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1756, 1850-1999
(bulk 1979-1993)


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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Joseph A. D. Sutton
Title: Papers of Joseph A. D. Sutton
Dates:1756, 1850-1999 (bulk 1979-1993)
Abstract: The collection documents the work and correspondence of Joseph A. D. Sutton and reflects various aspects of his life, personal research and writings in the field of Syrian Jewish culture and society, mainly as the Syrian Jews made their way in the United States. The collection also documents the Syrian Jewish experience of the immigrants who came to America and settled, as they are described in his two books: Magic Carpet: Aleppo-in-Flatbush and Aleppo Chronicles. An extensive portion of the collection examines the Syrian community which settled in Brooklyn, including articles by colleagues as well as correspondence.
Languages: The collection is in English, French, Hebrew, and Arabic.
Quantity: 8 linear feet
Identification: ASF AR-37
Repository: American Sephardi Federation
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Biographical Note

Joseph A.D. Sutton was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1907. With only six years of formal education, Sutton came to New York in 1916. He lived in a variety of locations in the New York metropolitan area, until he finally came to settle in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn. There he founded a lace-importing business, which he continued to expand until he retired at the age of 60 in 1967.

Upon retirement, Sutton enrolled at Brooklyn College, where he earned first a Bachelors and then a Masters degree in Sociology. He spent more than 20 years studying the Syrian Sephardim who, like himself, had left Aleppo at the beginning of the 20th Century and settled in New York. He was particularly interested in the Syrian Jews who came to reside in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. As a result of his studies, Sutton won a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities. He used these funds to produce two books: Magic Carpet: Aleppo in Flatbush (which is a sociological study of the Aleppan community in Brooklyn) and Aleppo Chronicles (which is a collection of oral histories of people in the Syrian Flatbush community).

Sutton was working on his memoirs when he suffered a stroke. Finding himself unable to do the concentrated work that was required to develop another book, Sutton redirected his efforts to promoting the publication Flame, which dealt with Israel and Arab relations. Finally, at the age of 90 years old, Sutton died on November 20, 1997.

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Scope and Content Note

The papers of Joseph Sutton (1907—1997) are arranged in five series and include brochures, booklets, clippings, correspondence, notes, photographs, printed matter, reports, speeches, writings, memoirs, and materials used in the compilation of Sutton’s two books: Magic Carpet: Aleppo in Flatbush and Aleppo Chronicles.

The collection documents the efforts of Joseph Sutton to describe the Syrian Jewish community which came to settle in Brooklyn, NY beginning in the 1920’s and continuing through the post-World War II immigration. There is an abundance of correspondence and material involving the Sutton family and various individuals from the Syrian and Sephardic communities, especially as they appeared in their homes in Brooklyn, NY.

The central topic of this collection is Joseph Sutton’s research and discoveries in the field of Syrian Jews dwelling in the New York borough of Brooklyn. Sutton’s contribution to this field is well represented by the abundance of his writings, correspondence, oral histories, and images dealing with various aspects of Syrian and Sephardic culture. Materials dealing with Syrian and Sephardic subjects cover such areas as culture, literature, history, and community.

With the exception of oral histories of people from that country, there are very few materials that deal specifically with the history of Jews in Syria, from which Sutton emigrated early in his life. This make this collection particularly valuable for researchers interested in the Syrian Jewish community.

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The collection is divided into five series. The records are arranged alphabetically by topic within each series. In some cases topics of different series overlap.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

This collection is open to researchers.

Use Restrictions

The materials shall remain on the physical premises of ASF at all times, and ASF undertakes to carefully screen those who will be provided access to ensure the integrity and safety of the materials.

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
American Sephardi Federation, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011
email: or

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Related Material

The American Sephardi Federation has the Papers of Victor Sanua, AR-30, which contain some information about the Syrian Jewish community, and the papers of Walter P. Zenner, AR-4. The ASF Library has several books about the Jews of Syria and the Syrian Jewish community in the United States, including copies of Joseph Sutton's two books.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of Joseph A. D. Sutton; ASF AR-37; box number; folder number; American Sephardi Federation.

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Acquisition Information

Collection was loaned to the American Sephardi Federation in March, 2007 by Joseph Sutton’s son Mr. Ralph Sutton, Esq.

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Processing information

Materials have been organized into five series. Materials within each series were grouped together by subject and arranged in alphabetical order. The description of each folder includes folder title and date. Processing the collection involved encapsulating photos in Mylar sleeves, photocopying of the most fragile newsprint and thermofaxes, re-boxing and re-foldering using acid-free archival supplies, removing rubber bands, staples, and paperclips (and other metal fasteners) where appropriate.

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Access Points

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Container List


Series I: , 1942-1999

This series is in English.
1 linear foot
Scope and Content:

This series consists mostly of original documents and includes Joseph Sutton’s memoirs (in several editions), writings, notes, and correspondence, as well as the writings and correspondence of a number of the members of Sutton’s extended family. It focuses on Sutton’s research in preparation for the writing of his books, as well as several editions of Sutton’s unpublished memoirs.

Series I contains historical materials from many of the important events in Sutton’s life, including his service in the U.S. Army, his work in establishing a lace business, and Sutton’s ventures into collecting art. Series I also includes notes from some of the classes in which Sutton was enrolled at Brooklyn College. In addition, a portion of Series I consists of discussion and the legal proceedings involved in the creation and development of the Sephardic Heritage Foundation in Brooklyn, NY which Sutton established in 1994.

Joseph A. D. Sutton

1 1 Joseph A.D. Sutton Sephardic Heritage Foundation1994
1 2 Joseph A.D. Sutton Sephardic Heritage Foundation—Legal1994
1 3 Sutton, Joseph-Art (including Sutton’s Collection)1982—1987
1 4 Sutton, Joseph-Correspondence1988—1989
1 5 Sutton, Joseph-Correspondence—Miscellaneous1983—1987
1 6 Sutton, Joseph-Correspondence—Miscellaneous II1988
1 7 Sutton, Joseph-Court Judgment involving Publishers1987
1 8 Sutton, Joseph-Grandparent Book1991 February
1 9 Sutton, Joseph-Great Grandfather, Search forundated
1 10 Sutton, Joseph-Images, negatives, bio1988
1 11 Sutton, Joseph-Last will and testament—copies1954—1991
1 12 Sutton, Joseph-Lectures1980—1990
1 13 Sutton, Joseph-Lectures—Herzl Institute1981-1983
1 14 Sutton, Joseph-Memoirs I—Tales from Aleppo1996-1997
1 15 Sutton, Joseph-Memoirs II1996-1997
1 16 Sutton, Joseph-Memoirs III1997
1 17 Sutton, Joseph-Memoirs IV—Written addendaundated
1 18 Sutton, Joseph-Memoirs—Sonia Castro’s Corrections1997 November 10
1 19 Sutton, Joseph-Military Capundated
1 20 Sutton, Joseph-Military records1942-1946
1 21 Sutton, Joseph-Newspaper clippings1987
1 22 Sutton, Joseph-Notebooksundated
1 23 Sutton, Joseph-Papers—Economics and Insurance1963
1 24 Sutton, Joseph-Reflections1986—1991
1 25 Sutton, Joseph-Robbery claim1991 December 27
1 26 Sutton, Joseph-“Sutton Gold”—Manufacturers for wholesale tradesundated
1 27 Sutton, Joseph-Thesis Proposal—Aleppo in Flatbush1979
1 28 Sutton, Joseph-Vitaeundated
1 29 Sutton, Joseph-Writings—i.e.,”Aleppo in Flatbush”1974
1 30 Sutton, Joseph-Writings—Miscellaneousundated
1 31 Sutton, Joseph-Writings—Hand written notesundated
1 32 Sutton, Joseph-X-Rays—Dental recordsundated

Sutton Family

2 1 Sutton family-Correspondence1978—1987
2 2 Sutton family-History and Memoirs1994
2 3 Sutton family-Sasson, Jack M. (Nephew)—Literary Work, Correspondence1972—1993
2 4 Sutton, Joe (nephew)1985—1996
2 5 Sutton, Lisa-On being supervised by the patientundated
2 6 Sutton, Ralph1980—1986
2 7 Sutton, Rose-Correspondence, Eulogy1980—1988
2 8 Sutton, Sarah-Insurance1997—1998
2 9 Sutton, Sarah-Last will and Testament1991—1999
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Series II: Individuals, 1956-1997

This series is in English.
1.5 linear feet
Scope and Content:

This series is made up of materials either written by Sephardic individuals (as in the case of Marc Angel) or about Sephardim (as in the case of Eddie Antar). A great deal of this material involves correspondence, but it also includes articles written by these individuals.

In addition to the extensive correspondence, the series includes small collections of writings and articles by Professor Walter Zenner, the noted anthropologist who wrote about the Syrian Jews in the U.S., and Professor Victor Sanua, the distinguished psychologist who wrote about Egyptian Jews. Larger collections of the papers of both of these individuals are held in the ASF archives.

Box 3 in particular contains the evaluations of Sutton’s work delivered by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The box also includes correspondence and writings by Judy Feld Carr, who was involved in the National Task Force for Syrian Jewry, which sought to save the Jews of Syria in the early 1990s. Finally, this particular box contains the rather scathing review of Aleppo Chronicles published in Midstream by Edward Roditti, along with several responses to this review submitted by some of Sutton’s colleagues and associates.

Box 4 contains a small collection of the papers of Dr. Victor Sanua and his daughter, Dr. Marianne Sanua. In addition to a small assemblage of correspondence from 1990 (a collection that is insignificant compared to the mass of email and regular correspondence assembled in Sanua’s personal papers) there are a number of articles written and published by the two Sanuas. A distinguished psychologist, the materials by Dr. Victor Sanua include a number of articles dealing with psychology, but many of the articles included here deal with Jews—both here in America as well as in the Middle East.


3 1 Ades, Samuel and family1988
3 2 Angel, Marc D.-Syrian Jews—Reviews, articles, correspondence1979—1989
3 3 Antar, (Crazy) Eddie1989 June 5
3 4 Anzarouth, Ferdinand and Eva, Correspondence1984—1988
3 5 Ashkenazi, Saul1977—1985
3 6 Attia, Rabbi Ezra1985 September
3 7 Berman, Jacob-Commercial Bank1988 July
3 8 Beyda, Abrahamundated
3 9 Bigio, Bobby and Eric1985—1989
3 10 Bowman, Steven-Rachel Dalven1982—1983
3 11 Carr, Judy Feld-National Task force for Syrian Jewry (Correspondence)1989—1995
3 12 Castel, Nico-Ladino Musicundated
3 13 Cayre, Joe and Trina1994—1997
3 14 Chira, Robert-Family History1990
3 15 Cohen, Hayyim-Sephardi Jews in the US1972 February 20
3 16 Collins, Lydia1988—1992
3 17 Cooper, John1995—1996
3 18 Correspondence-Academic1981—1982
3 19 Correspondence-Academic (misc.)1983—1987
3 20 Duenes (Steve?)-Pen drawings1979
3 21 Elazar, Daniel J.-The Other Jews1988—1989
3 22 Elias, Mrs. Flower1980—1996
3 23 Farhi family history1992—1993
3 24 Faur, Joseph-Controversy-Shaare Zion lecture1988 March
3 25 Goitein, S.D.-Correspondence1977—1981
3 26 Goitein, S.D.-Photograph and Negativeundated
3 27 Hamra, Rabbi Avraham-Syrian Rabbi1994
3 28 Harari, Manuel and Sadegh-Correspondence (Mexico)1982—1987
3 29 Hazan, Maurice1996
3 30 Herling, Lillian-Syrians and retardation1929 May
3 31 Jaffe, Eliezer-Perpetuation of Non-Involvement-Israelundated
3 32 Joffe, Gerardo (Flame)1990—1995
3 33 Kassin, Rabbi Jacob1979
3 34 Kreitman, Benjamin-United Synagogue-Correspondence1988
3 35 Laniado family (Syrian Rabbis)-Notesundated
3 36 Laredo, Victor-Sephardic Spain1974—1979
3 37 Lavender, Abraham-Reviews, Correspondence1985—1988
3 38 Levi, Primo-Beyond Judgment1986
3 39 Lewis, Bernard-Correspondence1979—1988
3 40 Liebman, Seymour-Correspondence1969—1984
3 41 Masry, Barbara Sutton-A Fettucini Affairundated
3 42 Midstream-Carmichael, Joel (ed.)1980—1984
3 43 Mizrahi, Judith1978-1979
3 44 Nakash, Joseph-Boys Town Jerusalem1984—1988
3 45 National Endowment for the Humanities-Evaluations1984—1985
3 46 Navon, Yitzhak-President of Israel (Sephardi)1981—1982
3 47 Neves, Joyce Sutton-Correspondence and Photo1988—1989
3 48 Nishi, Setsuko Matsunaga1970—1979
3 49 Oral Histories, Misc.undated
3 50 Papo, Joseph-Sepharadim in 20th Century America, Correspondence1988—1989
3 51 Patai family (Raphael Patai)1982—1996
3 52 Picciotto Familyundated
3 53 Roditi, Edouard-Review of Chronicles1991 October
3 54 Roditi, Edouard-Review-Responses to review—Papo,Patai,Sanua,Zenner1991—1992
3 55 Safra, Edmond (Articles, Correspondence)1985—1988
3 56 Schmelzer, Menahem-J.T.S.A.-Correspondence1981
3 57 Shamosh, Amnon1987
3 58 Shasha, David-“Sephardic Archives”1988
3 59 Silvera familyundated
3 60 Sitt family (i.e., Irving)1983—1984
3 61 Solarz, Congressman Stephen J.1979—1982
3 62 Stahl, Joseph1989—1995
3 63 Stillman, Norman (and Sutton)1987
3 64 Sultan, Stanleyundated
3 65 U.S. Government1981—1995
3 66 Weiner, Miriam (including Exploring your Sephardic Roots)1987—1988
3 67 Yeshiva University-Correspondence1981—1988
3 68 Wendkos, Philip D.1982
3 69 Zenner, Water P.-Correspondence1981-1991
3 70 Zenner, Walter P.-“Middle man minorieties in Syrian mosaic”1987
3 71 Zenner, Walter P.-“Remembering the sages of Aram Soba (Aleppo)”1995 October
3 72 Zenner, Walter P.-Sutton’s reading notesundated
3 73 Zenner, Walter P.-“Syrian Jews in New York Twenty Years ago” 1983
3 74 Zenner, Walter P.-Two articles: “Jews of Syria” and “Cross-National Web of Syrian-Jewish Relations”1988
3 75 Zenner, Walter P.-Two articles: “Chicago’s Sephardim” and “Common ethnicity / Separate identities”1986-1990

Victor and Marianne Sanua

4 1 Sanua, Marianne-Sephardi, Syrian Jews1990—1993
4 2 Sanua, Victor-Correspondence1990
4 3 Sanua, Victor Papers-Adolescents1967, 1968
4 4 Sanua, Victor Papers-Contemporary Jewsundated
4 5 Sanua, Victor Papers-Differences in personality adjustment in American Jews and non Jews1956
4 6 Sanua, Victor Papers-Jews in Arab Countries1980
4 7 Sanua, Victor Papers-Middle East Arabs1965-1970
4 8 Sanua, Victor Papers-Psychology papersundated
4 9 Sanua, Victor Papers-Reviews of Sutton Booksundated
4 10 Sanua, Victor Papers-Schizophrenia—3 papers1963-1967
4 11 Sanua, Victor Papers-Sephardi Jews1973
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Series III: Syrians, Sephardim and Related Groups, 1756, 1850-1945, 1968-1998

This series is in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
2.5 linear feet
Scope and Content:

This series is made up of materials about Syrian institutions and organizations (particularly in Brooklyn, NY), about other Sephardi organizations and entities (i.e., Arabic, Near Eastern Jews, etc.), or about Jews in general.

Box 5 contains materials about Syria and the Jews who came to the United States from there. Particularly notable are clippings and writings about a group of Syrian brides who were brought to marry in New York. There are articles and writings about Aleppo, Syrian history and archaeology, and clippings and correspondence involving the Syrian synagogues and schools in Brooklyn and New Jersey.

Box 6 contains a wide variety of materials focusing on Sephardim from around the world, as well materials about a number of different Jewish topics.

Box 7 contains a collection of surveys of Near Eastern Jews. These surveys include examples of surveys that were used to compose the survey which Sutton created to evaluate the Near Eastern Jews living in Brooklyn, NY. In addition, there are a large number of samples of the survey which Sutton developed to serve his purpose. Of these, Sutton appears to have collected approximately 50 completed surveys which are also contained in this collection.

Syrian Jews

5 1 Aleppo-Articles on various aspects1988
5 2 Aleppo-British Subjects1861
5 3 Aleppo Codex and other early texts1987
5 4 Aleppo in Flatbush-Resisting Assimilationundated
5 5 Aleppo-Mapsundated
5 6 Aleppo-Natural History of Aleppo1756
5 7 Archaeology in Syria (Aleppo, Ebla)1976
5 8 Beth Torah Congregation-Syrian1979—1986
5 9 Booklet: Spirit of Aleppo-Syrian Jewish Immigrant Life in New York1890—1939
5 10 Damascus Immigrants-History1997 October 23
5 11 Damascus-Notes and writingsundated
5 12 Food-Oriental Jewsundated
5 13 Generations-Sephardic Community Center Production1988 December
5 14 Jews of Syria-A chronicle1990 September
5 15 Jews of Syria-Symposia,Workshops,clippings1983—1991
5 16 Magen David Yeshivah-Syrian Community1982 June
5 17 Music-Syrianundated
5 18 Name list (Magen David Hebrew school?) (Hebrew)1945
5 19 Natural History of Aleppo, 1756-Russell1977
5 20 Pizmon-Syrian-Jewish Religious and Social Song1983
5 21 Rescue of Syrian Jewry1990
5 22 Sephardic Archives-Sephardic Community Center1988 November
5 23 Sephardic Bikur Holim-Brooklyn, NYundated
5 24 Sephardic Community Center-Brooklyn, NY (i.e.,Witkes, M.)1983—1989
5 25 Sephardic Correspondence (especially Syrian)1979—1989
5 26 Shaare Zion Congregation-Syrian1979—1985
5 27 Shehebar Sephardic Center1987
5 28 Syrian Jews-Alliance, New York, etc.undated
5 29 Syrian Jews-Brides—Brooklyn1977
5 30 Syrian Jews-Brooklyn1976—1982
5 31 Syrian Jews-Brooklyn-Sephardic Times1976—1977
5 32 Syrian Jews-Genealogy-Family trees-Shalom, Tawilundated
5 33 Syrian Jews-Mailing listsundated
5 34 Syrian Jews-New Jersey (i.e., Deal, Labaton)1979—1987
5 35 Syrian Jews-Newspaper clippingsundated
5 36 Syrian Jews-Nicknamesundated
5 37 Syrian Jews-Organizations—Sephardic Renaissance—Sephardic Institute1997
5 38 Syrian Jews-Rabbinical Prohibition of marriageundated
5 39 Syrian Jews-Real Estate1976-1977
5 40 Syrian Jews-Sutton’s notesundated
5 41 Syrian Jews-Wedding announcements1996
5 42 Treatise of the Plague (Aleppo-1791)-Sample copiesundated
5 43 World Centre for Aleppo Jews Traditional Culture1985 December

Sephardic Jews and Related Groups

6 1 American Jews-Newspaper Clippings1974—1982
6 2 American Sephardi Federation-Leon Levy, Newsletters1982—1988
6 3 Arabic (Notes)undated
6 4 Arabic (One-day)undated
6 5 Arabic for Beginners (Dr. Mounir Ghandour)-2 audio cassettes1976
6 6 Arcata Graphics, Thayer Jacoby Publishers-Accounts1988-1989
6 7 Book publishing1987-1997
6 8 Brooklyn College1980-1989
6 9 Brooklyn College-Correspondence1968—1980
6 10 Brooklyn-Orthodox Jewsundated
6 11 Catalogue of Songs (Arabic)-Albert Rashid (Compiler)undated
6 12 Education-Sephardic1983—1986
6 13 Egypt-Second Exodus-Historical Society of Jews of Egypt1996—1998
6 14 Egyptian Jews1984
6 15 Ethnicity among Jews in Middle East-Armstrong, Jamesundated
6 16 False Messiahs and the Sephardim1978
6 17 Flame (Correspondence)1992
6 18 Flame: Facts and Logic about the Middle East1991
6 19 Genealogy-Instructions, Family treeundated
6 20 Hadassah1989 May 23
6 21 Holocaust and World War II (Pious XII)1982
6 22 Humor (including Sephardi)1986—1987
6 23 Indian Jews (i.e., Cochin, Chin-kuki, Calcutta, etc.)1988—1989
6 24 International Sephardic Education Foundationundated
6 25 Iraq and Saddam Hussein1996
6 26 Iraqi Jews in Australia-Samra, Myer1988
6 27 Israel and Israelisundated
6 28 Italian Jews (i.e., Milan, Livorno)undated
6 29 Jewish Book Councilundated
6 30 Jewish miscellaneous (Anti-Semitism, Right, etc.)1978—1988
6 31 Jews of Arab Lands1978—1981
6 32 Jews of the Middle East-Hammurabi, Babylonundated
6 33 Lebanese Jews-Murder1986 January
6 34 Lebanon and Menachem Begin1982
6 35 Mailing lists-Table listsundate
6 36 Manchester, England-Withington Sephardic Community1850—1940
6 37 Mexico and Sephardimundated
6 38 Mountain Jews-Russia1993 June 27
6 39 Music of Egypt-Simon Shaheen1993
6 40 Near East-Pictorial articles (i.e., National Geographic)1970—1978
6 41 Near East Report1982 October 8
6 42 Newspaper clippings, Miscellaneous Jewish1974—1979
6 43 News and Analysis Update-Hadassah Zionist Affairs1982
6 44 Newsletters-Sephardi (Erensia Sefardi, Lettre Sepharade)1994
6 45 Oral Histories, Instructions and guidesundated
6 46 Sephardic Education Center-Songsheet and Correspondence1988
6 47 Sephardic Home News-Joseph Dalven (ed.)1973—1982
6 48 Sephardic House-Janice Ovadiah (nee Etzkowitz)1980—1988
6 49 Sephardim-Ashkenazim-Lecture notesundated
6 50 Sephardim-Ashkenazim-Writings1986
6 51 Sephardim-Tributes-Nasser, Jack; Safdeye, Ellis1979-1980
6 52 Soviet Jews (Flame-Midstream)1991 November
6 53 United Jewish Appeal (UJA)1988

Surveys of Near Eastern Jews in U.S.

7 1 Survey-Near Eastern Jews in US-Cover letter1969 October 10
7 2 Survey-Samples (Hayyim J. Cohen)1969 October 10
7 3 Survey-Information concerning Near Eastern Jews in NY1969-1970
7 4 Survey-Near Eastern Jews in US-Samplesundated
7 5 Survey-Near Eastern Jews in US-part 1undated
7 6 Survey-Near Eastern Jews in US-part 2undated
7 7 Surveys-Statistics and discussionundated
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Series IV: Joseph Sutton Writings, 1970-1998

This series is in English.
1.5 linear feet
Scope and Content:

This series is made up largely of the correspondence, the promotional material, the images, and the reviews involved in describing Sutton’s two books: Magic Carpet: Aleppo in Flatbush and Aleppo Chronicles. The boxes are arranged in chronological order, with Sutton’s first book: Magic Carpet: Aleppo in Flatbush (published in 1979) appearing in Box 8, and Sutton’s second book: Aleppo Chronicles (published in 1988) appearing in Box 9.

Box 8 contains such items as correspondence about the book Magic Carpet, including publisher’s correspondence, as well as a collection of the rejection letters that Sutton received in his effort to get his book published. Also included are images used in the creation of the book, as well as the steel printing plates used in printing the covers of the book.

Box 9 contains correspondence concerning the book Aleppo Chronicles, as well as promotional material, and reviews involving this work. There is also correspondence in this box from the Library of Congress dealing with their efforts to catalog the book. Finally there is correspondence discussing the possibility of translating the work into Hebrew (with examples of text included).

Box 10 contains large numbers of pages of photocopies from the books themselves, mainly in 8 ½ x 14” format. In the case of the Aleppo Chronicles, there are two copies of the book: one without comments, and the second with the comments of one of the editors: Dr. Raphael Patai. In addition, there is one folder containing images for paste-up for the book Magic Carpet: Aleppo in Flatbush.

Magic Carpet

8 1 Magic Carpet-Correspondence over Book1970—1979
8 2 Magic Carpet-Images, Slides1979
8 3 Magic Carpet-Jewish Teacher’s Association1980—1981
8 4 Magic Carpet-Promotional1979
8 5 Magic Carpet-Publishers’ Correspondence1979—1980
8 6 Magic Carpet-Rejection letters1978
8 7 Magic Carpet-Reviews1980—1981
8 8 Magic Carpet-Sales1986—1987
8 9 Magic Carpet-Select pages1979
8 10 Magic Carpet-Steel Printing Plates-for Cover1979

Aleppo Chronicles

9 1 Aleppo Chronicles-Appeals and Rejections 1986
9 2 Aleppo Chronicles-Arcata Graphics, Haddon Binding1986—1994
9 3 Aleppo Chronicles-Art for coverundated
9 4 Aleppo Chronicles-Certificate of Copyright registration1988 March
9 5 Aleppo Chronicles-Correspondence1988-1989
9 6 Aleppo Chronicles-Hebrew University: Request for extract1991
9 7 Aleppo Chronicles-Library of Congress-Cataloging1988
9 8 Aleppo Chronicles-Miscellaneous1992
9 9 Aleppo Chronicles, News releases1988
9 10 Aleppo Chronicles-Possible Hebrew translators1988
9 11 Aleppo Chronicles, Promotional1984
9 12 Aleppo Chronicles-Reviews1987—1998
9 13 Aleppo Chronicles-3 column previewundated
9 14 Sutton Books-Promos and Off-print (1979)1989

Sutton Books in legal format

10 1 Aleppo Chronicles: Cover designsundated
10 2 Aleppo Chronicles: Prelude (Intro) Pages 1-2431988
10 3 Aleppo Chronicles: Prelude (Intro) Pages 1-247; copy 2, with Patai’s comments1988
10 4 Aleppo Chronicles: Pages 244-5021988
10 5 Aleppo Chronicles: Pages 340-502, with Patai’s comments1988
10 6 Aleppo Chronicles: various pages; editing1988
10 7 Magic Carpet: various pages; editing1979
10 8 Magic Carpet: photos for paste-up1979
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Series V: Miscellaneous Non-Jewish Materials, 1926, 1982-1997

This series is in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
1 linear foot
Scope and Content:

This series contains materials which Sutton collected and apparently regarded as important, but which are largely non-Jewish. Some materials, such as the newspaper clippings and the manuals for telephone and typewriter, have little if any relationship to Judaism whatsoever. Others, such as the various letterheads which Sutton used and some of Sutton’s investment information, are related through their association with Sutton himself. The relevance of some items, such as the stage play: “The Miracle” and the address lists, is altogether unknown.

11 1 Black history (American Visions)undated
11 2 Books: Awards and book fairs1988 July-August
11 3 Columbia University Libraries1982—1983
11 4 Investing Newsletters (i.e., No Load Fund Investor)1994
11 5 Letterhead-Thayer, Jacoby Publishers, Joseph Suttonundated
11 6 Miscellaneous Non-Jewishundated
11 7 Newspaper clippings-Miscellaneous Non-Jewishundated
11 8 Stage play “The Miracle” (Synopsis and review)1926
11 9 Sutton’s investments1995—1997
11 10 Telephone-Typewriter-Tape recorder Features1983
11 11 Typescriptundated
11 12 United States Information Agency-Address Listundated
11 13 University Mailing Listundated
11 14 Waterhouse Securities1994—1996
11 15 “What doctors don’t know” Review of Becoming a doctor in New York Review1988 September 24
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