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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Shmuel Niger
Title: Papers of Shmuel Niger
Dates:bulk 1920-1955
Abstract: This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Shmuel Niger, including correspondence with many important literary figures, as well as manuscripts by Niger, writings about Niger written by others, Niger’s speeches and lectures, selections from his published writings, and biographical materials. These materials serve to illustrate Niger’s great importance to Yiddish literary criticism and Jewish historical writing as well as his role as a writer on contemporary themes, a teacher and lecturer, editor and communal leader.
Languages: The collection is in Yiddish and English with some Hebrew, German, Russian, Spanish, and French.
Quantity: 60 linear feet
Identification: RG 360
Repository: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
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Biographical Note

Shmuel (Samuel) Niger, pen name of Samuel Charney (Niger is the Latin equivalent for the Polish word "czarny" meaning black), a major Yiddish literary critic and historian and leading communal leader, was born on June 15, 1883 (in his passports the erroneous date is 1885) in the town of Dukor, Minsk region, White Russia. His father, Zev-Wolf, a Lubavitch Hasid, who was a leather shopkeeper, died at a young age in 1889, and his mother Brokhe, nee Hurevitz, raised her six children alone, including Borukh-Nakhman, later B. Charney Vladeck, general manager of the Jewish Daily Forward and New York City alderman, and Donye, later Daniel Charney, Yiddish poet, writer and journalist.

Up to the age of 13, Niger studied in kheyder (religious Hebrew elementary school) and in the yeshiva (institution of higher Talmudic learning) of Berezin. In 1898 he went to Minsk and studied in the Tatar Synagogue and in the House of Study. He also studied among the Musernikes (adherents of a Jewish religious movement which stresses moral edification) in Kameroika, a suburb of Minsk, where he was regarded as “the prodigy of Dukor.” He was accredited to receive ordination as a rabbi, but became instead attracted to secular culture and Zionism. He joined the circle of the first Poale Zionists in Minsk, became active in the group and wrote propagandistic materials for it. In 1904-1905 he participated in the founding conference of the Zionist-Socialist party (S.S.) in Odessa, becoming one of its leaders. Due in part to these activities, he was arrested a number of times and was imprisoned in Minsk, Warsaw, Dvinsk (Daugavpils) and Odessa. From 1909-1911 he attended the Universities of Berlin and Berne, where he studied philosophy.

In 1912, an invitation from the publisher B. Kletskin brought him to Vilna where he edited the monthly magazine Di Yidishe Velt (The Jewish World). Following the 1915 edict of the Czarist government prohibiting the Yiddish press, he left Vilna and lived for a short time in Bobroisk. At the end of that year he was appointed a representative of the Relief Organization for Jewish War Refugees (EKOPO) in Saratov. In 1916 he moved to St. Petersburg, where he became involved in Jewish communal work and in the Jewish school movement. He also contributed articles and studies on literary, cultural and communal topics to the Russian Jewish magazines Voskhod (The Sunrise) and Novi Put (The New Road) and to the Hebrew collection Ha’avar (The Past). After the October Revolution, he left for Moscow and edited the weekly Kultur un Bildung (Culture and Education) published by the Jewish Commissariat in Moscow, 1918. At the end of 1918 he returned to Vilna, which was then occupied by the Bolshevik militia. Together with A. Vaiter (A.M. Devenishki), he edited the periodical Di Vokh (The Week). At the beginning of 1919 he was appointed Jewish literary editor of the Lithuanian-White Russian Soviet Republic. He was also editor of the monthly magazine Di Naye Velt (The New World) and the first chairman of the Cultural League.

When the Polish legions occupied Vilna in April, 1919, Niger, together with A. Vaiter and Leib Jaffe, was arrested. Vaiter was summarily shot and Niger and Jaffe were removed to a prison in Lida, now in Belarus. Thanks to the efforts of Jewish communal leaders in Vilna, who interceded on his behalf with Joseph Pilsudski, and of his brother B. Vladeck, as well as through the intervention of Nathan Straus in New York, Niger and Jaffe were rescued from death.

When the newspaper Der Tog (The Day) was founded in Vilna in May, 1919, Niger became its editor. In autumn 1919 he immigrated to the United States, where at first he joined the staff of the Jewish Daily Forward, and a few weeks later, of Der Tog (The Day), for which he worked until his death in 1955.

He married Basya (Bessie) Luria on October 11, 1919 and had two children, a daughter, Libe (Elizabeth) Shub, daughter-in-law of D. Shub, staff writer of the Jewish Daily Forward, and a son, Dr. Wolf (William) Charney, son-in-law of Dr. I.N. Steinberg, leader of the Territorialist movement.

Niger’s initial literary attempts were in Hebrew and in Russian. In 1902 he began to write for the illegal press of the Zionist-Socialists. His debut in the field of literary criticism was an article about Sholem Asch's Meshiakh's Tsaytn (Messiah's Era) in Dos Vort (The Word), Vilna, 1907. In 1908, together with A. Vaiter and S. Gorelik, he founded the periodical Literarishe Monatshshriftn (The Literary Monthly), which became one of the most prestigious magazines of modern Yiddish literature and culture. There Niger published his first critical essays about I.L. Peretz, Hersh David Nomberg, Abraham Reisen and other Yiddish writers, which placed him in the forefront of Yiddish literary criticism. In 1911 he became editor of the fiction literature section of A. Litvin's Lebn un Visnshaft (Life and Science), and in 1912 the editor of Di Yidishe Velt (The Jewish World). In 1913, with the cooperation of Ber Borochov, he edited and published the first scholarly publication in Yiddish: Der Pinkes, Dos Yorbukh far der Geshikhte fun der Yidisher Literatur un Shprakh, far Folklor, Critik un Biblyografye (The Record Book, Annual of the History of Yiddish Literature and Language, of Folklore, Criticism and Bibliography). He also edited the first volume of the Lexicon of New Yiddish Literature and Press, compiled by Zalman Reisen in 1914.

In the United States, Niger’s work on literary criticism, as well as his activities as a Jewish communal leader expanded. In addition to his weekly article on a literary topic and his weekly essay on current events in the Tog (Day), Niger contributed to Di Tsukunft (The Future), of which he was co-editor from 1941 to 1949. He was also editor of Kinder-Zhurnal (Children's Magazine), co-editor with Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky, of the monthly for cultural and communal matters, Dos Naye Lebn (The New Life), 1922, editor of the literary section of the monthly magazine for theatre and literature, Tealit (Theatre-Literature), 1923-4, and co-editor and contributor to the YIVO publications Pinkes fun Amopteyl (Record Book of the American Branch of YIVO), 1928, and Yorbukh fun Amopteyl (Annual of the American Branch of YIVO), 1938. He was a member of the editorial board of the Algemeyne Entsiklopedye in Yidish (General Yiddish Encyclopedia) and editor of a number of other important publications, including: Dos Zhitlovski-Zamlbukh (The Zhitlowsky Collected Works), 1929; Ale Verk fun Y.L. Peretz (The Comprehensive works of I.L. Peretz), 1947; Peretz Hirschbein, 1941; Kiddush Hashem (Sanctification of the Name), 1954, and co-editor of: the Vayter-Bukh (The Vaiter Book), 1920, and Finf un Zibetsik Yor Yidishe Prese in Amerike (Seventy-Five Years of Yiddish Press in America), 1945. In 1954, together with Dr. Jacob Shatzky, he commenced the editing of the Lexicon of New Yiddish Literature.

His publications in book form were: Vos iz azoyns der yidisher arbeter? (What is Such a Thing as the Jewish Worker?), Vilna, 1906; Vegn yidishe shrayber (Concerning Yiddish Writers), 2 volumes, 1912; Di yidishe literatur un di lezerin (Yiddish Literature and the Jewish Woman Reader), offprint of the Pinkes, 1919; Shmuesn vegn bikher (Conversations about Books), part I, 1922; Sholem Aleichem un zayn humor (Sholem Aleichem and His Humor), 1926; Lezer, dikhter, kritiker, mit a forvort fun doktor Chaim Zhitlovski (Readers, Poets, Critics, with an introduction by Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky), 1928; Sholem Aleichem, zayne vikhtikste verk, zayn humor un zayn ort in der yidisher iteratur (Sholem Aleichem, His Most Important Works, His Humor and His Place in Yiddish Literature), 1928; Tsum tsentn yortsayt nokh Mendele Mokher Seforim (Upon the Tenth Anniversary of the Death of Mendele Mokher Seforim),1928; Mendele Mokher Seforim- zayn lebn, zayne gezelshaftlekhe un literarishe oyftuungen (Mendele Mokher Seforim- His Life, His Communal and Literary Accomplishments), 1936; In kamf far a nayer dertsiung - di Arbeter-ring-shuln, zeyer opshtam, antviklung, vuks un itstiker tsushtant, 1919-1939 (The Struggle for a New Education – the Workmen's Circle Schools, Their Origin, Development, Growth and Present Condition (1919-1939), 1940; Sholem Asch tsu zayn zekhtsikstn geboyrn-tog (Sholem Asch upon the Occasion of His 60th Birthday), 1940; Di tsveyshprakhikeyt fun undzer literatur (The Bilingualism of Our Literature), 1941; Dertseylers un romanistn (Short Story Writers and Novelists), 1946; Undzer rekht tsu hobn sfeykes: vegn dem kheyrem fun Agudas Harabonim oyf Rebbe Mordkhe Kaplan (Our Right to Entertain Doubts: Concerning the Ban of Excommunication Leveled by the Association of Rabbis against Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan), 1946; Yiddish in undzer lebn (Yiddish in Our Life), 1950; H. Leivick - zayn opshtam, zayne kinder-un yugnt-yorn, zayne lirishe un dramatishe verk, zayn dikhterisher gang, tsu zayn vern a ben-shishim (1888-1948) (H. Leivick His Parentage, His Childhood and Youth, His Lyrical and Dramatic Works, His Poetic Style, Upon His Reaching the Age of Sixty (1888-1948), 1951; Yisroel, folk un land dray redes (Israel, Peoplehood and Country, 3 addresses), 1952; Y.L. Peretz - zayn lebn, zayn firndike perzenlekhkeyt, zayne hebreishe un yidishe shtrikhn, zayn virkung (I.L. Peretz - His Life, His Dominant Personality, His Hebrew and Yiddish Characteristics, His Influence), 1952 (also published in Hebrew, in S. Meltzer's translation, 1962); and Ayzik-Meyer Dik, geklibene verk, gekirtst un tsugegreyt tsum druk (Isaac Meir Dik, Selected Works, Abridged and Edited), 1954.

Niger had published a number of letters of important writers during his lifetime, among them: Letters from Ber Borochov, YIVO Bleter, Feb. 1934, and Gedank un Lebn (Thought and Life), 1948; David Bergelson, Zamlbikher 8 (Collected Works), 1952; and I. Tsinberg, Zamlbikher 5, Feb. 1943. After Niger’s death, E. Lifschutz published a selection of the Leivick-Niger correspondence in Pinkes far der forshung fun der yidisher literatur un prese 2 (Record Book for the Study of Yiddish Literature and Press), 1972; and Aaron Zeitlin's letters to Niger, Pinkes far der forshung fun der yidisher literatur un prese 3, 1975. No bibliography of the printed correspondence exists.

The thousands of press clippings in this collection are an indication of Niger's prolific writing (he submitted two articles weekly to the Tog (Day) as well as to many periodicals throughout the world) and of his vast array of interests. A selection of Niger's press clippings utilized by researchers, in lieu of his lost manuscripts, was reprinted in posthumous volumes and magazines. Whenever possible, the source of the reprinted article is indicated.

Posthumous publications were: Yidishe shrayber in sovet-rusland (Yiddish Writers in Soviet Russia), 1958; Kritik un Kritiker (Criticism and Critics), 1959; Bleter geshikhte fun der yidisher literatur (pages of History of Yiddish Literature), 1959; Sholem Asch, zayn lebn un zayne verk (Sholem Asch, His Life and Works), 1960; Mendele Mokher-Seforim, zayn lebn, zayne gezelshaftlekhe un literarishe oyftuungen, mit an araynfir fun Aaron Tsaytlin (Mendele Mokher Seforim, His Life, His Communal and Literary Accomplishments, with an Introduction by Aaron Zeitlin), 1970; Yidishe shrayber fun tsvantsikstn yorhundert, tsunoyfgeshtelt fun Kh. Bez, Y. Zilberberg un Azriel Naks (Yiddish writers of the Twentieth Century, compiled by H. Bass, I. Silberberg and Ezriel Knox), Vol. I, 1972, II, 1973; and Fun mayn togbukh, mit an aranfir fun Khayim Bez (From My Diary, with an introduction by H. Bass), 1973.

In 1957-8 YIVO published a Samuel Niger volume edited by Dr. Shlomo Bikel and Leibush Lehrer, which was incorporated into the 41st volume of YIVO Bleter (YIVO Leaves), 1958, and in 1968 the Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute published an annual dedicated to Niger.

Niger was said to represent a synthesis: He was a secular Jew, who never relinquished his religious Hasidic roots. He was a Yiddishist who advocated bilingual, Yiddish and Hebrew, literature (see particularly the correspondence of the Louis Lamed Fund). He was a modernist who was rooted in traditionalism. He was a staunch advocate of Jewish ethnicity, of a Jewish creative and cultural life for Jews in America.

Niger was also an active cultural and communal leader, serving, among others, as president of the Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute, 1921-1947 and member of the YIVO Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Research Commission, of which he was chairman 1950-1952. He was a founder and president of the Louis Lamed Fund for Jewish Literature in Yiddish and Hebrew, co-founder of the World Congress of Jewish Culture and chairman of its World Board, chairman of the Main Committee of the Comprehensive Yiddish Dictionary, teacher of Yiddish literature in the Jewish Teachers' Seminary, and a lecturer in a large number of cities and countries. He was also an active member in other Jewish institutions such as the Central Yiddish Culture Organization (CYCO), Jewish Book Council, Yiddish Writers' Union, Jewish PEN Club, American Jewish Tercentenary Committee, and the Jewish Publication Society of America, among others. Shmuel Niger died in New York City on December 24, 1955, returning from a YIVO Executive Committee meeting.

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Scope and Content Note

The Papers of Shmuel Niger comprise chiefly correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, speeches, lectures, leaflets, minutes, reports, and press clippings. There are also personal documents, diaries and notebooks. These materials reflect Niger's life and work as a literary critic and historian. Papers dated after Niger's death are mostly condolences, obituaries or materials from his widow.

During his lifetime Shmuel Niger announced that he would bequeath his papers and library to YIVO (according to information from E. Lifschutz, former YIVO archivist). Following Niger’s death in 1955, YIVO delegated Leyzer Ran to arrange the archival materials in Niger's home. In 1956, a large part of the collection was presented to the YIVO Archives. Niger's widow subsequently transmitted the remainder of the papers, including his diary and notebooks, his personal correspondence and the correspondence of his brother Daniel Charney.

As a result of a published appeal for Niger’s correspondence in the News of YIVO in 1956 (no. 60), 302 letters were received from 35 donors in 1956-9. Some of their names were recorded in the YIVO newsletters, nos. 61, 63, 65, 66, and 71.

Leyzer Ran worked intermittently from 1956 to 1966 on a project to process Niger's collection. He arranged the correspondence with individuals and organizations and partially processed one of the series of printed matter on the subject of Jewishness Today. Later he again worked for a year in the home of Niger's widow to collect the remainder of Niger’s papers. During the course of 3-4 years he submitted Niger's manuscripts and notes for publication in the Tog daily. At first the original manuscripts were returned to him, but the manuscripts that were sent later were lost. He also continued to transmit packages of Niger's remaining papers to the YIVO Archives, where they remained unprocessed.

When Eleanor Mlotek began working on the papers, she found that except for the correspondence with individuals and organizations and the press clippings in the series Jewishness Today, all other materials remained unprocessed and the clippings were in a fragile condition, as they still are. No inventory had been prepared. She processed all the loose unsorted papers according to type and content. The unprocessed correspondence acquired later was incorporated into the series previously done.

Of special biographical interest are Niger's Diaries and Notebooks, written first in Russian and later in Yiddish, where he made philosophical observations and comments about writers and events in his life. Selections of the notebooks were published in 1973. Other biographical data are contained in the Family Correspondence and Biographical Materials series.

Niger was one of the pioneers of Yiddish literary criticism. As such, he was a teacher who developed the reader's critical taste for literature. He showed the reader how to distinguish a work of art from a tendentious propagandistic work. He sought the specifically Jewish and national motifs in Yiddish literature, and this is expressed in his monographs and countless essays about writers.

Although he appreciated the talent of a number of Soviet Yiddish writers in the early years of the Soviet regime and wrote extensively about them, Niger also pointed to their ideological and artistic weaknesses when they were compelled to submit to the Communist party and government directives. Niger was an adherent of Simon Dubnow's theory of cultural autonomy and Chaim Zhitlowsky's theory of Yiddishism, of Yiddish culture being the vehicle of Jewish creative life. Later, in the 1940's when Zhitlowsky was viciously attacked because of his left wing leanings, Niger, although he differed with Zhitlowsky's opinions, was the first to defend him publicly and in print (See particularly folders 2,333 and 2,376).

During and immediately following the end of World War II, Niger collected and wrote about the works of the writers who perished in the ghettos and concentration camps and about the writers for whom the Holocaust became a central theme of their writing. He was one of the first to compile and publish a compendium, Kiddush Hashem (Sanctification of the Name) as a monument to the slain creative spirits of the Jewish martyrs of previous generations and of the decimated Eastern European Jews (Folder 1,389).

Every author hoped that Niger would write about him. A positive review was regarded as a form of ordination, entry into the realm of Yiddish literature. Not all writers, however, were in agreement with his opinions. He was frequently criticized and often satirically attacked, as evidenced by the cartoon clippings in the collection (Folder 2,593). But even among his opponents he was respected for his objective approach to literature.

The papers in this collection relate chiefly to Niger's literary and communal activity during the fifty years in which he was prominent as a writer and communal leader. His writing reflects the period which included the Russian Revolution, World War I, the struggle for Jewish national consciousness and secularism, and the rise of the Zionist, Poale Zionist, Territorialist and Bundist (Socialist) movements. His writing is also a reflection of the rise of Jewish national culture in Yiddish and Hebrew and the inception of Hebraism and Yiddishism, a language conflict in the Jewish cultural world, the Holocaust of East European Jewry, the creation of Israel, and the liquidation of Yiddish culture in Soviet Russia.

The Shmuel Niger Papers constitute an important source for students and researchers of Yiddish literature, literary criticism and history. Topics like the history of Yiddish, of Hasidic literature, Yiddish literature in general and particularly in the United States and other countries are rich in a variety of materials. The researcher will discover much pertinent information on Jewish education, especially in this country, about changes that evolved in the national, religious and secular programs in American Jewish life, about communal life in America, and about the Holocaust and Displaced Persons. There are materials about practically every important Yiddish writer and significant occurrence in Yiddish literature and Jewish life. The letters and other documents of the collection are an important source of the beginnings and ascendancy of the modern Yiddish cultural movement.

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Arranged by Eleanor Mlotek, 1981. The inventory of the Papers of Shmuel Niger was originally written in Yiddish, and the record series arranged according to the Hebrew alphabet. The abridged English version of the inventory prepared by Eleanor Mlotek in 1982 rearranged several of the folder lists to correspond to the Latin alphabet, rather than the Hebrew alphabet, and this has been continued with the fully translated finding aid, done in 2008. Wherever the series were arranged according to the Hebrew alphabet, the folder lists have been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order. The papers are generally arranged according to type.

An arrangement was decided upon, which would take into account the different nature of each subseries: retaining in chronological order clippings from Niger's regular columns in the newspaper, arranging the clippings of reviews, articles and notes about topics, authors and works alphabetically; retaining Niger's arrangement of articles concerning Jewishness Today and articles and impressions written during his 1935 lecture tour of South and Central America; and keeping his Russian articles separate. There is a subseries of clippings of others concerning Niger; and another concerning other writers and topics, which Niger had collected but had not written himself. Most of the materials have been arranged alphabetically.

The articles concerning Jewishness Today Niger had planned to issue as a separate publication and had left notes as to their classification. Although his notes with his specifications were not found in the collection, the typed list which Leyzer Ran had made was preserved, according to which Eleanor Mlotek was able to complete the arrangement. The collection has been divided into eleven series, some of which have been further divided into subseries.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to researchers.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

A sizable number of letters from Niger to individuals is contained in the following separate collections of the YIVO Archives: I. N. Steinberg, Daniel Charney, H. Leivick, L. M. Stein, H. Rosenblatt, H. Radoshitzki, Leon Kobrin, Alexander Pomerantz, Kalman Marmor, M. Mratshni, Jacob Lestchinsky, Leibush Lehrer, Lipe Lehrer, A. Liessin, Louis Lamed, B. Alkvit, Lazar Cahan, S. Chester, Noah Goldberg, Malke Heifetz-Tusman, B. Dimondstein, Mates Daitch, Jacob Glatstein, Abba Gordin, H. Gold, Shlomo Bikel, S. Yudson, Solomon Bercovich, Sholem Asch, Ephraim Auerbach, Reuven Iceland, and Moshe Starkman.

There are also letters in the Baruch Charney Vladeck Papers which are housed at the Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives at the NYU Library.

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Separated Material

There is no information about materials that are associated by provenance to the described materials that have been physically separated or removed.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of Shmuel Niger; RG 360; box number; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

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Acquisition Information

A majority of the materials came directly to YIVO from Niger’s wife after Niger’s death. YIVO received 302 letters from 35 donors in 1956-9, after publishing an appeal for Niger’s correspondence.

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Processing information

The collection was partially processed intermittently by Leyzer Ran from approximately 1956 to 1966. The processing was completed in 1981 by Eleanor Mlotek as part of the Finding Aids Project supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The papers were arranged according to the Hebrew alphabet, except for the non-Yiddish (or Hebrew) organizations and the inventory was written in Yiddish. An abridged version of the inventory in English was prepared to enable the utilization of this collection by non-Yiddish readers in 1982. The full Yiddish finding aid was translated into English in 2008. The inventory lists for many of the series has been rearranged according to the Latin alphabet, although the folder organization has not been changed. Personal names have been transliterated, journal titles and organization names have been transliterated and translated, and the titles of speeches and writings have been translated.

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Container List


Series I: Family Correspondence, 1909-1960

35 folders
Scope and Content:

This correspondence consists of letters from and to Niger, from his mother, wife, children, brothers, sister and other relations. There is a sizable correspondence from Niger's younger brother Daniel Charney (Folders 16 - 29) whose attempts at entering the United States were thwarted several times because of his consumption. Daniel Charney's correspondence not only concerns personal matters, but describes literary figures and occurrences in Paris, Berlin and Soviet Russia where he resided, until he was finally admitted to this country. There is also an important correspondence from Niger's brother and sister-in-law, Zelig and Rivke Kalmanovitch (Folder 34), who were present when Vilna was occupied by the Soviet Union, 1939-1941. This correspondence contains significant details on the events and particularly on the fate of the central headquarters of YIVO in Vilna at that time. This series also contains personal correspondence from Niger to his family during his lecture tours throughout the country.

11Bracha – mother1913-1918, undated
12Basya (Bessie) – wife1909, 1920s
13Basya (Bessie)1930-1932
14Basya (Bessie)1933-1939
15Basya (Bessie)1940-1951
16Basya (Bessie)undated
17William (Wolf) – son1921-1938
28William (Wolf)1944-1945, undated
29Libe (Elizabeth) – daughter and Boris Shub, her husband1929-1935
210Libe and Boris1940-1949
211Libe and Boris1950-1958, undated
212Shulamit (Mita) – daughter-in-law1946-1957, undated
213Didi, Miriam – grandchildrenundated
214Luria, Joseph – father-in-law1912-1935, undated
215Charney Vladeck, Baruch – brother1911-1953, undated
216Charney, Daniel – brother1913-1918
217Charney, Daniel1920-1929
318Charney, Daniel1930-1934
319Charney, Daniel1935-1939
320Charney, Daniel1940-1945
321Charney, Daniel1946-1949
322Charney, Daniel1950-1951
323Charney, Daniel1952-1953
424Charney, Daniel1954
425Charney, Daniel1955-1959
426Charney, Danielundated
427Charney, Danielundated
428Charney, Danielundated
429Charney, Danielundated
430Charney, Miriam – sisterundated
531other relations: Abner, Ari; Okun, S.; Bromberg, Maisie1936-1957, undated
532Telushkin, Rabbi Nathan; Traub, Zalmen1924-1956, undated
533Charney, Zalke; Charney, Joel; Chasen, Dr. William; Luria, Sholem; Luria (Kalmanovitch), Sholem; Margolin, Raphael; Friedland-Meisel, Chaya; Tzarne, Haim; Klionske, Israel-Isaac1915-1959, undated
534Kalmanovitch, Zelig and Rivke – Basya Niger’s sister and brother-in-law1912-1941, 1952, undated
535unidentified relatives, letters to Basya Niger1955-1960
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Series II: Correspondence with Individuals, 1907-1962

425 folders
Scope and Content:

This series consists of almost 7,000 letters from over 1,255 individuals. They are arranged either in general folders of the alphabet, or in separate folders, if warranted by the quantity of letters or the importance of the individual. Wherever folders contain enclosures, manuscripts or other materials, this information is designated by “e” (enclosure). Undated letters are designated as such and are located at the end of chronologically arranged folders. The list of folders has been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order.

Among the correspondence in this series there are letters from such famous writers, scholars and educators as: S. Ansky, Sholem Asch, Ephraim Auerbach, Rokhl Auerbach, I. D. Bercovich, H. N. Bialik, B. J. Bialostotzky, Dr. Shlomo Bikel, Fishel Bimko, Dr. Nathan Birnbaum, Menahem Boraisha, Ber Borochov, Martin Buber, Judah L. Cahan, Leon Crystal, Benjamin Demblin, Jacob Dinesohn, Alter Druyanov, Prof. Simon Dubnow, H. Ehrenreich, David Einhorn, Jacob Fichman, Aaron Glanz-Leyeles, Barukh Glasman, Jacob Glatstein, Chaim Grade, Eliezer Greenberg, Moshe Leib Halpern, Alexander Harkavy, Abraham J. Heschel, Peretz Hirschbein, David Ignatov , Leib Jaffe, Judah A. Joffe, Alter Kacyzne, Shmerke Kaczerginsky, Aleph Katz, H. S. Kazdan, Joseph Klausner, Leon Kobrin, Leo Koenig, Rachel Korn, Zishe Landau, Berl Lapin, Wilhelm Latzky Bertholdi, Leibush Lehrer, H. Leivick, Jacob Lestchinsky, Abraham Liessin, Dr. Sol Liptzin, A. Litvin, Khaykl Lunski, A. R. Malachi, Itsik Manger, Mani Leib, Dr. Samuel Margoshes, Yudel Mark, Kalman Marmor, Nathan Meisel, Jacob Milkh, Alexander Mukdoni, Moshe Nadir, H. D. Nomberg, Moshe Olgin, Immanuel Olsvanger, Joseph Opatoshu, I. L. Peretz, David Pinski, A. Raboy, Melech Ravitch, Y. H. Rawnitzki, Abraham Reisen, Zalman Reisen, Dr. A. A. Roback, Joseph Rolnick, H. Rosenblatt, S. Z. Rubashov (Shazar), J. J. Schwartz, Z. Segalowitch, M. Shalit, Lamed Shapiro, Dr. Jacob Shatzky, Zalman Shneour, Dr. Fishl Schneerson, Rabbi J. I. Shneerson, Sholem Aleichem, I.I. Sigal, I. Bashevis Singer, I. J. Singer, Moshe Starkman, Eliezer Steinbarg, Abraham Sutzkever, Elias Tcherikower, Prof. Chaim Tchernowitz, I. J. Trunk, A. Vaiter, Z. Weinper, Dr. Uriel Weinreich, Dr. Max Weinreich, Berish Weinstein, I. M. Weissenberg, Yehoash, Aaron Zeitlin, Hillel Zeitlin, Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky, Dr. Israel Zinberg, and Zalman Zylbercweig.

Among the prominent Soviet-Yiddish writers who corresponded with Niger prior to and several years after World War I were: David Bergelson, Moshe Broderzon, Yekhezkel Dobrushin, Max Erik, N. Gorelik, Shmuel Halkin, Moshe Katz, M. Kulbak, Leib Kvitko, Moshe Litvakov, N. Luria, Malasha Mali, Der Nister, N. Shtif, and Abraham Veviorka.

There is also correspondence with Jewish communal leaders like: Nathan Chanin, Israel Efroikin, Rabbi Solomon Goldman, Saul Goodman, Chaim Greenberg, S. Kaizer, Louis Lamed, Jacob Levin, Judah Leib Magnes, S. Mendelsohn, Jacob Pat, Dr. Aaron Rosmarin, J. Schlossberg, L. M. Stein, Dr. I. N. Steinberg, Y. Yeshurin, and Hillel Zeidman.

There are letters from Boris Aronson, Marc Chagall, Michl Gelbart, Pinchas Jassinowky, Abraham Morewski, S. Yudovin, and other artists and musicians.

536General ‘A/O’, Ab-Azundated
537General ‘A/O’, Aiundated
538General ‘A/O’, Al-Asundated
539Abramovitch, Hirsch1928-1952
540Adler, Chaplain Moshe-Haim (e)1945
552Almi, A. (A.H. Sheps)1922-1955, undated
553Alperin, A.1943-1946
654Alperson, Mordechai (e)1926
551Altman, Joshua (e)1949, undated
656Ankhi, Z.1908-1928, undated
657Ansky, S. (S. Rappoport)1909-1920
660Apteker, Jacob1936-1955
662Aronson, Boris1922
664Asch, Sholem1913(?)-1955, undated
542Auerbach, Ephraim1932-1949
543Auerbach, Rokhlundated
541Auslander, Nathan1922
665General ‘B’, Ba-Beyundated
666General ‘B’, Bir-Beundated
667General ‘B’, Brundated
668Bader, Gershom1927-1951
670Basin, Haim1926-1928, undated
789Ben-Ami, Jacob1911-1913
896Bercovich, I.D.1913-1928, 1952, 1958
897Bercovich, Solomon1925-1953
791Bergelson, David (e)1910-1929
790Bergner, Hertz1943-1955
793Berman, L.1921-1943, undated
895Bernstein, Dr. Simon1926-1949
794Bernstein, Leon1947-1954
792Berul, Zalman (e)1934-1951
780Beyser, A.1939-1954
778Bialik, Chaim-Nachman1926
777Bialostotzky, Benjamin Jacob1929-1954, undated
783Bik, Rabbi Abraham1940-1949, undated
784Bikel, Dr. Shlomo1945-1955
781Billikopf, Jacob1942-1950
782Bimko, Fishel1914-1955
785Birnbaum, Dr. Nathan1908-1914, 1921
779Bitensky, Joseph1929-1931
786Blaustein, M.undated
787Blumenfeld, Lupus1914-1924
788Blumstein, E.1916
774Boraisha, Menahem (e)1920-1950
775Boraisha-Fogel, Ada1928-1954, undated
672Borochov, Ber1913-1917
773Borochov, Ber1913-1917
671Borochov, Ber (e)1913-1917
669Botoshansky, Jacob1932-1955
8102Briks, Yerachmiel1949-1955
8101Brind, Nachum (e)1938-1950
898Broderzon, Moshe (e)1916-1931, undated
899Bronstein, Yekhezkel A.M.1930, undated
8100Brusilov, Dr. Nisn (e)1938-1950
776Buber, Martin1921
13234General ‘C/Ch/K’undated
14237Cahan, Judah Loeb and Miriam1925-1955, undated
24425Chagall, Marc1921-1947, undated
13236Chanin, Nathan1926, 1947, 1950
13218Chemny, Melech (e)1948-1949
13217Chipkin, Israel1932
14238Cohen, Jacob1930, 1955, undated
22391Crystal, Leon1920-1921, undated
9143General ‘D’undated
10146Davidson-Margolis, Haim1922-1942
10150Demblin, Benjamin (Teitelbaum)1928-1955
10149Dinesohn, Jacob (and I.L. Peretz)1912-1919, undated
9144Dobin, Simon1915-1917, undated
9145Dobrushin, Yekhezkel1916, undated
10152Drachler, I.1923-1937
10153Dropkin, Celia1934-1946
10151Drozd, A.I.1923-1925
10154Druyanow, Alter1910-1913
10147Dubnow, Simon1912-1937
10148Dworzhetzky, Dr. Mark1945-1954, undated
18321General ‘E’undated
18325Efroikin, I.1912-1948
18322Ehrenreich, H.1934, 1940, undated
548Einhorn, David1908-1928, undated
549Eisen, Dr. A.1925-1949
547Eisenstadt, Moshe1923-1950, undated
546Eisenstadt, Rabbi Ben Zion1936(?)-1938
18323Elkin, Mendel1914-1952, undated
18324Epstein, Abraham1943-1951, undated
18327Erik, Max (Merkin)1925-1936
18326Etzmoni, Michl (e)1929-1947
20344General ‘F’undated
20345Farber, N.1941
20348Feigel, Samuel1934-1950
20349Feigenberg, Rachel1922-1946
20350Fichmann, Jacob1910-1951
20346Fornberg, Dr. K.1908-1917, undated
20354Freilich, Yekhezkel1948-1955
20351Friedman, Dr. David1921-1926
20353Friedman, Dr. Samuel1945-1946
20352Friedman, Louis1923-1926
20355Frishberg, Israel Z.1933-1936
20347Fuksman, Joseph1953-1955, 1962
8103General ‘G’, Ga-Guundated
8104General ‘G’, Gi-Grundated
9132Gamzu, Judah Leib1928
9133Gelbart, Michl1933, 1943
9122Gilbert, Pinhas1947-1955, undated
9123Ginsburg, Dr. A.1926-1927, undated
9124Ginsburg, Saul1913-1938
9125Gitzis, M.1926-1943, undated
9130Glanz, Jacob1936-1953, undated
9129Glanz-Leyeles, Aaron1919-1947, undated
9126Glasman, Baruch1922-1943, undated
9128Glatstein, Jacob1940-1951, undated
9127Glazer-Koslovsky, Ida1929, 1940, undated
9131Glikovsky, Moshe1921-1947
8108Gold, Herman1922-1946, undated
8109Goldberg, Ben Zion1920-1936, undated
8110Goldberg, Noah1940-1953, undated
8111Goldhart, Baruch1922-1935
8112Goldman, Rabbi Solomon1949-1954
8106Golomb, Abraham A.1928-1955, undated
8107Golomb, Tzvi Nisn1923
9120Goodman, Saul (e)1932-1955
8114Gordin, Abba1926-1955, undated
8116Gorelik, L.undated
8117Gorelik, N.1913, undated
8118Gorelik, Shemaryahu1908-1910
8115Gorin, Bernard1912-1923, undated
8113Gorodiski, Jonah1942-1955
8105Gottlieb, N.I.1931-1946
9134Grade, Chaim1948-1961
9135Granovsky, R.1927-1934, undated
9140Greenberg, Eliezer1920-1955, undated
9141Greenberg, Haim1926-1952
9139Greenblatt, Aliza1929-1941, undated
9142Grevem, Marcus1928-1930
9136Gross, Naphtali (e)1930-1947, undated
9137Grossman, Moshe (e)1938, 1949-1955
9138Grunwald, Dr. Max1951
9121Guria, Al1920-1922, undated
9119Guznovsky, Saul1908
10155General ‘H’undated
10158Halkin, Samuel1946, 1949
10156Halpern, Moshe Leib1929, 1932, undated
10162Harkavy, Alexander1926-1939
10168Heller, Zelig1921-1937, undated
10170Heschel, Dr. Abraham Joshua1946-1951
10165Hindus, Milton (e)1947
10166Hirschbein, Peretz1908-1951
10169Hirschfeld-Pomerantz, Pesya1925-1946
10167Hirshkan, Tzvi1908-1929
10159Hofer, Yekhiel1947, 1949-1955
10160Hofstein, David1922-1927, undated
10157Holtzman, Max1947-1955
10161Horodetzky, S.A.1925-1954
10163Hurwitz, Haim David1912-1914, undated
10164Hurwitz, S. (Zalkes)1920, 1952-1955, undated
13221General ‘I/J/Y’undated
545Ignatov, David1920-1952, undated
13232Jaffe, Leib (e)1914-1945, undated
13222Jassinowsky, Pinchas1925-1935, undated
13223Joffe, Judah A.1912-1944
21363General ‘K’, Ka-Kuundated
21364General ‘K’, Ki-Krundated
21376Kacyzne, Alter1915-1921, undated
21370Kaczerginsky, Shmerke1946-1954
21367Kahan, Solomon1936-1955
21366Kahan, Yotl1924-1948, undated
21371Kalusher, I.L.1923-1947
21375Kapalov, I.1922-1940
21378Karton, Moshe (e)1949, undated
21368Kasdan, H.S.1915-1955, undated
21373Kastoff, Meyer1937-1954
14239Katz, Aleph1930-1955
14240Katz, Moshe1913-1921
21377Katzenelenbogen, Uriah1921-1951, undated
21382Kauffman, Dr. M.I.1916-1917
21384Kayzer, Solomon1933-1953
13235Khanukov, L.1926-1929
22386Kirshnitz, A. (e)1915-1922
21385Kissin, Y.1925, undated
22387Klausner, Prof. Joseph1947-1953
22388Klein, Nehemiah1921-1950
21365Kobrin, Leon1913-1952
22389Koenig, Leo (e)1914-1945
21379Korman, Ezra (e)1910-1947
21380Korn, Rokhl1932-1950
21372Kosover, Dr. Mordechai1943-1953
21369Kotik, Abraham1910-1926, undated
22390Krull, Chaim (e)undated
21383Kulbak, Moshe (e)1920-1924
21381Kvitko, Leib1921-1925
14241General ‘L’undated
14242Lamed, Louis1932, 1943
14243Landau, Zishe1930, undated
14244Lapin, Berl (e)1920-1951, undated
14245Latzky-Bertholdi, Wilhelm1914-1929
14248Lee, Malka (e)1932-1954
15258Lehrer, Leibush1922-1955
15259Lehrer, Lipa1932-1945
15253Leivick, H.1920-1937
15254Leivick, H.1938-1957, undated
15263Lentz, L. (e)1944
15264Lestchinsky, Jacob (e)1912, 1922
15261Levin, Israel (e)1934-1947
15260Levin, Jacob and Rivka1922-1951
15262Levin, Samuel1922-1937
14250Libert, Sara1928-1952
14249Libin, Z.1937, undated
15256Liessin, Abraham (Walt) (e)1931, 1940
15255Linetzky, Isaac Joel (copy?)1900
15257Liptzin, Dr. Sol1945-1954
14251Litvakov, Moshe1910-1914, undated
14252Litvin, A. (Shmuel Hurwitz)1909-1944, undated
14246Lunski, Khaykl1919-1924, undated
14247Luria, N.1914-1922
16265General ‘M’undated
17292Madison, I. A.1921-1937
16266Magnes, Judah Leon (e)1921, 1948
16289Malachi, A.R. (e)1923-1954
16269Mali, Malasha (Ribstein)1948, undated
16270Manger, Itzik1936-1952
16272Mani Leib1945-1955
16276Margoshes, Dr. Samuel1921-1957, undated
16280Mark, Yudl1925, 1943
16281Markus, Peysakh1952-1953, undated
17296Marmor, Kalman1921-1952, undated
16274Mastbaum, Joel1908-1949
16275Maximus, S.B.1927-1930
16267Maze, Ida1930-1954
16283Meisel, Nachman1909-1935, undated
17290Melamed, Moshe1928-1929, undated
17294Mendele Mokher Seforim’s son1954
17293Mendelsohn, S.1934-1943
17291Mendelson, S.1951-1953
17295Meretzky, B.M.1946
16287Miklishansky, I.K.1943-1954, undated
16284Milkh, Jacob1912-1934, undated
16285Miller, I.L.1925
16286Miller, S.1920-1953, undated
16288Mlotek, Joseph (e)1945, 1955
16268Molodowsky, Kadya (e)1934-1943
16271Mondri, Adela1936-1940
16273Monfried, Lazarus1944-1950, undated
16279Morewski, Abraham1923-1929, undated
16277Morgenstern, Isaac1952-1955, undated
16278Morrison, Berl1931-1950
16282Mukdoni, Dr. Alexander (Kopel)1913-1941, undated
17297General ‘N’undated
17301Nachmanson, Max1911-1913, undated
17298Nadir, Moshe (e)1921, 1941, undated
17299Nathanson, W.1926-1935, undated
17304Nevodovsky, Rosa1935-1951
17302Nisman, Mordechai1943-1951
17303Nister, Der1907-1914, undated
17300Nomberg, Hersh David1913, undated
661Okun, A. (e)1932
550Olgin, Moshe1913-1923, undated
655Olsvanger, Dr. Immanuel1922
659Opalov, David (David Podaksik) (e)1932-1949
658Opatoshu, Joseph1921-1943
19328General ‘P’undated
19329Pat, Jacob1924-1954, undated
19337Pen, Osher1931-1955
19343Peretz, Isaac Leibush1909-1913, undated
19339Perlman, A.1910-1915, undated
19340Perlman, N.1950-1953
19338Perlov, Isaac1929-1954, undated
19341Persky, Daniel1933-1955
19336Pet, Chaim1927-1954
19334Pinski, David1910-1949, undated
19335Pludermacher, Gershon1926-1936
19330Polishuk, Dr. Isaac1924-1955, undated
19331Pomerantz, Alexander1952-1954
19332Pomerantz, Gershon1933-1951, undated
19333Pomerantz, I. Haim1930-1952
19342Preger, Jacob1921-1931
22392General ‘R’, Ra-Razundated
22393General ‘R’, Rat-Rasundated
22394General ‘R’, Ru-Reundated
22395Raboy, A.1922-1929
22399Radin, Elisha1914-1932, undated
22398Radoshitzki, I.H. (e)1932-1954
23408Rappoport, Aaron1925-1953, undated
23409Rappoport, Joshua1937-1955, undated
22400Ravitch, Melech1920-1959
23410Ravnitzky, I.H.1909-1929
24421Regelson, Abraham1940-1942, undated
23419Reisen, Abraham1912-1938
24420Reisen, Zalman (e)1911-1933, undated
24422Ressler, Benjamin1927-1952
23414Ribalow, Menahem1941-1944
23417Rivas, A. (e)1932, 1947
23418Rivkin, Mina Bordo-1948-1953, undated
23415Rivkind, Isaac1925-1954
23416Rivlin, Deborah (e)undated
22396Roback, Dr. A.A.1921-1937, undated
22397Robinson, Chaim (e)undated
23406Rolnick, Joseph1913-1949
23407Rolnick, Joseph1950-1955, undated
23413Rosenblatt, H.1913-1953
23403Rosenfeld, Hersh1926-1954, undated
23404Rosenfeld, Jonah1913-1932, 1950, undated
23405Rosenfeld, Samuel1908-1941, undated
22402Rosenwald, William1936-1946
22401Rosmarin, Aaron1931-1936
23411Rubashov, Zalman (Shazar)1928
23412Rubin, S.J.1953-1955, undated
17305General ‘S’undated
18318Sackler, Harry1927-1953
17306Sadan, Dov (Ber Shtok)1950-1953
26448Schlossberg, Joseph1922-1955
26453Schneersohn, Dr. Fishel1953
26452Schneersohn, Rabbi Joseph Isaac1944
24430Schwartz, J.J. (e)1923-1953, undated
24431Schwartzburg, Dr. A.L. and Mrs. (e)1934-1954, undated
26447Sechel, M.1919-1924, undated
18316Segal, Fishel1944-1951, undated
18317Segalowitch, Z.1916-1950, undated
18319Serdatzki, Yenta1942-1955, undated
24423General ‘Sh’undated
24424Shabert, L.1933-1934
25445Shafer, Hertz I.1930-1934, undated
26446Shaikovsky, Z.1948, 1949, undated
24426Shalit, Moshe1910-1937
24427Shapiro, Lamed1910-1945, undated
24428Shatzky, Dr. Jacob1923-1952, undated
25444Shein, David1949-1951
26450Shemen, N.1940-1954
26455Sherman, Bezalel1934-1950
26454Sherman, Eliezer1930-1944
26456Sherman, Max (e)1932-1936, undated
26451Shneur, Zalman1918-1927
26449Sholem Aleichem1912-1916, undated
26458Shpitalnik, L.1930-1945, undated
25442Shtif, Nachum1912-1923
24435Shuer, Abraham1931-1937, undated
24433Shulman, Victor1948, undated
24432Shulvas, Dr. Moshe A.1949-1954
24434Shuster, Zachariah1928-1943, undated
17311Sigal, I.I.1921-1954, undated
17312Sigalovski, N.1923-1952, undated
18315Silver, Rabbi Samuel M.1949-1952
18313Simon, Dr. Solomon1921-1940
18314Simon, Dr. Solomon1941-1955, undated
12196Singer, Isaac Bashevis1943, undated
12197Singer, Israel Joshua1924, 1941
12198Singer, S.D.1934-1953, undated
26459Spicehandler, Abraham1947, 1954
26457Spiegel, Moshe1944-1951
18320Spivak, Jonah1926-1934, undated
25436Starkman, Moshe1926-1955, undated
17309Stavski, Moshe1914-1932
25437Stein, L.M.1927-1954
25438Steinbarg, Eliezer1924, 1954
25439Steinberg, Aaron1949-1955
25440Steinberg, Dr. I.N.1929-1951, undated
25441Steinberg, Noah1921-1922, undated
25443Strigler, Mordechai1947-1951, undated
17310Stutchkoff, Nachum1946-1950, undated
17307Sudarski, Dr. Mendel and Alte1941-1952
24429Sugarman, M.undated
17308Sutzkever, Abraham1948-1955, undated
12203General ‘T’undated
12204Tabachnick, A.1934-1955, undated
13219Tcherikower, Elias1914, 1932
13220Tchernowitz, Prof. Chaim (Rav Tzair)1941-1947
13213Teitelbaum, Abraham1922-1935, undated
13214Tenenbaum, S.1934-1949, undated
13215Tenerovsky, S.1949-1950
13212Tigel, Z.1920-1940
13211Toibsh, Jacob Samuel1946-1955
12205Toltshin, Moshe1929-1941, undated
13216Trunk, I.J.1936-1953
13210Tusman, Malke Heifetz1943-1953, undated
12206Twerski, Abraham1945-1947, undated
12207Twersky, Yohanan1926-1943
13208Twersky, Yohanan1944-1946
13209Twersky, Yohanan1947-1954, undated
20356General ‘Tz’undated
20362Tzeshinsky, M.1929-1936
544Unger, Menashe (e)1927-1949
663Urlon, Haim1946-1954
10171General “V/W”undated
11174Vakser, M.1924-1953
11176Vayter, A., (A.M. Devinishsky)1908-1918
11177Vayter, A., (A.M. Devinishsky)1908-1918
11188Veviorke, Abraham1910-1912, undated
11187Vinietsky, Joseph1932-1950, undated
11173Wasserman, Leib1949-1955
11178Weinper, Z.1924-1935
11179Weinrauch, Herschel (Vinokur)1947-1951
11181Weinreich, Dr. Max1915-1953
11180Weinreich, Dr. Uriel1953-1955
11182Weinstein, Berish1925-1954
11183Weisman, Moshe1951-1954, undated
11184Weissenberg, I.M. and daughter Pearl1913-1921, 1951
11175Widans, Emil and Daniel (e)1932-1949, undated
11185Wind, Dr. Bernard1948-1950, undated
11186Wind, Dr. Bernard1948-1950, undated
11172Wolf, H.1933-1942
13230Yaknehaz (Yeshayahu Nissan Hacohen Goldberg)1907?
13224Yehoash (Solomon Blumgarten)1913-1952, undated
13233Yeshurin, Yefim1935-1955, undated
13231Yoffe, Mordechai1934-1949, undated
13229Younin, Wolf (e)1932-1953
13225Yud, Nachum1920-1955, undated
13227Yudika / Zofer (e)1921-1926, undated
13226Yudovin, S.1922, undated
13228Yuviller, Mark1942-1953
12189General “Z”undated
12191Zaks, A.S.1911, undated
12192Zaretsky, Anna1933-1945
12193Zeidman, Hillel1946-1948
20359Zeitlin, Aaron1915-1955
20360Zeitlin, Hillel1914, 1937
12201Zeligman, R.1907-1924, undated
12202Zhitlowsky, Dr. Chaim1908-1936, undated
12194Zilberfarb, Moshe1908-1916, undated
20361Zinberg, Dr. Israel (e)1911-1935
12200Zipper, Jacob1928-1954, undated
12199Zisselman, I.L. (e)1931-1946
12190Zolf, Falik1929-1953
20357Zuckerman, Baruch1954-1955, undated
20358Zuckerman, William1933-1955, undated
12195Zylbercweig, Zalmen1929-1945
26460unidentified lettersundated
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Series III: Correspondence with Readers, 1914-1955

35 folders
Scope and Content:

This series for the most part consists of comments by readers to Niger's newspaper articles. They had been arranged by Niger according to subject matter and the arrangement was retained. Thus, for example, they are grouped according to topics like Religious Jewishness, Holocaust, Displaced Persons, Judenraten (Jewish Councils in cities of Europe during the Nazi occupation), Attitude to Germany and Reparation from Germany, Memorial Books, Israel and the Zionist Movement, Territorialism, Leftwing Readers, Communism and Communists, Jewish Life in Russia, American and American Jewish matters, etc.

26461Religious Judaism, Holocaust, Displaced Persons, Judenraten and attitude to Germanyundated
26462Niger’s article “Again and Again”, Germany and reparation1955
26464Memorial volumesundated
26465Displaced Personsundated
26466 Israel and the Zionist movementundated
26467 Territorialismundated
26468‘Left’ readersundated
27469Communism and Communistsundated
27470The Olgin and Niger debateundated
27471 Jewish life in Russiaundated
27472American and American-Jewish mattersundated
27473People, world and individual problemsundated
27474Niger’s booksundated
27475Niger’s articlesundated
27476About I. Ginsburg, the collector of Niger’s articlesundated
27477Niger’s article “Culture”undated
27478Niger’s lectures and papersundated
27479Letters from Niger’s studentsundated
27480Literary mattersundated
27481Requests from readersundated
27482Letters from beginning writersundated
27483Yiddish writersundated
28484Abe Cahan and the Forwardundated
28485 The Yiddish press and Yiddish readersundated
28486The Yiddish bookundated
28487Origins and spelling of wordsundated
28488Spelling, grammar, orthography, and the likeundated
28489Yiddish, Hebrew, Englishundated
28490World Congress of Jewish Cultureundated
28491Women’s reading circlesundated
28492Yiddish theatre, Maurice Schwartzundated
28493Jewish educationundated
28494Youth problemsundated
28495Varied topicsundated
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Series IV: Correspondence with Organizations, 1905-1958

739 folders
Scope and Content:

This series is divided into two sub-series: Yiddish (or Hebrew) organizations and non-Yiddish organizations. The folders of organizations with which Niger was more closely associated, like YIVO in Vilna and New York, the World Congress for Jewish Culture, the Louis Lamed Fund, the Tog, the Peretz Writers' Union, and the Tsukunft, are particularly rich in materials. Along with the correspondence, there are also minutes and reports. There is correspondence from a large number of American and European (particularly Russian and Polish) Jewish organizations prior to and during World War I. When the place of an organization is not indicated in the listing, it means that this organization was located in New York. The names of the organizations have been rearranged according to the Latin alphabet.

Subseries 1: Yiddish and Hebrew Organizations, 1905-1958

453 folders
38783A. leob-farlag (A. Leob Publishing House)1943-1948
28503Afn Shvel (On the Threshold)1948-1953
28496Agudat hamorim ha’ivrit (Union of Hebrew Teachers)1945, 1950-1951
28498Agudat hasidey chabad ha’artzot habrit v’kanade (Union of Hasidic Chabad in the United States and Canada)1936
28497Agudat hastudentim hayehudit (Union of Jewish Students), Geneva1930
28499Agudat yisrael (original political party representing Haredi Judaism in Israel)1951-1955
31539Akademisher farayn, yidishe kultur (Academic Union, Jewish Culture), Czernowitz1913
29511Algemeyne entsyklopedia in yidish (General Encyclopedia in Yiddish)1937-1955
29512Algemeyne yidisher arbiter-bund in poylin (General Jewish Workers Bund in Poland), Warsaw1947
29513Algemeyner yidisher arbiter-bund fun rumenya (General Jewish Workers Bund of Romania), Czernowitz1931-1932
29515Alveltlekher yidisher kooperativer farlag (World Cooperative Jewish Publishing House), Viennaundated
29514Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-farband (World Union of Jewish Culture), Ikoff1940, 1946
29516Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture)1947-1949
29517Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture)1950-1952
29518Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture)1953-1955
30519Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), organizing committee1947
30520Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), lexicon1954-1955
30521Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), World Center for the Jewish School1949-1955
30522Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), art center, music festival1948-1954
30523Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), Peretz Square celebration1952
30524Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), radio hour1949-1954
30525Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), yearbook1951
30526Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), L.M. Stein Library1947-1955
30527Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), conference about German reparations1953-1954
30528Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), unified cultural fund1949-1951
30529Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), Argentina1951-1954
30530Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), Boston1950-1951
30531Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), Latin America1948-1955
30532Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), Chicago1951
30533Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), letters exchanged with David Ben-Gurion1951
30534Alveltlekher yidisher kultur-kongress (World Congress for Jewish Culture), response to the speech of M. Sharat1954
31565Ararat farlag (Ararat Publishing House), London1943
31549Arbeter Ring (Workman’s Circle), Montreal1954
31542Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle)1930-1940
31543Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle)1941-1955
31544Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Atlanta1933, 1944
31545Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Boston1941-1950
31554Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Chicago1953
31556Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), chorus1939-1955
31553Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Cleveland1939
31546Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Detroit1947
31541Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), education department, schools and branches1920-1929
31550Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Macon1927
31551Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Passaic1952
31552Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Philadelphia1927
31547Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Southern District Committee, Miami1928-1949
31555Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), teachers’ courses1920-1937
31557Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), various branches1927-1953
31548Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle), Williamsburg1935
31540Arbeter-Fraynd (Workers Friend), London1905
31560Argentiner Beymelekh (Argentinean Trees), Buenos Aires1954
31561Der Argentiner Magazine (The Argentinean Magazine), Buenos Aires1954
31563Arkhiv komisye fun der geshikhte fun di parteyen s.s., j.s. and faraynikte (Archival Commission of the History of the Zionist Socialist and Jewish Socialist Parties and their Union), Berlin, New York1928, 1952
31564Arkhiv v’muzeon shel tnuat ha’avodah (Archive and Museum of the Workers’ Movement), Tel Aviv1936
31566Ashkelon histadrut sofrim v’etonayim (Ashkelon Labor Union of Writers and Journalists), Tel Aviv1949
31567Der Baginen (The Dawn), literary monthly notebookundated
31569Baratung tsu shafn a gezelshaft fraynd ibern land (Conference to Create a Society of Friends Across the Land)1953
31568Baratung vegn der yidisher veltlekher shul in amerike (Conference about the World Jewish School in America)1921
31577Bayt hasefer he’ivri b’portland (Hebrew School of Portland), Portland1934
31578Bayt hasefer mishkan tefila (Mishkan Tefila School), Boston1953
31579Beltzer yugnt farayn afn nomen fun sholem aleichem (Belz Union of Youth, named after Sholem Aleichem)1924
31581Bershader bukh-komitet (Bershad Book Committee)1950
31580Bessaraber landsleit farayn (Bessarabian Immigrants’ Union), Buenos Aires1935
31572Bialystoker tsenter, bialystoker bikur-holim tsenter, bialystoker moshav-zkenim (Bialystok Center, Bialystok Hospital Center, Bialystok Home for the Aged)1944-1945
31576Bikhervelt (Book World), Warsaw1928
31582Bitzaron (Fortress)1945-1954
32583Brikn (Bridges), Chicago1933
32584Brit shalom (Covenant of Peace), Jerusalem1930
32599Bronislav groser yidisher arbiter-klub (Greater Bronislav Jewish Workers’ Club), Petrograd1918
31570Buletin fun di forverts shriftzetser (Bulletin from the Forward’s Typesetter)1950
31571Bundishe organizatsye in new york un bund-arkhiv fun der geshikhte fun der yidisher arbeter-bavegung afn nomen fun franz kursky (Bundist Organization in New York and Bund Archive of the History of the Jewish Workers’ Movement, named after Franz Kursky)1940-1950
31574Chaim-nachman bialik folkshul (Bialik Public School), Philadelphia1949-1955
31573Chaim-nachman bialik yidish-hebrayishe shule un kindergorten (Bialik Yiddish-Hebrew School and Kindergarten), Buenos Aires1945
33646Chaim zhitlowsky yidish kultur-tsenter (Chaim Zhitlowsky Jewish Cultural Center), Santos, Brazil1937
32606Dafim Refuayim (Health Pages), Tel Aviv1949
32605Davke (Essential), Buenos Aires1946
33647Doktor zhitlowsky folks-komitet (Dr. Zhitlowsky People’s Committee)1944
32608Dorem-Amerike (South America), Buenos Aires1925
32607Dramatishe shule fun kunst-ring (Arts Circle Drama School)1920
32604Dvir farlag (Dvir Publishing House), Tel Aviv1951-1954
29507Einikayt (Unity)undated
29508Eins (One), Tel Aviv1928
31537Entsyklopedia haivrit (Hebrew Encyclopedia), Jerusalem1952-1954
31536Entsyklopedia shel galuyot (Encyclopedia of Exile), Jerusalem1951-1952
31538Entsyklopedia yisraelit eshkol (Israelite Encyclopedia), Berlin1926
40822Epoche (Epoch)1943
40848Farayn fun yidishe literatn un zhurnalistn (Union of Jewish Writers and Journalists), Warsaw1926, 1931
40849Farayn fun yidishe literatn un zhurnalistn (Union of Jewish Writers and Journalists), Vilna1931
40850Farayn fun yidishe literatn un zhurnalistn (Union of Jewish Writers and Journalists), Czernowitz1933
40851Farayn fun yidishe literatn un zhurnalistn in frankraych (Union of Jewish Writers and Journalists in France), Paris1955
40857Faraynikte yidishe folks hilf-konferents (United Jewish Relief Conference), Torontoundated
40854Faraynikte yidishe mitlshul (United Jewish High School), Detroit1954
40853Faraynikte yidishe organizatsyes (United Jewish Organizations)1935-1936
40855Faraynikte yidishe sotsyalistishe arbeter-partey (United Jewish Socialist Labor Party), Moscow Committee1918, 1926
40856Faraynikte yidishe sotsyalistishe arbeter-partey (United Jewish Socialist Labor Party), Petrograd Committee191?
40852Faraynikung fun yidishe shriftshteler (Union of Jewish Writers), no locationundated
40858Farband bikher farlag (Farband Book Publishing Association)1947
40862Farband fun di yidishe kooperative gezelshaftn in poylin (Union of Jewish Cooperative Societies in Poland), Warsaw1931
40859Farband fun gevezene yidishe katsetlers un partizaners (United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution)1949-1954
40863Farband fun literarish-dramatishe faraynen in di faraynikte shtatn in kanade (Association of Literary-Dramatic Unions in the United States and Canada), Clevelandundated
40864Farband fun poylishe yidn in san-paolo (Union of Polish Jews in San Paolo)1933
40860Farband fun vilner yidn in di faraynikte shtatn-nusakh vilne (Union of Vilna Jews in the United States – Nusakh Vilne)1954-1955
40861Farband fun yidishe literatn, zhurnalistn un kinstler in italye (Union of Jewish Writers, Journalists and Artists in Italy), Rome1947
41877Farlag kasels (Kassels Publishing), London1952
41875Farlag matones (Gifts Publishing)undated
41873Farlag mendele mokher seforim (Mendele Mokher Seforim Publishing), Tel Aviv1955
41874Farlag meyrev (Western Publishing), Los Angeles1947
41876Farlag narayev (Narayev Publishing)undated
41868Farlag tomor fun yosef kamermacher (Tomor Publishing House of Joseph Kamermacher), Vilna1927-1949
41870Farlag yidish (Yiddish Publishing House)1921-1922
41871Farlag yidish (Yiddish Publishing House), Kharkov1917-1918
41872Farlag yidishe shrayber (Jewish Writers Publishing)undated
41869Farlag yung-shikago (Young Chicago Publishing)undated
40866Faroys (Onward), Mexico1953
41879Filadelfiyer shrayber-fond-komite fun i.l. peretz shrayber farayn (Philadelphia Writers Fund of the I.L. Peretz Writers Union)1922
40845Folksbiene/freie yidishe folksbiene (Yiddish theater troop)1919, 1948-1951
40846Folksblat (People’s Newspaper), Kovno1933-1935
40847Di Folkshtime (The People’s Voice)1912
41878Forshung-tsenter far geshikhte fun poylishe yidn (Research Center for the History of Polish Jews), Paris1949
40867Fortshrit (Advance)1921
40865Forverts (Forward)1933-1953
41882Freie Arbeter Shtime (Free Worker’s Voice)1939-1955
41883Freie Shriftn (Free Writings), Chicago1930
41884Freier yiddisher klub (Free Jewish Club)undated
41881Freiland-lige/Afn Shvel (Free Land League/On the Threshold)1920-1955
41885Frimorgn (Morning), Riga1925-1926
41880Froyen shrayberins farayn (Women Writer’s Union), no locationundated
32587Gedank un Lebn (Idea and Life)1943-1945
32598General-sekretariat fun ukraine, secretariat far natsionale inyonim, vitse-sekretar far yidishe inyonim (Secretary General of Ukraine, Secretary for National Matters, Vice Secretary for Jewish Matters), Kiev191?
32588Geverkshaftn-kampeyn far der histadrut in eretz-yisroel (Labor Union Campaign for the Labor Union in Israel)1941, 1946-1955
32589Gezelshaft dubnov-fond far der yidisher entsyklopedia (Dubnow Fund Society for the Yiddish Encyclopedia), Berlin, Paris1931-1940
32590Gezelshaft far der geshikhte fun bialystok (Society for the History of Bialystok)1949-1950
32591Gezelshaft far veltlekher yidishe kultur-tsenter (Society for Secular Jewish Cultural Center), no locationundated
32594Gezelshaft far yidisher kolonizatsye in sovetn-farband (Society for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union, ICOR) no locationundated
32593Gezelshaft far yidisher literatur un kunst (Society for Jewish Literature and Art), St. Petersburg, Petrograd, Moscow1909-1918
32592Gezelshaft far yidish-veltlekhe shuln in argentine (Society for Jewish Secular Schools in Argentina), Buenos Aires1934-1946
32595Gezelshaft fraynd fun dem yidishn lehrer-seminar in folks-universitet (Society of Friends of the Yiddish Teachers Seminar in the People’s University)1953-1955
32596Gezelshaft fraynd fun kinderland (Society of Friends of Kinderland), Buenos Aires1952
32597Gezelshaft tsu shtitzn di yidishe kolonizatsye in birobidzhan (Society to Support Jewish Colonization in Birobidzhan, Gezbir), Mexico1936
32585Givat hasofer (Writer’s Center), Tel Aviv1949
32586Globus (Globe), Warsaw1932-1933
32603Grine felder-kolonye (Green Fields Colony), Woodridge, NY1947, 1953
32602Grininke beymelekh (Little Green Trees)1919
32600Groyser verterbukh fun der yidisher shprakh (Comprehensive Yiddish Dictionary)1951-1952
32601Groyser verterbukh fun der yidisher shprakh (Comprehensive Yiddish Dictionary)1953-1955
32628Ha’am (The People), Moscow1917
32627Ha’avar (The Past), Tel Aviv1951
32610Hadoar (The Post)1928, 1934-1955
32629Hafederatsya hatzionit b’argentina (Zionist Federation of Argentina), Buenos Aires1943
32618Halevy gezangs-farayn (Levi Glee Club), Detroit1949
32630Harofeh ha’ivri (The Jewish Doctor)1946
32632Hat’kufah (The Era)1945-1950
32631Hatikvah sanatorium, Colorado192?
32613Hazman (The Time), Vilna1914
32612Hazmir (The Song), Warsaw1913, 1920
32620Hemshekh af kubaner erd (Continuation on Cuban Land), Havana1951
32619Hemshekh-klub, yidishe yugnt-federatsye (Continuation Club, Jewish Youth Federation)1947-1948
32614Heymisher vinkl (Homey Corner)undated
32615Hilf durkh arbet (Help Through Work), Vilna1921
32616Hilfs-farayn fun lemberger un umgegnt (Aid Society of Lemberg and Surroundings), Buenos Aires1935
32617Hilfs-komitet far di yidishe shuln in poylin (Help Committee for Jewish Schools in Poland)1937
32621Histadrut (Trade Union)1945
32622Histadrut achieber (Trade Union Achieber Press)1920
32625Histadrut b’amerika (Trade Union of America)1923, 1928-1955
32626Histadrut ha’ivrit b’filadelfia (Jewish Trade Union of Philadelphia)1949
32623Histadrut haclalit shel hanoar ha’oved ha’ivri (General Trade Union of Jewish Labor Youth), Tel Aviv1930
32624Histadrut hamizrachi b’amerika (Trade Union of Eastern Jews in America)1919, 1950-1951
32609Horodetser bukh-komitet (Horodec Book Committee)1950
32611Der Humorist (The Humorist)1921
40833I.L. Peretz institut (Peretz Institute), Calgary1943
29509Ilustrirter Yom-Tov-Bleter (Illustrated Holiday Newspaper)1948, 1954
29510Inzikh (Introspection)undated
31575Itshe v. biderman farlag un bukhgesheft (Biderman Publishing House and Bookstore)1942, 1948
42903Kaunsil fun di yidishe froyen-leyenkreyz (Council of the Jewish Women’s Reading Circle)1939
42902Kaunsil fun yidishe shuln (Council of Jewish Schools), Detroit1949, 1954
42921Keneder Odler (Canadian Eagle), Montreal1927-1938
42922Keneder Yidishe Post (Canadian Jewish Post), Montreal1939
43923Keren hayesod (United Israel Appeal), Jerusalem1946
43925Keren kimat l’yisroel baal-milakhah (Jewish National Fund)1950-1951
43924Keren yisroel mats (Israel Matz Foundation)undated
33649Khevra mefitsi hasechela b’latvia (Society for Disseminating Knowledge in Latvia), Riga1932
33650Khevra tanakh (Torah Society)1955
33651Khinuch-problemen (Education Problems), Buenos Aires1953
42915Kiem (Existence), Paris1947-1951
42918Kinderklub un bibliotek e. steinbarg by der folkshul a. reisen (Children’s Club and Eliezer Steinbarg Library at the Abraham Reisen Public School), La Plata 193?
42916Kinder-Zhurnal (Children's Journal)1920-1947
42917Kinder-Zhurnal (Children's Journal)undated
42919Klub drei un dreisik (Club 33)1921
42920Klub yidish (Jewish Club), Stamford, CTundated
42908Komisye far di yidishe shuln baym yidishn dertsiyungs-komitet (Commission for the Jewish Schools at the Jewish Education Committee)1943-1953
42906Komitet far der oysgabe yidn in poylin (Committee for the Publication of Jews in Poland)1943
42904Komitet far di yidish-veltlekhe shuln in Los-Andzheles (Committee for the Jewish Secular Schools in Los Angeles)1955
42907Komitet far rekht fun yidish in yisroel (Committee for the Rights of Yiddish in Israel)1951
42905Komitet farn doctor emanuel ringelblum-kulturfond (Committee for the Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum Culture Fund)1945
42901Kovner yidishe komerts-gimnazie (Kovno Jewish Commerce High School)1937
42909Kult-bukh-bukhhandlung (Kult-bukh Bookseller), Antwerp1953
42910Kultur-lige (Culture League), Bialystok1920
42913Kultur-lige (Culture League), Kiev1918
42912Kultur-lige (Culture League), Kutno1936
42911Kultur-lige (Culture League), Warsaw1922-1930
42914Kultur-tsenter (Culture Center), Jewish youth from the Barracas neighborhood, Buenos Aires1935
39793Landsleit-farayn fun kovel un umgegnt (Union of Immigrants from Kovel and Surroundings), Buenos Aires1952
39801Lashon un Lebn (Language and Life), London1948
39800Letste Nayes (Latest News), Tel Aviv1953
39796Literarish-dramatisher farayn afn nomen fun C.N. Bialik (Literary Dramatic Union, named after Bialik), Revel1931
39797Literarishe Bleter (Literary Leaves), Warsaw1925-1931
39798Di Literarishe Heftn (Literary Notebooks), no locationundated
39799Literarisher farayn idish (Yiddish Literary Union), Havana1930
39795Literatur un visnshaft-farayn (Literature and Scientific Union), Bern1914
39794Los-Andzheles Teglekhe Prese (Los Angeles Daily Press)1934
39790Luis lamed-fond (Louis Lamed Fund) speeches from prizewinnersundated
39791Luis lamed-fond (Louis Lamed Fund), Akhisferundated
38784Luis lamed-fond (Louis Lamed Fund), Detroit1940-1943
38785Luis lamed-fond (Louis Lamed Fund), Detroit1944-1946
38786Luis lamed-fond (Louis Lamed Fund), Detroit1947-1950
39787Luis lamed-fond (Louis Lamed Fund), Detroit1951-1953
39788Luis lamed-fond (Louis Lamed Fund), Detroit1954-1955
39789Luis lamed-fond (Louis Lamed Fund), not Detroitundated
39792Luis lamed-fond (Louis Lamed Fund), professorship in Yiddish culture at Vienna University1954
39806Meksikaner Shriftn (Mexican Writings)1936
39810Merkaz l’inyanay hinukh (Center for Educational Interests, Lubavitch)1943
39807Meyrev (West), Tel Aviv1951
39805Meytseter-Baranovitzer literarisher klub (Musza-Baranowicze Literary Club)192?
39808Mfitsay haskala (Disseminators of Enlightenment), library and reading room, Vilna1923
39809Miflagat avoda tsionit hitakhdut (Zionist Worker’s Party Organization)1925
39802Der Moment (The Moment), Warsaw1918
39803Morgn-Freiheit (Morning Freedom)1937
39804Mosad bialik (The Bialik Foundation), Jerusalem1952-1958
43943Moshe shmuel sklarsky farlag (M.S. Sklarsky Publishing)1923-1954
39811Natsionaler yidish-veltlekhe folkshul-ha’tihiyeh (National Jewish Secular People’s School-To-Be), San Paolo1933
39816Dos Naye Lebn (The New Life)1910
39817Naye Tsayt (New Time), Kiev1918
39818Di Naye Tsaytung (The New Newspaper), Czernowitz1931
39815Naylebn (New Life)1935
39814Nayvelt (New World)1935
39812Nib (Expression)1949
39813Nyu-Yorker Vokhnblat, (New York Weekly Newspaper)1950
31559Organazir-komitet far tsunoyfrufn a zuzamenfor fun di yidishe studentn faraynen in meyrev eyropa (Organizing Committee to Call Together a Convention of the Jewish Student Unions in Western Europe)1913, undated
31558Organizatsye fun Minsker landsleit (Organization of Immigrants from Minsk)1938
31562Ortografishe komisye (Orthographic Commission)1920
28500Ovent-Kurier (Evening Courier), Vilna1931
28501Oyfgang (Rise), Sighet1934
28502Oyflebung (Revival)1933-1944
40826Pechach (Pratiznim, Hayalim, Halutsim, Magazine of Veterans, Soldiers and Pioneers), Munich1948
40838Peretz farayn in chortkov (Peretz Union in Czortkow)1931-1932
40839Peretz kindershul (Peretz Children’s School), Springfield, MAundated
40837Peretz leyenkreyz (Peretz Reading Circle), Cleveland1946
40843Peretz shrayber-farayn (Jewish Writers' Union)1919-1939
40844Peretz shrayber-farayn (Jewish Writers' Union)1940-1955, undated
40841Peretz shul (Peretz School), Windsor1940, 1953
40840Peretz shul by der gezelshaft far yidish-veltlekhe shuln in argentine (Peretz School of the Society for Jewish Secular Schools in Argentina), Buenos Aires1933-1934
40842Peretz shul, mitlshul un kinder-gorten (Peretz School, High School and Kindergarten), Winnipeg1930-1932
40836Peretz yiddisher farayn un folkshul (Peretz Jewish Union and Public School), Santa Fe1937
40835Peretz yidish-hebrayish shul (Peretz Yiddish Hebrew School), Buenos Aires1935
40834Peretz yugntklub (Peretz Youth Club), Philadelphia1945-1946
40829Petersoner yidishe folkshule (Peterson Jewish Public School)1921
40828Playtim-freiland-lige far yiddisher teritorialistisher kolonizatsye in estraykh (Refugees’ Free Land League for Jewish Territorialist Colonization in Austria), Vienna1948
40825Poale-tsiyon-tseirei tsiyon, (Jewish Social Democratic Labor Party, Labor Zionism)1920-1952
40824Dos poylishe yidntum (Polish Jewry), Buenos Aires1947, 1950
40823Poylish-yidisher farband in argentine (Polish Jewish Union in Argentina), Buenos Aires1935
40832Di Prese (The Press), Buenos Aires1933-1947
40830Proletarisher Gedank (Proletarian Ideas)1942
40831Proletpen (Union of Proletarian Writers)1933
40827Pyoneren froyen (Pioneer Women)1946-1953
43928Ramah (Height)1939-1940
43926Ratner relif-komitet (Ratner Relief Committee)1955
43929Retungs-fond far yidishe playtim-shrayber baym i.l. peretz farayn in yidishn pen-klub (Rescue Fund for Jewish Writer Refugees at the I.L. Peretz Union in the Jewish PEN Club)1946-1948
33659S. yatshkovsky-farlag (S. Yatshkovsky Publishing House), Warsaw1924-1929
43934Shikage (Chicago)1932
43944Shlomo sharbarak farlag (S. Sharbarak Publishing), Vilna1909-1913
43936Sholem aleichem folk-institut (Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute), Chicago1936-1954
43935Sholem aleichem folk-institut (Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute), Detroit1941-1943
43937Sholem aleichem folk-institut un shul (Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute and School), New York1920-1955
43938Sholem aleichem folks-tsenter (Sholem Aleichem Folk Center), Sydney1930
43939Sholem aleichem kooperativ (Sholem Aleichem Cooperative)1932
43941Sholem aleichem shul organizatsye in urugvay (Sholem Aleichem School Organization in Uruguay), Montevideo, Uruguay1947
43940Sholem aleichem shul, tsentrale veltlekh yidishe shul organizatsye (Sholem Aleichem School, Central Secular Jewish School Organization, TSYSHO), Buenos Aires1946-1955
43945Shrayber komitet far der histadrut (Writers Committee for Histadrut)1950
43946Shrift (Writing)1937
43947Shriftn (Writings), Buenos Aires1948
43930Hetsoat shtibl (shtibl expenses), New York, Berlin, Philadelphia1921-1929
43932Shtraln (Beams), Buenos Aires1913
40819Solel Boneh baal-milakhah hamercaz hakablani (Paving and Building Artisan Contract Center)1932
43942Der Spiegel (The Mirror), Buenos Aires1932-1954
43933Strashun bibliotek (Strashun Library), Vilna1936
43948Hetsoat talmud (Talmud expenses), Jerusalem1948
33658Teater-Velt (Theater World), Warsawundated
33657Tint un Feder (Ink and Pen), Toronto1948, 1950
33652Der Tog (The Day)1920-1939
33653Der Tog (The Day)1940-1955
33654Tog (Day), Petrograd1916
33655Toz-gezelshaft tsu farhitn dos gezunt fun der yidisher bafelkerung in poylin (TOZ Society to Protect the Health of the Jewish Population in Poland), Vilna1934
42899Tsentrale bildungs-komitet in vilne (Central Education Committee in Vilna, TSBK)1920-1933
42898Tsentrale farvaltung fun di kehile in rusland (Central Managing Committee of the Jewish Community in Russia), Moscow1918
41892Tsentrale veltlekh-yidish shul organizatsye in argentine (Central Secular Jewish School Organization in Argentina), Buenos Aires1935
41893Tsentrale yidishe kultur-organizatsye (Central Yiddish Cultural Organization, CYCO)1938-1944
42894Tsentrale yidishe kultur-organizatsye (Central Yiddish Cultural Organization, CYCO)1945-1955
42896Tsentrale yidishe shul organizatsye far letland (Central Jewish School Organization for Latvia), Riga1928, 1931
42897Tsentrale yidishe shul organizatsye fun poylin, lite un vaysrusland (Central Jewish School Organization of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus), Vilna1921
42895Tsentrale yidishe shul organizatsye in der poylisher republik (Central Jewish School Organization in the Polish Republic), Warsaw1922
41891Tsentral-farlag (Central Publishing), Warsaw1912
42900Tseshinskis yidishe bikher un shrift gesheft (Tseshinski’s Yiddish Books and Writings Store), Chicago1928-1940
41890Di Tsiyonistishe Shtime (The Zionist Voice), Paris1952
41886Di Tsukunft (The Future)1921-1949
41887Di Tsukunft (The Future)1950-1955
41889Tsushteyer (Contribution), Melbourne1944
41888Tsushteyer (Contribution), writings for literature, art and culture, Lemberg1931
33656Tuler yidishe gezelshaftlekhe bibliotek (Tuler Jewish Communal Library)1918
29504Umparteyishe yidishe arbiter-kindershuln baym internatsyonaln arbiter-ordn (Non-partisan Jewish Workers School at the International Workers Order)1929
29506Undzer Tsayt (Our Time)1941, 1951-1955
29505Undzer Vort (Our Word), Buenos Aires1954
32634Vayter (Further), Chicago1954
33640Der Veg (The Way), Mexico1934-1949
33642Der Veker (The Alarm Clock)1937, 1946
33641Velt-Shpiegel (World Mirror), San Paolo1940
33638Vilkomirer yidishe real-gimnaziye (Wilkomir Jewish High School)1924-1930
33637Vilner farlag fun b. kletskin (Vilna Publishing House of B. Kletskin), Vilna1919-1926
32635Vilner Tog (The Day, Vilna)undated
33636Vilner yidishe bildungs-gezelshaft (Vilna Jewish Education Society, VILBIG)1926-1933
33639Virtshaft un Lebn (Economy and Life), Geneva1947
32633Vokh (Week)1929
33661Yehoash-farlag-gezelshaft (Yehoash Publishing House Society)1935-1954
33660Yehoash-lezer-grupe (Yehoash Reading Group), Chicago1936
43931Yehuda steinberg folkshul (Steinberg Public School), Philadelphia1941, 1943
37782Yeshivah d’flatbush (Yeshivah of Flatbush)1952
37781Yeshurun (a name for Israel), Munich1948
34665Yidish-bildungs-gezelshaft in lita (Jewish Education Society in Lithuania), Kovno1928
34666Yidish-brazilianer kulturhoyz (Jewish Brazilian Cultural House), Santos1948
34675Yidishe arbiter-kultur-krayzn in palestine (Jewish Workers Cultural Circles in Palestine), Jerusalem1923
34674Yidishe arbiter-partey, linke poale-tsiyon (Jewish Workers Party, Left Jewish Social Democratic Labor Party), Chicago1934
34689Yidishe folks-bibliotek (Jewish Public Library), Montreal1934-1954
34692Yidishe folkshuln in der lite, untershtitsungs-fond (Jewish Public Schools in Lithuania, Support Fund), Johannesburg1920
34693Yidishe folkshuln in filadelfiye (Jewish Public Schools in Philadelphia)1944-1945
34691Yidishe folkshuln, gan yeladim, mitlshul un hekhere kursn (Jewish Public Schools, Kindergartens, High Schools, and Advanced Courses), Montreal1927-1946
34690Yidishe folkspartei (Jewish People's Democratic Party), Petrograd1918
34676Yidishe historish-etnografishe gezelshaft (Jewish Historical Ethnographic Society), Vilna1926
34696Yidishe k’hillah in pariz (Jewish Community of Paris)1954
34695Yidishe korespondents-byuro (Yiddish Correspondent’s Office)undated
34701Yidishe kultur-gezelshaft (Yiddish Cultural Society), Chicago1935-1936
34700Yidishe kultur-gezelshaft (Yiddish Cultural Society), Melbourne1955
34699Yidishe kultur-gezelshaft (Yiddish Cultural Society), Montreal1931
34697Yidishe kultur-gezelshaft (Yiddish Cultural Society), New York1930-1939
34698Yidishe kultur-gezelshaft (Yiddish Cultural Society), Toronto1953
34702Yidishe kultur-gezelshaft in letland (Yiddish Cultural Society in Latvia), Riga1931
34703Yidishe kultur-grupe, kultur-ring (Yiddish Cultural Group, Cultural Circle), Newark1943, 1950
34704Yidishe kultur-lige (Yiddish Cultural League), Porto Allegra1926
34684Yidishe literarishe gezelshaft-kultur (Jewish Literary Cultural Society), Antwerp1911
34685Yidishe literarishe grupe (Jewish Literary Group), Allentown, PA1934
34688Yidishe peretz-shuln (Peretz Schools), Montreal1920-1943
34687Yidishe Prese (Yiddish Press), Rio de Janeiro1954
34705Yidishe ratsionalistishe gezelshaft (Jewish Rationalist Society), Buenos Aires1935
34710Yidishe Shriftn (Yiddish Writings)undated
34709Di Yidishe Shtime (The Jewish Voice), Detroit1928
34708Yidishe shule in meksike, naye yidishe shul (Jewish School in Mexico, New Jewish School)1934-1950
34706Yidishe shul-organizatsye (Jewish Schools Organization), Warsaw1925-1936
34707Yidishe shul-organizatsye (Jewish Schools Organization), Zeludok, Belarus1931
34686Yidishe studentn-klubn in meksike (Jewish Student Clubs in Mexico)1936
34680Yidishe teater-gezelshaft in detroyt (Yiddish Theater Society in Detroit)1942
34681Yidishe Teglekhe Prese (Yiddish Daily Press) and Yidishe Tsaytung (Yiddish Newspaper), Johannesburg1930, 1948
34682Yidishe telegrafn-agentur (Jewish Telegraphic Agency, JTA)1931-1950
34694Di Yidishe Tsaytung (The Yiddish Newspaper), Buenos Aires193?-1955
34679Dos Yidishe Velt (The Jewish World), St. Petersburg, Vilna, Warsaw1912-1928
34677Dos Yidishe Vort (The Yiddish Word), St. Petersburg1911
34678Dos Yidishe Vort (The Yiddish Word), Winnipeg1953
34683Yidishe yugnt-bibliotek (Jewish Youth Library), Cordoba1938
34711Yidisher aktyorin-farayn in argentine un urugvay (Jewish Actor’s Union in Argentina and Uruguay), Buenos Aires1935
34713Yidisher arbiter-bildungs-farayn morgnroyt (Jewish Worker’s Education Union, Dawn), Czernowitz1931
34714Yidisher arbiter-komitet (Jewish Worker’s Committee)1939-1945
34715Yidisher arbiter-komitet (Jewish Worker’s Committee)1946-1955
34712Yidisher arbiter-universitet (Jewish Worker’s University)1926
34716Yidisher bildungs-farayn (Jewish Education Union), Buffalo1924
34717Yidisher demokratisher klub (Jewish Democratic Club),Yuriev, Estonia1916
37761Yidisher Ekspres (Jewish Express), Johannesburg1934
37768Yidisher Familiyen Zhurnal (Jewish Family Journal)1943
37766Yidisher folks-institut, yidishe folkshul (Jewish People’s Institute, Jewish Public School), Milwaukee1928
37767Yidisher folks-komitet (Jewish People’s Committee)1938
34718Yidisher hilfs-farayn un imigrantn-shuts (Jewish Aid Society and Immigrant Protection), Rio de Janeiro1935
37777Yidisher Kemfer (Jewish Fighter)1910-1947
37770Yidisher kultur-front (Jewish Cultural Front), Ickoff, Paris1936-1948
37773Yidisher kultur-klub (Jewish Culture Club), Brookline, MAundated
37774Yidisher kultur-klub (Jewish Culture Club), Tlomackie 13, Warsaw1949-1951
37769Yidisher kultur-kongres (Jewish Culture Congress), Winnipeg1921
37772Yidisher kultur-kounsil (Jewish Culture Council), Rochester1945, 1955
37775Yidisher kulturkrayz (Jewish Culture Circle), Roosevelt, NJ1949
37771Yidisher kultur-tsenter in meksike (Jewish Culture Center in Mexico)1944
37776Yidisher kunst-teater (Jewish Art Theater)undated
37755Yidisher lerer-seminar (Jewish Teachers' Seminary)1920-1931
37756Yidisher lerer-seminar un folks universitet (Jewish Teachers’ Seminary and People’s University1937-1949
37757Yidisher lerer-seminar un folks universitet (Jewish Teachers’ Seminary and People’s University)1950-1955
37753Yidisher literatn un zhurnalistn klub in eretz yisroel (Jewish Men of Letters and Journalists’ Club in Israel), Tel Aviv1929
37754Yidisher literatn-farayn in letland, aleph (Jewish Men of Letters Union in Latvia, Aleph), Riga1931
37762Yidisher patsyentn-komitet in ira-santorium (Jewish Patient Committee in Ira Samatorium), Gauting by Munich195?
37763Yidisher pen-klub (Jewish PEN Club)1928-1949
37764Yidisher pen-klub (Jewish PEN Club), New York1928-1955, undated
37765Yidisher pen-klub (Jewish PEN Club), Vilna1931
37779Der yiddisher Rekord (The Jewish Record), Chicago1921
37778Der yiddisher Rekord (The Jewish Record), St. Louis1926
37780Yidisher shrayber-farayn afn nomen fun h.d. nomberg (Jewish Writers’ Union, named after H.D. Nomberg), Buenos Aires1952, 1954
37758Yidisher sotsyalistisher farband fun amerike (Jewish Socialist Union of America)1920-1937
37760Yidisher sport-tsenter in meksike (Jewish Sports Center in Mexico)1954
37759Der Yidisher Student (The Jewish Student), Ghent, Belgium1913
37752Yidisher teater-klub (Jewish Theater Club)1940
37751Yidisher veltkongres (Jewish World Congress), Mexico1952
35719Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Vilna1925-1935
35720Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1940-1942
35721Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1943
35722Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1944
35723Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1945
35724Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1946
35725Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1947
35726Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1948
35727Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1949
35728Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1950
35729Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1951
35730Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1952
35731Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1953
35732Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1954
35733Folder Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York1955, undated
36748Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Branches in Argentina, Australia, Miami, Montreal, Bialystok, Los Angeles, Brazil, Chicagoundated
36739Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Conference on Material Claims Against Germany1954-1955
36742Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Director’s Board1950-1955
36738Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), History of the Jewish Worker’s Movement 1953
36749Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Invitations to Meetingsundated
36741Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Management1945-1955
36744Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Office of the Administrative Director1953-1955
36746Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Office of the Secretary to the Editor1953-1955
35737Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Partnered Work with Yad VaShem1954-1955
36740Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Project for a New Constitutionundated
36745Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Research Committee1951
35735Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Research Students1941-1946
36747Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Scientific Colleagues1946-1955
35734Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Scientific Meetings1948-1953
36743Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Society of Friends of YIVO1932-1944
36750Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Various Projects and Reports1944-1955
35736Yidisher visnshaftlekher institut (Yiddish Scientific Institute/YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), Yidishe Shprach (Yiddish Language)1943-1953
34671Yidish-etishe kultur-gezelshaft (Jewish Ethical Cultural Society)1936-1937
34673Yidish-kulturklub (Yiddish Cultural Club), no location1950
34672Yidish-kulturtsvayg baym ikor (Jewish Cultural Branch at ICOR)1935-1936
34669Yidish-Lebn (Yiddish Life), Rochester1940
34668Yidish-litvishe kultur-gezelshaft, komitet farn bukh (Jewish Lithuanian Cultural Society, Book Committee), Lithuania1948-1952
34670Yidish-natsyonaler arbeter-farband un poale-tsiyon, shuln un tsvaygn (Jewish National Labor Union and Jewish Social Democratic Labor Party, Schools and Branches)1920-1955
34667Yidish-veltlekhe shul (Jewish Secular School)1921
33662Yugnt-bund-tsukunft in poylin (Bund Youth in Poland), Warsaw1947
33663Yugntruf (Youth for Yiddish), Philadelphia, New York1946-1948
43927Zalman reisen-yidishe folkshul by der azara (Zalmen Reisen Jewish Public School at Azara), Aveshaneda, Argentina193?
33643Zamlbikher (collected works), no locationundated
33644Zamlung (collecting)1951
33648Zhelekhover buletin (Zelechow Bulletin), Chicagoundated
33645Zid-Amerike (South America), Santiago, Chile1935

Subseries 2: Non-Yiddish Organizations, 1911-1957

286 folders
43949Advanced Encyclopediaundated
43950The All Russian Jewish Public Committee1921
43951Almanaque Cultural Peruano, Lima1946
43952 Almanaque Hebreo, Havana1943
43953The American Academy of Political and Social Science, no locationundated
43954American Association for Jewish Education1945-1955
43955American Association for the United Nations1945
43956 American Biblical Encyclopedia Society1954-1955
43957American Brotherhood of Moghileff, Chicago1930
43958The American Committee for the Settlement of Jews in Birobidjan, Ambijan1936-1937
43959American Committee of Jewish writers and Artists and Scientists1944-1947
43960The American Committee of OSE1945, 1952
43961 The American Council for Judaism1951
43962 The American Entente, Chicago1934
43963American-European Jeshurun Book Co.1921
43964American Far Eastern Society1943
43965American Federation of Jews from Austria1954
43966American Federation for Polish Jews1944-1947
43967American Financial and Development Corporation for Israel1950-1951
43968 American Friends of the Alliance Israelite Universelle1949, 1951
43969 The American Friends of the Hebrew University1948, 1952
44970 American Friends of NER1955
44971American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati1950
44972 The American Jewish Committee1943-1954
44973 American Jewish Conference1943
44974American Jewish Congress1921-1955
44975American Jewish Historical Society1937-1954
44976American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1920-1953
44977 American Jewish Literary Foundation1955
44978American Jewish Tercentenary Committee/Tercentenary Celebration of Jewish Settlement in the United States1951-1955
44979 American Jewish Year Book1952, 1954
44980American Judaism1954
44981American League for a Free Palestine1944
44982American ORT Federation/Association for the Promotion of Trades and Agriculture among the Jews, ORT/ORT Organization for Industrial and Agricultural Training of Jews in Europe/American Labor ORT1922-1955
44983American Society for Race Tolerance1937
44984 The American Teacher, Chicago1944
44985American Zionist Emergency Council1947
44986 Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith1944
44987Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights1944
44988Artef Jubilee Committeeundated
44989Asociacion Industriales de la Madera y del Hierro, Buenos Aires1953
44990Asociacion Israelite de Beneficencia, Buenos Airesundated
44991 The Australian Jewish News, Melbourne1951, 1954
44992 Clarence L. Barnhart Reference Books1949
44993Bay Area Jewish Forum Hagadah, Oakland, CA1951
44994 Bazedek Student Monthly Publication1944
44995 Behrman House Publishers1945, 1950
45996Beth Jacob of Brighton1953
45997Biographical Encyclopedia of American Jews1934
45998 B’nai Brith Hillel Foundation, Cornell University, Ithaca1946
45999B’nai Brith Lodge, Sao Paolo1935
451000B'nai Brith Magazine, Cincinnati1936
451001Board of Jewish Education, Chicago1942, 1954
451002Bonds of Israel Government, Greater New York Committee1953
451003Brandeis University, Waltham, MAundated
451004Bronx Jewish Center1948
451005The Brooklyn Jewish Center1937
451006Bund fur neues Judentum, Stuttgart1932
451007Bureau of Jewish Education, Buffalo1953
451008Camara Israelita de Industria y Comercio de Mexico1936
451009Canadian Jewish Congress, Montreal1940
451010The Central Commission for Jewish Colonization1933
451011Central Conference of American Rabbis, Cincinnati1941
451012Centro Israelita de Cuba, Havana1936
451013Centro Literario Israelita y Biblioteca Max Nordau, La Plata1937
451014City Council of New York/Mayor's Reception Committee1953, 1955
451015Club of Polish Jews1953
451016Colegio Israelita de Mexico, Mexico1936
451017The College of Jewish Studies, Chicago1948-1951
451018College Yiddish Association1954
451019Columbia Dictionary of Modern European Literature1947
451020Columbia University Press1947
451022Commission for the Study of Jewish Education in the United States1953-1955
451023Committee for a Jewish Army of Stateless and Palestinian Jews1943
451024Committee for Aid to Minsk and Neighboring Towns1945
451025Committee for the Study of Recent Immigration from Europe1947
451026Committee on License for Teachers of Jewish Schools of Greater New York1938
451027Committee to Oppose National Budgeting1945
451028Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany1953-1955
451029Conference on Jewish Relations1937-1955
451030Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion1945
451031Congress of the United States, Washington, D.C.undated
451032Congress Weekly1948
451033Contemporary Jewish Record1943-1945
451034Cultural Association of Polish Jews1940
451035Drustvo Tchrnogorskog Tsrvenog Krsta, Vilna1915
451036Ducorer Brotherly Benevolent Association/Ducorer Relief Fund1926, 1937-1950
451037Emanuel Synagogue, Hartford, Conn.1947
451038The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars1942
451039Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe1944
451040Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences1932
451041Encyclopedia Britannica, no location1954
451042The Ex-Patients Tubercular Home, Denver1921
451043Espigas, Moises Ville, Argentinaundated
451044Federal Writers Project1938
451045Federated Jewish Charities of Boston1920
451046Federation of American Jews of Lithuanian Descent1939
451047The Federation of Jewish Charities of Philadelphia1926
451048Federation of Polish Jews in America1935-1941
451049First Independent Rishkaner Besserabier, Young Men's and Young Ladies' Benevolent Association1920
451050Free Palestine Committee, Washington, D.C.1944
451051The Free Sons of Israel1941
461052Die Freistatt, Berlin1913-1914
461053Friends of Choral Art1948-1949
461054Friends of Zion1937
461056The Golden Book Foundation of America1945
461057Greater New York Tools Campaign Committee for Palestine Workers1921
461058John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation1937, 1954
461059Habonim, Labor Zionist Youth1952
461060Hallsby Pressundated
461061Hasholom, Durban, South Africa1947
461062Hashomer Hatsair1949
461063Hebrew Actors' Union1945
461064Hebrew Committee of National Liberation, Washington, D.C.1944-1946
461065Hebrew Literature Society, Philadelphia1921
461066Hebrew Musical Singing Society, Paterson, NJ1921
461067Hebrew PEN Club1953
461068Hebrew Publishing Company1941
461069Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of America, HIAS1933-1947
461070The Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati1945-1949
461071Independent Order of B'nai Brith, Cincinnati1926
461072Initiating Committee, Statement to the President and Congressundated
461073Institut Byelarusskoy Kultury, Minsk1925
461074Institute of Jewish Affairs1944
461075Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America, IZFA1950
461076The International Book Society1950
461077International Ladies Garment Workers' Union1941
461078Iron Curtain Refugee Campaign1952
461079The Jewish Agency for Palestine1945-1954
461080The Jewish Almanac Publishing Corporation1922
461081Jewish Book Council of America1942-1955
461082The Jewish Chronicle of London, American Bureau, NY1945-1946
461083Jewish Citizens Committee for Freedom of Worship1945
461084The Jewish Club1950
461085Jewish Community Center of Baltimore1954
461086Jewish Community Center, Binghamton, NY1939-1940
461087Jewish Community Centers of Cleveland1952-1953
461088Jewish Community Center, Detroit1947, 1954
461089Jewish Council for Russian War Relief1944
461090The Jewish Courier, Chicago1946
461091Jewish Daily Bulletin1934
461092Jewish Digest1940-1941
461093Jewish Education Association1924-1939
461094Jewish Education Association, Rochester, NY1947
461095Jewish Education Committee of New York1940-1955
461096The Jewish Education Survey in New York City1952, 1954
461097Jewish Folk Schools of New York/Kinnereth1943-1953
461098The Jewish Forum1955
461099Jewish Frontier1936, 1940
461100Jewish Institute of Religion1944-1952
461101Jewish Librarians Association1952
461102Jewish Lifeundated
461103Jewish Mirror1942
461104The Jewish Museum1948, 1953
461105The Jewish Music Forum1949-1952
461106Jewish National Fund1951
461107Jewish National Relief Committee, Cleveland1921
461108The Jewish Neighborhood Publishing Co.1925
461109Jewish Newsletter1950-1953
471110Jewish Observer, London, Ontario1946-1951
471111Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order/International Workers Order1936-1947
471112Jewish Public Library of the Hebrew Alliance of Brighton by the Sea1937
471113The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia1926, 1944, 1947
471114The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia1948-1955
471115The Jewish Quarterly Review, Philadelphia1954
471116Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation1942-1955
471117Jewish Social Studies1938-1955
471118The Jewish Spectator1943
471119The Jewish Theological Seminary of America1932-1955
471120The Jewish Tribune1923, 1926
471121Jewish War Veterans of the United States1944-1946
471122The Jewish World, Philadelphia1938
471123The Jewry of Philadelphia1926
471124Jews from Franceundated
471125The Judge1938
471126Judischer Verlag, Der Jude, Berlin1920
471127Judisches Lexicon, Berlin1929
471128Keren Kayemeth L’Israel, Jerusalem1950
471129Kievskoe Obschestvo Deyateley Periodicheskoy Pechati, Kiev1914
471130Kohut School for Boys, Harrison, NY1952-1953
471131Labor Lyceum Association, Chelsea, MA1950
471132Labor Zionist Assembly1949-1955
471133Liberal Judaism1943-1946
471134Lietuvos Ukininkas, Vilna1915
471135Max N. Maisel Bookseller1933
471136Massadah Limited, Jerusalem1951
471137The Menorah Journal1923, 1942-1945
471138Menorah Society of Washington Square, New York University1931
471139Mid-European Studies Centerundated
471141Mizrachi Organization of America, Youth and Education Department1944
471142The Nationundated
471143National Assembly for Labor Israel1949
471144National Committee for Labor Israel1952
471145National Conference of Jewish Center Executives, Committee on Education, no location1935
471146National Council for Jewish Education1951
471147The National Council of Jewish Women1928
471148National Farm School, Philadelphia1944
471149The National Federation of Jewish Men's Clubsundated
481150National Jewish Welfare Board1929, 1945-1952
481151National Jewish Welfare Board, Jewish Center Lecture Bureau1943-1954
481152National Reception Committee for Jewish Delegation from Poland1946
481153National Refugee Service/United Service for New Americans1942-1950
481154The New Palestine, Washington, D.C.1945
481155New York Cloak Joint Board, ILGWU1945-1950
481156New York Public Library1926-1952
481157Novy Put, Moscow1916
481158Obschestvennoe Sobranie Sluzhaschikh g. Minska1916(?)
481159Obschestvo dla Rasprostraneniya Prosvescheniya Mezhdu Yevreyami v Rossiyi, Kharkov1914
481160Obschestvo Rasprostranieniya Prosvescheniya Sredi Yevreev, Dvinskoe Otdeleniye1914
481161Obschestvo Rasprostranieniya Prosvescheniya Sredi Yevreev, Kievskoe Otdeleniye1913
481162The One-Volume Jewish Encyclopedia1933
481163Order Sons of Zion1944
481164Organizacion Sionista Unida en Mexico1945
481165Palestine Information1946
481166People's Relief Committee for Jewish War Sufferers, NY1919-1923
481167Philosophical Library Publishers1953
481168Piney Woods School, Piney Woods, MS1947, 1951
481169Pioneer Women's Organization1939-1955
481170Prasa Nowa, Warsaw193?
481171Public Library of the City of Boston1953-1955
481172G.P. Putnam's Sons1957
481173The Rabbinical Assembly of America1946, 1953
481174Solomon Rabinowitz Book Store1942
481175Rally of Hope1942
481176Razsvet (Sunrise), St. Petersburg1911-1913
481177Bernard G. Richards Co.1926
481178Schocken Books1946-1951
481179The School of the Jewish Woman1933-1934
481180Settlement Farms Building Corporation1933
481181Seven Arts Feature Syndicate1946
481182The Shoulson Press1949
481183Simon and Schuster Publishers1945-1946
481184The Society of Friends of Touro Synagogue, Newport, RIundated
481185Soncio-Gesellschaft der Freunde des Judischen Buches, Berlin1925, 1927
481186Sphinx Films Corp.1937
481187State of Israel Mission to the United States, Provisional Government, Washington, D.C.1948
481188Sun Valley Jewish Community Center, Sun Valley, CA1954
481189Sygnaly, Lwow1934
481190Talmud Torah Association, Cincinnati1955
481191M. Tausner Book Store1934
481192Temple Israel and Community Center1941
481193El Tigre, Mexico1936
481194Tiphereth Zion Jewish Educational Center, St. Louis, MO1953
481195Le Triangle Librairie, Paris1947
481196Union des Societes OSE pour la protection de la Sante des Populations Juives, Paris1937
481197Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Cincinnati1943-1945
481198Union of Russian Jews1942-1944
481199United Czenstochover Relief1948
481200United Jewish Appeal1943-1952
481201United Palestine Appeal1945, 1947
481202United Service for New Americans1947
481203The United Synagogue of America, no locationundated
481204The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia1942-1943
481205University of Judaism, Los Angelesundated
491206Vardi-Yoalit Theatre Studio1929
491207Der Verband1924
491208The Viking Press1954
491209Vilenskiy Kuryer, Vi1no1915
491210Wayne University, Detroit1953-1955
491211Welt-Verlag, Berlin1920
491212Who's Who among North American Authors, L.A.1931
491213Who's Who in American Jewry1926-1938
491214Who's Who in the East, Boston1928, 1941
491215Who's Who in World Jewry1953-1954
491216The Isaac M. Wise Temple, Cincinnati1941, 1950
491217World Encyclopedia Institute1946
491218World Federation for Polish Jews1947
491219World Jewish Congress1944-1955
491220World Union Press1953-1954
491221The World Zionist Organization1950
491222Doz Wort Library1951
491223Wostok Verlag, Berlin1921
491224Yavne Institute for Studies and Trades1940
491225Yekaterinoslavskiye Obschestvo Vzaipomoschi1916
491226Yevreiskoe Demokratischeskoe Ob'edineniye, Moscow191(1)
491227Yevreiskoe Muzykalno-Dramaticheskoe Literaturnoe Obschestvo, Karmel1915
491228Yevreisky Mir, Moscow1918
491229Yiddish Art Theatre/Irving Place Theatre1920-1955
491230Young Men and Women's Hebrew Association, Pittsburgh1946
491231Young Men and Young Women's Hebrew Association, Newark1943
491232Young Men and Young Women's Hebrew Association, NY1951
491233Zhenskoe Yevreiskoe Dvukhklassnoe Utchilishche, g. Vitebsk1914
491234Zionist Organization of America, N.Y., Washington D.C.1936-1952
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Series V: Manuscripts and Typescripts, 1921-1956

177 folders
Scope and Content:

This series consists of monographs and larger essays about I.L. Peretz (folders 1,367-1,380), Sholem Asch (folders 1,254-1,258), H. Leivick (folders 1,339-1,343), I.M. Dik (folders 1,278-1,285), Sholem Aleichem (folders 1,404-1,406), larger essays on Yiddish and Yiddish literature, and a number of smaller articles and fragments of articles about authors. Some of these articles and essays were translated into English. Major topics are: Jewish life in American (folders 1,243-1,244), Yiddish literature in America (folders 1,245-1,250), Hasidic literature (folders 1,295-1,296), Yiddish (folders 1,301-1,308), Yiddish literature (folders 1,313-1,326), Jewish culture (folder 1,329), Israel and Zionism (folders 1,333-1,335), and Soviet Yiddish literature (folders 1,354-1,356). Among the manuscripts there are lists of contents of three publications that Niger had planned to issue but that were never published: An anthology of Social Poetry of Labor and Struggle; A Chrestomathy of the Older Yiddish Literature, and an Anthology of Translations of World Literature into Yiddish. The folder list has been rearranged to conform to the Latin alphabet according to the name of the author or topic. General materials are in two folders at the end of the series.

491235Ahad HaAmundated
491241Almi, Aundated
491243America, Jewish life in, “300 Years of Jewish Life in America - What Can We Learn from It?”, “Slowly or All at Once, concerning the Jewish Community in America”undated
491244America, Jewish life in, “A Greeting from America” (a bibliographical note)undated
491245America, Jewish life in, “Goals and Problems of American Yiddish Literary Scholarship”, “Motifs and Tendencies in American Yiddish Literature”, “On the Threshold”undated
491246America, Jewish literature in, “A New Branch of an Old Tree”, “The 1890's”undated
491247America, Jewish literature in, “Essays and Evaluations Concerning American Yiddish Writers”undated
491248America, Yiddish culture inundated
501249America, Yiddish culture inundated
501250America, Yiddish culture inundated
511274The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, English manuscriptundated
491242American literatureundated
501252Ansky, S.undated
491237Anthology of Translations of World Literature into Yiddish, lists for planned publicationundated
501251Antisemitism, “The Struggle with Dead Gods”, “Against Whom and What Should we Combat?”, “Three Directions in Jewish Life”undated
621387Art and literatureundated
511257Asch, Sholem, “Sholem Asch, Background, Childhood and Youth, 1880-1900”undated
501256Asch, Sholem, “Sholem Asch, Storyteller, Novelist, Playwright, Essayist”, comments, “The Danger of Emotionalism”, “Concerning Good but Blind Deeds”undated
501255Asch, Sholem, chapters of monographundated
511258Asch, Sholem, letter from a readerundated
501254Asch, Sholem, monograph, printed in Sholem Asch, His Life and Works, N.Y.1960
511262Baal Makhshoves (Isidor Eliashev)undated
511263Bergelson, Davidundated
511260Bialik, Chaim Nakhman, manuscripts, excerpts of letters from Bialikundated
511261Birnbaum, Dr. Nathanundated
511259Boraisha, Menahem, “A Gabardine of a Recluse and a Shtrayml from a Saint?” (a reply to Menehem)undated
511270“Boytre the Bandit”undated
511264Bratslav, Reb Nakhman of, “Rabbi Nakhman of Bratslav and His Stories”undated
621390Children’s literatureundated
621386Communist writers, “Proletarian and Pro-Soviet Writers”undated
631407Conversations about booksundated
621382Creating a peopleundated
621384Der Fraynd (The Friend)undated
521284Dik, Isaac Meyer, “Isaac Meyer Dik, His Work and His Life”undated
521285Dik, Isaac Meyer, “On the 30th Anniversary of Dik’s Death”, “The Early Work of I.M. Dik (1856-1860)”, “When I.M. Dik Began to Write Yiddish”undated
521282Dik, Isaac Meyer, biographical and bibliographical materialsundated
521283Dik, Isaac Meyer, language and orthography, Dik’s styleundated
521281Dik, Isaac Meyer, other stories, “The Dead Wall”, “Fear in the Night”, “The Village Jew”, “Methuselah’s Little Hat”undated
511279Dik, Isaac Meyer, stories, newspaper clippings, published in Isaac Meyer Dik, Selected Works, selected, abridged and edited by S. Niger, published N.Y.1954
511280Dik, Isaac Meyer, stories, newspaper clippings, published in Isaac Meyer Dik, Selected Works, selected, abridged and edited by S. Niger, published N.Y.1954
51-Folder 1,280 Dik, Isaac Meyer, the same1278Dik, Isaac Meyer, table of contents from a book about Dikundated
511275Dimondstein, B., “On the Curiosities of the Yiddish Periodical Press”undated
511277Dinesohn, Jacobundated
571353Drafts, about changesundated
511273The Dubner Maggid, “From the Dubner Maggid’s Words and Examples”undated
511276Dymow, Ossipundated
491239Einhorn, Davidundated
621383Feinberg, L.undated
511269Gilbert, Shlomo, “Stories and Plays with Biographical and Critical Introduction by S. Niger”undated
511271Glanz, Jacobundated
511266Goldberg, Ben Zion, letter to Morgn-Freiheitundated
511267Goldfaden, Abraham, “The Poems of Abraham Goldfaden”undated
511268Gordon, Mikhlundated
511265Gotlober, A.B., “The Yiddish Works of A.B. Gotlober, Upon the 25th Anniversary of his Death”, revised clipping, list of worksundated
511272Grade, Chaimundated
531295Hasidism, “Hasidism and Jewish Literature”undated
531296Hasidism, “On the Threshold of Jewish Literature”, series: “Hasidism, Haskalah and the New Jewish Literature”, “Hasidism – A Holiday of Fantasy”, “Reb Nakhman of Bratslav”, “Reb Nakhman of Bratslav Discusses”, “The Word of Reb Nakhman of Bratslav’s Stories”, Tog1930
531289Hatikvah (The Hope)undated
531288Hirschbein, Peretzundated
531294Holocaust, “Treblinka - A Theme?”, “After a Fire”undated
521287Howe, Irving and Eliezer Greenberg, Yiddish Stories and Yiddish History, a Treasury of Yiddish Storiesundated
491238Ignatov, David, “For a New World,” a tragedy in 5 actsundated
491240Indian gurusundated
541333Israel and Zionism, “Either the State of Israel or Nothing”undated
541334Israel and Zionism, “Israel - People and Country”, published in Chicago1952
551335Israel and Zionism, “The Zionists Succeeded, the Rabbis Won”, “What Does the Zionist Congress Teach Us?”, “Like All Nations, Concerning the Terrorist Acts in Palestine”, “Will This be Silenced?” (concerning the Petliura-Jabotinsky matter), “Concerning Zionism”undated
531311Jewish education, “The Yiddish School and its Ideological Orientation”, “Concerning Education”undated
531310Jewish historical studyundated
541327The Jewish national question, “The Ghetto, Which Disappears”undated
541328The Jewish public library of Montreal undated
621389Kiddush HaShem (Sanctification of the Name), a variety of materials about Kiddush HaShem in the present and in the pastundated
621388Kurzweil, Dr. B., “A Master of Polemic”undated
571345Lehrer, Davidundated
551339Leivick, H., “H. Leivick, His Descent, His Childhood and Youth, His Lyrical and Dramatic Works, His Poetic Method. Upon his becoming 60 years old, 1888-1948”, published in 19511951
561340Leivick, H., “H. Leivick, His Descent, His Childhood and Youth, His Lyrical and Dramatic Works, His Poetic Method. Upon his becoming 60 years old, 1888-1948”1951
561341Leivick, H., “H. Leivick, His Descent, His Childhood and Youth, His Lyrical and Dramatic Works, His Poetic Method. Upon his becoming 60 years old, 1888-1948”, pgs. 1-2071951
561342Leivick, H., “H. Leivick, His Descent, His Childhood and Youth, His Lyrical and Dramatic Works, His Poetic Method. Upon his becoming 60 years old, 1888-1948”, pgs. 208-4451951
571343Leivick, H., articlesundated
571346The Lester Gangs undated
551337Libman, Isaacundated
551338Literature and politics, “Poetry and Politics, Mani Leib and A. Raboy Correspond about Literature and Political Strife”, “Concerning Literature and War”undated
551336Louis Lamed-Fondundated
571351Mendele Mokher Seforim, “Fishke the Lame”undated
571349Meyer, Miltonundated
571347Morgn-Freiheit (Morning Freedom), “Curiosities of the Yiddish Press”, “Chad Gadya”undated
571348Mukdoni, Dr. Alexanderundated
571352Nadir, Moshe, “The Third (about Moshe Nadir’s ‘One Jesus’)”undated
501253Opatoshu, Josephundated
621381People, “About People, Their Language and their Intelligence”undated
621377Peretz, I.L., “Greeting to Peretz on his 20th Anniversary of Literary Work”undated
601371Peretz, I.L., “I.L. Peretz, His Life, His Dominant Personality, His Hebrew and Yiddish Works, His Influence”, published in 1952, pgs. 1-193undated
611372Peretz, I.L., “I.L. Peretz, His Life, His Dominant Personality, His Hebrew and Yiddish Works, His Influence”, pgs. 194-565undated
611373Peretz, I.L., “Isaac Leibush Peretz on His 100th Birthday, 1852-1952”, edited remarks on a bound, printed volumeundated
621378Peretz, I.L., “Isaac Leibush Peretz’s 100th Birthday”undated
621376Peretz, I.L., “Peretz and His Tune”, “Peretz on His 90th Birthday”, other articles about Peretzundated
621379Peretz, I.L., “Peretz’s Leading Personality, 60 Years After His Debut in Yiddish”, “Peretz’s Leading Personality, Beginning of the 20th Century”, “Peretz’s Beginning in Yiddish”, “I.L. Peretz and Hasidism”undated
621380Peretz, I.L., Hebrew articles about his 100th birthdayundated
581367Peretz, I.L., monographundated
591368Peretz, I.L., monographundated
591369Peretz, I.L., monographundated
601370Peretz, I.L., monographundated
621375Peretz, I.L., Peretz’s writingsundated
621374Peretz, I.L., selected writings, project suggested by S. Nigerundated
581365Pinski, David, “David Pinski. On His Eightieth Birthday”, published in Yiddish Writers from the Twentieth Century1972
571362Poetry, “Essay and Poem”, “Neither Geography nor History”undated
581363Poetry, about V.G. Bellinsky, “Just what is Poetry?”undated
581366“Progressive Americanism”undated
621391Raboy, A.undated
621392Ravidowitz, S.undated
631398Reisen, Abrahamundated
631403Restitution moneyundated
631396Ribalow, Menahemundated
631397Rivkin, B.undated
621393Rosenfeld, Jonahundated
621394Rosenfeld, Morrisundated
621395Russia, “Letters from Russia: The Nouveau Riche”, “Letter from Russia: The Conference of the Jewish Communities”undated
571357Sadan, Davidundated
631399Schweid, Markundated
571361Semuel, Morrisundated
631406Sholem Aleichem, “Introducing Sholem Aleichem”, “The Gift of Sholem Aleichem, He Brought Literature to a People”undated
631404Sholem Aleichem, “Sholem Aleichem, His Most Important Works, His Humor and His Place in Yiddish Literature”, published in 19281928
631405Sholem Aleichem, monographundated
631408Shomer, “Shomer's Trial against Sholem Aleichem”undated
631400Shusheim, A.L.undated
571360Sigal, I.I.undated
531292Singer, I. Bashevis / Varshavskyundated
571356Soviet Yiddish writersundated
571355Soviet Yiddish writers, biographical and bibliographical notesundated
571354Soviet Yiddish writers, published in Yiddish Writers in Soviet Russia, N.Y.1958
631401Steinberg, I.N., “Word and Deeds - In Honor of I.N. Steinberg's 60th Birthday”undated
631402Stencl, Abraham Nahumundated
521286Stories and Novellas, with an introduction on the history of Jewish storytelling in the 19th century, volume 1undated
571359Strindberg, Augustundated
571358Stutchkoff, Nachumundated
531299Tenenbaum, S.undated
621385Tsinberg, Israel, “The Historian of the Literatures of Jews”undated
531297Twersky, Yohananundated
571350War, “Is the Danger of War Coming Over?”undated
531290Woodcock, Georgeundated
531291Words, singularundated
631409Writer and critic, “The Sin or the Sinner?”, “Enmity and Friendship”undated
531300Yabloner Rebbe, “On the Paths of the Baal Shem Tov, about the Yabloner Rebbe and his Religion of Work”undated
531309Yiddish booksundated
541331Yiddish Cultural Society (Yidishe kultur-gezelshaft)undated
541330Yiddish culture, “The Yiddish Cultural Movement, its Problems and its Tasks”undated
541329Yiddish culture, “To the Editor of Commentary”undated
541326Yiddish Literature and Cultureundated
541323Yiddish literature, “Anthology of Social Poetry of Labor and Struggle”, contents of planned publicationundated
541320Yiddish literature, “The Bilingualism of Our Literature”undated
541322Yiddish literature, “Chrestomathy of Older Yiddish Literature”, a planned publicationundated
541316Yiddish literature, “Concerning a Few Problems of Yiddish Literature”undated
541314Yiddish literature, “From the Individual to the People, From Education to Culture”, “The Chief Difference Between Our Contemporary Yiddish and the Yiddish of Sholem Aleichem's and Spektor's Compendia”undated
541317Yiddish literature, “On the Past Year”undated
541319Yiddish literature, “The Pedigree of Yiddish Literature”, “The Book of Wit”, “The Last Flashes of Yiddish in Germany”, “Concerning the Beginning of Modern Yiddish Literature”, published in Pages of History of Yiddish Literature, N.Y.1959
541318Yiddish literature, “Trends in Contemporary Yiddish Literature”undated
541324Yiddish literature, “Yiddish literature and the Bund”undated
541313Yiddish literature, “Yiddish Literature during the Past 200 Years”undated
541315Yiddish literature, “Yiddish Literature in the Second Half of the 19th Century”undated
541325Yiddish literature, a plan for a meeting about Yiddish literature, blackscript in Russianundated
541321Yiddish literature, modern literatureundated
531312Yiddish theaterundated
531307Yiddish, Hebrew components in Yiddish, “Yiddish Translation and Hebrew-Yiddish”undated
531302Yiddish, history of Yiddishundated
531303Yiddish, “The Language of the Diaspora, Yiddish Its Role in the Past, its Present Functions and its Significance for the Future of Jewish Life in the Diaspora”undated
531304Yiddish, semanticsundated
531306Yiddish, survival of Yiddishundated
531308Yiddish, Yiddish in Israel, “Is It Good for Yiddish?”; “Tell Your Youth”, “Is a Yiddish Chair Possible at the Hebrew University?”undated
531293Zhitlowsky, Dr. Chaimundated
631410Reverse alphabetical order, notesundated
631411Various notesundated
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Series VI: Bibliographical Materials, 1936-1940

20 folders and 2 manuscript boxes
Scope and Content:

This series contains notebooks and loose sheets of paper with bibliographical data, lists, and comments and quotes on topics like Yiddish authors and the history of Yiddish literature and the Yiddish language. There is also a card index of selected articles by Niger. The arrangement determined by Niger has been retained. Two boxes of additional bibliographical materials can be found in an addendum at the end of the collection, including a diary from 1936-1940 and another card index of articles.

631412History of Yiddish literature up to Mendele Mokher Seforim, notebookundated
641413History of Yiddish literature from Mendele Mokher Seforim on, notebookundated
641414Hasidic and Haskalah literatureundated
641415Yiddish literature in Americaundated
641416Yiddish literature in Americaundated
641417Yiddish literature in America, poems from N.M. Babadundated
641418Yiddish literature in America, poems from B. Rosenblumundated
641419Yiddish literature in America, poems from Solomon Z. Rubinundated
651420Ettinger, Solomonundated
651422Tsveyfl, Eliezer Tsvi Hakohenundated
651423From Yiddish Translation to Jargon to Yiddishundated
651424Peoplehood and nation, criticism, educationundated
651425Bibliographical listsundated
651426Bibliographical listsundated
651427“Read and Wrote”undated
651428Various materials in notebooksundated
661429Various materials in notebooksundated
661430Various materials undated
661431Various materials undated
661432Card catalogue of a selection of articles published in Tsukunft (Future), Der Tog (The Day), Yidishe Velt (Jewish World), Dos Naye Velt (The New World), Tog-Varhayt (Day-Truth), Bikhervelt (Book World), Tog-Morgn-Zhurnal (Day-Morning Journal), and othersundated
120Card catalogue of a selection of articlesundated
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Series VII: Speeches and Lectures, 1913-1955

69 folders
Scope and Content:

In this series there are addresses, radio speeches, and lectures and lecture outlines, some of which were translated into English. Some important topics are: Three Hundred Years of Jewish Life in America - What Can We Learn from It?; Whither American Jewish Life?; The Strength of Jewish Tradition; Must Literature be Proletarian? (Debate between S. Niger and M. Olgin), and cultural creativity.

There are also lectures from courses on Yiddish literature which Niger gave at the Jewish Teachers' Seminary. The speeches and lectures have been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order according to topic. There is also a subseries of leaflets, posters, clippings of reports about Niger's lectures and visits in the United States and Europe. These subseries have also been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order.

Subseries 1: Themes for Speeches and Lecture, 1921-1955

41 folders
661437America, “Must All Nations Assimilate in America?”, radio symposium of the World Congress for Jewish Culture, moderator; S. Nigerundated
661436America, “Three Hundred Years of Jewish Life in America - What Can We Learn from It?”, translated and abridged from an address delivered at the second National Conference of Jewish Education, “Whither American Jewish Life?”, address at the symposium of the National Conference for Jewish Education1951
661434America, election, radio speech1944
661438America, Jewish culture inundated
661435America, Jewish life inundated
671439Argentina, Jews in, 1955 speech, speech about the YIVO branch in Argentinaundated
691469Central Yiddish Cultural Organization, CYCO, radio speech1938
691471Cultural Burgeoning, address delivered at the National Conference of the Jewish Labor Committee1947
691470Culture and peopleundated
691472“The Essence of a Work of Art”, lecturesundated
681460Israel and the diasporaundated
671441Jewish educationundated
671443Jewish holidays, introductory speech from the chairmanundated
681457Jewish requirements at the Peace Conference, lecture held at the Gershoni branch of the Workmen’s Circle1940
681459Jewish teaching seminar, radio speechundated
671442Jewish tradition, “The Strength of Jewish Tradition”, addressundated
691467Peretz, I.L., radio speeches1939, 1947
681464Pioneer Women, radio speechesundated
681465Pioneer Women, radio speechesundated
681466Pioneer Women, radio speechesundated
681463Socialist and political literatureundated
681462Soviet Yiddish literatureundated
691473Themes for lectures and papersundated
691468Di Tsukunft (The Future), speech1942
681461War, antisemitism and events in the Jewish worldundated
661433World Congress for Jewish Culture, 1948 opening address, 1952 address, undated radio speech1948, 1952
671446Yiddish literatureundated
671447Yiddish literatureundated
671445Yiddish literature, “History of the Old, Modern and Most Modern Yiddish Literature”, notes of lectures and addressesundated
671444Yiddish literature, “Introduction to the History of Yiddish Literature”, lecturesundated
671450Yiddish literature, “Modern Yiddish Literature and Communal Life”, lecturesundated
671453Yiddish literature, “Must Literature be Proletarian?”, debate between Niger and M. Olginundated
671448Yiddish literature, “Old Yiddish Literature”, address1938
671454Yiddish literature, “Questions on the History of Yiddish Literature for the Students of Jewish Teaching Seminars and the Public University”1921-1942
671452Yiddish literature, “Yiddish Literature and the Ordinary Jewish Person”undated
671449Yiddish literature, “Yiddish Literature in the 19th Century”undated
671451Yiddish literature, reasons and social motivesundated
681455Yiddish literature, Yiddish writers Alef-Tov (alphabetical)undated
681456Yiddish pressundated
681458YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, radio speech1932
671440Youth and youth literatureundated

Subseries 2: Leaflets, Posters and Clippings on Niger's Visits and Lectures, 1913-1955

28 folders
691494Europe, Berlin1931
691495Europe, Kovno1931
691497Europe, London1931
691500Europe, Minskundated
691498Europe, Poland: Oszmiana, Bialystok, Warsaw, Vilna, Wloclawek, Slonim1931, undated
691496Europe, Rigaundated
691499Europe, Romania: Bacau, Britshan (Briceni), Kalarash, Kishinev, Ungeni, Czernowitz1931
691474United States and Canada, Bostonundated
691490United States and Canada, Calgaryundated
691492United States and Canada, Cambridge1937
691493United States and Canada, Chicago1936, 1938
691487United States and Canada, Cincinnatiundated
691491United States and Canada, Cleveland1941
691476United States and Canada, Detroit1936-1939
691475United States and Canada, Dorchester, MA1934
691478United States and Canada, Hartford1940
691477United States and Canada, Hobokenundated
691482United States and Canada, Los Angeles1921, 1933
691483United States and Canada, Montreal1940
691484United States and Canada, New Brunswick1944
691485United States and Canada, New York1924-1955
691488United States and Canada, Pawtucketundated
691489United States and Canada, Pittsburghundated
691486United States and Canada, Stamford1937
691481United States and Canada, Toronto1932-1941
691479United States and Canada, Washington, D.C.1923
691480United States and Canada, Winnipeg1913 (?)-1938
691501Various leafletsundated
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Series VIII: Manuscripts and Typescripts by Other Authors, undated

31 folders
Scope and Content:

This series is arranged alphabetically by the author’s name, according to the Latin alphabet. Unidentified manuscripts are found at the end.

691502Abramovits, N. and A. Dobkin-Abramovits, concerning Mendele Mokher-Seforim, Russianundated
701505Barkan, H., “On Foreign Soil”, “The Learned Man”undated
701504Baron, Salo W.undated
701506Biali, Mrs. Rose, poems, notebookundated
701512Charney, Daniel, “From Those Years”undated
711521Dolitski, Adam, “Either… or …”, poemundated
701518Friedman, Dr. Philip, “The Printed Yiddish Word among the Displaced Persons in Germany”undated
701507Hektin, Shalom, “Haim”undated
691503Ish-Tishbi, Ethan, “The Persecuted and the Sinners”undated
711519Kaczerginski, S., “Amidst Falling Walls, or the Death of Itsik Vitnberg”, a tragedy in 3 actsundated
701515Lehrer, Leibush, plan of the principles of the Sholem Aleichem Folk Instituteundated
701514Linetzki, Y. Y.undated
701516Mendele Mokher Seforim, poemundated
711525Regelson, Abrahamundated
711526Regelson, Abrahamundated
711524Regelson, Abraham, “Hebrew Literature”undated
711523Reisen, Abraham, “Stories of a House, a Generation…”undated
711522Rolnick, Joseph, memoirsundated
711520Rosenfeld, Jonah, “Closely Linked”, autobiographical story, edited by S. Nigerundated
711527Shas-Roman, “The Trial of a Fox”, translation from Rumanian story by P. Ispirescuundated
701517Sirkin, Marie, lecturesundated
701511Tenerovski, S., collection of children's poemsundated
701510“Theater of the Hasidim”undated
701509Vilner, S.A. (S. Wein), “Why Intellect and Fortune Do not Come Together”undated
701508Wolfe, “Poem of Love”undated
701513Yoffe, Mordecaiundated
711528No Author, “The Fifteenth Day of Shevat”, playundated
711529No Author, “How I Became a Revolutionary”undated
711530No Author, translation of a chapter of Hippolyte Taine's “The Philosophy of Art”undated
711531Summaries of papers read at the YIVO conferenceundated
711532Unidentified manuscripts and typescriptsundated
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Series IX: Press Clippings, 1903-1955

1518 folders
Scope and Content:

The series has been divided into nine subseries.

Subseries 1: From Niger’s Regular Columns, 1920-1955

7 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of selections from Niger’s regular columns, “From a Reader's and Writer's Notebook” and “Having Read and Written”, which were printed in the Tog, and Tog-Morgn-Zhurnal (Day-Morning Journal) and reprinted in Di yidishe velt (The Jewish World). The folders are arranged chronologically.

721533“From a Reader’s and a Writer’s Notebook”, Der Tog1920?-1932?
721534“From a Reader’s and a Writer’s Notebook”, Der Togundated
721535“Having Read and Written: Literary Observations”, “Having Read and Written: From a Reader’s and a Writer’s Notebook”, Der Tog, Di Yidishe Tsayt1933-1950
721536“Having Read and Written: From a Reader’s and a Writer’s Notebook”, Der Tog1951-1952
721537“Having Read and Written”, Der Tog-Morgn-Zhurnal, Di Yidishe Tsaytung1953
721538“Having Read and Written”, Der Tog-Morgn-Zhurnal, Di Yidishe Tsaytung1954-1955
721539“Having Read and Written”, Der Tog-Morgn-Zhurnal, Di Yidishe Tsaytungundated

Subseries 2: Writers and Themes, undated

549 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains Niger's articles, reviews and notes about 600 writers, works and topics. Some of the main topics are: Jews in America, Communal Ideologies and Directions, the Holocaust and Displaced Persons, Hasidism and Hasidic Literature, Yiddish, Jewish Education and Youth, Yiddish Literature, and Israel and Zionism. The list of folders has been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order.

721540Abtshuk, A.undated
721542Adershleger, M.undated
721541Adler, J.undated
721544Afn Shvel (On the Threshold)undated
721548Ahad HaAmundated
731566Almi, A.undated
731568American Jewish Committeeundated
731570American Jewish Conferenceundated
731569American Jewish Congressundated
741579American League for a Free Palestineundated
731571Americans and Jews in…undated
731572Americans and Jews in…undated
731573Americans and Jews in…undated
741576Americans and Jews in…undated
741575Americans and Jews in…, numbered articlesundated
741578Americans and Jews in…, the “introspectives”undated
731574Americans and Jews in…, Yiddish literature in…undated
741577Americans and Jews in…, young Yiddish lyric poetryundated
731567Amol in a Yoyvl (Once in a Lifetime), Oyfgang (Rise)undated
741582Ankhi, Z.I.undated
741583Ansky, S.undated
741581Antisemitism, pogroms, Hitlerismundated
871937Applebaum, B.undated
741587Arbeter Ring (Workmen’s Circle)undated
741589Archive for the History of Yiddish Theater and Dramaundated
741591Asch, Sholemundated
741592Ashendorf, Israelundated
721543Auerbach, Ephraimundated
751611Baal Makhshoves (Isidor Eliashev)undated
751598Baranov, M.undated
751597Baron, A.L.undated
751595Basin, M.undated
751619Bercovich, I.D.undated
751616Berdichevsky, Micah Josephundated
751614Bergelson, Davidundated
751615Berger, A.; Wolf Unionundated
751613Bergner, Hertzundated
751612Bergner, Hindeundated
751617Berlinsky, S.undated
751618Bernstein, Leonundated
751605Bialik, Chaim-Nachmanundated
751604Bialostotzky, Benjamin Jacobundated
751607Bik, Rabbi Abrahamundated
751608Bikel, Dr. Shlomoundated
751606Bimko, Fishelundated
751609Birnbaum, Dr. Nathanundated
751599Boraisha, Menahemundated
751596Borochov, Berundated
751594Botoshansky, Jacobundated
751622Brandes, Georgundated
751624Breinin, Reubenundated
751625Brenner, Joseph-Haimundated
751621Broderzon, Mosheundated
751620Brodsky, Jacob; Alter Eselinundated
751623Brusilov, Dr. Nisnundated
751602Buchstein, A.undated
751600Buchwald, N.undated
751601Bund, Zionism, autonomismundated
751603Burstein, M.undated
881989Cahan, Abeundated
881995Canada, Jews in…undated
791763Chester, S.undated
882011Children’s literatureundated
831829Cohen, I.L.undated
881990Cohen, Morrisundated
831830Cohen, S.undated
831831Cohen, Tzviundated
761650Communal ideologies and currentsundated
761651Communal ideologies and currentsundated
881994Communist trendsundated
781730Compiled Notebooks for Jewish Ethical Cultureundated
881997Constantinovsky, Menasheundated
761666Dantsis, M.undated
771672Davidson, Ephraimundated
771671Davka (Necessarily)undated
771678Deiksel, S.undated
771684Demblin, B.undated
771682Dik, I.M.undated
771679Dillon, A.M.; J. Greenspanundated
771681Dinesohn, Jacobundated
771683Dluzhnovsky, Mosheundated
771685Dropkin, Celiaundated
761668Dubner Maggidundated
761667Dubnow, S.undated
771673Dukorer Unionundated
771670Dvinsky, H.undated
771669Dworzhetzky, Markundated
771676“Dybuk”, a story about a…undated
771680Dymow, Ossipundated
851882Eastern Europeundated
871931Edelshtot, Davidundated
871938Efroikin, I.undated
731557Einhorn, Davidundated
731558Einstein, Albertundated
731556Eisen, A.undated
731555Eisland, Reubenundated
871933Elberg, Yehudahundated
871934Elkin, Mendelundated
871935Entin, Joelundated
871939Erdberg, S.undated
741590Eretz Yisrael Shriftn (Israel Writings)undated
871940Erik, Max; Max Weinreichundated
871936Eselin, Alterundated
871932Ettinger, Solomonundated
731554Eygns un Fremds (One’s Own and Someone Else’s), literary compilationundated
881963Feffer, Itzikundated
881959Feigenberg, Rachelundated
881960Feinberg, L.undated
881961Fliegelman, H.M.undated
881962Flinker, Davidundated
881957Forem, Leonundated
881971Fraynd (Friend)undated
881969Freeland Leagueundated
881972Freie Arbeter Shtime (Free Worker’s Voice)undated
881973Dos Freie Vort (The Free Word)undated
881968Freiheit (Freedom)undated
881970Freilich, Yekhezkelundated
881966Friedman, Jacobundated
881967Friedman, Leviundated
881974Frishman’s jubilee bookundated
881964From, David and Moshe-David Giserundated
881965Frug, S.undated
881958Fuks, A.M.undated
761649Gedank un Lebn (Idea and Life)undated
761652Gelbaum, H.undated
761653Gelibter, P.undated
731564General encyclopediaundated
731563General literatureundated
771677Germany, Jews in…; reparation moneyundated
761654Gershuni, G.undated
751640Gingold, I.A.undated
751641Ginsburg, Dr. A.undated
761642Ginsburg, Saulundated
761643Giser, Moshe-Davidundated
761644Gitzis, M.undated
761648Glanz-Leyeles, Aaronundated
761646Glaser, Leon S.undated
761645Glasman, Baruchundated
761647Glatstein, Jacobundated
751630Goldberg, Leviundated
751631Goldberg, Noahundated
751633Di Goldene Keyt (The Golden Chain)undated
751634Goldenstein, Pinhas-Davidundated
751635Goldfaden, Abrahamundated
751632Goldman, Rabbi Solomonundated
751636Goldstein, Bernardundated
751629Golomb, A.undated
751637Gordin, Abbaundated
751638Gordin, Jacobundated
751626Gotlober, A.B.undated
751628Gottesfeld, Hannah; Hirsh Reif; Wolf Merkurundated
751627Gottlieb, N.I.undated
761657Grade, Chaimundated
761658Granitstein, M.undated
761662Great Yiddish dictionaryundated
761664Greenberg, Eliezerundated
761665Greenberg, Haimundated
761663Greenberg, Uri-Tzviundated
761660Grosbard, Hertzundated
761659Gross, Naphtaliundated
761661Grossman, Mosheundated
751639Gutenberg, K.undated
771692HaDoar (The Mail)undated
781743Haimovitch, M.I.undated
771698Halevy, Joseph-Hillelundated
771687Halperin, Dr. Yekhielundated
771688Halpern, Moshe Leibundated
771699Hameiri, Avigdorundated
771703Hareubeni, Davidundated
771691Harkavy, Alexanderundated
791748Hasidic melodiesundated
791746Hasidism and Hasidic literatureundated
791747Hasidism and the Jewish Enlightenmentundated
771704Haskalah movementundated
771701Hebrew and Hebrew literatureundated
771694Heisler, Kalman; H. Rosenblatundated
771700Hemshekh (Continuation)undated
771702Herzl, Theodorundated
771696Hirschbein, Peretzundated
771697Hirshkan, Tzviundated
771695Historical writingsundated
761655History booksundated
761656History of the Jewish worker’s movementundated
781745Holocaust literature and artundated
781744Holocaust, Holocaust survivorsundated
771689Horodetzky, S.A.undated
771690Horontshik, S.undated
771686Howe, Irving and Eliezer Greenbergundated
771693Hurwitz, A.S.undated
731552Ignatov, Davidundated
731559Illustrirte Velt (The Illustrated World)undated
731560Imber, S.I.undated
831825Israel and Zionism, Zionist organizationsundated
831826Israel and Zionism, Zionist organizationsundated
831827Israel and Zionism, Zionist organizationsundated
721549Iyalti, H.undated
731553Izban, S.undated
781740Jabotinsky, Z.undated
821822Jaffe, Josephundated
821823Jaffe, Leibundated
801785Jewish Book Almanacundated
821812Jewish centersundated
821813Jewish colonistsundated
821816Jewish Cultural Congressundated
821814Jewish cultureundated
801788Jewish education and youthundated
801789Jewish education and youthundated
801790Jewish education and youthundated
801791Jewish education and youthundated
801792Jewish education and youthundated
811793Jewish education and youthundated
821808Jewish encyclopediaundated
821810Jewish familyundated
801786Jewish historyundated
801787Jewish history booksundated
811797Jewish holidaysundated
801783Jewish intelligence, intellectualsundated
811798Jewish landsmanshaftn (immigrant societies)undated
821807Jewish music and folksongsundated
811795Jewish Welfare Boardundated
821811Jewish womenundated
801784Jewish Worker’s Committeeundated
811794Jewish World Congressundated
821820Jews in Franceundated
771674Joint Newsletterundated
771675Joint Publication Societyundated
882001Kacyzne, Alterundated
881993Kaczerginsky, Shmerkeundated
881987Kagan, F.undated
892013Kalmanovitch, Zeligundated
881996Kantor, Dr. I.L.undated
881999Kapalov, I.; S. Judsonundated
881998Kaplan, Dr. Mordechaiundated
881988Kasdan, H.S.; H. Bezundated
831834Katz, Alephundated
881992Katz, M.undated
882002Katzenelenbogen, Uriahundated
882000Katzovitch, Israel-Isarundated
881991Kazansky, Davidundated
831828Khanukov, L.undated
831832“Khinus” (A large and extraordinary assembly)undated
892012Kinder-ring publicationsundated
892014Kletzkin, Borisundated
881986Kobrin, Leonundated
892015Koenig, Leoundated
882003Koralnik, Dr. Abrahamundated
882004Korman, Ezraundated
882005Korn, Rokhlundated
892016Kravitz, M.undated
892018Kremer, Arkadiundated
892019Krepliak, Jacob; Naphtali Gross; B. Weinstein; A. Zeldinundated
892017Krueger, Chaimundated
882007Kulbak, Mosheundated
882009Kultur (Culture)undated
882006Kvitko, Leib and Peretz Markishundated
831835Lamed, Louis, prizeundated
831836Landau, Zisheundated
831837Lapin, Berlundated
831838Latzky-Bertholdi, Wilhelmundated
841860Lehman, Samuelundated
841861Lehrer, Leibushundated
831853Leivick, H.undated
841854Leivick, H.undated
841866Lestchinsky, Jacobundated
841862Levin, Mosheundated
841863Levin, S.undated
841864Levin-Epstein, A.undated
831842Levison, Ludwigundated
831845Libin, Z.undated
831847Lieberman, Aaronundated
841856Liessin, Abrahamundated
841855Linetzky, Isaac Joelundated
841858Lipman, M.undated
841857Lipner, Elijahundated
831851Lite (Lithuania)undated
831852Literarishe Bleter (Literary Leaves)undated
831848Litvin, A.undated
831849Litvin, A.undated
841859The livingundated
831839Loker, Malka; Esther Shumiatsher; Malka Leeundated
831846“Love Letters” from approximately 1750undated
831840Ludwig, Emil and Ludwig Levisonundated
831841Ludwig, Reubenundated
831843Lunatsharsky, A.undated
831844Lutsky, A.undated
851898Madison, I. A.undated
841867Magnes, Judah Leonundated
851883Maimon, Solomonundated
851891Malakh, L.undated
841869Mali, Malashaundated
841870Manger, Itzikundated
851871Mani Leibundated
851873Margolin, Annaundated
851874Margoshes, Josephundated
851876Marinov, Jacobundated
851877Mark, Yudlundated
851879Markish, Peretzundated
851878Markus, Peysakhundated
851899Marmor, Kalmanundated
851872Masliansky, Tzvi Hirshundated
851892Medem, Vladimirundated
851893Memoirs and memoir literatureundated
851895Mendele Mokher Seforimundated
851894Mendelsohn, Solomonundated
851896Mestel, I.undated
851897Metzker, I.undated
851884Meyer, Miltonundated
851885Mill, Johnundated
851886Miller, L.undated
851887Miller, S.undated
851888Minikes, Hananundated
851889Minkov, N.B.undated
851890Mlotek, Josephundated
841868Molodowsky, Kadyaundated
851875Morgenstern, Jacob/Lehrer/Katshkoundated
851881Mukdoni, A.undated
851880Musar and haskalah movementsundated
851900Nadir, Mosheundated
861908Nakhtumi, Abrahamundated
851903National trendsundated
861904National trendsundated
861905National trendsundated
861909Naydus, Leybundated
861910Naye Bleter (New Leaves), anthology of literature and artundated
861911Nissenson, A.undated
861912Nister, Derundated
851901Nomberg, Hersh Davidundated
851902Nomberg, Hersh David and I.L. Peretzundated
861906Nordau, Maxundated
861907Nudelman, M.undated
731562Olgin, M.undated
731565Olitzky, Leibundated
791754One Thousand Years of Pinskundated
741585Opatoshu, Davidundated
741586Opatoshu, Josephundated
741588ORT (The Society for Trades and Agricultural Labor)undated
741593Osherowitch, M. and Alter Epsteinundated
871941Pat, Jacobundated
871953Peretz, Isaac Leibushundated
871954Peretz, Isaac Leibushundated
871951Perle, Joshuaundated
871950Pet, Chaimundated
871955Photographic clippingsundated
871949Der Pinkes (The Record Book), Americanundated
871948Pinski, Davidundated
871947Poland, Jews in Polandundated
871943Polishuk, Isaacundated
871942Political ideasundated
871944Pomerantz, Gershonundated
871946Posner, I.I.undated
871952Prilutzky, Noahundated
892021Rabon, Israelundated
892020Raboy, A.undated
892036Rakover, Yosl / Zvi Kolitzundated
892037Raskin, Leibundated
892033Raskin, Menahemundated
892034Raskin, Miriamundated
892035Raskin, Saulundated
892023Ravidowitz, S.undated
892024Ravitch, Melechundated
892022Ravnitzky, I.H.undated
892045Reisen, Abraham; Moshe Kulbak; Baal Makhshoves (Isidor Eliashev); Yeshaya Spiegelundated
892046Reiss, Lionel S.undated
892047Religious trends (and secular trends)undated
892048Remarque, Erich Mariaundated
892049Ressler, Benjaminundated
892038Revivim (Raindrops)undated
892041Ribalow, Menahemundated
892042Rivkind, Isaacundated
892030Rochman, Leibundated
892031Roland, Romanundated
892032Rolnick, Joseph; H. Rosenblatt; Bezalel Shermanundated
892025Rosen, Berundated
892039Rosenblatt, H.undated
892026Rosenfeld, Hershundated
892027Rosenfeld, Jonahundated
892028Rosenfeld, Morrisundated
892029Rosenfeld, Samuelundated
861917Sacco and Vanzettiundated
871929Sackler, Harryundated
861918Sadan, Dov / Berl Shtokundated
902075Schlossberg, Josephundated
902079Schneersohn, Fishelundated
902059Schwartz, J.J.undated
902060Schwartzbard, Sholomundated
902061Schwartzburg, A.L.undated
902062Schweid, Mark; S. Chester; Ida Glazer; Moshe Shifrisundated
781725Scientific writingsundated
861926Segal, Meyerundated
861927Segalowitch, Z.undated
861928Semuel, Morrisundated
902051Shabad, Dr. Zemachundated
902054Shafir, B.undated
902053Shapiro, Lamedundated
902056Sharfstein, Tzviundated
902057Sharkansky, A.M.undated
902055Shatzky, Dr. Jacobundated
902052Shayevitch, S.undated
902079Shelovsky, M.I.undated
902080Sher, Z.undated
902081Sherman, Bezalelundated
902077Shneur, Zalmanundated
902076Sholem Aleichemundated
902063Shoys, Chaim; Joseph Shapiroundated
902084Shprintsk, Josephundated
902086Shriftn (Writings)undated
902073Shtentsel, A.N.undated
902072Shtiker, Meyerundated
902066Shtok, Fraydlundated
902058Shub, D.undated
902064Shulman, Elijahundated
861922Sigal, I.I.undated
861923Simon, Dr. Solomon; P. Bizbergundated
781737Singer, Isaac Bashevisundated
781738Singer, Israel Joshuaundated
861924Sirkin, Dr. N.undated
902085Skarovsky, Shayaundated
861925Slonim, Josephundated
861915Solomon, G.undated
861914Soviet anthologiesundated
861913Soviet Russia, Soviet Yiddish literatureundated
871930Spector, Mordechaiundated
902083Speigel, Y.undated
902067Starkman, Mosheundated
902068Stein, L.M. libraryundated
902069Steinbarg, Eliezerundated
902070Steinberg, Aaronundated
902071Steinberg, Dr. Isaac Nachmanundated
902065Stoltzenberg, Aboundated
902074Strigler, Mordechaiundated
861921Stutchkoff, Nachumundated
861919Sul, M.A.undated
861920Sutzkever, Abrahamundated
791749Tabachnick, A.undated
791750Tabaksblat, Israelundated
902088Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and Tanakh translationsundated
791764Tcherikower, E.undated
791765Tchernikov, Josephundated
791766Tchernikovsky, S.undated
791755Teitelbaum, A.undated
791757Teller, I.L.; Samuel Levin, A.N. Stencl; Berish Weinstein, Saul Maltzundated
791758Tenenbaum, Josephundated
791759Tenenbaum, S.undated
791751Tolstoy, Leoundated
902087Tolush, Alexanderundated
721550Translation into Spanishundated
721551Translations from World Literatureundated
892043Travel impressionsundated
892044Travel literatureundated
721547Treasures from the Yiddish Languageundated
791762Treister, L.undated
791761Trunk, I.J.undated
881979Tsukunft (Future)undated
881980Tsukunft (Future) and Hadoar (The Mail)undated
881976Tsveig, Stefanundated
881977Tsveyfl, Eliezerundated
791752Tuwim, Julianundated
791753Twerski, Abrahamundated
881975Tzvion (Dr. Ben-Zion Hoffman)undated
721545Ulinover, Miriam and Yudikaundated
881956Union of American Jewish War Veteransundated
721546Untervegs (On the Way)undated
781716Vaiter, A.undated
781711Vakser, Israelundated
781729Various compilationsundated
781713Varshaver Almanak (Warsaw Almanac)undated
781726Vladeck, Baruchundated
781705Vogler, A.undated
781706VUSPP (All Ukrainian Association of Proletarian Writers, Yiddish section)undated
781707Wallenrod, Reubenundated
781712Warshavsky, Ozerundated
781724Weiner, Leoundated
781717Weingarten, Yerakhmielundated
781718Weinper, Z.undated
781720Weinreich, Maxundated
781719Weinreich, Urielundated
781721Weissenberg, I.M.undated
781715Whitman, Waltundated
781714Widans, Emil and Danielundated
781723Winchevsky, Morrisundated
741580“Without Evidence”undated
781708Wolf, B.undated
781709Wolf, H.undated
781710Wolf, Leyzerundated
791767Yabloner Rebbeundated
791768Yanosovitch, Isaacundated
791771Yearbook of new Jewish schoolsundated
821824Yeshurin, Yefimundated
791782Yiddish and Hebrew, bilingualismundated
791779Yiddish compilationundated
791781Yiddish in Israelundated
821806Yiddish literary criticismundated
811799Yiddish literatureundated
811800Yiddish literatureundated
811801Yiddish literatureundated
811802Yiddish literatureundated
821804Yiddish literature, “Letters about Old and New Yiddish Literature”undated
811803Yiddish literature, “On the Threshold of the New Yiddish Literature”undated
821805Yiddish literature, Yiddish literature from the middle of the 18th century until the middle of the 19th centuryundated
821809Yiddish pressundated
811796Yiddish theaterundated
791780Yiddish, Yiddishism, Czernowitz Conference, translations, fight for Yiddishundated
821815Yidishe Kultur (Jewish Culture)undated
821817Yidishe Shprach (Yiddish Language)undated
821818Yidishe Shriftn (Yiddish Writings)undated
821819Yidishe Shriftn (Yiddish Writings), Lodzundated
821821YIVO and YIVO writingsundated
791778Yizkor-bikher (Memorial books)undated
791769Yorbukh fun Amopteyl (Annual of the American Branch of YIVO)undated
791770Yorbukh fun Yidishn Bikherrat (Annual of the Jewish Book Council)undated
791776Youngman, Mosheundated
791773Yud, Nachumundated
791774Yung Vilne (Young Vilna)undated
791775Yung Yisrael (Young Israel)undated
791777Yunion Skver (Union Square)undated
781732Zak, Abrahamundated
781733Zaks, A.S.undated
781728Zamlbikher (Collected works)undated
781731Zangwill, Israelundated
781734Zbarzher, Velvlundated
781735Zeidman, Hillelundated
881981Zeitlin, Aaronundated
881982Zeitlin, Aaron; Abraham Twerski; Reuben Eislandundated
881983Zeitlin, Elhananundated
881984Zeitlin, Hillelundated
781741Zhikhlinsky, Reyzlundated
781742Zhitlowsky, Dr. Chaimundated
781736Zilberfarb, Mosheundated
881985Zinberg, Israelundated
781739Zipper, Jacobundated
881978Zunzer, Eliakimundated

Subseries 3: Jewishness Today, undated

71 folders
Scope and Content:

The classifications and arrangement of these folders were created by Niger.

902089List of sections; a measurement for Judaismundated
902090Self-hate and self-denial; self-discipline and self-defenseundated
902092Judaism by choiceundated
902093Ghetto and emancipationundated
902094Ghetto complexundated
912095Apologetic Judaismundated
912096Inherited Judaismundated
912097Remembered Judaismundated
912098Sympathetic Judaismundated
912099Nostalgic Judaismundated
912100Air Judaismundated
912101Kitchen Judaismundated
912102Propaganda Judaismundated
912103Contents Judaismundated
912104Camp Judaismundated
912105Vacation Judaismundated
912106Conditional Judaismundated
912107Involuntary Judaismundated
912108Defense Judaismundated
912109Practical Judaismundated
912110Translated Judaismundated
912111Pogrom Judaismundated
912112Future Judaismundated
912113Minimum Judaismundated
912114Quality Judaismundated
912115Integral Judaism; maximum Judaismundated
912116Consistent Judaismundated
912117Baal Teshuvah Judaismundated
912118Charity and campaign Judaismundated
912119School and scandal Judaismundated
912120High holiday Judaismundated
912121Afterlife Judaismundated
912122Diaspora Judaismundated
912123Ideals and ideologiesundated
912124Folk Judaism and intelligent Judaismundated
912125Torah and commandments Judaismundated
912126Jews – a world peopleundated
912128Immigration Judaismundated
912129Autonomous Judaismundated
912130Sejmism (and territorialism)undated
912132Jews in agriculture; agricultural movementundated
912133Jewish Religious Ethical Societyundated
912134Fascist Judaismundated
912135Radical worldly Judaismundated
912136Communist Judaismundated
912137Jewish unionsundated
912138Religious socialismundated
912139Zionist socialist worker’s movementundated
912141Israel and Zionismundated
912142The state of Israel, the people of Israel and Jews in Americaundated
912143Non-partisan Jewsundated
912144Declassified Jews and ideasundated
912145Tendencies in Jewish social lifeundated
922146Religious national searchings of the Jewish intelligentsia in Americaundated
922147Jewish cultural workundated
922148The past and historical researchundated
922149Yiddish, Hebrew, Englishundated
922150Writings on public affairs and ‘publicity’undated
922151Everything for the ignorant person!undated
922152The Holocaust in Europe and the Jews in Americaundated
922153Holocaust survivorsundated
922154Nazism and Germanyundated
922155Nazism in Americaundated
922157Antisemitism and philosemitismundated
922158War and peaceundated
922159Various articles about Judaismundated

Subseries 4: Niger’s Trip to Latin America, 1935

8 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries consists of articles and impressions by Niger written during his lecture tour of Central and South America in 1935.

922160Latin America, general1935
932167Mexico; various1935

Subseries 5: Niger's Russian Articles, undated

1 folder
932168Niger's Russian Articlesundated

Subseries 6: Niger's Speeches, undated

1 folder
932169Niger's Speechesundated

Subseries 7: Miscellaneous Clippings of Niger's Articles, undated

1 folder
932170Miscellaneous Clippings of Niger's Articlesundated

Subseries 8: Articles, Reviews and Notices by Other Writers about Niger, undated

426 folders
Scope and Content:

This subseries contains articles, reviews and notes by writers and periodicals concerning Niger, arranged according to names. The list of folders has been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order. At the end there are miscellaneous clippings, letters to the editor, unidentified clippings, fragments of clippings, and caricatures and cartoons of Niger. Some authors are only identified by initials.

932171A., B.undated
932172A., G.undated
932173A., M.undated
932187Abrams, Williamundated
932174Abramson, M.undated
932180Afn Shvel (On the Threshold)undated
942196Aleph, K.undated
942199Alk, A.undated
942195Almi, A.undated
942194Almoni, D.undated
942198Alperson, Mordechaiundated
942200Alsheker, Fishelundated
942193Altman, Mosheundated
942201Ansky, S.undated
942205Artusky, J.undated
942204Aski, I.undated
932178Auerbach, Ephraimundated
932177Australishe Yidishe Nayes (Australian Jewish News)undated
942208B., A.undated
942209B., A.B.undated
942210B., M.undated
942211B., S.undated
942214Bader, Gershomundated
942219Baharav, Z.undated
942217Bayon, Leybundated
942225Beileson, H.undated
942224Beilin, I.B.undated
942237Ben Meyer, M.S.undated
942238Ben Mordechaiundated
942235Ben-Eliezer, M.undated
942239Benjamin, L.M.undated
942241Berebitches, A. Zebulonundated
942240Bergelson, Davidundated
942242Berstein, H.undated
942223Bialostotzky, Benjamin Jacobundated
942226Bikel, Dr. Shlomoundated
942228Blank, L.undated
942227Blaufarb, Jacobundated
942233Blechman, M.undated
942234Blechman, S.undated
942232Blitz, Tzalelundated
942229Bloom, Isaacundated
942231Blumenfeld, Lupusundated
942230Blumenthal, Nakhmanundated
942212B-N, S.undated
942213Bobinsky, J.undated
942218Boraisha, Menahemundated
942216Botnitsky, I.undated
942215Botoshansky, Jacobundated
942244Brand, B.undated
942243Braun, Alexanderundated
952249Bregsown, Philip B.undated
952246Breinin, Reubenundated
952250Brentson, Abrahamundated
952247Brikn (Bridges)undated
952248Briks, Yerachmielundated
952245Brownsville carpenterundated
942220Buchwald, N.undated
942221Burakow, I.undated
942222Burstin, Abrahamundated
992505Cahan, Abeundated
992518Carlin, Aaronundated
972360Chanin, Nathanundated
962346Charney, Danielundated
972362Cohen, Tzviundated
992510Congress Bulletinundated
992511Congress Weeklyundated
992513Constantinovsky, Menasheundated
962349Czernikow, I.undated
962348Czernowitzer Bleter (Czernowitz Leaves)undated
952283Dantsis, M.undated
952284Davar (Thing)undated
952293Detroit Jewish Chronicleundated
952292Detroit Jewish Newsundated
952295Diker, Israelundated
952294Dimentstein, Nakhmanundated
952282Domankevitch, L.undated
952285Dubina, F.undated
952287Duchovny, Mosheundated
952288Dukorer, A.undated
952286Dworzhetzky, Dr. Markundated
982450Edlin, Williamundated
932190Eisen, A.undated
932189Eisland, Reubenundated
982453Elias, V.undated
982454Eliashov, Estherundated
982451Elzet, Yehudaundated
982455Emes (Truth)undated
982456Entin, Joelundated
982457Epstein, Shakhnaundated
992472Faktn un Maynungen (Facts and Opinions)undated
992473Farber, S.undated
992479Di Feder (The Pen)undated
992480Feffer, Itzikundated
992475Feinberg, L.undated
992481Fershleiser, E.undated
992476Fichmann, Jacobundated
992477Finkel, Isaacundated
992478Finkelstein, Leoundated
992470Fogel, M.undated
992471Folksblat (People’s Page)undated
992482Frashneider, I.undated
992487Freie Arbeter Shtime (Free Worker’s Voice)undated
992488Freie Yidishe Klub-Buletin (Free Jewish Club Bulletin)undated
992485Freilich, S.undated
992486Freilich, Yekhezkelundated
992484Freivelt (Free World)undated
992483Friedman, D.A.undated
992474Fuks, L.undated
952251G., M.D.undated
952257Galitzianer, A.undated
952271Gelibter, Philipundated
952272Gelman, A.L.undated
952263Ginsburg, Dr. A.undated
952264Ginsburg, M.undated
952262Gitlson, I.undated
952270Glanz, Jacobundated
952269Glanz-Leyeles, Aaronundated
952266Glasman, Mrs. Baruchundated
952268Glatstein, Jacobundated
952267Glazerman, Samuelundated
952265Globus, Dr. D.undated
952255Goldberg, Ben Zionundated
952254Goldblatt, Davidundated
952256Goldin, A.undated
952258Golitzin, Alexanderundated
952253Golomb, Abraham A.undated
952260Gordin, Abbaundated
952259Gordon, I.undated
952261Gorelik, S.undated
952252Gottlieb, N.I.undated
952275Granovsky, R.undated
952280Green, Berundated
952281Greenblatt, N.undated
952273Grobard, B.undated
952274Grodzinski, Solomonundated
952276Gross, M.undated
952277Gross, Naphtaliundated
952279Grossman, I.L.undated
952278Grossman, Mosheundated
952296H., A.undated
952303HaDoar (The Mail)undated
962335Haimovitch, M.I.undated
952301Halperin, F.undated
952305Hindes, A.undated
952306Hirshkan, Tzviundated
952297Hodes, I.undated
952298Hodes, L.undated
952300Holtman, M.undated
952302Horn, I.undated
952299Howe, Irvingundated
952304Hurwitz, Maximilianundated
932184Ignatov, Davidundated
932188Isaacs, Bernardundated
932191Itskovitch, Godlundated
932185Izakovitz, D.undated
932186Izban, S.undated
952290Jewish Newsundated
952291Jewish Newsletterundated
992501K., L.undated
992502K., M.undated
992503K., S.undated
992504Kagan, Solomonundated
992509Kanader Nayes (Canadian News)undated
992514Kanel, L.undated
992512Kantorovitch, Haimundated
992517Karakushansky, S.undated
992506Kasdan, H.S.undated
972364Katz, Alephundated
972365Katz, Ben-Zionundated
972366Katz, Mosheundated
972367Katz, P.undated
992530Keneder Adler (Canadian Eagle)undated
1002531Kener, Jacobundated
1002532Kepel, Davidundated
1002533Kerstein, Z.M.undated
972361Khvat, Michaelundated
972363“Khvila” (space)undated
992523Kimai, M.undated
992524Kinder Zhurnal (Children’s Journal)undated
992525Kirshenbaum, Mordechaiundated
992527Klinub, I.undated
992526“Klore Diburim” (plain talk)undated
992528Knapheit, Mosheundated
982429Knox, Ezrielundated
992529Koenig, Leoundated
992507Kol (Voice)undated
992508Kon, S.undated
992516Koralnik, Dr. Abrahamundated
992515Kosover, Mordechaiundated
1002534Krasny, A.undated
1002535Kreitman, Rabbi Benjaminundated
992520Kultur un Dertsiung (Culture and Education)undated
992522Kurtz, Aaronundated
992521Kusman, L.undated
992519Kutshinsky, Meyerundated
972369Lang, H.undated
972371Latzky-Bertholdi, Wilhelmundated
972388Lebediker, Der (Chaim Gutman)undated
972389Lehrer, Leibushundated
972390Lehrer, Lipaundated
972381Leibel, Danielundated
972382Leibel, Gershundated
972383Leivick, H.undated
972393Lerer, A.undated
972394Lestchinsky, Jacobundated
972391Lestny, Mosheundated
972395Lestsinsky, Samuelundated
972392Letste Nayes (Latest News)undated
972377Lider, M.undated
972374Lieberman, A.M.undated
972375Lieberman, Chaimundated
972376Lieberman, Chaim, “S. Niger Polemic about Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky”undated
972386Lipschitz, Chaimundated
972385Liptzin, Solundated
972387Lirik, A.S.undated
972384Lisky, I.A.undated
972380Literarishe Bleter (Literary Leaves)undated
972379Literarishe Opklangen (Literary Echoes)undated
932179“Literary Uproars”undated
972378Litvak, A.undated
972370London, Noahundated
972368Louis Lamed Fundundated
972373Lutsky, A.undated
972372Lvovitch, A.undated
972397Maged, Aaronundated
982416Malakh, L.undated
972400Mandel, B.undated
972399Manger, Itzikundated
972401Manievitch, Davidundated
972402Margoshes, Dr. Samuelundated
972405Marinov, Jacobundated
972406Mark, Yudlundated
972407Markus, Peysakhundated
982423Marmor, Kalmanundated
982410Meisel, A.undated
982409Meisel, Nachmanundated
982421Meksikaner Shriftn (Mexican Writings)undated
982418Mel, Efraimundated
982419Melamed, Hirshundated
982417Melamed, Mosheundated
982420Menem, A.undated
982411Meyer, Morrisundated
982415Miklishansky I.K.undated
982412Milkh, Jacobundated
982413Miller, L.undated
982414Minkov, N.B.undated
972398Molodowsky, Kadyaundated
972404Morgn Freiheit (Morning Freedom)undated
972403Morgn Zhurnal (Morning Journal)undated
982422Mratshni, M.undated
972408Mukdoni, Dr. Alexanderundated
982425Nadir, Mosheundated
982428Nathanson, Williamundated
982427Naumov, I.S.undated
982432Naye Folkstsaytung (The New People’s Newspaper)undated
982431Neiman, I.M.undated
982433Nevodovska, Rosaundated
982424Not identifiedundated
982426Novick, P.undated
982430Nyu-Yorker Vokhnblat, (New York Weekly Newspaper)undated
932192Olgin, Mosheundated
932181The originsundated
942206Osherowitch, M.undated
942203Ostyidishe Tsaytung (Eastern Jewish Newspaper), Czernowitzundated
982460Pat, Jacobundated
982466Pen, Osherundated
992467Persky, Danielundated
982464Pineles, S. I.undated
982465Pinski, Davidundated
982463Pintshuk, A.undated
982459Podhoretz, Normanundated
982461Pomerantz, Alexanderundated
982462Pomerantz, Gershonundated
992468Prager, Nathanundated
992469Di Prese (The Press)undated
1002536R., A.undated
1002538R., I.undated
1002539R., S.undated
1002537R., Z.undated
1002541Rabinowitz, S.undated
1002550Rappoport, Joshuaundated
1002551Rashgulin, Rabbi Reubenundated
1002543Ravitch, Melechundated
1002565Regalsky, M.undated
1002564Reichman, A.undated
1002562Reisen, Abrahamundated
1002563Reisen, Zalmanundated
1002567Ressler, Benjaminundated
1002566Revutsky, A.undated
1002559Ribak, Nathanundated
1002557Ribalow, Harold Joeundated
1002558Ribalow, Menahemundated
1002560Riblin, M.undated
1002561Rivkin, B.undated
1002540Roback, A.A.undated
1002542Rogoff, Hillelundated
1002556Rosenblatt, H.undated
1002548Rosenfeld, S.undated
1002546Rosenthal, Z.undated
1002547Roshansky, Samuelundated
1002545Rosmarin, Aaronundated
1002544Rosovsky, I.undated
1002549Rotenstein, M.undated
1002552Rubin, Dr. Israelundated
1002553Rubin, Philipundated
1002554Rubinstein, Mosheundated
1002555Rubinstein, R.undated
982434S., A.undated
1002569S., I.undated
982436Samekh, Shinundated
1012585Schlossberg, Josephundated
1012587Schneersohn, Dr. Fishelundated
1002572Schwartz, Mauriceundated
982447Secular, S.undated
982446Selis, M.undated
982448Serdatzki, Yentaundated
1002570Shalit, Mosheundated
1002571Shatzky, Dr. Jacobundated
1012584Shein, Abbaundated
1012586Shemen, N.undated
1012588Sherman, Bezalelundated
1012589Shprintsk, Josephundated
1012590Shrift (Writing)undated
1002573Shulman, Elijahundated
1002574Shusheim, A.L.undated
1002576Shushny, M.undated
1002575Shuster, Zachariahundated
982443Sigal, I.I.undated
982445Silver, M.undated
982444Simon, Dr. Solomonundated
962329Singer, E.undated
962328Singer, Isaac Bashevis / Warshavskyundated
982437Sokolover, A.undated
982435Solomon, G.undated
982438Sorgen, M.undated
982449Spivak, Jonahundated
1002577Starkman, Mosheundated
1002578Steinberg, I.N.undated
982442Steinberg, Leoundated
1002579Steinberg, Noahundated
1002580Stentcl, A.N.undated
1002581Stern, Sholemundated
982441Stolnitz, N.undated
1002582Strauss, A.undated
1012583Strigler, Mordechaiundated
982440Suskovitch, Solomonundated
982439Swerdlin, Dr. N.undated
962343Tenenbaum, S.undated
962341Tigel, Z.undated
962342Tikotzky, Ephraimundated
962336Der Tog (The Day)undated
962337Toltshin, Mosheundated
1012591Tolush, Alexanderundated
962345Treist, M.undated
962344Trunk, I.J.undated
992490Tsangn, B. Tz.undated
992491Tsangs, G.undated
992497Tsayt (Time)undated
962347Tshubinsky, B.undated
992496Tsionistishe Tribune (Zionist Tribune)undated
992493Tsuherer, A.undated
962340Der Tunkeler (Joseph Tunkel)undated
962339Tutshinsky, B.undated
962338Twersky, Yohananundated
992489Tz., R.undated
992492Tzvion (Dr. Ben-Zion Hoffman)undated
942202Uncle Samundated
932182Unger, Menasheundated
932176Ungerfeld, M.undated
932183Urlon, Haimundated
962323Di Velt (The World)undated
962322Vevyorke, Wolfundated
962320Viernik, Pesakhundated
962316Vilner Tog (Vilna Day)undated
962319Vinogura, B.undated
962318Vital, Noahundated
962310Vort un Lebn (Word and Life)undated
962309Wassertzug, Zalmanundated
962311Weinberg, Morrisundated
962312Weinper, Z.undated
962313Weinrib, Dr. Dovundated
962314Weinshenker, Itzikundated
962315Weisman, S.undated
962308Wolf, Asherundated
952307Wolf-Yasny, A.undated
962317Women’s Voiceundated
962350Yanovsky, S.undated
962352Yedies (News), Buenos Airesundated
962354Yiddish News Digestundated
972357Dos Yidishe Folk (The Jewish People)undated
972359Yidishe Kultur (Jewish Culture)undated
972356Yidishe Prese (Yiddish Press), Chileundated
972355Der Yidisher Zhurnal (The Jewish Journal)undated
972358Yidishe Tsaytung (Yiddish Newspaper)undated
962351Yoffe, Mordechaiundated
962353Yudelef, Solomonundated
962324Zalowitz, N.undated
962325Zamler, A.undated
992498Zeitlin, Aaronundated
992499Zeitlin, Hillelundated
962331Zeligman, R.undated
962332Zhitlowsky, Dr. Chaimundated
962333Zhitlowsky, Dr. Chaim, “Polemic between S. Niger, Chaim Lieberman, and Others about Chaim Zhitlowsky”; Chaim Lieberman “Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky and his 96-Defense”, New York1944
962334Zhitnitzky, Dr. Lundated
962326Zilberberg, I.undated
962327Zilbergelt, I.undated
992500Zimmerman, A.undated
962330Zipper, Jacobundated
992494Zuckerman, Baruchundated
992495Zuckerman, Williamundated
1012593Caricatures of Nigerundated
1012594Various notesundated
1012595Letters to the editor about Nigerundated
1012596Unsigned articlesundated

Subseries 9: Articles by and Concerning Other Writers and Topics, 1943-1957

454 folders
Scope and Content:

This is a subseries of articles by and concerning other writers and topics, not about Niger, arranged according to names. The list of folders has been rearranged into Latin alphabetical order. At the end there are clippings in the Hebrew press about Yiddish literature, 1943-1957, arranged chronologically.

1012618Alexandrov, H.undated
1012616Altman, Mosheundated
1012620America, Yiddish literature in…undated
1012619American Jewish Congressundated
1012622Ansky, S.undated
1012627Apteker, Davidundated
1022631Arbeter Fraynd (Worker’s Friend)undated
1012630Arbeter Ring (Workmen’s Circle)undated
1022633Asch, Sholemundated
1012598Auerbach, Rokhlundated
1012628Axelrod, Zeligundated
1022659Baal Makhshoves (Isidor Eliashev)undated
1022635Babad, N.M.undated
1022637Bader, Gershomundated
1022640Balaban, Prof. Meyerundated
1022643Baron, A.L.undated
1022645Barsky, Israelundated
1022658Ben-Gurion, Davidundated
1022663Bergelson, Davidundated
1022661Bergman, Hugoundated
1022662Bergner, Hertzundated
1022664Bernstein, Dr. Simonundated
1022655Beyser, A., and othersundated
1022654Bialik, Chaim-Nachmanundated
1022653Bialostotzky, Benjamin Jacobundated
1022656Bikel, Dr. Shlomoundated
1022657Blinkin, Meyerundated
1022636Bogish, Zisheundated
1022641Bomze, Nahumundated
1022644Boraisha, Menahemundated
1022642Borochov, Berundated
1022639Botoshansky, Jacobundated
1022638Bowshover, Josephundated
1022666Braudes, Reuben-Asherundated
1022667Breinin, Reubenundated
1022668Briks, Yerachmielundated
1022665Bronstein, Sosheundated
1022646Bublik, Gedaliaundated
1022647Bulow, Josephundated
1022650Burgin, H.undated
1022649Burlow, Judahundated
1022651Burstein, M.undated
1022652Burstin, M.undated
1092937Cahan, Abeundated
1092939Cahan, Lazarundated
1092949Canada, Yiddish literature in…undated
1092954Caspe, Dr.undated
1052774Charney, Danielundated
1062811Cheltshitsky, Peterundated
1062810Chmielnitzki, Melekhundated
1092941Cohen, Morrisundated
1092950Congress archive, Zlotshevundated
1092952Contemporary Jewish Recordundated
1102963Culture Conference of Jewish Settlements, Paris1948
1032701Daniel, M.undated
1032706Diamondstone, Zalmanundated
1032709Dik, Isaac Meyerundated
1032700Dolitsky, Menahem Mendelundated
1032702Dostoevsky, F.undated
1032704Dubner Maggid / Jacob Krantzundated
1032703Dubnow, Simonundated
1032708Dymow, Ossipundated
1082883Edelshtot, Davidundated
1012608Einhorn, Aaronundated
1012609Einhorn, Davidundated
1012610Einstein, Albertundated
1012605Eisenstadt, Rabbi Ben Zionundated
1012606Eisenstadt, Yudinundated
1012607Eisenstein, I.D.undated
1012604Eisland, Reubenundated
1082884Emiot, Israelundated
1082885English, American and other literaturesundated
1082886Entin, Joelundated
1092911Fagin, Samuel I.undated
1092910Farbo, Alexanderundated
1092917Federation for Jewish Philanthropic Societiesundated
1092918Feffer, Itzikundated
1092912Feigenbaum, Benjaminundated
1092914Fichmann, Jacobundated
1092913Filadelfiyer Shtadt Tsaytung (Philadelphia City Newspaper)undated
1092915Fininberg, Ezraundated
1092916Finkelstein, Leoundated
1092909Fogel, Deborahundated
1092921Freie Arbeter Shtime (Free Worker’s Voice)undated
1092922Der Freier Gedank (The Free Thought)undated
1092920Freilich, Yekhezkelundated
1092919Friedman, Jacobundated
1092923Frishman, Davidundated
1032691Gebirtig, Mordechaiundated
1012615General literary criticismundated
1032707Germany, Jews in…undated
1032699Gershoni, Tzvi H.undated
1032682Gibson, Hughundated
1032683Gilbert, Solomonundated
1032684Gildin, Chaimundated
1032685Gingold, Pinhasundated
1032686Giser, Moshe-Davidundated
1032689Glanz-Leyeles, Aaronundated
1032687Glasman, Baruchundated
1032688Glatstein, Jacobundated
1032690Gluckel of Hamelnundated
1032669Godiner, S.undated
1032672Gold, Hermanundated
1032673Goldfaden, Abrahamundated
1032674Goldstein, B.I.; Mani Leib; Chaim Shoysundated
1032675Goldstein, Davidundated
1032671Golomb, A.undated
1032676Golub, Solomonundated
1032678Gordin, Jacobundated
1032677Gordon, Mordechaiundated
1032679Gorin, B.undated
1032670Gotlober, A.B.undated
1032692Grade, Chaimundated
1032695Greenberg, Berlundated
1032696Greenberg, Haimundated
1032698Greenspan, I.undated
1032697Greenwald, Rabbi Yekusiel Judahundated
1032693Gross, Naphtaliundated
1032694Grossman, L.undated
1032680Guberman, Silviaundated
1032681Gurstein, A.; M. Weinerundated
1032711Halperin, Menasheundated
1032712Hamsun, Knutundated
1042761Hasidism and Hasidic literatureundated
1032724Hebrew World Congressundated
1032725Heller, Binemundated
1032726Hendlin, Oscarundated
1032727Hersh, L.undated
1032728Hershberg, A.S.undated
1032729Hershele, and othersundated
1032723Hillel, Solomonundated
1032720Hirschbein, Peretzundated
1032722Hirshkan, Tzviundated
1032721Hirshorn, Samuel, and othersundated
1032719Hiss, Algerundated
1032713Hoffman, Leah Kapilovitch-undated
1042760Holocaust literatureundated
1042759Holocaust, reparations, survivorsundated
1042758Holocaust, uprising, antisemitismundated
1032716Horontshik, Simonundated
1032714Horowitz, Berundated
1032715Horowitz, Isaacundated
1032710Howe, Irving and Eliezer Greenbergundated
1032717Hurwitz, Isaacundated
1032718Hurwitz, Menhem Mendelundated
1012611Imber, S.I., and othersundated
1012612International Worker’s Orderundated
1062809Israel, Yiddish literature in…undated
1062807Israel, Zionismundated
1012603Iyalti, H.undated
1042756Jabotinsky, Zeevundated
1062806Jaffe, Leibundated
1052801Jewish art, architectureundated
1052800Jewish Cultural Congressundated
1052799Jewish cultureundated
1052790Jewish education, youthundated
1052795Jewish encyclopediaundated
1052787Jewish intelligenceundated
1052794Jewish National Labor Union and Jewish Social Democratic Labor Partyundated
1052789Jewish populationundated
1032705Jewish Welfare Boardundated
1052797Jewish womenundated
1052788Jewish Worker’s Conference, Jewish Worker’s Committeeundated
1052791Jewish World Congress, Montreux, Switzerland1948
1062804Jews in Americaundated
1092957Kacyzne, Alterundated
1092944Kaczerginsky, Shmerkeundated
1092935Kagan, Chlavneundated
1092936Kaganovsky, Ephraimundated
1092940Kahan, Eliaundated
1092938Kahan, Josephundated
1092946Kallen, Horace M.undated
1092945Kalmanovitch, Zelig Hershundated
1092947Kaminer, Dr. Isaacundated
1092953Kanikov, Dr. Mosesundated
1092951Kantor, Dr. I.L.undated
1092955Kaplan, Dr. Mordechaiundated
1092956Kaplan, Pesakhundated
1062812Katz, Ben-Zionundated
1062813Katz, Mosheundated
1092943Katz, Mosheundated
1092958Katzenelson, Isaacundated
1102961“Kav HaYashar” (The Just Measure)undated
1092942Kava, Solomon Leib / Moshe Joseph Dikstein / M. Vanvildundated
1102964Kazin, Alfredundated
1102969Kenigsberg, Davidundated
1102966Kipnis, Menahemundated
1102967Kirman, Joseph, and othersundated
1102965Kissin, Y.undated
1102968Kletzkin, Dr.undated
1092934Kobrin, Leonundated
1092948Kompert, Leopoldundated
1092959Korczak, Janusz (Henryk Goldszmit)undated
1102960Korn, Rokhl; Yeshaya Spiegelundated
1102970Krantz, Philipundated
1102972Krapotkin Literature Societyundated
1102971Kropotkin, P.undated
1102973Kruk, Hersh; Hersh Gutgestaltundated
1102962Kulbak, Mosheundated
1062815Landau, Zisheundated
1113037Language strugglesundated
1062818Lapin, Benundated
1062817Lapin, Berlundated
1072829Lehman, Samuelundated
1072837Lehrer, Yekhiel, and othersundated
1072836Lehrer, Yekhiel (headline of article lists him as Lerner)undated
1072823Leivick, H.undated
1072833Lempert, Nathanundated
1072828Leontief, Leon Moiseyev-undated
1072834Lerman, Davidundated
1072835Lerner, H.undated
1072838Lestchinsky, Jacobundated
1072832Levin, Lipmanundated
1072831Levin, Z.undated
1062819Levison, Ludwigundated
1072830Levy, Joseph Hillelundated
1072821Libin, Z.undated
1072824Licht, Michaelundated
1072827Liessin, Abrahamundated
1072825Lilienblum, Moshe Leibundated
1072826Linetzky, Isaac Joelundated
1072822Litvak, A.undated
1062816Lopukhov, S. / Theo Karmanundated
1062814Louis Lamed, prizeundated
1072820Luria, Dr. Josephundated
1072852Magen David (Star of David), New Guineaundated
1072839Mahler, Dr. R.undated
1072840Malakhovsky, Hillelundated
1072841Man, Mendelundated
1072842Mani Leibundated
1072844Margolin, Annaundated
1072845Margoshes, Josephundated
1072847Mark, B.undated
1072848Mark, Yudlundated
1072849Markish, Peretzundated
1072869Marmor, Kalmanundated
1072851Marshall, Louisundated
1072850Marx and Engelsundated
1072864Medem, Vladimirundated
1072858Meisel, Gitlundated
1072857Meisel, Nachmanundated
1072866Mendele Mokher Seforimundated
1072865Mendelsohn, Solomonundated
1072867Menes, A.undated
1072868Merrison, Dr. I.A.undated
1072859Meyer, Morrisundated
1072860Milkh, Jacobundated
1072861Miller, Louisundated
1072862Miller, S.undated
1072863Minkov, N.B.undated
1072856Mizes, Dr. Josephundated
1072855Mizish, Matisyohuundated
1072853Mohr, Meyerundated
1072843“Moral Rearmament Assembly”undated
1072846Morgn-Freiheit (Morning Freedom)undated
1072854Mukdoni, Dr. Alexanderundated
1072870Nadir, Mosheundated
1072873Neugroschel Mendelundated
1072872Niebuhr, Reinholdundated
1012601Non-partisan Jewish Worker’s Schoolsundated
1072871Novack, H.undated
1012614Olgin, Mosheundated
1012617Olitzky, Baruchundated
1012626Opatoshu, Josephundated
1022634Osherowitch, M.undated
1012623Osorgin, M.undated
1012624Osterzetser, Dr. Israel, and othersundated
1082893Parks, Dr. James W.undated
1082891Pasirstein, Abrahamundated
1082887Pat, Jacobundated
1082904Peretz, Isaac Leibushundated
1082905Peretz, Isaac Leibushundated
1082906Peretz, Isaac Leibushundated
1082907Peretz, Isaac Leibushundated
1082908Peretz, Isaac Leibushundated
1082899Perle, Joshuaundated
1082898Petrushka, Simkhaundated
1082896Piatigorsky, Aniotaundated
1082897Pinski, Davidundated
1082892“Poet and the War”undated
1082895Poland, Yiddish literature in…undated
1082894“The Polish Ideal”undated
1082888Pomerantz, Alexanderundated
1082890Di Post (The Post)undated
1082903Preger, Jacobundated
1082901Prilutzky, Noah, and othersundated
1082902Prilutzky, Tzviundated
1082900Propus, Isaac Jacobundated
1102975Raban, Israelundated
1102974Raboy, A.undated
1102979Radin, Elishaundated
1102978Radutzky, Abrahamundated
1102989Rappoport, A.undated
1102988Rappoport, Annaundated
1102980Ravidowitz, Simonundated
1102981Ravitch, Melechundated
1102976Ravnitzky, I.H.undated
1102999Reiff, Hirshundated
1102998Reisen, Abrahamundated
1103003Religious currentsundated
1103002Revsin, Jacobundated
1102996Ribalow, Menahemundated
1103000Ringelblum, Emanuelundated
1102997Rivkin, B.undated
1102986Rochman, Leibundated
1102977Rogoff, Hillelundated
1102987Rolnick, Josephundated
1102993Romania, Yiddish literature in…undated
1102992Rosenblatt, H.undated
1102982Rosenblum, Benjaminundated
1102983Rosenfeld, Jonahundated
1102984Rosenfeld, Morris, and othersundated
1102985Rosenfeld, S.undated
1102990Rubin, Dr. Israelundated
1102991Rubinstein, Josephundated
1102994Rumshinsky, Josephundated
1113031Samuelson, M.undated
1113027Schipper, Dr. Isaac, and othersundated
1103009Schwartz, J.J.undated
1103010Schwartz, Mauriceundated
1103011Schwartzburg, Dr. Abraham Leibundated
1113013Schwedik, H.undated
1113012Schweid, Markundated
1082880Segalowitch, Z.undated
1082881Semiatitsky, Chaimundated
1113028Shalev, Isaacundated
1103006Shapiro, Lamedundated
1103008Sharkansky, A.M.undated
1113039Sharon, Abrahamundated
1103007Shatzky, Dr. Jacobundated
1103004Shayevitch, S.undated
1113017Shazar Zalmanundated
1113034Sher, Z.; Miriam Raskinundated
1113035Sherman, Bezalelundated
1113026Shimel, Mosheundated
1113033Shneur, Zalmanundated
1113032Shnur, Alterundated
1113029Sholem Aleichemundated
1113030Sholem Aleichem Folk Instituteundated
1103005Shostakovich, Dmitriundated
1113038Shpritzer, Avigdorundated
1113021Shtiker, Meyerundated
1113014Shulman, Victorundated
1113015Shulstein, Mosheundated
1113016Shusheim, A.L.undated
1072878Sigal, I.I.undated
1042753Singer, Bernardundated
1042752Singer, Isaac Bashevis / Varshavskyundated
1042754Singer, Israel Joshuaundated
1082879Sirkin, Nakhmanundated
1072874Soviet Russia, Soviet Yiddish literatureundated
1082882Spector, Mordechaiundated
1113036Speigel, Yeshayaundated
1113018Starkman, Mosheundated
1113019Steinbarg, Eliezerundated
1113020Steinberg, Dr. I.N.undated
1113022Stern, Israelundated
1113023Sternberg, Jacobundated
1113024Strauss, Arieh Ludwigundated
1113025Strigler, Mordechaiundated
1072877Strunsky, Hymanundated
1072876Stupnitsky, Saul Josephundated
1072875Stutchkoff, Nachumundated
1042762Tabachnick, A.undated
1052766Tanenbaum, Abendundated
1052767Taubenhaus, Ephraimundated
1052764Taubes, Jacob S.undated
1052776Tchebutsky, Baruchundated
1052777Tchernikhovsky, Saulundated
1052769Teitelbaum, Abrahamundated
1052770Teitelbaum, Doraundated
1052771Tkatsh, Meyer Zimlundated
1052763Der Tog (The Day)undated
1052765Tolstoy, L.undated
1113040Tolush, Alexanderundated
1052772Trank, Israel, and othersundated
1052773Trunk, I.J.undated
1092929Tsukunft (Future)undated
1092926Tsveig, Stefanundated
1092927Tsveyfl, Eliezer Tzvi Cohenundated
1052768Tunkel, Joseph (Der Tunkeler)undated
1092925Tzaddok HaCohen M’Lublinundated
1092933Tzipur, Dr. I.B., and othersundated
1092924Tzvion (Dr. Ben-Zion Hoffman)undated
1012597Uger, Yeshayaundated
1012599Ulinover, Miriamundated
1052784Union of Jewish Newspaper Writersundated
1082889unused numberundated
1012602Urke Nachalnikundated
1042742Veviorke, A.undated
1042736Vichert, Dr. Michaelundated
1042740Victor, Abeundated
1032732Vities, Mosheundated
1042743Vladeck, Baruchundated
1042741Wallman, Benjaminundated
1032731Warshavsky, Ozer, and othersundated
1032733Weiner, Chaim, and othersundated
1042734Weinper, Zisheundated
1042735Weinrib, Dr. Dovundated
1042737Weissenberg, Isaac Meyerundated
1042739Winchevsky, Morris; Morris Rosenfeldundated
1042738Wind, Bernardundated
1032730Wolfson, A.L.undated
1012629Worker’s League for the World Jewish Congressundated
1012600Writers and journalists killed in the Warsaw Ghetto, listundated
1052779Yankelevitch, I.I.undated
1052778Yanovsky, S.undated
1052780Yashunsky, Josephundated
1052802Yiddish Art Theatreundated
1052793Yiddish literary prizesundated
1052792Yiddish literatureundated
1052796Yiddish pressundated
1062803Yiddish writers, list of those killed and survivorsundated
1052798Yidishe Tsaytung (Yiddish Newspaper)undated
1052785Yizhar, F.undated
1052783Youngman, Mosheundated
1052782Yud, Nachumundated
1042748Zaks, S.undated
1042746Zalkind, Dr. Jacob Meyerundated
1042747Zametkin, Michaelundated
1042750Zeifert, M.undated
1042749Zeilin, Isaac; David Edelshtotundated
1092930Zeitlin familyundated
1092931Zeitlin, Aaronundated
1092932Zeitlin, Hillel, and othersundated
1042755Zevin, Israel (reverse alphabetical order)undated
1042757Zhitlowsky, Dr. Chaimundated
1042751Zilberstein, Beinish, and othersundated
1042745Zolotarow, Dr. Hillelundated
1092928Zunzer, Eliakimundated
1113041Various topicsundated
1113042Hebrew press about Yiddish literature1943-1949
1113043Hebrew press about Yiddish literature1950
1113044Hebrew press about Yiddish literature1951
1123045Hebrew press about Yiddish literature1952
1123046Hebrew press about Yiddish literature1953
1123047Hebrew press about Yiddish literature1954
1123048Hebrew press about Yiddish literature1955-1956
1113049Hebrew press about Yiddish literature1956-1957
1113050Hebrew press about Yiddish literatureundated
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Series X: Biographical Materials, 1907-1957

56 folders
Scope and Content:

This series comprises manuscripts, typescripts and loose papers of Niger's diaries and notebooks. There are also documents about Niger's life in Russia prior to and during World War I, his work with the Refugee Committee, his arrest in Vilna in 1919, and his emigration to America. There are also passports and official papers of organizations with reference to his association, invitations to conferences, including the first historic Yiddish language conference in Czernowitz in 1908. Also contained in this series are clippings, agreements with firms, copyright documents and other official papers, as well as greetings upon various anniversaries of his literary activities and birthdays, letters of condolence from individuals and organizations, and obituaries after his death. There are also papers of his wife Bessie Charney. Niger’s diaries and notebooks are arranged chronologically.

1133051Niger's diaries and notebooks1907-1908
1133052Niger's diaries and notebooks1907-1919
1133053Niger's diaries and notebooks1907-1925
1133054Niger's diaries and notebooks1907-1925
1133055Niger's diaries and notebooks1907-1925
1133056Niger's diaries and notebooks1915
1133057Niger's diaries and notebooks1920-1955
1143058Niger's diaries and notebooks1930
1143059Niger's diaries and notebooks1930-1931
1143060Niger's diaries and notebooks1930-1955
1143061Niger's diaries and notebooks1931
1143062Niger's diaries and notebooks, selections were published in NY in 19731932-1933
1143063Identification papers, passbooks, press-cards, identification papers for visas, invitations to conferencesundated
1143064Social Security papers, income tax returnsundated
1153065Letter from Joseph Pilsudski to Dr. Zemach Shabad concerning Nigerundated
1153066“The Childhood and Youth of S. Niger,” 1916 and his last two articles1955
1153067Reports of Niger's experience during the Polish pogrom in Vilna, of his arrest and release1919
1153068Letter with a biographical note in “Who' s Who in World Jewry”1955
1153069Biographic data in Hebrewundated
1153070Biographic data, lettersundated
1153071Niger’s memoirs about life in Russiaundated
1153072Farewell celebrations upon Niger's emigration to the United States, Vilna, letters from individuals and organizations1919
1153073Receptions for Niger upon his arrival in the United States in 1919-1920, greetings, program of an evening in his honor, souvenir booklet1919-1920
1153074Delegate and membership cards of various organizationsundated
1153075Announcement about Niger becoming the editor and literary critic, Tsukunft (Future), resignation letter to the Tsukunft editorial board1947
1153076Resignation letter to the Forward1920
1153077Greeting to Niger as the editor of Kinder Zhurnal (Children’s Journal) and report of his departure to Europe 1931
1153078Affidavit for Itzik Mangerundated
1153079Invitations and tickets to various performances, greetings, New Year’s cardsundated
1153080Announcements, and leaflets about periodicals for which Niger was editorundated
1153081Documents and leaflets about forbidden topics in the Yiddish press and periodicals in Czarist Russia1915
1153082Contracts with B. Kletzkin about editing the Folksblat (People’s Newspaper), 1917; report of testament about Kletzkin Publishing1919
1153083Agreements and bills with Central Publishing, Warsaw1913, 1921-1922
1153084Agreements with Yiddish Publishing, New York, about a six-volume publication of Niger’s writings 1920
1153085Agreement with the Yiddish Cultural Society about publishing the book, Mendele Mokher Seforim1936
1153086Letters, memorandums, legal presentations about arbitration with Epstein Brothers’ Publishing1940
1153087Copyright papersundated
1153088Letter about arbitration with B.A. Lapidus, Leningrad, about a debtundated
1153089Arbitration with Jacob Milkh1942
115309020th anniversary of Niger's literary activitiesundated
1153091Greetings to the 40th anniversary of Niger's literary activitiesundated
1153092Greetings upon Niger's 50th birthday, letters and articlesundated
1153093Greetings upon Niger's 60th birthday, lettersundated
1153094Greetings upon Niger's 60th birthday, articles and noticesundated
1163095Greetings upon Niger's 70th birthday, articles and noticesundated
1163096Greetings upon Niger's 70th birthday, lettersundated
1163097Notices and articles about the death of Nigerundated
1163098Condolences of individualsundated
1163099Condolences of organizationsundated
1163100Obituaries in newspapersundated
1173101Certificate of a tree planted in Israel in memory of Nigerundated
1173102Plan of an agreement between the S. Niger Book Committee of the World Congress for Jewish Culture and Mrs. Bessie Charney to publish Niger's books1957
1173103Letter about printing Niger’s monograph of Sholem Aleichem and Ber Borochov’s letter to him, after his death in Israelundated
1173104Niger’s visiting cards, personal stationaryundated
1173105Niger's personal appointment and telephone booksundated
1173106Niger's personal appointment and telephone booksundated
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Series XI: Miscellanea, 1933-1953

6 folders
Scope and Content:

This series consists of souvenir albums of students, bands of ribbons with greetings to S. Niger upon his visits to certain cities, certificates of the Keren Kayemet (JNF), photographs of B. Charney Vladeck and of unidentified persons, and other materials.

1183107Souvenir album of the students of the Brazilian Hebrew high school in honor of Niger, Rio de Janeiroundated
1183108Souvenir album of the children of the I.L. Peretz School in Winnipeg1953
1183109Bands of ribbons in honor of Niger1933
1183111Certificates to Niger and his wife from Keren Kayemet (Jewish National Fund)undated
1183112Out-of-date list of Niger’s correspondence with individualsundated
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