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Descriptive Summary

Creator:Leeser, Isaac
Title:Isaac Leeser, papers
Dates:undated, 1811-1919
Abstract:Contains letters and articles in manuscript to Leeser pertaining to: his work as editor of The Occident, his translation of the Bible and his other literary works; discussions concerning Jewish law, the Reform movement in the United States and in Curaçao; Reform and Orthodox Judaism in Albany, N.Y., Massachusetts Senator Henry Wilson's anti-Semitic comments in the United States Congress; the founding of a synagogue in San Francisco; the condition of Jews and Jewish education in America and in England; equal rights for Jews in Massachusetts and North Carolina; the controversy over the Touro Monument; slavery and the Civil War; and converts to Judaism. Also includes information on Israel Joseph Benjamin's trip in the U.S., 1859-1862; Isaac Mayer Wise; Sabato Morais; a manuscript guidebook on Jewish ritual slaughter written by Moses Julian in Barbados in 1820; Moses Montefiore's report on his mission to Rome on behalf of the Edgardo Mortara affair; articles discussing Christian theology; the Jews in Cochin, India and in China; a Latin preface to Leeser's Hebrew Bible; a Portuguese prayer against the evil eye; and poems on topics of Jewish interest.
Languages:The collection is in English, French, German, Hebrew, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Yiddish.
Quantity: .5 linear feet (1 manuscript box)
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located in AJHS New York, NY
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Scope and Content Note

Contains letters and articles in manuscript to Leeser pertaining to: his work as editor of The Occident, his translation of the Bible and his other literary works; discussions concerning Jewish law, the Reform movement in the United States and in Curaçao; Reform and Orthodox Judaism in Albany, N.Y., Massachusetts Senator Henry Wilson's anti-Semitic comments in the United States Congress; the founding of a synagogue in San Francisco; the condition of Jews and Jewish education in America and in England; equal rights for Jews in Massachusetts and North Carolina; the controversy over the Touro Monument; slavery and the Civil War; and converts to Judaism. Also includes information on Israel Joseph Benjamin's trip in the U.S., 1859-1862; Isaac Mayer Wise; Sabato Morais; a manuscript guidebook on Jewish ritual slaughter written by Moses Julian in Barbados in 1820; Moses Montefiore's report on his mission to Rome on behalf of the Edgardo Mortara affair; articles discussing Christian theology; the Jews in Cochin, India and in China; a Latin preface to Leeser's Hebrew Bible; a Portuguese prayer against the evil eye; and poems on topics of Jewish interest.

The major correspondents, in number of items, are Chief Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler of the British Empire, Abraham Benisch, Rabbi Aron Chumaceiro of Curaçao, Elias Haim Lindo, Moris Jacob Raphall, and a large quantity of poems by Marian Hartog and Rosa Emma Salaman.

A typed index of correspondents is included with the collection.

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The collection is organized into a single series.

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The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

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Digitization Note

In 2017, two folders from this collection (Box 1, Folders 6 and 43) were digitized and made available in their entirety as part of the Digitization-on-Demand program.

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Identification of item, date (if known); Isaac Leeser, papers; P-20; box number; folder number; American Jewish Historical Society, New York, NY, and Boston, MA.

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Acquisition Note

Gift, in part of the Elsie O. and Philip D. Sang Foundation, 1979.

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Papers of Isaac Leeser, undated, 1811-1919

English, French, German, Hebrew, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Yiddish.
.5 linear feet. Box 1.
Scope and Content:

See Scope and Content Note.

1 1 Abecassis, J. April 11, 1854 request_box

(1 item) Acknowledgment of receipt of books. Personal matters.

1 2 Abrahams, Dr. Simeon (1809-1867) undated request_box

(1 item) Converts Jewish Law.

1 3 Adler, Hermann (1839-1911) undated, February 2, 1864 request_box

(2 items) The Occident.

1 4 Adler, Chief Rabbi Nathan M. (1803-1890) (contains Yiddish) 1850, 1854, 1858, 1860, 1862 request_box

(6 items) Leeser's translation of the Bible and his future. Converts Jewish Law. Conditions of Jews in America. Sir Moses Montefiore and The Occident.

1 5 Aguilar, Grace (1816-1847) undated request_box

(5 items) Sending a copy of her works.

1 6 Alexander, James W. (1804-1859) June 3, 1838

(1 item) Receipt of books. Grammatical question.

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1 7 d'Azevedo, Moses Cohen (1790-1861) April 21, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Receipt of resolution paper from Congregation Mickveh Israel thanking him for services rendered.

1 8 Belisario, Miriam Mendes (1820-1885) 1836, 1849 request_box

(2 items) Trouble in shipping books. Requests an introduction by Leeser for her book Hebrew Vocabulary.

1 9 Benisch, Abraham (1811-1878) 1858-1859, 1864 request_box

(4 items) Requests contribution to Lord Mayors Commemoration Scholarship Committee, business matters, catalog of Jewish works available in England.

1 10 Benjamin, Israel Joseph December 5, 1859 request_box

(1 item) Open letter by Leeser soliciting funds for Benjamin, December 5, 1859.

1 11 Binswanger, Isidore (1820-1890) May 13, 1811 request_box

(1 item) Scheduling of Hebrew class examination.

1 12 Boardman, Henry Augustus (1808-1880) November 20, 1858 request_box

(1 item) Letter regarding outrages at Boulogne, from a Protestant.

1 13 Carvalho, J.N. 1844 request_box

(1 item) Letter attached to minutes of meeting of Congregation Nidhe Israel regarding establishment of Jewish Sunday School.

1 14 Carvalho, Salomon Nunes (1815-1897) March 27, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Letter regarding Gustavis Poznonski, influence on Beth Elohim, March 27, 1851.

1 15 de Casseres, Benjamin November 11, 1864 request_box

(1 item) Rabbi Chumaceiro's letter. Reform Judaism.

1 16 Chumaceiro, Aron de Jacob Mendes (1841-1902) 1864 request_box

(4 items) Reverend in Curaçao, enclosing his mandate in Dutch and Spanish condemning the El Porvenir party. (An English copy is mentioned but is not contained in these papers). A letter from the Societe de L'Alliance Israelite Universelle to Chumaceiro is also enclosed (in French).

(contains French and Spanish) 
1 17 Cohen, Benjamin March 29, 1852 request_box

(1 item) The Occident and purchase of Unitarian Church to be consecrated next fall as a synagogue in Mobile, AL.

1 18 Cohen, Henry June 3, 1849 request_box

(1 item) Letter accompanying copy of address delivered by Cohen for publication by public request in The Occident.

1 19 Cohen, Joshua I. (1801-1870) October 5, 1856 request_box

(1 item) Equal rights and new constitution in Massachusetts. Mention his efforts to change the Law of Evidence.

1 20 Cohen, Rachel Etting (1825-1913) March 3, 1861 request_box

(1 item) Order of English-Hebrew prayer books for Baltimore Sunday School.

1 21 Congregation Mikveh Israel (1740- ) circa March 11, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Gift to Leeser and address written by S. Solis and delivered by H. Hart Esq.

1 22 Costa, J. August 11, 1861 request_box

(1 item) Receipt.

1 23 Emanuel, D. June 4, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Letter from secretary of Congregation House of Israel of Philadelphia confirming date of Leeser's participation in religious ceremonies.

1 24 Emanuel, Lewis March 6, 1857 request_box

(1 item) Lord Mayors Commemoration Scholarship.

1 25 Esdra, Joseph Eugene (1816-1878) March 30, 1857 request_box

(1 item) Request for publication in The Occident of a resolution of the Board of Beth Elohim Congregation of Charleston regarding election of Rev. D. Mayer as Minister of the Congregation.

1 26 Finzi, Abraham (1800-1870) May 15, 1855 request_box

(1 item) Order of books for school.

1 27 Fischel, Rabbi Dr. Arnold (1830-1894) 1856, 1858 request_box

(3 items) Railway from Mediterranean to Persian Gulf vs. canal through the Isthmus of Suez. Translation of the Corri.

1 28 Frankel, Rabbi Zacharias (1801-1875) March 12, 1856 request_box

(1 item) (In German).

(contains German) 
1 29 Gratz, Rebeccah (1781-1869) September 1864 request_box

(1 item) Letter to Editor criticizing comments made about deceased correspondent.

1 30 Guinzburg, A. March 24, 1863 request_box

(1 item) Article titled "Sabbath and Sunday."

1 31 Gumperich, Moses undated request_box

(1 item) Story about his bravery during a flood in 1784 in the village of Kluserath. Arrival of Chief Rabbi of Surinam. Condition of Jews in China.

1 32 Gutheim, James Koppel (1817-1886) 1860, 1866 request_box

(2 items) Receipt of book. Article on Israel Joseph Benjamin.

1 33 Harman & Levinson December 1, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Payment for subscription to The Occident.

1 34 Hart, Abraham (1810-1885) 1848, 1850 request_box

(2 items) Two letters containing permission to Leeser to perform marriage ceremony.

1 35 Hart, Isaac (1809-1894) May 10, 1854 request_box

(1 item) Resolutions of a meeting of the Ladies Benevolent Society of the Jewish Faith.

1 36 Hart, Samuel Senior 1850-1851 request_box

(2 items) Request for publication of advertisement in The Occident and expression of support for Leeser regarding his congregation's search for a new Rabbi. Personal.

1 37 Hartog, Marion (1821-?) 1846-1847, 1849, 1855 request_box

(5 items) Jewish education. Financial, literary and family matters. Poems.

1 38 Hecht, Isaac October 10, 1856 request_box

(1 item) Invitation to speak to the Hebrew Men's Literary Association of Baltimore.

1 39 Henriques May 25, 1854 request_box

(1 item) Payment by Hebrew Benevolent Association of New Orleans for advertisement of material including Annual Reports and names of newly elected officers.

1 40 Hesse, Solomon February 3, 1854 request_box

(1 item) Meeting of Congregation Children of Israel regarding donation of Judah Touro (deceased).

1 41 Heydenfeldt, Solomon (1816-1890) January 22, 1848 request_box

(1 item) Money to his credit.

1 42 Hirsch, Mendel (1833-1900) undated, 1858-1859 request_box

(2 items) Plans for enlarging school in Frankfurt. (In German).

(contains German and Yiddish) 
142Samson (Ben) Raphael (1808-1888)request_box

(1 item) Answers to questions on Jewish law. (In German and Yiddish).

1 43 Hyneman, Rebekah Gumpert (1812-1875) undated

(3 items) Poems on "Female Scriptural Characters:" "Leah & Rachel," "Sarah," and "The Priesthood."

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1 44 Isaacs, Rabbi Samuel Myer (1804-1878) 1847, 1856 request_box

(2 items) Letter concerning prayer book and advertisement to give for collection; invitation to officiate and speak at consecration.

1 45 Jacobs, P.S. January 14, 1859 request_box

(1 item) Legal status of Jews in North Carolina and newspaper clipping "Hebrew Rights in the Legislature of North Carolina."

1 46 Joseph, M. September 20, 18?? request_box

(1 item) Payment for books.

1 47 Judah, David June 2, 1845 request_box

(1 item) Letter from Leeser to Judah regarding a business matter. Inside are three clippings announcing Leeser's death.

1 48 Julian, Moses (?-1820) undated request_box

(1 item) Pamphlet guidebook on Jewish ritual slaughter.

1 49 Kalisch, Isidor (1816-1886) June 30, 1855 request_box

(1 item) Research work and submission of article.

1 50 King, H. February 20, 1862 request_box

(1 item) Letter and clipping pertaining to resolutions passed by the Jews of Washington after anti-Semitic comments made by Massachusetts Senator Henry Wilson in Congress.

1 51 Kursheedt, Manuel Augustus (1840-1923) July 13, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Request to publish resolutions of a meeting and name of President (Hart).

1 52 Levien, Harriet March 17, 1856 request_box

(1 item) Leeser's "Catechism for Younger Children," questions on Jewish law.

1 53 Levinsohn, J. undated request_box

(1 item) Congregation Brith Shalom of Charleston looking for a cantor, etc.

1 54 Levison, S.L. February 22, 1866 request_box

(1 item) Encloses article, "On the Philosophy of Life From a Jewish Viewpoint." (article is not in the folder)

1 55 Levy, Jonas Phillips (1807-1883) 1854 request_box

(1 item) An assurance of reply to a letter for next month's publication and asking how late in the month can an article be inserted.

1 56 Lindo, Elias Haim (1783-1865) 1843, 1848-1849, 1851, 1854-1855 request_box

(8 items)
1. Emphasizing costly sale of the Conciliator and its circulation.
2. Request for 8 copies of The Occident; Lindo regrets not attending meeting of Committee appointing a delegate.
3. Gave message requesting 6 copies of the Conciliator.
4. Couldn't meet opportunity of forwarding 6 copies of the Conciliator to Leeser, gave 3 copies to Mr. Bellaise to deliver to Mr. Isaacs.
5. Awaiting message confirming the receipt of 6 copies of the Conciliator.
6. Replacing Mr. S. Morais in place of Leeser in the Congregation.
7. 6 copies of the Conciliator were received and at the same time 12 more copies were received. Lindo wants to end the confusion by asking to return additional copies so as to close all accounts.
8. Lindo asks that the balance on "History of the Jews" book be paid without delay.

1 57 Loewe, Ludwig (1837-1886) July 16, 1843 request_box

(1 item) About Loewe's facilitation of sale of books to America.

1 58 Loewenthal, H. May 13, 1863 request_box

(1 item) Forward enclosed for insertion in periodical in The Occident, charging the cost to the United Hebrew Congregation which could not afford to pay its Minister the previous year.

1 59 Lyons, Jacques Judah (1813-1877) October 21, 1852 request_box

(1 item) Resolutions by the Trustees of Lyons' Congregation. Mentions building a hospital and home for Jewish poor in New York City. A subscription list is in the circulation.

1 60 Magner, Joseph (1828-?) March 10, 1867 request_box

(1 item) Board of Affairs of Association for the Relief of Jewish Widows and Orphans, donation of Bible and thanks for sympathy toward recipients of charity.

1 61 Mandel, J. June 6, 1854 request_box

(1 item) Letter (in German).

(contains German) 
1 62 Moise June 12, 1854 request_box

(1 item) Enclosed report of exhibition of the "Sunday School" of the Orthodox "Congregation Shearith Israel" of Philadelphia.

1 63 Montefiore, Sir Moses (1784-1885) 1843, 1849, 1862-1863 request_box

(8 items)
1. Memorial for Head of Pontifical Government, health of Lady Montefiore, Board appreciates sympathy in Montana Case by London Committee of Deputies of the British Jews.
2. Copy of Memorial.
3. Address of Deputies of British Jews.
4. Report of Sir Montefiore to the London Deputies of the British Jews regarding his mission to Rome.
5. Thanking Montefiore for his distinguished philanthropy.
6, 7. Enclosed circular to engage sympathy for Lady Montefiore's efforts to alleviate condition of brethren.
8. Judith, Lady Montefiore, Memorial.

1 64 Morais, Sabato (1823-1897) March 4, 1853 request_box

(1 item) Letter regarding prayer at charity dinner incorrectly published in North American and United States Gazette. Morais requests alterations for prayer to reappear in periodical.

1 65 Morrison, Alice March 6, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Report of the Ladies' Sewing Association of Congregation Shearith Israel to be published in Leeser's paper.

1 66 Moss, Celia Levetus (1819-1873) undated, 1841, 1849 request_box

(4 items) Articles about Maimonides, mentions Rev. Dr. Raphally and Baron Rothschild.

1 67 Munk, L. April 4, 1862 request_box

(1 item) His recently completed Arab-French work. (In German).

(contains German) 
1 68 Nathan, Benjamin (1813-1870) November 21, 1853 request_box

(1 item) Appreciation to Leeser for speaking.

1 69 Nathan, Moses Henry (1821-1875) 1851-1853, 1855 request_box

(4 items) Receipt of books, business matters and mention of controversy involving Nathan in New Orleans.

1 70 Newhouse, Joseph March 11, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Testimonial letter of appreciation for Leeser's devotion in furthering the cause of Judaism in America.

1 71 J.R.P. February 7, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Article on the "Uncertainty in the Dogmas of Christianity" e.g., baptism, confirmation, and Jesus Christ.

1 72 Packard, Fred A. January 1, 1842 request_box

(1 item) Letter with newspaper clipping enclosed, about Reformed Jews and their denouncement of the Talmud.

1 73 Peixotto, Daniel Levy Maduro (1800-1843) August 1, 1832 request_box

(1 item) Cholera outbreak, Dr. Peixotto recommends modifying the 9th of Ab fast. August 1, 1832.

1 74 Peixotto, Simha (1807-1892) July 16, 1857 request_box

(1 item) Business matters, congregation.

1 75 Philippson, Dr. Ludwig 1854, 1859 request_box

(3 items)
(In German).
Cultural relations between Jews in America and Jews in Germany. (In Yiddish).
Subscription to The Occident. (In Yiddish).

(contains German and Yiddish) 
1 76 Picciotto, Moses H. (1806-1879) April 27, 1855 request_box

(1 item) Presented his published volume regarding education.

1 77 Raland, Charles November 7, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Request for copies of The Occident.

1 78 Ramsey, William April 17, 1852 request_box

(1 item) Letter enclosing articles on "Church Debts" and a sermon on America. Ramsey is also preparing a work on India and quotes from Mendelssohn's Jerusalem.

1 79 Raphall, Morris Jacob (1798-1868) 1859-1860, 1862 request_box

(6 items)
1. Requesting aid in promoting a second visit to the East by Israel Joseph Benjamin.
2. Introduction letter for Rev. Henry Vidaver.
3. Requesting aid in a divorce case.
4. His prayer in the U.S. Congress that focuses on religious equality.
5. Giving permission to use name in Dr. M. Hirsch's list of references.
6. Success of Sunday School, opinions regarding slavery, and business matters.

1 80 Rapoport, Solomon Judah Lob (1790-1867) undated request_box

(1 item) Touro Monument. (In Hebrew).

(contains Hebrew) 
1 81 Rice, Abraham (1800-1862) undated, December 15, 1848 request_box

(2 items) Reform Judaism and the proposed convention of Rabbis. (In Yiddish).

(contains Yiddish) 
1 82 Salaman, Rosa Emma undated, 1845, 1848 request_box

(7 items) Poems, personal matters.

1 83 de Sola, Abraham (1825-1882) April 7, 1848 request_box

(1 item) The Occident.

1 84 Solis-Cohen, Solomon da Silva (1857-1948) July 28, 1905 request_box

(1 item) Letter to AJHS donating an item related to Isaac Leeser and Solomon Solis. The item is a resolution by the Hebrew Education Society of Philadelphia upon Solis' death. Please refer to the Solis-Cohen family papers, P-642, Box 1, Folder 3.

1 85 Solomons, M. August 28, 1853 request_box

(1 item) Laying cornerstone of Emanu-El in San Francisco.

1 86 Straus, Lazarus R. (1809-1898) March 8, 1865 request_box

(1 item) Payment for subscription to The Occident as reminder of unacknowledged contribution.

1 87 Sulzbach, Dr. Abraham I. (1838-1925) June 26, 1864 request_box

(1 item) Requests a review of Mr. Faphet's newest series of synagogue hymns in the Occident.

1 88 Sulzberger, Mayer (1843-1923) undated request_box

(2 items) Appeal for subscriptions to the Occident (2 copies).

1 89 Szold, Benjamin (1829-1902) November 5, 1863 request_box

(1 item) (In German).

(contains German) 
1 90 Touro, Judah (1775-1854) April 10, 1851 request_box

(1 item) Unrest in Leeser's congregation, unable to help Leeser at the time with his school, apathy of members of his own congregation.

1 91 Valentine, S. August 17, 1847 request_box

(2 items) Consecration of New Synagogue, Charleston, S.C., August 17, 1847.

1 92 Vidaver, Henry October 7, 1863 request_box

(1 item) Article submitted to The Occident, desires to resettle in America as a preacher.

1 93 Waterman, J. January 1846 request_box

(1 item) A request from the Kampen, Netherlands Jewish community for donations for building a synagogue.

1 94 Wineman, Philip March 17, 1866 request_box

(1 item) Order of books for Charleston Sunday school.

1 95 Wise, Isaac Mayer (1819-1900) undated, 1851-1852, 1862 request_box

(8 items)
1. Plans for the publication of his own weekly Jewish newspaper. Topics include Christianity and nihilism as enemies of Judaism, personal, financial and literary matters.
2. Wise takes opportunity to inform Leeser of "the great triumph which the cause of reform has achieved in this city and the childish inconsistency of which the Orthodox party is guilty."
3. No Occident for the present month and Wise requests to supply him with one. Wise points out the success of Reform Judaism and the abdication of the Russian Emperor Louis Spanier I.
4. Wise proposes Leeser joint him in his newspaper venture. The paper would defend Judaism against Christianity and nihilism. Wise is also writing for the Asmonean.
5. Readers are generally indifferent to Hebrew literature. Wise plans to publish a letter regarding Dr. Raphael. Wise's two published speeches in Asmonean concern differences between Wise and Leeser.
6. Wise does not owe anything to Leeser or to Mr. Menken.
7. Went to Leeser's lecture on Orthodox principles in Broadway Synagogue.
8. Page three of a letter regarding Wise's current work to be published.

1 96 Wolf, Isaac May 7, 1866 request_box

(1 item) Inquiring on the cheapest set of Portuguese Prayer Books.

1 97 Personal Documents undated, 1826, 1862 request_box

(3 items)
1. Exemption from militia duty, April 13, 18??
2. Elected as a representative from District Grand Lodge, No. 3, I.O.B.B. to General Convention, Philadelphia, July 21, 1862.
3. I.O.B.B. invitation of Leeser to a regular quarterly meeting of District Grand Lodge, No. 3.

1 98 Various Correspondence undated, 1844, 1846, 1858 request_box

(4 items) Letters from D.W. Marks (he honors Leeser), J. Ayres of Lombard & Whitmore (he requests the location of an article in its English translation), Jews' Hospital in New York (Invitation to a benefit by the Banquet Ball Committee), and an undecipherable writer (enclosing an item for the Occident).

1 99 Preface written for his book on the defence of the Holy Law undated request_box

(1 item) Manuscript preface of Leeser's book written on the defence of the Holy Land.

1 100 Discourse pronounced at funeral of Rev. Isaac B. Seixas (1781-1839) August 12, 1839 request_box

(1 item) Discourse pronounced at the funeral of Reverend Isaac B. Seixas, August 12, 1839.

1 101 Miscellaneous and anonymous undated, 1855 request_box

Mr. Leeser's Rabbi (1 item) (In Hebrew, Yiddish, and German).
Praefatio (1 item) Preface to Leeser's Hebrew Bible (In Latin).
Reverend Leeser's Pastorals (1 item) A reply to Leeser's attack against the Reformers; changes that are taking place in and the aims of Reform Judaism.
Anonymous (1 item) Translation of manuscript on the Jews on the coast of Malabar written by one of the Rabbis of Cochin. Mentions the oppression by the Portuguese and assistance by the Dutch, and the origin of the Jews of Cochin.
Anonymous (1 item) Article titled "The Hope of Israel" in defense of Judaism. (Several pages missing).
Anonymous (2 items) Two articles on "The Jews of England; Considered in their social and religious state by one of themselves." The first article discusses Jewish education in England and the second is on Jewish national educational establishments for the poor. Rev. Dr. Adler's assistance is mentioned.
Anonymous (1 item) Page 25 of a manuscript discussing programs for aiding and bettering the lot of the poor.
Anonymous (1 item) "Oracaõ para Mal Del Olho" - Portuguese prayer against the evil eye.
Anonymous (1 item) Article titled "At Home Again," April 1855 (10 pages).
Undecipherable (1 item) Page 4 and 5 of a letter that mentions Isaac Mayer Wise.
Undecipherable (1 item) Request to advertise in The Occident sale of lulavim and esrogim, September 24, 1851. (In Yiddish).
Anonymous (1 item) Letter in Yiddish.
Anonymous (1 item) Portion of story, 5 pages numbered 15-19.

(contains German, Hebrew, Latin, Portuguese, and Yiddish) 
1 102 Ketubah translation May 1, 1831 request_box

(1 item) Translation of a Ketubah, made and signed by Isaac Leeser for the wedding of Goodman Davis to Rebecca Marks, May 1, 1831.

1 103 Isaac Leeser's will (photocopy) December 25, 1867 request_box

(1 item) A photocopy of Isaac Leeser's will.

1 104 Leeser portrait 1844, 1919 request_box

(3 items) Portrait of Leeser and a letter from Maurice Bendann to Dr. Solis-Cohen regarding the photograph taken about 50 years ago, and requesting an original photograph for copying.

Adler, Cyrusrequest_box

- Letter regarding Leeser's photograph. (MISSING)

Leeser, Isaacrequest_box

- Newspaper clipping of letter discussing Jewish-Christian relations. (MISSING)

Philadelphia, Congregation B’nai Israelrequest_box

- Admit to the consecration of the New Synagogue of the Congregation B'nai Israel, January 8, 1857. (MISSING)

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