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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Israel Elfenbein
Title: Papers of Israel Elfenbein (1890-1964) Collection
Abstract: This collection contains the personal and professional papers of rabbi, Hebrew scholar, author, and editor Israel Elfenbein. These materials include correspondence with and relating to congregations, Hebrew periodicals, organizations, Elfenbein’s writings, personal correspondence, sermons, clippings, and manuscripts by Elfenbein and by other writers.
Languages: The collection is in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, German, and French.
Quantity: 5.625 linear feet (13.5 manuscript boxes)
Identification: RG 773
Repository: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
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Biographical Note

Israel Elfenbein was born in Buczacz, Poland on September 15, 1890 to Elyakim and Rivka Henshe Elfenbein. He attended several yeshivot in Buczacz before he immigrated to the U.S. in 1906, where he began his studies at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, later the rabbinical seminary of Yeshiva University. He attended New York University, from where he received his B.A. in 1913, and the Jewish Theological Seminary, from where he received his ordination in 1914 and his Doctor of Hebrew Letters in 1915. His first rabbinate was at Temple Adath Israel in Nashville in 1915-1916. He later served as rabbi at synagogues in Chicago and New York City, including the West 95th Street and the Sea Gate Kneseth Israel synagogue in Brooklyn.

Dr. Elfenbein developed an interest in medieval Halachic Responsa early in his student days. He devoted himself to research and published a number of books, as well as many articles in contemporary Jewish journals in Hebrew, Yiddish and English. A good deal of his writings remained in manuscript form, many of which are represented in this collection.

Elfenbein was a lecturer at the Herzl Institute in New York City in the late 1950s-early 1960s. He was a member of the United Synagogue of America, the Academicians, the American Oriental Society, the Society of Biblical Literature, the Board of Jewish Rabbis, the American Jewish Congress, and the American Committee for Israeli Affairs. He was the author of The World of Rashi; Maimonides, The Man and His Times; Palestine Under Turkish Rule as Reflected in Responsa Literature; Problems of Jewish Reconstruction in America; and The Synagogue as a Leavening Force in American Jewry; among others. He also published under the pseudonyms Dayan al Yahud, Israel Shenhabim, and Ben Elyakim. In 1957, he edited the memorial book dedicated to I.Z. Frischberg. In 1962, he assisted in the compilation of a volume celebrating his own jubilee. Elfenbein was the executive director of the Education and Expansion Department of the Religious Zionists of America, also known as the Mizrachi Organization in the U.S., from 1938-1962, and the editor of Or Hamizrach (Light of the East), a Hebrew publication for rabbis, teachers and students. In addition, he contributed articles to Sinai, Tarbitz (Hit), Talpiot (a neighborhood in Jerusalem), Jewish Quarterly Review, and Jewish Forum. He attempted to publish a journal of Jewish scientific studies, Hameasef (Literary Anthology), in 1923, but was unsuccessful. He was the editor of The Voice of the People from 1932-1944. He was married to Etta Hurwitz Elfenbein, with whom he had daughters Annette (Goldie) Barth and Sarah Rothman and son Ira Lee.

Israel Elfenbein died in New York City on September 13, 1964.

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Scope and Content Note

The materials in the Papers of Israel Elfenbein relate mainly to Rabbi Elfenbein’s work as a congregational rabbi and to his writings, both in published and in manuscript form. The collection consists of correspondence, sermons and lectures relating to congregations in Nashville, Chicago and New York City, including Brooklyn and the Bronx. There is also correspondence with various Jewish periodicals and organizations, materials relating to the Elfenbein Jubilee Volume, Rashi Responsa, and some of Elfenbein’s unpublished manuscripts, as well as writings by others, personal and family correspondence, financial papers, and newspaper clippings.

Correspondents include Cyrus Adler, Shmuel Yosef Agnon, Salo Baron, Chaim Bloch, Yosef Burg, Rabbi I. Goldfarb, Dr. Leo Jung, and Louis Marshall. The material mainly concerns Jewish personalities, Jewish history and liturgy and Elfenbein’s writings. The materials in this collection date from 1911-1970.

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The materials in this collection are arranged topically and by format. Personal names of correspondents have been transliterated, journal titles and organization names have been transliterated and translated, and the titles of speeches and writings have been transliterated and translated. Yiddish names have been transliterated according to YIVO standards except when the individual is known in English by another spelling. Hebrew publications and manuscript titles have been transliterated according to Encyclopedia Judaica standards. The language of the materials and number of letters often follows the description of the folder contents in parentheses. The collection is organized in four series, some of which have been further subdivided into subseries.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Permission to use the collection must be obtained from the YIVO Archivist.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish part or parts of the collection must be obtained from the YIVO Archives. For more information, contact:
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

The YIVO Library has several books by Elfenbein, many of which are represented among the manuscripts in this collection, as well as copies of the Elfenbein Jubilee Volume and the I.Z. Frischberg Memorial Volume. There are also some other materials about the Mizrachi Organization of America, where Elfenbein was executive director of the education department. The American Jewish Historical Society has the American Jewish Congress Records, I-77.

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Separated Material

There is no information about materials that are associated by provenance to the described materials that have been physically separated or removed.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of Israel Elfenbein; RG 773; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

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Acquisition Information

The collection was given to the YIVO Archives by Etta Elfenbein, Israel Elfenbein’s wife, in April 1971.

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Processing information

The original inventory was completed c.1970s. Additional processing completed in February 2012.

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Container List


Series I: Correspondence, Documents and Clippings, 1912-1965

97 folders
Scope and Content:

This series is made up of mostly correspondence and other personal and professional materials, including programs, applications, pamphlets, clippings, press releases, financial materials and reports, invitations, flyers, and lecture materials. There are also personal items, such as photographs and membership cards for various organizations and other items concerning Elfenbein’s writings.

Subseries 1: Congregational, 1915-1938

29 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains correspondence relating to Elfenbein’s rabbinical work at Agudath Israel in Nashville, Tennessee; Bnai David Ohave Zedek in Chicago, Illinois; Pincus Elijah in New York City; Hunt's Point Jewish Center in the Bronx; Jewish Center of University Heights in the Bronx; and Seagate Congregation Kneseth Israel in Brooklyn. Materials consist of correspondence, programs, applications, pamphlets, receipts, clippings, and bills.

Folder TitleDate
1 Agudath Israel, Nashville, Tennessee 1915-1916

program of confirmation exercises
copies of Elfenbein's correspondence with local branch of "Bnai Zion" (2)
correspondence from congregants (5)

Folder TitleDate
2 Agudath Israel, Nashville, Tennessee 1916

copy of letter from Elfenbein to political notables in Tennessee requesting their opinion of role of Jews in American public life and their suggestions as to how to improve the condition of Jews in Eastern Europe
replies from 11

Folder TitleDate
3 Agudath Israel, Nashville, Tennessee 1915-1916

miscellaneous correspondence (6)

Folder TitleDate
4 Bnai David Ohave Zedek, Chicago, Illinois 1916-1918

announcement to congregation in Yiddish and English of meeting to elect Elfenbein as rabbi, 1916
copy of statement pledging support, 1917
copy of hekhsher (certificate of kosher status) in Hebrew issued by Elfenbein to a dairy, 1918
Yiddish letter to Jewish Courier, signed by Elfenbein and two other rabbis, regarding kosher products, 1918
undated letter of resignation by Elfenbein from Bnai David Ohave Zedek Alliance

Folder TitleDate
5 Bnai David Ohave Zedek, Chicago, Illinois 1918

applications for position in Hebrew School (20) in Hebrew and English
letters of resignation from staff in English (2)
Elfenbein's response to a letter of resignation

Folder TitleDate
6 Bnai David Ohave Zedek, Chicago, Illinois 1917

letters from congregants (3) in English

Folder TitleDate
7 Bnai David Ohave Zedek, Chicago, Illinois 1917-1918

requests for Elfenbein's participation in community affairs, general affairs (4), Jewish affairs (4)

Folder TitleDate
8 Bnai David Ohave Zedek, Chicago, Illinois 1917-1918

correspondence in connection with war effort
correspondents include: Harold L. Ickes, Mayor Thompson, Governor Frank O. Lowden, Rabbi Samuel Schulman
9 letters, 3 telegrams

Folder TitleDate
9 Pincus Elijah, New York City 1920-1921

announcements (2) of installation of Elfenbein as rabbi of congregation, April 1920
copies of program of Tenth Anniversary of Dedication of Pincus Elijah Synagogue on April 21, 1921 (3)
copy of letter to Hon. Otto Rosalsky, 1921
application for position as a teacher, 1921

Folder TitleDate
10 Pincus Elijah, New York City 1920-1923

correspondence with Nathan Straus and Nathan Straus, Jr., 1920, 1923 (3)
pamphlet reprinted from Jewish Forum (1921) and retitled in ink "Nathan Straus Diamond Jubilee Publication"
pamphlet's title also revised in ink from "The Synagogue - a Leavening Force in the Making of American Jewry" to "Life - Burden or Blessing"

Folder TitleDate
11 Pincus Elijah, New York City 1920-1922

correspondence on limitation of armaments, 1921
Sen. William Calder on immigration, 1922
letters of acceptance to participate in forums (2)
letter of apology from members of Riviera Club for gambling at the Center, 1920
rough draft of testimonial for member of congregation
letter of thanks from West End Synagogue, 1921

Folder TitleDate
12 Hunt's Point Jewish Center, Bronx 1923-1924

congregational affairs
drafts of budgets, testimonials, legal notice, requests for use of Center, list of donors

Folder TitleDate
13 Hunt's Point Jewish Center, Bronx 1924-1925

Talmud Torah
applicants, teachers, snapshots of graduates

Folder TitleDate
14 Hunt's Point Jewish Center, Bronx 1924

letter from congressman
copies of letters of congratulations to the Center from President Coolidge and Gov. Al Smith
correspondence with congregants, one letter of appreciation, two letters of complaint

Folder TitleDate
15 Hunt's Point Jewish Center, Bronx 1923-1924

Hunt's Point Jewish Center Forum
letters from eleven prominent NYC citizens accepting or declining participants in Friday Evening Forums
handbills and resolutions

Folder TitleDate
16 Hunt's Point Jewish Center, Bronx 1923-1925

Hunt's Point Jewish Center and civic affairs
correspondence with Children's Court, NYC, referring to a request to have a child of mixed marriage join the synagogue, 1924
correspondence with Mrs. Woodrow Wilson
letter about interest in a public library
American Legion correspondence
correspondence and handbills about a garbage dump
letter of thanks from Presbyterian Church

Folder TitleDate
17 Hunt's Point Jewish Center, Bronx 1923-1924

Passover Club
correspondence with Jewish Educational Association and local banks about instituting a Passover Savings Club as a substitute for a Christmas Club, 1923-1924
receipt from NY State Office of the Secretary, incorporating Passover Club and clippings from Yiddish newspapers advertising the Passover Club at a bank, 1924

Folder TitleDate
18 Jewish Center of University Heights, Bronx 1928

congregational affairs
letters about membership and use of building by Board of Education
letter of reference by borough president Julius Miller
pamphlet outlining installation of officers
clipping from Center publication Hashofer, listing rules and regulations for Chevra Mishnais (study group)
application for purchase of sacramental wine for resale to congregants, bill of sale

Folder TitleDate
19 Jewish Center of University Heights, Bronx 1928

correspondence with members of the congregation
five letters addressed to the rabbi, one carbon copy from Elfenbein

Folder TitleDate
20 Jewish Center of University Heights, Bronx c.1928

mostly undated clippings, probably from 1928, presumably from Bronx Home News listing events at the Jewish Center

Folder TitleDate
21 Jewish Center of University Heights, Bronx 1927-1928

letters to and from Sol Bonaparth, Judge Albert Cohen, Judge Thomas Crain, Joseph Ferber, Harold Fields, Judge Gustave Hartman, Harris Jones, John E. McGeehan, Aaron Sapiro, Maurice Schwartz, Carl Sherman, Congressman William I. Sirovich, Max D. Steuer, Harold Lord Varney, Joseph H. Wade, Charles Wahl
copies of letters sent to 14 others but to which no response was made

Folder TitleDate
22 Jewish Center of University Heights, Bronx 1927-1928

handbills and programs of Forum
announcements (7), 1927-1928
programs (5), 1928

Folder TitleDate
23 Jewish Center of University Heights, Bronx 1927-1928

general congregational correspondence
to Elfenbein (6)
copies from Elfenbein (4)

Folder TitleDate
24 Seagate Congregations Kneseth Israel, Brooklyn 1927-1938

special correspondence from Elfenbein to the congregation
letter of resignation, 1927
letter suggesting revision in salary, 1931
letter of resignation, 1938

Folder TitleDate
25 Seagate Congregations Kneseth Israel, Brooklyn 1931-1937

correspondence with congregants
letters to Elfenbein (6), 1931, 1932, 1933, 1935, 1937
drafts of testimonials and tributes, 1931 (2), 1937 91)
blank letterhead

Folder TitleDate
26 Seagate Congregations Kneseth Israel, Brooklyn 1930-1938

letters to Elfenbein (7), 1930-1938
letter from an attorney about allegations of anti-Jewish attitudes of well-known companies in NYC, 1934
copies of letters of denail from the above companies

Folder TitleDate
27 Seagate Congregations Kneseth Israel, Brooklyn 1930-1936

copies of agreements with cantor, caterer, teacher, 1936
membership list, 1930?
press release and clippings, 1934

Folder TitleDate
28 Seagate Congregations Kneseth Israel, Brooklyn 1934

Ladies Auxiliary
letters from a number of vendors regarding contributions to a bazaar, 19 responses

Folder TitleDate
29 Seagate Congregations Kneseth Israel, Brooklyn 1931-1936

Kneseth Israel News, 10 postcard-sized announcements, 1931-1932
The Jewish Child, a mimeographed children's paper in English and Hebrew, May 1936
miscellaneous handbills


Subseries 2: Hameasef, 1923-1925

2 folders
Scope and Content:

These materials concern Elfenbein’s ultimately unsuccessful attempts to publish a journal of Jewish scientific studies, Hameasef (Literary Anthology).

Folder TitleDate
30 Correspondence 1923-1924

Adlerbaum, Nina (English), 1923
Bodochinsky, J. (from Elfenbein, reply, English), 1923
Buchler, Dr. Samuel (English), 1924
de Sola Pool, Dr. David (2 letters, 1 reply, English), 1923
Elzas, Rabbi Barnett (English), 1923
Halper, B. (Hebrew), 1923
Guttman, Dr. M. (3 Hebrew letters, 1 English reply), 1923-1924
Heller, Ch. (Hebrew), 1923
Hirschenson, Rabbi Ch. (4 letters, Hebrew), 1923
Hurwitz, S.L. (Hebrew), 1923
Husick, Prof. Isaac (2 letters, 1 reply, Hebrew and English), 1923
Kraus, Samuel (Hebrew), 1923
Mann, Jacob (Hebrew), 1923
Marmorstein, Abraham (3 Hebrew letters, 2 English replies, 1923, 1926
Moore, George Foote (English), 1923
Miller, Simon (English), 1923
Morgenstern, Julian (English), 1923
Rivlin, Eliezer (Hebrew), 1923
Roggen, Louis (from Elfenbein, English), 1923
Viaminka, Armand (English), 1923
Yawitz, W. (letter, reply, Hebrew), 1923
rough drafts in Hebrew of a letter requesting literary contributions to Measef (Literary Anthology), mimeographed form letter of the same
unanswered letters in Hebrew by Elfenbein to H.N. Bialik, Levi Ginsburg and Y.L. Gordon
scrap with notes in Hebrew about Hameasef (Literary Anthology), 1923?

Folder TitleDate
31 Business correspondence 1923-1925

Katzburg Brothers, Budapest (6 letters, Hebrew, German), Elfenbein's request for estimates, request for return of manuscripts, letter to American Consul for assistance and reply from the American Consul, 1923-1925
copy of Elfenbein's request for estimates from Yidisher Verlag, Berlin (Hebrew), 1923
estimates received from four other publishers in Germany and United States, 1923


Subseries 3: The Voice of the People, 1932

1 folder
Scope and Content:

This subseries is made up of early correspondence about The Voice of the People, which Elfenbein edited from 1932-1944.

Folder TitleDate
32 Correspondence 1932

letters from Gov. Lehman (3), Dr. Henry Reuchlin (1), M. Cohen (1 letter, Hebrew), Elfenbein to Rabbi M. Soloveitchik (1 letter, Hebrew)
copy of application for Certificate of Incorporation (NY State) of the Voice of the People
promissory notes


Subseries 4: Mizrachi and Or Hamizrach, 1934-1964

14 folders
Scope and Content:

These are materials about the Religious Zionists of America, also known as the Mizrachi Organization in the U.S., of which Elfenbein was the executive director of the Education and Expansion Department from 1938-1962, and the editor of Or Hamizrach (Light of the East), a Hebrew publication for rabbis, teachers and students. Materials are related to Mizrachi Organization conventions and conferences, branch offices, correspondence, press releases, financial materials and reports, clippings, pamphlets, invitations, programs, and flyers.

Folder TitleDate
33 Constitution of Mizrachi 1958

pamphlet, (English), 11 pp., mimeographed, NY

Folder TitleDate
34 Conventions, conferences, dinners 1936, 1950-1960

invitations and programs for dinners, 1936, 1950-1952, 1958, 1960
check forms and announcements

Folder TitleDate
35 Programs of conventions 1958-1963

49th convention, 1958, Atlantic City, 8 pp.
51st convention, 1960, Atlantic City, 12 pp.
52nd convention, Atlantic City, 12 pp.
54th convention, 1963, Long Beach, NY, 12 pp.

Folder TitleDate
36 Local chapters 1949-1955

bulletin, Crown Heights chapter, 1949
flyer, ENY chapter, undated
flyer, Flatbush chapter, 1955
handbill, Greater Miami chapter, 1954
carbon copy of a letter, New Orleans chapter, undated
telegram, Plainfield, NJ chapter, undated

Folder TitleDate
37 Press releases 1942-1963

head office in Jerusalem: 4/4/63, 3 pp. (English), 6/20/63, 1 pp. (English), Tammuz 16 (Hebrew), Shevat 5 (Hebrew), 7 pp. of parliamentary speeches
New York City office: 1942 (Yiddish), 1946 (Yiddish), 1960, 2 pp. (Hebrew), 1955, 2 pp. (English), 1958, 3 pp. (English), 1959, 2 pp. (English), 1960 (3), 2 pp., 2 pp., 1 p. (English), all mimeographed, 1960, 2 pp. (English), printed

Folder TitleDate
38 Financial reports 1960-1962

Elfenbein's reports on field collection activities, typed and handwritten, 23 pp., refers to activities in Texas and Louisiana in 1949-1962
statement of activities, 1960
copy of check from Philadelphia congregation

Folder TitleDate
39 Reports 1953-1960

prepared by Elfenbein as director of Mizrachi Education and Expansion Fund, mimeographed
1955 (2), 4 pp., 1953, 4 pp., 1960, 4 pp.

Folder TitleDate
40 Committee for Torah Judaism 1960-1963

circular letters (5) in Hebrew, 4 with signature of Elfenbein, 1 with signature of Rabbi Charlop, 1961-1963
copy of telegram to Mizrachi, Jerusalem, 1963
copies of minutes of meetings in July and November 1963 (Hebrew)
copy of resolutions, 1963 convention (Yiddish)
program of annual convention committee, mimeographed, 1 p., 1960

Folder TitleDate
41 Inter-office correspondence and memoranda 1936-1963

Bilavsky, G. (English), 1952
Gellman, Leon (4 letters, English, Hebrew), 1937
Kirschblum, Rabbi Max (English), 1938
Mirsky, Rabbi S.K. (1 English, 1 Hebrew), 1936, 1938
Nadler, Max (1 letter, 1 copy, English), 1937, 1940
Schaller, Martha (memos, English), 1952
Spar, Samuel (4 letters, 3 memos, English), 1947, 1953, 1954, 1959, 1963
Stollman, Israel and reply by Elfenbein (English), 1955
Stein, Rabbi E. and Elfenbein's memo to Stein (English), 1951
Tekuzner, Abba (English), 1955
Ziony, F. (4 letters, English), 1936, 1939, 1944

Folder TitleDate
42 General correspondence 1934, 1946-1963

Jewish Agency (1 letter, reply, English, 1 letter, Hebrew), 1953, 1963
Charlop, Rabbi M. (Hebrew), undated
Jacobs, Sam (English), 1963
Mogen David Congregation (letter, photostat, English), 1955
Mizrachi World Union (English), 1952
Nowalsky, Harry and reply (English), 1954
Poupko, Rabbi (English), 1960
Rosenberg, Rabbi A. (English), 1946
Schwartz, M. (Hebrew), undated
South African Jewish Observer (2 letters, English), 1959
Taslit, I. (English), 1961
Yeshiva of Flatbush (English), 1952
Yeshiva Torah Vodaath (English), 1952
Wahl, Charles and reply (English), 1955
Weber, Abraham (English), 1958
Weinberg, Rabbi H. (Hebrew), 1960
Fishman, Isidore (English), 1955
Gershuny, Rabbi Y. (telegram, English), 1963
Hatzofeh, Tel Aviv (Hebrew), 1934
Israel Bonds, USA (English), 1960
Kramer, Samuel (English), 1958
Rackman, Rabbi Emanuel (English), 1949

Folder TitleDate
43 Copies of letters by Elfenbein 1947-1951

letters of reference and introduction:
Spar, D. (English), 1947
Kazis, Rabbi I.J. (English), 1948
Guttman, Rabbi S. (English), 1948
Churgin, Dr. P. (English), 1951

Folder TitleDate
44 Copies of letters by Elfenbein 1960-1964

letters of a personal nature:
Churgin, Dr. P. (English), 1960
Kirschblum, Rabbi Max (2 letters, English), 1960, 1962
Or Hamizrach (English), 1964

Folder TitleDate
45 Clippings 1945-1963


Folder TitleDate
46 Or Hamizrach (Light of the East) correspondence 1959-1964

Aberbach, Dr. Moshe (2 letters, Hebrew), 1963
Adler, J.N. (4 letters, Hebrew), 1962
Bick family, from Elfenbein (Hebrew), 1964
Charlop, Rabbi M., from Elfenbein (Hebrew), 1963
Dimitrofsky, C.Z. (Hebrew), undated
Freilich, I.B. (Hebrew), 1963
Gellman, A. (2 letters, reply, Hebrew), 1959, 1961
Gordon, J.D. (1 letter, reply, Hebrew), 1964
Glenn, M.G. (8 letters, 2 replies, 1 Hebrew), 1963-1964
Harvard University Library (1 letter, English), 1962
Kirschblum, Max (2 letters, Hebrew), 1963
Keren Hayesod (1 letter, English), 1963
Kaplan, Rabbi I. (Hebrew), 1963
Klaiman, Saul (2 letters, English and Hebrew), 1963
Lief, Chaim (Hebrew), 1959
Maimon, Rabbi J.L. (Hebrew), 1962
Malachi, A.R. (Hebrew), 1961
Niryah, M.Z. (Hebrew), 1961
Nissim, Rabbi Y. (Hebrew), 1961
Pichenick, Rabbi A. (Hebrew), 1960
Porath, Rabbi (Hebrew), 1962
Safran, Dr. J. (Hebrew), 1964
Silberg, Judge M. (Hebrew), 1963
Sloushz, Nahum (2 letters, telegram, Hebrew), 1963
Shurin, A. (Hebrew), 1961
United Jewish Appeal (copy of letter from Elfenbein, English), 1964
4 circular letters (Hebrew), 1963-1964
clippings and press releases (Yiddish)


Subseries 5: American Jewish Congress, 1938, 1960-1963

3 folders
Scope and Content:

Elfenbein was chairman of a joint Mizrachi Organization-American Jewish Congress Election Committee in 1938. He was also a long-time member of the American Jewish Congress. These materials are generally made up of correspondence, reports and newspaper clippings.

Folder TitleDate
47 General material 1938

circulars: 1 English, New York, 2 Yiddish, Philadelphia
text of speeches delivered by Elfenbein in Hebrew and Yiddish, New York, 4 pp., carbon copy of speech by Elfenbein in Hebrew and Yiddish, 1 p., Radio Talk by Elfenbein in Yiddish, 2 pp., carbon
18 clippings from the Yiddish press
report of National Board of Elections, mimeographed

Folder TitleDate
48 Correspondence 1938

American Jewish Congress (5 letters, telegram, English)
Cohen, A. (English)
Gelman, L. (English)
Goldberg, M. (English)
Golubovsky, S. (Yiddish)
Halpern, S. (Yiddish)
Perlberg, J. (English)
Heller, C. (English)
Samuels, P. (Hebrew)
Tolotzky, D. (English)
Weiss, William (English)
Hoffman, J. to Mr. Schmidt about Elfenbein (English)
letters from Elfenbein to H.L. Friedberg, L. Gelman, D. Kapustin, N. Kravitz (English)
circular in Yiddish, signed by Elfenbein

Folder TitleDate
49 Miscellaneous material 1960-1963

proposed rules for elections, 1960
convention memo, mimeographed, 1 p., 1960
program, mimeographed, 1960
mimeographed letter to Sol Liptzin, 3 pp., 1962
memo, 1 p., 1963
program and activities of Commission, 1962-1963
circular letter, mimeographed, 4 pp., signed by Shad Polier, 1963
circular letter, 4 pp., 1963


Subseries 6: Theodore Herzl Institute, 1958-1964

1 folder
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains information about Elfenbein’s lectures at the Herzl Institute in New York City.

Folder TitleDate
50 Correspondence, notes and programs 1958-1964

letters (6) from Dr. Emil Lehman, director, 1958-1960, 1963-1964
letter from student to Elfenbein
program bulletins (6) listing Elfenbein's lectures at Herzl Institute, 1959, 1960, 1963-1964
outline of series of lectures given winter 1964 on Jewish Travelers, 1 rough draft and 2 copies of completed outlines, notes and 3 reproductions from Jewish Encyclopedia
notice in Bulletin of Zionist Organization of Elfenbein's lecture at Herzl Institute


Subseries 7: I.Z. Frischberg Memorial Volume, 1956-1958

2 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains information about the memorial book dedicated to Israel Zev Frischberg, a Hebrew educator, lecturer and author, which was edited by Elfenbein, as well as memorial events for Frischberg.

Folder TitleDate
51 Correspondence 1956-1958

Abramowitz, Eddie (2 replies from Elfenbein, English), 1956
Ben-Ezra, A. (Hebrew), 1956
Block, Joshua (reply to, English), 1956
Eisenberg, Azrel (reply to, English), 1956
Freehof, Rabbi S. (English), 1958
Gershenborn, B. (English), 1956
Jewish Agency (3 English, 2 Hebrew, reply), 1956
Kiryat Sefer (Hebrew), 1958
Kirshner, Dr. Eliezer (letter to, English), 1956
Kischblum, Rabbi M. (English), 1956
Kirschblum, Rabbi Usher (English), 1958
Malachi, A.R. (Hebrew), 1958
Milgrom, Dr. J. (6 letters, 1 Hebrew, 5 replies), 1956
Neuman, Rabbi A. (English), 1956
Patt, Simcha (English), 1958
Scharfstein, Zevi (Hebrew), 1957
Schwartz, Rabbi David (4 letters, 1 reply, English), 1956, 1958
Theodore Herzl Institute (3 letters, English), 1956-1958
Waxman, Dr. M. (carbon copy of letter to, English), 1956
YIVO (Yiddish), 1958

Folder TitleDate
52 I.Z. Frischberg event, miscellaneous 1958

letters (12) from those who were invited but could not attend a special affair on 2/8/58
letters (18) from those who were invited but could not attend a special affair on 2/22/58
clippings from press about event of 2/22/58: Hadoar (Mail), 4/5/58; Hapardes (Orchard), volume 32, issue 8
announcement of book in Tel Aviv, press releases, 4 drafts in Hebrew, 1 draft in Yiddish


Subseries 8: Dr. Elfenbein Jubilee Volume, 1960-1964

2 folders
Scope and Content:

This is a subseries of correspondence and book reviews of the Elfenbein Jubilee Volume, which Elfenbein himself helped to put together.

Folder TitleDate
53 Correspondence 1960-1963

Albach, H. (Hebrew), 1960
Aberbach, Dr. H. (English), 1963
Agus, Irving (English), 1963
American Zionist Council (English), 1963
Ausubel (English), 1963
Adler, J.N. (Hebrew), 1963
Berkowitz, A.L. (Hebrew), 1963
Chavel, R.C. (Hebrew), 1963
Drazin, Dr. N. (English), 1963
Freehof, Dr. Solomon (2 letters, 1 reply, English), 1963
Glatzer, Fred (English), 1963
Glenn, M.C. (2 letters, Hebrew), 1963
Gutterman, Rabbi H. (English), 1963
Gordis, Dr. Robert (English), 1963
Heilperin, Dr. H. (English), 1963
Hebrew Union College (2 letters, English), 1963
Histadruth Ivrith (Hebrew), 1963
Jewish Theological Seminary (English), 1963
Kaplan, Philip (Hebrew), 1963
Katzin, Dr. Harry (Hebrew), 1963
Klaiman, Saul (Hebrew), 1963
Kutscher, Milton (Hebrew), 1963
Lehman, Herbert (English), 1963
Leiter, Rabbi W. (English), 1963
Levinthal, Rabbi I. (English), 1963
Markin, H. (English), 1963
Milgrom, Rabbi J. (English), 1963
Miller, Rabbi Joseph (English), 1963
Miller, Rabbi Uri (English), 1963
Mindel, N. (Hebrew), 1963
Mizrachi World Organization (Hebrew), 1963
New York Board of Rabbis (English), 1963
Orlinsky, H.M. (Hebrew), 1963
Pick, Dr. C. (Hebrew), 1963
Porathm Rabbi I. (Hebrew), 1963
Reichlin, Henry (English), 1963
Schwartz, Alexander (English), 1963
Schwartz, David (Hebrew), 1963
Setzer, B. (Hebrew), 1961
Shapiro, Rabbi D. (Hebrew), 1963
Shorofsky, Pauline (English), 1963
Sinerman, Gus (English), 1963
Shulman, Rabbi N. (English), 1963
Stern, Harry (English), 1963
Stonehill, Morris (English), 1963
Temple Brith Kodesh (English), 1963
Wald, Louis (English), 1963
Weiss, David (English), 1963
Wolf, Mrs. Sidney (English), 1963
Yeshiva Torah Vodaath (1 Hebrew, 1 English, reply, 2 circulars), 1963
voucher from Jewish Education Committee

Folder TitleDate
54 Clippings 1963-1964

reviews of the Jubilee Volume


Subseries 9: Rashi Responsa, 1938-1949

1 folder
Scope and Content:

The correspondence in this subseries concerns Elfenbein’s book, Rashi Responsa, published in 1943.

Folder TitleDate
55 Correspondence 1938-1949

Assaf, Simcha (Hebrew), 1944
deSola Pool, Dr. David (English), 1941
Drazin, Dr. N. (English), 1944
Epstein, Prof. (English), 1938
Feldheim, Dr. (letter to, English), 1946
Fischel, Dr. Walter (English), 1944
Fischoff, J.S. (3 Hebrew letters, 3 replies), 1941, 1946, 1949
Freimann, Dr. A.B. (3 letters, Hebrew), 1939, 1941, 1944
Gelman, A.L. (Hebrew), 1941
Goldman, Rabbi J. (English), 1941
Hassidah, Rabbi M.W. (Hebrew), 1941
Hertz, Chief Rabbi J.H. (2 letters, Hebrew), 1944-1945
Higger, M. (Hebrew), 1944
Hutner, Rabbi J. (Hebrew), 1943
Hyamson, D. (2 letters, English), 1944-1945
Jewish Publication Society (English), 1940
Jung, Dr. Leo (English), 1941
Kaiser, Leon (English), 1944
Kook, S.C. (letter, reply, Hebrew), 1944
Kossover, R.M. (Hebrew), 1944
Levin, B. (2 letters, reply, Hebrew), 1938
Lookstein, Rabbi J. (English), 1941
Manchester Hosiery Mills (English), 1945
Schulsinger Bros. (English), 1941
Tchernowitz, Dr. C. (letter, reply, Hebrew), 1946
Wise, Stephen S. (English), 1941
unidentified (English), 1944


Subseries 10: Family, Social, Personalia, 1912-1965

14 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains correspondence from Elfenbein’s family, personal correspondence, biographical materials organized for publishers and other organizations, ordination certificates and diplomas, job applications, membership cards, donation forms and receipts, financials materials, and other personal items.

Folder TitleDate
56 Mrs. Etta Elfenbein 1923-1955

wife of Israel Elfenbein
Mrs. Elfenbein to Israel Elfenbein, 3 letters, telegrams, 1939, 1942, 1955
to Mrs. Elfenbein, 4 letters, 1923, 1928
from NYC Board of Education, 1928, certificate awarded by the Board

Folder TitleDate
57 Elfenbein children 1925-1958

Annette: 4 congratulatory letters on her birth, 1925-1926
report card, 1934
graduation list, Hunter College, 1937
press release on her marriage, 1949
letter on the birth of her child
Ira: congratulatory letter on his birth, 1926
exercise page from school notebook, 1935
undated letters about his admission to the NY Bar
card from Mrs. Elfenbein
Sarah: congratulatory telegram on her birth, 1928
press release on her marriage
copy of letter from Dr. Elfenbein to his children

Folder TitleDate
58 Friend family 1923-1965

Mrs. Friend was Dr. Elfenbein's sister
correspondence while Friend family was in the United States, 1923-1956
correspondence from Friend family in Israel, 53 letters, mainly in Hebrew, some Yiddish, 1 English, 4 replies by Elfenbein, 1955-1965

Folder TitleDate
59 Correspondence 1925-1961

14 letters to Elfenbein and 6 replies from him

Folder TitleDate
60 Biographical material 1917-1964

Hebrew press releases by Mizrachi, undated, probably 1950, 2 pp.
requests for biographical data (5) from different agencies, 1923-1964
brief sketches and drafts (8) prepared by Elfenbein, 6 English, 1 Hebrew, 1 Yiddish, 1917-1962
profile, draft by I.N. Adler in handwritten Hebrew for the Elfenbein Jubilee Volume, 2 additional drafts, typewritten, 1 final draft, 5 pp. and printed proof copy as it was to appear in Jubilee book issued in 1963 by Mosad HaRav Kook in Israel

Folder TitleDate
61 Ordination certificate 1912

handwritten Hebrew, by Rabbi Yudelewitz of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary

Folder TitleDate
62 Ordination certificate 1914

Hebrew and English, Jewish Theological Seminary

Folder TitleDate
63 Diploma 1914

New York University, Bachelor of Science in Theology

Folder TitleDate
64 Diploma 1915

Jewish Theological Seminary, Doctor of Hebrew Letters

Folder TitleDate
65 Rabbinical positions 1914-1953

applications for, referral to, and correspondence about Rabbinical positions
1914: (2) Des Moines, IA and New York, NY
1915: (6) Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island
1916: (5) Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee, WI
1918: (1) Illinois
1922: (1) New York
1925: (9) Roxbury, MA, Cleveland, OH, Indiana
1926: (2) Lawrence, MA, (2) Newark, NJ, (2) Bronx, NY, (1) Middleton, NY, (1) Milwaukee, WI
1935: (1) New York, NY
(1) Cleveland, OH
1951: (1)
1953: (1) Boston, MA, (1) Atlantic City, NJ, (2) Pittsfield, MA

Folder TitleDate
66 Credentials and memberships 1919-1960

1919: American Asiatic Association
1926: Jewish Theological Seminary, American Oriental Society
1935: delegate to Conference for Palestine in Washington, D.C.
1937: Geselschaft des Judentums, Hebrew Union College, delegate to United Palestine Appeal
1944: delegate to American Zionist Assembly, member of Order Sons of Zion
1957: membership card for Roof Health Club at Sheraton McAlpin
1960: achiever at Camp Bnai Zion
contract and membership card for Roof Health Club at Sheraton McAlpin

Folder TitleDate
67 Contributions and donations 1922-1959

personal contributions to individuals, 22 letters or receipts, 1922-1957
personal contributions to institutions and organizations, 23 letters or receipts, 1925-1959

Folder TitleDate
68 Business documents 1923-1960

banks and loans: 1959-1960 (4)
bills for purchase of books: 1928 (7), 1958 (2), 1960 (7)
other business documents: 1923-1960 (16)
records of insurance: 1923-1960 (11)
investments: 1924-1958 (15)

Folder TitleDate
69 Miscellaneous 1913-1957

two photos of Elfenbein, 1920, 1940
photoprint of testimonial scroll given to Elfenbein by Kneseth Israel Congregation, 1927
copy of application for passport, 1923
p. 178 of American Hebrew, summer 1914 about five rabbis that graduated at Jewish Theological Seminary
folder of Israeli postage stamps given to Elfenbein by Dr. Joseph Burg, Minister of Posts of Israel, 1957
notebook used as a student at Jewish Theological Seminary
marriage certificate signed by Elfenbein
4 pp. from notebook, 1913, 2 pp. in Elfenbein's handwriting detailing tour of Palestine, 1923
notations on commercial calling card
4 clippings, no publication name or date, referring to Elfenbein, 1 clipping from Jewish Morning Journal 9/27/36
postcard, St. John's School of Law application


Subseries 11: General Correspondence, 1914-1965

28 folders
Scope and Content:

This is a subseries of correspondence and other materials that were not included under the above headings. The folder contents are arranged alphabetically.

Folder TitleDate
70 A 1918-1961

Achiever, R. (2 letters, Hebrew), 1957, 1959
Adelon Hotel (English), 1953
Agus, Irving (English), 1944
Agnon, S.J. (3 from Elfenbein, 2 to Elfenbein, Hebrew), 1955, 1956, 1959
Albach, H. (2 letters, Hebrew), 1956, 1960
Ander, Mr. and Mrs. (English), 1918
American Academy for Jewish Research (English), 1936
American Asiatic Association (English), 1919
American Friends of Alliance Israelite (English), 1959
American Hebrew (English), 1926
American Zionist Council (English), 1961
Amos Society (English), 1926
Antin, Benjamin (English), 1926
Appel, Samuel (English), 1936
Assaf, Dr. S. (Hebrew), 1929
Association for Orthodox Jewish Scientists (English), 1959
Avneri, Isaac (English), 1959

Folder TitleDate
71 B 1915-1964

Bader, Gerson (English), 1922
Balkan, Joseph (letter, reply, English), 1924
Banihu, M. (Hebrew), 1960
Baron, Salo (Hebrew), 1960
Becker, E. Allan (from Elfenbein, English), 1956
Benedict, Rabbi Wilhelm (2 letters, Hebrew), 1938, 1949
Benedict, Ephraim (4 letters, English), 1938
Ben-Ezra, Akiba (4 letters, 2 replies, Hebrew), 1958, 1961
Berlin, Meyer (Hebrew), 1936
Bettleheim, Samuel (3 letters, German), 1923
Berman, Harold (letter, reply, English), 1923
Berman, Mr. and Mrs. J. (English), undated
Blass, Rabbi J. (letter, reply, English), 1963
Blechman, Nathan (English), 1923
Bloch, Joshua (English), undated
Bnai Brith News (from Elfenbein, English), 1919
Bokser, Rabbi Ben Zion (copy of letter from Elfenbein, English), 1955
Bosniak, Rabbi J. (letter, reply, English), 1925
Boy Scouts of America (English), 1929
Braun, C.N. (Hebrew), 1932
Brennan, Philip (English), 1925
Brody, Max (English), 1926
Brooklyn Jewish Institute (Emanuel Neuman) (English), 1915
Burg, Joseph (4 letters, telegram, Hebrew), 1958, 1962-1964
Bruskin, Dr. H. (English), 1939
Bunin, Rabbi (Hebrew), 1954
Burack, Rabbi A.D. (copies of letters from Elfenbein, Hebrew), 1954

Folder TitleDate
72 Bloch, Rabbi Chaim 1924-1964

14 letters from Bloch, 5 letters from Elfenbein, 1 letter of complaint about Rabbi Bloch (Hebrew), 1924, 1944, 1955, 1958, 1961-1962, 1964

Folder TitleDate
73 C 1924-1960

Cambridge University (2 letters, English), 1935
Celler, Emanuel (English), 1932
Chasid, M.Z. (Hebrew), 1955
Chapiro, P.L. (English), 1932
Chester Community Center (English), 1926
Churgin, Gerson (Hebrew), 1956
Cohen, Albert (2 letters from Elfenbein, English), 1926, 1929
Cohen, Chaim (3 letters, 1 reply, Hebrew), 1958
Cohen, David (English), 1960
Cohen, Israel (2 letters, 2 replies, Hebrew), 1956
Cohen, Meyer (Hebrew), 1958
Cohen, Louis (2 letters, 1 reply, English), 1924
Cohen, Sarah (English), 1926
Cohen, Rabbi Samuel (letter, reply, English), 1935
College of Jewish Studies, Chicago (English), 1952
Commentary (letter and reply from Elfenbein, English), 1958
Committee of 48 (English), 1928
Congregation Bnai Isaac, Brooklyn (English), 1945
Congregation Derech Emunah (letter, reply, English), 1924
Congregation Bnai Shalom, Long Island (letter, reply, English), 1936
Congregation Temple Ashkenas (English), 1943
Copenhagen Royal Library (2 Hebrew and 1 German letter), 1935, 1939
Cornell Jewish Temple Fund (English), 1936

Folder TitleDate
74 D-E 1919-1948

Damsky, Dr. B. (English), 1923
Danzig, American Hebrew Association (Hebrew), 1939
Davenport Theater Playhouse (English), 1928
Deutsch, G. (English), 1919
Dickenson College, PA (English), 1930
Eckstein, Emanuel (Hebrew), 1944
Edelberg, S. (Hebrew), undated
Efros, Gerson (Hebrew), 1948
Ehrenreich, C.J. (Hebrew), 1925

Folder TitleDate
75 F 1915-1964

Federbush, Dr. S. (4 letters, 2 replies, Hebrew, English), 1956, 1958, 1960, 1963
Federated Zionist Societies (English), 1917
Federation of American Zionists (2 letters, English), 1915
Federation of Jewish Philanthropies (3 letters from Elfenbein to the Employment Bureau, English), 1920, 1925, 1927
Federation of Polish Jews (English), 1938
Feigenbaum, M. and G. (English), undated
Fierst, Dr. Sidney (2 letters, 1 reply English), 1958, 1961
Fishoff, J.S. (5 letters, 1 reply, Hebrew), 1940, 1949
Flagler Hotel (English), 1926
Frankel, A.L. (2 letters and 1 from Elfenbein, Hebrew), 1929, 1947
Frankel, David (20 letters, Hebrew),
copy of letter from Elfenbein to Dr. Alexander Mukdoni about David Frankel,
1 letter to Dr. Freiden,
letter from Dr. David Pergolli, Italy, to David Frankel (Hebrew), 1934-1936
Free Synagogue (Child Adoption Services) (English), 1923
Freedman, Harry (English), 1958
Freehoff, Dr. Solomon (14 letters, 7 replies, English), 1955, 1958-1960, 1963-1964
Friedman, Charles (English), 1939
Friedman, Dr. S. (English), 1938

Folder TitleDate
76 G 1914-1960

Gange, E. (letter, reply, English), 1923
Genzim (2 letters, Hebrew), 1952, 1956
Gerstein, Rabbi I. (English), 1946
Gesselschaft zur Forderung des Wissenschaft der Judentums E.V. (1 English, 1 German letter), 1926
Glatzer, Fred (4 letters, 1 reply, English), 1936, 1953, 1958, 1960
Goldfarb, Rabbi I. (3 letters from, 1 letter to Goldfarb, English), 1914-1915, 1918, 1928
Goldstein, Dr. H. (2 letters, English), 1927-1928
Gordon, David M. (English), 1933
Gordon, M. (from Elfenbein, Hebrew), 1957
Gordon, Samuel (4 letters, 1 reply, Hebrew), 1947, 1955

Folder TitleDate
77 H-I 1921-1963

Hager, Rabbi I. (English), 1925
Harlequins, NYC (letter, reply, English), 1925
Hashiloach (Hebrew), 1924
Hebrew Academy of America (2 letters, 1 reply, Hebrew), 1956
Hebrew National Home for Incurables (letter, reply, English), 1925
Hebrew Theological College (2 letters, English), 1941, 1944
Hebrew Union College (7 letters, English), 1925, 1952, 1955, 1963
Hebrew University Library (3 letters, Hebrew), 1955, 1957
Heller, Dr. Nachman (English), undated
Herzog, Rabbi I.A. (Hebrew), 1944
Hoenig, Dr. Sidney (copy of letter to, English), 1955
Histadruth Ivrith (Hebrew), 1937
Hoftyser, Ernst (English), 1924
Hutner, Rabbi J. (Hebrew), 1953
Inslicht, Hillel (Hebrew), 1958
Institutional Synagogue (English), 1921
Isaacson, Charles D. (English), 1924
Israel, Government, Ministry of Religion (Hebrew), 1950
Israel, Government, Chief Rabbinate (Hebrew), 1960
Israel Pecan Plantation (Hebrew), 1954
Ivriah (English), 1928, 1938

Folder TitleDate
78 J 1920-1963

Jerusalem Synagogue Campaign (3 letters, English), 1925-1926
Jewish Academy of Arts and Sciences (English), 1946
Jewish Forum (4 letters, 3 replies, English), 1937, 1956, 1958-1959
Jewish National Fund (3 letters, 1 reply, English), 1930, 1931, 1961
Jewish Quarterly (3 letters, English), 1958, 1963
Jewish Publication Society (2 letters, English), 1940, 1953
Jewish Sabbath Alliance (2 letters, 2 replies, English), 1928
Jewish War Relief (3 letters, English), 1920, 1922, 1924
Jews' College (copy of letter to, English), 1949
Journal of Jewish Studies (2 letters, English), 1958
Judaism (6 letters, English), 1958
Junior Congregation, Bronx (2 letters, English), 1928
Jung, Dr. Leo (3 letters, 1 reply, English), 1955, 1956, 1958

Folder TitleDate
79 Jewish Theological Seminary 1916-1964

Abrahams, Joseph (2 letters, English), 1921, 1931
Adler, Cyrus (13 letters, 8 replies, English), 1916-1939
Cohen, Boas (English), 1944
Davidson, Israel (3 letters, English), 1923-1924, 1928
Dix, Henry A. (English), 1923
Drob, Max (8 letters, 5 replies, English), 1923, 1924, 1928
Finkelstein, Louis (4 letters, 2 replies, English), 1927, 1935, 1964)
Ginsburg, Louis (carbon of letter to, English), 1924
Hendricks, Henry S. (English), 1937
Lieberman, Saul (2 letters, Hebrew), 1949, 1956
Marshall, Louis (English), 1923
Marx, Alexander, JTS librarian (7 letters, 1 reply, English), 1921, 1924, 1929, 1934, 1937, 1940, 1944, 1952
Minskoff, Samuel (4 letters, 2 replies, English), 1923
Schechter, Dr. and Mrs. Solomon (New Year's Greeting, English), undated
Stroock, Sol (4 letters, 3 replies, English, English), 1923-1927
Spiegel, S. (Hebrew), 1944
Zucker, Max (English), 1921

Folder TitleDate
80 Jewish Theological Seminary 1917-1958

Alumni Association (English), 1917
communications about Dr. M.M. Kaplan (3 letters, English), 1919, 1934
JTS Library (7 letters by Elfenbein, responses, massive correspondence between Elfenbein and Seminary personalities with regards to availability to him of a certain manuscript in the library, English), 1952, 1958

Folder TitleDate
81 Jewish Theological Seminary 1915-1960

Rabbinical Assembly (9 letters, 1 reply, English), 1915, 1920, 1927-1928
United Synagogue (English), 1922, 1924, 1926, 1928
miscellaneous invitations, catalogue, program of convocation, Institute announcement, pamphlet about library, press release (English), 1937-1960

Folder TitleDate
82 K 1922-1964

Kahanowitz, Rabbi D. (3 letters, 1 reply, English), 1952-1953
Kahn, Rabbi Alfred (4 letters, English), 1922, 1925-1926
Katsch, Dr. A. (Hebrew), 1960
Katz, Aaron (Hebrew), 1946
Katz, Rabbi (English), 1930
Katz, Dr. M. (Hebrew), 1948
Kauvar, Rabbi R. (letter, reply, English), 1924
Kaufman, Rabbi R. (English), 1922
Keley, Joseph M. (Yiddish), 1954
Kleiman, Saul (letter from, letter to, Hebrew), 1960, 1963
Klein, Rabbi M. (letter, 2 letters from Elfenbein, Hebrew), 1958, 1960
Keren Hayesod (6 letters, 6 replies, English), 1923-1924
Kirschblum, Rabbi and Mrs. (5 letters, Hebrew, English), 1945, 1953, 1961, 1964
Kirschblum, Rabbi Usher (letter, reply, Hebrew), 1924
Kook, Rabbi A.J., Chief Rabbi (postal receipt, English), 1923
Klevansky, Rabbi (letter, reply, Hebrew), 1924
Kossover, M. (4 letters, Hebrew), 1944, 1947-1948

Folder TitleDate
83 L 1919-1964

La Voz (Hebrew), 1953
Lehrman, Dr. I. (2 letters, English), 1962, 1964
Levy, A. (English), 1921
Levy, L.H. (English), 1924
Levitt, Arthur (English), 1960
Levinthal, Dr. I. (carbon of letter to, Hebrew), 1938
Lewittes, William (Hebrew), 1944
Liberman, Maurice (English), 1927
Light of Israel (2 letters, English), 1923-1924
Lipsky, Louis (2 copies of letters to, English), 1919, 1923
Literary Review (2 letters, carbon of letter to, English), 1923, 1924
Livinton, S.D. (3 letters, 2 replies, Hebrew), 1923-1924
Levin, Jacob (English), undated
London Board of Jewish Education (carbon copy, letter to, English), 1954
London, Theresa (carbon copy, English), 1925
Lookstein, Dr. Joseph (3 letters, 2 replies, English), 1963-1964Lourie, Harry (Hebrew), 1944
Loyal Order of Moose (English), 1933

Folder TitleDate
84 Lewin, Dr. B.M. 1924-1939

13 letters, 7 replies (Hebrew), 1924, 1935, 1939
4 cancelled checks, Elfenbein to Lewin, 1935
4 postal receipts, 1934-1935

Folder TitleDate
85 M 1915-1963

Macht, Dr. S.H. (letter, reply, English), 1953
Maimon, Rabbi J. (copy of letter to, Hebrew), 1956
Malachi, A.R. (letter, reply, Hebrew), 1960
Manischewitz, William (letter from, letter to, English), 1960
Manbach, F. (English), 1963
Marcus, M. (2 letters, English), 1935
Margolis, M. (Hebrew), 1960
Margolis, Max (letter to, English), 1919
Margolis, Rabbi M.Z. (2 letters, Hebrew), 1925
Maron, J. (English), 1935
Marshall, Louis (2 letters from, 3 letters to, English), 1924, 1926
Mary Wagner Aid (carbon of letter to, English), 1928
Masonic Lodge (2 letters, English), 1922, 1929
MIT (carbon of letter to, English), 1956
Maximon, S.B. (Hebrew), 1915
Mayflower Publishing Company (letter, reply, English), 1930
Menorah Association Journal (5 letters, 2 replies), 1915, 1919, 1923, 1925
Mesivtah Torah Vodaath (English), 1958
Michaelson, L.B. (English), 1927
Mishkin, Rabbi L. (3 letters, reply, 1950 legal agreement, Hebrew, English), 1944, 1950
Mittentahl, B. (letter to, Hebrew), 1926
Montefiore Hospital (2 letters, English), 1923
Morse, Myron (letter, reply, English), undated
Moseson, rabbi (Hebrew), 1958
Munkegaard (Books) (2 letters, bill, reply, English), 1958

Folder TitleDate
86 Mossad HaRav Kook (Rabbi Kook Institute) 1945-1964

Ben-Menachem, N. (Hebrew), 1958
Blumenzweig, Rabbi S. (9 letters, 9 replies, Hebrew), 1945, 1950, 1962, 1964
Federbush, S. (Hebrew), undated
Freilich, Rabbi (letter, reply, English), 1959
Fishman, G. (Hebrew), 1959
Gafner, Rabbi S. (3 letters, 2 replies, Hebrew), 1960, 1963
Novack, S.E. (2 letters, replies, Hebrew, English), 1955, 1958
Rafael, rabbi I. (5 letters, 3 replies, Hebrew), 1960
Sarig, I. (3 letters, Hebrew), 1960, 1963

Folder TitleDate
87 N 1918-1963

National Committee on Prison (English), 1918
National Council for Jewish Education (English), 1958
Near East Relief (English), 1924
Nemoy, Dr. Leo (Yale University Library) (7 letters, 2 replies, German, 1923, 1924, 1952) (14 letters, 5 replies, English, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1963)
Neches, Dr. S.M. (Hebrew), 1952
New York City Board of Education (2 letters, 1 carbon copy to, English), 1926, 1928
Notelowitz, Rabbi B. (Hebrew), undated
Nussman, John (2 letters, English), 1930

Folder TitleDate
88 New York 1920-1964

New York Board of Jewish Ministers (3 letters, 1 reply, 1920 list of members, English), 1923, 1927
New York Board of Rabbis (Rabbi Harold Gordon) (letter, 2 letters to, English), 1964
New York Board of Rabbis (4 circular letters, English), 1959-1960
New York Board of Rabbis (75th Jubilee program, English), 1956

Folder TitleDate
89 O-P 1923-1964

Open Court Publication Company (1 from, 1 to, English), 1923
Orlinsky (2 letters, English), 1955, 1957
Ossad, D. (carbon copy of letter to, English), 196?
Oxford University Library (M. Lutzky) (2 letters to, 2 replies, 2 vouchers, English), 1934
Persky, Daniel (2 letters, 1 reply, Hebrew), 1961
Pollack, Channing (English), 1926
Paris, Dr. N. (Hebrew), 1953
Porath, Rabbi I. (6 letters, 1 reply, Hebrew, English), 1958, 1961-1964
Posek, Seig (Hebrew), 1958
Posner, Dr. A. (Hebrew), 1962
Poupko, Dr. B. (English), 1952

Folder TitleDate
90 R 1919-1963

Rabinowitz, Zena (carbon of letter to, English), 1958
Rahman, Harold (letter, reply, English), 1924
Reichlin (English), 1935
Reingewirtz, M. (English), 1924
Reinin, M.S. (English), 1945
Review of Reviews (letter by Elfenbein, English), 1919
Richtman, Dr. M. (Hebrew), 1924
Rokeach, Rabbi M. (Hebrew), undated
Rosenberg, A.H. (2 letters, Hebrew), 1963
Rosenblum, Rabbi Noah (Hebrew), 1960
Rosenblum, M.S. (Yiddish), undated
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (circular letter, English), 1935
Rosalsky, Otto (letter from, letter to, English), 1924, 1926
Roumanian Jews (English), 1959

Folder TitleDate
91 S 1916-1964

Salit, Michael (2 letters, English), 1924
Salz, Noah W. (2 letters, Hebrew), 1960
Schiff, Jacob (letter to, English), 1916
Schlichter, rabbi Baruch (Hebrew), 1944
Schoenfield, Mrs. (carbon of letter to, English), 1924
Schulze, Herbert (German), 1923
Schwartz, Rabbi David (English), 1953
Schwartz, Maurice (2 carbons to, 1 draft, English), 1928, 1960
Schwartz, Moishe (Yiddish), 1958
Schwartzfuchs, Rabbi S. (letter, reply, Hebrew), 1956
Schwartzberg, Etta (3 letters, English), 1950-1951
Self-Determination League (anti-prohibition) (English), 1923
Shaare Zedek Hospital Committee (6 letters, 2 replies, English), 1924
Shapiro, Dr. B. (2 letters to, Hebrew), undated
Shapiro, Zevi (Hebrew), 1950
Shapiro, Lazarus (2 letters, English), 1917
Sheinkopf, Rabbi Moses (Hebrew), 1948
Shulvass, Moses A. (5 letters, English), 1950, 1952, 1955-1956, 1958
Silver, rabbi Eliezer (English), 1960
Silverman, R.S. (copy of letter to, English), 1928
Sing Sing Prison chaplain (letter, reply, English), 1924
Singer, Rabbi I. (English), 1923
Smith, R.S. (English), 1923
Society of Jewish Academicians (2 letters, English), 1916, 1963
Societe des Etudes Historiques (carbon, Hebrew), 1934
Soller, Pincus (English), 1964
South African Jewish Observer (letter, reply, English), 1959
Stavisky, Meyer (copy of letter to, English), 1964
Stollman, Rabbi I. (letter, telegram to, Hebrew), 1963
Stratmore Hotel, Atlantic City (2 letters, English), 1952
Strauss, Nathan (copy of letter to, reply, English), 1923
Surchin, Rabbi S. (2 letters, Hebrew), 1956, 1961

Folder TitleDate
92 Schauss, Chaim - file 1950-1959

Gelbard, W. (letter, reply, Yiddish), 1958
Schauss, C. (Yiddish), 1950
Schauss, Amos (4 letters, 2 replies, English), 1956, 1959
Schauss, Miriam (2 letters, 2 replies, English), 1956

Folder TitleDate
93 Schwartzberg, Dr. Louis A. - file 1949-1952

Charney, Daniel (2 letters, 2 replies, Yiddish), 1949
Spiegel, Morris (Yiddish), 1949
Niger, Shmuel (Charney) (Yiddish), 1949
Cohon, Rabbi Samuel (English), 1949
Margolin, L.H. (letter, reply, English), 1952
notices, press release, program of Memorial Meeting (English), 1949
clippings of articles by Schwartzberg (English), 1949

Folder TitleDate
94 T 1925-1961

Tabory, Rabbi Zevi (3 letters, Hebrew, English), 1955, 1960-1961
Talmud Torah Torath Moshe (English), 1926
Tchernowitz, Dr. Chaim (2 letters, Hebrew, English), 1927, 1928
Temple Emanuel (English), 1926
Teller, Rabbi M. (2 letters, English), 1953
Temple Israel (English), undated
Tiktin, Rabbi Samuel (English), 1937
Tishoff, A. (carbon of letter to, English), 1928
Traube, Rabbi I. (3 letters, English), 1958-1959
Tremont Hebrew School (English), 1925
Tulishkin, Rabbi S. (2 letters, reply, Hebrew), 1959, 1961
Tur-Sinai (letter to, Hebrew), 1960
Twersky, Aaron (letter to, Hebrew), 1958
Twersky, J. (2 letters, Hebrew), 1944

Folder TitleDate
95 U-W 1917-1960

Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (English), 1924
United Palestine Appeal (3 letters, English), 1926, 1939
Unterman, Dr. I. (English), 1952
Urbach, Dr. Ephraim (4 letters, 4 replies, Hebrew), 1956, 1958
Vajda, G. (letter, carbon letter to, French), 1936
Wachtel, William (English), 1951
Wharsinger, Rose (3 letters, reply, English), 1928
Weilerstein, B. (2 letters, reply, English), 1924
Weisbach, B. (letter, 2 replies, English), 1924
Wolf, Rabbi N. (English), 1957
World Congress of Jewish Students (English), 1960
Wise, Leo (English), 1917
Wise Testimonial Dinner (2 letters, English), 1934

Folder TitleDate
96 Y-Z 1923-1964

Yeshiva of Brighton Beach (English), 1938
Yeshiva Ohel Moshe (2 letters, English), 1960, 1964
Yeshiva Torah Vodaath (2 letters, English), 1960
Yeshiva University (10 letters, 3 replies, English), 1931-1963
Yeshiva Torath Cohanim (English), 1923
Yirmiyahu, B. (3 letters, 3 replies, Hebrew), 1956, 1958-1959
YIVO (English, Yiddish), 1960
Yorkville Ladies Benevolent Association (English), 1959
Young Israel National Council (English), 1959
Young Israel Bensonhurst (English), 1932
Young Israel Brooklyn (2 letters, reply, English), 1926
Young Israel Concourse (English), 1924
Young Israel Coney Island (2 letters, English), 1927-1928
Young Israel Mapleton Park (2 letters, English), 1931-1932
Zangwill, Israel file (Elfenbein to Zangwill, reply, other correspondence: American Israelite, clippings from Hunts Point Jewish Center publication, English), 1923-1924
Zeitlin, Aaron (copy of letter to, Hebrew), 1949
Zeitlin, Joseph (Hebrew), undated
Zeldin, M. (Hebrew), 1960
Ziemba, Rabbi A. (Hebrew), 1956
Zionist Organization of America (English), 1924

Folder TitleDate
97 Letters of condolence 1922-1930, 1952-1960

Elfenbein to congregants and others

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Series II: Sermons, Speeches, Lectures and Radio Talks, 1914-1960

9 folders
Scope and Content:

This is a series of sermons, Bar Mitzvah speeches, radio talks, and addresses written by Dr. Elfenbein and by others, including a radio talk by Mrs. Etta Elfenbein. Some of these are in handwritten and draft form, some are clippings from publications and others are typed.

Folder TitleDate
98 Handwritten sermons 1914-1916

14 sermons, varying between 2-13 pp.

Folder TitleDate
99 Typed sermons 1921-1931

3 sermons, varying between 4-10 pp.

Folder TitleDate
100 Sermons by Elfenbein undated

scraps, notes, undated clippings
on the backs of other materials

Folder TitleDate
101 Sermons by others 1926, undated

8 sermons by various clergymen of different denominations (English), copied
1 printed sermon by Rabbi Gross of Union Temple on "The Enemy," a 1926 play by Channing Pollock

Folder TitleDate
102 Bar Mitzvah speeches c.1920s-1930s

prepared by Elfenbein for individual boys, 21 typed speeches (English)

Folder TitleDate
103 Bar Mitzvah speeches 1915-1930s

prepared by Elfenbein for individual boys, handwritten, also speech delivered by Rabbi (English)

Folder TitleDate
104 Radio talks by Elfenbein 1926-1956

(Yiddish), 1938, 1949, 1956
talk given by Mrs. Etta Elfenbein in 1926 on WEAF

Folder TitleDate
105 Radio talks by others 1950-1958

7 talks by Rabbi Levi A. Olan on WFAA (Texas), all mimeographed, 3-4 pp. each, 1955-1958

Folder TitleDate
106 Addresses 1928, 1960

dedication address at Featherbed Lane Presbyterian Church, 3 drafts (English), 1928
farewell to Ella Gross (English), undated
farewell to Dr. P. Churgin (Hebrew), 1960

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Series III: Articles and Pamphlets, 1916-1963

12 folders
Scope and Content:

This series consists of articles from the Jewish Forum as well as other publications, clippings and reprints of articles by Elfenbein in Hebrew, Yiddish and English, reviews of Elfenbein's publications written by others, Rabbinical Responsa of Elfenbein and other rabbis, and assorted articles and clippings by Elfenbein and by other authors.

Folder TitleDate
107 Articles from Jewish Forum 1947-1960

"Democratic Factors in Jewish Education," March 1947
"The Life of Mystic and Saint in Palestine," pp. 291-292, September 1947; second part continued in pp. 15-16, January 1948
"The Future of Jewish Scholarship in the Light of Medinat Israel," p. 137 (incomplete), August 1950
"Pathways to the Inner Life," part I, p. 56, April 1959; part II, p. 84, May 1959; part III, p. 95, June 1959; part IV, p. 110, JUly 1959; part V, p. 126, August 1959; part VI, p. 143, September 1959, all stapled in a folder and presumable broadcast under aegis of NYC Board of Rabbis)
"Kiddush Hashem," part 2, p. 113, July 1960
"Kook and Sonnenfeld as I Knew Them," 4 pp. reprint, undated
"Men of Contrast," eulogy by Elfenbein for Dr. Isaac Rosengarten, late editor of Jewish Forum, undated
"A Landmark and a Scholar," interview with Elfenbein by Dr. Isaac Rosengarten, undated

Folder TitleDate
108 Articles from other journals 1944-1950

The Light of Israel: "Human and Divine Standards," pp. 4-5, undated
The Mizrachi Voice: "A Call for the Salvage of our Youth and Faith," March 1945
The Jewish Outlook: "Nadler the Volkmensch," October 1944
The Vaad Bulletin: "Needed Chalziut for Jewish Education," November 1950

Folder TitleDate
109 Hebrew articles 1947-1959

Hapardes (Orchard): "Harav Zev Gold" (Rabbi Zev Gold), volume 30, issue 9, pp. 27-29, June 1956
Gilayonu (Edition): "Avi Hamorim B'Yisrael" (Fathers and Teachers of Israel), Tishrei-Heshvan 5708 (1947)
Gilayonu (Edition): "Mikra v'Targum" (Sentence by Sentence Translation), Sivan 5712 (1952)
Hadoar (Mail): "L'hakar Sifrut Hashealot V'hateshuvot" (Research in Literary Questions and Answers), p. 722, 22 Elul 5715 (1955)
Hadoar (Mail): "L'hakar Hatalmud M'et A. Veys" (Research of the Talmud by A. Weiss), p. 138, 1 Tevet 5716 (1955)
Hadoar (Mail): "Avot Dr. Natan B'targum Angli" (The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan), 26 Adar 5716 (1956)
Hadoar (Mail): "Harav Zev Gold" (Rabbi Zev Gold), 23 Iyar 5716 (1956)
Bitzaron (name of a moshav): "M'bo Hatalmud L'harav Yisrael Porat" (Patrons of the Talmud, by Rabbi Israel Porath), pp. 47-51, Nisan 5719 (1959)

Folder TitleDate
110 Yiddish articles 1943-1952

Der Mizrachi Veg (The Eastern Way): "Unzer Mistisher Goyrl" (Our Mystical Destiny), Tishrei 5704 (1943)
Der Mizrachi Veg (The Eastern Way): "Mayn Bagegenish mit Harav Haroshi Kuk" (My Meeting with Rav Kook), Iyar-Sivan 5712 (1952)
Unzer Shtime (Our Voice): "A Blik in der Eybikayt" (A Glimpse of Eternity), Sept.-Oct. 1946

Folder TitleDate
111 English reprints 1921-1958

"Have Miracles a Place in Present Thought," (reprinted from Light of Israel and/or Jewish Standard, 1921), 15 pp.
"Life - a Burden or a Blessing?" (reprinted from Jewish Forum, 1923), 6 pp.
"Rashi in his Responsa," (reprinted from Rashi, his Teaching and Personality," by Simon Federbush, 1958), pp. 63-98

Folder TitleDate
112 Hebrew reprint 1958

Sefer Zikaron le-Y.Z. Frishberg (Memorial Volume for I.Z. Frischberg: "Lidmot Diyokan shel R' Zev Volf Pohorila" (Character Portarirs of Rabbi Zev Wolf Pohorilla), 8 pp., 5718 (1958)

Folder TitleDate
113 Reviews of Elfenbein's publications 1944

Dr. Elfenbein's Responsa of Rashi, by Rabbi A. Burnstein, in the Hebrew Journal of Toronto, 7/12/44
Hadoar (Mail): M.G. Galen, "Rashi, b'teshuvotav" (Rashi in his Responsa), pp. 435-436, Glin 21, 1944
Der Tog (The Day): M. Kosver, "A Vikhtig Tsushteyer, di Lomdus eyn Idisher Visnshaft" (An Important Contribution, the Scholarship of Yiddish Science) [Teshuves Rashi (Responsa of Rashi)]

Folder TitleDate
114 Responsa 1922-1958

to Elfenbein:
Avigdor, Dr. Jacob (Hebrew), 1956
Cohen, Boaz (English), 1935
Freund, D.I. (Hebrew), 1954
Lapin, S.D. (Hebrew), undated
Margoshes, Joseph (Hebrew), 1929
Wolfson, D.J. (Hebrew), undated
Chasid, M.Z. (Hebrew), undated
from Elfenbein:
Miscellaneous (6 pp., Hebrew), 1923
Bilger, Rabbi J. (2 pp., Hebrew), 1956
Essirabel, Rabbi (Hebrew), 1936
Gaster, Rabbi M. (Hebrew), 1937
Gordon, Rabbi L. (Hebrew), 1922
Isaace, George (English), 1922
Margolis, Rabbi S. (Hebrew), 1957
Mann, Dr. Jacob (Hebrew), 1936
Schneider, Rabbi S. (Hebrew), 1956
Trachtenberg, Jacob (English), 1958

Folder TitleDate
115 Articles on yeshivot 1960

clippings from journals: pp. 1-6 Shaare Zion Quarterly, volume XIII, number 1; May 1960 issue of Jewish Forum, pp. 71-72; American Jewish Congress bi-weekly, pp. 10-12

Folder TitleDate
116 Miscellaneous pamphlets 1945-1954

three New Years' stories, mimeographed, authors unknown, undated, 4 pp., 6 pp., 9pp.
New Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Yigal Yadin, Washington, D.C., 1954, 8 pp.
The Terrible Tale of an Agunah (Yiddish), Dr. S. Neches, Los Angeles, 1945, 12 pp.
Studies in the Weekly Sidrah, Kedushin, 8 pp., Prof. Nehama Lebowits, Jerusalem

Folder TitleDate
117 Miscellaneous clippings 1948-1960

English, Hebrew, Yiddish

Folder TitleDate
118 Miscellaneous handbill, announcements, photographs, bills 1916, 1935-1963

English, Hebrew

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Series IV: Manuscripts and Typescripts, 1911-1970, undated

127 folders
Scope and Content:

The writings in this series are by Dr. Elfenbein as well as by other authors, including drafts, notes, research materials, and early or alternate versions of later published works, book reviews of works by Elfenbein as well as reviews written by Elfenbein of writings by other authors, and working drafts of essays that may not have ever been published. These works include essays about well-known rabbis and scholars, some historical, such as Maimonides and the Tosafists, and others who were known to Elfenbein personally, such as Rabbi Kook and Solomon Freehof, as well as medieval Responsa and Responsa from Elfenbein’s own time. There are also note cards and clippings that were most likely used as research and organizational materials for Elfenbein’s writings.

There is a fair amount of material in note and draft form that seems to relate to Rashi Responsa, which are mainly undated. Rashi Responsa was published in 1943, so the draft materials are most likely from around that time. There are also other materials concerning Rashi that seem to date from after Rashi Responsa was published. These materials are generally all labeled as Rashi Responsa, even when they do not say that on the materials themselves. Folder 206-212 are labeled Pirke Avot, while folders 213-224 are labeled The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot). However, these materials may all refer to the same work.

Elfenbein’s notes in folders 238-245 are generally in English and Hebrew on 3x5 cards or on scraps of paper. Some of the notes have been classified and placed in envelopes while others are included in folders but are not arranged or classified. The notes in the main refer to bibliographic references. Manuscripts and transcriptions by other authors can be found in the middle of the series and, as they may have been used as research for Elfenbein’s own work, they have not been separated out into a subseries.

Folder TitleDate
119 Essay on Political and Social Conditions of the Jews as Reflected in the Responsa of Solomon Ben Adriet 1911

other title: Jewish Communal Life in Spain in the Later Part of the XIII Century
79 pp., handwritten on notebook paper

Folder TitleDate
120 Essay on Political and Social Conditions of the Jews as Reflected in the Responsa of Solomon Ben Adriet 1911

rewritten on 79 pp.

Folder TitleDate
121 The Inner Organization of the Jewish Community of Spain During the XIII Century undated

typescript carbon

Folder TitleDate
122 Isaac ben Meir Halevi of Duren 1915

manuscript, pp. 3-33 (pp. 1-2 missing), plus pp. xliv-lx, English, c. 1915
typescript carbon of article with same title, 17 pp.
1 p. of Hebrew manuscript, same title, undated

Folder TitleDate
123 The Future of the American Synagogue 1919

7 pp. typewritten, English

Folder TitleDate
124 Miracles in Present Day Thought 1920

9 pp. typewritten, English

Folder TitleDate
125 Life - a Blessing or a Burden 1923

8 pp. typewritten, English, 1923 or earlier

Folder TitleDate
126 The Empire of Palestine 1939

2 pp. typewritten, English

Folder TitleDate
127 Chief Rabbi Kook - the Man as I Knew Him 1944

English (see folder 107)
original and carbon, 5 pp. typewritten
another version, carbon copy, 4 pp.
Yiddish manuscript of same, 4 pp. handwritten

Folder TitleDate
128 Professor Tchernowitz and Toldot Haposkim (History of the Jewish Judges) c.1947

book review, 6 pp. typewritten, English with some Hebrew references

Folder TitleDate
129 The Responsa Literature by Dr. Solomon B. Freehof 1955

book review, carbon copies of two versions, 4 pp., 5 pp., English

Folder TitleDate
130 Introduction to the Anthology of Responsa 1956

carbon copy of 3 pp. typewritten, English

Folder TitleDate
131 Ghettoizing the American Jewish School System 1956

carbon copy, 3 pp. typewritten, English

Folder TitleDate
132 A Solitary Liberal Voice in South Africa 1956

carbon copy, 3 pp. typewritten, English

Folder TitleDate
133 The Story of Maimon - the Man of Destiny 1956

mimeographed, 3 pp., English

Folder TitleDate
134 L'hakar Baalei Hatosefot (Review of The Tosafists) 1956

review in Hebrew, of book by Dr. E. Urbach, carbon copy, 4 pp. typewritten, plus 2 pp. revised version

Folder TitleDate
135 L'hakar Netivot Hatalmud (Review of In the Paths of the Talmud) 1957

review in Hebrew, of book by Dr. S. Federbush, 6 pp. carbon copy of typewritten material, plus several pp. other versions of the review, plus 3 cards of notations

Folder TitleDate
136 Hashpaat Medinat Yisrael al Hokhmat Yisrael (The Influence of the State of Israel on the Wisdom of Israel) undated

essay in Hebrew, 3 pp. typewritten

Folder TitleDate
137 Haim Shoys - Ishiuto V'yitzirato (Chayim Shauss - Personality and Work) 1956

essay, Hebrew, 9 pp., typewritten
bibliography submitted by Yefim Yeshurun, 6 pp. typewritten
12 pp. of penciled notes and additional notes on index cards

Folder TitleDate
138 Kavim Lidmuto shel Harav Zev Gold (Main Characteristics of Rabbi Zev Gold) 1956

essay, Hebrew, carbon copy of 3 pp., typed

Folder TitleDate
139 Yung Izrael (Young Israel) undated

essay, Yiddish manuscript in reply to Rabbi Ebbin, 4 pp.

Folder TitleDate
140 Rashi Responsa undated

Rashi Responsa was published in New York, 1943, 412 pp.
essay, Hebrew, 10 pp. typewritten plus 3 pp. remarks, plus envelope of miscellaneous notes

Folder TitleDate
141 Rashi Responsa undated

student notebook with transcriptions from the Rashi manuscript at the Jewish Theological Seminary library and other libraries, Hebrew
5 pp. notes by Elfenbein
38 pp. of transcriptions of manuscript material, source not given and not Elfenbein's handwriting, paragraphs 130-170 of the manuscript, also enumerated as 1-37

Folder TitleDate
142 Rashi Responsa undated

student notebook with repetition of most of the material transcribed as in previous folder, all in Elfenbein's handwriting, paragraphs 141-164, also enumerated as paragraphs 10-33, tarnscribed material is both in ink and in pencil with some notations, Hebrew
pp. 20a-45b, 23 pp.
5 pp. manuscript in ink and pencil

Folder TitleDate
143 Rashi Responsa undated

28 pp., manuscript transcribed in pencil, paragraphs 134-161

Folder TitleDate
144 Rashi Responsa undated

32 pp. of addenda, Hebrew, not arranged, 2 pp. typewritten, 30 pp. handwritten, ink and pencil, containing transcriptions and notations

Folder TitleDate
145 Rashi Responsa undated

typescript in Hebrew, with revisions in ink, 32 pp., pp. 201-237

Folder TitleDate
146 Rashi Responsa undated

typed material, addenda and corregenda, with many duplicate pp., revisions appear on most copies, pp. 17-63 on legal sized paper, in all, 50 pp., some originals, but mainly carbons and multiple copies
second set of addenda with different pagination, 18 pp., multiple copies

Folder TitleDate
147 Rashi Responsa undated

typed material, original material that was not edited out by Elfenbein, 21 pp.

Folder TitleDate
148 Rashi Responsa undated

introductory material to the volume, Hebrew, typed and manuscript
1 p. introduction
3 pp. listing abbreviations (acronyms) of references
2 pp. of references to local French words appearing in the original Rashi material
2 pp. of definitions of words and idioms
8 pp. listing the names of scholars who are mentioned in the Rashi manuscript

Folder TitleDate
149 Rashi Responsa undated

carbon copies of typed Hebrew material listing extensive bibliographies and indices of source material

Folder TitleDate
150 Rashi Responsa undated

fragments, notes, duplicate material
Hebrew, English

Folder TitleDate
151 Sefer Haseforim L'Rashi - Seder V'halachot Tfilah (The Torah of Rashi - Order and Laws of Prayer) 1948-1951

transcription from an original Rashi manuscript in Munich, with annotations by Elfenbein, Hebrew
16 pp. typed, preface and 9 pp. of materials, pp. 1a-16, including carbon copies of some pp., almost all pp. have revisions in ink, paragraphs 1-40 of the original manuscript, 1948
another version of above, original, typed in Hebrew, may have been prepared earlier, paragraphs 1-61 or original manuscript appear to have been completely transcribed, revisions in ink appear on pp., notations on reverse of some pp.
preface, 1 p., typed and prepared after 1951
4 photostats of manuscript in Munich Library

Folder TitleDate
152 Sefer Haseforim L'Rashi - Halachot Netilat Yadayim (The Torah of Rashi - Laws of Washing Hands) undated

annotated tarnscription of Munich manuscript (cont.), Hebrew
14 pp. of typed material with revisions in ink and pencil, paragraphs 46-92, pp. 157-167
12 pp. of carbon copies of above with revisions
10 pp. of carbon copies of above with some revisions

Folder TitleDate
153 Rashi Responsa undated

manuscript, Hebrew, incomplete, 13 pp. letter sized paper plus 5 cards

Folder TitleDate
154 Rashi Responsa undated

typescripts of above
2 pp. of introduction, 12 pp., 2pp.
carbon copies of above, incomplete and with revisions
another version, original typescript with carbons and revisions

Folder TitleDate
155 Rashi Responsa undated

14 pp., pencil and ink, Hebrew
47 pp., largely pencil, some ink, a few typed pages, English

Folder TitleDate
156 Rashi in his Responsa undated

published as a chapter in Simon Federbush's "Rashi, his Teachings and Personality," New York, 1958, pp. 63-98
reprint to be found in folder 111 as well as YIVO Library #6/53189
carbon of typescript, multiple copies of some pages, including revisions, 69pp., undated (original typescript apparently consisted of 27 pp. plus additional pp. of appendices, etc.)
notes in ink, English, 6 index cards

Folder TitleDate
157 Sefer Hamussar L'Reb Judah Khalaz (The Book of Morals by Rabbi Judah Khalaz) 1914

manuscript, Hebrew, 6 pp., chapter I

Folder TitleDate
158 Sefer Hamussar L'Reb Judah Khalaz (The Book of Morals by Rabbi Judah Khalaz) 1914

manuscripts, English
"Essay on the Sefer Hamussar of Rabbi Judah Khalaz," 16 pp. in a student notebook, paginated 1-8, 1914
"Some Contributions to the Hermeneutics of the Talmud," 2 pp. in same notebook

Folder TitleDate
159 Sefer Hamussar L'Reb Judah Khalaz (The Book of Morals by Rabbi Judah Khalaz) c.1915

manuscript, English, 37 pp. on notebook paper

Folder TitleDate
160 Sefer Haminhagim (Book of Customs) c.1938

galley proofs of introductory chapter, pp. XVII-XLVIII, Hebrew

Folder TitleDate
161 Sefer Haminhagim (Book of Customs) c.1938

handwritten copy of manuscript material in bound ledger, manuscript from JTS archives, 34/88, of Book of Customs by Rabbi Meir of Rothenberg
copy is entered on pp. 25-159 of the ledger, additional pagination is provided by numbers MS 1-30b
material is arranged as text on right hand page, left page as well as extreme right column are utilized for notations and references

Folder TitleDate
162 Sefer Haminhagim (Book of Customs) c.1938

handwritten copy of manuscript materials as above, 36 pp. of copy, paginated as 15a-69

Folder TitleDate
163 Sefer Haminhagim (Book of Customs) 1935

typescripts of portions
pp. I-XIV, XXXI of Introduction, Hebrew
carbon copy of typescript of Title Page and 4 pp. of Preface, Hebrew

Folder TitleDate
164 Teshuvot Rabbi Chananel (Responsa of Rabbi Chananel) undated

copy of manuscript with notes by Elfenbein
26 pp. original typewritten copy material, pagination irregular and incomplete, Hebrew
12 pp. carbon copies of above
5 pp. a third copy of above

Folder TitleDate
165 Teshuvot Rabbi Chananel (Responsa of Rabbi Chananel) undated

2 photostats of portion of manuscript, Hebrew

Folder TitleDate
166 Teshuvot Rabbi Chananel (Responsa of Rabbi Chananel) undated

notebook with additional handwritten copy of material, 10 pp.
4 pp. notes, envelopes with scraps and notes, Hebrew

Folder TitleDate
167 Teshuvot Rabbi Chananel (Responsa of Rabbi Chananel) undated

additional scraps and notes, 33 pp. of handwritten copy material in pencil and ink, notes, also 5 cards of notes, Hebrew

Folder TitleDate
168 Shvilei Haleket (Paths of the Gleanings) undated

manuscript, Hebrew, handwritten, Medieval Italy
27 pp., numbered 67a-71a, Hebrew paragraphs
additional copy, 8 pp., numbered 13c-19a, Hebrew paragraphs
17 pp., numbered 1-17, ink and pencil, copied from Florence manuscript, Plut 88-Coc 33 (1-69)
4 pp., paginated irregularly 1, 1a, 10, 10a, Florence manuscript

Folder TitleDate
169 Paskei Proventza (Halachic Decisions of Provence) undated

photostat of manuscript MICH 46, f101a, Oxford University
handwritten copy prepared by David Frankel, 6 pp., c. 1920s
typed copy of above, along with carbon copy
2 sets of revised copies, each 5 pp., irregular pagination
7 pp. scraps and notes

Folder TitleDate
170 Teshuvot Rabbi Gershom Me'or Hagolah (Responsa of Rabbi Gershom the Light of the Exile) undated

Hebrew transcription from several manuscript sources, 86 pp., largely handwritten, some typewritten, occasional carbon copies, containing Elfenbein's notes and remarks, paginated 1-25b
transcriptions from the following manuscripts: Oxford 397, 844; Ferenzi 33; Goldschmidt 177; Sulzberger 85, 85c-d, 90

Folder TitleDate
171 Teshuvot Rabbi Gershom Me'or Hagolah (Responsa of Rabbi Gershom the Light of the Exile) undated

continuation of above, 46 pp., paginated 25-51a
additional manuscript sources: Goldschmidt 160, 161; Sulzberger 80b, 77

Folder TitleDate
172 Teshuvot Rabbi Gershom Me'or Hagolah (Responsa of Rabbi Gershom the Light of the Exile) undated

10 pp. of typewritten drafts, manila envelopes with notes, scraps and fragments

Folder TitleDate
173 Miscellaneous transcriptions undated

"Lekutei Mekhilta Dr. Simon ben Yochoi L'sefer Shmot" (Collection of Commentaries of Rabbi Simon ben Yochoi on the Book of Exodus), typed transcription of manuscript in Paris, 15 (originally) typed pp. with penciled notes by Elfenbein, Hebrew
"Bundle of Letters Relating to Palestine and Egypt," 2 typed pp. of transcription material of manuscript in Adler Collection (BMu) #2740, letter #3, 16th century, Hebrew
"Igeret Teman" (Letter from Yemen), typed transcription of manuscript, with reference to Jesus, transcription is in Hebrew characters, but language is apparently Arabic, additional comments in Hebrew by two scholars of the Middle Ages, all on one sheet of boxed paper
also handwritten transcription of "Igeret Teman" in Elfenbein's handwriting, 2 4x6 cards

Folder TitleDate
174 Rabbi Menahem Ziembe of Praga (1882-1943) 1959

manuscript, Hebrew, 8 pp., handwritten, with revisions
2 pp., carbon copy of typescript, plus 2 additional carbons of slightly different version

Folder TitleDate
175 Rabbi Menahem Ziembe of Praga (1882-1943) 1959

English version of above article:
carbon copy of typescript, 19 pp.
carbon copies of previous drafts and revisions, 23 pp.
carbon copies of drafts and revisions, 13 pp.

Folder TitleDate
176 Rabbi Menahem Ziembe of Praga (1882-1943) 1959-1960

polemics about Elfenbein's article:
typewritten draft of essay in defense of article, Hebrew
letter from Hadoar (Mail) apparently rejecting this or similar essays, Hebrew
Dos Yidishe Vort (The Yiddish Word): "Vos iz Yidisher Koved" (What is Jewish Honor), by Rabbi Simcha Elberg, Adar 2, 5709 (1949), article attacking Elfenbein's Ziemba article, Yiddish
Hapardes (Orchard): "Marad Hagito, R' Menahem Ziemba" (Ghetto Uprising, Rabbi Menahem Ziemba), by Rabbi Simcha Elberg, volume 33, issue 7, Nisan 5719 (1959), Hebrew
articles critical of Elfenbein with reference to his article on Ziemba, Hebrew:
Hapardes (Orchard): "Hitkomemut b'gito Varshe" (Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto), by Rabbi I.A. Henkin
Hapardes (Orchard): "Hamarad b'gito Varshe" (The Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto), by Rabbi M. Schwartzman, year 33, volume 9, Sivan 5719 (1959)
clippings from Jewish Day (Tog), 5/8/59, 6/5/59, 9/1/60

Folder TitleDate
177 Menahem Ziemba material undated

scraps and fragments

Folder TitleDate
178 Letter by Rabbi Chaim Wolozin c.1920

manuscript, Hebrew, handwritten transcription of manuscript in the archives of the Judische Nationale Bibliotek in Jerusalem (now known as the Jewish National and University Library)
transcription is of letter written by Rabbi Wolozin in 1814, addressed to "adorers and supporters of Torah" deploring the neglect of the study of Torah
transcription is on the stationary of the library, 4 pp., with some pencil markings by Elfenbein, probably just prior to 1920 or in the early 1920s

Folder TitleDate
179 Responsa by Rabbi Wolf Pohorilla undated

manuscript, Hebrew, 6pp., letter from Rabbi Pohorilla to Rabbi Nahum Esrog on halachic subject, one third of pp. 5-6 are missing, undated but probably written somewhere between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century
photostats of pp. 1, 2, 6

Folder TitleDate
180 Hearot al Shir Hashirim (Notes on Song of Songs) c.1921-1922

manuscript, Hebrew, by Rabbi David de Sola Pool, undated but written about 1921 or 1922, 11 pp. with remarks and notations by Elfenbein, was to have appeared in the scholarly journal Hameasef (Literary Anthology)
see folder 30 for correspondence with Dr. de Sola Pool

Folder TitleDate
181 Responsa by Rabbi A.D. Burack c.1960

manuscript, Hebrew, on halacha, 8 pp. out of 11, first 3 pp. missing
included in this folder is biographical sketch of Rabbi Burack for Jewish Horizon prepared by Elfenbein, 2 pp. of carbon copy of English typescript

Folder TitleDate
182 Keter Torah V'shem Tov (Good Name and Good Crown) c.1959

typescript, Hebrew, by Rabbi Aaron Pichenik, profile of the late Chief Rabbi I.A. Herzog

Folder TitleDate
183 Rabbi Jechiel Michael Charlop file 1927-1962

handwritten copy of letter from Rabbi Charlop to his son, Rabbi Ch. S. Charlop, containing halachic responsa, Hebrew, 4 pp., 1938
letter from Rabbi Charlop to Rabbi J.A. Breisman about halachic responsa involving Passover, Hebrew, 1 p., 1927
postcard from Rabbi Ch. S. Charlop to Or Hamizrach (Light of the East) about his father, J.M. Charlop, Hebrew, 1962
brief sketch of Rabbi J.M. Charlop, Hebrew, 2 pp., undated, attached are two pages of bibliography of Rabbi J.M. Charlop's writings, the sketch is handwritten by Dayan al Yahud (Elfenbein) in the 1960s
typescript of above
typescript by Elfenbein of extracts from Rabbi Charlop's writings, 1 p., 3 paragraphs
manuscript, Hebrew, Tiferet Tzion v'Yerushalayim (Pride of Zion and Jerusalem - a profile of the late Rabbi J.M. Charlop), written by Rabbi Israel Porath, Cleveland, 3 pp. legal-sized paper
typescript, Hebrew, Partzufi shel Rabbeinu HaRav (The Character of Rabbi J.M. Charlop), by Rabbi J.D. Charlop, 2 pp.

Folder TitleDate
184 Akhilat Poel B'shaat Avodah (Eating While Working - the Laborer Partaking of Food he is Producing) 1960s

manuscript, Hebrew, a halachic essay by Rabbi Jechiel Michael Charlop, 13 pp. legal-sized paper

Folder TitleDate
185 Torato shel Rabbeinu (Our Rabbi's Teachings) 1960s

manuscript, Hebrew, by Rabbi I. Porath, 2 pp. legal-size paper, extracts from a lecture given at Haichal Shelomo, Jerusalem

Folder TitleDate
186 Hearot B'rambam - Halkhut Shmitah V'yovl (Remarks by Maimonides on the Laws Pertaining to the Sabbatical Year and the Jubilee) 1960s

typescript, Hebrew, by Rabbi Baruch Rakover, Haifa, 8 pp.

Folder TitleDate
187 Biographical sketch of Rabbi Eliezer Halevi Rosenfeld (1862-1942) undated

typescript, Hebrew, author unknown, 4 pp.

Folder TitleDate
188 Biographical sketch of Rabbi J.S. Singer (1899-1942) undated

typescript, Hebrew, untitled, author unknown, Rabbi Singer was killed in the Holocaust

Folder TitleDate
189 Biographical sketch of Rabbi Naphtali Mariles (1828-1890), rabbi in Litovsk 1970

typescript, Hebrew, untitled, author unknown, included is a carbon copy of above, editorial revisions appear on both original and copy

Folder TitleDate
190 Hamelamed V'lomed B'darshut Hatorah (Teacher and Learner in the Interpretation of the Torah) undated

by Rabbi Jonah Marzbach, 3 pp.

Folder TitleDate
191 Halikhot Olam (The Walk of Life) c.1961

typescript, Hebrew, essay by Rabbi Isaac Stahlman, 7 pp.

Folder TitleDate
192 Responsa of Rashi 1944

copy of typescript, English, review by Abraham Burstein, 2 pp.

Folder TitleDate
193 Palestine in the 16th Century 1926

typescript, English, title page plus pp. 5g-5k, (5 pp., table of contents), part I, chapter I, pp. 1-10 (15 pp., version 1), pp. 6-10k (16 pp., version 2)
part I, chapter II, pp. 11-30, 26 pp.
part II, chapters I, II, III, pp. 31-59, 29 pp.
part II, chapter IV, pp. 60-89, 30 pp.

Folder TitleDate
194 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, part III, chapters II-III, pp. 110-139 (28 pp., p. 128 missing)
part III, chapter IV, pp. 140-150, 11 pp.
part III, pp. 165-168, pp. 170-180, 14 pp.

Folder TitleDate
195 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, part IV, chapter I, pp. 200a-203, 9 pp.
pp. 210-229a, 75 pp., several versions with mixed numeration

Folder TitleDate
196 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, part IV, chapter II, pp. 228-243, 58 pp., several versions, mixed pagination

Folder TitleDate
197 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, appendix A, 3 pp.
appendix I, 11 pp.
appendix IIA, 2 pp.
appendix D, 10 pp., B1-B16a
appendix D, 4 pp., D1-D4
addenda and corrigenda (errata), 18 pp., AC 7-24

Folder TitleDate
198 Palestine in the 16th Century 1956, undated

typescript, English, 2 documents "Relating to Napoleon and Restoration of Jews in Palestine, 1799," 2 pp. and 1 p., undated, presumably prepared by Elfenbein
typescript, Hebrew, essay by Elfenbein on Palestine under Turkish Rule to Napoleonic Wars, 1956
manuscript, Hebrew in pencil, by Elfenbein, on above subject
10 pp. of miscellaneous scraps, original typescript and carbon copies

Folder TitleDate
199 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, table of contents, preface, part I, chapters I and II, some pages of previous version, not paginated sequentially

Folder TitleDate
200 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, part II, chapters I, II, IV, VII, IX, pp. 20-89

Folder TitleDate
201 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, part III, chapters I-IV, VI-VIII, plus another version of chapter VI, not paginated sequentially

Folder TitleDate
202 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, part IV, chapter I, pp. 200a-227, pagination irregular, includes some pages of addenda

Folder TitleDate
203 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, part IV, chapter II, pp. 228-249, some pages missing
chapter III, pp. 250-250d

Folder TitleDate
204 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

typescript, English, appendices and bibliography, not paginated completely

Folder TitleDate
205 Palestine in the 16th Century undated

miscellaneous fragments, English, handwritten in pencil and ink, typed, some notes on scraps and cards

Folder TitleDate
206 Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) 1952

Elfenbein's translation
typescript, Hebrew, from microfilm of manuscript in Leningrad (Father Antonin Collection), typescript prepared by Dr. A.I. Katsch, NYU, 6 chapters, 25 pp.
typescript, Hebrew, Katsch's introduction to above material, indicating variation from other versions of Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), 5 pp.
clipping of article by Katsch, "Ethics of the Father," Message for World Leadership, English, from Jewish Forum, Nov. 1952, pp. 174-176
letter to Elfenbein from Rabbi Jacob Kohn of Congregation Sinai, L.A., detailing variations in the text of Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), English, 10/9/52

Folder TitleDate
207 Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) undated

chapter I, 21 pp., Hebrew typescript, drafts, notes, duplicate pp., incomplete

Folder TitleDate
208 Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) undated

chapter II, 24 pp., Hebrew typescript, drafts, notes, duplicate pp., incomplete

Folder TitleDate
209 Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) undated

chapter III, 7 pp., Hebrew typescript, drafts, notes, duplicate pp., incomplete

Folder TitleDate
210 Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) undated

chapter IV, 9 pp., Hebrew typescript, drafts, notes, duplicate pp., incomplete

Folder TitleDate
211 Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) undated

chapter V, 13 pp., Hebrew typescript, drafts, notes, duplicate pp., incomplete

Folder TitleDate
212 Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) undated

chapter VI, 12 pp., Hebrew typescript, drafts, notes, duplicate pp., incomplete

Folder TitleDate
213 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) 1953

title page, introduction, bibliography, 21 pp., English typescript, possibly the same as above, carbon copies with corrections

Folder TitleDate
214 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter I, 21 pp., English typescript, carbon copies with corrections

Folder TitleDate
215 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter II, 22 pp., English typescript, carbon copies with corrections

Folder TitleDate
216 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter II, 23 pp., English typescript, carbon copies with corrections

Folder TitleDate
217 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter IV, 20 pp., English typescript, carbon copies with corrections

Folder TitleDate
218 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter I, English, notes and previous drafts of above material, generally carbon copies

Folder TitleDate
219 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter II, English, notes and previous drafts of above material, generally carbon copies

Folder TitleDate
220 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter III, English, notes and previous drafts of above material, generally carbon copies

Folder TitleDate
221 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter IV, English, notes and previous drafts of above material, generally carbon copies

Folder TitleDate
222 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter V, English, notes and previous drafts of above material, generally carbon copies

Folder TitleDate
223 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

chapter VI, English, notes and previous drafts of above material, generally carbon copies

Folder TitleDate
224 The Foundations of the Ethics of the Pharisees (Avot) undated

miscellaneous notes, drafts of above, English

Folder TitleDate
225 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

ascribed to the Maharsham (Sholom Mordechai Schwadron), a nineteenth-century Rabbinic scholar known as the Last of the Poskim - Rabbinic Authorities
1057 individual pp., each 9x6 inches, in 10 folders
each consists of a halachic ruling in the form of a responsa
occasionally there is more than one ruling on a page
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
226 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
227 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
228 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
229 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
230 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
231 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
232 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
233 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
234 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
100 pp.

Folder TitleDate
235 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch undated

same as above
57 pp.

Folder TitleDate
236 Poskei Din - Halachic Decisions collected by Rabbi Chaim Bloch 1963

miscellaneous materials
letter by Rabbi Bloch to Elfenbein attesting to the fact that none of the above responsa have ever been published
letter is undated, but was probably written in 1962-1963
photocopy of letter by Rabbi N. Grauman to Elfenbein, 11/12/63 postmark, intimating that Rabbi Chaim Bloch had been accused of forging letters and responsa and cautioning Elfenbein against publishing any of the material ascribed to Maharsham, original of letter in folder 72
Hebrew manuscript by Elfenbein, Practices of the Maharsham in the Synagogue, 1 p., undated
9 selections of Responsa of Maharsham prepared by Elfenbein

Folder TitleDate
237 Copybook of Responsa material undated

copybook apparently copied by Rabbi David Frankel from several manuscript sources, the cover bears the title in Hebrew, apparently in Elfenbein's handwriting, translated it reads: Manuscript of Rabbi David Frankel of Vienna
one notation refers to 1931
30 numbered pp. are handwritten copies from original manuscripts, additionally numbered 1-63C, some paragraphs refer to specific scholars and their responsa
miscellaneous pencilled notes on other pages of the copybook in German, English, Hebrew referring to bibliography

Folder TitleDate
238 Notes on Rashi Material 1939-1943, undated

Rashi the Man, Rashi Responsa, Oriental Names and Places in Responsa
some envelopes of materials
clipping, 1939

Folder TitleDate
239 Notes on the Lives of Rabbinic Authorities undated

Hebrew title, envelopes and fragments

Folder TitleDate
240 Notes on Ritualistic Customs (Minhagim) undated

Hebrew title, English, envelopes and fragments

Folder TitleDate
241 Notes on Palestine undated

10 envelopes with notes on various subjects

Folder TitleDate
242 Notes on Palestine undated

(minhagim) customs, cities, economics

Folder TitleDate
243 Notes on Palestine undated


Folder TitleDate
244 Notes on Palestine undated


Folder TitleDate
245 Notes and clippings on Hasidism 1922-1926, undated

Hebrew, Yiddish, English

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