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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Rothholz family
Title: Barbara and Peter Rothholz Family Collection
Dates:bulk 1916-1937
Abstract: The Barbara and Peter Rothholz Family Collection contains documents and photographs of the families of Peter Rothholz and his wife, Barbara Peters Rothholz (originally Baerbel Gruenpeter), along with papers of the extended family.
Languages: The collection is in German.
Quantity: 1.25 linear foot
Identification: AR 25201
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Dr. Walter Gruenpeter (later Peters) (1903-1978) was born in Kattowitz, the only son of Salon and Hedwig (née Zernik) Gruenpeter. He had a sister, Ilse and a half-sister, Inge, both of whom died in the Holocaust. He studied law at the Universities of Breslau and Freiburg and became an associate at the law office of Eugen Bandmann. In 1931 he married Eugen Bandmann's daughter, Charlotte. They had one daughter, Baerbel Gruenpeter, later Barbara Peters, who was born in 1933. Walter Gruenpeter was disbarred after Hitler's rise to power and emigrated to Belgrade, Yugoslavia with his family. In 1938 he left for England while his wife and daughter went to the United States. He joined them in 1940. He and Charlotte Peters eventually divorced; Charlotte lived on in New York City until her death on January 27, 1999. In 1972 Walter Peters married Alice Stern (née Salm).

Alfred Rothholz (1896-1963) was born in Pudewitz (today Pobiedziska, Poland). He was the son of Jakob and Dorotea Rothholz. He and his two brothers, Heinrich and Leo, volunteered for service in the German Army in World War I. Alfred and Heinrich were severely wounded and Leo went missing-in-action. Alfred married Bertha Isner of Bayreuth in 1927 and had one son, Lutz-Peter (Peter), who was born in 1929. Bertha's mother was Laura Isner. Alfred and Bertha divorced in 1933. In 1936 Alfred brought his son to live with him in Dresden and subsequently they emigrated to London in 1938 and then moved to Oxford in 1941 and later to Cambridge. After the end of World War II, Peter moved to the United States to live with his mother and Alfred returned to London, where he married Gertrude Rosenheimer in 1949.

Barbara Peters (Baerbel Gruenpeter) married Peter Rothholz.

Leo Strauss was the stepfather of Peter Rothholz.

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Scope and Content Note

The Barbara and Peter Rothholz Family Collection contains material on both their families. It is arranged in two series and contains personal documents, photographs and postcards.

The collection documents the family histories beginning in World War I. The biggest part of the collection contains photographs of the Rothholz family, mainly Alfred (Adolf) Rothholz and Peter Rothholz.

The first series contains 3 folders of personal documents grouped by individual. These are biographical notes, certificates and decorations relating to, or depicting, Eugen and Charlotte Bandmann, Walter Gruenpeter (Peters) and Leo Strauss.

The second series contains photographs, postcards and photo albums of the Rothholz family. There are many postcards and photographs of Alfred (Adolf) Rothholz and his brother Leo during World War I from 1916 and two photo albums.

Series III: Addenda was added to the collection at a later date and contains papers of family members featured in the previous series in addition to papers of more distant family members. Much of the material consists of official documents such as birth and marriage certificates or passports, but other items include examples of family members' creative writing, family photographs, and correspondence.

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The collection is arranged in two series:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Access Information

Collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

See also the Eugen Bandmann Collection (AR 7).

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Separated Material

A prayer book was removed from Series III: Addenda to the LBI Library, with photocopies of the book's title page and dedication retained in the archival collection.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Barbara and Peter Rothholz Family Collection; AR 25201; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Processing Information

The material in this collection has been arranged according to individuals and format. Documents and decorations were put into folders corresponding to the individuals they concern. Photographs and postcards have been grouped either by place, or by the (known) persons in the picture according to the available information.

Series III: Addenda was added to the collection in May 2017.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Series I: Individuals, 1903-1941

This series is in German .
3 folders.


Scope and Content:

This series contains personal documents pertaining to Charlotte and Eugen Bandmann, Walter Gruenpeter and Leo Strauss.

The Bandmann folder contains photographs of Charlotte Bandmann, one showing her as a child and one with her singing teacher and presumably singing group at the Savoy-Hotel in 1926. It also contains a photograph of Eugen Bandmann at the Breslau City Council, presumably in the late 1920s, two pictures with the writer Gerhart Hauptmann at an unknown event and a picture from the "Wohnung und Werkraum Ausstellung" in Breslau in 1929 showing "Rechtsanwalt Bandmann."

The Walter Gruenpeter folder contains wedding greetings from Walter and his sister Ilse from 1908, a postcard from London to his daughter Barbara, some portraits and a copy of a photograph showing him as a child with his mother and sister. Documents contain a "Polizeiliche Abmeldung," Walter Gruenpeter's birth certificate from Poland, his registration as a "Gerichtsassessor," his "Certificate of Identity" from London, an affidavit of support for the United States of America, a letter of recommendation from the Chairman of the Tribunal for Refugees, Croydon, his registration as an attorney from 1932 and its retraction from 1933 and his registration as a "Referendar" from 1926. It also contains a short biography of Walter Gruenpeter of unknown origin.

The Leo Strauss folder contains a certificate concerning the bestowal of the "Ehrenkreuz fuer Frontkaempfer" from 1934 and these decorations and medals from 1934.

11Bandmann, Charlotte and Eugenundated, 1920s
12Gruenpeter, Walter1903-1908, 1930-1941
14Strauss, Leo1934
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Series II: Pictures, 1914-1942

This series is in German.
0.75 linear ft.


Scope and Content:

This series contains folders of photographs. In the "Pictures" folder there are various photographs, some of unknown date and subject. Most of them relate to World War I, showing Alfred (then Adolf) Rothholz and his brother Leo as soldiers in the German Army and blank postcards of the places they were stationed at. All of these are from 1916. There is also a photograph of the wedding of Alfred Rothholz and Bertha Isner, the passport of Laura Isner (probably Bertha's mother) and a passport from the Transmigration Bureau regarding a stay in Lisbon, Portugal, issued to "Isner". It also contains a short biography of the Alfred Rothholz family of unknown origin.

One of the photo albums is of the honeymoon trip of Alfred and Bertha Rothholz in 1927, containing photographs that go back to 1918. The other album only contains photographs of Lutz-Peter Rothholz, their son, from 1932 to 1937.

13Picturesundated, 1914-1942
21Photo Albums1918-1937
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Series III: Addenda, 1877-1969

This series is in German.
0.25 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Series III holds material added to the archival collection in May 2017, after the collection's initial processing. The addenda content is similar to the materials in the previous series, including both family documents as well as photographs. Prominent are the papers of members of the Isner and Strauss families, although other relations are also present.

The bulk of papers in the addenda are official documents for the family members whose papers are held here, with members of various branches of the family. Folder 3/1 pertains to a prayer book dedicated to Arthur Lachmann; the prayer book was removed to the LBI Library with copies of its title and dedication retained in the archival collection. Folder 3/2 contains the papers of Charlotte Peters (previously Grünpeter prior to her immigration), the daughter of Eugen Bandmann of Breslau and his wife Betty née Joachimsohn. Charlotte Peters's papers consist of official documents like birth, vaccination, and good conduct certificates, as well as other documents related to emigration. Folder 3/5 contains the papers of Leo Strauss and his wife Bertha (née Isner, daughter of Sigmund and Laura Isner), her former surname Rothholz prior to her divorce. Most of their papers consist of official documents such as birth and marriage certificates and their passports, but also include a photograph of Bertha and a letter from her uncle Jacob Kaufmann that focuses on his difficulties in arranging the emigration of his wife, still in Germany. Folders 3/6 and 3/7 hold the papers of Sigmund Isner and his wife Laura; their daughter Bertha's second husband was Leo Strauss. The Isners' papers include birth and marriage certificates and their passports, as well as one folder of Sigmund Isner's poetry. His poems commemorate various events, including both celebrations such as weddings and events such as his family's voyage by ship from Lisbon to New York in 1941. This folder also holds a newspaper clipping that relates a tale from his early years in Queens when he was robbed. The final folder of the series holds a few papers of Sigmund Strauss, the brother of Leo Strauss. His papers include newspaper clippings that pertain to his work for the Congregation Machane Chodosh of Brooklyn, of which he was Vice-President, along with two letters. One of the letters was sent from Dachau in 1933 and gave his brother Leo permission to conduct his business affairs.

Folders 3/3 and 3/4 contain general items that may have been used by multiple family members. Folder 3/3 holds a handwritten cookbook by an unidentified family member, whose recipes are primarily for cakes and desserts. Folder 3/4 holds family photographs. Featured among them are Laura, Bertha, and Sigmund Isner; several Kaufmann family members, and a photograph of Alfred and Bertha Rothholz.

31Arthur Lachmann – Prayer Book1887
32Charlotte Peters (née Bandmann)1906-1941
33Cookbook1924 September
34Family Photographsundated, 1927-1928
35Leo Strauss and Bertha Rothholz (née Isner)1911-1940
35Leo Strauss and Bertha Rothholz (née Isner)1911-1940
36Sigmund and Laura (née Goldmann) Isner1877-1956
37Sigmund Isner – Writing1941-1944
38Sigmund Strauss1939-1969
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