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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Philip Friedman
Title: Papers of Philip Friedman (1901-1960)
Dates:bulk 1930-1960
Abstract: This collection contains the personal and professional papers of historian and bibliographer Philip Friedman. These materials include correspondence with individuals and with organizations, newspaper clippings, subject files, manuscripts of works by Friedman and by others, and some of Friedman’s personal documents. These materials relate to Friedman’s work on the histories of various Jewish communities, particularly those in Poland, and his work gathering source documents about the Holocaust.
Languages: The collection is in Yiddish, Hebrew, Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish,and Serbo-Croatian.
Quantity: 25 linear feet
Identification: RG 1258
Repository: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
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Biographical Note

Polish Jewish historian Philip (Jeroham Fishel) Friedman was born in Lwow on April 27, 1901 to Eliezer and Sabina Friedman. He finished his studies at the Lwow gymnasium in 1919 and then studied history at the University of Vienna under the direction of Alfred Pribram, 1920-1925, and at the Jewish Teachers College (Pedagogium) in Vienna under Salo Baron, 1920-1922. He earned his teacher's diploma from the Jewish Teachers College in 1922 and his doctoral degree at the University of Vienna in 1925 with a dissertation entitled Die galizischen Juden im Kampfe um ihre Gleichberechtigung (1848–1868) (The Jews of Galicia in Their Struggle for Legal Equality [1848–1868]), which was published in Frankfurt in 1929.

Friedman returned to Poland after receiving his doctorate, where he was briefly the director of the Tarbut school in Volkovysk (currently in Belarus) and taught Hebrew and history at the Jewish gymnasium in Konin, Poland. He also taught at the Jewish gymnasium in Łódź (1925-1939), as well as at the People’s University of that city, was a lecturer for doctoral candidates at YIVO in Vilna (1935-1936), and lectured at the Tahkemoni Rabbinical Seminary of Warsaw (1938–1939), and at the Institute of Judaic Studies, also in Warsaw. He continued his historical research, producing, most notably, his 1935 monograph Dzieje Żydów w Łodzi (The History of the Jews in Łódź), and a number of specialized studies on the Jews of Galicia and Lodz. In addition, he attempted to foster academic cooperation among Jewish historians. He participated in the International Congress of Historians, which was held in Warsaw in 1933, following which he endeavored to create a worldwide association of scholars of Jewish history. When World War II began, he was engaged in writing a comprehensive history of the Jews of Poland from the earliest beginnings through the twentieth century.

Friedman survived the Holocaust by hiding in and around Lwow, but he lost his wife and a daughter. After the liberation in 1944, he went to Lublin, where he was appointed the first director of the Central Jewish Historical Commission, which he helped to found with the Central Committee of Jews in Poland, whose mission was to gather data on Nazi war crimes. In this capacity he not only collected testimonies and documentation but also supervised the publication of a number of pioneering studies, including his own on the concentration camp at Auschwitz. This work, To jest Oświęcim, was published in Warsaw in 1945 and appeared in an abridged English version as This Is Oswięcim in 1946. He also published several monographs on various destroyed Jewish communities, including Bialystok and Chelmno, and about Ukrainian-Jewish relations during the Nazi occupation. At the same time, he taught Jewish history at the Łódź University (1945-1946) and was a member of the Polish State Commission to Investigate German War Crimes in Auschwitz and Chelmno.

After testifying and acting as a consultant at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal in 1946, Friedman and his new wife, Dr. Ada Eber-Friedman, decided not to return to Poland. For two years he directed the educational and cultural department of the Joint Distribution Committee in the American Zone in Germany (1946-1948). He also helped the Centre du Documentation Juive Comtemporaire in Paris to set up its documentary collection. Friedman then moved to the United States in October 1948 at the invitation of his former professor Salo Baron, who was now teaching at Columbia University, where Friedman joined him. There he first held the post of research fellow and then, from 1951 until his death in 1960, that of lecturer in the graduate department of history. From 1949-1954, he was the dean of the Jewish Teacher’s Seminary and Folks University. He taught courses at the Herzliya Teachers Seminary in Israel and was a member of the Research Committee of the Board of Director’s of the YIVO Institute starting in 1952.

Friedman’s subsequent research focused on the Holocaust. He produced two popular books, the first account of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising titled Martyrs and Fighters: The Epic of the Warsaw Ghetto (1954), the second a volume describing Christian rescuers during the war, Their Brothers’ Keepers (1957). A volume of his essays devoted to Holocaust topics, Pathways to Extinction: Essays on the Holocaust (1980), was edited posthumously by his wife. He was the Research Director of the YIVO-Yad Vashem Joint Documentary Project, a bibliographical series on the Holocaust from 1954-1960. This project consisted of publishing a full bibliography of all published works having a connection to the Holocaust. The first volume, which consisted of Hebrew sources, had been published by the time of Friedman’s death, and the English volume was ready to be printed. He also remained committed to his earlier scholarly interests, and published articles in Yiddish, Polish, Hebrew, French, and English, such as “Polish Jewish Historiography between the Two Wars” and “The First Millennium of Jewish Settlement in the Ukraine and in the Adjacent Areas.” Philip Friedman died in New York on February 7, 1960 after a lengthy illness.

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Scope and Content Note

The collection relates primarily to Friedman’s post-war research on the history of the Holocaust as well as to his administrative activities in various organizations. The bulk of the collection consists of second-hand sources collected by Friedman, as well as manuscripts by Friedman and others, bibliographical manuals and methodological guides prepared for use in the YIVO-Yad Vashem Joint Documentary Project, and correspondence with organizations and with individuals. Correspondents include Yiddish writers and prominent historians such as H.G. Adler, Ch. Agnoff, Hannah Arendt, E. Auerbach, Rachel Auerbach, Salo Baron, Shlomo Bickel, Ben Zion Dinur, Simon Dubnow, M. Dworzecki, Sz. Datner, Nathan Menachem Gelber, Rudolf Glanz, Jacob Glatstein, E. Glicenstein, Israel Halpern, Arthur Herzberg, Raul Hilberg, A.W. Jasny, Szmerke Kaczerginski, Joseph Kermish, Israel Klausner, M. Kosover, A. M. Klein, Leibush Lehrer, H. Leivick, Raphael Lemkin, Jacob Lestschinsky, Raphael Mahler, J. Mestel, Nahum Baruch Minkoff, L. Namier, Shmuel Niger, Joseph Opatoshu, Koppel Pinson, Leon Poliakov, Sarah Reisen, Gerald Reitlinger, A.A. Roback, L. Rochman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Philip Roth, Isaac Schwarzbart, Hillel Seidman, Genia Silkes, Anna Simaite, E. Sommerstein, Isaac Nachman Steinberg, J. Turkow, M. Turkow, Michael Weichert, and Mark Wischnitzer.

Materials on the Holocaust are primarily arranged geographically by ghetto or concentration camp. Included are over one hundred eyewitness accounts collected from Holocaust survivors by the Central Jewish Historical Commission in Poland, a list of survivors of Majdanek, copies and translations of orders of concentration camps commandants and clippings and pamphlets on Displaced Persons and reparations. There are also depositions relating to the trial of Michael Weichert and a Polish typescript of his book Jewish Self-Help 1939-1945, materials on Nazi war criminals distributed by the Polish government in September 1954, biographical clippings on Nazi war criminals, copies of proceedings from the Nuremberg Trials, and questionnaires for survivors. Papers relating to Friedman’s organizational activities include clippings, offprints, pamphlets, copies of reports, announcements, short biographies of Jewish historians and Yiddish writers written by Friedman, records of the Historian’s Circle of the YIVO Institute, records of the YIVO-Yad Vashem Joint Documentary Project, and records of the Central Jewish Historical Commission in Poland. In addition, there are some of Friedman’s personal papers, a bibliography of his writings, some correspondence, and diaries and writings of Ada Friedman.

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Philip Friedman arranged his materials either by format, subject, country, or language and then usually alphabetically. This system was maintained as much as was possible. Many of the materials, including the professional correspondence, are arranged alphabetically, while the personal correspondence is arranged chronologically, as are the materials about the memorial gatherings for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Some of the correspondence is filed under the names of organizations, publications, institutions, and publishers, while other correspondence has been filed by the name of the person who signed the letters. Cross-references have been listed whenever possible. The languages of many of the articles follow the title and author in parentheses. Materials for which no language is given are mainly in English. Articles for which no author is given are often by Friedman.

The collection is organized in ten series, some of which have been further subdivided into subseries.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Permission to use the collection must be obtained from the YIVO Archivist.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish part or parts of the collection must be obtained from the YIVO Archives. For more information, contact:
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

The YIVO Library has many books by and about Friedman and a wealth of materials about the Jews of Poland, World War II, the Holocaust, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, concentration camps, survivor testimonies, displaced persons, bibliographies of books about the Holocaust, and many other topics found in the Friedman Papers. In addition, many of Friedman’s personal books about Jewish history and Holocaust materials were donated to the YIVO Library.

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Separated Material

Philip Friedman’s library was also donated to YIVO and forms the Philip Friedman Collection at the YIVO Library.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of Philip Friedman; RG 1258; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

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Acquisition Information

The materials were donated to the YIVO Archives by Philip Friedman’s widow, Ada Friedman, in June 1987. Additional materials were donated by Friedman’s niece, Sophia Balk, in February 1993.

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Processing information

Shloyme Krystal processed the original materials and created an English finding aid in 1989-1990. He then integrated the new materials and created a new finding aid in December 1998. Additional processing was completed in 2012.

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Container List


Series I: Correspondence, 1931, 1944-1982

480 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains Friedman’s correspondence with Yiddish writers and prominent historians, universities, libraries, other academic institutions, with periodicals and publishers, with government organizations and offices, and with landsmanshaftn. This correspondence is arranged alphabetically by individual or organization according to the Latin alphabet even when the correspondence is in Yiddish, Hebrew or Russian and thus does not use Latin characters. There is also personal correspondence from Philip and Ada Friedman, which is arranged chronologically.

Subseries 1: Individuals, 1931, 1946-1981

285 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of correspondence with Yiddish writers, scholars and prominent historians, including Rachel Auerbach, Salo Baron, Szymon Datner, A.G. Duker, N.M. Gelber, Joseph Kermish, Berl Mark, Jonas Turkow, Mark Wischnitzer, and many others.

Folder TitleDate
1 Adelson, Daniel 1953-1957

Folder TitleDate
2 Adler, H.G. 1954-1959

Folder TitleDate
2A Adler-Rudl, S. 1958

Folder TitleDate
3 Amster, Tobias 1954-1958

Folder TitleDate
4 Angoff, Charles
Antonovsky, A.

Folder TitleDate
5 Arendt, Hannah
Arditti, A.

Folder TitleDate
6 Arnst, I. 1959

Folder TitleDate
7 Artur, Boris

Folder TitleDate
8 Asen, Abraham 1955

Folder TitleDate
9 Ash, Saul
Atlas, H.

Folder TitleDate
10 Auerbach, Efraim undated

Folder TitleDate
11 Auerbach, Philipp 1950

Folder TitleDate
12 Auerbach, Rachel 1951-1969

Folder TitleDate
13 Bakalczuk, M.
Badi, J.

Folder TitleDate
14 Balberyszski, Mendel
Bandman, Edith

Folder TitleDate
15 Barlas, Chaim 1955-1966

Folder TitleDate
16 Baron, Salo
Bass, David

Folder TitleDate
17 Bein, William
Bein, A.

Folder TitleDate
18 Bel Geddes, Joan 1958

Folder TitleDate
19 Ben-Ezra, A.
Ben-Horin, M.

Folder TitleDate
20 Ben-Zvi, I. 1951

see also folder 314

Folder TitleDate
21 Berezer, David 1951

Folder TitleDate
22 Bergner, Herc 1950-1955

Folder TitleDate
23 Berlinski, Szloime
Bernholtz, S.

Folder TitleDate
24 Bernstein, Mordecai (Matiwoj) 1955-1958

Folder TitleDate
25 Berlstein, Alfred 1959-1960

New York Public Library
see also folder 330

Folder TitleDate
26 Bickel, Shlomo 1954

Folder TitleDate
27 Biderman, Itche 1950

Folder TitleDate
28 Billig, Joseph
Blatt, Mrs. Josef

Folder TitleDate
29 Blau, Bruno
Bloch, Pierre

Folder TitleDate
30 Blumenthal Weiss, Ilse 1957

Folder TitleDate
31 Borzykowski, Tuvia 1953

Folder TitleDate
32 Brandstaetter, Roman 1946

Folder TitleDate
33 Brilling, Bernhardt
Braun, Sam

Folder TitleDate
34 Bryks, Rachmil
Brzezinski, A.

Folder TitleDate
35 Bjoza, M. 1950-1954

Folder TitleDate
36 Caiserman, Hananiah M. 1949-1950

Folder TitleDate
37 Canaan, Haviv 1952

Folder TitleDate
38 Charney, Daniel
Chononowitz, Ch.
I. Milstein
1931, 1951-1952

Folder TitleDate
39 Checinski, Slawomir 1958-1961

Folder TitleDate
40 Chojnacki, Wladyslaw 1958-1959

Folder TitleDate
41 Chubinsky, Boruch 1949-1956

Folder TitleDate
42 Ciemny, Melech

Folder TitleDate
43 Cohen, Elie A.
Cohen, M.J.

Folder TitleDate
44 Cohen, Oscar
Cohn, Gabriel H.
Czapska, Maria

Folder TitleDate
45 Datner, Szymon 1958-1959

see also folder 298

Folder TitleDate
46 De Nur, Yehiel (Katzelnick) and Nina 1953-1960

Folder TitleDate
47 De Jong, Louis 1958-1961

see also folder 328

Folder TitleDate
48 Diamant, Z. 1953

Folder TitleDate
49 Dienstag, Jacob 1959

Folder TitleDate
50 Dinur, B. 1954-1959

Folder TitleDate
51 Domaradzki, T.F.
Dobroczynski, Wiktor

Folder TitleDate
52 Dombrowsky, Alexander 1959

Folder TitleDate
53 Doring, Hans 1959

Folder TitleDate
54 Druckmann, Zwi-Hersch 1948

Folder TitleDate
55 Duker, A.G. 1949-1956

see also folder 301

Folder TitleDate
56 Dunetz, Max 1952-1956

Folder TitleDate
57 Dworzecki, Mark 1952-1960

Folder TitleDate
58 Eck, Nusin
Eckstein, F.

Eck - see also folder 341

Folder TitleDate
59 Efroikin, Z.
Efros, I.
Epstein, G. and L.

Folder TitleDate
60 Eisenbach, Artur
Elis, B.
Eisenstein, Miss

Folder TitleDate
61 Eran, A.
Eris, A.
Ettinger, I.

Folder TitleDate
62 Federman, R.
Faulkner, S.O.

Folder TitleDate
63 Feigenbaum, M.
Feldman, E.

Folder TitleDate
64 Fink, J.
Feldschuh, B.

Folder TitleDate
65 Fink, Reuben 1957

Folder TitleDate
66 Finkelstein, Arie
Fishman, M.

Folder TitleDate
67 Flagg, W.T.
Fledel, Joseph

Folder TitleDate
68 Fogelman, L.
Forman, Evelyn and Charles

Folder TitleDate
69 Friedman, Tuvye
Friedman, Theodore
Frankenhuis, Maurice

Folder TitleDate
70 Foxman, Joseph
Friede, Maximilian

Folder TitleDate
71 Gar, Joseph 1948-1954

Folder TitleDate
72 Gartner, Lloyd 1952-1957

Folder TitleDate
73 Gelbart, Israel 1947-1948

Folder TitleDate
74 Gelber, N.M. 1947-1959

Folder TitleDate
75 Gelehrter, Menachem 1952

Folder TitleDate
76 Gildin, H.
Gilman, Lucy

Folder TitleDate
77 Gladstone, Jacob
Glatstein, M.

Folder TitleDate
78 Glanz, Rudolf
Glantz, Jacob

Folder TitleDate
79 Glicenstein, Emanuel (E. Romano) 1952

Folder TitleDate
80 Gliksman, William M. 1949-1959

Folder TitleDate
81 Goldkorn, I.
Gombinski, Stanislas

Folder TitleDate
82 Gollancz, Victor 1956

Folder TitleDate
83 Gottfarstein, J. 1946-1958

Folder TitleDate
84 Gotlib, Szulim 1953-1959

Folder TitleDate
85 Gropper, William 1956

Folder TitleDate
86 Grossmann, Kurt 1951-1965

Folder TitleDate
87 Grossman, Mojsze 1954

Folder TitleDate
88 Gruss, Noe 1950-1951

Folder TitleDate
89 Gumkowski, Janusz 1958-1959

Folder TitleDate
90 George, Manfred 1960

Folder TitleDate
91 Geva, T. 1959

Folder TitleDate
92 Glikson, Joseph 1959

Folder TitleDate
93 Goodman, Philip 1953-1960

Folder TitleDate
94 Gringauz, S. 1950-1954

Folder TitleDate
94A Gelbard, W.
Gildesgame, L.L.
Glazer, Nathan
Glube, S.
Goelman, Elazer
Goheen, H.
Goldstein, L.
Gorin, G.
Greenberg, M.
Grundlinger, S.

Folder TitleDate
95 Hamovich, A.
Halamski, Jerzy
Halicki, M.

Folder TitleDate
96 Halevy, M.A.
Hamburger, A.

Folder TitleDate
97 Halkin, A.
Haas, H.

Halkin - see also folder 284

Folder TitleDate
98 Halpern, Israel
Halpern, H.
Haski, Michal

Folder TitleDate
99 Hertz, Alexander
Harris, M.

Folder TitleDate
100 Hertzberg, Arthur 1955

Folder TitleDate
101 Herzog, Fred 1958

Folder TitleDate
102 Hibel, B. 1948

Folder TitleDate
103 Hilberg, R. 1955-1959

Folder TitleDate
104 Hirschberg, H.Z. 1960

Folder TitleDate
105 Hoch, A. 1959

Folder TitleDate
106 Horkheimer, M.
Horowitz, Z.

Folder TitleDate
107 Humen, A. 1959

Folder TitleDate
108 Jacobson, W.
Itan, Rhoda
Jacobs, R.K.

Folder TitleDate
109 Jasny, A.W. 1951-1952

Folder TitleDate
110 Javits, Jacob K. 1949

Folder TitleDate
111 Kaganovich, M.
Kader, B.

Folder TitleDate
112 Kahan, Berl
Kahan, Solomon
Kalk, I.

Folder TitleDate
113 Karmiol, Wolf 1951-1952

Folder TitleDate
114 Kazdan, Ch.S. 1951-1959

Folder TitleDate
115 Keitelman, I. (Chaskel) 1952-1954

Folder TitleDate
116 Kermish, Joseph
Kessler, J.A.

Kermish - see also folder 341

Folder TitleDate
117 Klausner, I.
Klausner, Abraham

Folder TitleDate
118 Klein, A.M.
Klein, Jacob

Folder TitleDate
119 Kaczerginski, Szmerke 1947-1949

Folder TitleDate
120 Kohansky, Ruth and Mendel undated

Folder TitleDate
121 Koniuchowski, L.
Kopaczewska, Helene

Folder TitleDate
122 Kosover, Mordecai 1950

Folder TitleDate
123 Kadari (Dr. Ball-Kadari) 1959

Folder TitleDate
124 Kaplan, D. 1961

Folder TitleDate
125 Karski, Jan 1952

Folder TitleDate
126 Katzman, Jacob 1981

Folder TitleDate
127 Klementinowski, David 1956

Folder TitleDate
128 Kober, Adolf
Knapp, Mrs. Jarvis

Folder TitleDate
129 Koszyk, Kurt
Kowalski, S.
Kornfeld, I.

Folder TitleDate
130 Kovner, Aba
Kohansky, M.

Folder TitleDate
131 Kremer, Hanno 1956-1957

Folder TitleDate
132 Krausnick, Helmut
Krasne, Byron
Kos, Edward

Folder TitleDate
133 Kubowy, Arje
Kuzon, Jozef

Folder TitleDate
134 Lamm, Hans 1956-1959

see also folder 288

Folder TitleDate
135 Landowska, Wanda
LaPorte, Joseph A.

Folder TitleDate
136 Laczynska, Wladyslawa 1958

Folder TitleDate
137 Leder, Herman
Lador, J.J. (Lederer)

Folder TitleDate
138 Leftwich, Joseph
Lederhendler, B.

Folder TitleDate
139 Lehrer, Leibush 1949-1959

Folder TitleDate
140 Leivick, H. 1954-1958

Folder TitleDate
141 Lemkin, Raphael 1947-1952

Folder TitleDate
142 Lestschinsky, Jacob 1951-1957

Folder TitleDate
143 Lewin, Isaac
Levin, N.

Folder TitleDate
144 Levinsohn, Josef 1959-1960

Folder TitleDate
145 Likowski, G. 1959

Folder TitleDate
146 Lipetz, D.
Liwer, A.

Folder TitleDate
147 Loewenthal, Rudolf 1951-1958

Folder TitleDate
148 Lowdurmilk, Walter 1950

Folder TitleDate
149 MacKay, Donald 1959

Folder TitleDate
150 Mahler, Rafael 1947-1954

Folder TitleDate
151 Mandel, Jehoshua
Malycky, Alex

Folder TitleDate
152 Manteuffel, Tadeusz 1959

Folder TitleDate
153 Mann, Mendl
Manfred, Ernest Fred
Mann, Eric

Folder TitleDate
154 Margoshes, Dr.
Maritz, D.

Folder TitleDate
155 Mark, Berl
Markson, Julius

Mark - see also folder 298

Folder TitleDate
156 Mark, Nehemiah
Mauthner, Rose-Marie
Mayer, A.

Folder TitleDate
157 Meincke, Henning
Major, Robert

Folder TitleDate
158 Menachovsky, Moishe
Matenko, P.

Folder TitleDate
159 Mestel, Jacob 1946-1951

Folder TitleDate
160 Minkoff, Nachum B. 1950-1957

Folder TitleDate
161 Minkoff, Isaiah 1960

Folder TitleDate
162 Melkman, Joseph 1957-1960

see also folder 341

Folder TitleDate
163 Mukdoni, A.
Miszel, Leon
Mishkin, L.
Morgenstern, B.

Folder TitleDate
164 Namier, L.B.
Nadel, Emanuel

Folder TitleDate
165 Niger, Shmuel (Charney)
Neiman, David

Folder TitleDate
166 Novitch, Miriam 1946

Folder TitleDate
167 Opatoshu, Joseph 1950-1954

Folder TitleDate
168 Ophir, Boruch 1955-1956

Folder TitleDate
169 Ophir, Boruch 1957

Folder TitleDate
170 Ophir, Boruch 1958

Folder TitleDate
171 Ophir, Boruch 1959-1960

Folder TitleDate
172 Orenstein, Benjamin 1948-1965

Folder TitleDate
173 Ormian, Chaim
Ormont, James

Folder TitleDate
174 Oved, Moishe 1952

Folder TitleDate
175 Palmon, A.
Pasicznyk, M.
Palmer, Paul R.

Folder TitleDate
176 Pehr, Otton 1958

Folder TitleDate
177 Perlow, David 1957

Folder TitleDate
178 Perlow, Isaac 1955-1959

Folder TitleDate
179 Persky, Daniel 1951

Folder TitleDate
180 Peeters, F.P.J. 1960

Folder TitleDate
181 Pinkerfeld, A. 1955

Folder TitleDate
182 Pinson, Koppel
Pliskin, B.

Folder TitleDate
183 Poliakow, Leon 1954-1959

Folder TitleDate
184 Pomerantz, Chaim 1949

Folder TitleDate
185 Prager, M.
Pracownik, L.
Pregel, B.

Folder TitleDate
186 Puttemans, Andre
Preiss, Michael

Folder TitleDate
187 Rafaeli, Eliezer
Raczynski, Edward

Folder TitleDate
188 Rajski, Edward
Radoszydie, I.H.

Folder TitleDate
189 Raskin, Saul
Ravitz, M.
Ranz, J.

Folder TitleDate
190 Reitlinger, Gerald 1954-1956

Folder TitleDate
191 Reizin, Sarah 1952-1953

Folder TitleDate
192 Ribalow, M.
Rifkind, I.

Folder TitleDate
193 Riz, Jacob 1957

Folder TitleDate
194 Roback, A.A. 1959

Folder TitleDate
195 Robinson, Jacob 1947-1973

Folder TitleDate
196 Rodd, Elsie 1964

Folder TitleDate
197 Rochman, Leib 1948

Folder TitleDate
198 Rogel, Joseph
Rokach, L.
Rosen, H.I.

Folder TitleDate
199 Rokitstein, M.
Rona, B.

Folder TitleDate
200 Roosevelt, Mrs. Franklin D. (Eleanor) 1952-1957

Folder TitleDate
201 Roosevelt, Franklin D., Jr. 1952

Folder TitleDate
202 Rosenbach, Chava 1958

Folder TitleDate
203 Rosenstein, David 1947-1952

Folder TitleDate
204 Rosenthal, Jehuda 1957

Folder TitleDate
205 Rosenwein, Zvi 1954-1958

Folder TitleDate
206 Roth, Philip 1959

Folder TitleDate
207 Rothholtz, Walter 1959-1960

Folder TitleDate
208 Rubinstein, Reuven 1957

Folder TitleDate
209 Ryterband, Roman
Rygiel, Jan

Folder TitleDate
210 Samuel, Maurice
Sainer, Herman

Folder TitleDate
211 Sandel, Jozef 1958-1964

Folder TitleDate
212 Sanders, Ronald
Saviv, A.

Folder TitleDate
213 Scharfstein, Z.
Schindler, Alexander

Folder TitleDate
214 Schneer, Zvi
Schochet, S.

Schneer - see also folder 306

Folder TitleDate
215 Scholl (Aicher), Inge 1959-1960

see also folder 312

Folder TitleDate
215A Schulsohn, Samuel 1949-1958

Folder TitleDate
216 Schultz, H.E. 1957

Folder TitleDate
217 Schwartz, Leo 1947-1959

Folder TitleDate
218 Schwartz, Pinches 1954-1960

Folder TitleDate
219 Schwarzbart, I. 1949-1957

Folder TitleDate
220 Schweig, Joseph
Seckar, A.

Folder TitleDate
221 Segal, A.
Segal, P.

Folder TitleDate
222 Seidenman, Ludwik 1953-1954

Folder TitleDate
223 Shalit, L.
Shaffir, M.M.

Folder TitleDate
224 Shapiro, Leon
Sher, A.

Folder TitleDate
225 Shatkai, Joseph 1947-1963

Folder TitleDate
226 Shemen, N.
Sheinbaum, M.

Folder TitleDate
227 Shishler, H. 1950-1953

Folder TitleDate
228 Shmueli, Efraim 1954-1958

Folder TitleDate
229 Shmulevitch, I. 1962

Folder TitleDate
230 Shub, Rafael 1956

Folder TitleDate
231 Shulvass, M.A. 1951-1957

see also folder 289

Folder TitleDate
232 Shuster, Z.
Shonmi, Sz.

Folder TitleDate
233 Silberman, Lena 1952

Folder TitleDate
234 Silkes, Genia
Silberschein, A.

Folder TitleDate
235 Simaite, Anna 1956-1963

Folder TitleDate
236 Sinani, Elie 1952

Folder TitleDate
237 Singer, Elias
Singer, Joel

Folder TitleDate
238 Skobcov, A.
Sloan, Jacob

Folder TitleDate
239 Sommerstein, Emil
Sohn, D.

Folder TitleDate
240 Spitzer, T.H.
Spizman, L.
Szper, S.
Spies, G.

Folder TitleDate
241 Stearns, Mrs. Eugene (Annan) 1958-1965

Folder TitleDate
242 Steckel, Charles W. 1958

Folder TitleDate
243 Steinberg, I.N.
Steiner, F.

Folder TitleDate
244 Stockfisz, D. 1956-1960

Folder TitleDate
245 Stone, Isaac 1949-1958

Folder TitleDate
246 Sudarski, Mendel and Alte 1949-1960

Folder TitleDate
247 Swidler, Leo 1955

Folder TitleDate
248 Sworakowski, W.S.
Sudol, Stanislaw
Suhl, A.

Folder TitleDate
249 Steinberger, I.
Sternfeld, M.L.
Szczekacz, Leon
Szuldberg, Bronislawa

Folder TitleDate
250 Tartakower, Arieh 1954-1958

see also folder 309

Folder TitleDate
251 Tenenbaum, J. 1948-1956

Folder TitleDate
252 Tenenbaum, Sz. 1951

Folder TitleDate
253 Trunk, Isaiah 1960

Folder TitleDate
254 Turkow, Jonas 1946-1965

Folder TitleDate
255 Turkow, Mark
Tzadkoni, A.

Folder TitleDate
256 Unger, Menashe
Urbach, Izydor

Folder TitleDate
257 Uris, Leon
Urbasik, H.J.

Folder TitleDate
258 Uveeler, Mark 1954-1960

Folder TitleDate
259 Wajsblum, Marek 1959-1960

Folder TitleDate
260 Warenstam, Eric
Wdowinski, D.

Folder TitleDate
261 Weichert, Michal 1947-1955

Folder TitleDate
262 Weinrauch, Herschel 1949-1950

Folder TitleDate
263 Weinryb, B. 1951-1953

Folder TitleDate
264 Weiss, Lea 1956-1966

Folder TitleDate
265 Weissbluth, Gertrude and Eugene 1950-1959

Folder TitleDate
266 Wells, Leon 1961

Folder TitleDate
267 Weliczker, L.
Wiederman, P.

Folder TitleDate
268 Wiesenthal, Simon 1956-1959

Folder TitleDate
269 Winchell, Constance
Wininger, S.

Folder TitleDate
270 Wischnitzer, Mark 1954

Folder TitleDate
271 Witty, Irwin E.
Wittlin, Jozef

Folder TitleDate
272 Wulf, Joseph
Wolfe, Leon
Wohl, Samuel
Wurmbrand, F.
Wolff, Ilse R.

Folder TitleDate
273 Xanthos, Virginia
Yales, D.E.

Folder TitleDate
274 Zajaczkowski, S. 1949

Folder TitleDate
275 Zak, Abraham
Zaltzman, M.

Folder TitleDate
276 Zakalik (Kupferberg), D.
Zamlynska, Halina

Folder TitleDate
277 Zelby, Leon 1956

Folder TitleDate
278 Zineman, Jakub 1948-1958

Folder TitleDate
279 Zipper, Jacob 1952-1953

Folder TitleDate
280 Zonabend, N. 1948-1951

Folder TitleDate
281 Zonschein, Mordcke undated

Folder TitleDate
282 Zylberberg, Leon W. 1952-1953


Subseries 2: Universities, Libraries, Academic Institutions, 1946-1969

64 folders
Scope and Content:

Many of the institutions in this subseries are those with which Friedman was closely involved, such as Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaire, Central Jewish Historical Institute, Columbia University, Jewish Teachers Seminary, the Wiener Library in London, and Yad Vashem.

Folder TitleDate
283 Academy for Higher Jewish Learning 1956-1958

Folder TitleDate
284 American Academy for Jewish Research 1948-1958

see also folder 97

Folder TitleDate
285 American Association for Jewish Education 1952-1956

Folder TitleDate
286 American Committee for the Study of War Documents 1956

Folder TitleDate
287 American Council of Learned Societies undated

Folder TitleDate
288 American Jewish Historical Society 1952-1959

see also folder 134

Folder TitleDate
289 Baltimore Hebrew College and Teachers Training School 1949-1952

see also folder 231

Folder TitleDate
290 Basel University 1954-1959


Folder TitleDate
291 Bibliotheque de L'Alliance Israel Universelle 1948

Folder TitleDate
292 Brandeis University 1952-1956

Folder TitleDate
293 Brooklyn College 1949-1950

Folder TitleDate
294 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - American Bulgarian League 1958-1959

Folder TitleDate
295 Central Bureau of Statistics 1950


Folder TitleDate
296 Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaire 1946-1959


Folder TitleDate
297 Centre d'Etude des Problems Actuels 1957-1958


Folder TitleDate
298 Zydowski Institut Historyczny (Central Jewish Historical Institute) 1946-1965

see also folders 45, 155

Folder TitleDate
299 University of Chicago 1955

Folder TitleDate
300 City College 1950-1952

Folder TitleDate
301 College of Jewish Studies 1952-1958

see also folder 55

Folder TitleDate
302 Columbia University 1949-1960

Folder TitleDate
303 Commission Historique Juive 1946-1947

Switzerland, Paris, London

Folder TitleDate
304 Deutsches Institut fur Geschichte der Nationalsozialistischen Zeit 1951


Folder TitleDate
305 Dropsie College 1951-1952

Folder TitleDate
305A First International Conference on the History of European Resistance 1959


Folder TitleDate
306 Ghetto Fighters House - Kibbutz Lohamai Haghetoff 1950-1959

see also folder 214

Folder TitleDate
307 Hamburg University 1952

Folder TitleDate
308 Harvard University Library 1951-1957

Folder TitleDate
309 Hebrew University 1949-1959

see also folder 250

Folder TitleDate
310 Hebrew Teachers College
Hebrew Union College

Folder TitleDate
311 Theodor Herzl Institute 1959

Folder TitleDate
312 Hochschule for Gestaltung 1956-1958

Ulm, Germany
see also folder 215

Folder TitleDate
313 Hoover Institute and Library 1956

Folder TitleDate
314 Institute for the Research of Jewish Middle East Communities 1952-1956

see also folder 20

Folder TitleDate
315 Institute for Zeitgeschichte 1952-1959


Folder TitleDate
316 Instytut Historii Najnowszej 1950

Folder TitleDate
317 Jewish Congress for Yiddish 1957-1958


Folder TitleDate
318 Jewish Historical Documentation 1948

Linz, Austria

Folder TitleDate
319 Jewish Historical Society of Israel 1951-1958

Folder TitleDate
320 Jewish Library 1949-1962


Folder TitleDate
321 Jewish Museum 1956

Folder TitleDate
322 Jewish Teachers Seminary 1949-1958

Folder TitleDate
323 Jewish Theological Seminary in America 1950-1962

Folder TitleDate
324 Jewish Institute of Religion 1954-1961

Folder TitleDate
325 Library of Congress 1949-1961

Folder TitleDate
326 Manitoba University 1955-1957

Folder TitleDate
326A Marquette University 1959

Folder TitleDate
327 Montreal University 1956

Folder TitleDate
328 National Jewish Youth Conference
Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation

Netherlands - see also folder 47

Folder TitleDate
329 New School for Social Research 1959

Folder TitleDate
330 New York Public Library 1949-1959

see also folder 25

Folder TitleDate
331 New York University 1954-1957

Folder TitleDate
332 Palestine Historical Ethnographical Society 1946-1958


Folder TitleDate
333 University of Pennsylvania 1949

Folder TitleDate
334 Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America 1958-1963

Folder TitleDate
335 Research Institute for Post-War Problems of Religious Jewry 1953-1957

Folder TitleDate
336 Shevchenko Scientific Society 1953-1959

Folder TitleDate
337 Stanford University 1951-1956

Folder TitleDate
338 Vermont University 1957

Folder TitleDate
339 Wayne State University 1957

Folder TitleDate
340 Wiener Library 1947-1961


Folder TitleDate
341 Yad Vashem 1947-1958

see also folders 58, 116, 162

Folder TitleDate
342 Yeshiva University 1951-1957

Folder TitleDate
343 YIVO Institute 1946-1969

Folder TitleDate
344 YIVO - Friends in Israel 1957


Subseries 3: Newspapers, Periodicals and Publishing Houses, 1946-1963

46 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains Friedman’s correspondence with various periodicals, including several newspapers for which he wrote articles, and various publishers that published his works.

Folder TitleDate
345 Arani Verlag Publishing 1956-1960

Folder TitleDate
346 Ararat Publishing Society 1953-1954

Folder TitleDate
347 Aufbau 1955

Folder TitleDate
348 Befreiung undated


Folder TitleDate
349 Ballantine Books, Inc.
R.R. Bowker Co.

Folder TitleDate
350 Bitzaron 1954-1956

Folder TitleDate
351 Bundeszentrale fur Heimatdienst 1956-1957

Folder TitleDate
352 Commentary 1948-1959

Folder TitleDate
353 Crown Publishing Inc. 1957-1963

Folder TitleDate
354 Der Emes
Der Weg

Folder TitleDate
355 Encyclopedia - The American Peoples 1954

Folder TitleDate
355A Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora 1951-1956

Folder TitleDate
356 Encyclopedia Hebraica 1954-1957

Folder TitleDate
357 Exposition Press 1958

Folder TitleDate
358 Fellowship Publications 1957

Folder TitleDate
359 Free Europe Press 1958

Folder TitleDate
360 From the Last Extermination 1948


Folder TitleDate
361 Gazith Art and Literary Publishers 1952

Folder TitleDate
362 Goldene Keyt 1949-1958

Folder TitleDate
363 Hadoar 1956

Folder TitleDate
364 Heimish 1957-1958


Folder TitleDate
365 Historical Abstracts 1958

Folder TitleDate
366 Information Bulletin on the Jewish Community of the Philipines 1951

Folder TitleDate
367 Jewish Information Bureau (Office of Jewish Information) 1946-1960

Folder TitleDate
368 Jewish Social Studies
Jewish Review

Folder TitleDate
369 Jewish Encyclopedic Handbooks 1953-1959

Folder TitleDate
370 The Jewish Forum 1955-1956

Folder TitleDate
371 Jewish Frontier 1950-1953

Folder TitleDate
372 Judishe Rundschau (Jewish Review) 1946-1947


Folder TitleDate
373 Kiyoum (Existence) Journal
Ksiazka (Book)

Folder TitleDate
374 Le Monde Juif 1958

Folder TitleDate
375 Massadah, Ltd. 1951-1955

Folder TitleDate
376 Monde Publishers 1955-1957

Folder TitleDate
377 Nasza Trybuna 1949

Folder TitleDate
378 New York Post 1958

Folder TitleDate
379 Neue Welt 1948

Folder TitleDate
380 Ofsnai 1947

Folder TitleDate
381 Pergamon Press 1959

Folder TitleDate
382 Pyramid Books 1958

Folder TitleDate
383 The Reconstructionist 1946-1959

Folder TitleDate
384 Spedron 1958

Folder TitleDate
385 Tog-Morgen Journal 1954-1961

Folder TitleDate
386 Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
Unzer Shtimme
The Washington Star

Folder TitleDate
387 Yiddish Dictionary 1952-1955

Folder TitleDate
388 Das Yiddishe Kemfer 1953-1956

Folder TitleDate
389 Zukunft 1948-1958

see also folder 92


Subseries 4: Organizations, Federal and State Offices, 1945-1964

46 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries is made up of correspondence with various organizations and official offices in the United States and elsewhere. Most of the materials concern Friedman’s research about Jewish experiences in the post-war period.

Folder TitleDate
390 American Committee for Liberation
American Committee for Émigré Scholars, Writers and Artists

Folder TitleDate
391 American Federation of Jews from Central Europe, Inc. 1952-1954

Folder TitleDate
392 American Jewish Committee 1951-1958

Folder TitleDate
393 American Jewish Congress 1949-1954

Folder TitleDate
394 American Joint Distribution Committee 1946-1953

Folder TitleDate
395 Anti-Defamation League 1952-1959

Folder TitleDate
396 Anti-Fascist Jewish Committee undated


Folder TitleDate
397 Arbeiter Ring (Workmens Circle) 1949-1958

Folder TitleDate
398 British Joint Services Mission
B'nei Brith
1946, 1958

Folder TitleDate
399 Canadian Council of Christians and Jews
Polish Institute of Canada

Folder TitleDate
400 Canadian Jewish Congress 1949-1958

Folder TitleDate
401 Centralny Komitet Zydow Polskich 1945-1946

Folder TitleDate
402 Club of Polish Jews 1952-1959

Folder TitleDate
403 Common Council for American Unity 1956

Folder TitleDate
404 Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany 1950-1959

Folder TitleDate
405 Conference on Jewish Relations 1947-1950

Folder TitleDate
406 Congress for Jewish Culture 1948-1962

Folder TitleDate
407 Congress for Jewish Culture 1952-1959


Folder TitleDate
408 Council for Middle Eastern Affairs 1956

Folder TitleDate
409 Danish Information Office 1957

Folder TitleDate
410 General Consulate 1948-1964


Folder TitleDate
411 Gesellschaft fur Christlich-Judische Zusammenarbeit 1952-1959


Folder TitleDate
412 Histadruth 1953-1957

Folder TitleDate
413 Immigration and Naturalization Service 1950-1957

Folder TitleDate
414 Institute of Judeo-Christian Studies 1958

Folder TitleDate
415 International Tracing Service 1952-1953

Folder TitleDate
416 Jewish Agency for Israel (Palestine) 1947-1955

Folder TitleDate
417 Jewish Book Council 1949-1959

see also folder 93

Folder TitleDate
418 Jewish Labor Committee 1947-1956

Folder TitleDate
419 Jewish Temples and Synagogues 1950-1958

Folder TitleDate
420 Labor Zionist Order
Jewish Socialist Verband

Folder TitleDate
421 National Foundation for Jewish Culture 1958-1960

Folder TitleDate
422 Oberlandsgericht 1947-1958


Folder TitleDate
423 OSE (Œuvre de secours aux enfants) - American Committee 1948-1951

Folder TitleDate
424 Polish Jewry 1948-1954


Folder TitleDate
425 President's Office 1952-1959


Folder TitleDate
426 State Department - Historical Section 1959

United States

Folder TitleDate
427 Union of American Hebrew Congregations 1947-1955

Folder TitleDate
428 Unione della Comunita Israelitche-Italiane 1948-1957

Folder TitleDate
429 United Jewish Relief Appeal
United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution

Folder TitleDate
430 United Restitution Office (URO) 1951-1959

see also folder 94

Folder TitleDate
430A Vatican City 1958-1963

Folder TitleDate
431 World Jewish Congress 1946-1964

Folder TitleDate
432 World Memorial for the Jewish Martyr, Inc. 1952-1957

Folder TitleDate
433 Yiddish Writers Union 1951-1955

United States

Folder TitleDate
434 Zionist Organization of America 1951


Subseries 5: Landsmanshaftn, 1946-1959

22 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries of correspondence with various landsmanshaftn is organized alphabetically by community, such as Bialystok, or by country, such as Germany and Lithuania.

Folder TitleDate
435 Belchatow 1950

Folder TitleDate
436 Bessarabia - Romania 1952

Folder TitleDate
437 Bialystok 1953-1954

Folder TitleDate
438 Briansk 1951

Folder TitleDate
439 Chmielnik 1957

Folder TitleDate
440 Czestochowa 1956

Folder TitleDate
441 Galician Jews of America

Folder TitleDate
442 Germany 1946-1959

Folder TitleDate
443 Grajewo 1951

Folder TitleDate
444 Hungary 1954

Folder TitleDate
445 Kalisz 1952

Folder TitleDate
446 Kolomyja

Folder TitleDate
447 Lithuania 1954

Folder TitleDate
448 Miedzyrzecz (Mezricz)

Folder TitleDate
449 Ratno 1955

Folder TitleDate
450 Siedlce 1957

Folder TitleDate
451 South Africa - Chelm, Rakiszok 1951-1955

Folder TitleDate
452 Strzegom 1951

Folder TitleDate
453 Warsaw

Folder TitleDate
454 Wyszkow 1956

Folder TitleDate
455 Yugoslavia 1957

Folder TitleDate
456 Zelechow 1955


Subseries 6: Personal Correspondence of Dr. and Mrs. Friedman, 1944-1982

17 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries is arranged chronologically. There is also correspondence written to Mrs. Friedman after Philip Friedman’s death.

Folder TitleDate
457 Personal Correspondence 1944-1947

Folder TitleDate
458 Personal Correspondence 1948

Folder TitleDate
459 Personal Correspondence 1949

Folder TitleDate
460 Personal Correspondence 1950

Folder TitleDate
461 Personal Correspondence 1951

Folder TitleDate
462 Personal Correspondence 1952

Folder TitleDate
463 Personal Correspondence 1953

Folder TitleDate
464 Personal Correspondence 1954

Folder TitleDate
465 Personal Correspondence 1955

Folder TitleDate
466 Personal Correspondence 1956

Folder TitleDate
467 Personal Correspondence 1957

Folder TitleDate
468 Personal Correspondence 1958

Folder TitleDate
469 Personal Correspondence 1959

Folder TitleDate
470 Personal Correspondence 1960

Folder TitleDate
471 Personal Correspondence - To Mrs. Friedman undated

Folder TitleDate
472 Personal Correspondence - To Mrs. Friedman 1960-1982

after Philip Friedman's death

Folder TitleDate
473 Personal Correspondence - To Mrs. Friedman 1960-1982

after Philip Friedman's death

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Series II: Friedman’s Work, 1935-1982

68 folders
Scope and Content:

This series consists of materials relating to Dr. Friedman’s post-war professional positions at the Central Jewish Historical Committee of Poland, Columbia University, various positions and responsibilities at YIVO, and with the YIVO-Yad Vashem Joint Documentary Project. There are also articles and book reviews by Friedman of works by other writers and historians and some reviews of his own books.

Subseries 1: Central Jewish Historical Committee of Poland, 1945-1956

4 folders
Scope and Content:

These materials include reports, contracts, publications, bulletins, memoranda, questionnaires, articles, and correspondence in Polish, Yiddish and English.

Folder TitleDate
474A Official documents 1945-1946

statutes (Polish)
reports (Polish)
bulletins, 9/45 (Polish)
report-Second Scientific Conference, 9/19-9/20/45 (Yiddish)
one years work, 1946 (Polish, English)
publications of the Jewish Historical Committee (English)
contract between representatives of the Jewish Labor Committee, Jewish World Congress and the Zionist Labor Organization and the Central Jewish Historical Committee in Poland, regarding collaboration and Publications (English)
memorandums (Yiddish)
staff of the Central Jewish Historical Committee in Poland
publications of the Central Jewish Historical Committee in Poland (English)
Bulletin 16/41, Dos Naye Lebn (Yiddish)
Friends of the Central Jewish Historical Committee (Polish)
questionnaires and methodological instructions for the collector of historical materials and the study of the Holocaust (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
474B Press bulletins 1945

Polish Press Agency bulletins, 3/23/45; 3/24/45; 5/27/45; 5/28/45 (Polish)
Jewish Press Agency bulletins, 10/30/45; 11/7/45; 11/9/45; 11/14/45; 11/16/45; 11/23/45

Folder TitleDate
475 Articles about the Central Jewish Historical Committee in Poland 1945-1956

(Yiddish, Polish, English)

Folder TitleDate
476 Central Jewish Historical Committee in Munich 1945-1950

report of activities by the director M. Feigenbaum
report of the first gathering of delegates, 5/11-5/12/45
lecture by I. Kaplan in Gottingen, Germany, 5/12/47 (Yiddish)
Circular, 11/47
publication of the Central Historical Commission in Beren Belzen, 7/21/46
article by Lucy Dawidowicz regarding the Historical Commission in Munich (Yiddish), 1950
circular letter of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the American Zone, 5/46 (Yiddish)


Subseries 2: Columbia University, 1948-1959

4 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries is made up of correspondence, syllabi and course listings, book lists, memoranda, bibliographies, reports, and recommendations from Dr. Friedman’s position as a professor of history in the graduate department.

Folder TitleDate
477 Correspondence 1948-1959

letter offering Friedman a Research Fellowship, 2/19/48
letter from Salo Baron
general letters about Friedman's appointments to Lecture Fellow and Research Fellow, 1950-1959

Folder TitleDate
478 Courses in Jewish History given by Friedman 1951-1959

course 113: Ancient Jewish History
course 121: Medieval Jewish History
course 121c: Jews in Eastern Europe
course 122: Modern Jewish History
course 122a: Jews in Eastern Europe
course 122b: Economic and Social History of the Years 1789-1914
course 155a: Jews in Europe Since 1914
course 173: Jews in America
non-numbered courses: Jews under Capitalism and Socialism
Jewish Population
The World Jewish Population
General Sociological Introduction
Mixed Marriages and Conversions
Constitutions of the Marxist Democracies
memorandum of instructions for graduate courses
instructions for grading, grading sheets, student cards

Folder TitleDate
479 Council for Research in the Social Sciences 1949-1959

Bibliography of the Jewish Catastrophe, project 202
Bibliography of Publications in connection with Council projects
letters, reports

Folder TitleDate
480 Recommendations 1953-1959

for students and others to get employment and grants (English, German, Polish)


Subseries 3: YIVO, 1953-1959

4 folders
Scope and Content:

This is a subseries of reports, memoranda, correspondence, publications, brochures, bibliographies, meeting minutes, and agendas.

Folder TitleDate
481 Archives and Library 1953-1959

report of activities of the archives for 7/1-8/15/54 (Yiddish), 9/1-12/31/54 (Yiddish, English)
memorandum from J. Ezekiel Lipschutz to L. Lehrer
draft of a letter to the Department of State regarding access to the Berlin Document Center
memoranda of Dr. Robinson to J. Ezekiel Lipschutz, 12/24/57 (Yiddish) regarding the catalog of the Vilna Archive
memorandum #6, archival material at YIVO (English)
memorandum #7, archival material at YIVO (Yiddish)
project of the Commission to prepare a guide (Yiddish)
partial list of closed collections (Yiddish)
the proper way to systematize archival material (Yiddish)
relations between YIVO Archives and the Holocaust Document Project, 1955
Main Library and Archives of YIVO 12/5/53 (Yiddish)
list of prospective candidates for the course in Jewish Library Science and Archival Administration (English)
report of a special collection of 2354 books and magazines collected in Germany 1933-1945 (German)
list of YIVO publications sent to libraries, scientific institutions and individuals in Israel
brochure: Wilhelm Christian Just Chrysander's Yiddish grammar of 1750 reproduced from the original with remarks by Dr. Max Weinreich (English)
brochure about the Dr. M. Gaster anniversary volume published in London to honor his 80th birthday

Folder TitleDate
482 Historians Circle at YIVO 1953-1959

reports of meetings 1956-1957
invitations to meetings (Yiddish, English), 1956-1959
list of Yiddish newspapers 1918-1939 at YIVO's library
partial bibliography of the destroyed European Jewish Communities (Yiddish, English)
letter of Dr. S. Noble, secretary of Commission of Research at YIVO, 6/53 (Yiddish, English)
research on Holocaust Destruction of European Jewry

Folder TitleDate
483 Reports 1954-1957

meeting reports of the Expert European Jewry Committee for Holocaust Research, 3/31/54; 4/5/54; 4/12/54; 4/28/54; 5/14/54; 9/1/54
reports of meetings of heads of departments on the Holocaust, 2/15/55; 3/1/55; 3/23/55; 4/19/55; 5/10/55; 5/16/55; 6/14/55
agenda for meeting, 4/19/55
plans for project, 12/11/57

Folder TitleDate
484 Meetings of the Research Committee 1954-1955

minutes: 9/22/54; 2/9/55; 2/23/55; 3/2/55; 3/9/55; 5/4/55
agendas: 9/27/54; 10/22/54; 2/11/55
letter about a project, to Dr. Shapiro, Salo Baron, M. Yuviler


Subseries 4: YIVO-Yad Vashem Joint Documentary Project, 1946-1980

29 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains meeting minutes, reports, publications, questionnaires, articles and clippings, bibliographies, methodological guides, correspondence, applications, and programs in Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Polish, and German.

Folder TitleDate
485 Meeting minutes (Hebrew) 1955-1958

5/16/55; 5/23/55; 5/30/55; 6/6/55; 6/8/55; 6/13/55; 6/20/55; 6/29/55; 7/13/55; 7/20/55; 7/25/55; 8/3/55; 8/17/55; 8/24/55; 9/1/55; 9/7/55; 9/14/55; 9/21/55; 9/27/55; 10/12/55; 10/19/55; 10/26/55; 11/2/55; 11/9/55; 11/23/55; 12/7/55; 12/21/55; 1/11/56; 8/15/56; 1/30/57; 7/17/57; 7/30/57; 8/4/57; 8/19/57; 8/21/57; 2/20/58

Folder TitleDate
486 Reports (Hebrew) 1957-1958

monthly reports #4, #5 10/57; #6 11/57; #14 7/58; #15 8/58; #17 10/58; #18 11/58
7/1-12/1/57 report
meeting minutes 8/12/57; 8/23/57; 7/13/58
planning of a museum and monuments (Polish, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
487 Yad Vashem publications 1950-1967

Yad Vashem 9/12/58; 10/6/59; 11/8/59; 11/8/59
different brochures, 1950-1967
Yediot Yad Vashem 3/56, 6/60 (Hebrew, English)

Folder TitleDate
488 Yad Vashem Archives 1954-1955

activities report for 1/54-10/54, by Dr. I. Kermish (Yiddish, Hebrew)
From the Archives of Yad Vashem, reprint for the YIVO-Yad Vashem bulletin: What is not preserved in the archives, by Dr. K.J. Bal-Kadoori (English)
From the Wiesenthal Collection, same reprint as above (English)
note regarding stipend awards for studies and research into the destruction of European Jewry (English, Yiddish, Hebrew)
questionnaire: perished during the Holocaust (Yiddish, Hebrew)
note from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Hebrew)

Folder TitleDate
489 Articles about Yad Vashem 1946-1959

in different magazines and newspapers (Yiddish, Hebrew, English)

Folder TitleDate
490 Lists of books and articles regarding the Holocaust 1955-1959

(Hebrew, English)
includes Pinkes Hakehiloth (Hebrew)

Folder TitleDate
491 YIVO-Yad Vashem Joint Documentary Project 1954-1960

agreement announcing the bibliographical series
article about the agreement from YIVO Yedies #53, 6/54

Folder TitleDate
492 YIVO-Yad Vashem Joint Documentary Project 1955-1956

contemplated catalog of Documents of the European Jewish Catastrophe, 1/56
contemplated bibliography and preparatory work for the printed edition

Folder TitleDate
493 YIVO-Yad Vashem Joint Documentary Project 1956-1958

Yad Vashem position on the project 3/3/58 (Yiddish)
memoranda and minutes, 11/28/56; 8/19/57; 8/21/57; 10/57 (Yiddish, Hebrew, English)

Folder TitleDate
494 Correspondence between YIVO and Dr. Nahum Goldman 1956-1957

(president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany), 6/27/56; 6/29/56; 6/26/57
abstracts of eyewitness accounts

Folder TitleDate
495 Guide to Research in Jewish History, 1933-1945 1958-1962

edited by J. Robinson and P. Friedman, draft for comments and suggestions only
reviews of the Guide
appeal of YIVO to all authors for help in preparing the Guide (English, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
496 Guide to Research in Jewish History, 1933-1945 1957-1959

memoranda on the Guide (bound)
memo to J. Robinson from Chaim Finkelstein
other memos

Folder TitleDate
497 YIVO-Yad Vashem Committee 1954-1958

meeting minutes (Yiddish): 4/8/54; 5/2/54; 5/17/54; 6/23/54 (includes the report of the visit to Washington by P. Friedman); 10/13/54; 5/17/55; 6/6/55; 10/15/55 (English); 3/7/57 (Yiddish, English)
meeting minutes of the special subcommittee (English): 6/6/55; 10/15/55
meeting minutes of senior staff on the special project (Yiddish): 11/18/58
meeting minutes 2/20/56; 2/4/58
questions of principles concerning the Yad Vashem-YIVO documentation catalog
letter of Salo Baron and Chaim Finkelstein regarding the project
notes by Dr. Fried

Folder TitleDate
498 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1954-1955

meeting minutes: 6/24/54; 7/2/54; 7/6/54; 7/8/54; 7/15/54; 7/23/54; 7/28/54; 8/4/54; 8/10/54; 8/19/54; 8/26/54; 9/2/54; 9/10/54; 9/22/54; 10/15/54; 10/22/54; 11/24/54; 12/1/54; 1/13/55; 1/26/55; 2/11/55; 5/2/55; 6/10/55; 8/23/55; 10/7/55; 12/6/55

Folder TitleDate
499 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1956-1958

meeting minutes: 1/17/56; 1/18/56; 1/27/56; 2/1/56; 2/8/56; 2/13/56; 2/21/56; 3/2/56; 3/7/56; 3/23/56; 3/26/56; 4/11/56; 4/17/56; 5/15/56; 5/21/56; 5/31/56; 6/1/56; 6/4/56; 6/12/56; 6/26/56; 7/20/56; 7/25/56; 8/27/56; 9/4/56; 9/12/56; 10/9/56; 10/10/56; 10/15/56; 10/16/56; 11/7/56; 11/23/56; 12/17/57; 12/27/57; 1/4/57; 1/18/57; 2/6/57; 2/8/57; 2/15/57; 2/25/57; 3/4/57; 3/29/57; 5/10/57; 6/12/57; 6/28/57; 9/6/57; 9/11/57; 9/16/57; 10/2/57; 10/28/57; 11/22/57; 12/16/57; 12/26/57; 1/3/58; 1/13/58; 1/14/58; 1/15/58; 1/31/58; 2/4/58; 2/19/58; 2/27/58; 3/6/58; 3/27/58; 4/3/58; 4/8/58; 9/10/58; 9/23/58; 11/4/58

Folder TitleDate
500 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1954-1957

review of the protocols 1-71 (6/24/54-6/15/57)
report of activities 6/1-8/15/54
discussion on whether to publish the Guide in three languages, 9/54
material for the discussion
report on work of the commission 1/1-4/14/55
report for 9/57-11/57 (Yiddish)
division report, 2/1/57
statistical data 7/11/57
bibliography on the published material on the European Jewish catastrophe 6/54-6/56
bibliography on the Jewry of Lithuania for the period 1918-1940 (Hebrew)
memo to M. Yuviler from P. Schwartz
report and work schedule of the Bibliography Division, 5/11/56 (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
501 A Systematic Survey of the Bibliography on the Jewish Catastrophe 1954-1955

chapters from the Guide (English)

Folder TitleDate
502 Documentation of the Jewish Catastrophe and Resistance in the Nazi Era 1955

bibliographical manual, prepared by P. Friedman (English)

Folder TitleDate
503 Documentation of the Jewish Catastrophe and Resistance in the Nazi Era 1955

bibliographical manual (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
504 Documentation of the Jewish Catastrophe and Resistance in the Nazi Era 1955

bibliographical manual (Yiddish)
inventory of material to be processed by the Joint Commission of YIVO-Yad Vashem (English) [bound]

Folder TitleDate
505 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1954-1957

list of headings on the Hurban prepared by the Bibliographical Commission (English), 1957
preface to the handbook regarding the bibliography on the Hurban (Yiddish)
remarks by Seymour Lubetsky, consultant on the bibliography and cataloging policy, Library of Congress, 11/26/54 (English)
remarks by Rachel Auerbach (Yiddish)
list of participants in the Commission and remarks by P. Friedman
remarks by N. Blumenthal (Yiddish)
remarks by J. Robinson (English)
remarks by I. Kermish (Yiddish)
remarks by S. Dawidowicz (Yiddish)
data about the Hurban in Zaglebie (Yiddish)
references and lists on survivors
bibliographical material on parachutists (Hebrew)
bibliographical material on Hanna Senesh (Yiddish)
bibliographical material on Cracow under German occupation
optional list of topics on which material should be obtained
study of the moral and cultural aspects of the catastrophe
other materials

Folder TitleDate
506 Guide to Research in Jewish History, 1933-1945 1955

drafts of various chapters

Folder TitleDate
507 The Turkic languages and literatures 1956

bibliography compiled by Rudolf Loewenthal

Folder TitleDate
508 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1955

Bibliography on the Hurban literature (Yiddish, English, Hebrew, Polish)
material to be processed (Yiddish)
inventory of material processed (English)

Folder TitleDate
509 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1954-1959

various bibliographical listings (English, Hebrew, German)
bibliographical division, office work

Folder TitleDate
510 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1957-1958

Chaim Finkelstein, secretary of the YIVO-Yad Vashem committee, memoranda and circulars (Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
511 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1954-1958

staff of the commission, work schedule, reports and remarks, memoranda of P. Friedman and others
staff: David Bass, H. Berkowitz, Dr. Braham, C. Burstyn, Ada Fogel, John Fried, S. Fryde, Joseph, Rachel Gar, A. Gutgold, Rose Klepfisz, David Lehrer, Miriam Levitt, H. Sachs

Folder TitleDate
512 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1950-1957

application for work (English, Yiddish, Polish)

Folder TitleDate
513 YIVO-Yad Vashem Bibliographical Commission 1947-1980

programs (Yiddish, English): YIVO Conference #23, 1/15-1/18/49; #27, 1/3-1/8/53; #29, 1/15-1/18/55; #30, 1/21-1/24/56; #31, 1/19-1/22/57
YIVO Yedies #30, 55, 62 (fragments); #72, 10/59; #113, Spring 1970; #154, Fall 1980
program of the exhibition, The Jews in Europe 1939-1946
announcement of the 4th annual YIVO contest, 1952 (English)
problems in preparation of the Diary of H. Kruk (Yiddish)
project to renew the activities of the Scientific Commission by Yudl Mark (Yiddish)
radio speech of P. Schwartz about YIVO, 2/1/59 (Yiddish)
Conference on Yiddish Studies, NY, 4/7-4/10/58
report of the organizing committee
articles about YIVO by Shmuel Niger, Sz. Noble, Aaron Zeitlin, Lifschutz (Yiddish)
plan of the exhibition to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 3/53-4/53


Subseries 5: Writings of Philip Friedman, 1935-1962

25 folders
Scope and Content:

The materials in this subseries consist of speeches, book reviews and articles by Friedman, his research materials, and bibliographies of his works.

Folder TitleDate
514 Addresses and radio speeches 1949-1959

9/49, Di Tsiln un Oyfgabes fun Yidisher Hekher Dertsiyung in Amerike baym Hayntikn Tog (The Goals and Tasks of Yiddish Higher Education in America Today)
1/6/49, 23rd YIVO Conference
3/8/50, Di Geshikhte iz di Lererin fun dem Lebn (History is the Teacher of Life)
4/20/52, Conference of Teachers and Officials of the Workmen's Circle Schools
1/2/53, 27th YIVO Conference, article, Der YIVO un zayn Kultur-Svive (YIVO and Its Cultural Milieu)
1/16/55, 29th YIVO Conference, article, Hasidei Oymes Haoylem un di Yidn in der Tsayt fun der Natsi-Okupatsie (Righteous Gentiles and the Jews During the Nazi Occupation)
greetings to Dr. Shatzky
1956, obituary on Shatzky's death
1/13/57, article about YIVO
Die Grundsatzlichen Probleme Unserer Hurbanforshung (The Fundamental Problems of our Holocaust Research) (Yiddish, German)
9/27/57, Coming Back from Israel
11/26/57, Their Brothers Keepers, meeting on the publication of the book (English)
3/19/58, Kolomyja, town in Poland, his birthplace
4/19/58, 15 Yor nokhn Varshever Geto Oyfshtand (15 Years after the Ghetto Upsrising)
9/26/58, Stosunki Polsko-Zydowskie w Perspektywie Dziejowej (Polish-Jewish Relations in the Perspective of Years) (Polish)
12/28/58, greetings to Meyer Brown
2/1/59, YIVO in 1958
article about civil rights
to students of the Teachers Seminary
Historic Circle of YIVO, about Adam Mickiewicz

Folder TitleDate
515 Book reviews 1949-1958

The Course of Modern Jewish History, by H.M. Sachar
Modern Hebrew Literature, by Simon Halkin
Hitlers Tischgesprache in Fuehrer hauptquartier, by H. Pidrec
The four books to be reviewed, American Historical Review
The Cambridge History of Poland, by W.F. Reddaway and others
The Jews in Poland from Earliest Times up to the Second World War, Jewish Social Studies
Jewish Physicians in Ancient Poland
The Jews in the Soviet Satellites, by Peter Meyers
Rebirth and Destiny of Israel, by David Ben-Gurion
Five Books about the Nazi Holocaust, paperback edition
Race and Reich - The Story of an Epoch, by J. Tenenbaum
The Jewish People: Past and Present (Hebrew)
Haskala in Lithuania, by Dr. J. Shatzky (Yiddish)
To Dwell in Safety, by Mark Wischnitzer (Yiddish)
The Jew in Russia, by L. Greenberg (Yiddish)
Das Dritte Reich und Europa, Institut fuer Zeitgeschichte (German)
The SS: Alibi of a Nation 1922-1945, by G. Reitlinger
publications of the Leo Baeck Institute of Jews in Germany
Desperate Mission: Joel Brandt's Story, by Alex Weissberg
synopsis of the book Their Brothers Keepers
The Final Solution, by G. Reitlinger
New Books on Germany (Hebrew)
The Politics of Eisenhower and Truman towards the Survivors (Hebrew)
Hitlers Occupation of the Ukraine, by Igor Kamenetzky
The Ukrainian Revolution 1917-1920, by J. Resheter
The Heroism of Jacob Lestschinsky, 1956 (Hebrew)
The Ringelblum Book, Zukunft (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
516 Book reviews 1948-1958

The History of the Jewish Khazars, by D.M. Dunlop (Hebrew)
Pinkes Bialystok, by A.S. Hershberg
Pinkes Kolomey (Kolomyja), by S. Bickel (English, Yiddish)
Sefer Hasht, yiskor bukh (Yiddish)
Sefer Chelm, yiskor bukh (Yiddish)
Yerushalyim d'Lita in Kamp un Umkum, by Dr. M. Dworzecki (Yiddish)
Di Shaarit Haplita in Hurban Literatur (Yiddish)
Yiskor Bikher in Regionale Literatur (Yiddish)
A Fertl Yorhundert Hurban Literatur (Yiddish)
Di Yidn un dos Yidishe Folk (Yiddish)
Bikher vegn Hayntsaytiker Yidishe Geshikhte (Yiddish)
Di Yidishe Entsyklopedie - A Kapitl Kultur Geshikhte (Yiddish)
Yidishe Entsyklopedie in English (Yiddish)
The Slavonic Encyclopedia
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, by B. Mach (Polish)
Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto, by E. Ringelblum
Conscience in Revolt, by Lehrer
A Tower from the Enemy, by A. Nirenstein
Ghetto Theresienstadt, by J. Lederer
Five Books about the Nazi Holocaust
Human Behavior in the Concentration Camps, by Dr. E. Cohen
Hurban Varshe in Shpigl fun der Literatur (Yiddish)
The Theory and Practice of Hell, by E. Kogan
The Road from Weimar to Buchenwald
Theresienstadt, by H.G. Adler
A Shpigl Naye Oystatshung fun Varshaver Geto (Yiddish)
outline of The Jewish Resistance against the Nazis
History of the Jews in Warsaw, by J. Shatzky
New Books about Warsaw (Hebrew)
World History of the Jewish Nation, by S. Dubnow (Yiddish)
Historical Research of the Polish Jewry (Yiddish)
The Jews and the Polish Uprising 1830-1831, by Yakov Halevi (Hebrew)
Better than a Title, by Dr. Lavin, Hurban Europe (Yiddish)
Boll of the Year (Yiddish)
Dzieje Handlu Zyd. na ziemiach Polskich, by Dr. Ignacy Shipper (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
517 Book reviews - personalities 1951-1959

righteous Gentiles in the Nazi period (Yiddish)
in memory of the departed (Polish)
Simon Dubnow (English, Yiddish, Hebrew)
Professor Graetz - 100 Years
Jacob Lestschinsky - 80 years of Age (Yiddish)
Practice and Theory in Social Life, about Jacob Lestschinsky
Emanuel Ringelblum (Yiddish, English)
Jacob Shatzky: The Historian of Polish Jewry (Yiddish); History of the Jews in Warsaw (English); His Place in Eastern European Historiography
Father Benedetti (Marie-Benoit)
Folke Bernadotte
Case Grynszpan
Felan Kersten
Janusz Korczak
Mother Maria
Andreas Shpetytsky
Raoul Wallenberg, about Dr. Shatzky, by Ilse Bry
Ona Simaite, ADL Bulletin, 10/51

Folder TitleDate
518 Research on the Holocaust 1957, undated

Problems of Research on the European Jewish Catastrophe (English, Yiddish, French)
American Jewish Research and Literature on the Jewish Catastrophe 1939-1945 (English)
Outlines of a Research on the Jewish Catastrophe (same as above) (English)
Aspects of Hebrew Literature on the Catastrophe (English)

Folder TitleDate
519 Research on the Holocaust 1955

The Jewish Badge and the Yellow Star in the Nazi Era (English, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
520 Research on the Holocaust undated

Jewish Self-Government in Germany, Austria, and in the German "Protektorat" (Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
521 Research on the Holocaust 1950-1953

The Messianic Complex of a Ghetto Dictator (Yiddish, Hebrew)
The Messianic Complex of a Nazi Collaborator (English, Yiddish)
The Messianic Complex of Jacob Gens, Vilna
Die falshen messiasse der Nazischen ghetti (German)

Folder TitleDate
522 Research on the Holocaust 1950-1954

The Jewish Ghettos of the Nazi Era (English, Yiddish)
Ghetto (English)
Social Conflicts in the Ghetto (Yiddish)
Lublin Reservation (English)
A Medical Bibliography on the Recent Jewish Catastrophe (WWII) (English)
Nazi medical Crimes
The Bibliography on the Warsaw Ghetto (10th anniversary of the uprising)
Chapter Warsaw (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
523 Research on the Holocaust 1950-1958

The Jewish Resistance to Nazism (English, Yiddish)
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Polish)
15 Years After the Ghetto Uprising (Yiddish)
Warsaw Jews under the Nazi Regime (Yiddish)
Hurban Warsaw (Yiddish)
Uprisings in the Camps and Ghettos (Yiddish)
The Scope of the Resistance (Yiddish)
In the Woods and Fields (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
524 Research on the Holocaust 1949-1956

The Fate of the Jewish Book during the Nazi Era (English)
Education in Shearith Haplatah in Deautschland (German)
Literary Creativity in Shearith Haplatah in Deautschland (German)
Inflation of the Literature on the Hurban (Yiddish)
Books and Libraries
Literature of the Great Jewish Catastrophe in Nazi Era (English)
Literature on the Hurban (Yiddish)
Printed matter of the Haplatah in Germany (Yiddish)
Bialystok and its Jews during WWII (Yiddish)
Elements of the Research (Yiddish)
Literature of the Shearith Haplatah (Yiddish)
Significant Fateful Partnership (Yiddish)
Regional Historiography and the Romanticism of the Old Home (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
525 Research on the Holocaust undated

Their Brothers Keepers, by P. Friedman, typed chapters

Folder TitleDate
526 Research on the Holocaust undated

The German Invasion (Hebrew)
Historical Research of the Nazi Period (Hebrew)
The Slaughter of European Jewry in the Nazi Period (Hebrew)
Problems of Historiography of the Nazi Period (Hebrew)
Literature on the Great Jewish Catastrophe in the Nazi Period (English)

Folder TitleDate
527 Early writings before the war undated

The First Millenium of the Christian Era (Jewish Pioneering in Eastern Europe) (English)

Folder TitleDate
528 Early writings before the war 1938-1940

History of the Jews in Poland 1918-1938 (Polish)
The First Thousand Years of the Jews in Eastern Europe (Polish, English, Hebrew)

Folder TitleDate
529 Early writings before the war 1938-1954

Jews in the Polish Uprising January 1863 (Polish)
Jews in the Textile Industry in Lodz (Polish)
Lodz - Center of the Textile Industry in Poland (Polish)
The New History of the Jews in Poland 1905-1908 (Yiddish)
The Galician Jewry (English)
The Beginning of the Jewish Settlements in Eastern Europe (Yiddish)
Research on the Polish Jewry (Yiddish)
Monography of Kehillas and Cities (Yiddish)
Antisemitism in Poland - A Historical View (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
530 Articles 1947, undated

Meyer Balaban - Great Polish Jewish Historian
Jewish Historiography of Eastern Europe since 1937 to date (English)
East European Historiography since 1939 (English)
Jews in Poland - statistics (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
531 Articles 1935, 1946, undated

"From Antihistoricism to Superhistoricism (Yiddish)
The Problems of Jewish Historiography and How to Solve Them (Yiddish)
In memory of Historians of Polish Jewry (Polish)
Regarding Cultural Creativity in Freed Poland (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
532 Articles undated

The First Millennium of the Jewish Settlements in the Ukraine (English)
History of the Jews in Ukraine (Yiddish)
Ukrainian Jewish Relation in the Nazi Period (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
533 Articles 1946-1952, undated

The Era of 2100 Years is Not Finished (German)
The Jews of Greece During the Second World War - Bibliographical Survey (English)
Jewish Displaced Persons in the Modern Times (Yiddish)
Jewish Literature about Landsmanschaften for the Period 1941-1942 to 1951-1952 (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
534 Articles 1941-1957

Signs of a New Humanism (Yiddish)
The Roll of Yiddish Culture and Language in America (Yiddish)
The Cultural Crisis in Jewish Life (Yiddish)
General View about Jewish Education and Cultural Activities in the American Zone in Germany (Yiddish)
The Aim and Task of the Higher Jewish Education in America Today (Yiddish)
Problem of Jewish Education (Yiddish)
The Yiddish schools and the Shortage of Jewish Teachers (Yiddish)
The Jewish Teachers Seminary (Yiddish)
Second World Congress for Jewish Studies, 1957 (English)
The Paris Conference of Jewish Historians, 1948 (German)
The Fate of the Jewish Child and Youth under Nazi Occupation (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
535 Articles undated

The Karaites under Nazi Rule

Folder TitleDate
536 Articles 1951-1959, undated

some suggestions for the title of the book
the tentative outline
the outline suggested by Dr. Friedman
research on the Hurban in America (Hebrew)
introduction to bibliography on the Hurban (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
537 Articles 1947-1948

Mizrach Galicje Trojert (Eastern Galicia Mourns) - (transliterated Yiddish)
The Historical Turn (Yiddish)
German Science and Concentration Camps (Yiddish)
Steps and Methods of Extermination of Polish Jews (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
538 Bibliographies of writings by P. Friedman 1955-1962

Writings of P. Friedman, a Bibliography (English)
list of publications (English, Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, Polish)
bibliography on writings on the Nazi Period (Hebrew)
bibliography, 1935-1945, with index
publications, 1957
some of the publications, 1947-1952
list of printed matters, 1929-1931


Subseries 6: Reviews of Philip Friedman’s Books, 1957-1982

2 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries is made up of reviews and events related to Friedman’s published works, including reviews when the books were first published and later reviews of reprints.

Folder TitleDate
539 Reviews of P. Friedman's books 1957-1981

Their Brothers Keepers: reception, dedication, guest list, speeches, 11/6/57 at Waldorf Astoria Hotel; 11/26/57 at New York Public Library, Donnell Branch
different reviews, among others Mrs. E. Roosevelt (English, Yiddish, German, Russian, Polish)
summary and synopsis
Poles in the West (Polish)
Keepers of the Light (English)
Literary Evening in Honor of Dr. P. Friedman
list of books in English published after Their Brothers Keepers about the rescue of Jews

Folder TitleDate
540 Reviews of P. Friedman's books 1979-1982

Roads to Extinction, published in 1960 (after Friedman's death): different reviews (English, Polish, Hebrew, French)

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Series III: Research Materials, 1914-1979

165 folders
Scope and Content:

The materials in this series mainly relate to Friedman’s post-war research on the history of the Holocaust, pre-war Jewish experiences, destroyed communities, antisemitism, genocide, war crimes, Nazi personalities, and the post-war situations of Jews in various countries. These are mainly materials created by other people, including articles and newspaper clippings, statistical data, bibliographies, correspondence, and excerpts from books.

Subseries 1: Pre-war Jewry, 1915-1920, 1931-1957

4 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of articles about pre-war European Jewry in German, Yiddish, English, and Hebrew.

Folder TitleDate
541 Prewar Era-European Jewry 1942-1957

Arbeitshilfe zur Behandlung der Judenfrage, by Erica Kuepers, 1950 (German)
The Jewish Problem - Agenda 10/42, by Dr. Morris Ginsberg (English)
The Economic Rise of Eastern European Jewry, from 300 Years of Great Britain's Jewry, by J. Lestschinsky (Yiddish), 1957
Jews in the Diamond Industry, by David Lehrer (Yiddish), 1953
Notes to a History of the Jewish Guilds, by M. Wischnitzer (English), 1950
Das Judentum in Europa, by Ignatz von Doellinger (German), 1947
Status of Jewry - A Survey, by Dr. N. Goldmann (English), 1953
The Situation of the Jews in Europe before WWII (Hebrew)
brochures in Hebrew, 1951

Folder TitleDate
542 Prewar Era-European Jewry 1917-1920, 1931-1944

Economic Attitudes of the Jews in Bible Times, The Jewish Review 4/44, by Ephraim Fischoff (English)
The Jews in Europe, by Watson Thomson (English), 1943
Jews in WWI, by A.G. Duker (English)
Report on the Problem of the Jews in Russia in 1916, by L. Wolf (English)
Jewish Representations at the Peace Conference in Paris, a report by Saul Hayes (English)
American Jews and the Paris Peace Conference and Report (English), 1920
The Genesis of the European Crisis, by F.W. Foerster (English), 1935
How the Jewish Communities Prepared for Peace during WWI (English)
The War and the Jews, by I. Zangwill, (English) 1942
Antisemitism, by Dr. F. Oppenheimer (German), 1917
Economic Antisemitism, by Dr. J. Tenenbaum (English), 1931
The Importance of the Nazi and Yiddish Movement, by M. Cohen (German), 1917

Folder TitleDate
543 Prewar Era-European Jewry 1957, undated

Some Remarks on Die Juden und das Wirtshaftsleben, by I. Lipschitz (English)
The Preparations for Peace In the U.S.A. (English)
The Rothschild Legend in America, by Rudolf Glanz (English), 1957
excerpts from Capitalism and Jewish Fate, Menorah Journal (English)
The Balfour Declaration (English)

Folder TitleDate
544 Prewar Era-European Jewry 1915-1916, 1941-1942, 1954-1955, undated

articles on the Jewish situation before WWI (English, Yiddish, German)


Subseries 2: Fascism, 1919, 1933-1956

3 folders
Scope and Content:

These articles are about fascism and Nazism, both before WWII and after, as well as the legacy of Nazism in post-war Europe. These articles are in English, French, German, Yiddish, and Polish.

Folder TitleDate
545 Fascism-Nazism 1919, 1933-1953, undated

Mein Kamf (excerpts) (English), 1939
Swastika over Germany, by Dr. S. Lipschitz (English), 1933
The Swastika, by W. Norman Brown (English), 1933
The Nazi Bible of Hate and Germany Today, by A.P. Mayville (English), 1939
Pangermanisme et Racisme, by Edmond Vermeil (French), 1937
Aus gut Deutsch (German), 1919
In the Climate of Hitlerism, by K. Grzybowski (Polish), 1946
Die Oberste SA Fuehrung (German), 1944
Administration de la Violence, by Herbert Marcuse (French), 1953
Forschungsprobleme die Geschichte des Nationalsozialismus, by Heinrich Heffter (German), 1952
German military songs - Horst Wessel Lied, 1933
brochures (German), 1947, undated
The Nazi World Conspiracy, by Israel Cohen (English), 1941

Folder TitleDate
546 Fascism-Nazism 1950-1956

Neo-Nazi Movements and the Jews, by N. Robinson (Yiddish), 1954
Is there an International Neo Nazi?, by L. Poliakov (French), 1952
National Socialism and German Culture, by E. Vermeil (English), 1950
The Reichstag Fire in 1933, from the publication in Germany, Aus Politik and Zeitgeschichte (German), 1956
Soviet Espionage, Germany Before WWII, Aus Politik and Zeitgeschichte (German), 1955
Les origines ideologiques du Troisieme Reich, by Edmond Vermeil (French), 1955
Les Nazis entre Eux, by Michel Mazor (French), 1954
L'Homme Totalitaire, by Samuel H. Flowermann (French), 1950

Folder TitleDate
547 Fascism-Nazism 1943-1945, undated

Anti-Jewish propaganda (German, Polish)


Subseries 3: Anti-Semitism, 1939-1959

7 folders
Scope and Content:

These articles are about antisemitism before, during and after WWII, including the Dreyfus Affair, discussions of genocide, war crimes, and the Nuremberg Trials, in which Dr. Friedman was involved. These articles are in English, French, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Polish.

Folder TitleDate
548 Antisemitism 1939-1956

Publications: Antisemitism, by J. Lestschinsky (English), 1948
Training Bureau for Jewish Communal Service, syllabus for session 9 on Antisemitism, articles by A.G. Duker, S.W. Baron (English), 1948
Nietsche and Judaism, by Alfred Stern (English), 1945
Die Judischen Antisemiten, Frankfurter Hefte (German), 1951
German Pietism and the Jews, by Koppel S. Pinson (English), 1951
The Anatomy of Hatred (English), 1942
A Refugee Looks at Antisemitism Here, by R. Pick, 1948
Aspects de l'Antisemitisme, by Jules Isaac (French), 1952
The Situation of the Jew (Reflections on the Jewish Question), by J.P. Sartre (English), 1948
The Cedars of Lebanon, by Ernest Renan (English), 1943
Der Antisemitismus und die Deutschen, by Franz Boehm (German), 1950
Wider den Antisemitismus (German), 1952
Die waage des Daseins (German), 1954-1955
Conquered Europe Resists Nazi Antisemitism, by Hanna Fried and Zachariah Shuster (English), 1941
An Interpretation of Antisemitism, by G.M. Davidson (Yiddish), 1943
Die Judenfrage ein Christliches und ein Deutsches Problem, by Paul Tillich (German), 1953
Through Truth to Peace, by Erich Luth (English), 1952
book reviews and Dr. Friedman's notes on antisemitism, 1939-1956, undated

Folder TitleDate
549 Antisemitism 1953-1958

The Fate of East Central Europe, edited by S.D. Kertesz (English), 1956
The New Red Antisemitism - A Symposium, edited by Elliot E. Cohen (English), 1953
The Red and the Black (The Church and the Communist State) (English), 1953
The Soviet Satellites, by Alfred Werner (English), 1953
La Situation des Juifs dans la democraties populaires, by Francois Fejto (French), 1958
European Ideologies - A Survey of 20th Century Political Ideas, by F. Gross (English)

Folder TitleDate
550 Antisemitism - Dreyfus Affair 1951-1958

L'Affaire Dreyfus vue par un Historien Americain, by G. Weill (French), 1951
Du nouveau sur L'Affaire Dreyfus?, by Rene Remond (French), 1955
Le Journal de Paleologue va-t-il rouvrir le dossier de l'affaire Dreyfus?, by Georges Huisman (French), 1956
Pas de Prescription pour l'Affaire, by Rene Remond (French), 1955
The Founder of Political Antisemitism (excerpts) (English)
Macht und Gerechtigkeit - re: l'Affair Dreyfus, by Siegfried Thalheimer (German), 1958

Folder TitleDate
551 Antisemitism 1950-1957

articles (French, German, Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
552 Genocide 1942-1959

The Germans and the Hague Convention, by M.W. Mouton (English), 1950
Genocide and the United Nations, by N. Robinson (English), 1948
Punishment of War Crimes, Inter-Allied Review (English), 1942
President Roosevelt's Message to the Occupied Countries, Inter-Allied Review (English), 1942
Genocide, by Raphael Lemkin (English), 1946
Russian Emigre Scholars on Genocide, by R.S.S. (English), 1959
Code of Offenses against Peace and Security of Mankind, issued by Delegation of Israel to the U.N., 11/17/54 (English)
War Crimes and Denazification in the U.S. Zone in Germany (Sentences of War Criminals) (English), 1948-1949

Folder TitleDate
553 Genocide - War Crimes 1951-1955

The World's Most Horrible Crimes, by Herbert Yahraes (English), 1951
The German War Criminals (Yiddish), 1952
Crime and Punishment, by Dr. N. Robinson (Yiddish), 1955
Again about a German War Criminals (Yiddish), 1953

Folder TitleDate
554 Nuremberg Trial 1945-1955

The Nuremburg Trials and Historical Sciences, by John H.E. Fried (English), 1950
Will Nuremburg Serve Justice?, by Milton R. Konvitz (English), 1946
Ist der Nurnberger Prozess Illegal?, by Sheldon Glueck (German)
Proces w Norymberdze - Akt oskarzenia - Indictment (Polish), 1945
Die Rede des Englischen Hauptanklage Vertreters, by Hartlet Shawcross (German), 1946
list of war criminals, 9/22/45 (Polish)
articles (English, French, Yiddish, Hebrew, German), 1948-1955


Subseries 4: Nazi Personalities, 1933-1973

13 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of newspaper clippings and notes in many languages about various Nazi personalities and translations of documents from the Nuremberg Trials.

Folder TitleDate
555 Adolph Eichman 1945-1973

Folder TitleDate
556 Hans Frank 1943-1948

Folder TitleDate
557 Joseph Goebbels 1941-1946

Folder TitleDate
558 Herman Goring 1946-1955

Folder TitleDate
559 Artur Greiser 1946

Folder TitleDate
560 Rudolph Hess 1945-1953

Folder TitleDate
561 Heinrich Himmler 1954-1955, undated

Folder TitleDate
562 Adolf Hitler 1933-1958

Folder TitleDate
563 Johann Von Leers undated

Folder TitleDate
564 Alfred Rosenberg and Alfred Nossig 1945-1946

Folder TitleDate
565 Hjalmar Schacht 1950-1954

Folder TitleDate
566 Julius Streicher 1946

Folder TitleDate
567 Others 1945-1955


Subseries 5: Situation of Jews in Different Countries, 1914-1916, 1928-1979

138 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries is arranged alphabetically by country and then loosely grouped by time period discussed within the articles, often before, during and after WWII.

Folder TitleDate
568 Afghanistan, Persia 1953

Persia and Afghanistan and Their Jewish Communities, by Dr. N. Robinson (English, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
569 Algeria 1952

The Jews of Algeria - Report (missing)
The House of Bacri and Busnach - Algeria's Commercial History, by Morton Rosenstock (English)

Folder TitleDate
570 Australia 1950-1956, undated

extracts from the book Iben Safir, describing his visit to Australia and New Zealand 1861-1862 (Yiddish), 1950
clipping, 1956
Jews in Australia, by Hirsch Munz (English)

Folder TitleDate
571 Austria 1939, undated

Pre-War Era: Last Years Before the Anschluss (German)
Souvenirs Doloreux de Vienne (French)
letters to Joseph Goebbels 11/6/39, from a Jewish woman (German)
notes and articles

Folder TitleDate
572 Austria undated

War Years: Die periode des Auswanderungspanik (German)
Die Periode der Vernichtung (German)
German decrees of transportation (German)

Folder TitleDate
573 Austria 1942-1958

Post-War Era: The Jews of Austria, American Jewish Committee, 1944
press releases - Jewish Agency for Israel, 7/21/58, 10/23/56
press releases - American Jewish Congress, 7/21/52, 7/29/52, 8/1/52
restitution - articles, 1953-1955

Folder TitleDate
574 Austria 1952-1957

articles and clippings (Yiddish, English), 1952-1957

Folder TitleDate
575 Belgium 1940-1959

Jews in Belgium, 1940
L'Action anti-Juive sous L'Occupation Nazie (French)
Plan de l'Etude sur la Persecution des Juifs en Belgigue sous des Nazis (French)
the Catholic Church During the Occupation (articles) (English, French, Yiddish), 1956, undated
Brussels Unlversity Stands Firm against the Nazis (English), 1942
varia, 1959, undated

Folder TitleDate
576 Bulgaria 1951-1958, undated

The Jews of Bulgaria (English)
The Jewish Minority in Bulgaria, 1958
notes, clippings, 1951-1953

Folder TitleDate
577 Canada 1949-1955

mixed marriages-statistical data, 1951
The results of Jewish Agriculture and Colonization in Canada (Yiddish), 1955
Jewish Agriculture in Canada, 1949
The British Dominion - Canada

Folder TitleDate
578 China 1942-1956

Jews and China in 18th Century Literature, 1950
Jewish Affairs, Jews in the Far East, 1942
Comments on the Chinese Diaspora, 1956
The Jewish Communities of China in Dissolution, 1954
Jews in China (Yiddish), 1949
articles (English, Yiddish), 1946-1955
bibliography of publications on the Jews in China

Folder TitleDate
579 Czechoslovakia 1952-1954, undated

Pre-War Era: Origins of the Jewish Artisan Class in Bohemia and Moravia 1500-1648 (English), 1954
The Czechoslovakian Jews from 1938-1945 (German)
The Jews of Czechoslavakia
History of Jewish Communities (French), 1952

Folder TitleDate
580 Czechoslovakia 1942-1945, undated

Nazi Period: News flashes from Czechoslovakia, 1/12/42
The Resistance Bulletin, 1/1/43, 3/22/45, 4/2/45
The Czechs, Slovaks

Folder TitleDate
581 Czechoslovakia 1944-1954

Post-War Era: The Jews of the New Czechoslovakia, 1944
Vestnik - Jewish Bulletin (Czech), 1946-1948
articles about the Rudolf Slansky Trial, 1951-1954
The Prague Trial, by Anatole Goldstein (Yiddish, English), 1953
Public Opinion on the Prague Trial, 1953
The Case of Rudolf Slansky, 1952
The Protocols and the Prague Trial, 1953
Israeli Government reply to the note of the Czech Government, 1952
articles (Yiddish, Hebrew, English), 1944-1953

Folder TitleDate
582 Czechoslovakia 1946-1959

bulletin - The Rescue Committee of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, 1946

Folder TitleDate
583 Denmark 1938-1958

Jews of Denmark (English)
Denmark, by A. Arnheim (Danish)
Miracle of the Exodus (English)
articles, clippings, 1938-1958
The Story of the Organized Exodus to Sweden

Folder TitleDate
584 Egypt 1942-1957

Jewish Communities in Egypt - Les Cahiers (French), 1957
Jews in the Battle of Egypt (English), 1942
Jews in the Middle East (French), 1954

Folder TitleDate
585 Estonia undated

Estonia (English)
Jews of Estonia (English)
Short Biography of Dr. F. Kersten, born in Dorpat (English)

Folder TitleDate
586 Finland 1954-1955, undated

Finland (English)
Small Freedom Loving Nations Defy the Nazis
clippings, 1954-1955

Folder TitleDate
587 France 1932-1958, undated

Pre-War Era: France (English)
The Jews of France (English)
The Jews in the French Empire (1940-1941), 1941
Jewish Emigres during the French Revolution, by Zosa Szajkowski, 1954
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, article sur la France (French)
The Trial of Dreyfus (Hebrew), 1958
Alliance Israelite Universelle: Educational Work
Alliance Israelite Universelle: A Summary of Work
articles (Yiddish), 1932, undated

Folder TitleDate
588 France 1943-1956, undated

Letter from Paris, 11/43
The Grynspan Case, undated
articles (French, Russian, Yiddish), 1950-1956

Folder TitleDate
589 France 1943-1953

France during Nazi occupation: Recits d'Atrocites Nazies (French), 1944
Attitude of the French Population (English)
Egalite, Liberte, Fraternite (English)
On France, from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (English)
The Sources of the History of the French Public Opinion from the Armistice to the Liberation (1940-1944), 1950
An Opinion Poll on Anti-Jewish Measures in Vichy France, 1953
Notre Parole, 2/1/43 (French)
Father Benedetti

Folder TitleDate
590 France 1946-1957

The Church in France, articles (French, English, German, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
591 France 1945-1958

Post-War Era: articles and clippings (French, Yiddish, German, Polish, English)

Folder TitleDate
592 Germany 1915, 1928-1966

Pre-War Era: The Jews of Germany (English)
The Jews of Germany, reprint in The Times (English), 11/8/35
The Immigration of German Jews up to 1880, by R. Glanz, 1943
Jewish Bourgoisie in Germany, by J. Lestschinsky (Yiddish), 1957
The Minority Problem and its Literature, by J. Robinson (German), 1928
Jewish Archive, May 1915, August 1915 (German)
Anti Jewish Riots in Germany in 1819 (English), 1950
The Conversion Movement in Prussia During the First Half of the 19th century, by A. Menes (Yiddish), 1929
Germany and the Jews, Reconstructionist, 1966
articles (English, Yiddish, German), 1928-1958

Folder TitleDate
593 Germany 1933-1957

Nazi Era 1933-1939: The German Tragedy, 1935
The Origins of Antisemitism in the Reich (French), 1950
The Jewlsh situation in Germany, 1934
Das Blaue Heft, 8/15/33 (German)
Antisemitism and German History (German), 1957
reports of deportations, 8/8/40
Germany's Disastrous Eastern Policy and the Role of General Vlasov, 1950
articles (German, English), 1933-1952

Folder TitleDate
594 Germany 1936-1943, undated

War Era 1939-1945: The Fate of German Jewry 1933-1945 (German), by Dr. Lamm
Jews in Germany 1933-1945, outline (Yiddish)
Behind the Swastika, 1936
Speech on Persecutions in Germany, by Philip J. Noel-Baker, 1938
The Civil Death of the Jews in Germany, 1943
various articles (English, German, Polish), 1939-1958

Folder TitleDate
595 Germany 1933

excerpts from German newspapers

Folder TitleDate
596 Germany 1941

excerpts from German newspapers, 3/25/41, 3/26/41, 3/27/41

Folder TitleDate
597 Germany 1941

excerpts from German newspapers, 3/28/41, 3/29/41

Folder TitleDate
598 Germany 1941

excerpts from German newspapers, 3/30/41, 3/31/41

Folder TitleDate
599 Germany 1937-1954

Dr. William Weinberg - Landesrabbiner des Juedischen Gemeinden i Hessen: correspondence, speeches, clippings (German, English, Yiddish), 1937-1954
Das Freie Wort, The 10th Anniversary of the Revolt against Hitler on 7/20/44 (German, English), 1954

Folder TitleDate
600 Germany 1946-1958

Post-War Era: The United States and Germany 1945-1955, publication of the Department of State, 1955
Germany - Nine Years Later, publication of Bnai Brith, 1954
Germany - Twenty-Five Years after 1/30/33, WJC, 1958
Germany Revisited, 1947
Federal Republic of Germany, published by the Atlantic, 1957
Jewish Life in Liberated Germany, by K.S. Pinson, 1947
Second Conference of Jews Liberated, Frankfurt, 9/17-9/19/46 (Yiddish, English)
Congress of the Liberated Jews in the American Zone in Germany, February 1947, General Report (English, Yiddish)
articles (English, German, transliterated Yiddish, Yiddish), 1946-1958

Folder TitleDate
601 Germany 1944-1957

Judisches Gemeindeblatt 11/15/46, 1/19/47 (German)
On the Future of Germany, by K. Pinson (English), 1944
In the Wake of Ruin, by B. Dinaburg (English), 1945
Germany and the Jews after 1945 (German), 1957
Our Unfinished Job in Germany, by D. Rosenstein (English), 1953-1954
various articles (English, French, German, Polish), 1946-1953

Folder TitleDate
602 Germany 1949-1958

Germany - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 1958
News from Germany, 9/52 (English)
Social Democrats - Partie of Germany (German)
Deutsche und Juden (German), 1951
Unzer zentrales problem (German)
Berichicte aus den Gemeinden in Deutschland (German), 1955
Algemeine Wochunzeitung der Juden in Deutschland (German), 1955
articles about M. Buber (German, English), 1953-1954
various articles (English, French, German), 1949-1958

Folder TitleDate
603 Germany 1949-1959

Friede mit Israel (German), 6/55, 2/56, 9/56, 10/57, 2/59
Die Frankfurter Hefte, 5/49, 1/50
Der Zeitgeist 12/55, 8/56
Zeitgeschichte, 1954, 1959
various articles (French), 1951-1953

Folder TitleDate
604 Germany 1946-1948

Passover service and haggadah in the German Camps 1946-1948 (Yiddish, Hebrew, English)
Tu B'Shevat service (Hebrew, Yiddish), 1947
In Memoriam Rebecca Kapelsohn (English), 1947
research plan about the survivors in the English zone of Germany (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
605 Germany 1947-1959

Righteous Gentiles - Anton Schmidt (Yiddish)
The Church in Germany (English)
Digest on Germany and Austria 12/59 (English)
articles (German, English, Polish, Yiddish), 1947-1959

Folder TitleDate
606 Germany 1945-1958

articles on culture and Jewish life (German, English, Yiddish, French)

Folder TitleDate
607 Germany 1956

letters applying for a grant to study "The Other Germany and the Jews in the Nazi Period" and memo from Dr. Friedman and Kurt R. Grossmann

Folder TitleDate
608 Germany 1938-1949

statistical data (English, German, Polish, Hebrew)

Folder TitleDate
609 Great Britain 1940-1959

Pre-War Era: The Role of Jews in the Economical Development of England, by J. Lestschinsky (Yiddish), 1956
Jewish Millionaires that Aren't Anymore in England, by J. Lestschinsky (Yiddish), 1956
The Jews' Role in the Early British Railways (English), 1953
German Refugees in England (English), 1940
Bulletin of the Wiener Library, 1959
various articles (English, Yiddish), 1945-1958

Folder TitleDate
610 Great Britain 1950-1956

Post-War Era: The 82nd Annual Report of the Anglo-Jewish Association, 1954
Annual Report of the Board of Directors of British Jewry, 1954
Anglo-Jewish Association, brief notes on history and activities
The Board of Deputies - article, 1954
bulletin, 6/55
Polish Combatants Union - Bulletin #19 (Polish), 11/50
Children and Grandchildren of Marranos and What was Left of Them, by J. Lestschinsky (Yiddish), 1956

Folder TitleDate
611 Great Britain 1945-1958

articles about Professor Arnold Toynbee and the Jews (English, Yiddish, French, Hebrew), 1950-1958
The Jewish Quarterly, autumn 1954
Five Years Yiddish Cahiers (Yiddish), 1945

Folder TitleDate
612 Greece 1944-1954, undated

Pre-War Era: The Jews of Greece, 1944
The Balkan Nations - The Greeks
notes and excerpts (English, French, Yiddish), 1954, undated

Folder TitleDate
613 Greece 1946-1958

Nazi Era: La Tragedie des Juifs Grecs (French)
Un crlminel Nazi: Max Merten (French), 1958
La Grece au combat et sous l'occupation (French), 1956
The resistance of the Greek Jews
Greek Orthodox Church
The Greek Catholic Church
The Trip -Lemberg (Poland) - Salonika (Greece) (French) (missing)
Postwar Era: The Greek Jews (Yiddish), 1957
The Situation of the Jewish community in Greece (French)
newspaper clippings (French, English, Yiddish, German), 1946-1954

Folder TitleDate
614 Hungary 1956, undated

Pre-War Era: The Jews of Hungary
The Social and Economic Position of Hungarian Jewry during the 18th century, 1956

Folder TitleDate
615 Hungary 1944-1959

Nazi-Era: The Hungarian Tragedy
Hungary - The Unwilling Satellite
Reports on the Jewish Situation, 3/14/44: A Memorandum on the Situation of Hungarian Jewry, 1944
Raoul Wallenberg
The Kastner Trial (Hungarian, Yiddish), 1955-1958
materials about forced labor (English, German), 1951
Joel Brand (French), 1958
Hungary and the Jewish Catastrophe, by Randolph Braham
Report on the Trip to Germany and Israel for the Collection of Material for the Documentation of the Hungarian Jewish catastrophe, 1959
Statement A - Purpose of Research, 1957

Folder TitleDate
616 Hungary 1943-1959

Post-War Era: The Survivors
Legation of the Hungarian People's Republic in Washington, Release on Hungarian Jewry
Jewish Population in Hungary, JDC Review, 12/26/47
Sovietization of Hungary, 1952
Letter to the Jewish Agency for Palestine, 1947
Bibliography of Post-Armistice Hungarian Historiography, 1947
Central Board of Hungarian Jews, Report on activities for 1959
Hungarian Jews -Their History and After War Situation (Yiddish), 1952
articles, statistics, notes (English, French, Yiddish, German), 1943-1959

Folder TitleDate
617 Hungary 1955, undated

copy of a 1946 letter to Cardinal Mindszenty (French), 1955
Hungary and the church (English)

Folder TitleDate
618 India 1947-1958

To Young India - An Open Letter to Ghandi, 1958
My conversation with Ghandi (Yiddish), 1956
Letters from Abroad, Cochin, India, 1947

Folder TitleDate
619 Israel 1952-1959

Demographic and Social Economic Physiognamy of Israel, by J. Lestschninsky (Yiddish), 1953
What is a Zionist, by Ben-Gurion (English), 1953
The Integration of Israeli Immigrants, 1956
Jewish Agency for Israel - Publications # 81, 82, 83, 1959
Oriental Jews in Israel (English), 1952
Name Changing in Israel (French, Hebrew), 1952-1953
Beth Lehamei Hageteoth, by Itzhack Katznelson (Hebrew), 1959

Folder TitleDate
620 Israel 1950-1957

statistical data (Yiddish, English, Hebrew)

Folder TitleDate
621 Israel 1934-1959

miscellaneous material on Israel: Four Years and Five Years of Israel Statehood, 1952-1953
Jewish Migration from Israel (Yiddish), 1958
Rescue Commission of the Jewish Agency, Bulletin (English, Hebrew), 1945-1947
Jewish Agency memo, 11/10/59
Friede mit Israel (German), 1959
varia (English, Polish, Hebrew, Yiddish), 1934-1956

Folder TitleDate
622 Italy 1938, 1949-1956

Pre-War Era: The Jews of Italy
The Italian Colonies, 1949
Gli Ebrei in Italia (Italian), 1938
The Number of Jews in Sicily in 1492, 1953
The Situation of the Jewish Community in Italy (French), 1950
L'Alliance a Rome en 1873 (French), 1956

Folder TitleDate
623 Italy 1939, undated

Nazi Era: A Reluctant Ally
Persecutions against the Jews in Italy 1935-1945 (French)
Racism in Italy - Royal Decree of 11/15/38, 1939
Concentration Camps (Italian)

Folder TitleDate
624 Italy 1944-1956

Post-War Era: The Jewish Situation in Italy after the Fall of the Nazi-Fascist Regime (English), 1952
Report from a Country with no Jewish Problem, 1947
Economic and Political Problems in Light of Christian Democratic Principles (Italian), 1946
A Few Hours with Jews of Venice and Florence (French), 1956
Report on Cultural Life of the Jewish Refugees in Italy in 1947 (Hebrew), 1948
Emilia, cultural magazine (Italian), 1955
excerpts from magazines and newspapers (Yiddish, English, German, Italian), 1944-1956

Folder TitleDate
625 Italy 1941-1959

Research on Italian Resistance, by G. Vaccarino, 1950
letters re: righteous Italians (Yiddish, English), 1955-1959
Communiques de la Ministere de 'Interieur (Vichy) (French), 1941-1943

Folder TitleDate
626 Italy 1948-1958

Church: The Attitude of the Holy See vis-a-vis the Nazi Persecutions, 1950
Pope Pius Xll and the Jews, by J.L. Lichten, 1958
Pope Pius Xll, notes of a reporter (Yiddish), 1958
S. Vincenzo and the Racial Persecutions in Milan (Italian)
The Madonna, a Boston Catholic Magazine (English, Italian), 1954
letter to the Central Historical Commission in Poland (English), 1948
A Chief Rabbi of Rome Becomes a Catholic - book cover

Folder TitleDate
627 Japan 1942-1958

Jewish Affairs, Jewish communities, refugees (English), 1942
Star of David and Rising Sun, by H. Kublin, 1958
various articles (Yiddish, German, English), 1952-1958

Folder TitleDate
628 Japan 1940-1943

reprint from the Japan Chronicles

Folder TitleDate
629 Korea 1953-1954

Jews in Korea (Yiddish), 1953
Jews on the Philippine Islands (Yiddish), 1954

Folder TitleDate
630 Latvia 1944, 1957

The Jews of Latvia
Facts about Latvia, 1944
Latvian-USSR Relations, 1944
What Latvia Wishes From This War?, 1944
Jews in Finland and Lapland (Yiddish), 1957

Folder TitleDate
631 Latvia 1951-1955

statistics, newspaper clippings (English, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
632 Lebanon 1956

The Jewish Patriarch of Lebanon (English)

Folder TitleDate
633 Lithuania 1934, 1946-1952

The Jews of Lithuania
Jewish National Autonomy in Lithuania 1918-1925, 1952
The Economic Struggle of the Jews in Independent Lithuania, by J. Lestschinsky (English), 1946
The State Capitalosm and the Jews in Eastern Europe - the Example of Lithuania, by J. Lestschinsky (Yiddish), 1934
The Jewish Problem (Polish)
Annihilation of the Jews by the Lithuanians (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
634 Lithuania 1946-1951

bibliography, articles, newspaper clippings (Yiddish, English, German)

Folder TitleDate
635 Madagascar 1941-1955

Hitler's Plan for Madagascar (English), 1941
The Lublin Reservation and the Madagascar Plan (English, Yiddish), reprint for the YIVO Annual, 1953

Tokhnit Madagascar (Hebrew), 1955
British Landing in Madagascar, 1942
Hitler's Jewish State in Madagascar (English)
letter to Dr. Friedman from the State Archive in Nuremberg (German), 1952

Folder TitleDate
636 Morocco 1945-1955

The Jews of Morocco, Institute of Jewish Affairs, 1949
The Jews of Morocco, by Prosper Cohen, 1945
The Falashas Incorporate Themselves in the Jewish Establishment (Yiddish), 1955
The Jewish General Governor in Morocco, by Dr. A. Neiman (Yiddish), 1955

Folder TitleDate
637 Netherlands - Holland 1939, undated

Pre-War Era: Holland
A Survey of the Social and Economic Activities of the Jews in Holland During the 17 and 18th Centuries
Holland - Brief Historical Survey (English, Yiddish)
The Jews of Holland
The Jews in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 1939

Folder TitleDate
638 Netherlands - Holland 1942, undated

Nazi Era: Jews and Non-Jews in Nazi-Occupied Holland
Politiek en Taktiek van de CPN (Kommistadee Parter International) 9/39-6/41 (Dutch)
A Fearless Document on the Deportation of Holland's Jews, 1942

Folder TitleDate
639 Netherlands - Holland 1943-1958

Resistance: Civil Resistance in the Netherlands, 1950

the Dutch resistance, 1943, undated
Investigations as to the Military Resistance in the Netherlands, 1950
Annals of the Liberation, 1956
Anne Frank's story (a few articles) (English, German), 1957-1958

Folder TitleDate
640 Netherlands - Holland 1948-1957

Post-War Era: Jews and Judaism in Post-War Amsterdam
The Revival of Dutch Jewry, 1948
A Chapter of the Jewish Tragedy (Yiddish), 1956
The Fate of the Jews in Holland (Yiddish), 1957
statistical notes
De Nieuwe Stem-Maandblad voor Cultuur en Poletiek (Dutch, English), 1949
Berchtesgaden - Ruin or Relic, by Gabriel Gersh (English), 1956
Sitzen in Breda wirklich Unschuldige? (German), 1956

Folder TitleDate
641 Norway 1941-1957

clippings (English, Yiddish, Hebrew, German)

Folder TitleDate
642 Poland 1916, 1928-1944, 1957

Pre-War Era: The Jews of Poland
The Situation of the Jews in Poland, by A.G. Duker (English), 1936
The Origins of the East European Jewry and the Khazars
Jews in Medieval Poland and Russia, by E. Reiter
The History of Polish Jews, by Van Loues Levin (German), 1928
Jewish Trade in Poland (Up to 1914), by L.L. Wolfe
Jews in Public Service and the Liberal Professions in Poland 1918-1939, by Raphael Mahler, 1944
Jews in Poland, by G. Gothein (German), 1916
Polish Jews in Foreign Countries (Hebrew)
The Policies of Poland Towards the Jews 1921-1939, by J. Gitman, 1957

Folder TitleDate
643 Poland 1952-1954

The Shtetl: Life is With People, by B. Weinreich, 1953
What Was the Shtetl Really Like?, by I. Witty, 1954
A Shady Portrayal of the Shtetl, by A.G. Duker, 1952
A Book about the Jewish Shtetl, by E. Ben-Ezra (Yiddish), 1953
Joseph Perl (Yiddish), parts only

Folder TitleDate
644 Poland 1929, 1944-1958

The Kehilla: Economic Aspects of Jewish Community Organization in Independent Poland, by J. Lestschinsky (English), 1947
The Council of Four Lands, by M. Horowitz, 1958
budgets of kehillas in Poland (Polish), 1929
The History of the Jewish Kehilla, by Dr. J. Shatzky (Yiddish), 1944
The Social Character of the Kehillah and Councils in Poland and Lithuania (Hebrew), 1952

Folder TitleDate
645 Poland 1928, 1939-1952

Learning-Education: The Heder and the Yeshiva in Eastern Europe - 17th Century, by C. Lampner, 1952
The Place of Book Learning in Traditional Jewish Culture, by M. Zborowski, 1949
The Social and Political Aspects of the Haskalah in Galicia, by Dr. R. Mahler, 1946
The New Hebraic Haskalah Literature in Galicia, by Dr. M. Weissberg (German), 1928
Galician Assimilation in the Struggle for the Yiddish Language, by Mendel Neugroschel (Yiddish), 1952
List of the Most Important Jewish Teachers Seminaries in Europe (English)
The Jewish Socialist Movement before the Bund, by P. Friedman (Yiddish), 1939
Materials on the History of the Jews in Poland, by Dr. Rosenthal (Hebrew), 1952

Folder TitleDate
646 Poland 1933-1954

various articles: The Jewish Massacres during the Insurrection of Bogdan Chmielnicki, by Stephen M. Thomas
Jacob Frank and the Frankist Movement, by I. Witty, 1954
From Frankism to the Love of Zion, by Prof. Dineburg (Hebrew), 1952
Persecutions Takh v'Tat (Hebrew), 1952
An Unknown Document from Shabbetai Zevi (Yiddish), 1933
The Protection of Jewish Religious Rights by Royal Edicts in Ancient Poland, by Dr. I. Lewin, 1943
Wooden Synagogues in Poland (German), brochures, pictures
antisemitic leaflet (Polish), 1936

Folder TitleDate
647 Poland 1945-1951

statistical data: Historical Perspectives course syllabus, including the Polish census of 1931, 1948
The Jews in the Cities of the Republic of Poland, according to the census of 1931 (English, Yiddish), 1946
statistical tables and statistics of the Jewish population in Poland (Polish, English, Yiddish), 1945-1951

Folder TitleDate
648 Poland 1939-1958

Poland under Nazi Occupation: general information
Defeated But Not Beaten
Analysis of the Annihilation of Polish Jewry during the Nazi Period, by B. Orenstein (Polish)
Poland under the Nazi Heel - Eyewitness Stories of the Invasion, 1939
From the Valley of Slaughter, 1943
Atrocity in Poland! (German), 1943
Jewish Agency Committee for the Jews of Occupied Europe Bulletin, 1944
The Mass Extermination of Jews in German Occupied Poland, published by the Polish Foreign Ministry in London, 1942
Jews - article (Polish)
The Inter-Allied Review, 1941-1943
The Jewish Press on the Partition of Poland and Its Consequences, 1939
Religious Discrimination and Persecutions (Polish)
note of Molotow, foreign secretary of USSR (Polish)
Need They Have Died?, 1958
Foto Gazetka (Polish newspaper in German regarding atrocities against Poles), 1945
Poland, by Leon Shapiro, American Jewish Year Book, 1948
articles (Polish, French, German, English), 1954, undated

Folder TitleDate
649 Poland 1946-1958

Polish and Other Aid for the Jews: Polish Help for the Jews During the Occupation (Polish)
eyewitness account of F. Willner, document #758, Historical Commission, Krakow, Poland (Polish), 1946
For Your Freedom as Well as Ours
The Technique and the Danger of Hiding a Jew (English)
Two Polish Villages Razed for Extending Help to Jews (English), 1957
The Polish Socialist Party, its Relationship to National Socialism and to German Occupying Power (German), 1958
Help from the Jewish Working Class in America for the Victims of the European Holocaust, by A. Held (Yiddish), 1953
A Few Righteous Poles (Yiddish), 1953
Social Problems among Jews during the Nazi Era, by B. Orenstein (Yiddish), 1951

Folder TitleDate
650 Poland 1938-1945

statistical data: number of Jews in Poland (1945 borders) as of 1/1/39 (Polish)
number of Jews in the Polish Territories taken over by USSR as of 1931 (with Danzig, without) (Polish)
numerical picture of Polish Press as of 6/15/45 (Polish)
map of Poland and the Baltics at the end of WWII (German)
various statistics (English, Polish, German), 1938-1945

Folder TitleDate
651 Poland 1944-1959

Dr. Janusz Korczak materials (English, Hebrew, Polish, French, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
652 Poland 1939-1953

Khazars: Die Karaimen (German), 1942
The Origins of the East European Jewry and the Khazars
Karaite Anthology, review from Speculum Journal, 1953
Remarques concernant les Etudes Semantique Turques (French), 1948
Mysl Karaimska (Polish), 1947
Przeglad Orientalistyczny (Polish), 1949
Ze studiow nad zagadnieniem chazarskim (Polish), 1945
Problem Jezykowy Chazarow (Polish), 1946
The Caucasian Mountain Jews, 1946
What I Know about the Karaimer Jews during the Nazi Occupation in Poland, by Joseph Fuksman (Yiddish)
copies of German documents concerning Khazar Jews dated 1/9/39, 9/1/41, 9/25/41, 10/1/41, 10/14/41, 11/22/41, 12/6/41, 10/19/42, 6/12/43, 7/31/43

Folder TitleDate
653 Poland 1947-1958

Post-War Era: Jewish Life in Poland, Polish Research and Information Service, 7/48, 10/48, 12/48, 1/51
Polish Embassy press releases, 3/12/53, 7/20/53
Post-Election Prospects in Poland in Regard to the Jews, 1947
Poland in 1957, Chronicle of Events 7/1/57-9/30/57, 1957
A Journey to Poland, by M. Einhorn, 1957
Poland after October, 1957
Peril for Polish Leader, 1956
Di Jidisze Farmegens in Pojln (Polish), 1947
Le Juifs de Pologne (French), 1955
Jews in Communist Poland, Jacob Lestschinsky (Yiddish), 1955
Monthly Bulletin of the 1939 Club Family, 6/57
Poland and Hitler's Offers of Alliance, 1958
Polish Emigration (German), 1954

Folder TitleDate
654 Poland 1957-1959

unsigned articles about the war

Folder TitleDate
655 Poland 1944-1946

the Polish and Jewish Press: Jewish Press Agency, 2/11/46, 7/5/45, 2/12/46
Maly Polak, 7/21/45, 7/22/45, 7/28/45, 7/29/45
Glos Robotniczy, 11/28/45, 12/10/45
Robotnik, 2/6/46
Rzeczpospolita, 12/15/45
Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny, 1/7/46, 1/19/46, 2/2/46
Kurier Popularny, 12/9/45, 12/14/45, 2/4/46
Tygodnik Polski, 2/13/44
Opinia; Odrodzenie; Widnokiegi
Dos Naye Lebn (The New Life)
The Way Out in Poland, Jewish Labor Committee (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
656 Poland 1945-1958

newspapers, articles, excerpts (Polish, English, Hebrew)

Folder TitleDate
657 Poland 1939-1943

The Solution of the Jewish Question in Galicia, translated document (State secret), 6/43, also original German versions
translated documents and photocopies of original German documents relating to the occupation of Poland, 1939-1943
excerpts from a book Die Juden in Polen, by H.E. Serpest (German)

Folder TitleDate
658 Poland 1941-1955

Underground Fight against the Germans: introduction
The First Government of Underground Poland (Polish), 1949
report of the Polish underground movement, 1944
Poland Fights Back, by S. Segal, 1942
The Principles We Fight For, the International Allied Review, 1941
Les Juifs dans la Resistance (French, Yiddish), 1947
Heroism in Our Movement (Yiddish), 1946
excerpts, clippings (Polish, Yiddish, English), 1946-1955

Folder TitleDate
659 Poland 1939-1959

various articles about Jews in Poland (English, German, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
660 Poland undated

outlines of the book History of the Jews in Poland 1918-1939
letter from Wladyslaw Smolski of the Central Historical Commission about a book The Fight for the Human Being (Walka o Czlowiecka) asking for a grant (Polish)
remembrance of M. Weinrib (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
661 Romania 1928-1954, undated

The Jews in Romania
The Jews in Roumania, by Salo Baron, 1930
bibliography to The History of the Jews in Romania (Romanian, Yiddish)
Cold Pogrom in Romania, Jewish Affairs, 1942
On the History of the Jews in Bukovina 1776-1786 (Hebrew)
Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina von 1789-1792, by Dr. Schulsohn (German), 1928
articles (English, Yiddish, French), 1940-1954

Folder TitleDate
662 Romania 1939-1952

Crisis in Rumania, 1941
Anna Pauker, by Dimitrie Munteanu (German), 1949
Romanian Chronicles, 1939
The Romanian Jewry after the War (Yiddish), 1952

Folder TitleDate
663 Romania 1938-1958

statistical data
excerpts and clippings (English, Yiddish, German)

Folder TitleDate
664 South Africa 1950-1956

Oswald Pirow, letter and biographical notes, 1952
newspaper clippings (Yiddish), 1950-1956

Folder TitleDate
665 South America 1941-1959

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic
newspaper clippings (Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
666 Spain 1947-1956

The Jews of Spain
The Spain of Franco and its Policies Toward the Jews, by Dr. N. Robinson (English, Yiddish), 1953
bibliography, newspaper clippings (English, Yiddish), 1947-1956

Folder TitleDate
667 Sweden 1954-1956

The Humanitarians of the Northern Democracies
The Swedish Report on the Expedition to Germany (1945 Ars Swenske Hjolpexpedition to Tysldard) (English, Swedish), 1956
Swedish Rescue Efforts Before and After the German Occupation of Denmark and Norway
Judisk Tidskrift (Swedish), 1954

Folder TitleDate
668 Sweden 1945-1958

Raoul Wallenberg
Raoul Wallenberg, by Alexandre Grossman (French), 1954
articles about Wallenburg (German, Yiddish, English, French), 1951-1958
articles about the Jews of Sweden (English, Yiddish), 1945-1955
Bernadotte, Count Folke (English, German, Yiddish), 1953

Folder TitleDate
669 Switzerland 1941-1947

The Activities of the Union of Swiss Survivors (German), 1947
Gesellschaft zum Studium Judisher geschichte in der Schweiz (German)
The Jews in Switzerland, 1941

Folder TitleDate
670 Tunisia 1941-1956

The Jews of Tunisia and Algeria, 1949
JDC provides a grant for study of Tunisian Jewry, 1956
Quand l'Ingenu vient d'Orient, by S. Scwarzfuchs (French), 1955
North African Migrations (French), 1953
Polish Jews Build the Train Lines in the Sahara Desert (Yiddish), 1941

Folder TitleDate
671 Turkey 1953-1957

Turquie Democrate, Evidence (French), 1953
newspapers, magazines, clippings (French, Yiddish), 1954-1957

Folder TitleDate
672 United States 1946-1957

Articles: First Jews in America, by J. Ezekiel Lipschutz (Yiddish), 1955
The Three Centuries of Jewish Experience in America, book review by Salo Baron, 1954
A Gallery of Jewish Colonial Worthies, Commentary, 1954
The Sephardic Period
Memoirs of American Jews 1775-1865, by Jacob R. Marcus, book review by Bertram W. Korn
New Materials about the Beginning of Jewish Settlement in America (Yiddish), 1956
Jews and Jesuits, by R. Glanz (Yiddish), 1950
To Bigotry, No Sanction, by David de Sola Pool, 1954
Touro Synagogue, Newport, RI, brochure and postcards, 1946
The Rothschild Legend in America, by R. Glanz, 1957
Reflections on the Tercentenary, by C. Bezalel Sherman, 1953
Three Generations, by C. Bezalel Sherman, 1954
How Jews Vote, by Lawrence H. Fuchs, 1956
Jews and Jewishness in the Street Rhymes of American Children, by Nathan Hurvitz, 1954
Old-Timers and Newcomers, by Will Herberg, 1953
L'integration du Refugie Europeen en Amerique du Nord, by Anna Stearns (French), 1957
On the Question of the Social Face of American Jewry (Yiddish),
Foreign Press in America (Yiddish), 1955
Number of Ethnic Groups
Comments, by A.G. Duker, 1950
interview with Mr. Berger, secretary of K2 organizations (Jewish National Workers Alliance of America)
articles (Yiddish), 1950-1951

Folder TitleDate
673 United States 1948-1959

Jewish Institutes and Organizations in the United States: Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds minutes of meetings 1958-1959
memos to the Technical Advisory Committee, 1958-1959
Study of National Jewish Cultural Projects, 1957
An Indigenous Jewish Culture, by Sidney Z. Vincent, 1958
National Jewish Cultural Services in America, Summary and Recommendations
letter to P. Friedman from the president of CJFWF, 1958
reports and tables, 1948-1959
The General Assembly of JFWF, 11/12/59

Folder TitleDate
674 United States 1958-1959

Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds: draft of a Technical Advisory Committee Report, May 1959
Preliminary Report on Four Agencies 4/3/59
Preliminary Report on Ten Agencies 2/9/59
Preliminary Report on Nine Agencies 12/9/58
correspondence and minutes, 1959

Folder TitleDate
675 United States 1941-1955

American and World Jewish Congress: Report of the Institute of Jewish Affairs, 2/1/41-4/30/47
American Jewish Philanthropy and Jews Overseas, by the CJFWF, 3/49
news release by the AJC, 2/4/53
The AJC information sheets
Hitler's Black Record, issued by AJC, 3/43
Jewish Affairs, published by the Institute of Jewish Affairs, 10/41, 11/41
delegates to the WJC Conference, 8/45
On Guard, bulletin, 4/55

Folder TitleDate
676 United States 1941-1961

American Jewish Congress and American Jewish Committee: Research Institute on Peace and Post War Problems, 1941
Jews behind the Iron Curtain 1/1-3/15/59
Jews behind the Iron Curtain 3/16-10/31/59
excerpts from the American Jewish Year Book 5688 (1928)
Statement of the American Jewish Conference, 1943
20 Years of the Institute of Jewish Affairs 1941-1961, 1961

Folder TitleDate
677 United States 1950

Jewish Labor Committee (JLC): excerpts from Report on Plight of Jews in Countries Behind the Iron Curtain

Folder TitleDate
678 United States 1948

National Jewish Welfare Fund: Training Bureau of the Jewish Communal Service, syllabus

Folder TitleDate
679 United States 1942-1955

Conference on Jewish Relations: Its Work and Program 1933-1953, 1953
Its Work and Program 1933-1955, 1955
Facts about the Conference, 1949
Twenty Years of Jewish Social Research, by Salo W. Baron, 1954
Institute for Jewish Affairs, 2/42

Folder TitleDate
680 United States 1941-1955

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (Joint, JDC): The JDC Album 1914-1954
The JDC Story 1914-1952
Forty Years of JDC Aid 1914-1954
Aiding Jews Overseas 1940-1941
The Year of Emergencies, 1950 report
The Year of Progress, 1951 report
The Year of Changing Needs, 1952 report
The New Geography, 1953 report
The Rescue of Stricken Jews in a World of War, report, 1943
releases, 5/28/47, 4/23/53, 2/18/54
varia, 1954-1955
summary analysis of AJDC Program in the U.S. Zone of Occupation in Germany, 1947

Folder TitleDate
681 United States 1947-1955

Office of the U.S. Headquarters Commissioner for Germany: article by Guy A. Lee, 1953
Office of the Military Government of Germany - U.S., correspondence, 1947
Report of Activities of Offenbach Archival Depot, by Lucy Schildkraut (Dawidowicz), 1947
letters of Chief Counsel for War Crimes, 1947
Release of the Department for Public Information of the United Nations, 1955

Folder TitleDate
682 United States 1943, 1959

Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation: history, 1959
Retribution is Not Enough, 1943

Folder TitleDate
683 United States 1950-1957

Theodore Herzl Institute
The Forerunners of American Zionism, by R. Mahler (English), 1953
The Future of the American Zionist Movement, by Eliezer Livneh, 1953
Yiddish News Digest, 10/53
The Congress of American Zionists in New York (Yiddish), 1953
Jewish Youth Movement in America (Yiddish)
Central Zionist Archives (English, Hebrew), 1956-1957
articles and clippings (English, Hebrew, Yiddish), 1950-1953

Folder TitleDate
684 United States 1943-1956

American Labor Zionism: report on a visit to Europe on behalf of the Zionist Workers Committee for Help (Yiddish), undated
varia, 1943-1956

Folder TitleDate
685 United States 1956-1959

Academy for Higher Jewish Learning: statement of purpose
faculty meeting, 12/22/56
course outline and catalogue, 1957
Jewish Theological Seminary, 1/19/59

Folder TitleDate
686 United States 1953-1954

Jewish Teachers Seminary and Peoples University: Teacher Selection and Recruitments - Problems and Practices in General and Jewish Education, 1954
What are the Tasks and Aims of the Jewish Teachers Seminary (Yiddish)
The Jewish College and Scientific Institute (Yiddish)
Some Problems of Jewish Upbringing (Yiddish)
The Shortage of Jewish Teachers, P. Friedman (Yiddish)
The Jewish Teachers Seminary (Yiddish)
speeches of P. Friedman
radio speech by student, H. Shaunhaut, (Yiddish), 1954
schedule of courses, lectures, 1953-1954

Folder TitleDate
687 United States 1948-1953

Jewish Teachers Seminary: articles, clippings, pictures (Yiddish, English, transliterated Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
688 United States 1955-1956

Leo Baeck Institute: In Memory of Leo Baeck 5/23/73-11/2/56 (English, German), 1956
Professor Toynbee and the Jews, Jewish Information Agency, 1955

Folder TitleDate
689 United States 1952

The American Jewish Historical Society: publications containing references to Jewish education in the United States

Folder TitleDate
690 United States 1956-1957

Second World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, 7/27/57-8/4/57: invitation to P. Friedman, 1956
program and papers, clippings (Hebrew, English, Yiddish), 1956-1957
prospects of a book

Folder TitleDate
691 United States 1952-1979

Columbia University: Teachers College Library, some comments and queries on the field of archives
bibliography and footnotes, 1952
chairs of Jewish Studies in American secular universities, 1958
historians interested in Slavic and Eastern Europe, lists of members, 1956-1959
membership of the Polish Institute, 1959
lists and references on survivors
bibliography of printed writings of Salo Baron, 1975
reception for Salo Baron 5/2/79, brochure
Jewish Studies at Columbia University
mini-courses from Keeping Posted, 1978-1979

Folder TitleDate
692 United States 1957-1958

Yiddish Encyclopedia: lists of participants, division of work, costs and future books (Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
693 United States 1941-1959

various publications (English, Hebrew, Yiddish), 1941-1959
Culture Foundation of Polish Jewry, correspondence, budget (Polish, English), 1959

Folder TitleDate
694 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1939, 1954-1959

article excerpts: Early Post-Revolution Developments
Struggle against Zionism and Hebrew
War against Religion (brochure of the American Committee for Liberty), 1959
Jewish Status
Economic Transition
The Calamities of War and Revolution
The Jewish Autonomous Region, 1939
The Russians
Research Program on the USSR, 1954

Folder TitleDate
695 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1951-1958

Jews of Crimea, Jews of Armenia: "Amalek", "Erase", "You Shall Erase" = Armenia (Yiddish), 1958
The Judeo-Tats in the Caucasus, 1952
The Extinction of the Krimchaks in WWII, 1951
articles, maps (English, Yiddish), 1951-1952

Folder TitleDate
696 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1941-1943

copies of German secret documents (German, Polish, Russian)

Folder TitleDate
697 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1914, 1959

Jews in the Soviet Union - the New Leader 9/14/59
The Jews of the Soviet Union - The Tragedy of Yiddish Antisemitism (English, Yiddish), 1959
Russia and the Jews (German), 1914

Folder TitleDate
698 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1958

The "Theses" of Soviet Educational Reform

Folder TitleDate
699 Ukraine undated

The Pogroms of 1768 (Yiddish)
War and Revolution, the Troublesome Years in Ukraine
The Pogroms in the Ukraine 1918-1921, by N. Gergel

Folder TitleDate
700 Ukraine 1950-1959

A Study of Ukrainian Jewish Relations, 1956
The Ukrainians who Behaved Friendly towards Jews under the Nazi Regime, 1954
A French Description of Ukraine 300 Years Ago, 1950
Quarterly Chronicle of Ukraine Life, 1955
Ukrainian Chronicles of the 17th and 18th Centuries, 1951
Bohdan Khmelnytsky - Ruler of the Ukraine 1657-1957 on the 300th Anniversary of his Death, 1957
Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Soviet Historiography, 1955
articles, correspondence (English, Ukrainian), 1956-1959
letter to P. Friedman from Alex Dubrovsky (Polish), 1959

Folder TitleDate
701 Ukraine 1950-1959

articles: Moses of Ivan Franko, 1957
Social and Economic Ideas of Ivan Franko, 1956
Ukrainian Writers in Exile 1941-1949, 1950
various articles and clippings (English, Ukrainian), 1951-1959

Folder TitleDate
702 Ukraine 1957-1959

articles from Ukrainian newspapers

Folder TitleDate
703 Ukraine 1953-1959

articles from Ukrainian newspapers

Folder TitleDate
704 Ukraine 1949-1958

proposed table of contents of the three books on Jewish life in the Ukraine
articles and correspondence (English, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
705 Yugoslavia 1950-1958

The Jews of Yugoslavia
The Sufferings of Belgrade Jews since 1941, published by the Association of Yugoslav Jews, 1955 (Yugoslavian/Serbo-Croation)
Jewish Almanac 1954, published by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia (English)
Tito's Record Toward the Jews (English), 1953
Ten Years of Soviet-Yugoslav Relations 1948-1958
The Legend about Soviet Help for the Popular Upsrising in Yugoslavia, by Moshe Pijade (German), 1950
American Jewish Congress release, 8/31/51
Yugoslav Review 1/53
articles (French, Yiddish), 1952

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Series IV: Ghettos and Concentration Camps, 1939-1968

112 folders
Scope and Content:

The articles and materials in this series concern ghettos and concentration camps in general as well as specific ghettos and camps arranged alphabetically by location. These materials include articles, eyewitness accounts, lists of survivors, copies and translations of orders of concentration camps commandants, and clippings and pamphlets on Displaced Persons and reparations. The dates for the translations of documents from Nuremberg Trials refer to the dates on the originals but the translations are usually undated.

Subseries 1: Ghettos - General, 1939-1955

14 folders
Scope and Content:

These materials refer to the topic of Jewish ghettos as a whole, rather than to any specific ghetto. Articles are in English, Polish, Yiddish, German, French, and Hebrew.

Folder TitleDate
706 Articles on the ghetto and its problems 1948-1955

The Jewish Ghettos during the Nazi Period, by P. Friedman (Yiddish)
Provisional Plan of Jewish Ghettos (Yiddish)
The Ghetto as an Experiment of Jewish Social Organization, by Samuel Gringauz, 1949
In the Time of the Ghettos, by Dr. Dworzecki (Hebrew), 1952
Training Bureau for Jewish Communal Service, Historical Perspectives syllabus, 1948
Deposition of Hans A. Asbach, a German official of the general government in Poland under Nazis, his impressions on the ghettos in various places (German), 1955
articles (Hebrew, English), undated

Folder TitleDate
707 The structure of the German administration undated


Folder TitleDate
708 Copies of German official documents 1939-1945

about statistics, Ukraine, action against the Jews, other topics (German, English, Polish)

Folder TitleDate
709 Anti-Jewish legislation and the Jewish badge 1940-1942, undated

(English, Polish, Yiddish, German)

Folder TitleDate
710 Forced labor - Jewish affairs 1940-1943

Franz Blottler report on a trip to Warsaw (German), 1942
Jewish Forced Labor, Jewish Affairs, 1942
official documents, translations (English, Polish, German), 1940-1943

Folder TitleDate
711 Jewish property and pauperization 1941-1943

Folder TitleDate
712 The Illegals, Smugglers, Jewish Police 1949, undated

(English, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
713 Medical problems - starvation and suicides 1946-1955

articles, statistics (Yiddish, English, French, Polish, Hebrew, German)

Folder TitleDate
714 Sexual atrocities 1940, undated


Folder TitleDate
715 Production of soap 1954

P. Friedman letter about soap (Yiddish), 1954
list of International Military Tribunal exhibits of soap (English)

Folder TitleDate
716 Women and children 1946-1956

articles (English, Yiddish, Polish, Hebrew, French)

Folder TitleDate
717 Resettlements and religious persecutions 1939-1949

articles and statistics (English, Polish, German)

Folder TitleDate
718 Annihilations 1941-1955

articles (English, German, Hebrew)

Folder TitleDate
719 General statistics 1945-1951

(English, Polish, Yiddish, German)


Subseries 2: Jewish Ghettos by Location, 1939-1968

58 folders
Scope and Content:

These articles relate to Jewish history in various locations before, during and after the war. The materials are arranged geographically. Materials about Warsaw and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising can be found in folders 758-773.

Folder TitleDate
720 Athens (Greece) undated

Folder TitleDate
721 Baranowicze 1954


Folder TitleDate
722 Belchatow 1940-1942

Jews in Belchatow (Polish), 1942
official German correspondence about a Jewish dentist, 1940
copies of official correspondence, 1940-1942
articles and excerpts from newspapers

Folder TitleDate
723 Biala-Podlaska 1940-1943

German orders regarding resettling (German, Polish)

Folder TitleDate
724 Bialystok 1945-1958

Bialystok (English)
Pages of Our Sadness (Yiddish), 1957
Megilat Bialystok (Hebrew), 1945
Ghetto Uprising, from the Diary of Mordecai Tenenbaum, 1958
Bialystok Jewish Historical Association, 8/49, 9/50
Bialystoker Stimme (The Voice of Bialystok), newspaper (Yiddish), 1947-1958
The Trial of the Executioner (Yiddish), 1949
clippings (Yiddish, English), 1953
bibliography (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
725 Brest Litovsk undated

Liquidation of the Ghetto

Folder TitleDate
726 Brody undated


Folder TitleDate
727 Chelm undated

galleys of a book (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
728 Czestochowa 1940-1950

Council of the Elderly, Department of Administration, statistical data (Polish), 1940
articles (Yiddish, Polish, German), 1941-1950
statistical tables on the Jewish population in 1940-1941

Folder TitleDate
729 Drohobycz 1941

excerpts from Gazeta Zydowska (Polish), 8/41

Folder TitleDate
730 Dvinsk (Latvia) 1947

clipping (Yiddish), 1947

Folder TitleDate
731 Grodno undated


Folder TitleDate
732 Izbica 1954

correspondence of P. Friedman with Herman Rottgen, a lawyer in Essen, Germany, regarding the case of Mrs. Weil and her children during the Nazi occupation (German)

Folder TitleDate
733 Kaunas (Kovno) Lithuania undated

Folder TitleDate
734 Kielce 1941

excerpts from Gazeta Zydowska (Polish), 3/41-8/41

Folder TitleDate
735 Kolomyja undated

(English, Polish)

Folder TitleDate
736 Krakow 1940-1944

various decrees of the Occupational Government regarding Jews, 1942
reprints of the Jewish community (Polish, German, English, Hebrew), 1940-1944
excerpts from Gazeta Zydowska (Polish), 1941
official German correspondence regarding the case of Dr. Karl Lasch, governor of the district of Galicia, 1942

Folder TitleDate
737 Lodz (Litzmannstadt) 1940-1953

police orders regarding the population in Lodz, work, the ghetto (German, Polish), 1940-1942
announcement #356 regarding the killing of Dr. Ulrich Schulz (German, Yiddish), 1942
announcement #428 regarding smaller Jewish ghetto (German, Yiddish), 1944
The Family Hamburski from Lodz, by A. Ast (English), 1953

Folder TitleDate
738 Lodz 1941-1951

The Ghetto in Litzmannstadt, by B. Herskovich, 1947
letter to Chaim Rumkowski (Polish), 1942
Ghetto Paper (Yiddish), 1941
Jewish Press Agency (Polish), 1/5/46-1/10/46
articles (Yiddish), 1942-1951
ghetto stationary and banknotes
map of Lodz
music for a song: Our President Chaim
letter from Central Committee of Jews in Poland, requesting permission for a meeting of Lodz Jews, 11/7/45 (Poland)

Folder TitleDate
739 Lomza undated

Folder TitleDate
740 Lublin 1940-1942

official German decrees (German, Polish translations), 1942
New Nazi Measures Against Jews (English), 1940
Report of the December Action in Lublin and District (Polish)
Report of the Lublin Kehile 8/41 (Polish)
Lublin Reservation

Folder TitleDate
741 Lwow (Lemberg) 1941-1948

official German decrees (German, Polish and English translations), 1941-1943
The case of Dr. L. Jaffe (Yiddish), 1948

Folder TitleDate
742 Lwow 1941-1957

The First Months of the German Occupation (French), 1941
Several Remembrances of Youth, the War of 1914-1918 (French)
The Annihilation of the Jews of Lwow, book review (Polish)
Information of the Extraordinary State Commission for Investigation and Determination of the Crimes of the German Fascist Perpetrators Within the Territory of the Lwow Province (Russian), 1945
articles (Polish, Yiddish, Russian), 1941-1957
The Righteous in the Lwow District (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
743 Miechow 1941

excerpts from Gazeta Zydowska (Polish), 1941

Folder TitleDate
744 Otwock 1941

excerpts from Gazeta Zydowska, 1941

Folder TitleDate
745 Pinsk undated

Folder TitleDate
746 Piotrkow 1942, 1968

report (Polish), 11/2/42
Ghetto of Piotrkow in the Holocaust, The Jerusalem Post, 4/25/68

Folder TitleDate
747 Radom 1941

excerpts from Gazeta Zydowska (Polish), 1941
statistics and excerpts (Polish, English, German)

Folder TitleDate
748 Riga 1956

also a clipping (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
749 Rovno 1945

eyewitness account (English)

Folder TitleDate
750 Saloniki (Greece) 1953

The End of Jewish Salonica, by Alfred Joachim Fischer (English)

Folder TitleDate
751 Shanghai (China) 1947-1955

Jews in Shanghai, 1949
establishment of the ghetto (English, Yiddish)
letter and report from Joint Distribution Committee, 1947-1955
newspaper clipping (German), 1955

Folder TitleDate
752 Siedlce undated

liquidation of the ghetto (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
753 Slonim undated

excerpts from partisan papers (Russian)

Folder TitleDate
754 Sosnowiec undated

Folder TitleDate
755 Stanislawow undated

Folder TitleDate
756 Tarnopol undated

Folder TitleDate
757 Tarnow 1941

notes about the ghetto (Polish)
excerpts from Gazeta Zydowska (Polish), 1941

Folder TitleDate
758 Warszawa (Warsaw) 1954-1959

Les Juifs dans la Duche de Varsovie 1807-1813, by M. Adus (French), 1959
Dem Gedaechtnis des Warschauer Kehillah, by Hans Lamm (German), 1954

Folder TitleDate
759 Warsaw 1939-1946

official German decrees (German, Polish)

Folder TitleDate
760 Warsaw Ghetto - reports from the ghetto 1939-1941

also list of the council of the elders selected by the Germans (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
761 Warsaw Ghetto - reports from the ghetto 1942

January-February (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
762 Warsaw Ghetto - reports from the ghetto 1942

March (Polish, German)

Folder TitleDate
763 Warsaw Ghetto - reports from the ghetto 1942

April (Polish, German)

Folder TitleDate
764 Warsaw Ghetto - reports from the ghetto 1942

May (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
765 Warsaw Ghetto - reports from the ghetto 1942

June (Polish, German)

Folder TitleDate
766 Warsaw Ghetto - reports from the ghetto 1942

August-September (Polish, German)

Folder TitleDate
767 Warsaw Ghetto - reports from the ghetto 1942

October-December (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
768 Warsaw Ghetto 1941-1944

excerpts from Gazeta Zydowska (Jewish Newspaper) (Polish), 1941
letters of deportees - so-called Vittel group, 1944

Folder TitleDate
769 Warsaw Ghetto 1941-1959

Warsaw Ghetto, by M. Wasser (Polish), 1942
The Warsaw Ghetto, Jewish Affairs, 12/41
The Epic of the Warsaw Ghetto, by P. Friedman, 1954
Tale of a City - Office of War Information, 3/45
Au Department du Budget et des Finances, by H. Szereszewski (French), 1959
Warsaw Ghetto Intellectuals on Current Questions and Problems of Survival, by Dr. J. Kermisch
From the Warsaw Ghetto (Polish)
Outlook from the Ghetto (Polish)
The Massacre of the Warsaw Ghetto, World Jewish Congress, 1943
Warsaw Accuses
cover to The Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniakow

Folder TitleDate
770 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1952-1963

The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto 4/19/43-6/1/43, commemorative program
The Uprising (Polish, Yiddish), 1952-1954
The History of the Revolt, by Dr. D. Wdowinski
The Historical Sources of the Uprising, by Joseph Kermisch (French), 1959
The True Initiators of the Revolt, by Joseph Kermisch (French), 1959
The Heroes of Warsaw's Ghetto, New York Times Magazine, 1963
Silence about the Ghetto Uprising, review of book by Raul Hilberg, by Berl Mark (Yiddish), 1962
articles in newspapers and magazines (Yiddish, English, Polish, German), 1947-1958

Folder TitleDate
771 Warsaw 1945-1949

Polish Newspapers

Folder TitleDate
772 Warsaw 1945-1949

Yiddish Newspapers

Folder TitleDate
773 Warsaw 1943-1948

Brakes and Obstacles, by Icchak Cukierman (Antek) (English), 1948
letters to the Left Poale Zion in Palestine (English), 1943

Folder TitleDate
774 Wilno (Vilna) 1953-1958

lists of teachers in Vilna (Yiddish)
Icek Wittenberg, by Nachman Mayzel (Yiddish), 1953
books from Vilna, by Bernard Heller (English), 1954
articles, excerpts (Yiddish, English), 1945-1958

Folder TitleDate
775 Zbaszyn (Zbonshin) 1956

list of articles about the Zbaszyn detention camp in 10/38, for Polish Jews expelled from Germany, with accompanying correspondence (English, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
776 Zolkiew undated

list of articles about Zolkiew (Yiddish, Polish)

Folder TitleDate
777 Other cities 1940-1956

from Yiddish, Polish, German newspapers
Brzezany, Buczacz, Borszczow, Druja, Dubno, Horodenka, Kamionka, Kowel, Krzemieniec, Lachwa, Lancut, Lida, Luck, Ludarpol, Lukow, Nowogrodek, Nowy Sacz, Opatow, Ostrowiec, Parysow, Przemyslany, Radzyn, Rohatyn, Rokitno, Sambor, Sandomierz, Sarny, Stolpce, Swieciany, Wilejka, Wilczyn, Zaleszczyki, Zborow


Subseries 3: Concentration Camps - General, 1939-1955

13 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains articles, statistics, lists, and maps of concentration camps and deportation routes. These materials are in English, Polish, Yiddish, German, French, and Hebrew.

Folder TitleDate
778 German Crimes against the Jewish Population in Poland undated

(Polish, English)

Folder TitleDate
779 German Crimes against the Jewish Population in Poland undated

(German, French)

Folder TitleDate
780 Lists of death camps in Poland and in other countries undated

(Polish, German)

Folder TitleDate
781 Articles about concentration camps 1945-1951

Short Story of the Largest Wholesale Murder Mill in the World, Polish Press Agency (English), 12/15/45
Les chiffres accusent (French), 1945
A Case History of a Concentration Camp Survivor (English), 1951

Folder TitleDate
782 Articles about concentration camps 1949-1950

A History of German Concentration Camps, published by the Netherlands State Institute of War Documentation, 1949
The Sociology of Concentration Camps, by Prof. T. Abel, New York, 1950
Contemporary History as a Scientific Problem, by Prof. A.J. Toynbee, London, 1950
The Publication of Documents of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by Prof. M. Baumont, Paris, 1950
French Research on the Concentration Camps, G. Tillion, Paris, 1950
The Activities of the Centre for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Paris, by M.L. Poliakoff, Paris, 1950

Folder TitleDate
783 Articles about concentration camps 1942-1952

The Research Project on German Concentration Camps, memorandum, 1947
letters in the resistance project (German), 1947
Illegal Trade and Commerce in the Camps (English, Yiddish)
translation of a document #1617-PS, Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel, relating to behavior of human organism at great heights, cooling of body, 1942
American Jewish Congress release: Nazi Atrocity Dr. Walter Schreiber Seeks to Re-Enter U.S., 1952
On Defense Mechanisms in the Concentration Camp Situation, by Jacob Goldstein
Interview with Dr. Nash - Why Did Some Jews Survive?, 1947
translated German official document B 2-486/42 S, regarding Release of Women Bible Searchers, 1943
letter to Heinrich Himmler from Dr. S. Rascher, 2/17/43

Folder TitleDate
784 German documents concerning Jews in general, forced labor, German penal code, transportation 1939-1943, 1953

also Polish translations

Folder TitleDate
785 German decrees concerning Jewish property 1939-1946

also Polish translations

Folder TitleDate
786 German decrees concerning annihilation 1939-1946

also English translations

Folder TitleDate
787 Articles about concentration camps 1946-1953

A Case History of a Concentration Camp Survivor, 1951
Concentration Camp, by L. Lehrer (Yiddish, English), 1953
What is the Lesson of the Last Jewish Martyrology?, by Raphael Mahler (Yiddish), 1949
Intelligence and Evil in Human History, by S. Hook, 1947
The Crisis in Human History, by J. Dewey, 1946
The Crisis of the Individual: Terror's Atomization of Man, by Leo Lowenthal, 1946

Folder TitleDate
788 Articles about concentration camps 1945-1955

Economic Development and World Crisis, by Fritz Sternberg, 1946
This Century of Betrayal, by Hans Kohn, 1946
Re-Educating the Germans, by Franz L. Neumann, 1947
Is Every German Guilty?, by Paul W. Massing, 1947
Der Fall Ezra Pound (German), 1949
The Not-Persecuted, by Abel S. Herzberg, 1950
Sadism - Neurotic Destructiveness, by Karen Horney, 1945
How Was This Possible? (Yiddish), 1951
The Moral face of the Ghetto (Yiddish), 1950
Kiddush HaShem, by David Pinski (Yiddish), 1945
articles and clippings (Yiddish, German, English, Hebrew), 1949-1955

Folder TitleDate
789 You are the Man Who Killed my Brother - A Unique Jewish Trial 1950

by Loudon S. Wainwright, for Life Magazine

Folder TitleDate
790 Materials about concentration camps 1950, undated

statistical data about the Jewish population (French, German, Hebrew, Polish)
directory of German leaders (list)
bibliography of world literature on concentration camps (Polish), 1950
maps of concentration camps and deportations


Subseries 4: Concentration Camps by Location, 1939-1958

27 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of articles and other materials about specific concentration camps, including official statements and transcripts in the original and in translation, articles, newspaper clippings, eyewitness accounts, bibliographies, correspondence, reports, maps, and statistics.

Folder TitleDate
791 Belzec 1940-1947

German statement regarding Concentration Camp Belzec, 10/21/40
newspapers, articles, excerpts (French, Polish, English), 1947

Folder TitleDate
792 Bergen-Belsen 1945-1955

Arrival at Bergen-Belsen, eyewitness account
newspapers, excerpts (Polish, English, German, Hebrew), 1945-1955

Folder TitleDate
793 Buchenwald 1946-1958

I'm the Man Who Saw Misery, by Dr. P. Auerbach
newspaper clippings (English, Yiddish, Hebrew, German, Polish), 1946-1958

Folder TitleDate
794 Chelmno 1941-1946

Concentration Camp Chelmno in Poland (Polish, German), 1946
Mass Executions of Jews (Polish)
Jewish Committee in Wloclawek (Polish)
excerpts from proceedings (Polish, Yiddish), 1941, undated

Folder TitleDate
795 Dachau 1942-1956

Edgar Kupfer-Korborwitz as Inmate of Dachau, series of newspaper articles (German), 1956
newspapers, excerpts (German, English, Polish), 1942-1956

Folder TitleDate
796 Drancy/Pithiviers, Gurs, France 1945-1954

excerpts (Yiddish, French, German)

Folder TitleDate
797 Janowiec 1944, undated

eyewitness account (partial transcript) (Polish)
clippings (Polish, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
798 Majdanek 1944-1956

History of Majdanek, by Dr. P. Friedman (Yiddish)
list of survivors who published their memoirs
excerpts (English, Yiddish, Polish, French), 1944-1956

Folder TitleDate
799 Mauthausen 1945-1956

certificate of officer investigating concentration camp of Mauthausen
letters of Dr. Gringaus regarding Mauthausen Death Books (English), 1955
articles, excerpts (Polish, English, German, Yiddish), 1945-1956

Folder TitleDate
800 Oswiecim (Auschwitz) 1944

Auschwitz and Birkenau, by the War Refugee Board (English), 11/44

Folder TitleDate
801 Oswiecim 1942-1943

transportation of prisoners (Polish, English, German)

Folder TitleDate
802 Oswiecim 1942-1944

work at the concentration camp (English, German)

Folder TitleDate
803 Oswiecim 1943-1944

German orders, also Polish and English translations

Folder TitleDate
804 Oswiecim 1942-1945

installation of gas chambers (German, Polish, English)

Folder TitleDate
805 Oswiecim 1944-1945

executions and trial proceedings (German, Polish, English)

Folder TitleDate
806 Oswiecim 1943-1945

general information (German, Polish, English)
forms used in concentration camps

Folder TitleDate
807 Oswiecim 1943-1945

report #3171 on Jewish inmates, 1943
statistics on employment, work participation, women's camp, general figures, and transports (German, Polish, English), 1944-1945

Folder TitleDate
808 Oswiecim 1945-1956

newspaper articles (English, Polish, French)

Folder TitleDate
809 Oswiecim 1945-1955

newspaper articles (Yiddish), 1945-1955
memorandum (Polish, Yiddish), 1947

Folder TitleDate
810 Plaszow 1947, undated

letter to the Project on German Extermination Camps from Italy (German), 1947
excerpts (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
811 Ravensbruck 1939-1951

Project on German Extermination Camps, by E.S. Wachstein (French), 1947
correspondence by and about Marianne Wachstein (German), 1939-1941
book review of Margarete Buber's Under Two Dictators (English), 1951

Folder TitleDate
812 Sobibor undated

fragments from a book: The Death Mill in Sobibor (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
813 Stutthoff; Struthof-Natzweiler undated

annotations and excerpts (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
814 Theresienstadt 1946-1958

letters and German manuscripts sent to Project on German Extermination Camps by Isidor Klauber, Gerty Spiess, Man Schloss, and Hans Cohn, 1947-1948
Transport to Theresienstadt, I was a Witness, by Dr. Leo Baeck, 1946
articles, excerpts (German, English, French, Czech), 1946-1958

Folder TitleDate
815 Trawniki 1943

reports (Polish), 8/5/43, 9/30/43

Folder TitleDate
816 Treblinka 1941-1957

Death Camp - Treblinka, eyewitness account by L. Lukaszkiewicz (German), 12/29/45
report of the investigation of the concentration camp 9/24-11/22/45 (Polish)
translation of charge #6 against Dr. Hans Frank, 1945
annotations and articles (Yiddish, German, Polish, Hebrew), 1941-1957
map of Treblinka

Folder TitleDate
817 Various camps 1943-1952

Ebensee, Kokoszki, Kovno, Lambrnowice, Oranienburg, Radogoszcz, Srebrne, Warsaw vicinity, Wilzberg (Yiddish, Polish, English)

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Series V: Resistance, 1940-1963, 1978-1985

55 folders
Scope and Content:

The materials about resistance include articles, reports, translations of official documents, conference proceedings, maps, materials about trials of Nazi war criminals, newspaper clippings, eyewitness accounts, and materials by and about Michael Weichert, including depositions relating to his trial, a Polish typescript of his book Jewish Self-Help 1939-1945, manuscripts of many articles by Weichert, and copies of proceedings from the Nuremberg Trials.

Subseries 1: General, 1942-1958, 1978-1985

5 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains articles, reports, translations of official documents, and materials from various conferences about the resistance movement.

Folder TitleDate
818 Materials about resistance 1942-1958

Out of the Underground (English)
Report of the Underground Jewish National Committee in Poland, 1944
Stroop - Warsaw
The Battle of Warsaw Ghetto, by S. Mendelsohn, 1944
translation of German document 3428-PS, regarding combatting of partisans, 1942
outline of a book: Jewish Resistance (Yiddish)
excerpts (English, Yiddish, Polish), 1943-1958

Folder TitleDate
819 Conferences 1947-1958

First International Conference on the History of the European Resistance Movement, Belgium, September 14-17, 1958 (English, French), 1958
First European Conference of the Centers for Documentation and Historical Commissions, Paris, December 1-9, 1947 (French, Yiddish, German), 1947-1948
World Conference on Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, July 6-10, 1947 (Hebrew, English), 1947

Folder TitleDate
820 Articles about resistance 1950

History of the Resistance Movement: Research in France, by G. Bourgin, 1950
Concentration Camps and Deportations: The Activities of the Centre of Study for the History of the Polish Jews, by Michel M. Borwicz, 1950
Collaboration: A Dilemma of Resistance

Folder TitleDate
821 Articles about resistance 1942-1953

excerpts (Yiddish, French)

Folder TitleDate
822 Articles about resistance 1978-1985, undated

map of Jews in the Resistance Movement in Wolyn (Poland) (Yiddish)
galleys of a book (Yiddish)
varia (English), 1978-1985


Subseries 2: Trials against Nazi Criminals, 1941-1955

8 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries is made up of articles about the Nuremberg Trials and other trials of Nazi war criminals, including the texts of charges brought against specific individuals, interrogations, trial transcripts, verdicts, and sentences. Materials are in Polish, French, German, English, and Italian.

Folder TitleDate
823 Nuremberg Trial charges brought by the Republic of Poland against Nazi Criminals 1946-1947

(English, Polish, German)

Folder TitleDate
824 Charges against Dr. J. Buehler 1948


Folder TitleDate
825 Sentence: Dr. J. Buehler 1948


Folder TitleDate
826 Charges against Franz Rademacher and Karl Klingenfuss 1949


Folder TitleDate
827 Sentence: K. Klingenfuss 1950


Folder TitleDate
828 Trial: Hersch Kupferwasser against Baden-Wurtenburg 1955

(German, English)

Folder TitleDate
829 Interrogation of SS Grupenfuehrer von dem Bach 1946


Folder TitleDate
830 Trials against war criminals, articles 1941-1955

text of indictment of major war criminals, New York Times 10/19/45
text of verdicts of the International Military Tribunal, New York Times 10/2/46
The Fate of European Jewry in the Light of the Nuremberg Documents, by J. Guttmann, 1947
other articles (Polish, French, German, English, Italian), 1941-1955


Subseries 3: Trial of Dr. Michael Weichert and His Work, 1945-1949, undated

9 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries relates to the trial of Dr. Michael Weichert, chairman of the Jewish Relief Office, who was charged with being a collaborator, but was officially exonerated. There are also copies of many articles in Polish by Weichert about the Nazi era and a typescript of his book Jewish Self-Help 1939-1945.

Folder TitleDate
831 Trial of Dr. Michael Weichert 1945-1949

copy of the protocol dated 3/14/49 against Dr. M. Weichert (Polish)
testimony of witnesses: Helena Anisfeld Dobrowolska; Felicja Banet; Norbert Beckman; Henryk Berkowitz; Dr. Alexander Buelerstein; Teodore Dombitzer Dembicki; Dr. Else Filipowska; David Grunwald; Solomon Handiman; Dr. Chaim Hilfstein; Stanislaw Hajda; Josef Horn; Andrzej Juchowski; Artur Jurand; letter of Runi Landau; Philip Lew; Roman Luczko; Janusz Machnidic; Henryk Matus; Stanislaw Packewicz; Tadeusz Pankiewicz; Mieczyslaw Pecuper; Jacob Perlman; Marian Plebanczyk; Feliks Rogowski; Leib Salpeter; Helena Schneider; Anna Schneeweiss; Stefan Sewerslin; Edmund Segfried; Stanislaw Smreczynski; Leon Steinberg; Jakob Steinberg; Luwika Stolarska; Helena Synowska; Szymon Szladret; Izaak Szmalowitz; Konstanty Tchorznicki; letter of Dr. E. Tisch; Wladyslaw Waltro; M. Warm; W. Wrobel; Abraham Zak; Tadeusz Zwirski (Polish), 1945-1949
depositions of Dr. Emil Sommerstein, Dr. Szlama Herszenhorn, Jonas Turkow
Jewish Press Agency 12/28/49 notice containing speeches of the prosecution and defense and sentence and justification (Polish), 1949
newspaper excerpts (Polish, Yiddish), 1945-1949

Folder TitleDate
832 Żydowska Samopomoc Społeczna 1939-1945 (Jewish Social Self-Help 1939-1945) undated


Folder TitleDate
833 Żydowska Samopomoc Społeczna 1939-1945 (Jewish Social Self-Help 1939-1945) undated


Folder TitleDate
834 Żydowska Samopomoc Społeczna 1939-1945 (Jewish Social Self-Help 1939-1945) undated


Folder TitleDate
835 Żydowska Samopomoc Społeczna 1939-1945 (Jewish Social Self-Help 1939-1945) undated


Folder TitleDate
836 Publications in Polish on law under the Nazi Occupation undated

Pojecie zyd w ustawodawstwie i praktyce okupanta (The Concept of a Jew in Law and Practice of the Occupier)
O odpowiedzialnosci gubernatora dystryktu Warszawskiego, dra. Fischera (The Responsibility of the Governor of the Warsaw District, Dr. Fischer)
O odpowiedzialnosci wladz administracyjnych w szczegolnosci sekretarza stanu w Generalnym Gubernatorstwie (The Responsibility of Administrative Authorities, in Particular, the Secretary of State in the so-called General Government)

Folder TitleDate
837 Publications in Polish on Nazi Era undated

Polityka eksterminacyjna okupanta hitlerowskiego wobec ludnosci zydowskiej w generalnym gubernatorstwie (Extermination Policy of the Nazis against the Jewish Population in the So-called General Government)

Folder TitleDate
838 Publications in Polish on Nazi Era undated

Eksterminacja gospodarcza ludnosci zydowskiej zeszyt w swietle ustawodawstwa hitlerowskiego (The Extermination of the Jewish Population as an Economic Issue in the Light of Nazi Legislation)

Folder TitleDate
839 Publications in Polish on Nazi Era undated

Nulla Lex sine crimine (z kuchni ustawodawczej okupanta hitlerowskiego) [No Crime Without Law (From the Kitchen of the Nazi Legislation)]


Subseries 4: Eyewitness Accounts, 1940-1963, undated

33 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of over one hundred eyewitness accounts collected from Holocaust survivors by the Central Jewish Historical Commission in Poland, as well as general eyewitness statements and articles. The materials are arranged alphabetically by location.

Folder TitleDate
840 Baranowicze 1945-1948

names of witnesses: L. Rotsztajn (Polish), 1945
L. Sluczak (German), 1948

Folder TitleDate
841 Boryslaw 1945

name of witness: G. Wieser (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
842 Chelm 1943

name of witness: Sabina (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
843 Czestochowa 1943

name of witness: Nachman Korn (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
844 Czortkow 1945

name of witness: D. Szpajger (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
845 Gorlice undated

name of witness: none (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
846 Ignatowka n/Luck 1945

name of witness: Rozenblat (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
847 Katowice 1947

name of witness: P. Richter (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
848 Kielce 1942, 1954

names of witnesses: Krystyna (Polish), 1942
Daniel Fischgarten (Polish)
Henryk Zagajski (Yiddish), 1954

Folder TitleDate
849 Krakow 1945-1955

names of witnesses: Zygmunt Kalinski (Polish), 1949
K. Gross (Polish), 1949
Leon A. Reismann (Polish)
Hans-Adolf Asbach (German), 1955
Adam S. Sapieha (French), 1945

Folder TitleDate
850 Krasne 1945

name of witness: Izak Szendler (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
851 Lublin 1940-1943, undated

names of witnesses: S. Turkeltaub (Polish)
M. Gruber (Polish)
translation from German, 1943
fragments (Polish, German)

Folder TitleDate
852 Lukow 1942

name of witness: ST.Z. (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
853 Lwow 1944-1958

names of witnesses: O. Landau (Polish)
J. Stern (Polish), 1945
H. Trauber (Polish)
E. Silber (Yiddish), 1954
B. Muenz (Polish), 1945
G. Halpernow (Polish), 1945
R. Kuryniec (Polish), 1944
K. Tenenbaum (Polish)
Maria Merkel (French)
N.N. Zimmerman (Polish)
H. Szwarz (Polish)
Jozef Materklas (Polish), 1958
German document

Folder TitleDate
854 Majdanek undated

name of witness: J. Pfefer

Folder TitleDate
855 Nowy Dwor undated

about the camp in Pomiechow

Folder TitleDate
856 Oswiecim (Auschwitz) 1945-1956

names of witnesses: J. Ros (Polish), 1945
Eugene Garnier (German, English), 1945
S. Feldberg (Polish), 1945
J. Kenigsberg (Polish)
M. Slowikowski (Polish)
W. Ladnewski (Polish), 1945
E. Kulka (German)
Malka Bastocki (Yiddish), 1955-1956
K. Tzetnik (English), 1954
no name (German)

Folder TitleDate
857 Piotrkow 1942

name of witness: Hania (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
858 Pruzany-Pustkow 1945

names of witnesses: Dr. O. Goldfajn (Polish), 1945
W. Ettinger (Polish)
J. Ziemianski (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
859 Radzymin-Rymanow 1940-1946

names of witnesses: H. Burchacka (Polish), 1946
I. Alster (Polish), 1940

Folder TitleDate
860 Sokolow, Sosnowice, Stolpce 1947-1948

names of witnesses: J. Ozog (Polish), 1947
G. Weisbluth (German)
T. Rozowski (German), 1948

Folder TitleDate
861 Stutthoff, Uscilug undated

names of witnesses: R. Silkes (Polish)
B. Herbst (Polish) [see also folder 867]

Folder TitleDate
862 Tarnopol, Tomaszow Mazowiecki 1945-1946

names of witnesses: F. Willner (Polish), 1946
Herzog Pesach (Polish), 1942
A. Terkel (Polish), 1945
M. Cymbalist (English), 1946

Folder TitleDate
863 Treblinka undated

name of witness: Ch. Grabel (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
864 Tuczyn undated

name of witness: J. Zylberberg (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
865 Warsaw 1942-1946

names of witnesses: S.B. deCourtnay (Polish)
Krystyna (Polish), 1942
Waclaw (Polish), 1942
Z. Samsztajn (Polish), 1945
E. Truskier (Polish)
Lilka (Polish), 1942
B. Horowitz (German), 1946
S. Bejlin (Polish)
Z. Rappaport (Polish), 1944
unknown (Polish)
excerpts of diary of Adam Czerniak (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
866 Wilno (Vilna) 1945

names of witnesses: C. Grinszpan (Polish)
L. Magin (Yiddish), 1945

Folder TitleDate
867 Wlodzimierz 1945

name of witness: B. Herbst (Polish), 1945 [see also folder 861]

Folder TitleDate
868 Zloczow 1945

name of witness: M. Ruder (Polish)

Folder TitleDate
869 Zolkiew 1956

names of witnesses: K. Kramer (Polish)
Sz. Stankiewicz (German), 1956

Folder TitleDate
870 Eyewitness accounts 1949

The Life, Struggle and Annihilation of the Jews in France under the German and Italian Occupation (1940-1945), by Z. Diament (Yiddish), 1949
list of eyewitnesses (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
871 Eyewitness accounts 1945-1963

topics include: Gestapo, the war in Hungary, concentration camps at Liegenschaft, Sobibor, Strasdenhof and Oranienburg (German, English, Polish)

Folder TitleDate
872 Eyewitness accounts 1945-1947

Project on German Concentration Camps in Germany, Auschwitz, Ravensbruck and Rassenwahn (master race) (German), 1945-1947
General Account on Germany by R. Posmantier (German)

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Series VI: The Post-War Era, 1917, 1931-1962

50 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains articles, clippings, pamphlets, and correspondence about the post-war Jewish experience, including displaced persons, statelessness, migrations, immigration, the McCarran-Walter Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, reparations, the Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center in Paris, the United Restitution Office, the Netherlands State Institution for War Documentation, the Netherlands Culture Society, the German Red Cross, the Jewish labor movement, and correspondence with various historians and other individuals.

Subseries 1: General, 1917, 1931-1959

32 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of articles, clippings, pamphlets, and correspondence in English, Yiddish, French, German, Polish, and Russian.

Folder TitleDate
873 Articles about displaced persons, statelessness and migrations 1942-1955

Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, by N. Robinson (English, Yiddish), 1954
Uprooted Jews in the Immediate Postwar World, by J. Robinson, 1943
The Legal Status of Stateless Persons, by M. Vishniak, 1945
D Day for DP's, by Isaac Asofsky, 1947
Jews in Migration, 1949
Post-War Migrations - Proposals for an International Agency, by Paul van Zeeland, 1943
Final Report, Invalid Commission, 12/46-7/47
The Jews of Europe, by P.S. Bernstein, 1943
The Postwar Jewish Refugees, by B. Klein, 1955
Jews After the War, by R. Niebuhr, 1942
A Blueprint for the Rehabilitation of European Jewry, 1943
Jewish Post-War Problems - A Study Course, 1943

Folder TitleDate
874 Articles about displaced persons, statelessness and migrations 1939-1956

Jewish Public Relations and the Displaced Persons Admission Act, by Abraham G. Duker, 1948
Ou en Sont les Refugies, by D. Meyer (French), 1952
L'Ouvre Gravee d'Edy-Legrand, by Gerald Mignot (French), 1950
summary of reports on the position of Jews in Germany, 1945-1946
Ten Years Ago Nazi Camps were Freed, 1955
Jews in Postwar Germany, by N. Peter Levinson, 1954
Postwar Migration Problems, by George L. Warren, 1943
Without a Country, by Joseph P. Chamberlain, 1945
A Century and a Half of Emancipation, by Cecil Roth, 1942
Die Ideologie der Shaerith Ha Plaetah (Displaced Persons), by Samuel Gringauz (German)
Immigration and Citizenship, a Selected Bibliography
Das Los des Gefluechteten, by Arnold Zweig (German)
book reviews (English, French), 1939-1956

Folder TitleDate
875 Articles about displaced persons, statelessness and migrations 1952-1954


Folder TitleDate
876 Articles about displaced persons, statelessness and migrations 1949

Atlantik Echo, ship's newspaper for the U.S.A.T. General W.G. Haan, 9/18-9/25/49 (German)

Folder TitleDate
877 Articles about displaced persons, statelessness and migrations 1944-1954


Folder TitleDate
878 Articles about immigration 1942-1956

Public Law 414 - 82nd Congress, to revise the laws relating to immigration, naturalization and nationality, 1952
The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (McCarran-Walter Act), 1952
What You Should Know about the McCarran Immigration Act, 1953
The Stranger at Out Gate - America's Immigration Policy, 1954
Revision of the Alien Law, New York Times, 8/28/53
The McCarran Act, 1953
Injustices of McCarran-Walter Act - Congressional Records, 1955
The McCarran Act, by Lucy P. Gillman
Memorandum on the Lehman Immigration and Naturalization Bill
various articles, 1942-1956

Folder TitleDate
879 Articles about immigration 1954-1955

A Decade Later 1945-1955, by Jacob Lestschinsky (English), 1955
Noah's Ararat Jewish State in its Historical Setting, by Bernard D. Weinryb (English), reprint from Publication of the American Jewish Historical Society, 3/54

Folder TitleDate
880 Articles about immigration 1937-1957

East European Immigration to the U.S., by B.D. Weinryb, 1955
The "Bayer" and the "Pollack" in America, by R. Glanz, 1955
Where Can the Refugees Go?, by J.G. McDonald, 1945
Misadventure in History, by C.B. Sherman, 1954
Jewish Immigrants to the U.S., 1881-1900, by E. Tcherikower, 1943
Jewish Immigrants in American Memoirs, by E. Lifschutz
U.S. Immigration Policy, by Rev. R.J. Cushing, 1953
Some Aspects of Polish Jewish Relations in the U.S. after 1865, by A.G. Duker, 1949
German Jews in White Labor Servitude in America, by G. Kisch, 1937
The Immigration of Romanian Jews up to 1914, by J. Kissman
The Immigration of German Jews up to 1880, by R. Glanz
Jewish Immigration from Austria-Hungary 1848-1849, by L. Goldhammer
The Jews in the American Economy, by N. Reich
Occupational Patterns of American Jewry at the Turn of the Century
Source Materials on Jewish Immigration, by R. Glanz
book reviews, 1957
History of Jewish Migration - course lecture outline
The Jewish Emigrant - 1941, by M. Gottschalk
other articles (English, French, German), 1950-1955

Folder TitleDate
881 Articles about immigration 1941, 1954-1958


Folder TitleDate
882 Immigration statistical data 1938, 1951, undated

(English, German, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
883 Articles about reparations 1952-1955

The German-Israeli Agreement, by Kurt Grossman, 1954
Jewry and Germany - Approach to Reparations, 1952
Information on Restitutions and Related Subjects, 1953
Information Sheets issued by the Institute of Jewish Affairs (English, Yiddish)
Bitzaron Schedule for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, 1955
Problems of the State, German Reparations, by Moshe Sharett, 1952

Folder TitleDate
884 Articles about reparations 1952-1958

news from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, 4/17/52; 12/30/52; 3/20/54; 10/10/54
Israel Digest, 4/4/52; 4/9/52; 6/6/52; 9/12/52
Israel Office of Information 4/9/52; 9/12/52
Jewish Agency for Palestinian memos 6/20/56; 7/15/57; 1/30/58; 3/10/58; 4/29/58; 6/3/58; 6/17/58
The Heirless Property Paradox, article by A.S. Hyman, 1953

Folder TitleDate
885 Articles about reparations 1954-1958

German publications: Allgemeine Wochenzeitung der Juden in Deutschland, 9/3/54; 9/17/54; 1/7/55; 5/27/55; 6/3/55
Die Wiedergutmachung, 5/6/58; 5/30/58; 6/13/58; 6/27/58

Folder TitleDate
886 Articles about reparations 1947-1958

(German, English, Yiddish, French)

Folder TitleDate
887 Articles about reparations 1940, 1953-1958

Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, Board of Directors, 1957
applications to Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany from: Conference on Jewish Relations; United Galician Jews of America; Club of Polish Jews, Inc.; Anna Pantel (German); Roma Zylberberg (German); Felicja Troszynska (German); Edward Forst (Polish, German); Zygmunt Friedman (German); Sydonia Buch (Polish); Dr. Fohl (German)

Folder TitleDate
888 The United Restitution Office 1935-1955

United Restitution Office, by Norman Bentwich, 1954
Congressional Record, 1942
Extracts from Hearings before the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives 11/26/43
letter of resignation by the High Commissioner for Refugees Coming from Germany, James G. McDonald, 1935
The Last Hundred Thousand, by Earl G. Harrison, 1945
War Losses by Polish Jews, by Dr. Emil Somerstein (Yiddish)
United Service for New Americans, letter 4/18/47, newsletters, 5/6/47, 5/9/47
deposition of P. Mark-Sekler, 1955

Folder TitleDate
889 Post-War Reconstruction of the Jews in Europe 1944-1955

letter of Dr. Y. Shapiro (Yiddish), 1954
Jews in Liberated Europe - survey of conditions, American Jewish Conference
Situation du Judaisme Europeen dix ans apres la Liberation (French), 1955
memorandum submitted to the United Nations Conference of International Organization at San Francisco, 1945
Planning for the Peace and for Post-War Organization, 1944

Folder TitleDate
890 Publications of the Netherlands State Institution for War Documentation 1953-1956

list of persons interested in WWII, 10/53
progress report #1, #2, 10/53, 4/55
list of Library Organizations #10, #11, #12, 1954-1956

Folder TitleDate
891 Archives of the German Red Cross 1952-1955

the archives of the Netherlands Culture Society (Dutch), 1955
Central index list of keywords (Dutch), 1954
status of collections (Dutch), 1952-1954

Folder TitleDate
892 The Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center in Paris 1946-1953

brochure: Ten Years of Existence, 1953
bulletin, 5/15/46; 6/1/46 (French)
The Jewish Documentation Center in France (Yiddish, English), 1947-1949
A Few Words Regarding the Documentation Center (Yiddish), 1949
agreement between Yad Vashem and the Documentation Center (Yiddish), 1953
plan of a newspaper of comtemporary Jewish history (Yiddish)
memorandum, 1948

Folder TitleDate
893 The Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center in Paris 1948-1958

World Committee to Erect the Tomb of the Unknown Jewish Martyr, declaration (Yiddish)
The Project on the Road to Realization (French, English, Yiddish)
Joint Gathering for erecting the tomb (Yiddish), 1955
Impressive Gathering for Erecting the Tomb of the Unknown Jewish Martyr (Yiddish)
Release of the Jewish Press about the Documentation Center (Yiddish), 1951
Letter to all Jewish Communities about the Tomb of the Unknown Jewish Martyr (Yiddish)
varia and newspaper articles about the Tomb of the Unknown Jewish Martyr and the Documentation Center (Yiddish, French, English), 1948-1958

Folder TitleDate
894 Libraries 1945-1957

The Work of the Wiener Library, by Alfred Wiener, 1950
Jewish Central Information Office, the Wiener Library, 1945
The Research Program of Chatcham House, by Arnold J. Toynbee, 1950
The Activities of the Hoover Library, by Fritz T. Epstein, 1950
The Library of Congress, informational bulletin, 1950
Association of Jewish Libraries in Europe (Yiddish), 1957
Columbia University Libraries, 1951
Jewish libraries in Europe affected by Nazi attack

Folder TitleDate
895 Balaban, Majer 1943-1947

(German, Polish, Yiddish, Russian)

Folder TitleDate
896 Dubnow, Simon 1931-1932, 1946-1957

(Yiddish, Hebrew, English)

Folder TitleDate
897 Hersch, Liebman 1955-1956

(Yiddish, French)

Folder TitleDate
898 Ringelblum, Emanuel 1953-1959

(Yiddish, English, French)

Folder TitleDate
899 Historians 1952-1958

Bader, Gershom
Baron, Salo (English, Yiddish)
Borwicz, Michel
Dinur, Ben-Zion (English)
Kurski, Franz
Lestschinsky, Jacob (Hebrew)
Mahler, Rafael
Mark, Ber
Philipson, Martin (Hebrew)
Schwartz, Solomon (English)
Shatzky, Jacob (English, Yiddish)
Tcherikower, Eliahu

Folder TitleDate
900 Personalities 1938-1958

Carmel, Herman
Finkelstein, Leo
Frank, Herman
Freud, Sigmund (English)
Greenbaum, Icchok (Yiddish, Hebrew)
Hayot, H.P.
Huberband, Szymon
Klausner, Joseph (English)
Lehrer, Leibush
Mark, Yudel
Mendelson, Shloime
Opatoshu, Joseph (English)
Shor, Mosche
Sommerstein, Emil (Yiddish, English)
Spitzer, Salomon (Polish)
Steinberg, I.N.
Zak, Abraham
Zhitlowsky, Chaim

Folder TitleDate
901 Simaite, Anna 1953-1958

(Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
902 Skobtzov, Mother Maria 1955-1956

(Russian, English, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
903 Jewish labor movement 1917, 1946-1954

Religious and Secular Trends in Jewish Socialism, by A. Menes, 1952
Jewish Socialist Parties Without Jewish Workers, by J. Lestschinsky (Yiddish), 1952
The Beginnings of the Jewish Labor Movement, by I. Halpern (Hebrew), 1954
Modern Capitalism and Jewish Fate, syllabus
Rise of the Bund and its Development Until about 1904
The Jewish Problem and the International, by H. Cohn (German), 1917
Jews in the American Labor Movement, by J.B.S. Hardman
Jews in the Clothing Industry, by J. Greenfeld
Needle, Thread and Thimble (The Story of Jewish Labor in the United States), by B. Seligman, 1953
The Adaptation of Jewish Labor Groups to American Life, by B.D. Weinryb, 1946

Folder TitleDate
904 Jewish labor movement 1943-1959

Bund and Bundism bibliography (Yiddish), 1956-1957
Romanovka, by A. Rosenthal (Yiddish)
The First Step of Jewish Socialism in Our Places, by L. Kisman (Yiddish), 1957
The Russian Menshevist Movement and its Justification (Yiddish), 1953
The Place of Israel in the Life of the Jews (Yiddish), 1953
About the Organizing of the Bund in Galicia (Yiddish), 1955
Fifty Years Since the Beginning of the Bund in Galicia (Yiddish), 1955
The Jewish Labor Movement in Galicia (galleys)
Personalities in the Labor Movement: Friedrich Adler, 1954
Ber Borochov, 1952
Hersh Lekert, and his death (Yiddish), 1952
Beinish Michalevich, 1952
Rudolf Rocker (Yiddish, English), 1943, 1953
Anna Rosenthal, 1952
I. Zerubavel, 1953
memoirs of G. Aronson (Yiddish), 1953
The Beginnings of the Socialist Labor Movement in Bialystok (Yiddish), 1953
Socialist Propagandists among Jews in Bialystok (Yiddish), 1951
The First Demonstration in Horodenko (Yiddish), 1954
Listing of Holocaust Material in the Bund Archives (Yiddish), 1959
clippings (English), 1953-1956


Subseries 2: Landsmanshaftn, 1942-1962

4 folders
Scope and Content:

These landsmanshaftn are in the United States and Israel and materials are in Polish, English and Yiddish.

Folder TitleDate
905 Club of Polish Jews 1942-1962

(Polish, English, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
906 Bialystok 1949-1958

(Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
907 Chelm, Czestochowa, Lodz 1950-1955

(Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
908 Israel, varia 1957, undated

(Yiddish, English)


Subseries 3: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Memorial Gatherings, 1943-1958

14 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains materials about memorial gatherings for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising arranged chronologically. Materials are in Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish, English, German, transliterated Yiddish, French, and Spanish.

Folder TitleDate
909 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1943-1946

(Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish)

Folder TitleDate
910 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1947

(Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
911 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1948


Folder TitleDate
912 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1948

(Polish, Yiddish, German, transliterated Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
913 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1949

(Polish, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
914 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1950

(English, French, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
915 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1951

(Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
916 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1952

(Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
917 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1953

(Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French)

Folder TitleDate
918 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1954

(Yiddish, English, French)

Folder TitleDate
919 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1955

(Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
920 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1956

(Yiddish, English)

Folder TitleDate
921 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1957

(English, Spanish, Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
922 Memorial Gatherings - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1958

(Polish, Yiddish, German, English)

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Series VII: Varia (923-937), 1931-1968

15 folders
Scope and Content:

This series is made up of questionnaires for survivors, essays and manuscripts by writers and historians, book lists and other research materials, and personal invitations for programs, lectures and other private affairs in Yiddish, English, Polish, French, German, and Hebrew.

Subseries 1: Questionnaires, 1946-1959, undated

4 folders
Scope and Content:

These questionnaires cover the wartime and post-war experiences of survivors, including time spent in ghettos, concentration camps, in hiding, and as political prisoners, questions of repatriation, immigration, reintegration into post-war life, and many other experiences and attitudes, as well as information about how to administer the questionnaires.

Folder TitleDate
923 Questionnaires and surveys 1946, undated

The Focused Interview, from The American Journal of Sociology, 1946
A Proposed Projective Attitude Test, 1946
A Survey of Opinions of European Jews (English, Yiddish)
A Survey of Opinions of German Jewry
Categories for the Analysis of Personal Documents of Hungarian Jews
personal information
information on indemnification claims

Folder TitleDate
924 Questionnaires and surveys 1959, undated

blank questionnaires on your experience 1935-1945 (Yiddish)
general questionnaires (Yiddish)
questionnaire on your experience in Siberia (Yiddish)
questionnaire for repatriates from Soviet Russia (Yiddish)
questionnaire on religious life in ghettos and concentration camps (Yiddish)
statistical questionnaire from the Central Historical Committee of Poland (Yiddish)
instructions on collecting eyewitness accounts (Yiddish)
instructions on collecting accounts of political prisoners in German concentration camps
questionnaire for Physicians memorial Book Committee (Polish)
questionnaire on gathering information on children (Polish)
YIVO questionnaire

Folder TitleDate
925 Questionnaires and surveys 1954, undated

questionnaire on Yad Vashem (Yiddish)
questionnaire by R. Auerbach (Hebrew)
questionnaire CRIF (French)
questionnaire on reparations (German)

Folder TitleDate
926 Questionnaires and surveys undated

true/false questions on the Holocaust, instructions (German, English)


Subseries 2: Essays and book lists, 1931-1961

9 folders
Scope and Content:

These essays, newspaper clippings and book lists cover various topics of culture, learning and literature. Some folders are arranged by article, while others are arranged by author. Materials are mainly in English and Yiddish, with some French, Polish, German, and Hebrew.

Folder TitleDate
927 Essays on Literature, Culture and Learning 1943-1957

Yiddishkayt and Yiddish, by M. Weinreich, 1953
Degree of Bilingualism in a Yiddish School and Leisure Time Activities, by J.A. Fishman, 1952
The Folk Pattern of Yiddish Literature, by H. Cooperman, 1952
Yiddish Pioneer Poets in the United States, by M.B. Minkoff, 1953
On Jewish Learning, by S. Rawidowicz, 1950
To the Young Jewish Intellectuals, by L. Lewisohn, 1952
Historical Perspectives, syllabus for session five on Jewish Religious Heritage, 1948
Historical Perspectives, syllabus for session twelve on Jewish Cultural Heritage, 1948
The Jew in a Changing World, by L.B. Boudin, 1944
Moses, by Henry George, 1956 (reprint)
The Great Wall of China, by Franz Kafka, 1946 (reprint)
International Cultural Relations in the World Today, by Jean d'Ormesson (French), 1957
Old Communities of Avignon and Venaissin County, by M. Armand Lunel (French), 1957
The Martyrdom of S. Zygelboim, 1943
others (French, Polish, English), 1943-1946

Folder TitleDate
928 Essays on Literature, Culture and Learning 1937-1954


Folder TitleDate
929 Essays in Yiddish by Well-Known Yiddish Writers 1945-1958

by Chaim Grade, J. Glatstein, Szmerke Kaczerginski, Chaim L. Fuks, N. Blumenthal about I. Katznelson, A. Lis about I. Katznelson, I. Gitelson about M. Gebirtig, other authors
also contains Hebrew, Polish

Folder TitleDate
930 Essays in Yiddish by Well-Known Yiddish Writers 1949-1958

Jubilee conference of the Jewish PEN Club in New York, invitation and agenda, 1950
Jewish Culture Club Tlomackie 13 (Warsaw), invitation, 1949
songs and essays by Z. Segalowicz, R. Mates, N. Bomze, M. Broderson, E. Kaganowski, M. Szulstein, Melech Ravitch, Jacob Zipper, others (Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
931 Essays in Yiddish by Well-Known Yiddish Writers 1941-1958

A. Zak, B. Mark, Chaim Grade, A. Spiegel, Aaron Zeitlin, J. Glatstein, Avrom Sutzkever, Aaron Leyeles, I. Emiot, D. Wolpe, P. Markish, Ephraim Auerbach, Malka Lee, others
To the Jews, by Wladyslaw Broniewski (English)

Folder TitleDate
932 Essays in Yiddish by Well-Known Yiddish Writers 1931-1958

I. Aszendorf, B. Mark, Chaim Grade, Der Nister, A. Spiegel, P. Miranski, Reuben Mattes, N.I. Gotlib, Nachman Meisel, Ignacy Schipper, others

Folder TitleDate
933 Essays in Yiddish by Well-Known Yiddish Writers 1947-1958

Nachman Meisel, Chail L. Fuchs, N. Blumenthal, Ber Mark, A. Bick, N.B. Minkoff, Leibush Lehrer, H. Leivick, Hillel Seidman, Leo Koenig, others

Folder TitleDate
934 Essays on Different Topics 1936-1954

La Litterature Yiddish de la Destruction, by Abraham Shoulmann (French), 1953
Books, by A.G. Duker
The Spiritual Reconstruction of European Jewry, by Salo Baron
Communication: The Theory of History, 1949
The Rabbinical Concept of History, by Joseph Banner (French), 1953
other articles (English, French, German, Hebrew), 1936-1954

Folder TitleDate
935 Catalogs of books by private booksellers 1958-1961


Subseries 3: Invitations, 1934, 1947-1968

2 folders
Scope and Content:

These are personal invitations for programs, lectures and other events sent to Dr. and Mrs. Friedman, both before and after Dr. Friedman’s death.

Folder TitleDate
936 Invitations 1934, 1947-1960

to programs, lectures, other private affairs
(Yiddish, English, Polish, French)

Folder TitleDate
937 Invitations 1960-1968

to programs, lectures, other private affairs
(English, Polish, German, Hebrew, French)

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Series VIII: Newspaper Clippings, 1942-1993

38 folders
Scope and Content:

These newspaper clippings are arranged by language and then by topic.

Subseries 1: English, 1944-1988

16 folders
Folder TitleDate
938 Bitburg 1985

Folder TitleDate
939 Bitburg 1985

Folder TitleDate
940 Germany 1950-1976

(English, German)

Folder TitleDate
941 Camps, Atrocities 1945-1968, 1985

Folder TitleDate
942 Genocide 1957, 1968, 1985

Folder TitleDate
943 Church 1960-1966

Folder TitleDate
944 Holocaust, antisemitism 1964-1988

Folder TitleDate
945 General, Hanna Arendt 1949-1951, 1970, 1981

(English, German)

Folder TitleDate
946 Poland, Gypsies 1949-1966, 1981-1985

Folder TitleDate
947 Wallenberg 1985

Folder TitleDate
948 War, Soviet Union 1944-1964, 1985

(English, Yiddish, French)

Folder TitleDate
949 Zionism, Israel 1959-1967

(English, German)

Folder TitleDate
950 YIVO 1950

Folder TitleDate
951 Lists of books and reviews 1950-1982

(English, French)

Folder TitleDate
952 Reviews of Their Brothers Keepers 1957-1959

Folder TitleDate
953 Reviews of Their Brothers Keepers 1979-1981


Subseries 2: Yiddish, 1942-1961, 1980-1981, 1993

15 folders
Folder TitleDate
954 Holocaust 1946-1958

Folder TitleDate
955 Holocaust 1959-1960

Folder TitleDate
956 Holocaust in various cities and towns 1946-1958

Folder TitleDate
957 Holocaust books - reviews 1950-1952

Folder TitleDate
958 Poland 1942-1956

Folder TitleDate
959 Poland 1942-1955

Folder TitleDate
960 Poland 1945-1959

Folder TitleDate
961 Soviet Union 1959

Folder TitleDate
962 Germany 1946-1959

Folder TitleDate
963 The situation of Jews in different countries 1959-1960

(also contains English)

Folder TitleDate
964 Yad Vashem and YIVO 1959

Folder TitleDate
965 General 1952-1960

Folder TitleDate
966 Book reviews 1948-1961

Folder TitleDate
967 Reviews of Friedman's books 1946-1960, 1980-1981, 1993

(also contains English)

Folder TitleDate
968 Yiddish in transliteration 1946-1947


Subseries 3: Hebrew, 1946-1959

1 folder
Folder TitleDate
969 General 1946-1959


Subseries 4: Polish, 1944-1962, 1973-1980

2 folders
Folder TitleDate
970 General 1944-1962, 1973

Folder TitleDate
971 Reviews of Friedman's books 1945, 1958, 1980


Subseries 5: German, 1947-1963, 1979

2 folders
Folder TitleDate
972 War 1947-1960, 1979

Folder TitleDate
973 General 1954-1963


Subseries 6: French, 1946-1959

1 folder
Folder TitleDate
974 General 1946-1959


Subseries 7: Russian and Ukrainian, 1957-1959, 1982

1 folder
Folder TitleDate
975 General 1957-1959, 1982

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Series IX: Friedman’s Biographical Materials, 1936-1975, undated

6 folders
Scope and Content:

This series consists of Dr. Friedman’s curriculum vitae and biographical notes in English, Yiddish and Polish, biographical information about Mrs. Friedman, newspaper clippings about Friedman before and after his death, and a few photos of Dr. Friedman.

Folder TitleDate
976 Curriculum vitae and biographical notes 1951-1960, undated


Folder TitleDate
977 Curriculum vitae and biographical notes 1946, undated

also contains biographical information about Mrs. Friedman
(Yiddish, Polish)

Folder TitleDate
978 Excerpts from newspapers about Friedman 1936-1968

(Yiddish, Hebrew, English, Polish, Russian)

Folder TitleDate
979 Memorial articles 1960-1975

(Yiddish, Hebrew, English)

Folder TitleDate
980 Photos of Philip Friedman undated

Folder TitleDate
981 Bibliographical unidentified notes 1959, undated

(English, Yiddish, Hebrew, Polish)

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Series X: Ada Friedman’s Writings, 1949-1978, undated

11 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains writings by Mrs. Ada Friedman, including handwritten and typed manuscripts about the Holocaust, her diaries and articles in Polish, Yiddish, English, and German, the agreement with publishers for a paperback reprint of Their Brothers’ Keepers, Mrs. Friedman's application for reparations, and a review of Michael Zylberberg's A Warsaw Diary 1935-1945, as well as a collection of documents about war criminals in Stryj published by Tuviah Friedman, founder of the Institute of Documentation of Nazi War Crimes in Haifa.

Folder TitleDate
982 Handwritten and typed manuscripts about the Holocaust 1958, undated

also some maps and clippings
(Polish, English, German)

Folder TitleDate
983 Handwritten manuscripts about the Holocaust undated

(Polish, English, German)

Folder TitleDate
984 Diaries and articles typed in Polish undated

Folder TitleDate
985 Diaries and articles typed in Polish undated

Folder TitleDate
986 Diaries and articles typed in Polish undated

Folder TitleDate
987 Diaries and articles printed in Nasza Trybuna (Our Tribune) 1949

Polish periodical in New York

Folder TitleDate
988 Diaries and articles typed in Yiddish undated

(also contains transliterated Yiddish)

Folder TitleDate
989 Diaries and articles typed in English and German undated

Folder TitleDate
990 Official documents 1957-1964, 1978

agreement with publisher for a paperback reprint of Their Brother's Keepers (English), 1978
Mrs. Friedman's application for reparations (German), 1957-1964

Folder TitleDate
991 Review of Michael Zylberberg's A Warsaw Diary 1935-1945 c.1969

printed in English

Folder TitleDate
992 Collection of documents about war criminals in Stryj 1957

published by Tuviah Friedman in Haifa

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