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Guide to the Papers of Morris Rosenfeld (1862-1923)

RG 431

Processed by Chana Eleanor Mlotek

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Machine-readable finding aid created by Donna Gallers as MS Word file. October 2002. Electronic finding aid converted to EAD 2002 by Dianne Ritchey Oummia. January 2004. Description is in English.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Rosenfeld, Morris (1862-1923)
Creator: Morris Rosenfeld (1862-1923)
Title: Morris Rosenfeld Papers
Dates: 1894-1967
Abstract: This collection consists of the general, professional and personal correspondence of the labor poet Morris Rosenfeld, whose works were originally in Yiddish but eventually became translated into other languages. The papers mainly describe his literary work, and include not only his poetry, but also his essays and articles. The collection contains personal papers and documents, printed works (books, articles, poems), unpublished manuscripts, translations of Rosenfeld's poems into English and other languages, sheet music, and reviews of Rosenfeld's work.
Languages: The collection is in Yiddish, English, and German.
Quantity: 5.4 linear feet (12 5" ltr; 2 2.5" ltr, 1 2.5" legal/ tall; 1 map folder)
Identification: RG 431
Repository: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York
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Biographical Note

Morris Rosenfeld (1862-1923) was born in the village of Boksze in the Suwalki district of Russian Poland. He grew up in Warsaw and Suwalki and was educated in the traditional kheder (talmudic academy). He pursued his talmudic studies in a yeshiva until several years after his marriage. He had three children with his wife Assna Beyle (Bessie): daughters Freidel (a.k.a. Freda or Iona) and Reizel, and son Joseph.

From 1882 to 1886 Rosenfeld traveled to Amsterdam, London and the United States. He lived for a time in London, where he worked as a tailor. There he became involved with an anarchist club and began writing labor poems, though these remained unpublished. In 1886 he moved to New York City, where he worked as a presser and a baster in Lower East Side sweatshops.

In 1888 Rosenfeld published his first collection of socialist poems, Di gloke (The Bell), which was followed by Di blumenkette (The Flower Wreath) in 1890. An excellent orator, Rosenfeld often recited his poems to enthusiastic audiences at socialist and union events, and later at large public readings and concerts. Over the next decades his reputation spread as the "poet laureate of labor." His songs were sung by workers in sweatshops, tenement houses, meetings and concerts.

In 1898, Harvard professor of Slavic Studies Leo Wiener translated Rosenfeld's Lider-bukh (The Book of Songs) into English with the title Songs from the Ghetto. The book's publication introduced Rosenfeld to the non-Jewish world and was instrumental in transforming him from an obscure local song writer into an established literary figure. His poems were subsequently translated into many European languages, including German, Hungarian, Polish, Rumanian and Russian. His works, known for their stark, realistic presentation of immigrant and sweatshop life, were the subject of many reviews and articles in literary journals throughout the world.

Although he was publicly honored at special jubilee celebrations featuring recitals and concerts at widely-attended mass rallies, Rosenfeld's career was marked by periods of obscurity, poverty, ill health and personal tragedy. After early publishing successes, for a time Rosenfeld tried to make a living as a writer. His talent spurred the interest and sympathy of philanthropists, but this support eventually faded and he was once again obliged to work in the sweatshop until increasing ill health forced him to give it up. Rosenfeld was deeply affected by the death of his son Joseph in 1905. The following year he himself was stricken with paralysis and incipient blindness, and was unable to work or write for a year while recovering. Journalists launched a sympathetic appeal for public aid, but their efforts were ineffective.

After recovering, Rosenfeld began to travel, giving public appearances, singing his songs, reciting his poetry and selling his books in order to make a living. In 1908 he undertook a successful tour of Europe. Although such tours increased his popularity, these type of appearances were not sufficient as a source of income.

During the last years of his life, Rosenfeld wrote little and almost disappeared from public view, having become a lonely man, embittered and discouraged. Alienated from the literary world, he had numerous conflicts with editors and other writers. Rosenfeld died of a stroke in 1923 at age 61. His funeral was attended by over 10,000 people.

Rosenfeld's most widely read writings were his collected works in six volumes, entitled Shriftn (Writings), 1908-1910; Geveylte shriftn (Selected Writings), 1912; and Dos bukh fun libe (The Book of Love), 1914.

In addition to poetry, Rosenfeld also wrote essays and articles on diverse topics, including current affairs, Jewish nationalism, Yiddish language and culture, labor issues, and nature. A contributor to numerous newspapers and periodicals, he wrote for the Folkstsaytung (New York), Arbeter fraynd (London), Arbeter tsaytung (New York), The Jewish Daily Forward (New York) and the Yidishes Tageblat (New York), among others. He also edited a humorous satirical weekly, Der ashmeday, and the daily New yorker morgnblat.

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Scope and Content Note

The Morris Rosenfeld Papers (1894-1962) are arranged in seven series, including general and family correspondence, personal documents, printed literary works, unpublished manuscripts, sheet music, illustrations, and critiques of Rosenfeld’s works. Both the correspondence and the literary materials in the collection document Rosenfeld’s writing career and reputation as the "poet laureate of labor."

Approximately 25% of the collection is made up of the correspondence and personal papers of Morris Rosenfeld, spanning 1894-1922. Much of the correspondence is with various editors and writers regarding the publication or translation of Rosenfeld's work, or requests for permission to use his work in publications or musical compositions. There are letters regarding Rosenfeld's employment at various newspapers, including the Jewish Daily Forward and the Tageblatt. Folder 12 contains typewritten copies of Rosenfeld's letters to Leo Wiener, Abraham Cahan, and other notables (1898-1913), which trace personal and professional aspects of Rosenfeld’s early publishing career and give evidence of Rosenfeld's changing relationship to the literary world. The correspondence also includes several letters regarding the illness and death of Rosenfeld’s son, as well as his own illness and poverty. There are a number of letters seeking financial assistance or monies owed him, as well as materials from relief funds set up in Rosenfeld’s name. The bulk of the general correspondence consists of only one or two letters to or from each correspondent, with the exceptions of Kalman Marmor, Leo Wiener, J. Leibner, and Dr. Arnold Kiss.

The collection contains important examples of Rosenfeld's earliest published works. The papers include 21 folders of articles and essays that Rosenfeld published in Yiddish periodicals between 1915 and 1920, on topics ranging from current affairs and social welfare to nature themes. There are also 12 folders of poems on diverse themes published in periodicals.

The collection contains many unpublished later manuscripts by Rosenfeld, including poetry, short story and essay collections, an autobiographical work, satires, and a book about capitalism. Many are undated, though the bulk seem to be from 1912-1919. The manuscripts are both typed and handwritten, many with Rosenfeld’s handwritten notes. A few of the manuscripts are written by Rosenfeld in English. There are many translations of his poems into English and other languages by various translators. The collection also includes 16 examples of sheet music composed to Rosenfeld's lyrics.

Also represented are articles about Rosenfeld and reviews of his work written by various critics, mostly laudatory. The majority are written in Yiddish, but there are a number in English, German and other languages as well. There are many articles written by notable writers about Rosenfeld after his death, and a play by H. Leivick based on Rosenfeld’s experience with blindness.

The romanized spellings of the names of prominent correspondents whose names appear only in Yiddish in the collection have been cross-checked with the YIVO Names Authority File, which in turn reflects Library of Congress and Encyclopedia Judaica authority. Other Yiddish names for which we have no reference for romanization have been transliterated according to the YIVO standard.

Yiddish songs published around the turn of the century were often published by different publishers with different romanized spellings. Songs listed in this collection are represented here in modern transliterated Yiddish.

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The collection contains seven series, arranged as follows:

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Access Restrictions

Open to researchers by appointment with a YIVO archivist.

Use Restrictions

There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:
Chief Archivist
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Center for Jewish History
15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

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Related Material

The YIVO Art & Artifacts Collection (RG 101) also houses a framed, undated portrait of Rosenfeld done in oil by painter E.C. Loveanu, formerly of the Columbia University Fine Arts Department. This painting is housed in Record Group 101, and registered as painting # 2063. Loveanu also painted a portrait of former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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The collection consists of materials that the YIVO Institute received at different times from various individuals, among them Dr. Leon Goldenthal (Rosenfeld's son-in-law), Kalman Marmor and Jacob Shatzky. In 1978 Eleanor Mlotek, under a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, prepared a Yiddish inventory of the collection, which she then translated into English. This finding aid is based on those original inventories. While the collection is not arranged according to provenance, the Yiddish finding aid does provide information about the original sources of the correspondence papers. The Yiddish finding aid also includes an alphabetical name index of individuals who appear in the collection.

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Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); YIVO Archives; The Papers of Morris Rosenfeld; RG 431; box number; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York.

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Processing Information

The collection was used in the 1962 YIVO exhibition Morris Rosenfeld and His Time, honoring Rosenfeld's 100th anniversary. The exhibition was subsequently microfilmed, with its sequence maintained in the microfilm. The exhibition catalog is part of the collection, and will be found in Subseries 5 of Series 2.

Donna Gallers verified and checked the finding aid for completion in 2003. Chana Mlotek and Fruma Mohrer proofread, verified, and corrected the final version of this finding aid.

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Access points

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Container List

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Series I: General Correspondence, 1894-1924, 1960, 1967.

This series is in Yiddish, English, Hebrew, and German.
0.6 linear foot (folders 1-16)

The first half of this series is arranged alphabetically by the names of individual correspondents, according to the Yiddish alphabet. The original Yiddish finding aid (1978) reflects this arrangement. This English finding aid, also arranged alphabetically, lists the romanized transliterations of Yiddish names. Alternate spellings appear in brackets.

The second half of this series contains groups of documents arranged thematically.

This series has two subseries: Individuals and Topics.

Scope and Content:

Correspondence with individuals, communal leaders, writers, editors, translators, composers, periodicals and organizations about Morris Rosenfeld's articles, poetry, concerts, birthday anniversaries. Other topics include: Morris Rosenfeld's thoughts on Jewish nationalism, translations of his poems, critiques of his writing in English, Morris Rosenfeld's paralytic illness and financial struggles, the death of his son, his appearances in Europe, his participation in the Czernowitz Yiddish Conference of 1908. Also included are letters from readers, eulogies, and memorials.

Principal correspondents are Yiddish literary critic Kalman Marmor, the collector and authority on Yiddish proletarian poetry; Prof. Leo Wiener of Harvard, who first published Morris Rosenfeld's poetry; and Elbert Aidline Trommer, one of his translators. Correspondence with prominent individuals includes Joseph Barondess, Alice Stone Blackwell, Reuben Brainin, Abraham Cahan, S.B. Kamaiko, Edwin Markham, Louis Marshall, Zalman Reisen, Rose Pastor Stokes, Anna Strunski Waling, and Stephen S. Wise. Also notable is a letter from Upton Sinclair requesting permission to use a poem of Morris Rosenfeld’s in his collection of socialist writings.

The bulk of the correspondence is in Yiddish, with about twenty percent in English, and a handful of items in Hebrew and German. The greatest amount of correspondence dates from about 1913-1918, though the early 1900's are also well represented. More than half of the letters come from North American correspondents, with almost all the rest from Europe.

Subseries 1: Individuals,  undated, 1894-1924, 1960, 1967.



Scope and Content:

This subseries is comprised of correspondence with individuals. Several folders hold correspondence with composers concerning the setting of Morris Rosenfeld's poetry to music. Other topics found here include the publication and translation of his works, the illness and subsequent death of Rosenfeld's son, and some which concern Morris Rosenfeld's own health.

Box Folder Title Date
1 1 Aben, Isaac [Eben]; Beth Sefer Kadima, N.Y. 1911
1 1 Adler, Friedrich undated.
1 1 Adler, Rachel (wife of Chief Rabbi of England) 1900
1 1 Applebaum, Meyer [Appelbaum] 1892, 1933
1 1 Baker, Percy; Glasgow to Morris Rosenfeld, London 1900
1 1 Barondess, Joseph (Board of Education); N.Y. 1915
1 1 Beinkinstadt, Bertha; Capetown 1928
1 1 Berman, Harold (Talmud Journal); Boston 1921
1 1 Berman, Morris; N.Y. 1913
1 1 Birg, Benjamin [Bearg]; Springfield, Mass. 1915
1 1 Blackwell, Alice Stone (Women's Journal); Boston 1904, 1914
1 1 Blumenfeld, Zvi Hirsh undated.
1 1 B'nai B'rith; N.Y. 1906
1 1 Bocal, M. [Backall]; Chicago undated.
1 1 Bokser, Louis (Federation of Jewish Farmers of America); N.Y. 1916
1 2 Brainin, Reuben [Brainin, Reuven] (Jewish Public Library, Montreal): About Morris Rosenfeld’s remarks on Abraham Cahan; Jewish nationalism 1913-1915
1 1 Brunof, Platon [Brounoff, Platon] (Liberal Art Society): About composing music for Morris Rosenfeld's poems 1905
2 10 Cahan, Abraham [Kahan, Abraham] (editor, Jewish Daily Forward) 1914
2 10 Cohen, Charles A. [Cowen] (Zionist Emergency Fund) 1916
1 3 Davidson, S.L. [Davidsohn] 1922
1 3 Dinesohn, Jacob [Dineson, Jacob; Dinezohn, Ya'akov; Dinezon, I.A.; Dinenzohn, Ya'akov]; Warsaw: About the Russian edition of Morris Rosenfeld's booklet 1910
1 3 Dolicki, M.M. undated.
1 3 Dubinski, H.; Boston: Card by Morris Rosenfeld 1904
1 3 Dvosin, S. [Samuel]: Envelope only undated.
1 9 Etkin undated.
1 9 Evalenko (International Library Publishing Co.) 1907
2 10 Feiwel, Berthold; Brunn, Austria: About German translations of Morris Rosenfeld's poems 1900
2 10 Fischman, J. 1916-1917
2 10 Frank, David 1920
2 10 Fruhman, Moses: Letter from Morris Rosenfeld about folding of the periodical Ashmeday 1894
2 10 Fuchs, Dan (chief cantor of Vienna): Letters from Morris Rosenfeld about dedication to Fuchs 1909
1 2 Ginsburg, S.: Letters from Morris Rosenfeld about his sick son 1902-1905
1 2 Ginsburg, Saul, (Der fraynd); St. Petersburg 1904-1905
1 2 Girsdanski, V.L.; N.Y. 1915
1 2 Glass, M.L.; St. Louis, Mo. 1907
1 2 Goldberg, Mr. 1909
1 2 Goldberg, Abraham (Dos Yiddishe Folk) 1913
1 2 Golub, Solomon (composer): About music for Morris Rosenfeld's poetry undated.
1 2 Goodman, Isadore (Institutional Synagogue) 1921
1 2 Gottlieb, L.: About Morris Rosenfeld's play 1912
1 2 Greenberg, Mr.; Montreal 1919
1 3 Harkavy, Alexander [Harkavi, Aleksander]: Envelope only undated.
1 3 Held, I.W. [Isidore William] and Ruth; N.Y.: Letter of thanks for Morris Rosenfeld's dedication 1914-1918
1 3 Heller, Aaron (Jewish Record); Chicago 1912-1913
1 3 Hershenson, Maurice M. (Yidishe Gazetn); Liberty, N.Y. 1923
1 3 Hurwitz, Solomon T.H. [Theodore Halivy, Theodore Halévy] ( Jewish Forum); NY: About the composer E.A. Lessen; reprint of Hurwitz's preface about Morris Rosenfeld 1919
1 1 Israel, Leon 1916
1 6 Jassinowsky, Pinchas [Jassinowsky, Pinchos; Yasinovski, Pinhas] (Vice President of the Cantors Society of America): Requests permission to use Morris Rosenfeld's poem "Groe Hor" (Grey Hair) for his music undated.
1 6 Jerusalemchik, Nahum [Yud, Nahum; Yod, Nahum; Yerusalemchick, Nochum; Yerusalimtshik, Nahum] undated.
1 1 Jewish Farm Almanac, J.W. Pincus, ed. 1916
2 10 Jewish Public Library, Montreal: Letters from Morris Rosenfeld 1919
1 6 Judson: Morris Rosenfeld's letters to him undated.
2 10 Kalushiner, J.L. [Kaluschiner]: Poem dedicated to Morris Rosenfeld 1923
2 10 Kisch, Rabbi Arnold [Kiss]: Letter from Morris Rosenfeld about his illness and his son's death; clipping of letters printed in the Tog of Vilna 1908
2 10 Kamaiko, Z.B. [Komaiko, S.B.]; Chicago: About Russian translations of Morris Rosenfeld's poems 1915-1916
2 11 Kraus, Adolf [Adolph] 1919
1 6 Leavitt, Ezekiel [Levit, Yehezkel; Levitt, Ezekiel; ( Jewish Views), Boston: Letter from Morris Rosenfeld about his leaving the Forward 1914
1 6 Leibner, J. (Jewish Record); Chicago 1911, 1915
1 7 Lemberger Togblat; Austria: Letter from Morris Rosenfeld about writers' abusive language against him 1909
1 7 Lenk, Paul; Vienna 1908
1 6 Liebovitch, N.S.: Letter from Morris Rosenfeld about the loss of his son 1914
1 6 Lifschitz, Samuel; Berlin 1908
1 6 Lindenbaum, David; Marienbad [Mariánské Lázně, Bohemia, Austro-Hungary] undated.
1 6 Lubin, A.; N.Y. 1907, 1918
1 7 Malinowski, N. [Malinovsky]; Pittsburgh 1909
1 7 Margolies, E. [Margulies] 1908
1 7 Markham, Edwin: Praises Morris Rosenfeld's translation of his poem "The Man with the Hoe" 1919
1 8 Marmor, Kalman [Clement Marmor, Klement]: 16 letters. Also letters from M.M. Shafir, Jewish Public Library, Montreal to Kalman Marmor about preserved letters of Morris Rosenfeld; Marmor's notes about Morris Rosenfeld's letters to him, including those relating to Morris Rosenfeld's health and becoming blind 1908-1917
1 7 Marshall, Louis: About Morris Rosenfeld's contract with the Jewish Daily Forward 1921
1 7 Melander, E.L. [Mellander]; Chicago: Requests permission to use Morris Rosenfeld's poem for music 1916
1 7 Meyer, Morris (Jewish Times); London 1915
1 7 Miller, A. 1914
1 7 Miller, Louis (Jewish Leader) undated.
1 7 Morgn zhurnal: About Moses Efrenson's translation of Morris Rosenfeld's poem 1918
1 9 Pearlman, Abraham [Perlman]; Cleveland: Letters from Morris Rosenfeld 1912
1 9 Poper, Mr. and Mrs.: Letters from Morris Rosenfeld 1919
2 11 Rein, Rabbi A.B. [Rhine]; Hot Springs, Ariz.: Invites Morris Rosenfeld to have treatment there 1922
2 11 Reinhart, M. (Morris Rosenfeld Jubilee Committee) 1913
2 11 Reisen, Zalman [Reyzen, Zalman; Rejzen, Zalman]; Vilna 1922
2 11 Reiz, J.B. [Reitz] (International) 1914
2 11 Rittenhouse, Jessie B. [Belle] 1914
2 11 Romanowski, A.Z. [Romanovsky]; London 1914
2 11 Rosenfeld, Max; Drohobycz [Drohobych, Drogobych] 1908
2 11 Rosenfeld, S.; Warsaw 1912
1 9 Sapir, Jacob undated.
2 11 Schiff, Jacob: About a position for Morris Rosenfeld's son-in-law 1907
1 9 Seligman, Edwin R.A. [Robert Anderson]: About a pension for Morris Rosenfeld in addition to Schiff's pension; about his efforts to admit Morris Rosenfeld's son to Mt. Sinai Hospital 1904-1906
1 9 Seltzer, Thomas 1920
1 5 Semmel, Bernard [Semel]: Letter of thanks for the dedication to his son 1919
2 11 Shapiro, Israel (Library of Congress): Letter to Joseph Barondess about correcting Morris Rosenfeld's name in the catalog 1915
2 11 Shomer, Abraham S. [Schomer]: Offers to take Morris Rosenfeld's photo 1918
1 9 Siegel, Isaac (Congressman): Cites Morris Rosenfeld's anthem in the House of Representatives 1917
1 9 Sinclair, Upton: Requests Morris Rosenfeld's poem for his collection on the literature of socialism 1915
1 5 Singer, Isidore 1905
1 9 Spivack, Jonah 1915
2 9 Stokes, Rose Pastor (translator); obituary about her death 1915, 1933
2 11 Struck, Herman [Hermann]; Berlin 1913
1 5 Tiberger, Friedrich [Thieberger]: Poem for Morris Rosenfeld 1906
1 5 Tirkel, Dov Ber [David Ber]: Letter from Morris Rosenfeld 1909
1 5 Tobenkin, Elias; N.Y.: Letter about Morris Rosenfeld's English poems and editor's evaluation of his work in English 1921
1 5 Trommer, Elbert Aidline [Trommer, L.]: Sketches in English about the life of Morris Rosenfeld, personal memoirs after Morris Rosenfeld's death, translations, letters 1913-1922
1 5 Vrchlicki, Jaroslaw [Vrchlický, Jaroslav] (translator) 1905
1 3 Walling, Anna Strunski [Strunsky] (translator) 1912
1 5 Waltsch, Theodore [Weltsch, Theodor]; Prague 1909
1 3 Widucinski, S.J. [Widuchinsky]: Hebrew translations of Morris Rosenfeld’s poems, Mayn yingele, Vos iz di velt? 1913
1 4 Wiener, Leo; Cambridge, Mass.: Letters from and to Morris Rosenfeld about reviews and translations; Morris Rosenfeld's dedication to him; 67 letters by Morris Rosenfeld concerning articles and essays about the Yiddish language, grammar, spelling; about the English title of Morris Rosenfeld's book; about contributions by Jacob Schiff, a concert for Morris Rosenfeld; about Morris Rosenfeld's work at the Columbia University library; his editing (with A.M. Sharkanski) of an English magazine; letters from Morris Rosenfeld's brother about Morris Rosenfeld's paralysis 1897-1913
1 3 Wise, Rabbi Stephen Samuel 1899
1 3 Wolff, Otto [Wolf, Artor]: Poem by Morris Rosenfeld to him 1908
1 6 Yidishes Tageblat, Kasriel Sarasohn: Memo dismissing Morris Rosenfeld from his job; portion of Morris Rosenfeld's letter about his employment at Yidishes Tageblat and Yidishe Gazetn 1921
1 5 Zalotkoff, Leon [Zolotkoff]; Chicago 1900
1 5 Zangwill, Israel; N.Y.: Letter to Earl Harris 1925
1 5 Zevin, Israel J. [Tashrak]; N.Y. 1906

Subseries 2: Topics,  1898-1924.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 contains letters from organizations, periodicals, and publishers to Morris Rosenfeld concerning such topics as his literary appearances and lectures, poems, and participation in the 1903 Zionist Congress. In addition, this subseries also holds letters from readers and copies of Rosenfeld's correspondence with individuals which include his participation in the Czernowitz Conference on Yiddish Language in 1908.

Box Folder Title Date
2 12 Typewritten copies of Morris Rosenfeld's letters to Leo Wiener, Abraham Cahan, N.S. Liebowitz, Arnold Kisch [Kiss], J. Leibner, and Mr. and Mrs. Poper. Includes 1908 letter in which Morris Rosenfeld looks forward to going to the Czernowitz Conference on Yiddish Language 1898-1913
2 13 Letters from various publishers, periodicals and organizations 1900-1924
2 14 Letters from organizations about Morris Rosenfeld's appearances. Also notices and posters 1898-1918
2 15 Various letters from foreign countries: Rumania, Hungary, Poland, Austria. About Morris Rosenfeld's lectures, poems; about his participation in the Zionist Congress, 1903; translations of Morris Rosenfeld's poems into Polish 1903-1912
2 16 Letters from readers 1899-1914
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Series II: Family Correspondence and Personal Papers, 1900-1962.

Series II is in Yiddish and English.
0.6 linear foot (folders 17-50)

Series II has five subseries: Family and Personal Documents; Morris Rosenfeld's Tours in Europe; Morris Rosenfeld's Birthday Celebrations; Morris Rosenfeld's Illness and Death; and Memorial Meetings and Anniversaries after Morris Rosenfeld's Death. Materials are arranged by subject.

Scope and Content:

Correspondence between members of Morris Rosenfeld's immediate family about personal matters, especially letters from Morris Rosenfeld's daughter Iona [Freda]. Materials on the death of Morris Rosenfeld's son Joseph in 1905. Articles about Morris Rosenfeld's illness and appeals for his financial support. Of note is a false report of Morris Rosenfeld's death in 1909 and his denial and response. Personal financial documents, identity documents, and literary contracts. Visiting cards, announcements, articles, and memorabilia from Morris Rosenfeld's tour of European cities, as well as from his appearances in the United States. Posters, articles, invitations and programs from Morris Rosenfeld's 50th and 60th birthday anniversary events in New York and other cities. Obituaries and articles about Morris Rosenfeld's death in 1923. Materials from memorial events and celebrations in honor of posthumous anniversaries. Yiddish and English catalogs from the 1962 YIVO exhibition in honor of Morris Rosenfeld's 100th birthday.

Subseries 1: Family and Personal Documents,  18971903-19241967.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 1 holds personal documents belonging to Morris Rosenfeld and members of his family. Of interest to researchers may be the ketuba for Morris Rosenfeld's daughter Reizel and documents pertaining to the death of his son Joseph, as well as fragments of Morris Rosenfeld's autobiography. Additionally, family correspondence is also located in this subseries.

Box Folder Title Date
2 17 Letters from Morris Rosenfeld's family, including: wife Assna Beile (Bessie); son-in-law Isaac Hurwitz [Ike]; daughter Freidel [Freda, Iona, Mrs. Isaac Hurwitz], son-in-law Leon Goldenthal, brother Joseph Rosenfeld, various cousins, in-laws, nephews and others. Ketuba (marriage contract) of daughter Reizel, as well as her betrothal card and wedding invitations; notice of unveiling of monument for Reizel Rosenfeld [Rose] (1967); photos and other personal documents. 1903-1921, 1967
2 18-19 Personal documents and private letters, financial records relating to: taxes, bank and other receipts, financial obligations (bonds) for land, fire insurance policy, claims, law suits, real estate mortgage 1908-1924
2 20 Morris Rosenfeld's United States passport, 1908. Contracts between Morris Rosenfeld and Moses Gurewitch [Moshe Gurevitch] for Morris Rosenfeld's book Das Buch fun Liebe. Contract with Max R. Wilner concerning Morris Rosenfeld's play Fate. Contract with the Forward Association, 1910 1908-1918
2 21 Fragment of Morris Rosenfeld's autobiography written for Leo Wiener 1897
2 22 Cover page and press releases for biography of Morris Rosenfeld, Toil and Triumph, written by his son-in-law, Dr. Leon Goldenthal; N.Y. 1960
2 23 Death of Morris Rosenfeld's son Joseph: newspaper clippings about the effect of the death of his son Joseph (April 24, 1905) on Morris Rosenfeld. Includes three poems that the deceased had written in English and which Morris Rosenfeld translated into Yiddish undated

Subseries 2: Morris Rosenfeld's Tours in Europe,  1900-1908.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 contains materials about Morris Rosenfeld's appearances in European cities, particularly in Germany, Austro-Hungary and Rumania. It mainly includes souvenirs from his tours such as visiting cards, ribbons from flower bouquets, and a hand-sewn laurel wreath. This subseries also holds such documents as newspaper articles, a poster announcing one of Rosenfeld's literary evenings, and tickets to one of his appearances. There is also an article written by Rosenfeld which appeared in the Jewish Daily Forward about his tour while in Paris.

Box Folder Title Date
3 24 Visiting cards by admirers addressed to Morris Rosenfeld during his tour, among them a photostat of greetings from Abraham Goldfaden, Paris undated, 1908
3 25 Invitations to Morris Rosenfeld literary evenings in London and Leeds, England 1900
3 26 Newspaper reports, articles, photostats of posters, tickets to Morris Rosenfeld literary evenings in Rzeszow, Stanislawów [Poland, now Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ukraine], Kraków, Lemberg [now L'viv, Ukraine], Czernowitz [Chernivets'ka (now Chernivtsi, Ukraine)], Prague, Drohobycz [Drogobycz (Poland, now Drohobych, Ukraine)], Budapest, Vienna, Bratyslava [Pressburg, Pozsony (now Bratislava, Slovakia)], Breslau [now Wroclaw, Poland], Munich 1908
3 27 Large poster announcing a Rosenfeld evening in Pressburg [now Bratislava, Slovakia] undated
3 28 Ribbon from a bouquet of flowers given to Morris Rosenfeld by the Ladies' Society of Drohobycz [Drogobycz (Poland, now Drohobych, Ukraine)] undated
3 29 Ribbon from a bouquet of flowers given to Morris Rosenfeld by the Vienna Association of Jewish Academicians "Ivriah" undated
3 30 Ribbon from a bouquet of flowers given to Morris Rosenfeld by the Zionists of Przemysl [Przemyśl, Poland] undated
3 31 Piece of a ribbon from a bouquet of flowers given to Morris Rosenfeld by the People's Club "Zion" of Pilsen [Plze, now Czech Republic] undated
3 32 Ribbon with inscribed Yiddish words: "Dem geto zinger" (To the Ghetto Singer) undated
3 33 Morris Rosenfeld's article: Mayn rayze nokh eyrope, forzetsung XX: A shpatsir iber pariz (My Tour of Europe, Chapter 20: A Walk Through Paris); report in the Jewish Daily Forward about Morris Rosenfeld's tour; newspaper photo in connection with his trip 1908
3 34 Caricature about Morris Rosenfeld's tour of Galicia (Austro-Hungary); parodies 1908
3 35 A page from a copy of the German edition of Morris Rosenfeld's poems, inscribed to the cantor Dan Fuchs by the Theodor Herzl Society of Zionist Academicians in Vienna. Also inscribed by Morris Rosenfeld with a verse dedication to the cantor 1908
3 36 A framed, hand-sewn laurel wreath of 62 leaves given to Morris Rosenfeld by a girls' school in Hungary undated

Subseries 3: Morris Rosenfeld's Birthday Celebrations,  1913-1923.

Scope and Content:

This subseries focuses on celebrations of Morris Rosenfeld's birthday, and is comprised of articles, invitations, announcements, reports, posters, and programs. His birthday celebrations include events marking his fiftieth and sixtieth birthdays in various cities in the United States and Canada, and include a celebration of his fiftieth birthday in Carnegie Hall.

Box Folder Title Date
3 37 Morris Rosenfeld's 50th birthday celebrations: Carnegie Hall, N.Y.; Hebrew Institute, Chicago; Young Men's Workmen's Circle Branch, Apollo Hall, N.Y.; Morris Rosenfeld's printed poems Jubilee Song and Fifty Years in program; satirical column entitled Salt and Pepper 1913
3 38 Fragments of red ribbon with inscriptions (in Yiddish): "Morris Rosenfeld on his 50th Anniversary" and "From the Workmen's Circle to the Workmen's Poet" 1913
3 39 Morris Rosenfeld's 60th birthday celebration: testimonial banquet by the Peretz Writers Union at the Central Opera House, N.Y.; telegrams, report, invitation, ticket. Also includes telegram to Kalman Marmor regarding arrangements for Morris Rosenfeld's funeral 1923
3 40 Morris Rosenfeld concerts in various cities, including New York, Liberty, Hurleyville, Mountaindale, Woodridge, Fallsburg, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Scranton, Chicago, New Haven, St. Louis, Montreal. Programs, posters, invitations, and reports 1900-1916

Subseries 4: Morris Rosenfeld's Illness and Death,  1906-1923.



Scope and Content:

This small subseries holds material pertaining to Morris Rosenfeld's last days, and contains information about his failing health prior to his death. It includes material on appeals for aid after his illness and paralysis and a false report in Europe of his death and Rosenfeld's denial of it. In addition, this subseries includes newspaper obituaries, editorials, and photographs on his death and funeral.

Box Folder Title Date
4 41 Morris Rosenfeld's blindness, illness and paralysis; relief fund with indicated contributions and aid for Morris Rosenfeld; articles about his illness and calls for aid 1906-1907
4 42 False report of Morris Rosenfeld's death in the European press and Morris Rosenfeld's denial and statement 1909
4 43 Large poster with montage of about 50 newspaper headlines concerning Morris Rosenfeld's death and funeral 1923
4 44 Newspaper clippings of obituaries for Morris Rosenfeld and editorials regarding his death; drawing of a gravestone with inscribed poem; newspaper photograph of Morris Rosenfeld's funeral procession; gravestone of Bessie Rosenfeld, with fragment of Morris Rosenfeld’s poem Mayn rueplats (My Resting Place); order for cemetery plot 1923
4 45 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings of Morris Rosenfeld's death, funeral and memorial meetings; reports, articles; poems about Morris Rosenfeld by Eliash J. Slonim, A. Tabetchnik, A. Reiser, S. Alter, L. Efron

Subseries 5: Memorial Meetings and Anniversaries after Morris Rosenfeld's Death,  1909, 1920, 1927, 1938, 1960, 1962.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 5 concerns celebrations of Morris Rosenfeld's life and work after his death. Material is available here on celebrations of what would have been his seventy-fifth and hundredth birthdays. Two folders in this subseries contain catalogues of YIVO's exhibition celebrating Morris Rosenfeld's hundredth birthday.

Box Folder Title Date
4 46 Announcements and poster for memorial meeting on the anniversary of Morris Rosenfeld's 75th birthday at Mecca Temple, N.Y., with the participation of Morris Rosenfeld's grandson. Memorials at: Allerton Workers' Center, Bronx, N.Y.; Biro-Bidjan [Birobidzhan] Branch of International Workers' Order, N.Y.; Jewish People's Cultural Center, N.Y.; Cultural Center, Bronx, N.Y. Letters from Joshua Bloch regarding Morris Rosenfeld exhibition at New York Public Library. Various newspaper clippings about Morris Rosenfeld's 75th anniversary and memorial events. Manuscript of a memorial article about Morris Rosenfeld by unnamed Yiddish author. 1938
4 47 Centenary celebration for Morris Rosenfeld: Article in French by M. Waldman; Hebrew notice about the catalogue of the YIVO exhibition; notice in Justice about the YIVO exhibition; articles by A. Almi and Hasye Cooperman; invitations to the Workmen's Circle celebration 1962
4 48 Catalogue of the YIVO exhibition organized on the anniversary of Morris Rosenfeld's 100th birthday: Morris Rosenfeld (1862-1923) and His Time, compiled by Z. Szajkowski, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, N.Y. (in Yiddish) 1962
4 49 Catalogue of the YIVO exhibition organized on the anniversary of Morris Rosenfeld's 100th birthday: Morris Rosenfeld (1862-1923) and His Time, compiled by Z. Szajkowski, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, N.Y. (in English) 1962
4 50 Programs of various Morris Rosenfeld evenings with recitations and musical performances 1909, 1920, 1927, 1960
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Series III: Morris Rosenfeld's Printed Literary Works, undated, 1888-1920.

Series III is in Yiddish, English, and German.
1.0 linear feet (folders 51-92)

Series III has two subseries: Books and Title Pages of Printed Works and Newspaper Clippings of Articles, Essays, and Poems.

Scope and Content:

Photostatic copies of Morris Rosenfeld's earliest published poetry collections. Printed copies of Morris Rosenfeld's two volume Selected Works (1912), with some missing pages. German translation of Morris Rosenfeld's poetry collection Ghetto Songs, with illustrations by E.M. Lilien. Photostats and original title pages of Morris Rosenfeld's books in Yiddish and translated editions, including advertisements and order forms. Newspaper clippings of Morris Rosenfeld's articles, essays and poems published in various periodicals, in particular his columns in Der amerikaner and Der morgn zhurnal from 1915-1920. Topics of the columns include current affairs, Jewish nationalism, Yiddish culture, working conditions, protests and strikes, immigration, nature, women and others.

Subseries 1: Books and Title Pages of Printed Works,  1888-1912.


Individual published works are arranged chronologically by publication date.

Scope and Content:

This subseries holds copies of some of Morris Rosenfeld's published works. Some folders contain only copies of title pages of his works. In addition, the subseries also contains translations made by Rosenfeld of two poems by Israel Zangwill that were published by the Central Committee for the Relief of Jews Suffering Through the War.

Box Folder Title Date
5 51 Di gloke (The Bell), photostatic copy, N.Y. 1888
5 52 Di blumenkette (The Flower Wreath), photostatic copy, N.Y. 1890
5 53 Gevehlte shriften (Selected Works), Vol. 1, Lider (Poems), N.Y.: No cover, missing early pages 1912
5 54 Gevehlte shriften (Selected Works), Vol. 3, N.Y.: No cover, missing title page 1912
5 55 Lieder des Ghetto von Morris Rosenfeld, Autor. Übertragung aus dem Jüdischen von Berthold Feiwel; mit Zeichnungen von E.M. Lilien, Zweite Auflage, Berlin. (Ghetto Songs by Morris Rosenfeld, author. Translated from Yiddish by Berthold Feiwel, with drawings by E.M. Lilien, second edition, Berlin) undated
5 56 Photostats and original title pages of Morris Rosenfeld's books in Yiddish as well as translated editions in English and other languages (one includes a photograph of Rosenfeld). Advertisements and order forms for purchase of Morris Rosenfeld's books. Satirical cartoon. 1890-1909
5 57 Printed circulars issued by the Central Committee for the Relief of Jews Suffering Through the War, with Morris Rosenfeld’s translation of Israel Zangwill's poem A hilfs geshrey (A Cry for Help) and Morris Rosenfeld’s poem Yidn hot rakhmones (Pity, O Israel) in Yiddish and English undated

Subseries 2: Newspaper Clippings of Articles, Essays, and Poems,  1915-1920.


Morris Rosenfeld's regular newspaper column clippings are arranged by publication and date. Undated clippings are separated by genre (articles and poems) and arranged by topic.

Scope and Content:

Subseries 2 holds clippings of Rosenfeld's essays, articles, and poems which were published in various publications, especially Der amerikaner and Der morgn zhurnal. Several folders contain newspaper clippings of his writings which are organized by topic; prominent among these subjects are social themes, Yiddish culture, language and press, nature, and current events.

A) By Publication

Box Folder Title Date
5 58 Morris Rosenfeld's articles, essays, poems published in Der amerikaner, with Morris Rosenfeld's marginal proofs 1915
5 59 Morris Rosenfeld's articles, essays, poems published in Der amerikaner, with Morris Rosenfeld's marginal proofs 1916
5 60 Morris Rosenfeld's articles, essays, poems published in Der amerikaner, with Morris Rosenfeld's marginal proofs 1917
5 61 Morris Rosenfeld's articles, essays, poems published in Der amerikaner, with Morrris Rosenfeld's marginal proofs 1918
5 62 Morris Rosenfeld's articles, essays, poems published in Der amerikaner, with Morris Rosenfeld's marginal proofs 1919-1920
Box Folder Title Date
6 63 Morris Rosenfeld's articles, essays, poems published in Der amerikaner, with Morris Rosenfeld's marginal proofs undated
6 64-66 Clippings of Morris Rosenfeld's essays in Morgn zhurnal 1917-1919
6 67-71 Clippings of Morris Rosenfeld's essays, articles, poems in various periodicals 1915-1920

B) By Topic

a) Essays

Box Folder Title Date
6 72 Current affairs and news undated
6 73 Jewish national issues; holidays; history undated
6 74 Yiddish culture: the press, writers undated
6 75 Social themes: workers' conditions undated
6 76 Life in the U.S.: New York and other places undated
6 77 Nature themes: farm life, flora, fauna undated
6 78 Women undated
6 79 Various subjects undated

b) Poems

Box Folder Title Date
7 80-81 Zionism, nationalism undated
7 82 Immigration: Europe and U.S. undated
7 83 Current events undated
7 84-85 Social themes: work and poverty, protests, strikes undated
7 86 Yiddish press, Yiddish language undated
Box Folder Title Date
7a 87 Nature undated
7a 88-89 Lyric poems undated
7a 90 Satires, parodies undated
7a 91-92 Assorted topics undated
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Series IV: Manuscripts and Planned Publications, undated.

This series is in Yiddish and English.
1.4 linear feet, (folders 93-112)
Scope and Content:

Manuscripts and galley proofs of published and unpublished works, including poetry, short stories, essays, articles, satires and a play. This series includes several collections of poetry. It also has a book of short stories in English with an introduction by Morris Rosenfeld, in which he describes his reminiscences of his years as a sweatshop laborer. Also notable is the manuscript of a book Morris Rosenfeld prepared about himself which includes reports of his European tour in 1908 as well as reviews by noted authors and critics. Other unpublished manuscripts include a collection of satires on "yellow journalism" and a book about war and capitalism. Many of the manuscripts are handwritten.

Box Folder Title Date
8 93 Sheets from a book Morris Rosenfeld had prepared under the title Kas un shmeykhl: satire, humor, sarkazm, vitsn un epigramen (Rage and Smiles: Satire, Humor, Sarcasm, Jokes and Epigrams) undated
8 94 The Tailor Stories, a short story collection that Morris Rosenfeld had prepared to be issued in English with his introduction, dated Austerlitz, N.Y., 1913. 2 copies 1913
8 95 Manuscript of an unpublished play by Morris Rosenfeld, untitled, 79 pp. Text includes 11 poems. undated
8 96-100 Various manuscripts by Morris Rosenfeld of poems and articles, with proofs undated
8 101 Manuscripts of Morris Rosenfeld's essays undated
Box Folder Title Date
9 102 Manuscript of a book Morris Rosenfeld prepared about himself, with opinions by various critics about his writings. Included are reports about his European tour in 1908, as well as his introductions. The manuscript contains Morris Rosenfeld's introduction (17 pp.), reviews by Friedrich Adler, William Dean Howells, Dr. Landau, Emil G. Hirsch, Max Nordau, Jaroslav Vrchlický, (with his poem to Morris Rosenfeld in German), and Morris Rosenfeld's English poem A Poet of the Ghetto. The work is written in the third person. undated
9 103 Album of Morris Rosenfeld's printed articles (176 pp.) planned for publication, entitled Fun der shtumer velt: halb filozofishe taynes un shmuesn (From the Silent World: Philosophical Conversations and Opinions). undated
9 104 Sheets of a book of satires prepared by Morris Rosenfeld entitled Di shraybarnie: satiren iber 'geyle' bleter, shund redakters un shunds redaktsies (The Scribblers: Satires on Yellow Journalism, "Literary Trash" Editors and Trashy Publishers). Some of the satires had been printed in the Yidishe shtime in 1917; others had never been published. undated
9 105 Manuscript of a book prepared by Morris Rosenfeld, entitled Krig un knekhtshaft. Dos bukh fun tsvey milkhomes: Di milkhome in eyrope un di milkhome tsvishn kapital un arbet (War and Slavery. The Book about Two Wars: The War in Europe and the War Between Capital and Labor). undated
9 106-107 Manuscripts of books of poems (printed and handwritten) prepared by Morris Rosenfeld. Some pages not in order. undated
Box Folder Title Date
10 108 A book of poems that Morris Rosenfeld had prepared for publication (incomplete). Pages not in order. undated
10 109-110 Fragments of books of poems, number pp. 1-13 and pp. 42-115. undated
10 111 Clippings for a book of his newspaper columns that Morris Rosenfeld had prepared under the title Filozofishe oyfzatsn (Philosophical Essays). undated
Box Folder Title Date
11 112 Treasury of Poetry, a collection of Morris Rosenfeld's poems that had been printed in Yiddish newspapers. The collection has two titles: Der poetisher oytser fun Moris Roznfeld (The Poetical Treasure of Morris Rosenfeld) and Velt un lebn (World and Life). The manuscript consists of 301 numbered and 55 unnumbered pages. Included are clippings of printed poems, handwritten poems, Morris Rosenfeld's corrections, and several essays. undated
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Series V: Rosenfeld's Poems in English and Translations of his Yiddish Poems, 1912-1920.

Series V is in English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Rumanian, and Russian.
0.6 linear foot (folders 113-123)
Scope and Content:

Typed and handwritten manuscripts of poems Morris Rosenfeld wrote in English, in particular a lengthy collection entitled Songs of A Pilgrim. Translations of Morris Rosenfeld's poems into English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Rumanian and Russian. Notable translators include Alice Stone Blackwell, Rose Pastor Stokes, L. Trommer, Bertha Beinkinstadt, and Berthold Feiwel.

Box Folder Title Date
12 113-114 Manuscripts, typed and printed copies of a collection of poems in English (and their translations) entitled Songs of a Pilgrim. The manuscripts consist of about 200 pages. One typed copy is edited with a preface by Solomon T.H. Hurwitz. 1919
12 115 Notice about the projected publication of the book Songs of a Pilgrim. undated
12 116 Typed and handwritten copies of a selection of Morris Rosenfeld's English translations undated
12 117 Translations of Morris Rosenfeld's poems into English and German – Translators include L. Trommer, Aaron Kramer, Alice Stone Blackwell, Elbert Aidline, H.W. Ettelson, M. Ortenberg, Bertha Beinkinstadt, Florence Kiper, Belle Robins, B. Paul Newmann, Harry Margolis, Henry Greenfield, Rose Pastor Stokes, Helen Frank, and A. Rosenthal 1912-1920
12 118 Clippings from European periodicals with translations of Morris Rosenfeld's poems into Hungarian, Rumanian, Polish and Russian. Translators include Berthold Feiwel, Lisa Weltsch, T. Weltsch, and others undated
12 119-123 Several copies of manuscripts of Morris Rosenfeld's poems in English and English translations undated
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Series VI: Music and Illustrations to Morris Rosenfeld's Poetry, undated.

Series VI is in Yiddish and English.
0.2 linear foot (folders 124 (a-p), 125-128)

Sheet music has been rearranged as Subfolders 124a-124p and is located in Box 15. The arrangement is alphabetical according to the Yiddish alphabet.

Scope and Content:

Published and unpublished sheet music set to Morris Rosenfeld's poems. Includes music by Jacob Schaefer, M. Rauch, A. Goldfaden, J.M. Rumshinsky and others. Photographs, drawings and caricatures of Morris Rosenfeld. Illustrations for Morris Rosenfeld's poems are by E.M. Lilien.

Box Folder Title Date
15 124a Ikh ver a mashin. Published as Ich ver a mashin (I Become a Machine) undated
15 124b Three songs based on the Morris Rosenfeld poem Golus-marsh: Golus-marsh (Exile March), music: Herz Gershovitz; Der yidisher vanderer (The Jewish Wanderer), music: M.D. Gottlieb; Der vanderer (The Wanderer), music: Mark Silver undated
15 124c Herbst bletlekh. Published as Herbst bletlach (Autumn Leaves), music: Meyer Posner undated
15 124d Veynt mayne lider. Published as Weint Meine Lieder! (Weep My Songs), music: N.L. Miller undated
15 124e Libes lid. Published as Liebes Leid (Love Song), music: Abraham S. Ellstein undated
15 124f May (May), music: M. Kipnis undated
15 124g Three songs based on the Morris Rosenfeld poem Mayn yingele: Mayn yingele. Published as Mein ingele (My Darling Son), arranged by Samuel H. Levin; Di arbet traybt mikh fri aroys (My Work Drives Me From My Home), music: Jacob Schaefer; Kleynes yingele. Published as Kleines yingele (My Darling Son), arranged by M. Rauch undated
15 124h Mayn rueplats. Published as Main rue platz (My Resting Place), arranged by Moshe Rauch undated
15 124i Frayhayts soldatn. Published as Freiheits Soldaten (Freedom Soldiers), no cover; pages 3-6 only undated
15 124j Tsu a foygl. Published as Tzu a foigl (To a Bird), music: Jacob Davidson undated
15 124k Der kanarik (The Canary), music: M. Kipnis undated
15 124l Kesl-gardn. Published as Kesl gard'n (Castle Garden), music: A. Goldfaden undated
15 124m Ruslands frayhayts lid, published as Russland's Freiheits Lied (Russia’s Freedom Song), music: J.M. Rumshinsky undated
15 124n Title page of I Know Not Why, music: Helena Bingham undated
15 124o Nacht Im Walde, music: B. Trotwood Eberhardt undated
15 124p What Is the World?, English translation: Aaron Kramer, music: Joseph Schrogin undated
Box Folder Title Date
13 125 Illustrations to Morris Rosenfeld's poems: three postcards with illustrations by E.M. Lilien. undated
13 126 Photographs and drawings of Morris Rosenfeld, including two negatives of publicity shots. undated
13 127 Satirical caricatures of Morris Rosenfeld undated
13 128 Copper engravings of Morris Rosenfeld with pen and shears as symbols 1962
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Series VII: Critiques and Responses to Morris Rosenfeld's Work, 1909-1959.

This series is mostly in Yiddish, English, and German.
0.2 linear foot (folders 129-134)

By date and language. Materials in individual folders are not alphabetized.

Scope and Content:

Articles about Morris Rosenfeld and critiques and reviews of his poetry and other writing (mostly newspaper clippings). Includes articles in Yiddish, English, German and other languages, written during and after Morris Rosenfeld's lifetime. Notable writers include: M. Olgin, B.J. Bialostotzky, Baal Makhshoves, Reuben Brainin, S. Niger, Tashrak (Israel J. Zevin), Jacob Glatstein, Khaver-Paver (Gershon Einbinder), H. Leivick, Kalman Marmor, Itzik Feffer, Abraham Reisen. Also included are poems about Morris Rosenfeld by various authors, as well as a play by H. Leivick based on Morris Rosenfeld's experience with blindness.

Box Folder Title Date
13 129 Articles, reviews and notes about Morris Rosenfeld published during his lifetime, particularly in connection with his works and anniversaries. Includes articles by M. Olgin, M. Bokal, B.J. Bialostotzky, Baal Makhshoves, Reuben Brainin, Albert D. Goldberg, Menahem Zanger, S.Z. Setzer, S. Niger, Eliash, J. Spivak, J. Entin, Janusz Pioro, Pen, M. Katz, B. Rivkin, and Tashrak (Israel Joseph Zevin). 1909-1923
Box Folder Title Date
14 130 Articles, memoirs and critiques about Morris Rosenfeld after his death on June 22, 1923 and through 1959. Mostly newspaper clippings. Writers include: M. Olgin, A. Almi, Michael Aronson, B. Botwinik, Reuben Brainin, B.Z. Goldberg, H. Gudelman, Jacob Glatstein, M. Danzis, Alexander Harkavy, B. Weinstein, A. Tabachnik, M. Trakman, S. Janowsky, Mordechai Yaffe, S. Judson, H. Yukelson, Khaver-Paver (Gershon Einbinder), H. Leivick, Nakhman Meisel, Kalman Marmor, J.A. Mereson, S. Niger, J.J. Siegel, W. Edlin, Joel Entin, Itzik Feffer, Leon Kobrin, A. Koralnik, L. Kussman, H. Rosenblatt, Abraham Reisen, Moshe Starkman, and Israel Shleien. 1932-1959
14 131 Articles and reviews about Morris Rosenfeld in English. Includes translations of Morris Rosenfeld's poems by Gerald Ginzburg, Ethel M. Colton, Mary Brown Summer, H.W. Ettelson, Elbert Aidline-Trommer, Nachman Heller, and Rose Pastor Stokes. 1898-1929
14 132 Articles and reviews about Morris Rosenfeld in German and other languages, by U. Brachvogel, Franz Blei, R.S. Landau, M. Aul, Adele Schreiber, M. Scherlag, Oscar Rosenfeld, Jaroslaw Vrchlicki [Jaroslav Vrchlický] and Bruno Herrman. 1898-1910
14 133 Poems about Morris Rosenfeld by Moshe Nadir, Jaroslaw Vrchlicki [Jaroslav Vrchlický], M. Shapir, Alter Abelson, B.J. Bialostotzky, Louis Efron, and A. Tabachnik. 1913-1937
14 134 H. Leivick's play about Morris Rosenfeld, entitled Der poet iz gevorn blind (The Poet Who Became Blind). undated
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