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Creator:Wolfers, Robert
Title:Robert Wolfers Family Collection
Abstract:The collection contains extensive personal documents including correspondence and biographical material, of members of the Wolfers family from the early 19th century until mid 20th century. There is also significant documentation concerning the Berlin road construction firm of the Wolfers in the early 20th century.
Languages:This collection is in German, English, French.
Quantity:0.50 linear feet : 17 folders
Identification:AR 1312 / MF 525
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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Biographical Note

Philip Wolff Wolfers (? - 1848) was the father of Jacob Philipp Wolfers (1803-1878) and Julius Wolfers (1822-1896) (additional children as well). Jacob Philipp Wolfers became a well-known astronomist and corresponded with, amongst others, Alexander von Humboldt. Julius married Flora Blumenfeld (1826-1910) of Osnabrück and managed a store in Minden. They had several children, including Richard (1854-1925) who married Bertha Harff (c. 1857-1940). Richard was partial owner of a road construction company in Berlin. His son, Robert (1884-1968) , took over the company business upon the death of his father. Robert was one of 7 children, some of whom emigrated during the 1930s and some of whom were killed in concentration camps. Robert, his wife Lilly, and daughter Ruth (1936-2001) emigrated to the United States separately, Robert arrived last in 1940.

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Scope and Content Note

The collection contains extensive personal documents including correspondence and biographical material, of members of the Wolfers family from the early 19th century until mid 20th century. There is also significant documentation concerning the Berlin road construction firm of the Wolfers in the early 20th century.

Most of the folders in Series I contain genealogical documents including birth, marriage, death certificates and testaments relating to the individuals in the folder name. Folder 3 contains letters from such prominent figures as Hermann Struck, Otto Gebühr, Hans Goslar. Two etchings by Hermann Struck are also included and a certificate with medal which Flora Wolfers received for her volunteer service as a nurse during war-time.

The printed family tree in folder 4 entitled "Stammbaum der Familien Itzig und Feibes," edited by J. Feibes and published in Munich in 1887 includes family names: Itzig, Mathe, Alsberg, Harff, Romberg, Weyl, Grünebaum, Moses, Blumenfeld, Rothschild, Joseph, Ascher, Rosenstein, Wolfers, Cramer, Beerman, Lewin, Hertz, Löwenstein, Hamburger, Stern, Feibes, Wolf, Rosenbaum, Flechtheim, Ransohoff, Schwabe, Steinberg, Reifenberg, Gaudchaux, Egers, Sutheim, Jonas, Aschaffenburg, KOenigsberger, Goldschmidt, Ems, Frank, Abel, Hirschland, Katzenstein, Heidenheim, Heymann, Bielefeld, Rosenberger, Stein, Schönbeck, Kaufmann, Cohen, Paradies, Heilbrunn, Arnold, Bing, Abraham, Levi, Levison, Mey.

The Gustav Stresemann material in folder 11 includes a postcard to Max Reiner (a Wolfers relative) and draft of a speech. The letters of Robert Wolfers to LBI in folder 9 provide outlines of family history including genealogical information.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Access Information

Collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Separated Material

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Microfilm [MF 525] only: Correspondence between Jacob Philipp Wolfers and Alexander von Humboldt. Articles or excerpts of articles by Dr. J. P. Wolfers

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Robert Wolfers Family Collection; AR 1312; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Other Finding Aid

The original German language catalogue cards are in folder 1.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Personal Documents and Correspondence

11Philipp Wolff Wolfers (? - 1848): legal documents and contracts1811-1848
12Jacob Philipp Wolfers (1803-1878): biography, patent, copies of correspondence1852, undated
13Julius Wolfers (1822-1896) Flora Wolfers nee Blumenfeld (1826-1910): correspondence, personal documents1843-1905
14Richard Wolfers (1854-1925) and Bertha Wolfers nee Harff (c. 1857-1940)1887-1940
15Robert Wolfers (1884-1968): personal documents and correspondence1904-1932
16Robert Wolfers (1884-1968): personal documents and correspondence1933-1939
17Robert Wolfers (1884-1968): personal documents and correspondence1944-1968
18Robert Wolfers correspondence to LBI, family members regarding geneology1960-1965
19Robert Wolfers correspondence with Kurt Biermann, institutes re. Jacob P. Wolfers correspondence1960-1968
110Ruth Pappelis nee Wolfers (1936-2001): personal documents, clippings1939-1957
111Willy Levin (Wolfers cousin) correspondence to Robert Wolfers, eulogy; Gustav Stresemann letter, speech1905-1926
112Misc. documents of other extended family members1859-1915
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Series II: Business and Institutional Documents

113Strassenbau-Gesellschaft Zoeller, Wolfers, Droege: correspondence, company publications, lecture by Robert1910-1925
114Strassenbau-Gesellschaft Zoeller, Wolfers, Droege: legal documents, contracts, patents, commercial registry entries1912-1925
115Robert Wolfers business correspondence under Hitler regime1937-1939
116Circulars from Jüdischer Frontsoldaten1933-1939
117Publications by Kurt R. Biermann on Alexander von Humboldt (colleague of astronomist Jacob Philipp Wolfers)1959-1962
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