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Finding aid, created 2009 from an incomplete bibliographic record, represents an unprocessed archival collection. Finding aid is in English.

Creator:Horn, Daniel, 1935-1991
Title:Daniel Horn Collection
Abstract:The collection consists of research materials collected by Daniel Horn on anti-Semitism, ritual murder cases, etc. in Austria and specifically in Vienna, as well as on Zionism. The materials include Horn’s notes, excerpts from various publications, many manuscripts and a large amount of clippings, all either in original form or in photocopies.
Languages:This collection is primarily in German.
Quantity:13 linear feet plus oversized materials.
Identification:AR 6411
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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Biographical Note

Daniel Horn was born in 1935 in Vienna, Austria. He was educated in New York City and earned a PhD in history from Columbia University in 1963. He taught German and Austrian history and the history of the Holocaust at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Professor Horn died on July 1, 1991, in New Brunswick.

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Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of research materials collected by Daniel Horn on anti-Semitism, ritual murder cases, etc. in Austria and specifically in Vienna, as well as on Zionism. The materials include Horn’s notes, excerpts from various publications, many manuscripts and a large amount of clippings, all either in original form or in photocopies.

Many writings in this collection are copies from the Central Zionist Archives, specifically the memoirs (denoted as A 196/62) and other writings of Dr. Isidor Schalit that had been taken from his private archives. Excerpts of Schalit’s essays and memoirs appear consistently throughout Horn’s notes, either in conjunction with other handwritten notes, paired with articles, or in translations. Clippings were primarily taken from Austrian newspapers in the late 19th and early 20th century, such as ‘Neue Freie Presse’, ‘Österreichische Wochenschrift’, ‘Die Welt’ and others. Special attention is devoted to the blood libel accusations in Tiszaeszlár, Hungary in 1882/1883 and in Polná, Bohemia in 1899/1900, as well as to Austrian politics, including the tenure of Vienna’s mayor Karl Lueger.

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Access and Use

Use Restrictions

Copy of published materials to be submitted to donor, Dr. Marcia A. Horn.

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Access Points

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Related Material

The Daniel Horn Microfilms Collection, LBI Call Numbers MF 522 reels 1-7; MF 653 reels 1-5; MF 654 reels 1-20; MF 655 reels 1-5; and MF 656 reels 1-13, consists of copied microfilms from other archives, such as Nazi materials collected at the Hoover Institution and at NARA, the National Archives and Records Administration, as well as Zionist materials collected at the Central Archive for the History of the Jewish People.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Daniel Horn Collection; AR 6411; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Container List


Box 1, undated

Scope and Content:

Folders 1-6, compilation of various essays, articles, memoirs, etc. copied from Central Zionist Archives:  

Development of Political Zionism, documentation of verbal and written exchanges between the people involved, correspondences with commentary intermittently dispersed throughout texts.  

"First" chapter : "Arabischer Scheich" (refers to Sheik Salim Abu Rebia), notables: LEVY, HERZL, LEVONTIN; addresses issue of acquisition, securing of PROPERTY-- as per the Palestinian, Egyptian, Turkish... border problem and the issue of a Jewish homeland being secured.  


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Box 2, 1897-1920, undated

Scope and Content:

2/1 – 2/4 continuation of MSS II Central Zionist Archives, pp. 1175-1320.

2/5 MS printed matter: The Executive of the World Zionist Organization: The Central Zionist Archives: Lists of Files Volume ONE: The Central Zionist Office. Vienna: Z1 ("Erez Israel " Bureau der Zionisten Congresses) 1897-1905. Herlitz, Dr. G., Alsberg, Dr. P.A., Eds. Introductory notes in English then in German, typed in German and Hebrew.

2/6 Bound: The Central Zionist Office, Cologne: Z 2 : lists of files Volume II (Zionistisches Centralbureau) 1905-1911.

2/7 Bound: The Central Zionist Office, Berlin: Z3 Lists of files Volume III (Zionistisches Centralbureau) 1911-1920.

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Box 3, 1881-1937, undated

Scope and Content:

3/1/1 Fragment manuscript from Central Zionist Archives: A 196/62 p. 385-405: "Kultusgemeinde elections 1905".

3/1/2 English handwritten translation of a section of the preceding fragment. 

3/1/3 "Landtag" State Assembly Meeting 1897 minutes and record kept for meetings from the fourth sitting on 2 pages handwritten English.

3/1/4 NFP (Neue Freie Presse) 1 January 1897 MB (Morgenblatt)- New York Appraisal of Christian-Social regime (through entire 1897) notes handwritten English with several long quotes and citations in German. Also, day by day minutes of meetings and discussions between these people: [summarizations of articles].

3/2 fragment Central Zionist Archives manuscript: A 196/62, pp. 547-572 "Reichsratswahl".

3/2/a fragment Central Zionist Archives 196/62: pp. 648-657: "Political position of Austrian Jews", pp. 33-35 "Kikriki Prozess", No ’1321’, "Der Judenstaat" von Schalit; "Protestversammlung"; "Die Universitaet", fragments; "Volkshalle Rathaus 3.3.23", pp 317-324 "Dr. Koerner", pp 503-507 "Referat im Zion 9. Feber 1897", selections ’Colonel Pick, Graf Sternberg’. 

3/3 "Unfinished 1897".

F 3/1 excerpt and abridged copy of 1897 documentation of meetings. NFP handwritten 3 pp. 

F 3/2 Newspaper clippings (photocopied) Neue Freie Presse 23 March 1897 Wien with notations (From 7 January to 21 April 1897).

3/4 Central Zionist Archives A 196/27 [Schalit] Hebraische Melodien typed German (it says Schalit on folder, but does not indicate author of [lyrics] for the songs).

3/5 Central Zionist Archives A 196/17 Schalit: list Bukovina "An das Juedische Wahlrechtskomite fuer Oesterreich!", list of names. Memoirs regarding elections in Austria done 1906-1908, Letters Newspaper. 

3/6 Central Zionist Archives A 196/25 Schalit (Tel Aviv): "Zur Geschichte der Ersten Kongresses" (History of First 2 Congresses).

3/7 Central Zionist Archives A 196/47 Schalit correspondence 1903 to 1936, 1937... with typed and handwritten letters.

3/8 Central Zionist Archives A 196/22 Schalit, 5 pages, 2 May - typed German 

3/9 Herzl- Feier 1941 typed German: This is about Herzl (heading: Histadruth-Versammlung am 18 Juli 1941) .

3/10 Central Zionist Archives Schalit Kadimah address and speech p 4, 7-17, 40-47 (Stenographische Aufnahme der Festreden am Kommers zu Feier des 100. Semesters der Akademische Verbindung. KADIMAH... (student Zionist Society)).

3/11 Central Zionist Archives Schalit obits A 196/59 (Horn).

3/12 Schalit index: All numbers which correspond to ’196’ 

3/13 A 196/23 Schalit Nachlass Arbeitbewegung, Aus meinen Erinnerungen von Medizinalrat Dr. Schalit (1) Zur Geschichte der Zionistischen Arbeiterbewegung (2) Wiener Neustadt.

3/14 NFP - Morgen Blatt Summaries - Very Extensive. Lueger, elections, Liberals, Christian-Socials.

3/15 Various selections from MSS/Central Zionist Archives and translations into English of fragments from MSS/Central Zionist Archives, usually no correspondence between these various fragments; mostly leads to Hilsner, Ritual Murder.  

3/15/1 Manuscript (copy) p. 503-523, original MSS/Central Zionist Archives.

3/15/2 Lieutenant-General Staff Physician Dr. Pick: Schalit: manuscript (translation) regarding: Vienna Jews Austria and repatriation, Pick as "great rallying point of all assimilationists as the representative of its will in Jewish community Council..." 

3/15/3 Translation of Der Judenstaat by medical councilor Schalit p 1321-8 English, handwritten: about history of the ’Jewish liberation movement’.

3/15/4 A 196/62 copy Central Zionist Archives MSS pp 60-643.

3/15/5 "Polna and Herzl", handwritten translation into English.

3/15/6 Sternberg... Schalit p. 101, manuscript about Adelbert Sternberg: an anecdote 

3/15/7 5.pp (1056-1071) 1059-1069 missing... etc folders 8, 9, 10 all MS typed German with excerpts missing.

3/15/11 Fortschrift 24 July 1881-Lueger: listings of Press articles, etc. handwritten English 

3/16 A 196/62 Schalit copies and fragments, Memoirs of Central Zionist Archives (p.1363 mention of ritual murder).

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Box 4, 1897-1914, undated

Scope and Content:

4/1 Dr. Bloch's Oesterreichische Wochenschrift 1897: "First Festive Evening of Hadassah", "Report on Hadassah Meeting", selections.

4/2 Central Zionist Archives A 196/24 Schalit: Der Fahnentraeger. von Julius Lowy; tracing of Schalit and role in politics and Zionism.

4/3 Monatschrift des OI Union 1908 copied articles. Elections, boycotts, notes on Juedische Volksstimme: critique of Jewish moderates, "Resolution Schmidt", rich versus poor Jews, Leopoldstadt.

4/4 Welt : "Resolution" Schmidt.

4/5 Extensive summaries articles Juedische Volksstimme 1907-1909: question of electing Schalit to post in Zionist Office. Importance for Jews to finally separate their political affairs from the Liberal party and to claim their autonomy vis a vis their future: government for themselves.

4/6 Bytwerk, Randall T., English article "Julius Streicher and the Impact of Der Stuermer".

4/7 Dr. M. Rosenmann: Juedische Realpolitik in Oesterreich: German article.

4/8 Neue National Zeitung: various articles 1907 with summaries. Lueger's Assimilation discussions of Stern, Schalit and Bloch's politics.

4/9 Neue National Zeitung: 1908, with summaries and also some Monats. d. OI Union articles; miscellaneous.

4/10 Neue National Zeitung: Only handwritten summaries of articles spanning several years 1910 - 1914. Massacre at Drohobycz, elections of Jews to public posts, issues of converting, Stern's public persona.

4/11-14: Neue National Zeitung: 1911 etc to 1914 Austrian political climate, religious instruction, Jews vs. Liberals, anti Jewish government, Landau's campaign, Kultus President Dr. Alfred Stern.

4/15-18: Welt 1911-1914. Zionist conferences, Lucien Brunner, critiques of system, ruptures amongst Liberals, moneyed and poor Jews, Stern, Boehm. Ritual Murder, antisemitism.

4/19 Ost und West: Illustrierte Monatsschrift fuer das Gesamte Judentum, 1904, 1905, 1908, 1910, History of Vienna Community 1910.

4/20-22: Wahrheit 1908, 1910, 1911. Miscellaneous.

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Box 5, 1903-1938, undated

Scope and Content:

5/1 Central Zionist Archives Files Z1, Z2, Z3. Bibliography: Material directly from Central Zionist Archives corr to each resp. Inhaltsverzeichnis.

5/2 Central Zionist Archives Herzl Archive (all handwritten in German) ?? taken from Herzl's private Archive found at Central Zionist Archives as the notations and headings correspond (H = Herzl).

5/2/1 HN IV C11 it says HORN at the bottom.

5/2/2 H VIII 944 H. York Steiner to Herzl.

5/2/3 H VIII copy 3 letters to HORN.

5/2/4 HN IV C14 copy Herzl.

5/2/5 H IV/C34.

5/2/6 H VIII 167 KG to Herzl, 2 receipts.

5/2/7 H VIII 424 3 letters.

5/2/8 H VIII 449 Gustav Kohn.

5/2/9 H VIII 352 Jakob Herz to Herzl.

5/2/10 H VIII 287 Goldstein to Herzl.

5/3 Central Zionist Archives A 130/26 I Zweig.

5/4 Central Zionist Archives A 130/26 III Zweig.

5/5 Central Zionist Archives A 196/6 letters addressed to Schalit.

5/6 Central Zionist Archives A 196/32 Schalit correspondence.

5/7 Central Zionist Archives A 196/30 Schalit correspondence.

5/8 Z3/ 520 correspondence from Robert Stricker.

5/9 Arbeitende Juedischer Jugend: Organ fuer Interessen der juedischen jugendlichen Arbeiter, article German, 1903.

5/10 "Die Zionisten und die Kultuswahlen in Wien" n.d.

5/11 Juedische Rundschau 1913-1914 2 articles.

5/12 Central Zionist Archives 130/25 2 pp. articles ... Correspondence handwritten and typed German all re: Zionistisches Districtscomite fuer Boehmen [in Prag ?]

5/13 Central Zionist Archives Z3/840 copy 10 March 1914 Levin to Ehrlich.

5/14 Central Zionist Archives Z3/839 Correspondence 2pp. typed German other notes, correspondence handwritten and typed, German.

5/15 Central Zionist Archives Z3 842- letter Feber 1915 Wien.

5/16 Central Zionist Archives Z3/ 214: 1) Gegen die Protest Gesellschaften, 17 October 1918. 2) Copy with note from gez. Lichtheim- Buero Kopenhagen, 15 October 1918, copy of an invitation. 3) Letter 11.10.1918, typed German. 4) Letters. 5) Clipping 12.10.18 aus dem Pester Lloyd. 6) Letters. 7) Clipping: Juedische Rundschau 18.10.1918.

5/17 Central Zionist Archives A 130/25: Auszug front and back 2 copies, several pages handwritten, "Schekel Vergleichs-Tabelle (German 1 page)".

5/18 Central Zionist Archives A 41/23 I Isidore Marmorek, copy pp 3-36, 48-91, 97-115, 157-167, 402-411, handwritten manuscript in German.

5/19 Central Zionist Archives Z3/850 Miscellaneous.

5/20 Central Zionist Archives Z3 / 849 letter of May 29, 1918, Oesterreich und der Zionismus, 6 pp.

5/21 Central Zionist Archives Z3/1003 Boehm 3pp, April 28, 1914 and 13 January 1924, 2 pp.

5/22 Central Zionist Archives Z3/851.

5/23 Central Archives for the History of Jewish People, index; 1) Archiv der Wiener Kultusgemeinde (1): 1626- March 1938 etc., printed matter listing.

5/24 AW (refers to Wiener Archiv) 315 Early KG Responses to antisemitism.

5/25 Central Zionist Archives A 196/36 Schalit correspondence (late corr.)

5/26 Central Zionist Archives A 162 / 67 miscellaneous.

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Box 6, 1899-1976, undated

Scope and Content:

6/1 FRIEDRICH, Walter Wien Die Geschichte einer deutschen Grosstadt an der Grenze 3 Volumes, Vienna (With a call number) copy of printed and published German "Volume 3 only one in question".

6/2 WASSERMANN, Jakob: a few pages: miscellaneous copy of published material in German.

6/3 WEISS, Matthias "Der Politische Antisemitismus im Wiener Kleinbuergertum" 1867-1895, copy published material, German.

6/4 WELTSCH, Robert "Juedischer Nationalrat fuer Deutschoesterreich 1918" copy published material, English.

6/5 WIENZIERL, Erika "Der Oesterreichisch-Ungarisch Raum".

6/6 WIENZIERL: "Sebastian Brunner" On the Panthogenesis of the Anti-Semitism of S. Brunner... She writes about catholicism and Austria, 1814-1893.

6/7 WEINZIERL: article "Die Stellung der Juden in Oesterreich seit dem Staatsgrundgesetz von 1867" in: Zeitschrift fuer die Geschichte der Juden no. 2/3 1968.

6/8 WEINZIERL, Erika," Zu Wenig Gerechte, Oesterreicher und Juden Verfolgung 1938-1945".

6/9 WILSON, Stephen, "Antisemitism in France during La Belle Epoque," Wiener Library Bulletin, 1976, New Series Nos 39/40 pp. 2-8.

6/10 WISTRICH, Robert S., "Georg von Schoenerer and the Genesis of the Modern Austrian Antisemitism", Wiener Library Bulletin 1976 Vol 29 New Series Nos 39/40 pp. 20-29.

6/11 WISTRICH, Robert S., "Socialism and Antisemitism in Austria before 1914" Jewish Social Studies vol XXXVII Nos 3-4 Summer/Fall 1975.

6/12 WOLF, G., Geschichte der Juden in Wien (1156-1876).

6/13 WOLF, G., Die Juden.

6/14 YORK-STEINER, Heinrich, Die Kunst als Jude zu Leben. Leipzig: Verlag M.W, Kaufmann, 1928, ILL Union Hebrew College (there is an insert which is a listing: page numbers Handwritten Notes...

6/15 ZENKER, "Ein Mann im Sterbenden Oesterreich". . . fragments.

6/16 ZUCKERKANDL, Bertha Szeps, My Life and History; various notes and a quote.

6/17 ZWEIG, Stefan, Die Welt der Sicherheit.

6/18 ZWERGBAUM, Aaron, The Contemporary Scene: "Information or Antisemitic Incitement? The case of the Viennese "Kronenzeitung"... FORUM, Number 23 Spring 1975 pp. 112-123.

6/19 ZIONIST ENCYCLOPAEDIA I various selections copied.

6/20 ZIONIST ENCYCLOPAEDIA II also with handwritten notes.

6/21 ZOHN, Harry, Oesterreichische Juden in der Literatur.

6/22 KRAUSE, Karl Wilhelm, Zehn Jahre Kammerdiener bei Hitler.

6/23 TIETZE, Hans, Die Juden Wiens Leipzig and Vienna E.P. Tal and company Verlag 1933. Borrowed from JTS.

6/24 TILL, Rudolf, "Die Anfaenge der christlichen Volksbewegung in Oesterreich," Jahrbuch der Leogesellschaft (Wien) 1937, pp. 57-103, with a note: only goes up to 1875, good quote on last page.

6/25 THON, Jakob, Die Juden in Oesterreich (Statistics, Jews) (Newspaper article clippings [always] with handwritten caption of notes attached).

6/26 Various fragments and articles clippings from Neuzeit 1899: much ritual-murder stuff and antisemitism.

6/27 Clippings Die Welt, 1899: Herzl, Zionism, Hilsner, Impact of Polna on Jews of Vienna.

6/28 Clippings Die Welt, 1900.

6/29 Clippings Juedischer Volksstimme, 1900-04.

6/30 de HAAS, Jacob: Theodor Herzl, 2 vols, handwritten notes few pages.

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Box 7, 1903-1936, undated

Scope and Content:

7/1 A 196/57 Schalit, "Theodor Herzl’s letze Fahrt", "Ein Gespraech mit Dr. Isidor Schalit". 

7/2 A 196/55 Schalit obits.

7/3 Juedisches Pressbureau 1918-1919. 

7/4 Der Weg, copy, Volume 1 Nr. 1 20 August 1903. 

7/5 "Zionist Congress" folders I-X missing folder VI (Various selections of records), minutes. 

7/6 ABELES, Otto, "Begegnungen mit Juden... Charlie will kein Jude Sein." Wien 1936. 

7/7 Central Zionist Archives Z2/433 Thesen des Krakauer Parteitages 1 Juli 1906 Zionistisches Zentralbureau fuer West-Oesterreich, Wien, Correspondence.

7/8 Central Zionist Archives Z2/441 Die Welt, vol XV, Nr 4, 27 January 1911.

7/9 Central Zionist Archives Z3/838 Lecture and address: An die Juedische Bevoelkerung Wiens! 

7/10 Central Zionist Archives Z2/439 Correspondence. 

7/11 A/W 2809/13 printed matter. Allgemeiner Oesterreichisch-israelitischer Bund, Wien; correspondence, printed document, handwritten notes. 

7/12 AW 2805/7 and 11: 2 printed documents: Protokoll "Allgemeinen Oesterreichisch-Israelitischen Bundes" 15 Mai 1905 and Auszug aus dem Protokolle ueber die Ausschussitzung des ‚Allgemeinen Oesterr.-Israel. Bundes‘ 6 Jan 1908. 

7/13 Folder entitled: Central Zionist Archives Z3 with 3 bundles of handwritten notes numbered: Z3 839 to 851, 1005, 29, 214, 1003, 836, 386, 838. 

7/14 Central Zionist Archives A 74 ’Leon Kellner’ handwritten notes re corr. w/ Kellner. etc. 

7/15 Central Zionist Archives Z 2/ 433-440 handwritten notes regarding reports, corr. etc. with some missing. 

7/16 Central Zionist Archives A 188 BIRNBAUM, Nathan, notes re letter to Birnbaum. 

7/17 Central Zionist Archives A 41 MARMOREK, Oskar. 

7/18 Central Zionist Archives A 80 STIASSNY. 

7/19 Central Zionist Archives HERZL corr to and from. 

7/20 Central Zionist Archives 1010 Der Juedischer Arbeiter (1898-1899). 

7/21 Juedische Rundschau (Berlin) 1905-1908. 

7/22 Central Zionist Archives A 266 KUHN, Leopold: comments. 

7/23 Central Zionist Archives K II/5 BERNHARDT, Max: comments. 

7/24 Central Zionist Archives A 147/ 23/1, 4, 11 KAMINKA, Armand (Memoirs): notes and comments. 

7/25 Central Zionist Archives F 1/4 Austrian Landeskomite Protokollbuch, LK sitting 28 December 1903. 

7/26 Central Zionist Archives A 130/26 I, and various others : 11 I, 10, 14,... ZWEIG, Egon Michael handwritten notes. 

7/27 Central Zionist Archives A 162 WERNER, Siegmund corr with him, etc. 

7/28 Listings of Juedische Volksstimme. 

7/29 POLLACK, Adolf, Zionistische Chronologie, 2 Volumes, Central Zionist Archives Typescript (Schalit references, Welt).

7/30 Copies/listings Juedische Zeitung, 1918-1919, Central Zionist Archives. 

7/31 Central Zionist Archives A 127 Kaplon-Kaplonsky, Schlomo. 

7/32 Listings Juedische Volksstimme, 1918-1919. 

7/33 Stenographisches Protokoll der Verh. des V. Zionisten-Congresses... (I-XI). 

7/34 STAND, Adolf, Central Zionist Archives Z3/519 "Nothing: Done". 

7/35 Juedische Rundschau summaries misc. 

7/36 Central Zionist Archives Z3/520 Stricker corr. E.A.C. 

7/37 WAHLE, Hedwig, "Das christlich-juedisch Gespraech in Oesterreich". 

7/38 POLNA: Ermordung der Agnes Hruza und der sensationelle Process Hilsner vor dem Kuttenberger Schwurgerichte. Geschildert von Gustav Touzil, 29 March 1899. 

7/39 Copy of Polna... written in Czech[?] (Polna is a small town in Czechoslovakia). 

7/40 Fragments or selections from 3 different manuscripts: Schneider, Nathan and Iggers. 

7/41 Folder with miscellaneous: handwritten lists, notes, ’call’ slips. 

7/42 History of Austrian-Israelite Union, manuscript.  

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Box 8, 1899-1968, undated

Scope and Content:

8/1 SCHWER, Hans Arnold, Die Wahrheit ueber die Morde in Polna, copies of fragments? 

8/2 PAUL-SCHIFF, Maximillian, Der Prozess Hilsner. 

8/3 MASARYK, Prof. T.G., Die Bedeutung des Polnaer Verbrechens fuer den Ritualaberglauben, 1900.  

8/4 CERVINKA, Frantisek, The Hilsner Affair, LBI Year Book XIII, 1968. 

8/5 Miscellaneous copies newspaper clippings: Dr. Bloch’s Oesterreichische Wochenschrift, 1900.

8/6 KOHUT, Adolphe, Ritual-Mordprozesse, copy (excerpt) article on Tisza-Eszlar (1913). 

8/7 NFP Kuttenberg, all re: Hilsner trial. 

8/8 Excerpts copies, Oesterreichische Wochenschrift, 1899. 

8/9 Excerpts Oesterreichische Wochenschrift, 1899: Polna.

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Box 9, 1947-1984, undated

Scope and Content:

9/1 SAMUEL, Maurice, Blood Accusation: The Strange History of the Beiliss Case. 

9/2 SZAJKOWSKI, Zoas, "The Impact of the Beilis [sic] Case on Central and Western Europe" in American Academy for Jewish Research: Proceedings: Vol XXXI, 1963. 

9/3 FLEMING, Gerald, Hitler and the Final Solution. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1984... notes on this text. 

9/4 NUSSBAUM, Dr. Arthur, Polnaer Ritualmordprozess: Eine kriminalpsychologische Untersuchung auf aktenmaessiger Grundlage, complete copy.

9/5 NUSSBAUM, A., "The "Ritual-Murder" Trial of Polna" in Historica Judaica vol IX Nr 1 April 1947. 

9/6 File titled "Working stuff" miscellaneous. 

9/7 File titled "Hilsner aftermath" miscellaneous newspaper clippings and excerpts regarding Hilsner case. 

9/8 Miscellaneous handwritten notes. 

9/9 Miscellaneous handwritten notes, copies and excerpts from newspaper and printed matter. 

9/10 Copies of miscellaneous documents, mainly correspondence regarding Hilsner. 

9/11 Handwritten notes, printed matter, excerpts from newspapers. 

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Box 10, 1941-1944

Scope and Content:

10/1 Entitled: "BA Koblenz fourth one" Correspondence: series of letters of 1942 addressed: "An alle Mittelstellenleiter", the names Friedrich Johannes Hauptmann (at Deutsche Akademie in Pressburg) and Bauer etc. appear.  

10/2 "BA II" Correspondence (1944): begins with letters concerning a specific house being used by the Deutsche Akademie u.s.w. (Hauptmann, Bauer etc. ). 

10/3 "BA Stuff" (1942) (Hauptmann, Bauer etc.). 

10/4 "BA R51 Last" Correspondence 1941, 1942 (Hauptmann, Bauer, etc...). 

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Box 11, 1898-1986, undated

Scope and Content:

11/1 Union 1898-1899 Selections from Mittheilungen der Oesterr.-Israel. Union, all bunched with handwritten notes and comments. 

11/2 Union 1909 copies der Oesterr.-Israel. Union, handwritten notes, preceded by 2 page English typewritten ’preamble’. 

11/3 Miscellaneous: Typescript, German "Chronik der Familie Richard Stumpf" also with copies of the original handwritten text with comments regarding state of original document written in the margins (i.e. "bound document"). 

11/4 Some copies of correspondence and copy of passport wherein the name Stumpf is mentioned, 70 page typescript, German. 

11/5 NFP Hilsner Trial, citations, references and handwritten comments regarding the Neue Freie Presse, no copies in this folder from the newspaper. 

11/6 Hilsner Trial Neue Freie Presse, various articles and handwritten notes, articles. 

11/7 J. Ad. Bulova: Zum Polnaer Ritualmordprozess im Stadium vor dem zweiten Urteile: Ein Brief an die Herren Professoren der gerichtlichen Medizin, Juristen... 

11/8 MAYER: Die Wiener Juden 1700-1900. Copy. 

11/9 Neue Freie Presse articles and commentary 1901, 2 d.O.W. items from 1906.  

11/10 Red binder : "Bibliography". 

11/11 Entitled "AW 788": Copy printed German "Beschprechung mit hoechstbesteuerten Mitgliedern der Cultusgemeinde" (Israelitische Cultusgemeinde Wien), typed "Addition to year 1899: Meeting of the Highest Taxed".  

11/12 Salzburg Stuff : Miscellaneous documents regarding Friedrich Johannes Hauptmann and police reports (re: US War Crimes Commission/ A.E.F. D.P. Registration record, index card.. .) 

11/13 "BA Second R 51/179" Corr. or letters addressed by Hauptmann (Bericht Lektorat-Pressburg, September-Oktober 1943: Deutsche Akademie". 

11/14 "BA 51/1? Hauptmann Personnel File sent originally from the Bundesarchiv Koblenz. More documents and copies re Hauptmann. 

11/15 "Ba I: 1941" More documents and copies Hauptmann: with a letter (original) addressed to Prof. Dan Horn at beginning of March 26, 1986 from the Bundesarchiv. 

11/16 "BA" continued: correspondence revolving around Dr. Julius Mader, Lektor der Deutschen Akademie and Deutsches Wissenschaftliches Institut in Szeged.  

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Box 12, 1885-1976, undated

Scope and Content:

A12/1 Die Welt, Hilsner materials, 1899, Excerpts. Pogroms in Bohemia, varia. 

12/2 1908 Chapter typescript, English, Excerpts and variations on chapter 1: (Zionists, Kultusgemeinde, Resolution Schmidt). 

12/3 NNZ 1909 (Neue National Zeitung) Excerpts. Crisis in Gemeindebund and alliance between assimilationists and Zionists, Zionism and religious freedom, Eine Juedische Gesamtorganisation in Oesterreich: Zwei Tode: Elbogen and Marmorek, need for organization of Galicians in Vienna, Bloch, Landau, Stern, Vienna and Galicia. 

12/4 OW 1909 handwritten notes. Lueger has account of Hilsner’s Mother pleading to be allowed into an old age home... Bloch lobbies to aid her. Obits Leopold Kahn and Lucien Brunner "called Dictator. The former democrat has seized absolute control of Zionist students"; Obit. Oskar Marmorek and Israelitische Allianz;" call for Jewish unity on basis of nationality in Austria. 

12/5 OW 1910 (Dr. Bloch’s Oesterreichische Wochenschrift) excerpts copies and handwritten note.s 

12/6 NNZ 1910. Landtagswahl Leopoldstadt, elections, death of Lueger, Landau, Stern, Kultuswahlen in Wien. 

12/7 OW 1910-1914: handwritten notes and excerpts. Elections, issues of OW Bloch, Lucien Brunner, movement towards unification of Jews into cohesive unit, Bloch endorses Zionists in Kultusgemeinde Electoral Meeting, role of Hilsner case in Antisemitism, Beilis-Hilsner, No. 52, 26 Dec 1913 pp. 937-938: "Annual summary by Bloch outlook is bleak- Hilsner, Jews totally deserted by allies in political arena". 

12/8 OW 1913-1914 handwritten notes. Obit. KRONAWETTER, Ferdinand, officials [families] converting, Beilis ritual murder issue: Beilis released but not Hilsner. 

12/9 OW 1913-1915 handwritten notes. Kultusvorstand issues, elections,... ends with "Galician refugees about to be expelled from Budapest by Budapest Jews : want them sent to smaller cities". 

12/10 LANDAU, Zionismus copies. Excerpts: Zionism, KG, Wien. 

12/11 Note on ABELES, Otto. Begegnungen mit Juden. 

12/12 ADELMAIER, Werner: "Ernst Vergoni" Dissertation Vienna 1969 handwritten notes (Vergoni is the founder of the Deutsches Volksblatt). 

12/13 FREUD, Arthur "Um Gemeinde und Organisation: Zur Haltung der Juden in Oesterreich" LBI Bulletin Tel Aviv, vol. 3, 1960. 

12/14 EICHORN, Rudolf "Die Weissen Sklaven," Wien 1885. 

12/15 DECKERT, Josef. Juedische Richter, Judeneid... 

12/16 DECKERT, Josef: Ein Ritualmord, excerpt. 

12/17 DECKERT, J.: Der Ewige Jude "Ahasver". 

12/18 RIFF, Michael A.: "Czech Antisemitism and the Jewish Response Before 1914," Wiener Library Bulletin, 1976, vol. 29, new series 39/40. 

12/19 Juedisches Volksblatt, 1899-1900, handwritten notes. 

12/20 File entitled: Stern’s Memo 1899 to Taaffe : inside: WILHEIMER, Jonas, Die Schmach des Jahrhunderts... Die Denkschrift, copy. 

12/21 HEIN, Oskar: Aus der Werkstadt der Reaktion: die Prozessaffaire gegen M. Schneider in aktenmaessiger Darstellung. Wien: Adolf Alkalay, 1891. 96 pp, copy.  

12/22 KANN, Robert: "German-Speaking Jewry during Austria-Hungary’s Constitutional era (1867-1918)," article. 

12/23 Die Welt, 1898, Excerpts. Battle between OW and Welt, Antisemitism in Vienna, call for segregation in schools: differing [ideological, religious] views, KG elections, Zionist demands. 

12/24 ROTH, Cecil ed. The Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew, copy, MS English, fragments. 

12/25 RYCHNOVSKY, Ernst ed. Thomas G. Masoryk and the Jews: A Collection of Essays trans. by Benjamin R. Epstein. NY: B. Pollak, 1941 ... RYCHNOVSKY, "The Struggle against the Ritual Murder Superstition" pp. 148-234... Jaroslav Rokycana "Friends in Need" pp. 235-247… fragment.  

12/26 Yellow folder: several articles taken from publications, books photocopied in entirety: Hilsner case. "Interpretation der Abgeordneten Dr. Ofner und Genossen an Seine Exzellenz den Herrn Justizminister betreffend den Fall Leopold Hilsner." Gesellschaft- Verein zur Abwehr des Antisemitismus, "Die Begnadigung Leopold Hilsners"-Elbogen," "Der Prozess Hilsner. Rede des Dr. Friedrich Elbogen," -1906, Minutes [Protokoll] from various political meetings, "Materiale enthaltend die Bedenken gegen die Richtigkeit der um Urteile des k.k. Schwurgerichtes in Pisek“: Hilsner case.

12/30 Copies Dr. Bloch’s Oesterreichische Wochenschrift, selections. Cultusgemeinde, Ritual murder. ca. 1900. 

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Box 13, 1882-1963, undated

Scope and Content:

13/1 SALTEN, Felix: Geister der Zeit. Erlebnisse. Berlin, Wien, Leipzig: Paul Zsolnai Verlag 1924, handwritten notes. 

13/2 SALTEN: Das Oesterreichische Antlitz, handwritten notes. 

13/3 SCHEICHER, Joseph: Aus dem Jahre 1920, Ein Traum.

13/4 SCHEICHER, Joseph: Erlebnisse und Erinnerungen. 

13/5 SCHNEE, Heinrich: "Die Politische Entwicklung des Wiener Buergermeisters Dr. Karl Lueger", pp 64-78, article.

13/6 SCHNITZLER, Arthur: Professor Bernhardi. Komoedie in fuenf Akten. 

13/7 SCHNITZLER, Henry: "Gay Vienna - Myth and Reality." Journal of the History of Ideas, vol. XV, Nr 1, Jan. 1954, pp 94-118. 

13/8 [Sieghart] various selections. 

13/9 SILBERNER, Edmund: "Austrian Social Democracy and the Jewish Problem" Historica Judaica, vol XIII, Part 2, English. 

13/10 SINGER, Isidor Berlin, Wien und der Antisemitismus. Verlag von D. Loewy, 1882. 

13/11 SKALNIK, "Die Persoenlichkeit und die Politik Dr. Karl Luegers in der oeffentlichen Meinung seiner Zeit." Unpublished dissertation Vienna, 1947. 

13/12 SPIGL, Elisabeth: "Das Wiener Judentum der achtziger Jahre in Literatur und Presse", Dissertation Univ. Wien 1943, hand-written notes.

13/13 Stauf von der March, Ottokor: Der Ritualmord. Beitraege von der Untersuchung der Frage. Wien: Hammer Verlag, 1933. 

13/14 STEIGNITZ, Peter: "Beitrag zur Behandlung der soziologischen Grundzuege des Judentums und des Antisemitimus in Oesterreich," University of Vienna, Dissertation 1963 (no notes, title only). 

13/15 Selection from Steignitz dissertation. 

13/16 STERNBERG, Graf von: "In Wechsel der Zeiten," excerpt. 

13/17 STRICKER, Robert: Notes on "Der juedische Nationalismus." Schriften zur juedischen Bewegung I. Wien: Verlag der "Wiener Morgen-Zeitung" n.d. Central Zionist Archives # 2643 pp. 3-48. 

13/18 Sticker: copy of MS... Central Zionist Archives 2643 ... pp 3-48: Die Wirksame Abwehr des Antisemitismus. 

13/19 STRICKER: Juedische Politik in Oesterreich. Taetigkeitsbericht und Auszuege aus den im oesterreichischen Parlamente 1919 und 1920 gehaltenen Reden. Wien: Verlag der "Wiener Morgen-Zeitung" n.d. copy, pp 3-39 Central Zionist Archives 976.

13/20 STRICKER, "Die Vertreter des jued. Volkes". 

13/21 STRICKER, Robert: Wege der juedischen Politik Aufsaetze und Reden. Wien und Leipzig, Verlag R. Lowit 1929, copy. 

13/22 SUESS, Edward, Erinnerungen. (Excerpt) copy at the LBI. 

13/23 THEIMER, Camilla: Excerpt(s) from Antisemitismus und Nationalsocial Judentum. Ein arischer Beitrag zur Loesung der Judenfrage. Wien: C.W. Stern, 1908. 

13/24 TILL, Rudolf: "Theologen in der Wiener Stadtvertretung". 

13/25 TILL, Rudolf: Geschichte der Wiener Stadtverwaltung in den letzten zweihundert Jahren. Wien: Verlag fuer Jugend und Volk, 1957 copy: "Wiener Stadtverfassung und Verwaltung von 1848-189-". 

13/26 Till-Ziak Unvergaenglicher : "Zehnter Abschnitt: Das Wien Kaiser Franz Josephs," excerpt.

13/27 Mittheilungen der statistischen Departments der Wiener Magistrate, Statistisches Jahrbuch der Stadt Wien fuer das Jahr 1883. Wien, 1885, Verlag des Wiener Magstrates. 

13/28 Staursacz, Lueger. Copy of MS in entirety no evident title page. 

13/29 Maroon folder with several pages: Chaim Bloch "Correspondence from Max Gruenewald" followed by handwritten notes, handwritten bibliography.  

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Box 14, 1886-1937, undated

Scope and Content:

14/1 Mittheilungen der Oesterreichisch-Israelitischen Union, Nr. 1, vol. 1, 1889 select copies.  

14/2 "Union Oesterreichischer Juden" Festschrift 50 jaehrigen..., 1937. 

14/3 Black folder: "Schalit Memoirs: Reichsrat Elections of 1907, My Campaign Speech," typed English, followed by pages folded in half as elsewhere for parallel handwritten versions. 

14/4 Blue folder: Schalit Memoirs beginning with Polna and Herzl..., several typescripts, English, handwritten notes. 

14/5 ADLER, Bruno, Kampf um Polna, MS German copy.  

14/6 Folder entitled : "Herzl Originals" handwritten notes, excerpts, copies various articles. 

14/7 COPIES various newspaper articles and handwritten notes. 1886-1890. 

14/8 Neuzeit, 1900, selections, handwritten notes. 

14/9 OW 1901, selections and handwritten notes. 

14/10 1905 Pogrom Speech, A/W 323,2. 

14/11 Folder entitled: "Polna Responses OW 1900" (Dr. Bloch’s Oesterreichische Wochenschrift). 

14/12 Neue Freie Presse, 1908, selection of articles. 

14/13 Welt, 1908, selections.

14/14 FRAENKEL, Josef (ed.), The Jews of Austria. Essays on their Life, History and Destruction handwritten notes, note cards. listing newspapers. 

14/15 Miscellaneous handwritten notes: Schalit- Intro, For the History of the Zionist Workers Movement pp 1303-, copy A 196/62.

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Box 15, 1898-1966, undated

Scope and Content:

15/1 WAENTIG, Heinrich: Gewerbliche Mittelstandspolitik. Eine Rechtshistorisch-wirtschaftspolitische Studie auf Grund oesterreichischer Quellen. 1898, copy (complete?). 

15/2 TOMOLA, Leopold: "Unser Buergermeister Dr. Karl Lueger." Festschrift, copy. 

15/3 TRINKS, Ulrich: "Protestantismus in Oesterreich," copy. 

15/4 van ARKEL, Dirk: Antisemitism in Austria. University of Leyden: 1966, copy, entire. 

15/5 Excerpts: Stenographische Protokolle of various Landtage: issues of ritual murder, Christian Loge [Anton Orel], Gibt es juedische Ritualmorde. Eine Sichtung und psychologische Klaerung des geschichtlichen Materials. Copy among other things, followed by numerous relevant handwritten notes and newspaper clippings. 

15/6 Manuscripts, definitely one entire book and excerpts from one or two other MS: One title: Severus Vorax, Die oeffentliche Meinung, issue of Ritual Murder. 

15/7 Manuscripts selections... among them: LEHR, Elias: Offener Brief an Seine Exzellenz Dr. Franz Klein Leiter des k.k. Justizministeriums. 1906, copy, entire, MASARYK, Prof. Dr. Th. G.: Die Nothwendigkeit der Revision des Polnaer Processes 1899 (Sonderabdruck aus der Wochenschrift "Die Zeit", UTHIKAL, Gerhard: selections (Ritualmord). 

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Box 16, 1896-1910, undated

Scope and Content:

16/1 Die Welt, 1898 Excerpts. Battle between OW and Welt, Antisemitism in Vienna, call for segregation in schools: differing ideological, religious views, KG elections, Zionist demands. 

16/2 Welt, 1909, copies. Miscellaneous. 

16/3 Welt, 1910, copies. Elections, progression of the liberal party: as per the Jews, Kultusgemeinde, Zionists. 

16/4 Welt, and other. Miscellaneous. Landtagswahl. Financial. Lueger. "Die Taufseuche in Wien" Ost und West, V. Nr. 12. 

16/5 Juedisches Volksblatt, 1899-1900, handwritten notes. 

16/6 Juedische Volksstimme, 1900, handwritten, Notes: Articles concern issues of KG elections, regularly changing political climate in Austria, occasional references to or discussions of Polna, the Worker and social stratifications, class issues within Jewish comm., nationalistic versus domestic politics, conflict between bourgeois and elite: internal dialogue and argument between various publications in Vienna. (Volksstimme and OW...) 

16/7 Neue Freie Presse, 1896, copies and handwritten notes. Election results Gemeinde-Rat 1896, Lueger, very little ritual murder discussion. 

16/8 Neuzeit, 1898, selections from articles. Lueger, school segregation, antisemitism in public arena, Differing parties, liberals. 

16/9 NFP, few copies and handwritten notes. Lueger, Elections. 

16/10/1 Appears to be summarizations of Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums, articles (AZdJ) 1899. Agnes Hruza, Leopold Hilsner issue. 

16/10/2 AZdJ 1898 summ. 

16/10/3 "Continuation from Rychnovsky TGM and Paul Schiff indictment against Hilsner and Kuttenberg" 

16/10/4 misc handwritten notes. 

16/10/5 "Dr. Aurenick’s Summation-Translation from Paul Schiff. 

16/10/6 "Prelude to Polna-- Excesses in Nachod". 

16/10/7 "Polna case breaks over Austria".

16/10/8 NUSSBAUM, Arthur. Der Polnaer Ritualmordprozess. Eine Kriminalpsychologische Untersuchung auf aktenmaessiger Grundlage. Summarization.  

16/10/9 ... miscellaneous very lengthy printout drafts of actual text. One large segment entitled: "Continuation from HILSNUSS[VII]: Examination of case by Nussbaum".  

16/11 Miscellaneous articles Die Welt, Die Wahrheit,. Elections 1908 Articles, commentary. 

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Box 17, 1888-1897, undated

Scope and Content:

Folders :  

17/1 Manuscripts, quotes interspersed with Handwritten notes. First title: ’Re-write’: "The concept of economic depression and the rise of Antisemitism - "Das bedraengte Wien""...from the early 1880’s through 1888. MSS handwritten and typewritten. Translations [and summaries] of newspaper articles. 

17/2 Copies of various newspaper clippings 1888- 1889: propaganda of hatred and antisemitism as well as rupture between differing classes of Jews: conflicts directed at wealthy Jews... Copy OW, Nr. 16, 19 April 1889, pp 288-289... note of ritual murder... 8 Feb 1890, MB - Cultusgemeindebill, Lueger’s endorsement of ritual murder, ends with Lueger trial. 

17/3 OW, 1895x antisemitism, elections, Lueger, Lueger "Cultus," Bloch’s resignation from Reichsrat. 

17/4 OW, 1896x Herzl, dilemma of Jews and Deutsch liberal party, politics of elections, "Moerder aus religioesem Fanatismus. Ritual Murder in Hungary... Prelude to Polna" boycott-problems, economic war on Jews as per careers: medicine, education... 

17/5 OW, 1897x "Bloch’s election ruined" and various elections, issues of Lueger’s treatment of Jews. 

17/6 Neuzeit, 1895-1896 elections, Gruebl’s resignation as mayor and issue of Lueger’s unsanctioned appointment to office, Moravian Jews, "Das Blutmaerchen in Wien," rich versus poor Jews, economic war on Jews.  

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Box 18, 1882-1903, undated

Scope and Content:

18/1 Neuzeit, 1882. Very early reflection of antisemitism: Growth of antisemitism in Vienna, failure to found AS newspaper, workers in Wien reject antisemitism. Concern of Tisza Esslar, early Jellinek articles, Bloch’s challenge to Rohling. 

18/2 Neuzeit, 1883. Rohling incident: Jellinek seeks to create Defense org., argument over action re Rohling, Jellinek articles, pogroms near Tisza-Esslar, education, Neuzeit welcomes Kadimah but condemns Jewish nationalism. 

18/3 Neuzeit, 1883-1886. Vienna KG poor, Wiener KG new Pres. Borkenau, articles by Jellinek, assimilation in Vienna, dismay at AS success in 1885 R-rat election, wealth of Jews, copy Neuzeit, vol 22, No 29, 20 July 1883 "Lueger’s first vital Asic statement" (Jellinek). 

18/4 Neuzeit, 1887-1890, confidence in Liberalism in the face of Antisemitism, ritual murder excesses in Moravia, desire to stop Jewish immigration to Austria from Russia, Jellinek, foreshadowing of violence against Jews, debate re KG Law.  

18/5 Neuzeit, 1897, 1900-1901. Elections: liberals, AS R-Rat, violence and looting in Leopoldstadt, Lueger appointed mayor, "Neuzeit maintains equivocal stance between Zionism and Guedemann’s Nationaljudentum," issue of Jewish Scholarship denial: school question, political climate, Lueger’s attempt at appearing pro-Jewish, second Hilsner trial, elections, class struggle. 

18/6 Neuzeit, 1902-1903. Blutmaerchen, Neuzeit endorses Jewish Nationalism election of Lueger in Leopoldstadt.

18/7 OW 1886x. Bloch takes on Friedjung, antisemitism, Bloch versus Rohling affair, antisemitism versus Jewish physicians, founding of Isr. Waehlverein, Vaterland attack and OW rebuttal.  

18/8 OW 1887x. Entry of antisemites in G-Rat, Infiltration of antisemitism in prof. associations, Lueger, Friedjung, Catholic antisemitism in Austria, attack on Vaterland, law on Jews, Kronawetter, various things on Jewish Artisan association. 

18/9 OW 1894x. Friedjung still pushing liberals as best guarantee for Jews, Proposal for CV, Ost Isr.Union, issues of converting, Kadimah Isidor Schalit president, Deckert, Alfred Stern, Kaiserworte, Prof. Suess, "Things are getting tougher as government begins to work against the Jews - sees deterioration in Jewish situation" 

18/10 Freies Blatt, 1892 handwritten notes. FB counsels liberals not to make compromises with antisemits in G-Rat, Economic issue takes precedent to religious for antisemites, violence, Lueger, some "ritual murder" incidents, "FB welcomes formation in Berlin of "Comite zur Abwehr des Antisemitismus" (forerunner of CV), Alfred Stern and others articles on ritual murder, political battles between liberals, Jews and antisemites for seats of power. 

18/11 Freies Blatt (UZADAS) 1892-1894 ... 

18/12 Freies Blatt (UZADAS) 1895-1896. Wiener Antisemitismus economic in nature, prelude to Polna ritual murder: case of woman who accused Jew of trying to make her victim of ritual murder, intolerable attacks on Jews, conflict revolving around nomination for R-Rat seat, a lot of commentary on Pf. Deckert, Jews’ Anti-Zionism, ritual murder stories, Protests of government and liberals’ tolerance of antisemitism, violence, exchange of letters regarding who should and who should not be allowed to occupy government positions.

18/13 Die Welt 1897 ... 

18/14 Die Welt 1897. Very extensive handwritten notes: Herzl, increasing antisemtism, German versus the Polish Jews (cultural aspects abounding), parallels between Austrian Jews and the persecution of the Czechs, Kadimah and education related issues, class and antisemitism, economic boycott and more, educating children to be antisemites in desc. of Christian Frauenbund, formation of Aryan Rettungsgesellschaft, articles by E.R. [?], Bertha von Suttner, Herzl, Landau.

18/15 Die Welt 1898. Herzl on Lueger, taxing (poor versus rich Jew), ritual murder belief rampant in Polna prior to Hilsner affair re: Season.  

18/16 NIESZ, John George: Early Industrialization and the Workers of Lower Austria 1848- 1873, dissertation issues.

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Oversize materials, 1899, undated

Scope and Content:

Folder 1: Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums (AZdJ), vol. 63, # 29, July 21, 1899; miscellaneous newspaper copies. 

Folder 2: Neue Freie Presse, miscellaneous articles, copies. 

Folder 3: miscellaneous articles, copies. 

Folder 4: Excerpts on ritual murder cases, Leopold Hilsner trial.

Folder 5: Oesterreichisches Wochenblatt, miscellaneous articles, copies.

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