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Creator:Werner, Eric
Title:Eric Werner Collection
Abstract:Book reviews; clippings; curriculum vitae, slides, manuscripts, musical scores, correspondence, etc.
Languages:This collection is in German and English.
Quantity:17.5 linear feet
Identification:AR 2179 / MF 523
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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Biographical Note

Author and musician, musicologist. Born August 1, 1901, in Vienna, Austria; came to United States in 1938; son of Julius (a professor) and Helen (Donath) Werner; married Elizabeth Mendelssohn, July, 1932. Education: Studied at Universities of Graz, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Goettingen, and Strasbourg, receiving Ph.D., 1928; also studied at conservatories and academies of music in Vienna and Berlin. Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, New York, N.Y., 1938-1967, professor of musicology and comparative liturgy and head of graduate department; Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel, chairman of department of musicology, 1966-71. Visiting professor at other universities.

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Scope and Content Note

Book reviews; clippings; curriculum vitae, slides, manuscripts, musical scores, correspondence, etc.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Access Information

Collection is digitized. Follow the links in the Container List to access the digitized materials.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

Family history in ME 954

See also manuscripts by Eric Werner (MS 422)

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Separated Material

Photographs have been removed to the LBI Photograph Collection.

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Collection is available on 59 reels of microfilm (MF 523). All boxes are microfilmed except Boxes 16-17 and 27.

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Identification of item, date (if known); Eric Werner Collection; AR 2179; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute.

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Follow the links to access the digitized materials.


Box 1: Inventories, correspondence

Scope and Content:

Also included are clippings, photographs, and musical scores.

11Inventories: New (revised after reboxing for microfilming) and oldundated
13Photos and musical scoresundated
14Correspondence (Note: Correspondence consolidated into 1/13)1940s
15Correspondence, A-Z1940-1941
16Correspondence, A-C1944-1948
17Correspondence, D-F1944-1948
18Correspondence, G-J1944-1948
19Correspondence, K-O1944-1948
110Correspondence, P-W1944-1948
111Circular and undated letters1940s
112Copies of dictated letters1946-1947
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Box 2: Correspondence and typescripts of "Sacred bridge"

212Typescript of Sacred Bridge, Vol 1, Part 1, Chapters I-Vundated
213Typescript of Sacred Bridge, Vol 1, Part 1, Chapters VI-Xundated
214Typescript of Sacred Bridge, Vol 1, Part 1, Chapters I and VI-Xundated
215Typescript of Sacred Bridge, Vol 1, Part 2, Chapters III-VIIIundated
216Typescript of Sacred Bridge, Vol 2, Chapters III, IV, VII, VIIIundated
217Undated correspondenceundated
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Box 3: Manuscripts and typescripts

Scope and Content:

Also included are notes, musical scores, correspondence, and off-prints.

31Sacred Bridge, manuscript, vol. 1, part 2, chapter IVundated
32Sacred Bridge, notes and miscellaneousundated
33Sacred Bridge, notes and miscellaneousundated
34Sacred Bridge, notes and miscellaneousundated
35Sacred Bridge, notes and miscellaneousundated
36Sacred Bridge, articles, notes, and miscellaneousundated
37Sacred Bridge, typescript, vol. 2, chapter I, II, IV, VII, VIII, and unidentified pagesundated
38Sacred Bridge, book reviewsundated
39Sacred Bridge, manuscripts and typescripts, vol. 2, chapter III-IV, correspondenceundated
310Sacred Bridge, outline and musical scoresundated
311Manuscripts and typescripts of articles by Eric Werner, correspondenceundated
312Manuscripts and typescripts of articles by Eric Wernerundated
313The Silence of Maimonides, typescriptundated
314Plans: Logos and Sacrament, typescriptundated
315Report Concerning a Periodical of Jewish Music, typescriptundated
316Music of the Jews in the Hellenistic Period, typescriptundated
317Musical scoresundated
318Typescripts of lectures, notes, printed articles by Eric Werner1960
319Notes on the Historiography between Jewish and Christian Liturgy and Music, typescriptundated
320Hebrew Music, manuscriptundated
321Hebrew Music, typescriptundated
322Classicism and Weltschmerz, typescriptundated
323Die Musik des Hellenismus, manuscript1963
324Typescripts and notes of sermons, correspondence1945-1947
325Psalmody, manuscript and typescriptundated
326Manuscripts of lectures1957-1965
327Offprints and typescripts of articles by Eric Werner (Note: Don't microfilm 2nd copy of The Mathematical ...)1964-1976
328The Tides of Musiv, manuscript, typescript, and notesundated
329Handwritten musical scoresundated
330Der Stil in der Musik, manuscript and typescript, further manuscript (Note: Don't microfilm 2nd copy of typescript Der Stil in der Musik)undated
331Away from the World - towards the World, typescript, chapter IIundated
333The Oral Tradition of Ancient Music, typescriptundated
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Box 4: Typescripts and manuscripts

Scope and Content:

Also included are proofs, notes, printed articles, bibliographies, correspondence, and various other materials.

41Typescripts on Halevy, Liszt, Mahler, Mozart, Moscheles, Wagner, notes, correspondence1982-1983
42A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter I, notesundated
43A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter IIundated
44A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter IIIundated
45A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter IVundated
46A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapters V-VIundated
47A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter VIIundated
48A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter VIIIundated
49A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter Xundated
410A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter XIundated
411A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapters XII-XIIIundated
412A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter Iundated
413A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter IIundated
414A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapters III-IVundated
415A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter Vundated
416A Voice still Heard, typescript, chapter VIIIundated
417A Voice still Heard, typescript, notes for chapters VI, VII, X-XIV, correspondence, miscellaneous1972-1973
418A Voice still Heard, notes, musical scores, correspondence, and miscellaneous1972
419A Voice still Heard, proofs, Hebrew notesundated
420A Voice still Heard, notes, chapters I-VII, X-XIIIundated
421A Voice still Heard, manuscript, chapters VIII, X-XI, XIIIundated
422The Common Ground, typescript in Frenchundated
423Jews around ... Wagner, typescriptundated
424Jews around ... Wagner, typescript, correspondence1983
425Printed articles by Werner, miscellaneous1947-1969
426Lectures and various chapters, manuscripts and typescripts, correspondence1947-1961
427The Eucharist, typescript and various materialsundated
428Various typescripts, manuscripts, and musical scores1985
429Typescripts of articles, miscellaneous1954
430International Congress of Jewish Music and International Society of Jewish Music, correspondence and other materials1956-1957
431Various articles, typescriptsundated
432Bibliographies and list of publications by Wernerundated
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Box 5: Manuscripts and typescripts

Scope and Content:

Also included are notes, musical scores, off-prints, book reviews and other materials relating to Felix Mendelssohn and other topics.

51Synagogue Music, typescriptundated
52Scope and Method of Ethnomusicology, typescript, notes, correspondence1966
53Various articles, typescriptsundated
54Various articles, proofs and offprints1958-1972
55Dead Sea Scrolls, proofsundated
56Music and Religion, typescriptundated
57Essays, lectures, and chapters by Werner and others, typescripts, notes, musical scores1950-1978
58Oral Tradition, manuscript, typescriptsundated
59Various articles and lectures, manuscript and typescriptsundated
510Various lectures and essays, typescripts1954-1980
511Der Musensohn, typescriptundated
512Der Musensohn, typescriptundated
513Offprint of bookreviewundated
514Der Musensohn, typescriptundated
515List of Werner's lectures1959
516Musical scores of Mendelssohn's Faithundated
517Felix Mendelssohn, proofs1979
518Reflections, musical scoresundated
519Mendelssohniania, manuscriptundated
520Mendelssohniania, typescriptundated
521Various materials relating to Mendelssohn-Bertholdy and the Interlakner Festwochen1987
522Article on Mendelssohn by Hellmuth Christian Wolff1969
523Lecture on Mendelssohn, manuscript1960
524The Young Mendelssohn, typescriptundated
525Mendelssohn - Wagner, typescriptundated
526Mendelssohn's Kirchenmusik, offprintundated
527Copy of text by Varnhagen van Ense on Ludwig Achim and Moritz Itzig1836
528Mendelssohn und die Chormusik, typescript, correspondence and various other materials1986
529Printed articles, clippings, notes, musical scores and various other materials on Mendelssohn1959-1964
530Mendelssohn, book reviewsundated
531Mendelssohn, typescript, notes, correspondence, miscellaneous other materials1967-1978
532Mendelssohn, typescript and notesundated
533Mendelssohn, notes, musical scores, manuscript and other materialsundated
534Mendelssohn, printed text, printed text on Griechische Kulturgeschichteundated
535Mendelssohn, typescript, chapters III-VIIundated
536Mendelssohn, notes, clippings and other materialsundated
537Mendelssohn, notes, article of 1909, and other materialsundated, 1909
538Mendelssohn, book reviews and other materials1961-1965
539Mendelssohn, typescript of articleundated
540Various materials on Mendelssohn and Hegelundated
541Photocopy of printed text on Mendelssohnundated
542Mendelssohn, typescript, notes, printed materialsundated
543Mendelssohn, manuscript and notes1958-1985
544Mendelssohn, notes, notes for seminar, programs of conference and concert, miscellaneous1955-1960
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Box 6: Typescripts and manuscripts

Scope and Content:

Also included are notes and other materials relating to Eric Werner's biography on Felix Mendelssohn, as well as miscellaneous other materials.

61Mendelssohn, manuscript, correspondence 1962, miscellaneous other materialsundated, 1962
62Mendelssohn, his correspondenceundated
63Mendelssohn, typescripts, manuscripts and miscellaneous1963
64Photocopy of unidentified printed textundated
65Mendelssohn, typescripts and musical scoresundated
66Mendelssohn, manuscript, chapter I-II, IV-VII, manuscript of keynote speech, photocopies of printed text on Mendelssohnundated
67Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter VIIIundated
68Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter IX, offprint of article on Mendelssohn and Schiller by Max Schneiderundated
69Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter IXundated
610Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter IXundated
611Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter Xundated
612Mendelssohn, manuscript, chapter VII-IXundated
613Mendelssohn, manuscript, chapter X -XIIundated
614Mendelssohn, notes, articles by various authors, correspondence1956
615Mendelssohn, notesundated
616Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter IV, other typescript, correspondence 1954, miscellaneous materialsundated, 1954
617Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter I and other textundated
618Mendelssohn, manuscript and typescripts, chapter IIundated
619Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter III-VIIundated
620Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter VIII, IX, XIIIundated
621Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter X-XIundated
622Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter XII-XVundated
623Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter XVIundated
624Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter XVII-XVIIIundated
625Mendelssohn, typescript, chapter XIX-XX, miscellaneous other typescripts and notesundated
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Box 7: Texts by Eric Werner and others

Scope and Content:

Also included are manuscripts, proofs, off-prints, book reviews, diaries by Siegmund Werner and other family members, as well as miscellaneous other materials.

71Photocopy of Machsor Ashkenasundated
72Offprints of articles by Edith Gerson-Kiwi1967-1969
73Typescripts on Abraham Zevi Idelsohn, including one by Rabbi Moses Cyprus Weilerundated
74Typescripts and copied articles by various authors1957
75Concert program of Salomone Rossi's works, New York1954
76Hieronymus ad Dardanum, typescriptundated
77Hebrew typescript by Ben Zion Urgad1978
78Photocopies of articles on Mahler1920
79Typescript by Geoffrey Goldbergundated
710Photocopies of various articlesundated
711Book reviews, typescripts by various authors, correspondence, clippings relating to Siegmund Werner, offprints of articles by various authors, miscellaneous other materials1926-1984
712Manuscript by Werner, typescript by Robert Lachmann, typescript on Beethovenundated
713Photocopy of article by Joseph Youngblood and other printed textsundated
714Schoenberg's Kol Nidre, typescriptundated
715Various manuscriptsundated
716Proofs, photocopies of printed texts, Freie Juedische Lehrerstimme1915
717Register der zitierten Werke, typescriptundated
718Photocopy of article by Kenneth Levyundated
719Photocopy of article from Der juedische Kantor1890
720Manuscript of lectureundated
721Typescript of article by Yigael Yadin, clippings1968
722Typescript on Sulzer, correspondence1980-1981
723Photocopy of article by Carl Dahlhaus on Mahler1977
724Dissertation by Susan Kagan, typescript, pp. 1-1301983
725Dissertation by Susan Kagan, typescript, pp. 131-2711983
726Dissertation by Susan Kagan, typescript, pp. 272-4021983
727Photocopy of article by Martin Geck1967
728Various materials by Wilhelm Fucksundated
729Map of Jerusalemundated
730Decision in Jerusalem, typescript of play by W. Arneundated
731Typescripts of articles by various authors, notes1939
732Typescript of Libretto by Stanley Bravundated
733Prologomenon, typescriptundated
734Mozart - Beethoven, typescript1937
735American Reform Responsa on head coveringundated
736Photocopies of articles by Hans Tischler on Mahler, correspondence1948-1977
737Dissertation by Hans Tischler on Mahler, typescript1937
738Typescript of article by Daniel Weil and Dahlin Cohenundated
739Photocopy of printed text on Stilprinzipienundated
740Two notebooksundated
741Werner family history, removed to Memoir Collection, see ME 954undated
742Johannisbad, diary1920
743Diary Siegmund Werner1924-1925
744Diary Siegmund WernerMay 1925
745Biographical sketch on Siegmund Werner on anniversary of death (unknown author)undated
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Box 8: Notebooks and diaries, 1909-1985

Scope and Content:

Also included are a postcard collection, and clippings from newspapers and periodicals including book reviews.

81Daily reminder1962
82Notebook and index cardsundated
83Small notebooksundated
84Daily reminder 1965, miscellaneous insertsundated, 1965
85Postcards from Europeundated
86Postcards from Europeundated
87Postcards from Europeundated
88Postcards from Europeundated
89Small postcards from Europeundated
810Postcards from Italy and Israelundated
811Postcards from Europeundated
812Postcards from Europeundated
813Postcards from Alsace and the United Statesundated
814Bookreviews, clippings and offprints1953-1985
815Periodicals and clippings including book reviews1909-1986
816Clippings, photograph1934-1978
817Pages from Israelitischer Lehrer und Cantor1912-1913
818Pages from Israelitischer Lehrer und Cantor, 1899, Clippings from US newspaper 1959, offprint 19561899, 1956, 1959
819Clippings from Cincinnati newspaper and the Aufbau1940-1943
820New York Book Review1965-1971
821Clippings from the New York Book Review, 1965-1966, the Saturday Review, 19711965-1966, 1971
824Clipping, 1970, Clipping of Book Reviewundated, 1970
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Box 9: Musical scores, 1829-1982, 1829-1982

Scope and Content:

Also included are correspondence with Rose Meissner and others, various manuscripts and typescripts, notes, miscellaneous other materials, and personal documents.

91Musical scores by Werner and others1949-1954
92Weihnachts-Oratorium, musical scores1929
93Laudate Dominum, musical scoresundated
94Handwritten musical scores and notes, program of the Kongress der Internationalen Gesellschaft fuer Musikwissenschaft1982
95Pamphlet on Armenian music including musical scores1933
96Bergarbeiterlied, musical scores by Werner1932
97Musical scores by Berthold Goldschmidt1982-83
98Musical scores, printedundated
99Musical scores by Eric Wernerundated
910Audio disc with music directed by Werner. Removed.undated
911Various printed and handwritten musical scores, notesundated
912Musical scores, some by Werner1945
913Musical scores, notesundated
914Handwritten musical scores, typescript, notesundated
915Music for Jewish Worship by Werner, sheet of the Joint Cantorial Placement Commission, correspondence1986
916Ancient and Christian Song, typescriptundated
917Photocopies of correspondence, 1886-1887, Jews around ... Wagner, typescript, notesundated, 1886-1887
918Manuscript on oriental musicundated
919Photocopies of correspondence1887
920Correspondence with Rose Meissner1958-1973
921Correspondence with Rose Meissner and others1939-1975
922Correspondence, 1967-1968, miscellaneous materialsundated, 1967-1968
923Correspondence, 1967, miscellaneous materialsundated, 1967
924The Sacred Bridge, correspondence, typescript and book reviews1959-1960
925Condolence letters to Elizabeth Werner1988
926Faksimile of letter by Beethoven1829
927Documents relating to Werner's emigration1933-1938
928Typescript of name indexundated
929Miscellanous personal correspondence and other materials relating to finances, bills, and insurance. Missingundated
930Correspondence and documents relating to Werner's publications, financial documents, health care documents, miscellaneous other materials1953-1978
931Parts of manuscript, notes, correspondence 1967, various other materialsundated, 1967
932Parts of various typescripts (Note: don't microfilm duplicates)undated
933Inventory of the Eduard Birnbaum Collection, miscellaneousundated
934Various manuscripts, miscellaneous other materialsundated
935Notes and miscellaneous other materialsundated
936Concert programs, offprint and miscellaneous other materialsundated
937Notes, manuscripts, typescripts, correspondence1966-1968
938Notes, manuscripts, typescripts, correspondence 1968, miscellaneous other materialsundated, 1968
939Letter to god-daughter Ellia, notes 1984, manuscriptsundated, 1984
940Manuscript on synagogue music, chapters V-VIIundated
941Manuscript on synagogue music, chapters I-III1970
942Typescript on Franz Lisztundated
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Box 10: Manuscripts

Scope and Content:

Also included are notes, correspondence, photographs, as well as a broad range of documents such as concert and conference programs, off-prints, book reviews and more.

101Notes on index cards and small sheets of paperundated
102Notes on index cards and small sheets of paperundated
103Notes on index cards and small sheets of paperundated
104Typescript on liturgical musicundated
105Various typescripts, photocopy of printed textundated
106Manuscript, chapter IV, The Mortar of Melodiesundated
107Manuscript, chapters XI-XIIundated
108Notes, manuscripts, typescripts, correspondence 1969-1971, clipping 18941894, 1969-1971
109Notes, photocopies of printed texts, typescripts and manuscriptsundated
1010Concert programs, pamphlets of HUC graduation exercises1941-1943
1011Offprints, manuscript, photocopies of printings and drawings, photocopies of published articles, documents relating to the International Musicological Society, various other materials1955-1986
1012Various manuscripts and typescripts, photocopies of printed texts, correspondence, notes, concert and conference programs1957-1980
1013Various manuscripts, miscellaneous materialsundated
1014Notes, manuscript, article from The Jewish Encyclopediaundated
1015Various typescripts, notes, correspondenceundated
1016Incomplete print of a bookundated
1017Concert programs, notes, book reviews and other printed texts, newsletters, offprints, typescripts, miscellaneous other materials1927-1981
1018Conference proceedings, clippings, various other materials1933-1967
1020Notes, photocopies of printed texts, correspondence 1979-80, miscellaneous other materialsundated, 1979-1980
1021Typescripts, notes, photocopies of printed texts, correspondence 1981, miscellaneous other materialsundated, 1981
1022Typescripts, notes, manuscripts, correspondence, conference programs, miscellaneous other materials1950-1964
1023Typescripts, notes, correspondence, periodicals, various other materials1959-1969
1024Photocopies of printed texts, musical scores, notes, periodicals, concert and conference programs, offprints, various other materials1967-1986
1025Proofs, offprints, periodicals1956-1962
1026Four copies of the periodical The Synagogue (Not included in inventory)1940-1943
1027Photos of Werner, Mendelssohn, and others (Not included in inventory)undated
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Box 11: Personal documents

Scope and Content:

Also included are engagement calendars, diaries, correspondence, photographs, and miscellaneous other materials.

111Personal documents including curriculum vitae, "Heimatschein," materials relating to Werner's schooling and employment, poetry, correspondence, photo, and miscellaneous other materials, 1919-1938, travel-related bills and miscellaneous materials, 19541919-1938, 1954
112Personal documents including curriculum vitae, birth certificate, materials relating to Werner's schooling and employment and miscellaneous other materials (Note: don't microfilm duplicates as designated)1920-1939
113Engagement calendar 1953, correspondence and other materials relating to Werner's employment in Breslau, 1926-1935, correspondence 1953, miscellaneous other materials1926-1935, 1953
114Engagement calendars, notes and typescript1956-1960
115Diary, clippings, correspondence, miscellaneous other materials1955-1957
116Diary, correspondence, travel-related and miscellaneous other materials1956-1957
117Diary, clippings1967
118Engagement calendar, eulogy for Ludwig Bachhofer, correspondence, photos, miscellaneous other materials1968-1976
119Correspondence, documents relating to Werner's university studies and his gaining majority, concert programs, miscellaneous other materials1920-1939
1110Last will of Elisabeth Werner, correspondence, notebook, business cars, clippings and articles on Eric Werner, artifact (safety pins), dime novel, miscellaneous other materials1988-1989
1111Family correspondence1917-1939
1112Family correspondence1917-1942
1113Correspondence, stamps, clippings, photo, miscellaneous other materials (stamps are not microfilmed)1919-1980
1114Personal correspondence, postcards, book review1947-1963
1115Correspondence, miscellaneous other materials1946-1966
1116Correspondence, clippings, miscellaneous other materials1950-1964
1117Correspondence, clippings, miscellaneous other materials1947-1950
1118Correspondence, clippings, miscellaneous other materials1949-1951
1119Correspondence, photo, miscellaneous other materials1950-1951
1120Correspondence, notes, miscellaneous other materials1952-1953
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Box 12: Correspondence and various other materials

Scope and Content:

Also included are stamps, postcards, clippings, notes, books, typescripts, and financial documents.

121Correspondence, stamps, postcards, notes, miscellaneous other materials1948-1973
122Correspondence, stamps, postcards from Locarno, greeting cards, clippings, notes, book The Great American Rosetta, miscellaneous other materials1948-1973
123Correspondence, typescript, miscellaneous other materials1951
124Correspondence, clippings1956-1957
125Correspondence, bills for typing jobs, letterhead paper1955-60
126Correspondence, notes, miscellaneous other materials1954-68
127Correspondence, miscellaneous other materials1970
129Correspondence, manuscripts of lectures, announcements and miscellaneous other materials1961-1971
1210Correspondence, financial documents, photo of Christel Reps1845, 1962-1965
1211Correspondence, miscellaneous other materials1969-1970
1212Correspondence, financial materials, materials relating Schola Cantorum, miscellaneous other materials1970-1973
1213Correspondence, proofs, notes, miscellaneous other materials1965-1973
1214Correspondence, clippings, miscellaneous other materials1969-1973
1215Correspondence, stamps, engagement calendar, miscellaneous other materials1969-1975
1216Correspondence, typescript1973-1974
1217Correspondence, clippings, miscellaneous other materials1973-1974
1218Correspondence, mostly with KTAV publisher, book reviews regarding The Sacred Bridge, financial materials1985
1219Correspondence, stamps, various materials relating to stamp collecting1911-1966
1220Photos, postcards, various materials relating to travel in Israel and Italy, correspondence, stamps, miscellaneous other materials1938-1967
1221Correspondence, notes, bills, tax records, materials relating to the Internationaler Kongress fuer Katholische Kirchenmusik, miscellaneous materials1895, 1948-1954
1222Correspondence, bills and materials relating to Diners Club, CV by Werner, fragments of manuscripts1938-1970
1223Correspondence, notes, typescripts including The Sacred Bridge, vol. 2, chapter 1, miscellaneous other materials1952-1971
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Box 13: Personal documents

Scope and Content:

Also included are materials from trips to Europe, financial records, photographs, notes, clippings, correspondence and stamps.

131Business cards, clippings including book reviews of Werner's works, notes, photos, a large range miscellaneous materials1939-1984
132Materials from a trip to Europe including maps, receipts, tourist guide books, miscellaneous other materials1950
133Materials from a trip to Europe including souvenirs, postcards, museum guide books, passenger lists and tourist pamphlets1950
134Materials from a trip to Europe including correspondence, travel documents, tourist guide books, hotel information, passenger list, maps1950
135Materials from a trip to Europe including hotel bills, various other documents1950
137Checks and bank statements1954
138Bills and receipts, correspondence, financial records, miscellaneous other materials1954-1955
139Financial records, shredded letters, correspondence, map, LBI News, picture Goethe's Gartenhaus1956-1987
1310Photos, notes, stamps, various printed materials, clippings, miscellaneous other materials1958-1980
1311Financial documents, decorative stamps, notes, correspondence, photos1958-1981
1312Postcards from Wuerzburg and Venice, correspondence, notes, stamps, clippings on household issues, miscellaneous other materials1962-1988
1313Personal correspondence, clippings, bank statements and other financial documents, playing cards1975-1976
1314Correspondence, notes, business cards, clippings, financial documents, bills, stamps, photos, large range of miscellaneous materials1978-1979
1315Correspondence 1956, financial records and documents, notes, receipts, bills, miscellaneous other materials, 1981-19891956, 1981-1989
1316Photo, typescript, correspondence, materials relating to checking account, travel-related documents, miscellaneous other materials1970-1987
1317Bills, financial and health records, correspondence, miscellaneous other materialsundated
1318Postcards from Vienna, materials relating to hotel in Switzerland, correspondence, financial documents, miscellaneous other materials1987
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Box 14 : Addenda to Eric Werner Collection, Box 1/2

141Various notesundated

Included are unidentified footnotes, "Folksong of the New Palestine," draft of a work on history of Jewish music, one page from an article on Ashkenazi music, "Schicksallieder des juedischen Volkes," one page from appendix to "Ueber Gersonides Traktat 'De numeris harmonieis,'" "Deutschland in der neuen Musik" (written while at Saarbruecken Conservatory), notebook of course outlines (from Saarbruecken?), and miscellaneous papers.

142Miscellaneous sketchbooks, including sketchbook circa late 1930s-early 1940s, Volkslieder Heft 1undated, late 1930s-early 1940s
143Secular vocal music by anonymous composer, including scores to Rilke and Goethe poemsundated
144Miscellaneous vocal musicundated
145Miscellaneous incomplete vocal music, including Land of Romance: The Jew in America, Simeon, My Soul Magnifies the Lord, Amar Rabbi Eliezerundated
146Bibliography of Musical Compositions (Bach-Berg)undated
147Miscellaneous classical music examples, including typology of Mahler's 1st and 2nd symphonies, thematic elements in Bruckner's 2nd symphony, 1st movementundated
148Incomplete instrumental musicundated
149Miscellaneous photocopies of liturgical musical examplesundated
1410Stamps, envelopes, business cardsundated
1411Miscellaneous notes, letters, outlines (some typescript)undated
1412Miscellaneous notes, letters, reviews, articles (some fragments, fragile, unsorted)undated
1413Programs, pamphlets, bulletins, journals: miscellaneous and by Wernerundated
1414Miscellaneous re Hebrew Union School of Sacred Music, including music, programs, clippings, and, three typed, unpublished lectures on Oral tradition of ancient musicundated
1415Miscellaneous manuscripts and papers, including ms, outline on Jewish Music, ms The Articles on Music of the Encyclopedia Judaica, genealogical papers, copy of Der Abbruchundated
1416Miscellaneous, including pamphlets and fragmentsundated
1417Manuscript, Begegnungen mit der Autoritaet: Drei musikalische Vignettenundated
1418Two books: Etui Bibliothek der deutschen Klassiker and Tagebuch eines boesen Bubenundated
1419Bibliographical research notecards, photographsundated
1420Mozart music and musicological essayundated
1421Coverless music score book: Mozart piano concerti, Schubert's Soirees de Vienneundated
1422Various writings, including, The Silence of Maimonides, Fruehchristliche Musik, letter re entry in Encyclopedia of Religion, miscellaneous pieces of music and notes, Jahrbuch fuer Liturgik und Hymnologie, manuscript Alt Israelundated
1423Various writings, including outline, notes, and copies of Alt Israel, An early compendium of Ashkenazi synagogue music, Mozart essay (cf 14/20)undated
1424Miscellaneous papers, including parts of Alt Israel (cf 14/23), Mozart essay (cf folders 23, 20), personal papers and music fragmentsundated
1425Various papers, including Italian lessons, and checksundated
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Box 15: Addenda to Eric Werner Collection, Box 2/2

151Miscellaneous, including stamps, photos, article on Werner emigrating to America in 1941undated
152Miscellaneous, including booklet on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Saarbruecken Conservatory with speech by Werner, musical score, memorial registerundated
153Miscellaneous, including musical scores, essay Vom Wesen der orientalischen Musik, other essaysundated
154Reviews of Werner's books and newspaper clippings of tributes and honorsundated
155Liturgies, lecture notes, essay, fragmentsundated
156Fragments from writingsundated
157Newspaper clippings and various writings, including article for Encyclopaedia Brittanicaundated
158Two booklets (one by Werner, other on religious service), sheet musicundated
159Miscellaneous material on ancient Near Eastern music, including two articles by Anne Kilmer on Akkadian-Babylonian music, material and correspondence on ancient music, and American Musicological Society convention scheduleundated
1510Miscellaneous from box in attic, including Werner's concert and sermon programs, sheet music, and newspapersundated
1511Lectures, miscellaneous papersundated
1512Notes for lecture on Jewish music and typescript for article on music of the early churchundated
1513Various travel itineraries, confirmations, and information and miscellaneous musical notes (on chant and early music)undated
1514Photostat of synagogue musicundated
1515Miscellaneous correspondence and typescript of essay Leitmotif in Synagogue and Gregorian Chantundated
1516Travel brochures from Holland and miscellaneous pamphlets, including lectures by Leo Baeck and musical essays (some in Hebrew and Spanish)undated
1517Two musical notebooks, record catalogue, and two copies of Journal of Jewish Studiesundated
1518Miscellanous musical scores, abstract for The Sacred Bridge, miscellaneous notes, and various pamphlets, booklets, and journalsundated
1519Promotional abstract for Sacred Bridge, music reviews, musical score given to Werner, essay fragment The Origin of the Eight Modes of Music, and various journals and cataloguesundated
1520Newspaper clippings on Werner from Germany (1930s in Saarbruecken) and German Choirsinger Bookundated, 1930s
1521Correspondence, newspaper clippings and extracts by and on Werner, miscellaneous typescript and handwritten copy of book, music journal, and German Choirsinger Bookundated
1522News clippings about Werner (including reviews of work), essay Grundsaetzliche Betrachtungen ueber Symmetrie in der Musik des Westensundated
1523Music and notes and correspondence re Central Committee Of American Rabbisundated
1524Music, editor's notes on Salomone de' Rossi, gift of Israeli tree-planting, and artworkundated
1525Various writings and essay fragments, draft copy of Identity and Character of Jewish Music for Musical Quarterly, and NY Times from 19 April 1955 (Einstein's obituary)undated, April 19, 1955
1526Article on Werner in Journal of Synogogue Musicundated
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Box 16 (not microfilmed): Various slides, most from vacations

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Box 17 (not microfilmed): Audio recordings and miscellaneous items

171Schnabel Concertundated
172Messenger of Israel, 2 copiesundated
173Mahler's 3rd Symphonyundated
174Salzburg Festspieleundated
176Schmidt, Mahlerundated
177Mahler's 6th Symphonyundated
178Mendelssohn's Quartet in F-minorundated
179Mahler's 10th Symphony in F-sharpundated
1710Beethoven's "Eroica"undated
1711Freischuetz Overtureundated
1712Mozart Serenadeundated
1713Da Vinci Quartetundated
1714Mozart adagio and allegro (Budapest Quartet)undated
1715"My Mendelssohn Lecture"undated
1716Bruckner's 4th Symphonyundated
1717Das Lied von der Erde, "Rose, Elizabeth Hugo and Kaethe," Haydyn's Kaiserlied, Mahlerundated
1718Goethe Faust 1 and 2undated
1720"Sounds to Remember"undated
1721Dika Newlin Lecture-Recitalundated
1722Cardon Burnhamundated
1724"Sonocolor" with Hebrew textundated
1725William Tell Overtureundated
1726"Longjohn to be erased"undated
1727K. Mitzingenundated
1728Exakta II cameraca.1948
1729unidentified audio reelundated
1730cassette of lecture and recital at organ dedicationundated
1731bag of shells and rocksundated
1732camera lensundated
1733photography handbookundated
1734slide viewersundated
1735one handkerchiefundated
1736matchbook collectionundated
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Box 18: Books

181Salon-Album Sammlung beliebten Salonstuecke fuer Piano-solo inscribed Frieda Mendelssohnundated
182Chopin-Album Sammlung der beliebtesten Pianofortewerke von Fr. Chopin inscribed Frieda Mendelssohnundated
183Oeuvres pour Piano par Frederic Chopinundated
184Nur Walzen von Straussundated
185Alle meine Walzen-- Groesses Walzen-- Potpourri in 2 Teilenundated
186Opern und Operetten, Melodien fuer Klavierundated
187Collection Litolff Compositions celebes de Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdyundated
188Grieg: Lyrische Stueckeundated
189Grieg: An der Fruehlingundated
1810Reinecke: Serenaden fuer die Jugendundated
1811Von Bach bis Beethovenundated
1812Opern und Operettenundated
1813Tanzen und Reizen fuer die froehliche Jugendundated
1814Sonatinen Albumundated
1815LBI News on composersundated
1816A New Year Service . . . by Eric Wernerundated
1817Brentano's catologueundated
1818Saarbrigger Kneppundated
1819notebook with handwritten scoreundated
1820Visages de l'Alsaceundated
1821Guide to Haftarah Chantingundated
1822book in Hebrewundated
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Box 19: Various material

191Picture of Jerusalem given to Wernerundated
192Paper clippingsundated
193Paper clippingsundated
1952 music books inscribed Frieda Mendelssohnundated
1962 Tanakhsundated
197Music books of Beethoven and Mozartundated
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Box 20: Miscellaneous

201Napoleon material, including artwork and booklet on Napoleonundated
203Two rare prints: Hadyn's music and Mozart librettoundated
204Music by other composersundated
205Poem by Werner in German to Elisabeth, 1982, certificate of appreciation from American Conference of Cantors for work on Sacred Bridgeundated, 1982
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Box 21: Various music

211Liturgical compositionsundated
212Liturgical vocal music by other composersundated
213Liturgical pieces by other composersundated
214Secondary sources used in preparation of "The Sacred Bridge"undated
215Music sheets, mostly handwrittenundated
216The Sacred Bridge voucher proofsundated
217Medieval documentsundated
218Jewish composition, Night Liturgy (vocal)undated
219Arrangements of pre-modern and traditional synagogal materialundated
2110Printed and handwritten music sheets; old music sheetsundated
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Box 22: Loose copies of sheet music

22Symphony Requiem, full orchestral score and orchestral parts (negative photocopies) [loose pages, no folder]undated
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Box 23: Various music

231Liturgical compositions, including Psalms, Pirke Avotundated
232Cantatas, sacredundated
233Transcriptions of traditional liturgical material, including cantillation and Passover melodiesundated
234Liturgical compositions for the Pilgrim Festivalsundated
235"Music for the Jewish Worship", draftsundated
236Liturgical compositions for the Sabbathundated
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Box 24: Various music

241Handwritten music sheets and printed music sheetsundated
242Liturgical compositions for Yom Kippurundated
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Box 25: Various music

251Mendelssohn original music and sketches of Wernerundated
252Miscellaneous vocal musicundated
253Miscellaneous vocal piecesundated
254Miscellaneous instrumental musicundated
255Piano and organ musicundated
256Instrumental (chamber) musicundated
257Orchestral musicundated
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Box 26: Loose music

26(unnumbered)Miscellaneous musicundated
26Miscellaneous music [loose pages, no folder]undated
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