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Guide to the Papers of Lucy S. Dawidowicz (1915-1990),
undated, 1936-1990


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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Dawidowicz, Lucy S., 1915-1990
Title: Papers of Lucy S. Dawidowicz
Dates: undated, 1936-1990
Abstract: The Papers of Lucy S. Dawidowicz contain documents pertaining to American Jewish history, anti-Semitism in America, Holocaust denial, European Jewish heritage, and the Holocaust (including the American Jewish response). The bulk of the collection consists of extensive research notes and publications by both Dawidowicz and others, as well as correspondence to family, business contacts, and friends. Additional items include photographs, memoir materials and index cards.
Languages: This collection is in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, German, French, and Polish.
Quantity: 39 linear feet (79 manuscript boxes)
Identification: P-675
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
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Biographical Note

Lucy S. Dawidowicz was born June 16, 1915 in New York City, to Max and Dora (Ofnaem) Schildkret. Her parents were secular Jews who were not affiliated with a synagogue. In fact, the first time that Lucy S. Dawidowicz went to a Jewish service was in 1938 in Vilna. Dawidowicz attended Hunter College and received her B.A. in 1936. She continued her studies as a Masters student in English Literature at Columbia University. Although she enjoyed poetry and literature, the events taking place in Europe made her desire to study literature waver. As a result of her search for a new field of study, she sought the advice of a Polish History teacher and mentor, Jacob Shatzky. He advised studying Jewish history.

"The idea didn't come as a surprise to me, perhaps because it had been afloat in my subconscious. But I protested that I was academically unprepared. The Mitlshul graduate courses in Jewish history were the only history I had ever studied, besides those high school tariffs and railroads. I would have to start once more from the beginning. Furthermore, it was even more impractical than studying English literature, for in those days, except for the rabbinate, the possibility of a career in Jewish studies was little more than a daydream." (From That Place and Time, 23)

Lucy S. Dawidowicz decided to continue her studies at Columbia in February of 1937 in the field of European Jewry. Shatzky advised her to study the Yiddish press, and convinced her that the best place to study Yiddish was at the Yiddish Scientific Institute (YIVO) in Vilna, Poland. Dawidowicz became an "aspirantur" or research fellow with the help and advice of Shatzky.

In 1938 she traveled to Vilna, Poland, as a research fellow at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Lucy S. Dawidowicz worked with the three directors of the YIVO: Max Weinreich, Zelig Kalmanovich, and Zalmen Reisen. Of these three, only Weinreich survived the war to found the YIVO Institute in New York City. Three people were to have lifelong places in her heart from her brief time in Vilna: Max Weinreich, and the family that she became closest to, Riva and Zelig Kalmanovich. In her memoir Dawidowicz says that she felt closer to the Kalmanovichs than she had to her own parents. The preface to her Holocaust Reader has a quote from Zelig Kalmanovich (December 27, 1942-the Vilna Ghetto). "History will cherish your memory, people of the ghetto. Your least expression will be studied, your struggle for human dignity will inspire poems..." The Kalmanovichs, along with the other connections which Dawidowicz made in Vilna, helped her to integrate and bridge the gap which she felt existed between the two worlds of the European shtetl and modern-day life. She saw Vilna before it was destroyed by the Nazis, and spent the rest of her life demonstrating the tremendous potential which the world had tragically lost due to the murder of six million Jews.

During the years 1940-1946 Lucy S. Dawidowicz was an Assistant to the Research Director of YIVO in New York City. She followed the news of the Nazi persecutions of Jews in the papers; yet like most Americans, she did not completely integrate the full scale of the destruction until the liberation of the concentration and death camps in 1947. Dawidowicz met her future husband at YIVO in New York:

"Syzmon Dawidowicz, whom I was later to marry, was brought out soon after the Nazi invasion because as a Bundist leader his life was in imminent danger; but his family was still in Poland. In 1943-44, when the list of names came of people who had been killed in the Warsaw Ghetto, his daughter was on the list. I lived through all this suffering with people who were close to me. It was therefore natural that when the war was over I should go back to Germany to work with survivors, first in Munich and then in Bergen Belsen." (The Jerusalem Post Magazine, Friday July 11, 1980, pg. 8)

World War II had a profound effect upon Lucy S. Dawidowicz. Historical reality molded her into the historian she would become. After WW II, Lucy S. Dawidowicz returned to Europe as a relief worker for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJDC), the largest Jewish relief organization in America. While in Europe, Lucy S. Dawidowicz worked with Jewish survivors in the Displaced Persons (DP) Camps, and also became involved in the retrieval of stolen books for YIVO. Lucy S. Dawidowicz initiated the plan to retrieve these stolen books. She worked for months on identifying and retrieving YIVO's books from Frankfurt to New York City's YIVO. She has described her feelings about this time in her life in her memoir and in various articles about the writing of her memoir that may be found in this collection. "By arranging for the transfer of these volumes to the New York branch of YIVO, I felt I had, in some small, perhaps symbolic way, responded to the obsessive fantasies of rescue that had haunted me for years."

Lucy S. Dawidowicz published her most critically acclaimed book, The War Against the Jews 1933-1945, in the year 1975. This has been considered one of the definitive works in Holocaust historiography. In addition to this work, she published books on the Jews in America and essays on Jewish history and identity. In 1985, Dawidowicz initiated and founded the Fund for the Translation of Jewish Literature. Besides being a voracious New York Mets fan and avid walker, she spent much of her time painstakingly researching her great love: Jewish history. Dawidowicz was a regular contributor to Commentary, The New York Times Book Review, The New York Times Magazine, Times Literary Supplement, and This World.

Dawidowicz also taught and lectured. She considered teaching and lecturing secondary to historical research and writing.


June 16, 1915 Born in New York City.
1932-1936 Attended Hunter College and received a B.A. in English Literature.
1937 Studied English Literature as a Master's Student at Columbia University, did not finish degree due to the plight of European Jewry and the seeming irrelevance of English Literature.
1938 Research Fellow at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Learning in Vilna, Poland (YIVO).
August 1939 She left Poland and arrived in New York.
1940-1946 Worked as an Assistant to Max Weinrich (one of the three directors or Vilna's YIVO, and the only one to escape to America and survive). She is Assistant to Research Director at New York City's YIVO.
1946-1947 Education Officer at Displaced Persons (DP) Camps with American Joint Distribution Committee (AJDC).
1947 Works as member of AJDC—Retrieves stolen books from YIVO's library.Did research for John Hersey's novel The Wall that was about the Warsaw Ghetto. The Wall was published in 1950.
January 3, 1948 Marriage to Syzmon Dawidowicz.
1965 Recipient of Award from National Foundation for Jewish Culture.
1948-1969 Research analyst and then a research director for the American Jewish Committee.
1969 Accepted position as teacher of Holocaust history at Yeshiva University.Teaches course on Holocaust at Stem College— The War Against the Jews evolves out of the course.
1970-1975 Paul and Leah Lewis Professor Holocaust Studies.
1975 The War Against the Jews is published.
1976 Guggenheim Fellow.The Holocaust Reader is published. This is a source book of firsthand data from the 1920's until 1945 and the completion of the German partition of Poland.
1978 Leaves Yeshiva University.
1979 Szymon Dawidowicz dies. Lucy and Szymon had been married 31 years.
1975-1981 Delivers Aaron-Roland Lectures in Judaic Studies at Stanford University.
1980 Delivers B. G. Rudolph Lecture in Judaic Studies at Syracuse University.
April 18, 1982 "American Jews and the Holocaust" (New York Times Magazine, this essay was part of the debate about the role of American Jewry. Dawidowicz believed that American Jews did all that was in their power to help European Jewry.)
1985 Initiated and founded the Fund for the Translation of Jewish Literature.
December 5,1990 Mrs. Dawidowicz dies at the age of seventy-five.
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Scope and Content Note

The Papers of Lucy S. Dawidowicz represent her research and work relating to American History and American Jewish History, Anti-Semitism in America, Holocaust denial, European Jewish heritage and the Holocaust (including the American Jewish response). Biographical material pertains to her book, From That Place and Time: A Memoir: 1938-1947, as well as later material concerning her profession life.

Types of documents include correspondence, publications by Mrs. Dawidowicz, publications authored by others as research notes for her work, index cards, photographs, and written notes. The bulk of the material is in the form of articles, newspaper clippings, reports, studies and papers that she collected for her research. This research culminated in lectures and a series of published articles and books, such as On Equal Terms and an uncompleted book on American Jewish History. Correspondence encompasses personal letters to her husband Szymon, parents and sister; business correspondence with publishing houses and book editors; professional contacts with historians, professors, and scholars involved in Jewish affairs; letters to friends such as Cynthia Ozick and Marie Syrkin; and crank mail concerning Holocaust denial. Photographs range from those taken during her year in Vilna (1938) until her death in 1990.

See Index to Lucy S. Dawidowicz's Articles Within the Collection

For a more expansive scope of Lucy S. Dawidowicz's Articles see Commentary Magazine directory

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Material is arranged by subject unless specified otherwise in the series description.


The collection is comprised of the following 9 series:

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Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Executive Director of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011.

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In 1993 the Papers of Lucy S. Dawidowicz were donated to the Society by Neil Kozodoy of Commentary Magazine, Literary Executor of the Estate of Lucy S. Dawidowicz.

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Articles index

Checklist of Lucy S. Dawidowicz's Articles Within the Collection

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Series I: Research Notes for Book on American Jewish History, undated, 1800-1914.

18.25 linear feet (37 boxes)
Scope and Content:

Consists of Mrs. Dawidowicz's working files for a book on American Jewish History which was never completed. These boxes do contain some information that was utilized in her book on American history, On Equal Terms.

Notes on American History  1840-1880

Box Folder Title Date
1 1 Politics-Relations with American Presidents
1 2 Politics: Grant and the Jews
1 3 Civil Rights: General
1 4 Civil Rights in Maryland
1 5 Civil Rights: North Carolina 1850-1860s
1 6 Civil Rights: Swiss Treaty
1 7 Civil Rights: Chaplaincy
1 8 Labour Movement: Radicalism
1 9 Zionism in America
1 10 Politics, Jewish Vote 1860-1872
1 11 Yiddish Press
1 12 General American Politics 1800s
1 13 Politics: Biographies. Noah, Mordecai M.
1 14 Political Action: Jews Overseas 1800s

American Jews of the West and South  

Box Folder Title Date
2 1 Notes on Southern Jewry
2 2 Jews of the Midwest 1816-1817
2 3 Jews of the Midwest 1816-1817
2 4 Jews in Midwest Illinois
2 5 Jews of the South
2 6 Materials on Jews of Georgia
2 7 Materials on Jews of Georgia
2 8 Materials on Jews of Louisiana
2 9 Materials on Jews of Louisiana
2 10 Jews of South Carolina 1740-1860
2 11 Politics: Elected Officials
2 12 Politics: Elected Officials
2 13 Politics: Elected Officials

Materials on Jews of Texas and West  1800-1900

Box Folder Title
3 1 Jews of the Southwest
3 2 Jews of the Southwest
3 3 Materials on Jews of Texas
3 4 Materials on Jews of Texas
3 5 Materials on Jews of Texas
3 6 Materials on Jews of Texas
3 7 Materials concerning Jews of the West
3 8 Materials concerning Jews of the West
3 9 Jews of New York City and Boroughs

Judaism in America-Evolution of the Synagogue Structure 

Box Folder Title
4 1 History of American Synagogues
4 2 History of American Synagogues
4 3 The evolution of the synagogue
4 4 American Judaism and Reconstructionism
4 5 Judaism in America

Research on Early Judaism and Ritual Practices in America 

Box Folder Title Date
5 1 Miscellaneous correspondence for research information
5 2-3 Materials on rabbis, hazanim, ministers, scholars
5 4-5 Materials on prayerbooks, Bible, Hebrew texts, religious literature
5 6-8 Materials on observance and non-observance
5 9 Materials on Shehitah/Kashruth
5 10 Materials on intermarriage and conversion 1800s-1920s

Research on Reform Judaism and David Einhorn 

Box Folder Title Date
6 1-5 Reform Judaism
6 6 Reform Judaism: Isaac Mayer Wise
6 7 Materials on Reform Judaism
6 8 Reform Judaism: 1760s-1900s
6 9-12 Reform Judaism: David Einhorn

Orthodoxy, Isaac Leeser, Joseph Rice, Mordecai Kaplan 

Box Folder Title
7 1 Orthodoxy in America
7 2-4 Materials on Isaac Leeser
7 5 Materials on Rabbi Abraham Rice (First Rabbi in America)
7 6 Solomon Schechter
7 7 Mordecai M. Kaplan
7 8 Judah L. Magnes
7 9 "Young Israel" Organization
7 10 Ethical Culture/Unitarianism
7 11 Politics: Biographies. Henry Morgenthau Senior/Junior

Modern American Jewish History: Relations with FDR, Truman, Johnson, and the Jews of the Left 

Box Folder Title
8 1 Politics: Stephen Wise, FDR, Bernard Baruch
8 2 Politics: Relations with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
8 3 Politics: Relations with FDR
8 4 Politics: Dr. Stephen Wise
8 5 Politics: FDR, Truman, and Zionist Idea-State
8 6 Materials on Anti-Zionism: American Council for Judaism
8 7 Dawidowicz research correspondence and notes
8 8 Research: Politics—Johnson and the Six Day War
8 9-10 Politics: Jewish relations with President Lyndon B. Johnson
8 11-12 Research on the Left: The Rosenberg Case
8 13 Articles by Dawidowicz: Communism and the Jews
8 14 Jews and Communism

Notes for Chapter 1: The Constitution 

Box Folder Title
9 1 Chapter 1: The Constitution-George Washington
9 2 John Adams
9 3-4 Thomas Jefferson
9 5-6 James Madison
9 7 George Mason
9 8-9 The Bill of Rights
9 10 Historiography
9 11 Legal commentaries
9 12-13 Ratification
9 14-15 The rights of Jews

Materials on Economic Occupations-Mercantile 

Box Folder Title
10 1-3 Thorpe: Charters and Constitutions
10 4-10 Economic Life: Occupations and Mercantile
10 11 Economic Life: Occupations and Mercantile-Notes

Economic Life 

Box Folder Title
11 1-2 Economic Life: Occupations: Peddling
11 3-4 Economic Life: Professions
11 5 Economic Life: Professions and Real Estate
11 6 Economic Life: Transportation and Communication
11 7 Occupations: White Collar
11 8-9 Economic Life: Financial Panics and Depressions
11 10-12 Economic Life: Social Mobility
11 13 Economic Life: Jewish Poor
11 14-15 The Jewish Rich

Notes on American Indians/Genocide 

Box Folder Title Date
12 1 Notes on American Indians/Genocide
12 2 Correspondence with Irving Metzman concerning Amherst Smallpox and Indians
12 3 Correspondence and articles on teaching of history
12 4 Appendix 1: Religious Liberty and Civil Rights, September 22, 1990
12 5 Table of Contents: History of Jews in United States
12 6-7 Notes for Appendix 1
12 8 New Jersey 1776-1800s
12 9 Notes for Appendix 1: New York
12 10-14 Notes for Appendix 1

Colonial American History Notes 

Box Folder Title Date
13 1-2 Colonial American History-Connecticut
13 3-6 Colonial American History
13 7 Receipt book of Isaac Moses 1785-1787
13 8 Research notes and inquiries 1983 June 24

Christianity in American Society and Missionary Activities 

Box Folder Title Date
14 1 Articles concerning religion and politics
14 2 Christianity in American Society 1840-1849
14 3 Christianity in American Society 1850s
14 4 Christianity in American Society 1860s
14 5 Christianity in American Society 1870s
14 6-7 Christianity in American Society 1880s
14 8 Masons
14 9 Missionary activities
14 10 Missionary activities 1860s
14 11 Missionary activities 1870s-1880s
14 12 Missionary activities 1890s
14 13-14 Missionary activities 1820-1839
14 15 Missionary activities 1840s
14 16 Missionary activities 1850s
14 17 Missionary activities 1860s
14 18 Missionary activities 1870s

Working Files on Jewish Communal Organizations 

Box Folder Title Date
15 1 Communal/Board of Directors
15 2-4 Communal Jewish Institutions: Charity
15 5-8 Communal Jewish Institutions: Charity 1865-
15 9-11 Communal: Education

References and Resources 

Box Folder Title
16 1-2 American Jewish History: General references
16 3 American Jewish History: American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS)
16 4 American Jewish History: General references

The Jewish Press and Historiography 

Box Folder Title
17 1-2 Jewish leadership
17 3 Funding Possibilities: American Jewish History
17 4 Jews in America: Financial support-acknowledgement
17 5 Outlines, ideas, projects
17 6 Research correspondence and working notes
17 7-9 The Jewish Press
17 10 Bibliography of Jewish memoirs and autobiographies
17 11-12 Historiography
17 13 Dawidowicz paper: "Perspectives on American Jews"
17 14-18 Historiography

Statistics, Ethnic Groups, and Jewish Community -1789 

Box Folder Title Date
18 1 Materials on American Jewish History
18 2 Historical Pluralism: Other ethnic religious groups
18 3 Religious Societies: Incorporation
18 4-7 Statistics
18 8 Social Conditions: Disease, mortality, suicide, divorce, crime
18 9 Jewish attitudes to, Images of America
18 10 English/French immigration
18 11-12 Growth of American Jewish community up to 1789 -1789
18 13 Impact of American Revolution on Jews

Growth of American Jewish Community   1789-1864

Box Folder Title Date
19 1-3 Growth of American Jewish Community 1789-1853
19 4-5 Growth of American Jewish Community 1835-1850
19 6 Sephardic Jews (Amsterdam/England) Converso background
19 7-11 German/Jewish immigration
19 12 Bohemian/Czech Jewish immigration
19 13-14 Growth of American Jewish Community 1850-1864

Growth of American Jewish Community and Immigration 

Box Folder Title Date
20 1 Growth of American Jewish Community 1865-1880
20 2 East European Immigrants -1865
20 3 East European Jews: Negative Jewish attitudes (social)
20 4 East European Immigrants 1865-1881
20 5-7 East European Immigrants 1880-1914
20 8 Immigration: The Galveston Movement
20 9 Levantine Immgration
20 10 Sunday Laws
20 11 Sunday Laws 1840s
20 12 Sunday Laws 1850s
20 13 Sunday Laws 1860s
20 14 Sunday Laws 1870s
20 15 Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) – WWI
20 16 Post-1924 immigration 1924-
Box   Title
21   Metal Box of Jewish Achievers: Histories and Index
Box   Title
22   Index Cards of Jewish Achievers

Economic History of American Jews  

Box Folder Title Date
23 1 Achievers coding plan
23 2-4 Economic: Bios
23 5 Research on Henry Greenebaum 1871
23 6-7 Economic History US: General
23 8 Economic: Jewish economic history in US
23 9-10 Ecnomic history of the Jews in the US
23 11 Dawidowicz paper-Economic History of American Jews

Economic Life of American Jewry 

Box Folder Title
24 1 Economic: Jewish
24 2 Economic History in US-American Jewish Historical Quarterly
24 3 Economic: Biography: Jacob Schiff
24 4 Biography-Judah Touro
24 5 Economic: Occupational classification
24 6 Economic/Occupational (miscellaneous)
24 7-10 Economic Life: Occupations-Banking
24 11-13 Economic Life: Credit Agencies

Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories 

Box Folder Title
25 1-2 Dun Records/Baker Library
25 3 Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories: Subject Index
25 4-9 Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories I
Box Folder Title
26 1-4 Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories II
26 5-10 Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories III
Box Folder Title
27 1 Economic Life: Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories IV
27 2-5 Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories IV
27 6-10 Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories V

Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories VI and Economic Life of Jews 

Box Folder Title
28 1-5 Dun and Bradstreet Credit Histories VI
28 6 Economic Life: Occupations-Farming
28 7-8 Economic Life: Occupations-Labor/Working Class
28 9-12 Economic Life: Occupations-Manufacturing

Early American Jewish History 

Box Folder Title Date
29 1 Anti-establishmentarianism in Colonies
29 2 Isaac Backkus/Separate Baptists
29 3 Christian Images of Jews 18th Century
29 4 Enlightenment/Deism
29 5-6 Freemasonry/Deism/Jews 18th Century
29 7 Historiography: Liberty vs. Religious Interests
29 8 Republican Religion/Rational Religion
29 9 Toleration, idea of
29 10 Reviews of Books-American Jewry
29 11-13 Jews in the US

Jews from Civil War to World War II-Politics and Relations 

Box Folder Title Date
30 1 Jews in the American Revolution
30 2 Slavery, Jewish attitudes
30 3-5 Civil War-Union
30 6 Jews and World War I-Politics, Pacifists
30 7 World War I-Jewish Congress Movements-Minority Rights/Peace Treaties
30 8-9 World War II: Isolationism to Intervention
30 10 US relations with Nazi Germany 1933-1941
30 11-14 World War II

World War II-Rescue and Jewish Response in America 

Box Folder Title
31 1 World War II-Rescue
31 2 Dawidowicz paper-"And No Help Came-Could American Jews Have Done More?"
31 3-5 World War II-Rescue
31 6 World War II-Jewish response to Holocaust
31 7-9 World War II-Jewish response

Jewish Repatriation Post-World War II, Displaced Persons Camps and Women 

Box Folder Title Date
32 1 Article and chapter draft
32 2-4 Jewish repatriation and Displaced Persons Camps
32 5 Dawidowicz paper-"American Jews and the Sheerith Ha-Pleta" 1984
32 6 Displaced Persons Camps
32 7 Dawidowicz paper-"The Jewish DPs and American Jews" 1984
32 8 American Jews and the Formation of Israel
32 9-13 Women

Social Life and Higher Education 

Box Folder Title
33 1 Social Life: Private schools
33 2-6 Higher Education/Cultural Activities
33 7-8 Social Organizations-B'nai B'rith, Clubs, Purim Balls, Charity Balls

Social History of Jews in America 

Box Folder Title
34 1 Social Life: Private-Weddings, Resorts, Consumption
34 2-4 Social Life: Integration, Assimilation, High Status
34 5 Social-Jews in Literature/Art
34 6 Social Life: Entertainment, Theater, Movies, Vaudeville

Jewish Achievers: Biographical Data on American Jewish Figures (Major and Minor Figures) 

Box Folder Title Date
35 1-4 Jewish Achievers
35 5 Notecards on Rabbis in US-1903 Statistics
35 6-8 Rabbis in US 1903 Statistics 1903
35 9 Research Materials-American Jewish History
35 10-12 Research-American Jewish Archives
Box   Title
36   Jewish Achievers 1 and 2

Synagogue Membership Applications 

Box Folder Title Date
37 1-2 Notecards on American Jews 1901-1917
37 3-9 Synagogue Membership Applications
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Series II: Anti-Semitism in America, 1840-1967.

2 linear feet (4 boxes)
Scope and Content:

Reflects images of Jews from the mid-19th century to the year 1967. Although Dawidowicz considered anti-Semitism to be an omnipresent threat to Jews, she believed that the anti-Semitism which evolved in Europe was, (and continued to be) much more of a threat to Jewish safety and survival.

Images of Jews: 1800s 

Box Folder Title Date
38 1-2 The 1930s-Great Depression 1930s
38 3-5 Anti-Semitism-General
38 6 Images of Jews-Pro/Con To 1840s
38 7 Images of Jews-Pro/Con To 1850s
38 8-9 Images of Jews-Pro/Con To 1860s
38 10 Images of Jews-Pro/Con To 1870s
38 11 Images of Jews-Pro/Con To 1880s
38 12-13 Anti-Semitism: Antebellum

Anti-Semitism in America-Civil War  - 1920s

Box Folder Title Date
39 1-3 Know-Nothings/Nativism
39 4-7 Anti-Semitism-Civil War
39 8-11 Anti-Semitism 1865-1890
39 12-13 Anti-Semitism 1890-1920

Anti-Semitism in America 

Box Folder Title Date
40 1-2 Anti-Semitism: Blacks
40 3-5 Radical Right 1960s
40 6 Draft copy of "Anti-Semitism in the John Birth Society"-Radical Right 1960s, 1964 September 23
40 7 Anti-Semitism
40 8 Anti-Semitism: Leo Frank Case

Anti-Semitism in America  -1967

Box Folder Title Date
41 1 Anti-Semitism: Henry Ford
41 2 Anti-Semitism: Ku Klux Klan
41 3 Immigration Restrictions to 1933
41 4-6 Anti-Semitism 1920-1945
41 7 Immigration Restriction 1933-1948
41 8 Anti-Semitism 1945-1967
41 9 Dawidowicz paper on Anti-Semitism 1967 September 12
41 10-11 Anti-Semitism 1945-1967
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Series III: Holocaust Denial, undated, 1983-1989.

1.5 linear feet (3 boxes)
Scope and Content:

Reflects Dawidowicz's concern with fighting historical "revisionists" who deny that the Holocaust occurred. The series includes materials she collected on, and her responses to, groups such as the Institute for Historical Review that promoted Holocaust denial under the guise of "respectable" scholarly research.

Denial of Holocaust: Materials for Article 

Box Folder Title
42 1-2 Crank Mail
42 3-8 Denial of Holocaust: Materials for Article

Holocaust Denial and Institute for Historical Review (IHR) 

Box Folder Title
43 1 Correspondence with Anti-Defamation League (ADL)
43 2 Institute for Historical Review (IHR)
43 3-4 Holocaust Revisionism-IHR
43 5 The Journal of Historical Review-IHR
43 6-7 ADL correspondences and information
43 8 Holocaust Denial
43 9 Dawidowicz: Thoughts on IHR

Marek Edelman-Norman Davies: Anti-Semitism 

Box Folder Title Date
44 1 Anti-Semitism: Davies 1989 March 13
44 2 Dawidowicz articles on Norman Davies and Marek Edelman
44 3-5 Edelman/Davies Controversy
44 6 Committee for a Sound Jewish Policy 1984, 1985
44 7 On David Mirsky 1983 April 19
44 8 Deborah Dash Moore-On Rosenbergs in Journal of American Ethnic History
44 9 Sarah Gordon, Hitler, Germans, and the "Jewish Question" 1988
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Series IV: Research and Articles on Contemporary European (Jewish) History-Holocaust, undated, 1979-1985.

2.5 linear feet (5 boxes)
Scope and Content:

Reflects one of Dawidowicz's main areas of interest: the European Jewish heritage and the Holocaust. Lucy S. Dawidowicz wrote a number of books and articles on the subject, including The War Against the Jews. The first part of the series deals with the history of Babi Yar. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were massacred at Babi Yar in 1941 by the Einsatzgruppen. A memorial site was placed over the area, but the Soviet government did not mention the fact that Jews in particular were murdered. The second part of the series concerns Mrs. Dawidowicz's participation in the President's Commission on the Holocaust in 1979. Lastly, the series contains material relating to the debate among historians as to the amount of assistance American Jews provided to their European counterparts. Mrs. Dawidowicz believed that American Jewry did all in their power to help; whereas David Wyman (The Abandonment of the Jews, 1984) represents an opposite view.

Babi Yar 

Box Folder Title Date
45 1-3 Dawidowicz paper "The True History of Babi Yar"
45 4 Babi Yar
45 5-6 Babi Yar and Soviet Jewry
45 7 The Jews in Nazi-Occupied USSR
45 8 Soviet Jewry
45 9 Dawidowicz-Working Chapter 1-Babi Yar 1981
45 10 Dawidowicz "The True History of Babi Yar"
45 11 Dawidowicz-Copy of Babi Yar Chapter

President's Commission on the Holocaust  1979

Box Folder Title Date
46 1-2 The President's Commission on the Holocaust
46 3 The President's Commission on the Holocaust 1979
46 4-10 The President's Commission on the Holocaust
46 11 Holocaust Memorial Plans 1979
46 12 The President's Commission on the Holocaust
46 13 Dawidowicz article "From Past to Past" in Conservative Judaism
Box   Title Date
47   The Destruction of European Jewry by Raul Hilberg

Wyman, Abandonment of Jews and Jews in Gentile Society 

Box Folder Title Date
48 1 Materials on David Wyman 1985
48 2 Dawidowicz rebuttal to Wyman's Abandonment of the Jews
48 3 Allied Bombing of Camps Debate
48 4-6 World War II: Allied Bombing
48 7-8 Jews in Gentile Society

Arno Mayer, Why Did the Heavens Not Darken, Jews of the Left, Jewish Political Behavior 

Box Folder Title Date
49 1 Arno Mayer-Why Did the Heavens Not Darken
49 2 Arno Mayer-Revisionist Holocaust Historiography
49 3 Chomsky defends Holocaust Denier's Rights (Faurrison)
49 4 Arno Mayer-Revisionist Holocaust Historiography
49 5-9 Jewish Political Behavior
49 10-11 Jews and the Left
49 12 Two New York Times Magazines: "Babi Yar's Legacy;" "American Jews and the Holocaust" 1981 September 27, 1982 April 18
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Series V: Research and Background Notes on Memoir, undated, 1936-1989.

3.5 linear feet (7 boxes)
Scope and Content:

Reflects Dawidowicz's efforts to effectively re-create her life in Vilna, Poland in the year 1938. The series contains letters, notes, and memorabilia that were saved by Dawidowicz and her friends. A number of pictures taken during her stay in Vilna may be found in the Photography Series. Dawidowicz's memoir entitled From That Place and Time: A Memoir: 1938-1947 was created from the materials and subsequent research found in these files; it was awarded The Jewish Book Award in the year 1989.

Box   Title
50   Reviews of Memoir, From That Place and Time

Maps of Vilna, Poland, Notes on Poland and YIVO 

Box Folder Title Date
51 1 Maps of Vilna, Poland
51 2 Notes for Memoir, Chapter 7
51 3 Chapter 7: Raw materials, notes
51 4-5 Chapter 7: Raw materials-notes on Poland
51 6-9 YIVO-NY 1944-1946

Raw Material for Chapter 14 and 4 - Memoir 

Box Folder Title Date
52 1-2 Raw Material: Chapter 14-Memoir
52 3 Raw Material: Chapter 14-Memoir 1947
52 4 Raw Material: Chapter 14-Memoir-Book Recovery Post World War II
52 5 Raw Material: Chapter 14-Memoir
52 6 Raw Material: Chapter 14-Memoir 1947
52 7 Chapter 4-Raw Material-Memoir (part in Hebrew)
52 8-10 Raw Material-Chapter 4: Memoir, in Hebrew

Chapters 5, 6, 9 of Memoir  1939

Box Folder Title Date
53 1-4 Chapters 5 and 6: Raw Material-Memoir
53 5 Chapter 9: Raw Material: Memoir-Letters Home 1939 September 6
53 6 Chapter 9: Boat Tickets 1939
53 7 Chapter 9: Letters Home and Embassy Warning 1939
53 8-9 Chapter 9: Raw Materials

Hunter College Materials and Polish Anti-Semitism 

Box Folder Title Date
54 1 Chapter 8: Raw Material
54 2-3 Chapter 8: Raw Material-Polish Anti-Semitism
54 5 Hunter College Materials
54 5 Hunter College Materials-Letters to Evelyn from Lucy 1936, 1937
54 6-7 Hunter College Material

Memoir Materials
Letters Home 1946-1947
Two Love Letters to Future Husband, Syzmon  

Box Folder Title Date
55 1 Letters Home from Vilna, Poland
55 2 American Joint Distribution Committee (AJDC) Materials 1946-1947
55 3 Letters from Lucy-AJDC 1946-1947
55 4 Personal Correspondence 1947
55 5 Prague, Jewish Collections 1947
55 6 Memoir Notes
55 7-8 Memoir Materials
Box   Title
56   From That Place and Time - Draft Copy
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Series VI: Publications, undated, 1965, 1974-1990.

8.5 linear feet (17 boxes)

This series is organized by subject and type of material.

Scope and Content:

Includes published articles, books and other material produced by Lucy S. Dawidowicz, along with her business correspondence with publishing houses and book editors.

Box   Title Date
57   Reviews of The Golden Tradition and The War Against the Jews 1967, 1975
Box   Title Date
58   Reviews of The War Against the Jews 1975
Box   Title
59   Reviews of A Holocaust Reader, The Jewish Presence, and The Holocaust and the Historians 1976; 1977; 1981
Box   Title Date
60   Reviews of On Equal Terms: Jews in America 1881-1981 and Information on Dawidowicz's Year at Stanford 1981

Business Correspondences and Research Institutions  

Box Folder Title Date
61 1 Papers/Cards from New York Historical Society
61 2 Jewish Theological Seminary
61 3 New York Public Library
61 4 AJC/Rose
61 5 Correspondences 1990
61 6 Business Correspondences 1990
61 7 Israel-Public Relations

Israel Public Relations and Seth Lipsky Material 

Box Folder Title
62 1 Israel Public Relations, Dawidowicz Article
62 2 "The Propaganda War Against the Jews"
62 3 Lectures
62 4 Material on Seth Lipsky
62 5 Seth Lipsky
62 6 Seth Lipsky-clippings
62 7 Miscellaneous materials
62 8 Jewish Achievers notecards

Correspondences 1947-1948 

Box Folder Title Date
63 1 Guggenhem-Expenses 1976 September - 1977 August
63 2 Public Engagements
63 3-4 Correspondences 1975-1985
63 5 Correspondences 1974-1977
63 6 Correspondences and Responses to The War Against the Jews 1933-1947, 1975-1976
63 7 Letters to Dawidowicz 1976-1977
63 8 Letters to Lucy Dawidowicz 1978
63 9 Letters of Recognition to Dawidowicz 1976-1980
63 10 Correspondences 1970-1981
63 11 Public Engagements 1977-1978
63 12 Public Engagements and Recognition 1975-1989
63 13 Pamphlets and Acknowledgement


Box Folder Title
64 1 Clippings
64 2 Clippings and lectures
64 3-4 Clippings and articles on the Holocaust
64 5 Babi Yar-Responses
64 6 Holocaust Course Syllabi
64 7 Miscellaneous

Publications and Published Correspondences 

Box Folder Title Date
65 1 Lecture and publication materials 1984-1985
65 2 Publication pamphlets
65 3 Lecture announcements, pamphlets
65 4 Dawidowicz Bitburg article 1985 December 6
65 5 Articles and reviews 1986-1989
65 6 Articles 1982
65 7 Correspondence 1982-1983
65 8 Dawidowicz articles, pamphlets
65 9 Correspondence and lecture material
65 10 Correspondence and articles 1984
65 11 Wall Street Journal article 1984

The War Against the Jews: 10th Anniversary Edition 

Box Folder Title
66 1 On Equal Terms-Holt
66 2-4 The War Against the Jews-10th Anniversary Edition
66 5-8 The Holocaust and the Historians
66 9-10 Weidenfeld and Nicholson

Business Correspondence 

Box Folder Title Date
67 1 Memoir Material, Norton 1988
67 2 Norton 1988-1989
67 3 Memoir Material 1988-1990
67 4 Memoir Material and Correspondence with Amy Cherry, American Jewish History
67 5-7 Correspondence concerning The Golden Tradition
67 8-9 The Jewish Presence
67 10 Correspondence 1989
67 11 Letter from Yitzhak Shamir 1989
67 12 Correspondence 1989-1990
67 13 American-Jewish Response to Holocaust

American Jews and the Holocaust 

Box Folder Title Date
68 1-3 Commentary-Indicting American Jews-Response
68 4 Articles and Brochures-"Could American Jews Have Done More?"
68 5-6 American Jewish Commission on Holocaust 1981-1983
68 7 Textbooks-Historical inaccuracies when discussing Holocaust
68 8 Dawidowicz-"State of the World Jewry Address-1984" 1984
68 9-12 American Jews and the Holocaust


Box Folder Title Date
69 1 Dawidowicz article: "Politics, the Jews, and the '84 Election" 1984
69 2-3 Dawidowicz Review of Hertzberg Book on Jews in America
69 4 Institute of Society, Ethics, and the Life Sciences 1976
69 5 Nazi Experiments
69 6 Correspondence with Robert Jay Lifton 1981
69 7 Nazi Experiments-Institute of Society, Ethics, and the Life Sciences
69 8 Arnold Schoenberg
69 9 Dawidowicz Lecture, "Jewish Identity and Self-Knowledge"
69 10 Jewish Identity and Self-Knowledge

Dawidowicz Articles and Lecture Materials 

Box Folder Title
70 1 Miscellaneous notes-American Jews
70 2 Dawidowicz-East European Jewry
70 3 The Shaping of American Jewry
70 4 Confronting the Holocaust
70 5-6 Dawidowicz Lectures on the Holocaust
70 7 History as Autobiography-Speeches

Speeches and Correspondence, 1989-1990 

Box Folder Title Date
71 1 Speeches: "Changing Faces of Anti-Semitism," "State of World Jewry Address 1984" 1984
71 2 Miscellaneous Holocaust speeches and materials 1976-1981
71 3 Speeches: "American Jews and the Holocaust," "Danzig as a Paradigm of Jewish History"
71 4 Lessons of the Holocaust: History and Morality, What is the Use of Jewish History? 1978-1990
71 5 Miscellaneous
71 6 What is the Use of Jewish History? Chapter 14
71 7 From That Place and Time Jewish Book Award 1990 June 11
71 8 Correspondence 1989-1990
71 9 Correspondence 1989

Correspondence and Articles  

Box Folder Title Date
72 1 Correspondence and Articles 1989-1990
72 2 Articles 1989-1990
72 3 Correspondence with Jahn Otto Johansen-Plagiarism
72 4 Articles-American Jewish response to Holocaust
72 5 Articles and Responses-American Jewish response to Holocaust
72 6 A Gathering of Miscellaneous-Dawidowicz articles
72 7 Dawidowicz articles-Miscellaneous

Dawidowicz Articles and Reviews  

Box Folder Title
73 1-3 Dawidowicz articles and reviews
73 4-5 Miscellaneous
73 6 Miscellaneous Dawidowicz articles
73 7 A Gathering of Miscellaneous Folder 1
73 8 A Gathering of Miscellaneous Folder 2
73 9 A Gathering of Miscellaneous Folder 3
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Series VII: Personal and Biographical Material, undated, 1970-1971.

0.5 linear foot (1 box)
Scope and Content:

Includes biographical information which Mrs. Dawidowicz had compiled for various Encyclopedias.

Bio and Bibliography and Behrman House 

Box Folder Title Date
74 1 Dawidowicz Biography and Bibliography Who's Who
74 2-4 Bio and Bibliography
74 5 Borchardt miscellaneous
74 6 The War Against the Jews Miscellaneous
74 7 The War Against the Jews Foreign Publications
74 8 The War Against the Jews Miscellaneous
74 9 Holocaust-Behrman
74 10 Correspondence with Neil, Behrman House 1970-1971
74 11-12 Holocaust-Behrman
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Series VIII: Photographs, 1938-1990.

0.25 linear foot (1 box)
Scope and Content:

Contains photographs that were taken by and of Lucy S. Dawidowicz from her year in Vilna (1938) until her death in 1990.

Box Folder Title Date
75 1 Dawidowicz Photos-Vilna
75 2-3 Photos
75 4 Photos 1978
75 5 Photos 1979-1983
75 6-7 Photos of Lucy S. Dawidowicz
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Series IX: Correspondence, 1961-1990.

2 linear foot (4 boxes)

This series is arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content:

Contains correspondence with a broad range of individuals, many of whom were historians, professors, and intellectuals who dealt with Jewish affairs and programs. This correspondence spans the years 1961 to 1990. Along with professional correspondence, this series includes letters from colleagues and friends such as Cynthia Ozick and Marie Syrkin.

Correspondence 1961-1981 

Box Folder Title Date
76 1-2 Royalty Statements-Holt
76 3 Correspondence 1968-1978
76 4 Correspondence 1974-1980
76 5 Correspondence 1979-1980
76 6 Correspondence-at Stanford and New York 1980-1981
76 7 Correspondence-Plus Colombia Record-Professor Salo Baron 1961-1983

Correspondence 1960-1981 

Box Folder Title Date
77 1 Correspondence 1960-1962
77 2 Correspondence 1963
77 3 Correspondence with Gershom Scholem 1964
77 4 Correspondence 1964
77 5 Correspondence with Ezra Spicehandler 1965
77 6-7 Correspondence 1965
77 8 Correspondence with Lea Goldstein 1965-1966
77 9 Correspondence 1966
77 10 Correspondence 1967
77 11 Correspondence 1968
77 12 Correspondence 1969
77 13 Correspondence with Yeshiva University 1969-1977
77 14 Correspondence 1974-1975
77 15 Correspondence 1977-1979
77 16 Correspondence 1979-1981

Correspondence 1980-1985 

Box Folder Title Date
78 1 Correspondence 1980-1981
78 2 Correspondence 1981
78 3 Correspondence 1981-1982
78 4 Correspondence 1982
78 5 Correspondence 1982-1984
78 6 Correspondence 1983
78 7-8 Correspondence 1984
78 9 Correspondence 1985

Correspondence 1985-1990 

Box Folder Title Date
79 1 Correspondence 1985
79 2-3 Correspondence 1986
79 4 Correspondence 1985-1986
79 5 Correspondence 1987
79 6 Correspondence 1988-1990
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