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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Besso, Henry Victor
Title: Henry Victor Besso Collection
Dates:bulk 1940-1976
Abstract: The collection documents the work of Henry Besso and reflects various aspects of his professional life, personal research and writings in the field of Sephardic culture, Spanish language and linguistics, and Sephardic and Spanish history. Collection also documents Besso's involvement with Sephardic organizations and communities. Collection includes audio materials, brochures, booklets, clippings, conference procedures, correspondence, government publications, minutes, notes, photographs, printed matter, reports, speeches, and writings and translations by Henry Besso and others.
Languages: The collection is in Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Ladino, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish
Quantity: 59.25 linear feet
Identification: ASF AR-9
Repository: American Sephardi Federation
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Biographical Note

Henry Victor Besso, scholar in the field of Sephardic Studies, writer, teacher, lecturer, and bibliographer, was born in Thessalonikē, Greece in 1905.

In 1920, after the death of both of his parents, Henry and his brother came to the United States and settled in New York. He earned a BA from the City College of New York in 1931, and an MA from the Graduate School of Columbia University in 1934.

From January 1933 to May 1941, Besso worked in various capacities for the Board of Education of New York City.

In May 1941, he began working for the Works Projects Administration (WPA) in Washington, D.C. As part of his professional duties, Besso prepared, in a collaboration with Solomon Lipp, Conversational Spanish for the Army Air Forces of the United States which was published in 1941 by Hastings House, New York. Later Besso began his long-term association with Voice of America as a research analyst and speechwriter. During WWII, he worked for a number of federal agencies in Washington, D.C.

While working as a Librarian and General Editor with the Library of Congress (Hispanic Division) in the late 1940s, Besso was in charge of the preparation of 16 Bibliographical Guides to the Official Publications of the Latin American Republics, which were published in 1947 and 1948. During his tenure at the Library of Congress, Henry Besso began working on a bibliography of Judeo-Spanish, also known as Ladino, books at the Library of Congress. The work, entitled Ladino Books in the Library of Congress, a Bibliography, was published in 1963. It consists of 289 Ladino titles found at the Library of Congress, and is still one of the most authoritative listings of Ladino literature (Box 11 and Box 50). Among Besso's other works in this field are: Dramatic Literature of the Sephardim of Amsterdam, Holland, in the 17th and 18th Centuries; Bibliografia de Maimonides, a list of more than 2000 titles about the work, studies and translations of works by and about Moses Maimonides; Bibliography of Sephardic Proverbs; Don Ramon Menendez Pidal and the Romancero Sefardi, etc.

Henry Besso was associated with the field of teaching and academia for many years. He taught and gave lectures at a number of universities in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. In 1964 Besso lectured and presented his Bibliografia de Maimonides in Cordoba, Spain on the occasion of a celebration in honor of Moses Maimonides. Henry Besso attended a number of international congresses in many countries around the globe, notably in 1960, when he was the first Sephardi Delegate to attend the Tercer Congress of Spanish language Academies.

Besso wrote extensively on Spanish and Judeo-Spanish history, culture, literature and linguistics and made a name for himself in academic circles in this field. One of the most notable of his works in this area is Sephardic Jews in Spain From the Time of Their Settlement Until Their Expulsion. Later in his years, appreciation of his academic work earned him recognition by Instituto Arias Montano in Madrid, Spain; Hispanic Institute of Columbia University in New York, United States as well as a number of other scholarly honors.

In addition, Besso wrote extensively on topics related to Spanish and French literature and linguistics. Of special interest are Two Hundred and Seventy Five Spanish Proverbs and Proverbial Expressions Compiled, Arranged and Translated into English Together with an Introduction, and French Proverbs and Proverbial Expressions, Arranged, Selected and Translated into English with an Introduction and Notes.

Furthermore, Henry Besso contributed to a large number of scholarly journals and magazines in Columbia, Spain, France, the United States and other countries.

In addition to the fields of academic and Sephardic studies, Besso was active in the communal life of Sephardic Jews. He was involved with the Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America and helped establish the Brotherhood Scholarship Fund. He also served as Executive Director of the American Branch of the World Sephardi Federation. In 1967, he helped to found the American Society of Sephardic Studies at Yeshiva University in New York.

In 1976, Henry Besso was honored by the Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture, which published Tract XI, dedicated to Henry Besso. The work, entitled Study of the Meaning of Ladino, Judezmo and the Spanish-Jewish Dialect includes a comprehensive bibliography of Besso's writings as well as reprints of many of his articles.

In the late 1970s, Besso retired and moved to Florida but still kept close contact with scholars, students, and communal leaders of Sephardic communities as well as with those interested in Sephardic culture. Henry Besso died at the age of 87 in 1993 in Florida, United States.

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Scope and Content Note

The Henry Victor Besso Papers (1905-1992) are arranged in eight series and include audio materials, brochures, booklets, card catalogues, clippings, conference procedures, correspondence, government publications, minutes, notes, photographs, printed matter, reports, speeches, writings and translations by Henry Besso and others.

The collection documents the work of Henry Besso and reflects various aspects of his professional life, personal research and writing in the fields of Sephardic culture, Spanish language and history, linguistics and his involvement with Sephardic studies. There is an abundance of materials related to Henry Besso's major interests, including Sephardic subjects, Spanish language and history, and linguistics. The collection includes most of Besso's manuscripts and articles.

The collection is divided into eight Series: Alphabetical; Benardete, Mair Jose; Besso, Henry, Writings; Published Materials; Sephardic Press; Sephardim in Many Lands; Subject Files; and Unfiled. The records are arranged alphabetically by topic within each series. In many cases topics of different series overlap.

The central topic of this collection is Henry Besso's involvement in the field of Sephardic studies. Besso's contribution to this field is well represented by the abundance of his writings, reports presented at various conferences, and printed materials dealing with various aspects of Sephardic subjects. Materials dealing with Sephardic subjects cover such areas as Sephardic culture, literature and language, history, and communities.

Documents pertaining to Sephardic culture cover themes such as Sephardic folklore, (with an emphasis on customs, holidays, folktales, and festivals) and Sephardic music (Romancero), and include song lyrics, sheet music, biographical materials on performers, phono discs, and manuscripts (Series III and Series VII). Of special interest are Sephardic Ballads, Popular Songs, Liturgical Hymns and Musical Composition (Box 11 and Box 50) and Judeo-Spanish Popular Songs, by Isaac Sene (Box 29 and Box 34) .

There is a wealth of materials pertaining to Sephardic literature and language that deal with themes such as the development of Judeo-Spanish (also known as Judezmo or Ladino), its growth and decline, and Sephardic Theater. These materials include various bibliographies of Sephardic literature, Sephardic proverbs and sayings, and biographical materials on Sephardic writers (Series I, Series II, Series III, Series VII, Series VIII). Of special interest are Ladino Books in the Library of Congress (Box 11 and Box 50), Ladino Books Printed in Salonica in the Libraries of the United States (Box 2), Sephardic Ballads, Popular Songs, Liturgical Hymns and Musical Composition (Box 11 and Box 50), Dramatic Literature of the Sephardic Jews of Amsterdam, Holland in the 17th and 18th Centuries (Box 4 and Box 50), and Diccionario Judeo-Espagnol de Salonica, by E. Saporta (Box 27).

Materials pertaining to Sephardic History cover such topics as the history of Spanish Jews and Jewish-Christian relation, and include, among other documents, biographical materials and manuscripts dedicated to well known Jews of Sephardic origin, such as Baruch Spinoza and Moses Maimonides. Of special interest is a bibliography of Maimonides and related materials (Box 6, Box 46, and Box 50), Jews in Portugal, a Bibliography (Box 1), and Sephardic Jews in Spain From the Time of Their Settlement Until Their Expulsion in 1942 (Box 5 and Box 11). Materials on the general history of Jews in Greece, Holland, Israel, Spain, and the United States are also found in the collection.

Materials dealing with Sephardic communities and organizations cover religious as well as secular organizations and pertain to a myriad of functions performed by these organizations, which include educational programs and cultural activities. Most of these are published materials with some correspondence. (Series IV, Series V, and Series VI).

A secondary theme of the collection is Henry Besso's association with academia and the field of linguistics. A considerable portion of these materials relate to Spanish language studies and include reports and lectures from various Spanish language congresses. They consist of correspondence, manuscripts, and printed matter. Most of these materials are in Spanish (Series I and Series III) .

A third prominent topic frequently encountered in the collection is Spanish history. Materials associated with this topic are scattered throughout the collection being best represented in Series I, Series VII, and Series VIII. These materials include biographical and historical materials on prominent Spanish writers, politicians and communal leaders and consist mostly of printed materials, manuscripts, and correspondence.

There are very few materials on the history of Jews in Greece and materials pertaining to Voice of America, for which Besso worked for many years.

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There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
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Acquisition Information

Collection was donated to the American Sephardic Federation in January 2005 by Henry Besso' nephew, Victor Besso and Besso's son, Victor Rene Besso.

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Processing Information

Original order was preserved for Series I, Series II, Series III, Series V, Series VI, and Series VII. These Series retained the titles assigned to them by Henry Besso. Series IV: Published Materials and Series VIII: Unfiled, are made up of the bulk of material marked by Henry Besso as 'Unfiled or Misfiled'. Materials within each series were grouped together by subject and arranged in alphabetical order. The description of each folder includes folder title and date. Processing the collection involved encapsulating photos, photocopying of the most fragile newsprint and thermofaxes, re-boxing and re-foldering using acid-free archival supplies, removing rubber bands, staples and paperclips (and other metal fasteners) where appropriate.

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Series I: Alphabetical, 1910-1985

This series is in Dutch, English, German, Hebrew and Spanish.
8 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series consists mostly of original documents and includes Henry Besso’s manuscripts, lectures and lecture notes, and other related materials. It focuses on Besso’s research in the fields of Judeo-Spanish language, Judeo-Spanish literature and theater, Sephardic (Judeo-Spanish) history, and linguistics. It also contains Besso’s travel notes, a small amount of materials pertaining to his activities as a teacher, and materials about his involvement with various Jewish organizations.

Materials pertaining to Judeo-Spanish language cover such areas as the history of the language, its development and decline, Judeo-Spanish proverbs and sayings, the state of the language, and the relationship to the Castile dialect. They include bibliographies, clippings, manuscripts, and printed materials.

Judeo-Spanish literature materials cover such topics as Sephardic dramatic literature in Holland and Spain, and Sephardic Theater in Holland in the 18th and 19th centuries, and include bibliographies, clippings, manuscripts, and printed matter. Most of these materials are in English.

A significant portion of Series I consists of materials relating to Sephardic history. These materials cover such areas as Jews in Spain before their expulsion, Jews in Portugal and in Holland after the expulsion from Spain in 1492, biographical materials on prominent Sephardic Jews, such as Baruch Spinoza and Moses Maimonides and include a bibliography of Maimonides' writings, manuscripts, articles, and printed matter.

Considerable portion of Series I relates to Spanish language studies. These materials consists of reports and lectures from various Spanish language congresses and include correspondence, manuscripts, and printed materials. Most of these materials are in Spanish.

Series I also includes Henry Besso’s travel notes that he made during trips to France, Germany, Holland and Israel. These notes include general information about the countries visited by Besso and materials that relate to the history and current state of the Jewish population in these countries. These materials consist of correspondence, manuscripts, notes and printed matter. Substantial portion of these materials are in English.

11Aberbanel, Albert1938request_box
12Abravanel, Don1949request_box
13Abravanel, Maurice De1940request_box
14Adult Education1937-1948request_box
15American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese 1951-1970request_box
16Arditii, Benjamin1950-1978request_box
17Arte y Letras1943request_box
18 aAsociation Internacional de Hispanistas1953request_box
18 bAsseo, Besso, Castro familyundatedrequest_box
19Balthazar, Joseph1969request_box
110Baron, Sale1953request_box
111Behar, Nessim1930-1939request_box
112Behar, Passy1959-1961request_box
113Benardete, M.M.1965-1970request_box
114Besso, H. Homenaje Al Benchetritundatedrequest_box
115Benchetrit, Ruth1953request_box
116Benjamin de Tudelaundatedrequest_box
117Besso, Joseph1944request_box
118Besso, H., applications for teaching positions1926-1956request_box
119Besso, H., articles1927-1937request_box
120Besso, H., articlesundated, 1943-1978request_box
121Besso, H., bibliographyundatedrequest_box
122Besso, H., books and articlesundatedrequest_box
123Besso, H., Curriculum Vitae1930-1974request_box
124Besso, H., Estudio Fillologico de Algunos Trozosundatedrequest_box
125Besso, H., historiography of the surname1972request_box
126Besso, H., personal material1958-1981request_box
127Besso, H., personal studiesundatedrequest_box
128Besso, H., personalia1952-1960request_box
129Besso, H., reports1943-1972request_box
130Besso, H., Spanish Jews After Their Expulsion...undatedrequest_box
131Besso, H., Spanish language studies1940-1980request_box
132Besso, H., State of the Jews in Spain before their Expulsion undatedrequest_box
133Biarritz, American University1940-1949request_box
134Bibliography, Bibliographia Judeo-Espanolundatedrequest_box
135Bibliography, bibliographical materialsundated, 1977request_box
136Bibliography, generalundated, 1931-1939request_box
137Bibliography, Jews in Portugalundated, 1968request_box
138Bibliography, Judeo-Spanishundatedrequest_box
21Bibliography, Judeo-Spanishundatedrequest_box
22Bibliography, Judeo-Spanishundatedrequest_box
23Bibliography, Judeo-Spanishundatedrequest_box
24Bibliography, Judeo-Spanishundatedrequest_box
25Bibliography, Judeo-Spanish1942-1961request_box
26Bibliography, Judeo-Spanish1959-1960request_box
27Bibliography, Judeo-Spanishundated, 1977request_box
28Bibliography, Judeo-Spanish books in the LC1959request_box
29Bibliography, Ladino (Masters)undatedrequest_box
210Bibliography, Ladino books in the LC1959-1965request_box
212Bibliography, Ladino Books Printed in Solonica in the Libraries of the United Statesundated, 1959-1962request_box
211Bibliography, Ladino Books Printed in Salonica in the Libraries of the United Statesundated, 1962request_box
213Bibliography, Library of Congress1968request_box
214Bibliography, Library of Congress1969request_box
215Bibliography, LC correspondence1952-1969request_box
216Bibliography, Sephardicundated, 1962-1975request_box
218Bibliography, Sephardic Proverbsundated, 1934-1970request_box
217 aBibliography, Sephardic Proverbsundated, 1948request_box
217 bBina, congregation of Indian Jews1990request_box
31B'nai B'rith1977request_box
32Book reviewsundated, 1941-1949request_box
33Book reviews1960-1979request_box
34Book reviews1960-1979request_box
35Books borrowed from NYPLundatedrequest_box
36Brooklyn College1959request_box
37Business experience1940-1969request_box
38Castigo de Ataliou, Benardete, M.undated, 1936, 1940request_box
39Cirot, George, bibliographyundatedrequest_box
311Clippingsundated, 1951-1985request_box
310Clippings re: Sephardic cultureundated, 1935-1950request_box
312College clubs1940request_box
313Columbus, Christopherundated, 1933-1969request_box
314Congresses, Casa Universal de los Sefardies1931request_box
315Congresses, Congreso de Academias de la Lengua Espanola, Tercera 1960request_box
316Congresses, Congreso de Academias de la Lengua Espanola, Cuarto 1964request_box
317Congresses, Congreso de Academias de la Lengua Espanola, Sexto undatedrequest_box
318Congresses, Congreso de Associacion Internacional de Hispanistas 1965request_box
319Congresses, Congreso de Associacion Internacional de Hispanistas, Sexto1977request_box
320Congresses, Congreso de Cultura Hispanica1960-1969request_box
321Congresses, Congreso de Instituciones Hispanicas1963request_box
322Congresses, generalundatedrequest_box
325Congresses, Instituto de Cultura Hispanicaundatedrequest_box
323Congresses, invitations to attend1963request_box
324Congresses, unofficial reportsundatedrequest_box
326Congresses, World Jewish Congress of Jewish Studies, Trecero 1961request_box
327Congresses, World Congress of Jewish Studies, 3rd1961-1962request_box
41Congresses, World Jewish Congress, annual report1949request_box
43Decadencia del Sefardismoundated, 1929-1970request_box
44 aDramatic literature of the Spanish Jews1952request_box
44 bEstadios Sefardies1980request_box
45Godinex, Filipeundatedrequest_box
46Hispano-Americano, almanac1910request_box
47Holland, Amsterdamundatedrequest_box
48Holland, bibliographyundatedrequest_box
49Holland, Dramatic Literature of the Sephardim in Holland in the 17th and 18th Centuriesundatedrequest_box
410Holland, Dramatic Literature of the Sephardim in Holland in the 17th and 18th Centuries1940-1949request_box
411Holland, general1940-1951request_box
412Holland, Jewsundated, 1935-1944request_box
413Holland, Jewsundated, 1940-1959request_box
414Holland, Judeo-Spanish-Portuguese Literature in Holland in the 17th and 18th Centuries”undatedrequest_box
415Holland, Sephardic community of Amsterdam1950-1983request_box
416Holland, Sephardic literature and theater1947-1982request_box
417Holland, Shatsky, Jacob1938-1949request_box
418Holland, travel notesundated, 1936-1966request_box
419Honorary membership1936-1976request_box
420 aHoroscopesundated, 1951-1968request_box
420 bIbanez, Donna Leo1950-1979request_box
421Israel, Menasse1928-1950request_box
422Israel and Latin America1958request_box
423Israel, trip to1961request_box
424Jewish Affairs1947request_box
425Job searchundated, 1949-1953request_box
426Judaisme Sephardi1938, 1954, 1955request_box
427Judeo-Spanish, articles1931-1967request_box
428Judeo-Spanish, bibliographyundated, 1959request_box
429Judeo-Spanish, bibliographyundated, 1964request_box
430Judeo-Spanish, general1952-1989request_box
431Judeo-Spanish, generalundated, 1966-1973request_box
432Judeo-Spanish, Growth and Declineundated 1963request_box
433Judeo-Spanish, Ladino books in the LC1960request_box
434Judeo-Spanish, Language, its origins …undatedrequest_box
435Judeo-Spanish, literatureundatedrequest_box
436Judeo-Spanish, poetryundated, 1972request_box
51Judeo-Spanish, Sefardies y el Idioma Castellanoundatedrequest_box
52 aKattan, Joseph1948-1982request_box
52 bL'Arche1969request_box
52 cLatin-American Studiesundated, 1942-1955request_box
65Lecture notesundated, 1930-1977request_box
66Lecture notesundated, 1934-1954request_box
67Lecture notes1944-1950request_box
68Lecture notes1950-1959request_box
69Lecture notes1967-1977request_box
610Lecture notes1972request_box
611Lecture notesundatedrequest_box
54Lecture notes re: adult educationundated, 1941-1946request_box
55Lecture notes re: Algunas notas aceira del Judeo-Espanol undatedrequest_box
53Lecture notes re: American Association of teachers of Spanish and Portuguese1967request_box
56Lecture notes re: Cultural Heritage of Sephardic Jews1974request_box
57Lecture notes re: Congress of Spanish Language Academies, Tercera undatedrequest_box
58Lecture notes re: Desarrollo y decadencia del Judeo-Espanol undated, 1961request_box
59Lecture notes re: Don Juan1946-1947request_box
510Lecture notes re: Don Ramon Menendez Pidal and the Romancero Sefardi undated, 1969request_box
511Lecture notes re: Estudios Sefardiesundatedrequest_box
512Lecture notes re: Jews in Latin America1960-1969request_box
513Lecture notes re: Jews of Ladino Tongue and Jews in Moslem Countries undated, 1958request_box
514Lecture notes re: Judeo-Spanish literatureundated, 1953request_box
515Lecture notes re: Lincoln, Abraham1940-1963request_box
516Lecture notes re: Matrimonis Hebros de Ayerundated, 1932-1962request_box
517Lecture notes re: Necesidad de Una Prensa1944request_box
518Lecture notes re: Preserving Sephardic Heritage1963request_box
519Lecture notes re: Recent Theories on the Origins of the Sephardim 1978request_box
520Lecture notes re: Retorno del Exodo…1969request_box
521Lecture notes re: Sefardies: Espanoles sin portia y su lengua 1972request_box
522Lecture notes re: Sefardies y el Idioma Castellanoundated, 1950-1964request_box
523Lecture notes re: Sefardies y el Idioma Castellanoundated, 1968-1973request_box
524Lecture notes re: Sephardic Brotherhood of America1962request_box
525Lecture notes re: Sephardic Community1975request_box
526Lecture notes re: Sephardic Jews in Spain from time of their settlement until their expulsion in 1942undatedrequest_box
527Lecture notes re: Sephardic Wedding1950-1959request_box
528Lecture notes re: Sephardim in the USundatedrequest_box
61Lecture notes re: Sephardim, L' Espagne et la langua espagnoleundated, 1966request_box
62Lecture notes re: Some Aspects of Sephardic Folklore1959request_box
63Lecture notes re: Some Aspects of Sephardic Heritageundated, 1962request_box
64Lecture notes: speechesundated, 1937-1941request_box
612Lectures, flyersundated, 1946request_box
613Maissen, Augustin1965-1967request_box
614Tov, Mosheundatedrequest_box
615Liamgot, Albert1965request_box
617List of persons to whom Besso sent his articlesundatedrequest_box
619Maimonides, bibliographyundatedrequest_box
620Maimonides, bibliographyundated, 1932request_box
621Maimonides, bibliographyundated, 1945-1949request_box
622Maimonides, generalundated, 1935-1937request_box
624Modern Language Association of America1978request_box
625Morrison, Cayce1953request_box
626Mother’s Day1935-1973request_box
627Nathan, Edgar1939request_box
628Nessim, Simon1940request_box
629Onis, Fabrizio1936-1969request_box
630Permissions to appear as speaker1961-1970request_box
631PhD Candidates1967request_box
632Pool, de Soal1940, 1948request_box
633Portugal, Jewsundated, 1960request_box
634 aPulido, Angelundated, 1933request_box
634 bProfessors1931-1936request_box
634 cProodian, Garcia de1968request_box
638Recommendations, letters1934-1960request_box
637Recommendations, letters 1950-1959request_box
71Recommendations, letters1961-1978request_box
72References and other materials1941-1968request_box
73References, letters1930-1939request_box
74Refugiados Sefardies de Grecia en Espana1944request_box
75Reports and speeches, H. Besso1930-1949request_box
76Retorno del Exodoundated, 1932-1945request_box
77Revista Hispanica Moderna1937-1962request_box
78Reynolds, Winston1963request_box
79Riverside Church Radio 1946-1961request_box
711Rosh Hashona1936-1941request_box
712Ruben, Morris1958-1959request_box
81Sephardic material, general1960-1969request_box
718Sephardic material, printed matterundated, 1919-1970request_box
719Sephardic material, printed matterundated, 1931-1980request_box
720Sephardic material, printed matterundated, 1932-1977request_box
721Sephardic material, printed matterundated, 1957-1979request_box
713Sephardic material, Salonica, Jewsundatedrequest_box
714Sephardic material, Sepfardim y Ashkenazi1939request_box
715Sephardic material, Sephardic bibliographical exhibition in Madrid 1959request_box
716Sephardic material, Sephardic Brotherhood of America1962, 1972request_box
717Sephardic material, Sephardic Jews in Greece undated, 1945request_box
722Sephardic material, Sephardic organizationsundated, 1951-1969request_box
723Sephardic material, Sephardic symposium, Madrid1964request_box
724Sephardic material, Sephardic types1930request_box
725Sephardic material, Sephardim, articles and studies1940-1972request_box
83Sephardic material, Sephardim and Spain1925-1969request_box
82Sephardic material, Sephardim and Spain1930-1979request_box
84Sephardic material, Sefardista on Norto America1967-1982request_box
85Sephardic material, World Sephardic Federationundated, 1950request_box
86Shearith Israel, Congregationundated, 1976-1985request_box
87Spain, visits1963-1964request_box
88Spanish language and literatureundated, 1926-1969request_box
89Spinoza, Baruchundated, 1940-1949request_box
810Synagogues, Spanish and Portuguese1930-1939request_box
815Teaching, generalundated, 1949-1953request_box
811Teaching, Spanish1949request_box
812Teaching, teaching and supervision of teachersundated, 1937-1961request_box
813Teaching, testimonialsundated, 1959-1960request_box
814Teaching, textbooksundated, 1954 request_box
816Thesis, Adato, Emma1935request_box
817Thesis, Bassan, Susan1947request_box
818Thesis, Ben David, Eliezer1925 request_box
819Thesis, Correspondenceundatedrequest_box
820Thesis, Berman, Roseundatedrequest_box
821Thesis, Huberman, Gisela1970request_box
822Thesis, Soury, Miriam1959request_box
823Travel notes, France, Germany, and Hollandundated, 1946request_box
824Tribuna Israelita1945request_box
825Tudela, Benjamin de1982 request_box
826Unamuno, Miguelundated, 1930-1970request_box
827Vara, newspaperundated, 1937-1960request_box
828Variousundated, 1960-1967request_box
829Vega, L.1946request_box
830Voz, magazine1951request_box
831Wagner, Max1963request_box
832World Institute for Sephardic Studies1972request_box
833Writings (textbooks and studies)undated, 1949-1969request_box
834Zacuto, Lusitanus1937request_box
835Zevi, Sabbataiundated, 1931-1960request_box
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Series II: Benardete, Mair Jose, 1927-1982

This series is in Dutch, English, Hebrew and Spanish.
1 linear foot


Scope and Content:

This series includes materials pertaining to the life and professional activities of Mair Jose Benardete who was Besso's mentor and who collaborated with him on many occasions.

Mair Jose Benardete was born in Asia Minor and came to the United States in 1910. He became a Professor of Spanish Literature at Brooklyn College and Lecturer at Columbia University and Hunter College. He is the author of numerous articles, books and essays in the field of Spanish and Sephardic literature and civilization, most notably Hispanic Culture and Character of the Sephardic Jews.

Materials in this series include Benardete's personal and professional correspondence with Henry Besso, bibliographical materials on Benardete, and materials pertaining to Judeo-Spanish Theater.

91American Sephardic Council1934-1935request_box
92Assortedundated, 1940-1965request_box
93Behar, Nissimundated, 1927-1937request_box
94Besso, Henry, correspondence withundated, 1928-1944request_box
95Besso, Henry, correspondence withundated, 1945-1969request_box
96Besso, Henry, correspondence withundated, 1970-1982request_box
97Biographical materialsundated, 1937-1980request_box
98Bibliography of M.J. Benardete, H. Bessoundatedrequest_box
99Bibliography of M.J. Benardete, H. Bessoundated, 1964request_box
910Bibliography of M.J. Benardete by H. Bessoundated, 1965request_box
911Committee for the Promotion of Sephardic Culture1967request_box
912Friends of Sephardic Culture, Inc.undated, 1945request_box
913Judeo-Spanish theater, bibliography of plays in Judeo-Spanish 1934request_box
914Judeo-Spanish theater, Castigo de Ataliauundated, 1936request_box
915Judeo-Spanish theater, Celestina1966request_box
916Judeo-Spanish theater, contributors to the playundatedrequest_box
918Judeo-Spanish theater, generalundated, 1928-1938request_box
919Judeo-Spanish theater, generalundated, 1934-1936request_box
917Judeo-Spanish theater, Jewish characters in Spanish drama undated, 1940request_box
920Reviews and articlesundated, 1934-1967request_box
921Testimonial dinner1965request_box
922Unamuno, M.1932request_box
923Vara, newspaper1936-1944request_box
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Series III: Besso, Henry, Writings, 1924-1982

This series is in English , Ladino and Spanish.
2 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series consists of Henry Besso's writings and a small portion of works produced by other authors. The series includes manuscripts and printed materials with the latter being comprised of the articles, lectures and essays published by Besso in a maltitude of journals, magazines and newspapers.

Bibliographies dealing with various aspects of the Sephardic culture constitute a large portion of the series. Also included here are Besso's writings on various topics dealing with Sephardim, notably on Sephardic history and culture.

In addition, materials pertaining to the Couarto Congreso de Academias de la Lengua Espanola, are also included here, particularly lectures by delegates participating in the Congress.

Also included here is correspondence pertaining to the publication of Besso's manuscripts as well as pertaining to his scholarly work.

102Besso's book, materials for, Abravanal, Maurice1942-1972request_box
103Besso's book, materials for, articles and related materials re: Judeo-Spanishundated, 1934-1982request_box
104Besso's book, materials for, bibliography of Besso’s writings undatedrequest_box
105Besso's book, materials for, Club de Espana1966-1969request_box
106Besso's book, materials for, correspondence re: publications undated, 1924-1964request_box
107Besso's book, materials for, correspondence re: publications and scholarly work1932-1980request_box
108Besso's book, materials for, Estudios Sefardiesundated, 1946-1972request_box
109Besso's book, materials for, lectures and other articles by Henry Bessoundated, 1934-1972request_box
1010Besso's book, materials forundatedrequest_box
1011Cirot, George Alfred Eugene, bibliography compiled by H. Besso 1948request_box
1012Congreso de Academias de la Lengua Espanola, Cuarto1964request_box
1013Congreso de Academias de la Lengua Espanola, Cuarto, lectures by the delegates1964request_box
1014Congreso de Academias de la Lengua Espanola, Sexto1972request_box
1015Contributions to Jewish publications1933-1970request_box
1016Espano y los Sefardies. Pasado y Presente1977request_box
1017French and Spanish Proverbs1934request_box
1018Judeo-Spanish-Portuguese Literature in Amsterdam, Holland, in 17th and 18th Centuriesundatedrequest_box
1019Judeo-Spanish proverbsundatedrequest_box
111Judeo-Spanish Study, English Copyundatedrequest_box
112Ladino bibliographyundated, 1962request_box
113Ladino bibliographyundated, 1962request_box
114Ladino Books in the library of Congressundatedrequest_box
115Ladino Books in the library of Congressundatedrequest_box
116Ladino Books in the library of Congressundatedrequest_box
117Latin America as an Export Field1929-1930request_box
118Sephardic Ballads, Popular Songs, Liturgical Hymns and Musical Compositions1960request_box
119Sephardic Ballads, Popular Songs, Liturgical Hymns and Musical Compositions1960request_box
1110Sephardic Jews in Spain From the Time of Their Settlement Until Their Expulsionundatedrequest_box
1111Situacion Actual del Judeo Espanolundatedrequest_box
1112Who’s Who Among the Sephardim in the United Statesundated, 1932-1940request_box
1113World Federation of Sephardi Communities. What It Is and Does 1950request_box
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Series IV: Published Materials, 1905-1992

This series is in English, French, Hebrew, Ladino, and Spanish.
5 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series consists entirely of published materials dealing with various aspects of Jewish life throughout the world and includes booklets, bulletins, journals, magazines, and newsprint. Countries of publication include France, Israel, Latin American countries, Spain, and the United States.

See also: Series V: Sephardic Press and Series VI: Sephardim in Many Lands

121Aki Yerushalayim1981-1984request_box
122Alliance Review1948-1984request_box
123American Judaism1960-1966request_box
124Armistead, S.G., Hassan, I.M., Silverman, J.H., publications 1960-1978request_box
125Besso, Henry, publication1935-1957request_box
126Cahiers de I'Alliance Israelite Universalle1959-1985request_box
127Cahiers de I'Alliance Israelite Universalle1960-1992request_box
128Comparative Romance Linguistics1963-1980request_box
129Congregation Shearith Israel, Bulletin1936-1939request_box
1210Congregation Shearith Israel, Bulletin1940-1949request_box
1211Congregation Shearith Israel, Bulletin1950-1959request_box
1212Congregation Shearith Israel, Bulletin1960-1969request_box
1213Congregation Shearith Israel, Bulletin1970-1979request_box
1214Congregation Shearith Israel, Bulletin1970-1979request_box
158English language publications1930-1983request_box
159English language publications1945-1992request_box
1215Eretz Israel1949-1960request_box
161French language publications1935-1966request_box
162Hebrew language publicationsundatedrequest_box
131Judaisme Sephardi1933-1938request_box
132Judaisme Sephardi1939-1940request_box
133Judaisme Sephardi1950-1951request_box
134Judaisme Sephardi1953-1964request_box
135Judaisme Sephardi1953-1964request_box
136Judaisme Sephardi1960-1963request_box
163Ladino language publicationsundatedrequest_box
1313Library of Congress Information Bulletin1964-1984request_box
1314Library of Congress Information Bulletin1983-1985request_box
1315Library of Congress Information Bulletin1987-1990request_box
1316Noticias Culturales1975-1989request_box
141Nuestra Raza1934-1935request_box
143Rassegna Mensile di Israel1957request_box
144Rassegna Mensile di Israel1957request_box
145Rassegna Mensile di Israel1958request_box
146Revista de la Alliance1953-1958request_box
147Revista de la Alliance1959-1973request_box
148Sephardic Home News1953-1956request_box
149Sephardic Home News1960-1969request_box
1410Sephardic Home News1970-1978request_box
1411Sephardic Home News1970-1978request_box
1412Sephardic Home News1982-1987request_box
1413Sephardic World1972-1984request_box
164Spanish language publications1905-1984request_box
165Spanish language publications1917-1965request_box
166Spanish language publications1929-1968request_box
167Spanish language publications1930-1965request_box
168Spanish language publications1961-1984request_box
151Think, magazine1938-1951request_box
152Tribuna Israelita1945-1956request_box
153Tribuna Israelita1949-1953request_box
154Tribuna Israelita1949-1955request_box
155Tribuna Israelita1949-1955request_box
156Tribuna Israelita1954-1956request_box
157Tribuna Israelita1968-1974request_box
169Voz Sefaradi1966-1971request_box
1610Voz Sefaradi1966-1971request_box
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Series V: Sephardic Press, 1913-1982

This series is in Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, and Turkish.
2 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series consists predominantly of printed materials published in such countries as Israel, Spain, United States, Turkey, and some Latin-American countries. Most materials cover such topics as the history of the Jews (Sephardic and other) in various countries around the globe; as well as culture, language and everyday activities of the members of the diverse Jewish communities. By and large materials pertain to the Jewish communities in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, United States and Israel. Very few materials deal with Eastern and Central European Jewry.

See also: Series IV: Published Materials and Series VI: Sephardim in Many Lands

174American Judaism1951request_box
1711Boz de Oriente1936-1938request_box
1712Boz de Turkiye1940request_box
1715Gaceta de la Prensa Espanola1953, 1954request_box
1718Jewish Digest1940, 1941request_box
1719Jewish Social Studies1952request_box
1720Jewsih Star1957request_box
1721Jewish Tribune1926-1927request_box
1722Jewish Week1969-1971request_box
1723Judeo-Spanish press, aboutundatedrequest_box
1724Liberal Judaism1951request_box
1725L’Information D’Israel1960-1969request_box
1727Luz de Israelundatedrequest_box
1728Luz de Turkiyaundatedrequest_box
1730Magen David Yeshivah Community Bulletin1968-1979request_box
1731Menorah Journal1927-1930request_box
1733National Jewish Monthly1957request_box
1735Nuestra Razaundatedrequest_box
1738Periodismo en US1953request_box
1739Revista de la Alliance1950-1959request_box
1741Sefarad1977, 1979request_box
1743Sephardic Brother1959-1976request_box
181Sephardic Bulletin1928-1930request_box
182Sephardic Home Newsrequest_box
183Sephardic Home Newsrequest_box
184Sephardic Jewish Center of Forest Hills, newsletter1978-1982request_box
185Sephardic Jewish Center of the Bronx, newsletter1950-1977request_box
186Sephardic Journal1936request_box
187Sephardic Messenger1962-1964request_box
188Sephardic press1940-1950request_box
189Sephardic Tribune1936request_box
1810Sephardic Voice1973, 1974request_box
1811Sephardic World1970-1979request_box
1812Shalomundated, 1953, 1969request_box
1813Shearith Israel, Congregation, Bulletin1978-1982request_box
1814Suerta de Historicarequest_box
1818Tribuna Israelita1944, 1956, 1961request_box
1819Tribuna Judiaundatedrequest_box
1822Vera Luz1951-1969request_box
1824Voix Sefaradad1979request_box
1825Voz Sefaradi1968request_box
1826World Sephardi1959request_box
1827Young Sephardiundatedrequest_box
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Series VI: Sephardim in Many Lands, 1908-1981

This series is in English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish.
2 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series consists mostly of printed matter and includes brochures, clippings, journals, magazines, and newspapers that were published in a multitude of countries.

These materials cover a wide variety of topics dealing mostly with the Sephardic Jews. By and large, materials in this series touch on Jewish communities as well as individuals in various countries around the globe. Among the topics represented in this series are history, culture and literature, and the Holocaust.

Materials are arranged by country.

See also: Series IV: Published Materials and Series V: Sephardic Press

193Argentinaundated, 1940-1969request_box
194Assortedundated, 1941-1959request_box
196Balkan States, Jews1930-1949request_box
197Balkans, Jews1913-1939request_box
198Belgium, Jewsundatedrequest_box
199Belgium Congo1959request_box
1912Bulgaria, Cultural Society of the Jewsundated, 1960-1969request_box
1913Bulgaria-Rumania, Jews1930-1979request_box
1914Canada, Jews1970-1979request_box
1916China, Jews1970-1979request_box
1917China, Jews in Shanghai1930-1979request_box
1919Congo-Rhodesia, Sephardim1959-1963request_box
1924Dutch East Indies1938request_box
1927France, History of the French Jews1937request_box
1928Georgian Jews1957request_box
1930Germany, DP and concentration camps in Germany1947, 1965request_box
1931Germany, Feldafing DP camp1946-1947request_box
1929Germany, general1940-1960request_box
1935India1951, 1960-1969request_box
1936Islamic World1950, 1967request_box
1937Israel, Ashkenazim and Sephardimundated, 1970-1979request_box
1938Israel, Eichmann’s trial1961request_box
1939Israel, general1940-1949request_box
1940Israel, general1950-1979request_box
1941Israel, Jerusalem1930-1969request_box
1942Israel, Sephardic Jewsundatedrequest_box
1943Israel, Six-Day War1967request_box
1944Italyundated, 1938-1969request_box
1946Japan1964, 1973request_box
1948Latin America1960-1969request_box
1949Malta, Jews1942request_box
1950Mexicoundated, 1928-1971request_box
1951Moroccoundated, 1928-1979request_box
1952Oriental Jewsundated, 1930-1970request_box
1957Poland, Warsaw ghetto1942request_box
202Russiaundated,1932, 1966request_box
203Sephardic materialundated, 1940-1979request_box
204South America, communities1971request_box
206Spain and Israelundatedrequest_box
207Spain, Barcelonaundatedrequest_box
208Spain, Franco and the Jews1936-1970request_box
205Spain, generalundated, 1932request_box
209Spain, Inquisitionundatedrequest_box
2010Spain, Jewsundatedrequest_box
2011Spain, Jews in Galicia1930request_box
2012Spain, Jews in Mallorcaundated, 1932-1969request_box
2013Spain, Madrid synagogueundatedrequest_box
2014Spain, Sevillaundated, 1931, 1961request_box
2015Spain, Toledoundated, 1930, 1971request_box
2016Spain and Portugal, Sephardic Jewsundated, 1970-1979request_box
2017Syriaundated, 1958, 1973request_box
2019Turkeyundated, 1908-1969request_box
2020United States, American black Jews1957request_box
2021United States, Communal life of the Sephardic Jews in New York undated, 1926-1939request_box
2022United States, intermarriageundatedrequest_box
2026United States, Jewish Daily Forward1926request_box
2023United States, Jewsundated, 1930-1949request_box
2024United States, Jewsundated, 1950-1979request_box
2025United States, Jewsundated, 1932-1976request_box
2027United States, Mordecai Noah-radio production1931-1939request_box
2028United States, Spaniards and Hispano Americansundated, 1951-1950request_box
2029United States, Stephen Birmingham' book 'The Grandees'1970-1979request_box
2030United States, Syrian Jews in New Yorkundatedrequest_box
2031Virgin Islandundatedrequest_box
2032Yugoslaviaundated, 1970-1979request_box
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Series VII: Subject Files,  1920-1989

This series is English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Ladino, and Spanish.
20.25 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series contains materials collected by Henry Besso that reflect his personal interests as well as his academic and professional activities. They pertain to such subjects as Sephardic folklore, Romancero (Sephardic Music), Sephardic Societies and Organizations, Sephardic Literature and language, academia, linguistics, Spanish history and culture, and Spainish-Jewish relations.

Materials pertaining to Sephardic folklore cover such areas as Jewish cooking, customs, holidays, music, folktales, weddings and festivals. By and large these are printed materials (brochures, clippings, flyers, newspapers) but there is also correspondence and manuscripts of articles written by Henry Besso himself.

Materials pertaining to Romancero include song lyrics, sheet music, biographical material re: Romancero performers, and audio recordings. These materials consist of printed matter (clippings, brochures, Photostat copies), manuscripts by Besso, correspondence, and phono discs.

Materials pertaining to Sephardic Societies and Organizations cover religious as well as secular organizations and refer to a variety of functions performed by these organizations. These materials cover such topics as educational programs targeted at the restoration of interest in the Sephardic culture and language, as well as cultural and charitable activities. Most of these materials are published materials with some correspondence and manuscripts written by Besso.

Materials pertaining to Sephardic Literature and Language contain samples of Judeo-Spanish language, articles and manuscripts by Besso and other authors on the history of Judeo-Spanish literature, collections of sayings and proverbs, and biographical materials on Judeo-Spanish writers. Most of these materials are printed but manuscripts and correspondencealso are also included.

Materials pertaining to Besso’s involvement in academia and linguistics include minutes, reports, copies of procedures from various conferences, teacher’s plans and other materials. Most of these materials are typed.

Materials pertaining to Spanish history and culture include biographical and historical materials on prominent figures in Spanish history and materials covering various periods in the history of Spain. These materials are mostly printed matter with some correspondence and manuscripts also included.

Materials pertaining to Spain and the Sephardim contain biographical materials describing prominent figures among Jews and Spaniards who were involved in cultural and other relationships between these two peoples.

Series VII contains artifacts, audio tapes, bulletins, clippings (mostly in English and Spanish), correspondence, flyers, histories, journals, manuscripts (mostly in English and Spanish), minutes, photographs, programs, records, reports, and scrapbooks. They consist of original documents, photostat Xerox copies, and hand-written materials.

211Abarbanel, Albert1938request_box
212Aboab, Mair1940request_box
213Aboaf, Americo1930-1949request_box
214Abolafia, Morrisrequest_box
215Abolafia, Louise1960-1961request_box
216Abravanel, Edgar1952request_box
217Abravanel, Eugene1974request_box
218Abrevaya, Rosalyn1970-1971request_box
2112Academia Colombianaundated, 1960-1979request_box
219Academia Espanolaundated, 1930-1969request_box
2111Academia Espanola de los Judios1970-1979request_box
2110Academia de la Lengua Espanola1970-1979request_box
2113Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Espanola1980-1989request_box
2114Academicas Hispanicasundated, 1970-1979request_box
2115Academy of Political Science1949-1951request_box
2116Adatto, Albertundated, 1970-1977request_box
2117Adatto, Emma1970-1979request_box
2118Adler, Cyrus1932-1935request_box
2119Aelion, Leon1933-1959request_box
2120Aguilar, Manuelundated, 1960-1989request_box
2121Aguilar, S.A. de Edicionesundated, 1960-1969request_box
2122Aguilera, Franciscoundatedrequest_box
2123Aid, Frances1978request_box
2124Ajouelo, Davis J.1939request_box
2125Albert, Carl1975-1976request_box
2126Alberta, university1970-1979request_box
2127Alcalay, Isaacundated, 1940-1959request_box
2128Alcalay, R.1958request_box
2129Alfonso, Luis1960-1969request_box
2130Algaze, Benundated, 1940-1949request_box
2131Algazi, Isaac1940-1949request_box
2132Algazi, Leonundated, 1950-1959request_box
2133Alliance Israelite Universelle1950-1989request_box
2134Almalek, Marius and Albertundatedrequest_box
2135Alonso, Amado1940-1949request_box
2136Alpern, Hymen1920-1959request_box
2137Altchek, Carenundatedrequest_box
2138Altchek, Emanuel1950-1959request_box
2139Alvar, Manuel1950-1959request_box
2140Alzola, Concepcion1960-1969request_box
2141Amateau, Albertundated, 1970-1979request_box
2142Amateau, M.1950-1959request_box
2143Amato, Abraham1951request_box
2144Amato, David1950-1959request_box
2145American Academy for Jewish Research1974request_box
2146American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese undated, 1950-1989request_box
2147American Association of University Professors1960-1989request_box
2148American Council of Learned Societies1940-1949request_box
2149American Federation of Government Employees1980-1989request_box
2150American Hebrew1930-1949request_box
2151American Jewish Congress1975-1976request_box
2152American Jewish Historical Society1932-1989request_box
2153American League for Citizenship1930-1939request_box
2154American Sephardi1970request_box
2155American Sephardi Federation 1971-1977request_box
221American Society of Sephardic Studies1970-1979request_box
223Ames, Norman B.1947request_box
224Amigos de Espana1964request_box
225Amir, Isaacundated, 1940-1979request_box
226Amzalak, Moses Bensabat 1930-1979request_box
227Angel, Fannie1940-1949request_box
228Angel, Joseph1933request_box
229Angel, Marc1972-1985request_box
2210Applebaum, Joy Zacharia 1976-1977request_box
2211Applebaum, Samuel 1950-1959request_box
2212Arama, Michelundatedrequest_box
2213Arce, Joseph M.1965request_box
2214Arciniegas, German 1930-1989request_box
2215Arditti, Adolfo1960-1984request_box
2216Arena Stage Theater 1960-1961request_box
2217Arkin, Alex1970-1979request_box
2218Armellada, Cesareo de 1978request_box
2219Armistead, Samuel and Silverman, Joseph1964, 1970request_box
2220Arnaud, Leopold1964request_box
2221Ash, Marion1952request_box
2222Ascher, Gloria1970-1984request_box
2223Ashkenazi, Vladimir 1972request_box
2224Asociacion Internacional de Hispanistasundated, 1960-1979request_box
2225Asociacion Internacional de Hispanistasundatedrequest_box
2228Assa, Nissim1939request_box
2229Asseo, Isaac1940-1941request_box
2230Associated Press1976request_box
2232Attias, Moshe1961request_box
2233Aubrun, Charles1940-1949request_box
2234Avigdor, Albert1972-1982request_box
2235Avni, Haim1964request_box
2236Ayash, Edward1928-1967request_box
2237Aybar, Amalia1947request_box
2238Ayuso, Guillermo 1963request_box
2239Azancot, Moisesundatedrequest_box
2240Azaria, Sarah1949request_box
231Babani, Isaac1969-1971request_box
232Badillo, Herman1973request_box
233Baena, Lilia1962request_box
234Baer, Fritz1932request_box
235Bahar, Morris V.undatedrequest_box
236Baker, Jack1955request_box
237Baldanza, Stephen W. 1961request_box
238Balenchana, Jose A. 1962request_box
239Bali, Roberto1964-1971request_box
2310Balseiro, Jose A. 1960, 1981request_box
2311Banches, Enriqueundated, 1961request_box
2312Bandelac de Pariente, Alberto 1931request_box
2313Barba, Jacob1940request_box
2314Barcelon y Barcelo-Soriano, Emeterio1967-1968request_box
2315Barkey, Isaac H.1928-1929request_box
2316Barlow, Jose1939request_box
2317Barnett, Richard D. 1962-1973request_box
2318Barnola, Pedro Pablo 1975, 1985request_box
2319Barocas, David N. 1941-1973request_box
2320Barocas, David N. undated, 1970-1979request_box
2321Barocas, Davidundated, 1979request_box
2322Baron, Salo W.1971-1976request_box
2323Bartock, Tibor1962request_box
2324Baruch, Bernard1950-1959request_box
2325Baruch, J. Z.1974request_box
2326Bassan, Susan1950request_box
2327Basseches, Bruno1962, 1964request_box
2328Bataillon, Marcel 1962request_box
2329Baumgardt, David1948request_box
2330Bedlock, Leo1960-1969request_box
2331Behar Passy, Y.1960request_box
2332Behar, Dr. Jacques 1930-1939request_box
2333Behar, Robert and Renee 1953request_box
2334Behar, Victor1932request_box
2335Beinart, Haim1964-1973request_box
2336Bejarano, Haim1931request_box
2337Bela, Ramon1976-1980request_box
2338Belasco, Davidundatedrequest_box
2339Bellis, Tom and Genevieve 1950, 1965request_box
2340Beltran, Guerrero, Luis undatedrequest_box
2341Benardo, Leo1961request_box
2342Benarroch, Carlos 1965-1976request_box
2343Benarroya, Abraham and Leon 1964request_box
2344Benayahu, Meir1960, 1961request_box
2345Benazeraf, Raphael 1979-1982request_box
2346Benbassat, Jose1944-1949request_box
2347Benchetrit, Aaron 1928-1959request_box
2348Benchetrit, Aaron undated, 1930-1967request_box
2349Benchetrit, Aaron 1960-1967request_box
2350Benchetrit, Aaron undatedrequest_box
2351Benchetrit, Carmen Ruth de undated, 1950-1959request_box
2352Benchetrit, Sophy R. Badillo de1968-1971request_box
2353Benezra, Robert1957request_box
2354Benichou, Paul1959request_box
2355Benitez, Jaime1980request_box
2356Ben-Meir, Gad1965request_box
2357Benoliel, Jose1976request_box
2358Benrube, Samuelundatedrequest_box
2359Benrubi, Isaac1952-1963request_box
2360Bensaya, David1941request_box
2361Bensignor, Moise1932-1982request_box
2362Bension, Ariel1927-1932request_box
2363Bensoussau, Albert and Mathildeundatedrequest_box
2364Bentata, Jacob1960-1979request_box
2365Benveniste, Morris 1943request_box
2366Benveniste, Elie1952-1961request_box
2367Benveniste, Jacquesundatedrequest_box
2368Benveniste, Guyundatedrequest_box
2369Benveniste, Haiim 1940-1949request_box
2370Benveniste, Ralph 1943request_box
2371Ben-Zvi, Itzhak1961request_box
2372Bercorici, Conrad undatedrequest_box
2373Bergeron, Maxineundatedrequest_box
2374Bergson, Henri1941request_box
2375Berkowitz, H.1944request_box
2376Berlin, Charles1971request_box
2377Bernades, Vicente 1933request_box
2378Bernard, Michael1965request_box
2379Bernstein, Bernard 1933request_box
2380Berry, Sidney N.undatedrequest_box
2381Bertini, Giovannia Maria 1966request_box
2382Besso, Amalia1928request_box
2383Besso, Marcoundated, 1972request_box
2384Besso, Maurice E. 1958request_box
2385Besso, Michele1972request_box
241Betanzos Palacios, Odon 1980-1982request_box
242Beton, Sol1978-1981request_box
243Better Business Bureau, NYC 1952request_box
244Biarritz American Universityundated, 1940-1949request_box
245Bibiotheque Nationale de Paris 1931, 1966request_box
246Biblioteca Colon1974request_box
247Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana 1933request_box
248Bichachi, Abraham1950request_box
249Bihler, Heinrich1974, 1975request_box
2411Blasco Ibanez, Vicente 1973request_box
2412Bloch Publishing Company 1962request_box
2413Blondheim, S. D.1933, 1935request_box
2414Blum, Ronald1970-1979request_box
2415B'nai Brith1962-1983request_box
2416B'nai Brith Miami Latin Lodge 1979-1982request_box
2417Board of Education, DC 1947, 1958request_box
2418Board of Education, NYC 1955request_box
2419Boggs, R. S.1964request_box
2420Bohm, Guenther1972request_box
2421Bolivar, Simon1930-1969request_box
2422Bonet, Narcis1963request_box
2423Bonilla, Nellie Jorge de 1968-1980request_box
2425Boston Public Library 1931, 1937request_box
2426Botton, Isaac deundatedrequest_box
2427Botton, Jean de1970request_box
2428Bouchard, Paulundated, 1960-1969request_box
2429Bowker Co.undated, 1969-1977request_box
2430Boyd- Bowman, Peter 1970-1979request_box
2431Brana, Manuelundatedrequest_box
2432Brandao, Joao1952request_box
2433Braunschvig, Jules 1964request_box
2434Braunstein, Baruch 1932-1947request_box
2435Briceno, Olgaundatedrequest_box
2436Brill Publishers1960-1969request_box
2437Bueno, Uribe1974request_box
2438Bulletin Hispanique 1952request_box
2439Bulletin of Spanish Studies 1936request_box
2440Bunis, David1968-1977request_box
2441Burks, J.1970request_box
2442Cabrera Leiva, Guillermo 1968-1980request_box
2443Calvet, Guy1950-1959request_box
2444Camhy, Ovadia1954-1973request_box
2445Camp, James1975request_box
2446Campbell, D1974request_box
2447Campos Oriola, J.M. undatedrequest_box
2448Cansinos Assens, Rafael undated, 1950-1968request_box
2449Cantala, J.1950-1959request_box
2450Canter, Jacob1969-1974request_box
2451Cantera Ortiz de Urbina, Jesus1960-1969request_box
2452Cantera y Burgos, Francisco 1960-1969request_box
2453Capdevila, Arturo 1952-1961request_box
2454Capon, Benjamin I. 1957request_box
2455Capsouto, Marco1960-1969request_box
2456Carasso, Alexander H. and Katherineundatedrequest_box
2457Caravias, Orpheus 1964request_box
2458Cardozo, Justice Benjamin N. 1930-1939request_box
2459Cardozo, D. A. Jessurun 1932-1968request_box
2460Caro Baroja, Julio 1960-1969request_box
2461Casa Hispanica at Columbia University1971request_box
2462Casado Linarejos, Julio 1980request_box
2463Casals, Pablo1957, 1967request_box
2464Casas, Padre Jose Antonio 1961request_box
2465Cassell's Publishers 1970-1973request_box
2466Cassin, Reneundatedrequest_box
2467Castejon, Rafael1975request_box
2468Castel, Nico1970-1979request_box
2469Castelar, Emilio1932request_box
2470Castelnuovo, Elias undatedrequest_box
2471Castro, Angelo1974request_box
2472Castro, Fidel1957-1977request_box
2473Castro, Morris Fidanque de 1950request_box
2474Castro, Americo1928-1952request_box
2475Castroviejo,Ramon 1938-1955request_box
2476Catholic University 1958-1961request_box
251Celnik, Isaac1961request_box
252Census, U.S.1920-1940request_box
253Cervantes, Miguel de undatedrequest_box
254Cespedes, Guillermo 1964request_box
255Chambers, Fredundatedrequest_box
256Chang-Rodriguez, E.undatedrequest_box
258Chavez, Carlosundatedrequest_box
259Chavez, Dennis1950-1963request_box
2510Chazin, Maurice1941-1953request_box
2511Childers, J. Wesley 1947request_box
2513Cirot, Georgeundated, 1940-1949request_box
2514Civil Rights1947request_box
2515Clapp, Verner W.1947-1951request_box
2516Cline, Howard F.1969request_box
2517Club de Espana1960-1969request_box
2518Club de Espanol1950-1969request_box
2519Club Espanolundatedrequest_box
2520Coelho, Arthur1952request_box
2521Cogswell, Edward and Mary 1970-1979request_box
2522Cohen, Edward M.1970request_box
2523Cohen, Moses M.1960-1969, 1980request_box
2524Cohen, Joseph1936-1949request_box
2525College of the City of New York1930-1939request_box
2526Columbus, Christopher undated, 1930-1939request_box
2527Columbus, Christopher undated, 1930-1939request_box
2528Comparative Romance Linguistics1968-1981request_box
2529Comparative Romance Linguistics Newsletter1981, 1982request_box
2530Confederatoin Universelle des Juifs Sepharadimundatedrequest_box
2531Congregation Shearith Israel 1960-1969request_box
2532Coppenhagen, J.H. 1965request_box
2533Coriat, M.1944request_box
2534Cornejo, Justino1975, 1976request_box
2535Corre, Alan D.1970request_box
2536Correa Calderon, E. 1980request_box
2537Correspondence re: published books1932, 1971request_box
2538Cortazar, Augusto Raul 1948, 1975request_box
2539Council of the Sephardi and Oriental Communities1967, 1976request_box
2540Coune, Jack and Mary 1975request_box
2541Covo, Albert1943, 1944request_box
2542Creach, Alphonse1948request_box
2543Crespi, Joseph1938request_box
2544Crespin, Regine1970request_box
2545Crews, Cynthia1937-1967request_box
2546Criado de Val, Manuel 1960-1979request_box
2547Crisafulli, Alessandro C. 1948request_box
2548Croitoru, Itic1970-1979request_box
2549Croudo, Eli1955request_box
2550Cultural Society of the Bulgarian Jews1975, 1976request_box
2551Curiel, Elias David 1955, 1971request_box
2552Dacal, Ernesto1954-1964request_box
2553Dalven, Joseph1970-1977request_box
2554Dalven, Rachel1940-1976request_box
2555Dam, C. F. A. van 1932-1946request_box
2557Dario, Rubenundated, 1931request_box
2558Davis, Edward and Rose 1966-1980request_box
2559Davis, Majorundatedrequest_box
2560Davis, Harold E.1946-1948request_box
2561Davis, Moshe1964request_box
2562Dayan, Morris and Esther 1953request_box
2563Defez, Louise and Ely 1980request_box
2564Dehennin, Elseundatedrequest_box
2565Delgado, Celiaundated, 1950-1959request_box
2566Delmas, O.undatedrequest_box
2567Derosa, Terry1955request_box
2568Diamond, Louna1960-1980request_box
2569Diario de las Americas 1982request_box
2570Diaz Esteban, Fernando 1980-1989request_box
2571Diaz Plaja, Guillermo undated, 1970request_box
2572Dickens, Fred1970request_box
2573Dienstag, Jacob I. 1962-1967request_box
2574Diez Macho, Alejandro undatedrequest_box
2575Dille, Glen F.1980request_box
2576Dinar, Shabetay1969request_box
2577Disciplina Clericalis undatedrequest_box
2578Displaced Persons 1940-1949request_box
2579Djaen, Shabetayundatedrequest_box
261Dobrinsky, Herbert C. 1969request_box
262Doctorate (Ph.D.)undatedrequest_box
263Don Juanundatedrequest_box
264Doppagne, Albert1966, 1972request_box
265Dorn, Francis E.1957request_box
266Dowling, Thomas1974request_box
267Doyle, Henry Grattan undated, 1940-1949request_box
268Ecole Nationale des Langues Orientales Vivantes1931request_box
269Editorial Castalia 1966request_box
2610Efros, Israel1936request_box
2611Einstein, Albertundatedrequest_box
2612Elazar, Daniel1979request_box
2613Eliachar, Elie1961-1974request_box
2614Elias, Eli1949request_box
2615Elias, Hy1972request_box
2616Elias, Joseph1970-1979request_box
2617Elias, Sy1970request_box
2618Elmaleh, Abraham1946-1961request_box
2619Elmaleh, Jo1972request_box
2620Elmaleh, Leon1932, 1972request_box
2621Elnecave, Nissim1980request_box
2622Elyachar, J. R.undated, 1956request_box
2623Emanuel, Victor1946request_box
2624Emerson, Ralph Waldo undatedrequest_box
2625Emmanuel, Isaac S. undated, 1940-1940request_box
2626Enciclopedia Judaica Castellana1960-1969request_box
2627Encomienda, Marques de la 1971request_box
2628Epstein, I.1961, 1962request_box
2629Erice, Michael1974request_box
2630Escobar, Manuel1965request_box
2631Escolar Sobrino, Hipolito 1979request_box
2632Espana Nueva1935request_box
2633Espasa-Calple, S.A. 1963request_box
2634Espina, Concha1930-1939request_box
2635Espinosa, Jose Manuelundatedrequest_box
2636Esquenazi Mayo, Roberto 1962request_box
2637Essefian, S.A.undatedrequest_box
2638Esteva, J.1949request_box
2639Estrella Gutierrez, Fermin undated, 1981request_box
2640Estrugo, Jose M.undated, 1958request_box
2641Ethnology Race Relations 1940-1940request_box
2642Evans, Luther1948, 1950request_box
2643Fabregat, Enrique Rodriguez 1953request_box
2644Fainboim, Jaimeundatedrequest_box
2645Fanning, Richard J. undated, 1970-1979request_box
2646Faur, Jose1968, 1973request_box
2647Federation of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia1977request_box
2648Feldafing Concentration Camps 1940-1949request_box
2649Feldman, Leon A.1963request_box
2650Felipe, Leon1970-1979request_box
2652Feret and Fils1937-1953request_box
2653Fernandel Salas, Louis 1964, 1967request_box
2654Ferran, Jaimeundated, 1963request_box
2655Ferrero, Dauntonundatedrequest_box
2656Ferrero, Guglielmo 1944request_box
2657Fichter, William L. 1945request_box
2658Finkelstein, Louis 1945-1962request_box
2659Fishman, Fern1963request_box
2660Fleischman, Henry 1934, 1935request_box
2661Florentin, Mario1944request_box
2662Florez, Luis1960request_box
2663Florit, Eugenio1965, 1968request_box
2664Folk-lore Society 1935request_box
2665Folkways Records1959request_box
2666Foundation Jacob Beneviste 1950-1959request_box
2667Fonfrias, Ernesto Juan 1969-1983request_box
2668Forcadas, Albert1977-1980request_box
2669Ford Foundation Award 1953request_box
2670Ford, Gerald1970-1979request_box
2671Foreign Trade1929, 1946request_box
2672Fortas, Abe1968request_box
2673Forti, Emilundatedrequest_box
2674Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture Inc.1973request_box
2675Frances, Eliau1932request_box
2676Frances, Jose1932request_box
2677Franco, F.undated, 1954request_box
2678Frank, Anne1957request_box
2679Frank, Waldo1920-1929request_box
2680Frankfurter, Felix 1971request_box
2681Freedenberg, Rose 1947request_box
2682Fredman, Ruth Gruber 1981request_box
2683Freeman, Reuben1928-1937request_box
2684French and European Publications1942request_box
2685Frenk Alatorre, Margit 1976request_box
2686Fresco, David1938request_box
2687Fresco, Mauricio1968-1970request_box
2688Frey, Herschel J. 1968request_box
2689Friedenberg, Janice 1946request_box
2690Fromm, M.M.1964request_box
2691Fugate, J.1960request_box
2692Fulbright and Smith-Mundt Acts1961request_box
2693Gabirol, Solomon Ibn undatedrequest_box
2694Gadol, D.M.undated, 1940-1949request_box
2695Gaguine, Benito1940, 1973request_box
2696Galante, Abraham1932, 1939request_box
2697Galdos, Perez Benito undated, 1960-1969request_box
2698Galimir, Marcoundated, 1940-1949request_box
2699Gambach, Nessim1970-1979request_box
26100Gamzey, Robert1962request_box
26101Gaon, M.D.1953request_box
26102Gaon, Solomon1960-1969request_box
26103Garasa, D.L.1960-1969request_box
26104Garcia de Proodian, Lucia 1968request_box
26105Garcia Monje, Joaquin 1948request_box
26106Garcia Prada, Carlos 1962request_box
26107Garcia Rodriguez-Acosta, Antonio J.1964request_box
26108Garcia Valdecasas, Alfonso 1974request_box
26109Garzon, Julio1944-1975request_box
26110Gaster, Theodor1947request_box
26112Gattegno, Leon1965-1976request_box
26113George Washington University 1961-1968request_box
26114Gerstein, Louisundatedrequest_box
26115Gerstenfeld, Norman 1962request_box
26116Gilbert, Helen1953-1975request_box
26117Gimenez Cabellero, Ernesto 1930-1964request_box
26118Glass, Elliot1973request_box
271Glick, Nathanundated, 1970-1979request_box
273Goicoechea Romano, Cesareo 1960-1969request_box
274Gold, David L.1971-1975request_box
275Gold, Harold1975request_box
276Gold, Leonard1949request_box
277Goldberg, Arthur Joseph 1968request_box
278Goldberg, Isaac1949, 1957request_box
279Golden, Harryundated, 1950-1959request_box
2710Goldman, Moises1960-1972request_box
2711Gomez Aparicio, Pedro 1965request_box
2712Gonzalez Llubera, Ignacio 1934request_box
2713Gonzalez Lopez, Emilio 1959request_box
2714Gonzalez Maeso, David 1950-1967request_box
2715Gonzalez, Arnando 1976request_box
2716Gordon, Cyrus1962request_box
2717Gottheil, Richard 1931request_box
2718Grases, Pedro1973-1983request_box
2719Greece, Aмepikaнikн Poiнαн1961request_box
2720Greece, Deportation of Jews from Salonicaundatedrequest_box
2721Greece, Diccionario Judeo-Espagnol De Salonica, E. Saportaundatedrequest_box
2722Greece, History of Greek Jews undated, 1933-1969request_box
2723Greece, Jews1923-1924request_box
2724Greece, Jews of Salonica undated, 1937-1962request_box
2725Greece, Salonique et los Judeo-Espagnolsundated, 1965request_box
2726Green, Philip Leonard 1941request_box
2727Greenberg, Jacob1954request_box
2728Grossman, Max1945-1975request_box
2729Grotas, Sam1957-1958request_box
2730Grunbaum, M.undatedrequest_box
2731Guberek, Julio1982request_box
2732Guedalia, Judah1950request_box
2733Guerra, Emilio1954request_box
2734Guggenheim Foundation 1930-1939request_box
2735Guinzbourg, Victor de1959request_box
2736Gutierrez, Alberto 1980request_box
2737Guzman Reina, Antonioundatedrequest_box
2738Habib Theaterundatedrequest_box
2739Habib, Joseph1941-1970request_box
2740Haboucha, Regina1977request_box
2741Hacker, Lewis1941-1953request_box
2743Hakim, David1959request_box
2744Halegua, Alfredo1974request_box
2745Halevi, Yehudaundatedrequest_box
2746Halevy, M.A.1968request_box
2747Hallandale Digest 1979request_box
2748Hallo, Anibal1963-1968request_box
2749Hamos, Andreaundatedrequest_box
2750Handlin, Oscar1971request_box
2751Hanke, Lewis1970-1979request_box
2752Hanna, Awad1959-1961request_box
2753Hanoka, Benny1925request_box
2754Hanoka, Nissim1927-1947request_box
2755Harrison, Wallace K. 1949request_box
2756Harvard University Library 1964-1980request_box
2757Harvey, Monica1965request_box
2758Hassan, Jacob M.1964-1975request_box
2759Hasson, Albert J. 1940-1949request_box
2760Hasson, A.undatedrequest_box
2761Hastings House1945-1955request_box
2762Hatzfeld, H.1959-1961request_box
2763Hayes, F.C.1980request_box
2764Haynes, Robert H. 1957-1959request_box
281Hebreo, Leonundatedrequest_box
282Hebreo, Leonundated, 1930-1939request_box
283Hebrew anguage and literature undated, 1950-1969request_box
284Hebrew pronounciation undatedrequest_box
285Hebrew Union College Library 1962request_box
286Heine, Heinrichundatedrequest_box
287Hemsi, Alberto1962-1963request_box
288Hendricks, Henry S. 1937request_box
289Henriquez i Carvajal, Federico 1948request_box
2810Henriquez-Urena, Pedro 1962request_box
2811Herling, John1958request_box
2812Herrera, Manuel1968request_box
2813Herrera, Roberto1980request_box
2814Herzl Instituteundatedrequest_box
2815Herzl, Theodorundated, 1940-1960request_box
2816Herzog, Avigdor1980-1981request_box
2817Herzog, Georges1938, 1959request_box
2818Heskes, Irene1961-1972request_box
2819Hidalgo, Padreundatedrequest_box
2820Himmelfarb, Milton 1962, 1963request_box
2823Hispanic Foundation 1945-1947request_box
2824Hispanic Institute 1958request_box
2825Hispanic Review1936-1946request_box
2826Hispanic Society of America1937-1970request_box
2827Historical Biography, Committee on1959request_box
2828Hita, Arcipreste de 1930-1939request_box
2829HITA, Teatro Medieval de 1963request_box
2830Hitler and Fascism undatedrequest_box
2831Hochstein, Joshua 1932-1977request_box
2832Hodara, Albert1969request_box
2833Hoelzle, Charles R. 1966request_box
2834Holland, Kennneth 1940-1949request_box
2835Holt, Henry and Co. Publishers1955request_box
2836Horn, Francis H.1948-1953request_box
2837Howard University 1961request_box
2838Howland, Harold1961request_box
2839Huebener, T.1954request_box
2840Huntington, Archer M. 1955request_box
2841Hutchings, Chesley M. 1954request_box
2842Ibanez Cerda, Jose 1963, 1980request_box
2843Ibn Ezra, Abraham 1937, 1955request_box
2844Ibn Verga, Solomonundatedrequest_box
2845Imprimerie Daupeley Gouveneur 1947-1949, 1960request_box
2847Institute for Sephardic Studies1971-1974request_box
2848Instituto Arias Montano 1960-1969request_box
2849Instituto Caro y Cuervo undatedrequest_box
2850Instituto de Cultura Hispanica1963request_box
2851Instituto de Estudios Sefardies1960, 1964request_box
2852Instituto de las Espanas 1930-1939request_box
2853Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana1969-1973request_box
2854Instituto Mexicano Norteamericano de Relacions Culturales1982request_box
2855Irizarry, Estelle 1980request_box
2856Isaacs, Jorgeundated, 1949-1960request_box
2857Isaza Calderon, Baltasar 1961request_box
2858Israels, Josef1936request_box
2859Iverson, Kenneth R. 1954request_box
2860Jabotinsky, W.1964request_box
2861Jacoby, Yardena1960request_box
2862Jaffa, Leah M.1949request_box
2863Jaffa, Sam and Luisa 1977-1980request_box
2864Jaffa, Victor1977request_box
2865Jarman, W. Dabney 1962request_box
2866Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington1963-1977request_box
2867Jewish history, general undatedrequest_box
2868Jewish literature 1930-1939request_box
2869Jewish National and University Library1932-1934request_box
2870Jewish Publication Society of America1932-1975request_box
2871Jewish Quaterly Review 1934-1955request_box
2872Jewish Social Studies Quarterly1980request_box
2873Jewish Theological Seminary 1941-1980request_box
2874Jewish Times1933-1934request_box
2875Jimenez Rudea, Julio 1948-1955request_box
2876Jochnowitz, G.1969request_box
291Judeo-Spanish subjects, Bayonne, Fr.undatedrequest_box
292Judeo-Spanish subjects, Biblias1950-1960request_box
293Judeo-Spanish subjects, bibliographies (Hispanic)1960-1979request_box
294Judeo-Spanish subjects, Bibliography of Judeo-Spanish Books at the Library of Congress1959request_box
295Judeo-Spanish subjects, clippings from the Jewsih pressundated,1930-1939request_box
296Judeo-Spanish subjects, generalundated, 1970-1979request_box
297Judeo-Spanish subjects, Jewish writers in L. A.1943-1971request_box
298Judeo-Spanish subjects, Jews in Spanish literatureundated, 1930-1969request_box
299Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judaica, Buenos-Aires1941request_box
2910Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish in the USAundatedrequest_box
2911Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish language1960-1969request_box
2912Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish literatureundated, 1970-1979request_box
2913Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish literature in Spain and Portugal1930-1939request_box
2914Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish Literature. Fresh Drafts1960-1969request_box
2915Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish popular songsundatedrequest_box
2916Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish popular songs by Isaac Seneundatedrequest_box
2917Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish samplesundated, 1940-1979request_box
2918Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish songs1977request_box
2919Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish terminology1971request_box
2920Judeo-Spanish subjects, Judeo-Spanish textsundated, 1960-1969request_box
2921Judeo-Spanish subjects, Ladino de Salonicaundatedrequest_box
2922Judeo-Spanish subjects, Los Sefardies y el Judeo Espanol1960-1969request_box
2923Judeo-Spanish subjects, music (records)undatedrequest_box
2924Judeo-Spanish subjects, notes undated, 1940-1949request_box
2925Judeo-Spanish subjects, notes and bibliographyundated, 1920-1929request_box
2926Judeo-Spanish subjects, Papiamento1940-1949request_box
2927Judeo-Spanish subjects, poetryundated, 1930-1968request_box
2928Judeo-Spanish subjects, Romancero, Judeo-Espanol1936-1980request_box
2929Judeo-Spanish subjects, Romancero Sefardiundated, 1970-1979request_box
2930Judeo-Spanish subjects, romancesundated, 1960-1969request_box
2931Judeo-Spanish subjects, Sephardic folkloreundatedrequest_box
2932Judeo-Spanish subjects, Sephardic materialsundated, 1920-1929request_box
2933Judeo-Spanish subjects, Vara1930-1939request_box
2934Judeo-Spanish subjects, writersundatedrequest_box
301Kahan, Solomon1961request_box
302Kahane, David E.1953request_box
303Kahanoff, Jacqueline 1964request_box
304Kaplan, Louis1975request_box
305Kaplan, Aryeh1977request_box
306Karduner, Luis1964request_box
307Kattan, Joseph1929-1983request_box
308Katz, Israel1969request_box
309Kayserling, Meyerundatedrequest_box
3010Kazan, Elia1952-1963request_box
3011Keating, Clarks1948request_box
3012Kenealy, John C.1965-1970request_box
3013Kibrick, Salvador 1932request_box
3014Klavan, Stanley1963request_box
3015Knickerbocker, William E. 1946-1959request_box
3016Koussoulas, D.1961request_box
3017Krauss, Werner1946request_box
3018Kroll, Abraham1941request_box
3019KTAV Publishing House 1968-1973request_box
3020Kurz, Harry1941-1948request_box
3021La Nacion1932-1933request_box
3022Labrador Ruiz, Enrique 1980-1981request_box
3023Lacalle Salinas, José 1960request_box
3024Lacarte Muro, Julio 1959-1960request_box
3025Lacave, Jose Luis 1972-1980request_box
3026Lachmanowich, David 1960-1963request_box
3027Lafferty, Dorothy 1956request_box
3028Lamacchia, Lilian 1974request_box
3029Lapesa, Rafael1959-1979request_box
3030Lapier, Joanne1982request_box
3031Laredo, Victor1966-1982request_box
3032Latin America as an Export Fieldundatedrequest_box
3033Lawrence, Steve and Eydie Gorme1976-1977request_box
3034Lee, Muna1958-1962request_box
3035Lefebvre, Jean Maurice 1960request_box
3036Lengyel, Cornel1976request_box
3037Leon Tello, Pilar 1964-1980request_box
3038Leonard, Irving1947-1980request_box
3039Levenson, Sam1957-1980request_box
3040Levi D'Ancona, Ezio 1931-1940request_box
3041Levy Moreno, Jacob 1974request_box
3042Levy, Albert1928-1935request_box
3043Levy, Emilie1957-1978request_box
3044Levy, Gloria1958-1978request_box
3045Levy, Isaac Jack1957-1970request_box
3046Levy, John H.1928-1949request_box
311Levy, Louis N.1963-1971request_box
312Levy, Louis N.1971-1979request_box
313Levy, Louis N.1973-1975request_box
314Levy, Marvin1956request_box
315Levy, Ralph1948-1949request_box
316Levy, Robert1973, 1977request_box
317Levy, Samundated, 1932-1955request_box
318Levy, Samuel J.1974request_box
319Levy, Stephen1975-1978request_box
3110Leyer, Michael1972request_box
3111Lezra, Mauricio1965request_box
3112Libraries, research in the US undatedrequest_box
3113Library of Congress, music and recordingsundatedrequest_box
3114Lida, Raimundo and Denah 1959-1975request_box
3115Lincoln, Abraham1958request_box
3116Lincoln, Lyle1967request_box
3117Lindo familyundated, 1957request_box
3118Linguistic Society of America 1959, 1968request_box
3119Lleras Camargo, Alberto 1960request_box
3120Llorens, Washington undatedrequest_box
3121Lombroso, Cesare and Gina Lombroso de Ferrero1944, 1977request_box
3122Lope Blanch, Juan M. 1977, 1980request_box
3123Lopez Penha, Haim H. undatedrequest_box
3124Luria, Max1926-1953request_box
3125Lurie, William1963-1964request_box
3126Luzzatti, Luis1927, 1951request_box
3127Luzzatto, M.H.undated, 1962request_box
3128Mackeheni, C.A.1941request_box
3129Madrid Libraries1962request_box
3130Magary, Frank A.1968, 1973request_box
3131Magen David Community Center 1950-1975request_box
3132Maggs Bros Ltd.1957request_box
3133Malagon, Javier1980, 1981request_box
3134Mallah, J.1964request_box
3135Manach, Jorge1930-1941request_box
3136Mantilla, Nestor1973request_box
3137Maranon, Gregorio 1963request_box
3138Marcus, Simon1961request_box
3139Marden, Carol1931, 1932request_box
3140Martel, Jose1931-1953request_box
3141Marti, Joseundatedrequest_box
3142Martinez-Miller, Orlando 1962, 1980request_box
3143Marwick, Lawrence 1958-1981request_box
3144Massa, Gaetano1940-1958request_box
3145Massip, Jose M.1959request_box
3146Matarasso, Albert 1927-1966request_box
3147Matarasso, Victor 1928-1966request_box
3148Matatia, Irving1956-1972request_box
3149Matatia, Joseph1959-1969request_box
3150Mazzeo, Guido E.1958request_box
3151Mead, Robert Jr.1960-1961request_box
3152Meany, George1944-1967request_box
3153Medieval Institute 1980request_box
3154Menache, Albert1947-1973request_box
3155Mendes-France, Pierre 1954request_box
3156Mendez Pidal, Gonzalo 1959request_box
3157Menorah Journal1928-1931request_box
3158Men's Club of Shearith Israel 1950-1952request_box
3159Mevorah, Nissim1940-1949request_box
3160Meyer, Isidore1959request_box
3161Meyohas, Josephundatedrequest_box
3162Mezan, Saul1930-1939request_box
3163Miami Herald1976request_box
3164Miami Public Library undated, 1977-1982request_box
3165Mibashan, Abraham 1950, 1959request_box
3166Mibashan, Noemi1949request_box
3167Millas y Vallicrosa, Jose Maria1937, 1950request_box
3168Miller, Royceundatedrequest_box
3169Misrali, Jean1932request_box
3170Mitrani, David1951request_box
3171Mitrani, Jacquesundatedrequest_box
3172Mizrahi, Rabbi Solomon 1946request_box
3173Mizrati, Moises1958-1960request_box
3174Modern Language Association, constitutionundatedrequest_box
3175Modern Language Association, convention1968-1982request_box
3176Modern Language Association, notes1931-1939request_box
3177Modern Language Association of America1963-1981request_box
3178Modiano, Vidal1972request_box
321Molho, Isaac E.1969-1980request_box
322Molho, Issac R.1953-1969request_box
323Molho, Maurice1960-1964request_box
324Molho, Michael1932-1964request_box
325Montefiore, Moises 1960request_box
326Monterde, Francisco 1965request_box
327Montezinos, Elizabeth 1956-1976request_box
328Mordecai, Moses1970request_box
329Moreau, Louise1953request_box
3210Morenoff, Sam1957request_box
3211Morreale, Margherita 1977request_box
3212Moscona, Isaac1968request_box
3213Mosher, Roy1949request_box
3214Mosher, Ike and May 1977-1980request_box
3215Moya, Ismael1965request_box
3216Muench, Frank Jr. 1958request_box
3217Multer, Abraham1953request_box
3218Music and Musicians 1959-1965request_box
3219Nachmias, Vitalis 1949-1950request_box
3220Nahmias, Gabriel1975-1980request_box
3221Nahmias, J.J.1964-1979request_box
3222Nahoum, Henry1952-1989request_box
3223Najara, Rabbi Israel undatedrequest_box
3224Najari, Maurice and Hyman 1953-1977request_box
3225Naman, Lionel1960request_box
3226Nassi, Robert1943-1961request_box
3228Navarro Tomàs1956-1969request_box
3229Naveros, Jose Miguel 1967request_box
3230Navon, E.1932request_box
3231Navon, Isaac1971-1978request_box
3233Noticias Culturales 1940-1975request_box
3235Nehama, Anna1979request_box
3236Nehama, Josephundated, 1956-1972request_box
3237Nehama, Saby1970request_box
3238Neruda, Pablo1971request_box
3239Nervo, Amado1969-1972request_box
3240Neuman, Abraham A. 1947-1959request_box
3241Nieto, David1952request_box
3242Nieto, Grantiniano 1964request_box
3243Nissim, Itzjak1966request_box
3244Nivio Lopez Pellon 1963request_box
3245Noel, Sofia1967-1977request_box
3246Nordau, Max1931-1963request_box
3247Nuestra Raza1935request_box
3248Nueva Democracia1949request_box
3249Nueva Revista de Filogia Hispanica1979-1982request_box
3234NY Public Library 1927-1976request_box
3250NY World1928request_box
3251Ojalvo, Morris1976request_box
3252Olinger, Henri1953request_box
3253Onis, Fredrico1953request_box
3254Ortega y Gasset, Jose 1967request_box
3255Ortiz, Fernando1941-1943request_box
3256Otamendi, Alberto F.J. 1961-1979request_box
3257Ovadia, Mazal1947-1962request_box
3258Ovadia, Nissim1941-1952request_box
3259Palomino-Herrera, Juan Antonio1964request_box
3260Panitz, Sol1968request_box
3261Pascin, Jules1931request_box
3262Patino, Galileoundatedrequest_box
3263Pattee, Richard1943-1966request_box
3264Patterson, H.W.1967request_box
3265Pego, Aurelio1938-1952request_box
3266Pei, Mario1930-1959request_box
3267Pena, Jose M.1984request_box
3268Pena, Enrique1973request_box
3269Perahia, Henry J. 1940-1945request_box
3270Perahia, Murray1973-1983request_box
3271Peraza Sarausa, Fermin undatedrequest_box
3272Pereira Mendes, Henry 1937request_box
3273Perez-Castro, Frederico 1961-1981request_box
3274Perez-Castro, Frederico 1961-1968request_box
3275Pierre, Jean1948request_box
3276Pilo, Marius1972-1975request_box
3277Pilosof, Nelson1975request_box
3278Pinar Lopez, Don Blas 1964-1981request_box
3279Pinelo, Leon1933request_box
3280Pinhas, Irving1980request_box
3281Pitigliani, Fausto 1961request_box
3282Pool, David de Sola 1929-1971request_box
3283Pool, David de Sola 1952-1980request_box
3284Ponce de Leon, Luis 1964request_box
3285Pragg, J.A. van1932-1959request_box
331Pucelli, Rodolfo1941-1953request_box
332Puerto Rico1958-1980request_box
333Puerto Rico1967-1980request_box
334Puerto Rico, folklore undatedrequest_box
335Pulido y Fernandez, Angel 1926-1937request_box
336Pulido Martin, Angel 1971request_box
337Quaritch, Bernard1931-1957request_box
338Querido, Israel1937request_box
339Raccah, Guilio1961-1962request_box
3310Radio-Television Francaise1962request_box
3311Radunsky, Ines1960request_box
3312Randolf, J.1943request_box
3313Recanati, Abraham 1961-1965request_box
3314Redondo de Feldman, Susana 1969-1976request_box
33155Rejall, Alfred E. 1934-1935request_box
3316Renard, Raymond1966-1967request_box
3317Reparez-Ruiz, G. de 1945-1949request_box
3318Research reportsundated, 1949-1954request_box
3319Resnick, Mel1978request_box
3320Restrepo, Felix1961-1965request_box
3321Restrepo Jaramillo, Publio 1961request_box
3322Revah, Isaac1963-1964request_box
3323Revesz, Andres1963-1964request_box
3324Revista de la Raza 1926request_box
3325Rex, Fredrick J.1942-1943request_box
3326Reyes, Alfonso1951-1973request_box
3327Ricard, Robert1953request_box
3328Rice, Stuart1944-1947request_box
3329Riera, Jean1946request_box
3330Rio, Amelia1966-1979request_box
3331Rio, Angel delundated, 1959-1963request_box
3332Rios, Fernando de los undatedrequest_box
3333Rivas Bonilla, Alberto 1965request_box
3334Rivers, Elias L.1979request_box
3335Roberts, Kenneth1958request_box
3336Robinson, Harry and Irene 1979request_box
3337Rockefeller, Nelson 1955-1974request_box
3338Roditi, Edouard1943-1971request_box
3339Rodriguez, Arturo 1978request_box
3340Rodriguez, Jose y Sloria 1975request_box
3341Rodriguez Pereira, Salomon 1965-1969request_box
3342Roll, Evelyn and Bob 1958request_box
3343Romaguera, Oscar H. 1965-1977request_box
341Romancero, Amar, Joe 1969request_box
342Romancero, Amir. A., Popular Songsundated, 1973request_box
343Romancero, articles 1924-1957request_box
344Romancero, Besso, Bibliographyundatedrequest_box
345Romancero, Bibliographyundated, 1973request_box
346Romancero, Comples de los Flores1943request_box
347Romancero, Domari, Shoshana 1952-1953request_box
348Romancero, Elias, Joe 1978request_box
349Romancero, Eliran, Ron 1962request_box
3410Romancero, Endechas 1959request_box
3411Romancero, Garcia, Damian 1970request_box
3412Romancero, Gorme, Eydie undatedrequest_box
3413Romancero, Hanen, S. 1940request_box
3414Romancero, Jacob Michael Collection of Sephardic Music1959-1960request_box
3415Romancero, Judeo-Spanish Ballads1931-1940request_box
3416Romancero, Language and Balladsundatedrequest_box
3417Romancero, Levy, Gloria 1954-1958request_box
3418Romancero, Levy, Isaac. Sephardic Ballads1967request_box
3419Romancero, Liturgical Music1941-1963request_box
3420Romancero, Palabras Refosneadesundatedrequest_box
3421Romancero, reviews and articles1943-1966request_box
3422Romancero, reviews of Sephardic Romancero y Cancioneros1954-1966request_box
3423Romancero, Rodrigo, Joaquin 1954-1964request_box
3424Romancero, Romances y Canciones1958-1978request_box
3425Romancero, Romances y Canciones Profanas Sefardiesundatedrequest_box
3426Romancero, Sadicoff, Moise 1936request_box
3427Romancero, Sedaka, Niel 1962request_box
3428Romancero, Sefardi project undated, 1954request_box
3429Romancero, Sefer Shira Jadashaundatedrequest_box
3430Romancero, Sephardic music 1966-1974request_box
3431Romancero, Sephardic Popular Songs, Sene, Isaak1968-1976request_box
3432Romancero, Sephardic Songs, Sene, Isaak1968-1974request_box
3433Romancero, Sephardic Songs, Fairchild Records (master Copies)undatedrequest_box
3434Romancero, Shalon, Michele1981request_box
3435Romancero, sheet music undatedrequest_box
3436Romancero, Shaul, Moshe1979request_box
3437Romancero, Singers, records 1953-1974request_box
3438Romancero, Uziel, Baruch undatedrequest_box
3439Romancero, Victoria de la Angeles1950-1978request_box
3440Romancero, Zefira, Bracha 1950request_box
351Romanic Review1934request_box
352Romero, Elena1939-1980request_box
353Romero-James, Concha 1961request_box
354Romero-Navaro, Miguel 1947request_box
355Roosevelt, Eleanor F. 1944request_box
356Rosanes, Salomon1932-1933request_box
357Rosenblat, Angel1964request_box
358Roth, Cecil1932-1970request_box
359Rothberg, Irving P. 1958request_box
3510Rothstein, William & Alegre1971-1982request_box
3511Rozental, Salvador 1960-1962request_box
3512Ruben, S.M.1962-1963request_box
3513Ruiz-Morales, Miguel 1961-1962request_box
3514Runes, Dagobert D. 1959-1962request_box
3515Ryan, Thomas L.1978-1979request_box
3516Saab Scania of America 1980request_box
3517Saady, Aaron1966-1980request_box
3518Saady, Sam L. and Rose 1948-1981request_box
3519Saddy, Leon1928-1979request_box
3520Sala, Marius1954-1961request_box
3521Salem, Emmanuel Rafael undatedrequest_box
3522Salomon, H.P.1956-1971request_box
3523Salomon, Stephanie 1958-1979request_box
3524Saltiel, Isaac1935-1979request_box
3525Saltiel, Joseph1926-1951request_box
3526Sanchez Astudillo, Miguelundated, 1965request_box
3527Sanchez Boudy, Jose 1980-1981request_box
3528Sanchez de Rojas, Manuel 1966request_box
3529Sanchez, Antonio 1970-1978request_box
3530Santamaria, Jaime 1976-1984request_box
3531Sanua, Victor D. 1963-1967request_box
3532Saporta, Enrique1957-1980request_box
3533Saporta, Marc1962request_box
3534Sarfatti, Margherita 1934request_box
3535Sarfaty, Lillian 1940-1964request_box
3536Sarna, M. Nahum1962request_box
3537Sattin, Edward1979request_box
3538Saul, B. F. and Company 1974-1980request_box
3539Saver, George1974request_box
3540Sayings and proverbs, French Proverbsundatedrequest_box
3541Sayings and proverbs, Judeo-Spanish Proverbsundated, 1934request_box
3542Sayings and proverbs, Judeo-Spanish Proverbsundatedrequest_box
3543Sayings and proverbs, Judeo-Spanish Proverbsundated, 1958request_box
3544Sayings and proverbs, Pensamentosundated, 1967request_box
3545Sayings and proverbs, Proverbsundated, 1950request_box
3546Sayings and proverbs, Proverbs and Other Sayings1948-1962request_box
3547Sayings and proverbs, Refranes (Proverbs) and Dichosundated, 1936request_box
3548Sayings and proverbs, Spanish and English Proverbsundated, 1971request_box
361Scapa, Sylvia1953-1956request_box
362Schevill, Rudolfo 1932request_box
363Schlesinger, Emma 1983request_box
364Schlesinger, Erna 1949-1950request_box
365Scholberg, Kenneth R.1962-1963request_box
366Sciaky, Mauricwe1949request_box
367Sciaky, Israel1973-1974request_box
368Sciaky, Isaak1975request_box
369Sciaky, Leon1946request_box
3610Schwarz, Ernst1941request_box
3611Schwartz, William 1957-1980request_box
3612Sender, Ramon1956-1957request_box
3613Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., constitution1953request_box
3614Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., correspondenceundated, 1928-1935request_box
3615Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., correspondenceundated, 1936-1971request_box
3616Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., Feldafig Concentration Camp1946-1948request_box
3617Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., generalundatedrequest_box
3618Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., invitations1939-1965request_box
3619Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., invitations1951-1980request_box
3620Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., Ladies' Auxiliaryundatedrequest_box
3621Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., notices1950-1967request_box
3622Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., Pilo, Marius1936-1969request_box
3623Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., Roll of Honor Tabletundated, 1940-1959request_box
3624Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., Santiel, Isaak1933-1971request_box
3625Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., scholarship1941-1968request_box
3626Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., scholarship committee1950-1959request_box
3627Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., Shcolarship Fund1951-1962request_box
3628Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., special1932-1950request_box
3629Sephardic Brotherhood of America, Inc., special reports1945-1969request_box
3630Sephardic Clubs, Aditti, Michael1982request_box
3631Sephardic Clubs, Bronx Social Club of the Sephardic Brotherhood1941-1942request_box
3632Sephardic Clubs, Salonician Center1925request_box
3633Sephardic Clubsundated, 1930-1989request_box
3634Sephardic Clubs, Sephardic College Fraternityundated, 1920-1929request_box
3635Sephardic Clubs, Sephardic College Fraternity1927, 1928request_box
3636Sephardic Clubs, Sephardic Home for the Aged1950-1978request_box
3637Sephardic Clubs, Sephardic Houseundated, 1980-1989request_box
3638Sephardic Clubs, sephardic organizationsundated, 1973-1982request_box
37 a1Sephardic Communities, Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America, Inc.1942-1955request_box
37 a2Sephardic Communities, Central Sephardic Jewish Community of America, Inc. Women's Division 1948request_box
37 a3Sephardic Communities, Communal Life of the Sephardic Jews of New York City, Hacher, L.undated, 1926-1928request_box
37 a4Sephardic Communities, Molcho, Izhak, Sephardic Communities in the Diaspora1958request_box
37 a5Sephardic Communities, Sephardic communities in the USA1926-1976request_box
37 a6Sephardic Communities, Sephardic community in the Caribbean area1967request_box
37 a7Sephardic Communities, Sephardic community of Washington D. C.1970request_box
37 a8Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Congregation of Long Beach1954-1956request_box
37 a9Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Congregation Zhaare Zion1973request_box
37 a10Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Home for the Aged1950-1971request_box
37 a11Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Home for the Aged1949-1950request_box
37 a12Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Honor Roll1940-1943request_box
37 a13Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Institute for Advanced learning1969-1970request_box
37 a14Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Jewish Centers of Forrest Hill and the Bronx1950-1979request_box
37 a15Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Jewish Center of Greater Miami1981request_box
37 a16Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Jewish Center of North Miami Beach1976-1979request_box
37 a18Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Jewish Community of New York1923-1956request_box
37 a17Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Jewish Community of New York1927-1949request_box
37 a19Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Jewish Youth Center1935-1972request_box
37 a20Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Studies Group Columbia University1935-1936request_box
37 a21Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Synagogues and Congregations world wide1946-1971request_box
37 a22Sephardic Communities, Sephardic Synagogues Spain1966-1969request_box
37 a23Sosnowski, Saul1966-1976request_box
37 a24Sephardic Communities, Spanish magazine Club of the Month1967-1967request_box
37 a25Sephardic Communities, Spanish national tourist office1960-1969request_box
37 a26Sephardic Communities, Vara1941-1944request_box
37 a27Sephardic folklore, customs of the Sephardimundated, 1920-1929request_box
37 a28Sephardic folklore, customs, festivals1953-1966request_box
37 a29Sephardic folklore, Finezas Djudiasundatedrequest_box
37 a30Sephardic folklore, folk tales1959-1972request_box
37 a31Sephardic folklore, Goldsmith's Music Records Inc.1963-1964request_box
37 a32Sephardic folklore, Jewish festivalsundatedrequest_box
37 a33Sephardic folklore, Judeo-Spanish storiesundatedrequest_box
37 a34Sephardic folklore, Purim, clippingsundatedrequest_box
37 b1Sephardic folklore, Sephardic cookingundatedrequest_box
37 b2Sephardic folklore, Sephardic customs, Rosh Hashanaundatedrequest_box
37 b3Sephardic folklore 1937-1960request_box
37 b5Sephardic folklore, Sephardic News, clippings1965-1973request_box
37 b6Sephardic folklore, Solonoca, storiesundatedrequest_box
37 b4Sephardic folklore, weddings undatedrequest_box
37 b7Sephardic societies 1949-1984request_box
37 b8Sephardim, Armistead S. and Silverman J.1972request_box
37 b9Sephardim, biographies, Sephardic1964-1968request_box
37 b10Sephardim, biographies, Sephardic1960-1969request_box
37 b11Sephardim, Judeo-Spanish literature1955-1958request_box
37 b12Sephardim, Judeo-Spanish novels1961-1963request_box
37 b13Sephardim, Norelaz Sefardies undated, 1930-1939request_box
37 b14Sephardim, Sephardic culture 1972request_box
37 b15Sephardim, Sephardic material 1930-1939request_box
37 b16Sephardim, Sephardic type undatedrequest_box
37 b17Sephardim, Spain and the Jews, clippings1924-1970request_box
381Spanish and Portuguese Synagogues1960-1978request_box
382Spanish-Portuguese Jews Congregation in London1955request_box
383Sullam, Marie1950-1959request_box
384Syrian Sephardic Community 1973request_box
385Sephardista, Jaros, Bonita 1976request_box
386Sephardista, Jorda, Jose 1953request_box
387Sephardista, Kasten, Lloyd 1953request_box
388Sephardista, Katchen, Jacob undatedrequest_box
389Sephardista, Kirsh, Harry 1969request_box
3810Sephardista, Kassover, Mordecai1949request_box
3811Sephardista, Kraus, Karl 1953-1960request_box
3812Sephardista, Kraus, Corine 1970request_box
3813Sephardista, Krause, Walter 1934request_box
3814Sephardista, Leaf, Reuben 1950request_box
3815Sephardista, Lecumberry, Sandra1972request_box
3816Sephardista, Lenguyel, Coirnel Adam1962request_box
3817Sephardista, Lima, Robert 1971request_box
3818Sephardista, Lumper, Henk 1965request_box
3819Sephardista, Macaluso, Joseph1964, 1969request_box
3820Sephardista, McCarthy, Kieran 1963request_box
3821Sephardista, McSpadden, George1950-1966request_box
3822Sephardista, McCurdy, Raymond 1952request_box
3823Sephardista, Mckenzie, C. A. 1940-1941request_box
3824Sephardista, Margelin, Rafael 1952request_box
3825Sephardista, Martinez, Lopez 1963request_box
3826Sephardista, Menendez Pidal, Don Ramon1937-1970request_box
3827Sephardista, Mevorah, Sarah 1965request_box
3828Sephardista, Meyers, Charles 1971request_box
3829Sephardista, Miller, Royce 1960-1970request_box
3830Sephardista, Minick, Judith 1966request_box
3831Sephardista, Mizrahi, Judith 1977request_box
3832Sephardista, Morrisey, Patric 1950-1966request_box
3833Sephardista, Mosesco, Foloppus1938request_box
3834Sephardista, Motos Guirao, Isabel1975-1976request_box
3835Sephardista, Murciano, Asher 1969request_box
3836Sephardista, Nathan, David 1965request_box
3837Sephardista, Prevecz, Andreas 1964request_box
3838Sephardista, Pumarabin, J. 1959request_box
3839Sephardista, Reaven, Saul 1966request_box
3840Sephardista, Reichel, Asher 1962-1976request_box
3841Sephardista, Richardson, William1966-1967request_box
3842Sephardista, Romano, Rabbin Menahem1959request_box
3843Sephardista, Resenbaum, S. 1937request_box
3844Sephardista, Rosenthaql, Judah1964request_box
3845Sephardista, Sable, M. 1966request_box
3846Sephardista, Saffan, David 1974request_box
3847Sephardista, Sanchez Forrut, Jaime1957-1968request_box
3848Sephardista, Sanua, Victor 1954-1966request_box
3849Sephardista, Schreibman, Jose 1965request_box
3850Sephardista, Toben, Julie 1961request_box
3851Sephardista, Sheynin, V. 1971request_box
3852Sephardista, Shosteck, Robert 1963request_box
3853Sephardista, Sinai, Raquel 1977request_box
3854Sephardista, Sonkin, Simon 1964-1976request_box
3855Sephardista, Spanyol, Roslyn 1959request_box
3856Sephardista, Spiegel, Irving 1939-1976request_box
3857Seris, Homero1947-1962request_box
3858Serouya, H.1948request_box
3859Sevy, Albert1956-1959request_box
3860Shakespeare W.undatedrequest_box
3861Shalem, Nathanundated, 1959request_box
3862Shaloum, Solomon1977, 1983request_box
3863Shilton, Lilian and Robert E. 1937-1974request_box
3864Shimon, Joseph1944-1966request_box
3866Shosteck, Robert1963-1973request_box
3867Sicroff, A1945-1970request_box
3868Sidi, Anita1945request_box
3869Sidis, William1944request_box
3870Sigma Delta Pi1936-1978request_box
3871Silberschlag, Eisig 1961-1962request_box
3872Silva, Jose1940-1950request_box
3873Silva, Rosa1932-1934request_box
3874Silva-Solis, D1965request_box
3875Silverman, Joseph and Armistead, Samuel1955-1982request_box
3876Simposio Sefardi Madrid 1964request_box
3877Sion, Sarah1953-1974request_box
3878Slutzkin, Bernard 1952request_box
3879Smith, Alfred1924-1927request_box
3880Smith, Robert C.1945request_box
3881Smith, Robert D1960request_box
3882Sociedad de Estudios y Publicaciones, S. A.1969request_box
3883Sociedados Hispanas Confederadas1953request_box
3884Sokolowski, Stanley and Marina1966request_box
3885Solalinde, A. G.1932request_box
3886Soury, Joseph1954-1982request_box
3887Spain and Sephardim, blood ritual accusationsundatedrequest_box
3888Spain and Sephardim, Franco and the Jews1960-1973request_box
3889Spain and Sephardim, Franco and Sephardin1960-1969request_box
3890Spain and Sephardim, Marranos in Spain and Portugalundated, 1931-1981request_box
3891Spain and Sephardim, Sephardic historyundated, 1930-1969request_box
3892Sephardic literature undated, 1943-1983request_box
3893Sephardic namesundated, 1942-1969request_box
3894Sephardim in Spain 1968request_box
3895Sephardim in Spain 1926-1970request_box
3896Spagnili, John1965request_box
3897Spain, general1967-1974request_box
391Spanish embassies, Aniel-Quiroga, Jose1965request_box
392Spanish embassies, Canal, Manuel1955-1960request_box
393Spanish embassies, Castiella, F.1960-1969request_box
394Spanish embassies, Churruca, Santiago1962-1963request_box
395Spanish embassies, Espinosa, Antonio1961-1962request_box
396Spanish embassies, Fernandez-Shaw, Carlos1960-1969request_box
397Spanish embassies, Fraga Iribarne, Manuel1960-1969request_box
398Spanish embassies, Garcia Olay, Pelayo1949-1953request_box
399Spanish embassies, Gamero, Adolfo Martin1969request_box
3910Spanish embassies, Juan Carlos I, King of Spain1967-1977request_box
3911Spanish embassies, Lequerica, Felix1963request_box
3912Spanish embassies, Merry del Val1949-1965request_box
3913Spanish embassies, Priego, Vizconde1966-1969request_box
3914Spanish embassies, Sagaz, Angel1975request_box
3915Spanish embassies, Sesano, La Y.1977request_box
3916Spanish embassies, Spanish Embassy, Washington D. C.1950-1959request_box
3917Spanish embassies, Spain, generalundated, 1950-1979request_box
3918Spanish embassies, Studemund, Michael1970-1979request_box
3919Spanish embassies, Suarez, Enrique1970request_box
3920Spanish embassies, Sullam, Moiseundatedrequest_box
3921Spanish embassies, Suni, Paul 1947request_box
3922Spanish embassies, Supervia, Rafael1959request_box
3923Spanish language, general 1952-1963request_box
3924Spanish language studies undated, 1932request_box
3925Sylvester, Harry1959request_box
3926Syracuse University 1946, 1947request_box
3927Tagliacozzo, Giorgio 1969request_box
3929Tamir, Max and Vicky 1972-1977request_box
3930Taranto, Morris1940request_box
3931Tarry, Victor1955-1960request_box
3932Terracini, Lore1980-1989request_box
3933Terry, Edwardundatedrequest_box
3934Ticknor, George1949request_box
3935Tiempo, Cesar1946request_box
3936Tigerino, J.1978request_box
3937Toledanco, Haim1949-1963request_box
3938Toledano, S1970request_box
3939Toledano, R.1970request_box
3940Toro, Alfonso1933request_box
3941Toro, Garland1966request_box
3942Torre, Emilio de1936-1976request_box
3943Torres, A.1940-1949request_box
3944Torres, B.1947request_box
3945Torres, Henry1966request_box
3946Torres, Q.1961request_box
3947Torrey, Charles1934request_box
3948Touriel, Asher1942request_box
3949Touro Synagogue1943request_box
3950Tov, Moshe1954-1972request_box
3951Tovar, Vicente1953request_box
3952Tucker, Albert1940-1941request_box
3953Turkow, Marc1971-1983request_box
3954Tyler, William1960-1970request_box
3955Unamuno, Miquel1920-1939request_box
3956Ungria, Enrique1966-1989request_box
3957United Sephardic Emergency Council1948request_box
3958United States Department of State1927request_box
3959University of Maryland1945request_box
3960University of Salomanka 1976request_box
3961University of Washington, libraryundatedrequest_box
3962Urbansky, Edmund1965request_box
3963Urciolo, Rafael1962request_box
3964Uruguay Embassy1962request_box
3965USIA World1960-1970request_box
3966Uziel, Baruch1960-1969request_box
3967Valdez, Emilio1978request_box
3968Valency, Maurice1974request_box
3969Valle, Carlos1973request_box
3970Valle, Recuerdo1957request_box
3971Vallentine, Mitchel 1970-1979request_box
3972Vallimarescu, Serban 1958request_box
3973Varaundated, 1940-1949request_box
3974Varon, Joe and Jacob 1966request_box
3975Ventura, Moise1950-1959request_box
3976Vilar, Ramir1970request_box
3977Villalon, Cristobal undatedrequest_box
3978Vitoria, Francisco de undatedrequest_box
3979Vladimir, Irwin & CO. 1945request_box
3980Voice of the Turtle undatedrequest_box
3981Voth, Robert1965request_box
401Walker, Alan1960-1969request_box
402Wechsler, I.1935request_box
403Weiner, Jack1977request_box
404Wein, A1960-1969request_box
405Weiser, Benno1967request_box
406Whipple, Caroline1930-1945request_box
407White, Emily1947request_box
408Weiner, Leo1932-1933request_box
409Wijnhoven, Jochanan 1962request_box
4010Wilkins, L.1930-1939request_box
4011Williams, Lloydundatedrequest_box
4012Wilson, Eduard1966request_box
4013Wilson, Sandra1962request_box
4014Whitman, Walt1969request_box
4015Who's Who in the Jewish Worldundatedrequest_box
4016Wolfson, Harry1938request_box
4017Woodridge, H.1976-1979request_box
4018World Sephardi Federation, American Branch1972request_box
4019World Sephardi Federation 1948-1951request_box
4020World Union of Jewish Studies 1970-1979request_box
4021Wright, L.1931request_box
4022World Federation of Sephardi Communities1950-1959request_box
4023World Sephardi Federation, London1960-1970request_box
4024Yaari, Abraham1938request_box
4025Yahuda, A.1940-1950request_box
4026Yeoshuan, Jacob1964request_box
4027Yerushalmi, I.1965-1977request_box
4028Yerushalmi, H.1978-1980request_box
4030Yeshiva University1968-1972request_box
4029Yeshiva University, American Society for Sephardic Studies1968request_box
4031Yeshiva University, Sephardic Sdtudies1969-1975request_box
4034YIVO, Noble, Shlomo 1959request_box
4033YIVO, Weinreich, Max 1942-1963request_box
4035YIVO, Weinreich, Max 1943-1977request_box
4036Yohay, David and Ruth 1977request_box
4037Yom Tov1942-1970request_box
4038Zafren, Herbertundatedrequest_box
4039Zamora, Vicente1975request_box
4040Zarco, Isidore1949request_box
4041Zelson, Louise1940-1949request_box
4042Zevi, Shabetayundatedrequest_box
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Series VIII: Unfiled, 1885-1990

This series is in Dutch, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Ladino, Portuguese, and Spanish.
10.75 linear feet


Scope and Content:

This series consists of materials marked by Besso as 'Unprocessed'. Originally, materials that make up this series were meant to be sorted and filed by Henry Besso but it has not been done. It was decided to keep this group of records as a separate series in order not to effect the integrity of other series in the collection. Materials in this series were refolded and arranged alphabetically. In some cases folder titles were transferred from old folders into new ones. In other cases folder titles were assigned at the time of refoldering. The integrity of the folders was, in many cases, preserved. In cases where materials were found loose they were either added to already existing folders or new folders were created.

Materials of similar type (clippings) or on similar topics were grouped together. There are several distinct subsections in this series - Clippings, Congresses, Correspondence, Judeo-Spanish language, Maimonides, and Sephardic materials.

Subsection Clippings consists of clippings and newsprint covering topics such as history, Israel, languages, politics, Sephardic and Spanish cultures, Spain, and other.

Subsection Congresses contains materials pertaining mostly to the Congresses of Spanish Language Academies.

Subsection Correspondence includes Besso's correspondence with individuals and institutions.

Judeo-Spanish subsection includes material on the history, development and current state of Judeo-Spanish language.

Subsection Maimonides includes articles, essays, and general materials on Moses Maimonides by Henry Besso and other authors.

Subsection Sephardic Materials includes materials pertaining to the Sephardic communities, culture, history, Jewish-Spanish relationship, language, and literature of the Sephardic Jews.

Subsection Writings consists of the manuscripts, drafts essays, published articles and bibliographies by Henry Besso.

411Aboab, Immanuel1930-1939request_box
412Abramovici, Josephundatedrequest_box
413Abravanel, don Isaac 1930-1939request_box
414Abulafia, Rabbiundatedrequest_box
415Academia Venezolana 1983request_box
416Academia Venezolana, Centario de la1983request_box
417Academies, Spanish language 1983-1985request_box
418Acosta, Uriel1930-1939request_box
419Adato, Albert1987-1988request_box
4110Adelantre, Judezmo Society 1976-1977request_box
4111Ades, Joseph1966request_box
4112Ades, Raphaelundatedrequest_box
4113Ades, Robert1950-1959request_box
4114Aizenberg, Robinoundatedrequest_box
4115Almosnino, Moisesundatedrequest_box
4116Altabe, Davidundatedrequest_box
4117American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese1959-1990request_box
4118American Hebrew1930-1939request_box
4119American Sephardi Federation 1975-1976request_box
4121Appelbaum, Karlundatedrequest_box
4122Arditti, Adolfoundatedrequest_box
4123Armistead, Samuel and Hamos, Warrenundatedrequest_box
4124Armistead, Samuel and Silverman, Josephundatedrequest_box
4125Art worksundatedrequest_box
4126Articles, Henry Besso 1940-1949request_box
4127Articles and correspondence1927-1961request_box
4128Ash, Paul1950-1959request_box
4130Autographed materials undatedrequest_box
4131Baena, Juanundatedrequest_box
4132Barocas, David, Tract #XI 1976request_box
4133Bar-Lewaw, Itzhak 1950-1959request_box
4134Bassan, Susan1946request_box
4135Benardete, M., Master's Thesis1923request_box
4136Benardete, M., studies in honor of1957-1988request_box
4137Benardete, Mercedes undated, 1923request_box
4138Bene Berith1944request_box
4141Besso, Henry1918-1982request_box
4139Besso, Henry, materials about 1949-1970