Guide to the Records of the United Order True Sisters, Noemi #11 (1883-1989),
undated, 1883-1989 (bulk 1911-1937)

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: United Order True Sisters Noemi #11
Title: United Order True Sisters Noemi #11, records
Dates:undated, 1883-1989 (bulk 1911-1937)
Abstract: Noemi #11 was an organizational branch of the charitable organization United Order True Sisters. The members of Noemi #11 were particularly dedicated to the philanthropic cause of aid to disabled children, and had a strong association with Children’s Hospital, Boston, and Massachusetts General Hospital. The collection includes meeting minutes, personal histories of the lodge, programs, photographs and correspondence.
Languages: The collection is in English.
Quantity: 11 linear feet (22 manuscript boxes, 2 oversized folders)
Identification: I-58
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located at AJHS, Boston, MA.
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Historical Note

The United Order True Sisters was organized under the name of Unabhangiger Orden Trueue Schwestern, on April 21, 1846, by a group of Jewish German-American women, in order to provide material support and mental and social stimulation of its members. In 1917 the use of the German language was abolished and the English language was adopted; the name was changed to the United Order True Sisters (UOTS). During the latter part of the nineteenth century, the Order extended its activities by embracing philanthropy throughout the country. In 1947 it organized the United Order True Sisters, Inc. National Cancer Service, which was renamed United Order True Sisters Cancer Services in 1956.

UOTS was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, January 22, 1922, and was known as a national organization doing non-sectarian work.

The Order consists of a Grand Lodge, designated as United Order True Sisters, Inc. Grand Lodge, NY, and of constituent Lodges designated by "United Order True Sisters, Inc." followed by individual names and numbers, in order of admission, and geographical locality.

Noemi#11 was the Boston, Massachusetts chapter of UOTS, and was established in 1878. The chapter was particularly dedicated to the philanthropic cause of disabled children, and had a strong association with Children's Hospital, Boston, and Massachusetts General Hospital.


1846United Order True Sisters formed in New York
1878Noemi #11 lodge established in Boston
1918Aid to Crippled Children Fund established
1947National Cancer Service established
1988United Order True Sisters, Inc. cited by Gov. Mario Cuomo for philanthropic contributions
1989Noemi #11 dissolved
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Scope and Content Note

The bulk of this material pertains to the routine governance of Noemi #11, mainly the handwritten ledgers of meeting minutes from the Executive Board, Planning Board, Noemi Juniors, and regular meetings. Material regarding Noemi members' philanthropic donations to Children's Hospital, Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital are included. Of special interest are a personal history of the Noemi#11 lodge, written by one of the members, and programs and memorabilia from many of Noemi's charitable events.

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The collection is divided into four series, as described below:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Collections and Engagement of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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Identification of item, date (if known); United Order True Sisters Noemi #11, records; I-58; box number; folder number; Jewish Heritage Center at NEHGS.

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Acquisition Information

The collection was donated to AJHS from 1990-1994 by Ms. Kay W. Jaffe, Clara Gnerre and Ruth Weisberg.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: General, undated, 1903, 1907-1989

The Series is in English.
1.5 linear feet. Boxes 1-3.

Alphabetical by sub-series and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series documents the general history of UOTS, as well as the activities of the Noemi#11 Lodge. Of special interest are programs from Noemi’s annual luncheon for the Aid to Crippled Children Fund and material related to Noemi contributions to and organizational efforts for the UOTS National Cancer Service. Other documents of lodge events and memorabilia are also included. Of particular note is the correspondence relating to Noemi's association with Children's Hospital in Boston and the Massachusetts General Hospital.

1 1 Aid to Crippled Children/Misc. undated, 1929-1985 request_box
1 2 Anniversary Programs 1903, 1908, 1919, 1928 request_box
1 3-5 Annual Luncheon Aid to Crippled Children/Programs 1966-1988 request_box
2 1-2 Annual Luncheon Aid to Crippled Children/Programs 1966-1988 request_box
2 3 Awards 1956-1964 request_box
2 4 Cancer Fund undated, 1952-1988 request_box
2 5 Citations 1963, 1988 request_box
2 6 Coasters undated request_box
2 7 Conference 1980 request_box
2 8-9 Correspondence 1907-1988 request_box
2 10 Correspondence/Illness 1950-1964 request_box
2 11 Farewell Address 1960 request_box
2 12 History undated, 1951, 1982-1983 request_box
3 1 Invitations undated, 1939-1988 request_box
3 2 Letterheads undated request_box
3 3 Miscellaneous Material undated, 1908, 1988 request_box
3 4 News Clippings 1968-1970 request_box
3 5 News Letters/(The) Echo 1968-1987 request_box
3 6 News Letters/Miscellaneous 1930-1989 request_box
3 7 Newsletters/Monthly Bulletin 1932-1948 request_box
3 8 Photographs undated, 1940, 1960s? request_box
3 9 Recipe Book 1969 request_box
3 10 Song Sheet: “Our Beloved Noemi” undated request_box
3 11 UOTS National Convention 1968, 1970 request_box
3 12 “UOTS, Noemi No. 11” Seal undated request_box
3 13 Yearbooks 1940, 1960 request_box
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Series II: Governance, undated, 1883-1909, 1911-1989

The series is in English.
7.5 linear feet. Boxes 4-18.

Alphabetical by sub-series and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series contains ledgers of meeting minutes from the various branches of the Noemi#11 lodge. Included are minutes of the Officers Club, the Executive Board, Noemi Juniors, the Luncheon Committee, Board of Trustees and regular meetings. Noemi procedures and bylaws are also included.

4 1 By-Laws undated, 1972, 1980 request_box
4 2-3 Installation of Officers 1963-1989 request_box
4 4 Luncheon Committee 1983 request_box
4 5 Membership & Officer Lists undated, 1980-1986 request_box
4 6 Members/Resignation & Suspension 1961-1963 request_box
5 1-4 Minutes/Executive Board undated, 1932-1965 request_box
6 1-2 Minutes/Executive Board 1965-1989 request_box
6 3 Minutes/Noemi Juniors 1913-1924 request_box
6 4 Minutes/Officers Club 1956-1989 request_box
7 1 Minutes/Officers Club 1973 request_box
7 2 Minutes/Planning Board 1970-1989 request_box
7 3-4 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1883-1909 request_box
8 1-5 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1911-1916 request_box
9 1-3 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1916-1923 request_box
10 1-4 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1921-1927 request_box
11 1-4 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1927-1931 request_box
12 1-3 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1929-1934 request_box
13 1-2 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1934-1937 request_box
14 1-5 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1937-1942 request_box
15 1-5 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1942-1947 request_box
16 1-5 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1947-1963 request_box
17 1-4 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1963-1984 request_box
18 1 Minutes/Regular Meetings 1984-1989 request_box
18 2-3 Minutes/Trustees 1954-1970 request_box
18 4 Procedures undated, 1924 request_box
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Series III: Financial Records, undated, 1907-1989

This series is in English.
1.5 linear feet. Boxes 19-22.

Alphabetical by sub-series and chronological.

Scope and Content:

This series contains ledgers of material related to Noemi#11's income, expenses, donations and bequests. Of particular note are the bequests given to Noemi by deceased members.

19 1-5 Income/Expenses 1907-1989 request_box
19 6 Income/Expenses/Budgets 1983-1988 request_box
19 7 Income/Expenses/Echo 1984-1989 request_box
19 8 Income/Expenses/Invoices undated, 1908 request_box
19 9 Income/Expenses/Tax Exemption 1949 request_box
20 1 Bequests 1953-1962 request_box
20 2-4 Membership Dues & Income 1913-1928 request_box
21 1 Membership Dues & Income 1923-1929 request_box
22 1-3 Membership Dues & Income 1929-1985 request_box
22 4 Membership Dues & Incomes/Income Tax Return 1988 request_box
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Series IV: Oversized Materials, undated, 1923-1929, 1969

The series is in English.
2.5 linear feet. Boxes 23-24.

Chronological where applicable.

Scope and Content:

This series contains artifacts and oversized materials, including an oversized financial ledger. The series also includes a tote bag with organizational logos, medals and pins, a gavel and a cloth banner.

22 1 Financial Ledgers/Income & Expenses 1923-1928 request_box
22 2 Financial Ledgers/Income & Expenses 1923-1929 request_box
23 1 Organizational Gavel undated request_box
23 2 Tote Bag w/ Organizational Logos undated request_box
23 3 Organizational Cloth Banner undated request_box
23 4 Banquet Photograph, restricted undated request_box
23 5 Organizational Name Plaque 1969 request_box
23 6 Medals and Pins undated request_box
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