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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison
Title: Papers of Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison
Abstract: This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison, leading actors of the Vilna Troupe and of the Yiddish and English stage, both in the United States and internationally. Most of the information concerns their theatrical careers, including play manuscripts, drawings and photographs of plays and actors, reviews, flyers, and musical scores. There is also some personal biographical information about Buloff, including his memoirs and audio cassettes of interviews. These materials show the importance and influence of Buloff and Kadison for Yiddish and English theater for over sixty years.
Languages: The collection is in English, Yiddish, German, Russian, Romanian, and Hebrew.
Quantity: 8.4 linear feet
Identification: RG 1146
Repository: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
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Biographical Note

Joseph Buloff was born December 6, 1899, in Vilna, Lithuania, to a father who worked in the fur trade. He joined the Lodz Dramatic Theater in 1919 and then began acting with the Vilna Troupe in 1920, where he soon became a lead actor. Luba Kadison, born December 13, 1906 in Kovno, Lithuania, was the daughter of Leib Kadison, a founder of the Vilna Troupe, which performed serious plays by Yiddish writers as well as Yiddish translations of Russian and French playwrights throughout much of Eastern Europe. The troupe moved to Warsaw in 1916 where Luba, as a young girl, was cast in boys’ roles. She had a small role in the first staging of Sholem Ansky’s The Dybbuk on December 9, 1920 at the Elyseum Theatre in Warsaw. She would soon go on to play Leah, the female lead in the play, which would become one of her most well-known roles. In 1922 the troupe went to Romania, where they were enthusiastically welcomed, particularly in Jassy, famous as the birthplace of Yiddish theater. While in Romania, Buloff directed and acted in many of Ossip Dymow’s plays, including Der Zinger Fun Zayn Troyer (The Singer of His Sorrow). Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison married in Romania in 1924.

In 1927 Maurice Schwartz brought Buloff and Kadison to New York to act in his Yiddish Art Theater at Second Avenue and 12th Street. In addition, they established their own theater, the Folks Theater, at 149th Street, where they tried unsuccessfully to run the Vilna Troupe. They returned to Romania for a short time but were back in New York by 1930. Kadison played many roles in Schwartz’s company, including Leah in The Dybbuk, while Buloff began to direct in addition to acting with Schwartz’s company. Kadison was the female lead opposite Schwartz in many plays, including I.J. Singer's The Brothers Ashkenazi and Sholem Asch’s Three Lilies as well as opposite Stella Adler in Asch’s G-d of Vengeance. In the 1930s, the company toured Europe and South America and Buloff and Kadison also went to various theater markets on their own and played with the resident Yiddish companies.

By the mid-1930s, Buloff was performing in English as well as Yiddish, acting on Broadway and in Hollywood. He made his Broadway debut in 1936 in Don’t Look Now, followed by roles in three Mike Todd productions. After the war, the New York Yiddish theatre declined and Buloff moved into more English-speaking roles, although he continued to act in Yiddish theater until his death. On Broadway, he created the character of Ali Hakim, the Persian peddler, in the original 1943 Broadway production of Oklahoma and played the Greek landlord Mr. Appopolous in 1940’s My Sister Eileen and Fishel Shpunt in the dramatization of John Hersey's The Wall in 1960. He made his film debut in 1940 in Let’s Make Music and had roles in films such as Silk Stockings (1957) and Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956). In the early days of television he played Pincus Pines in The Goldbergs (1949). Yiddish theater survived longer in Buenos Aires than in New York, and Buloff and Kadison toured their Yiddish version of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman there in 1949, in which Kadison played Linda, and a Yiddish version of Anna Karenina in the late 1950s, with Kadison in the title role. The Yiddish Death of a Salesman was also quite successful in its New York run. Mr. Buloff also frequently directed and produced plays, including Mrs. McThing in 1951, starring Helen Hayes. In 1980, Buloff starred in The Chekhov Sketchbook on Broadway, based on three short stories by Chekhov that he and Kadison had translated and dramatized. The 1968 Yiddish version of the play, which ran in Buenos Aires, had been Kadison’s last stage role. Thereafter, she worked mainly behind the set and in translating plays into Yiddish, including Anne Frank, Inherit the Wind, The Visit, and The Deadly Trap.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Buloff was a mainstay of the imperiled Yiddish theater, receiving praise for his performances in Hard to Be a Jew by Sholem Aleichem, The Brothers Ashkenazi, Yoshke Musikant (Yoshke the Musician, 1972), which he also directed, and The Fifth Season. He also began to make annual pilgrimages to Israel, where he appeared with local Yiddish acting groups. In 1974, he was awarded the Itzik Manger Prize for his achievement on the Yiddish stage. Among his most successful roles was that of Gregory Solomon in The Price by Arthur Miller in 1979.

Joseph Buloff died February 27, 1985, at which time Kadison donated some of his papers to the Harvard College library. She also worked on publishing his book, From the Old Marketplace. Her memoirs, On Stage, Off Stage, written in collaboration with Buloff, won the 1994 National Book Award. Luba Kadison died May 4, 2006, having been the last surviving member of the Vilna Troupe.

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Scope and Content Note

The collection relates to the theatrical careers of Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison. It consists of manuscripts and printed versions of about 80 plays in Yiddish, English, German and Russian, theater programs from the 1920s-1980s, clippings of reviews of various productions, musical scores for several plays, press notices, flyers, and programs and posters for performances by Buloff and Kadison in the U.S., Israel, Argentina and elsewhere. There are also original drawings and ink drawings of Yiddish theater advertisements by Leib Kadison, photographs of the Vilna Troupe, Joseph Buloff, Luba and Leib Kadison and publicity photographs of Buloff and Kadison.

There is a typescript of Joseph Buloff's memoirs and audio cassettes of Joseph Buloff interviews and recitations conducted by Irving Genn, 1976-1978 and Joseph Buloff’s correspondence from the 1960s-1970s, mainly having to do with his theatrical career.

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The collection was originally arranged in 11 series and an addendum. Materials are generally arranged alphabetically, although several series have their own arrangement system and these systems have been retained. Many of the materials are organized according to the Hebrew alphabet but the folder lists have been rearranged according to the Latin alphabet. The materials from the addendum, which consisted of oversize box 21, have been intellectually integrated into the original series, although the materials themselves have not been moved.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to researchers.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

The YIVO library has copies of Luba Kadison’s memoirs, On Stage, Off Stage: Memories of a Lifetime in the Yiddish Theatre and Buloff’s memoirs based on his childhood in Vilna, From the Old Marketplace. Buloff’s correspondence is represented in the papers of Moshe Dluznowsky, H. Leivick and Kadya Molodowsky. There is also material in the papers of Leib Kadison and Pola Kadison and in the photographs of Alter Kacyzne. There are additional papers of Joseph Buloff at Harvard University and at the New York Public Library.

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Separated Material

Oversized materials have been moved to flat storage files.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison; RG 1146; box number; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

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Acquisition Information

The materials were given to YIVO in several installments from 1983-1996 by Joseph Buloff, Luba Kadison, Joseph’s sister Fania Buloff, and Irving Genn, who interviewed Joseph Buloff.

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Processing information

The collection was arranged by Solomon Rabinowitz in 1991. Additional processing was completed in 2008.

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Container List


Series I: Correspondence, 1921-1988

37 folders
Scope and Content:

This series consists of mainly professional correspondence, mostly that of Joseph Buloff. The main topics of the correspondence are Buloff’s acting, directing and staging of plays. The folders are arranged alphabetically according to the Latin alphabet. Folder 16 contains a 1937 letter and poem written by Kadya Molodowsky to Luba Kadison.

17Finkel, Shimon1958-1983
19Gorenstein, Pawel1971-1981
112Israel – Consulate General1970-1978, undated
113Israel – Arts Festival1972-1974, 1976-1978
116Kadison, Luba1931-1937
117Kloss, Max1966-1972
220Muchnik, Jacobo1969-1974
222Narepki, L.1953-1971
228Rosenfeld, Shalom1965-1982
235YIVO1929, 1973-1983
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Series II: Memoirs, 1991-1996, undated

7 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains two copies of Buloff’s memoirs in Yiddish, one after the other. The memoirs were published serially in the Israeli Yiddish journal Di Goldene Keyt (the golden chain) and in book form by Harvard University Press as From the Old Marketplace in 1991. Folder 215 was originally in the addendum and contains materials relating to the writing of the memoirs.

338Chapters 1-14, pgs. 1-170undated
339Chapters 15-24, pgs. 171-317undated
340Chapters 25-32, pgs. 318-494undated
341Chapters 1-14, pgs. 1-170, copyundated
342Chapters 15-24, pgs. 171-317, copyundated
343Chapters 25-32, pgs. 318-494, copyundated
21215Review of the book, copy of the book cover, correspondence about the writing of the book between Luba Kadison and Isaac Luden, editor of Lebns-Fragn1991-1996
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Series III: Original Yiddish Plays, 1922-1973

41 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains plays written in Yiddish, arranged alphabetically by author according to the Hebrew alphabet. The Deluge was originally written in Swedish, but has not been moved from this series. Some of the dates for the materials refer to reprints or the date of performance, and some to the original date of publication. Many of the plays are undated. The authors’ names and the play titles have been transliterated and translations of the play titles follow in parentheses. The folder list has been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order.

444Adams, Paul L. and Moshe Citrinovsky - Di Heldn fun Modiein (The Heroes of Modiein)undated

musical cantata

445Ansky, S. - Tog un Nakht (Day and Night) undated

a tragedy in three acts; with stage instructions

446Asch, Sholem - Motke Ganef (Motke the Thief)1928

folktale in three acts; printed in Poland; with revisions, possibly by Buloff

450Berger, H. - Der Mabl (The Deluge) (originally written in Swedish)1922

comedy in three acts; printed in Warsaw; with revisions

449Bimko, Fishel - Markhbeyner (Bone Marrows)1922

comedy in three acts; printed in Warsaw; with revisions

448Bimko, Fishel - Ganovim (Thieves)1923

drama in three acts; printed in Warsaw; with revisions

554Dymow, Ossip - Bronks Ekspres (Bronx Express)undated

play in three acts

555Dymow, Ossip - Yoshke Muzikant (Yoshke the Musician)undated

drama in three acts

556Dymow, Ossip - Yoshke Muzikant (Yoshke the Musician)1973

adapted by Joseph Buloff; with instructions

452Goldfaden, Abraham - Di Kaprizne Kalah Moyd (The Capricious Bride)undated

printed in Poland; with revisions

451Goldfaden, Abraham - Di Tsvey Kuni Lemls (The Two Kuni Lemls); Der Tunkeler - Der Khosn (The Bridegroom); Moshe Broderson - Ikh Bashuldik (I Accuse)1934, undated

Di Tsvey Kuni Lemls was adapted from a condensed performance for Leib Kadison; Der Khosn and Ikh Bashuldik are skits; also various notes and pages

453Goldknopf, Abraham - Der Malekhs "Toes" oder Tzemakh dem Rebns (The Angel’s Error, or Zemach the Rabbi’s Son)1927

comedy-drama in four acts; copyright 1906 (1916)

557Hirschbein, Peretz - Der Shmids Tekhter (The Blacksmith’s Daughters)undated

folktale in three acts; with revisions and instructions

777Kacyzne, Alter - Ger Tzedek (Righteous Convert)1931

a performance in four acts

776Kalmanovitch, H. - Chavas Tekhter (Eve’s Daughters)undated

comedy in four acts

775Kobrin, Leon - Der Dorfs-Yung (The Village Youth)undated

a fresh folks-play in four acts; corrected

667Leivick, H. - A Mayse mit Fir Brider (A Story of Four Brothers)undated

with directions

666Leivick, H. - Keytn (Chains)undated

drama in three acts

664Leivick, H. - Der Goylem (The Golem)undated

collaboration for the stage with Joseph Buloff

665Leivick, H. - Der Goylem (The Golem)undated

adapted for the stage by Joseph Buloff; second copy; some revisions

668Malakh, Leyb - Esterl di Yidishe Kenigen (Esther the Jewish Queen) undated

operetta in two acts

669Malakh, Leyb - Leybele Tentzer (Leibele Tenzer)undated

drama in three acts; with directions

670Malakh, Leyb - Di Moyd fun Ludmir (The Maiden of Ludmir)undated

dramatic ballad in eight sketches; with instructions

447Osherowitch, Mendel - dramas for the radioundated

various episodes

674Peretz, I.L. - Zibn Gute Yor (Seven Good Years)undated

dramatized for Leib Kadison

672APinski, David - A Dolar (A Dollar)undated

clipped from a journal; with instructions

673Pinski, David - Der A.R.Z.O.B. (The A.R.Z.O.B.)undated

sitirical play in four acts

672Pinski, David - Der Erfinder (The Inventor)undated
778Rosenfeld, Jonah - Konkurentn (Competitors)undated

tragicomedy in three acts

781Sholem Aleichem - Ristokratn un Mentshn (Aristocrats and Men)undated

adapted from Sholem Aleichem's one act Mentshn (Men) by F. Arones

782Sholem Aleichem - Shver Tzu Zayn a Yid (Hard to Be a Jew)undated

in three acts; with corrections and instructions

783Sholem Aleichem - Shver Tzu Zayn a Yid (Hard to Be a Jew)1973

adapted by Joseph Buloff and David Licht

780Sholem Aleichem - Stempenyu (Stempenyu)undated

stage play in three acts

779Sholem Aleichem - Tevye der Milkhiker (Tevye the Dairyman)undated

play in three acts; written by Jacob Rosenfeld

662Singer, I.J. - Troymer fun Goldenland (Dreamers from a Golden Land)undated

drama in three acts

559Singer, I.J. - Di Brider Ashkenazi (The Brothers Ashkenazi)1956

stage manuscript of Luba Kadison; based upon radio sketches; with revisions

560Singer, I.J. - Di Brider Ashkenazi (The Brothers Ashkenazi)undated

a later reprint; with revisions

561Singer, I.J. - Di Brider Ashkenazi (The Brothers Ashkenazi)undated

dramatized by Luba Kadison and Joe Singer (I.J. Singer’s son)

671Stutchkoff, Nahum - Tate-Mames Tish (Round the Family Table)undated

folks-drama in three acts; with instructions

558Vaiter, A. - Der Shturmer (The Stormy)undated

play in three acts; with revisions

663Yukevitch, Semyon - Der Luftmensch (The Person Without a Definite Occupation)undated
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Series IV: Plays Translated into Yiddish, 1910-1958

34 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains plays originally written in another language that have been translated into Yiddish. Many of these translations were completed by Luba Kadison. The authors’ names and the play titles have been transliterated and the English title of the plays follows in parentheses. Some of the dates for the materials refer to the original date of publication and some to the date of the Yiddish translation or to the performance. The series is arranged alphabetically by author according to the Hebrew alphabet, but the list has been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order. The Deluge in folder 96 is not the same play as The Deluge written by H. Berger in folder 50. It is not known who E.B.C. is.

888Andreyev, Leonid - Geklibene Shriftn (Collected Writings)1912

translated by M. Katz; the fourth volume; with corrections; includes Anpisa and V'ahavat l'rekh in one volume

886Andreyev, Leonid - Di Teg fun Undzer Lebn (The Days of Our Lives)1910

drama in four acts; translated by M. Katz; two copies, both with corrections and instructions

887AAndreyev, Leonid - Dos Lebn funem Mentshn (The Life of Man)1910

presentation in five sketches; translated by Warsaw and Lapin

887Andreyev, Leonid - Zibn Gehongene (The Seven Who Were Hanged)undated

translated by Warsaw and Lapin; in eight sketches; printed in Poland

890Artzibashef, Michael - Ayferzukht (Sexual Jealousy)1914

a drama in five acts; translated by Mark Schweid

891Beaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin Caron de - Figaros Hasene (The Marriage of Figaro)1920

comedy in five acts; translated by Leib Robinson

9102Chayevsky, Paddy - In Mitn Nakht (Middle of the Night)undated

translated by Joseph Buloff; also a second copy

997Dreier, Max - A Vinter Shlof (A Winter Sleep)1917

a drama in three acts; Yiddish by L. Kadison; with corrections and instructions; also theater drawings

996Du Maurier, George - Trilby (Trilby); E.B.C. - Der Mabl (The Deluge)undated

Trilby is a drama in four acts; staged by H. Ayzovsky; Der Mabl is a psychological drama in three acts

892Galsworthy, John - Kamf (Strife)1922

drama in three acts; translated by W. Walt; with corrections

893Gardner, Herb - Fri Fartog baym Yam (The Goodbye People)undated

adapted and translated by Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison

894Gorky, Maxim - Afn Opgrunt (Lower Depths)undated

play in one act

995Gutzkow, Karl - Uriel Acosta (Uriel Acosta)1919

tragedy in five acts; translated by Abraham Morewski; with corrections and instructions

9102AHalbe, Max - Der Strom (The River)1920

drama in three acts; translated by H. Ratner; undersigned by I. Shuster

885Ibsen, Henrik - Nora (A Doll’s House)undated

adapted by A. Kurtz

10104Lee, Lawrence and Robert - Yarshnen dem Vint (Inherit the Wind)1958

translated by Leib Kadison; two notebooks

10105Lermontov, M. - Spanier (Spaniard)undated

tragedy in five notebooks; translated by A. Provatinir

10107Miller, Arthur - Dort Untern Brik (A View from the Bridge)undated
10108Miller, Arthur - Dort Untern Brik (A View from the Bridge)undated
10106Moliere - Der Karger (The Miser)1923

comedy in five acts; handwritten and printed; translated by A. Einhorn; Warsaw

11110Nichols, A. - Aybis Ayrish Royz (Abie’s Irish Rose)undated

drama in three acts

11109Noe, Yvan - Der Man fun Pakistan (The Man From Pakistan)undated

translated by Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison

889O’Neill, Eugene - Di Horike Malpe (The Hairy Ape)undated

translated by Nahum Yud

11112ARegan, Sylvia - Der Finfter Sizon (The Fifth Season)undated

drama in two acts; translated and adapted by Luba Kadison

11113Regan, Sylvia - Der Finfter Sizon (The Fifth Season)undated
11114Rice, Elmer - In Goldenem Land (Street Scene)undated

adapted and translated by Joseph Buloff

11112Steinbeck, John - Vegn Mayz un Mentshn (Of Mice and Men)undated
998Suderman, Herman - A Geshleg fun Shmeterlingen (A Struggle for Schmetterling)1917

comedy in four acts; translated by Leib Kadison; Vilna; notebook

11111Surguchev, Ilya - Herbst Fidlen (The Fiddles of Autumn)1919

translated by L. Kadison; play in four acts; in a notebook; Warsaw

10103Tagore, Rabindranat - Post (Post)1923

a play; translated by M. Beliatshevsky; Vienna

9101Toller, Ernst - Der Blutiker Gelebter (Hinkemann)1934

translated into Yiddish by Liliput (Herman Kretchmer)

999Tolstoy, Leo - Anna Karenina (Anna Karenina)undated

a performance of Ossip Dymow; in fifteen sketches; Yiddish by I.P. Weber

9100Tolstoy, Leo - Der Lebediker Mes (Resurrection)undated

translated into Yiddish

884Unger, Alfred H. - Menschen vie du und ich (Men Like You and I) (German)1929

play in five acts; Leipzig

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Series V: Anonymous Plays, 1966

8 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains plays that are not attributed to any author. The series is arranged alphabetically by the name of the play according to the Hebrew alphabet, but the list has been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order. Beginning articles in the titles, such as 'a' and 'the' have been ignored. The play titles have been transliterated and English translations follow in parentheses.

12115Alte Bokhrim (Old Boys) or Shul-Khaverim (School Friends)undated

drama in three acts; with corrections and stage instructions

12116A Gast in Shtodt (A Guest in Town)1966

theater piece; dramatized by Joseph Buloff; Tel Aviv

12117Der Gril (The Cricket)undated

two sketches; author not given

12119A Nomen far Mayn Kind (A Name for My Child)undated

drama in three acts; notebook

12118Der Yoysher (Justice)undated

comedy in three acts; notebook; with an addition on loose sheets of paper

12120A play in three actsundated
12121A play in three acts with a prologueundated
12122Unnamed playsundated

both plays are one act; in one notebook

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Series VI: Other Stage Materials, 1913-1977

38 folders
Scope and Content:

This series consists of readings, excerpts from plays, recitations, and theater drawings mainly done by Leib Kadison. Translations of the play titles follow in parentheses. The series list has been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order by authors' name.

13123Almi, A. - In a Barber Shop (In a Barber Shop); Tzibele mit Retekh (Onion With Radish)undated

also four individual pages

13124Ansky, S. - A Din Torah - Khasidishe Folks Mayse (A Court of Rabbinic Law - Hassidic Folktale)undated

printed clipping; with corrections

15152Ansky, S. - Tog un Nakht (Day and Night)undated

tragedy in five dialogues

13125Bozhikovsky, Tuvya - Tzvishn Falendike Vent (Between Fallen Walls); In Bunker af Mila 18 (In the Bunker at Mila 18)undated
14144Carr, M. - Gramen (Rhymes)undated


15157Chekhov, Anton - In a Muzik Gesheft (In a Music Shop); An Umglik (A Misfortune); Der Vagabond (The Vagabond); Di Makhsheyfe (The Witch)1954

translated by Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison

13133Chekhov, Anton - Der Shlimazel (The Unlucky Person)undated

adapted by Berkovitch

15155Dymow, Ossip - Hold-Ap (Hold-Up); Libe un Sturem (Love and Storm); Dos Lid fun Dankbarkayt (The Song of Gratitude); A Shakh Shpil (A Chess Game)undated
13126Glatstein, Jacob - Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs)1975

excerpts from Shtralnike Yidn (Radiant Jews); copy and a second version

15153Goldfaden, Abraham - Revyu (Revue)undated

second copy with corrections

15154Gottesfeld, Chana - A Libe af der Semeter (A Love in the Cemetery)undated
13127Greenberg, Eliezer - Nakht un Finsternish (Night and Darkness); Yam un Mir Beyde (The Sea and I Both); Der Yam, Mayn Lid un Mir Beyde (The Sea, My Poem and We Both)undated

fragments; second copy with corrections

13128Halpern, M.L. - various poemsundated
13130Hefer, Haim - Mizmor L'Yitzhak (A Psalm of Isaac)undated

Yiddish by Isaac Luden

13134Israeli Ambassador - 25 Yor Yisroel (25 Years of Israel)undated

a speech

14146Krivitzky, David - Taymes Skver (Times Square)1934

several copies; clipping

14145Kupsonow (pseudonym of M. L. Halpern) - Dos Geveyn fun dem Oks (The Lament of the Ox)undated

also a second copy

13136Leivick, H. - various poemsundated

also clippings

13135Lutzky, A. - A Tepele Zup (A Cup of Soup); A Shtikele Papir (A Scrap of Paper); Der Vint un Mayn Kapelush (The Wind and My Hat); Banen (Trains); In a Muzik Stor (In a Music Store)undated

humorous excerpts; various versions

13136AManger, Itzik - various poemsundated

clippings and corrections; a copy

13137Mani Leib - A Mayse vi azoy Eliyahu HaNovi hot Geratevet Vilne fun Shney (A Story about How Elijah the Prophet Saved Vilna from Snow)1975

a clipping and copies

13138Marinov, Jacob - Der Mentsh un der Hunt (The Man and the Dog)undated
14139Nadir, Moshe - A Farshpetiker Briv tzu Itzik Manger (An Overdue Letter to Itzik Manger); Kavyokhls Kranker Oyer (G-d’s Sick Ear)1942, undated

clipping; with corrections

14140Pat, Jacob - Anonim (Anonymous)undated
15159Peretz, I.L. - Baynakht afn Altn Mark (A Night in the Old Market)undated

adapted by Joseph Buloff (in his handwriting); also nine skits by unknown authors

14142Peretz, I.L. - Berl der Shnayder (Berl the Tailor); Literatur Stzene (Literary Scenes); Der Meshugener Batlen (The Crazy Idle Person); Neilah in Chekhanovke (Final Yom Kippur Service in Chekhanovke); Der Shabes-Goy (the non-Jew who does certain tasks for Jews on Shabbat that Jews are forbidden to do)1977

Berl der Shnayder is a clipping; also a second copy of Literatur Stzene with corrections

14141Peretz, I.L. - Yochanan Melameds Mayselekh (Yochanan Melamed’s Stories); An Opkumenish (A Hardship); Der Meshulekh (The Messenger)1971-1975

copies of Yochanan Melameds Mayselekh; An Opkumenish is a dramatic story; Der Meshulekh is an excerpt in several versions

15158Pinski, David - Breyre (Choice)undated

copy; with several scattered pages; dramatized by Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison

14147Reisen, Abraham - Der Ban Bilet (The Train Ticket)undated


14149Sholem Aleichem - Odes (Odessa); Der Leydik-Geyer (The Loafer); Der Tzenter (The Center); Dray Lukhes (Three Tablets)1913, 1975, 1977
14148Steinbarg, Eliezer - Der Khalef un di Zeg (The Slaughtering Knife and the Saw); Di Katz un der Vurst (The Cat and the Sausage); Der Kush (The Kiss)undated

two copies of Der Khalef un di Zeg; two copies of Di Katz un der Vurst

14143Tsveig, Stefan - Der Briv fun an Unbakanter (The Letter from an Unknown Person)undated
13132Der Tunkeler (Joseph Tunkel) - An Oyg (An Eye); Bildung un Visnshaft (Education and Science); Der Tekhniker (The Technician); Kalah Bazetzung (Bridal Seating); Der Nudnik (The Pest); Tzibele (Onion); Briliantn (Diamonds)1975, undated

humorous excerpts; Briliantn is a one-act play

15156Twersky, Pine - Mentshn Farkoyf (Men Sell)undated
13131Twersky, Pine - various poemsundated
13129Wishengrad, Morton - Bim-Bom (Bim-Bom)undated

a Hasidic story; copy

14151Notebook of jokes, clippings of jokes from newspapersundated
14150Unknown authors - Der Moderner Moler (The Modern Painter); Operatzies (Operations); Di Natzishe Beybi (The Nazi Baby)undated
15160Unknown authors - nine skitsundated
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Series VII: Theatrical Programs, 1924-1987

17 folders
Scope and Content:

This is a series of theater programs of performances in which Joseph Buloff, Luba Kadison or both appeared. The materials are arranged into three subseries, Yiddish plays, English plays and Concert Performances. Yiddish programs are filed by the name or location of the theater organization. English programs are arranged alphabetically by title of the play. The plays were performed in either Yiddish or English and the reviews are in various languages. Folder 216 was originally in the addendum.

Subseries 1: Yiddish Plays, 1924-1973

10 folders
16161Vilna Troupe, Poland and New Yorkundated
16162New York Art Troupe at the Yiddish Folks Theater (Folksbiene)1934-1973
16163Theaters in United States and Canadian cities1940-1970
16169South Africa1955
21216Israeli production of Chekhov Sketchbook; Der Kibitzer (The One who Offers Unwanted Advice)1960s, 1967

Subseries 2: English Plays, 1951-1982

4 folders
Scope and Content:

The programs in this subseries are from English-language performances.

16170Dear Me, the Sky is Falling; Hard to Be a Jew1964, 1973
16171Mrs. McThing; Once More with Feeling; Seidman and Son1951, 1959, 1968
16172The Fifth Season 1955
16173The Price (22 different presentations)1969-1982

Subseries 3: Concert Performances, 1935-1987

3 folders
16174Concert performances, readings, sketches1963-1984
16175Israel Festival1968-1974
16176Receptions and farewells1935, 1987, undated
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Series VIII: Publicity and Reviews, 1927-1987

17 folders
Scope and Content:

This series is made up of announcements, newspaper ads, press notices and releases, reviews of performances, and a scrapbook. The materials reflect Buloff’s and Kadison’s wide-ranging, very successful and enduring acting careers. The materials are in a variety of languages, sometimes a different language than that of the performance.

17177Announcements from the U.S.A.1959-1982, undated
17178Announcements from France undated
17179Announcements from Argentina, Mexico and Romania1975, undated
17180Newspaper advertisements1927-1975, undated
17181Press notices from the U.S.A. in English1951-1978, undated
17182Press notices from the U.S.A. in Yiddish1940-1976, undated
17183Press notices from Israel in Yiddish1967-1987, undated
17184Press notices from Israel in Hebrew1968-1974, undated
17185Press notices from Mexico1972-1975, undated
17186Press notices from Romania1931-1968, undated
17187Reviews in Yiddish1949-1973, undated
17188Reviews of Brider Ashkenazi (Brothers Ashkenazi)1970-1971
17189Reviews of Der Finfter Sizon (The Fifth Season)1975-1976
17190Reviews of Shver Tzu Zayn a Yid (Hard to Be a Jew)1973-1980
17191Reviews of Der Kibitzer (The One who Offers Unwanted Advice)1948-1967
17192Reviews from Romania1929, undated
17193Reviews of Luba Kadison1939-1974, undated
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Series IX: Music, 1926, undated

5 folders
Scope and Content:

This is a series of partial scores to plays in which Buloff, Kadison or both acted. The titles given are those that are written on the scores.

18194Music for 60,000 Heroesundated

composed by J. Fischer; arrangements for bass, cello, clarinet, cymbals, piano, trombone, and trumpet

18195Music for 60,000 Heroesundated

additional arrangements and arrangements by Nat Kornspan; for cello, clarinet, piano, and violin

18196Music for Shabbatai Zevi1926

composed by Chaim Schwartzman in Bucharest; arrangements for the conductor, bass, cello, clarinet, flute, trombone, violin, and drums

18197Music for Tevye and His Seven Daughtersundated

composed by N. Berezowsky; a fragment

18198Music for Mord (Murder); Ayferzukht (Sexual Jealousy); othersundated

composers names not given; fragments

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Series X: Photographs, 1917-1985

34 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains photographs of the Vilna Troupe, publicity photos, photographs of Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison in various roles, and family photographs. Many of the dates are approximate. Translations of play titles follow in parentheses. Titles given are those on the photos. Folder 217 was originally in the addendum.

19199Photographs of Joseph Buloff1923-1985

23 studio portraits

19200Buloff in Acosta (Uriel Acosta)1922

two photographs

19200ABuloff in Amnon un Tamar (Amnon and Tamar)1921

one photograph

19200BBuloff in Di Makhsheyfe (The Witch)1936

two photographs

19200CBuloff in Shabbetai Zevi (Shabbetai Zevi)1928

five photographs

19200DBuloff in Yoshke Musikant (Yoshke the Musician)1932

one photograph

19200EBuloff in Der Karger (The Miser)1929

one photograph

19200FBuloff in a series of unidentified roles1920s

photographs and 36 postcard-sized portraits

19200GBuloff in a series of unidentified roles1920s and 1970

photographs and 7 large portraits

19201Studio portraits of Luba Kadison1932-1966

photographs and 9 studio portraits

19202Kadison in Grine Felder (Green Fields)1932

three photographs

19202AKadison in Bruriah (Bruriah)undated

two photographs

19202BKadison in Der Dybbuk (The Dybbuk)1932

one photograph

19202CKadison in Keytn (Chains)1936

two photographs

19202DKadison in Zinger fun zayn Troyer (The Singer of His Sorrow)1928

two photographs

19202EKadison in Periferie (Periphery)1938

three photographs

19202FKadison in Der Psak (The Verdict)1937

one photograph

19202GKadison in Ger Tzedek (Righteous Convert)undated

one photograph

19202HKadison in Sender Blank (Sender Blank)1938

one photograph

19202IKadison in Shabbetai Zevi (Shabbetai Zevi)1928

one photograph

19202JKadison in 60,000 Geboyrim (60,000 Heroes)1932

one photograph

19202KKadison in a series of unidentified roles1920s-1930s

nine photograph

19203Group photographs, photographs of Buloff in Der Finfter Sizon (The Fifth Season)1957
19203ABuloff in Anna Frank (Anne Frank)undated

same three photographs

19203BBuloff in Der Dybbuk (The Dybbuk)1932

same two photographs

19203CBuloff in Shver Tzu Zayn a Yid (Hard to Be a Jew)1920

same two photographs

19203DBuloff in a series of unidentified roles1930s

same eight photograph

19204Group portraits of members of the Vilna Troupe1921-1930

ten photographs

19205Photographs of members of the Buloff and Kadison families1923-1959

twenty photographs

19206Miscellaneous photographs1917-1920s

four portraits of members of the Vilna Troupe in various roles

19206AMiscellaneous photographs1930, 1960, 1970s-1980s

eight snapshots taken backstage during rehearsals and on vacation

19206BMiscellaneous photographs1923

two photographs of artwork

19206CMiscellaneous photographs1930s

four clippings

21217Buloff and Hanoch Rolnik in Der Kibitzer (The One who Offers Unwanted Advice); Buloff in Tevye and His Seven Daughters; Buloff in The Witch of Castillian; Buloff in Crime and Punishment; publicity photo of Luba Kadison1930s, 1940s, 1960s

five photographs

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Series XI: Miscellaneous, 1927-1991

10 folders
Scope and Content:

This series consists of theater memorabilia, personal and family correspondence, biographic materials, obituaries for Buloff, articles and speeches, cassettes of Joseph Buloff’s interviews and recitations, and theatrical posters from various plays. Translations of play titles follow in parentheses. Folder 214 is in a map drawer. Folder 218 contains a 1937 letter and an unpublished poem written by Kadya Molodowsky to Luba Kadison. Folders 218 and 219 were originally in the addendum.

19207Theater memorabilia, tickets, invitations, announcements, stage set designs by Leib Kadison1927-1979, undated
19208Family correspondenceundated
19209Contracts for special performances, medical documents, and a poem1969-1978
19210Biographical articles on Buloff, clippings in English, Hebrew and Yiddish1970-1973, undated
19211Obituaries for Joseph Buloff1985
19212Harvard exhibition: Joseph Buloff (1899-1985) and the Yiddish and American Theater1987-1989
20213Cassettes1976-1978, undated
map drawer214Posters from various playsundated

21218Kadya Molodowsky poem and letter sent to Luba Kadison, two articles from Forverts about the history of the Vilna Troupe, one by Leib Kadison, two articles about Luba Kadison, Luba Kadison’s speech to Habimah at a 1987 reception honoring her1937-1944, 1987-1988
21219Copies of original notes and letters from 1923-1933 written by Joseph Buloff used by Luba Kadison in her book On Stage, Off Stage: Memories of a Lifetime in the Yiddish Theatre1991
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