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Title:Arthur Willner Collection
Abstract:Original music manuscripts; scores, and personal letters and journals of Arthur Willner.
Languages:This collection is in German, Hebrew.
Quantity:4.5 linear feet
Identification:AR 10706 / MF 911
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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Biographical Note

Born 1881 in Turn bei Teplitz-Schönau, composer, pianist, pedagogue. Piano and composition studies at the Konservatorium Leipzig and Munich. 1904-24 teacher of composition, counterpoint, music history, aesthetics and vice-chairman Stern'sches Konservatorium in Berlin. 1924-38 teacher at the Wiener Volkshochschule, 1924-28 Neues Wiener Konservatorium, from 1924 consultant at Universal Edition. Composer, arranger. 1938 exile in Great Britain, from 1945 active as pianist, chamber musician. Over 90 works written in his British exile are still waiting to be premiered. Willner died 1959 in London.

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Scope and Content Note

Original music manuscripts; scores, and personal letters and journals of Arthur Willner.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Access Information

Collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Collection is microfilmed - MF 911.

Readers may access the collection by visiting the Lillian Goldman Reading Room at the Center for Jewish History. We recommend reserving the collection in advance; please visit the LBI Online Catalog and click on the "Request" button.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Access Points

This collection is indexed under the following headings in the online catalog. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.

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Collection is available on 14 reels of microfilm (MF 911).

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Arthur Willner Collection; AR 10706; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Box 1: Journals, Legal & Personal Papers, Correspondence, Muscial Scores, etc, 1849-1960

10Handwritten Inventory1992
11Note Book & Journal (2 volumes)1896-1916
12Travel & other Journals (7 volumes)1924-1933
13Generally Booklets (3 volumes)1550-, 1901
14Day Book (1 volume)undated
15Legal Material; Marriage License (w. photo, Anvers, France), Rent book (London, England)1906-1948
17Correspondence1900 - 1939
19Correspondence; Family with photos1903-1930
110Correspondence; Family (w. Photos)1916-1931, 1945, 1947
111Correspondence; Chapelle1920-1926
112Correspondence; Family1924-1935
113Program, Placard, Artwork & Appointment Book with Musical Scores, Rehearsal Score1891, 1903-1960
114Miscellaneous Musical Scores & Fragments; including "vom Licht" "Tanzweiser" also Notes1920-1925s
115Miscellaneous Musical Scores & Fragments, Piano, Clarinet, Vocal1930-1938s
116Misc. Musical Scores & Fragments; Piano, Organ, Vocal, Violin,undated
117Musical Scores; Violin with other Musical instrumentsundated
118Musical Scores; Piano, 10 p., 16-73,undated
119Musical Scores; Piano, 50 p., Sonatas, Suits etc.,undated
120Musical Scores & Fragments, Violin, Organ, Vocal & Piano1926-1930s
121Musical Scores, Solo Stringsundated
122Musical Scores, Miscellaneous including original Drafts1939-1940
123Musical Scores, Miscellaneous for Orchestra with Notesundated
124Musical Scores, Miscellaneous, Organ & other instruments1940s
125Musical Scores, by Annem. Macky, Mary Susan Priestly & Mrs M. Spackman in Honor of Arthur & Cecile1942s
126Musical Scores, Performance & Score notes, none Willner works1940s
127Musical Scores, Misc. Composer, with Analyses, Purcell to Richard Straussundated
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Box 2: Musical Scores, Strings, 1899-

21Conservatories Notebook, Composition Material; Carte de Visite, Artwork; etc1899
22Musical Scores; Original Manuscriptundated
23String Quartet II in G Major; Op. 11939s
24String Quartet III in F Major, Op 9undated
25String Quartet IV in E Minor, Op 10undated
26String Quartet V in C Major; Op 14undated
27String Quartet (partita) in C Major (?) op 44undated
28String Quartet "Circle of Life", 12 Fugues; Op 851940s
29String Quartet VI in E Minor; Op 1061940s
210String Quintet in A minor; Op. 30undated
211String Quintet ( in F Major); Op ?undated
212Sonata I in D Major for Violin & Piano; Op. 11undated
213Sonata II in C Minor for Violin & Piano; Op 21undated
214Sonata III in G Major for Violin & Piano; Op. 31undated
215Sonata IV in Eb Major for Violin & Piano; Op. 91undated
216Sonata V in E Major (?) for Violin & Piano; Op 109undated
217Sonata (?) in C Major for Violin & Piano Op 68undated
218Sonatina for Violin & Piano; Op 68undated
219Suite for Strings & Piano; Op. 931939
220Andante Cantabile; Op 106undated
221String Fugues; ex No VIIIundated
222Basso Continuo on J.S. Bach's Cantata No 6undated
223Prelude for Violin & Organ; Op 36undated
224Concerto for 2 Violins & String Orchestra with Pian Reouction Op. 64undated
225Concerto in G-Major for Violin, Orchestra, Op 67undated
226Concerto in F- Major for Violin, Cello & Orchestra Op 33undated
227Variations for Violin, Cellos & Orchestraundated
228Concerto for Viola & Orchestra; op ?undated
229Concerto For String Orchestra Op. 37undated
230" 400 Year Suite " for String Orchestra Op. 66undated
231Suite for String Orchestra " Through the Centuries" Op. 58undated
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Box 3: Musical Scores: Strings, Keyboard, WoodWinds, Chamber, 1891-

31Sonata for Violin & Pinao : Op. 101undated
32Duo Suite for Cello : 97undated
33String Quartet T Opzo/I & Piano Trio, Op. 191912s
34Trio in G Major for Violin, Cello & Piano; Op. 111undated
35Trio in F Major for Violin, Cello & Piano, Op 112undated
36Quintete for Piano; Viennes Waltz " Sous les Chareulles du Schoenbrunn " Op.undated
37Sonata for Piano; Op ?undated
38p. 27undated
39Variations for two pianos " In Freundschaft und Verehrung, James Quast Gewidmet" Op. 201912
310Variations for three Double Pianos on the Theme " Oh Du Lieber Augustin" Op. 55bundated
3119 pieces for Pianos; Sketches (?); Op.60undated
312Misc. Piano Pieces, including "Elegy", "Andante con Variazoni" etc.1900s
313Sehnsucht (Schiller)" Symphony Form, Piano Reductionundated
314Piano Reduction : Op. ?undated
315Piano Concerto (Orchestra); Op. 53undated
316Piano Reduction: Concerto for 2 Violins; Op. 64undated
317Piano Concerto in A Minor Op. 78undated
318Piano Concerto in A Major; Op. 80undated
319Piano Concerto in A Major, Piano Reductionundated
320English Concerto for Chamber Music Op. 98undated
321English Caprico Concerto for Piano; Op. 81undated
322Miscellaneous Early Piano Pieces1891-1915 onward
323Trio in E minor for Piano, Violin & Cello, incompleteundated
324Quintet in F Major for Piano & String Quartet; Op 18(?)1910s
325Sextet in F Major for Piano & Brass & Winds Op. 181910s
326Quintet for Piano & String Orchester. Score Musicundated
327Clarinet Fantasy for Clarinet & Piano, also Transcription for Viola & Piano Op.114undated
328Miscellaneous Pieces for Clarinet & Orchestraundated
329Sonata for Clarinet & Piano Op. 107, also Transcriptions for Viola & Piano Op. 83undated
330Sonata for Oboe & Piano Op. 114undated
331Rhapsody for Oboe & String Orchester Op ?undated
332Miscellaneous Pieces for Organ1900s
333Fantasy for Organ Op. 40undated
334Prelude & Fugue in D Major for Organ (Organ Fantasy in A Minor) Op. 51undated
335Fugues for Organ Op. 105undated
336Suite for Violin & Organ Op.undated
337Unidentified Complete Scoresundated
338Unidentified Complete Scores or Unfinished Scoresundated
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Box 4: Musical Scores, Symphonies, Orchestral, Vocal/Choral, Various Instruments, Miscellaneous other Composers, 1907-1955

41Symphony #1 "Aus Muenchner Tagen" Op.17undated
42Symphony in F Major Op. ?undated
43Symphony in B Major Op.88 ?undated
44Symphony in A Minor (unfinished)undated
45Symphony in A Minor; Op.88undated
46Symphony in D Major, Op. ?1937
47Symphonic Fugue "Von Tag und Nacht" Op.24 bisundated
48Symphonic Fugues; Op. 56undated
49Symphonic Concert Overture: Op. ?undated
410Symphonic Fragments & Miscellaneous Simphonic Pieces Op.undated
411Andante for Piano & Violin or Cello (Trio) Op.?1937
412Sonata for Solo Flute; Op. ?1926
413Sonata in D Major for two violins; Op. 23I1920
41412 light pieces for four handed Piano Op. 451928
415Piano Instruction Book; 10 melodious Pieces for the Youth Op. 661932
416Piano Studies "Les Voix du Piano" Op. 711934
417Vocal; Lieder Op. ?undated
418Vocal Lieder, Zwei Sonaten, four Songs with Piano Accompaniment Op ?undated
419Vocal, Men's Trio, " HavelGesaenge " a Capella Op ?undated
420Choral three pieces; a Capella Op. 40undated
421Four Songs on a Theme, with Piano Accompanyment; Op. ?undated
422"Das Ziel" Four Opera Scenes of Otto Klemperer; Piano accompanyment by Willner; Op ?undated
423Piano Reduction, " Die Instrumenten Stellen Sich Vor" with Original Op. 75undated
424Vocal/Choral; Jugend" for Jewish Choir & Orchestra, Op. ?undated
425Vocal; "Epimetheus" Op. ?undated
426Vocal "Pandora" with Orchester Access; Op.2undated
427Vocal, Coral, Cantata, Motet " Towards the Light " ( Dem Licht Entgegen) Op. 901937
428Miscellaneous Fragments, Piano Concerto, Vocal, etc. Op.undated
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Box 5: Musical Scores, Symphonies, Orchestral, Vocal/Coral' Various Instruments, Miscellaneous other Composers (cont'd from Box 4), 1907-1955

51Miscellaneous Vocal Scores, Op. ?undated
52"An den Tod" Joint Composition by Willner & F. Hebdel; Opundated
53Composition Lists, Programs, Correspondence, etc1924-1955
54Fragments, Variations, Addenda, etc. for Compositions of other Composers, Notesundated
55Unidentified Pieces & Composers; Notesundated
56Compositions of J.S.Bach, Transcribed1907
57Composition by Samuel Barber1938-1939
58Compositions of Johannes Brahmsundated
59Compositions of Ludwig van Beethovenundated
510Compositions of Composers "C"undated
511Composition of Alfredo Cairati1910
512Compositions of A. Corelliundated
513Scores Erdmann; Fragmentundated
514Scores F - G Fragments1939s
515Scores George F. Haendelundated
516Scores Haydenundated
517Scores Josef Hedarundated
518Scores W.C.Heilman1910s
519Scores KL-KUundated, 1928
520Score; Hans Erhard Lauerundated
521Scores H. Leiviska1932-1937
522Scores of Oskar Lindberg1928
523Score; E. Linnalaundated
524Scores A. M. Mackyundated
525Scores Alan Nishet; String Quartet Musicundated
526Scores Albert W.Noll1917-1929
527Scores, Gustaf Nordqvistundated, 1913
528Score H.Purcellundated
529Scores S.Ranta1922-1925
530Score Max Regerundated
531Scores H.Reichenbach1919, 1925
532Scores Franz Schubertundated
533Scores Richard Strauss1945s
534Scores Schoenberg, Schuetz, Sibelius, Stravinskyundated
535Scores Walton, Wordsworth, Wolf (Lieder)1848-1941
536Scores Anthologiesundated
5Addenda 1: Manuscript: "Dem Andenken an Gustav Hollaender" (in memoriam of Gustav Hollaender) written by Arthur WillnerDec. 1915
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