers) and attempts to document the efforts of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum to describe the Sephardic Jewish community which came to settle especially in the Ottoman Empire following their expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula at the end of the 15th Century. There is an abundance of material describing the settlement of the Sephardim in various communities throughout the world.

The collection is divided into five series: Sephardim and their traditions; Spain, the Expulsion and the Quincentenary; Sephardim in the Diaspora; Sephardim in America; and the American Sephardi Federation and its affiliates. The records are arranged alphabetically by topic within each series. In some cases topics of different series overlap.

The central theme of this collection is the description of the Sephardim throughout the world, as they radiated out from the Iberian Peninsula and the Middle East. This collection depicts the history of the numerous Sephardic communities, as well as describing some of their significant traditions. Finally, this collection seeks to describe some of the activities of the American Sephardi Federation and similar American Sephardi organizations.

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This collection has been arranged topically into five series. The material located within each series were grouped together by subject and arranged in alphabetical order by folder title and then by chronology of the enclosed material. The description of each folder includes folder title and date.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:

American Sephardi Federation, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011
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Related Material

The American Sephardi Federation Archives and the Archives of the Quincentennial Foundation, also held by ASF.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum; AR 55; box number; folder number; American Sephardi Federation.

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Acquisition Information

Collection was donated to the American Sephardi Federation on several instances ending in September, 2011 by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum.

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Processing information

Processing the collection involved encapsulating photos in Mylar sleeves, photocopying of the most fragile newsprint and thermofaxes, re-boxing and re-foldering using acid-free archival supplies, removing rubber bands, staples, and paperclips (and other metal fasteners) where appropriate.

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Access Points

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Container List


Series I: Sephardim and their Traditions, undated, 1936-2009

This series is in English, Ladino and Judeo-Arabic.
2.0 linear feet (4 manuscript boxes). Box 1, Folder 1 to Box 3, Folder 18.

This series has been arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Scope and Content:

This series consists mostly of secondary documents, including such things as newspaper and magazine articles relating to the topic of the Sephardim and their traditions. The assemblage attempts to describe a wide array of topics dealing with the Sephardim, ranging from Sephardi cookery to the Holocaust, as it impacted on the various groups of Sephardim. Series describes a particularly extensive amount of space to the Jewish Holidays, and especially Passover, or Pesah. This includes several folders on the topic of Passover, as well as additional folders containing various Haggadot of the Sephardim.

In box one-A of this series are contained several folders dealing with languages found among the Sephardim, most notably Judeo-Arabic and Judeo-Spanish or Ladino. The latter is particularly significant to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum, and has led her to write several articles on the topic.

In box three of this series also are contained information on a number of the more notable Sephardim figures from many centuries of Sephardic history. Through the use of news articles from various magazines, newspapers, and other sources, Appelbaum pieces together biographies of a number of distinguished Sephardim.


11Artists, Dramatists, and Musicians - Sephardim (14 articles, 1 playbill)1976-2007
12Cookery - Sephardim (2 articles)1977-1981
13Holocaust - Sephardim (16 articles)1987-2003
14Identity - Rabbi Marc D. Angel (17 articles)1975-1991
15Identity - Sephardim: Brooklyn Sephardic Archives 1936-2008

  • 6 items on Brooklyn Sephardic Archives
  • 1 issue of Sephardi Heritage
  • 15 articles about Sephardim and Sephardic identity
  • Reprint of material by Isaac da Costa, by Bertram Brewster, and by Cecil Roth
  • “Sephardic Unity Comes of Age” by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum; 1998 March 10
  • Correspondence from Richard Cohen, regarding "Sephardic Unity Comes of Age"; 1988 March 14

16Music Information - Sephardim1977-2003

  • Judith Cohen: "Gerineldo" Promo Photo, Pamphlets and letter
  • Magam-i Nawa, Program
  • The Orchestra of Fes with Francois Atlan, Playbill
  • Joe Elias Ensemble, 3 articles, letters, photos
  • Robin Greenstein: "La Serena: A Collection of Ladino Songs"
  • Flory Jagoda (Hadassah Magazine Article)
  • Jewish Week article: "Songs of the Sephardim"
  • Adelantre, “Grerta de Kantigas”

17Music - Sephardim - Voice of the Turtle1986-1987
18Our Story - The Jews of Sepharad (3 volumes)1991
19Rabbinic Astronomers - Sephardim (3 articles)1973-1990
110Yeshiva University's 19th Annual Conference of the American Society of Spehardic Studies1986

  • Yeshiva University's 19th Annual Conference of the American Society of Sephardic Studies by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum (Special to Sephardic Home News)
  • Women in the Judeo-Hispanic World by Dr. Henrietta Yurchenco
  • The study of foreign languages amongst the Sephardim by David Altabe
  • Sephardic scholarship in the Basque country - 13th - 15th Centuries by Dr. Leonard Bloom
  • Bernard Lewis - Curriculum Vitae


Sephardim: Languages

1A1Judeo-Arabic - A corpus of Judeo-Arabic Textsundated
1A2Judeo-Spanish - Ladino Language1962-1988

  • Alliance Review, 2 issues: 1973 Fall and >1975 Fall
  • 8 articles
  • 1 issue of Le Judaisme Sephardi, 1962 July
  • Bennjamin Aguado: Correspondence and poetry written in English and Soletreo
  • Newsletter, Sephardic Society of Manhattan, 1988 February
  • Copy of Abravanel's "Dialogue of Love" (in Soletreo)
  • List of differences between Modern Spanish and Ladino
  • T.A. Perry Lecture Notes: "Philosophy of Sephardic Jews as seen through their Proverbs"
  • Letter in Ladino-Soletreo and Roman alphabet
  • Letter from David Barocas to David Fintz Altabe re. Spanish and Ladino; 1976 May 11
  • Birkat Amazon in Ladino
  • 1 copy of "Nuestro Encuentro" (1981)
  • Stephen Levy: "Many Hands"
  • 1 copy of La Vara
  • "Contemporary Ladino Poetry" (Midstream, 2006 July/August)
  • "Moshe David Gaon Research Center for Ladino Culture (Image, 2008 December)
  • "Ladino - The Language of Love (CAJE-Jewish Education News)
  • "Ladino, A Precious Legacy (Conversations with Dr. Aviva Ben-Ur)" by Terry Y. Allen (Sephardic House Newsletter, 2001 Spring)
  • "Ladino musical hits the mark" (Jerusalem Post, 1988 May 20

1A3Judeo-Spanish - Ladino Language (Joy Zacharia Applebaum’s writings)1986-1987

  • “Ladino is alive and well, thank you,” 1986 September 26
  • “Ladino Professor teaches at CUNY” with David Bunis, 1987 September
  • “Ladino is alive and well in New Jersey,” 1986 May


Sephardim: Holidays

21Holiday Observances (other than Passover) (25 articles, 6 posters)1973-1998
22Passover - Part I (1 letter, 21 articles)1976-2001
23Passover - Part IIundated
24Passover - Part III - Writings by several Scholarsundated
25Passover - Part IV - Sephardic Seders - by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum1987-1988

  • “Why is a Sephardic Seder different?,” Jewish Standard1987 April 10
  • “Why is a Sephardic Seder different?,” Cleveland Jewish News1988 March 25


  • Hagadá de Ladino
  • Hagadá de Pésaj (Spanish)
  • La Haggada de Pessah (French)

27Passover - Hagada de Pasqua (Greek) and Greek Seder (Rabbi Alcalay)1978
28Passover - Hagada Matzliah (multi-lingual)undated
29Passover - Haggadah of the Chinese Jews1967
210Passover - Palestinian Haggada1938

Famous Sephardim

31Biographies - Sephardim - 20th Century and earlier (29 articles)1969-1997
32Abrabanel, Don Isaac and his descendents (6 articles,1 symposium program)1977-2006
33Benjamin, Judah (1811-1884) (5 articles)1975-2003
34Canetti, Elias (1905—1994) (3 articles)1991-1994
35Cardozo, Benjamin (1870-1938) 3 articles, lecture notes1986-2004
36Dreyfus, Alfred (1859-1935) (9 articles)1987-1988
37Elias, Joe (2 photos, 1 flyer, 2 letters, 2 articles)1986-1990
38Halevi, Yehudah ben Samuel (1070/75 - circa1141)1941
39Kadoorie Family of Hong Kong (1 article)1983 March
310Levi, Primo (1919-1987) (4 articles)1987-1999
311Maimonides (1135-1204) (6 articles)undated
312Matarasso, Albert (1890-)1969

  • Albert Matarasso and his Ladino

313Nadjari, Maurice (11 articles)1972-1976
314Noah, Mordecai Manuel (1785-1851) (3 articles)1974
315Perahia, Murray (1947-) (4 articles)1972-1975
316Salomon, Haym (1740-1785) (Polish) (6 articles)1973-1975
317Schinasi Brothers, by Albert J. Amateau1989
318Spinoza, Baruch (1632-1677) (3 articles)1977-2009
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Series II: Spain, the Expulsion, and the Quincentenary, undated, 1957-2008

This series is in English.
1.5 linear feet (3 manuscript boxes). Box 4, Folder 1 to Box 6, Folder 6.

This series has been arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

This series is made up largely of secondary documents, including such things as newspaper/magazine articles, pamphlets, and small booklets. In this series the items deal mainly with the Iberian Peninsula; the Expulsion that drove Jews away from this region; and the Ottoman empire (and especially Turkey) where many Jews found refuge after that expulsion.

Box 4 contains materials that are descriptive of Spain, Portugal, etc. where the Sephardim once experienced a Golden Age of significant legal, philosophical, and literary expression. This box also contains materials dealing with the Expulsions from the Iberian Peninsula, which saw the departure of nearly all those Jews who had previously resisted the pressure to convert to Christianity. This box also contains material dealing with Christopher Columbus, whose departure for the New World is said to have coincided with the expulsion of the Jews. Finally, this box contains materials dealing with the phenomenon of the “Crypto-Jews”, a collection of people who believe that they can trace their ancestry back to the time of the persecution of the Jews both prior to, and after the expulsion.

Box 5 deals mainly with Turkey, which offered one of the primary refuges for the Jews who fled the Iberian Peninsula at the end of the fifteenth Century. Because of their kindness toward the Jews, and because such a large number of Sephardim made their homes there, Turkey and the Turks are generally recalled with fondness, as is indicated by an abundance of Turkish-Jewish organizations, references to which may be found in this box. These include some of the writings and correspondence of Mr. Albert Amateau, an individual of Turkish extraction, who proved to be a strong advocate of Turkish Jewish relations.

Box 6 contains some of the papers of the Quincentennial Celebration held in 1992 to recall the 500th anniversary of the expulsion from Spain and the relocation of a population of Sephardi Jews in the Ottoman Empire, and particularly Turkey. The box contains folders dealing with Spain, with Turkey, and with the project that united the two. One interested in this material might also wish to investigate the archival papers of the Quincentennial Foundation, also held by American Sephardi Federation.

Spain, Portugal and the Expulsion

41Portugal (1 booklets, 13 articles)1970-2004
42Spain (63 articles) 1971-1993
43Spain (9 pamphlets)1979-1990
  • Cordoba, Granada y Sevilla
  • Exploring the Jewish Heritage in Spain
  • Spain: Granada
  • "Five centirues of Jewish life in Girona and Catalonia": Sephardic House at Congregation Shearith Israel
  • Costa Brava Girona: Romanic
  • Spain: Gerona
  • Conocer Girona: Girona y los Judios
  • Spain: Sevilla
  • Jews of Girona
44Spain (3 maps, 1 book of maps)undated, 1957
45Spanish Inquisition and Expulsionundated, 1987-1992

  • Excerpt from "Five Hundred" Vol.1, no.2, Oct. November 1989; Official publication of the Quincentenary Jubilee Commission; Washington D.C.
  • "Commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain 1492-1992"
  • Booklet: "Celebrate the Sephardic Contribution to Jewish Culture; The Sephardic Program Resource Guide"
  • Haham Dr. Solomon Gaon: "The Expulsion and the Holocaust: Reflections and Reactions"
  • Honorable Stephen J. Solarz: Copy of Congressional Record; 1990 September 17 with extension of remarks: "An Example to Mankind"
  • Professor Benjamin R. Gampel: Masoret "Remembering Sepharad and Columbus," 1992 Fall
  • Daniel J. Elazar: The Other Jews: The Sephardim Today, excerpt from Chapter 6--3 other items: Articles from Jewish Week and Jewish Standard
  • "Edict of Expulsion" (in English) appearing in Los Amigos Sephardi, 1987 November 12

46Spanish Inquisition and Expulsion - Joy Zacharia Appelbaum’s writings1990 June 20

  • “Should Jews help mark their expulsion in 1492?” 1990 June 20, Cleveland Jewish News

47Columbus (29 articles)1989-2008
48Columbus and the Ibero-American Heritage Project1988-1989
49Crypto Jews (24 articles)1977-1992


51Turkey (41 articles) 1973-1992
52Turkey – Writings1988-1994

  • Morris Schinasi International Children’s Hospital, Manisa, Turkey: A story and an appeal
  • "The synagogues of Turkey," by Joel A. Zack (1994)
  • "The history of the Turkish Jews," by Mr. Naim Guleryuz, (1989 July)
  • 1 postcard (Louis N. Levy)
  • “Pre-Quincentennial Conference Celebrates: Sephardic experience in Turkey” by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum, Sephardic Views International (1989 November)
  • “Pre-Quincentennial Conference Celebrates: Sephardic experience in Turkey” by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum, Sephardic Views News (1988 November)
  • “Sephardic experience in Turkey: Event to mark 500 years in 1992”” by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum, (LASHON, 1989 January-February)
  • “Sephardic Experience in Turkey: Event to mark 500 years in 1992” by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum, (Vision, 1988 May)
  • "The Historic Synagogues of Turkey" an exhibition by the American Sephardi Federation 2007 October 10.

53Turkey: "Albert J. Amateau and the Turks"1987-1988
54Turkey: Amateau, Albert - Correspondence Regarding the Armenians1988-1990
55Turkey and the Armenians1987-1988
56Turkey: Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA)1988 October

  • Letter from ATAA President Tunca Iskir inviting Joy Zacharia Appelbaum to attend the Miami Beach, Florida Conference (1988 September-October)
  • “Jews of Turkey—500 Years of Shared History”
  • “Sephardic Experience in Turkey: Pre-Quincentennial Conference Celebrates” by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum (International Sephardic Exchange, 1988 October)
  • “Turkish-Jewish relations commemorated by special one-day Seminar,” by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum (Sephardic Views International, 1989 October)
  • Pamphlet describing the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), 1979

57Turkey: Association of the American Jewish Friends of Turkey1989-1991
58"Turkish-Jewish Relations in the Ottoman Empire" by Halil Inalcik, Leon Picon, Kerim C. Kevenk1982
509Turkish-Jewish Relations1987-1988

  • "Turks and Jews: Half a Millenium of Shared History in Cooperation with the Federation of Turkish American Societies and Yeshiva University" by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum, an Anti-Defamation League Conference Paper
  • "Peace and Stability" by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum (Jewish Week, 1987 July 31)
  • Jeffrey Steiner Dinner (1988 February 21)

510Brandeis University Conference on “Jews of the Ottoman Empire”1987

  • Conference Participants
  • "Turkish Jewish pioneers in the United States," by Professor Albert J. Amateau
  • "Hebrew book printing in the Ottoman Empire," Exhibition
  • The Turkish Studies Association Bulletin Report of Conferences (1988 March)
  • Journal of Ecumenical Studies (Jews and Muslim Turks) 1987 Srping

511Turkish-Jewish Relations - Joy Zacharia Appelbaum’s writings1988-1989

  • “Turkish-Jewish Relations Commemorated by Special Seminar” (Bergen Jewish News) (1988 March 10)
  • “Turkish-Jewish Relations Commemorated by Special Seminar” (Vision) (1988 October)



61Pre-Quincentennial Conference—Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA)1988 October
62Quincentenary Jubilee1988-1992
63Quincentenary Project (Queen Isabella, etc.)1989-1992
64Spain and the Quincentennial1987-1992
65Turkey and the Quincentennial1990-1992
66Turkey and the Quincentennial Foundation1992
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Series III: Sephardim in the Diaspora, undated, 1971-2009

This series is in English.
1.5 linear feet (3 manuscript boxes). Box 7, Folder 1 to Box 9, Folder 8.

This series has been arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

In this series, the items deal mainly with the various sites of the Sephardi world. Several of these sites, such as Greece and the Middle East, held Sephardim before the expulsion long before the expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula at the end of the 15th Century, only to be supplemented with more at the time of the expulsion itself. Other sites, such as Africa and the Low countries of northern Europe saw Sephardim arrive at a later date.

Box 7 contains materials dealing mainly with Greece and the Balkans. Particularly prominent in this box are materials from the Jewish Museum of Greece. Located in Athens, this organization is quite proud of the relations between the Jews and the nation of Greece. In addition, there are a number of items dealing with some of the more prominent countries of the Balkans (i.e, most notably the former state of Yugoslavia).

Box 8 is much more eclectic, containing materials from such ancient Sephardic sites as Egypt and Iraq to more modern sites as Sub-Saharan Africa. Significant is the discussion of the Egyptian Jews, a collection which may well be supplemented by the papers on Egyptian Jewry created by Dr. Victor Sanua, and which are also held by American Sephardi Federation. In Appelbaum's collection as well, herein there is a large collection of articles dealing with the Asian Jewish communities, sites where Sephardim settled very early in history. Finally, this box contains materials dealing with the phenomenon of the “Lost Tribes of Israel,” a phenomenon frequently associated with the Sephardim that are scattered across the earth.

Box 9 deals mainly with the Sephardim of Europe. It contains particularly large collections of information dealing with the modern nations of France (which has recently become a major refuge for Sephardim—especially those driven out of Northern Africa and the Middle East following the creation of the state of Israel) and of Italy (which is the residence not merely of a large number of the descendants of those Sephardim driven from Spain; but also, of a much older community of Jews who have dwelled in Italy since long before the Expulsion).

Greece and the Balkans

71Bulgaria (i.e.,Jews, Sofia) (16 articles, 1 set lecture notes)1974-2004
72Jewish Museum of Greece (11 issues of Newsletters, 6 pamphlets, 22 articles, postcards) 1986-1990
73Jewish Museum of Greece - American Friends of1986-1987

  • Newsletters, pamphlets
  • Articles by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum (i.e.,Study of the Castoriali dialect)
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Correspondence
  • Membership form for the American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece with a drachma

74Jews of Greece (40 articles)1975-2004

  • “The Jewish Museum” in NYC (Lecture Notes-Vincent Giordano
  • “The Jews of Greece: An intimate portrait”
  • Selected Bibliography on the Jews of Greece)

75Jews of Greece - Ioannina (Dr. Rachel Dalven)1973-2006

  • 5 articles, 3 Romaniote newsletters, correspondence

76Jews of Greece - Kastoria/ Monastir - 12 “Fotocolor” pictures of Castoriaundated
  • "The Jews of Kastoria" by Dimitrios S. Yiannousi from Chronika (1981)
  • "The Residential organization of the Jews of Kastoria" by Panayotis Tsolakis (undated)
77Jews of Greece—Rhodes (6 articles)1978-2002
78Jews of Greece - Thessaloniki (7 articles)1979-2002
79Kol ha-Kehila - Newsletter of the Jewish Monuments of Greece1999-2001
710Romania (Jews—Not really Sephardic) (19 articles)1973-2009
711Yugoslavia (Sarajevo, Croatia) (16 articles, 1 pamphlet)1977-2007

Middle East, Asia, and Africa

81Africa (4 articles)2001-2002
82Asian Jewish Communities (44 articles)1975-2006
83Cairo Geniza (3 articles)1996-1999
84Egyptian Jews (i.e. Dr. Victor Sanua) (10 articles) and Sudan (1 article)1997-2007
85India and Jews (28 articles, 1 invitation)1975-2006
86Iraqi Jews (3 articles)1990-2004
87Jewish Women from Muslim Societies Speak2003
88Jews in Levant, by Leon Picon1983 October
89Karaite Jews of Cairo, by Boruch K. Helman1979 March
810Lost tribes of Israel (3 articles)1990-2000
811Mashhadi Jewry (1 letter, 4 articles)1981-1990
812Muslim lands and Jews (6 articles, 2 pamphlets, 1 letter from a Forgotten Jew (David Harris) and 1 book)1969-2011
813Sudan-Tunisia (Djerba) (3 articles)1997-2008


91Belgium - Antwerp (1 article); Brussels (1 article)2001-2007
92Czech Republic (11 articles, 2 pamphlets)1971-1998
93France (41 articles)1972-1999
94Gibraltar (3 articles)1986-1987
95Italy (62 articles, 1 packet, 4 pamphlets, 2 postcards)1971-2009
96Malta (2 articles)1989-2005

  • Amsterdam’s Portuguese-Jewish Synagogue) (1 color brochure)
  • Sharon Pomerantz: "Amsterdam" Hadassah Magazine, 1992 June/July
  • "300 Years of the Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue of Amsterdam" World Over Magazine 1976 November 19

98United Kingdom/Great Britain (24 articles, 1 pamphlet, 1 cassette tape)1972-2006
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Series IV: Sephardim in the Americas, 1962-2007

This series is in English.
1.0 linear feet (2 manuscript boxes). Box 10, Folder 1 to Box 11, Folder 3.

This series has been arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

Series IV contains historical materials describing the most prominent Sephardic communities in the Americas.

Box 10 contains an assemblage of articles dealing with the early communities in North America, including Congregation Shearith Israel, the Spanish and Portuguese synagogue in New York City, which, dating back to 1654, claims to be the first Jewish community to settle in North America. Also, there are a booklet and a pamphlet discussing Touro Synagogue in Newport, RI, which lays claim to possessing the oldest Synagogue building in North America, which has managed to remain since it was constructed in 1758. This box also contains materials regarding the Seattle Sephardic community, an important area of Sephardic settlement which began to emerge with the migration of Sephardim to the west at the beginning of the 20th Century. Finally, this box contains a collection of Sephardic American biographies of Sephardim of note.

Box 11 contains a wide variety of materials focusing on Sephardim from Central America, South America, and around the Caribbean.

Sephardim in the United States of America

101American Jews (General) (26 articles)1969-1992
102American Sephardim (5 writings, 1 questionnaire)1967-1987
103American Sephardim (18 articles)1972-2004
104Congregation Shearith Israel (NY)1973-2004

  • 14 articles
  • Guide to services, by Rev. Dr. Louis C. Gerstein

105Early American Sephardim, Bicentennial (5 pamphlets)1976
106Early American Sephardim, Jacob R. Marcus (4 articles)1962-1976
107New Jersey and New York - Sephardim (22 articles)1977-2007
108Other States - Sephardim (13 articles)1972-2002
109Sephardic American Biographies (35 articles)1972-2007
1010Touro Synagogue (Newport, RI) (1 book, 1 pamphlet)1975
1011Washington (Seattle) - Sephardim (6 articles)1981-2007

Sephardim in Central and Latin America (Including Caribbean)

111Brazil (4 articles); Columbia (1 article)1973-2005
112Central American and Caribbean (10 articles, 1 pamphlet)1973-2004
113Chile: "Temuco: Genesis of a Community" by Moises Hasson Cambiundated
114Mexico (19 articles)1967-1976
115Historia de una Famiyia: Letra de Alberto Levy de Argentinaundated
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Series V: American Sephardi Federation (ASF) and its affiliates, undated, 1888-2012

This series is in English, Ladino, and Turkish.
3.5 linear feet (7 manuscript boxes). Box 12, Folder 1 to Box 19, Folder 1.

This series has been arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

This series is composed of both primary and secondary source materials. It deals in large part with the American Sephardi Federation and some of the major events in which this organization took part in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, a time when the Federation was especially actively involved in Sephardi affairs. In addition to such materials as annual reports and correspondence involving ASF’s long time president, Mr. Leon Levy, there is also promotional materials dealing with ASF’s five major conventions held in January 1987, November 1987, 1989, 1990, and 1993. One interested in this material might also wish to investigate the archival papers of the American Sephardi Federation, also held by ASF.

In box 14, there is also information regarding several of the major organizations (i.e., World Sephardi Federation, a division of WSF called the Italian Sephardi Federation, and Sephardic House) that were affiliated with ASF, and are worthy of note because of the vital role that Joy Zacharia Appelbaum played in many of their operations.

Box 15 contains material from the Sephardic Home for the Aged in Brooklyn, NY. Erected in the late 1940’s, this institution was erected to offer services to the Sephardim who were not often understood by similar Ashkenazi institutions. In this box there are not only information concerning the constitution and operations of the institution, but there are also a collection of the Sephardic Home News, a newspaper published monthly by the Sephardic Home and directed, edited, and contributed to by Appelbaum from 1988 to 1991.

In box 16, there are some of Appelbaum’s own writings, including papers, speeches, and news articles which she wrote for various organizations in the mid-1980’s. Also contained in this box is a small collection of correspondence that was written by various people which involves Appelbaum in one way or another. For further information about Ladino, one might wish to examine Appelbaum’s A Study of the Castoriali (Ladino) Dialect.

In box 17 there is a collection of the Turkish-Jewish newspapers, entitled Shalom: Haftalik Siyasi ve Kültürel Gazete. There are 37 issues of the newspaper which is in Turkish and they range from May, 1993 to February (Subat) 2009.

In box 18, there is a collection of the Ladino-Jewish newspapers, entitled El Amaneser. There are 32 issues of the newspaper which is in Ladino and they range from March, 2005 to February, 2009. The paper was originally published as an insert to the previously mentioned newspaper Shalom.

In box 19, there is a collection of oversize items, including the Ketubah (Marriage contract) of Ms. Appelbaum’s parents: Morris Isaac Zacharia and Clara Isaac Telias; a photograph of the Inauguration Banquet arranged by the Schacco Relief Ass’n; and an oversized booklet entitled Sephardic Home Book of Remembrance.

American Sephardi Federation (ASF)

121ASF - Annual Report1991-1992
122ASF - Committee Meetings1988
123ASF - Correspondence of Leon L. Levy1988
124ASF - Definition – Encyclopaedia Judaica1988
125ASF - Founding and Expansion1973-1989

  • Including Joy Zacharia Appelbaum's article :”Expanded ASF Facilities herald upcoming convention” (1986 November)

126ASF - Haham Solomon Gaon - Principe de Astrurias Concord Prize 1990
127ASF - Judezmo Society: Working Papers in Sephardic and Oriental Jewish Studies - Working Papers Numbers 1-3 1975-1977
128ASF - Leon Levy1985-1991
129ASF - Reception - Celebrating Relations between Spain and Israel1986 September
1210ASF - Sephardi Activities1986-1992
1211ASF - Sephardi(c) World - Sephardi Voice1976-1986
1212ASF - Sephardic Connection, vol. 6, #1 - Articles by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum 1986 November-December
1213ASF - Sweet Lorraine (Show premier—sponsor)1987 March

ASF Conventions

131ASF - Convention, Philadelphia, PA1987 January 2-5

Liturgical booklet with Friday Evening Service, Kiddush, Pizmonim, and Grace

132ASF - Convention, Miami Beach1987 November
133ASF - Convention, Seattle, Washington1989 May 28-31
134ASF - Convention, Chicago, Illinois1990 September 2-4
135ASF - Convention, New York, NY1993 May 28-June 1

ASF Affiliates and Miscellaneous

141Adelantre (the Judezmo Society)—Ke Xaber?—Issues 1-61976—1977
142Institute for Sephardic Studies - CUNY Graduate Center1986 November-December
143International Sephardic Education Foundation (Nina Weiner)1987

  • Como se habla ‘magnificent?’” (1987 November 13)
  • The Sephardic Views, special Purim issue, includes participation of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum, ISEF’s Executive Director
  • Francisco Villar, the Spanish Ambassador to the UN, re. inability to attend ISEF gala (1987 October 8)

144Mikveh Israel (of Philadelphia)1973

  • 2 letters to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum and her father from Rabbi Ezekiel Musleah of Congregation Mikveh Israel in Philadelphia (1973 September)
  • Brochure on the Mikveh Israel Cemetery

145Yedida Kalfon Stillman Memorial Lecture2011 February 21

  • Schusterman/ Josey Program in Judaic and Israel Studies and Schusterman/Josey Chair of Judaic History invite to 11th annual Yedida Kalfon Stillman Memorial Lecture: “Past Present and Future Historical Memories: the impact of Key texts, objects and rituals on Muslim-Jewish Relations” with Dr. Josef (Yousef) Meri

146Sephardic House - Aish Ha-Torah’s Discovery Seminar1995 June 11
147Statistics (including Sephardi-2001) - Info - 3 booklets1980-2002
148SUNY Binghamton Conferences on Sephardic Jews1987-1991

  • Correspondence from Dr. Yedida Stillman regarding Joy Zacharia Appelbaum’s publicity for Binghamton conference, 1987 April 21
  • Correspondence from Dr. David Gitlitz regarding Joy Zacharia Appelbaum’s publicity for Binghamton conference, 1987 April 27
  • Second Sephardic Conference offers scholarship, hospitality (1991 March 14)
  • SUNY Binghamton Sephardic Studies Conference (1991 June 21-27)
  • Letter/invitation to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Dr. George K. Zucker, University of Northern Iowa, 1990 September 7 regarding her participation in the upcoming SUNY-Binghamton International and Interdisciplinary Conference, 1991 April 21-23
  • Correspondence from Carmi House Press regarding Joy Zacharia Appelbaum’s participation at the SUNY Binghamton Conference (1991 June 17)
  • Lectures notes from SUNY Binghamton Conference, including “La Nacionalidad Española de Los Sefardies” - Prof. Fancisco Rico-Pérez; “The Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies” ” - Moshe Lazar and Robert Dilligan “Mostrador e Enseñador de los Turbados (1987 April 5-7)

149World Sephardi Federation (Bulletins)1972-1989
1410World Sephardi Federation (Press)1960-1988
1411WSF - Italian Sephardi Federation - Report1980-1986
1412Yeshiva University (articles by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum)1986-1991

  • “Dr. Herbert Dobrinsky: A Haham Bueno”(1987 January)
  • Dr. Herbert Dobrinsky, regarding Joy Zacharia Appelbaum’s accomplishments (1986 December 17)
  • “Haham Dr. Solomon Gaon acts as spokesman for acceptance of Awards from Spanish Royal Family” (1991 February)
  • "Yeshiva U Museum features special exhibit to commemorate Quincentennial anniversary of Jewish Expulsion” (1991 March)
  • “Once-A-Decade International conclave for Rabbis held in NYC” (1989 May)
  • American Society of Sephardic Studies: 19th Annual Conference (1986 November 2)
  • “Sephardic Studies Conference”, regarding 19th annual conference (1986 December)

1413Yeshiva University - Sephardic Reference Room (Catalog)1982
1414Zionism (16 articles, 2 booklets)1971-2004

Sephardic Home for the Aged

151Sephardic Home for the Aged (NY) - Brochureundated
152Sephardic Home for the Aged (NY) - Constitution1973-1990
153Sephardic Home for the Aged (NY) - Joy Zacharia Appelbaum’s writings1989-1991

  • “Purim on Parade” (1989 April)
  • “Yom ha-Atzma’ut at the Sephardic Home” (1991 May)
  • “Sephardic Home Residents enjoy Tu B’Shevat Seder” (1991 March)
  • “The Sephardic Home Chanukah Party” (1990 January 15)

154Sephardic Home for the Aged (NY) - Press Releases1990-1991
155Sephardic Home News (Joy Z. Appelbaum-News Director)1988-1989
156Sephardic Home News (Joy Z. Appelbaum-News Director)1990
157Sephardic Home News (Joy Z. Appelbaum-News Director)1991 January-Summer

Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Writings

161Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Biography1937-1988

  • Including article “Personality – Joy Appelbaum: A Story of Sephardic Study and Pride” Jewish Standard, 1988 December 16

162Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Bookstaver Park Dedication1976-1977

  • Official documents and articles concerning application for honoring Dr. Barnett S. Bookstaver with a park named in his memory
  • Correspondence from the Teaneck Jewish Community Council
  • Newspaper articles re the park’s formation and dedication
  • Joy’s remarks at the dedication ceremonies
  • notes of appreciation from the Bookstaver family.

163Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Congregation Shearith Israel1979-1987

  • “Synagogue salutes Spanish recognition” Bergen Jewish News by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum (1986 July 16)
  • Letter from Shearith Israel’s Rabbi Gerstein regarding article (1986 July 23)
  • Letter from Rabbi Marc D. Angel (1986-1988)
  • Letter from Rabbi Marc D. Angel regarding Judeo-Spanish literature (1979 November 28)
  • “Dr. Herbert Dobrinsky: A Haham Bueno”(1987 January)
  • “Sephardic House announces publication of Dobrinsky book” (1986 December 7)

164Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Correspondence1969—1979

  • Thomas P.F. Hoving, Director Of Metropolitan Museum of Art, regarding the Met’s exhibit
  • “Harlem on My Mind” (1969 February 7)
  • Photo and announcement of cancellation of Exhibit’s catalogue (1969 January 30)
  • Letter to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from David M. Bunis - 1976 November 28 - for the Judezmo Society on Adelantre stationery
  • Two letters (handwritten) to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Henry V. Besso, 1976 November 16 and 1976 December 7, and one original envelope
  • A review of Brandeis University’s Abram Sachar’s address at the 14th Biennial Social action / U.N. Conference of the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism (See letter from Dr. Sachar to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum commenting on her review of his presentation - 1976 February 6
  • 3 letters to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Justice Justine Wise Polier regarding Appelbaum's research - 1972 January 26 - September 28

165Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Correspondence1980-1989

  • Letter to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Anita Shahon (Sisterhood President of Temple Torah Israel), 1980 June 20
  • Two sheets of anecdotes in Ladino“Kada uno kon su mazal” –Avraam Koen, 1989 - “Envitasión emprevista” - Miriam Raymond, 1988
  • Letter from Dr. Leonard Bloom, University of Bridgeport to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum, 1987 January 28
  • Letter to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from M. Ata Erim, M.D. President Federation of Turkish American Societies, 1988 August 22
  • Card from Turkish Bikor Holim acknowledging donation by Naim Guleryue in honor of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum
  • Letter/invitation to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Mrs. Edith Amateau, 1989 January 19
  • Letter to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Dr. George K. Zucker, University of Bridgeport, 1989 July 28
  • Copy of letter to Leon Levy from Leo Benardo, Director of Foreign Languages for the NYC Board of Education regarding Joy Appelbaum - 1987 February 3
  • Letter to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Leo Benardo, Director of Foreign Languages for the NYC Board of Education, 1986 December 12
  • Letter to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Dr. Victor Sanua, 1987 April 24
  • Letter of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Dr. Herbert C. Dobrinsky, Yeshiva University, 1988 April 11
  • Program for Community Holocaust Commemoration, sponsored by Jewish Community Council of Teaneck, 1987 April 26
  • Letter to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Carol Otis, Chairman of Community Scholarship Fund of Teaneck, 1983 June 17
  • Membership meeting announcement of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum as guest speaker at B’nai B’rith, 1983 January
  • Letter from Dr. Sukru Elekdag, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey (1989 February 1)
  • Two notes thanking Joy Zacharia Appelbaum for her participation at ASF 1989 Conference (1989)

166Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Correspondence1990-2011

  • “Turkey is ‘Tukki’” Letter to the Turkish Times, in response to an article by Veli Berit, 1990 November 15
  • Letter to Joy Zacharia Appelbaum from Chandra Mojaver of Humanities Media Center of NJ, 1993 July 21
  • Letter from Shirley M. Green - Special assistant to President Bush (1991 May 8)
  • Article from Rabbi Shammai Engelmayer regarding Ashkenazi contempt for Sephardim (2010 June 25)
  • And applause from Joy Zacharia Appelbaum (2010 July 16)

167Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Hadassah1971-1982

  • Hadassah Service Award, 1974 June
  • Life member of Hadassah, 1976 February 18
  • All of the following original programs were written by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum and some were published in the Bergen Jewish News:
  • Hadassah-First Institute Day-History of the Jews in America, Part 1, 1971
  • Hadassah-First Institute Day-History of the Jews in America, Part 2
  • “The Immortals - The Story of the 10 1/2 Jewish Women Whose Genius Made History” at Temple Emeth, Teaneck News, 1972 April 10
  • “We applaud”, Sisterhood News, 2nd Institute Day Program for Hadassah
  • "The Immortals - The Story of the 10 1/2 Jewish Women Whose Genius Made History," program, 1980 April 21
  • Third and last Hadassa Institute Day, Hadassah Herald, Teaneck Chapter, “The effect of the American Presidency on Judaism: From Washington through Nixon”, 1974 April
  • Hadassah Herald, Teaneck Chapter, “A study of Jewish education in America”, 1974 March
  • Hadassah-Kadima, Membership evening, 1982 October 18
  • Voice of Beth Shalom, Invitation to learning, Bible Study Group, 1972-1973 December-January
  • Golda Meir, Woman of Valor, 1973 June.

168Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - “The History of the Jews of Teaneck”1976-1977

  • Correspondence from : Paul A. Volcker, Jim Bishop, Bernard Postal, Jewish Federation of Community Services, The Library of Congress, Menahem Schmelzer of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Marshall Sklare of Brandeis University, Brandeis University Alumni Association, American Jewish Archives, Zionist Archives and Library, The American Jewish Committee, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Hebrew Union College, The Jewish Historical Society of North Jersey, Ann Robison, Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, and Temple Torah Israel.

169Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - “The History of the Jews of Teaneck” - Memorabilia concerning the writing of1977-1994

  • Newspaper articles re. the creation and publication of the book
  • Newspaper articles re. the book’s reception

1610Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Lecture Announcements1992

  • Announcement of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum as guest speaker at the Tenafly JCC on the Palisades - 1992 March 16
  • Announcement of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum giving a series of lectures on Sephardic Jewry at the Rossmoor, NJ Conservative Synagogue - 1992 May 21

1611Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Memorabilia from education career1960-2002

  • Certificate “In honor of your retirement” from Bergen Academies
  • Certificate-Receipt of tenure at the Bergen County Technical Schools-Hackensack Campus-Bergen Academies High School for the Gifted (2002 September 1)
  • Letter from acting Chairman of Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay High School’s Language Dept. (1961 June 19)
  • Article from “The Mon-talker” - Montauk Junior High School (1960 March)
  • Note from Cunningham Junior High School’s assistant principal (Brooklyn)(1961 November 17)
  • 2 memos from Joy Zacharia Appelbaum as the President of Teaneck’s Washington Irving Central Kindergarten (1971-1972)
  • Brookdale Center on Aging at Hunter College Certificate acknowledging that Joy Zacharia Appelbaum is a Fellow.

1612Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Miscellaneous2003-2012
1613Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - News Articles1973-1990

  • “How to Celebrate Chanukah after the Yom Kippur War” Voice of Beth Shalom (1973 December)
  • “Victoria Hazan Rosa: Sephardic Songbird” (1986 May)
  • Correspondence from Joseph I. Tarica (Sephardic House) regarding the Rosa article (1986 April 21)
  • “Sephardic Songs of Praise”-Review
  • “Sephardic Folk Singers Serenade in New York City”
  • “First area group care home offers service for seniors” (1986 July 17)
  • “Researching Jewish heritage at his old Kentucky home” Jewish Week (1987 February 13)
  • “Orthodox exodus to the suburbs” by Joy Zacharia Appelbaum (by Richard Rosenberg), The Record, 1986 August 7
  • “Sephardic Jewry growing in Bergen County” (with image of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum’s family) (by Annette Saks) (1988 March 10) Bergen Jewish News
  • “Young Sephardic Congregation of Fort Lee celebrates with Dinner dance” (1988 July 7)
  • “Camp provides help for special ed children” (1986 July 10)
  • “Festival of Jewish books: a bibliophile’s ‘Gan Eden’” (1986 November 28)
  • “Lower East Side Tenement Museum: First US Urban Living History experience” (1990 September)
  • “Professor Daniel J. Elazar: Quintessential Sephardic Scholar” (1990 November)
  • “Julius and Mary Nierow’s Son, Peter Nero, Receives Honorary Degree” (1988 December)
  • “Two New York museums collaborate with Israel on exhibits” Jewish Standard (1987 February 6)
  • “Maxime Cohen gives up career as Physicist to become Bulgaria’s Only Cantor” (1989 January )
  • “Should Jews help mark their expulsion in 1492?” Cleveland Jewish News (1990 July 20)
  • "Sephardic studies: An update," Jewish Standard (1987 July 10)
  • "A study of the Castoriali Dialect: Introduction" American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece: Newsletter (1987 July)

1614Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia – Reviews1975-1985

  • “The Secret Jews” by Joachim Prinz
  • “The Jews of America-Roots and Destiny of Jews in America” by Max Dimont
  • “Hebrew the Eternal Language”, by William Chomsky
  • “Shindler’s List”, by Thomas Keneally

1615Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - US Presidents1986
1616Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia - Writings (5 papers)1984-1992

  • “The Jews of Syria” (including CUNY program)
  • “Ibero-American Heritage Curriculum Project: Latinos in the Making of America: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: The Sephardic Influence and contributions”
  • “Proyecto Herencia Iberoamericana los Latinos en la Formacion de Estados Unidos: Ayer, Hoy y Mañana : La Influencia y la Aportacion Sefardi”
  • “Introducing the American Association of the Jewish friends of Turkey”
  • “Chanukah celebration aides Jewish Museum of Greece”
  • "Sephardic Jews in America"
  • Untitled letter about Sephardim and Ashkenazim
  • “Your new Sephardic Resident,” Speech given before the Sephardic Home for the Aged

1617Turkish documents and photographs from Joy Zacharia Appelbaum’s family in Istanbul--Zaharya Ançel families1964-1999

  • Wedding photo of Claire Zaharya Ançel to Dor Ançel, 1964
  • Wedding invitation of Israel Zaharya and Rita ile Yusuf’un (his second wife) at Istanbul’s Neve Shalom Synagogue, 1974 Ekim 13
  • Bar mitzvah invitation of son Genghis Ançel (the younger son) at Istanbul’s Buyukada Temple with rough copy of response on back. Reception at the Sheraton Hotel with photo of the four Ançels. Letter also enclosed with a description of the proceedings and the presence of the chief rabbi, 1987 August 15
  • Letter from Claire Zaharya Ançel (after the bar mitzvah) explaining the relationship between our two families, 1987 November 27
  • Invitation to Claire Zaharya Ançel’s art exhibit at the Sanat Galerisi, with personal note on the back, 1994 April 5
  • Invitation to the wedding Joelle Hatem to Izzet Ançel (the older son) at Istanbul’s Neve Shalom’s Synagogue with photo of bridal party (Ançel Family on the right). Reception at the British Consulate General, 1999 June 29
  • Five Turkish greeting cards, 3 for Pesach and 2 for Rosh HaShannah

1618Appelbaum, Joy Zacharia: Zacharia family1911-2011

  • Image of Haham Bashi Isaac Menahem Zacharia of Kastoria and wife Rubisa Estamou Mevorach Zacharia with 5 of their 10 children
  • A copy of an image of Zacharia uncle—Benjamin Honen from Kastoria, Greece
  • Image of Israel Zaharya (Father of Claire Zaharya Ançel) and Morris Isaac Zacharia (Father of Joy Zacharia Appelbaum)

1619Zacharia, Morris I - Ladino songs - Music1975 August

Music recorded by Lucy Brody, includes note regarding David Bunis and Morris Isaac Zacharia.


Serial Publications

17Serial: Shalom: Haftalik Siyasi ve Kültürel Gazete (Turkish) (37 issues)1993-2009 May-February
18Serial: El Amaneser (Ladino) (32 issues)2005-2009 March-February
191School classroom photographundated
192Inauguration Banquet arranged by the Schacco Relief Association1924 March 19
193Ketubah of Morris Isaac Zacharia and Clara Isaac Telias1932 September 10
194Sephardic Home Book of Remembrance1976
195Ketubah involving Haham Bashi Isaac Menahem Zacharia of Kastoria (1871—1925) and Estamou (Stella) Mevorach (1873—1959)1888
196Gold lamé lady’s collar - Hand crocheted by Castorialias, women from Castoria 1930
197Cotton lace lady’s collar - Hand crocheted by Castorialias, women from Castoria1930
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