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Descriptive Summary

creator: Pinkus family
Title: Pinkus Family Collection
Dates:bulk 1725-1994
Abstract: The collection contains papers including vital documents, membership cards, awards, medals, diaries, memoirs, diaries, manuscripts, legal papers, correspondence, business records, wills, genealogies and family histories regarding the Pinkus family, notable textile manufacturers in Neustadt (now Prudnik, Poland) in Upper Silesia, and their personal and business affairs. The family was also highly regarded for its support of civic and cultural affairs in the area, and corresponded with several notable cultural figures.
Languages: The collection is in German, English, and Czech.
Quantity: 18.5 linear feet plus 4 oversized boxes.
Identification: AR 7030
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

The Pinkus family were textile manufacturers. The factory in Neustadt, Upper Silesia (now Prudnik, Poland), was one of the largest producers of fine linens in the world. Joseph Pinkus became a partner in the firm S. Fränkel when he married Auguste Fränkel, the daughter of the owner. Their son Max Pinkus (1857-1934) was director until 1926. Their daughter Hedwig married Paul Ehrlich, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1908.

Max Pinkus was a noted patron of the arts and literature and of commercial, political, and civic life in Neustadt and Upper Silesia generally. He was noted for amassing a large library of books by Silesian authors, both known and obscure, as well as several document collections pertaining to Silesian history. He wrote manuscripts on these topics and on the textile trade in Silesia. His library was eventually dispersed to different repositories within Silesia after its confiscation by the Nazis in the late 1930s. Attesting to the importance of Max Pinkus to cultural affairs in Silesia are his relationships with Gerhart Hauptmann, Hermann Stehr, and many other notable figures. Stehr dedicated the story Der Geigenmacher to Pinkus; Hauptmann was present at Max Pinkus's funeral in 1934 and reportedly modeled the protagonists of Vor Sonnenuntergang and Die Finsternisse after Pinkus.

Max Pinkus's son Hans Pinkus (1891-1977) managed the family company from 1926-1938 until he was forced out after the company's total aryanization in the wake of Kristallnacht. During the period from 1934-1938 he had successfully defended his family's interest in the company against an increasingly hostile board, which had been introducd after the company went public in 1934. Hans Pinkus, like his father, was very active in civic and cultural affairs, notably as an advocate for former prisoners of war. He had spent part of the first World War in internment camps for prisoners of war in France and Switzerland. Like his father, he was interested in local history, and he devoted much of his spare time to genealogical research. Hans Pinkus was able to remain in Germany until a relatively late date, but owing to the increasingly hostile climate he left Germany at the end of 1938 and emigrated to the United Kingdom with his family in 1939. During the 1950s, he unsuccessfully attempted to rebuild the firm in Bavaria, and he died in Britain in 1977.

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Scope and Contents

The collection contains papers including vital documents, membership cards, awards, medals, diaries, travel journals, legal papers, tax records, wills, genealogical tables and family histories, along with supporting documents regarding the Pinkus family and related families, including the Deutsch and Fraenkel families and the Eger-Gans-Gansmann family. Family correspondence is supplemented by several memoirs and diaries. The family history is also greatly enriched by the presence of hundreds of photographs of family members, their friends and associates, of the family art collection, and of their factories, homes, travels, and other activities.

Both Max Pinkus and especially Hans Hubert Pinkus were interested in genealogy, and series VII documents their research efforts, which encompass not just close relations but a broad array of families, primarily in the region of Upper Silesia. A separate series documents Hans Hubert Pinkus’s research efforts into the history of the Jewish community of Silesia, and includes official proclamations, documents, and records stretching back to the 18th century, as well as photocopies, clippings, and other research material. Finally, Series V, Felix Pinkus, contains research materials and manuscripts on Paul Ehrlich, Max Pinkus’s brother-in-law. Hans Hubert Pinkus’s papers include some documents on the Paul Ehrlich Stiftung (foundation) as well.

The collection also contains records of businesses owned by the Pinkus family from the mid-nineteenth century through the period after World War II, including correspondence, manuscripts, business reports, tax and financial records, legal, advertising material, and newspaper clippings from the firms of S. Fraenkel Neustadt, Spinnerei Vorwärts Brackwede, Schlesische Flachs-Werke Kaundorf, Süddeutsche Leinenweberei Augsburg, Schlesische Feinweberei, S. Fränkel Augsburg, S. Fränkel Garnbleiche Schönwalde (Kreis Neiße), and Hronover Baumwollspinnerei. Two manuscripts on the history of the textile industry in Silesia and on the history of the firm S. Fraenkel add to the documentation. The final series also contains oversized materials, including sample books, ticket stubs, building plans, scrapbooks, and a ledger, almost all of which relate to the family businesses. Although materials on the family businesses are scattered throughout the first four series, the papers of Hans Hubert Pinkus (series IV) are of especial note because they contain several appraisal reports, audit reports, balance sheets, and inventories of the family businesses used during the process of filing restitution claims after the war. Hans Pinkus's papers also contain materials documenting his attempts to revive the family business in Bavaria after the war.

The Pinkus family was actively involved in the civic and cultural life of Breslau, Neustadt, and Upper Silesia and Prussia in general. Max Pinkus was noted as an avid collector of books and materials on local history; an inventory of his personal library, dispersed after seizure by the Nazis, is available in Series III, subseries 5. As a patron of the arts, he also corresponded with notable literary figures like Hermann Stehr and the family of Gerhart Hauptmann. Although there are few items of correspondence with Hauptmann himself, the presence of a few poems he dedicated to Max Pinkus attests to their friendship. Max Pinkus was also active in Jewish community affairs, in the local chamber of commerce, and with various local charities. A substantial amount of his personal correspondence also documents his efforts to benefit German prisoners of war during World War I, spurred on by the capture of his son Hans Hubert. Finally, a substantial amount of Max Pinkus’ documents, maps, and official correspondence pertain to issues surrounding the family estate Deutsch Krawarn, near Ratibor (Racibórz).

Max’s son Hans Hubert Pinkus carried on his father's tradition of civic involvement, with an especial emphasis on Jewish community affairs and on his role as an advocate for former prisoners of war. Other materials from before World War II include various manuscripts and diaries, including the diary he kept as a prisoner of war in France, a large postcard collection depicting artworks, business correspondence relating especially to the Hronover Baumwollenspinnerei. Further personal materials document his university career, including membership in the fraternity Sulfuria and a trial for dueling, as well as his three marriages and amicable divorce from Elfriede von Vietinghoff (née Hess). Also in his personal correspondence are various awards amd letters of recognition for his service during World War I, including several from the Nazi government. Hans Pinkus oversaw the family business until he was forced to resign after its forced Aryanization in the late 1930s. Thereafter he fled to England, and many of his papers, including passports, visas, various identification cards, and official correspondence, document his family’s emigration to England and their naturalization as English citizens.

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This collection is arranged in 9 series.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Series I: Papers of the S. Fränkel Company and Joseph Pinkus ,  undated, 1826-1944

11Inflation scrips 1923
12Price lists and inventory of 1938 1930s
13Clippings, certificates, awards, an other memorabilia on the early history of S. Fraenkel and on the activities of Joseph Pinkus; 1826-1926 1826-1926
14Der Aufstieg der Firma S. Fränkel in Neustadt Oberschlesien (The Rise of the S. Fränkel Company in Neustadt, Upper Silesia) undated
15Advertising, policies, and reports of S. Fränkel and its successor Schlesische Feinweberei circa 1920-circa 1944
OS341Commemorative book for golden wedding anniversary 1906
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Series II: Papers of Joseph Pinkus ,  undated, 1859-1894

16Bill from furniture dealer 1878
17Memoirs-North American trip circa 1894
18Personal correspondence--wife 1885-1887
19Personal correspondence--Albert Fränkel undated, 1859-1864
110Personal correspondence--Max and Hedwig Pinkus 1887-1888
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Series III: Papers of Max Pinkus ,  1861-1966

Subseries 1: Personal materials, including correspondence ,  undated, 1881-1934

21Personal correspondence: Max and Hedwig Pinkus 1889-1905
22Membership cards undated, 1906-1933
23Passports and gun permits circa 1911-1939
24Poems—Max Pinkus and Pinkus family undated
25Poems—Gerhard Hauptmann dedicated to Max Pinkus undated
26Various materials on Hedwig Pinkus nèe Oberländer 1881-1920
27Marriage to Hedwig Oberländer 1888 April-May
28Varia 1902-34
29Copy of verdict Royal Prussian Court of Pinkus social security payment trial 1902
281Stock and bond holdings 1899-1902
282Ledger books: expenditures 1904-1914, 1917
283Expenditures 1922-1934

Subseries 2: Memoirs, manuscript, and speech ,  undated, 1906-1923

210Memoirs 1923 and undated
211Memoirs (on occasion of Hedwig’s death) 1922
212Manuscripts—Silesian history, Silesian linen industry undated
213Speech—social security legislation 1906

Subseries 3: Personal and official correspondence ,  undated, 1861-1939

31Guest book undated
32Correspondence—employees and their relatives 1914-1915
33Correspondence—employees and their relatives 1916-1917
34Correspondence—employees and their relatives 1917-1918 and undated
35aPersonal and official correspondence—Hans Pinkus as a prisoner of war 1914
35bPersonal and official correspondence—Hans Pinkus as a prisoner of war 1914
36aPersonal and official correspondence—Hans Pinkus as a prisoner of war 1915-1918
36bPersonal and official correspondence—Hans Pinkus as a prisoner of war 1915-1918
37Personal correspondence—mother and in-laws 1903-1918
3 8 Addenda: Letter and Kempinski menu undated
41Correspondence—M. Brann 1912-1919
42Correspondence—M. Avenarius, Siedmend Feldmann, Frederica Heuser 1921-1934
43Correspondence-Dr. Victor Ludwig 1921-1934
44Correspondence—Werner Milch, Walter Richard, Walter Requardt, George Stocklein, Felix Voigt, Helmut Woche 1922-1934
45Correspondence—Father Paul Brettschneider undated
46Literary correspondence-Father Paul Brettschneider with Max Pinkus and others 1921-1922
51Correspondence—German Jewish cultural and community affairs 1927-1934
52Correspondence—professional associations, chambers of commerce 1905-1934
53aCorrespondence—philanthropy 1904-1933
53bCorrespondence—philanthropy 1904-1933
54Correspondence—political affairs 1902-1930
55Correspondence—cultural affairs and philanthropy 1902-1930
56Correspondence and clippings—war effort, demobilization, veteran’s affairs, and social welfare programs 1914-1923
57Correspondence—Flax cultivation in South Africa 1923-1925
58Correspondence and related materials—Klaus Pinkus 1917-1939
59Correspondence—Private investigator’s report on Carl Herzfeld 1910
510Miscellaneous correspondence 1861-1934

Subseries 4: Business correspondence ,  1910-1934

61Business correspondence—Hans Masur 1914-1919
62Business correspondence 1910-1930
63Business correspondence and related materials—Spinnerei Vorwärts AG Brackwede 1925-1934
64Business correspondence and related materials—Schlesische Flachswerke Kaundorf 1922-1934
65Business correspondence—S. Fränkel 1923-1934

Subseries 5: Inventory of book collection and literary correspondence--Hauptmann family ,  1921-1955

66Correspondence and related materials—Gerhart Hauptmann family 1926-1955
67Correspondence—Johanna Lotte Hauptmann 1924-1934
68Correspondence—Margarethe Hauptmann, Gerhart Hauptmann, and Hauptmann family 1921-1934
69Inventory of book collection, entitled Silesian poets, writers, and intellectuals (except the minor ones) from the library of Max Pinkus 1934

Subseries 6: Official correspondence and materials related to the estate Deutsch Krawarn ,  1897-1916

71Map: Deutsch-Krawarn 1913
72Official correspondence and forms—Prussian district court (Kultschin/Ratibor) regarding Deutsch-Krawarn Circa 1897-1910
73Official correspondence and related materials—Prussian local authorities (Kultschin/Ratibor) regarding Deutsch-Krawarn 1910-1916
74Inventory lists of holdings and ledger books—Deutsch Krawarn 1912-1914

Subseries 7: Obituaries, memorials, and clippings ,  1930s-1966

81Obituaries 1934
82Memorial volume on Max Pinkus, and related materials including personal and business correspondence with Bergstadt Verlag Munich 1958-1961
83Memorial and honorary scholarly articles 1927-1966
84Newspaper articles circa 1930s-1962
85Clippings 1912-1958
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Series IV: Papers of Hans Hubert Pinkus and family ,  undated, 1890-1976

Subseries 1: Personal and family materials ,  undated, 1890-1975

91Membership cards, passports, calendars, invitations, and a rubber stamp circa 1900-circa 1975
92Passports 1910-1951
93Travel permits, visas, court document 1918-1947
94School and university papers undated, 1907-1911
95Personal papers, including membership cards, calendars, immunization records, publisher correspondence, birth certificate, stationery circa 1890-circa 1975

Subseries 2: Writings and diaries ,  1913-1938

96Manuscripts 1913, 1938
97Diaries—Asian vacation, including Alice Pinkus’ diary 1909
98Diaries—as prisoner of war in France 1914-1917

Subseries 3: Postcard collection and notes ,  circa 1900-circa 1970

99Postcard collection circa 1900-circa 1970
910Various manuscript notes undated

Subseries 4: Business correspondence: Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei (Hronov Cotton Mill, Czech Republic) ,  1911-1931

101Correspondence and documents—Philip Oberländer and Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1911-1929
102Correspondence and documents—Philip Oberländer and Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1912-1916
103Correspondence and documents—Philip Oberländer and Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1911
104Correspondence—Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1926
105Correspondence—Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1927
106Correspondence—Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1928
107Correspondence—Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1929
108Correspondence—Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1930-1931
109Correspondence—Klaus Pinkus and Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1923-1925
1010Correspondence—Klaus Pinkus and Hronower Baumwollenspinnerei 1913-1929

Subseries 5: Correspondence--Prisoner-of-war affairs ,  1914-1937

111Official records and correspondence—as prisoner of war and official representative of POW affairs 1914-1924
112Correspondence—activity in community and POW organizations 1918-1937

Subseries 6: Activity on committees and boards ,  1921-1940

113Records and correspondence—committee memberships: arbitration, finance, labor, commerce etc. 1921-1940

Subseries 7: Correspondence--Jewish community affairs ,  1920-1938

114Correspondence—Jewish community affairs 1920, 1934-1938
115Correspondence—Jewish community of Neustadt/Upper Silesia 1930-1938

Subseries 8: Personal correspondence ,  1911-1960

116Correspondence—membership in the fraternity Sulfuria 1933, 1954, 1960
117Personal correspondence 1922-1932
118Personal correspondence, including materials on his will 1933-1941
119Correspondence—university and trial for dueling 1911-1913
1110Correspondence—divorce from Elfriede von Vietinghoff 1920-1935
1111Correspondence—Lily Schottlaender (second wife) 1927-1937

Subseries 9: Business and personal correspondence ,  1931-1976

121ABusiness correspondence 1935-1939
121BBusiness correspondence 1933-1935, 1946
121CBusiness correspondence 1931-1933
122Business correspondence 1934-1942
123Personal correspondence 1955-1976

Subseries 10: Emigration ,  1938-1970

131ALegal and personal correspondence—emigration, business and estate matters 1939-1944 (bulk 1939)
131BLegal and personalcorrespondence—emigration, business and estate matters 1938-1947
132AVital documents and official correspondence—United Kingdom and Germany 1945-1970
132BNaturalization—United Kingdom 1944-1964

Subseries 11: Restitution ,  1939-1976

141Correspondence—restitution 1946-1952
142Correspondence—restitution 1953-1968
143ACorrespondence—Karl Globisch (restitution: S. Fränkel) 1970-1976
143BCorrespondence—Karl Globisch (restitution: S. Fränkel) 1968-1970
143CCorrespondence—Karl Globisch (restitution: S. Fränkel) 1963-1968
144Documents and court decisions—restitution 1950-1954
151Business documents used for restitution claims—Süddeutsche Leinenweberei and Schlesische Feinweberei 1939-1955
152AAppraisal reports—restitution, Schlesische Feinweberei 1956
152BAppraisal reports—restitution, Schlesische Feinweberei 1956
152CAppraisal reports—restitution, Schlesische Feinweberei 1954-1976
153Business correspondence—Süddeutsche Leinenweberei and Schlesische Feinweberei 1952-1960
154Audit report—Schlesische Feinweberei 1953
155Audit report—Schlesische Feinweberei 1951/1952, 1954-1958
156Balance sheets—Schlesische Feinweberei 1947-1958
161Audit report—Süddeutsche Leinenweberei 1952
162Credit report—Süddeutsche Leinenweberei 1953

Subseries 12: Clippings ,  circa 1900-1968

171Nazi Germany 1933 April-December
172Nazi Germany 1934 February-December
173Nazi Germany 1935 February-December
174Nazi Germany 1936 January-August
175Nazi Germany 1936 September-December
176Nazi Germany 1937
177Nazi Germany undated
178Nazi pamphlet--Judenglocke [Jewish bell] 1933?
179Notices and fliers—anti- and philo-Semitic 1918-1933
1710Sigmund Feldmann 1918-1933
1711Paul Ehrlich 1910-1962
1712Clippings, speeches, and documents—Paul Ehrlich Foundation [Stiftung] 1929-1968
291Political activities circa 1925
292Miscellaneous circa 1900-1970 and undated
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Series V: Felix Pinkus , undated, 1980-1994

293Manuscript—biography of Paul Ehrlich1950s?
294Addenda: Correspondence—Hermann Pinkus, Dietmar Gericke, Leo Baeck Institute, and Rockefeller University regarding Felix Pinkus and Paul Ehrlich materials 1980-1994
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Series VI: Materials on the Jewish community of Silesia ,  1725-1974

181Clippings and reports 1927-1938
182Royal proclamations 1725-1780
183Research notes on community in Oppeln—Georg Wiener 1930, 1933
184Memoirs—Markus Adler 1861
185Community of Zülz 1699, 1930s
186Catalog—Gesamtarchiv der deutschen Juden (Collected archive of German Jews) circa 1930s
187Clippings—textile industry 1933-1974
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Series VII: Genealogical and historical materials on the Fraenkel family and others ,  undated, 1600s-1971

Subseries 1: Deutsch family ,  1814-1842

191Court documents—Deutsch family 1834-1842
192Vital documents, correspondence, and contracts—Deutsch family 1814-1829

Subseries 2: Fraenkel family ,  undated, 1851-1970s

193Correspondence—Emmanuel Fränkel 1919
194Testament and estate papers—Samuel Fränkel 1851, 1878-1881
195Estate papers—Moritz Fränkel 1888-1893
196Estate papers—Abraham Fränkel 1904-1905
301Photo album--Danish branch of family 1973?
201Family tree—eighteenth through twentieth century undated
202Family tree— eighteenth through twentieth century, revised version
203Related family trees and accompanying materials—Fränkel, Grätzer, Proskauer, Polke, and other families undated, 1930s
204Correspondence, documents, and related materials—Fränkel genealogy undated, 1930s
205Correspondence, documents, and related materials—Fränkel genealogy undated, 1930s

Subseries 3: Other families, including Pinkus ,  undated, 1500s-1965

211Materials on the Brunner family undated
212Materials on the Eger-Gans-Gansmann family undated, 1936
213Family tree—Friedländer, Schlesinger, Lohnstein families 1700s-1900s
214Family tree and related materials—Neustadt family 1600s-1800s
214ASpreadsheet with genealogical information, [compiled by H. J. R. Peters], 13 pages 1992
215Family tree—Jäckel family 1700s
216Family tree and related materials—Polke family 1700s-1900s
217Family tree—Seligmann-Wahl, Leiderdorf, Oppenheim and others 1500s-1900s
218Genealogical materials from the Breslau Federal Archive (Breslauer Staatarchiv)—Fränkel family 1747-1937
219Vital records—Jewish community of Jungbunzlau, Bohemia 1600s-1800s
2110Harun Dolfs and Pinkus family undated, 1965
2111Poetry and biographical materials—Ferdinand Danziger 1935

Subseries 4: Index cards for family trees ,  undated

221Goldstein family, A-H undated
222Goldstein family, L-O undated
223Goldstein family, P-R undated
224Goldstein family, S-Z undated
225Goldstein family, part two undated
226Pinkus family, A-F undated
227Pinkus family, K-Z undated
228Fränkel family, A-E undated
229Fränkel family, F undated
231Fränkel family, G-L undated
232Fränkel family, M-Z undated
233Polke family, A-K undated
234Polke family, L-Z undated
241Grätzer family, A-H undated
242Grätzer family, I-R undated
243Grätzer family, S-Z undated
244Grodnewitz and Brenner families undated
245Fränkel family, supplements undated

Subseries 5: Addenda on Pinkus family members and other individuals and families ,  undated, 1847-1971

271Friedländer family undated
272Friedländer family undated
273Graeffner family 1882-1913
274Karl Herzfeld undated
275Rudolf Herzfeld 1923
276Edmund Landau 1908-1924
277B. Laquer 1910-1924
278Fritz H. Lewy 1909-1910
279Michaelis Lohnstein 1847-1881
2710Emil Meyer 1908-1910
2711F. Pinkus (Geheimrat) 1906-1962
2712Felix Pinkus and his son Hermann 1868-1961
2713Hans Pinkus 1908-1971
2714Max Pinkus 1907-1963
2715Israel Rabin 1927
2716Cecil Roth 1935
2717Ernst Schwerin 1920-1933
2718Frans Skutsch 1938
2719Karl Weigert undated
2720Robert Wendriner 1969
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Series VIII: Photographs ,  undated, 1893-1974

25Envelopes 1-237 undated, 1893-1974
26Envelopes 238-268 undated, 1896-1966
26Travels in Asia and Africa 1909-1925
26Art objects in the Pinkus collection—folder 1 undated
26Art objects in the Pinkus collection—folder2 undated
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Series IX: Oversized materials ,  undated, 1789-1954

OS315 books and loose pages: pattern and fabric samples undated
OS31Ticket stubs—S. Fränkel 1918-1920
OS31Varia, including clippings and plans of Süddeutsche Leinenweberei in Augsburg 1946-1954
OS331Documents, broadsides, periodicals 1789-1912
OS332Scrapbook pages, clippings 1913-1934
OS333Scrapbook pages, clippings 1899-1913
OS334Framed certificate—Hermann Fränkel, Ehrenbürgerrecht der Stadt Neustadt Oberschlesien (Key to the city of Neustadt, Upper Silesia) 1898
OS341Paul Ehrlich scrapbook 1915 (book); 1915-1929 (contents)
OS342Ledger book 1922-1923
V 1/1 2 10 maps depicting the Pinkus estate in Ratibor, a hospital in Neustadt, and a factoryundated, 1903, 1913
V 1/1 3 Maps, drawings and documents relating to the Pinkus villa (house and garden) in Neustadtundated, 1908
V 1/1 4 Maps, drawings, and documents relating to the Pinkus family tomb and cemetery plotundated, 1905, 1908, 1933-1934
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