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Creator:Elbogen, Ismar
Title:Ismar Elbogen Collection
Abstract:Correspondence of Ismar Elbogen with individuals, including Elias Auerbach, Julius Bab, Leo Baeck, Salo Baron, Markus Brann, Martin Buber, Umberto Cassuto, Ludwig Feuchtwanger, Ludwig Geiger, Robert Raphael Geis, Louis Ginzburg, Ignaz Goldziher, Max Gruenewald, Moritz Güdemann, Julius Guttmann, Bernhard Kahn, Mordechai Kaplan, Adolf Leschnitzer, Lily Montagu, Claude Montefiore, Adolph Oko, Paula Ollendorf, Bertha Pappenheim, Felix Perles, Koppel Pinson, Peter Reinhold, Julius Rosenwald, Cecil Roth, Caesar Seligmann, Selma Stern-Taeubler, Henrietta Szold, Hermann Vogelstein, and Stephen Wise.
Languages:This collection is in German, English, Hebrew, Italian, Czech and German.
Quantity:5 linear feet (5 boxes), 1 oversized box, parts of five microfilm reels
Identification:AR 64 / MF 515; materials are also available on the following microfilm reels: MF 63, MF 167, MF 172, MF 187, MF 212
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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Biographical Note

Born in Schildberg (now Ostrzeszow, Poland) on September 1, 1874, Elbogen studied at the University of Breslau and the Juedisch-theologisches Seminar, Breslau, receiving his doctorate in 1898 and rabbinical ordination the following year. He taught at the Collegio Rabbinico Italiano, Florence, from 1899 to 1902 and at the Hochschule fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums, Berlin from 1902 to 1938, when he emigrated to the United States. He died in New York City on August 1, 1943.

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Scope and Content Note

Correspondence of Ismar Elbogen with individuals, including Elias Auerbach, Julius Bab, Leo Baeck, Salo Baron, Markus Brann, Martin Buber, Umberto Cassuto, Ludwig Feuchtwanger, Ludwig Geiger, Robert Raphael Geis, Louis Ginzburg, Ignaz Goldziher, Max Gruenewald, Moritz Güdemann, Julius Guttmann, Bernhard Kahn, Mordechai Kaplan, Adolf Leschnitzer, Lily Montagu, Claude Montefiore, Adolph Oko, Paula Ollendorf, Bertha Pappenheim, Felix Perles, Koppel Pinson, Peter Reinhold, Julius Rosenwald, Cecil Roth, Caesar Seligmann, Selma Stern-Taeubler, Henrietta Szold, Hermann Vogelstein, and Stephen Wise.

Personal papers, diary of a trip to the United States in 1922-1923, photos of Elbogen and others, including the staff of the Hochschule, and clippings by and about him.

Lectures, research notes, and manuscripts, largely on Jewish history and liturgy; annotated copy of Elbogen, Der juedische Gottesdienst, for a revised edition.

Papers of Regina Elbogen nee Klemperer, including family papers, vital documents, and reminiscences of her youth; papers of the Elbogen's son, Herman Elbin; and genealogy of the Klemperer family.

Decree by King Friedrich I of Prussia in 1703 censoring a section of the Aleinu prayer.

The following individuals and organizations are mentioned in this collection: Adler, Cyrus ; Auerbach, Elias ; Bab, Julius ; Baeck, Leo ; Baer, Fritz ; Ball-Kaduri, K. J. ; Baron, Joseph ; Baron, Salo ; Baumstark, A ; Bernay, Arnold ; Berolzheimer, Michael ; Bosse, Ehrhard ; Brand, Aron ; Brann, Markus ; Breger, Marcus ; Buber, Martin ; Cahnmann, Werner ; Cassuto, Umberto ; Chajes, A ; Davidson, Israel ; Elbin, Herman ; Epstein, Mortimer ; Fackenheim, Emil ; Feuchtwanger, Ludwig ; Finkelstein, Louis ; Fischel, Heinz ; Freudenthal, Max ; Freund, Ismar ; Gaertner, E. ; Geiger, Ludwig ; Geis, Robert Raphael ; Ginzburg, Louis ; Glasenapp, Helmuth ; Glatzer, Nahum ; Goldziher, Ignaz ; Grayzel, Solomon ; Greenberg, Simon ; Gruenewald, Max ; Guedemann, Moritz ; Guggenheim, Siegfried ; Gunkel, Herman ; Guttmann, Jakob ; Guttmann, Julius ; Heerstatt, Otto ; Herford, Travers ; Herstatt, Otto ; Hirschberg, Alfred ; Israelitische Gartenbauschule, Ahlen ; Jacob, Ernst ; Jacobus, Adolf ; Joel, Karl ; Joseph, Lotte ; Juedische Mittelpartei ; Juedisches Genesungsheim Berlin ; Kahn, Bernhard, 1876-1955 ; Kaplan, Mordechai ; Karger, Alfred ; Kaufmann, David ; Klemperer family ; Klemperer, Otto ; Kohut, George Alexander ; Kraus, Vlastimil ; Landmann, Isaac ; Lauterbach, Jacob ; Lazaron, Morris ; Lehranstalt fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums ; Leschnitzer, Adolf ; Levy, Felix ; Levy, Louis ; Lewin, Alex ; Liebeschuetz, Hans ; Loehr, Max ; Loew, Immanuel ; Loewe, Heinrich ; Loewe, Herbert ; Loewenberg, Hans ; Ludwig, Emil ; Mamelsdorf, Edward ; Marx, Alexander ; Montagu, Lily ; Montefiore, Claude ; Moore, George ; Neuman, Alexander ; Neuman, Otto ; Oko, Adolph ; Ollendorf, Paula ; Ormann, Gustav ; Pallenberg, Max ; Pappenheim, Bertha ; Perles, Felix ; Pinson, Koppel ; Poper, Max ; Reinhold, Peter ; Rosenbloom, Charles ; Rosenthal, Erwin ; Rosenwald, Julius ; Roth, Cecil ; Salzberger, Georg ; Scheyer, Ernst ; Seligmann, Caesar ; Shuster, Zacharias ; Simon, Veit ; Spanier, Arthur ; Spitz, Erich ; Sterling, Eleonore ; Stern-Taeubler, Selma ; Szold, Henrietta ; Taeubler, Eugen ; Tedesco, Mario ; Ullendorff, Eduard ; Vogelstein, Hermann ; Vogelstein, Max ; Wassermann, Oscar ; Watters, Gertrude ; Wise, Stephen.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers, except MF 63 is closed at this time.

Access Information

Collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Collection is microfilmed (MF 515).

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Collection is available on 15 reels of microfilm (MF 515).

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Ismar Elbogen Collection; AR 64 / MF 515; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Box 1: Inventories, Correspondence, Documents, Manuscripts, Photographs, etc., 1893-1966

41 folders
11Inventories, Box Liststo 1999
12AR 1179; Speeches, Writings, Correspondence, Program, Clippings, Photos (xerox), Reports, etc.1899-1983
13AR 695-711, 2050, 2374; Inventories, Letters1848-1943, 1968
14AR 695; Correspondence; "Auerbach, Dr: E."1934
15AR 696; Correspondence; "Baeck, Leo"1915-1941
16AR 697; Correspondence; "Bab-Buechler"1908-1942
17AR 698; Correspondence; "Cassuto-Dessau"1906-1938
18AR 698; Correspondence; "Edman-Eschkol"c. 1916-1941
19AR 700; Correspondence; "Feuchtwanger-Freund"c. 1909-1942
110AR 701; Correspondence; "Gammatta (?)-Guttmann"1900-1941
111AR 711; Correspondence; "Heinemann-Joel"1907-1943
112AR 702; Correspondence; "Kaplan-Loewenberg"1898-1943
113AR 703; Correspondence; "Mamelsdorf-Moore"c. 1903-1939
114AR 704; Correspondence; "Neuman-Ormann"1934-1942
115AR 705; Correspondence; "Pappenheim-Posnanski"1911-1940
116AR 706; Correspondence; "Rabinkow-Rothman"1908-1943
117AR 707; Correspondence; "Sachau-Szold"c. 1898-1943
118AR 708; Correspondence; "Taeubler-Torczyner"1920-1941
119AR 709; Correspondence; "Ullendorff-Vogelstein"1896-1942
120AR 710; Correspondence; "Wassermann-Woskin"1915-1943
121AR 64; Correspondence; (mostly photostats); "A -Z"1924-1942
122AR 2050; Correspondence; "Geis, Robert Raphael; with Index1928-1939
123AR 2374; Correspondence; Rosenwald Archives, Chicago; Documents # 1-471923-1931
124AR 2374; Correspondence; Rosenwald Archives, Chicago; # 48-1301923-1926
125AR 2374; Correspondence; Rosenwald Archives, Chicago; # 131-1521924-1926
126AR 2374; Correspondence; Rosenwald Archives, Chicago; Duplicates; # 1-481923-1928
127AR 4961; Aron Brand Collection; Mostly Clippings1922-1964
128AR 7032A; Personal Documents; Donation Inventory from H: Elbing1968
129AR 7032A; Personal Documents1893-1953
130AR 7032A; Personal Papers regarding Employment1899-1929
131AR 7032A; II; Diary1922-1923
132AR 7032A; IIIa; Correspondence with Wife (closed?)1922-1923
133AR 7032A; IIIb; Correspondence1902-1966
134AR 7032A; IIIc; Correspondence regarding Honorary Degrees1925-c. 1939
135AR 7032A; IIIc; regarding 25th Anniversary at Lehranstalt1927
136AR 7032A; IIId; Correspondence; Condolences (KondolenzBriefe/ Tod: Ismar Elbogen)1943
137AR 7032A; IIIe; Correspondence regarding Lectures + Publications1939-1940
138AR 7032A; IV; Photographsc. 1900-1928
139AR 7032A; Va; Manuscriptsc. 1904-1928 (1954)
140AR 7032A; Vb; Lecture Manuscriptsc. 1939
141AR 7032A; VI; Manuscripts by othersc. 1934-
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Box 2: Scrapbooks, Papers, Correspondence, Clippings, etc., 1842-1978

20 folders
21AR 7032; VIIa; Scrapbook1903-1929
22AR 7032; VIIa; Scrapbook1904-1930
23AR 7032; VIIb; Articles by I.E.; Clippings, etc.1904-1931
24AR 7032; VIIb; Articles by I.E.; Clippings, etc.1932-1943
25AR 7032; VIIb2; Clippings about I.E.1921-1939
26AR 7032; VIIb3; Clippings; Reviews of "Der Juedische Gottesdienst"1908-1915
27AR 7032; VIIb4; Clippings; Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland1934
28AR 7032; VIIb5; Clippings; Reviews of "Century of Jewish Life"1944-1945
29AR 7032; VIIb6; Clippings; Reviews of "Ein Jahrhundert Jued: Lebens" + "Die Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland"1966-1973
210AR 7032; VIIb7; Obituaries for I.E.1943-1944
211AR 7032; VIIb8; Articles about I.E.1943-1974
212AR 7032; VIIb9; Clippings; Miscellaneous1924-1938
213AR 7032; VIII 1; Maimonides Anniversary; Miscellaneous1935
214AR 7032; VIII 2; Miscellaneous1910-1993
215AR 7032; VIII; Abraham Geiger 100th Anniversary1910
216AR 7032B; Regina Elbogen Papers1881-1965
217AR 7032C; Herman Elbin Papers1881-1965
218AR 7032D; Family Papers1842-1968
219AR 7032; Correspondence; Essays1944-1956, 1979
220AR 7032; Information about Collection1965-1978
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Box 3: AJHS Collections; Lectures; Jewish History, Literature, etc., 1892-c. 1981, 1999

46 folders
31Guide and Inventory to AR 7902; c. 1921; New Inventory; 1999c. 1921, 1999
32Lectures; Jews in Biblical Timesc. 1910s-1930s
33Lectures; Jews in the Hellenistic Era1925
34Lectures; Phariseesc. 1903-1904
35Lectures; "Juden und Urchristen"c. 1916
36Lectures; Jewish Scholarship in late Antiquity and early Medieval Eraundated
37Lectures; Jews in Medieval Germany, with notesundated
38Lecture; Jews in Medieval Spainundated
39Lecture; Jews under Papal Rulec. 1903
310Lecture; Everyday Jewish Life in Middle Agesundated
311Lecture; Jews in the Renaissanceundated
312Lecture; Jewish History in 15th + 16th Centuriesc. 1921
313Lecture; Joselin von Rosheimc. 1904
314Lecture; "Juden im XIX: Jahrhundert"1908-c. 1916
315Lecture; "Geschichte des Synagogendiensts"undated
316Lecture; "Geschichte des Synagogen Kultus"undated
317Lecture; Jewish Historiographyundated
318Lecture; Idea of Jewish Historyc. 1921
319Lecture; History of "Wissenschaft des Judentums"c. 1913
320Lectures; Collegio Rabbinico, Florence1897-1902, c. 1900-1931
321Lectures; Collegio Rabbinico, Florence1897-1902, c. 1913
322Lectures; Collegio Rabbinico, Florence1897-1902
323Lectures; Lehranstalt (Hochschule) fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums; Introductoryc. 1910-1925
324Lecture; "Geschichte der Schriftauslegung"c. 1909-1942
325Lecture; "Geschichte der Nachrabbinischen Juedischen Literaturundated
326Lecture; Jewish Religious Lawundated
327Lecture; Jewish Literature in Modern European Languagesc. 1920-1935
328Lecture; "Die Pflege..: derselben"undated
329Lecture; Benjamin von Tudela.undated
330Lecture; "Leben...R: Jakob Tam"1898
331Lecture; "Konzentrationsthema"undated
332Sermonsc. 1898-
333Lecture; "Hiobs Froemmigkeit und Glueck"1915
334Lecture; 100th Anniversary Emancipation Decree for Jews of Prussia1912
335Speeches; World War I1916
336Speech; 50th Anniversary of Death of Abraham Geiger1924
337Speeches; B’Nai Brith Meetingsc. 1912-1920s+
338Speeches and Lectures during U.S: Trip1922-1923
339Lecture; Falashasundated
340Lectures; inc. M: Mendelssohn, etc.c. 1920-1936+
341Lecture at Jewish Theological Seminary1939
342Speech; at Hebrew University, Jerusalemc. 1928
343Speech; Rashi, in Hebrew, in Palestine, probably By I.Ec. 1928
344Eulogyc. 1918
345Speech Notes on Jewish Communityc. 1920-1931+
346Lecture Notes; Taken when a Student at University of Breslau + Breslau Jewish Theological Seminaryundated
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Box 4: AJHS; Manuscripts, Documents, Minutes, Correspondence, Lists, Notes, etc., 1809, c. 1889-1942

35 folders
41AJHS; Manuscript; "Das Neue Badische Gebetbuch"undated
42AJHS; Manuscript; "Ein Beitrag zu Exodus 20, 22-26"undated
43AJHS; Manuscript; "Zur Frage...Orgelsynagoge"undated
44AJHS; Manuscript; "Zur Methodik des Mischna-Unterrichts"undated
45AJHS; Manuscript; Book, "A Century of Jewish Life"; p.1-271undated
46AJHS; Manuscript; Book, "A Century of Jewsih Life"; p.272-557undated
47AJHS; Clippings, Offprints; Articles by I.E.c. 1922-c. 1936
48AJHS; Manuscripts; by othersc. 1892-
49AJHS; Correspondence regarding Founding Chair at Prussian University1911
410AJHS; Correspondence with Scholars, regarding History of Jewish Liturgy1907
411AJHS; Correspondence; regarding Planned History of Jewish People1929-1936
412AJHS; Correspondence; General, Jewish Affairs1917-1942
413AJHS; Documents; regarding Founding of "Juedische Mittelpartei"1909-1911
414AJHS; Documents; Jewish Institutions in Germanyc. 1904-1939
415AJHS; Material on Jewish Institutions of Higher Learning in Germanyc. 1935
416AJHS; Minutes; Hebrew University Faculty Meeting1928
417AJHS; Judaica Catalogue, handwritten, unidentifiedundated
418AJHS; List; Membership List; Jewish Community of Tangermuende, typed1809
419AJHS; Decree Forbidding Certain Jewish Prayers; Friedrich I, King of Prussia1703
420AJHS; Research Notes1891-1942
421AJHS; Research Notesc. 1905-c. 1925
422AJHS; Research Notesc. 1889-1940
423AJHS; Research Notesc. 1898-1940
424AJHS; Research Notesc. 1897-
425AJHS; Research Notesc. 1890-c. 1923
426AJHS; Research Notes; Notebooks, etc.c. 1900-1942
427AJHS; Research Notesc. 1922-c. 1934
428AJHS; Research Notesc. 1904-1938
429AJHS; Research Notesc. 1905-c. 1937
430AJHS; Research Notes; Jewish History1917-1942
431AJHS; Research Notes; "Wissenschaft des Judentums"c. 1907-1937
432AJHS; Research Notes; Hillelc. 1916-c. 1937
433AJHS; Research Notes; Jewish Apologetics; Taken1898-1899
434AJHS; Research Notes; Miscellaneousc. 1900-1934
435AJHS; Research Notes; Miscellaneous; mostly Hebrew and/or Yiddishc. 1920s
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Box 5: AJHS; Manuscripts, Liturgy and Research Notes Miscellany, c. 1901-1942

14 folders
51AJHS; Research Notes; Miscellaneousc. 1904-1913
52AJHS; Research Notes; Miscellaneousc. 1902-1930
53AJHS; Liturgy Notes; Bibliographyundated
54AJHS; Liturgy Notes; Notebooks; Cambridge, British Museum, Oxford, Bodleian, etc.undated
55AJHS; Liturgy Notes; Galleys, Clippings, etc.c. 1905-1907
56AJHS; Liturgy Notes; Miscellanyc. 1901-c. 1938
57AJHS; Liturgy Notes; Miscellanyc. 1912-1934
58AJHS; Liturgy Notes; Miscellany; inc. Notebooksc. 1910-1938
59AJHS; Liturgy Notes; Miscellanyundated
510AJHS; Liturgy Notes; Miscellanyc. 1912-1942
511AJHS; "Der Juedische Gottesdienst in seiner geschichtlichen Entwicklung"; with notes, etc.; Part 1c. 1921-1924
512AJHS; "Der Juedische Gottesdienst in seiner geschichtlichen Entwicklung"; with notes, etc.; Part 2c. 1921-1924
513AJHS; "Der Juedische Gottesdienst in seiner geschichtlichen Entwicklung"; with notes, etc.; Part 3c. 1911-1932
514AJHS; "Der Juedische Gottesdienst in seiner geschichtlichen Entwicklung"; Draft Introduction of Hebrew Editionc. 1914-
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Oversized Documents, undated

OS 605 decreesundated
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Individually Microfilmed Documents, undated, 1923-1941

MF 63 (5)Israelitische Gartenbauschule, Ahlen: Correspondence with Julius Rosenwald and Otto Herstatt; documents relating to the school.January 1924
MF 63 (7)Letters relating to the ’Juedisches Genesungsheim Berlin’.1923
MF 167 (5)Correspondence between Elbogen and Julius Rosenwald & Otto Herstatt (1923/1928), 38 items; correspondence between M. Lazarus and J. Rosenwald (1928), 8 items; correspondence of J. Rosenwald and Gartenbauschule Ahlen.1923-1928
MF 63 (6)Manuscript: Ismar Elbogen, Die Bezeichnung ’Juedische Nation’, (pp.200-208); no publication source indicated.undated
?Letters (64) and postcards (32): Ismar Elbogen to Robert Raphael Geis. (list on film)undated
MF 187 Reel 1 (2)List of letters written to Ismar Elbogen.undated
MF 212 (1)Letters: Leo Baeck to Ismar Elbogen.1931-1941
MF 172 (5)Correspondence.undated
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