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undated, 1929-1988; (bulk 1936-1981)

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Union of Sephardic Congregations
Title: Records of the Union of Sephardic Congregations
Abstract: Records in this collection display the activities of the Union of Sephardic Congregations under the presidencies of Dr. David de Sola Pool and Dr. Solomon Gaon. Much material is available on the preparation and distribution of Sephardic prayer books produced by the Union. Other topics featured in this collection include information on national and international Sephardic communities, the Union's relief efforts for refugees and disadvantaged communities, and employment of Sephardic rabbis and cantors.
Languages:This collection is in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish.
Quantity: 9.8 linear feet
Accession number: ASF_AR-3
Repository: American Sephardi Federation
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Historical Note

The Union of Sephardic Congregations was established in 1929 by leaders of Sephardic communities in America to promote the religious interests of Sephardic Jews. Its primary aim was to give cohesion and the strength of union to the scattered and comparatively weak congregational units of the Sephardim. It also assisted Sephardic communities outside of the United States.

The main activity of the Union was the preparation and publication of Sephardic prayer books with English translations by the Union’s first President, Dr. David de Sola Pool. These books were distributed to Sephardic communities throughout the world, including South America, Europe, Africa, India, Canada, Rhodesia, and Iraq. It also assisted American Sephardic communities in finding and bringing to the United States trained Sephardic rabbis, cantors, and scholars, as well as provided scholarships for religious training for promising Sephardim in Yeshivas in the United States. During the 1930s and 1940s it assisted in the rescue of Sephardic scholars and religious leaders from Europe, was involved with the Sephardic refugees interred at Fort Ontario in Oswego, New York, and collected financial support for the Marranos in Portugal. Additionally, the Union supported the adoption of Sephardic Hebrew for use in Israel.

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Scope and Content Note

The records found in this collection document the work of the Union of Sephardic Congregations, with the bulk of the material being from the mid-1940s through the 1960s. The collection has been arranged based on the original order of the records, and is divided into two subgroups. Subgroup I contains records accumulated during the presidency of Dr. David de Sola Pool, and is further divided into three series: Series 1: Accounting Books; Series 2: Sephardic Communities; and Series 3: Subject Files. Subgroup II holds the records of the Union under Dr. Solomon Gaon’s presidency, and contains one series, Series 1: Subject Files.

The Union’s main activity was the publication and distribution of Sephardic Hebrew prayer books with English translations, and this is well documented throughout the collection. Correspondence concerning requests for prayer books will be found in both subgroups. Subgroup I contains financial records concerning their sale in Series 1: Accounting Books, as well as in folders labeled “Financial” located in the subject files of both subgroups.

In addition to the material on prayer books, there is also documentation on other activities of the Union. Material on assistance to international communties may be found in Series 2: Sephardi Communities and Series 3: Subject Files of Subgroup I. Also included in these series is material on related topics such as the relief agency Ozar Hatorah, the Committee for the Forgotten Million, and assistance provided to the Marrano community in Portugal and the Falashas in Ethiopia. Information on the Union's work to find and secure employment for rabbis, cantors, and Jewish teachers is located in these same series as well as in Subgroup II, Series 1.

Most records in this collection are in English, but the collection also contains documents in Hebrew, French, and Spanish.

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The collection is organized in two subgroups:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
American Sephardi Federation, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

Copies of USC prayer books are available in the American Sephardi Federation's library.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Records of the Union of Sephardic Congregations; box number; folder title; American Sephardi Federation.

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Container List


Subgroup I: Presidency of Dr. David de Sola Pool,  1926-1969

6.7 linear feet

Series 1: Accounting Books, 1937-1969

1 linear foot


Scope and Content:

Series 1 holds accounting books and a few folders of loose accounting records were removed from the accounting books. Books are in the form of a debits ledger, a sales journal, and several cash books. Most entries concern the sale of prayer books, although a few list contributions to collection funds organized by the Union.

Accounting information for prayer books may be found in the debits ledger, cash books, and the sales journal, as well as in the accounting papers. These items state who bought prayer books or had orders to buy them; which type of prayer book was bought; when the books were bought; and the total sum paid by the congregation or individual. Accounting papers in the “Accounting Papers: Disbursements” folder contain material on payments made to printers and contributions to collection funds.

Box TitleDate
1  Accounting Papers: Cash Receipts by Date1963-1969
1 Accounting Papers: Cash Receipts by Topic/ Type 1943-1956
1  Accounting Papers: Disbursements1963
1 Cash Book1937-1953
1 Cash Book: Loose Papers from Cash Book1948-1952
1 Cash Book1954-1955
1 Cash Book: Loose Papers from Cash Book1955
1 Cash Book, Receipts and Disbursements1956-1963
1 Cash Book, Receipts and Disbursements: Loose Papers from Book undated, 1955-1963
Box TitleDate
2  Debits Ledger1951-1967
2  Debits Ledger: Loose Papers from Ledger1966-1967
2 Sales Journal1955-1960

Series 2: Sephardi Communities, 1943-1957

1 linear foot


Scope and Content:

Series 2 consists of records focusing on Sephardi communities throughout the world. Most records are correspondence, but other types found in this series include newspaper clippings and reports discussing the specific Sephardic community.

Some correspondence focuses on the purchase, payment, or shipping of the Union’s prayer books to the local community. Another popular topic is the efforts made by the communities or the Union in searching for or finding a rabbi, hazan, or Jewish teacher for the community. There are also requests made to the Union for financial support for young men training to become rabbis. Other subjects discussed in the correspondence of this series concern post-World War II relief efforts, invitations to events, and general community correspondence covering numerous topics.

Box TitleDate
3 Amsterdam1945-1949
3 Amsterdam1950
3  Atlanta, Georgia1949
3  Atlanta, Georgia1950
3  Atlantic City, New Jersey1947
3 Atlantic City, New Jersey1949-1951
3 Belgium1945
3 Belgrade, Yugoslavia1947
3 Bensonhurst1945-1946
3 Bronx1946-1949
3  Bronx1950-1951
3  Brooklyn1946-1949
3  Brooklyn1950-1951
3  Canal Zone1951
3  China1948
3 Cincinnatti, Ohio 1950
3 Curacao, Dutch West Indies1947-1949
3  Curacao, Dutch West India1950-1951
3 Egypt1948
3  England1946-1949
3  England1950-1951
3  France1946-1949
3  France1950
3 Greece1946-1949
3 Greece1950
3 India1950-1951
3  India: Esther Gershone1948-1949
3 Indian Jewish Community1943-1946
3 Indian Jewish Community1947-1949
3 Indianapolis, Indiana 1948
3 Iran1949-1950
3 Iran and Iraq1950
3 Israel1950-1951
3 Italy1943-1949
3 Italy1950
3 Latin America1945-1948
3 Latin America1950-1951
3 Lisbon, Portugal1947-1949
3 Los Angeles, California1943-1948
3 Los Angeles, California 1949-1951
3 Mexico1947-1949
3 Mexico1950-1957
3 Miami, Florida1950
3 Montgomery, Alabama 1948-1949
3 Montgomery, Alabama 1950-1951
3  Montreal1945-1947
3  Montreal1948-1949
3  Montreal1950-1951
3  Morocco1948-1949
3  Morocco and North Africa1950-1951
3 Morocco: Clippings and Publications1949
3 Moslem Countries1946-1949
3 New York City1946
3 Palestine1946-1947
3 Panama1947-1949
3  Peabody, Massachusetts1949
3 Peabody, Massachusetts 1951
3 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1945-1949
3 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1951
3  Portland, Oregon1948
3  Portland, Oregon1950
3  Portugal1950
3  Rochester, New York1948-1949
3  Romania1947
3  Romania1948-1949
3  Romania1950
3  Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands1947-1948
3 Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands1950
3 Salem, Massachusetts1950
3 San Francisco, California1948-1949
3 San Francisco, California 1950
3 Seattle, Washington 1946-1949
3 Seattle, Washington 1950-1951
3 Shanghai1946-1948
3 Southern Rhodesia 1946-1949
3 Southern Rhodesia 1950-1951
3 Spain1949-1951
3 Yemen1950-1951

Series 3: Subject Files, 1926-1967


Chronological into five subseries, then alphabetical.

Scope and Content:

Series 3 is comprised of five subseries, and consists mainly of correspondence as well as a few prayer book manuscripts. The most prominent topic in this series is the prayer books published by the Union, especially in the last three subseries. Other subjects found here include relief work and the placement of rabbis, hazanim, and teachers.

Subseries A:, 1926-1946

1 linear foot


Scope and Content:

Files in Subseries A contain records from the founding of the Union in 1929 until 1946.

Prominent in this subseries are the files on hazanim, regarding the Union’s efforts to assist them in finding positions in congregations affiliated with the Union, and also contain requests by individuals abroad hoping to come to the United States to work as rabbis, hazanim, or teachers. Another topic focused on in this subseries is the support given by the Union to the Marrano Jewish community in Oporto, Portugal for the purpose of establishing a yeshiva and a synagogue.

General” folders, arranged chronologically, hold records of a general nature. These folders are comprised mainly of correspondence, but also contain drafts of speeches and articles, invitations to meetings, and notes. Topics discussed include the translation of prayer books into Portuguese; inquiries on information on Sephardim; lists of Sephardic congregations; and copies of a “Warning to Jewish Women and Girls,” concerning marriage regulations. This subseries also holds copies of official papers of the Union, such as the constitution, by-laws, and articles of incorporation, as well as a resolution made by the Union concerning their support and promotion of the adoption of the Sephardic pronunciation of Hebrew as a standard for use by Jewish organizations in the United States and Canada.

Material on the development of the Union’s prayer books are contained in folders labeled “ Haggadah” and " Prayer Books.”

Box TitleDate
4 American Jewish Conference1943-1944
4 Annual Reports1935-1941
4 Appeals1943-1944
4 Baghdad Community1943
4 Constitution, Incorporation, Tax Exempt Status1936-1943
4 Correspondence1930-1936
4 Dues1938-1945
4 Emmanuel, Rabbi I.S.1928-1938
4 Emmanuel, Rabbi I.S.1939-1945
4 Financial1937-1939
4 Financial1940-1941
4 Financial1942
4 Financial1943
4 Financial1944
4 Financial Reports1930-1938, 1942
Box TitleDate
10 Financial Reports: Accounts and Balances1932-1941
10 Financial Statements1932-1941
Box TitleDate
4 Formsundated, 1939-1941
4 Generalundated
4 General1929-1931
4 General1932-1933
4 General1934-1935
4 General1936-1937
4 General1938-1939
4 General1940-1942
4 General1943-1944
4 Haggadah1940-1941
4 Haggadah1942-1944
4 Haggadah: Illustrationsundated, 1944
4 Hazanimundated
4 Hazanim1929-1935
4 Hazanim1936-1939
4 Hazanim1940-1946
4 Hazanim: Sarfatty Menahem1936-1937
4 Levy, Elias1938-1941
4 Maimon, Solomon1937-1945
4 Marranos1926-1935
4 Marranos1936-1937
4 Marranos1938
4 Marranos1939-1942
Box TitleDate
10 Marranos: Le Judaisme Sephardi31 January 1938
Box TitleDate
4 Minutes1929-1934
4 Minutes1935-1943
4 Official Papers: By-Laws, Constitutionundated
4 Official Papers: Incorporation1936
4 Official Papers: Minutes of Meetings1934-1936
4 Prayer Books1941-1942
4 Prayer Books1943-1944
4 Reports1934-1938
4 Second Conference of the World Union of Sephardic Jewish Congregations1938
4 Sephardic Pronunciation1937-1940
4 Yemen1941-1944

Subseries B:, 1944-1949

1 linear foot


Scope and Content:

Records in Subseries B document the functioning of the Union of Sephardic Congregations during the late 1940s.

This subseries contains records dealing with the publication and distribution of various prayer books. This material may be found in the “ Prayer Books” folders as well as by type of book, such as “ Festival Prayer Book” or “Spanish Haggadah.”

Additionally, this subseries has a large amount of material that deals with the Union’s relief efforts. Documents pertaining to Ozar Hatorah and the Committee for the Forgotten Million focus on the relief of Jews in North Africa and the Middle East, while folders concerning Falashas mention the discovery of and assistance to Jews located in a remote area of Ethiopia. The folder “ Oswego” documents the Union’s efforts to aid the Sephardic Guest-Refugees brought to Fort Ontario in Oswego, New York.

Box TitleDate
5 A1946-1949
5 All Hebrew Edition of Daily and Sabbath Prayer Book: Sales 1948
5 Alliance Israelite Universelle1946-1949
5 American Jewish Conference1945-1948
5 American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1945-1949
5 B1946-1949
5 Bible, Spanishundated, 1946
5 Central Sephardic Jewish Community1945-1947
5 Central Sephardic Jewish Community1948-1949
5 Committee for the Forgotten Million1946-1949
5 Falashas1946-1948
5 Falashas: Pro-Falasha Committee1948-1949
5 Festival Prayer Bookundated
5 Festival Prayer Book1946-1949
5 Festival Prayer Books: Orders1947-1949
5 Financial1945-1949
5 Financial Reports1947-1949
5 Forms1946-1949
5 General1945-1948
5 General1949
5 Hazan, Hayim Jacob1945-1947
5 Jewish Publication Society1945-1946
5 Jewish Publication Society1947
5 Jewish Publication Society1948-1949
5 Ladino1949
5 Marranos1946-1947
5 Marranos1948-1949
5 Mailing Lists1948-1949
5 Membership1946-1949
5 Oswego1944-1946
5 Ozar Hatorah1944-1946
5 Ozar Hatorah1947-1948
5 Ozar Hatorah: Persia1947-1948
5 Ozar Hatorah: Persia1949
5 Prayer Books1945-1946
5 Prayer Books: Reprint (All Hebrew)1946-1947
5 Prayer Books: Reprint (All Hebrew)1948-1949
5 Prayer Books: Sale and Inventory1947-1949
5 R1945-1949
5 Reports1946-1949
5 S1945-1947
5 S1948-1949
5 Schools Visiting Shearith Israel1945-1949
5 Sephardic Pronunciation: Clippingsundated, 1948-1949
5 Seudah Speakers1946-1947
5 Seudah Speakers1948-1949
5 Spanish Haggadah1946-1947
5 Spanish Translation of Daily and Sabbath1945-1947
5 United Sephardic Emergency Council1948-1949
5 World Federation of Sepharadi Communities1945-1949
5 Yemen1945-1948
5 Yom Kippur Reprint1949

Subseries C:, 1950-1951

0.4 linear foot


Scope and Content:

This subseries mainly contains records which deal with the prayer books published by the Union. In addition to the folder “ Prayer Books,” records dealing with the books will also be found by type of book, such as All Hebrew, Daily and Sabbath, Festival, and Yom Kippur. Much of this documentation concerns the publication and distribution of the books. Material on the Jewish Publication Society is comprised of papers dealing with publication issues such as pricing, choice of cover and typeface, and related topics.

There is also a small amount of information on the relief efforts undertaken by the Union during the years 1950-1951, such as assistance to the Marranos and Ozar Hatorah.

Box TitleDate
6 All Hebrew Prayer Book1950
6 Alliance Israelite Universelle1950-1951
6 American Fund for Israeli Sephardic Institutions1950-1951
6 Central Sephardic Jewish Community1950-1951
6 Daily and Sabbath Prayer Book1950
6 Falashas1950
6 Festival Prayer Book1950-1951
6 Financial1950
6 Financial Reports1950-1951
6 Financial Reports: Accounting Papersundated
6 Forms1950-1951
6 General1950
6 General1951
6 Index Cards: Affiliated and Non-Affiliated Congregationsundated
6 Jewish Publication Society1950-1951
6 Marranos1950-1951
6 Membership1950-1951
6 O1951
6 Orders [of Prayer Books]1950-1951
6 Ozar Hatorah1950
6 Ozar Hatorah1951
6 Portraits Etched in Stoneundated
6 Prayer Books: Sale and Inventory1950-1951
6 Reports1950-1951
6 Rochester, NY1950-1951
6 Sephardic Pronunciation1950-1951
6 World Federation of Sepharadi Communities1950-1951
6 World Sephardic Congress1951
6 Yom Kippur Prayer Book1950-1951

Subseries D:, 1952-1953

0.3 linear foot


Scope and Content:

This small subseries contains mainly correspondence. Much of the material in Subseries D is arranged alphabetically in folders by the last name of the individual the correspondence was sent to, or by the first letter of the name of the organization.

The majority of the correspondence focuses on the sale, publication, and distribution of Union prayer books and publications. In addition to this material, there is also general correspondence, including some requests from individuals or organizations. Requests are for information on Sephardim and for funding for relief efforts by various organizations.

Box TitleDate
6 A1952
6 B1952-1953
6 Books1952-1953
6 C1952-1953
6 D1952
6 David Singer Scholarship1952
6 England1953
6 Erny Pollinger1953
6 F1953
6 Financial Statements and Triestman Correspondence1952-1953
6 G1953
6 H1952-1953
6 I1952-1953
6 India1952-1953
6 Israel1953
6 Italyundated
6 J1952-1953
6 Jerusalem1952
6 K1952
6 L1952-1953
6 Latin America1952
6 Los Angeles1952
6 M1952-1953
6 Mexico1952
6 Misgab Ladach Hospital1952
6 Montgomery, Alabama1953
6 N1952-1953
6 O1952
6 P1952
6 R1952-1953
6 S1952-1953
6 Scholarship Students1952
6 T1952
6 U1952-1953
6 W1952
6 W: Clippings1952
6 XYZ 1952

Subseries E:, 1954-1967

2.1 linear feet


Scope and Content:

Subseries E is the largest subseries in Series III: Subject Files.

Prominent in this subseries are the many folders of correspondence arranged by location. Most of the correspondence focuses on requests for prayer books, as well as letters concerning payment and shipping of the books. Correspondence also featues such topics as relief efforts for several communities, including the Sephardi community in Amsterdam; general correspondence including questions on Sephardi traditions; and the search of several communities for rabbis or hazanim.

Information on specific prayer books will be found by type of prayer book. There are several folders concerning the Daily and Sabbath Prayer Book. Of interest to researchers may be the manuscript of this prayer book translated into Spanish, located in boxes 6 and 10. Other types of prayer books with material represented here are the Fast Day and Festival, as well as the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur books. Material may also be found on related Union publications, such as Gems from the Bible, Grace After Meals, Haggadahs, Is There an Answer?, the Kaddish reprint by Dr. Pool, and the Spanish Bible.

Material is also available on the USC Conference in 1967, which includes an introduction of the new President of the USC, Dr. Solomon Gaon, and a letter to the Union with his acceptance of the position. In addition, the folders on the Conference include invitation cards, a list of affiliated congregations, a news release concerning the Conference, and handwritten and typed notes of the Conference, including notes on discussions held and the text of some discussions.

In addition, this subseries also contains information on Yeshiva University’s Sephardic Studies and Sephardic Community Activities Programs. This information includes an outline of the Sephardic Studies program; material on a summer camp run by Yeshiva University’s Sephardic Community Activities department; records concerning fellowships and lectures supported by the Sephardic Studies program; and minutes of the Steering Committee of Yeshiva University’s Sephardic Studies program.

Box TitleDate
6 A1954-1967
6 Amsterdam1954
6 Argentine1964-1966
6 Atlanta, Georgia1958-1963
6 Atlanta, Georgia1965-1967
6 Australia1962-1967
6 B1954-1958
6 B1960-1967
6 Board of Directors1964, 1966
6 Boston, Massachusetts1963
6 Brazil1956-1963
6 Bronx1956-1966
6 Brooklyn1957-1967
6 Buenos Aires1960-1964
6 C1955-1967
6 Canarsie (Brooklyn)1965-1967
6 Cedarhurst, NY1962-1967
6 Chants Traditionnels Hebraiques1962, 1967
6 Chicago1961-1967
6 Cincinnati, Ohio1960-1967
6 City Sales Taxes1954-1956
6 Colombia1962-1963
6 Cuba1959
6 Curacao, Dutch West Indies1959-1960
6 D1959-1967
6 Daily and Sabbath; Pocket Size1962-1964
6 Daily and Sabbath, Pocket Size1965-1966
6 Daily and Sabbath, Pocket Size: Receipts1965-1966
6 Daily & Sabbath, Reprint1957-1967
6 Daily and Sabbath, Spanish Translation 1963-1967
Box TitleDate
10 Daily and Sabbath, Spanish Translation: Textsundated
10 Daily and Sabbath, Spanish Translation: Texts (continued)undated
Box TitleDate
7 Dalton1961-1967
7 Detroit, Michigan1955-1967
7 E1957-1967
7 Elizabethville1956
7 England1958-1967
7 F1956-1967
7 Far Rockaway, NY1967
7 Fast Day Prayer Book1957-1963
7 Fast Day Prayer Book1964-1966
7 Festival Prayer Book1956-1963
7 Festival Prayer Book: Corrections1962
7 Financial1954-1955
7 Form Letters, Inquiries, List of Publications1955-1967
7 France1954-1967
7 G1956-1967
7 Gaon, Haham Solomon1967
7 Gems from The Bible1961-1965
7 Gibraltar1963-1965
7 Grace After Meals1961
7 Greece1958-1967
7 H1954-1967
7 Haggadahs1961-1967
7 Haggadahs: Volumes1955-1967
7 Hartford, Connecticut1962
7 Hazanim1950-1957
7 Hazanim1960-1964
7 Hazanim1965-1967
7 Holland1954
7 Hospitality Fund1963
7 I1954-1963
7 India1955-1967
7 Indianapolis, Indiana1963-1967
7 Inventory of Prayer Books1957-1967
7 Is There an Answer?1964-1967
7 Israel1957-1967
7 Italian Relief Fund1967
7 Italy1958-1967
7 J1957-1963
7 Johannesburg1954-1966
7 Jamaica1960
7 K1956-1967
7 Kaddish (Dr. Pool’s reprint)1963-1966
7 L1954-1967
7 Ladino Recordings1964
7 Lists of USC Congregations1955-1967
7 Long Beach1962-1967
7 Los Angeles, Cal.1957-1967
7 M1954-1967
7 Manchester, England1962
7 Mexico1962-1965
7 Miami Beach, Florida1959-1967
7 Mikveh Israel1956-1964
7 Mikveh Israel1965-1967
7 Montgomery, Alabama1954-1967
7 Montreal, Canada1958-1962
7 Montreal, Canada1962-1967
7 N1954-1957
7 New Jersey1960-1967
7 O1954-1962
7 Orders1963-1964
7 Orders1965-1967
7 P1957-1967
7 Panama1954, 1966
7 Pool Publication Fund1965-1967
7 Portland, Oregon1963-1967
7 Portugal1964-1967
Box TitleDate
8 Queens, NY1960-1964
8 R1960-1967
8 Rabbinic Council1962-1963
8 Rhodes1958-1959, 1964
8 Rochester, NY1962-1967
8 Rosh Hashanah Reprint1958-1966
8 Roth Fund1959-1964
8 S1954-1961
8 S1962-1967
8 Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands1958-1962
8 Salem, Massachusetts1960-1966
8 San Francisco, California1963-1966
8 Seattle, Washington1958-1967
8 Southern Rhodesia (Africa)1955-1965
8 Singapore1962-1964
8 Spain1954-1967
8 Spanish Bible1961-1966
8 Surinam1964
8 Switzerland1964-1966
8 T1959-1967
8 Tarry, Victor: Southern Tour1963
8 Thailand1963-1966
8 Tisha Beab1963
8 Toronto, Canada1957-1967
8 Turkey1954-1966
8 U1954-1965
Box TitleDate
9 USC Conference1967 Jan.-Mar.
9 USC Conference1967 Apr.-May
9 V1967
9 Venezuela, South America1964-1967
9 Wundated, 1955-1961
9 Washington, DC1955-1967
9 World Sephardi Federation1954-1957
Box TitleDate
10 World Sephardi Federation: Report and Address to the Zionist Congress by Dr. Gaon1957, 1961
Box TitleDate
9 Y1954-1967
9 Yemenite Congregations1961-1966
9 Yeshiva University1963-1964
9 Yeshiva University1965
9 Yeshiva University1966
9 Yeshiva University Rabbinical College Yearbook1954
9 Yom Kippur Prayer Book1958-1962
9 Yom Kippur Prayer Book1963-1966
9 Yugoslavia1962-1966
9 Z1954-1961
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Subgroup II: Presidency of Dr. Solomon Gaon, 1967-1981, 1988

2.6 linear feet

Series 1: Subject Files, Chronological , 1967-1981, 1988

2.6 linear feet


Scope and Content:

The majority of records in this series contain material on prayer books and publications of the Union. Most of the records are requests by congregations or individuals desiring to purchase books from the USC. There is also correspondence concerning payments and shipping. Additionally, there is correspondence between secretaries of the Union and the printers and distibutors of the prayer books dealing with printing, publication, distribution, and the inventory of the prayer books. Folders of information on prayer books and publications are arranged by type of book, such as Gems from the Bible, Haggadah, Pocket Size Daily and Sabbath Prayer Book, or Pool’s Book of Sermons.

A small amount of material concerning the Union’s activities outside of the publication of religious material is also available here, most notably in folders titled “Gaon, Dr. Solomon.” These folders contain detailed correspondence between Dr. Gaon in London and Victory Tarry in New York, who dealt with the daily activities and functioning of the Union. This correspondence also contains some requests from individuals seeking positions as rabbis. Additionally, there are several drafts of Gaon’s reflections on his first encounter with Dr. de Sola Pool as a student, and the effect it had upon him. These folders also contain reports from various conferences and meeting concerning Sephardic Jews, including reports from the Conference of Associated Sephardic Congregations in 1969; the World Conference of Sephardic and Ashkenazic Congregations in Jerusalem; and the Conference of European Rabbis.

Box TitleDate
11 A 1968-1978
11 A1979-1981
11  Alba Forwarding Co.1978-1979
11  Argentine1968-1974
11  Atlanta, Georgia1967-1970
11  Atlanta, Georgia1971-1977
11  Atlanta, Georgia1978-1979
11  Atlanta, Georgia: Dedication Books1971
11 Atonement, Day of (Yom Kippur) Prayer Book1967-1972
11 Atonement, Day of (Yom Kippur) Prayer Book1973-1977
11  Australia1968-1978
11  Australia1980
11 B 1967-1977
11 B1978-1981
11 Banks1975-1979
11 Bendigamos1969
11 Board of Directors 1970, 1975-1980
11  Boston, Massachusetts1976-1977
11 Brazil1969-1977
11  Bronx, NY1967-1977
11  Brooklyn, NY1967-1977
11 C 1968-1978
11 C1978-1979
11 C1980-1981
11 California1970-1975
11 California1979-1981
11 Cape Town, South Africa 1978
11 Cedarhurst1968-1973
11 Chants Traditionneles Hebraiques1972
11  Chicago, Illinois1968-1981
11  Chile1968
11 Cincinnati, Ohio 1968-1974
11 Congregations 1971-1972
11 Congregations 1973-1975
11 Cuba1971
11 Curacao1968-1977
11 Customs and Traditions 1971
11 D1968-1981
11 Daily and Sabbath Prayer Book1967-1972
11  Daily and Sabbath Prayer Book1974-1980
11 Daily and Sabbath Prayer Book, Pocket Sizeundated
11 Day of Atonement Prayer Book 1978-1980
11 Detroit, Michigan 1968-1974
11 E1967-1981
11 England1969-1976
11 F1969-1980
11 Festivals Prayer Book 1968-1975
11 Florida1979-1981
11 Forms and Form Letters 1969-1974
11 France1968-1972
11 France1978-1979
11 G1969-1977
11 G1978-1980
11  Gaon, Dr. Solomon 1967-1968
11 Gaon, Dr. Solomon 1969-1971
11 Gaon, Dr. Solomon 1972-1979
11 Gems from the Bible1967-1976
11 Gertz Bros.1979
11 Gibraltar1967-1974
11 Grace After Meals1969-1973
11 Grace After Meals1979-1980
11 Greece1969-1979
11 H1967-1980
11 Haggadah1967-1973
11 Haggadah1979-1981
11 Hazanim1968-1969
11 Herff Jones Yearbooks 1975-1980
11 Holland1968-1972
Box TitleDate
12 I1968-1981
12 India1967-1974
12 India: D.M. Benjamin 1967-1977
12 Indianapolis, Indiana 1968-1974
12 Insurance of Prayer Books at Tapley1970-1978
12  Inventory at Tapley1968-1970
12  Inventory Jacobs1967-1970
12  Is There an Answer1967-1972
12 Israel1967-1976
12 Israel1979
12 Italy1969-1974
12 J1970-1980
12 Jewish Community of Rhodes, The1976-1980
12 Johannesburg, South Africa 1969-1970
12 K1968-1980
12  Kaddish by Dr. Pool1968-1972
12  Kingston, Jamaica1969
12 L 1968-1975
12 L1976-1979
12 Lima, Peru1976
12 Lists1967-1979
12 Long Beach, NY1968-1977
12 Los Angeles, California 1967-1978
12 M1968-1975
12 M1978-1981
12 Manchester, England 1968
12 Mexico1970-1976
12 Miami, Florida1969-1978
12 Mikveh Israel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1967-1976
12  Minutes1975
12  Montgomery, Alabama1967-1973
12  Montreal, Quebec, Canada1968-1979
12 N1968-1981
12 New Jersey1968-1977
12 New Jersey1979-1982
12 New Year Prayer Book (Rosh Hashanah)1967-1974
12 New York1979-1981
12 O1969-1981
12  Ontario1971-1978
12 P 1970-1978
12 P1979-1980
12 Paragon: Day of Atonement and Daily and Sabbath1974-1978
12 Parasha Cards1969
12 Pennsylvania1979-1981
12 Pocket Size Daily and Sabbath Prayer Book1975-1978
12 Pool, David de Sola: The Kaddishundated
12  Pool Memorial Publication Trust1973-1976
12  Pool's Book of Sermons1975, 1979-1980
12 Portland, Oregon 1968
12 Prayer Books1972-1975
12 Preparation of Festival Prayer Book1976-1978
12  Publications Fund1967-1973, 1976
12 Q1978
12 Queens, NY1967-1971
12 R1967-1978
12 R 1979-1980
12 Rhodes1968-1972
12 Rhodesia1968-1971
12 Rhodesia1972-1973, 1977
12 Rochester1968
12 Romania1975-1976
12 S1967-1974
12 S1975-1979
12 S1980-1981
12 Salem, Massachusetts1969
12 San Francisco, California1971-1976
12 Scholarship1974
12 Seattle, Washington 1968-1978
12 Sephardic Cultural Material1969
12  Sephardic Institute (Yeshiva University)1969-1970
12 Sephardim of Rhodes, Theundated
12 Sephardim of Rhodes, The1976-1978
12 Sephardim of the United States, The1974
Box TitleDate
13 Sephardim of the United States, The: Manuscript1974
13  Sepher-Hermon Press1979-1980
13  Singapore (Malaysia)1977
13  South Africa1970-1978
13  South Africa1979-1980
13  South Carolina1971
13  Spain1968-1975
13 Spain1979-1980
13  Special Prayers1967
13 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands1967-1975
13 Switzerland1968-1972
13 Syracuse1971-1977
13 T1968-1980
13  Tapley Company Orders1975-1981
13 Taxes (City Sales)1972-1974
13 Tennessee1979
13 Toronto, Canada1967-1973
13 Tunisia1969
13  Turkey1969-1972
Box TitleDate
14 U 1972-1975, 1979
14 V 1977-1981
14 Vancouver, Canada 1968-1978
14 Venezuela1968-1971
14 Venezuela: Tahara manuscript undated
14 W1967-1981
14  Washington, DC1967-1971
14  World Sephardi Federation1971
14 Worldwide Directory of Sephardic Congregations1988
14 XYZ1970 -1980
14 Yugoslavia1969
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