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RG 116-Poland 1

Processed by Arnie Scribner in 1976. Additional processing was done by Rivka Schiller in 2005

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Title: Territorial Collection, Poland 1
Abstract: The Territorial Collection Poland 1 is comprised of documents that were amassed at the YIVO in New York City. The Collection is of a mixed provenance and fragmentary nature. The commonality between the documents contained within this collection is that they all pertain to Jews in Poland prior to 1939. Documents of earlier years are also included. Collection consists of letters, essays, reports, correspondence, and clippings which pertain to the political situation, economic conditions, and cultural activities of Polish Jews.
Languages: Yiddish, Polish, English with some German, Russian, Ukrainian.
Quantity: 5.5 linear feet.
Record Group Number: RG 116-Poland 1
Repository: YIVO Archives
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Scope and Content Note

The Territorial Collection Poland 1 consists of miscellaneous materials that are arranged topically, and which relate to Jewish life in pre-World War II Poland. The Territorial Collection-Poland 1 is but a portion of the greater Territorial Collection, which incorporates materials that are relevant to over 42 different countries and geographical regions. The Poland 1 Collection precedes the Poland 2 and 3 Collections, which pertain respectively to the Holocaust and post-World War II periods.

The Territorial Collection Poland 1 consists of personal letters, post cards, and official correspondence (much of which pertains to landsmanshaft societies in the United States), memoirs, speeches, leaflets, and newspaper clippings. The following is a general overview of the different categories of materials contained within the Territorial Collection Poland 1: (1) Yiddish press/publishing house and literary publications (e.g., Achiasaf Publishing House, “Unzer yugend,” “Grininke beymelekh”), (2) Political organizations (e.g., Jewish community and Sejm elections, Polish Socialist Party, Folkist Party, Bund, Non-Party Bloc, He-halutz, Agudas Israel), (3) Jewish education (e.g., Tarbut, TSYSHO, Yehudiah, Medem, vocational schools), (4) Religious institutions and practices (e.g., ritual slaughter, Vaad-Hayeshivot, Talmud Torah, synagogue record books), (5) Unions and clubs (e.g., Jewish Teachers’ Union, Yiddish Writers’ Union) (6) Jewish aid societies (e.g., healthcare, orphanages, children’s homes, hospitals, gemiles khesed, khevra kadisha, Medem Sanatorium), (7) Reports about antisemitism and literature of an antisemitic nature (e.g., materials pertaining to the Morgenthau Commission that investigated the pogroms of 1918-1919, cartoons, caricatures).

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The collection consists of a single series arranged by topic. Materials are grouped in folders either by common locality name or topic. Locality names are written in Polish (e.g., Chęciny—as opposed to Khentchin in Yiddish).

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Access and Use

Open to researchers.

For more information, contact:
Chief Archivist
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should read as follows:

Identification of item, date (if known); YIVO Archives; Territorial Collection, Poland 1; RG 116; folder number.

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Custodial History

Various donors.

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Proccessing Information

Collection was proccesses by Arnie Scribner in 1976. Additional proccessing was done by Rivka Schiller in 2005.

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Container List


Territorial Collection. Poland 1, 1919-1939

The collection is in English, German, Polish, Russian, Yiddish, and Ukrainian.
5.5 linear feet.


11News bulletins by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on the Jewish situation, 1925; among others: the Polish-Jewish agreement (Ugoda) 1925
12Newspaper clippings on the Polish-Jewish agreement (Ugoda), 1925 1925
13The Jewish Telegraphic Agency bulletin on the situation of Jews in Poland, 1922, 1925, 1926, among others: schools and emigration1922, 1925-1926
14Newspaper clippings on Jewish representatives in the Polish Sejm1925
15Newspaper clippings on Jewish education and the Sejm’s response1925
16Bereza Kartuska: Memoir (typewritten): “My experiences in Bereza Kartuska,” (author unknown) 1936
17Newspaper clippings on Jewish taxes1930
18 aNewspaper clippings on Jewish education, antisemitic attacks, Sejm activity 1925
18 b Warsaw: Newspaper clippings on Warsaw 1925
19Łódz: Newspaper clippings, Łódz 1925-1926
110Vilna: Newspaper clippings, Vilna 1925-1926
111Białystok: Newspaper clippings, Białystok1925-1926
112Newspaper clippings on the economic situation of Jews in Poland, 1925, 1926; among others: protests against state monopolies 1925-1926
113Jews in the Polish army: the Legionsundated
114Newspaper clippings on miscellaneous problems dealing with Jews in the 1930s; some antisemitic occurrences1930s
115Newspaper clippings on economic antisemitismearly-1930s
116Newspaper clippings on Jewish suicides in 19251925
21Personal documents of Jack Forman 1861-1940, Russian marriage certificate (pre-1914), Russian ID, 1861 (removed to the Genealogy and Family Collection) 1861-1940
22Speech by I. Grünbaum of the Kolo Zydowskie (Jewish representation in the Sejm), 1924, re: Jews who were refused Polish citizenship 1924
23Ohio, New York: Letters from the society for helping Jewish students in Poland that were sent to Ohio and New Yorkundated
24Warsaw: Leaflet about the summer camp of the Kultur-liga, Warsaw (אגיל רוטלוק)1938
25Warsaw: Various materials from Warsaw. A manuscript on the history of the Warsaw Kehillah (2 pages). Pages from an 1877 religious book. A Rosh Hashanah check. A clipping on kosher meat, 1933. Article on a hospital, 1929; miscellaneousundated, 1877, 1929, 1933
26Miscellaneous: Article on Pilsudski from London Jewish Daily Post May 1935, interview from 1919. Article on the “Folks-grupe” in the city council, 1916-17 (?) A receipt from JNF to Poale Zion member [1917], 1935
27Samples from the Yiddish Press in Warsaw, primarily 1920s and 1930s, and relevant letters concerning the press 1920s-1930s
28Materials dealing with orphanages and children’s homes. Warsaw, 1920s and 1930s: list of children, with parents’ occupations; event at an orphanage (Polish) 1920s-1930s
29Various documents on Jewish self-help 1922-1939
210The third issue of Unzer yugend, handwritten, Warsaw 1917
211Jewish typesetting: Odlewnia czcionek i fabryka linij mosieznych: Charts of Hebrew letters. Article on the oldest Jewish typesetter. Letters from the library “Dos Lebn.” Miscellaneous, mostly 1920s and 1930s 1920s-1930s
212Education: Letter from the JDC to Tarbut, 1929. Material on the Yehudiah schools. Miscellaneous 1929
213Jewish Writers and Journalists Unionundated, 1913-1938
214Polish Socialist Party (PPS)1908-1937
215Various documents on Polish socialists (PPS)undated
217 Poznań, Kalisz: Antisemitic leaflets with pictures from Poznań and Kalisz, 1935-1939, in reference to the boycott against the Jews 1935-1939
218Articles on the Jewish situation in Poland, 1937. An article on the political situation, 1929 1929, 1937
219Jewish Telegraphic Agency articles on anti-Jewish excesses in 1938-1939 (microfilmed 1971)1938-1939
220Poland: Newspaper clippings and press releases on antisemitism in Poland 1937-1939
31Vilna: Materials on the “Bin” (“The Bee”), a Yiddishist youth organization in the 1930s in Vilna 1930s
32Vilna: A register of teachers belonging to the Jewish Teachers’ Union in Vilna1919-1923
33Materials about the Polytechnic in Vilna, 1919-1924 (Papers of Ber Abramson)1919-1924
34Vilna: Materials pertaining to the Mishmeres Hospital in Vilna - correspondence and reports 1920s-1930s
35Zionist activities in Vilna, 1900-1910. Copies from the Jerusalem archives 1900-1910
36Elections to the City Council, Vilna, 1927 (newspaper) Letter to the BBWR (non-party bloc) on elections, Vilna, 1931 1927, 1931
37Letters and receipts from the Czerwona Pomoc (“Red Aid” for political prisoners, a Communist organization) in Vilna to the United Vilna Relief Committee, N.Y., 1937-1938 1937-1938
38Vilna: Title pages from books printed in Vilna from the 19th century undated
39Materials from Jewish publishers and printers, late 1930s. Articles about Jewish printers in Vilna. Note from the printers’ union, 1923. Miscellaneous articles 1923, 1930s
310Letter from the University of Vilna concerning the anti-Jewish boycott 1937
311Article on the Jewish Press Exhibition, 1927. Picture of different newspaper titles from Vilna. Material on the children’s magazine Grininke beymelekhundated, 1927
312Correspondence of the Vaad Ha-Yeshivot and a list of donations, Vilnaundated
313Post cards to the Vaad Ha-Yeshiva in Vilna, 1920s and 1930s, some from the U.S.; also receipts in the name of the Chofetz Chaim in Vilna, 1935 (removed to the records of the Vaad Ha-Yeshivot)1920s-1930s
314 Copies of the late 18th century petitions from the Jews of Vilna concerning the kehillah and taxeslate 18th century
315Various materials on the history of Jews in Vilnaundated
316Materials relating to the Yiddish Pen Club and the Association of Jewish Writers and Journalists in Vilna 1922-1929, 1937
317Materials from the Jewish Teachers’ Union and the Teachers’ Seminary in Vilna undated
318Materials from the Central Education Committee (Ts.B.K.) in Vilna and the secular schools under the Committee (1930s). Copy of a newspaper put out by the Committee, 1928 1928-1930s
319Miscellaneous school material from Vilna, 1920s and 1930s, including: Statistics for 1929/1930. Reports on students. Minutes re: the Talmud Torah (1st page), 1889. Miscellaneous1889, 1920s-1930s
320Copy of the Vilna Kehillah’s declaration against the Hasidim 1781
321Birth certificate of Szlomo Malacki from Vilna 1902
41 Olszany: Miscellaneous on shkhite, written by R. Isaac Elhanan of Olszany undated
42Oświęcim: Jewish community stamp from Oświęcim 1859
43DuniŁowicze: Materials on schools in DuniŁowicze 1939
44Dubno: Newspaper clipping on the history of Dubno 1926
45Grodno: Materials from Grodno, 1920s and 1930s, mostly from schools, some communal announcements 1920s-1930s
46Drohiczyn: A prayer thanking R. Bezalel Joshua Heshel Hirshenhaus for his work in the community of Drohiczyn 1931
48Augustów: (3) Letters from R. Kossowski of Augustów concerning a trip he made to Vienna and about schools early-1930s.
49Dabrowice: Letter from Tarbut to the U.S., March 2, 1939. Open letter to workers, 1923. Letter from the local rabbinate, 1923 1923, 1939 March 2
410Dubrowna: An article on the Bund in Dubrowna undated
411Danzig: Minute book of the Peretz farein in Danzig, 1925. Copy of a document from Danzig, 1842 1842, 1925
412Brody: A school report from Brody 1901
413Białystok: Personal documents from Białystok, various persons 1870-1898
414Grodno: T.O.Z. reports from Grodno 1938
415Grodno: Materials on a pogrom in Grodno, June 1935. Reports from the Kehillah of Grodno on relief, 1935-1939. Personal letters from Grodno, 1930s 1930, 1935-1939
416Iwaniska: Material on Iwaniska. Economic situation, 1930s. List of inhabitants. Budget of the kehillah, 1932 1930s
417Glina: Personal recollections of Glina in Galicia by H. Halpern undated
418Białystok: T.O.Z. reports, 1935. Graduation diplomas, 1918-1938 1918-1938
419Białystok: Statistics on labor in Białystok, 1926. Various newspaper clippings on Białystok undated, 1926
420Białystok: Petition by Jewish merchants to the Governor, 1863 (copy). Letter from the community, 1846 (copy). Bakers’ strike in Białystok, 1901 1846, 1863, 1901
421Białystok: Textbook and clippings from the Białystok vocational (“hantwerker”) school, 1923-1924. Document from a school organization in Białystok, 1926. Pictures of Białystok1923-1924, 1926
422Białystok: Folksongs from Białystok undated
423Białystok: Miscellaneous from Białystok undated, 1938
51Będzin: “Hazomir” in Będzin. The Będzin Almanac1913, 1938
52Brześć: Miscellaneous materials about the Jewish theater in Brześć. A repatriation document, 1920, Brześć undated, 1920
53Dołhinow: Letter from the gemiles khesed ofDołhinow (Free Loan Association) 1938
54Gabin: Article on Jewish participants from Gabin in the 1863 uprising and 1905 revolution. Visit card of Yehuda Leib Zlotnick, the Gabiner Rabbi undated
55Góra Kalwaria: Document from Góra Kalwaria, Bezalel Alter undated
56Druskieniki: Article on a help center in Druskieniki undated
57Galicia: Miscellaneous from Galicia. Copy of an appeal by Yitzhak Judah Ben Abraham from Lemberg, Vienna 1848 about the revolution. A history of the Galician “Hilfsverein” by Leopold Lourie. Articles undated, 1917-1927
58Brzostowice: Personal letters to family members in Brzostowice 1892, 1888, from M. Rabinowicz (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection) 1888, 1892
59Brańsk: Chapters from a memoir about Brańsk by Alter Trus on an engagement and a weddingundated
510 Olszanica: Ketubah from Olszanica (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)1936
511Baranowicze: Materials on the Beit Jacob School in Baranowicze 1931
512Bielice: A petition to the technical museum in Vienna to be allowed to study clothing design, pre-1918. A ticket to Temple, 1882, Bilice 1882, pre-1918
513Warsaw Copy of a letter describing Halutz activities in Warsaw in 1933 1933
514Brody: Announcement for a lecture given by the Education Committee. Photostats of the personal documents of Mayer von Kallir of Brody, including a patent issued by Franz Joseph I, 1874 undated, 1874
5 15Copy of a personal letter from Joel Ginzbergundated
5 16Biała Podlaska: Financial report of T.O.Z 1927-1936
5 17Ostrowiec: A history of the Rabbi of Ostrowiec undated
5 18Iwie: Miscellaneous material from Iwie undated
5 19Annopol: Materials from a loan society; minutes, and a financial report 1938
5 20Włocławek: A receipt from the bookseller Eisenstadt in Warsaw to Jacob Bianurski in Włocławek undated
5 21Lublin: Letters from the Y.L. Peretz House. Miscellaneous newspaper articles. School calendars from Yeshiva Khakhmei Lublin undated, 1922, 1939
5 22Częstochowa: Examples of the Jewish Press from Częstochowa 1920s-1930s
5 23Częstochowa: History of the pogrom of 1902 in Częstochowa, 11 p. History of Jews in Częstochowa, 4 p. undated
5 24Częstochowa: Certificate plus awards from the Agricultural Farm of the Talmud Torah in Częstochowa, 1914. Advertisements for the theater, Częstochowa. Circulars of a society for the history of Częstochowa. List of members of a professional union receiving aid in Częstochowa. List of industrial workers receiving aid. List of artisans receiving aid from the union. Miscellaneous material on relief 1914
5 25Tarnów: Poster from the “Kultur-lige,” Tarnów, 1934, Poster from the education committee “Yugend” (removed to the Poster Collection) undated, 1934
5 26 Vilna: Copy of the list of the departed of the khevra kadisha of the Vilna hide dealers, 1926. Miscellaneous letters 1926, 1971
5 27Czortków: Material from Czortków, 1930s. Y.L. Peretz farein.* Speech at a Zionist club in 1902 in Częstochowa. Miscellaneous letters 1902, 1930s
5 28Correspondences between yeshivas in Poland and their namesakes in the U.S.1930s-1950s
5 29Łódz: Miscellaneous newspaper clippings from Łódz, 1915-1930s. Letter from the rabbinical council, 1939. Miscellaneous personal letters, 1903, 1930s. Series of articles on a “factory scandal,” 1934 1903, 1915-1930s
6 1Zawiercie: Poster from the Zawiercie chapter of “Tarbut” mourning the death of Nahum Sokolow (removed to the Poster Collection). Leaflet from the Jewish Culture Committee of Zawiercie advertising the establishment of a reading room that is open to the public undated
6 2Zabłudów: Relief material from the gemiles khesed 1929
6 3 Wisnowiec: Relief material from Wisnowiec. Includes letters and a request for a donation to the Wisnowiec Talmud-Torah and Yeshiva, 1920s. Personal correspondence with the U.S. Introduction to the record book of a Wisnowiec synagogue (handwritten copy)undated, 1920s
6 4Zduńska Wola: Picture book from Zduńska Wola, 1925. Some materials on Jews 1925
6 6Zbąszyń: Deportees from Germany 1938
6 7Przasnysz, Krzemieniec, Kłodawa: Communal announcement from Ryki. Miscellaneous, Przasnysz, 1933. An appeal by O.R.T. in Krzemieniec. Kłodawa – Miscellaneous, 1937. Report card from Kuty. Miscellaneous from Kosow Podlaski. Announcement of Purim festivities from Kolomyja, 1926 undated, 1926, 1933, 1937
6 8Zagłębie: Article on Zagłębie. A kehillah strike 1932.
6 9Włodawa: Personal letter from Włodawa, 1937, Moshe Morgenstern (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection )undated, 1937
6 10Wołyn: Newspaper article on a literary magazine from Wołyn “Cwit.” undated
6 11Wołomin: List of those receiving aid in Wołomin 1939
6 12Zwoleń : Personal letters from Zwoleń from the early-1930s, M. Goldnadel (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection )early-1930s
6 13Zgierz, Tyszowce, Zloczow, Wielun Request from the Rabbinical Assistant, H. Ehrsohn of Zgierz for aid in selling and publicizing his latest book of religious commentary. Mizrachi election list to the kehillah in Tyszowce, 1931. Army pass from Zloczow (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection). Membership card in a youth organization in Wielun, 1915; an appeal from Bikur Cholim undated, 1915, 1931
6 14Wołkowysk, Łuków, Lechowicze Part of a dowry agreement from Wołkowysk, 1917. Gemiles khesed, 1939 in Łuków. Article about Reb Leibele Melamed of Lechowicze and his involvement with the Frankists, blood libels, and Jewish-Frankist disputation (Lemberg, 1759) undated, 1917, 1939
6 15Łowicz, Wasiliszki: Correspondence from the Jewish library in Łowicz, 1919. Materials from Ze’irei Zion in Wasiliszki, 1917-1920s 1917-1920s
6 16Chełm, Chmielnik: Article about the death of the Chęciny rebbitzin. Miscellaneous from Chełm, 1928, 1932. Miscellaneous from Chmielnik, 1935 1928, 1932, 1935
6 17Tomaszów Lubelski: Relief material from Tomaszów Lubelski late-1930s
6 18Lanowicze, Jędrzejów, Rzeszów, Luboml: Letter on relief from Lanowicze. Postcard from Jędrzejów, 1908. Correspondence from the Bank Handlowy in Rzeszów, 1909. Stamp from Luboml undated, 1908-1909
6 19Zoludek: Material from Zoludek. Thank you letter on behalf of the Brener Zionist Library of Zoludek for donated money and books, 1 p. Personal account of Chaim Skulman re: life in Zoludek, 8 p. undated
6 20Zyrardow: Letter from Zyrardow to the Zyrardow Society in the U.S. requesting financial aid, (copy), 1939. Correspondence from various political groups, committees, and libraries (copies), 1920-1939. Keren Kayemet certificate for the planting of trees in honor of a marriage, 1919 1919-1939
6 21Kraków: Official gazette announcing the current legislation regarding farming, agriculture, trade, and mercantilism in Kraków, 1869. ID card, 1915. Materials on the synagogues of Kraków. Example of miniature printing from Kraków. Posters announcing cultural events, 1920s, 1930s. Notice requesting that the Jews of Kraków vote for Dr. Isaac Schwarzbard in the upcoming Sejm election of 1938. Miscellaneous 1869, 1915, 1920s-1930s
6 22Vilna: Description of the Straszun library undated
6 23Rowne: Letter from a former resident of Rowne to Chaim Lieberman of the “Forverts” re: the matter of a “Pinkas Rowne,” 1952. A letter on the hiring of a cantor for the synagogue, 1921 1921, 1952
6 24Kutno: Description of life in Kutno, 11 p. circa 1914
6 25Radunʹ: A description of Jewish economic life in Radunʹ in the 1930s (English)1930s
6 26Probozna: Economic conditions of Probozna Jews 1920s-1930s
6 27Pruzany: Material from Pruzany. List of donations to the Yeshiva. An appeal to women to vote in the city council for workers. Article on the Jewish library, prior to 1914 undated, before 1914.
6 28Plissa, Przedbórz, Plonsk, Plawno: Appeal from the gemiles khesed in Plissa. Appeal from the gemiles khesed in Przedbórz. Invitation to a wedding taking place in Płońsk, 1938. Plawno – letter from Rabbi I.M. Rabinowicz undated, 1938
6 29Radomyśl Wielki: Materials from Radomyśl Wielki: Minutes of the kehillah, 1927. Miscellaneous forms from the community council. List of books undated, 1927
6 30Pinsk: Materials from Pinsk: Report from an orphanage building committee, 1928. Letter re: an unpaid debt, 1939. Memoir of a Jewish soldier, 1914. Notebook of poetry entitled, “Zion” belonging to a Zionist youth group in Pinsk, 1921. Notebook belonging to a Yiddish-Hebrew teacher undated, 1914-1939
6 31Pinsk: Miscellaneous letters. Announcement of vaccinations against cholera undated, 1916
6 32Płock: Materials from Płock: Copy of a document from the Zionist socialist workers party, 1905. Antisemitic materials from the 1930s 1905, 1930s
6 33Siedlce, Szydłów, Pabianice: Announcement of a lecture in Siedlce. Letter from the gemiles khesed in Szydłów, 1935. Article on Pabianice undated, 1935
6 34Krynica, Radom: Article on philanthropy in Krynica, 1921. Materials from Radom. History of Radom, (4) pages. Miscellaneous communal forms. Miscellaneous letters. A military pass in order to get married, 1886, B. Lipshitz (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)undated, 1886, 1921.
7 1Świsłocz: Materials from Świsłocz. Miscellaneous letters, 1920s. (2) Notebooks of poetry. Miscellaneous bills undated
7 2Mława: Handwritten newspaper from Mława 1921
7 3Myślenice: Copies of newspaper articles on the pogrom in Myślenice in 1936 1936
7 4Międzyrzec: Materials from Międzyrzec. Letter from a Poale Zionist, 1924. Miscellaneous school and cultural materials undated, 1924
7 5Motolʹ: Materials from Motolʹ. Miscellaneous letters, 1930s. Passport, 1896 (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection) 1896, 1930s
7 6Galicia: Miscellaneous from Galicia, Letters, 1920s, Travel permit, 1843, Matrimonial documents (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)undated, 1843, 1920s
7 7Pinczów: Miscellaneous letters from Pinczów early-1900s
7 8Poczajow Nowy, Sosnowiec: Letters from Poczajow, 1930s. Letters from Rabbi Abraham Meir Gitler, Sosnowiec, c.1914. Letter from the Imperial German Consulate in Philadelphia re: the whereabouts of Rabbi Abraham Meir Gitler of Sosnowiec, 1915. Eulogy given at the funeral of Rabbi Abraham Meir Gitler, Sosnowiec undated, 1914-1915, 1930s
7 9Piaski: Material from Piaski. Gemiles khesed. Children’s signature album undated, 1936
7 10Sluck, Satanow, Nowogródek, Nowy Dwʹo, Nowy Sącz: Report card, 1892 from Sluck with a picture of the student. Miscellaneous from Satanow. Announcement from the kehillah in Nowogródek. Hazomir announcement of a play in Nowy Dwʹo. Card from Nowy Sącz undated, 1892
7 11Nowy Korczyn, Sokolow, Stolin, Stanisławów, Slonim: Postcards from Nowy Korczyn, 1907-1908. Miscellaneous from Sokolow. Letter from the Tarbut in Stolin, 1931. Miscellaneous from Stanisławów. Miscellaneous from Slonim undated, 1907-1908, 1931
7 12TSYSHO: Forms used in the TSYSHO schools 1920s
7 13 TSYSHO: Various broadsides, flyers, and announcements relating to TSYSHO. Various materials relating to “Unzer Shul.” Various materials relating to “Medem Shul.” undated
7 14TSYSHO: Various reports from TSYSHO 1925-1927, 1936, 1938, 1939
7 15TSYSHO: Curriculum for the TSYSHO schools undated
7 16 TSYSHO, Vilna: Histories of TSYSHO and its school movement in Vilna undated
7 17Calendar of the Medem School 1938
7 18TSYSHO: Correspondence and miscellaneous from TSYSHO 1929-1939
7 19Materials related to the Medem Sanatorium1933-1939, 1944
7 20Correspondence concerning relief for schools1932-1939
8 1Vilna: Advertisements for and descriptions of the Jewish Technical School in Vilna (removed to the ORT Vocational School in Vilna Records)undated
8 2Mława, Grójec: Leaflet from the Polish Socialist Party in Mława. Leaflet from a socialist group in Grójec undated
8 3Textbooks from the Vilna Jewish Technikum on electricity, 1927 (removed to the ORT Vocational School in Vilna Collection)1927
84Vilna: Textbooks from the Vilna Jewish Technikum on mechanics, 1927 (removed to the ORT Vocational School in Vilna Collection)1927
8 5Textbooks from the Vilna Jewish Technikum on the resistance of materials, graphic statistics, higher mathematics, 1927 (removed to the ORT Vocational School in Vilna Collection)1927
9 1Żychlin: A description of life inŻychlin written by Max Kleinot, 90 p. 1950, 1954
9 2 TSYSHO: Newspaper article on ten years of TSYSHO plus a poster 1927
9 3Mir: Article on schools. Correspondence from the Yeshiva of Mir 1939
9 4Business book and copies of letters of Eliezer (Lazarus) Perkes1905
9 5Materials from the Folks Bank1920s
9 6Lwów: Copy of “Najer Morgn,” April 9, 1939. Article on writers and artists of Lwów. Election circular of the Bund. A declaration of poverty, 1937. Miscellaneous. Newspaper from 1848 1848, 1937-1939
9 7Newspaper articles on the “Maccabi” sports club
9 8Minsk: Mazowiecki Documents of Yitzhak Wnuk from Minsk Mazowiecki 1890s
9 9Vilna: Copies of privileges given to the Jews of Vilna 1749-1756
10 1A scrapbook of newspaper articles dealing with the suffering of Jews in Poland and Russia, 1915-1920; also contains articles on the relief given by American Jews, the “Jewish Day” and “Forward.” 1915-1920
10 2 Documents on the publication of a world history in Yiddish by the publishing house, Achiasaf. Article on the International History Congress, 1933. Miscellaneous from Warsaw, 1930s. Article on Jews in the January Uprising of 1863 1939, 1945
10 3Abraham Cohen’s request to enter the birth information of his children into a registry for inheritance purposes, 1839 (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)1839
10 4Vilna: Article by Joseph Kirszrot on the cemetery keeper in Vilna. Miscellaneous on Vilna. Article in “Haynt” on the “Maccabi” sports club in Vilna, Warsaw, June 7, 1926. Article on Jewish art from Vilna, 1916, includes pictures (in library). Written recommendation from Rabbi Bezalel Yisroel Moshe Hakohen 1841, 1916, 1921, 1926
10 5Vilna: Document certifying the purchase of a seat in the women’s section of the Great Synagogue of Vilna for Basha Schlossberg 1896
10 6Zdzieciol: Materials that were used for the Yizkor bukh of Zdzieciol 1940s-1950s
10 7Sejm: Copies of materials pertaining to the Four-Year-Sejm and the Jews of Poland 1788-1792
11 1 Various materials on Passover relief for Polish Jewry, from the United British Appeal for Polish Jewry 1935
11 2Various reports on antisemitism and antisemitic cartoons. Also includes materials dealing with the boycott 1920s and 1930s
11 3 Materials on antisemitic incidents in the 1930s. Report by the Polish League of Nations Federation on the “Jewish Question,” 1938. Miscellaneous. Memo from the Jewish National Council pertaining to different ministries on problems concerning the “Foreigner’s Bill,” 1926. A document from the Zionist Archives 1926, 1930s
11 4Materials on the Morgenthau Commission that investigated the pogroms 1918-1919
11 5Miscellaneous newspaper clippings on Jews in Poland1920s-1930s
11 6 History of and report on Jewish agriculture. General history of the Jews 1920-1937
11 7Materials on and by a Jewish assimilationist, 1916, 1919. Miscellaneous articles on politics. A copy of a poster for Ukranians in the non-party bloc, 1928. Miscellaneous 1916, 1919, 1928
118Miscellaneous articles for “Dos Wort” in Vilna. Map of gemiles khesed sites throughout Poland. Polish-Yiddish menu from the restaurant on the flagship “Batory,” 1936. Polish-German-Jewish newspaper, “Tygodnik Zydowski,” April 1935. Miscellaneous. A letter to Baron Rothschild by a young Zionist seeking aid to go to Palestine, 1935 1930s
12 1Lwów: Architectural plans for a Jewish Students’ Sanatorium in Lwów undated
12 2Various announcements from different yeshivot in Polandundated
12 3Grodno: Series of articles about: A trip made from Grodno to the U.S. via Russia and China History of Grodno undated
12 4A thank-you certificate from the Central Council of Yeshivot in Vilna 1929
12 5A prayer from a group in Vilna honoring men who bought some land in Palestine undated
12 6Documents (photocopies) concerning Jews from the Włocławek city archives 1919-1939
12 7Łódz: Two pages from the minutes book of the Great Synagogue of Łódz 1892
13 1Bielice: Report of a pogrom in Bielice 1936
13 2Przytyk: Album on pogroms in Przytyk 1930s
13 3Puławy: Copy of a handwritten newspaper from Puławy, “ןעגנוצארפש,” 1917 (approx. eight issues)1917
13 4Włocławek: Miscellaneous from the Włocławek kehillah, 1930s. Posters of Włocławek Zionists. Election posters of the Włocławek Zionists, 1936. Election posters of the Włocławek Mizrachi. Election posters of the Włocławek Hantwerker Farein. Election posters of the Włocławek Zionist Hantwerker Farein 1930s
13 5Włocławek: Workers’ Front. Revisionists. Poale Zion. Poale Zion (Right). United National Jewish List 1930s
13 6Włocławek: Election posters from Włocławek. Agudas Israel. Worker and Peasant Unity. Non-party bloc election committee. Miscellaneous posters. Posters of sports events. Posters for social events. Posters of ORT. Poster of United Jewish Committee against persecution in Germany. Poster advertising a lecture on Maxim Gorky. Poster of the Jewish geographical society undated
13 7Drohiczyn, Płock: Copy of a letter and speech from a Drohiczyn letter by Naftali Steinberg about the economic situation, 1920. Speech—also likely from the 1920s—about a maskil and impressions of the city’s changing economy. Letter reprinted about the Alliance Universelle in America and Eastern European Jews, 1870. Miscellaneous from Płock undated, 1870, 1920
13 8 Nowo Zurawice, Zelwa: Statutes of a Jewish agricultural colony in Nowo Zurawice, 1920. Personal letter from Zelwa 1920s
13 9Ligmiany: Newspaper article on Lingmiany undated
13 10Reports from the Zionist organization in Poland and by the Palestinian League of Nations Society on the position of Jews in Poland, 1930s. Ketubah from Opatow. Miscellaneous material from Vilna 1930s
13 12 Agreement between the Jewish Folk Library and the Orjan Gotthfeld Foundation in Sambor on the Library’s purchase of real-estate 1938 May 5
13 13 aPapers of Hersh Jakobson, a former teacher of the Jewish schools in Białystok. Correspondence1919-1925, 1931
13 13 bPapers of Hersh Jakobson, a former teacher of the Jewish schools in Białystok. B. Photos, a membership card, concert tickets (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)undated, 1916-1929
13 13 cPapers of Hersh Jakobson, a former teacher of the Jewish schools in Białystok. C. Jewish school activities in Białystok (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)undated
13 13 dPapers of Hersh Jakobson, a former teacher of the Jewish schools in Białystok. Activities of the Relief Committee for the Yiddish Schools in Białystok in New York undated, 1920s
13 14Premysl: Ketubah from Premysl, 1891 (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection 1891
13 15Chart illustrating the activities of the International Red Cross in Poland 1919-1921
13 16Płock: Membership list of the Khevra Kadisha Musar Haskel (a besmedresh) in Płock, 1897 (on 2 pieces of parchment)
14 1 Photographs of the Medem Sanatorium, songs sung by children of this sanatorium 1927-1930
14 2 Polish immigration passport issued for Rywka Rosenberg of Minsk Mazowiecki in 1936. Also enclosed: U.S. immigration ID card (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)1936
14 3Drohobycz: An antisemitic leaflet issued by the Polish Academic Youth of Drohobycz 1938 December 22
14 4Ba’al Shem Tov: His disciples and Hasidic Dynasties undated
14 5Greenberg, Jacob: Personal papers (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection undated
14 6Raphael, Julius: Receipts (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)undated
14 7Pinkas of Posen Jewish Community, 1592 – 1667. Copy of a typed transcription undated
14 8David Dunkelman: Personal papers (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)undated
14 9Wołkowysk: “Der Yingl,” a children’s magazine, published 1919-1920, Wołkowysk, Poland. Photocopies of approximately 15 issues, Yiddish (photograph removed to the Territorial Photographic Collection, pre-1939 Poland) 1919-1920
15 1Krynki: Notebook with notes in Yiddish of class lectures given at the TSYSHO School in Krynki. Handwritten by Sol Gordon 1918-1923
15 2Two passports from 1872, Austro-Hungarian Empire, for Israel and Olldu Serka Safier, from Breszov, Galicia (removed to the Genealogy and Family History Collection)1872
15 3Brochure from the Mendele School, Białystok1938
15 4Stanisławów: Letter from a Yiddish activist in Stanisławów (signature illegible) to Aaron Karlin in NY; clippings from Polish Newspapers, 1937 undated, 1937
15 5ישראל קראוויעץ" מאנאגראפיע איבער שעדלעץ"undated
15 6Dąbrowa: Letter from Dąbrowa by “R.K.” 1938
15 7Slonim: Letter from Slonim 1929
15 8Brańsk: Research on the history of Jews in Brańsk, by Zbigniew Romaniuk undated
15 9Siedlce: Memoirs of the 1905 pogrom in Siedlce, by Joseph Bekker undated
Box TitleDate
16 Memoirs of A. Hartglas (typescript in Polish, 643 pp.) “Na pograniczu dwoch swiatow.” undated
Box TitleDate
17 Mateusz Mieses: Polacy-chrzescijanie pochodzenia zydowskiego, vol. II (German translation), 262 pp. undated
18 1Sejny: A history of Jews in Sejny, ms. By J. Adelson, et al. English translation, 6 pp. undated
18 2Kraków, Kielce: Memoirs (in Polish) of Arthur Schneider of his youth in Kraków and Kielce, including the Akiba Youth Movement, 1920-1939, 212 pp. undated
18 3Makow: Marriage certificate from Makow, 1932. Appeal for funds, for the Talmud Torah in Makow undated, 1932
18 4Slonim: Memoirs of events in Slonim during World War I. Written by Moishe Eisenstadt (Stone). Incomplete, with English translation undated
18 5Białystok: Notes written in a Białystok prison during the years 1924-1927 1924-1927
18 6Zolynia: Copy of a ten–page memoir (in Yiddish) of life in Zolynia (near Rzeszów), by Isak Neiss (handwritten)undated
18 7Three Zionist socialist rubber stamps pertaining to Bytom and Otwockundated
19 1 Wysokie Litewskie: Memoir of Wysokie Litewskie, by Dorothy Kraus undated
19 2Tarnobrzeg: Secondary materials relating to an account of blood libel in Tarnobrzeg/Dzików undated
19 3 Białystok: Copy of a list of electoral candidates for the Białystok Kehillah 1918 December
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