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Machine-readable finding aid compiled as MS Word document, September 2002. Finding aid was encoded by Marvin Rusinek on December 18, 2009. Finding aid written in English.

Descriptive Summary

Title:Subject files collection
Dates:undated, various dates
Abstract:Collection encompasses an extensive variety of organizations, subjects, and formats and is most useful for genealogists and researchers interested in general information. Researchers looking for a particular publication will also find this collection helpful.
Languages:The collection is in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
Quantity:78 linear feet (156 manuscript boxes)
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
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Scope and Content Note

Collection encompasses an extensive variety of organizations, subjects, and formats and is most useful for genealogists and researchers interested in general information. Researchers looking for a particular publication will also find this collection helpful.

Within each series is a variety of material; primarily types of publications and mailings. Specifically, the collection may include souvenir journals, promotional and informational brochures and flyers, publications, calendars, greeting cards, business cards, postal cards, invitations and programs, playbills, certificates, prayers, religious and civil legal documents, posters, gift catalogues, newspaper clippings, and broadsides. Dates range from the early 20th century to the present.

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The collection is arranged into fourteen series as follows:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

Information concerning the literary rights may be obtained from the Director of Library and Archives of the American Jewish Historical Society. Users must apply in writing for permission to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection. For more information contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:
Identification of item, date (if known); Subject files collection; I-424; box number; folder number; American Jewish Historical Society, New York, NY, and Boston, MA.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Series I: Miscellaneous organizations, various dates

Boxes 1-76.

Arranged alphabetically.

1 1-800-Shmurah (Brooklyn)
1 Academic Council for Kibbutz Studies
1 Academy for Higher Jewish Learning (NYC)
1 Academy for Liberal Judaism (NYC)
1 Achiezer
1 Achvah
1 Achvah Home Clubs Association (NYC)
1 Achvah Jewish Gay Union (San Francisco)
1 Ad Hoc Committee on Hunger
1 Adelantre! The Judezmo Society
1 Aesthetic Realism Foundation
1 Agudath Anshei Mamod Ubeis Vead Lachachomim
1 Agudath Israel of America (NYC) (4 folders)
1 Agudath Zion Society
1 Aish Hatorah
2 Akron Jewish Center
2 Al Tidom Society
2 Albany Jewish Community Council
2 Albany Jewish Genealogical Society
2 Albany Park Jewish Youth Council (Chicago)
2 Aleh Foundation
2 Aleph-Alliance for Jewish Renewal
2 Aleph Institute (Surfside, Florida)
2 Aleph Society
2 All World Hebrew Central Organization
2 Allied Jewish Federation of Denver
2 Alternatives in Jewish Education (2 folders)
2 Amcha: The Coalition for Jewish Concerns
2 America-Israel Cultural Foundation
2 America-Israel Friendship League (NYC)
3 American Association of Rabbis
3 American Christian Palestine Committee
3 American Christian Association for Israel
3 American Association of Teachers of Hebrew
3 Amer. Emergency Fund for Bicur Cholim Hospital
3 American Friends of Ichud
3 American Friends of Jewish Palestine
3 American Friends of Melitz
3 American Friends of Neot Kedumin
3 Amer. Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece
3 Amer. Friends of Neve Shalom/Wahat Al-Salam
3 American Friends of the YESHA Council
3 American Friends of Yeshiva Horav Bergis
3 American Fund for Israel Institutions
4 American Committee for Ameliorating the Condition of Russian Refugees
4 American Committee for Bar-Ilan University
4 Amer. Committee for Justice in the Middle East
4 Amer. Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
4 American Committee for Safeguarding Human Dignity in Israel (Autopsies)
4 The American Hebrew
4 American Humanist Association-Committee on Church and State
4 American Immigration Conference
4 American Interfaith Institute
4 American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry
4 American Israel Numismatic Association
4 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) (2 folders)
5 American Israel Marketing Corp. (AIM)
5 American Jewish Art Club of Chicago
5 American Jewish Emergency Effort for Biafran Relief
5 American Jewish Forum
5 American Jewish Labor Council
5 American Jewish League Against Communism
5 American Jewish League for Israel (4 folders)
6 American Jewish Literacy Foundation
6 American Jewish Museum of Art and Culture
6 American Jewish Public Relations Society
6 American Jewish Publication Society
6 American Jewish Society for Service (2 folders)
6 American Jewish Vegetarian Society (Miami Beach, FL)
6 American Jewish World Service
7 American League Against War and Fascism
7 American Palestine Bank (Tel Aviv)
7 American Palestine Company
7 American Palestine Committee
7 American Palestine Settlers Association
7 American Pro-Falasha Committee
7 American Red Mogen David for Israel
7 American Sephardi Federation (4 folders)
8 American Society for Technion
8 American Technion Society (NYC)
8 American Torah Shelemah Committee (NYC)
8 American Veterans of Israel (3 folders)
9 American Zionist Bureau
9 American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs
9 American Zionist Federation (3 folders)
10 American Zionist Movement
10 Americans for a Safe Israel (2 folders)
10 Americans for a Secure Israel of Illinois (Chicago)
10 Americans for Haganah
10 American for a Progressive Israel
10 Amicable Lodge (Baltimore)
10 Amishav, USA
10 Amos Society
10 Anti-Communist International: Jewish Section
10 Argentina Society
10 The Ark (Chicago)
10 Arthur Szyk Society
10 ARZA-Assoc. of Reform Zionists of America
10 Asirai Zion Fund
10 Asser Levy National Council
10 Associated American Jewish Museums
10 Associated Board for Jewish Education of Bergen Co., NJ
10 Associated Jewish Charities and Welfare Fund (Baltimore)
11 Associated Talmud Torahs of Philadelphia
11 Assoc. YM & YWHA’s of Greater NY—Drug Use and Interpersonal Relations Among Hippies
11 Association for Israel Studies
11 Association for Jewish Children (Philadelphia)
11 Association for the Care of the Jewish Aged & Infirm of Greater NY
11 Association of Americans and Canadians for Aliyah
11 Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel
12 Association of Federation Workers
12 Association of Jewish Theosophists (American section)
12 Association of Jewish Anti-Poverty Workers
12 Association of Jewish Book Publishers
12 Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies
12 Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
12 Association of Jewish Immigrants of Philadelphia
12 Association of Jewish New Americans in Philadelphia
12 Association of Jewish Sponsored Camps
12 Association of New York City Yeshiva Principals and Administrators
12 Association of Orthodox Scientists
12 Association of Orthodox University Faculty
12 Association of Reform Rabbis of NYC and Vicinity
13 Association of Tzedakah Collectives
13 Atlanta Bureau of Jewish Education
13 Atlanta Jewish Community Council
13 The Auraria Foundation
13 Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies (Philadelphia)
13 Baltimore Institute for Jewish Communal Service
13 Bar Yechoi College and Home of Aged in Miron Safed, Palestine
13 Barton’s Candy Corp., Brooklyn
13 Bay Ridge Food Merchants Association
13 Belz World Conference
13 The Benjamin Foundation (NY and Toronto
13 Bensonhurst League (Brooklyn)
13 Berit Mila Board of Reform
13 Bernard Malamud Society (Baltimore)
13 Beth Abraham Home (Bronx)
13 Beth Din of America
13 Beth Moses Hospital (Brooklyn)
13 Beth Shifra Institutions (Brooklyn)
13 Bettmann Archive
14 Big Brother Association (Philadelphia)
14 Bikur Cholim-Guardians of the Sick
14 Bikur Cholim Leanije Eretz Yisrael (Brooklyn)
14 Black Americans to Support Israel Committee
14 Blue Mountain Camps (E. Stroudsburg, PA)
14 Blumenthal Jewish Home for the Aged (Clemmons, SC)
14 Breslov Research Institute
14 B’nai B’rith Home & Hospital for the Aged (Memphis)
14 B’nai Hillel Honor Society
14 B’nai Shalom
14 Bnai Sholom Benevolent Assocation (Paterson, NJ)
14 B’nai Yiddish Society
14 Board of Jewish Ministers (Philadelphia)
14 Bound Brook Community of Jewish Farmers (NJ)
14 Boystown Jerusalem Foundation of America
14 Bright Day Nursery and Kindergarten (NY)
14 B’rith Milah Board of New York
14 B’rith Rishomin of the USA
14 Brooklyn Board of Rabbis
15 Brooklyn Council for a Democratic Germany
15 Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities
15 Brooklyn Jewish Center
15 Brooklyn Jewish Child Care Council
15 Brooklyn Jewish Community Council
15 Brooklyn Jewish Ministers Association
15 Brooklyn Jewish Postal Employees Welfare League
15 Brown’s Mills Sanatorium (NJ)
15 Buffalo Jewish Kehilla
15 Bund Archives
15 Bund Club in New York
15 Bureau for Careers in Jewish Service
15 Bureau for Employment Problems (Cleveland)
16 Bureau for Intercultural Education
16 Bureau for Jewish Education-Akron
16 Bureau for Jewish Education-Buffalo
16 Bureau for Jewish Education-Cincinnati
16 Bureau for Jewish Education-Cleveland
16 Bureau for Jewish Education-Miami
16 Bureau for Jewish Education-Milwaukee
16 Bureau of Jewish Social Service of Cincinnati
16 California Palestine Land and Development Company
16 Camp Hatzofeh (Wappingers Falls, NY)
16 Camp Hawthorn-Sabra (Missouri)
16 Camp Jack and Jill (Billings,NY)
16 Camp Mohican and Reena (Springfield, MA)
16 Camp Moshava (Indian Orchards, PA)
16 Camp Sea-Gull (Charlevoix, MI)
16 Camp Tanuga (Detroit, MI)
16 Camp Walden (Cheboygan, MI)
16 Cantorial Council of America
16 Cejwin Camps (Port Jervis, NY)
16 Center for Jewish Culture
16 Center for Study in Israel
16 Central Agency for Jewish Education (Miami)
16 Central Bureau for the Jewish Aged (NYC)
17 Central Committee for the Relief of Jews Suffering Through the War
17 Central Illinois Jewish Federation
17 Central Jewish Library and Archives
17 Central Orthodox Institute (Memphis)
17 Central Rabbinic Conference of the United States & Canada
17 Central Relief Committee
17 Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America
17 Central Yiddish Culture Organization
17 CHAI-Jewish Committee to Help Animals
17 Charleston Jewish Community Center (Charleston, SC)
17 Chaverim
17 Chevra Shomrei Shabbos
18 Chicago Board of Rabbis (Chicago Rabbinical Assn)
18 Chicago Hebrew Institute
18 Chicago Medical School
18 Chicago Orthodox Rabbinate
18 Chicago Peace Yes Committee
18 Chicago Rabbinical Council
18 Children at Heart (NYC)
18 China Judaic Studies Association
18 Christian Council on Palestine
18 Christian Friends of Palestine (Washington)
18 Christians Concerned for Israel
18 Christians for Israel
18 Chutzpah (Chicago)
18 Citizens for Educational Freedom
18 City of NY Jewish Community Council of Co-op City
18 Clara de Hirsch Home for Working Girls (NYC)
18 Clergy and Laity Concerned
18 Cleveland Immigration League
18 Cleveland Jewish Young Adult Council of JCCs
18 Cleveland Jewish Youth Council
18 Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education
18 Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
18A Cleveland Jewish Genealogical Society
19 The College Settlement
19 Columbia Club
19 Columbus Jewish Federation
19 Commission of Inquiry on the Rights of Soviet Jews
19 Committee for Jewish Survival
19 Committee for Consultants for Israeli Industries
19 Committee for Relief of Jewish Refugees
19 Committee for Rescue of Syrian Jewry
19 Committee for the Care of the Jewish Tuberculous
19 Committee for the Establishment of Eruven
19 Committee for the Jewish Idea
19 Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Family Purity
19 Committee for the Rescue of Jews in Arab Lands
19 Committee for the Reuben Brainin Clinic in Israel
19 Committee of Concern
19 Committee of Concerned Scientists (2 folders)
19 Committee of One Hundred Baale-Battim
19 Committee of Religious Leaders of the City of NY
19 Committee on Fair Play in Sports
19 Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East
20 Committee on Unity for Palestine
20 Committee to Open Borders
20 Common Council for American Unity
20 Community Relations Council-Jewish Welfare League
20 Community News (Fresno, CA)
20 Community Security Council
20 Computer Center for Jewish Genealogy
20 Concordia Club (Portland, OR)
20 Conference Committee of Jewish Women’s Organizations
20 Conference of Jewish Activists
20 Conference of Jewish Charities of Newark
20 Conference of Jewish Organizations of St. Louis
20 Conference of Secular Jewish Organizations
20 Conference on Immigration Policy
20 Conference on Jewish Relations
20 Conference on Jewish Social Studies
21 Congress for Jewish Culture (2 folders)
21 Consulate General of Israel-Dept of Cultural Affairs (NYC)
21 Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations
21 Congress of Industrial Organizations
21 Council Against Intolerance in America
21 Council Camp (Aitkin, MN)
21 Council of Federated Jewish Organizations
21 Council of Jewish Communal Executives of Greater NY
21 Council of Jewish Communal Organizations (NYC)
21 Council of Jewish Organizations in Civil Service
21 Council of Jewish Organizations of Borough Park (Brooklyn)
21 Council of Jewish Teachers of the NYC School System
22 Council of YMH and Kindred Associations
22 Council on Adult Education for the Foreign Born
22 Council on Jewish Arts and Letters of Greater NY
22 Council on Jewish Education (Philadelphia)
22 Covenant Foundation (NYC)
22 Cross-Section USA (Jewish Newsletter)
22 Cultural Extension League (Philadelphia)
22 Daughters of David-Home for Orphan Girls (Bronx)
22 Daughters of Israel Home for the Aged (Newark)
22 Daughters of Miriam Home & Infirmary for the Aged
22 Davka
22 Deborah Consumptive Relief Society
22 Democracy in Jewish Life
22 Descendents of the American Revolution
22 Dominican Republic Settlement Association
22 Dorot-Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center
22 Dorothy Drey Sommers Shelter Home (St. Louis)
22 Dovetail Publishing
22 Downtown Zion Centre
22 Drish Institute for Education
22 Drug and Hospital Employees Union
22 Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation
22 E.E. Lisitzky Foundation for Jewish Culture (New Orleans)
23 Eager Mountain House (Catskill)
23 Eagleville Sanatorium for Consumptives (PA)
23 East End Neighborhood House (Cleveland)
23 East Side Civic Club (NYC)
23 Eastern Council of Reform Rabbis
23 Eldridge St. Project (Synagogue Restoration, NYC)
23 Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity
23 Elizabeth Jewish Council (NJ)
23 Ernest Bloch Society (2 folders)
23 Essex Co. Intergroup Council (NJ)
23 Etz Chaim Center for Jewish Studies
24 Explorations-Jewish/Christian Relations
24 Ezras Torah Fund (Torah Relief Society)
24 Facts and Logic About the Middle East
24 Farband Camp (Chelsea, MI)
24 Federated Council of Israel Institutions
24 Federated Jewish Societies
24 Federated Zionist Societies of the Middle West
24 Federation of Bronx Jewish Congregations
24 Federation of Hebrew Teachers
24 Federation of Jewish Charities
24 Federation of Jewish Farmers of America Federation of Jewish Organizations of New York State
24 Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York
24 Federation of Jewish Trade Unions of Chicago
24 Federation of Orthodox Rabbis of America
24 Federation Settlement
24 Fellowship of Reconciliation (pacifist org.)
24 Fenster Museum of Art (Tulsa, OK)
24 Fight for Freedom Center (NYC)
24 FOJ Fellowship of Christians in America
24 Foundation for Jewish Studies
24 Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture
25 Free Jewish Club
25 Free Kosher Kitchen
25 Free Thinkers of America
25 Friends of Anna Green Fighting Leukemia
25 Friends of Beth Shalom Aleichem
25 Friends of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
25 Friends of Democracy
25 Friends of Jewish Secular Education
25 Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe
25 Friends of the Abraham Fund
25 Friends of the Deaf (Philadelphia)
25 Friends of the IDF
25 Friends of Zion
25 Galicia Special Interest Group
25 Garin Yamit Maaravi (American settlement in Israel)
25 General Israel Orphans’ Home for Girls, Jerusalem (NY office)
25 German-Jewish Club
25 Girls’ Town / Or Chadesh (NYC Development Office)
25 Giyur Kehalacha (advocating Halacha-only conversions for Israeli citizenship)
25 Golden Slipper Square Club (Philadelphia)
25 Good Will Court (Brooklyn) (settling disputes via religious dictates)
26 Gordoniah (Baltimore)
26 Great Charity Chaye Olam Institutions of Jerusalem (NY office)
26 Greater Miami Jewish Federation
26 Great Palestine (Israel) Orphan Asylum Diskin, Jerusalem (NY office)
26 Growth Associates / Human Relations Consultants
26 Guild for Crippled Children (NYC)
26 Haas-Lilienthal House (San Francisco)
26 Hadassah Palestine Supplies Bureau
26 Haikar Haoved in America (Moshav)
26 Hakoah Athletic Club (Vienna; later NYC)
26 Harmonie Club (NYC)
26 Harlem Federation for Jewish Communal Work
26 Hashomer Hadati of North America (NYC)
26 Hatzolah-Volunteer Ambulance (NYC)
26 Havrusa
26 Haym Solomon Monument Center
26 Hebrew Actors Union
26 Hebrew American Typographical Union
26 Hebrew Arts Foundation (orig. Hebrew Arts Committee)
27 Hebrew Arts School
27 Hebrew Association of the Deaf
27 Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum (NYC)
27 Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum and United Jewish Charities (Newark, NJ)
27 Hebrew Benevolent Society of Oakland (CA)
27 Hebrew Day Nursery (NYC)
27 Hebrew Education Society of Brooklyn (2 folders)
27 Hebrew Educator’s Committee [for Labor Palestine]
27 Hebrew Free Burial Association
27 Hebrew Free Loan Associations (San Francisco, Detroit)
27 Hebrew Free Loan Association (Philadelphia)
28 Hebrew Free Loan Society (Gimolath Chasodim) (NYC) (2 folders)
28 Hebrew Free School Association (NYC)
28 Hebrew History Federation
28 Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale (Bronx, NY)
28 Hebrew Institute for the Deaf
28 Hebrew Literature Society (Philadelphia)
28 Hebrew Mutual Benefit Society (NYC)
28 Hebrew Orphans Home of Atlanta
28 Hebrew Relief Society (Nashville)
28 Hebrew Sabbath-School Union (UAHC, Cincinnati)
29 Hebrew Shelter Home of Rochester, NY
29 Hebrew Sunday School Society of Philadelphia
29 Hebrew Teachers Federation of American Society for Jewish Music
29 Hebrew Teachers Union of New York and Vicinity
29 Hebrew University Hospital for Palestine (Hadassah)
29 Hebrew Veterans of the Wars of the Republic
29 Hechalutz Organization of America (Labor Zionism) (2 folders)
30 Herzl Camp (Webster, WI)
30 Herzl Institute (Boxes 30A, 30B)
30 Herzliah Hebrew Teachers Institute
30 Hicem (Aid for Jewish emigrants from Eastern Europe, Germany)
30 Hineni (Torah Judaism)
30 Home for Aged and Infirm (Yonkers, NY)
30 Home for the Jewish Aged (Philadelphia)
30 Home of the Daughters of Israel for the Aged (NYC)
30 Houston Commission for Jewish Education
30 Howard Bendalin Agricultural Scholarship Fund
30 I L Peretz Writers Union
30 Ida S. Latz Foundation (Disabled Veterans) (Los Angeles)
31 Illiana Jewish Genealogical Society (Illinois)
31 Immigration Restriction League
31 Independent Jewish Press Service
31 Independent Order of True Sisters
31 Independent Workmen’s Circle of America
31 Independent Zionists of America
31 Indiana Jewish Community Relations Council
31 Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council
31 Institute for Computers in Jewish Life
31 Institute for the Improved Instruction of Deaf-Mutes (NYC)
31 Institute of Creative Judaism (Cincinnati)
31 Institute of Hazanuth (NYC)
31 Institute of Hebrew Unity (pro-Israel)
31 Institute of Judaic-Christian Research (Arlington TX)
31 Institute of Texan Cultures (San Antonio)
32 International Association of Hebrew Free Loans
32 International Conference of Jewish Communal Service
32 International Jewish Peace Union
32 International League for the Repatriation of Russian Jews
32 International Society for the Colonization of Russian Jews (San Francisco)
32 International Survey of Jewish Monuments
32 Inter-Racial Council
32 Irene Kaufmann Center (Pittsburgh)
32 Israel Aliyah Center
32 Israel Information Center
32 Israel Ministry of Tourism (2 folders)
33 Israel Numismatic Society of Illinois
33 Israel Numismatic Society of Massachusetts (2 folders)
33 Israel Peace Action Coalition
33 Israella-Women’s Organization for Jewish Education (Los Angeles)
33 Jabotinsky Biography Committee
33 Jacksonville Jewish Center
33 Jacksonville Jewish Community Council
33 Jacob Blum’s Undertaking Establishment (NYC)
33 JASA Brookdale: Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (NYC)
33 JCH (Brooklyn) (recreation)
33 JEWELS: Jewish Marriage and Family
33 Jewish Action Alliance (NYC)
33 Jewish Action Initiative (NJ)
33 Jewish Agriculturalists’ Aid Society of America (Chicago)
34 Jewish Alliance of America (Philadelphia, 1890s)
34 Jewish Alliance of Businessmen (Long Island City, NY)
34 Jewish Americans for World Peace
34 Jewish Arts Clearinghouse
34 Jewish Association for College Youth (JACY) (NYC)
34 Jewish Association for Neighborhood Centers
34 Jewish Aviation League of America
34 Jewish Big Brother Associations
34 Jewish Big Brother Association (Boston) (2 folders)
34 Jewish Book Club (Chicago)
34 Jewish Book Club (NYC)
34 Jewish Book Guild
34 Jewish Campus Activities Board (Philadelphia)
35 Jewish Campus Life Fund (Columbia University)
35 The Jewish Center (Columbus, OH)
35 The Jewish Center for the United Nations
35 The Jewish Center of University Heights (NYC)
35 Jewish Centres Association (NYC)
35 Jewish Centers Association of Los Angeles
35 Jewish Child Care Association of Essex County (NJ)
35 Jewish Child Guidance Bureau
35 Jewish Children’s Bureau
35 Jewish Children’s Bureau of Chicago
35 Jewish Children’s Home (New Orleans)
35 Jewish Children’s Home (St. Louis)
35 Jewish Civil Service Employees of LI
35 The Jewish Club (NYC)
35 Jewish Coalition for Somali Refugee Relief
35 Jewish Colonization Conference
35 Jewish Committee for Free Croatia
35 Jewish Committee for Human Slaughter
35 Jewish Committee for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
35 Jewish Committee for Slaughter Reform
36 Jewish Community Centers (Allentown PA, Durham-Chapel Hill, NC, Easton PA, Gloversville NY, La Cresenta CA, Portland ME, Portland OR, Puerto Rico, Tampa FL, Washington DC)
36 JCC of Greater… (Minneapolis, Rochester, St. Paul)
36 JCC-Henry Meyers Memorial Library (Detroit)
36 JCCs of Chicago
36 JCCs of South Florida
36 JCC and Welfare Fund (Omaha)
37 Jewish Community Councils (Cleveland, Perth Amboy NJ, Sacramento, Albuquerque, Detroit (2 folders), El Paso
38 Jewish Community Councils (Essex Co. NJ, Greater Washington (2 folders), Metropolitan Cincinnati, Metropolitan Detroit, Metropolitan Houston, Pelham Parkway (Bronx), Rochester NY)
39 Jewish Community Federations (Cleveland (2 folders), Richmond)
39 Jewish Community Foundations (Washington DC, Philadelphia)
39 Jewish Community Relations Councils (Greater Pittsburgh, Minnesota)
40 Jewish Community Relations Councils (St. Louis (3 folders), San Francisco, Springfield IL)
40 Jewish Conciliation Board of American
40 The Jewish Correspondent
40 Jewish Council on Urban Affairs (Chicago)
40 Jewish Counseling and Service Agency (Newark)
40 Jewish Culture Clubs and Societies (NYC)
40 Jewish Daily News (NYC)
41 Jewish Ecclesiastical Advisory Committee
41 Jewish Education Association of Essex Co. (Newark)
41 Jewish Educational Alliance of Savannah
41 Jewish Educational Council for the Instruction of Judaism in High School (Youngstown, OH)
41 Jewish Emergency Assistance Network
41 Jewish Employment and Vocational Service (Philadelphia)
41 Jewish Endeavor Society of America
41 Jewish Family and Child Service (Seattle)
41 Jewish Family and Child Service of South NJ
41 Jewish Family Services (Toledo OH, Greater Orlando, St. Paul)
41 Jewish Family Welfare Association (Minneapolis)
41 Jewish Federation and Welfare Council of Greater Kansas City
42 Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles (4 folders)
43 Jewish Federation for Social Service (Buffalo) (originally Federated Jewish Charities)
43 Jewish Federation of Camden County NJ
43 Jewish Federation of Community Services of Bergen County NJ
43 Jewish Federation of Dallas (4 folders)
44 Jewish Federations (Delaware, Greater Middlesex Co. NJ, Greater Orlando, St. Louis, Scranton, Sioux City, Southern Illinois, Trenton, Waco & Central Texas)
44 Jewish Feminist Organization
44 Jewish Film Advisory Committee
44 Jewish Folk Arts Society
44 Jewish Forum Association
45 Jewish Friends’ Society
45 Jewish Fund for Justice
45 Jewish Funeral Directors of America
45 Jewish Genealogical Societies (Los Angeles (3 folders), New York)
46 Jewish Genealogical Societies of…(Cincinnati, Illinois, Long Island, Michigan, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Tidewater VA)
47 Jewish Genealogy Societies (Pittsburgh, Greater Washington, St. Louis, South Florida)
47 Jewish Geriatric and Convalescent Center (Kansas City, MO)
47 Jewish Grocer’s Association of Greater NY
47 Jewish Guild for the Blind
47 Jewish Hall of Fame
47 Jewish Healthcare Foundation (Pittsburgh)
47 Jewish Heritage for the Blind
47 Jewish Heritage Foundation (LA)
47 Jewish Historic Tours of Philadelphia
47 Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged (NYC)
48 Jewish Home for the Aged (Houston)
48 The Jewish Idea
48 The Jewish Identity Center (NYC)
48 Jewish Information Bureau
48 Jewish Information Council
48 Jewish Information Society of America
48 Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
48 Jewish Labor Bund
48 Jewish Librarians Caucus
48 Jewish Library Association of Greater Philadelphia
48 Jewish Marriage Encounter of Southern California
48 Jewish Maternity Hospital (NYC)
48 Jewish Mental Health Society
49 Jewish Music Alliance
49 Jewish National Fund
49 Jewish Nurseries in Philadelphia
49 Jewish Orphan Asylum of Western NY (Rochester NY)
49 Jewish Orthodox Old Folks Home (St. Louis)
49 Jewish Orthodox Society of Greater Philadelphia
49 Jewish Peace Lobby
49 Jewish Peoples’ Committee [for United Action Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism]
49 Jewish Peoples’ Fraternal Order (also International Workers’ Order) (3 folders)
49 Jewish Peoples’ Institute of Chicago (2 folders)
50 Jewish Presence Foundation
50 Jewish Publications Bureau (NY)
50 Jewish Religious School Teachers Association of Arkansas
50 Jewish Renewal Life Center (Philadelphia)
50 Jewish Rights Council (NYC)
50 Jewish Sacred Society (Chicago)
50 Jewish Science, Society of (NY)
50 Jewish Service Agency (Memphis)
51 Jewish Singles (NY, NJ, CT) (2 folders)
51 Jewish Singles (Omaha)
51 Jewish Social Action Caucus (Potomac, MD)
51 Jewish Social Service Bureau (Rochester, NY)
51 Jewish Social Service Bureau and Resettlement Service of Detroit
51 Jewish Social Service Federation (San Antonio)
51 Jewish Society of America (LIC, NY)
51 Jewish Society of Americanists (NYC)
51 Jewish Sports Congress
51 Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of Western PA [Sports for Israel]
51 Jewish Sports Information Center
51 Jewish Storytelling Center
52 Jewish Study and Research Association
52 Jewish Teachers Association of New York City
52 Jewish Teachers Community Chest (NYC)
52 Jewish Teachers Retirement Association
52 Jewish Teachers’ Seminary and People’s University (NYC)
52 Jewish Territorial Organization (American Section)
52 Jewish Ties (newsletter, January-June 1993)
52 Jewish Vegetarian Society (NY)
52 Jewish Vegetarians of North America (Baltimore)
52 Jewish Vocational Counseling Services (Dallas)
52 Jewish Vocational Service of Cleveland
52 Jewish War Relief Committee/Campaign
52 Jewish War Sufferers Relief Society
52 Jewish Welfare Federation (originally Jewish Federation) (Indianapolis)
52 Jewish Welfare Federations (Oakland CA, Tampa FL)
52 Jewish Welfare Federation of Hollywood, FL
53 Jewish Welfare Federations of…(Detroit, Portland OR, St. Paul MN)
53 Jewish Welfare Federation of San Francisco (originally Jewish Charities)
53 Jewish Woman’s Resource
53 Jewish Women European Welfare Organization (Detroit)
53 Jewish Working Girls’ Vacation Society (NY)
53 Jewish Writers Club of America
53 Jewish Young Adult Council of Essex Co, NJ
53 Jewish Youth Council [JCC] (Charleston, SC)
53 Jewish Youth Guild (NYC)
53 Jewish Youth Institute (NYC)
53 Jews for Jews Organization (Miami Beach, FL)
53 Jews for Judaism (Baltimore)
53 Jews for Morality (Brooklyn)
53 Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (Maccabee) (Milwaukee)
53 Joint Authority for Jewish Zionist Education
53 Joint Cultural Appeal (Jewish Cultural Organizations)
53 Joint Defense Appeal of the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League
54 Joint Passover Association of the City of New York
54 Jordan is Palestine Committee
54 Judaea Society Fund
54 Judaic Heritage Society (NYC)
54 Judaica Button Society (NYC)
54 Judaica Historical Philatelic Society
54 Julian D. Levenson Research Foundation for Mentally Retarded Children (Chicago)
54 Julius Rosenwald Fund (Chicago)
54 Justice for the Pollards (NYC)
54 Kabbalah Culture Society of America (Hollywood CA)
54 Kadimah (Seattle)
54 Kallah of Texas Rabbis
54 Kashruth Association of Greater New York
54 Keren Habinyon (Building Fund Committee for the American Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem)
54 Keren Hash’viis
54 Keren Kaymes Institute of Kolel Shemre Hachomos
54 Keren Matzoh Fund for Russian Jews
54 Kimpatorin Aid – pre/post-natal care (Brooklyn)
54 Knights of Pythias – Radiant Lodge 460 (NYC)
54 Kohl Jewish Teacher Center
54 Kol Aryeh Research Institute
54 Kolel Shomre Hachomos (not English)
54 Kollel America Tiphereth Jerusalem
54 Kollel Employment Service
54 Kollel-Los Angeles
54 Kosher Supervision Service
55 Labor Temple (NYC)
55 Ladies’ Deborah Nursery Child’s Protectory (NYC)
55 Ladies of the Temple Aid (Jackson, MI)
55 Ladies’ Penny Charity Society of Greater NY
55 Latin American Jewish Studies Association
55 League for Religious Freedom in Israel
55 League for Safeguarding the Fixity of the Sabbath
55 League for Yiddish
55 League for the Jewish Youth of America
55 League of Zionist-Revisionists
55 Learning! Jewish Study on the Upper West Side (NYC)
55 Lebanon (Penn.) Jewish Community Yearbook
55 Legal Coalition for Soviet Jewry
55 Lessing League (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)
55 Liberterian Group of Los Angeles
55 Lillian and Albert Small Jewish Museum of Washington
55 Long Island Jewish Medical Center
55 Los Amigos Sephardi (Berkeley CA)
55 Los Angeles Yiddish Club
56 Luis E. Stern Foundation
56 Louis Lamed Foundation for the Advancement of Hebrew and Yiddish Literature (Detroit)
56 Lower East Side Tenement Museum
56 Lucius N. Littauer Foundation
56 M. Greenberg’s Sons (San Francisco)
56 Ma’ayan Hachochma (Brooklyn) (not English)
56 Maccabee Soccer Team
56 The Maccabees – Metropolitan Tent 1000 (NYC)
56 Machon L’Torah [Jewish Learning] (MI)
56 Mailamm [Purim Celebration]
56 Maimonides Benevolent Society (NYC)
56 Manhattan Jewish Conference
56 The Marks Nathan Jewish Orphan Home (Chicago)
56 Masonic Hall and Asylum Fund (NYC)
56 Mazon-A Jewish Response to Hunger
56 Memorial Rabbi Jacob Joseph
56 Menorah Lecture Bureau (NYC)
56 Menorah Palestine Building Corp.
56 Menorah Medical Center (Kansas City)
56 Mercaz: Zionist Org. of the Conservative Movement
56 Metropolitan League of Jewish Community Associations
56 Metropolitan New York Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty
57 Michael Reese Hospital and School of Nursing (Chicago)
57 Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
57 Michigan Jewish AIDS Coalition
57 Middle East Mobile Education Project
57 Middle East Affairs Council
57 Middle East Research and Information Project
57 Mill House (Newburgh, NY)
57 Milwaukee-Jewish Council
57 Milwaukee Jewish Federation
57 Minneapolis Federation for Jewish Service
57 Minnesota Rabbinical Association
57 Mizel Museum of Judaica
57 The Montefiore Home (Cleveland)
57 Montefiore Hospital (Pittsburgh)
57 Montefiore Hospital country Sanatorium (Bedford Hills, NY)
57 Montefiore Temple of Rest (NYC)
57 The Morning Freiheit Association
57 Mortimer L. Schiff Scout Reservation
57 Mount Sinai Memorial Park and Mortuary (Los Angeles)
57 Multi-Purpose Settlements Investments and Developments Corporation, USA
57 Myers’ House (Norfolk, VA)
57 Museum of Jewish Heritage (1of 2)
58 Museum of Jewish Heritage (2 of 2)
58 Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience (2)
58 Naer Tormid Society
58 Nashville Y.M.H.A.
58 National Appeal for Jewish War Sufferers
58 National Association for the Jewish Blind
58 National Association for the Study and Education of Exceptional Children
58 National Association of Hebrew Day School PTAs
58 National Association of Jewish Homes for the Aged
58 National Association of Jewish Legislators
58 National Association of Jewish Singles
58 National Association of Professors of Hebrew in American Institutions
59 National Association of Temple Educators
59 National Association of Traditional Jewish Group Workers
59 National Center for Jewish Policy Studies
59 National Center to Encourage Judaism
59 National Citizens Committee
59 National Coalition for Justice for the Pollards
59 National Committee for a Free Europe
59 National Committee for Leon Blum Colony in Palestine
59 National Committee for Labor Israel
59 National Committee for Mental Hygiene, Inc.
59 National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education
59 National Committee for Freedom of Religion in Israel
59 National Conference of Jewish Communal Workers
59 National Conference of Jewish Social Work
59 National Conference on Jewish Immigration
59 National Congress of Jewish Deaf (1 of 3)
60 National Congress of Jewish Deaf (2,3 of 3)
60 National Council for Jewish Education
60 National Council of Beth Jacob Schools
60 National Council of Jewish Tuberculosis Intitutions
60 National Council for Yiddish and Yiddish Culture
60 National Foundation for Jewish Genetic Diseases
60 National Foundation for Jewish Culture-Ira Eisenstein 1960-61
60 National Foundation for Jewish Culture (Jewish Cultural News, NFJC Reporter, and Bulletin of NFJC) (1 of 2)
61 NFJC Reports
61 National Foundation for Jewish Culture (Jewish Cultural News, NFJC Reporter, and Bulletin of NFJC) (2 of 2)
61 National Gaucher Foundation
61 National Havurah Coordinating Committee (2)
61 National Haym Salomon Memorial Committee
61 National Hebrew Culture Council
61 National Havurah Committee
61 National Information Bureau for Jewish Life
61 National Institute for Jewish Hospice
61 National Institute for Research in Kabbalah
61 National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership (CLAL)
61 National Jewish Coalition
62 National Jewish Coalition
62 National Jewish Civil Service Employees
62 National Jewish Commission of the Communist Party
62 National Jewish Committee on Scouting
62 National Jewish Community Rights Council
62 National Jewish Hospitality Committee
62 National Jewish Information Service for the Propagation of Judaism
62 National Jewish Outreach Program
62 National Jewish Resource Center
62 National Jewish Sanctuary Newsletter
62 National League for American Citizenship, inc.
62 National Liberal Immigration League
63 National Political Action Committee
63 National Popular Government League
63 National Resettlement Committee
63 National Social Club
63 National Union of Jewish Sheltering Societies
63 Neturei Karta of USA
63 Network of Conscience Judaism
63 New Israel Fund
63 New Jersey Federation of YMHAs and YWHAs (Fairfield, NJ)
63 New Jewish Leadership
63 New Montefiore Cemetary (Pinelawn, Long Island)
63 New York Achooza Aleph
63 New York Region Orthodox Union
63 New York State Committee on Discrimination in Housing
63 New York City: The Century Country Club
63 New York Committee on Jewish Affairs
63 New York Society for Jewish Folk Music
63 New York Zionist Society
63 Niagra Frontier Council for Soviet Jewry
63 Noam Shabbos Association
63 Non-Basted Children Jacket Makers Union
63 North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry
64 Office for Jewish Population Research
64 Office of the President of the United States
64 Ohel Children’s Home (Brooklyn)
64 The Ohio Jewish Veteran
64 Ohole Shem Association
64 Operational Recognition
64 Optimist Home for Boys (Los Angeles)
64 Or Chadash Home (Los Angeles)
64 Order Knights of Zion (Chicago)
64 Organization of Jewish Laymen of Greater New York
64 The Oriental Club of Philadelphia
64 Orphan Education Society (Philadelphia)
64 The Orphan’s Guardians (Philadelphia)
64 Orthodox Jewish Home for the Aged
64 Orthodox Rabbinical Council of the Western States
64 Pacific Coast Federation of Jewish Community Centers
64 Palestine Endowment Funds
64 Palestine Food and Novelties Co.
64 Palestine Industrials
64 Palestine Investors Service
64 The Palestine Lighthouse (NYC)
64 Palestine Pictures Corp.
64 Palestine Restoration Fund
64 Palmach (USA) Rifle and Pistol Club, inc. (NYC)
64 Park West Memorial Chapel (NYC)
64 Pasabena Jewish Community (Pasadena, CA)
64 Passover Relief Committee of the Mashel el Dol (NY)
64 Passover Peace Coalition
64 The Patriotic Federation of Chicago
64 Peace for Israel, Inc.
64 Peace Now
64 Peoples Hebrew Institute (Brooklyn)
64 People’s Welfare League for Jewish Soldiers
64 P’eylim Torah Chalutzim
64 Philadelphia City Institute
64 Philadelphia Jewish culture Clubs
64 Philadelphia Manual Training School
64 Philadelphia Psychiatric Hospital
65 Phoenix
65 Pioneer Women (3)
65 Poale Agudath Israel of America
65 Poale Zion-Labor Zionist Organization of America (2)
65 Poale Zion
66 Pop Sprung Camp Fund
66 Pro-Palestine Federation of America
66 Project Ezra (New York)
66 Project Kesher (Evanston, IL)
66 The Project to Document Early Jewish Settlers in Rural Minn.
66 Project Judaica
66 Protective Orphan Asylum [Balters’ Orphan Home] (Brooklyn)
66 Provisional Commission for the Establishment of Jewish Farm Settlements in the U.S.
66 Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs
66 P’tach (Parents for Torah for All Children)
66 Quincentennial Foundation of Istanbul
66 Rabbinical Alliance of America
66 Rabbinical Association of America
66 Rabbinical Board of the City of New York
66 Rabbinical Council of America
66 Rabbinical Council of America (R.C. Record)
66 Rabbinical Council of Syrian and Near Eastern Jewish Community in America
67 Rabbinical Supervisors Union (NYC)
67 Rabbinics Today
67 Radical Education Project
67 The Radius Institute (NYC)
67 Raifuah Vachaim Society
67 Ramah Day Camp (Nyack, NY)
67 The Rashi Association
67 Rebecca Gratz Club (Philadelphia)
67 Registry Jewish Fraternal Association
67 Riverdale Jewish Community Council (Riverdale, NY)
67 Riverside Memorial Chapel (NYC)
67 Roosevelt Memorial Park (Philadelphia)
67 Sabbath Observance Bureau (Cleveland)
67 Sabbath Observing Grocers’ and Food Dealers’ Association
67 St. Louis Jewish Young Adult Council
67 St. Louis Park Jewish Civic Association
67 San Diego Jewish Genealogical Society
67 San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society (3)
68 San Francisco Jewish Community Center
68 San Francisco Jewish Lesbian Gang
68 San Francisco Jewish Sanctuary Coalition
68 Sanford L. Ziff Jewish Museum of Florida
68 Sanitarium for Hebrew Children of the City of New York
68 Saul Bellow Society Newsletter
68 Schenectady Jewish Community Center
68 Schenectady Jewish Community Council
68 Savannah Jewish Council
68 Scholarship Association for Jewish Children (Chicago)
68 The School for Adult Jewish Education (NYC)
68 The School of the Jewish Woman (NYC)
68 Schroon Lake Camp
68 Search for Justice and Equality in Palestine
68 Sepharad ’92, International Jewish Committee
68 Sephardic House
68 Sephardic Institute (Brooklyn)
68 Sephardic Jewish Community of New York, Inc.
68 Service Bureau of Jewish Education
68 Sanctuary of Abraham and Sarah (Paramus, NJ)
68 Shalom Bayit
68 Shalom Center
68 Shalom Memorial Park (Palestine, IL)
68 Shalom Network
68 Shalom Ve’ahava Singles (Philadelphia)
68 The Sheltering Home (Denver)
68 Sherut La’am
69 Shivtei Shalom, Inc.
69 Shover Association of America
69 Shulamirth National Organization for Jewish Girls’ Education of America
69 Shomrei Adamah
69 Sidney Hillman Foundation
69 Siman Umesorah Institute
69 Societe Israelelite Francaise
69 Society for Advancement of Jewish Musical Culture
69 Society for Humanistic Judaism
69 Society for Jewish Culture
69 Society for the Advancement of Jewish Liturgical Music
69 Society for the Aid of Jewish Prisoners (NYC)
69 Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SUNY Brockport)
69 Society for the Welfare of the Jewish Deaf
69 Society of American Cantors
69 Society of Israel Philatelists
69 Society Sons of the Land of Israel
69 Society of Supporters of the House of Sages
69 Society of the Friends of Russian Freedom
69 South Bend Union Hebrew Relief Association
69 South Florida Jewish Civil Service Employees
69 Southern Poverty Law Ctr.
69 Southern Rabbinical Association
69 Southwestern Jewish Community Relations Council
69 Springfield Jewish Federation
70 Stamford Advocate
70 Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation
70 Sukkat Shalom-Shelter of Peace
70 Tagar Zionist Student Activist Movement
70 Talmud Torah Association (Cincinnati)
70 Talmud Torah and Public Kitchen, Meah Shearim (NY office)
70 Tanach (Bible) Study Association of America
70 Tarbuth
70 Tay Sachs Screening Program of Metropolitan Detroit
70 Telem: The Movement for Zionist Fulfillment
70 Temple Bethel Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum (FL)
70 The Tent of Meeting
70 Tomche Shabbos of Boro Park and Flatbush
70 Torah Emeth of Jerusalem (NY office)
70 Torah Perpetuation Foundation
70 Torah Umesorah National Society for Hebrew Day Schools
70 Torah Umizvoth
70 Touro Infirmary of New Orleans
70 Traditional Education Association
70 Trefa Banquet—Background Material [1883]
70 Triangle Polo Club (NYC)
70 Tudor Foundation, Inc. (NYC)
70 21 Jewel Square Club (Philadelphia)
70 Tze Ulmad Institute
70 Tzedokah V’chessed
70 UJC/Federation of Rockland County
70 Union for Traditional Judaism
70 Union for Jewish Readers
70 Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada
70 Union of Sephardic Congregations
70 United Aged Home Moshab Sekenim-American office (NYC)
70 United Charity Institutions of Jerusalem
70 United Hebrew Community of New York
70 United Hebrew Trades
70 United Israel Fellowship
70 United Jewish Y [M and YWHA]’s of Long Island (NY)
71 United Israel World Union
71 United Jewish Aid Societies of Brooklyn
71 United Jewish Charities of Cincinnati
71 United Jewish Charities of Detroit
71 United Jewish Charities of Syracuse
71 United Jewish Council of the East Side, Inc.
71 United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh
71 United Jewish Fund-St. Paul
71 United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg (Brooklyn)
71 United Jewish Welfare Fund of Rochester, NY
71 United Orthodox Jewish Community of St. Louis
71 United Orthodox Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
71 United Roumanian Jews of America
71 U.S. Committee-Sports for Israel
71 United States Patriotic Society
71 United Yeshivos Foundation, Inc.
71 University of Illinois foundation
71 University Settlement (NY, NY)
71 Uptown Home for the Aged (Philadelphia)
71 Vaad Hakashrus (NYC)
71 Vaad Hakhilos (St. Paul, MN)
71 Vaad Harbonium (NYC)
71 Vaad Hoezra
72 Vaad L’Hafotzas Sichos
72 Vaad Lehoromas Keren Hatorah
72 Vaad Mishmeres StaM
72 Vegetarian Society (Los Angeles)
72 Van Cortland Jewish Center
72 Vegetarian Society (Philadelphia)
72 Venice, CA. Pacific Jewish Center
72 Visiting Nurse Service
72 The Vegetarian Resource Group
72 Volunteers for Israel
72 NCSJ Media Reprints undated
72 War Resisters League (NY, NY)
72 West End Funeral Chapel (NY, NY)
72 West Side Zion Society (NY, NY)
72 Western Jewish Institute (Los Angeles)
72 Western Pennsylvania Jewish History Foundation
72 Western States Jewish Youth Council
72 Westside Jewish Community Center (Los Angeles)
72 Wexner Foundation
72 Widowed Mothers Fund Association (NY, NY)
73 Willow Crest for Convalescents (Philadelphia)
73 Winfield Tuberculosis Service
73 Wisconsin Jewish Genealogical Society
73 Wisconsin Society for Jewish Learning
73 Woman’s Institute for Continuing Jewish Education
73 Women’s League for Conservative Judaism
73 Woman’s League for Israel (Palestine)
73 Women’s Proclamation Society
73 The Woodstock Center for Healing and Renewal
73 Work of the Chariot
73 World Confederation of General Zionists
73 World Conference of Jewish Communal Service
73 World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Organizations
73 World Council of Synagogues
74 World Institute for Sephardic Studies
74 The World Jewish Genealogy Organization
74 World Monuments Fund
74 World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries
74 YM and YWHA Auditorium (Camden, NJ)
74 YM and YWHA Association of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)
74 YM and YWHA of Newark
74 YM and YWHA (Baltimore)
74 YMHA of the Bronx
74 YMHA of Washington, DC
74 YMHA Temple (Aurora, IL)
74 YM—YWHA (San Francisco)
74 YM—YMHA of Metropolitan New Jersey (West Orange, NJ)
74 Yad L’Achim
74 Yad L’Chaim (Philadelphia)
74 Yehoash Reception Committee
74 Yeshivat Torat Chaim (Jerusalem)
74 Yiddische Frauen Leeyenkrayzn (Detroit)
74 Yiddish Writer’s Union
74 Yiddishe Kultur Geselshaft
74 Yorkville Joint Passover Relief Fund
74 Yosher: A Jewish Ethnic Committee
74 Young Folks League for Aid to Hebrew Infants
74 Young Folk’s Reading Union (Philadelphia)
74 Young Men’s Philanthropic League (NY, NY) (1)
75 Young Men’s Philanthropic League (NY, NY) (2)
75 Young Men’s Welfare Society (Newark, NJ)
75 Young Zionists Actions Committee
75 Yozma
75 Young Women’s Union (Philadelphia)
75 Yugntruf Youth for Yiddish
75 YMHA (Paterson, NJ)
75 YMHA (Perth Amboy, NJ)
75 YMHA of Louisville
75 YMHA of New Brunswick (NJ)
75 YMHA of Philadelphia (2)
76 Montreal of YM of YMHA
76 Winnipeg, Can. YMHA
76 The Zebulun World Sea Faring Organization
76 Zion Association (Baltimore)
76 Zionist Academic Council
76 Zionist Organization of Chicago
76 Zionists Council of Greater New York
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Series II: Bicentennial Celebrations, various dates

Box 77.
130 Bicentennial Celebrations
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Series III: Black-Jewish Relations, various dates

Boxes 131-132.
131 General Literature I, II, III
132 General Literature IV
132 New York School Crisis
132 African Israelite
132 Association of Black And White Jews
132 Inter-religious Foundation for Community Organization
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Series IV: Broadsides, various dates

Box 133.
133 Zionism
133 Religious Life
133 Government Matters
133 Overseas (Dreyfus, Mortara)
133 Hebrew Language
133 Russian Jews
133 Unions (2)
133 Miscellaneous
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Series V: Business: Jewish Involvement, various dates

134 Retreats, Weekends, etc.
134 Gifts/Gift Catalogues “Source for Everything Jewish”
134 Shipping Lines
134 Stores (alphabetized)
134 Travel (alphabetized)
135 Foods and Household Products A-C (alphabetized)
135 Foods C-K
135 Foods-Kosher
135 Foods and Household Products N-Z (alphabetized)
135 Broadway’s Jerusalem 2 (Kosher Pizza Delivery)
136 Restaurants- New York (alphabetized)
136 Restaurants- Other Areas (alphabetized)
136 Misc. Stuff
137 Gifts A-F
137 Gifts/Gift Catalogues Misc. M-Z
137 Ads- Newspapers
137 Advertising Supplements “Good News”
137 The Jewish Merchant and Guide
138 Greeting Cards
138 Printers and Publishers
138 Hebrew Linotype and Press (Companies and Services)
138 Hebrew Monotype Press, Inc. (NY, NY)
138 Calendars
138 Calligraphy- Custom Work
138 Ceremonial Objects
138 Computer Software and Networks
138 Posters
138 California Stitchery
138 Kesten Baum and Co.
138 Klein Bros. (Brooklyn, NY)
138 Needlework
138 Clothes
139 Banks
139 Fund Raising
139 Hotels
139 Marketing
139 Match Makers/Single Services
139 Mortuaries
139 Music/Recordings
139 Personal Care/Beauty
139 Public Relations
139 Real Estate
139 Misc. Business
139 Gertz Brothers (NY, NY)
139 Physicians

Business Cards and Envelopes

140 Alabama
140 Arkansas
140 California
140 Colorado
140 District of Columbia
140 Florida
140 Foreign
140 Georgia
140 Illinois
140 Indiana
140 Iowa
140 Kentucky
140 Louisiana
140 Maryland
140 Michigan
140 Minnesota
140 Missouri
140 Nebraska
140 New Jersey
140 New Mexico
140 New York-Except New York City
140 New York-Brooklyn and Bronx
140 New York- Manhattan
140 North Carolina
140 North Dakota
140 Ohio
140 Oklahoma
140 Oregon
140 Pennsylvania
140 South Carolina
140 South Dakota
140 Tennessee
140 Texas
140 Utah
140 Virginia
140 Washington
140 West Virginia
140 Wisconsin
140 No or Insufficient Location
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Series VI: Entertainment/Media, various dates

Boxes 141-150.

Arranged alphabetically by city name.

141 Baltimore
141 Brooklyn
141 Bronx
141 Buenos Aires
141 Chicago
141 Cincinnati
142 Dallas
142 Des Moines, Iowa
142 Detroit, MI
142 Erie, PA
142 Fallsburgh, NY
142 Hoboken
142 Lakewood, NJ
142 Los Angeles
142 Los Angeles
142 Mexico City
142 Miami Beach, FL
142 Milwaukee, Wis.
142 Montevideo
142 Montreal, Que.
142 Newark
142 Omaha
142 Paterson, NJ
142 Philadelphia
142 Pittsburgh, PA
142 Portland, OR
142 Rochester, NY
142 St. Joseph, Missouri
142 St. Louis, MO
142 San Francisco
142 São Paulo
142 Seattle, Wash.
142 Toronto
142 Torresdale, Penn
142 Washington, DC
142 West Bloomfield, MI
142 Europe
142 New York: Plays and Musicals (listed by Theater) AB
142 New York: Plays and Musicals (listed by Theater) CE
143 New York: Plays and Musicals (by Theater) F-H
143 New York: Plays and Musicals (by Theater) I-K
143 New York: Plays and Musicals (by Theater) L-M
143 New York: Plays and Musicals (by Theater) N-P
143 New York: Plays and Musicals (by Theater) Q-R
143 New York: Concerts and Recitals (by Hall) A-C
143 New York: Concerts and Recitals (by Hall) D-O
143 New York: Concerts and Recitals (by Hall) P-Z
144 New York: Plays and Musicals (by Theater) S
144 New York: Plays and Musicals (by Theater) T-Z
144 Theater Societies -- Massachusetts
144 Artef
144 Artef
144 Association for a Yiddish Public Art Theater
144 Folksbine
144 Jacob Gordon Dramatic Society
144 Jacob P. Adler Memorial Committee
144 Jewish Theater Encyclopedia
144 J. Theater Society
144 National Artists Bureau
144 Maurice Schwartz Progressive Association
144 National Jewish Theater Association
144 Satz Public Theater
144 Theater Lovers Society (Thealig)
144 Workers Theatrical Alliance
144 Yiddish Art Theater
144 Yiddish Art Theater
144 Yiddish Folk Theater
144 Yiddish National Theater
144 Yiddish Theater Club
144 Yiddish Theater Lexicon (Lexicon of the Yiddish
144 Theater)
144 Yiddish Theater Society
145 Isra-Arts Production, Inc. (NY, NY)
145 Lectures
145 Lecturers and Entertainment for Hire
145 Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center (NY, NY)
145 The Goldman Band (Edwin Franko Goldman)
145 Kinneret
145 Gregg Smith Singers
145 Yiddish Culture Society Chorus
145 American Institute of Operetic Art
145 Freiheit Mandolin Orchestra
145 Maruchess, Alix Young
145 Remo Bufano’s Marionettes
146 Plays and Concerts unspecified in Location
146 Plays and Concerts Unspecified in Location
146 Berkeley Jewish Theater (Berkeley, CA)
146 Habimah Art Theater of Moscon
146 Habimah (National Theater of Palestine)
146 Der Yidisher Caravan
146 The Jewish Art Theater of Dallas
146 A Traveling Jewish Theater
146 The Vilna Troupe
146 Chicago Friends of the Yiddish Art Theater
146 Buenos Aires, Teatro I.F.T.
146 Vardi-Yoalit Theater Studio Club
147 Radio Broadcasts, etc
147 Heritage: Civilization and the Jews
147 Jewish Television Network
147 Jewish Televimages Resource Center (Queens, NY)
147 Miscellaneous Audio-Visual Materials
147 Television- Miscellaneous
147 Independent Jewish Press Service Releases
147 Palcor News Agency Bulletins
147 “Trend of Events” Jewish Newsletter Subscription
147 “New Judaea” Publication (London)
147 “Israel Digest” Publication (New York)
148 American Committee for Israel’s 10th Anniversary
148 Celebration
148 American Israel Worlds Fair Corporation
148 Worlds Fair
148 Noveck Meeting and Correspond
148 Salute to Israel Parade
148 Festivals- General
148 Worlds Fair (NY, 1938-1939)
148 “Romance of the People” (Tour [Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, 1933])
149 Movie Poster: “What a Mother-in-Law”
149 Yiddish Theater Pictures
149 Ludwig Salz
149 Scenes-Unidentified
149 Stein, Penig (?)
149 Liebert, Jacob
149 Leivick, H. (1886-1962)
149 Herman, David (1876-1937)
149 Scenes from Michael Todd’s Production of “Hamlet”
149 Scene from “Matinee Wife”
149 Individual Actors Unidentified
149 Bellows, Pat
149 Petchanuk, Oscar S.
149 Zaslavskaya, Vera
149 Fischsohn, Mischa (1880-1949)
149 Movie Stills: “Die Kliatshe”-“The Light Ahead”
149 Movie Stills: The Jewish Melody
149 Casher, Isidore (1882-1948)
149 Individual Actors Unidentified
149 Movie Theater Display Stills: “His Wife’s Lover”
149 Negatives
150 Cinema Services Corp. (NY, NY)
150 The Cinema Guild (NY, NY)
150 Alden Films (Brooklyn, NY)
150 Kino International (NY, NY)
150 Judea Films, Inc. (NY, NY)
150 Jewish American Film Arts (NY, NY)
150 Film Festivals
150 Ergo Media, Inc. (Teaneck, NJ)
150 Miriam-Lilian Films (Brooklyn, NY)
150 Video Cassettes- Miscellaneous
150 Miscellaneous Feature Films
150 Steven Spielburg Jewish Film Archive (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
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Series VII: Holocaust, various dates

Boxes 82-88.

Arranged alphabetically.

82 American Anti-Nazi Association
82 American Christian Committee for German Refugees
82 American Committee for the Settlement of Jews in Birobidjan
82 American Committee Against Fascist Aggression in Germany
82 American Committee for Anti-Nazi Literature
82 American Committee of Ose
82 American Committee on Religious Rights and Minorities
82 American Committee to Save Refugees
82 American Congress of Jews from Poland and Survivors of Concentration Camps
82 American Council Against Nazi Propaganda
82 American Federation of Jewish Fighters, Camp inmates and Nazi Victims
82 American Federation of Jews From Austria
82 American Federation of Jews from Central Europe
82 American Friends of the Ann Frank Center
82 American Friends of the Ghetto Fighter’s House
82 American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (2)
82 American Guild for German Cultural Freedom
82 American Jewish League
82 American Jewish Federation to Combat Communism and Fascism
82 American League for Human Rights
82 American League for Peace and Democracy
83 American League for the Defense of Human Rights
83 American Memorial to 6 Million Jews, Inc.
83 American Resettlement Committee for Uprooted European Jewry (NY, NY)
83 Anne Frank Institute (Philadelphia)
83 Association of Holocaust Organizations
83 Center for Holocaust Studies, Documentation and Research (Brooklyn, NY)
83 Central Location Index Inc.
83 Christian- Jewish Committee for rescue of Jewish Refugee Children
83 Citizens Anti-Nazi Committee
83 Citizens Committee on Displaced Persons
83 Cleveland Holocaust Center
83 Committee for a Jewish Army
83 Committee for Jewish Claims on Austria
83 Committee for the defence of Rights of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe
83 Council for Democracy
83 Dallas Memorial Center for Holocaust Studies (Dallas, TX) (2)
84 Danish American Jewish Committee
84 Delegation of the Polish and Jewish Labor Movements in Poland and the US
84 Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced German Scholars
84 Emergency Committee on Jewish Refugees
84 Emergency Conference to Save the Jewish People of Europe
84 Federation of Polish Jews
84 The Generation After
84 Hatikvah Holocaust Education and Resource Center
84 Hebrew Committee of National Liberation
84 Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh
84 Holocaust Education and Memorial Center (Toronto)
84 Holocaust Education Center (Fukuyama, Japan)
84 Holocaust Haggada Foundation
84 Holocaust Library and Research Center of San Francisco
84 Holocaust Memorial Center, Montreal
84 Holocaust Memorial Center, West Bloomfield, MI
84 Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo
84 Holocaust Survivors and Friends in Pursuit of Justice, Inc.
84 Holocaust Survivors Memorial Foundation
84 Inter-American Fellowship
84 Internet on the Holocaust and Genocide
84 Jerome Riker International Study of Organized Persecution of Children
84 Jewish Council for Russian War Relief
84 Jewish Identity Center and Holocaust Museum
84 Jewish League Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism (Winnipeg, Sask. Canada)
84 Jewish Restitution Successor Org.
85 Jewish Survivors of Latvia, Inc.
85 Joint Boycott Council (includes book of speeches from MSG rally, 3/15/37)
85 Judy Chicago’s Holocaust Project, 1990
85 Kristallnacht Remembrance Week Committee
85 Legion of Judah
85 Long Island Interfaith Committee on Teaching About the Holocaust
85 Martyrs Memorial and Museum of the Holocaust (Los Angeles)
85 Memorial to Six Million Jewish Martyrs
85 National Committee Against Nazi Persecution and Extermination of the Jews
85 National Coordinating Committee for Aid to Refugees and Emigrants Coming from Germany
85 New England Holocaust Memorial Committee
85 New York City Conference for a People’s Delegation to Biro-Bidjan
85 New York Holocaust Memorial Commission
85 Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League
86 1939 Club (Los Angeles) – five large bound items
86 One Generation After (Boston) (4)
87 Philadelphia Coordinating Council on the Holocaust
87 Provisional American Committee for Jewish Relief in Eastern Europe
87 Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the US
87 Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies (CUNY)
87 St. Louis Center for Holocaust Studies
87 Salute to Denmark and Sweden
87 Second Generation of Long Island
87 Self-Help Community Services
87 Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (2)
88 Society for the History of Czechoslovak Jews, Inc.
88 SE Florida Holocaust Memorial Center
88 Thanks to Scandinavia, Inc.
88 United Anti-Nazi Conference
88 United Jewish Refugee and War Relief Agencies
88 Vaad Hatzala
88 Volunteer Christian Committee to Boycott Nazi Germany
88 Warsaw Ghetto Resistance Organization (WAGRO)
88 Miscellaneous News clippings and publications
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Series VIII: Interfaith Relations, various dates

Boxes 151-152.
151 Interfaith Dialogues – Sermons and Speeches
151 Interfaith Dialogues – Radio Broadcasts
151 Interfaith Dialogues – Film and Television
151 Interfaith Dialogues – Conferences
151 Interfaith Issues – The Vatican
151 Interfaith Issues – Anti-Semitism in Textbooks
151 Interfaith – Israel
151 Interfaith Dialogues – Miscellaneous Publications
151 Miscellaneous Clippings
152 Center for Jewish-Christian Learning, College of St. Thomas
152 Montreal Committee for Jewish-Catholic Relations
152 Humanity Guild, Inc.
152 Secretariat for Promoting Christianity, the Vatican
152 Brooklyn Interfaith Fellowship
152 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints/Mormon
152 National Lutheran Council
152 Catholic Association for International Peace (Washington, DC)
152 Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America
152 Institute of Judeo-Christian Studies, Seton Hall University
152 Secretariat for Catholic Jewish Relations, BCOMM FORE NCCB and IA
152 Paulist Fathers
152 Archdiocese of New York (Catholic)
152 National Association of Manufacturers – Clergy – Industry Relations
152 The Community Church (NY, NY)
152 The Queen’s Work
152 World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches
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Series IX: Invitations and Programs for Special Events, various dates

Box 153.

Arranged alphabetically.

153 Invitations and Programs: Memorials, Testimonials and Installations (2)
153 Invitations and Programs: Miscellaneous
153 Invitations and Programs: Personal Occasions (i.e., birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, deaths)
153 Israel’s Tenth Anniversary
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Series X: Politics: Jewish Involvement, various dates

Box 154.
154 Local Elections – New York City
154 State Elections – New York
154 Local Elections – Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
154 Local Elections – Virginia
154 Anti-Nuclear. Conferences, Speeches, etc.
154 Federal Elections
154 Non-Election Material Pertaining to the Federal Government
154 Political Non-Election Activities
154 Speech – Democracy/Fascism/Communism
154 Jews in Politics in the 1920s-1940s
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Series XI: Religious and Civil Contracts, Certificates and Prayers, various dates

Box 155.
155 Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation Certificates
155 Prayers, Orders of Service for Birkat Chamah (prayer to the sun)
155 Brith
155 Divorce
155 Conversion
155 Legal Forms and Documents – Immigration
155 Ketubah
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Series XII: Schools, various dates

Boxes 110-129.

Arranged alphabetically by city name.

110 Abbotstown, PA. Jacobsen Academy of Religion
110 Adelphia, NJ. Talmudica Talmudical Academy
110 Albany, NY. The Free School
110 Atlanta, GA. Hebrew Academy
110 Baltimore, MD. Talmud Torah
110 Baltimore, MD. Ner Israel
110 Baltimore, MD. Ner Tamid Rabbinical College
110 Bronx, NY. (Pelham Parkway) Bais Midrash Govoah
110 Bronx, NY. Sholem Aleichem School 1
110 Bronx, NY. Sholem Aleichem School 2
110 Bronx, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folkshul 5
110 Bronx, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folkshul 21
110 Bronx, NY. Sholem Aleichem Shul 45
110 Bronx, NY. Yeshiva Zichron Moshe
110 Bronx, NY. Yeshiva R. Israel Salanter
110 Brooklyn, NY. Ashford St. Talmud Torah
111 Brooklyn, NY. Beth Jacob of Boro Park
111 Brooklyn, NY. Beth Rachel School for Girls
111 Brooklyn, NY. Bnos Yerushalayim D’Chasidei Belz
111 Brooklyn, NY. Bobover Yeshiva Bnei Zion
111 Brooklyn, NY. Hebrew Parochial High School
111 Brooklyn, NY. Hebrew School of Williamsburg
112 Brooklyn, NY. Machzike Talmud Torah Ezras Chaim
112 Brooklyn, NY. Kollel Avrechim Torah Ve-Yirah
112 Brooklyn, NY. Machzike Talmud Torah of Boro Park
112 Brooklyn, NY. Mesivta High School
112 Brooklyn, NY. Mesivta Talmudical College
112 Brooklyn, NY. Mirrer Yeshiva Central Institute
112 Brooklyn, NY. Mesivta Yeshiva R. Chaim Berlin
112 Brooklyn, NY. Gur Aryeh Institute
112 Brooklyn, NY. Ocean Parkway Jewish Center Talmud Torah
112 Brooklyn, NY. Shevet Y’hudah
112 Brooklyn, NY. Sholem Aleichem Shul 6
112 Brooklyn, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folkshul 13
112 Brooklyn, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folkshul 34
112 Brooklyn, NY. Shulamith School for Girls
112 Brooklyn, NY. Sinai Academy
112 Brooklyn, NY. Talmud Torah of Flatbush
112 Brooklyn, NY. Tiphereth Hagro Talmud
112 Brooklyn, NY. United Talmudical Academy “Torah Veyirah”
113 Brooklyn, NY. Yavne Jewish Theological Seminary
113 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva Ch’sam Sofer
113 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva Knesset Horabonim
113 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah
113 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva and Mesivta Be’er Shmuel
113 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva Beth Yehuda
113 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva of Bensonhurst
113 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva Institute for the Hard of Hearing and Deaf
113 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva Minchas Yehuda Stitchin
114 Brooklyn, NY. Prospect Park Yeshiva High School
115 Brooklyn, NY. Prospect Park Yeshiva High School
116 Brooklyn, NY. Prospect Park Yeshiva High School
117 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva Ohel Moshe
117 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva – Talmud Torah, Crown Heights
117 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva Talmud Torah of Crown Heights
117 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva Talmud Torah, Crown Heights
118 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshivah of Flatbush
118 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshivah of Flatbush
118 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshivah of Flatbush
119 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshivah Torah Vodaath
119 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshivah Torath Chaim
119 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshivah Torath Chaim
119 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshivah Torath Chaim
119 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshivah Yagdil Torah
119 Brooklyn, NY. Yeshivath Kehilath Yakov
120 Chicago, IL. Hillel Torah North Suburban Day School
120 Chicago, IL. Chicago Jewish Academy
120 Chicago, IL. Sholem Aleichem Folkshul 3
120 Cleveland, OH. Akiva High School
120 Cleveland, OH. College of Jewish Studies
120 Cleveland, OH. Hebrew Academy of Cleveland
120 Cleveland, OH. Hebrew School
120 Columbus, OH. Torah High School
120 Detroit, MI. Beth Yehudah Schools
120 Detroit, MI. Hillel Day School of Detroit
120 Detroit, MI. Sholem Aleichem Institute
120 Detroit. MI. United Hebrew School
120 Detroit, MI. Yeshiva Beth Yehuda
120 Detroit, MI. Yeshivath Chachmey Lublin
120 East Brunswick, NJ. Solomon Schechter Day School
120 Fall River. Idishe Folk Shul
120 Farmington Hills, MI. Birmingham Temple
120 Far Rockaway, NY. Bais Medrash Ateres Yisroel
120 Far Rockaway, NY. Jewish Center School
120 Far Rockaway, NY. Maimonides Institute
120 Great Neck Hebrew High School
120 Irvine, CA. Israel Academy
120 Jersey City, NJ. Yeshiva of Hudson County
121 Kiamesha Lake, NY. Hebrew Day School of Sullivan and Ulster Counties
121 Kew Gardens, NY. Shevach High School for Girls
121 Lakewood, NJ. Beth Medrash Govoha
121 Long Island City. Sholem Aleichem Shule 35
121 Los Angeles, CA. Breed St. Talmud Torah
121 Los Angeles, CA. The Herzl Schools
121 Los Angeles, CA. Sholem Aleichem Shul
121 Mamaroneck, NY. Westchester Hebrew High School
121 Memphis, TN. Beth Sholom Synagogue Religious School
121 Memphis, TN. Yeshiva of the South
121 Miami, FL. Jewish Junior High School of South Florida
121 Miami Beach, FL. Hebrew Academy
121 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study
121 Minneapolis Talmud Torah
121 Monsey, NY. Mesivta Beth Shraga
121 Monsey, NY. Yeshiva and Mesivta Beth David
121 Mount Kisco, NY. Yeshivah Settlement
121 New Orleans. Communal Hebrew School
121 New Square. Yeshiva
121 New York, NY. Abraham Joshua Heschel School
121 New York, NY. Beth Hayelad School
121 New York, NY. Downtown Talmud Torah
121 New York, NY. Havurah Schools Alternative Community
121 New York, NY. Hebrew Free School Association
121 New York, NY. Kohut College for Preparatory School for Girls
121 New York, NY. Kohut School for Boys
121 New York, NY. Hebrew Technical School for Girls
121 New York, NY. Hebrew Teachers’ Training School for Girls
122 New York, NY. Hebrew Technical Institute
123 New York, NY. Lucy Moses School for Music and Dance
123 New York, NY. Manhattan Day School
123 New York, NY. Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem
123 New York, NY. Montefiore Hebrew Free School
123 New York, NY. National Hebrew School
123 New York, NY. Rabbi Jacob Joseph School
123 New York, NY. Rabbi Jacob Joseph School
123 New York, NY. Rabbinical Seminary Ramailis
123 New York, NY. Netzach Israel
124 New York, NY. Ramaz High School
124 New York, NY. Rodeph Sholom Day School
124 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute (Parents’ Bulletins and PTA Supplements)
124 New York, NY. Sholem Folk Institute (PTA Bulletins and Supplements)
124 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute
124 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute
125 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute (SAFI Views)
125 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute (SAFI Views)
125 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute (Parents’ Bulletine and PTA Supplements)
125 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute (Bulletine)
125 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute (Bulletines and Miscellaneous)
126 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Folkshul 5
126 New York, NY. Sholem Aleichem Mittlshul
126 New York, NY. Shulamith Institute for Girls
126 New York, NY. Talmud Thora Ohel Izchok
126 New York, NY. Touro College
126 New York, NY. Umf. Id. Arbeter Mitlshul
126 New York, NY. West Side Hebrew School
126 New York, NY. Yeshiva Rabbi S. R. Hirsch
126 New York, NY. Yeshiva Rabbi S. R. Hirsch
126 New York, NY. Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim
126 New York, NY. Yeshivas Ohel Torah
127 New York, NY. Yeshivath Rabbi Solomon Kluger
127 New York, NY. Yiddish Pre-Academic School
127 Newark, NJ. Hebrew Academy of Essex County
127 Newark, NJ. Summer Avenue School
127 Newark, NJ. Talmud Torah Hebrew School
127 Oak Park, MI. Yeshivas Keser Torah
127 Paramus, NJ. The Frisch School
127 Passaic, NJ. Passaic Hebrew Institute Hillel Academy
127 Perth Amboy, NJ. Perth Amboy Hebrew School
127 Philadelphia, PA. Central and Northeastern Talmud Torahs
127 Philadelphia, PA. Hebrew High School
127 Philadelphia, PA. Jewish Educational Center no. 1
127 Philadelphia, PA. Jewish Children’s School
127 Philadelphia, PA. Mendele Folkshul
128 Philadelphia, PA. Parkside Hebrew School
128 Philadelphia, PA. P’nai Or Wisdom School
128 Philadelphia, PA. Solis-Cohen School
128 Philadelphia, PA. The Talmud Torah School
128 Philadelphia, PA. Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia
128 Philadelphia, PA. Wynnefield Yidishe Folkshul Yehuda Steinberg Folkshul
128 Philadelphia, PA. Yeshiva Mishkan Israel
128 Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix Hebrew Academy
128 Pittsburgh, PA. Talmudical Academy and Mesivta of Pittsburgh
128 Plainfield, NJ. Hebrew Institute
128 Portland, OR. Hebrew School
128 Queens, NY. Solomon Schechter School
129 Riverdale, NY. Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy
129 Rochester, NY. Kletsk Yeshiva of Israel
129 St. Louis. Rabbi H. F. Epstein Hebrew Academy
129 St. Paul, MN. The Jewish Educational Center
129 San Francisco, CA. Idishe Folk Shul
129 Saratoga. Yavne Day School
129 Seattle, WA. Seattle Hebrew Academy
129 Seattle, WA. Herzl Lecture Course
129 Seattle, WA. Talmud Torah
129 Seattle, WA. Yeshiva of the Seattle Talmud Torah
129 Skokie, IL. Hebrew Seminary of the Deaf
129 South Fallsburg, NY. Yeshiva Gedolah – Zichron Moshe
129 Smithtown, NY. Hebrew Academy of Suffolk County
129 South Bend. The Rabbi Naftali Riff Yeshiva
129 Suffern, NY. Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Radin
129 Washington. Jewish Free High School
129 Wickliffe, OH. Telshe Yeshiva
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Series XIII: Soviet Jewry, various dates

Boxes 77-81.

Arranged alphabetically.

77 Academic Committee on Soviet Jewry (2)
77 Action for Soviet Jewry (2)
77 American Federation for Soviet Jews
77 American League for Russian Jews
77 Arizona Council on Soviet Jewry
77 Center for Russian Jewry
77 Chamah – International Soviet Jewish Aid Society
77 Colorado Committee of Concern for Soviet Jewry
78 Committee on Soviet Jewry (Chicago)
78 Committee to Save Soviet Jewry (Philadelphia)
78 Conference on the Status of Soviet Jews
78 Connecticut Committee for Soviet Jews
78 Delaware Committee on Soviet Jewry (Wilmington)
78 Detroit Action Committee for Soviet Jewry
78 Emergency Mobilization Task Force on Soviet Jewry
78 International League for Repatriation of Russian
78 Jews (New York City)
78 Legislative Coalition for Soviet Jewry
78 Long Island Committee for Soviet Jewry
78 Medical Mobilization for Soviet Jewry
78 Minnesota Action Committee for Soviet Jewry (2)
79 National Interreligious Task Force on Soviet Jewry
79 National Interreligious Consultation on Soviet Jewry
79 New England Regional Alliance on Soviet Jewry
B New York Association for New Americans (NYANA)
B Queens Council for Soviet Jewry
B Research Institute on Soviet Jewry
80 Rhode Island Conference on Soviet Jewry
80 Sarasota Conference on Soviet Jewry
80 Society of Former Soviet Jews (Los Angeles)
80 Soviet Jewry – JCC of Greater Washington
80 South Florida Conference on Soviet Jewry (2)
80 South Florida Interreligious Task Force on Soviet Jewry
80 Southern California Council for Soviet Jewry
80 Washington DC Committee for Soviet Jewry
80 Washington Heights – Inwood Council for Soviet Jewry (New York City)
81 Women’s Plea for Human Rights for Soviet Jewry
81 Miscellaneous Soviet Jewry news clippings
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Series XIV: Synagogues, various dates

Boxes 89A-109.

Arranged alphabetically by city name.

89A Albany, NY. Congregation Beth Emeth
89A Alexandria, VA. Congregation Gemiluth Chasodim
89A Altoona, PA. Agudath Achim Congregation
89A Anchorage, AK. Congregation Beth Sholom
89A Ann Arbor, MI. Beth Israel
89A Arverne, NY. Congregation Derech Emunoh
89A Asbury Park, NJ. Congregation Sons of Israel
89A Astoria, Long Island. Astoria Center of Israel
89A Asheville, NC. Congregation Beth Ha-te-phila
89A Athens, GA. Congregation B’nai Israel
89A Atlanta, GA. The Temple
89A Atlantic City, NJ. Beth Kehillah
89A Atlantic City, NJ. Congregation Rodef Sholom
89A Augusta, GA. Adas Yeshurun
89A Augusta, GA. Children of Israel
89A Baltimore, MD. Chizuk Amuno
89A Baltimore, MD. Eutaw Place Temple
89A Baltimore, MD. Har Sinai Congregation
89B Bethlehem, PA. Brith Shalom
89B Berkeley, CA. Aquarian Minyan
89B Benton Harbor, MI. Congregation Bnai Sholom
89B Binghamton, NY. Temple Israel
89B Birmingham, AL. Temple Emanu-El
89B Boise, Idaho. Congregation Beth Israel
89B Bronx, NY. Congregation Ein Jacob
89B Bronx, NY. Congregation Kehilath Israel
89B Bronx, NY. Concourse Center of Israel
89B Bronx, NY. Congregation Beth David Agudath Achim
89B Bronx, NY. Congregation Anshe Amas of Williamsbridge
89B Bronx, NY. Pelham Parkway Jewish Center
89B Bronx, NY. Temple Judea
89B Bronx, NY. Tremont Temple
89B Brooklyn, NY. Boys’ Congregation
89B Brooklyn, NY. Community Reform Temple
89B Brooklyn, NY. (Bensonhurst) Congregation Ahavath Chesed
89B Brooklyn, NY. Congregation B’nai Israel of Bay Ridge
89B Brooklyn, NY. Congregation Mount Sinai
89B Brooklyn, NY. Congregation Sons of Israel
90 Brooklyn, NY. East Midwood Jewish Center
90 Brooklyn, NY. Progressive Synagogue
90 Brooklyn, NY. Seaview Jewish Center Yeshivah
90 Brooklyn, NY. Torah M’zion
90 Brooklyn, NY. Shaare Torah of Flatbush
90 Brooklyn, NY. Shellbank Jewish Center
90 Brooklyn, NY. Temple Ahavath Sholom
90 Brooklyn, NY. Temple Beth Emeth
90 Brooklyn, NY. Temple Emanu-El of Boro Park
90 Brooklyn, NY. Temple Petach Tikvah
90 Brooklyn, NY. Temple Sinai
91 Brooklyn, NY. Union Temple
91 Brooklyn, NY. Young Israel of Boro Park
91 Brooklyn, NY. Young Israel of Flatbush
91 Buffalo, NY. Temple Beth El
91 Buffalo, NY. Temple Sinai
91 Buffalo, NY. Temple Beth Zion
91 Butte, MI. Congregation B’nai Israel
91 Carmel, NJ. Congregation Beth Hillel
91 Castro Valley, CA. Temple Shir Ami
91 Centreville Station, NY. Congregation Anshei
91 Centreville Station
91 Charleston, SC. Brith Sholom Beth Israel Congregation
91 Charleston, W. VA. Congregation B’nai Jacob
91 Cherry Hill, NJ. Temple Emanuel (1 of 3)
92 Cherry Hill, NJ. Temple Emanuel (2, 3 of 3)
92 Chicago, IL. Congregation Am-Echod
92 Chicago, IL. Anshe Mayriv Congregation
92 Chicago, IL. B’nai Abraham Zion Congregation
92 Chicago, IL. Congregation B’nai Sholom
92 Chicago, IL. Congregation Ezras Israel
92 Chicago, IL. Congregation Ezrath Israel Anshe Motele
92 Chicago, IL. Congregation Rodfei Sholom – oir chodosh
92 Chicago, IL. Congregation Rodfei Zedek
93 Chicago, IL. Isaiah Temple
93 Chicago, IL. Kehilath Anshe Mayriv
93 Chicago, IL. The Temple [Isaiah Israel]
93 Chicago, IL. Temple Ezra
93 Chicago, IL. Temple Israel
93 Chicago, IL. Temple Judea
93 Chicago, IL. Temple Sholom
93 Chicago, IL. Zion Congregation of West Chicago
93 Corpus Christi, TX. Temple Beth El
93 Columbus, OH. Temple Israel
93 Cincinnati, OH. Adath Israel Synagogue
93 Cincinnati, OH. Congregation Bene Yeshurun
93 Cincinnati, OH. Congregation Bene Israel
94 Cincinnati, OH. Reading Road Temple
94 Cincinnati, OH. Rockdale Avenue Temple
94 Cincinnati, OH. Sephardic Beth Sholom Congregation
94 Cleveland, OH. Temple Tifereth Israel
94 Danville, IL. Congregation Anshe Knesset Israel
94 Dallas, TX. Shearith Israel
94 Dallas, TX. Temple Emanuel
94 Dayton, OH. Congregation Beth Abraham
94 Dayton, OH. Temple Israel
94 Deerfield, IL. Congregation Beth Or
94 Detroit, MI. Adas Shalom Synagogue
94 Detroit, MI. Congregation Beth Abraham
94 Detroit, MI. Congregation Beth Joseph Anshey Ruzhin
94 Detroit, MI. Congregation B’nai David
94 Detroit, MI. Congregation Ezras Achim
94 Detroit, MI. Congregation Gemiluth Chassodim
94 Detroit, MI. Congregation Shaarey Zedek
95 Duluth, MN. Temple Emanuel
95 Durham, NC. Bethel Temple and Center
95 Durham, NC. Judea Reform Congregation
95 East Orange and Newark, NJ. Temple Sharey Tefilo
95 Easthampton, NY. Gates of the Grove Synagogue
95 Easton, PA. Temple Covenant of the Peace
95 El Paso, TX. Congregation B’nai Zion
95 El Paso, TX. Temple Mount Sinai
95 Elmira, NY. Congregation B’nai Israel
95 Elberon, NJ. Temple Beth Miriam
95 Englewood, IL. Congregation Oir Chodosh
95 Erie, PA. Congregation Brith Sholem
95 Erie, PA. Temple Anshe Hesed
95 Evansville, IN. Congregation B’nai Israel
95 Falls Church, VA. Temple Rider Shalom
95 Farmington Hills, MI. ADAT Shalom Synagogue
95 Farmington Hills, MI. Birmingham Temple
96 Fresno, CA. Temple Beth Israel
96 Flushing, NY. Temple Gates of Prayer
96 Flushing, NY. Temple Beth Sholom
96 Forest Hills, NY. Congregation Machane Chodosh
96 Forest Hills, NY. Forest Hills Jewish Center
96 Glencoe, IL. North Shore Congregation Israel
96 Galveston, TX. Congregation B’nai Israel
96 Garden City, NY. Garden City Jewish Center
96 Gloversville, NY. Knesseth Israel Synagogue
96 Green Bay, WI. Congregation Cnesses Israel
96 Great Neck, NY. Great Neck Synagogue
96 Grand Rapids, MI. Temple Emanuel
96 Grand Rapids, MI. Congregation Ahavas Israel
96 Greensboro, NC. Temple Emanuel
96 Hoboken, NJ. Congregation Adas Enumo
96 Honesdale, PA. Temple Beth Israel
97 Houston, TX. Temple Emanu El
97 Houston, TX. Temple Beth Israel
97 Huntsville, Alabama. Temple B’nai Sholom
97 Indianapolis, IN. Congregation B’nai Torah
97 Indianapolis, IN. Hebrew Congregation
97 Jacksonville, FL. Congregation Ahavath Chesed
97 Jamaica, NY. Jamaica Jewish Center
97 Jersey City, NY. Congregation Agudath Cholom
97 Jersey City, NY. Congregation B’nai Jacob
97 Jersey City, NJ. Temple Beth El
97 Kansas City, MO. Beth Shalom Congregation
97 Kansas City, MO. The Temple, Congregation B’nai Jehuda
97 Kansas City, Kansas, Congregation Ohev Sholom
97 Kenai, Alaska. Briat Elohim
97 Kenosha, WI. Beth Hillel
97 Kingston, NY. Temple Emanuel
97 Knoxville, TN. Temple Beth El
97 La Jolla, CA. Congregation Beth El
97 Lancaster, PA. Congregation Shaarai Shomayim
98 Lawrence, NY. Congregation Kol Yisroel Chaverim
98 Lawrence, NY. Temple Israel
98 Leadville, CO. Temple Israel
98 Letchworth. Congregation B’nai Israel
98 Liberty, NY. Congregation Ahavath Israel
98 Little Rock, AK. Congregation B’nai Israel
98 Long Island City, NY. Sunny Side Jewish Center
98 Long Beach, CA. Temple Israel
98 Long Beach, NY. Temple Israel
98 Long Branch, NJ. Congregation Brothers of Israel
98 Los Angeles, CA. Congregation Beth Israel
98 Los Angeles, CA. Wilshire Boulevard Temple (Congregation B’nai B’rith)
98 Los Angeles, CA. Congregation Sinai
98 Los Angeles, CA. Temple Israel of Hollywood
98 Los Angeles, CA. Temple Emanu-El
98 Los Angeles, CA. Beth Chayim Chadashim
98 Louisville, KY. Congregation Adath Israel
98 Madison, Wisconsin. Gates of Heaven Synagogue
98 Marshall, TX. Temple Moses Montefiore
98 Mamphis, TN. Congregation Anshei Sphard
98 Memphis, TN. Temple Israel
98 Miami, FL. Beth David Congregation
98 Miami, FL. Radio Synagogue of America
98 Miami, FL. Temple Beth Shalom
98 Miami, FL. Temple Sinai of North Dale
98 Milwaukee, WI. Congregation Beth Jehuda
98 Milwaukee, WI. Congregation Emanu-El
98 Milwaukee, WI. Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun
98 Minneapolis, MN. Adath Jeshurun
98 Minneapolis, MN. Beth El Synagogue
98 Minneapolis, MN. Temple Israel
99 Montebello, CA. B’nai Emet
99 Montgomery, Alabama. Kahl Montgomery
99 Montpelier, Vermont. Beth Jacob
99 Mobile, Alabama. Congregation Shaarai Shomayim
99 Mount Kisco, NY. Mt. Kisco Hebrew Congregation
99 Mount Vernon, NY. Congregation Emanu-El
99 New Brunswick. Ahavas Achim
99 New Haven, CT. Beth Hamedrosh Hagadol B’nai
99 Israel – the Westville Synagogue
99 New Orleans, LA. Temple Sinai
99 New Orleans, LA. Touro Synagogue
99 Newport News, VA. Temple Sinai
99 New Rochelle, NY. Temple Israel
99 New Rochelle, NY. Beth El Synagogue
99 New Square, NY. Congregation Zemach David
99 New York, NY. The American Synagogue
99 New York, NY. Bellerose Jewish Center
99 New York, NY. Beth El
99 New York, NY. Beth Simchat Torah
99 New York, NY. Congregation Beth Hillel of Washington Heights
99 New York, NY. Congregation BINA
99 New York, NY. Central Synagogue
100 New York, NY. Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun
100 New York, NY. Congregation Eitz Chaim Anshei Wolozin
100 New York, NY. Congregation Habonim
100 New York, NY. K’hal Adath Jeshurun
100 New York, NY. Congregation Orach Chaim
100 New York, NY. Congregation Shaare Zedek
100 New York, NY. First Hungarian Congregation Ohab Zedek
100 New York, NY. Free Synagogue of Washington Heights
100 New York, NY. Havurah
100 New York, NY. Park Avenue Synagogue
100 New York, NY. Khal Adas Jeshurun with Anshe Lubtz
100 New York, NY. The Little Synagogue
100 New York, NY. Millinery Center Synagogue
100 New York, NY. Mt. Neboh Congregation
100 New York, NY. Congregation Mt. Sinai Anshe Emeth
100 New York, NY. New Morning Community
100 New York, NY. Congregation Poel Zedek Anshe Elia
101 New York, NY. First Roumanian-American Congregation
101 New York, NY. Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation
101 New York, NY. Sutton Place Synagogue
101 New York, NY. Temple Ahawath Chesed
101 New York, NY. Temple Ansche Chesed and Community Center
101 New York, NY. Temple Israel of Washington Heights
101 New York, NY. Temple Israel of Harlem
101 New York, NY. Temple Israel Union
101 New York, NY. Temple of the Covenant
101 New York, NY. Tifereth Israel Town and Village Synagogue
101 New York, NY. Washington Heights Congregation
102 New York, NY. West End Synagogue (Congregation Shaaray Tefila)
102 New York, NY. West Side Jewish Center Congregation
102 New York, NY. Young Israel of Manhattan
102 Newburgh, NY. Congregation Beth Jacob
102 Newark, NJ. Oheb Sholom Synagogue
102 Newark, NJ. Congregation B’nai Abraham
102 Newark, NJ. Congregation B’nai Jeshurun
102 Newark, NJ. Free Synagogue of Newark
102 Norfolk, VA. Beth El Congregation
102 Oil City. Tree of Life Congregation
102 Oak Park, MI. Congregation B’nai Moshe
102 Oak Park, MI. Young Israel of Oak Woods
102 Oakland, CA. Temple Sinai
102 Oklahoma City, OK. Emanuel Synagogue
102 Old Westbury, NY. Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation
102 Omaha, NE. Temple Israel
102 Palisades Park, NJ. Congregation Sons of Israel
103 Paterson, NJ. Temple Emanuel
103 Peoria, IL. Anshai Emeth Temple
103 Perth Amboy, NJ. Congregation Beth Mordecai
103 Peekskill. First Hebrew Congregation
103 Philadelphia, PA. B’nai Or
103 Philadelphia, PA. Congregation B’nai Israel
103 Philadelphia, PA. Congregation B’nai Abraham
103 Philadelphia, PA. Congregation Emanu-El
103 Philadelphia, PA. Congregation Rodeph Shalom
103 Philadelphia, PA. Congregation Temple Judea
103 Philadelphia, PA. Congregation Adath Jeshurun
103 Philadelphia, PA. Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel
103 Philadelphia, PA. United Minyanim of West Mt. Airy
104 Phoenix, AZ. Temple Beth Israel
104 Pine Brook. Chevra Agudas Achim
104 Pittsburgh, PA. Beth Israel Synagogue
104 Pittsburgh, PA. Congregation B’nai Israel
104 Pittsburgh, PA. Tree of Life Synagogue
104 Portland, OR. Congregation Ahavai Sholom
104 Portland, OR. Congregation Tifereth Israel
104 Portland, OR. Shaarie Torah
104 Portland, OR. Temple Beth Israel
104 Poughkeepsie, NY. Congregation Brethren of Israel
104 Randallstown, MD. Beth Israel Congregation
104 Randolph, MA. Temple Beth Am
104 Red Bank, NJ. Congregation Beth Shalom
104 Richmond, VA. Congregation Beth Ahabah
104 Richmond, VA. Congregation Beth Ahabah Museum and Archives Trust
104 Richmond, VA. Congregation House of Israel
104 Rochester, NY. Temple Beth-El
105 St. Joseph, MO. Temple Adath Joseph
105 St. Louis, MO. Congregation Shaare Emeth
105 St. Louis, MO. Temple Emanuel
105 St. Louis, MO. Temple Israel
105 St. Paul, MN. Congregation Sons of Zion
105 St. Paul, MN. Mt. Zion Hebrew Congregation
105 St. Paul, MN. Temple of Aaron
105 San Antonio, TX. Temple Beth El
105 San Diego, CA. Temple Beth Israel
105 Salem, MA. Temple Shalom
105 Savannah, GA. Congregation B’nai Brith Jacob
105 San Jose, CA. Temple Emanu-El
105 San Jose, CA. Congregation Sinai
105 San Juan, Puerto Rico. Temple Beth Shalom
106 San Francisco, CA. Congregation Beth Israel.
106 San Francisco, CA. Congregation Sherith Israel
106 San Francisco, CA. Bush Street Synagogue Cultural Center
106 San Francisco, CA. Temple Israel
106 Saratoga, CA. Congregation Beth David
106 Schenectady. Temple Gates of Heaven
106 Scranton, PA. Oheb Zedek Congregation
106 Scranton, PA. Temple Israel
107 Seattle, WA. Congregation Bikur Cholum
107 Seattle, WA. Temple De Hirsch
107 Seattle, WA. Herzl Conservative Congregation
107 Short Hills, NJ. Congregation B’nai Jeshurun
107 Sierra Madre, CA. Temple Beth Israel
107 Skokie, IL. Niles Township Jewish Congregation
107 South Bend, IN. Temple Beth-El
107 South Orange, NJ. Congregation Oheb Shalom
107 Spokane, WA. Temple Emanu-El
107 Springfield, IL. Temple Brith Sholom
107 Springfield, IL. Temple Israel
107 Syracuse. Society of Concord
107 Tacoma, WA. Congregation Talmud Torah
107 Tacoma, WA. Temple Beth El
108 Thousand Oaks, CA. Temple Etz Chaim
108 Traverse City, MI. Congregation Beth El
108 Troy, NY. Berith Sholom Congregation
108 Tucson, AZ. Congregation Chofetz Chayim
108 Tucson, AZ. Temple Emanu-El
108 Tupper Lake, NY. Beth Joseph Synagogue
108 Tulsa, OK. Temple Israel
108 Tulsa, OK. B’nai Emunah
108 Valdosta, GA. Valdosta Hebrew Congregation
108 Waco, TX. Congregation Rodef Sholom
108 Washington, DC. Bet Hamishpacha The Gay Synagogue
108 Washington, DC. Ohev Sholom Talmud Torah Congregation
108 Washington, DC. Washington Hebrew Congregation
108 Westfield, NJ. Temple Emanu-El
108 White Plains, NY. Beth Sholom Synagogue
108 White Plains, NY. Temple Israel Center
108 Whitestone, NY. Temple Hillel
108 Whitestone, NY. Whitestone Hebrew Center
108 Wilkes-Barre. Temple B’nai Brith
108 Williamsburg, VA. Temple Beth El
109 Williamsburg, PA. Ohev Sholom Synagogue
109 Wilmington, DE. Congregation Temple Beth Emeth
109 Wilmington, DE. Temple Beth Shalom
109 Wilmington, NC. B’nai Israel
109 Winchester, VA. Beth-El Congregation
109 Woodstock, NY. Woodstock Jewish Congregation
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