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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Abraham and Irma Lopes Cardozo
Title: Papers of Abraham and Irma Lopes Cardozo
Dates:Bulk 1950-1994
Abstract: The Papers of Reverend Abraham Lopes and Mrs. Irma Robles Cardozo contain various materials reflecting the personal and professional lives of Rev. and Mrs. Cardozo, including Rev. Cardozo’s position as Hazzan at Congregation Shearith Israel in New York City and Irma Lopes Cardozo’s numerous philanthropic activities. In addition, there are various materials relating to Sephardic communities throughout the world, honors the Cardozos received, and individuals who had an important influence upon them.
Languages: The collection is in English and Dutch, with some Hebrew, Spanish, French, and Turkish.
Quantity: 7.5 linear feet
Accession number: ASF AR-8
Repository: American Sephardi Federation
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Biographical Note

Abraham Lopes Cardozo

Abraham Lopes Cardozo was born in Amsterdam, Holland on September 27, 1914. As the great-grandson of the Chief Rabbi of the Sephardim in Amsterdam (who had preached the last sermon in Portuguese, and who was later decorated by the King of Holland), and as the son of Joseph Lopes Cardozo, leader of the boy's choir of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, it was fitting that he read his first Haftorah at the age of seven in that same synagogue. He attended Seminary Ets Haim in Amsterdam , and became active in Hagomel, a congregational youth society. In 1939 he was appointed by Queen Wilhemina to be rabbi of the Sephardic congregation in Paramaribo, capital of Surinam. On vacation in New York in 1945 he visited Congregation Shearith Israel in NYC, and he liked it. It was mutual, for he was invited by the Congregation to become the Assistant Hazzan there in 1946, a position he held for forty years. In 1987, he released a book and accompanying cassette tapes entitled Sephardic Songs of Praise. On June 7, 2000, he was knighted by Queen Beatrix of Holland. He died on February 21, 2006 at the age of 91.

Irma Robles Lopes Cardozo

Irma Robles Lopes Cardozo was born in Paramaribo, Surinam on February 25, 1924. Her father, Judah Robles, was president of the Sephardic congregation in Paramaribo. She attended Hendriks School, and then began her long career of philanthropy by working for the Surinam war effort. She joined the Dutch army in 1943, and as Corporal Irma Robles she was sent to Washington, D.C. to work in the Pentagon with the Dutch Marines. When the war ended, she came to New York to work in a branch of a Netherlands Bank. Starting out as a secretary, she worked her way up to become an important player in the organization. After she married, she gave up her salaried position and filled her time working for a wide variety of different philanthropic organizations. Most notable among these was the Women's Division of the Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America, the Jaffa Institute, and the Misgav Ladach Hospital in Jerusalem. Her hard work led to her election as president of the Women's Division and to her receiving the Yedid Nefesh award from the Jaffa Institute in 1997. She also serves as co-president of the Sisterhood of Congregation Shearith Israel.

Robles Lopes Cardozo Family

As a youngster in Surinam, Irma Robles became acquainted with Abraham Lopes Cardozo while he served as the rabbi of her father's congregation. When she came to New York, they met once again and worked on a number of projects together, especially in the area of philanthropy. They were friends for six years before, as Irma Lopes Cardozo recalls, "Then on December 10, 1950 we had our first official date." They became engaged eleven days later, and were married on March 11, 1951. They have two daughters, Deborah, who was born in 1952 and Judith, who was born in 1955. Once married to the Hazzan, Irma Lopes Cardozo gave up her salaried work, but she continued to work diligently for a variety of philanthropic organizations.

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Scope and Content Note

The majority of the collection consists of brochures and programs from Congregation Shearith Israel and philanthropic organizations, photocopies, newspaper clippings, journals, off-prints, and professional and personal correspondence. There is also an autograph book of Rev. Cardozo’s, songbooks and packets, photographs, newsletters, and religious materials such as prayer sheets and siddur excerpts. Many of the sermons, eulogies and speeches that Rev. Cardozo performed at Shearith Israel and for outside events, as well as articles he submitted to various publications, are represented by numerous drafts, some of which are annotated. Much of the collection is made up of newspaper clippings and photocopies reflecting awards and events honoring the Cardozos as well as specific areas of interest, such as Sephardic music and communities, a number of philanthropic organizations with which the Cardozos were involved, especially in the fields of Jewish education and social welfare agencies, and Jewish and general life in Surinam.

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This collection is subdivided into six subgroups, some of which are further subdivided into series and subseries. The addendum to the original collection essentially mirrors the original arrangement. The addendum materials have been intellectually integrated into the original series. Thus, while these materials remain in boxes at the end of the collection, they have been integrated into their respective series and subgroups within the finding aid. The materials in Subgroup I Series 1 are arranged alphabetically and then chronologically, while the rest of the materials are arranged chronologically, other than the Communities subgroup, which is arranged geographically and alphabetically.

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Access and Use

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to researchers.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact
American Sephardi Federation, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011
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Related Material

Irma Lopes Cardozo was formerly President of the Central Sephardi Jewish Community of America, Women's Division, whose papers are also in the custody of the American Sephardi Federation Archives.

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Separated Material

For materials that were present in duplicates, two copies were left in the collection and additional copies were removed.

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Digitization Note

Box 5 in Series 5: Correspondence of Subgroup I: Personal Papers of Abraham and Irma Lopes Cardozo has been digitized in its entirety, with the exception of Folders 9 and 12.

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Preferred Citation

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Gift of Abraham and Irma Lopes Cardozo in September 2003, November 2006 and April 2008.

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Subgroup I: Personal Papers of Abraham and Irma Lopes Cardozo, 1958-1988

The languages of the subgroup are English and Dutch.
115 folders

Arranged alphabetically with the files of Rev. Abraham Lopes Cardozo followed by various members of the family.

Scope and Content:

These series contain the personal papers of Reverend Abraham Lopes Cardozo and his wife Irma Robles Lopes Cardozo. They are made up of speeches, lectures, sermons, and events (i.e., Bat Mitzvahs) in the lives of the two Cardozos; events and publications honoring the Cardozos; correspondence received by the Cardozos as well some written to friends and relatives; honors received by the Cardozos (i.e., on anniversaries, etc.) and newspaper articles detailing the life of the Cardozos. The Cardozos' lives were inextricably bound up in the Congregation Shearith Israel Community of New York City, but also very significant is their reception of the "City of Peace" award, and Reverend Cardozo's knighting by the Netherlands government in 2000. Their personal papers continue to accumulate even as they are being processed.

Series 1: Cardozo, Abraham Lopes, 1934-2006

29 folders
Scope and Content:

These folders contain speeches and events (i.e., Bat Mitzvahs, Erev hazzanut, etc.) from the life of the Reverend Abraham Lopes Cardozo. Included as well is information regarding the publication of Reverend Cardozo's book Sephardic Songs of Praise, the Sephardic Program Resource Guide, published articles, information and correspondence about Rev. Cardozo wanting to become a mohel, and materials from Rev. Cardozo’s teaching of Sephardic Hazzanut at Yeshiva University.

1 1Cardozo, Abraham Lopes - Biographyundatedrequest_box
12Erev hazzanut-be-Nushah Sefarad (p.10); The Sephardic Program Resource Guide (p.43)undated, 1992request_box
13Eulogy for Phil Fernandes1966 Feb.17request_box
14Hebrew Practice Bookundatedrequest_box
15Holocaust - records and efforts to gain restitution for loss of parents2000 - 2001request_box
16Holocaust - Victims - Lopes Cardozo family1942 - 1945request_box
17News Release - Rev. Abraham Cardozo Publishes New Book Sephardic Songs of Praise; Invitation to reception for Sephardic Songs of Praise; Jewish Sacred Music : Shachar Avakesheha1987 Dec.13request_box
18Sermon - Onze Gazanadeundatedrequest_box
19Sermon - "Our true Sephardic Heritage"1962 Aug.4request_box
110Sermon - Shabbath Hagadol1971 Apr.3request_box
111Sermon - Yom Kippurundatedrequest_box
112Western Sephardi Liturgical Tradition - As sung by Abraham Lopes Cardozo - Pamphlet and Booklet2004request_box
113Writings on Sephardic Music1960request_box
114Writings on Sephardimundatedrequest_box
153Dutch and English Songsundatedrequest_box
154Eulogies and Speeches Given at Weddings1971-1979, 1996-2005request_box
155Information About Becoming a Mohel1946-1953request_box
156Lectures and Sermons (including notes)1949-1969request_box
157Lectures and Sermons (including notes)1970-1987request_box
158Lectures and Sermons (including notes)1990-2001request_box
159Liturgical Musicundatedrequest_box
161Liturgical Musicundatedrequest_box
162Liturgical Music and Siddur Extracts1950, 1967-1969, undatedrequest_box
163Notebooks, Autograph Book1945, 1968request_box
164Papers, Assorted1934-1987, 2001-2002request_box
165Papers, Assortedundatedrequest_box
166Teaching Hazzanut at Yeshiva University1969, 1982-1982, 1989-1990request_box

Series 2: Family, 1950-2003

10 folders
Scope and Content:

These folders contain memorabilia mainly from the lives of the Cardozos' children : Deborah (born 1952) and Judith (born 1955), the husbands of each of the daughters, and the children born to each, including some family photos. Of particular note is Yossi Blum, Deborah's son from her first marriage to Jay Richard Blum, who was valedictorian at Yeshiva College of Yeshiva University in 1999. He was married shortly thereafter, and became a Doctor of Medicine in 2003.

115Blum, Jay Richard and Deborah Cardozo1977 - 1980request_box
116Blum, Tzvia Nehama1980request_box
117Blum, Yossi1977 - 2003request_box
118David Cardozo Academy: Ideas - Rabbi Francis Nataf2004request_box
119Cardozo, Deborah1952-request_box
120Cardozo, Judith1955-request_box
121Lopes Cardozo, Nathan T. - Thoughts to Ponder2004request_box
122Smith, Earl and Deborah Cardozo Blum - Wedding Announcement1989 Jul.9request_box
123Tenenbaum, Sidney and Judith Cardozoundatedrequest_box
171Papers of the Cardozo Family1950-2003request_box

Series 3: Robles-Lopes Cardozo Families, 1947-2006

18 folders
Scope and Content:

These folders contain a number of items associated with Irma Lopes Cardozo's life, philanthropic activities and career. They include a few writings, recipes, commendations, and letters of recommendation dating from the time that Irma Lopes Cardozo came to America from Surinam at the end of WWII. They also include some correspondence on the death of her mother in March, 1966 as well as a small amount of material about the Robles family, its genealogy and heraldry. The collection also includes a number of letters of recommendation, as well as a petition instigated by Irma Lopes Cardozo fighting the inclusion of women on the Board of Electors of Congregation Shearith Israel. Finally, the series includes articles and photos from the wedding of Miss Robles to Rev. Abraham Lopes Cardozo.

21Robles - Correspondence1947-1979request_box
22Robles, Ewald1975request_box
23Robles Family: School Photocopies1910-1930request_box
24Robles - Genealogy, Surname and Heraldryundatedrequest_box
25Robles de Medina - Family Historyundatedrequest_box
26Robles, Irma - Young womanundatedrequest_box
27Robles, Juda - Memorial1950request_box
28Robles Lopes Cardozo, Irma - Biographyundatedrequest_box
29Robles Lopes Cardozo, Irma - Commendation letter1985?request_box
210Robles Lopes Cardozo, Irma - Death of Mother1966 Mar.request_box
211Robles Lopes Cardozo, Irma - Eshet Hayyil - American Sephardi, vol.1, no.21967 Junrequest_box
212Robles Lopes Cardozo, Irma - Letters of Recommendation1942 - 1945request_box
213Robles Lopes Cardozo, Irma - Petition against including women on Board of Electors1973 Jan.24request_box
214Robles Lopes Cardozo, Irma - Recipesundatedrequest_box
215Robles Lopes Cardozo, Irma - Writings and Speeches - Tseniut, Mikvehundatedrequest_box
216Robles - Lopes Cardozo - Tombstones1999 Oct. 21request_box
217Robles Lopes Cardozo - Wedding1951request_box
172Irma Cardozo Correspondence and Papers1947-2006request_box

Series 4: Honors and Newspaper Clippings, 1939-2004

22 folders
Scope and Content:

These folders contain a number of items honoring Rev. Abraham Lopes Cardozo and his wife Irma Robles Lopes Cardozo. Rev. Cardozo served as a hazzan at Congregation Shearith Israel in New York City, NY for more than fifty years, while Irma Lopes Cardozo was involved in many philanthropic institutions in the U.S. and in Israel. They are honored both for their contributions in the field of hazzanut, but also for their contributions towards various philanthropic institutions. Most notable among their philanthropic activities is Irma Lopes Cardozo's extensive involvement in the Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America's Women Division. The materials are mainly newspaper clippings and photocopies and programs from various events. Of particular note is the Santo Servicio conducted in 2004 at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam in honor of Rev. Cardozo’s 90th birthday. Papers are arranged chronologically according to individual.

31Abraham Lopes Cardozo - Embarking for position in Surinam1939request_box
32Abraham Lopes Cardozo - Papers concerning Cardozo's earning Private Smichah1956request_box
33Abraham Lopes Cardozo - Shabbaton Invitation - In honor of Hatanim1987 Oct. 17request_box
34 Abraham Lopes Cardozo - Meeting with Princess Margriet of the Netherlands1991request_box
35Abraham Lopes Cardozo - Shabbaton in honor of Rev. Cardozo1996 Mar. 30request_box
36 Abraham Lopes Cardozo - Knighthood from Queen Beatrix of Netherlands 2000 Jun. 7request_box
37Abraham Lopes Cardozo - Knighthood from Queen Beatrix of Netherlands - Correspondence2000request_box
38Irma Robles - Brigadier1945 Apr.30request_box
39 Irma Robles Lopes Cardozo - Women's Division of Central Sephardic Jewish Community - Annual Journal and Spring Luncheon - Congratulations from various sources1977 Mar. 16request_box
310Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L. Cardozo - 25th Wedding Anniversary1976 Apr. 14request_box
311 Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L.Cardozo - 50th Wedding Anniversary2001 May 20request_box
312Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L. Cardozo - Reception at Shearith Israel: Invitation, Booklet1984 Nov.11request_box
313Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L. Cardozo - Tribute1985 Feb.10request_box
314Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L. Cardozo - City of Peace Award - Dinner Invitation - Shearith Israel - Sephardic Home News - Rev. and Mrs. Cardozo to be Honored, vol. 38, no.11 - Congratulations from various sources1985 Nov.request_box
315Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L. Cardozo - Israel Bond in their Honor1985 Dec.11request_box
316 Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L. Cardozo - Women's Division of Central Sephardic Jewish Community1992 Mar.25request_box
317Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L. Cardozo - Jaffa Institute: Yedid Nefesh Award1997 Oct.19request_box
318Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L. Cardozo - Yedid Nefesh - Photos 1997 Oct.19request_box
319Reverend and Mrs. Abraham L. Cardozo - Newspaper Clippings - Jewish Press - Vario Nederlands Dagblad1979 May 25-1991 Mar.23request_box
173Events and Publications About and Honoring the Cardozos1939, 1951, 1971-1979request_box
174Events and Publications About and Honoring the Cardozos1984-2004request_box
175Santo Servicio in Amsterdam in Honor of A.L. Cardozo’s 90th Birthday2004request_box

Series 5: Correspondence, 1934-2004

36 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains a collection of some of the correspondence exchanged by Reverend and Irma Lopes Cardozo over a nearly forty year period. It consists partly of letters of acknowledgement and recognition sent to the Cardozos during this period, both personal and that which has to do with Rev. Cardozo’s responsibilities as a hazzan and the Cardozos’ philanthropic activities. There are also a number of letters from and to various members of the Cardozo and the Robles families and a large collection of letters gratefully acknowledging the Cardozos for their conscientious and generous giving of time and energy to various causes.

Subseries A: Business Papers and Personal Correspondence, 1934-2003

51Business Papers and Pre-World War II Correspondence1934-1939
  View the folder 
52Chaplaincy and Army - Correspondence1942 - 1943
  View the folder 
53Family and Friends - Correspondence1939-1940
  View the folder 
54Family and Friends - Correspondence1940
  View the folder 
55Family and Friends - Correspondence1941
  View the folder 
56Family and Friends - Correspondence1942
  View the folder 
57Family and Friends - Correspondence1943
  View the folder 
58Family and Friends - Correspondence1944
  View the folder 
59Family and Friends - Correspondence1945request_box
510Family and Friends - Correspondence1946
  View the folder 
511Family and Friends - Correspondence1947
  View the folder 
512Family and Friends - Correspondence1948request_box
513Family and Friends - Correspondence1949
  View the folder 
514Family and Friends - Correspondence1950
  View the folder 
515Family and Friends - Correspondence1951
  View the folder 
516Family and Friends - Correspondence1952
  View the folder 
517Family and Friends - Correspondence1953
  View the folder 
518Family and Friends - Correspondence1956-1960
  View the folder 
519Family and Friends - Correspondence1960-1970
  View the folder 
520Family and Friends - Correspondence1970-1980
  View the folder 
521Family and Friends - Correspondence1980 - 2000
  View the folder 
522Family and Friends - Correspondence2000-
  View the folder 
176A.L. Cardozo Professional Correspondence1954-1979request_box
177A.L. Cardozo Professional Correspondence1980-2004request_box
181A.L. and Irma Cardozo Personal Correspondence1939-1979request_box
182A.L. and Irma Cardozo Personal Correspondence1980-2004request_box

Subseries B: Special Papers and Correspondence, 1950-2003

41Music of the Sephardim - Appreciation1960request_box
42"Our True Sephardic Heritage - Appreciation1962request_box
43Sephardic Songs of Praise - Selected Sephardic Chants1990 - 1992request_box
44Family - Greetings and cards1951 - 1994request_box
45Funerals - Correspondence1954 - 1990request_box
46Individuals - Thank you letters1955 - 2003request_box
47Institutional - Thank you letters1953 - 2002request_box
48Passover-Correspondence1950 - 2002request_box
49Thank you for Bar Mitzvahs1954-1977request_box
410Thank you for Weddings1954-1969request_box
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Subgroup II: Influential Individuals in the lives of Abraham and Irma Lopes Cardozo, 1907-2000

The predominent language of the subgroup is English.
51 folders

Arranged alphabetically according to last name of personality.

Scope and Content:

This subgroup features information on individuals with whom the Cardozos came into contact during their more than 50 years of involvement with Congregation Shearith Israel in New York and with Sephardic communities around the world. It contains materials on such figures as the Haham Solomon Gaon, the Reverend Dr. Louis Gerstein, the Reverend Dr. David de Sola Pool, and Dr. Pool's wife: Tamar Pool. Dr. David de Sola Pool was the Rabbi of Congregation Shearith Israel when Reverend Cardozo became the hazzan there during the 1940s, while Dr. Louis Gerstein was the Rabbi there during the 1960s and 1970s. The Haham Solomon Gaon was a major figure in the Cardozo's community in N.Y. as well as a close friend of their family. There is a collection of photographs included in which the Central Sephardic Jewish Community mounted a plaque at Yeshiva University in honor of Dr. Gaon. Though deriving from individuals familiar to the Cardozos, some of this material long pre-dates these individuals' participation and contact with the Cardozo family. Some figures have been included because they appear to have made a major impact upon the lives of the Cardozos. They were important enough that the Cardozos felt that they wanted them to be included in their archives.

61Abrahams, Yona - Bar Mitzvah1999?request_box
62Affachiner, Rebecca Gertrudeundatedrequest_box
63Azran, Joseph1941-request_box
64 Bendheim1971request_box
65Besso, Henry V. "Judaeo-Spanish - Its Growth and Decline"1971request_box
66Cardozo, Benjamin Nathan1995 - 1998request_box
67Cardozo, D.A. Jessurun - Two Sermons - Obituary - Personalities - Cardozo, I.- Correspondence1962 - 1972 Sept.8 - 1940request_box
68De Sola, D.A.undatedrequest_box
69Gabbai, Rabbi Albert E.2003request_box
610 Gaon, Haham Solomon1968request_box
611Gaon, Haham Solomon - Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America - Presentation of Plaque1995request_box
612 Gaon, Haham Solomon - Memorial1994request_box
613Gaon, Haham Solomon and Regina Correspondence1972 - 1987request_box
614Gerstein, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. - 25th Anniversary1987 Dec.13request_box
615Gerstein, Louis - Dedication of a plaque to Emma Lazarus1969 Nov.2request_box
616Illan, Judith - Sombre Dagan (Dark Summoning)undatedrequest_box
617Jung, Leo - Essentials of Judaism1975request_box
618Lasry, Rabbi Haim - "Sephardic Education Project" Letter of Agreement with ASF and SH1986 Aug.1request_box
619Laufer (neighbor) - Writingsundatedrequest_box
620Lehman, Marcus and Herbert (Governor-NY)undatedrequest_box
621 Lyons, Jacques Judah - Papersundatedrequest_box
622Merkin, Daphne1999 Apr. 26 - 1999 May 3request_box
623Moussaieff, Shlomo - A man of Good fortuneundatedrequest_box
624 Nathan, Edgar J. Jr.; Nathan, Edgar J. III - 350 th Anniversary Dinner in honor of1965, 2004request_box
625Pereira, Haham S. A. Rodrigues1964request_box
71 Pool, David de Sola - Sermons - The numbering of the people1912request_box
72 Pool, David de Sola - Sermons - Zionism as an Expression of Jewish Patriotism1914request_box
73Pool, David de Sola - Sermons - The unchanging law1916request_box
74 Pool, David de Sola - Sermons - Traditional Code of Jewish Education1924 Jun.-Jul.request_box
75Pool, David de Sola-Sermons - Jehuda Halevi's Defense of his faith1925request_box
76Pool, David de Sola - Sermons - Genesis and Evolution1926 Apr.request_box
77Pool, David de Sola - Sermon - Discipline1942 Feb.14request_box
78Pool, David de Sola - 60th Birthday - Congregation Shearith Israel1945 May 16request_box
79Pool, David de Sola - Service for Thanksgiving Day1945 Nov.request_box
710Pool, David de Sola - My Spiritual Autobiography1953request_box
711Pool, David de Sola - Two Sermons - Gevuroth - 80th Birthday
Inaugural Sermon
1965 May 15, 1907 Dec.21request_box
712Pool, David de Sola - The Jewish People-A definitionundatedrequest_box
713Pool, David de Sola - Song of Songs - Which is Solomon's - Includes Cover Photographundatedrequest_box
714 Pool, David de Sola - Synagogue Jeshuat Israelundatedrequest_box
715 Pool Family - Correspondence1981request_box
716Pool, Tamar - Homage to Tamar on her ninetieth Birthday1980request_box
717Pool, Tamar - Letters1970-1981request_box
718 Salomon, Ivan - Obituaries1972 Mar. 29request_box
719Seixas, Gershom Mendes - Thanksgiving Sermon - 17891977request_box
720Seixas, Gershom Mendes - Letters to his daughter Sarah (by David de Sola Pool)1939request_box
721 Toledano, Pinchas1998request_box
722Judah Touro - 1775-1854 - By Dr. S. Joshua Kohn1980request_box
723Wolff Family - Wedding - Rachel and Alton Wolffundatedrequest_box
724Wolff Family - Bat Mitzvah of Erica Ashley Wolff1994 Dec. 4request_box
725Yosef, Ovadia - Correspondence1973 Nov. 8request_box
183Individuals Who Had an Important Effect On the Cardozos1910-2000request_box
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Subgroup III: Congregation Shearith Israel, 1892-2006,  (bulk 1930-1981)

The predominent language of this subgroup is English.
38 folders

Arranged chronologically by project date.

Scope and Content:

This subgroup describes material dealing with Congregation Shearith Israel-The Spanish Portuguese Synagogue of New York City, NY. Reverend Cardozo served there as Assistant Hazzan for more than 50 years. As such, the Synagogue has been extremely important in the lives of both of the Cardozos. This series goes beyond the Cardozos' contact with the Synagogue to describe some of the major events that have taken place there over the past 250 years. Thus, one finds information authored by Rev. David de Sola Pool describing the Mill Street Building, the Crosby Street Building and the 70th Street building that belonged to Shearith Israel over its 300 year history. One also finds information on the 250th anniversary of the Synagogue, of its Tercentenary in 1954, and of the constitution of the Hevra Hesed Va-Emet in 1892. A variety of events are represented which may or may not directly involve the Cardozos.

81Business papers and Correspondence - Dealings with Congregation Shearith Israel1943-1997request_box
82Synagogue Booklets - Mill Street Synagogue - 2 editions1930,1980request_box
83Crosby Street Synagogue1934request_box
8470th Street Synagogue1947request_box
85Congregation and its synagogue - Congregation - Pamphlet1960request_box
86The Little Synagogue - Pamphletundatedrequest_box
87Prayer for the State of Israel - Pamphletundatedrequest_box
88Congregational Postcardsundatedrequest_box
89Gerstein, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. - 25th Anniversary1987 Dec. 13request_box
810Hebrew Relief Society - By-laws1926request_box
811Hevra Hesed va-Emet - Constitution1892request_box
812Hevra Hesed va-Emet - Constitution1901request_box
813Historical Celebrations - Part 1 - Consecration Service1897request_box
814Historical Celebrations - Part 2 - 250th Anniversary1905request_box
815Historical Celebrations - Part 3 - Yearbook1908request_box
816Historical Celebrations - Part 4 - Rededication1921request_box
817The Congregation Shearith Israel: An historical review by N. Tayor Phillips1897request_box
818Ketubot - Marriage Contracts1945-1950request_box
91Liturgy - Bendigamos ; Strange Odyssey of Bendigamosundatedrequest_box
92Manhatten Eruvundatedrequest_box
93Newsletters1946 - 1985request_box
94Personalities - misc.undatedrequest_box
95Personnel lists1960request_box
96Polones Talmud Torah - Girls1941request_box
97Shearith Israel League - Dinner Journal for Ephraim Berliner1970 Mar. 28request_box
98Shearith Israel League - The Pirates of Penzance1981 Mar. 21request_box
99Sisterhood - Centennial Celebration1996request_box
910"Synagogue Events spark NY Area Campaign" - Jewish Week1985 Nov. 22request_box
911Tarry, Victor - Photographsundatedrequest_box
912Tax Exempt Certification1971 Apr.request_box
913Tercentenary: Service of Re-consecration1954 Sept.12request_box
914Bulletin-Shearith Israel - Tercentenary Opens; Tercentenary Pages - Pages1954 Sept. 24request_box
915The Three hundredth Thanksgiving - Booklet1954 Nov.request_box
916Tercentenary Journal - Booklet1955 Apr. 21request_box
917Resolution of CSI Trustees to Sell Light and Easement of 21st Street Cemetery2004 Jan. 12request_box
184Shearith Israel1931-1953request_box
185Shearith Israel1955-1980request_box
191Shearith Israel1990-2006request_box
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Subgroup IV: Organizations, 1974-2008

The predominent languages of the subgroup are English and Dutch.
41 folders

Arranged alphabetically according to name of organization.

Scope and Content:

Rev. and Mrs. Abraham Lopes Cardozo have long been heavily involved in a wide variety of philanthropic and non-profit organizations, many having to do with Jewish education and social welfare agencies. Irma Lopes Cardozo served on the Executive and the Membership committees for many of these organizations, such as Alliance Israelite Universelle and the American Sephardi Federation. Rev. and Irma Lopes Cardozo's service was distinguished with honors by some of these organizations, such as the Yedid Nefesh Award given to them by the Jaffa Institute. With still others, such as the Women's Division of the Central Sephardic Jewish Community, Irma Lopes Cardozo ascended to the position of vice-president and president of the organization. Some of the papers retained from these experiences are included in this series.

Series I : General Organizations, 1974-2008

29 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains a collection of materials from some of the various philanthropic organizations with which Rev. and Mrs. Cardozo worked. They include correspondence, informational brochures, and even the by-laws. Also included are a number of photos, memos, and clippings highlighting the activities of some of the organizations.

101Alliance Israeliete Universelle - Correspondence1976 Junerequest_box
102American Sephardi Federation - By-lawsundatedrequest_box
103American Sephardi Federation - Correspondence1974-2001request_box
104American Sephardi Federation - Executive Committee - Membership Committee1978-1985request_box
105American Sephardi Federation - Second National Convention - Program 1975 Jun.1-2request_box
106American Friends of Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam - Bylaws - Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam - Postcard1991request_box
107Chevra Kadisha - Women'sundatedrequest_box
108Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations - Memo - Kidnapped Israelis2000request_box
109Dalton Community in Israel - Mrs. Louis Gerstein1981 Oct. 15request_box
1010Federation of Jewish Philanthropies - Bookletundatedrequest_box
1011Friends of Akim U.S.A - Mrs. Irma Lopes Cardozo - V.P.1984request_box
1012Jaffa Institute - Bookletsundatedrequest_box
1013Jaffa Institute - Correspondence1997 - 2003request_box
1014Jaffa Institute - Gala Dinners1994, 2001request_box
1015Jaffa Institute - Newspaper Clippings and Bulletins1999-2001request_box
1016Joint Passover Association - Minutes of Board Meeting - Various Correspondence1978 Dec. 7request_box
1017Keren Or Inc. - Jerusalem Institutions for the Blind - Minutes and Correspondence1979-1980request_box
1018Or Ha-Chaim Girls College1976-1977request_box
1019Torah Ve-horah - The Educational Centre1975-1977request_box
1020Women's Division - Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America - Correspondence1978-1983request_box
1021Women's Division - Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America - Mrs. Cardozo - Pres.1984 Apr. 4, 1987 Apr. 29request_box
1022World Sephardic Congress2002request_box
1023World Sephardi Federation - Correspondence1978 Sept. 27request_box
1024Yad Vashem - "Zodat je zult gedenken zolang je leeft" (Dutch)undatedrequest_box
1025Yeshiva University - Correspondence1977-1990request_box
1026Yeshiva University - Jacob E. Safra Institute1991request_box
1027Yeshiva University - Sephardic Reference Room - Y.U. Library1964-request_box
192General Organizations1981-1992request_box
193General Organizations2001-2008request_box

Series II: American Friends of Misgav Ladach Hospital in Jerusalem, 1972-2003

12 folders
Scope and Content:

This series describes material dealing with the American Friends of Misgav Ladach Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. This hospital was originally founded in the late 1800s by Rabbi Isaac Askenazi, the son of the then Chief Rabbi of Eretz Yisrael, as Rishon-Lezion-Hacham Bashi Avraham Askenazi to serve as a women's maternity hospital. A new building was erected for the hospital in the mid-1980s, as is detailed in some of the material cited here. The American Friends of Misgav Ladach Hospital were instrumental in the erection of the new building. Irma Lopes Cardozo served for a number of years as the President of the American Friends of Misgav Ladach hospital, and through her efforts, over $100,000 was raised to help in the construction. Playing such an important role in the organization, Irma Lopes Cardozo has collected a great deal of information about its history, by-laws, and correspondence.

111Booklets on History of Misgav Ladach Facsimile - Certificate presented to Rabbi Avraham Askenazi on his appointment as Chief Rabbi of Eretz Yisrael - Official stamp of Rabbi Isaac Askenazi1976request_box
112American Friends of Misgav Ladach - By-lawsundatedrequest_box
113American Friends of Misgav Ladach - Correspondence1979-2002request_box
114American Friends of Misgav Ladach - Finances1978-1983request_box
115American Friends of Misgav Ladach - Louis E. Rousso1897-1985request_box
116American Friends of Misgav Ladach - News - News clippings and Newsletter1979-1991request_box
117American Friends of Misgav Ladach - Mrs. A. Lopes Cardozo - President - News clipping1979 May 25request_box
118American Friends of Misgav Ladach - Reports1974, 1978request_box
119American Friends of Misgav Ladach - Photosundatedrequest_box
1110American Friends of Misgav Ladach - Sephardi World - Childbirth at Misgav Ladach Hospital1984 Apr.-Mayrequest_box
1111American Friends of Misgav Ladach - Medals1987 May 27request_box
194Misgav Ladach Hospital1981, 1999request_box
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Subgroup V: Communities, 1866-2007

The predominent languages of the subgroup are English and Dutch.
44 folders

Arranged alphabetically according to name of community.

Scope and Content:

The Cardozos have traveled extensively and been ivolved with a wide variety of Sephardic Communities. From Rev. Cardozo's birthplace in Amsterdam to Irma Lopes Cardozo's birthplace in Surinam, there are numerous Sephardic Communities that have been significant in the lives of the Cardozos. In this subgroup are included a number of the major Sephardic Communities with which the Cardozos have come into contact. A separate series contains materials describing the world of Surinam, where Irma Robles Lopes Cardozo was born and spent the first years of her life.

Series I : General Communities, 1866-2007

33 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains a collection of materials from some of the various communities with which the Cardozos have had contact over the past 60 years. The series contains materials extending from the installation of Rev. Prof. B. Artom at the Spanish and Portuguese Jews Synagogue in London in 1866 up to the Janina Sisterhood's 60th anniversary in 1992. The materials have been grouped in general geographical order and then alphabetized.

121Aruba1999 Oct. 27request_box
123Curacao - Review of I.S. Emmanuel's Precious Stones; Postcards;
Curacao's Jews have long rich history (Article)
Double Dutch Treat, Jewish Sentinel (Article)
undated, 1998 Jan.23request_box
124Ethiopia - Music of the Falashas - Wolf Leslauundatedrequest_box
125Finland, Jews of - by Reuben Kashani1985request_box
126Janina - Sisterhood - 60 years1992 May 3request_box
127Jerusalem - Beth Ha-Kenesseth Italianoundatedrequest_box
128Jerusalem - Four Sephardi Synagoguesundatedrequest_box
129London - Spanish and Portuguese Jews Synagogue - Installation of Rev. Prof. B. Artom as Haham1866request_box
1210London - Spanish and Portuguese Jews Synagogue - Selected Readingsundatedrequest_box
1211London - Spanish and Portuguese Jews Synagogue - Annual Meeting of Yehidim2004request_box
1212Netherlands - The Sephardim of Holland1967request_box
1213Netherlands - Speech on Jews of Amsterdam1975request_box
1214Netherlands - Sixth International Symposium on the History of the Jews in the Netherlands1991request_box
1215Newport, R.I. Washington's Letter -Facsimile
"Jews of Newport in Pre-Revolutionary Days" by Dr. Morris A. Gutstein in Sephardic Home News
undated, 1976 Mar.request_box
1216New York : Meshadi Community - New York2001-2003request_box
1217Philadelphia : Congregation Mikveh Israel - Rabbi Jessurun Cardoza - Obituary Congregation Mikveh Israel - Dedication of new Synagogue at Independence Mal1972 Sept. 8-1976 Sept. 12request_box
1218Portuguese Inquisition - Para os 90 anos do Veneravel Senhor meu Pai1971request_box
1219Portugal - Serra da Estrela - Tour of the Ancient Jewries - The last Secret Jews of Sepharadundatedrequest_box
1220Recife - and Cardozo's role in preserving traditionundatedrequest_box
1221Sephardic Musicundatedrequest_box
1222Sephardim in Israel1983 Apr. 6-8request_box
1223Syrian - Pizmon - Jewish Religious and Social Songundatedrequest_box
1224Vienna and Austria - Jewish Vienna - Heritage and Missionundatedrequest_box
1225West Indiesundatedrequest_box
202Bukhara, India1953, 1968request_box
203Curacao, Puerto Rico1994, 2004, undatedrequest_box
204England, Gibraltar1969-2007request_box
205Israel, Middle East1972-2003request_box
206Portugal, Spain1972-1976, undatedrequest_box
207United States1967-2001request_box

Series II : Surinam, 1890-2003

11 folders
Scope and Content:

This series contains a collection of references and articles dealing with Surinam, a locale with which the Cardozos have had contact throughout their lives. The materials contain information about the Jewish community, the general community, the political situation, and the physical landscape and include correspondence from a number of different organizations, informational brochures on a few organizations, and numerous articles from such publications as the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society. Also included are a number of photos, memos, and clippings highlighting the activities in Suriname. Granted independence on November 25, 1975, Suriname added an e to the end of the name of the territory, which was also known as Dutch Guiana.

131Suriname- Popular press1975-2003request_box
132Surinam - Articles - History1975-2003request_box
133Surinam - Articles from Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society1890-1914request_box
134Suriname - Preservation of Antiquities1981-2002request_box
135Suriname - 2 Issues of Suralco Magazine and Teroenga1985-1986, 1950-1956request_box
136Suriname - Cemeteries and Tombstones
Including Compendium on some tombstones from the Jodensavanne in Surinam and documentation and Tombstones of Jodensavanne (Article)
1991, 1997, 1998request_box
137Suriname - Names (including Holocaust victims)undatedrequest_box
138Surinam - Beracha veShalom Synagogue Restored - Photos1972request_box
139Surinam - Newee Sjaloom Synagogue - Centenial1837-1937request_box
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Subgroup VI: Special Topics, 1973-1980

The predominent languages of the subgroup are English and Dutch.
2 folders

Arranged alphabetically according to the title of the folder.

Scope and Content:

Irma Robles Lopes Cardozo has attempted on several occasions to write the story of her life. The first of these two folders contains two such attempts. Irma Lopes Cardozo considers these attempts too sensitive and so has asked that they remain closed until after the parties involved or described herein are all dead. Irma Lopes Cardozo has promised that these efforts are to be replaced by a new autobiography on which she is currently working. The second folder contains correspondence involving the Cardozos which they have deemed too sensitive for public consumption. They have closed these two folders and wish them to remain closed until 25 years after their deaths.

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