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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Galliner, Julius, 1872-1949
Title: Julius Galliner Collection
Dates:bulk 1917-1946
Abstract: This collection holds the papers of the Berlin rabbi Julius Galliner. Many of the papers center on the activities of the Berlin Jewish Community and its members. The largest area of the collection is comprised of Julius Galliner's writings, including many of his sermons, but there is also a small amount of correspondence, educational and identification documents, and professional papers.
Languages: The collection is primarily in German and English, with some Hebrew.
Quantity: 0.5 linear foot
Identification: AR 3070
Repository: Leo Baeck Institute
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Biographical Note

Julius Galliner was born on February 3, 1872 in Zinten (East Prussia, now Kornevo, Russia). He was the son of Jonas Galiner and Lina Pianikowski and had two older siblings, Max and Dorothea. At 11 years old Julius Galliner went to Königsberg (now Kaliningrad, Russia) and attended the lower levels of the secondary school (Gymnasium) there. He then entered the Jewish Teaching Seminary of Berlin, and became a teacher and cantor in Schwerin. There he was supported by the rabbi Gabriel Fabian Feilchenfeld and continued his secondary studies. After passing his exams, Galliner went to Berlin, where he attended the Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums and the University of Berlin. He received his doctorate in 1897.

At first Galliner worked as a religion teacher and leader of a religious school in Charlottenburg for the Jewish Community of Berlin, working simultaneously as a rabbi at the synagogues in Charlottenburg. He would continue to work as a rabbi for the next 46 years, preaching in the synagogues on Fasanenstraße and Prinzregentenstraße. In 1917 he became a rabbi for the greater Berlin community. In addition to his teaching, Galliner represented educational interests as a member of the board of education in Charlottenburg, the Talmud-Thora board of the Jewish Community in Berlin, and as the head of his school leadership as well as of the regional rabbinate. He also helped to found the Teachers' Educational Institute (Lehrer-Bildungsanstalt) of the Prussian Union (Preussischen Landesverband). His social work included working with the Hilfsverein für Jüdische Studierende.

In 1903 Julius Galliner married Elisabeth Zerline Kristeller, the daughter of Benjamin (Benno) and Clara Kristeller.

Galliner emigrated to England in March 1939 before moving to New York City to be with his two children. He died there on September 7, 1949.

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Scope and Content Note

The Julius Galliner Collection mainly documents the professional life of this rabbi. Among the materials are personal papers, including educational and vital documents, correspondence, professional papers, and his writings.

The Berlin Jewish Community is the major focus of this collection, and many items here pertain to it. In Series I, this includes several clippings related to the community. Correspondence in Series II occasionally makes mention of it in letters sent to Julius Galliner. The professional documents in Series III consist of such materials as the program from the religious service dedicating the new synagogue on Fasanenstraße, an article on conflicts within the community, and a copy of the community newsletter introducing Julius Galliner to the greater community in 1917. Lectures and talks given at schools and to members of the community are included in Series IV, which also contains drafts of sermons for services at the Fasanenstraße and Prinzregentenstraße synagogues. Some information on individuals in the community will additionally be found among his other writings in this series.

Series I holds a small amount of personal documents of Julius Galliner. These papers include identification and educational documents, as well as a few identification papers of his wife, Elisabeth Galliner.

Correspondence will be found in Series II. Although most of the letters in this collection contain greetings sent to Julius Galliner on the occasion of his birthday, there are a few letters he exchanged with others.

Series III is composed of documents relating to Galliner's work as a rabbi and teacher. Many of these documents pertain to the Berlin Jewish Community. There are also documents focusing on Julius Galliner, such as a recommendation for him in English and notification that he is leaving the community in 1939.

Series IV holds Galliner's writings. These include texts of sermons, lectures and addresses, articles, and clippings of his published articles. In addition to pieces on the Berlin Jewish Community, other subjects include religious themes and Jewish youth. There are also short works on specific individuals, and a long manuscript on Jewish names.

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The collection is made up of four series:

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Custodial History

The collection was donated to the LBI Archives in 1966. Addenda were added at later dates.

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Container List


Series I: Personal, 1872-1963

This series is in German and English, with some Hebrew.
0.125 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

Series I contains both official personal documents and several folders of articles found in the collection. Official papers include educational papers and vital documents, such as identification papers and legal documents.

Among the educational papers found here are several certificates, such as one noting Julius Galliner's completion of his studies in Schwerin, another naming him a rabbi, and grades from the Berlin Jewish Teachers Seminary. In addition, there are university papers such as a copy of Galliner's university degree, his Studienbuch from the University of Berlin, and a certificate stating that he passed the oral exam for his doctorate.

Official documents are varied and comprised of items such as birth certificates for Julius Galliner, a document announcing the awarding of a third-class Red Cross medallion for his work during the First World War, and the addition of the middle name Israel to his name in 1938. A few documents are those of Elisabeth Galliner, and consist of her birth certificate, the will of her father naming her as a beneficiary, and her British identification certificate.

Articles presumably collected by Julius Galliner cover a range of Jewish-related topics. Several concern the Berlin Jewish Community, individuals, refugees, and Passover. Among the articles on Jewish refugees is a magazine of the Jewish Community in India.

11Collected Articles – Berlin Jewish Communityundated, 1917-1927
12Collected Articles – Jewish Refugees1939-1963
13Collected Articles – Passover1934
14Collected Articles – People1930-1943
15Educational Documents1888-1903
16Vital Documents1872-1938
17Vital Documents – Elisabeth Galliner1890-1946
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Series II: Correspondence, 1852-1948

This series is in German.
1 folder.
Scope and Content:

Series II is composed of Julius Galliner's correspondence. For the most part, the letters are those sent to Galliner, although there are a few sent by him to others. The vast majority of correspondence are letters of congratulations for Julius Galliner's notable birthdays, especially his sixtieth and seventy-fifth.

Individuals with whom there is a larger exchange of letters include Franz and Ruth Buschke, Lazarus Goldschmidt, Alexander Guttmann, Heinrich Stern, and Eugen and Selma Täubler. Much of this correspondence concerns exchanges of greetings and updates on occurences in the individuals' lives. Several letters mention the death of Galliner's relatives.


  • Baeck, Leo
  • Breslauer, Walter
  • Brunner, Constantin
  • Buber, Eugenie
  • Buschke, Franz and Ruth
  • Feilchenfeldt, Leopold
  • Friesen, Otto
  • Goldschmidt, Lazarus
  • Guttman, Alexander
  • Hirsch, Otto
  • Liebermann, May
  • Neumann, Dr.
  • Steinthal, Fritz and Trudi
  • Stern, Heinrich
  • Taeubler, Eugen and Selma
  • Toller, Ernst
  • Ury, Lesser
  • Warschauer, Malwin Mordechai

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Series III: Professional,  1917-1949

This series is in German, with some English and Hebrew.
2 folders.
Scope and Content:

Series III holds papers relating to Julius Galliner's profession of rabbi, as well as one folder of congratulatory clippings.

Documents in this series include two relating to his changing role as rabbi of the greater Berlin community in 1917: his contract as rabbi for the community and an article introducing him in the community newsletter. Other papers relating to the community concern the dedication of the Prinzregentenstraße synagogue in 1930 and an article on educational conflicts within the Berlin community. Documents relating to his departure from the community in 1939 and his subsequent emigration, include a letter of recommendation and a biography published in the newsletter of the New York Congregation Habonim after his death.

The clippings found in this series are largely made up of short pieces announcing his notable birthdays. These articles generally comment on the importance of Galliner's work.

19Professional Documents1917-1949
110Professional Documents – Congratulatory Clippingsundated, 1937-1940
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Series IV: Writings, 1910-1939

This series is in German and English, with some Hebrew.
0.25 linear foot.


Scope and Content:

Series IV: Writings is the largest series in this small collection. The written work here encompasses short articles, texts of lectures and sermons, and a longer manuscript. Most of the items in this series are unpublished, although there are also a few newspaper clippings of Julius Galliner's work from the Jüdisch-liberale Zeitung.

Several folders in this series contain compositions on various people. Many of these articles were written in honor of significant birthdays of individuals. Often the individuals were well-known rabbis or educators, among them the rabbis Gabriel Fabian Feilchenfeld and Max Dienemann and the scholar Lazarus Goldschmidt. The lectures and writings of this series include introductions of many rabbis, both from Berlin as well as other areas of Germany. Sermons on funerals provide additional information on individuals, however many of these sermons do not identify the deceased person.

Youth and the education of young people is another topic prevalent in Julius Galliner's writings. Among Galliner's published articles is a piece on Jewish liberal youth, and his lectures and writings include several works on young Jews. Included are pieces on Jewish children and the celebration of the Sabbath, Jewish youth in the present and the past, religious services for Jewish children, the school program of Abraham Geiger, and speeches given at several Jewish schools, such as the opening of a Jewish school on Fasanenstraße, the opening of a new room at the Goldschmidt School, and at the beginning of the second year of the Teachers' Educational Institute (Lehrer-Bildungsanstalt). Galliner's articles pertaining to organizations and events include a report for the Commission for Rabbinical Education (Kommission für Rabbinerbildung) for the Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland in 1937.

As a rabbi, Julius Galliner also wrote frequently on religious subjects. Most prominent among these are his sermons for religious services, of which there are a large number in this series. Several of these were used more than once, and the dates and synagogue where the sermons given are often noted on the documents. Sermons often interpret scripture or allude to lessons learned from Jewish history. The latest sermons, which are from the late 1930s, mention the growing pressure upon the Jewish community in Berlin. One of Galliner's published articles, whose manuscript is located among the drafts of his lectures, concerns the importance of the rabbi's sermon. A similar theme is discussed in the published piece "Die Stellung des Rabbiners," available in the folder "Lectures and Writings." Galliner also composed several shorter works, written in German and English, that reflect on the history of and significant themes in Judaism; these are to be found in the folder "Manuscripts – Basic Concepts of Judaism." Among them are articles on the nature of religion, revelations, and the sources, essential truths, and concept of messianism in Judaism. Julius Galliner's longest work in this series is the manuscript he wrote concerning Jewish personal names.

111Articles about Personalitiesundated
112Articles about Personalities – Birthdaysundated, 1939
113Articles about Organizations and Events1936-1937
114Lectures and Writingsundated, 1910-1937
115Lectures and Writings – Introductions of Rabbis1932-1936
116Lectures and Writings – Youth and Educationundated, 1933-1936
117Manuscript – Umschrift der Eigennamenundated
118Manuscripts – Basic Concepts of Judaismundated
119Published Articles1922-1932
120Sermons – Funerals and Weddingsundated, 1930-1935
121Sermons – Synagogue Services1928-1938
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