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1861-1982, 2011

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March 2013. Circa 0.4 linear feet of sketches and sketchbooks were found and added to box 6, following the main collection. March 05, 2015  Links to digital objects added in Container List.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Pinkus, Walter H., 1942-
Title: Felix Pinkus Family Collection
Dates:1861-1982, 2011
Dates:bulk 1900-1960
Abstract: The Felix Pinkus Family Collection documents the professional and personal lives of the dermatologist Felix Pinkus and his son Hermann Pinkus, and of other members of their family to a smaller extent. Prominent subjects include their work in dermatology, their artistic interests, Felix Pinkus's travels, and the family in general. This collection comprises a diverse array of formats. Text-based items include correspondence, unpublished writings, notes and research, newspaper clippings and journal articles, educational and professional certificates and documentation, official documents and various kinds of memorabilia. Visual media include photographs, photograph albums, small sketches, drawings and paintings and various types of scrapbooks.
Languages: The collection is primarily in German and English.
Quantity: 6 linear feet.
Identification: AR 25456
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note
Photograph of Felix, Luise and Hermann Pinkus

Photograph of Felix, Luise and Hermann Pinkus

Felix Pinkus was born April 4, 1868 in Berlin, the son of the businessman Benjamin ("Benno") and Rosalie (née Franckel) Pinkus. He had three brothers: Paul, Georg and Eugen. In Berlin he attended the Friedrich Werder Gymnasium, from which he graduated in 1885. Thereafter he studied medicine at the Universities of Berlin and Freiburg im Breisgau, with special interests in comparative anatomy and dermatology. At Freiburg he wrote his doctoral dissertation Über einen noch nicht beschriebenen Hirnnerven des Protopterus annectens (On an as yet undescribed cranial nerve of the Protopterus annectens) in 1894 – important because it identified and described the nervus terminalis (now called the nervus pre-olfactorius or olfactory nerve). In Freiburg he also met his future wife Elise Etzdorf, to whom he became engaged in 1890. After a ten-year engagement they married and went on to have two children Luise (born in 1902) and Hermann (born in 1905); both of their children became physicians.

After receiving his degree, Felix Pinkus worked at the Freiburg Anatomical Institute and in the laboratory of Paul Ehrlich at the Koch Institute. He would later write a chapter on lymphatic leukemia in Ehrlich's book on leukemia in 1901. From 1895-1898 Felix Pinkus worked under Albert Neisser at the Dermatological University Clinic in Breslau. Afterward, he opened his own clinic for dermatology in Berlin. In 1902 he discovered Haarscheiben (tylotrich pads). In 1908 he became a lecturer at the University of Berlin in dermatology and venereal diseases, in 1916 an associate professor. In 1910 his textbook on skin and venereal disease was published. With Rudolf Isaac Felix Pinkus led the Policlinic for Skin Diseases in Berlin and was also director at the Women's Hospital of Reinickendorf (Frauenkrankenhaus Reinickendorf). During World War I he was a staff physician in the military hospital of Berlin. He wrote articles not only on skin diseases, but also frequently on venereal diseases, including on its treatment and societal statistics. In 1917 he became secretary of the German Society for Venereal Disease Control. He was also secretary of the Berlin Dermatological Society.

In addition to his medical work, Felix Pinkus collected insects, often for the purpose of sketching them, which was a hobby. He also illustrated his own anatomical writings as well as sketching artwork, people – including his patients – and animals.

In 1933 Felix Pinkus lost his position as director of the Women's Hospital. The following year his wife Elise died, and his son Hermann left Germany for the United States. Hermann Pinkus eventually settled in Michigan and was later that year joined by his fiancée, Hilde Hensel, also a physician. Luise Pinkus married the pharmacist Werner Grab. In 1939 Felix Pinkus went to Oslo, Norway, where he remained for about a year until his son was able to procure an American entry visa for him. Then he went to the United States via Russia, taking the Trans-Siberian railroad from Moscow to Vladivostock, then traveling by boat to Tokyo, took an ocean liner at Yokohama, and crossed the Pacific to San Francisco, arriving in January 1941. He joined Hermann and Hilde in Michigan, where he resided with them and assisted in Hermann Pinkus's dermatopathology practice. He also became an honorary member of both the Detroit Dermatological Society and the Society for Investigative Dermatology. Felix Pinkus died on November 29, 1947.

Felix Pinkus was a prolific writer and produced more than 165 articles in dermatology.

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Scope and Content Note

The Felix Pinkus Family Collection is composed of the papers of the dermatologist Felix Pinkus and his family members, especially his son Hermann, also a dermatologist. Major motifs of the collection are their dermatological work and professional interests and their shared artistic aptitudes. The collection comprises correspondence, photographs, published and unpublished writing, photograph albums and scrapbooks, notes and research, newspaper clippings and journal articles, educational and professional certificates and documentation, announcements and invitations, official documents and various other memorabilia.

Material on Felix and Hermann Pinkus's work in dermatology will be found in both Series I and II. Subseries 5 of Series I holds Felix Pinkus's professional papers while Subseries 4 of Series II holds Hermann's. Such documentation consists of research notes and sketches, photographs of dermatological conditions and professional writings, including Hermann Pinkus's dissertation on tissue culture, and conference materials. Some professional correspondence of Felix Pinkus will be found in Subseries 2 of Series I and includes letters related to his dismissal from the University of Berlin and loss of position at the Frauenkrankenhaus Reinickendorf in 1933. Both of these series also hold material of the Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin an der Universität Berlin (ANMV), a scientific and medical association to which they both belonged. Series III, which holds papers of family members other than Felix and Hermann Pinkus, contains some material on the professional work of Hermann's wife Hilde Hensel Pinkus, who like most members of the family was a physician.

Both Felix and Hermann Pinkus produced a number of sketches and other artwork; much of the artwork in the collection displays their knowledge of anatomy. Felix Pinkus's art, found in Subseries 4 of Series I, holds a number of drawings, paintings and especially sketches of humans and animals, including both depictions of individuals or animals he observed as well as drawings of ancient art from museums that featured such subjects. Hermann Pinkus's drawings, in Subseries 3 of Series II, features a number of drawings of insects. Felix Pinkus in addition produced a number of scrapbooks to document journeys he took, several of which utilize collage-like pages assembled with a mixture of drawings, handwritten descriptions, photographs, newspaper clippings and small publications or memorabilia. These scrapbooks, together with simpler photo albums and collections of memorabilia, form Subseries 3 of Series I.

Prominent events in the lives of family members, and especially in the lives of Hermann and Hilde Pinkus, will be found in the correspondence of this series. Much of the collection's correspondence consists of letters between family members. Felix Pinkus's correspondence is located in Subseries 2 of Series I; his most prolific correspondent is his son, writing after his immigration to Michigan and giving details of his new life in America. Felix Pinkus's other correspondents include other family members such as his daughter Luise and his brothers, many professional letters on a number of topics, including the events of the 1930s in Germany, as well as a number of letters from close friends. Most of Hermann Pinkus's correspondence dates after the war, with many friends but also including letters from his sister and a small amount of professional and official correspondence. A few letters of Hilde Pinkus are located in Series III, with her other papers; these encompass a number of letters from patients during the 1930s. Further material on the Pinkus family includes their many family photographs, located in Series IV. Some details on the family can be found in some of Felix and Hermann Pinkus's non-fiction creative writing, in Subseries 4 of Series I and Subseries 3 of Series II respectively.

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This collection is arranged in four series:

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Related Material

The LBI Archives include the Pinkus Family Collection (AR 7030). The LBI Library holds a few books by Felix and Hermann Pinkus. In addition, the LBI Archives contain the Marianne Landau Collection, which has a folder of correspondence between Marianne Landau and them (AR 11066).

The Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan has the Felix Pinkus Papers (call number 921074 Aa 1; 1 folder). The Bentley Historical Library also holds the Hermann and Hilde Pinkus Papers (call number 2012011 Aa 2; UAm; 4 linear feet).

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Separated Material

Many publications have been removed from the collection during processing, with copies of relevant articles and copyright information retained in the collection.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Felix Pinkus Family Collection; AR 25456; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Processing Information

During the processing of the archival collection similar materials were brought together in order to form series and subseries. Some portions of the collection were organized topically, especially Subseries 4 and 6 of Series I and Series IV, which had large amounts of untitled and unsorted material. Folders were arranged alphabetically by title as little original order appeared present. A large number of publications were removed from the collection, especially from Subseries 6 of Series I. Titles and copyright information for removed items were retained in the collection.

In March 2013 circa 0.4 linear feet of Felix Pinkus's sketches and sketchbooks were found and added to the collection. Physically located at the end of box 6, they are intellectually part of Series I, Subseries 4: Creative Work.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Felix Pinkus, 1874-1986, 2011

This series is in German and English.
3.8 linear feet.

Divided into six subseries:

Scope and Content:

Series I contains the papers of Felix Pinkus. It incorporates both personal and professional papers, as well as a significant amount of correspondence, material related to his travels, his artistic creations and an assortment of published articles and newspaper clippings.

Felix Pinkus's personal interests are well documented in this series. He sketched prolifically, and Subseries 4 holds his creative work, with many sketches and some paintings as well as works in other mediums and a few personal essays. Related are the large scrapbooks that document his travels in Subseries 3. The pages of these volumes contain many sketches of sights or people he saw while traveling in addition to numerous photographs and postcards. Some of these also include publications and other mementos collected while away from home. The scrapbook of his voyage to visit his son Hermann in 1937 also holds diary entries documenting his voyage.

Subseries 2, which contains his correspondence, documents much of Felix Pinkus's connections with family and friends, as well as some letters from colleagues. Especially notable are the letters from his son Hermann and daughter Luise, which provide details on Hermann Pinkus's establishment of a career and professional life in the United States. A 1941 letter to his brother Eugen Pinkus provides a description of Felix Pinkus's immigration to the United States via Russia and Japan and adds further details to the three folders of memorabilia and photographs of this trip in Subseries 3. The personal papers of Subseries 1 includes a few family papers, such as a memorial album for his mother Rosalie, certificates for the Pinkus family's financial support of World War I, and obituaries for Felix Pinkus that provide overviews of his life, including a detailed epigraph written by a colleague of Hermann Pinkus, which appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Professional papers that relate to Felix Pinkus's career as dermatologist and professor at the University of Berlin are evidenced in his professional correspondence and in Subseries 5. His professional correspondence (Subseries 2) discusses a myriad of subjects, including letters from his medical students and letters of 1933-1934 that reflect his dismissal from official capacities due to the Nazi regime. Subseries 5 includes a sample of Felix Pinkus's professional writing, such as a few of his articles and some notes and dermatological photographs and contains materials on professional conferences. Much of the subseries relates to his position at the University of Berlin, with several folders holding material from the Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin an der Universität Berlin (ANMV) as well as some of the university's announcements and texts of speeches. One notebook lists patient billing; a similar list is in a notebook is located in Subseries 4, with financial notations at the front of the volume and a lengthy essay on Paul Ehrlich and the Ehrlich and Pinkus families, related by marriage.

The final subseries consists of a number of clippings and articles likely collected by Felix Pinkus. Many cover various medical subjects, including articles on dermatology. Others relate to non-medical subjects: ethnology and race, the events of the 1930s, Judaism, ancient art, and zoology, anatomy and other sciences. This material reflects a multitude of interests.

Subseries 1: Personal Papers, 1874-1962

This subseries is in German and English.
0.25 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 holds the personal papers of Felix Pinkus, including certificates, official papers, obituaries and albums.

Certificates primarily consist of documents issued by educational institutions, including the Universities of Berlin and Freiburg. Other certificates pertain to the Pinkus family in World War I. This subseries contains two albums – a memorial album for Felix Pinkus's mother Rosalie and two diaries dedicated to Felix Pinkus with no identification of their author. Official papers consist of Felix Pinkus's German passport and its many accompanying papers and some documents related to his immigration and American visa.

11Certificates – Financial Contributions of the Pinkus Family for World War I1913-1917
12Death of Felix Pinkus1947
13Diaries Dedicated to Felix Pinkus (Author Unknown)1930 May
14Educational Certificates1874-1886
15Educational Certificates – Universities1886-1894
OS 141Educational Certificates – Universities - Oversized1887-1894
16German Passport with Documentation1939-1943
18Invitationsundated, 1918-1929
19Memorial Album (Traueralbum) for Rosalie Pinkus1912-1962
OS 141World War I Poster – Oversizedcirca 1914-1918

Subseries 2: Correspondence, 1873-1950, 2011

This subseries is in German and English.
0.85 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

The letters of Felix Pinkus with family members, friends and colleagues will be found in Subseries 2. This extensive correspondence is with numerous individuals, most of it news from friends or family members as to their activities. Nearly all of the correspondence consists of letters sent to Felix Pinkus, with very few by him.

Several friends sent items to Felix Pinkus, and these have been retained with their letters. One of these was Minna Blau; her letters include some photographs of herself, a manuscript ("Ein hoher Sang von Minne und Treue") with romantic poetry, and a notebook that informs Felix Pinkus of the details of her life in 1932. Lisbeth Ellenelt also sent him a text, "Errinerungen und Bekenntnisse aus den Tagen meiner Jugend (eine Plauderei)", which describes her childhood and early family life. Ernst Jokl, a friend from South Africa, sent Pinkus some articles in Jokl's field of sports medicine. The journalist Emma Waldenburg sent him articles written by herself on her father, Ludwig Waldenburg, as well as on the director of the Berlin Zoo, Ludwig Beck.

Many folders in this subseries hold correspondence of Pinkus family members, especially Hermann and Hilde Pinkus, but also Eugen, Georg and Max. A few letters from Elise Pinkus may be found in the folder of family correspondence (1/14). Notable is the letter to Eugen Pinkus from Felix while he traveled to the United States in May 1941. This lengthy letter summarizes the trip so far, with descriptions of Yokohama, his experiences and the people he has encountered to that point, travel accommodations and noteworthy events, and concludes with his arrival in Honolulu. Letters from Hermann Pinkus discuss his news and activities, with several letters mentioning Hermann's work in hospitals in Michigan. In letters from the first half of 1935, Hermann compares the education system in the United States and Germany, while in the second half of that year, he mentions American holiday customs, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with the conception Americans had of Germany as a backwards nation. These letters also mention events significant in the lives of a recently married couple, such as the furnishing of Hermann and Hilde's apartment. Many of the later letters mention Hermann's professional activities along with further news. Hermann Pinkus's letters from 1938 describe the opening and establishment of his practice, and additionally includes many letters from him to his sister Luise Grab and her husband Werner.

Several folders in this subseries hold professional letters sent to Felix Pinkus; these letters cover many different subjects, from letters of students to letters of recommendation to greetings to brief mentions of publications or professional organizations and numerous other subjects. One folder (1/43) relates to Felix Pinkus's removal from his official positions in 1933. These letters specifically show his retirement as director of the Frauenkrankenhaus Reinickendorf and as consultant at the Beratungs- und Behandlungsstelle für Geschlechtskrankheiten. Related are the letters of the Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft, several of which include discussions as to whether or not Jewish doctors ought to remain in the society.

110Blau, Minna1934-1935
111Blau, Minna – Manuscript – Ein hoher Sang von Minne und Treue1935
112Blau, Minna – Notebook and Photographs1884-1935
113Ellenelt, Lisbeth1929
114Family (including from Elise, Hermann and Luise Pinkus)1873-1914
115Family and Friends1886-1937
116Fehr, Ma1930s
117Fehr, Ma1936-1938
118Fehr, Ma1939
119Friends in the United States1934-1936
121Grab, Luise1941-1945
122Holiday Greetings1910-1938
123Jokl, Ernst1930-1936
124Jokl, Ernst – Articles on Sports Medicine1930-1936
125Juliusberger, Otto1933-1937
126Picture Postcardsundated, 1927-1950
127Pinkus, Eugen1934-1939
128Pinkus, Eugen – Letter from Felix Pinkus about his voyage to the United States1941 May
129Pinkus, Georg1894, 1936
130Pinkus, Hans – Biography of the Weigert Family1938
131Pinkus, Hermann1934 March-December
132Pinkus, Hermann and Hilde1935 January-June
133Pinkus, Hermann and Hilde1935 July-December
134Pinkus, Hermann and Hilde1936
135Pinkus, Hermann and Hilde1937
136Pinkus, Hermann and Hilde1938 January-November
137Pinkus, Max1933
141Professional1938, 1947
142Professional – Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft1933-1934
143Professional – Loss of Position1933
144Rothschild, Else1941
145Schröder, Max – Holiday Greetings1927-1935
146Takahashi, Akira – Holiday Greetingsundated, 1909, 1927
147Waldenburg, Emma1932-1934
148Waldenburg, Emma – Articles – Ludwig Beck and the Berlin Zoo1928-1931
21Waldenburg, Emma – Articles – Ludwig Waldenburgundated, 1931, 2011
22Waldenburg, Emma – Articles – Other Subjects and Poetryundated, 1931-1937
23Widenhorn, Hans1899, 1933

Subseries 3: Travels, undated, 1914-1941

This subseries is in German and English, with a small amount of Norwegian.
1 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 3 contains material related to the travels of Felix Pinkus, including trips to the Harz mountains region in Germany, Africa, Oslo, the Soviet Union and the United States. Included are a number of albums, but also some manuscripts, photographs, and memorabilia. Particularly remarkable are the scrapbooks with Felix Pinkus's sketches and drawings of places he visited.

Three albums hold photographs of landscapes and people of Africa along with another album of newspaper clippings and sketches and one folder of loose photographs and a few sketches. It is not stated when this trip was made, but it may have been a trip to visit Eugen Pinkus, who resided in South Africa at some point in his life prior to moving to New York. There are only a few sketches. Some photographs include identification.

Material that concerns Felix Pinkus's stay in Oslo in 1939 consists of a manuscript and a scrapbook. The manuscript tells of his trip to Oslo from Hamburg with his daughter Luise and provides descriptions of the people he met in Oslo, the weather, and the professional activities of Inga Saeves, who invited him to Norway. The manuscript also compares Norwegians with Germans and Russians. The scrapbook holds many photographs, newspaper clippings, memorabilia and drawings by Felix Pinkus. There are also handwritten quotes from books and clippings of Norwegian cartoons. His drawings depict landscapes, artwork, animals, and especially people. This scrapbook also includes a loose postcard by Hermann Pinkus upon the outbreak of war in September 1939, expressing his relief that Felix is safe.

Four folders relate to Felix Pinkus's two trips to the United States – the first in 1937 to visit his son and daughter-in-law and the second his immigration in 1940/1941. His 1937 trip is comprehensively documented and includes a running diary that describes and comments upon the events, sights, activities and encounters of his journey. There are abundant materials intermixed with the diary entries in the pages of the scrapbook: drawings, photographs, publications, memorabilia, notes, newspaper clippings and postcards. This documentation details the trip from Hamburg to Michigan, including stops in New York and Chicago. The 1940/1941 trip from Oslo to the United States is chronicled via three folders of memorabilia of the trip. One of these (2/12) contains items from various stops along the trip: Oslo, Stockholm, Moscow, Vladivostock, Kobe, Yokohama and San Francisco. This folder also contains some official correspondence regarding Felix Pinkus's visa. (Related is a letter by Felix Pinkus to his brother Eugen that describes this trip, located in Subseries 2 of this series.) Two folders hold memorabilia from the long passage on the S.S. Nitta Maru that took Felix Pinkus from Yokohama to the United States. One holds a collection of the menus from the many meals during the trip, including a menu written on a small paper fan, while the other contains photographs of events and people on board.

Another scrapbook in this subseries is for a 1929 trip to Russia for a medical conference. In addition to some notes and anatomical sketches, it has many postcards and some drawings of people, landscapes or urban scenes. An album with depictions of the Harz region in Germany contains many drawings and postcards of the mountains, forests and towns in the area while the drawings primarily show forest and mountain views.

24Album – Harz – Drawings and Paintingsundated
25Album – South Africaundated
26Album – South Africa
27Album – Sub-Saharan Africa before World War I – Newspaper Clippings and Sketchesbefore 1914
28Manuscript – Oslo1939
29Move to Oslo1939
210Trip to the Soviet Union1929
211Trip to the United States1937
212Voyage to the United States1940-1941
213Voyage to the United States – S.S. Nitta Maru – Menus1940 December-1941 January
31Voyage to the United States – S.S. Nitta Maru – Photographs1940-1941
32Sketches and Photographic Postcards of Africaundated
33Study Guides – 1000 Worte Englisch1930s?
34Travel Guides – England, Germany, Genevaundated, 1925-1933

Subseries 4: Creative Work, undated, 1903-1941

This subseries is in German and English.
0.8 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 4 contains Felix Pinkus's artistic and literary creations, including many small drawings, sketches and paintings. In addition there is an album of pressed flowers, as well as some collages. Artwork was sorted topically during the processing of the collection due to the large amount of it.

The bulk of the subseries consists of Felix Pinkus's art. He used several different mediums, including pencil, crayon, watercolor, ink and pastels, sometimes mixing mediums in the same piece. Although there are three folders of artwork with landscapes and outdoor scenes, the most prevalent subjects are people and animals, including many sketches of human faces and animals in a zoo. Depictions of ancient artwork continue this theme with portrayals of art that featured both human and animal forms, such as depictions of chariots, Sumerian gods and Minoan bull leaping. Images of ancient art include three sketchbooks with depictions of ancient Egyptian art, especially scenes of people; one sketchbook includes notes on such drawings and on hieroglyphics.

A few folders hold notebooks and drafts of writing. One of these is a notebook containing both financial records and a long, handwritten essay titled "Probieren geht über studieren." This essay focuses on Paul Ehrlich, who married Felix Pinkus's cousin Hedwig, and also discusses the history of the Ehrlich and Pinkus families. The following folder holds some untitled notes that frequently mention two characters of the second part of the Nibelungenlied, Etzel/ Attila the Hun and Kriemhild. The final folder of this subseries consists of some unpublished writing drafts; included is a recollection of an event in Waterville, Maine in 1941, a review of Rudolf Thiel's Männer gegen Tod und Teufel and some unidentified notes. One folder of poetry contains a notebook and a loose poem, possibly written by some other Pinkus family member; no author is identified.

623Album – Herbariumundated
35Albums – Pressed Flowersundated
36Collages – Ancient Artundated
37Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Ancient Imagesundated, 1938
624Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Ancient Imagesundated
38Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Facesundated
625Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Facesundated, 1939
39Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Horses and Chariotsundated
310Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Landscapes and Natureundated
311Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Mexicoafter 1939
312Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Peopleundated, 1922
626Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Peopleundated, 1937, 1943
313Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – People and Animalsundated, 1934
627Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Performersundated
314Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Russiaundated, 1929-1933
315Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Variousundated
628Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Variousundated, undated, 1942-1943
316Drawings, Sketches and Paintings – Zooundated
317Notebook – Financial Records and Paul Ehrlich Article ("Probieren geht über Studieren")1903-1907, 1939
318Notes – Attila the Hun and Kriemhild1930s?
629Sketchbook – Animals, Horses and Riders1880
630Sketchbook – Landscapes and Rural Scenesundated, 1913
631Sketchbook – Origin of Manundated
632Sketchbooks – Ancient Egyptundated
320Sketches – Mexico and Oslo1934, 1939
321Writingsundated, 1941

Subseries 5: Professional Papers, undated, 1898-1939

This subseries is in German, French and English.
0.7 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

This subseries encompasses documents related to Felix Pinkus's role as a dermatologist and instructor at the University of Berlin. Included are various announcements and documentation related to professional organizations, conference memorabilia and notes, notes on medical research, photographs and copies of some of his professional writing.

Several folders pertain to professional organizations and conferences. Prominent among these is the material on the Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin an der Universität Berlin (ANMV), which is nearly always referred to with its acronym. Although some of this material consists of circular announcements sent to all members, one folder holds eulogies given for members. Documents related to membership show Felix Pinkus as part of the organization. Conference materials document attendance at conferences in France and Egypt. Three folders derive from Felix Pinkus's time as lecturer and associate professor at the University of Berlin; these contain an assortment of university documents.

Felix Pinkus's own dermatological research and findings are evidenced in two folders of notes, a list of publications, some medical photographs and two folders of writing. The folder of loose writings (4/5) contains a handful of offprints of his professional work along with a ten-page typescript on the history of dermatology in Berlin. A notebook (4/6) holds the lengthy article "Im Kämpfe mit dem Aberglauben: ein medizinisch-psychologische Studie." Felix Pinkus wrote many obituaries and biographies for colleagues included in this subseries in the form of both typescript drafts and published newspaper clippings; accompanying these are some obituaries by others, found together with those of Felix Pinkus.

322Academic Organizations1911-1934
323ANMV (Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin an der Universität Berlin)undated, 1915-1930
324ANMV (Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin an der Universität Berlin)1931-1938
325ANMV (Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin an der Universität Berlin) – Eulogiesundated, 1937
326ANMV (Akademischer Verien für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin an der Universität Berlin) – Statutes and Membership1898-1933, 1998
OS 141Article about Felix Pinkusundated
327Certificates and Announcements1898-1936
328Conference Reports – French1909-1932
329Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft1933-1934
330Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin – Announcements and Statutes1898-1930
331Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin – Speeches Given at University Events1915-1929
332Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin – Speeches Given at University Events1930-1932
333International Congress of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Cairo, Egypt1928
334List of Publications1934?
335Medical Notesundated
336Notes and sketches – Relativ Insuffiecienz bei Erweiterung der aufsteigenden Aorta des Ostiums1892 February
337Notebook – Billing of Patients1912-1916
41Obituaries and Biographies of Physicians – Publications and Clippings by Felix Pinkus1918-1935
42Obituaries and Biographies of Physicians – Publications and Clippings by Other Authors1911-1938
43Obituaries and Biographies of Physicians – Typescriptsundated, 1933-1934
44Photographs – Elephantiosis and Leprosisundated
OS 141Society for Investigative Dermatology – Honorary Membership Award – Oversizedafter 1939
45Writingsundated, 1928
46Writings – Notebooksundated

Subseries 6: Research, Publications and Newspaper Clippings, 1890-1980

This subseries is primarily in German and English.
0.6 linear feet.

Divided into the following sections:

Scope and Content:

This collection contains many folders of newspaper clippings, publications and offprints that cover a wide array of subjects. Only two folders were given a title by a Pinkus family member, the remainder were assigned topical titles during processing of the collection, with related subjects gathered together.

Published material related to dermatology, medicine and science comprise the first section of Subseries 6. The three other areas of the subseries may pertain to areas of interest to Felix Pinkus and some may have been collected to record the events in 1930s Germany. Most of the published material on German-Jewish history relates to the growing anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany and includes a number of clippings both on the role and activities of doctors during this time as well as articles on artists or related to art. Four folders contain material on ethnology and racial research prior to the 1930s. All other topics are found in the final section; included are several folders with clippings that may relate to Felix Pinkus's artwork, such as clippings of various art of the ancient world and of animals. The folder "In Kapsel 1103" contains items with this identification on each document.

A) Medicine and Science

47Articles by and about Eugen Fraenkel1903-1926
48Hamburg Dermatological Congress – Clippings1921
49Inaugural Dissertations at the University of Berlin1890-1937
410Medical Articles and Offprints1892-1897, 1917-1939
411Medical Publications sent to Felix Pinkus1899-1936, 1980
412Scientific Articles and Offprints1890-1924

B) German-Jewish History

413Anti-Semitism and Jewish Ethnologyundated, 1913, 1933-1938
414Clippings – Articles from Jüdische Rundschau and Gemeindeblatt1935-1938
415Clippings from 1930s Germany – Art and Artists1930s
416Clippings from 1930s Germany – Doctors1933
417Clippings from 1930s Germany – General1932-1937
418Clippings from 1930s Germany – Jewish Question/ Problem19325-1936
419Clippings from 1930s Germany – Der "Kartätschenprinz" erzählt1937 August
420Jewish Life and History in Germany1919-1936
421Jewish Organizations and their Work1933
422Jewish Organizations and their Work1934-1939
423Photographic Postcards – Hitler, Goebbels, Göring1930s?

C) Ethnology

424Articles1911, 1922
425Brochures, Publications and Clippings1900-1937
426Cards – Archiv für Rassenbilder1926-1927
427Postcards (with photographs and clipping)undated

D) Other Subjects

428Animals and Depictions of Animals1915-1935
429Art, Music and Literature – Publications1906-1910
430The Bible and Babylon1902-1938
431Clippings from American Newspapers and Periodicals – Michigan, University Life, Various Subjects1934-1935
432Clippings from Zeitbilder and New York Times – Photographs1930-1934
433Educational Institutions1931-1939
434German History – Publications1924-1932
435"In Kapsel 1103"1920-1950, 1961
436Judaism – Publications and Booksundated, 1918-1926
437"Newspaper Clippings about Famous People"1918-1944, 1979
438Various Subjects – Ancient Art, Ethnology, History and Science Articles1915-1932
439Various Subjects Including Art and Tourism – Brochures and Publicationsundated, 1929-1935
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Series II: Hermann Pinkus, 1907-1982

This series is primarily in German and English.
1.4 linear feet.

Divided into four subseries:

Scope and Content:

This series consists of the papers of Hermann Pinkus, son of Felix Pinkus and also a dermatologist and art enthusiast. This series includes his correspondence, personal and professional papers and some of his creative work.

Nearly all of Hermann Pinkus's correspondence in Subseries 1 is with friends or family, although a number of his friends were similarly in the medical field. Very few letters date prior to his emigration. The bulk of the correspondence relates news and greetings, and there is a larger amount of this with his sister Luise and her husband. A few letters mention current events or the situation in Europe, but most discuss their own lives, families, or professional activities.

Subseries 2 holds Hermann Pinkus's personal papers, most of which focus on his years at the University of Berlin and especially on his membership in the Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin der Universität Berlin (ANMV), which was also known as the fraternity Francomarchia. Related to this is a story, found in Subseries 3, that tells of a duel fought by members of his fraternity. Subseries 2 also contains various other personal papers, including copies of speeches, immigration and educational papers and some material on a 1957 trip to Europe.

Like his father, Hermann Pinkus had an interest in drawing, especially of insects. Some of his artistic endeavors will be found in Subseries 3, including sketches and an award for his photography. This subseries also contains some examples of essays that relate interesting experiences in his life.

More of Hermann Pinkus's writing will be found in Subseries 4, which holds his professional papers. Included is his dissertation on tissue culture along with photographs and notes used in its production. Photographs, notes and sketches of other dermatological subjects are also present. Some material on professional conferences and his medical work for the U.S. military during World War II are also found here.

Subseries 1: Correspondence, 1907, 1930-1974

This subseries is in German and English.
0.3 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 consists of the letters of Hermann Pinkus. The majority of letters are personal, from friends or family, and date after World War II. Most letters are those sent to him and his wife Hilde Pinkus, and are not written by him.

Most correspondence provides news of the activities of friends and family members along with occasional comments upon current international or local events. Correspondence with Hermann Pinkus's older sister Luise Grab and her husband Werner is prolific and describes their life in Vohwinkel, Wuppertal, with news of their professional lives, health, plans for visiting and questions about restitution matters, among numerous other subjects. Among Kurt Möller's letters is a description of Berlin in 1956, with mention of the education system and changes in the city. Detlev Müller-Using of Hannover reflects on the raising of children and societal pressures, his professional and recreational activities, and also mentions a 1956 trip to Brno and Prague on what he termed a "train of tears" – a train on which Czechs could cross the border to visit Austrian relatives once every two years. Correspondence of family members includes that of his aunt Hete Pinkus and son Walter. Letters from Hete mention Eugen Pinkus's decline and death, including discussion of his property. Correspondence with Walter includes a letter from Hermann Pinkus providing parental advice to his son and letters from Walter with updates on his activities and news. One folder contains letters of former members of the ANMV. These letters contain brief greetings or news.

Only a small amount of correspondence relates to Hermann Pinkus's professional connections. This is located in the folder of professional correspondence, and consists of letters with overviews of his medical career, correspondence regarding the acquisition of medical supplies and medical notes and sketches that were found with the professional correspondence.

440ANMV (Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin der Universität Berlin) Former Members1958-1963
441Brüning, Hildegard1958-1961
442Caro, Herbert1953-1974
443Chaknowitch, Alexandre and Irene1958-1962
444Family1907, 1959-1961
446Fröhlich, Hans1953-1959
447Grab, Luise and Werner1950-1961
448Joohs/ Jooß, Luise (Luischen)1959-1962
449Küchling, Hermann1950-1954
450Möller, Kurt1950-1961
451Müller-Using, Detlev1951-1962
452Official Correspondence1946
453Personal – Various Individualsundated
51Personal – Various Individuals1955-1958
53Pinkus, Heteundated, 1953-1956
54Pinkus, Walter1959-1960
55Schwarz, Walter1956-1960

Subseries 2: Personal Papers, 1913-1960

This subseries is in German and English.
0.3 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 contains Hermann Pinkus's personal documents, including those that pertain to his education and immigration.

Several folders hold papers related to his membership in Berlin fraternities and their activities, especially in the Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin (ANMV), for which there is an extensive amount of material and of which he was president for a time. This organization was also known as the fraternity Francomarchia, and both names are found on their invitations and announcements. Other educational papers include English translations of his German university and school certificates.

A few folders hold material on significant events in Hermann Pinkus's life. These include copies of speeches at his confirmation in 1921 and for his sixty-fifth birthday. The latter gives an overview of his professional achievements as well as a description of his early family life, with mention of his hobbies of insect collecting and drawing. One folder holds material related to his immigration in 1934 as well to Hilde Hensel's immigration the following year. The final four folders of this subseries document a 1957 trip to Sweden, Amsterdam and Vienna, including some items from a dermatological conference in Stockholm.

56Affidavit for Peter Kropp1957
57Balls – Programs and Publication1930
58Berlin Student Fraternities – Event Invitations1923-1934
59Berlin Student Fraternities – Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin – Reports and Announcements1925-1929
510Berlin Student Fraternities – Akademischer Verien für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin – Reports and Announcements1930-1934
511Berlin Student Fraternities – Akademischer Verein für Naturwissenschaft und Medizin – Statutes, Lists of Active Members and Other Papers1924-1932
512Berlin Student Fraternities – Other Papersundated, 1928
513Berlin Student Fraternities – Songs1913-1930
514Confirmation Speech1921
515Educational Record – Translations1924-1933
516Immigration1930, 1935
518Notes and Newspaper Clippingsundated, 1935, 1960
519Other Papersundated
520Sixty-fifth Birthday Speech1970
521Trip to Sweden, Amsterdam and Vienna1957
522Trip to Sweden, Amsterdam and Vienna – Memorabilia1957
523Trip to Sweden, Amsterdam and Vienna – Sweden1957
524Trip to Sweden, Amsterdam and Vienna – Sweden – XI. International Congress of Dermatology1957

Subseries 3: Creative Work, 1931-1962

This subseries is in German and English.
0.1 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

This subseries consists primarily of Hermann Pinkus's creations and includes some anecdotes of events in his life in addition to visual works. The first two folders hold his literary endeavors. "The Backyard-Farm" tells of the German immigrant farmer Fritz Kühner, with descriptions of his work, financial and living situation and his personality. The second folder holds two short pieces of events in Hermann Pinkus's own life. The first of these is "The Sixfold Duel," written under his pen name of Charles Bennon, which describes a question of honor that required a duel to resolve while he was president of his fraternity. The other piece is an untitled description of a dream.

The remaining three folders hold Hermann Pinkus's artworks, including his drawings of insects and paintings of outdoor scenes and a dog. Among the items in the final folder is a program from the 1955 American Physicians Art Exhibition in Atlantic City along with the ribbon Hermann Pinkus received for a Kodachrome photograph that took second prize in the advanced class category.

525The Backyard-Farm1941
526Brief Memoirs1940, 1948
527Drawings of Insectsundated
529Various (Sketch, Silhouette, Art Exhibition Program)1931-1962

Subseries 4: Professional Papers, 1924-1982

This subseries is in German and English.
0.55 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Subseries 4 holds Hermann Pinkus's professional papers, and encompasses professional writings, conference materials, research photographs and notes, and some correspondence and copies of official documentation related to his application for a commission in the army. One folder holds some articles on Hermann Pinkus, including a 1952 clipping from a Monroe, Michigan newspaper regarding his research on cancer.

Most of this subseries consists of drafts and some copies of published articles by Hermann Pinkus on various dermatological topics. The folder of drafts of his articles includes texts of talks he gave at Eloise Hospital on tissue culture, tumors and sweat ducts. One article was sent to his father for comments. Many photographs and notebooks provide further information on subjects of interest to him and include his dissertation on tissue culture as well as photographs and notes used in its research. The folder "Medical Diagnoses and Articles" holds various notes and comments on medical cases as well as some galley proofs for articles found together with the notes.

530Application for U.S. Medical Corps1942
531Application for U.S. Medical Corps – Copies of Official Documentation1924-1942
532Articles about Hermann Pinkus1934-1952
533Avian influenza (Hühnerpest) – Notebook1920s?
534Dermatology Photographsundated, 1937-1982
535Dissertation – Untersuchung über das Verhalten des Hühnerpankreas in der Gewebezüchtung (Examination of the Behavior of the Chicken Pancreas in Tissue Culture)1930
536Dissertation – Photographs1930
537Epithelial Tissue Culture (Epithelzüchtung) – Photographs1930s?
538Epithelium – Photographs1933
539International Conference for Experimental Cytology – Amsterdam (II)1930 August 4-9
540International Conference for Experimental Cytology – Cambridge (III)1933 August 21-26
541International Conference for Experimental Cytology – Cambridge (III) – Photographs of Oxyphane Granula1933
542International Conference for Experimental Cytology – Copenhagen (IV)1936 August 10-15
543Medical Articles – Drafts1930s?
544Medical Articles – English1933-1937, 1952
545Medical Articles – German1929-1937
546Medical Diagnoses and Articles1933-1934
547Notes – Various Subjectsundated, 1929-1932
61Professional Conferences1930-1960
62Schüller-Christian Disease – Notes and Photographs1933
63Tissue Culture (Gewebezüchtung) in the Pancreas (Dissertation Notes) – Notebooks1920s?
64Tuberculids – Photographs and Notes1930s
65Untitled Notebooks (Medical Drawings)1920s?-1930s?
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Series III: Other Family Members, 1861-1974

This series is in German and English.
0.15 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Series III holds the papers of family members other than Felix and Hermann Pinkus, including Felix Pinkus's parents, wife and brothers and Hermann's wife Hilde. Much of the series consists of correspondence of family members, including letters between Benno and Rosalie Pinkus and letters from patients to Hilde Hensel. Other correspondence primarily relates family news and updates. Hilde Pinkus's papers also consist of some of her medical articles, including her dissertation, Beiträge zur Kenntnis des feineren Baues der Schilddrüse der Neunaugenlarven (Contributions to Knowledge of the Fine Structure of the Thyroid of the Northern Lamprey) and notes for it.

66Benno and Rosalie Pinkus – Correspondence1861-1868
67Elise Pinkus – Radiographs1930
68Georg Pinkus – Medical Articles1893-1898
69Hilde Hensel Pinkus – Correspondence1932-1935, 1974?
610Hilde Hensel Pinkus – Index Cards – Notes for Dissertation1930s?
611Hilde Hensel Pinkus – Medical Articles1932-1943, 1974
612Luise Grab1941
613Max Pinkus1872
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Series IV: Family Photographs, undated, 1928-1961

0.3 linear feet.


Scope and Content:

Series IV holds many family photographs. Most of them are unidentified and undated. The photographs were loosely sorted topically during the processing of the collection. Many of the photographs of Felix Pinkus with others in groups may have been taken at various professional meetings or conferences. Hermann and Hilde Pinkus's photographs show their residence as well as themselves. The final folder holds a medical journal that Felix Pinkus turned into a photo album with pictures of family members on vacation pasted to its pages.

614Animals in the Berlin Zooundated
615Family, Berlin, Breslau1950-1961
616Felix Pinkus – Group Photographsundated, 1928
OS 141Felix Pinkus – Group Photographs – Oversizedundated
617Hermann and Hilde Pinkusundated, 1930s?
618Pinkus Family Photos – Card Photographsundated
619Pinkus Family Photos – Card Photographs featuring Felix Pinkusundated
620Pinkus Family Photos – Loose Photographsundated
621Pinkus Family Photos – Loose Photographs featuring Felix Pinkusundated
622Trip to Waterville, Maine – "Photo Album"1942
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