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(bulk 1987-2004)


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Descriptive Summary

Creator: American Sephardi Federation
Title: Records of the American Sephardi Federation
Dates:bulk 1987-2004
Abstract: This collection contains the office records of the American Sephardi Federation. Documents focus on the daily functioning, annual conventions, finances, events, and activities of the ASF. The records consist mainly of correspondence, but also include memoranda, reports, financial records, and other organizational documents, as well as newspaper clippings, publications, and photographic media.
Languages: The collection is primarily in English, but a few items are in Hebrew, French, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, and Russian.
Quantity: 31.5 linear feet
Accession number: ASF AR-6
Repository: American Sephardi Federation
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Historical Note

The American Sephardi Federation (ASF) was established in 1973 in accordance with the ideals and goals of the World Sephardi Federation (WSF). It originally developed, in fact, as a branch of the World Sephardi Federation in North America. The branch was founded in 1951, but it lost much of its momentum in the 1960s, especially following the death of one of its founders, Simon Nessim, in 1968. Interest in such a Sephardi Federation persisted however, and was renewed during deliberations of the Sephardic caucus at the Second Annual Convention of the American Zionist Federation at Palmer House in Chicago, October 21-23, 1972. There the organizational and ideological principles of the American Sephardi Federation were discussed, and plans were made to inaugurate the new organization. Then, amidst a convention attended by some 250 delegates gathered at Congregation Shearith Israel in New York City, the new American Sephardi Federation was launched on February 25, 1973. The Certificate of Incorporation was filed with the Secretary of State of New York on November 27, 1973 and the Jewish Agency provided space for the new Federation. The first President of ASF was Dr. Daniel J. Elazar, a Professor of Political Science at Temple University. Elazar established goals that focused on the strengthening of Jewish unity among the Sephardim; the promotion of religious, social, and cultural activities among the Sephardim; and the rendering of assistance to Sephardim seeking to immigrate to Israel. Particular emphasis was placed on promoting youth programs among Sephardic youth. Elazar continued in the position as President until 1975. He was then succeeded by Liliane Winn Shalom, who in turn, served as president until 1982.

Over the next few years, the ASF started to systematically develop relationships with Sephardic congregations and communities throughout the United States and the world. The leadership sought to represent the interests of Sephardim in various national and international Jewish associations. When the World Jewish Congress convened in 1978, the ASF was acknowledged as a representative of the Sephardic communities in the USA.

In 1982, Leon Levy became the acting president of the American Sephardi Federation, a role he shouldered until 2001, after which he became Honorary Lifetime President until he passed away in 2006. With the start of his tenure as President the organization underwent a number of dramatic changes. Under his guidance, the ASF was transformed into a more focused organization with a narrower scope that enabled the ASF to better serve the Sephardic Community. Levy guided the organization, directing it to place greater emphasis on the themes of Zionism and restitution for Jews driven from Arab countries. He brought with him not only his own personal determination and commitment, but also an enhanced level of financial security and management that were to contribute greatly to the efficient operation of the organization.

The year 1992 was a particularly significant and busy one for the American Sephardi Federation. The year marked the quincentennary not only of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas, but also of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, and their subsequent arrival in various parts of the Ottoman Empire. These anniversaries were celebrated in a variety of commemorative events and conferences on a national, state, and local level, and ASF worked vigorously to insure Sephardic participation in many of them. Sepharad '92 was an initiative on the part of the Spanish government that was intended to commemorate the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. The commemoration was joined not only by ASF, but also by the American Association of Jewish Friends of Turkey (AAJFT) and the World Sephardi Federation. The events surrounding Sepharad '92 stretched from 1988 through 1992. In 1989, the International Jewish Committee for Sepharad 1992 was formed by Yitzhak Navon, former Israeli president and minister of education. The Committee was chaired by Hal M. Lewis, then Executive Vice-President of ASF. An additional contribution made by the American Sephardi Federation was a cruise organized in 1992, called the Sephardi Odyssey, which took participants to various destinations in the Sephardi world, including Morocco, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Israel.

Among the most notable activities carried out by the American Sephardi Federation from 1987 through 1995 were a series of National Conventions. These were held each year during this period, with the exception of 1992 and 1994. They provided members with the opportunity to meet and discuss issues affecting Sephardim, as well as to expand their knowledge in a variety of areas. The conventions thereafter were more sporadic, one held in 1998 and another in 2003.

Salomon Vaz Dias became Executive Director of the ASF from 1997 to 1998. He sought to make the American Sephardi Federation more active in Zionist Affairs. During his administration, ASF held one additional National Convention in 1998. Jayne Rosengarten served as the Executive Director from 1998 to 1999. Under her guidance, ASF began to direct more attention toward the issue of collecting claims of the losses of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, a mission which would also continue beyond her time with the ASF. The ASF launched its first website in 1998.

In 1997, Bruce Slovin, spearheading the effort to establish the Center for Jewish History, which at that point consisted of four partner insitutions (YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum and the American Jewish Historical Society), approached President Leon Levy proposing that there be a Sephardic component to the Center. The ASF officially became a founding partner in 1999, entering as the smallest among the partner institutions. The ASF floor in the Center opened in 2000, and their gallery opened the next year.

The American Sephardic Federation joined the Center in order to grow in its capacity to represent and unify American Sephardic organizations, congregations and communities, and to secure itself a more permanent home. The ASF envisioned a Sephardic floor of affiliate organizations; they gave office space to representatives from the Yemenite Jewish Federation, Centro Culturale Primo Levi, Gomez Mill House and the Sephardic Educational Center. The Sephardic House, founded in 1978 by Rabbi Marc Angel of Congregation Shearith Israel, moved its entire operation to the floor, and in June 2002, the Sephardic House merged with ASF as its programming and publication division. This merger, first proposed ten years prior, was intended to streamline the efficiency and broaden the reach of the two organizations.

One of ASF’s new directions as a partner within the Center was its turn towards historical documentation and research. The appointment of two historical researchers to the Executive Director position between 1999 and 2003 underscored ASF’s new mission – first with the directorship of Elizabeth Mizrahi, a history doctoral student, and then with Judaica librarian and researcher of Libyan Jewish history, Vivienne Roumani-Denn, who joined ASF as the first Director of Library and Archives, becoming Executive Director from 2000 to 2003.

In 2003, Esme Berg stepped in as Executive Director, and long time board member, David Dangoor, became President.

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Scope and Content Note

The records of the ASF were produced by various ASF leaders and staff as part of the daily office workflow between 1972 and 2008. The collection documents first and foremost ASF’s organizational activities, but a spectrum of Sephardic issues are addressed in the proceedings of ASF conventions and the collection also serves as a cross-section of Sephardic performers, artists and authors of the time via ASF’s cultural programming files. Notable too is ASF’s outreach to 25- to 35-year-olds in its Young Leadership and New Leadership Divisions.

The materials consist largely of incoming and outgoing correspondence, but also include memoranda, reports, financial records, and other organizational documents, as well as newspaper clippings, publications, and photographic media. Though most concentrated in the Administrative Correspondence folders in Series III, correspondence runs throughout the different series.

Most of the papers in this collection derive from the time Leon Levy became President in 1982 and continuing up to 2004, by which time the ASF had joined the Center for Jewish History. There is little information from the early years of the American Sephardi Federation's history, and almost nothing from the time of Professor Daniel Elazar's administration. There is a small amount of material from the late 1970s through the early 1980s, during which time Liliane Winn Shalom served as the President of ASF.

This collection is organized into nine series. The first series describes the ASF Leadership in the years 1973-1978, 1983-1998, and 2001-2005. It is made up of minutes and records of meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, the Presidium, etc. The second series details the minutes and records of the various National Conventions held by the ASF in the years 1972-1975 and 1986-2003.

Series III: Administration contains Annual Reports for the years 1973-1975 and 1988-1995, General Agenda material (correspondence and subject files) for the years 1973-2006 and documents related to ASF’s role in the Center for Jewish History 1998-2005.

Series IV focuses mainly on the issue of Finances for the years 1976-2004. The series contains the Annual Financial Statements for the years 1976-1998; Tax Reports for the years 1976 and 1984 to 1998; and General Financial Documentation for the years 1976-2004.

The Young Leadership or New Leadership Division was one of the most active organizations in the American Sephardi Federation, and reports of their activities are reported regularly in the ASF newsletters. The details of their events and activities may also be found reported here in Series V.

One of the most important means for promoting Sephardic cultural awareness was through local programming and organized tours to countries that had once been home to significant Sephardic populations. ASF-sponsored events and tours are documented in Series VI. Events.

In addition to all this other material, a number of ASF staff members had collected ephemera dealing with Sephardim, but not directly connected with ASF. These files include information on countries around the world where Sephardim live, materials relating to Sephardic culture, and items from organizations not directly related to the ASF. These records are contained in Series VII: Reference Files.

Series VIII contains a number of mailing lists of members of the American Sephardi Federation from the years 1987 to 2004.

Series IX includes ASF newsletters from 1973 to 2006, plus documents used or created in the process of writing and publishing the newsletters.

The vast majority of the papers in this collection are in English. Other languages encountered here include Hebrew, French, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Polish and Russian.

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This collection is organized into eight series:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers, excepting post-1998 meeting minutes in Series I: Leadership and materials in Series VIII: Mailing Lists.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
American Sephardi Federation, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

Copies of ASF publications are available in the ASF Library.

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Custodial History

These records have been transferred to the ASF archives from the ASF office.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Records of the American Sephardi Federation; box number; folder title; American Sephardi Federation.

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Processing Information

The records of the American Sephardi Federation were assembled from a wide assortment of documents collected over the space of thirty-five years. The present collection has been processed in two parts by three archivists. The first accession included records created between 1972 and 2000, and these were processed and arranged in 2002. The second accession included records created primarily between 2000 and 2004. Negatives were sleeved, documents were refoldered in acid-free folders, and some fasteners were removed when appropriate. Folders are labelled with title and date range.

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Access points

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Series I: ASF Leadership, 1973-1978, , 1983-2005

1 linear foot

Alphabetical by title of folder. Arrangement of meetings is chronological by date.

Scope and Content:

This series contains the agendas, minutes and correspondence related to meetings of the governing bodies of the American Sephardi Federation. The series also includes election nominations, photographs and negative of various Boards and members.

There are very few remnants of the earliest meetings of the leadership committees of ASF, particularly those from the period of the presidency of Professor Daniel Elazar. Indeed, Elazar served as president from 1973 to 1975, and the earliest records derive from meetings held in 1975. This may have been because Professor Elazar was working out of Temple University in Philadelphia, and any records that may have been accumulated were lost somewhere between there and ASF's current headquarters in New York City. In any case, ASF appears to have undergone a re-organization in 1975, as reflected in the file detailing the activities of the "Ad hoc 'Think Tank' Committee" in 1975 and the first minutes of the Board of Directors meetings held in 1975. The remainder of the materials in this series are made up of minutes and records of meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, the Presidium, and the Steering Committee. All other committees are included in Series III: Administration.

The earliest mention of the Center for Jewish History in the entire collection is Leon Levy’s address to the Board of Directors on August 6, 1997, and Levy first voices ASF’s intent to join the Center at the November 26, 1997 Board of Directors meeting.

After 1998, there is a notable absence in minutes for both the Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings. For Executive Committee meetings there are only minutes between June 2002 and April 2003, and there are no post-1998 Board of Directors meeting minutes available with the exception of May 2004. The only minutes for the Steering Committee in this series are an October 2003 meeting.

11 Ad hoc "Think Tank" Committee1975
12ASF Leadership Structure1991
13Board Members' Data Sheets1993
14Board of Directors – Correspondence1993-1994
15Board of Directors - Meetings1975 Feb.
16Board of Directors - Meetings1983 Mar.
17Board of Directors - Meetings1988 Jan.
18Board of Directors - Meetings1990 Dec.
19Board of Directors - Meetings1991 Oct.
110Board of Directors - Meetings1992 Jan.
111Board of Directors - Meetings1993 Jan.
112Board of Directors - Meetings1993 Oct.
113Board of Directors - Meetings1994 May
114Board of Directors - Meetings1995 Sept.
115Board of Directors - Meetings1997 Aug.
116Board of Directors - Meetings1997 Nov.
117Board of Directors - Meetings1998 Jan.
118Board of Directors - Meetings1998 Feb.
119Board of Directors - Meetings1998 Mar.
120Board of Directors - Meetings1998 May
121Board of Directors – Meetings [Restricted]2001
122Board of Directors - Meetings [Restricted]2004 May
123Board of Directors - Meetings [Restricted]2005 May
124Board of Directors - Meetings - Photos, Contact Sheets, and Negatives1990 Dec.
125Board of Directors - Meetings - Photos[1992]
126Board of Directors - Meetings - Photos, Negatives, and Contact Sheets1993
127Board of Directors - Member list[1975]
128Board of Directors - Member list1993
129Board of Directors - Member listundated
130Board of Directors - Memorandum to the Members1973
131Board of Directors - Nominating Committee1992-1993
132Board of Directors - Nominating Committee - Report1992
133Board of Directors - Nominations1998
134Board of Directors - Nominations - Acceptance1993
135Board of Directors - Slate for additional Board Members1991
136Board of Directors - Status after Elections1990
137Early Leaders of ASF - Photographs1976
138Early Leaders of ASF - Photographscirca 1970-1979
139Executive Committee - Designation1975
140Executive Committee - Meeting1976 Oct.
141Executive Committee - Meeting1977 Feb.
142Executive Committee - Meeting1977 Mar.
143Executive Committee - Meeting1978 Aug.
144Executive Committee - Meeting1984 Feb.
145Executive Committee - Meeting1991 Apr.
146Executive Committee - Meeting1992 Mar.
147Executive Committee - Meeting1992 May
148Executive Committee - Meeting1992 June
149Executive Committee - Meeting1992 Sept.
150Executive Committee - Meeting1992 Nov.
151Executive Committee - Meeting [Restricted]1993 Aug.
152Executive Committee - Meeting [Restricted]1993 Sept.
153Executive Committee - Meeting1994 Jan.
154Executive Committee - Meeting1994 Feb.
155Executive Committee - Meeting1995 Feb.
156Executive Committee - Meeting1998 June
157Executive Committee - Meeting2002 Jun.-Dec.
158Executive Committee - Meeting2003 Apr.
159Executive Committee - Report on Activities1977
160Leadership Positions Description[1976]
161Organization Meeting of the Initial Directors1973
162President's Circle1989-1990
163President's Circle - Report on Activity1991
164Presidium1993 Sept.
165Presidium1993 Dec.
166Presidium1994 Jan.
167Presidium1995 Dec.
168Sephardic Leadership Meeting1985
169Special Ad Hoc Committee1988
170Special Meeting of Community Leaders1988
171Steering Committee1975
172Steering Committee - Meetings2003 Oct.
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Series II: ASF National Conventions, 1972-1975, , 1986-1998, 2003

5.5 linear feet

Chronological by convention year, then further arranged alphabetically by topic.

Scope and Content:

The documents in this Series focus mainly on the planning and proceedings of the various American Sephardi Federation Conventions that took place in Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Jerusalem and Bloomingdale, Illinois between 1987 and 2003. While most of the material focuses on these large national conventions, there is also a single folder containing the highlights of a convention held in New York City in 1975. One also finds a few details of those conventions of the American Zionist Federation and the World Sephardi Federation wherein the ideas for the American Sephardi Federation were initially developed and discussed.

Prominent in Series II are the many records showing the organization and preparations that went into the staging of the national conventions. A large portion of the material consists of correspondence, and includes organizational correspondence between ASF convention organizers and the many caterers, travel agents, hotel personnel, performers, and members of the hosting communities who made the conventions successful. Correspondence also includes invitations to convention speakers and dignitaries. The planning material includes several forms from each convention, i.e., registration and evaluation forms. Other documents, such as schedules of events, programs, and minutes of various meetings are also included.

In addition to records concerning the planning of conventions, there is a large amount of the promotional material used, including information on the city holding the convention, press releases about the convention, and clippings and periodicals containing information or announcements. Other material of potential interest to researchers is the documentation of convention workshop proceedings and biographical material on speakers and workshop leaders. It should be noted that records from the Convention in Miami in 1987 are particularly effective in documenting the role of convention workshops in developing resolutions on Sephardic issues. Financial papers for most conventions may also be found here. Researchers should be aware that although there is documentation on the planning of the 1996 convention, this convention never took place.

The bulk of the material comprised by this series covers the years 1987 through 1993, although a small number of records are available for the succeeding conventions, in 1995, 1998 and 2003, as well as on the early conventions in the 1970s.

Chicago, 1972

21Sephardic Delegates to the American Zionist Federation convention, Chicago1972

New York City, 1973

22 World Sephardi Federation, United States, First National Convention1973

New York City, 1975


Philadelphia, 1987

24Administrative Papers1987
25Articles and Clippings1987
26Convention Report and Resolutions1987
210Gala Dinner Dance1986-1987
211Photos and Contact Sheets1987
213Press Releases1987
214Publications - Booklets1987
215Solomon Gaon's Speech1987

Miami, 1987

217Articles and Clippings1987
219Castle Hotel1987
220Convention Committee1987
221Convention Report1987
222Correspondence1987 Jan.-Aug.
223Correspondence1987 Sept.-1988
224Correspondence - Form Letters1987
226Opinion Poll1987
227Photos and Negatives1987
228Press Releases1987
229Publications - Convention Journal1987
230Publications - Sephardic Connection1986-1987
232Schedules of Events1987
233Sephardic Shouk1987
235Workshops - Articles1987
236Workshops - Correspondence1987

Seattle, 1989

238Articles and Clippings1989
241Correspondence - Form Letters1989
243Exploring Your Jewish Roots1980-1989
245Finances - Income and Expense Reports1989
248Photos - Contact Sheets and Negatives1989
250Press Releases1989
252Publications - Booklets1989
253Publications - Convention Journal1989
254Roster, Delegates Listing1989
31Seattle Promotional Material1989
32Seattle Promotional Material - Photos1989
33Schedules of Events1989
34Westin Hotel1989

Chicago, 1990

35Articles and Clippings1990
39Forms and Form Letters1990
310Hyatt Hotel1989-1990
311Hyatt Hotel - Finances1990
313JUF News1990
317Photos - Contact Sheets1990
318Photos - Negatives1990
320Planning - Correspondence1989-1990
321Post-Convention Correspondence1990
323Press Releases1990
324Promotional Video1990
325Publications - Convention Journal1990
326Registration, A-G1990
327Registration, H-Z1990
328Schedules of Events1990
329Shabbat Program1990
330Slide Presentation1990
331Speakers - Correspondence1989-1990
333Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Announcements and Form Letters1990
334Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Background Information for Discussions1990
335Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Biographiesundated
336Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Correspondence1990
337Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Correspondence - Invitations1990
338Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Evaluations and Closing Statement1990
339Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Hyatt Hotel1990
340Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Participants1990
341Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Photos1990
342Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Planning1990
343Young Leadership Division's North American Conference - Press Releases1990

Los Angeles, 1991

41Awards and Acknowledgements1991
44Congratulatory Correspondence1991
45Convention Directory1991
46Correspondence with Government Officials1991
47Cultural Fair1991
48Cultural Fair - Correspondence1991
49Cultural Fair - Finances1991
413Finances - Expenses1991
414Finances - Income1991
415Finances - Proposed Budget1991
416Forms and Form Letters1990-1991
418Leadership Development Track1991
419Mailing Lists1991
420Nessim Gaon's Convention Address1991
423Photos - Contact Sheets1991
424Photos - Negatives1991
426Planning - Convention Committee Meetings and Outlines1991
427Planning - Correspondence1990 Dec.-1991 June
428Planning - Correspondence1991 July-Oct.
429Planning - Notes1991
430Planning - Program Ideas1991
431Press Releases1991
432Registration, A-J1991
433Registration, K-Z1991
434Registration Lists1991
436Schedules of Events1991
437Scholarship Requests1991
439Sheraton Hotel1991
440Slide Presentation1991
52Speakers - Correspondence1990-1991
54Young Leadership Division - Announcements and Form Letters1991
55Young Leadership Division - Correspondence1991
56Young Leadership Division - Participants1991
57Young Leadership Division - Planning1991
58Young Leadership Division - Schedules of Events1991

New York City, 1993

512Communities Presentation1993
513Convention Directory1993
514Convention Journal1993
515Convention Journal Ads1993
516Convention Journal - Historical Outlines1993
517Convention Notes1993
518Convention Questionnaires1993
520Delegates' Questionnaires1993
521Ellis Island Tour1993
522Final Report1993
523Finances - Bills Paid1993
524Finances - Bills Receivable1993
525Finances - Convention Account1992-1993
526Gala Dinner1993
527Hyatt Hotel1993
528Hyatt Hotel - Bills1993
530 Jerusalem Post1993
532New Leadership Division1993
533On-site Taping1993
62Photos - Contact Sheets1993
63Photos - Negatives1993
64Press Releases1993
66Program Planning1993
67Registration Forms, A-J1993
68Registration Forms, K-Z1993
69Sephardi Odyssey Reunion1993
611Shabbaton - Correspondence1993
612Special Invitations1993
614Touch of Greece Boat Ride1993

Miami, 1995

618Biscayne Bay Marriott Hotel1995
619Biscayne Bay Marriott Hotel - Finances1995
620Convention Directory1995
621Convention Journal1995
622Convention Journal Ads1995
624Exhibit Space1994-1995
625Expected Attendance Report1994
627Photos - Identified1995
628Photos - Unidentified1995
629Photos - Unidentified1995
630Photos - Unidentified1995
631Photos - Unidentified1995
633Registration Forms1994
634Schedules of Events1995
635Synagogue Descriptions1994

Jerusalem, 1996

221Convention Journal Ads1996
223Correspondence - Dignitaries and Speakers1996
224Correspondence - Form Letters1995-1996
225Israel Promotional Material1994-1996
227Pre-Conference Tour to Turkey1995
2210Schedules of Events1995-1996

New York City, 1998

2211Commemoration of Israel's Fiftieth Anniversary1998
2212Convention Journal1998
2214Drafts of Invitations and Sales Letters1998
2216Gala Dinner1998
2217Gala Dinner - Attendance and Table Assignments1998
2218Information about Sephardic Congregations and Organizations1998
2222Responses from Political Figures1998
2223Schedules of Events1998

Bloomingdale, Illinois, 2003

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Series III: Administration, undated, 1973-2006

10.3 linear feet
Scope and Content:

This series reflects the daily activities of the ASF office and of the operations of the ASF in general.

Subseries 1: Annual Reports, 1973-1975, , 1988-1995



Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 is composed of the annual reports of the ASF. The annual reports summarized the activities in which the ASF was involved during the year both culturally and politically. They encompassed events organized by individual ASF branches and by the Young/New Leadership Division as well. The annual reports also contain short summaries of past ASF National Conventions reports on the biggest donors and supporters of the ASF, and complete listings of the national Board of Directors and officers of the ASF.

71Annual Report - The Summary of Activities1973-1975
72Annual Report1988-1989
73Annual Report1989-1990
74Annual Report1991-1992
75Annual Report1992-1993
76Annual Report1994-1995

Subseries 2: General Agenda, undated, 1973-2006


Chronological or alphabetical by topic.

Scope and Content:

The General Agenda subseries contains documents that were created in the course of the regular daily routine of the ASF office. It contains correspondence, memos, announcements, newspaper clippings mentioning ASF activities, photos from various events organized by the ASF, and a number of other documents created and collected by the ASF administrative staff or its officials.

This subseries is particularly affected by the varying schemes of arrangement. There was an effort to reconstruct and unify the arrangement for the bulk of the subseries, but this effort was not completely successful. As a result, some correspondence is organized on a chronological basis while the rest of the subseries is organized on a topical basis. Imposing topics in this case did not seem feasible given the limits on time and manpower.

Information pertaining to Sepharad ’92 will be found here included in folders from the years 1990 through 1992. Much of this material is correspondence.

This subseries also contains several folders concerning Liliane Winn, the second President of ASF, who was later known as Liliane Winn Shalom. Material in these folders dates from 1976 through 1982.

The ASF attempted to monitor the situation of the Jewish populations in the Middle East (most of which were Sephardi populations), seeking to intervene and win restitution in cases where lives, property or rights were put at risk. Information on this issue is also present here.

In the second grouping of subject files, C) Subject Files, ASF’s shift towards increased cultural programming, marketing and library- and archives-building is visible. Significant portions of these files deal with the Sephardic House merger. An events binder labelled “Programming and Mailings” and compiled by the Sephardic House has been parsed out into four folders.

A) Chronological Files, undated, 1975-2006

77Administrative Correspondence1975
78Administrative Correspondence1976
79Administrative Correspondence1983
710Administrative Correspondence1984
711Administrative Correspondence1985
712Administrative Correspondence1986
713Administrative Correspondence1987
714Administrative Correspondence1988 Jan.-Apr.
715Administrative Correspondence1988 May-Sept.
716Administrative Correspondence1988 Oct.-Dec.
717Administrative Correspondence1989 Jan.
718Administrative Correspondence1989 Feb.
719Administrative Correspondence1989 Mar.-Dec.
720Administrative Correspondence1990 Jan.-Feb.
721Administrative Correspondence1990 Mar.
722Administrative Correspondence1990 April
723Administrative Correspondence1990 May-Sept.
724Administrative Correspondence1990 Oct.-Nov.
725Administrative Correspondence1990 Dec.
726Administrative Correspondence1991 Jan.
727Administrative Correspondence1991 Feb.
728Administrative Correspondence1991 Mar.
729Administrative Correspondence1991 Apr.
730Administrative Correspondence1991 May
731Administrative Correspondence1991 June
732Administrative Correspondence1991 July
833Administrative Correspondence1991 Aug.
834Administrative Correspondence1991 Sept.
835Administrative Correspondence1991 Oct.
836Administrative Correspondence1991 Nov.
837Administrative Correspondence1991 Dec.
838Administrative Correspondence1992 Jan.-Aug.
839Administrative Correspondence1992 Sept.-Dec.
840Administrative Correspondence1993
841Administrative Correspondence1994
842Administrative Correspondence1995
843Administrative Correspondence1996
844Administrative Correspondence1997
845Administrative Correspondence1998
846Administrative Correspondence1999
847Administrative Correspondence2000
848Administrative Correspondence2001
849Administrative Correspondence2002
850Administrative Correspondence2003
851Administrative Correspondence2004
852Administrative Correspondence2005
853Administrative Correspondence2006
854Administrative Correspondenceundated

B) Subject Files, undated, 1973-2000

855Abravanel Conference1992
856Abravanel Conference - Correspondence1991-1992
857Abravanel Family Newsletter1987-[1991]
858Aghajan Nassimi Reception - Photos1994
859America Exhibit Hall at Macy’s1997
860American Friends of Tzohar1997
861American Zionist Federation1991
862American Zionist Youth Foundation1987
863Antecedents and Remnants of Jodensavanne - Proposal for Exhibition by Rachel Frank1998
864Articles of Incorporation1973
865Association of American Jews from Arab Countries1988
866Board Member Manual1991
867Brazil - Correspondence1992-1997
868Broome and Allen Scholarship Fund1996-1997
869Budget Needs of the World Sephardi Federation1983
870By-Laws - Including Later Modifications1973-1998
91CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education) - Correspondence1990
92CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education) - Correspondence1991
93CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education) - Correspondence1992-1993
94CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education) - Curriculum “Sephardim and Ashkenazim: Two Traditions - One People”1990
95CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education) - Curriculum “You are the Historian”1991
96CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education) - Educational Material and Notes1990
97CAJE 14 (14th Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education) - Correspondence1989
98CAJE 16 (16th Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education) - Correspondence1991
99Canadian Sephardi Federation - Correspondence1986-1987, 1998
910Center for Jewish History1996-1997
911Center for Jewish History - Accession1997-1998
912Center for Jewish History - Photos1991
913Christopher Columbus Quincentennary Commission New York State1988-1991
914Christopher Columbus Quincentennary Jubilee1987-1992
915Cohen Family Reunion - Photos, Contact Sheets, and Negatives1991
916Commemoration of Expulsion of Jews from Spain1992
917Computer Needs Assessment1995
918Concerns about the State of the Jewish Cemetery in L’viv (Ukraine)1996
919Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations1991-1993, 1998
920Conference on Sephardic Studies, SUNY Binghamton1987-1990
921Congregation Anshei Shalom’s Reception Honoring Yitzak Shamir - Photos1994
922Consulate General of Israel1996-1998
923Consulate General of Israel - Promotional Material1997
924Council for the Rescue of Syrian Jews1993
925Crypto-Jews of New Mexico, A Research Study1987-1989
926Demographic Study1986-1989
927Demonstration to Support Syrian Jews1991
928Dinner honoring Shimon Shetreet1992
929Dormant Swiss Bank Accounts1997
930Dubrovnik Treasures Exhibit1994
931Elie Eliachar - Living with Jews1982
932Emma Lazarus Day - Photos1999
933Entry on ASF in Encyclopaedia Judaica1988
934Eretz HaChaim Cemetery1998
935Faro Cemetery1988, 1992-1998
936Fees to Organizations1993
937FESELA1987-1988, 1997
938Fiesta Sephardi1976
939Fiftieth Anniversary of Israel - Remarks by the President of the United States1998
940First National Congress of the World Movement for a United Israel (TALI)1987-1988
941Former Soviet Union - Correspondence1995-1996
942Former Soviet Union - Russia - Correspondence1994-1996
943Former Soviet Union - Russia - Kidnapping of G.S. Dadashev1996-1997
944Friends of the Bulgarian Jewish Community1992-1998
945Fundación Congreso Sefarad Mundial (Spain)1997
947Fundraising - Tribute Dinner for Leon Levy1995
948Gaon, Yehoram - Concert1992
949Gesher Direct Marketing Update1991
950Gimmel Foundation1988-1990
952Grants - Ferkauf Foundation1988-1994
953Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - Visit by Leon Levy, Jayne Rosengarten, and Cliff Russo1998
954Hanukat-Habayit - Cocktail Party1992
955Hanukkah Reception - Contact Sheets and Negatives1991
956“Hatikvah” Poster - Acquisition1987
957“Hatikvah” Poster - Photos and Negatives1987
958“Hatikvah” Poster - Production1987-1988
959Hebrew Union College - Girona Project1987
960Historical Photos of Sephardimundated, [1948]
961Holocaust Education Bill1993
962Holocaust Memorial Activities1990
101Insurance Policy - Aetna1982
102Insurance Policy - Berman Agency1993, 1995
103Insurance Policy - Gerber Life Insurance Company1992
104Insurance Policy - Ruchman Associates1994-1996, 1999
105Insurance Policy - Ticor Title Insurance1993
106Iran - Correspondence1977
107Irving Benveniste Trust1997-1998
108Israel Bonds1992
1010Jack Kamhi Reception - Contact Sheets[1990]
1011Jacob Bender Productions1996
1012Jeff Powell Attorney Fee1993
1013Jewish Community Relations Council1987, 1989, 1996-1998
1014Jews and Judeoconverts of Spain - International Symposium1992
1015Leadership Mission to Israel1991
1016Leadership Mission to Israel - Hadassah Hospital - Negatives and Contact Sheets1991
1017Leadership Mission to Israel - Photos1991
1018Lebanon - Correspondence1989-1991
1019Letter of Marc D. Angel to Leon Levy1982
1020Levy, Leon - Chair of the Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations1995-1996
1021Levy, Leon - Lecture on Sephardi History and Traditions1987
1022Levy, Leon - Visit to FESELA1998
1023Lewis, Hal1988
1024Library of Congress - Notice for Mandatory Deposit1993
1025Libya - First International Convention of Jews from Libya1987
1026Lopes Cordozo, Nathan T. - Lecture1997
1027Material for ASF Newsletter - Production by CRG1992
1028Material for ASF Newsletter - Production by MSK Communications1996-1997
1029Membership Committee1978
1030Membership Dues - Inquiries1993
1031Membership Renewal1992
1032Membership Reports1987, 1994
1033Mirzayeva Fund1993
1034Mission Statementundated, 1988, 1999
1035Morocco - Correspondence1988-1998
1036Morris Levy Memorial Lecture at Queens College - Negatives and Contact Sheets1989
1037Moshe Safdie Reception - Negatives and Contact Sheets1992
1038Museum of Jewish Heritage1996
1039Museums - Exhibits1987-1989
1040Nahon Synagogue - Restoration1989-1993
1041Nasser, Jack1991-1992, 1996
1042National Sephardic Bet-Din and Kashrut Headquartersundated, 1995
1043National Committee for Israel’s Fortieth Anniversary1987
1044National Committee for Israel’s Fortieth Anniversary - Task Force on Missionaries and Cults1987
1045Neve Shalom Synagogue Attack (Istanbul, Turkey)1986-1987
1046Neve Shalom Synagogue Attack (Istanbul, Turkey) - Clippings1986
1047Newspaper Articles on Sephardim1987-1989, 1999
1048Newspaper Articles on Sephardim - Jewish Transcript1989
1049Niskin Scholarship1989
111Office Space - 515 Park Avenue - Lease Agreement1990
112Office Space - Seventh Avenue Condominium - Amendments1992-1993
113Office Space - Seventh Avenue Condominium - Closing Statement1992
114Office Space - Seventh Avenue Condominium - Financial Statements1992
115Office Space - Seventh Avenue Condominium - Lease Agreement1992
116Office Space - Seventh Avenue Condominium - Mortgage Note1992-1993
117Office Space - Seventh Avenue Condominium - Moving1992
118Office Space - Seventh Avenue Condominium - Unit Deed1992
119Officers - Job Descriptions1993
1110Operation Rescue (Jews in Iran)1996
1111Oral History Library - American Jews of Sephardic Origin1991
1112Panama - Correspondence1996
1113Performers - Los Pasaros Sefaradis1989-1990
1114Personalities - Photos and Negatives[1980-1995]
1115Personalities - Photos - Leon Levyundated
1116Photos - Unidentified1980-1998
1117Photos - Unidentified - Negatives1980-1998
1118Plan for Activities in 19871988
1119Portugal - Correspondence1986-1988
1120Position Vacancies - Résumés, A-K1985-2000
1121Position Vacancies - Résumés, L-Z1985-2000
1122Prince of Asturias Award1990
1123Prince of Asturias Award - Photos1990
1124Prince of Asturias Award - Press Coverage1990
1125Programming Proposals of ASF1974
1126Pro-Israel Rally and Meeting with Uri Savir - Contact Sheets and Negatives1991
1127Project Sepharad1987-1988
1128Proposal for Communication Support Services - Mitrany, Dvorah1988-1989
1129Proposal for Establishing Sephardic Research Archive1991
1130Proposal for Public Relations - Decter, Moshe1997
1131Public Relations and Publications Committee1987-1998
1132Quincentennial Anniversary - Commemorative Texts1992
1133Quincentennial Anniversary - Projects1988-1990
1134Quincentennial Anniversary - Proposals for New York City Events1992
1135Quincentennial Foundation of Istanbul1992
1136Quincentennial Foundation of Istanbul - Gala Dinner - Contact Sheets1992
123Rabbis - Association of Sephardic Rabbis1996-1997
124Rabbis - Association of Sephardic Rabbis - Executive Committee1997
125Rabbis - Association of Sephardic Rabbis - Photosundated
126Rabbis - Association of Sephardic Rabbis - Sephardic Rabbinical Conference1996
127Rabbis - Association of Sephardic Rabbis - Sephardic Rabbinical Conference - Correspondence1996
128Rabbis - Association of Sephardic Rabbis - Sephardic Rabbinical Conference - Registration1996
129Rabbis - Conference of the Organization of the Sephardic Rabbinate - Photos1994
1210Rabbis - Rabbinic Dinner1994
1211Rabbis - Résumés1996-1997
1212Reception Honoring Mayor Ehud Olmert1994-1995
1213Reception Honoring Mayor Ehud Olmert - Photos1994
1214Report on Activities1980
1215Report on Activities1990
1216Report on Activities for the Council of Jewish Federations1991
1217Report on Activities - List of Accomplishments1991
1218Responses to (Sephardic Chief Rabbi) Bakshi Doron’s Comment on Reform Judaism1996
1219Responses to (Sephardic Chief Rabbi) Bakshi Doron’s Comment on Reform Judaism - Newspapers1996
1220Rosh Hashana Greetings1995
1221SAI Computer Services1989, 1992, 1997
1222Salary for the Young Leadership Director1977-1978
1223Salute to Israel Parade1987, 1988
1225 Sepharad’92 - Background Material1990
1226Sepharad’92 - Critical Reactions1991
1227Sepharad’92 - FESALA (Chile) - Proposal1990
1228Sepharad’92 - Fondatión Sefarad ‘92 France1992
1229Sepharad’92 - International Committee on Sepharad’921987-1992
1230Sepharad ’92 - Organizing Committee1988
1231Sepharad ’92 - Past Programs1982-1987
1232Sepharad ’92 - Plans and Public Relations1989-1990
1233Sepharad ’92 - Program of Events1992
1234Sepharad ’92 - Resources for Community Event Planning1991
1235Sepharad ’92 - Visit of Major Jewish Organizations’ Leaders to Spain1988
1236Sepharad ’92 - Visit of Major Jewish Organizations’ Leaders to Spain - Photos and Negatives1988
1237Sephardi Tahor Project1994
1238Sephardic Culture and Resource Center1986-1989
1239Sephardic Educational Center1984-1992, 1998
1240Sephardic Exhibit, Yeshiva University Museum1991
1241Sephardic Heritage Award1995
1242Sephardic Home for the Aged - Board of Directors Meeting1992
1243Sephardic Home for the Aged - Hanukkah1993
1245Shlomo Ben-Ami Reception - Negatives1989
1246Shuker, Edwin - Correspondence1994-1996
131Soffer, Clement - Correspondence1992
132Spain - Correspondence1987
134Strategic Plan1995
135Strategic Plan - Needs Analysis Report1995
136Strategic Plan - Project Proposal1994
137Strategic Plan - Task Force1995
138 Strategic Planning Committee1994-1995
139Support for Jonathan Pollard1993
1310“Sweet Lorraine” Movie - Fundraiser - Correspondence1987
1311“Sweet Lorraine” Movie - Fundraiser - Photos1987
1312“Sweet Lorraine” Movie - Fundraiser - Press Release and Newspaper Articles1987
1313“Sweet Lorraine” Movie - Fundraiser - Reservations1987
1314“Sweet Lorraine” Movie - Fundraiser - Synopsis and Descriptions1987
1315Syria - Correspondence1988-1993
1316Teachers’ Seminars in Israel1988
1317Telemarketing - Robert Glasser and Associates1991-1992
1318Telemarketing - Robert Glasser and Associates1997
1319Torah Education Proposal - Amado Foundation1992
1320Torah for VeAhavah Congregation1997
1321Turkey - Correspondence1995-1998
1322Visit to the State Department1991
1323Visit to the State Department - Photos and Contact Sheets1991
1324Wexner Followship1995
1325Winn, Liliane - Articles1977-1981
1326[Winn], Liliane - Award - Order of the Ouissam Alaouite1987
1327Winn, Liliane - Correspondence1978-1982
1328Winn, Liliane - Daniel Moynihan Campaign1977
1329Winn, Liliane - Speech at Sephardi Day in Boston1979
1330Winn, Liliane - United Jewish Appeal1976-1978
1331World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries1983-1988
1332World Sephardi Federation Dinner, New York - Photos1991
1333World Sephardi Federation of Great Britain - Correspondence1985-1987
1334World Zionist Organization - Grant for ASF1993, 1995
1335Yegar, Moshe - Jews of Iran - Essay1991
1336Yemen - Correspondence1985-1993

C) Subject Files, undated, 1986-2006

251Academic Council2001
252Access Database [including floppy disc]1998-2001
253Belinfante, Randall – Letter of Employment2000
254Belinfante, Randall – Report on Association of Jewish Libraries Conference2004
255Berg, Esme – Schedule2003
256Biographical Sketches – Vivienne Roumani-Denn, Elizabeth Mizrahi and Randall Belinfante undated, 2000
257Brochuresundated, 2003
2510Committees – Members2003
2511Computer/IT Instructions 2005undated, 2005
2512Curriculum Projectundated, 1999-2003
2513Exhibitions [including CD]undated, 1996, 2002
2514Exhibitions – Loans2001-2004
2516Genealogyundated, 2000-2001
2517Grants2000, 2004
2518Graphic Design – Advantage Graphics1998-1999
2519Graphic Design – Jessica Weber Design – ASF Logo2000-2001
2520Graphic Design – Miscellaneous Companies1998-1999
2521Hillel Contacts1999-2000
2522Insurance Policy – GHI2003
2523Jack Calderon Memorial Fund for the Sephardic Artsundated
2524Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries (JRAC) 2002-2003
2525Jewish-Latino Relations 2001
2526Keshet Movement 1998-1999
2527KTAV Publishing House 2000-2002
2528Library and Archives undated, 2000
2529Library and Archives – Acquisitions 2000-2006
2530Library and Archives – Archives Donations undated, 2000-2001
2531Library and Archives – Bibliographic Records with Donor Names undated
2532Library and Archives – Finding Aids 2003
2533Library and Archives – Notes undated
2534Library and Archives – Reference Questions 2001-2005
2535Marketing 1992, 1998-2001
2536Marketing – Direct Mail undated, 1998-1999
2537Marketing – Martin Irom Communications 2000
2538Membership Forms and Letters undated, 1988-2004
2539Mission Statement undated, 1994
2540Nominating Committee – Report 1990-1992
2542Organizational Relations Taskforce 1995
2543Organizing Committee – Meetings 1988
2544Ovadiah, Janice – Correspondence and Notes 1986-1998
2545Press – ASF 2000-2003
2546Press – Correspondence 1997-2002
2547Press – Sephardic 2002
2548Press Contacts undated
2549Press Kits 2000
2550Press Kits2002
2551Press Kits 2003
2552Press Kits – National Board of Directors 2000
261Press Releases 1998-2000
263Programming – Ideas 2000
264Programming – Ideas2003-2004
266Publications – ASF with Sephardic House undated, 2005
267Resource Center – Meetings 1989
268Resumes 2001-2003
269Roumani-Denn, Vivienne – Lecture on the Jews of Libya2000
2610Roumani-Denn, Vivienne – Press undated
2611Roumani-Denn, Vivienne – Report on Activities 2001
2612Scholarship and Education Committee 2001
2613Sephardic College Getaway 1999
2614Sephardic Educational Center 1994-2003
2615Sephardic Educational Software 2001
2616Sephardic Genealogical Survey 2003
2617Sephardic House – Merger with ASF 1991-1992
2618Sephardic House – Merger with ASF 1996-2002
2619Sephardic House – Programming undated, 1997-2000
2620Sephardic House – Programming 2001-2003
2621Sephardic House – Programming – Sign-in and Ticket Sales 2001
2622Sephardic House – Programming and Mailings Binder (1 of 4) 2001-2006
2623Sephardic House – Programming and Mailings Binder (2 of 4) 2001-2006
2624Sephardic House – Programming and Mailings Binder (3 of 4) 2001-2006
2625Sephardic House – Programming and Mailings Binder (4 of 4) 2001-2006
2626Sephardic House – Radio Commercial 1999
2627Vaz Dias, Salomon – Curriculum Vitae undated
2628Website1998-2001, 2004
2629Women’s Program Committee 2000

Subseries 3: Sephardic Communities, 1987-1998


Alphabetical by state.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 3: Sephardi Communities holds newletters and announcements from the local Sephardic communities in several states. Communication with local chapters was maintained mainly on a personal basis with the regional director or a local member of the Board of Directors. For this reason, many of these communications appear in the General Agenda files in Subseries 2. Unfortunately, the information on the activities at the local or state level tends to be limited, and as a result, it does not provide much insight into the cultural and social composition or daily activities of these congregations and communities.

141California - Los Angeles1989-1996
142District of Columbia - Washington1987-1991
144Florida - Palm Beach County1993, 1998
145Florida - Sephardic American Club1988-1995
146Florida - South Florida Chapter1987-1991
147Florida - South Florida Chapter - Semana Sephardi (Sephardic Week)1989-1991, 1999
148Florida - South Florida Chapter - Semana Sephardi (Sephardic Week) - Photos1990
149Illinois - Chicago (Midwest Chapter)1990-1997
1410Indiana - Indianapolis - Hanukkah Dinner at Congregation Etz Chaim - Photos and Negatives1989
1411Maryland - Congregation Magen David1987-1992
1412Michigan - Detroit1986, 1992-1993
1413New Jersey - Congregation Etz Ahaim1993, 1995
1414New York1987-1997
1415New York - Congregation Shearith Israel1985-1995, 1997
1416New York - Ozar Hatorah1998
1417Philadelphia1977 - 1996
1418Virgin Islands - St. Thomas1991
1420Washington - Seattle1987-1993

Subseries 4: Affiliated Organizations, undated, 1986-2005


Alphabetical by organization name.

Scope and Content:

Retaining the original name assigned by ASF to this grouping of files, this subseries conceivably grew out of ASF’s efforts to cultivate affiliations and unify the Sephardic community, especially in tandem with the move to the Center for Jewish History. Some folders consist only of mailings and announcements from the given organization, but some carry correspondence, press, speeches and documents related to joint programming or exhibitions with ASF. There are documents pertaining to a 1992 lawsuit ASF filed against Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE) over a curriculum project [see also CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education) – Correspondence]; Randall Belinfante’s talk, “Building a Sephardic Library,” given at the 2001 Association of Jewish Libraries convention; a sketch of Vivienne Roumani-Denn by Leon Levy in the World Sephardic Congress folder; a report on the impact of ASF’s presence at a 2005 Association of Jewish Studies conference; materials from many years of meetings of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations; legal agreements for a cosponsored exhibit with the Smithsonian. There is no interoffice correspondence present among the Center’s partner institution files, only announcements and form letters.

291American Jewish Historical Society 2000-2005
292American Zionist Movement 2001-2002
293Americans for Peace Now 2002
294Association of Jewish Libraries2000-2005
295Association for Jewish Studies2004-2005
296Ateret Avot of Midwood2001
297Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center 2000-2001
298Bar-Ilan University2001
299Ben-Gurion University2000-2001
2910B’nai B’rith2000-2002
2911Bnai Zion Medical Center 2003
2912Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation 2000
2913Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE)1989-1992, 2002, 2007
2914Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations1987-2003
2915Consulate General of Israel in New York2000-2003
2916Council of American Jewish Museums2000, 2005
2918Estrella en Accion [includes CD]2003
2919Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS 2001
2920Foundation for Ethnic Understanding1999
2922Gomez Mill House1999-2001
2923Hadassah 1998-2003
2924Hartman Institute1998-2000
2926Institute of Southern Jewish Life2000-2001
2927ISEF Foundation2000
2928Israel Cancer Research Fund2001
2930Jack Pearlstone Institute for Living Judaism2000
2931Jewish Braille Institute of America 2001
2932Jewish Community Center (JCC)1992, 2000-2003
2933Jewish Community Relations Council of New York1998-2003
2934Jewish Museum [includes photos]1988, 1990, 2000-2005
2935Jewish National Fund2000
2936Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York2001-2002
2937John Carter Brown Library2000-2001
2938Judeo-Spanish at Auschwitz2001
2939LASHAundated, 1998
2940Lifetime Care Foundation for the Jewish Disabled 2001
2941Lower East Side Tenement Museum1999-2000
2942Magnes Museum2000, 2004-2005
2943Maimonides Heritage Center in Tiberias2003
2944Mashadi Youth Committee2000
2945Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture1998-2001
2946Meretz USA2001
2947Museum of Jewish Heritage2001-2003
301Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience2000-2001
303National Council of Jewish Women2001-2002
304National Endowment for Democracy1995-1996
305National Jewish Outreach Program2000-2001
306National Unity Coalition for Israel2002
307North American Alliance for Jewish Youth1999-2000
308North American Board of Rabbis (NABOR)1999
309Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)1999-2000
3010Project Interchange2001
3011Ronald S. Lauder Foundation2001
3012Sephardic Community Center2001
3013Sephardic Council of Overseers2001
3014Sephardic Home2001-2002
3015Sephardic National Alliance1997, 2001
3016Sephardic Voter’s League2000-2003
3017Shearith Israel1997-2005
3019Solomon Schechter High School of New York2001
3020Stanford University2002
3021Synagogues – General2001-2003
3022Synagogues – Orthodox2000-2001
3023Synagogues – Sephardic 1998-2002
3024Synagogues – New Yorkundated
3025Therapeutic Riding Center of Israel2001
3026United Hebrew Trades 2000-2001
3027United Jewish Appeal (UJA)undated, 1996-2001
3028United Jewish Communities (UJC)2001
3029United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism2001
3030University of California, Berkeley1996
3031Uriah P. Levy Center and Jewish Chapelundated, 2000-2001
3032Wilstein Institute of Jewish Policy Studies2000
3033Women’s American Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training (ORT) 2000
3034Women’s League for Conservative Judaism2001-2002
3035World Jewish Congress (WJC)2001-2003
3036World Monuments Fund2000-2001
3037World Sephardi Federation1986-1989, 1996-2003
3038World Sephardic Congress [includes photo]2002-2003
3039World Zionist Organization1998-1999, 2004
3040Yad Vashem2001
3041Yemenite Jewish Federation1993-2005
3042Yeshiva University Museum (YUM)1999-2004
3043YIVO (1 of 2)1998-2003
3044YIVO (2 of 2)1998-2003

Subseries 5: Center for Jewish History, 1998-2005


Alphabetical by topic.

Scope and Content:

Within this subseries are materials relevant to ASF’s partnership with and move to the Center for Jewish History, including ASF’s original proposal to join the Center, joint meeting agendas, office layout and opening events. The ASF’s relocation to the Center meant an increase in cultural programming thanks to the availability of space for performances, film viewings, lectures and exhibits. The ASF opened a Sephardic gallery at the Center in September 9, 2001 with an exhibit of Spanish and Portuguese artifacts, “From the Beginning: The Sephardic Voyage to the United States.” See also Center for Jewish History folders in Series IV and Series III.

2630ASF Floor Opening2000
2631ASF Gallery Opening2001
2632ASF Proposal to the Center for Jewish History1998
2633Belmonte Meeting – Job Descriptions, Sephardic House Contract with CJH, CJH Office Space 2001
2634Board of Directors – Meetings1998-1999
2635Brochures, Calendars, Announcements2001-2005
2636Campaign Committee2000
2637Collection Development Committee2003
2638Correspondence and Finances1998, 2000
2639Cross-Training Session2001
2640Educational Initiativesundated
2641Facilities and Services2001, 2004
2642Genealogical Committee2002
2643Mission and CJH Website –ASF’s Reaction 2005
2644Music Advisory Committee2000
2645National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)2001-2002
2647Public Services Committeeundated, 2000
2648Telephone Directories2002-2003
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Series IV: Finances, 1976-2004

1.6 linear feet
Scope and Content:

The financial operations and the financial condition of the ASF are reflected in the material found in this series. The Finances series holds documents that are pertinent to the everyday financial operations of the ASF office. In addition, the annual financial statements and tax reports provide a complete picture of the financial functioning of the organization. Under the leadership of Leon Levy the actual financial administration was not carried out in the ASF office, but rather was administered by accountants at Leon Levy’s company - Urban Construction. Invoices and financial claims were dealt with by Urban Construction, and as a result, the series is relatively modest in size.

Only summaries of statements and reports on memberships have been retained in the collection. Individual statements, financial updates, and individual personal checks with members’ contributions or copies thereof were deaccessioned. Similarly, receipts, reimbursement slips, and utility bills from prior to the year 1996 were deaccessioned.

A summary of donations and contributions is available in Series VIII: Mailing Lists. Access is, however, restricted.

Subseries 1: Annual Financial Statements, 1976-1998



Scope and Content:

This subseries is composed of annual financial reports as prepared by the accounting firm Frank & Zimmerman & Company LLP and presented as an independent audit. These reports display the economic health of the ASF and were compiled from the materials used for the tax reports and analysis of ASF economic activities. The annual reports documented financial assets of the ASF, its liabilities, revenues, expenses and changes in fund balances. Most of the reports are bound. The last audit was performed in 1998.

1421Financial Statement1976
1422Financial Statement1984
1423Financial Statement1985
1424Financial Statement1986
1425Financial Statement1987
1426Financial Statement1989
1427Financial Statement1990
1428Financial Statement1991
1429Financial Statement1992
1430Financial Statement1993
1431Financial Statement1994
1432Financial Statement1995
1433Financial Statement1996
1434Financial Statement1997
1435Financial Statement1998

Subseries 2: Tax Returns, 1976, 1984-1998



Scope and Content:

Tax returns constitute the second subseries of Series VI: Finances. The tax returns were usually created by the accounting firm Frank & Zimmerman & Company LLP. Some returns are appended with background material that documents the legal status and character of the ASF as a non-profit organization.

1436Tax Returns1989
1437Tax Returns1991
1438Tax Returns1992
1439Tax Returns1993
1440Tax Returns1994

Subseries 3: General Financial Documentation, 1976-2004


Alphabetical by topic or type of record.

Scope and Content:

This subseries documents the financial activities of the ASF, including fund-raising operations, reports about the state of its accounts, and background materials for preparation of the ASF budget and audits. The monthly account reports on ASF accounts until 1996 were discarded together with various receipts for utilities and services.

151Account Book - Regular Checking Account1992-1994
152Account Book - Special Accounts and Convention1992-1994
153Accounting Documents1992
154Bank Reconciliation1993
155Banking Agreement1993
342Budget - South Florida Chapterundated
343Budget Request1993
158Budget Summary1991
344Center for Jewish History – Payments Due2001-2002
345Center for Jewish History – Statements1999
159Charts of Accounts Listing1992
1510Citibank - Checking Account1995-1997
1511Collection of Money for Special Events1991-1992
1512Convention Bank Account - Interest Earned1992-1993
1513Convention Expenses as Income Tax Deduction1995
1514Correspondence with IRS1992-1996
1515Data for Audit1991
1516Data for Audit1992
1517Data for Audit1994
1518Data for Audit1995
1519Data for Audit1996
1520Data for Audit1998
1521Donations, Loans and Legacies1996
1522Financial Documents1980
1523Financial Documents1987-1988
1524Financial Documents1990
1525Financial Documents1991
1526Financial Documents1992
1527Financial Documents1993
1528Financial Documents1994
1529Financial Documents1995
1530Financial Documents1996
1531Financial Documents1997
346Financial Documents1998, 2002-2003
1532Friends of the World Sephardi Federation - Bank Account1991
1533Friends of the World Sephardi Federation - Financial1990-1991
1534Friends of the World Sephardi Federation - Financial Statements1989
1535Friends of the World Sephardi Federation - Franchise Tax1992
347Income – Grants and Dues2000-2003
348Irving Benveniste Scholarship Fund 1986-1997
1536Israel Discount Bank1988, 1992-1998
1537Legal Actions1992-1993
1538Membership Dues - President's Circle Contribution1992
1539Membership Dues - Total Payment History1985-1992
1540Missing Check Report1995-1996
1541Nahon Synagogue Restoration - Restricted Funds1992-1993
1542Operation Expenses1990-1991
1543Payroll Taxes1993
349Profit and Loss Detail 2001 Apr – 2003 June
3410Profit and Loss Detail 2002 Apr – 2003 Mar
3411Profit and Loss Detail 2002 Sept – 2003 Apr
1544Profit and Loss Statement1992-1993
1545Projected Income and Expenses1992
1546Prudential Securities - Sale of Shares to ASF1993
1547Real Property Tax Exemption1992-1994
1548Schedule for Donors over $ 10001987
1549Seafirst Bank (Seattle)1992-1993
3412Sephardic House Income and Expenses 2002
1550State Insurance Fund1992-1995
1551Status of Charitable Organization1977, 1983
1552Tax Exempt Certification1976-1992
1553Taxes - Summary1992
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Series V: Young Leadership Division, undated, 1973-1978, , 1987-1998

2 linear feet

Chronological by division, then alphabetical.

Scope and Content:

This series contains records of ASF’s Young Leadership Development Division, or as they were alternatively called, the New Leadership Development Division. This division was a smaller group within ASF intended for younger adults, ages 25 to 35. In the early 1990s the Young Leadership Division changed its name to the New Leadership Division, although the exact date when this occurred is unclear (perhaps Winter 1993). After this time period, both names are used for the group. Most documents in this series focus on events conducted by the group.

A major focus of both the Young Leadership and the New Leadership Divisions was the "Sephardic Impact," the annual trip to Washington to speak with members of Congress concerning issues affecting Sephardic Jews. This program was conducted annually during the years 1990 through 1993. The "Sephardic Impact" required a great deal of planning, and consequently there is a large amount of material detailing the trips. In addition to information on planning, such as notes, correspondence, itineraries, financial documents, and information on participants, the material also includes background information on political issues that were discussed with Congress members. There is also biographical material on Congressmen and women and details of their earlier legislative activities.

Another well-documented topic in this series is the Moreshet Program, which was a leadership training event for young Sephardic leaders that took place in 1991. The material on this program includes correspondence and notes on its planning, applications, and discussion material.

161First National Youth Convention, Atlanta, Georgia1973
162Second Annual Youth Convention, Los Angeles - Photos[1970-1979]
163Young Leadership Division - Administrative1987-1992
164Young Leadership Division - Announcements1992
165Young Leadership Division - Dialogue '891989
166Young Leadership Division - Dialogue '89 - Correspondence1989
167Young Leadership Division - Dialogue '89 - Negatives1989
168Young Leadership Division - Dialogue '89 - Photos and Contact Sheet1989
169Young Leadership Division - Dialogue '89 - Registration1989
1610Young Leadership Division - Dor Hemshech World Zionist Young Leadership1991
1611Young Leadership Division - Finances1989-1992
1612Young Leadership Division - Holocaust Commemoration1990
1613Young Leadership Division - Leadership Training Institute1990-1991
1614Young Leadership Division - Leadership Training Institute - Questionnaires and Evaluation Forms1991
1615Young Leadership Division - Leadership Training Seminar - Registration1993
1616Young Leadership Division - Meetings1991-1992
1617Young Leadership Division - Meetings - Steering Committee - Contact Sheets and Negatives1990
1618Young Leadership Division - Mission Statement and Duties of Officersundated
1619 Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Applications1991
1620Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Biographies of Speakers1991
1621Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Correspondence1990-1991 Feb.
1622Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Correspondence1990 Mar.-Aug.
1623Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Discussion Material1991
1624Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Finances1991
1625Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Independent Project1991
1626Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Participants1991
1627Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Planning1990-1991
1628Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Planning - Meetings1990
1629Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Publicity1991
1630Young Leadership Division - Moreshet Program - Schedules of Events1991
1631Young Leadership Division - Post-Hanukkah Bash1991
1632Young Leadership Division - Post-Hanukkah Bash - Negatives and Contact Sheets1991
1633Young Leadership Division - Post-Hanukkah Bash - Registration Forms1991
1634Young Leadership Division - Publicity1987-1989
1635Young Leadership Division - Purim - Negatives1990
1636Young Leadership Division - Purim Dance Party1990-1991
1637Young Leadership Division - Purim Dance Party - Negatives and Contact Sheets1991
1638Young Leadership Division - Reports1990-1991
1639Young Leadership Division - Salute to Israel Parade1984
1640Young Leadership Division - Salute to Israel Parade - Photosundated, 1976-1978
1641Young Leadership Division - Schedules of Events1990-1992
1642Young Leadership Division - Secret Jews Program1990
1643Young Leadership Division - Secret Jews Program - Negatives and Contact Sheets1990
1644Young Leadership Division - Secret Jews Program - Registration Forms1990
1645Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I]1990
1646Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Background Information about Issues1990
1647Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Congressional Handbook1990
1648Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Correspondence1990
1649Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Correspondence - Form Letters1991
1650Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Follow-Up Correspondence1990
1651Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Form Letters1991
1652Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Itineraries1990
1653Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Lunch Program1990
1654Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Participants1990
1655Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Photos1990
1656Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Planning1990
1657Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Pre-Mission Meetings1990
1658Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Registration Forms1990
1659Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - Travel1990
1660Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact [I] - White House Briefing1990
171Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Background Information about Issues1991
172Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Background Information about Issues - Israel1990-1991
173Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Background Information about Issues - Syria1989-1991
174Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Biographies1991
175Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Congressional Appointments1991
176Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Correspondence1990-1991
177Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Follow-Up Correspondence1991
178Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Itineraries1991
179Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Lobbying Guidelines[1991]
1710Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Lunch Program1991
1711Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Photos, Negatives and Contact Sheets1991
1712Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Planning1991
1713Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Pre-Mission Meetings1991
1714Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Promotional Material1991
1715Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Registration Forms and Lists of Participants1991
1716Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact II - Reports on Meetings with Congressmen1991
1717Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Activities of Congressmen and Women1992
1718Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Background Information about Issues1990-1992
1719Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Biographies of Congressmen1992
1720Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Correspondence1992
1721Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Financial1992
1722Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Information Materials Handbook1992
1723Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Lobbying Guidelines1991-1992
1724Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Lunch Program1992
1725Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Participants1992
1726Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Photos1992
1727Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Planning1992
1728Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Pre-Mission Meetings1992
1729Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Publicity1992
1730Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Registration Forms1992
1731Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Remarks by New Jersey Governor Jim Florio1992
1732Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - Schedules and Itineraries1992
1733Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact III - U.S. Congress Handbook1991-1992
1734Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Odyssey Supper Program1990
1735Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Odyssey Supper Program - Correspondence1990
1736Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Odyssey Supper Program - Photos - Contact Sheets and Negatives1990
1737Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Odyssey Supper Program - Publicity1990
1738Young Leadership Division - Sephardic Odyssey Supper Program – Registration Forms and Lists of Participants1990
1739Young Leadership Division - Sephardim in Distress1990
1740Young Leadership Division - Sephardim in Distress Program - Correspondence1989-1990
1741Young Leadership Division - Sephardim in Distress Program - Photos and Contact Sheets1990
1742Young Leadership Division - Sephardim in Distress Program - Planning1990
1743Young Leadership Division - Sephardim in Distress Program - Publicity1990
1744Young Leadership Division - Sephardim in Distress Program - Registration Forms and List of Participants1990
1745Young Leadership Division - State of Israel Bonds New Leadership1987-1988
1746Young Leadership Division - Stolpner, Menachamundated
1747Young Leadership Division - Sunday in the Park1991-1992
1748New Leadership Division - Administrative1992-1996
1749New Leadership Division - Announcements1993-1997
1750New Leadership Division - Bank Account1992-1993
1751New Leadership Division - Budget Proposal1994
1752New Leadership Division - Financial Notebook1992-1993
1753New Leadership Division - Hanukkah Party1992
1754New Leadership Division - Hanukkah Party1996
1755New Leadership Division - Meeting with Congressman Eliot Engel1992
1756New Leadership Division - Meeting with Foreign Minister Shimon Peres1992
1757New Leadership Division - Meetings1992-1998
1758New Leadership Division - Membership1992-1997
1759New Leadership Division - Photos[1990-1999]
1760New Leadership Division - Sephardi Community Leaders Network1993
1761New Leadership Division - Sephardic Coffeehouse1997
1762New Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact IV1993
1763New Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact IV - Information Materials1993
1764New Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact IV - Planning1992
1765New Leadership Division - Sephardic Impact IV - Registration Forms1993
1766New Leadership Division - Steering Committee1992
1767New Leadership Division - Training Seminar1993
1768New Leadership Division - Yemenite Weekend1992-1993
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Series VI: Events, 1987-2008

3.3 linear foot
Scope and Content:

This series consists of materials related to the planning and execution of ASF-sponsored cultural programming and trips.

Subseries 1: Tours and Travel, undated, 1987-1997


Alphabetical by topic or trip destination.

Scope and Content:

This subseries focuses on the tours and trips arranged by the ASF for its members. The greater part of the subseries deals with the Sephardi Odyssey, but there is also some information on other trips taken, such as to the Caribbean, Israel, Morocco, and Turkey (1993) and to Yemen in 1989.

The Sephardi Odyssey occurred in August 1992, and was a “Return to Your Roots” tour to places of historical interest to Sephardim. It originated in Morocco and continued through Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Israel. Documentation includes correspondence regarding the organization of the event, as well as several proposals to ASF by various travel agencies. There is also information regarding destinations, financial documents, and details about the various ships ASF planners considered for the trip. Other correspondence includes reactions by participants to the trips.

181Caribbean Trip1993
182Greece Trip1997
183India Trip1996
184Israel Trip1993
185LASHA Cruise1992
186Morocco Trips1993-1997
187Morocco Trips - The Great Return/ Le Grand Retour1996-1997
188 Sephardi Odyssey - Correspondence1987, 1990-1991
189Sephardi Odyssey - Correspondence1992 Jan.-May
1810Sephardi Odyssey - Correspondence1992 June-1993
1811Sephardi Odyssey - Correspondence - Form Letters1990-1992
1812Sephardi Odyssey - Correspondence - Requests for Information1991
1813Sephardi Odyssey - Correspondence - Return of Fee1992
1814Sephardi Odyssey - Cruise Ships - Arcadia - Photos1992
1815Sephardi Odyssey - Cruise Ships - Stella Oceanis1991-1992
1816Sephardi Odyssey - Cruise Ships - Stella Solaris1992
1817Sephardi Odyssey - Finances1991-1992
1818Sephardi Odyssey - Finances - Accounting Masters1992
1819Sephardi Odyssey - Finances - Deposits1991-1992
1820Sephardi Odyssey - Finances - Loans1991-1992
1821Sephardi Odyssey - Finances - Participants' Invoices1991-1992
1822Sephardi Odyssey - Finances - Updates1992
1823Sephardi Odyssey - Financial Correspondence1991-1992
1824Sephardi Odyssey - Foundation Tours - Proposal1992
1825Sephardi Odyssey - Grandprix Associates, Inc. - Proposal1992
1826Sephardi Odyssey - Greece1992
1827Sephardi Odyssey - Greece - Promotional Material and1991
1828Sephardi Odyssey - Insurance1991-1992
1829Sephardi Odyssey - International Costa Tours - Charter Agreement1991
1830Sephardi Odyssey - International Costa Tours - Proposals1991
1831Sephardi Odyssey - Israel1992
1832Sephardi Odyssey - Itineraries1992
1833Sephardi Odyssey - Kosher Food1991-1992
1834Sephardi Odyssey - Miriam Weiner, "Routes to Roots"1991
1835Sephardi Odyssey - Morocco1990-1992
1836Sephardi Odyssey - Passenger Lists1992
1837Sephardi Odyssey - Planning1991-1992
1838Sephardi Odyssey - Public Relations1991-1992
1839Sephardi Odyssey - Public Relations - Jewish Media Group1991
1840Sephardi Odyssey - Public Relations - Newspaper1991-1992
1841Sephardi Odyssey - Public Relations Proposal - Rubinstein[1991]
1842Sephardi Odyssey - Rabbis1991-1992
1843Sephardi Odyssey - Seville Expo '921992
1844Sephardi Odyssey - Spain1991-1992
1845Sephardi Odyssey - Tisha B'ab Commemoration Service in Toledo1992
1846Sephardi Odyssey - Travel Preferences1991
1847Sephardi Odyssey - Turkey1990
1848Sephardi Odyssey - Video1991
1849Turkey and Israel Trip1994
1850Turkey Trips1993
1851Turkey Trips - Correspondence between International Costa Tours and Quincentennial Foundation1992-1993
1852Yemen Trip1988-1989

Subseries 2: General Events, undated, 1986-2008



Scope and Content:

The ASF’s cultural programming decidedly intensified when they moved into the Center due to the availability of space for performances, film viewings, lectures and exhibits. Most, but not all ASF events are represented in this subseries. Some events are well documented here in correspondence, speeches, invoices, sign-in sheets, programs and pamphlets created in connection with each event, but many events are only represented by announcements and invites. A number of events were cosponsored with other organizations, especially Sephardic House. The highest volume of folders are for events in 2001.

Some items of particular salience include a 17-page account of one man’s experience of September 11, 2001 while on the Sephardic Solidarity Mission to Israel and photographs and personal stories gathered for Celebrating the Sephardic Women in 2000.

2649Calendar of Events – ASF2000-2006
2650Calendar of Events – Sephardic House 2001-2003
2651Pre-1998 Events 1986-1997
2652Sephardic Festival 1999
2653Navon Reception 1999
2654Fundraising Event 1999
2656Shabbaton – Printed Materials 1999
2657Shabbaton – Registration 1999
2658Emma Lazarus Sesquicentennial Celebration 1999
2659Congresswoman Shelley Berkley Reception 2000
2660Scholar Series: Zvi Zohar 2000
2661Sephardic Festival 2000
2662Welcoming Ambassador Yehuda Lancry 2000
2663“Who, What, Where” Singles Event 2000
271Sephardic Second Night Seder 2000
272Israel Independence Day 2000
273Jewish Heritage Week in Bryant Park 2000
274An Evening with Stella Cohen 2000
275“What’s Your Sign?” Movie 2000
276Montreal Sepharad 2000 Reunion Party 2000
277Sephardic Quick Pick 2000
278End of Summer Weekend Bash 2000
279Scholar Series: Ramon Tasat 2000
2710Samuel Gruber Lecture 2000
2711East Meets West with Shashmaqam Bukharian Jewish Cultural Group 2000
2712Montreal Shabbaton 2000
2713A Tribute to Israel’s Sephardic Leaders 2000
2714Israel Behind the Headlines 2000
2715Celebrating the Sephardic Women 2000
2716Celebrating the Sephardic Women – Book Contributions 2000
2717Celebration of the Jews of Portugal, Portuguese National Tourist Office 2000
2718Fiesta Sefarad with Ramon Tasat 2000
2719Lunch and Learn Series 2001
2720Scholar Series: Nitzhia Shaked 2001
2721Sephardic Experience: Celebrating the Jews of Morocco - Reservations 2001
2722Sephardic Experience: Celebrating the Jews of Morocco - Reservations 2001
2723Tub’shevat 2001
2724Piamenta in Concert 2001
2725Purim Party 2001
2726Two Guitars at a Balkan Banquet 2001
2727First Annual Hispanic Women’s History Day 2001
2728Sephardic Seder 2001
2729Rabbi Marc Angel Lecture and Book Signing 2001
2730Jonathan Israel Publication Party 2001
2731David Amram Concert 2001
2732Mordechai Ben-Porat Reception 2001
2733Scholar Series: Sjimon den-Hollander 2001
2734History and Culture of the Sephardic Jews Seminar 2001
2735Nitzhia Shaked: Maimonides Part II 2001
2736Romaniote Experence 2001
2737“Sallah” Movie – Yemenite Jewish Federation 2001
2738Ron Nachman, Mayor of Ariel, Israel Talk 2001
2739Deborah Srour Event 2001
2740Ruth Knafo Setton Book Signing 2001
2741Israel Now Mission: Sephardic Solidarity Mission to Israel 2001
2742Duke and Duchess of Braganca Reception 2001
2743Judeo-Spanish Class 2001
2744Trauma to Awakening Lecture 2001
2745Intergenerational Family History Day 2001
2746Holocaust Compensation Information Session 2001
2747Jose Jorge Letria Lecture 2001
2748Struggle for Jewish Sovereignty in Jerusalem 2001
2749Flamenco Sepharad, Gerard Edery Ensemble 2001
2750Sixth International Sephardic Film Festival 2001
2751Sephardic Festival 2002
2752Netela Theatre of Israel 2002
2753“Desperate Hours” Movie 2002
2754Purim Martini and Sushi 2002
2755Sephardic Experience: Celebrating the Jews from Iran 2002
2756Sephardic Experience: Celebrating the Jews from Iran - Reservations 2002
2757Sephardic Experience: Celebrating the Jews from Iran - Reservations 2002
2758Sephardic Haggadot Exhibition 2002
2759Israel Solidarity Rally, Washington, D.C. 2002
2760Jews and Justice: the Jewish Influence on Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo 2002
2761Meir Sheetrit Briefing 2002
2762North American Young Adult Convention, Miami, SEC 2002
2763Welcome Reception to the Saltiel Family 2002
2764Gary Beeber Exhibition 2002
2765Meir Sheetrit and Jean-Claude Niddam Talk 2002
2766Baldi Olier and Sons, Zamira Concert 2002
2767International Sephardic Solidarity Congress 2002
2768Jewish Book Council Dinner 2002
2769ASF/Sephardic House Annual Members Meeting 2002
2770Seventh International Sephardic Film Festival 2002
281Basri Cooking Classes (includes photos and negatives) 2002-2003
282The Caribbean Through Jewish Eyes Cruise 2003
283Scattered Among the Nations Photo Exhibit 2003
284Ido Aharoni Talk 2003
285Second Annual Women of Valor Awards (Hispanic Women’s Day) 2003
286Sephardic Experience: Celebrating the Jews of Egypt – Planning 2003
287Sephardic Experience: Celebrating the Jews of Egypt - Talks, Programs, Press and Planning 2003 (includes CD) 2003
288Sephardic Experience: Celebrating the Jews of Egypt – Photos 2003
289Celebrate Yom Ha’atsmaut – Israel Independence Day 2003
2810Gary Rosenblatt Book Event 2003
2811Asher Naim Book Event (includes photos) 2003
2812Southern Comfort: South Carolina Jewry in Song and Story 2003
2813Ladino Concert – Alhambra Ensemble with Isabelle Ganz 2003
2814Rabbi Dr. M. Mitchell Serels 2003
2815Yahel Vilan Talk2003
2816President’s Circle Reception 2003
2817Ethiopian-Judaic Heritage Night 2003
2818Images of Jews from Greece 1880-1930 Exhibition 2003 (includes photos)2003
2819Images of Jews from Greece 1880-1930 Exhibition 2003 – Funding2003
2820Images of Jews from Greece 1880-1930 Exhibition 2003 – Exhibit texts2003
2821Images of Jews from Greece 1880-1930 Exhibition 2003 – Talks, press, reception2003
2822“Divine Right” Play 2003
2823Sephardic Cooking in America with Joan Nathan 2003
2824“La Juive” Opera 2003
2825Annual Gala Dinner 2003
2826June Burns Bove’s Enteri Exhibition 2003
2827Eighth New York International Sephardic Film Festival 2003
2828Influence of Maimonides’ Life and Teaching for the 21st Century 2004
2829Joha Seminar 2004
2830The Jews of Iran 2004
2831Jewish Costumes in the Ottoman Empire Exhibition 2004
2832Sephardic Experience: A Celebration of Italian Jewry 2004
2833Celebrating 350 Years of Jewish Life in North American Lectures 2004
2834David Bensoussan, Sephardic Community of Quebec Visit 2004
2835“Journey from the Land of No” Book Event 2004
2836Myrna Herzog Concert2005
2837Ninth New York International Sephardic Jewish Film Festival 2005
2838Commemorating Maimonides’ 800 Years of Influence 2005
2839“Blood Libel” Book Event 2005
2840"Schocken Book of Modern Sephardic Literature” Book Event 2005
2841Lag La’Omer Concert 2005
2842The Road from Valencia Concert (including CD)2005
2843American Friends of Turkish Jewry Reception 2005
2844Belmonte Event 2005
2845"Disobedience” Play 2005 (including 2 CDs of images)2005
2846Louis N. Levy Rare Book Collection Reception and Opening (including CD)2005
2847“Primo” Play 2005
2848Meet the Filmmaker Pierre Rehov 2005
2849Rabbi Marc Angel Book Event 2005
2850“The Optimists” 2005
2851“Golgotha” Play (including CD and photos, script) 2005
2852Commemorating Remembrance Day of the Holocaust of the Greek Jewry 2006
2853Tenth New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival 2006
2854Cochin Diary: Jewish Life in Southern India 2006
2855Back to Babylon: 2600 Years of Jewish Life in Iraq 2006
2856A Journey Through Jewish India Tour 2007
2857Eleventh New York International Sephardic Jewish Film Festival 2007
2858Rabbi Baruch Garzon Lecture 2007
2859Twelfth New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival 2008
2860Non-ASF Eventsundated
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Series VII: Reference Files, undated, 1970-2000,  (bulk 1988-1997)

3 linear feet
Scope and Content:

Series VII: Reference Files brings together a wide variety of materials that may have been used for reference in the office of the ASF. Materials in this series seem to have been collected by or sent to ASF staff.

Subseries 1: Country Files, undated, 1970-1996,  (bulk 1987-1996)


Alphabetical by name of country or region.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1: Country Files contains materials on Sephardic Jews in various places around the world. There is also information about the Sephardim who settled in the USA, and kept the traditions or customs from their country of origin alive in the new country. The folders are arranged according to country of origin or residence of the Sephardic Jews. The documents often include newspaper or magazine articles, newspaper clippings, or handouts and leaflets published by various interest groups. Some of the clippings are of an anthropological nature, while others focus on political material and can be linked to the political activities of the ASF. Notable among the political material are details of the campaign for freeing the Syrian Jews in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Much information is also available on Israel, including Sephardim in Israel, Israeli politics, and the political relationship between Israel and the United States.

195Canada1987, 1997
196Canada - Jewish Agencies and Services in Toronto1986
1911Ethiopia1991, 1996-1997
1913Europe - New York Governor George Pataki's Visit to Central Europe1995
1914Former Soviet Union1992-1996
1915Former Soviet Union - Russia1993-1996
1916Former Soviet Union - Uzbekistan1997
1917France1983, 1985, 1995, 1998
1918France - International Conference for the Freedom of Syrian Jewry in Paris1988
1921Greece - Jewish Museum of Greece1988
1923India - Photos1991
1926 Israel1978-1992
1928Israel - Art1978-1982
1929Israel - Gulf War1991
1930Israel - Immigration1972-1991
1931Israel - Politics1990-1996
1932Israel - Yitzhak Rabin1992
1933Italy1988, 1992
1934Latin America1979
1938The Netherlands[1990]
1939North Africa1980
1940Pakistan - Prayer for New Year1988
1942Portugal1960, 1986-1991
1943Portugal - Epigraphic Study and Listing of Graves in the Jewish Cemetery of Faro1986
1944Portugal - Maps1994
1945Portugal - Objectsundated
1947 Syria1984, 1988
1952Syria - Jews of Syria: A Chronicle1990
1953Turkey1987, 1996-1998
1954Turkey - 500th Anniversary1982-1988
1955Turkey - 500th Anniversary1991-1996

Subseries 2: Culture Files, undated, 1980-1998 , (bulk 1988-1997)


Alphabetical by topic.

Scope and Content:

This subseries focuses on informational materials of a cultural nature. Files on performers of Sephardic and Ladino music can be found here, as well as orders for books that were sold through the ASF office. Also included are a number of short outlines of Sephardic history. Subseries 2: Culture Files also contains information on movies related to Sephardic culture or lifestyle by directors from the USA, Israel, or the countries of the Middle East.

2011492 - Animated Television Special1992
202Addendum - History of Sephardic Communties1998
203Biographies of Sephardic Leaders and Scholars1991-1993
204Bitton, Isaak "Ike"1980-1998
205Books1989, 1997-1998
206Performersundated, 1987, 1992
207Performers - Photosundated
208Performers - Music1988-1992
209Performers - Music - Fortuna Safdi1994
2010Performers - Music - Hedva1986-1988
2011Publishers and Vendors1992-1995
2012Sephardic and Israeli Cinematography1986-1998
2013Sephardic and Israeli Cinematography - Shiran, Haim1985-1988
2014Sephardic Synagogues and Places of Interest[1990-1999]
2015Traditions and Culture - Marranos1991-1998
2016Traditions and Culture - Newspaper Articles1950-1991
2017Traditions and Culture - Prayersundated, 1997
2018Traditions and Culture - Scholarly Articlesundated, 1967-1997
2019Teaching Materialsundated, 1985, 1987
2020Teaching Materials - Sephardic Jewry Student Study Guide1980
2021Writers - Malka, Eli1997

Subseries 3: Organization Files, undated, 1975-2000 , (bulk 1990-1997)


Alphabetical by name of organization.

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains material that did not originate with ASF, is not explicitly addressed to ASF, and does not pertain directly to ASF. The bulk of it is made up of production publications or statements issued by various associations, mainly Jewish, that did not necessarily maintain regular communications with ASF. The documents found a place in the ASF collection in various ways both as solicited and unsolicited information sent to its office.

2022America-Israel Friendship League1997
2023American Health Fund for Israel1991
2024American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)1990-1991
2025American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1996
2026American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1998
2027American Jewish Public Relations Society1997
2028American Society for Technion1992
2029American Zionist Federation1987-1988
2030American Zionist Movement1993, 1997
2031Anti-Defamation League1996
2032Armenian Assembly of America1989
2033Association of Jewish Community Organization Personnel (AJCOP)1996
2034Avi Chai1997
2035Baba Sale Association (Thoranic Campus)undated
2036Baltimore Zionist District1997
2037Ben-Gurion University of the Negev1986, 1988
2038Bnai Zion Foundation1998
2039B'nai Brith1992
2040Caucasian Jewish Congregation of Brooklynundated
2041Center for Holocaust Studies at Clark University1998
2042Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece1997
2043Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany1997
2044Consulate General of Israel1997
2045Consulate General of Israel - Information Department1990
2046Covenant Foundation Awards1997
2047Covenant Foundation Grants1996-1998
2048Council of Jewish Federations1990
2049Council on Foreign Relations1997
2050Directory of the National Jewish Organizations1990
2051East for Peace1987
211Foundation for Israeli Art1997
212Foundation for Mid-East Communication1988
213Hadassah1992, 1997-1998
214Holocaust Center Pittsburgh1998
215Institute of Jewish Affairs1992
216International Association of Jews from Egypt1997
217International Sephardic Education Foundation1987
219Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs1997
2110Jewish Agency for Israel1996-1998
2111Jewish Agency for Israel - By-laws and Budgets1997, 1998, 2000
2112Jewish Agency for Israel - Education Committee1997-1998
2113Jewish Community Centers Association (JCC)[1992], 1997-1998
2114Jewish Community Relations Council - Task Force on Missionaries and Cults1998
2115Jewish Heritage in New York1998
2116Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs1996
2117Jewish Museum New York1997
2118Jewish National Fund1993
2119Jewish Service Corps1996
2120Jewish War Veterans of the United States1997-1998
2121Nathan Cummings Foundation - Annual Report1991
2122National Jewish Outreach Program1997
2123New York Association for New Americans (NYANA)1991
2124Netherland Club of New York1997
2125New York Board of Rabbis1998
2126North American Jewish Databank1997
2127Quincentennial Foundation1990-1991
2128Sephardic Educational Center1997
2129Sephardic National Alliance1997-1998
2130Shehebar Sephardic Center1993-1997
2131Swiss Bankers Association - Information Kit on Dormant Accounts1997
2132Turkish Organizations in the USA1990-1994
2133Turkish Sephardi Federation1995
2134Union of Councils for Soviet Jews1981, 1988
2135United Jewish Appeal-Federation1996-1997
2136Women's League for Conservative Judaism1991
2137World Jewish Congress1988-1997
2138World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries (WOJAC)1975-1977
2139World Union for Progressive Judaism1988
2140World Zionist Organization1992-1997
2141Yemeni American Investigation Committee1996
2142Yemenite Jewish Federation of America1992, 1997
2143Young Mashadis for Israel[1990]
2144Zionist Organization of America1986-1988, 1991-1997
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Series VIII: Mailing Lists, undated, 1987-2004

2.5 linear feet

Alphabetical. This series includes oversized folders that are separated from the rest of the series.

Scope and Content:

This series is primarily made up of mailing lists used for informational purposes by ASF. The forms in “ASF with Sephardic House Membership List and Forms 2002-2004” include demographic questions regarding languages spoken and family’s country of origin. Donation data may be found in lists concerning ASF membership or contributions, especially in the folders marked "ASF Membership - Donations and Dues History." Researchers should be aware that this series contains material which may be restricted.

231ASF Board of Directors Membership1992-1993
232ASF Board of Directors Resolution - Confidentiality of Mailing Lists1995
315ASF Executive Committee undated
233ASF Executive Committee Membership1992
234ASF Membership1987-1988
316ASF Membership A-Z 1999
317ASF Membership -- Donations and Dues History1992-2003
235ASF Membership - Regular and President's Circle, A-Z1994
236ASF President's Circle1992
237ASF President's Circle and Presidium Membershipundated
318ASF with Sephardic House Membership List and Forms2002-2004
238Brooklyn Synagogue Lists1991
239Community Leadersundated
2310Computer Codes for Mailing Listsundated
2311Congregation Shaareh Zion Membership1989
2313Etz Chaim Congregation Membership1991
2314Iranian Campaign Key Donors1997
2315Israeli Government Ministriesundated
2316Jewish Organizations - U.S. and Internationalundated
2317Mashadi Community, A-H1992
2318Mashadi Community, I-Z1992
2319Press Contacts1992-1996
319Processing Instructionsundated
2321Sephardi Community Leadership Networkundated
2322Sephardi Organizations - California1989-1991
2323Sephardic Community, Michigan1993
241Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood Membershipundated
242Sephardic Synagogues, Institutions, and Organizationsundated
243Staten Island Synagoguesundated
244Syrian Businessesundated
245Young Leadership Divisionundated, 1990
OS1 ASF Membership - A-Kundated
OS2ASF Membership - L-Zundated
OS3ASF Membership - A-Z1998
OS4ASF Membership - Donations and Dues History - A-Gra1988-1998
OS5ASF Membership - Donations and Dues History - Gra-Z1988-1998
OS6ASF Membership - Organizations1998
OS7Young Leadership Division1998
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Series IX: Newsletters, 1973-2006

0.8 linear foot

Chronological and alphabetical.

Scope and Content:

Includes ASF newsletters and materials related to the generation of those newsletters.

Subseries 1: ASF Newsletters, 1973-2006



Scope and Content:

Contains ASF's newsletters. The researcher interested in the history and development of ASF will find the newsletters useful in following shifts in mission and projects. The newsletters serve as information and publicity organs for supporters and members of ASF. They include project announcements, updates from the Executive Director, President, and Librarian/Archivist, biographical sketches of new leadership, mission statements and photos of key figures and events. The titles, organization and design of the newsletters changed every few years, often in tandem with changes in leadership. For historical overviews of ASF see the Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 issues of Sephardim Today.

3110Sephardic Voice1973-1974
3111Sephardi World1976-1977
3413ASF News Bulletin and Action Update1979, 1986, 1992
3112Sephardic Connection1981-1987
3113Sephardic Highlights1987-1990
3114Sephardic Highlights1990-1991
3115Sephardic Highlights1991-1995
3116Sephardi Update1994 Sept – 1995 Apr
3117ASF Update1996 Fall – 1999 Fall
3118Sephardic Record (Dinner Journal)1998
3119Sephardic Today2000 Winter-2000 Fall
3120ASF Highlights2000 Summer
3121Sephardim Today2001 Winter-2003 Spring
3122ASF South Florida Chapter Newsletter 2003
3123Sephardi Report2004 Spring
3124Sephardi Report2005 Fall
3125Sephardi Report (Dinner Journal)2006 Fall
3126Sephardi Report (Dinner Journal)2007 Dec

Subseries 2: General Newsletter Administration,  1994-2002


Alphabetical by topic.

Scope and Content:

All documents relating to newsletter planning, including proofs, correspondence, invoices and photographs.

3127ASF Newsletters 1973-2001 List2001
3129Planning – ASF Update 1998
3130Planning – ASF Update (includes CD and zip disk)1999
3131Planning – ASF Update (includes photos and zip disk)2000
3132Planning – Sephardim Today 2001
3133Planning – Sephardim Today (includes photos)2002
3134Sephardic Newsletters List undated
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Series X: Photographs, 2000-2002

1.5 linear feet


Scope and Content:

Photographs are chiefly of events and exhibits sponsored by the ASF or in which the ASF participated. In some cases, negatives accompany the prints. Original folder titles and dates have been maintained. Additional photographs can be found in earlier series as well.

321Welcoming Ambassador Yehuda Lancry 2000 Mar 22
322Leon Levy Gives Tour of CJH 2000 Mar 30
323Trip to Israel – Vivienne Roumani-Denn [2000 May]
324Alexandria, Egypt 2000 May
325Floor Opening 2000 May 15
326New Floor – Mimi Frank, Marlene Brill, Mike Nassimi 2000 May 23
327Stella Cohen Exhibition 2000 Jun
328“What’s Your Sign?” Movie – Elizabeth Mizrahi2000 Jun 13
329Sephardic Quick Pick2000 Jun 29
3210Iraqi Event – Vivienne Roumani-Denn 2000 Sep 11
3211Bukharian Jewish Congress – Mr. Boris Kandou presents robes to Leon Levy 2000 Sep
3212Dr. Samuel Gerber 2000 Sep 19
3213Levi Memorial Lecture, Queens College2000 Oct
3214Israel’s Sephardic Leaders – Rabbi Marc Angel, Stella Cohen2000 Nov 12
3215Celebrating the Sephardic Women2000 Nov 14
3216Brazili Recife, Pernambuco – “Rua dos Judeus” – 1st Brazilian Sephardi Congress 2000 Nov
3217Fiesta Sefarad with Ramon Tasat2000 Dec 14
3218Staff – Elizabeth Mizrahi, Vivienne Roumani-Denn, Mazol Usteav, Randall Belinfante 2000 Nov, 2001 Jan
3219Birthright Program2001 Jan
3220Ambassador Alon Pinkas2001 Mar
3221First Annual Hispanic Women’s Day2001 Mar 19
3222Libya Conference at Ben-Gurion University2001 Mar 21-22
3223Rabbi Marc Angel Lecture and Book Signing2001 Apr
3224“Jews and the Expansion of Europe to the West” Book Event 2001 Apr 24
3225David Amram Concert2001 Apr 29
3226Scholar Series: Sjimon den-Hollander2001 May 10
3227Smithsonian Event2001 May 20
3228Ben Porat2001 May
3229Board Meeting and Alon Pinkas 2001 Jul 24
3230Visit to Portugal – Duke of Braganca and Vivienne Roumani-Denn2001 Aug
3231Gallery Opening, National Board Meeting2001 Sep 9
3232Coming to America – Gallery Stills (1 of 2)2001 Sep
3233Coming to America – Gallery Stills (2 of 2)2001 Sep
3234Israel Now Mission: Sephardic Solidarity Mission to Israel2001 Sep 9-14
3235Duke and Duchess of Braganca2001 Oct 4
3236Rabbi’s Meeting, Coming to America Gallery Stills2001 Oct
3237Maimonides Lecture, Nitziah Shakid2001 Dec
3238Flamenco Sepharad, Gerard Edery Ensemble2001 Dec 13, 18
3239Staff – Mazol Usteav, Rachael Freedman, Randall Belinfante 2002 Summer
3241“Desperate Hours” Movie2002 Feb 27
3242Israel Solidarity Rally, Washington, D.C.2002 Apr 15
331Meir Sheetrit2002 May 10
332ASF and Sephardic House Merger2002 Jun 6
333Floor Remodeling2002 June
334Jews of Arab Countries2002 Jul
335Dan Naveh2002 Jul 11
336Welcome Reception to the Saltiel Family2002 Jul 29
337Jews of Arab Countries Exhibit, Meir Sheetrit2002 Oct 27
338Mordechai Arbell Book Signing2002 Nov
339World Jewish Congress2002 Dec
3414Photos -- Unidentifiedundated
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