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undated, 1936-1978


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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Meyer Greenberg
Title:Meyer Greenberg Papers
Dates:undated, 1936-1978
Abstract: The Meyer Greenberg Papers largely reflect the activities of the B'nai B'rith Hillel at the University of Maryland (College Park) over the course of the years 1945 through 1977, during which Meyer Greenberg served as Director. This collection contains correspondence with officials of B'nai Brith Hillel, other Jewish organizations and individuals, the administration of the University of Maryland; minutes of the Student Executive Council, Building Corporation and Community Board of the Hillel Chapter at the University of Maryland; program and financial reports; publications; tape recordings of symposia and photographs and newspaper clippings relating to the activities at Hillel. This collection also contains papers related to Meyer Greenberg's directorships of the Hillels at Yale University and Queens College from 1944-1945.
Languages: This collection is in English and Hebrew.
Quantity: 10 linear feet (20 manuscript boxes).
Identification: P-358
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
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Biographical Note

Meyer Greenberg was born on January 11, 1914 to Aaron and Blanche Bernzweig. He received a B.A. from Yeshiva College in 1934. He also attended Columbia graduate school from 1934-1936; Hebrew University in Jerusalem from 1937-1938; the graduate school of Yeshiva College from 1938-1939; and lastly, the Jewish Institute of Religion (with a focus on Hebrew Literature), from which he graduated in 1944 as Rabbi and Master of Hebrew Literature.

Meyer Greenberg served as the Director of the Hillel Foundation at Yale University and Queens College from 1944-1945. "While at Yale he conducted a survey of the religious attitudes of the Jewish students there, which [was] published by the Yiddish Scientific Institute and included [in] the YIVO Annual of Jewish Social Science" (which can be found in box 18, Folder 7).

Meyer Greenberg also served as the Director of the B'nai B'rith Hillel at the University of Maryland (College Park) from 1945 through 1977, and this collection largely represents his work in this capacity. Rabbi Greenberg arrived at the University of Maryland in 1945, and was appointed to the faculty of the university to teach Hebrew in the Language Department in February of 1946. Notably, it was the first time in the 140-year history of the University of Maryland that Hebrew was taught as a modern language with full credit.

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Scope and Content Note

The content in this collection is more institutional than personal. It is thus important that researchers have a sense of the context and history of the Hillel at the University of Maryland, which was located near campus, at 7505 Yale Avenue in College Park. Its facilities included a chapel-auditorium, game room (with ping pong, shuffleboard and juke box), library, TV room, music room, lounge, study room and kitchen. Many photographs of undergraduates utilizing these facilities can be found in the Photograph Series.

The Hillel is the Jewish community on the campus, representing all Jewish students. It offers religious, cultural, social and counseling service. According to statistics from 1972, University of Maryland Hillel enrollment was 35,000, with Jewish student enrollment at 4,500. The Hillel directly served 2,500-3,000 of the school's population. Its objectives were to "preserve and intensify the Jewish identity of Jewish students on the campus" as well as faculty and graduate students.

"All Jewish students are automatically members of Hillel. Students are asked also to register with Hillel and to accept a measure of responsibility for their community thru [sic] payment of $2 annual dues." (From the pamphlet Hillel Welcomes You, which can be found box 1, folder 3). Hillel's Constitution outlined: the aims of the Hillel as: 1) to impart to Jewish students an understanding and appreciation of our religious and cultural heritage, 2) to encourage religious participation and creativity, 3) to develop an interest in current Jewish problems and a desire to participate actively as leaders in the community, 4) to share in the joy of Jewish life thru [sic] song, dance and the arts, and 5) to develop harmonious relations with all groups on campus.

This collection also includes minutes of the University of Maryland Chapel Staff and Religious Life Committees, as well as census data pertaining to Jewish students on campus. This collection also contains materials relating to Greenberg's activities as Hillel Director at City College, Queens College and Yale University (1944-1945), and as Hillel Counselor at Gallaudet College for the Deaf (1950-1967); President of the American Alumni of Hebrew University (1939-1941); Chairman of the Board of Education of the Hebrew Academy of Washington (1951-1974); Chairman of the Juvenile Court Advisory Committee of Prince George's County, MD (1951-1955) as well as some of his publications.

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The collection is divided into five series:

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Series I: Biographical Papers, undated, 1944, 1949-1950

This series is in English.
Scope and Content:

This series only consists of one folder. Containing biographical information about Meyer Greenberg which will be fundamental to researchers' understanding of the collection. Included is a biographical sketch for Who's Who in American Education as well as informal curriculum vitaes and resumes and includes one clipping and a photograph.

11Meyer Greenberg biographical papersundated, 1944, 1949-1950request_box
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Series II: Correspondence, 1945-1976

This series is in English.
.75 linear feet.

This material is arranged by content as well as chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series consists of just over one box of correspondence and can be found in Boxes 11 and 12. Included is correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation as well as other Jewish organizations and individuals representing them. Some of these letters contain Hebrew.

116Correspondence with various Jewish organizations1945-1959request_box
117Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and B'nai B'rith Women1945-1972request_box
118Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and A.L. Sachar1946request_box
119Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and B'nai B'rith Hillel Lodges1947-1971request_box
1110Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and Alfred Jospe of B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation1953-1973request_box
1111Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and Judah Shapiro, National Director of B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations1957-1958request_box
1112Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and Rabbi Benjamin Kahn, National Director of B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations1959-1971request_box
1113Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and Rabbi Oscar Groner of B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations1961-1970request_box
1114Various Correspondence1963-1969request_box
1115Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and Saul Greenberg1964-1974request_box
1116Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and Norman Frimer1968request_box
1117Correspondence with B'nai B'rith1970request_box
1118Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and Benjamin Bartel1970-1972request_box
1119Correspondence between Meyer Greenberg and Rabbi Samuel Z. Fishman1971-1972request_box
121Correspondence, various1970-1971request_box

Some material in Hebrew. Some material printed on onion paper.

122Correspondence, various1971-1973request_box
123Correspondence, various1974-1976request_box
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Series III: B'nai B'rith Hillel at the University of Maryland, undated, 1946-1978

This series is in English.
3.5 linear feet.

This material is arranged by content as well as chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains a variety of administrative papers related to the Hillel at the University of Maryland. Included are the Hillel's Constitution, its Torah Scrolls Agreement and Articles of Incorporation, budget papers, minutes and activities reports. They range from 1946 through 1975. Also included are the papers of both the Community Board budget and Finance committees and the Executive Committee. Please note Howard Wasserman served as Associate Director (he authored the Hillel extension proposal papers, 1970-1972).

Subseries 1: Administrative Papers of the Hillel, 1951-1977

12Articles of Incorporation1951request_box
13Constitution, B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation of the University of Maryland1968request_box
14Hillel extension proposal papers1970-1972request_box
15Torah scrolls agreement1971request_box
16Tax exemption papers1965-1975request_box
17Building corporation minutes1952-1968request_box
19Annual activities reports1947-1969request_box
110Miscellaneous activities reports1946-1969request_box
111B'nai B'rith building corporation by-lawsundatedrequest_box
112Community board minutes and records1968-1974request_box
113Community board correspondence1969-1976request_box
114New Hillel house planning and plansundated, 1947-1965request_box
21Community board budget and finance committee correspondence1969-1972request_box
22Community board budget and finance committee - allocations from organizations1969-1973request_box
23Community board budget and finance committee1969-1974request_box
24Community board budget and finance committee - U.J.A.1971request_box
25Community board budget and finance committee - building committee1967-1976request_box
26Community board program committeeundated, 1969-1972request_box
27Community board nominating committee1970-1973request_box
28Executive committee minutes1946-1949request_box
29Executive committee minutes1953-1970request_box
210Miscellaneous papers of the Executive Committeeundated, 1947-1948, 1950, 1962, 1967request_box
211Executive committee minutesundatedrequest_box
212Program reports1959-1962request_box
31Program reports1962-1963request_box
32Program reports1963-1964request_box
33Program reports1964-1965request_box
34Program reports1965-1966request_box
35Program reports1966-1967request_box
41Program reports1967-1968request_box
42Program reports1968-1969request_box
43Program reports, 1 of 21969-1970request_box
44Program reports, 2 of 21969-1970request_box
51Program reports1970request_box
52Program reports, 1 of 21971request_box
53Program reports, 2 of 21971request_box
54Program reports, 1 of 21972request_box
55Program reports, 2 of 21972request_box
61Program reports, 1 of 21973request_box
62Program reports, 2 of 21973request_box
63Program reports1974-1977request_box
1215Staff Meetings1970-1972request_box
1216Female Staff1972-1973request_box
1217Staff - Work distribution1970request_box
131Photographs from summer bulletin board1971request_box
132Staff - Jack Ness employment application papers1962-1963request_box
133Staff - Monty Penkower, Student Counselor1969-1970request_box
134Staff - Robert Sacks, Director1972-1974request_box
135Staff - Burt Siegel, Assistant Director1968request_box
136Staff - Abe Sheingold, Assistant Director1965-1966request_box
137Staff - Rabbi Moshe Silverman1971-1976request_box
138Staff - Howard Wasserman1969-1972request_box
139Staff - Judy Wasserman curriculum vitae1970request_box
1310Staff - photos of farewell reception for Sarah Wilkenfield1973request_box
1311Staff - photographs of Leslie Schlaggsundatedrequest_box
1312Staff - photographsundatedrequest_box
1313Miscellaneous photographsundatedrequest_box
1314Hillel Bulletinundated, 1959-1960request_box
1315Hillel Heraldundated, 1946-1958request_box
1316Hillel Light (or Hillelite): The Voice of Hillel1951-1968request_box
1317Ha Koach (or The Strength)1975-1976request_box
1318News from Your Hillel1957-1959request_box
1319Ruach, The Hillel Scroll1960-1971request_box
1320Shabbot Shiron1969-1970request_box
1321Hillel News Releases1953-1954request_box
141Chapel Staff Meeting minutes1961-1965request_box
142Chapel Staff papers1961-1964request_box
143Role of Chaplains1962-1964request_box
143Role of Chaplains1962-1964request_box
144Religious Life Committee1958-1965request_box
145Religious Preference Data1971request_box
146Jewish Student Census1971request_box
147Department of Religion1953-1960request_box
148Faculty Committee for Peace and Conciliation in the Middle East1967request_box
149American Professors for Peace in the Middle East1967-1970request_box
188Community Organization of College Park, Maryland by Meyer Greenberg1947request_box
189The Reproduction Rate of the Families of the Jewish Students at the University of Maryland1946-1948request_box

Subseries 2: Programming Ephemera and Subject Files, 1959-1972

3.5 linear feet.

This material is arranged by content as well as chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series is supplemental to the previous series in that it contains ephemera--specifically clippings, correspondence, flyers, photos and other papers (rather forms to be submitted to the B'nai B'rith Foundation) regarding programming. Specific programming includes the Kosher Dining Club, Ten Israel Art Exhibits (including photographs), a semester in Israel (at Tel Aviv University) program, regional conferences, Breirah and Kallah activities, the papers for a panel discussion on Israel and the Middle East, holidays (Chanukah, Passover and Purim); symposia papers, including one on Intermarriage and the American Jewish Future (Box 10, Folder 8) and another titled "The Meaning of the Nazi Extermination of the Six Million" (Box 10, Folders 21 and 21 and Box 11, Folder 1). Hannah Arendt spoke at the latter symposium, and many photographs of her and the event can be found within this series. Additionally, there is correspondence from her, which can be found in Folder 9 and this folder also contains correspondence from Elie Wiesel (who was asked to speak but could not).

This series contains material related to the Vietnam War. From 1967 through 1971, Meyer Greenberg played a role in helping undergraduates receive conscientious objector status. Box 8, Folder 7 contains his position statement. Additionally, there is material from Vietnam Moratorium Day 1969, which included an interfaith service for peace; this can be found in Box 9, Folder 2.

Box 12 contains various subject files of issues the Hillel was tuned into over the course of the late 1950s through the early 1970s. Included are files on what is referred to as Arab propaganda, arson and Civil Rights, among others.

64B'nai B'rith Council of Baltimore Hillel Committee minutes1947request_box
65Kosher Dining Club1955-1958request_box
66Kosher Dining Club1962-1963request_box

Formerly bound in a photo album. Contains clippings and photos. Some content in Hebrew.

67Kosher Dining Club1963request_box

Formerly bound in a photo album. Contains some Hebrew

68Kosher Dining Club1963-1964request_box

Formerly bound in a photo album. Contains photos.

69Kosher Dining Club1965-1976request_box

Formerly bound in a photo album. Contains photos and clippings.

610Food for Thought: A Publication of the Hillel Kosher Dining Club1962-1974request_box

Edited by Meyer Greenberg.

611Various papers related to the Kosher Dining Clubundated, 1969-1970request_box

Includes papers on the history of the Club.

612Related Publicationsundated, 1977request_box

Including Kashrus and Grace After Meals.

613Yavneh, National Orthodox Student Association1960-1971request_box
72Student Zionist Organization1963-1964request_box
73Ten Israel Art Exhibits, volume I1961-1972request_box

Formerly a photo album titled "Ten Israel Art Exhibits, B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, University of Maryland, Vol. I." Contains clippings and photos.

74Ten Israel Art Exhibits, volume II1961-1972request_box

Formerly a photo album titled "Ten Israel Art Exhibits Vol. II." Contains clippings and photos.

75Ten Israel Art Exhibits, volume III1961-1972request_box

Formerly a photo album titled "Ten Israel Art Exhibits Vol. III." Contains clippings and photos.

76Ten Israel Art Exhibits, volume IV1961-1972request_box

Formerly a photo album titled "Ten Israel Art Exhibits Vol. IV." Contains clippings and photos.

77Israel Art Exhibits1966-1969request_box

Formerly bound, includes exhibition invoices.

78Israel Art Exhibits Photographsundated, 1961-1969request_box
79Baltimore Hebrew College1962-1964request_box

Contains correspondence and clippings.

710Free University1971-1973request_box

Correspondence, course announcements/listings, clippings.

711Study Groupsundated, 1964-1965request_box

Includes handwritten notes

81Jewish Teachers' Institute of Greater Washington1967-1973request_box

As implemented at the University of Maryland

82Semester in Israel material, Tel Aviv University, University of Maryland1970-1971request_box

Formerly bound: "Semester in Israel, material issued 1970-1971."

83Semester in Israel material, Tel Aviv University, University of Maryland1972-1974request_box
84Jewish/Judaica Studies at the University of Maryland1970-1974request_box

Includes clippings, correspondence, flyers

85Regional Conferences1946, 1951, 1954request_box
86Breirah (Alternative)1972-1977request_box

Led by Howard Wasserman, Breirah (meaning Alternative) was the Hillel's commuter-oriented extension branch.

87Career Opportunities Program1967request_box
89Conversion Certificates and Paperwork1947-1965request_box

Includes certificates of Admission of a Proselyte.

810Edward Israel Interfaith Fellowship1952-1953request_box
811First Annual Human Relations conference1954request_box
812Israel Summer Work Programundated, 1967request_box
813Kallah activities1951-1953request_box
814Leadership Training Institute1953request_box
91Outreach program1969-1973request_box
92Panel discussion: "Negroes and Jews"1965request_box

This is on magnetic tape.

93Panel Discussion with Edwin H. Samuel, Israel and the Middle East1965request_box

This is on magnetic tape.

88Conscientious Objectors1967-1971request_box

Position statement on conscientious objection. Letters written by Meyer Greenberg requesting conscientious objection be considered.

94Vietnam Moratorium Day Activities1969request_box

Interfaith service for peace - Vietnam Moratorium Day, October 15, 1969. Includes clipping.

95Reform Student Program1965-1968request_box

Includes clippings.

96Chanukah eventsundated, 1953-1955request_box

Includes invitations, excerpts of plays read.

97Passover events1953-1955request_box

Includes clippings.

98Purim eventsundated, 1968request_box

Includes sheet music.

99Holy Services papers1954-1972request_box
910Correspondence, seminar with Congregational Rabbis1971-1973request_box





March and April























1011Social Action1968-1972request_box


1012Save Soviet Jewry material1970-1972request_box
1013United Jewish Student Appeal1953-1972request_box
1014Faculty Society, Israel1967request_box
1015Faculty Society, United Jewish Appeal1971-1973request_box
1016Faculty Society Programming1963-1967request_box
1017Faculty Society Study Groupundated, 1967, 1972request_box
1018Symposium on Intermarriage and the American Jewish Future1964request_box
1019Symposium on Inter-religious Marriage1974request_box
1020Symposium: "The Meaning of the Nazi Extermination of the Six Million"1963-1965request_box

Brief letters from Hannah Arendt (who spoke at the symposium) and Elie Wiesel (who was asked to speak but couldn't).

1021Symposium: "The Meaning of the Nazi Extermination of the Jews"1965request_box

Clippings, flyers and press, handwritten notes.

111Symposium transcript1965request_box
112Graduate Faculty Society1965request_box
113Hillel Alumni Society1973request_box
114Friends of the Hillel fundraising1956-1963request_box
115ATID (Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions)1965-1967request_box
124Arab propaganda1957-1960request_box
126Civil Rights1963request_box
127Dean B.J. Borenson1963request_box
128Case of the 131963request_box
1210Discrimination in the Sociology Department1970request_box

including the Report of the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination



1212Discrimination, Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith1957-1976request_box
1213Jewish Holidays1965-1976request_box
1214Religious Policy1970-1971request_box

Handwritten notes


Subseries 3: Photographs, undated, 1946-1978

1 linear feet.

The order of the photographs in this collection has been maintained. Whenever the photographs are dated, they've been arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of 2 manuscript boxes of photographs. Most photographs are black-and-white, while a handful is in color.

Please note: photocopies of research and family trees sometimes included. There are also more personal pieces of correspondence like greeting cards and postcards.


Including photographs of Meyer Greenberg

193Photographs, various1949-1970request_box
194Photographs, events1949-1970request_box
195Photographs, various1956-1959request_box
196Photographs, various1960-1966request_box

Including photographs from the symposium held on May 2, 1965 including Hannah Arendt, Norman Podhoretz and Dwight Macdonald.

201Photographs, various1967-1969request_box
202Photographs, various1970-1972request_box
203Photographs, various1970-1978request_box

Bulk dates 1970-1972

204Photographs, variousSeptember-October 1971request_box

Including concerts, dining, Hillel Mixer, Rabbis Barbecue, and 4 postcard-sized photographs

205Photographs, variousNovember-December 1971request_box

The accordion player in these photographs is identified as Ira Besque. Also included is Sara Nade, though it is not indicated which young woman she is. These photographs include commentary and captions.

206Photographs, Hillel events1972request_box

Including Ha'atzmaut, Au Revoir Howard and Judy (Wasserman), athletics, dance, birds, dining and concerts

207Photographs, various1972request_box

Summer 1972 through October 1972

208Photographs, various1972-1973request_box

Including dining and recreation

209Photographs, various1973 and 1974request_box

Fall 1973 and Spring 1974. These photographs contain names of students on reverse. Photographs are of activities, including dining and recreation.

2010Photographs of tutoringundatedrequest_box

Young woman (presumably of the Hillel) tutoring young girl.

2011Photographs, variousundatedrequest_box

Formerly stapled to a board at the Hillel; these photographs include captions.

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Series IV: Meyer Greenberg's Other Work, 1939-1975

This series is in English.
.5 linear feet.
Scope and Content:

This series documents the work Meyer Greenberg was engaged in outside of his role as Director of the Hillel at the University of Maryland. It dates from 1939 through 1975 and includes his involvement with the Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington and the Prince Georges County Juvenile Court Advisory Committee, for which Meyer Greenberg served as Chairman. Also included are papers related to Meyer Greenberg's directorships at the Hillels of Galluadet College, Queens College and Yale University.

1410Constitution and Approved By-Laws for the Hebrew Academy of Greater Washingtonundatedrequest_box
1411Various reports of the Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington1955-1971request_box
1412Hebrew Academy financial statements1950-1957request_box
1413Hebrew Academy reference manual1963-1964request_box
1414Hebrew Academy Parents' Handbookundatedrequest_box

Contains some Hebrew. Contains 2 different copies of handbook.

1415Hebrew Academy code for Teachers1950-1973request_box
1416General policies governing salaries of teachersundatedrequest_box
1417Standards for hiring teachers1952request_box
1418Hebrew Academy salaries1951-1974request_box
1419Job description for the Assistant to the Principal position1974request_box
1420Overview of kindergarten programundatedrequest_box
1421Hebrew curriculum1968-1969request_box
1422Junior High School subjects curriculum1971request_box
151Memoranda to Faculty1952-1972request_box
152Hebrew Academy Applications and Formsundated, 1956request_box
153National Junior Honor Society "Torah Or" Chapterundatedrequest_box
154Publication: Alon Bet ha-Seferundatedrequest_box


155Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington Guiding Concepts1971request_box
156Hebrew Academy activities1955request_box
157Principal's Bulletin1971-1974request_box
158Hed ha-Yeshivahundatedrequest_box


159PTA Bulletin1971request_box
1510Variousundated, 1951-1973request_box
1511Board of Directors Memos and Reports1950-1973request_box
1512Executive Committee Meeting1969request_box
1513Board of Education of the Hebrew Academy of Washington By-Laws and Code for Teachers1951-1970request_box
1514Board of Education Sub-Committees1952-1971request_box
1515Board of Education Meeting Notices1951-1974request_box
1516Board of Education Meeting Minutes1951-1959request_box
161Board of Education Meeting Minutes1960-1969request_box
162Board of Education Meeting Minutes1970-1975request_box
163Board of Education Principal's Reports1965-1975request_box
164Board of Education Policy decisions1953request_box
165Notes on/report of the faculty meeting with the Board of Education1951request_box

Includes handwritten notes.

166Reports submitted to Board of Education1951-1954request_box
167Board of Education Curriculum Committee1951-1971request_box
168Curriculum and Educational Appraisal Committee1951-1972request_box
169High School Planning Committeeundatedrequest_box
1610Hiring Standards Committee1952request_box

Some water damage.

1611Hiring Standards Committee1952request_box

Some water damage.

1612Formations of Committee to Inculcate Respect1951request_box

Correspondence between Rabbi Greenberg and Joseph Viener

1613Library Committee1951-1960request_box

Some water damage.

1614Long Range Planning Committee1954-1955request_box
1615Operating Committee1951 and 1971request_box
1616Personnel Committee1951-1966request_box
1617Pupil Retention Committee1953-1954request_box
1618Report on the role of the ombudsmanundatedrequest_box
1619Survey Committee, second report1951request_box
1620Day Camp Committeeundated, 1962request_box
1622Open Forum1965request_box
1623Yom Iyun1962-1972request_box
1624Correspondence - Rabbi Akiva Egozi1972-1974request_box
1625PTA Correspondence1951-1971request_box
1627Correspondence, various1950-1974request_box
1628Hebrew Academy - U.J.A. Study Liaison Committee1971-1973request_box
171Prince Georges County Juvenile Court Advisory Committee meeting minutes and papers1947-1958request_box
172Prince Georges County Juvenile Court Advisory Committee1953request_box
173Prince Georges County Juvenile Court Advisory Committee Correspondence1947-1954request_box
174News Release regarding Meyer Greenberg's Re-Election as Chairman of Juvenile Court Advisory Committee1947-1954request_box
175Juvenile Court Advisory Committee Court Policies and Procedures Sub-Committee1954request_box
176Maryland Commission for the Prevention and Treatment of Juvenile Delinquency1956request_box
177Governor's Conference on Juvenile Delinquency1957request_box
178Young Judea, New Jersey Region1936-1937request_box
179American Alumni of Hebrew University, Executive Committee Minutes1939-1940request_box
1710American Alumni of Hebrew University, Correspondence1939-1945request_box
1711American Alumni of Hebrew University, various papersundated, 1940request_box

Some material in Hebrew. Promotional papers, handwritten notes.

1712American Friends of Hebrew University, American Division1938-1939request_box

Some material in Hebrew.

1713Committee for Hebrew in High Schools1939request_box
1714B'nai B'rith Hillel at Yale and Hebrew Universities1943-1945request_box
1715B'nai B'rith Yale Holy Day Requests to be excused from class1944-1945request_box
1716B'nai B'rith Hillel Yale Activities1944-1945request_box
1717B'nai B'rith Hillel Yale Correspondence1945request_box
1718B'nai B'rith Hillel Yale Publication "Hello"1944request_box
1719B'nai B'rith Hillel Yale photographs, including Meyer Greenberg1945request_box

Also included are Reverend Sidney Lovett (Chaplain at Yale); Charles E. Bloom (Vice President of Hillel); Professor Irwin R. Goodenough; Reynold Herg (American Friends of H.U.); James D. Babb (Librarian at Yale); Rabbi Meyer Greenberg (Director of Hillel). Photographs taken in July 1945 by Samuel Kravitt.

1720B'nai B'rith Hillel Queens College Constitution1943request_box
1721B'nai B'rith Hillel Queens College correspondence1943-1945request_box
181B'nai B'rith Hillel Queens College Publication "Hillel Shofar"1943-1945request_box
182B'nai B'rith Hillel Queens College Photographsundated, 1944-1945request_box

Including Harry Weinstock, Samuel Mackle, Dr. Paul Klapper, Dean Margaret Kiely and Dr. Charles Goswell. Photography by Heinz H. Weisenstein.

183B'nai B'rith Hillel Queens College Dedication to Max Kessler Memorial Collection1944request_box

Including dedication program

184B'nai B'rith Hillel City College various papersundated, 1944request_box
185B'nai B'rith Hillel City College publication, Hillel Observer1944request_box

2 copies - one for March 1944, the other for May

186B'nai B'rith Hillel Galluadet College1950-1965request_box
187Meyer Greenberg's survey and work at Yale1946request_box

including YIVO Annual of Jewish Social Science from 1946. Some material in Hebrew

1810Various Meyer Greenberg Publications1939-1965request_box

Includes The Jewish Parent, The Jewish Spectator and The Horizon

1811Discontent: A Religious Obligation Sermon given by Meyer Greenberg1955request_box
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