Guide to the Records of the Congregation Kahal Adath Yeshurun with Anshe Lubitz [Eldridge Street Synagogue] (New York, N.Y.),
undated, 1873(?)-1933


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Machine-readable finding aid created by Annie Polland as MS Word document. Finding aid was encoded by Marvin Rusinek on July 16, 2009. Finding aid written in English.

Descriptive Summary

Creator:Congregation Kahal Adath Yeshurun with Anshe Lubitz [Eldridge Street Synagogue] (New York, N.Y.)
Title:Congregation Kahal Adath Yeshurun with Anshe Lubitz [Eldridge Street Synagogue] (New York, N.Y.) Records
Dates:undated, 1873(?)-1933
Abstract:Minute-books, records, ledgers, and miscellaneous material relating to activities of the Congregation, 1873(?)-1933.
Languages:The collection is in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
Quantity: 27.05 linear feet (6 manuscript boxes, 1 half manuscript box, 14 oversized boxes)
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Location: Located in AJHS New York, NY
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Scope and Content Note

Minute-books, records, ledgers, and miscellaneous material relating to activities of the Congregation, 1873(?)-1933.

This finding aid was compiled from the working research notes of Dr. Annie Polland, hired by the Eldridge Street Synagogue in order to research its history and aid in the creation of the Eldridge Street Synagogue Museum located at 12 Eldridge Street in New York City. Dr. Polland generously donated her research notes to the AJHS and these notes form the basis of this Finding Aid. For more information regarding the Eldridge Street Synagogue Museum, please visit their website at:

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Congregation Kahal Adath Yeshurun with Anshe Lubitz (New York, N.Y.) Records, undated, 1873(?)-1933

English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
Boxes 1-21.
11Minute Book: Agudat Achim B’nei Tsvi Nakhum Anshe Lubtzrequest_box

Includes "protocol"
Founder Aaron Levin
Anshe Lubtz joined at some point
-$4 or $1 a quarter for membership
-Chairman Eliezer Levin
-Vice Chairman Yitschok Zilberman
-Trustees: Yitschok Kalmenovitz, Matityahu Beilen, etc

12Account Book: Allen Street Shul1883

These cover the accounts from 1883-1887 of the congregation. Extremely important-as these cover the years that they started paying for Eldridge Street Synagogue, buying the lots 12-14-16, hiring the architects, paying the masons, organizing a stone-laying ceremony in November 1886, taking out ads to sell seats, and, of course, selling seats.

Additionally, this is extremely helpful in finding out how the day-to-day operations of the synagogue worked-they were buying spittoons as early as 1883, hiring policemen for Rosh Hashanah, hiring a choir, building a door for the mikvah that they had at the Allen Street Shul.

In September of 1886 they paid $3.00 "to move the old ark to Eldridge." {NB: this is probably the ark that is currently in the Bes Medrash, could it possibly be the main ark

Also-lays out the total cost of building Eldridge, from the masons, to the insurance, to gas fixtures, plumbers, land on Eldridge, etc.

Examples of Expenses and Income
1883: spittoons $1.05
policeman for RH
choir: $2.00

January 1883 s'cherut rav albertshteyn $125.00

Ledger, 1883
$1.05 for spittoons
$2.00 money for choir
$0.75 for policeman, rosh hashan
$1.50 watchman, night of YK
$9.75 beer, 3 barrels for succah

October 2, 1883
$30.00 choir
$20.00 gift for chazan

November 1882
Cantor, $40 salary November 12, 1882
Cantor, $49 December 17 scherut le'chazan
Darshan, $4, December
Chazan Kaplan, $5.50

October 1885: paid Sarasohn $8.00 to print a circular.

January 3, 1886: paid $4.50 for a door in the mikvah room

$2.50 for cake for sukkah; $7.00 for 2 barrels of beer for sukkah)

September 27, 1886: paid $22 to clean watercloset at Eldridge, paid $3 to move old ark to Eldridge

December 1886/January 1887:
$25 for old ark (is this income-did they sell it?)
$100 for Natelson's seat
$10 for interest

Cong Sineer: $14, 300

November 1886:
Decorations for Stone-laying $7.58
Chairs for stone-laying: $25
Sarasohn, invites: $20.50
% for 12 Eldridge: $192.50
insurance for 14,16: $14.40
Carpenter Casey: $800

December 1886:
Masons: $2000
Architects: $200
12 Eldridge: payment of $5769.78

January 1887:
Carpenter: $2000
Arch, picture photography: $40

June 1887: $12 to advertise for members for 6 months

September 1887:
$70 painter to number the benches
$215 railings and ironwork
$5 spittoons

October 1887: $208 for Minkowski

September 1887: Seat income: $3258.08

July 1886: clean the watercloset in Eldridge

Building Costs:
Gas Fixtures $1000
Scotsman $2040
Plumber $550
Plumber $1350
Architect $700
Furnaces $650
Carpenter $13,750
Mason $20,000
Ground (14,16) $24,000
Ground (12) $12,850

p. 86
August 2, 1887
"collection at a special meeting fir chazan nakh odessa shaken"
27 members each gave $5 for collection of $135

September 21, 1887 expenses
$80.38 skherut for chazan Minkowsky
$10 each to 8 choir members
$4.58 decorations for khinukh
$10 tailor money for cantor's mantel and trimmings
$208 for Minkowsky for October

September 1887-- seat money

September 13: $1061.25
14 $80.00
15 $522.50
18 $950.00
18 480.00
18 35.00

October 2, 1887 $117.33

October 12, 1887 $150.00 balance to Cantor Jacobsohn

September expenses
$50 chori for the khinukh
$3 for tables in the bhmd for khinukh
painter to number the benches $70

May 1887 $100 to Cantor Jacobsohn
June 13, 1887 $12 "advertise for members six months."

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13Book of Aliyas1905-1907

--how much each person gave for aliya, what the portion was
--some have addresses (probably the non-members: orkhim)
--written by Matlawsky
--also mention of trustees, july 11, 1905, selling graves

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--1913 Constitution (note: Hebrew intro gives a short history, mentioning that congregation started on Pearl, not Bayard Street.

--bill from A. Gutterman (undertaker and embalmer-picture of hearse) December 1920 for $96

--Eldridge Street stationary from the 1920s

--circular announcing Ladies Auxiliary Meeting and Hanukah festival, December 16, 1931
president: Freyde Walensky; secretary: Dubrin

--circular announcing synagogue in financial crisis, undated but need $4000

--circular announcing synagogue in financial crisis, January 26, 1930; notice for a special meeting, people leaving neighborhood, income low, people haven't paid, can't afford a collection agency, if you don't pay, we'll be in same position as Forsyth Shul
David Parnes, president
Rafael Goldshmidt, VP

--invitation for the Chevra Kadisha banquet, November 21, 1926

--invitation for a Chevra Mishnayos (study club) feast; club had finished studying Ein Yakov, took 7 years, party to celebrate…Sunday, May 8, 1932
se'udah gedolah to mark the end of eyin yakov, also will incribe the names of the members in a painting/tablet and will state the rules
"Don't forget this great day, which people have been waiting for for 7 years!"

--1913 form letter sent out to see if past ticket-buyers will be reserving the same seats for this year; n.b. Come hear the world-famous cantor, Pinhas Novokowsky with his choir at our shul

--pamphlet of Selikhes prayers with congregation's name on outside

--placard: tips on handling meetings (this must have belonged to a president or a secretary)


List of members with names in the beginning, as a table of contents, and a page number. The pages themselves list their donations and payments. i.e. Gellis, p. 65 made 4 payments of $25 dollars that year.
70 names listed

23Seat Payments1887request_box

Little book indicating seat payments and seat numbers for 146 individuals.

Seats: highest $1100 and lowest, $250. Clearly, as this book indicates, did not pay all at once; rather, a series of payments. And, if they had belonged to Allen Street, they receive a $240 credit toward their new seat; people who had been members of Holche Yosher Wizaner (a congregation which joined Allen Street to build Eldridge) receive a $57 credit.

Since stop recording after 1887, unclear how much actually paid off…

Seats along eastern wall most expensive

#1, held by Avraham Zvi ben Yitschok (also the guy I think who donated the ark), was $1100.
He made a payment of $250 February 13, 1887
$240 (Allen St.)

#2 Hutkoff
February 13 $250
$240 (Allen St.)

#3 R' Note ben Jacob Lubetkin
February 6 $50
$51 (Wizaner)
October 6 $64
August 2 $5

#4 Shlomo Waxman
November 21: $50
Wizaner $57
October 6 $64
August 2 $5

#5 Gellis
February 20: $100
$240 (78 Allen St.)
August 2 $5

#7 Arye Blumberg
L 392: $5

#10 David Cohen, son of Joseph
February 13, 1887: $50
Holche cash: $100

#13 Goldman
L 397 $5

#78, 80
R. Alexander Yarmulowski
$455; $465
February 13: $300
$240 (Allen St.)

David Cohen, seat #10

Also, it appears that if you had your seat, you could get a ladies seat for $5.

31Account Book of the Chevra Kadisha1901-1907request_box

List income (when people buy plots or make donations or a contribution from the congregation) and expenses (hiring cantor, bringing food (and mashke) for shiva).


Also includes trustees attendance chart
Lists of committees

33Book with notes, also of trustee meetings1889-1902request_box

These look like these are records of loans granted to congregation and records of renewals, etc. Gellis, Jarmulowsky, Cohen all listed (although these could be because served as presidents).

34Additional materialJanuary 1888-request_box
35Tsedakeh Book1889-1909request_box

Lists various charities the congregation gave to and how much each individual member pledged to the cause. Various charities include: maos khitim, orphanages, yeshivas in Russia, New York, a sick committee, halukah (money for Palestine), Rav hakollel (Jacob Joseph).

Additionally, the first few pages show the "Subscription List of the Association of Hebrew Orthodox Congregations"-a group that formed in 1888 to bring over Jacob Joseph as Chief Rabbi. One of the founding meetings held at Eldridge, and they record the individual subscribed and how much he or she pledged.

Page 6: kranke committee 1889
Page 10: List of Members in English
Page 13: Who goes to visit the sick, 1891
1901: Maos Khitim list of members who gives what
1902: Maos Khitim
1902: list of pledges and cash
MK: income and expense
1903: Halukah

Other charities: Banot Yaakov, Yehivas New York

Inserts: copy of Eldridge bill to member, 1909
ESS stationery 190X
p. 178: donations/collection for Jacob Joseph, rav hakollel

p. 171 orphans

List of committees: 1890s, glued shut

36Chevra Aharon David Anshe Lubz, Accounts1892-1901request_box
41Accounts Book1900-1904request_box

p. 21 under expenses, "a flag for the shul" 1900.

42Articles from Constitution, Aharon David Anshe Lubzrequest_box
43Balance Book, receipt of payments (Lubtz)1901-1908request_box

Lists members and also has a section for Ezrat Nashim, Lazerowitz, Katrowitz, Aryeh Leib Kalmenovits (Surke), Fein, Moshe Israelit, Lipshits, Rosenfeld

51Small Notebook1903--1907request_box

kept by Matlawsky, records of money collected for what appears to be Tsedakeh collection.

List of names, men and women, but in pencil (hard to read), indicates seat number and amount paid; ranges from $2-$6

Paston, Natelson, Cohen
Some pages list credits, others bills (i.e. ledger, a sign gas hanger, stamps for advertising)

November 4, 1907 accounts
Lists of names with addresses (assume Lubtz)

52Lubts/Agudah Achim Account booksearly 1900srequest_box

Lists 200 members, where they are from, then separate pages indicating quarter dues, dr. dues, and also, in some cases, when expelled, reinstated (perhaps parallels the book that lists the nedarim)

53KAJ Seat Record Book1902-1914request_box

Lists, by year, person, seat # and in other lists, how much costs, and how much paid

2. Hutkoff
4. Sarasohn
6. Abraham Fine
8. E Cohen Jr (H.B. Levy)
10. David Cohen
12. (Hyman B. Levy) eli Cohen, Jr.
14. Hayim Werblowsky
16. Max Rosenthal
18. Paltrowitz
20. Rev. Fried
22. Simon
24. Jarmulowsky (fine)
26. (Fine)

1. Galles
3. Lubetkin
5. Isaac Gallis
7. Myer Cohen
9. Jac Levin
11. Dr. Juffe
13. F Goldman (Kolbe)
15. S. Komel
17. Rev. Wine

Seat Payments Range, lower #s, $5 or $6; higher #s, $2 or $3
Women's Seats: $2.50 or $2

Total: 435 Seats
1902, Section, by name, indicates M# and L#
Net 1902: $1465.75 for seats
Net 1903: $1953.10 for seats [1663 + $290.10 (Beis Hamedrash)]

I Natelson, #186, #150 (rent)

p. 121 1906 page says "Frauen"
2. N. Hutkof
4. Sarasohn
6. __________
8. Friedman
10. David Cohen
20. Natelson

By Year:
2-428 (even) + ABCDE (name and payment)
1-295 A-J

1902, for example, about 800 seats accounted for, $1465.75
1908, more blanks, $1086.16 (Men 676, Women, 409.15)

1909: list of KAJ in English, and then new names (Lubz) added in Hebrew

1912: list of seats, some have addresses (assume quests)

54Ledger Agudas Akhim Lubzrequest_box

Names, indicate when join chevra, dues, addresses.

55CASH on spine, inside Beth Haseifer, also Gemilat Hased Committee1901, 1909-1930request_box

p. 2: lists KAJ members who pledged money, October 13, 1901
total, $69.50; i.e. David Cohen, $5, Aaron Komel, $5, Lazarus, $3
p. 3 expenses: 2 for advertising for teachers, payments for teachers (Matlawsky one of them, a Cohen another)
August 1902 a new collection, raise $170; Jarmulowsky gives $10
Some funds ($5) come from "shul kase" money box seat committee

August 1902-December 1902: raise $329.75

p. 20 ends

payments for Cantor Schechter, 1909-1911

p. 25 gas bills

Third Section, 1920s (Gemilut Hesed Committee: Charitable Loan Society
--very informal minutes
--how much they should give, who's eligible
[insert: folded slip from bank]

61Chevra Ahron Dovid Ansh Luptz1905-1908request_box

Book of Certificates that indicate when a member has given $10 toward the shul property: 27 Ludlow Street. The member receives a certificate, and the book holds the other half (perforation) as a record
59 receipts left
"When a member buys a sit [sic] in the synagogue he can substitute the is receipt for ten dollars; or when he ceases to be a member of the congregation he gets the ten dollars without interest."

62Ledger Book Luptzcirca 1906request_box

Arranged by members, shows quarterly dues and donations (nedarim: vows, oaths)
Notation if a person hasn't paid, and if ultimately kicked out, ineligible for burial ground or benefits.

63Chevrah Bnai Yitschok Anske Leckowitz (on cover)1904request_box

More accounts, looks like list from Luptz.

64KAJ Cash Book1903-1911request_box

August 1902 to yeshiva (tsedakeh)

September 1902 Expenses
18.70 gas bill
$5 shiva money for Braverman
$42 salary for (cantor?)
$3 printing for envelopes
$3 tsedakeh for Mrs. Blum

September 1902 Income
$1282.75 for shul seats
$200 BHM seats

November 1904, pay Sarasohn $10 for advertisements
January 1905, pay $4 for shmira by niftar tsvi sarasohn
Pay $10 to OU

65Segment of Notebook of Lubzrequest_box

Very few pages, lists members and various payments

71Book with names and addresses of Lubz1903request_box

Indicates who uses doctor, (p. 17) and owe payments of .25

72Cover “SEAT” KAJrequest_box

Price list of seat
Name/#/lists original price/payments/interest

List with Female, but often listed by husband's or father's name
186, 190: Natelson
145: Israel Kaplan
1. Abraham Isidor Fein
2. Hutkof
3. Lubetkin
4. Gellis
10. David Cohen
32. Jarmulowsky
111. A Komel

157 entries
Seat prices range from $200-$1100

example page 1

11Abraham Isidor110060050025
150/186Isaac Natelson355335201

new section, 2nd price of 4%
new section, 3rd price of 4% 1909
Isr Kaplan still listed, 222, 221, 145
(Fein, Jarm, Hutkof, Lubetkin, D. Cohen still listed)

73Lubz members and paymentsundatedrequest_box
74Finance Committee Ledger1905request_box

--note says old book had $255.32, meet November 29 at 91 Hester

75Record Bookrequest_box
8 (OS1)Ledger1890-1892request_box

Overall accounting book, pooling info from other books so have individual members and their dues, payments (quarterly and torah honors) and at back, a list of major expenses and income (gas burial, charity, cantor, choir, strangers account, members account (these must be income), cash for building, doctor, interest, tickets, weddings)

E.g. $117.18/yr. - Isidor Abrahms
$104.48/$25 Jarmulowsky
$115.48, $74.27 (David Cohen)
$86.88/ $75.47 (Gellis)

but most pay $30-40 a year

p. 229 paid Jacob Joseph $350 in 1890 and also in 1891
p. 235 Dr. Juffe/Jaffe/Luffe (1890: $179; 1891: $128.50)
p. 236 Minkowsky
1890-91: $2500
1891-92: $2088 (left after June)

p. 244 Tickets
1891: $1356.55
1892: $1196.70

9 (OS1)Ledger1897-1898request_box

Around 230 names
p. 416 Tickets $1387.75

10 (OS1)Ledger1895/1896request_box

p. 29 Abram, Isidor
1895: $372.75
1897: $35
Tickets, 1896 $942
1897 $1053.00

11 (OS1)Ledger1892-1893request_box
12 (OS1)Ledger1878-1886request_box
13 (OS1)Ledger1907-1909request_box
14 (OS1)Aliya Ledger, week by week1903-1929request_box
15 (OS1)Aliyah Bookrequest_box

Copywright, S.H. Isaacs, 1885
Names like
Kalmen Kalmenovitz
Yekhiel Wolf
Rafael Goldsmidt
Sam Bernstein
Shlomo Kantrowitz

16 (OS1)Ledger Book, #11887-1889request_box

Matlawsky handwriting
Accounts, breakdown: quarterly, aliyas
232 names listed

p. 1. Isidor Abrahams
1887: $94.85
1888: $124.00
1889: $102.85

p. 2 A. Baum
1887 $32
1888 $22
1889 $36.42

p. 30 D. Cohen
1889: $105.15

p. 46 I. Gellis
1887: $95.95
1888: $98.20

p. 64 Nathan Hutkof
1887: $103.54
1888: $121.24
1889: $146.73
Also, September 5, 1887 gives cash $1000 (this is probably a note/loan)

p. 76 Sender Jarmulowsky
1887: $31
1888: $121.10
1889: $86.65

p. 90 Nathan Lubetkin
1887: $45.91
1888: $72.04
1889: $42.44

Notes Accounts Payable: 4075
Rav Hakollel: 1888: $150; 1889: $337.50; 1890: $350

Burial Expenses: 1888: $226.27; 1889: $124.33

Expenses: 1887: $855.20;
1888: $1201.46
1889: $1393.22

At end of book, expenses, burial expenses, cash, congregation, cash building, charity, notes, accounts payable

Charity: $279.94

1887: $2249.35
1888: $1552.00
1889: $1256.60

Members Account
Strangers Account

17 (OS1)Book with descriptions of individuals, buying graves, stone setting, buying land at Eldridge, merging with HJWrequest_box
18 (OS1)Ledger Book1901-1904request_box

Minikes, Sarasohn
209 names listed.
Most seem to give around $30/yr, although a range

19 (OS1)Ledger #71899-1900request_box

188 names.

20 (OS1)Ledger #4 (includes paint donations)1894request_box

171 names

p. 154-157 list includes widows

21 (OS1)Ledger #91904-1907request_box

From Minutes, p. 189
November 10, 1895
There was a discussion about R' Avrohom Isidore's request for a plot at Unionfield Cemetery. It is not clear how many plots are required, two or more. Authority to handle this is left to the Committeee, to take care of it as it best sees fit. Moshe Livingston, Mr. Dovid Cohen, the president and the vice president constitute this committee.

December 1, 1895
The committee for Mr. Avrohom Isidore's plot, report that they have allotted two plots in Unionfield, in the new cemetery, at the juncture of the plots of Aaron Hershfeld and Israel Rosenthal. Mr. Avrohom paid the balance of his $300 contribution to the congregation.

Examples from Box 17

p. 5
MB 239
Abrahm Isidor

R' Avrohom Tsvi Bar Yitschok has put the Ark and Bima in the sanctuary on his own account, and paid $1600 for it.

p. 4
MB 203
Machsike Tora Seinier

At a special meeting on Sunday, the 6th of May 1886, the congregation Mahsike Tora Seinier bought the shul at 78 Allen Street for the sum of $19,000. From this sum the mortgage of $4500 has been paid.

p. 4
MB 206
Holche Josher Wizaner

At a special meeting on Sunday the 30th of May 1886 was the union of the organization KAJ 78 Allen Street with the Holche Josher Wizaner. HJW transferred its lots, 14-16 Eldridge Street for the sum of $24,000 to KAJ, of which HJW has already paid $7000. This paid sum is divided amongst the 70 members pro rata to be credited for their seats in the new synagogue which will be built. All the property of HJW-torahs, two cemetery grounds in Machpela, are brought to KAJ. At the same time both united organizations bought the next house [lot?] 12 Eldridge for the price of $12,769. And a magnificent synagogue will be built on the three lots, 12-14-16.

p. 5
MB 222
Building of the Synagogue, 12-14-16 Eldridge

On Sunday November 1886 is the cornerstone of the new synagogue 12-14-16 Eldridge Street laid at a magnificent parade with upstanding visitors-many orators for this holy goal spoke. The president, Mr. Alexander Yarmulowski opened the first speech. Doctor Mendes, Rabbi Yitschok Margolies, Coroner Ferdinand Livy and more speakers. Mr. Nathan Bar Shlomo Hutkoff bought the cornerstone to lay (paid $100)…The President closed with a speech the day's activities.

The cost of the building is:
According to the specifications in the cash book $91,907.61
[from the members] $41,907.61
[mortgage in the E. River Bank] $50,000

p. 2 Rav Jacob Joseph
MB 247

At a directors meeting on December 29, 1887, it was decided to subscribe to the contract to bring the Rav Hakollel for six years at $300 a year.

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