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undated, 1935-2000


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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America
Title: Records of Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America
Dates:undated, 1935-2000
Abstract: The records of the CSJCA document the creation, functioning, and activities of the Community in the fields of social service, religious education, philanthropy and many others. The materials include correspondence, minutes of meetings, annual reports, budgets, publications and clippings, membership lists, financial papers and ledgers, and a few photographs.
Languages:This collection is in English.
Quantity: 20.4 linear feet
Accession number: ASF AR-1
Repository: American Sephardi Federation
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Historical Note

The Sephardi immigrants coming to the United States during the early part of the twentieth century developed a strong yearning for a central body along the lines of the communities they knew in their old hometowns. It took the arrival in 1941 of Dr. Nissim J. Ovadia, former Chief Rabbi of Paris, to unite all the societies under the sponsorship of a few businessmen who were impressed by Dr. Ovadia’s energy and dedication. On June 29, 1942, the first meeting of delegates of societies and members at large of the Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America was held.

Upon the death of Dr. Ovadia on August 30, 1942, Dr. David J. Cardozo filled the gap as the leader for a short interval until he was called to serve Congregation Mikveh Israel of Philadelphia. Dr. Isaac Alcalay, the former Chief Rabbi of Yugoslavia, who had escaped from the Nazis, was in New York at the time and accepted the position of Chief Rabbi and leader. In 1944 Mrs. Mazel Ovadia founded the Woman’s Division, which was the right arm of the Community for many years.

The Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America conducted a large number of social activities. In the field of philanthropy, the Community extended financial emergency help to many needy families. In the field of religion and Jewish education, the Community succeeded in uniting a number of Sephardi Talmud Torah in Brooklyn, and later in the Bronx, and subsidized education for a number of years. The Community helped in founding the Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx. In 1952, the Community engaged Dr. Moise Ventura as principal of schools and as a general director of Sephardi Jewish Education. The Community also organized rabbis in a central committee for the purpose of improving their religious services. The Community formed the Sephardic Youth League in the mid-1940s, consisting of over 1000 boys and girls distributed in several chapters covering the entire city, under the guidance of John J. Karpeles as director. The league carried on social and cultural activities and assisted young people in their higher studies with scholarships.

In matters of general Jewish interest the Community organized dinners and other functions for the benefit of the Federation of Jewish Charities and the United Jewish Appeal, and for the purchase of Israel bonds. The Community occasionally assisted Sephardi communities and institutions outside of the United States.

For many years the Community struggled with the problem of a home for the Sephardi aged, and as a result of a study requested by and paid for by the Community, the Board of Directors decided to build a home for the Sephardi aged. Money was raised with the substantial help of the Women’s Division, and the Sephardi Home for the Aged opened its doors on May 20, 1951 in the Bronx.

In the field of public relations the Community acted as the representative body at many national and international conventions and meetings. The Community also, by means of the publication of The Sephardi from 1943 to 1957, kept the Sephardim of the United States and particularly the youth apprised of events of Jewish and Sephardi interest.

Another important service rendered by the Community was its work in locating relatives who had lost contact with each other, as a result of World War II.

By 1987 the men who stayed with the Community were only a few, and the organization's funds were dormant. It was decided that the Woman’s Division of the CSJCA would take over the organization. A meeting was held in 1989 in the Library of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue. It was suggested by Mrs. Emilie Levy to merge together with the men under the original name “Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America, Inc.” All assets were merged, and Mrs. Irma Cardozo was elected as President of the new organization.

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Scope and Content Note

The records of the Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America (CSJCA) and its Women’s Division are arranged in two separate subgroups: Records of the CSJCA and Records of the CSJCA’s Woman’s Division.

The records of the CSJCA subgroup, described here, document the creation, functioning, and activities of the Community. The materials of the collection span 1935-1993, with the bulk of the Community’s records being from the 1940s through the 1960s. The majority of records are in English, with some documents in French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Ladino, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Most records in this subgroup are correspondence, although there is also a significant amount of minutes of meetings, annual reports, and financial records as well as materials on the organizations the Community and Women’s Division assisted.

One theme that reoccurs throughout this subgroup is the assistance work provided by the Community, not only to its members but also to Sephardim in other communities. Series I: Assistance Services holds a large amount of material concerning social assistance provided by the Community, including such matters as aid with immigration, help in finding employment, location searches of individuals, and social service. The correspondence of Dr. Isaac Alcalay, located in Series IV: Correspondence, also contains information on aid given while Alcalay was Chief Rabbi of the Community. Details concerning financial assistance by the Community can be found in the Finance and Financial Committee folders in Series II: Committees as well as in Series V: Finances. Information pertaining specifically to the Community’s Scholarship Fund can also be found in these same two series.

Many events sponsored by the Community and the Women’s Division were planned to raise funds for the Community and for various projects. Material relating to Community events can be found in pertinent folders, such as the Dinner-Dance or Publicity Committee folders, in Series II as well as in Community Events folders in Series III. Information concerning events hosted by specific membership organizations belonging to the Community can be found in Series VII: Membership Organizations.

A large amount of materials in this subgroup pertains to the running and functioning of the Community. Series II: Committees includes the minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committees, as well as those of the Reorganization Committee. More information on the reorganization of the Community is also provided in Series III: Community. Correspondence with individual members of the Community can be found in Series VII: Membership Organizations as well as in Series III. Material concerning the activities of Sephardi youth within the Community is located in Series II in the Youth Activities Committee folder as well as in Series VIII: Sephardic Youth League.

Of special interest is the material concerning the Holocaust and World War II era. There are many papers from the 1940s and early 1950s that mention the plight of Sephardim abroad. A large amount of correspondence related to this subject is available in Series I: Assistance Services; material is located in all three subseries. More information can be found in folders of foreign correspondence in Series IV: Correspondence and in Series VI: General Subject Files. Series VI contains a list of survivors of the Holocaust in Europe, a list of the losses of the Jewish population in Greece after German persecution in 1943 and 1944, a photo album of the destroyed Jewish cemetery of Salonica, and a list of Spanish Jews arrested by the Nazis in 1944 in Greece.

The CSJCA subgroup does not contain any documents concerning the dissolution and liquidation of assets of the organization; these may be found in the Women’s Division records. There is only a small amount of records dating from the 1970s and later.

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The CSJCA subgroup is organized in eight series:

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

Open to researchers.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
American Sephardi Federation, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

For further information on the Women's Division of the CSJCA, See Guide to the Records of the Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America, Women's Division.

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The American Sephardi Federation acquired the records by gift from Congregation Shearith Israel.

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Digitization Note

Series I, Subseries 1 and 2 were digitized in their entirety.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Records of the Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America; box number; folder title; American Sephardi Federation.

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Container List


Series I: Assistance Services,  undated, 1943-1975,  (bulk 1945-1953)

2.2 linear feet

Subseries 1: Assistance, General and Subseries 3: Social Service Cases are arranged alphabetically by folder title, then chronologically. Records for Subseries 2: Locations are arranged alphabetically by the last name of person sought.

Scope and Content:

The assistance services series consists of three subseries: Assistance, General; Locations; and Social Service Cases.

Subseries 1: Assistance, General, 1944-1975


Folders are arranged alphabetically, then chronologically.

Scope and Content:

These records pertain to general social assistance provided by the Community to Sephardim. The bulk of the records are correspondence from the 1940s and 1950s. Correspondence includes letters of recommendation by Dr. Isaac Alcalay, Chief Rabbi of the Community; requests for monetary assistance from both individuals and other organizations and requests for assistance in finding employment or an employee. Other items of potential interest are records concerning immigration, including notes on a particular immigrant as well as correspondence between the Community and the immigrant or an organization that was aiding him/her. Much of these records on immigration are to and from immigrants in Displaced Persons camps, and most of the Community responses to these letters are by Dr. Alcalay. Folders labelled "Overseas Relief" document the Community's work in aiding Jews during and immediately following World War II. Most documents are in English, but there are also a few in Spanish, French, and Hebrew.

11Adoption Cases1957
  View the folder 
12Certifications and Endorsements1946-1959
  View the folder 
13Employment: New York Association For New Americans1956
  View the folder 
14Employment: Requests of the Community1944-1951
  View the folder 
  View the folder 
16Immigration: Inactive1945-1947
  View the folder 
17Immigration: Inactive1948
  View the folder 
18Letters of Recommendation1958
  View the folder 
19Letters of Recommendation, Dr. Alcalay1946-1951
  View the folder 
110Letters of Recommendation, Dr. Alcalay1952-1955
  View the folder 
111Overseas Relief1945
  View the folder 
112Overseas Relief1946-1947
  View the folder 
113Overseas Relief1948-1951
  View the folder 
114Overseas Relief, Africa: North Africa1945-1946
  View the folder 
115Overseas Relief, Africa: Tripoli1947-1948
  View the folder 
116Overseas Relief, Asia: China1946
  View the folder 
117Overseas Relief, Asia: Palestine1944-1948
  View the folder 
118Overseas Relief, Asia: Turkey1947-1948
  View the folder 
119Overseas Relief, Europe: Austria1946
  View the folder 
120Overseas Relief, Europe: Bulgaria1945
  View the folder 
121Overseas Relief, Europe: France1945-1946
  View the folder 
122Overseas Relief, Europe: Germany1943-1947
  View the folder 
123Overseas Relief, Europe: Greece1944-1947
  View the folder 
124Overseas Relief, Europe: Yugoslavia1943-1947
  View the folder 
125Positions Sought by Employers1958-1962
  View the folder 
126Positions Wanted by Applicants1952
  View the folder 
127Positions Wanted by Applicantsundated, 1957-1959
  View the folder 
128Positions Wanted by Applicants1961-1964
  View the folder 
129Positions Wanted by Applicants: Sephardic Rabbisundated, 1960-1962
  View the folder 
130Record of Assistance Requests1947-1949
  View the folder 
131Requests for Assistance, Dr. Alcalay Responses1949-1950
  View the folder 
132Requests for Assistance from Other Organizations1944-1949
  View the folder 
133Requests for Assistance from Other Organizations1958
  View the folder 
134Requests for Assistance, Individuals1945-1951
  View the folder 
135Requests for Assistance, Individuals1956-1959, 1975
  View the folder 
  View the folder 
137Social Welfare1957-1959
  View the folder 

Subseries 2: Locations, undated, 1943-1964

Scope and Content:

This subseries deals with searches for locations of individuals and contains correspondence and standardized forms that the Community used to perform location searches. The Community helped individuals and other organizations, most often HIAS or the National Refugee Service, locate missing persons or persons with whom the searcher had lost contact. Most are searches by people overseas for family members residing in the United States. Roughly one-quarter of the searches state that the searcher was recently released from a Displaced Persons camp, had recently come out of hiding, or mention stays in various concentration camps. Many of the original requests from those abroad are not in English. The bulk of the papers are from the 1940s through the 1950s, although a few papers are from the 1960s. The majority of papers are in English, with some documents in French, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, and German.

138Forms for Locationsundated
  View the folder 
139Locationsundated, 1964
  View the folder 
140Locations: A1945-1946
  View the folder 
141Locations: A1947-1959
  View the folder 
142Locations: Active1951-1953
  View the folder 
143Locations: B1945-1947
  View the folder 
144Locations: B1948-1959
  View the folder 
145Locations: C-D1945-1946
  View the folder 
146Locations: C-D1947-1957
  View the folder 
147Locations: Closed, A-D1951-1954
  View the folder 
148Locations: Closed, E-L1948-1954
  View the folder 
149Locations: Closed, M-Z1950-1954
  View the folder 
150Locations: E-Fundated, 1945-1946
  View the folder 
151Locations: E-F1947-1957
  View the folder 
152Locations: G-H1945-1946
  View the folder 
153Locations: G-H1947-1951
  View the folder 
154Locations: I-L1943-1946
  View the folder 
155Locations: I-L1947-1959
  View the folder 
21Locations: M1945-1946
  View the folder 
22Locations: M1947-1956
  View the folder 
23Locations: N-R1945-1946
  View the folder 
24Locations: N-R1947-1959
  View the folder 
25Locations: S-Z1943-1946
  View the folder 
26Locations: S-Z1947-1964
  View the folder 

Subseries 3: Social Service Cases, 1944-1957

Scope and Content:

This subseries contains papers on social assistance provided by the Community to individuals. The bulk of the papers come from the 1940s through the 1950s. In addition to correspondence, there are also many forms which detail the progress of specific cases, listing such actions taken as requests made, letters sent, and telephone calls made. The cases focus on many social issues, such as family and marital problems, financial assistance, mental illness, and help in securing employment or education; there are also a few prison cases. Many of the foreign social cases mention difficulties that arose out of persecution by the Nazis during World War II. In addition to English, there are also papers in German, Hebrew, French, and Spanish. There are some restrictions on specific social cases.

Box TitleDate
2 Active1953
2 A-Z1944-1945
2 A-Z1946
2 A-Z1954-1955
2 A-Z1956
2 A-Z1957
2 Closed, A-B1947-1952
2 Closed, C-G1947-1952
2 Closed, H-K1947-1952
2 Closed, L-O1947-1952
2 Closed, P-Z1947-1952
2 Closed, A-N1948-1954
2 Closed, O-Z1948-1954
2 Closed, A-E1949-1950
2 Closed, J-Z1949-1950
2 Foreign, A1945-1950
2 Foreign, B-E1945-1950
2 Foreign, H-L1945-1950
2 Foreign, M-S1945-1950
2 Foreign, V-Z1945-1950
2 Index Cards
Box TitleDate
 Individuals: Alalouf, Jack (#389) CLOSED1952
Box TitleDate
2 Individuals: Alalouf, Marcus (#338)1950-1953
Box TitleDate
 Individuals: Aronesty, Lena (#206) CLOSED1949-1952
Box TitleDate
2 Individuals: Aruty, Maurice (#404)1952
2 Individuals: Azose, Lisa (#405)1952
2 Individuals: Beniesh, Yashar (#395)1952
2 Individuals: Jacob, Leon (#432)1952
2 Individuals: Kakkis, Isak Emilios (#406)1952
2 Individuals: Marizadeh, Edmon (#382)1952
2 Individuals: Moshe, Harry and Romano, Yohana (#399)1952
2 Individuals: Mosse, Albert (#254)1950-1951
2 Individuals: Mushabac, Mrs. Julia (#393)1952
2 Individuals: Naar, Leon (#390)1952
2 Individuals: Negrin, Irving (#223)1946-1952
2 Individuals: Platteis, Leonard (#430)1952
2 Individuals: Sananes, Vida (#394)1952
2 Individuals: Sasson, Albert (#414)1952
2 Individuals: Sasson, Eddie1952
2 Individuals: Shaffer, Laci (#338)1952
2 Individuals: Schwartz, Alfred H. (#403)1952
Box TitleDate
3  Cases closed until 2010
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Series II: Committees, undated, 1943-1987, (bulk 1940s-1960s)

1.5 linear feet

Folders are arranged alphabetically, then chronologically.

Scope and Content:

Series II holds records of committees of the Community, mainly minutes and invitations to committee meetings. Folders of the Scholarship Fund and Social Welfare committees also contain letters from applicants for assistance. In addition, there are also lists of members of the committees. A large portion of material deals specifically with the Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings, much of it minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committees.

Box TitleDate
4 Board of Directors1944-1951
4 Board of Directors1952-1953
4 Board of Directors1955-1956
Box TitleDate
 Board of Directors [see legal-sized box 23]1957
Box TitleDate
4 Board of Directors1958
4 Board of Directors1959
4 Board of Directors1960-1965
4 Board of Directors1967-1974
4 Board of Directors1975
4 Board of Directors1976
4 Board of Directors1982
4 Board of Directors1983
4 Board of Directors1984
Box TitleDate
5 Board of Directorsundated, 1985-1988
5 Board of Directors: Minutes of Meetings1950-1955
5 Board of Directors: Minutes of Meetings1956-1957
5 Board of Directors: Minutes of Meetings1958-1959
5 Board of Directors: Minutes of Meetings1961-1965
5 Board of Directors: Minutes of Meetings1975
5 Board of Directors: Minutes of Meetings1982-1983
5 Board of Directors: Minutes of Meetings1984-1987
5 Budget Committee1949-1954
5 Building Fund Committee1959
5 Campaign Committeeundated, 1949
5 Committee of Ten Volunteers1955
5 Committee on Site Acquisition1962
5 Community Committees, General1942-1953
5 Cultural and Religious Committee1949-1953
5 Dinner-Dance Committee1957
5 Executive Committee1947-1956
Box TitleDate
 Executive Committee [see legal-sized box 23]1957
Box TitleDate
5 Executive Committee1958-1966
5 Executive Committee: Minutes of Meetings1952-1957
5 Executive Committee: Minutes of Meetings1958-1965
5 Finance Committeeundated, 1955-1957
5 Financial Committeeundated, 1953
5 Joint Meeting of Men and Women's Boards1983
5 Liaison Committee1953
5 List of Committees and Committee Members1943-1951
5 List of Executive Board Members, Trustees, Honorary Members, and Board of Directorsundated
5 Membership Committeeundated, 1944-1953
5 Nominating Committee1958
Box TitleDate
 Old Age Home Committee1942, 1944-1946
 Old Age Home Committee1947
 Old Age Home Committee1948-1950
Box TitleDate
5 Organization Committee1953-1954
Box TitleDate
 Public Affairs Committee1943-1944
Box TitleDate
5 Publications Committee, Mr. Simon S. Nessim, Chairman1943-1952
5 Publications Committee1956-1957
5 Publicity Committee1953
5 Religious Activities Committee1943-1947
5 Religious Activities Committee1975
5 Religious Affairs Committee1962
5 Religious and Education Committee1957
5 Religious and Education Committee1958-1959
Box TitleDate
 Religious and Education Committee1960
Box TitleDate
5 Religious and Education Committee1962
5 Reorganization Committee1956
5 Reorganization Committee: Minutes of Meetings1950-1956
5 Scholarship Fund Committee1953
5 Scholarship Fund Committee1956-1957
5 Scholarship Fund Committeeundated, 1959
5 Scholarship Fund Committee1960-1961
5 Scholarship Fund Committee1963-1965, 1967
5 Scholarship Fund Committee, Completed Cases1961-1963
5 Scholarship Fund Committee, Mr. Morris Ezra, Chairman1958
5 Social Committee1957
5 Social and Entertainment Committee1944-1950
5 Social Welfare Committee1955-1956
5 Social Welfare Committee1957
5 Youth Activities Committee1945-1950
5 Youth Committee1962
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Series III: Community, 1942-1976, (bulk 1940s-1960s)

2.1 linear feet

This series is arranged alphabetically by topic, then chronologically.

Scope and Content:

The documents in this series pertain to issues concerning the Community as a whole. One prominent topic in this series is the community campaign. Most of the records on the community campaign are correspondence asking for pledges and contributions, and thank-you letters for contributions and membership dues. In addition, there are also lists of community members attending the campaign dinners. Another potential subject of interest in this series is the reorganization of the Community.

This series contains extensive material on events conducted by the Community: administrative information on the Annual Dinner-Dance and its accompanying Journal, a major fund-raising event sponsored by both the Community and its Women’s Division, drafts of programs, and lists of invitees to the Dinner-Dance.

Other material of a general nature that concerned the Community includes correspondence with membership societies, with Sephardi organizations outside of the New York area, and a survey of religious and educational activities conducted by Sephardi synagogues in the New York area. There is also material following the death of Dr. Nissim J. Ovadia, including expressions of grief from Sephardi communities outside of the New York area and abroad, donations by the Community to Ovadia’s wife, and correspondence concerning the original memorial service and funeral arrangements for Ovadia. Other material includes documents on the telephone campaign in 1948, election of delegates in the early years of the Community’s existence, discussion of fund-raising strategies, a census of New York Sephardim, and the Community’s response in 1947 to the United Nations Arab delegation that claimed Sephardi were not interested in Zionism, and many other topics. Almost all records are in English, but there are also a few in Hebrew and Spanish.

Box TitleDate
6 Assembly of Delegates1942-1949
Box TitleDate
 Assembly of Delegates: Reports and Minutes [see legal-sized box 23]undated, 1945-1947
Box TitleDate
6 Attendance1958
6 Attendance1968-1969
6 Census of Community Sephardim1945
6 Community Campaign1943-1944
6 Community Campaign1945-1946
6 Community Campaign1947 January-June
6 Community Campaign1947 July-December
6 Community Campaign1948 January-June
6 Community Campaign1948 July-December
6 Community Campaign1949
6 Community Campaign1950 January-March
6 Community CampaignApr-50
6 Community Campaign1950 May-December
6 Community Campaign1951
6 Community Campaign1952 January-March
6 Community Campaign1952 April-December
6 Community Campaign1953
6 Community Campaign: Attendance Lists1949
6 Community Campaign: Attendance Lists1950
6 Community Campaign: Lists of Contributors and Prospects1944
6 Community Campaign: Lists of Participants1946
6 Community Campaign: Lists of Participants1947
6 Community Campaign: Mailings, Assignment List1949
6 Community Campaign: Mailings, Assignment List1950
6 Communtiy Campaign: Proofs1949
6 Community Events: Annual Dinner Dance1953-1955
6 Community Events: Annual Dinner Dance1957
6 Community Events: Annual Dinner Dance1958
6 Community Events: Annual Dinner Dance Journal1957
6 Community Events: Annual Dinner Dance Journal1958
6 Community Events: Dinner for Dr. Isaac Alcalayundated, 1943
Box TitleDate
7 Community Events: Dinner for Rabbi Solomon David Sassoon1956-1957
7 Community Events: Dinner for Rabbi Solomon David Sassoon: Bank Statements1956
7 Community Events: Dinner for Rabbi Solomon David Sassoon: Expenses1956
7 Community Events: Dinner for Rabbi Solomon David Sassoon: Ledger sheets1956
Box TitleDate
 Community Events: Dinner for Rabbi Solomon David Sassoon: Report [see legal-sized box 23]1956
Box TitleDate
7 Community Events: Dinner for Rabbi Solomon David Sassoon: Reservations1956
7 Community Events: Invitations to Luncheonsundated, 1962-1963
7 Community Events: Israel Bonds Dinnersundated, 1959
7 Community Events: Memorial Service for John Hezekiah1966
7 Community Events: Reception for Dr. Isaac Alcalay1962-1963
7 Community Events: Reception for Dr. Salomon Gaonundated, 1957
7 Community Events: Reception for Dr. Salomon Gaon1962-1965
7 Community Events: Victory Celebration and Dance1959
7 Community Events: Victory Celebration and Dance: Tickets1959
7 Community, Generalundated
7 Community, General1941
7 Community, General1942
7 Community, General1943
7 Community, General1944
7 Community, General1945
7 Community, General1946
7 Community, General1947-1948
7 Community, General1950-1953
7 Community, General1954-1958
7 Community, General1959
7 Community, General1962-1966
Box TitleDate
 Community Lists: Member Organizations1961-1966
 Community Lists: Rabbis and Congregations1961-1964
 Community Lists: Committee Members1961-1966
Box TitleDate
7 Community: Membership Dinner1953
7 Community: Membership Dues Acknowledgements1949-1955
7 Community: Membership Dues Acknowledgements: $5 and up1953
7 Community: Membership Dues Acknowledgements: $50 and up1953
7 Community President1961-1966
Box TitleDate
 Community President [see legal-sized box 23]1965-1966
Box TitleDate
7 Community President1976
Box TitleDate
 Constitution [see legal-sized box 23]1941-1956
 Constitution: Amendments [see legal-sized box 23]1945
Box TitleDate
7 Constitution: Proposed Amendment1956
7 Contribution Appeal1946, 1960-1971
7 Contributions for Upkeep of Community1961
7 Essay: History, Purposes, and Accomplishments of the Community1965
7 Functionsundated
7 Functions1947-1949
7 Functions1950-1951
7 History of CSJCA1946
7 Honorary Members1961
7 Installation of Officers1956
7 Installation of Officers1958
7 Journal: Attendance Record1958? February-May
7 Lists of Officers of Community1958
7 Membership Campaign1945 January-June
7 Membership Campaign1945 July-December
7 Membership Campaign1946
7 Officers’ Meetingn.d, 1967
7 Religious Council of the CSJCA1949-1950
7 Reorganization of Community1947-1949
7 Reorganization of Community1950-1951
7 Reorganization of Community1955
7 Scholarship Fund1959-1961
7 Scholarship Fund1962
7 Scholarship Fund: Bronx Social Meeting1957
7 Social Welfare Fund of Community1959
7 Survey of Proposed Home for the Aged for the CSJCA1946
7 Survey of Religious and Educational Activities1962-1963
7 Volume: Minutes of Meetings, Writings Concerning the CSJCA, and List of Delegates1941-1948
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Series IV: Correspondence, 1942-1976, (bulk 1940s-1950s)

2 linear feet

Folders in this series are arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains Community correspondence. The bulk of the records are from the 1940s and 1950s. A large amount of material consists of letters to and from Dr. Alcalay, much of it letters of invitation to various events, as well as responses to requests and questions. The letters in Foreign Correspondence from the 1940s contain descriptions of life during and immediately following the Holocaust. General correspondence is from and to different members of the Community regarding meetings, events as well as various Sephardic groups and organiations. Although the majority of records are in English, other languages such as Spanish, Hebrew, French, Portuguese, Polish, and German can be found among the foreign correspondence.

Box TitleDate
8 Alcalay, Isaac1943
8 Alcalay, Isaac1944
8 Alcalay, Isaac1944 (cont.)
8 Alcalay, Isaac1945
8 Alcalay, Isaac1946
8 Alcalay, Isaac1947
8 Alcalay, Isaac1948
8 Alcalay, Isaac1949
8 Alcalay, Isaac1950-1951
8 Alcalay, Isaac1952
8 Alcalay, Isaac1953
8 Alcalay, Isaac1954
8 Alcalay, Isaac1955
8 Alcalay, Isaac1956
8 Alcalay, Isaac1957
8 Alcalay, Isaac1958-1959
8 Circular letters1961-1962
8 Circular letters1963-1967
8 Congratulations and Condolences1952-1953
8 Congratulations and Condolences1954-1955
8 Congratulations and Condolences1956
8 Congratulations and Condolences1957-1958
8 Congratulations and Condolences1959
8 Congratulations and Condolences1961
8 Contributions, thank you letters1942 January-June
8 Contributions, thank you letters1942 July-December
8 Contributions, thank you letters1943 January-June
8 Contributions, thank you letters1943 July-December
8 Contributions, thank you letters1944 January-May
8 Contributions, thank you letters1944 June-December
8 Contributions, thank you letters1945-1947
8 Contributions, thank you letters1955-1956
8 Contributions, thank you letters1957
8 Contributions, thank you letters1958-1959
8 Foreign1943-1948
8 Foreign1948-1951
8 Foreign1952-1953
8 Foreign1957
8 Foreign1958-1959
8 Foreign1963-1965
8 Foreign1963-1965 (cont.)
8 Form Letters1950-1955
8 Form Letters1961-1965
8 Form Letters: Samples1950-1957
8 General1941-1942
8 General1943
8 General1944
8 General1945
Box TitleDate
9 General1946
9 General1947-1950
9 General1947-1950 (cont.)
9 General1951-1953
9 General1951-1953 (cont.)
9 General1954
9 General1954 (cont.)
9 General1955
9 General1956
9 General1956 (cont.)
9 General: A-D1957
9 General: E-H1957
9 General: I-L1957
9 General: M-P1957
9 General: Q-T1957
9 General: U-Z1957
9 General: A-F1958
9 General: G-Q1958
9 General: R-Z1958
9 General: A-F1959
9 General: G-L1959
9 General: M-Z1959
9 General1959-1960
9 General1959-1960 (cont.)
9 General: A-C1961-1966
9 General: D-F1961-1965
9 General: G-I1961-1965
9 General: J-M1961-1966
9 General: N-P1961-1964
9 General: Q-T1961-1965
9 General: U-Z1961-1966
9 General1963
9 General1964
9 General1965-1966
9 General1967-1969
9 General Communal1941-1942
9 General Communal1943
9 General Communal1944
9 General Communal1945
9 General Communal1946
9 General Letters to all Presidents1957
9 Joseph Kattan and Victor Tarry1969-1975
9 Milwitzky, Dr. William1954
9 Molho, Michael: Salonica Jewsundated, 1947
9 Organizations1957
9 Papo, Joseph M.1945-1947
9 Post Office1954-1959
9 Rabbi’s Correspondence1962-1966
9 Requests for Informationundated
9 Requests for Information1947-1951
9 Requests for Information1959
9 Unaffiliated Sephardic Groups1941, 1945
9 Ventura, Dr. Moise1949-1952
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Series V: Finances, 1941-1986, (bulk 1940s-1960s)

4.6 linear feet

Folders are arranged alphabetically by title, then chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series is comprised of the financial records of the Community. Included are accounting records, such as ledgers, journals, and financial reports and statements. Correspondence with banks and bank statements from the Community’s Scholarship Fund Account can also be found here, as well as tax forms and correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service. Additionally, information concerning contributions by community members may be found in several ledgers and journals, as well as correspondence and documents concerning donations made by the Community as a whole.

Box TitleDate
10 Bank Papers1961-1966
10 Banks: Chase Manhattan Bank1958-1959
10 Banks: Chase Manhattan Bank1975-1976
10 Banks: Chase National Bank1943-1949
10 Banks: Chase National Bank1952-1958
10 Banks: Correspondence1954-1955
10 Banks: Correspondence1956
10 Banks: Emigrant Savings Bank1975
10 Banks: Emigrant Savings Bank, Special Accountundated, 1970
10 Banks: Savings Bank Accounts1946-1949
10 Banks: Savings Bank Accounts1952-1953
10 Community Financesundated
10 Community Finances1960-1973
10 Community Finances: Contributions made by Community1946-1955
10 Community Finances: Contributions made by Community1957-1958
10 Community Finances: Contributions made by Community1959
10 Community Finances: Contributions made by Community1960-1964
10 Community Finances: Contributions made by Community1970, 1977
10 Community Finances: Contributions made by Community: Gealia- Moshay Ovidim1955
10 Community Finances: Contributions made by Community: Greek Memorial1953
10 Community Finances: List of Contributors1961
Box TitleDate
 Earning Records [see legal-sized box 11]1957
Box TitleDate
10 Financial Correspondence1962-1975
10 Financial Correspondence1979-1985
Box TitleDate
 Financial Reports [see legal-sized box 11]1946-1955
Box TitleDate
10 Financial Statements1956-1966
10 Financial Statements1967-1974
10 Financial Statements: Calculations1963-1966
Box TitleDate
 General Ledger [see legal-sized box 11]1948-1950
 General Ledger [see legal-sized box 11]1952
 General Ledger [see legal-sized box 11]1959-1960
 General Ledger [see legal-sized box 11]1963
 General Ledger [see legal-sized box 11]1961-1963
 General Ledger: Loose Papers from ledger [see legal-sized box 11]1963
Box TitleDate
10 Interestundated
Box TitleDate
 Journal: Cash Disbursements [see oversized box OS1]1954-1956
 Journal: Cash Disbursements, General Journal [see oversized box OS1]1948-1954
 Journal: Cash Receipts [see legal-sized box 11]1941-1949
 Journal: Pledges [see legal-sized box 11]1949-1950
 Journal: Pledges [see legal-sized box 11]1950-1956
 Journal: Pledges [see legal-sized box 11]1951-1953
 Journal: Receipts, Deposits, and Expenses [see legal-sized box 11]1943-1944
 Journal: Unpaid Pledges [see legal-sized box 11]1952-1953
 Ledger: Contributions and Pledges, A-D [see ledgers box 12]1940s-1950s
 Ledger: Contributions and Pledges, E-M [see ledgers box 12]1940s-1950s
 Ledger: Contributions and Pledges, N-Z [see ledgers box 12]1940s-1950s
 Ledger: Receipts and Disbursements [see oversized box OS1]1959-1969
Box TitleDate
10 Membership Dues1958-1959
10 Payrollundated
10 Payroll1946
10 Payroll1947-1949
10 Payroll1950-1952
10 Scholarship Fund Account1965-1966
10 Scholarship Fund: Bank Statements1957
10 Scholarship Fund: Bank Statements1958
10 Scholarship Fund: Bank Statements1959
10 Scholarship Fund: Bank Statements1950
10 Scholarship Fund: Bank Statements1964-1966
10 Statement of Expenses1986
10 Tax Papersn.d
10 Tax Papers1941-1949
10 Tax Papers1950
10 Tax Papers1951-1952
10 Tax Papers1953
10 Tax Papers1954-1956
10 Tax Papers1957-1959
10 Tax Papers1960-1961
10 Tax Papers1962-1964
10 Tax Papers1965-1967
Box TitleDate
 Tax Papers [see legal-sized box 11]1969
Box TitleDate
10 Tax Papers1974-1976
10 Tax Papers1977-1982

Legal-Sized Items

Box TitleDate
11  Earning Records1957
11 Financial Reports1946-1955
11  General Ledger1948-1950
11 General Ledger1952
11 General Ledger1959-1960
11 General Ledger1963
11 General Ledger1961-1963
11 General Ledger: Loose Papers from ledger1963
11  Journal: Cash Receipts1941-1949
11  Journal: Pledges1949-1950
11 Journal: Pledges1950-1956
11 Journal: Pledges1951-1953
11  Journal: Receipts, Deposits, and Expenses1943-1944
11  Journal: Unpaid Pledges1952-1953
11 Tax Papers1969


Box TitleDate
12 Ledger: Contributions and Pledges, A-D1940s-1950s
12  Ledger: Contributions and Pledges, E-M1940s-1950s
12  Ledger: Contributions and Pledges, N-Z1940s-1950s
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Series VI: General Subject Files,  undated, 1941-1993, (bulk 1940s-1950s)

3.9 linear feet + 1 oversized folder

Folders are arranged alphabetically, then chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series contains records from various organizations, individuals, and topics relating to the Community. The bulk of the material is from the mid-1940s through the 1950s.

Prominent items in this series include papers from the National Jewish Welfare Board; drafts of articles for and copies of: The Sephardi, a publication produced by the Community; papers dealing with the United Jewish Appeal; and materials which document the Community’s interest in Israel Bonds and support of the newly-formed country of Israel. In addition to office records which detail the administrative workings of the Community, there is information available on many philanthropic and Jewish organizations with whom the Community had contact, in America and abroad. Material on Jews and Jewish life in several Sephardic communities abroad is also available, including Greece, Iraq, Latin America, and Egypt and North Africa. Of related interest is an album containing photographs of the remains of the Jewish cemetery in Salonica, Greece, after the Nazis’ occupation of that region, which can be found in the folder “Historical Material concerning Sephardim: Greece.” There is also some brief biographical information about several individuals, most notably Dr. Isaac Alcalay and his daughter.

Of interest to researchers may be the material focusing on the role of Jews in the American military during World War II. There is a list of soldiers who served during the war in the folder “Honor Roll, ” as well as correspondence concerning this list. Additionally, there are several folders of information on the Sephardic Post, an organization of Jewish War Veterans. The folders "Men in Service" also contain information on Sephardim who served in the military during World War II. More material from this time period includes a list of Sephardim from Europe who survived the Holocaust and World War II, in the folder “Names of Survivors in Europe,” and several lists concerning Greek Jews and the Holocaust, available in the “Greek Relief” folder. The majority of documents are in English, but there are also papers in French, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Box TitleDate
 Address Cards [see card file box 17]undated
 Address Cards, by location [see card file box 18]undated
Box TitleDate
13 Adult Jewish Educationundated
13 American Friends of the Alliance Israelite Universelle1957
13 American Friends of the Alliance Israelite Universelle1958
13 American Friends of the Alliance Israelite Universelle1961-1965
13 American Jewish Committee1948-1949
13 American Jewish Conferenceundated, 1943-1945
13 American Jewish Congress1941-1951, 1969
13 American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1954-1956
13 American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1957
13 American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1943-1951
13 American Jewish Tercentenary Committee1952-1953
13 American Jewish Tercentenary Committee1954-1955
13 American Red Cross1959
13 American Sephardic Alliance1942-1946
13 American Sephardi Federation1975
13 Bar-Ilan University1957
13 Beth-El (Temple Emanuel)1941-1943
13 Beth Hakeneseth Oley Turkia, Tel Aviv, Israel1957-1958
13 Bikur Cholim1946-1948, 1956
13 Biographical Information: Dr. Isaac Alcalayundated
13 Biographical Information: Naomi Alcalay Hendelundated
13 B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations1946-1947
13 B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations1962-1963
13 Books, Borrowed and Given1957
13 Brooklyn Jewish Youth Council1946
13 Brooklyn Jewish Youth Council1947-1948
13 Broome and Allen Street Boys Association1956
13 Cardozo, Rabbi D.A. Jessurunundated, 1942-1943
13 CARE Food Parcels1957
13 Catering1956
13 Charles F. Noyes Company1961-1965
13 Chief Rabbi of Israel, Isaac Nissim1957
13  Commentary 1949, 1958
13 Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany1954-1956
13 Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany1957
13 Congregation Ezra Bessaroth1957
13 Congregations Outside NY1943-1948
13 Congres Sephardi Mondial1951
Box TitleDate
 Corporate Seal [see objects box 19]
Box TitleDate
13 De Sola Pool, Rev. Dr. David1957-1958
13 “La educacion judis en Jugoslavia”undated
13 Egypt1956-1957
13 Egyptian Jews1956-1957
13 Elias, Dr. A. Ben1953-1954
13 Federation of Jewish Philanthropies1942-1944
13 Federation of Jewish Philanthropies1945-1950
13 Federation of Jewish Philanthropies1951-1953
13 Federation of Jewish Philanthropies1955-1959
13 Federation of Oriental Jews, History1976
13 Federation of Yemenite Jews1946
13 First Essay Contestundated, 1962-1963
13 First Sephardic Yeshiva1942-1943
13 Fort Tryon Jewish Center1968
13 Greek Relief1942-1947
13 Group Vocational Service Programsundated
Box TitleDate
 Hemsi, Alfredo [see legal-sized box 23]1938
Box TitleDate
13 HIAS1943-1946
13 Histadrut Ivrit1946-1947
13 Historical Material on Sephardim1945-1951
13 Historical Material on Sephardim: Greeceundated, 1946-1948
13 Honor Roll, World War II: Correspondence concerning1945-1948
13 Honor Roll, World War II: Records1947
13 Insurance1944-1950
13 Insurance1951-1954
13 Insurance1955-1960
13 Insurance1961-1965
13 Insurance1969-1970
Box TitleDate
14 Israel1943-1945
14 Israel1946-1948
14 Israel1949-1952
14 Israelundated, 1954-1956
14 Israelundated, 1957
14 Israel1959
14 Israel Gemilath Chasodim1957
14 Israel Bond Drive1952-1953
14 Israel Bonds1952
14 Israel Bonds1954
14 Israel Bonds1956-1957
14 Israel Bonds1958
14 Izmir Home for the Aged1964-1970
14 Jews in Iraqundated
14 Jewish Education Committee1942-1946
14 Jewish National Fund1957
14 Jewish National Fund1958
14 Jewish National Fund1959
14 Jewish Publication Society of America1945-1949
14 Kaulias, Elias1956
14 Kehilat New Lots of CSJCA1943-1951
14  La Vara: Correspondence1944-1948
14 La Vara: Copies of Publications1942
14 La Vara: Copies of Publications1943 January-March
14 La Vara: Copies of Publications1943 April-July
14 Ladino1962, 1963
14 Latin American Communities1942-1953
14 Lease1942-1951
14 Lease1961-1963
14 Legal Papers: Solomon H. Mitrani1952
14 Lists of Sephardic Congregations in the U.S.undated
14 Maimonides Fund1947-1948
14 Men in Serviceundated, 1942-1944
14 Men in Service1945-1947
14 Midrash Porat Josephundated
14 Mount Zion Stone Committee1957
14 Musicundated, 1956-1957
14 Names of Survivors in Europeundated, 1944-1946
14 National Jewish Welfare Boardundated
14 National Jewish Welfare Board1946-1951
14 National Jewish Welfare Board1952-1955
14 National Jewish Welfare Board1957-1958
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Administration1951
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Anniversaries1952
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Book Review Symposiumundated
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Civil Defense1952
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Dramatics1952
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Jewish History1951
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Jewish Holidays and Observances1951
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Music1951-1952
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Newcomers1951
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Nursery Schools1951
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Older Adults1951-1952
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Program Leads1951
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Program Resources1951-1952
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Summer Activities1951
14 National Jewish Welfare Board: Youth1951
14 New York Board of Rabbis1947-1953
14 North African Jews1957-1958
14 Notes and Clippingsundated, 1947-1949
14 Obituariesundated, 1981
14 Oswego Refugees1944
14 Oswego Refugees1945
14 Outside Organizations1946
14 Outside Organizations1950-1953
14 Outside Organizations1954
14 Outside Organizations1955-1956
14 Outside Organizations1957-1958
14 Outside Organizations: Non-Jewish1946-1958
14 Ovadia, Dr. Nissim J.1941
14 Ovadia, Dr. Nissim J.1942-1944
14 Ozer Dalim1945-1947
14 Ozar Hatorah1943-1947
Box TitleDate
15 Palestine Economic Corporation1951
15 Personnel1944-1947
15 Personnel1951-1952
15 Photographs1945-1948
15 Photographsundated, 1987, 1992
Box TitleDate
 Photographs: Large [see legal-sized box 23]undated
Box TitleDate
15 Photographs: Dr. Pool’s Nahalaundated
15 Photography1958
15 Political Action1947-1950
15 Printing Ordersundated, 1961-1964
15 Publication: The Jewish Week1993
15 Publications1952-1958
15 Publicityundated, 1952
15 Rabbinical Council of America1967
15 Reconstructionist, The1963
15 Real Estateundated
15 Red Mogen Dovid Dinner1949-1950
15 Religious Activities1941-1947
15 Religious Activities1948-1950
15 Religious Matters1951-1953
15 Religious Performances1948-1951
15 Resettlement of Sephardic Refugees1950-1951
15 Resume of Daily Office Activities1954
15 Safety Deposit Boxundated, 1957, 1963-1966
15 Salonica Jewry1962-1964
15 Sassoon, Rabbi Solomon David1958
Box TitleDate
 Scrapbook [see oversized box OS2]1941-1947
Box TitleDate
15 Scrip to Israel1954
15 Sephardi, Theundated
15 Sephardi, The1944-1947
15 Sephardi, The1948
15 Sephardi, The1949
15 Sephardi, The1950
Box TitleDate
 Sephardi, The[see legal-sized box 23]undated, 1951-1953
Box TitleDate
15  Sephardi, The1954-1955
15  Sephardi, Theundated, 1956-1957
15 Sephardi, Theundated, 1959
15 Sephardi, The: Copies of Publications1943- 1945
15 Sephardi, The: Copies of Publications1946-1948
15 Sephardi, The: Copies of Publications1949-1951
15 Sephardi, The: Copies of Publications1952-1954, 1957, 1959
15 Sephardic Businessmen’s Group1941
15 Sephardic Exhibit1977-1978
15 Sephardic Post, Jewish War Veteransundated
15 Sephardic Post, Jewish War Veterans1945
15 Sephardic Post, Jewish War Veterans1946-1948
15 Sephardic Talmude Torah1941-1950
15 Sephardic Temple, Cedarhurst, N.Y.1962
15 Sepharim1956-1958
15 Seventieth Anniversary of the Mizrachiundated
15 Shearith Israel League2000
15 Societies, General1953-1955
15 Societies, General1956
15 South American Representatives1941-1943
15 Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, England1958
15 Stencils for Addressograph Machineundated, 1963
15 Supplies for Overseas Survivors (S.O.S.) Campaigns1946-1948
15 Supreme Religious Center1957
15 Talmud Torah (United), New Lots1949-1950
15 Theodor Herzl Instituteundated, 1957
15 Tombstone for Dr. Ovadia1942-1943
15 Travel1958
15 Unidentified Paintingundated
15 Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations1956-1958
15 United HIAS Service1954
15 United Jewish Appeal1944-1946
15 United Jewish Appeal1947-1949
15 United Jewish Appeal1950-1951
15 United Jewish Appeal1952-1955
15 United Jewish Appeal1956-1959
15 United Sephardic Emergency Council1948
Box TitleDate
 Ventura, Dr. Moise [see legal-sized box 23]1950
Box TitleDate
15 Weizmann, Chaim1950, 1952
15 Women's Branch, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America1959-1962
Box TitleDate
16 World Federation of Sepharadi Communities1935-1945
16 World Federation of Sepharadi Communities1946-1950
16 World Federation of Sepharadi Communities1951-1953
16 World Jewish Congress1943-1951
16 World Sephardi Federationundated, 1953-1957
16 World Sephardi Federation1958-1959
16 World Sephardi Federation1960-1965
16 Yemenite Jewish Community of Bat Yam, Israel1959
16 Yemenite Jewish Community of Bat Yam, Israel1960
16 Yemenite Jewish Community of Bat Yam, Israel1961
16 Yemenite Jewish Community of Bat Yam, Israel: Checks1960
16 Yeshiva Porath Yoseph1956-1958
16 Yeshiva University1968
16 Yeshivah Tichona Arav David De Sola Pool1958
Box TitleDate
17 Address cardsundated
Box TitleDate
18 Address cards, by locationundated
Box TitleDate
19 Objects: Woman's Division: Cardozo: Committee for Education in Israel: Stamp
19 Objects: CSJCA General: Corporate Seal
19 Objects: Woman's Division: Cardozo: Chemical Bank Stamp
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Series VII: Membership Organizations, undated, 1941-1969, (bulk 1950s)

1.5 linear feet +1 oversized folder

Folders are arranged alphabetically, then chronologically.

Scope and Content:

This series holds records of the membership societies and organizations belonging to the Community. The bulk of the records are from the 1950s. Many of these organizations were congregations, and most of the member organizations are from the New York City area, although groups outside of the New York area joined the Community at a later date than the original area members. The records contain correspondence, publications, and information on events held by specific organizations within the Community, as well as invitations to the Community as a whole to events and lists of individuals belonging to some of the member organizations. Almost all records in this series are in English, but there are a few in Hebrew.

Box TitleDate
20 Ahi Ezer Congregation1945-1953
20 Ahi Ezer Congregation1956-1957
20 Ahi Ezer Congregation1958
20 Ahi Ezer Congregation1959-1960
20 Ahi Ezer Congregation1961, 1963
20 Association of Bulgarian Jews in U.S.A.1943-1953
20 Association of Bulgarian Jews in U.S.A.1956
20 Chios Brotherhood Society1956-1957
20 Chios Brotherhood Society1958
20 Chios Brotherhood Society1959
20 Chios Brotherhood Society1961-1963
20 Congregation Light of Israel, Rochester1943-1952
20 Congregation Peace and Brotherhood of Monastir1941-1953
20 Congregation Peace and Brotherhood of Monastir1956-1957
20 Congregation Peace and Brotherhood of Monastir1958
20 Congregation Peace and Brotherhood of Monastir1959
20 Congregation Peace and Brotherhood of Monastir1963-1966
20 Congregation Shearith Israel1956-1957
20 Congregation Shearith Israel1957-1958
20 Congregation Shearith Israel1959-1960
20 Congregation Shearith Israel1963-1969
20 Congregation Shearith Israel and Union of Sephardic Congregations1941-1949
20 Congregation Shearith Israel, Music of (Records) [see oversized box OS2]undated
20 Congregation Shearith Israel, Sisterhood of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue1961-1964
20 Congregation Zehout Arabim1946-1949
20 Congregation Zehout Arabim1956-1959
20 Congregation Zehout Arabim1963
20 Congregationsundated, 1956, 1963
20 Congregations, Greater N.Y.undated, 1944-1948
20 Constituent Member Organizations1956
20 Constituent Member Organizations, Activities1957
20 Constituent Member Organizations, Activities1958-1959
20 Constituent Member Organizations, Addressesundated
20 Constituent Member Organizations, General Letters to All1945-1953
20 Constituent Member Organizations, General Letters to All1958
20 Constituent Member Organizations, Histories1953-1954
20 Constituent Member Organizations, Histories1955-1958
20 Constituent Member Organizations, Listsundated, 1950-1957
20 Constituent Member Organizations, Listsundated, 1965
20 Constituent Member Organizations, Lists of Delegates and Alternates1958
20 Constituent Member Organizations, Officersundated, 1958
20 Ez Achaim Society1942-1952
20 Ez Achaim Society1956-1958
20 Ez Achaim Society1959
20 Ez Achaim Society1961-1967
20 Good Hope Society1942-1953
20 Good Hope Society1956
20 Hessed ve Emet de Kastorialis (Friendship and Truth Association of Kastorialis)1942-1953
20 Hessed ve Emet de Kastorialis (Friendship and Truth Association of Kastorialis)1956-1957
20 Hessed ve Emet de Kastorialis (Friendship and Truth Association of Kastorialis)1961-1963
20 Indiana Hebrew Congregation1944-1952
20 Keter Zion Society of New York1942-1953
20 Keter Zion Society of New York1956-1958
20 Keter Zion Society of New York1959, 1963
20 Life and Charity Aid Society1942-1953
20 Life and Charity Aid Society1956-1957
20 Life and Charity Aid Society1958
20 Life and Charity Aid Society1959
20 Lists of Members: Chios Brotherhood Societyundated
Box TitleDate
 Lists of Members: Congregation Peace and Brotherhood of Monastir [see legal-sized box 23]undated
Box TitleDate
20 Lists of Members: Congregation Zehout Arabimundated
20 Lists of Members: Ez Achaim Societyundated, 1956
20 Lists of Members: Good Hope Societyundated
20 Lists of Members: Hessed ve Emet de Kastorialisundated
Box TitleDate
 Lists of Members: Other Organizations [see legal-sized box 23] undated, 1946
Box TitleDate
20 Lists of Members: Portuguese Israelite Fraternityundated
20 Lists of Members: Rhodes League of Brothers Aid Societyundated, 1946-1951
20 Lists of Members: Sephardic Beth-Sholomundated
20 Lists of Members: Sephardic Brotherhoodundated
20 Lists of Members: Sephardic Jewish Centerundated
20 Lists of Members: Unidentified Organizationsundated, 1943
20 Lists of Members: United Brotherhood of Janinaundated
20 Magen David Community Center1957
20 Magen David Community Center1958
20 Magen David Congregation1942-1953
20 Magen David Congregation1956-1957
20 Magen David Congregation1958-1959
20 Portuguese Israelite Fraternity, Chicago1945-1952
20 Rhodes League of Brothers Aid Society1942-1953
20 Rhodes League of Brothers Aid Society1953-1957
20 Rhodes League of Brothers Aid Society1958
20 Rhodes League of Brothers Aid Society1959
20 Rhodes League of Brothers Aid Society1961-1965
20 Sephardic Beth-Sholom, Cincinnati1943-1952
Box TitleDate
 Sephardic Community of Detroit1944-1945
Box TitleDate
20 Sephardic Congregation of the Bronx, Filo Center Club1942-1948
20 Sephardic Congregation of Long Beach1956-1957
20 Sephardic Congregation of Long Beach1958
20 Sephardic Congregation of Long Beach1959
20 Sephardic Congregation of Long Beach1962-1965
20 Sephardic Home for the Aged1951-1953
20 Sephardic Home for the Aged1954-1955
20 Sephardic Home for the Aged1956-1957
20 Sephardic Home for the Aged1958
20 Sephardic Home for the Aged1959
20 Sephardic Home for the Aged1961-1964
20 Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America1942-1952
20 Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America1956-1957
20 Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America1958
20 Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America1959
20 Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America1968-1969
20 Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America and Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx1954-1955
20 Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America and Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx1962-1966
20 Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America: Publications1968
20 Sephardic Jewish Center1942-1947
Box TitleDate
21 Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx1945-1953
21 Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx1953
21 Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx1956-1957
21 Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx1958
21 Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx1959
21 Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx1967-1969
21 Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx: Publications1968-1969
21 Sephardic Jewish Center of Canarsie, Brooklyn1964
21 Sephardic Jewish Community of Nassau1959-1962
21 Sephardic Jewish Congregation and Center of Queens1958-1963
21 Sephardic Jewish Congregation and Center of Queens: Dedication10-May-64
21 Sephardic Sha-re Rahamim of East Bronx1942-1953
21 Sephardic Sha-re Rahamim of East Bronx1956
21 Sephardic Sha-re Rahamim of East Bronx1958-1959
21 Sephardic Sha-re Rahamim of East Bronx1962-1964
Box TitleDate
 Sephardic Society of Sheepshead Bayundated, 1965
Box TitleDate
21 Shaare Zion Congregation1956
21 Shaare Zion Congregation1961-1965
Box TitleDate
 Sisterhood of Janina1959, 1965
 Sisterhood of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue1959
Box TitleDate
21 Sisterhoods1957-1958
Box TitleDate
Box TitleDate
21 Societies, Affiliated1954-1956
21 Source of Life Benevolent Society1942-1953
21 Source of Life Benevolent Society1956-1957
21 Source of Life Benevolent Society1958
Box TitleDate
 Source of Life Benevolent Society1959
Box TitleDate
21 Source of Life Benevolent Society1961-1963
21 Union and Peace Society1942-1953
21 Union and Peace Society1956-1957
21 Union and Peace Society1958
Box TitleDate
 Union and Peace Society1959, 1963
Box TitleDate
21 United Brotherhood of Janina1942-1953
21 United Brotherhood of Janina1956-1957
21 United Brotherhood of Janina1958
Box TitleDate
 United Brotherhood of Janina1961
Box TitleDate
21 United Sephardim of Brooklyn1956-1957
21 United Sephardim of Brooklyn1958
Box TitleDate
 United Sephardim of Brooklyn1959-1963
 United Sephardim of Brooklyn: Publications1959
 United Sisterhood Benevolent Society1958-1963
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Series VIII: Sephardic Youth League,  undated, 1941-1953, (bulk 1945-1950)

1 linear foot

Folders are arranged alphabetically, then chronologically.

Scope and Content:

The records in this series describe the activities and development of the Sephardic Youth League. The bulk of the records come from the mid-1940s to the early 1950s. The series contains correspondence, announcements, reports, and copies of songsheets and material used in religious services. The documents are from the five original SYL chapters in the New York Metro area, which were organized by geographic location, as well as a sixth chapter that was organized later than the others, and designed for young adults who belonged to the Youth League as children. Main activities of the SYL were social, educational, and recreational events, as well as some athletic events, and were intended to bring the Sephardic youth closer together. In addition to the other documents, this series also contains troop records of a Cub Scout Pack that met at the Spanish- Portuguese Synagogue in the mid-1940s, as well as a binder containing a Scout manual from 1944. Much of the correspondence in this series is to and from John J. Karpeles, who was director of the Community’s youth activities, and assisted in arranging much of the SYL’s programs. Related information may be found in the Youth Activities folder in the Committees series. The folder "Program Material" contains information collected for use in various SYL programs and events, including songsheets and information on holidays and other Jewish organizations. Records used in the preparation of reports can be found in the Report Material folders; reports were given at SYL meetings as well as to the Community. Almost all records in this series are in English, but there are a few in Hebrew.

Box TitleDate
22 Bensonhurst Chapter1946-1947
22 Bensonhurst Chapter1948-1952
22 Bronx ChapterJanuary-May 1946
22 Bronx ChapterJune-December 1946
22 Bronx Chapter1947-1949
22 Bronx Chapter1950-1953
22 Constitutionundated
22 Correspondence (Incoming)1946-1951
22 Correspondence (Outgoing)undated, 1946-1948
22 Downtown NY chapterundated, 1946-1947
22 Gym Activities1945-1946
22 Installation Dance1947
22 Mimeographed Material: Announcements1946-1950
22 Mimeographed Material: Card-sized Announcements1946-1947
22 Mimeographed Material: Forms and Form Lettersundated, 1946
22 Mimeographed Material: Passover Seder, Questionnaireundated, 1947
22 Mimeographed Material: Songsheetsundated
22 Motion Pictures1949-1950
22 New Lots Chapter1946-1950
22 Program material: Correspondence, Educational Information, Songsheetsundated, 1947-1948
22 Publications1946-1948
22 Report Material: Reports, Drafts, Announcements, Minutesundated, 1945-1946
22 Report Material: Reports, Drafts, Announcements, Minutes1947-1952
22 Sephardic Young Folksundated, 1952
22 Sheepshead Bay Chapter1946
22 Sheepshead Bay Chapter1947-1949
22 Troop Records, B.S.A., Cub Pack, Portuguese Temple (Binder)undated
22 Troop Records, B.S.A., Cub Pack, Portuguese Temple (Loose Papers from Binder)undated, 1941-1944
22 Young Adults Chapter1949-1953
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Box TitleDate
23  Committees: Board of Directors1957
23  Committees: Executive Committee1957
23  Community: Assembly of Delegates: Reports and Minutesundated, 1945-1947
23  Community: Community Events: Dinner for Rabbi Solomon David Sassoon: Report1956
23  Community: Community President1965-1966
23 Community: Constitution1941-1956
23 Community: Constitution: Amendments1945
23 General Subject Files: Hemsi, Alfredo1938
23 General Subject Files: Photographs: Largeundated
23 General Subject Files: Sephardi, Theundated, 1951-1953
23  General Subject Files: Ventura, Dr. Moise1950
23 Membership Organizations: Lists of Members: Congregation Peace and Brotherhood of Monastirundated
23 Membership Organizations: Lists of Members: Other Organizationsundated, 1946
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Box TitleDate
OS1 Financial: Journal: Cash Disbursements1954-1956
OS1 Financial: Journal: Cash Disbursements, General1948-1954
OS1 Financial: Ledger: Receipts and Disbursements1959-1969
Box TitleDate
OS2 General Subject Files: Scrapbook1941-1947
OS2 Membership Organizations: Congregation Shearith Israel, Music of (Records)undated
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